As opposition to healthcare reform mounts, Obama prepares address


As opposition to healthcare reform mounts, Obama prepares address President Obama has come under fire from all sides for some of the provisions of the proposed healthcare reform, and he will appear before Congress to restate his case.

One of the critical voices has been raised by Americans for Tax Reform which says there are tax hikes in the House Democrat bill that would violate the President’s promise made during the electoral campaign not to raise taxes on families making less than $250,000 a year.

For example, page 167 of the proposed legislation talks about imposing a 2.5 percent tax on individuals who are not enrolled in health insurance.

Similarly, certain businesses that do not offer insurance would be compelled to pay a new payroll tax of 8 percent.

The organization may soon get an answer, as Obama is set to address lawmakers tonight in an effort to lay out his plan to overhaul healthcare and provide details many feel have been missing thus far. In fact, a new CBS News poll found that 66 percent of Americans are confused by the reform proposals.

However, most polls also show a majority agree the nation’s healthcare system needs major change.

Obama is widely expected to reveal whether the administration will push for including a public option in the final draft of the bill. He is also likely to highlight the elements most lawmakers agree on, including preventing insurance companies from denying coverage for preexisting conditions or dropping coverage when a person gets sick as well as capping out-of-pocket expenses and eliminating caps on lifetime coverage, according to the Christian Science Monitor.

Spencer Cameron