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As Democrats appear to bridge differences over healthcare, top Republican predicts failure

August 1, 2009 by  

As Democrats appear to bridge differences over healthcare, top Republican predicts failureAccording to media reports, House Democrats have reached a preliminary agreement that would enable work to proceed on the proposed healthcare reform. However, there is little optimism about the legislation on the Republican side.

In their quest to reform a dysfunctional healthcare system, Democrats and President Obama have faced criticism from both within their own party as well as from the GOP.

While the Republican opposition was expected, a number of fiscally conservative Democrats have also expressed fears over a reform that would not include explicit provisions for cost control and lead to an even greater budget deficit.

Yesterday’s compromise would reduce the federal health insurance subsidies for lower-income families, exempt additional businesses from a requirement to provide insurance and change the terms of a government insurance option, according to the Associated Press.

It would also cut costs by some 100 billion over the next 10 years, the source said, quoting Arkansas Rep Mike Ross, a leader of the conservative faction in the Democratic Party.

President Obama has expressed satisfaction with the House agreement, despite the fact that the earliest vote will now be able to take place in September.

"We did give them a deadline, and sort of we missed that deadline. But that’s OK," Obama said. "We don’t want to just do it quickly, we want to do it right."

However, House minority leader John Boehner of Ohio has been quoted as saying the bill will "get shredded" come the September vote.

At an lunch event sponsored by the Christian Science Monitor he said, "What was promised and what was delivered don’t add up and people are upset about it," quoted by

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    Read below the 2004 direct statement and quote from this mongrel Socialist/Marxist Communist as to what she said should happen to all White Males in the United States. And you want this political Socialist Marxist bitch sitting on the Supreme Court?

    Has “taken out of context” taken on a whole new meaning with the current party in the White House? Here is the exact quote. Is it out of context? I Would say that it is a perfect quote.

    Obama Says Sotomayor’s “Castrate White Males” Comment Taken Out of Context

    WASHINGTON – President Obama said that comments by Supreme Court nominee Sonia Sotomayor in a 2004 speech in which she called for the”castration of all white males until they are no longer dominant,” have been “taken out of context” by right wing ideologues. In the speech delivered to the San Juan chapter of NOW, Sotomayor said;

    “I want to be perfectly clear about this next comment so that there is no mistaking my words to mean something other than what they plainly say: the time has come to end white male oppression by castrating every white male until they are no longer dominant in Western culture. That means forcible removal of their testicles. I realize the brutality of my comment, and I don’t know how to say it more clearly.”

    White House spokesman Robert Gibbs agreed with President Obama that the statement “has been taken out of context,” and added that Sotomayor “certainly did not mean” that white males should be castrated.” Judge Sotomayor was simply saying that there should be room at the American table for diverse cultures, that’s all. It is astounding that people are reading ‘castration’ into it.”

    • s c

      The only thing peculiar about b o and his demented gang of thugs is the leeway they get from America’s stinking, prostitute media. Why can’t these retards say what they mean the first time? Then, when something smelly gets close to hitting the nearest fan, they backtrack, and polly-wanna-cracker Gibbs tries to defend and explain that which can’t be defended.
      Their documented pattern is clear and obvious. Once again, America has been sold a defective bill of goods (and a stench to go with it), and b o is the #1 puppet. Who’s pulling his strings? Where’s that damned transparency? Where are our leaders?

    • Rob

      Can you believe this? HOW MUCH MORE radical can you get? Sodomayor advocating mutilating people and cutting off body parts. Supreme Court? Are you kidding?
      How about Guantanamo?
      Sotomayor is a sick, demented person.

      I can tell you right now, and I don’t care what she had to say about that comment later…
      Any idiot that gets some idea that they are going to mutilate me, will be staring down the barrel of a gun. And thats the last thing they will see. Call me a racist.

      • FarRightWinger

        I don’t call you racist, you see things the right way. If anyone would call you ‘racist’ (and so what? Racism is God-given self-defense) how would they call this puerrrtoriKKan female devil? Americans are brainwashed since the un-Constitutional 1964 “civil right act’. This went way too far. It is time now for change, it is time now for taking back America!

        • Rob

          Of course I was just kidding about them calling me a racist. Seems if you are not willing to choke down their whole anti White load of **, then somehow you are racist. LOL! I really don’t care what they call me…

          You know, we put one of them in charge in the top position, and the next thing you know, he pulls in all his extremist friends. Unless we want America to be at its own throat like the former Soviet Union, then we had better all learn to get along.

          This stupid, “Its Payback Time” mentality doesn’t work. And Payback for what, coming from a Puerto Rican? Slavery?? Take it up with Spain… Its time for these aging throwbacks to get with the times. This new breed of White Americans, are not racial oppressors. They are pretty tolerant of others who are not like them. But I do think they have definate limits on how much nonsense they are willing to put up with.

          Seriously, although, I cannot stand SODOmayor, I am actually skeptical that she really made those comments about casterating White males. I have not researched it yet, but I will. Seems to me that there are certain standards that judges must adhere to. I think that something so blantely racist and goulish, would have her thrown off the bench onto her ass.

          I will look into it though, when I have the time, and will attach my findings onto THIS post.

        • Rob

          Ok, lets be clear…
          I do not like judge Sotomayer. I think she is a racist, and I do not think she even realizes it. White people have been accused of more for saying less.

          HOWEVER, as best as I can determine, Judge Sotomayer DID NOT make any remarks what so ever about casterating white males. Its totally false.

          I still not not think she is fit for the bench. I get her latino pride thing. Thats fine.
          But to think it would make her a better judge than a white male BECAUSE OF IT, it BULLSH*T. Your background, your heritage, your religious beliefs, are irrelevent on the bench. You judge the facts, you factor in human compassion, for fellow humans, regardless of their racial background.

          Sotomayer is unfit for the bench.

          However, making false claims against those we do not like are wrong.

          During the ’08 election, I was the recipient of about 10 emails a day, telling me Barak Obama was a secret Muslim. Obama was a racist Christian. Obama was connected to terrorists. Obama is a socialist. Obama was the Anti Christ…
          I reasoned, we have funneled billions into Homeland Security, and you mean to tell me that a terrorist connected Muslim, was the front runner in the ’08 presidential election and Homeland Security couldn’t even protect us from him???
          Either Homeland Security was a Bush era multi billion dollar waste of time and money, and TOTAL failure, or somebody was lying.

          I think most Americans reasoned, the smear campaign was nonsense. But when you mix truth with lies, and the lies get exposed, then even the baby gets thrown out with the bathwater.
          Result: A radical left winger named barack Obama made it into the White House.
          No, he not connected to terrorists, not really, he’s not a muslim. He may not even be anti white, I am not sure.
          But he IS a screaming socialist.

          Obama is a Muslim. Obama is a racist Christian. Obama is connected to terrorists. Obama is the Anti Christ. All these falsehoods got rejected, along with one deadly truth…. Obama is a socialist.

          The LIE campaign backfired.

          It is extremely important to present ONLY the facts. Let the facts do them in.
          Do NOT add lies to it. If you really have a solid case, there is no need to lie. Lying tells me, the case isn’t solid enough.

          As for Sotomayer…She should be thrown off the bench for her decision in the New Haven Fire Fighter Promotion Exam. It was overturned anyway. So those more experienced judges above her do not agree with her anyway. I see no reason to promote her. Bad judgement on her part.

          I stand by my remarks though….. Any idiot who thinks he’s gonna mutilate me, will find himself staring down the barrel of a gun. And again….thats the last thing he/SHE! will see.

          Take your racial crap and GET OUT!
          Divided we fall.

  • FarRightWinger

    Comment removed for offensive content

    • Brian Rawls

      She should be shot. She probably would have been 20 years ago for saying such shit.

    • Rob

      Come on dude….What did you say….?
      Rephrase it please.

      Use “NON offensive” language. LOL! Ha ha ha!

      I hear you dude…. I get angry too.
      I do know that hatred does not work.

      Additudes and speech are what divide us.

      My boss, is Asian of some sort. Born in Idaho, MIT grad. Smart guy, brilliant actually… Shut your eyes…. and he’s just like the rest of us. Cool guy. He’s American, first and foremost.

      Butured EngRISH and BAD additudes are what divide us. Not race.

      A-Holes please leave…..


  • The Leftist DOJ dropped all charges against blacks


    The top Republican on the House Appropriations subcommittee that funds the Justice Department is angry that Attorney General Eric Holder dropped voter-intimidation charges against members of a negroid racist group.

    Congressman Frank Wolf (R-Virginia) says Attorney General Holder has not responded to 3 letters (!) from Republicans seeking to find out why the DOJ dismissed voter-intimidation charges filed against two members of the racist New Black Panther Party.

    A home video, filmed at a Philadelphia polling station last November and posted on YouTube, shows one of the men — who was later escorted away by police — brandishing a nightstick. In the final days of the Bush administration, the men were charged in a civil complaint with violating the Voting Rights Act by using coercion, threats, and intimidation. But in late May, career officials at the DOJ dismissed the cases of the 2 negroes Black Panthers who had been charged with violating the Voting Rights Act.
    (Imagine of 3 skinheads, or KKK-members would do the same and “politely” ask negroes to “stay home and listen da rap-crap and put some booze in their hands…)
    According to an affidavit filed by a veteran voting-rights activist, the criminal, anti-American hate-group New Black Panthers also made racist comments to White poll workers such as “you are about to be ruled by the black man, cracker.”

    Congressman Wolf, a Philadelphia native, suspects Holder (who is a racist, anti-White jew) is politicizing the Justice Department.
    “I don’t know why they dropped it,” says the lawmaker. “If you go on the web and look at some of the pictures, the one gentleman is standing in front of a polling booth with [what] looks like a billy club or a stick.
    (That would embarrass the negro in the “white” house and would start a nation-wide uproar which would result in widespread investigation and probably a more widespreaded voting cheatings)

    “Why would you drop the case?” Wolf wonders. “They actually had a conviction — and so we have asked the inspector general of the Justice Department to look at it and report back.”

    Frustrated that the U.S. attorney general will not give him answers about the Blank Panther case, Wolf recently told The Hill newspaper: “This guy Holder is a jerk.” (of course, he’s a jerk, a zionist jew-jerk).

    OneNewsNow asked Wolf if he stands by the statement. “I think he’s really not serving the American people well” he responded, “and I think he’s foolish to think that you can hold information back from the American people.”

  • jm

    Insurance companies are buying off members in Congress. Public health care will be cheaper than what people are currently paying to the insurance companies.

    • G J G

      You’ve gotta’ be kidding….on both statements. If anybody’s buying anybody, it’s the liberals trying to buy off conservative thinkers. No way possible your equation could possibly hold any water. And it’s not only money….it’s a matter of rights…our Constitutional rights. Show me WHERE in the Constitution our government was given the right to legislate such quackery. It’s pure Facism. Bet you haven’t even read a portion of the 1000 pages.

      • jm

        The Constitution gives Congress the right to submit bills. If there is anything that is unconstitutional then the Supreme Court may decide its legality. I haven’t studied the Constitution since the 1960′s but I remember that any bill requiring money funded by taxes needs to originate in the H. of R. I’m retired & I have had universal health care here in Canada since moving here in 1966. I’m happy with it. Because I didn’t have to pay high fees for insurance I used the extra money for investments in the stock market. I had a minor test a few weeks ago. I went to a small clinic and I didn’t have to wait. I received the results of my test within days – thanks to universal health care.

      • jm

        Here’s a 2nd reply to you. You’re right. I haven’t read the 1000 pp. bill. The rest of my family lives in America and they can’t wait for public health care. Our public health care doesn’t cover dental, eye care, etc. I have private health insurance that covers my prescription drugs and physiotherapy. My former employer helps pay for part of the costs. Your insurance companies should read the 1000 pp. & offer Americans what is not covered.

  • jm

    Sen. Baucus (Dem.) has collected more than $3.1 million dollars from health insurance companies. Are most of his constituents happy with no medical insurance? Are some of his constituents willing to lose their homes in order to meet the escalating costs of private health care?

    • whiteorblack

      There is nothing wrong with the present health care. Those working and legal, have health insurance provided. We can’t afford more taxes to cover the socialized healthcare. This reform will put to death all persons age 65 and older. This reform is creating confusion, but mostly this project is for extermination of the valuable population s dedicated to the success of our Country!
      What can be done, for example is to reduce the doctors fee. I don’t see why the specialists are charging $300 per visit, while an internal medicine physician charges only $60/visit. Same for dentists: there is no need to charge $585 per one tooth extraction, or $1800 for prosthesis (which cost $45!).
      We have the best healthcare system. Why change it? What is the hidden reason for it?
      Call your Democratic representative to vote NO to the health reform, because only Democrats are planning to bankrupt this Country.

      • Rob

        Whats wrong with our Health Care system?

        You can bring the price of healthcare down, by flooding the system with new doctors. A freemarket solution of supply and demand.
        To artifically keep prices high, you limit the supply as the demand grows.
        The Medical Mafia has the health care market cornered. And they manipulate it to ensure that getting your MD license is the same as getting a millionair’s license.

        And they do this on the backs of the sick.

        Doctor Glut??? Really? I didn’t know there were so many out of work doctors….

        This should shed some light…

        “US to Pay New York Hospitals Not to Train Doctors, Easing Glut”
        by Elisabeth Rosenthal. New York Times, 2/17/97.
        In a plan that health experts greeted as brilliant and bizarre, federal regulators announced on Monday that
        for the next six years they would pay New York state hospitals not to train physicians.
        Just as the federal government for many years paid corn farmers to let fields lie fallow, 41 of New York
        state’s teaching hospitals will be paid $400 million not to cultivate so many new doctors, their main cash crop.
        The plan’s primary purpose is to stem a growing surplus of doctors in parts of the nation and to save
        government money. But the payments are manna to New York’s cash-starved hospitals, which are struggling to trim
        the size of their staffs and adapt to the world of managed care.
        Health experts across the country were stunned by the plan, which is officially titled the Medicare Graduate
        Medical Education Demonstration Project. It was approved by the Health Care Finance Administration, which is
        part of the Department of Health and Human Services.
        “It’s an amazing treatment of health care as a commodity–like grain or milk or meat,” said Dr. Alan
        Hillman, a professor of health policy at the University of Pennsylvania. “I’ve never heard anything like this before.
        But I really can’t find any fault with it. Maybe this is one of the first rational collaborations between hospitals and the
        The plan required no congressional action and thus was not debated by senators and representatives from
        other states. But hospital executives around the nation expressed concern that the federal agency was playing
        favorites with New York hospitals because of their political connections and financial clout.
        The plan was drawn up and proposed by officials of the Greater New York Hospital Association, a
        powerful industry group; New York’s senators, Daniel Patrick Moynihan and Alfonse D’Amato, are among the most
        influential legislators in the country, especially on matters of health policy; and New York–including its hospital
        union–strongly supported President Clinton’s re-election last year.
        New York trains 15% of the nation’s doctors, making it by far the country’s leading producer of new
        physicians. The next largest is California, at 9%. The federal government finances much of that training through its
        Medicare program, which pays hospitals up to about $100,000 a year for each resident they train.
        Under the new program, 41 hospitals in the state have agreed to reduce the number of residents they train
        by 20% to 25% over the next six years, resulting in 2,000 fewer residents in the state. In exchange, Medicare will
        initially continue to pay participating hospitals as if those young doctors were still there, slowly phasing out the
        payments over the next six years.
        The plan is a novel approach to confronting a perpetual sticking point in health care: the oversupply of
        doctors in many specialties and in many parts of the country, which health economists say results in unnecessary
        tests and procedures and drives up medical costs. Although health experts have been complaining for almost a
        decade that the country has been producing too many doctors, generous Medicare training subsidies have meant that
        hospitals continue to churn them out.
        “I believe this will be a pathbreaking project,” said Bruce Vladeck, the administrator of the Health Care
        Financing Administration, who announced the program. “For the first time in 20 years our goals for graduate
        medical education and the financial incentives will be in line with one another.”
        Dr. Bruce Siegel, the president of Tampa General Hospital, admitted to envy and some resentment that
        hospitals in other parts of the country were not involved. “This is a real coup for New York teaching hospitals,” he
        said. “How can we get in on it?”
        Siegel, a former president of New York City’s Health and Hospitals Corp., noted that many hospitals
        throughout the nation were reducing the number of doctors they trained, too. But without federal help, he said, “a
        lot of us are having to cut back on residents and we’re suffering the reimbursement implications of that
        Siegel said that the increasingly powerful health maintenance organizations had pushed hospitals to rely less
        on residents. he added that as managed care companies were insisting on shorter hospital stays and were reducing
        the number of hospital procedures, many medical centers were finding they no longer had enough patients to train
        all the residents they employ.
        Vladeck acknowledged that some Republican congressmen had complained that the plan had been offered
        solely to hospitals in New York, but added that demonstration projects are intended to test the strategy and are
        necessarily somewhat limited in scope.
        “If other people think this is a good deal, they have the power to make it more available,” he said, noting
        that Medicare legislation could offer a similar program in other parts of the country. Vladeck was previously a
        health-care executive in New York.
        The program is voluntary, but 41 hospitals in New York are participating, including virtually all of its major
        medical centers. Each hospital has agreed either to cut the number of residents by 25% over 6 years, or by 20%
        while improving primary care training. During the first year, the hospitals will get as much Medicare money for
        medical training as they would if they were educating as many doctors as they are now, Vladeck said.
        During the second year they would receive 95% of that amount, then 85% in the third year, and continuing
        to drop to zero in the 7th year. By then, the hospitals will be paid only for the residents they are actually training.
        Hospitals have to decide by Friday how many training positions to offer to new residents who begin on July
        1. Officials at the Greater New York Hospital Association predicted that there would be 300 to 400 fewer residency
        positions in New York’s hospitals next year.
        “Under this voluntary demonstration project, participating hospitals will be partly cushioned from financial
        loss as they reduce the number of residents they train and restructure their training programs to respond to the new
        marketplace,” said Kenneth Raske, president of the Greater New York Hospital Association.
        “AMA Group: Trim Foreign Med Students”
        by Steven Findlay. USA Today, 2/26/97.
        A coalition of doctors’ and medical groups this week will urge bolder steps to be taken to cut the growing
        oversupply of US doctors, including a sure-to-be-controversial proposal to reduce the number of foreign medical
        school graduates.
        The coalition, spearheaded by the American Medical Association and the Association of American Medical
        Colleges, wants to bar all but a small fraction of foreign-born doctors from remaining in the USA after training here.
        The problem, says the coalition in a report out Friday, is that the majority of these new doctors–about
        75%–stay in the United States.
        As a result, 20% of the USA’s 720,300 doctors are now foreign born–about the same proportion deemed
        excessive by experts.
        About 22% of the 110,000 doctors in US residency programs are now foreign graduates, up from 10% in
        “We just don’t need that many,” says William Jacott of the AMA’s board of trustees.
        Not so, says John Ronches, executive director of the Committee of Internists and Residents in new York
        City, a doctor’s union.
        “The foreign-trained doctors practice in the inner cities and rural areas,” Ronches says.
        “We don’t have an oversupply. We have a maldistribution of doctors that won’t be solved by cutting the
        number who are foreign-trained.”
        The coalition suggests that a few foreign doctors who agree to practice in underserved areas be allowed to
        stay in the United States.
        But it says it’s time for US-trained medical graduates to meet most of the demand. It suggests incentive
        programs to get American doctors to move to inner cities and rural areas.
        Ronches says such initiatives have failed in the past. Other proposals recommended by the coalition:
        * Calling on the federal government, which reimburses hospitals for a large share of doctor training, to test
        innovative programs to reduce the number of residencies, particularly for specialists.
        Jacott says a pilot program in New York fits the bill. The Health Care Financing Administration will pay New York
        hospitals $400 million in the next six years to cut by 25% the number of doctors in training in the city.
        * Programs to explore using nonphysician health professionals in some inner-city hospitals that have traditionally
        relied on foreign medical students.

  • James Corbin

    I don’t care if Sotomayor’s words were taken out of context——She was thinking it .
    It’s ashame our great country is going down the tube, because of such trash Obama has picked to serve on the Supreme Court.—–Not to mention all those czars!!!!

    • jm

      I look forward to more women on The Supreme Court. All judges bring a lifetime of experiences to the court. The law is the law but they (judges) are each allowed to comment on their legal decisions. Those comments may help Congress change or amend the law.

      • FarRightWinger

        I oppose women in Supreme Court or in any real high positions. The liberal-marxist hoodlums use them to control them and enforce their own agenda through women, bc a woman’s opinion and decision easier to BEND. Everyone know; women look for influence and want ‘look up’ to a man. This is also part of the conspiracy to undermine our Constitution.

        • jw

          If I had still been an American we at least we would have had 1 thing in common – neither one of us would have voted for Hillary Clinton. LOL I also believe that women should not be in combat or fight fires. They will never maintain the upper body strength that men are born with.

  • Robin, Arcadia, IN

    Wow! Started reading the posts and forgot what the article was about!!
    I don’t think too many people would not agree that the health care system needs to be tweaked. However, what this administration is wanting to do is insane. They want all to agree to a bill that is over 1000 pages in length. They do not want to give anyone time to read it. What are they hiding? And why are they not jumping on this healthcare band wagon and giving up their current insurance to be on government insurance? Not good enough for them?
    Obama has been very critical of how quickly the Patriot Act was passed after 9/11. It seems that many things that he has found issue with when the Republicans were in office, he is now doing. Yes. He entered office with problems from the Bush administration. It would seem to me that if I took over a position that had money issues, I wouldn’t add to those money issues, but look for a better way to ‘fix’ things. Hillary tried to fix the health care when she was in office, oops, when Bill was in office and it didn’t happen. We are very large country and the problems are beyond big, they are enormous. With that said, shouldn’t the states be given more power to adjust things according to the needs of their state? Then the government could come along and tie it all together? I am not a politician, so there are probably more than a million reasons why this wouldn’t work, but it does make sense to me.

  • Pete Burlington

    If this health care plan is so great why won’t the scumbag politicians sign up for it themselves? They will not because this bill is not about health care this is about control. Would the thief dodd from Conn. Be happy if he were under such a plan. I don’t think he would. In Sec 1145 on page 272 of the House bill “treatment of certain cancer hospitals: cancer patients and their treatment are open to rationing: does this sound like your current health care? Sec 152 pages 50-51-health care will be provided to ALL NON-US CITIZENS. Does this sound like your current health care? The Socialist communist puke obama can go to HELL along with his Czars and the rest of his minions.

  • C J

    Well I’m glad we paid all that money to reduce the supply of doctors. Everyone knows when the supply of something decreases and the demand increases, it leads to lower prices. No wonder medical costs have gotten so reasonable, and emergency rooms have almost no wait times. Great job!


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