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As Politicians Argue About Wall Street Reform, Americans Appear Open To More Regulation

June 16, 2010 by  

As politicians argue about Wall Street reform, Americans appear open to more regulation With congressional negotiations on the Wall Street reform bill heating up a new poll has found that many Americans support some form of regulation, but it also depends on who or what is regulated.

A new Harris Poll found that 40 percent of respondents favor stricter regulation of businesses and only 19 percent would rather see fewer rules.

Among the top sectors Americans would like to see regulated are food safety (73 percent), executive pay and bonuses (70 percent), pharmaceuticals (70 percent), banks (69 percent) and environmental safety (66 percent). More than 60 percent would also like to see big business be subject to tighter oversight.

The poll also found that Democrats are generally for more regulation than Republicans, even though the latter came out strongly in favor of imposing rules of the food sector, executive compensation and banks.

On the other hand, among self-declared Tea Party supporters, a clear majority (48 to 21 percent) favor less strict regulation overall.

The survey was released just hours before Democrats and Republicans met among partisan bickering on June 10 for conference negotiations to finalize new Wall Street regulations. ADNFCR-1961-ID-19833195-ADNFCR

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  • s c

    Let’s be honest about this, folks. WASHINGTON is the chief culprit in any need for regulation or ENFORCING THE LAW. There is NO WAY that the retards in WASHINGTON get a pass on this topic. NO WAY can those Washington robots get out of pulling an oil-spill ‘Katrina.’ And OBUMMER is THE head scum in this damned mess!
    The empty-headed ^*#%! who decided that we need to take risks via deep-water, off-shore drilling are the ones who need to have their faces rubbed into whatever it takes to make them ACCOUNTABLE. DO NOT let them get away with this infamy.
    Enforce the laws, UNCLE SCAM! Grow a spine, Uncle Puke! Go buy some INTEGRITY, Uncle Retard! You know damned well the laws will put a heavy hand on BP and any potential corporate bad guy. At the same time, Uncle Scum CAN’T be allowed to look like a good guy when he’s ALWAYS trying to dodge the laws and play the part of an innocent bystander.
    America, STOP the insanity. ‘Uncle Sam,’ via a Washington full of scum, incompetents, traitors and
    hooker elected types is THE non-indicted suspect who usually gets a free pass in EVERYTHING. Light a fire under Uncle Scam’s #^^, and most problems will DISAPPEAR!

    • eddie47d

      You always have a fire lit under your #^^,but you don’t dissappear.Where do you think the drill baby drill crowd was going to drill? It’s mostly out in the Gulf and some rigs are even farther out. You wanted drilling ramped up and now you got it (or did have it). You need to women up to the consequences of what you want and belly up to the facts. Instead of blaming someone else for what you were screaming for. Government can’t grow a spine when every segment of society is pulling it apart. Everything gets watered down and nobody wins.I feel bad for businesses who are over regulated but they need to go after the abusers in their fields who brought about these regulations. Damned if government gets involved and damned if it doesn’t. Go flip flop into that bi-polar nutty land of anger in which you dwell. Time for you to get out of that box you live in and let some sun in. I don’t believe BP is a reliable business because of it’s past (market manipulation and fines), but they did give their word about paying all costs. Let’s see if they can win back any credibility.

  • JC

    It’s sad that Americans are conditioned and dumbed down enough to believe that the answer to financial problems is “more” regulation.
    We’ve had increasing regulation for years and our problems have gotten correspondingly worse.

    It’s like saying tha patient has cancer, so….let’s give him more cancer.

    What we need is, first of all sound currency.(End the Fed)
    A justice system with morals and teeth. Break the rules, go to jail.
    A set of rules/laws based on justice and fair play.
    (no government involvement)
    No lobbying. The rules are the rules. Period.
    A Tax system that taxes only commercial purchases and is sufficient for our own infrastructure. Leave money in peoples pockets to generate the economy.
    (Stop supporting the world and lead by example)

    Now, if you have an idea and you want to start a business. Go for it.
    Break the rules, go to jail.

    This would see the entrepeneurial spirit take right off.

    • Dan Burke

      I loved the analogy of giving a cancer patient more cancer.

      When they were passing the health care legislation and said it would reduce costs, I wanted to laugh myself to death. People talked about tort reform but how many acknowledged the costs already in health care because of government oversight and regulation? I am in IT, entry-level mind you. For a while, I installed specialized equipment in hospitals. So what you say? I learned at one point that because of FDA regulation and so forth that a computer server I helped install cost the hospital about five times (5x) as much as a nearly identical server your average consumer could purchase. Five times as much! On a later job, nothing to do with hospitals, I was installing a computer for a recreational pilot. He verified how government regulation increases costs. His plane used a Ford engine. FAA requirements had to be met or he could not fly his plane legally. When he had to replace a valve, he was required to buy the FAA approved valve. It cost five times as much as the same identical valve you could buy at the Ford dealership. The part was so identical that it even came from the same mold (including part number stamped into it). Again, five times as much! The only difference? One was going to be used in a truck and wasn’t FAA regulated. The other was for a plane and was FAA regulated. Identical part. Five times cost difference. Even the same manufacturer, part number, etc..

      • JC

        Bureaucratic intevention always costs way more than is reasonable.
        And it os of course designed to slow and control every aspect of our lives.
        “Bureaucracy” was put to very good use by Josef Stalin.
        That is a self explanatory statement. ;)

      • eddie47d

        Why is that private business charging 5 times the amount of money for the same part? Why are they scamming Uncle Sam (you and me)and why aren’t they in jail for price goughing? Both sides must have a sweetheart deal going on.

        • JC

          They do eddie, it’s called economic fascism. Everybody is in bed with everybody and we foot the bill.
          That’s why I keep advocating that we change the system and I go on nailing Obama as hard as I can at every opportunity.
          If John Smith, average white guy was in power doing what Obama is doing I’d be going after him too.
          It ain’t personal…it’s a loathing for fascists, socialist and communists that motivates me.

          • s c

            You’re absolutely right, JC. What progressives don’t understand and will probably never understand is that we have but two choices in America. We can 1) honor and protect the Constitution and be FREE or we can 2) be under an oppressive government’s dictatorial thumb and in chains. There is NEVER a middle ground or a third choice with a bloated, wasteful, scumbag gang of organized thugs who think we want and need hands on our throats because it’s ‘for our own good.’
            When I say thugs, I mean ALL of them, and that goes back to the early 19th century and involves in-house and foreign, slimy useful idiots and quasi-religious vermin who belong in front of a firing squad.

        • Claire

          I could write a book about price gouging. My husband had to have brake work done on his Jeep, he went to one place for an estimate and they told him it would be about $ 400.00. He took his Jeep to the place where I take my van and they charged him $ 207.00. It pays to shop around!

        • http://?? Joe H.

          No edduh!47, The problem is a list called most favored bidder!! If you aren’t on that list, you can’t bid on supplying equipment, parts or materials to the Government!!!! That’s why the government got charged 1500.00 fror toilet seats and 150.00 for ball pean hammers!!!

  • J.M.R.

    no this is one american that doesn’t want this government to stick their scummy noses in this. they caused this problem back in the j. carter days stop bailing the crooks out. let them go down and maybe it will take the scum in D.C. with them.

  • Al Sieber

    I’m so tired of regulation, the mining business is getting so heavily regulated you can’t hardly work, it’s making us into outlaws. when you have to raise your hand every time you want to do something that’s not freedom. where did all the commie liberals come from, and why do they have so much power? time to take this country back!!

  • J.M.R.

    right on al

  • mehoward

    Who is going to regulate the regulators? Private businesses have us to regulate them if they don’t perform as they should, consumers quit buying their merchandise,done deal. Now who is going to regulate the government? I think term limits would help. No more 20 to 30 years in
    congress. Limit 2 terms for senate and 4 terms in the house of representatives. mehpensacola,fl

    • s c

      Me, to the day I draw my last breath, I will NEVER understand HOW or WHY people think ‘term limits’ will SOLVE anything. Please STOP thinking ‘in the box.’ We’ve had MANY chances to get term limits for MANY generations. Where did it get us? It got us a Congress that is deathly afraid of term limits, and THAT is exactly WHY we’ll NEVER get term limits.
      WHO makes that decision? The same people who get midnight pay raises. The same people who think they shouldn’t be stuck with Obummer’s healthcare SCAM.
      The same people who have a country club existence at OUR expense.
      Letting politicians have consecutive terms is the KEY to their becoming career criminals. That’s how we got Clinton, Specter, Goldwater’s Rockefeller, Schumer, Waxman, McTwit, Graham, Peelooney, Durbin, Byrd, Republicans, RINOs and the rest of the constitution-raping vermin who have disgraced America for so long. PLEASE, GIVE UP on term limits! Your grandchildren will be thinking about term limits, not knowing that it failed long before they were born (assuming that America is still a free country years from now). Please think outside the box. Living and thinking inside the box will make you a slave.

      • Jsck Kinch(1uncle)

        2/3 rd’s of the states could pass an amendment to the constitution requiring term limits.

        • http://?? Joe H.

          We already have term limits, it’s called a vote!!!!

      • meteorlady

        I don’t believe in term limits as we have the ability to vote the crooks out of office if they are not doing a good jobs. There are a few good men/woman in congress and we need to keep those voices there. I love my congressman so far – he’s representing the people in his district and I hope he will stay.

  • TIME

    There are no words to explain just how stupid more regulation is.

    Even a box of rocks can grasp that the Politicians created the problems and now they want to fix what they created.

    This could be a new Frankstine book. We took the brain of Bonehead Frank and combined it with the gall of BarryO with a twist of Al Capone, and sprinkled with bubba blobs, and a splater of Goreish.

  • Ted Crawford

    One of my main concerns is if we allow them to “reform” finances they will try and slip in their plan to nationalize our retirement accounts.
    I know that reperesentative George Miller (D- California) is working hard on it with the help and advice of Teresa Ghilarducci and S.C.E.P.A.! We can’t allow them to get away with whats’ left of our retirement accounts!!!
    Also check out CFR,Part 1, RIN 1545-BJ04. Appearently it’s a new regulatory process, designed to reduce the value of 401Ks, in an effort to create a fund for what they call GRA, (Guaranteed Retirement Accounts). These are for people who chose to spend all their money rather invest in their own fitures!

    • meteorlady

      They have that plan on the back burner. They plan on making it mandatory that our retirement accounts have US Treasuries and bonds. Nice – huh? That has to be a good spin to get that one by – but they have already laid the ground work so we need to be watchful. I believe that there is also something that will not allow you to take our money out of the country does anyone know about that?

  • Jsck Kinch(1uncle)

    Worst thing ever- breeding people on welfare- dumb down schools- congress spending our taxes on special interest groups- must stop now to have a future- instruct your congress people.

  • WarriorH

    How about a moratorium on ANY new legislation. Spend a year or two reviewing the laws in place and make recommendations to abolish or amend.

  • meteorlady

    The government is the single most corrupt organization in this country and yet most people favor putting over-sight on businesses. Amazing to me that would be so.

    We had banking regulations – it was called the Glass-Steagall Act – and Clinton repealed that one. He also allowed Drug companies to advertise their poisons which added a lot of cost to the drugs people need to have to survive. As for CEO pay – the government does not own the company and they have no right to regulate anything to do with compensation – the true owners of the company – the stock holders need to have the authority to vote on executive pay, bonuses and whether to keep the current board of directors and CEO if they are not doing a good job.

  • Don

    What we need is for everyone to send Sen Dodd a message: ” We want the return of Banks being limited to banking (No Brokerage Operations) and Brokerage Operations being blocked from having Banks – like we had about 10 or 15 years ago. His Bill is DEFICIENT !!! IN THIS MATTER.

  • http://gmail i41

    South Dakota and Wyoming passed term limits in the late 80′s. Before the ink was dry “don’t pay my taxes” dip s–t Daschle went to the S court to get it over ridden, the state then passesd a law if running for another seat he had to retire. It worked, since he didn’t own anything in S.D., same as avowed communist George McGovern. If we want to get after the pukes in agencies, knock the teeth out of the EPA, you like high gas prices and oil on the beaches, EPA sat with Onumnut wanting studies, and theorizing. Next year EPA is going out to privately owned farms and ranches to put monitoring devices on your equipment. The wonks will probably hire edyee47, since he is a disavantaged blanket a–ed puppy snatcher, who is to damned lazy to get off his breech cloth and get a job, but why get one, he gets his government check every month with his free commods. Sounds like Russia, government fartming and everyone living off the government. So get ready to starve, all you simple minded socialist progressive democrate. Since we are importing beedf in from Brazil that has foot and mouth disease, along with H1N1 in chickens and fowl. grass will not keep you going. We know all dems have head up rear and feet in their mouths, look at Goofy Biden.

  • 45caliber

    I’m not willing. I think we have too much government regulation in everything. What really annoys me is that Congress passes a law like healthcare but then leaves it to the bureaucrats to actually write the program through “regulations”. Then when you are caught by one of those regulations, the Congressman says, “But it isn’t my fault! I didn’t mean for them to do it that way!”

    Yeah, right!

    • JC

      That’s the problem with our system in general and bureaucracy in particular, it all operates on built in deniability.
      Josef Stalin used bureaucracy to great effect, and the reasons are obvious.

  • gary

    Our government is so bad that it cannot see the forest for the trees. We want way less government not more of it. The lawyers cannot even keep track of everything that is passed and a lot of it is done behind our backs. We never know about some of these laws until it hits right in the face. Things like this health care bill should have been more open and simple so people could understand what it was all about and finally it should have been voted on in state by state referendum by the people that it will affect the most.

    We do not need more regulation for business or the financial sector to deal with. Any additional cost to business is passed on to us. Always!!! I wonder if any of you understand the VAT tax that makes consumer goods so damned expensive in foreign countries. It is a tax that you pay many times on the same product tax on tax on tax until the product is at least 40% higher.

    I am so very tired of these goons that we call government, I believe strongly in a guns and ammo revolution to take our country back and follow the constitution. We have been brain washed into beleaving that voting is the answer. Its not and it causes me to wonder how many times the voting has be RIGGED.

    OUR constitution gives us the right and a provision to replace a bad government if we should ever have one. Check it out. We the people need to take our country back and stay involved in the daily operation of it. We should never again allow those in office to do this to us again. They need to know and believe that they WORK FOR US AND US ONLY, and not for their own personal interests or the special interest groups. The special interest groups such as unions need to come to the American people and not the government. I am sick of this crap. LEAVE THE FINANCIAL SYSTEM AND BUSINESSES ALONE!!!

    • 45caliber

      I agree with you. On the other hand I’m not really in favor of an actual march on Washington with guns in hand.

      Do you really think ANY politician in Washington would hesitate for a second about dropping a nuke on you if he felt he was in any danger?

      I don’t. And I believe one of the reasons they keep talking about an EMP wave knocking out all electronics which means no transportation, no water, no electricity, no food, etc. is to make it clear that they can destroy a lot of people as a “punishment” for threatening them.

      So I can’t wait for election day. If they are voted out and better people put back in, we have a chance of straightening things up without any deaths.

      And I do NOT believe the police forces or the military would support them by stopping any protest they didn’t like. That is why I think they will prefer to use nukes. They can insure they control those.

      • Claire

        I am not in favor of a march with guns. Packing a weapon doesn’t prove a thing to me, because I HAVE weapons and I KNOW I will keep them, come hell or high water. Besides, I think there are too many crazies out there that would try to do something and we don’t need that. I don’t want to get shot. However, I am all for a huge march on DC. I mean a HUGE march. We should really do this.

  • Claire

    I think some regulation is needed or they would run amok.

    • http://?? Joe H.

      That SHOULD be what the constitution is for!!!

      • Claire

        Joe H–Correct, but how many politicians actually follow the Constitution? How many CEO’s really care about the Constitution? The majority of them think of one thing–money. And money talks.


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