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As Conservatives Cheer, Gay Rights Groups Promise To Sue Hawaii

July 12, 2010 by  

As conservatives cheer, gay rights groups promise to sue Hawaii Hawaii Governor Linda Lingle vetoed House Bill 444 last week that would allow same-sex couples to enter civil unions. While the move has won praise from social conservatives, it has also prompted calls for tourism boycotts and has led gay rights advocates to threaten to file a lawsuit against the state.

Among the groups that are putting their lawyers to work are Lambda Legal and the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU), which said the veto violates Hawaii’s constitution that guarantees equal protection under the law.

"A lawsuit that’s about securing more legal protections for people who need them can also be a vehicle for prompting people to talk about what equal means," said Jenny Pizer, director of Lambda Legal’s Marriage Project, quoted by The Sirius XM Out Q news blog.

"What does free and equal mean in our society?" she asked.

However, Peter Sprigg, of the conservative Family Research Council, thanked Lingle for her veto, saying that it prevents the gay rights movement from proceeding with the "deconstruction of marriage as a unique social institution."

He said the state should protect marriage because it brings social benefits, while homosexual relationships do not. ADNFCR-1961-ID-19880783-ADNFCR

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  • Jeff

    The right is going to have to come up with a lie to spout. The lie of “social benefits” and procreation have now been roundly trashed by the courts as inherently flawed.

    • slickporsche

      Jeff I do not really give two-shits what the courts tell me, or decide.I have enough brains to decide this one for myself. The big lie is that it is ok for a man to shove his penus in another man’s behind,or it is ok, for similar behavior between two women. This activity is one of the greatest promoters of disease known to man. These people are all mentally deranged,and the shame of the whole thing, is that it is not being treated.
      DId you everthink that when you were born, that an abortion might have been discussed, and maybe even carried out? You would cease to exist. It is this very decadence that will,and I say will lead to our demise as a nation. That is why so many of us are trying to stop this crap.Do you really think people should have the right to create and then in an instant decide to destroy it. I should really think about that last statement,because that is the problem, many of you are perverted enough to think you should.
      Being Queer is not a right or a choice, it is a severe mental disease, that needs to be treated as such. Abortion is not a right or choice either, it is simply a convenience in 96% of performed abortions. A convenience that is as ugly as what it really is,Murder.

      • http://none Bettie

        Thank you! I agree 100%. Good to find someone who can write a message we all need to hear. We need to really think about what is happening to our society. I believe it is failing, and this is one of the reasons. I do not believe there is anything written that says, “have sex any way you want and do not worry about the effect it has on everyone,” including the ones who are gay. They just do not realize what they are doing, and they need to be educated. Also, I believe they need to see a doctor to see if they have some hidden illness that makes them want to behave this way. I needs to stop, because it is just plain wrong and you cannot make it a “right”.

      • http://none Bettie

        Sorry for the error. ‘I needs to stop,’ should be, “It needs to stop.” It sure sounds funny the first way. Hope this finds the first message.

      • Norman

        you are an idiot with a cheap porsche
        stop thinking what we do in teh bedroom-its disgusting-we certainly dont picture your out of shape body having sex!
        who cares what you think, bigot?
        teh courts didnt listen to you when you prtotested blacks gettign righst and tehy wont listen now
        sorry, bigot-must feel awful dying off, huh?

        • JC

          Oooh! Hit a nerve huh?
          I don’t care what people do in the privacy of their own homes.
          Just keep it there.

          • Norman

            ok-we’re just fighting for equal rights-we never mention our sexual practices-that is only done by the repressed religious nuts fighting us…starneg that they think of us naked and then throw in animals and siblings-talk about repressed deviant desires!

          • JC

            Really? So gay people publicly having sex in the streets of San Francisco is not indicitave of general gay behaviour? Well that’s good to know.

          • JC

            Again, I really don’t care…its been around forever and I don’t think its all that unusual. Soldiers in the Roman armies and the armies of Alexander the Great took gay lovers when on extended campaigns, but it isn’t something I would advocate.
            As long as people keep their private lives private…it’s none of my business.

        • Gary

          Norman, Norman, Norman! You silly boy–have you forgotten that when put to vote in various states that about 3 out of 4 don’t want gay marriage? You stay in the closet and we’ll pretend that we don’t know your gay and won’t say anything…we’ll assume that the issue is between you and God. But, Norman, don’t get up on a soap box and don’t form a parade and/or demand gay rights. We owe you nothing! And we don’t care what any gay or liberal judege may have decided–Gays adopting kids is WRONG! If God wanted gays to have kids he would have given them compatible plumbing to produce them.

          • http://?? Joe H.

            you have any lifestyle you want. just as long as you don’t include kids or force it on the NORMAL people out there! what ever sick fantacies you have are strictly yours and we don’t want to hear or see them or have them forced into our daily life!!!

    • Joe K

      And who is it that hasn’t noticed that the courts themselves are “inherently flawed”?

      These days, basing a moral opinion on the proclivities of judges is as about as intellectually solid a thing to do as the proverbial screen doors on the submarine.

      What we really need to do is get rid of the American Communist Lawyers Union and get back to some kind of united agreement on what is right and what is wrong morally if we are to survive as a nation. However, since out politicians and activist judges have arbitrarily determined that all political issues must be moralized properly by liberals and all moral issues must be politicized in order to destroy the fiber of the United States (especially, in this case, the fiber of the family.

      By the time the liberals get through achieving their version of “equal protection” we will all be living in under a tyrannical, elitist group of morally depraved politicians.

      America is still the best country to live in because of our freedom. But the leftist nut cases are destroying that freedom and we are fast becoming a country no better to live in than a third world dictatorship.

      • A Z

        My sentiments exactly!!! You nailed it man!

  • Angel-Wanna-Be

    If you choose to be gay, then do it, the rest of the world does not have to reconize this alternative lifestyle, as normal and alot of us don’t!__To do so would grant “the Alternative lifestylers” to open up a can of worms and give them, the ability to unionize and marry, dogs, cats, even inadamnet objects. Which no longer consists of a constitutional right, it’s just plain BARBARIC!___Government tries to stop, the difference between right and wrong, by leveling the playing field. So all can appear to have our way!__You can’t!___It’s a choice!___Gay or Straight!___Don’t hand me that crap, someone is trapped in the WRONG BODY!__Nothing but Excuses!__Don’t bother me with opposing views, for me there is no other answer!__Gay or Straight, you decide, whats right for you, and then YOU live with the choice!

    • Dave

      YOu just said that you have made up your mind and no one can change it. How was your mind made up? Why is another view not worth contemplation? What about when Blacks people and white people couldn’t get married and the same reasons were sited. If no one dared to try to change that law it would still be here. Just because something is written doesn’t make it so. People grow, change and realize their mistakes. You don’t understand Gay people so they must be wrong. You don’t choose to be gay you only choose whether you’ll hide it or not. One of people’s complaints about homosexuals was that they were premiscuous and not in long term stable relationships. Then when they try to commit themselves you say they can’t. How does their being married hurt you, or anyone else?

      • Angel-Wanna-Be

        Dave, In other words ya want a free ticket to do wrong, in a do right world?!!?__Search your self, are you sure this whole Gay Deal isn’t a way to challenge the majority of those of us that oppose it, in attempts to WIN US OVER & gain more support of yourstyle, so that YOU don’t feel quite as guilty about it?__Say what you will, feel what you will, IT’S A CHOICE, just because you make a choice to live the Gay lifestyle, doesn’t mean we change the WHOLE Constitution, for one special interest group, thats not satisfied with it’s foundings.

        • http://?? Joe H.

          Actually what abnorm and dave want is the right to do wrong and have us tell them it’s O.K.!! Well I refuse to do that!!!

      • slickporsche

        Dave if you do not know the answer to your questions,it would not be worth the effort, to answer you, as you would not be able to comprehend the answer. I will not waste anymore of my time on a Dufas like you.

    • Ceddy Bear

      I agree Angel-Wanna-Be. It would be different if we were speaking of man made issues. This is an institution created by God. The adversary always attempts to pevert the truth with his lies. The current issue is not of equality, but of one side forcing its recognition on those who do not agree. If it is your choice to practice this lifestyle, no one is telling you to stop. Just stop trying to force those who do not believe in homosexuality to agree with you!

    • Winnie

      Angel. Their choices? I don’t think so. The Creator makes up what He/She chooses to create. I believe it is to test the likes of you who thinks only Christians have any kind of rights in this world. One time ago women did not have any rights, Blacks did not have any rights, Native Americans did not have any rights and they were put in concentration camps called the reservations. The supposed founders of this great land unfortunately believed in only judeo-christian values and beliefs. Even Muslims don’t have too many rights because they believe in another god. And only God can make the last judgements. The choosen ones will be those who obey the Ten Copmmandments and follow the Golden Rule, “Do unto others as you would have them do unto” and “Love your neighbor as you love yourself.

  • joseph costa

    The Governor does not follow her own states Constitution, not a good thing for any member of society. Her lashing out at gays because benefits to society. What exactly are the benefits? Gays pay taxes, and vote, and act accordingly according to laws. Marriage protection is only needed for those who are afraid they are not in control. Lady God said leave judgment up to him and stop judging others according to your standards. Your standards are no more important to this country then any other Americans. So stop discrimination that you are doing. Slavery cost this country a war and you lost. So give it up and stop trying to take us back to those times. The country has grown since then. If she say benefits of marriage are kids, then better look at stat couples are choosing not to have kids, so better start litigation against them to divorce since they are not marrying to reproduce as you want.

    • Amy Emerson

      Ladygod?? Who is Ladygod? I don’t remember reading anything that
      said Ladygod should be our only Judge. But, hey…to each his own.

  • Angel-Wanna-Be

    GAY OR STRAIGHT ITS ALL A CHOICE!__To recognize the Gay lifestyle as normal, and grant the benefits of marriage, opens a whole can of worms, to eventually allow, marriage to dogs, cats and inadament objects.__Another form of the polically correct. Level the playing field, to make it appear there is no difference between right and wrong, and to enusre no one will get they’re little personalities crushed.__Gay or straight, it’s your choice!___choose, then live with it!__The rest of us don’t have to like it!___No excuses accepted, that someone is trapped in the wrong body!___Constitutionality has nothing to do with it, if you want to sleep with your dog then do it, but we don’t HAVE to make it legal!

    • Dave

      First of all, you don’t have to like it, you just have to deal with knowing it exists. I think you can handle that. The rest of us deal every day with the scary reality that conservative right wingers exist. Also, do you REALLY believe that allowing gay marriage will lead to people marrying dogs and cats? Really? I mean…really?

      • slickporsche

        Dufas Dave the Democrap says he don’t think queers getting married, will cause any problems down the road. He also does not believe that people do animals,or are in some cases emotionally involved with a animal as a pet. Where in your infinite wisdom do you think it will lead? Will we someday in the near future not condemn the Pedofile, or the rapist.Nearly everything leads somewhere.

        • Doc Sarvis

          For all of history (and beyond that) there have been homosexuals. They are in every walk of life, every religon, every military, every race, every school, etc. etc. Allowing them to get married and have rights will have positive results. Nobody is asking you or anyone else to become homosexual, assuming it is even a choice.

          The gay partnerships I have encountered have been outstanding people, committed to their relationships, and excellent parents.

          • Doc Sarvis

            Oh yes, and most of them have a great relationship with God.

          • Palin12

            The homos that I’ve had the misfortune to work with have to advertise it every single minute at work, you know, the high squeeky voice, walk with hips jutting out, mannerisms, etc. And they are NOT happy people, constantly running to the supervisor to whine and complain. When are we going to have a Straight Pride parade? Also, I’d appreciate it if when the homos see me alone they stop coming up to me and asking if I’ve ever been curious. Don’t some of them have some kind of gadar?

          • http://naver sook young

            They aren’t Christians if the are gay. They must first turn away from this sinful life, find God, believe in Jesus, pray, and them they can be Christians. Thank you.

            Sook Young
            Wife of the Samurai

      • blv54

        dave dave dave, your the reason God is now judging this country, why can’t there be some really good virus that would come along and wipe you and the rest of the queers out along with the rest of the anti God crowd? one can only wish.

      • Toby


        Study history. When this kind of problem is acceptable to the government in historic times (Rome, Greece) it did lead to beastiality, and worse (one horse was made Senator, but that might be an improvement as we only have horses asses there now! Homosexuality supporters have used bad science to try to support their argument of “I was born this way”. The fact is that mankind would have died out if this were true. I am a scientists, and I have looked at the data on the “Studies” to support the “born this way” argument, and they are done to prove a point, that was arrived at before the experiment began. This is classic bad science, and is intolerable!, science must be pure to be useful!

        You mention interracial marriage as support of you position. The couples that I count as friends, that happen to have different skin colors, are as offended by your lifestyle as any other sane person. Your statements of “Long term” relationships are the exception rather than the norm. I have a “couple” (and I use the term lightly) next door, that are lesbian. There have been three different “sets” living there in the last ten years. I have worked with “Gays” (who by the way are never happy) in the past to try to help them recover. I have helped one live after he cut his wrist, because he beau told him his butt was fat, so I can tell you how destructive this lifestyle is. It is a dangerous lifestyle that contributes to disease from promiscuous leanings, and to short life due to unavoidable phsychological problems. The good news is you only need to zip your pants (since it is a choice) to get clear of this and live a longer and more fruitful life.

        As far as affecting me with your gay marriage legislation, you want me to assume your health care expenses for as lifestyle that shows a significant increase in disease due to a choice you want to make. I see no difference between this, and chronic smoking. Both kill slowly, by a known disease process, and I see no reason that I should be forced to finance your medical cost, while refusing the smoker’s medical costs. Both are done by choice, and YOU should pay for your own choices. So stop the gay marriage crap, and pay your own bills!

        BUT, since you won’t listen to reason anyway, I will just wish you well.

      • Claire

        Dave–don’t categorize dogs with the homos. Dogs deserve better than that.

        • Palin12

          I read about a guy in Michigan that applied for a marriage license with his car. Honest to goodness! Bride’s name…Mustang Sally. Bride’s father’s name…Henry Ford. Bride’s place of birth….Dearborn, MI. The would-be groom claimed his car was the love of his life. We also had a guy in Vegas that married himself!

          • Claire

            Palin12– I believe it. Nothing surprises me anymore.

    • http://?? Joe H.

      what you got against dogs???? Don’t subject them to these wackos!! Now you gonna have Claire on your case as well!!! LOL!!

  • Angel-Wanna-Be

    sorry for double posts_ sites acting up

  • Ken Tyler

    For all that thinks gay is choosen lifestyle, think again. It’s not!
    At 7 years old I knew I liked boys – did I make chose – no. But I feel I have the same rights as straights – to marry, have a family. The government don’t want it because guess what – look at all the money it would lose – gays going from single on taxes to married head of house hold.

    • slickporsche

      You need to be admitted to a mental ward, and get some help if there is such a thing for a queer person. That is the shame of it all, there should be help for these people that are lost. Then you think you should have a right to marry your favorite male, and have a family. That is just plane sick!!! I assume you would adopt, and then what would the kids grow up to be?? Well maybe it would be good if the entire human race became queer. We would then cease to exist and the planet could rejuvenate itself.

    • Toby


      I liked boys at seven too. Girls were weird, but then I grew up. The fact is your were not “born” homosexual, you made a choice. When you finally pull your head out (the one with ears) you might grow up enough to stop being scared of women, and find out that they are pretty cool. They do think differently, but I find that that actually spices things up. Otherwise, you will statistically die young and alone. I do wish you the best, and hope you finish growing up soon!

    • alpha-lemming

      Bless you and I hope you truely find happiness in life some day. And there’s no denying that some people ARE born gay. There’s also no denying that you’re an evolutionary “dead-end” (faulty wiring) and the 1 in 10 figure, you guys like to cite so often, is skewed somewhere between 5 or 10 to 1 for “naturalized (choice)” vs. “native (genetic)”. It gives me absolutely no pleasure in informing you that by whatever yardstick you choose to measure with (biologically, historically, societally), you are destined to remain second class citizens. That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be happy… just means you’ll have to enter unions contracturally and not via a religeous rite (at least until you can establish “The Church of the Big Brown Eye”…. should be GREAT theatre seein’ how you re-write that particular scripture). ALSO, for you guys that “separation of church and state” is the hill you’re gonna die on….. I believe the church had purview over marriages before the state did. I just know all you good little progs are going to “rush right out and demand the state stay out of the churches’ business”!!

      • http://?? Joe H.

        Prove that beyond the shadow of a doubt!!! Even medical science has not been able to do that. the best they can do is come up with a hypothesis!! Show me one study without one gay on the crew that has “proved” it!

      • http://naver samurai

        Too much lib crack on a daily basis! FOR GOD AND COUNTRY!

    • http://naver samurai

      Same old lib rhetoric! Get off of the kool aid and off of this site, moron! FOR GOD AND COUNTRY!

  • patrick

    come on folks, don’t you see that this mutant gene is spreading across America and the rest of the world. Since it has been proven that gay people are not born gay or that there is no such thing as a gay gene in our DNA at birth, the truth is that gay people learn to be gay. the more public access and promotion in our early schools and on to college and in our armed services, the more gay people will populate the earth. eventually there will be NO MORE BABIES and if the world doesn’t end before this disaster spreads, they will bring mankind to an end. We need to snuff out this horrible diseae now.

    • Norman

      You are an idiot-where is the proof that people are not born gay? teh TRUH is, there is no proof either way.
      Just as there is no Blue eyed gene-but do peopel have blue eyes?
      By all accounts form gay peopel and medical research, there is a strong indicator that people are born gay.
      But-who cares??
      You choose religion and are protected for taht nonsense, so why not be protected for choosing your orienattion?
      Doesnt matter-God is dying off fast in this world because we have outgrown the whole fear thing-
      In ten years, gay rights will be a reality and tehre is NOTHING you can do to stop it
      sorry, bigots, God wants ut o have equal rights-your God is flase
      Please die off soon :-)

      • JC

        And leave you to carry on the human race? :-

        • Norman

          JC-if you did any research or read one book on teh subject (can you read?) youd know of course that gays have been roughly 3 to 5% of teh population for as long as mankind has existed-teh number doesnt sway…
          teh humna race is fine-7 billion people increasing every second-no one just magically becomes gay-thats absurd
          when we gain full rights, there will still only be 3 to 5% of us…
          But if even one person is gay, that is enough to demand full equality in terms of the law
          and, if you must know, if teh whole world went gay, we could still create babies-yep, teh equipment works teh saem way

          • JC

            Sure I can read…I can “barely” read your writing, but I can read.
            In fact I’m very well read. Doesn’t change the fact that i would not leave any kind of responsibility to people who are almost entirely run on emotion and are mentally and physically incapable of regenerating our species.

        • Claire

          JC–The deviates think they will rule the world. How sick.

      • Amy Emerson

        If you are going to leave a rant online you should make sure you use spellcheck or get a dictionary! Also, just because YOU don’t believe in a higher power doesn’t mean you are right. I believe “being gay” is a CHOICE. If you are so proud of being gay why don’t you just admit it and stick up for your choice instead of making lame excuses?

  • LJ

    Let the homos go to a country where their perverted, deviant lifestyle is accepted instead of promoting an agenda trying to force their lewd lifestyle on the rest of us. The make up a SMALL MINORITY of the U.S. population, but it’s the dumb-assed sympathizers that are doing the nation harm. I have heard every excuse from sympathizers who support this disgusting way of life and I am damned sick of them all! God bless Hawaii and any other states that strike down pro-homo “laws.” These laws are illegal anyway (like the rest of the laws congress passes) since they favor one group over others.
    And don’t forget, these ‘people’ want to force their agenda into our schools (‘where young minds are molded’) and have them teach the children that a homo lifestyle is acceptably. Get back into the closet and leave our kids alone!

    • Doc Sarvis

      More than practically any other country, America is made up of SMALL MINORITIES. All legal lifestyoes should have the same rights, therefore homosexuals should have the same rights as heterosexuals.

      • Doc Sarvis

        Sorry, the word above is “lifestyles”.

        • Doc Sarvis

          I’m sure they would not want to shoot you, you should know that.

    • Angel-Wanna-Be


  • http://gmail i41

    Just another example, is everyone is a victom of, not everyone thinks like I do. If we don’t wake up first it will be the queers and steers, next it will be the acceptance of Sharia law, followed by multi marrages and 9 rented wives. With the s–t bird muslim at the helm pushing “making muslims feel good” and stripping any references of radical muslim terrorists out of papers. Any pee brain that thinks the muslim ideology is peaceful, either some one wanting a daily beating or if a woman one stupid beoad. Lettting the radical bastards to be seriouslysought out for NASA. Iis it to teach the diaper headed pukes how to use hydrogen and nitrogen as explosives. If the queers don’t like it here go to some other socialist countries that accept that garbage. When I read that somebody knew they like boys at 7, I think that is some more phyco babble B–l s–t, that comes out of our feel good wacky liberal colleges. At seven the kid doesn’t even know if he likes jam or jelly!

    • http://?? Joe H.

      Sharia law and gay couples might be interesting!!! Not here, mind you, but somewhere else!!! Could you imagine that???

  • http://charter howe

    I am a Christian with deep rooted church and biblical beliefs which put me at odds with the idea that marriage is not between one man and one woman. I also understand that in order to have a more perfect union and protect and defend the Constitution and the laws of the land, the majority rules even though it may be unpleasant for some small fringe group who believes the law of the land should be changed to accomodate every facet of human existance. When two men or two women love each other there can be no doubt that a solid friendship is born, but when the friendship in this instance goes to a sexual state, it is contrary to mother nature and religious beliefs held by the majority in this country. The law is not intrusive enough to prevent what individuals do in the privacy of their bedroom, but when this pandora’s box is opened in the general public, the majority which detests these relationships have to give up freedom to reside in a community in a land that respects the moral turpitude of religious and biblical teachings. not to mention what is taught to our children in school and the work place. We have a complicated set of laws in each state and at the federal govt and it would be costly and counterproductive to enact laws that protect every individual or fringe group that wants to live outside of the ideology supported by a majority of WE THE PEOPLE. No one says its fair, because that would depend on whose shoes you are wearing. The thing that I see is the economic impact of the gay movement on mainstream America which is struggling to stave off bigger deficit problems than have ever existed in the USA. The black community at one time suggested that America pay back money claims for past slavery, the Latino’s want a free ride to citizenship although they are in this country illegally, the gays want all the money benefits of a man/woman marriage, the indians in spite of getting huge money grants and loans from the govt are still riding many entitlement programs, the muslims want more freedom to build mosques and have their own schools at taxpayer expense, ACORN, LARAZA, LULAC, and hundreds of other organizations receive or want to receive govt handouts for operating costs. The list goes on, and these cost are shoved up the nose of the taxpayers who are opposed to much of this stuff, so what’s fair about that. Our country is broke and beholding to China and Japan while half the population in our country continues to assault the U.S. Everyone sees their little problem as a priority while the country is drowning in debt. These gay issues are more about money than love and that’s the hypocritical fact that no-one wants to discuss. The mention of a boycott is nothing more that a mean spirited reaction that ultimately damages everyone including innocent children that had no part in the dispute to begin with. I will guarantee the gay community of one thing and that is main stream America hates boycotts of sister cities and sister states and will become more anti-gay when they realize the gays will resort to damaging innocent people to further their agenda. The illegal immigrants are facing a situation where they have alienated a large segment of America because of their violent protests, threats and demands to take their country back for Mexican citizens who actually believe they own the Southwest States. Obama pushed and got passed a bill that addresses hate crimes, but guess what, now a church minister can’t even preach about alternate lifestyles without breaking the law and that my friends is the beginning in the crack of the 1st amendment right of free speech. I believe the Constitution gives our country greatness and is why I spent 29 years in the military, but I also know that our founding fathers did not create a document which was going to solve every problem in the country, but I also know that their intention was to insure our freedoms remained indefinately. If the gays ever hope to bring change through govt, I would strongly suggest that everyone vote against the liberal left who will slowly but surely be kicked to the curb because they do not hear WE THE PEOPLE. The acceptance of gay people is a slow process and impatience will only grow hostility. This is not a situation that existed with civil rights and Dr. King and anyone who suggests this like Rev Al did about illegals is doing a disservice to the efforts of the gay community. I would also like to say that having unclosetted gays in the military will get us back to the draft really quick. Most guys don’t want to be ogled by a gay and its a violation of privacy when that happens. If you don’t mind that I expose myself to your wife then I guess you make a perverted point. I don’t think our military guys want to be secretly admired or ogled. Life is bad enough with all the immoral things that go on in a war. This is a hot button issue and will never be solved unless all the religions cave. Catholisizm and Muslim religions do not tolerate gay activity, but some religions are in spite of biblical teachings which vary with the eyes and thoughts of the beholder and the church heads.

    • kwantify

      This has got to be the MOST LEVEL HEADED thing I have ever read on any post of any subject that I have ever seen…………..

      Well done!

      My modest comment and observation is simple and shorter (much shorter).

      I do not have any ill will against gay people, but I do think that there chosen lifestyle is indecent and morally perverted. However, I have been around long enough to realize that people can endure and learn to accept (tolerate) almost anything eventually. That is not to say that in doing so, it has helped make life, or living, happier and more fulfilling.

      If gays want to wed, and create this NEW TPYE of union, then why is it not defined by some NEW TERM. If this new union has all of the same benefits (and problems) of traditional a marriage, what is the issue. Why take something that is clearly defined as a particular relationship occurring between a Man and a Woman and “morf” it into some sort of mutation.

      If gays want to come out and profess there love for another person and choose to commit to each other, then why are they afraid to express their union with a term that signifies their legal bond.
      Why do I as a heterosexual, need to feel like I have to follow-up my answer to the question, “Are you married?” with the answer, “Yes, with a woman!” whenever asked. One simple issue that just doesn’t need to exist.

      • Amy Emerson

        I like the idea of making the unions between gays a new name instead of “marriage”. Marriage is between a MAN and a WOMAN. The term is already taken and Websters Dictionary says it clearly. Why not come up with something else and make the laws around the new term for gay couples? That would solve some issues.

  • country

    Research Scientist and the Bible (Romans Chapter 1) have made it abundantly clear that individuals are not born gay. It is by choice. Scientist have proven this. The Bible states it is a manifestation of spirits that change the mind set toward God. They know the truth but choose to ignore the truth. They hate anything of God and have pleasure in others that do the same. For this cause he turns them over to a reprobate mind. Leaving them who practise such things to their own devises. He gives them up to their evil devises. They will hate all who comes against them. The majority of society will not change their minds, it is foolish to try. It goes against everything they believe and know to be true. Many societies mentioned in the Bible were utterly destroyed because of this spiraling perversion. It wasn’t just the two. Yes, God is love but he is also a God of righteousness & judgment. He brought judgment many times against such people. Has God changed? The Bible says he is the same yesterday, today and forever. He doesn’t change his Holiness. Because over half of society knows the truth, we will never agree on the homosexual lifestyle. I don’t mind being called a bigot, hatemonger..whatever. I believe in his word, not the desires of men.

    • Norman

      Please post ONE link that proves people are not born gay-just one, bigot-PLEASE!

      • http://?? Joe H.

        Post just one that proves beyond a shadow of a doubt that they are!!!

  • David Haworth

    “He that hath the son hath life;and he that hath not the Son of God hath not life.” I John 5:12 All of mankind will one day be determined by these nineteen one-syllable words. How much plainer can you get?

  • Phillip

    Being “gay” is as about as much of a choice as the color of your eyes. From reading these posts, I concur that most are extremely uneducated and uninformed. This is one of the greatest problems existing in this country today, speaking from ignorance. Men and women who are sexually satisfied with their lives feel no threat toward gay men or women. If I am not mistaken the U.S. Constitution guarantee’s freedom for all…maybe this is in another country and not the United States. Get real people and quit blaming your uneducated failures in life on everyone but yourselves. You and only you create your reality. Most on this site don’t like immigrants, gays, womens rights…so what do you like Bubba? The right to trash anything that does not fit into your redneck way of existence? Become educated and then you can write an intelligent commentary that makes sense and does not always refer back to what you have been taught and really know nothing about.

    • Angel-Wanna-Be


    • blv54

      phillip there’s nothing intelligent about your post, you libtards are the dumbest people on the planet always calling everyone else stupid, as the Bible says professing themselves wise they became fools, I think of that verse everytime I read a post from your type. you think you can intimidate people who don’t agree with you by calling them uneducated but were not buying it those of us who aren’t evil know right from wrong the light must be shone on you leftist so you can scurry back into your dark corner where you belong, we’ve made to many concessions to your type and it’ll never be enough for you until you destroy everything that’s descent time to crawl back in the closet big guy.

    • rwnut


    • Norman

      Thansk Phillip-reasoned response free of religious rants-why do teh religious nuts think we shoudl live like them?

      • JC

        And you’re asking ME if I can read?

    • Claire

      Phillip– I think it is choice. To gays it was something different, and they decided they liked it. Fun and games. So be it. Just don’t expect me to go along with this abnormality. I prefer the decent outlook on life. I prefer the normalcy of life. I prefer life as it should be.

    • http://?? Joe H.

      I don’t have a thing against immigrants or womens rights. I do, however, object to illegals invading this country. Have them come here legally and I will welcome them with open arms! come here illegally and I will willingly help boot your azz home!!!

    • EaglesFlight

      Okay, most “straights” agree that “Gays” are lost and confused, both physically and emotionally…perhaps mentally too. Whether or not it started at birth only God knows. ANYONE who has studied early childhood education and psychology will tell you that we all come into this world as naive helpless individuals…HOW WE ARE RAISED FROM BIRTH HIGHLY INFLUENCES HOW AND WHAT WE ARE AS ADULTS. This means that if a parent has latent gay tendencies, that influence can contribute to how they raise/treat the child. We may all be born innocents; but our parents or whoever is raising us, controls “HOW” we look at things. So when a “Gay” says he/she was born that way…probably not. It IS their CHOICE to follow that lifestyle because of how they were raised or exposed to that way of life. The interesting thing is when a “Gay person” comes out of the closet and his/her family finds out…there usually is one parent that is “highly disturbed” the most about their child’s choice of life. Why is that? Why is there so much anger being felt towards the child about this unless that parent, too, has some gay tendencies and is afraid to let that side of them be exposed?

      How easy is it to create a confused kid. Children are influenced RADICALLY by their environments and those raising them. An extremely over dominant parent can force a child to look at the opposite sex as a haven…this goes both for male and females. A child who witnesses his mother being beaten routinely by a sadistic emotionally depraved father will side with the Mother. The connections go on and on and the results are always the same…choice of living like the parent who has been manipulated by an over aggressive spouse. Too many studies have been done to discover if Homosexuality is inherent in a baby…they have proven it is not. HOW THAT BABY WAS RAISED IS HOW THE BABY WILL CHOSE AND MAKE DECISIONS AS AN ADULT. So anyone who thinks they can blame their “genes” on why they are Gay…THINK AGAIN. It is WHO and HOW you were raised that pushed you towards your Gay choice…nothing else has done that…no excuses…just your choice peppered with memories and events from the time you were an infant until you grew up.

      This is ANOTHER HIGHLY CRITICAL REASON that any “NORMAL” reference in our children’s school books should be scrubbed. Anything set in text that describes the Homosexuality World as being accepted and normal and healthy needs to be removed. Children are highly naive and easily influenced. Putting any kind of text in their school books that makes homosexuality a norm would give them a false security and the wrong info. It would, however, open up the Homosexuality World “curiosity” to our children and then they could be “PERSUADED” to sample or join this subculture of tweaked life persuasions.

      The blogger who said he was attracted to boys at age 7: that’s NORMAL, because of similar interests in the male childhood experiences…little girls are raised differently because they are different.Of course you are choosing little boys because you like the same things. Children are learning about emotions and feelings at that age. They have deep feelings of devotion to one or two of their friends and want to play 24/7 — THAT IS NORMAL…NOTHING HOMOSEXUAL ABOUT THAT. It’s when kids start to mature and their hormones are out of control that they become confused about their bodies and their emotions. If there isn’t a level headed parent to help them “get” what is happening and guide them to an understanding that they are NORMAL healthy kids; then that lonely, confused, hormone driven kid tries to rationalize what is happening and what to do. This is when the Gay community wants to grab that “confused” kid and make him/her their own. Sad, but true.

      As there are many Gays that are moderate and silent, there are also many, many more who are radical and out of control. It is the second group that our children need protection from. WHY? Because they will do whatever it takes to promote their “lifestyle” and use whoever (a young kid/adult) they can to further their own “PLEASURE POOL”. They are the Alternative Lifestyle Pleasure Terrorists who need to be monitored, tested, and controlled. When HIV and Aids are still running rampant in the Gay World, why is America letting these people have a say in Legislation…they are a HEALTH RISK for everyone…as well as a threat to all our children.

      So, here is a queation for the Gays: so you get a baby to raise (you can only know either the Father’s OR the Mother’s gene pool because the rest is from a Sperm or Egg bank), the child goes to school and it’s Back to School Night and you both come. Your child is NOW noticing that all the other kids have one Mommy and one Daddy, but he/she has two Daddies or two Mommies…questions now occur. PLUS, all the other kids NOW know that he/she doesn’t have a normal Mommy and Daddy…and KIDS ARE MEAN AND UGLY TO CHILDREN WHO ARE DIFFERENT. So all of a sudden your child’s friends start dropping off and they have no one to play with…because YOUR CHILD IS “weird” and has “weird parents”. THIS IS REALITY. THIS IS HOW CHILDREN LOOK AT THINGS. THIS IS HOW YOUR KID WOULD BE TREATED AND HOW THEY WOULD FEEL. Soon your child would be wondering WHY their family was “weird” and would become more introverted and closed. Not even a teenage yet, they would harbour feelings of unhappiness, confusion, and loneliness eventually screaming all their frustrations at you for causing their unhappiness. It’s difficult to raise teens in a Normal family; however in an extremely bi-Normal household, it is almost impossible. So you Gays need to think hard and long before ever contemplating trying to raise a child in your ABNORMAL home. It’s going to be more than difficult, it’s going to be almost impossible!

  • Dale

    Waah waah waah. According to the Rolling Stones
    and all those rejected prayer requests I’ve sent
    out, “you can’t always get what you want”. Get
    over it “gays”. With all the whining about “rights”
    you feel you deserve, based on who you love and/or
    have sex with, you’d think that “gay” is the last thing
    you are. Gay USED TO mean happy and joyful.

    Now it means…
    we’re going to cry like babies until we force others to
    give us what we want. Get over it! Nature abhors a vacuum.
    Nature also abhors things that are un-natural. Darwin may
    have got at least one thing right. Survival of the fittest
    has a lot to do with the natural order of things. Homosexuality
    DOES NOT fit into that.

    • Norman

      we WILL get what we want-in a few years
      YOU, howver, will NOT get what you wnat: to control peopel with your invisible man
      sorry, bud-your time is comign to a close..
      Praise God!

      • EltonJ

        Which God? Yahweh or Ba’al?

        • Norman


          • alpha-lemming

            GREAT!!!! Now we’ve got a NEW victim class that’ll demand subsidies. Dyslexic Satanists…. Hail Luficer… He is my doG!!!

          • Claire

            Norman–I believe it. Beezlebub is appropriate for you.

        • Amy Emerson

          Loved this response!

      • JC

        Good Luck. The nation is swing back to core
        values and your campaign may get steam rolled.

        • Norman

          No, JC-wrong of course
          Every poll shows gay acceptance for full rights, repeal of DADT and ENDA gainign ground every year
          as teh old religious nuts die off (like you, son) we gain ground
          Latest poll shows almost a 50% approval of gay marraige
          In ten years we will be at 60 or higher then full equality !!

          Nothign you can do about it-sorry

          • Palin12

            You moron, you spelled “the” wrong about 10 times at least on this page. It’s “the”, not “teh”. Didn’t you graduate from first grade?

          • JC

            Every “left wing” poll taken in San Francisco, I’m sure.
            Try selling that in mainstream USA…good luck.

  • scratch n’ sniff

    WELL, let me thiMk on this.
    I’ve got it.
    If Sex is a pain in the ass – you’re dooing it the wrong way.

    Anything else is just extrapolation stirred by a perverted Kinsey study that told us what Others were doing when he coached,conducted – created the Report. Or the shuttered, sheltered, shunned animal studies that really believes we came from monkeys so our sex act should mimic their behavior.
    Truth is: homos create an illusion of normalism and try to suck (life=humor) their friends into trying their behavior and once tried- fried- you’re homo!

    0NLY DEFENSE, find some more, put ‘em in the limelight so others can deam this Normal.

    Even ‘stick it up your ass’ has has taken on an endearment slant.

    And so goes the mystery of life where only the “animals” mate to create and the intelligentsia screws around with genteel genitalia ’till there is no recreation in re-creation.

    • http://?? Joe H.

      I guess your post as well as your screen name says it ALL!!!

  • Doc Sarvis

    Seems to me that most of the crying here is from the anti-homosexual crowd.

  • coal miner

    Homo Sexual:Gay gene?

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    from “Born that way” theory

    Is There a “Gay Gene”?
    Many laymen now believe that homosexuality is part of who a person really is ­ from the moment of conception.

    The “genetic and unchangeable” theory has been actively promoted by gay activists and the popular media. Is homosexuality really an inborn and normal variant of human nature?

    No. There is no evidence that shows that homosexuality is simply “genetic.” And none of the research claims there is. Only the press and certain researchers do, when speaking in sound bites to the public.

    How The Public Was Misled

    In July of 1993, the prestigious research journal Science published a study by Dean Hamer which claims that there might be a gene for homosexuality. Research seemed to be on the verge of proving that homosexuality is innate, genetic and therefore unchangeablea normal variant of human nature.

    Soon afterward, National Public Radio trumpeted those findings. Newsweek ran the cover story, “Gay Gene?” The Wall Street Journal announced, “Research Points Toward a Gay Gene…Normal Variation.”

    Of course, certain necessary qualifiers were added within those news stories. But only an expert knew what those qualifiers meant. The vast majority of readers were urged to believe that homosexuals had been proven to be “born that way.”

    In order to grasp what is really going on, one needs to understand some littleknown facts about behavioral genetics.

    Gene Linkage Studies

    Dean Hamer and his colleagues had performed a common type of behavioral genetics investigation called the “linkage study.” Researchers identify a behavioral trait that runs in a family, and then:

    a) look for a chromosomal variant in the genetic material of that family, and

    b) determine whether that variant is more frequent in family members who share the particular trait.

    To the layman, the “correlation” of a genetic structure with a behavioral trait means that trait “is genetic”-in other words, inherited.

    In fact, it means absolutely nothing of the sort, and it should be emphasized that there is virtually no human trait without innumerable such correlations.

    Scientists Know the Truth about “Gay Gene” Research

    But before we consider the specifics, here is what serious scientists think about recent genetics-of-behavior research. From Science, 1994:

    Time and time again, scientists have claimed that particular genes or chromosomal regions are associated with behavioral traits, only to withdraw their findings when they were not replicated. “Unfortunately,” says Yale’s [Dr. Joel] Gelernter, “it’s hard to come up with many” findings linking specific genes to complex human behaviors that have been replicated. “…All were announced with great fanfare; all were greeted unskeptically in the popular press; all are now in disrepute.”{1}

    Homosexual Twin Studies

    Two American activists recently published studies showing that if one of a pair of identical twins is homosexual, the other member of the pair will be, too, in just under 50% of the cases. On this basis, they claim that “homosexuality is genetic.”

    But two other genetic researchers–one heads one of the largest genetics departments in the country, the other is at Harvard–comment:

    While the authors interpreted their findings as evidence for a genetic basis for homosexuality, we think that the data in fact provide strong evidence for the influence of the environment.{2}

    The author of the lead article on genes and behavior in a special issue of Science speaks of the renewed scientific recognition of the importance of environment. He notes the growing understanding that:

    … the interaction of genes and environment is much more complicated than the simple “violence genes” and intelligence genes” touted in the popular press.The same data that show the effects of genes, also point to the enormous influence of nongenetic factors.{3}

    More Modest Claims to the Scientific Community

    Researchers’ public statements to the press are often grand and far-reaching. But when answering the scientific community, they speak much more cautiously.

    “Gay gene” researcher Dean Hamer was asked by Scientific American if homosexuality was rooted solely in biology. He replied:

    “Absolutely not. From twin studies, we already know that half or more of the variability in sexual orientation is not inherited. Our studies try to pinpoint the genetic factors…not negate the psychosocial factors.”{4}

    But in qualifying their findings, researchers often use language that will surely evade general understanding making statements that will continue to be avoided by the popular press, such as:

    …the question of the appropriate significance level to apply to a nonMendelian trait such as sexual orientation is problematic.{5}

    Sounds too complex to bother translating? This is actually a very important statement. In layman’s terms, this means:

    It is not possible to know what the findings mean–if anything–since sexual orientation cannot possibly be inherited in the direct way eyecolor is.

    Thus, to their fellow scientists, the researchers have been honestly acknowledging the limitations of their research. However, the media doesn’t understand that message. Columnist Ann Landers, for example, tells her readers that “homosexuals are born, not made.” The media offers partial truths because the scientific reality is simply too unexciting to make the evening news; too complex for mass consumption; and furthermore, not fully and accurately understood by reporters.

    Accurate Reporting Will Never Come in “Sound Bites”

    There are no “lite,” soundbite versions of behavioral genetics that are not fundamentally in error in one way or another.

    Nonetheless, if one grasps at least some of the basics, in simple form, it will be possible to see exactly why the current research into homosexuality means so littleand will continue to mean little, even should the quality of the research methods improveso long as it remains driven by political, rather than scientific objectives.

    Understanding the Theory

    There are only two major principles that need to be carefully understood in order to see through the distortions of the recent research. They are as follows:

    1. Heritable does not mean inherited.

    2. Genetics research which is truly meaningful will identify, and then focus on, only traits that are directly inherited.

    Almost every human characteristic is in significant measure heritable. But few human behavioral traits are directly inherited, in the manner of height, for example, or eye color. Inherited means “directly determined by genes,” with little or no way of preventing or modifying the trait through a change in the environment.

    How to “Prove” That Basketball-Players are Born that Way

    Suppose you are motivated to demonstratefor political reasons–that there is a basketball gene that makes people grow up to be basketball players. You would use the same methods that have been used with homosexuality: (1) twin studies; (2) brain dissections; (3) gene “linkage” studies.

    The basic idea in twin studies is to show that the more genetically similar two people are, the more likely it is that they will share the trait you are studying.

    So you identify groups of twins in which at least one is a basketball player. You will probably find that if one identical twin is a basketball player, his twin brother is statistically more likely be one, too. You would need to create groups of different kinds of pairs to make further comparisons–one set of identical twin pairs, one set of nonidentical twin pairs, one set of sibling pairs, etc.

    Using the “concordance rate” (the percentage of pairs in which both twins are basketball players, or both are not), you would calculate a “heritability” rate. The concordance rate would be quite high–just as in the concordance rate for homosexuality.

    Then, you announce to the reporter from Sports Illustrated: “Our research demonstrates that basketball playing is strongly heritable.” (And you would be right. It would be “heritable”–but not directly inherited. Few readers would be aware of the distinction, however.)

    Soon after, the article appears. It says:

    “…New research shows that basketball playing is probably inherited. Basketball players are apparently ‘born that way!’ A number of outside researchers examined the work and found it substantially accurate and wellperformed…”

    But no one (other than the serious scientist) notices the media’s inaccurate reporting.

    What All Neuroscientists Know:
    The Brain Changes with Use

    Then you move on to conduct some brain research. As in the well-known LeVay brain study which measured parts of the hypothalamus, your colleagues perform a series of autopsies on the brains of some dead people who, they have reason to believe, were basketball players.

    Next, they do the same with a group of dead nonbasketball players. Your colleagues report that, on average, “Certain parts of the brain long thought to be involved with basketball playing are much larger in the group of basketball players.”

    A few national newspapers pick up on the story and editorialize, “Clearly, basketball playing is not a choice. Not only does basketball playing run in families, but even these people’s brains are different.”

    You, of course, as a scientist, are well aware that the brain changes with use…indeed quite dramatically. Those parts responsible for an activity get larger over time, and there are specific parts of the brain that are more utilized in basketball playing.

    Now, as a scientist, you will not lie about this fact, if asked (since you will not be), but neither will you go out of your way to offer the truth. The truth, after all, would put an end to the worldwide media blitz accompanying the announcement of your findings.

    Gene Linkage Studies:
    “Associated With” Does Not Mean “Caused By”

    Now, for the last phase, you find a small number of families of basketball players and compare them to some families of nonplayers. You have a hunch that of the innumerable genes likely to be associated with basketball playing (those for height, athleticism, and quick reflexes, for example), some will be located on the x-chromosome.

    You won’t say these genes cause basketball playing because such a claim would be scientifically insupportable, but the public thinks “caused by” and “associated with” are synonymous.

    After a few false starts, sure enough, you find what you are looking for: among the basketball-playing families, one particular cluster of genes is found more commonly.

    With a Little Help from the Media

    Now, it happens that you have some sympathizers at National People’s Radio, and they were long ago quietly informed of your research. They want people to come around to certain beliefs, too. So, as soon as your work hits the press, they are on the air: “Researchers are hot on the trail of the Basketball Gene. In an article to be published tomorrow in Sports Science…”

    Commentators pontificate about the enormous public-policy implications of this superb piece of science. Two weeks later, there it is again, on the cover of the major national newsweekly: “Basketball Gene?”

    Now what is wrong with this scenario? It is simple: of course basketball playing is associated with certain genes; of course it is heritable. But it is those intermediate physiological traitsmuscle strength, speed, agility, reflex speed, height, etc.-which are themselves directly inherited. Those are the traits that make it likely one will be able to, and will want to, play basketball.

    In the case of homosexuality, the inherited traits that are more common among male homosexuals might include a greater than average tendency to anxiety, shyness, sensitivity, intelligence, and aesthetic abilities. But this is speculation. To date, researchers have not yet sought to identify these factors with scientific rigor.

    What the majority of respected scientists now believe is that homosexuality is attributable to a combination of psychological, social, and biological factors.

    From the American Psychological Association
    “[M]any scientists share the view that sexual orientation is shaped for most people at an early age through complex interactions of biological, psychological and social factors.”{6}

    From “Gay Brain” Researcher Simon LeVay
    “At this point, the most widely held opinion [on causation of homosexuality] is that multiple factors play a role.”{7}

    From Dennis McFadden, University of Texas neuroscientist:
    “Any human behavior is going to be the result of complex intermingling of genetics and environment. It would be astonishing if it were not true for homosexuality.”{8}

    From Sociologist Steven Goldberg
    “I know of no one in the field who argues that homosexuality can be explained without reference to environmental factors.”{9}

    As we have seen, there is no evidence that homosexuality is simply “genetic”–and none of the research itself claims there is.

    Only the press and certain researchers do, when speaking in sound bites to the public.



    {1} Mann, C. Genes and behavior. Science 264:1687 (1994).

    {2} Billings, P. and Beckwith, J. Technology Review, July, 1993. p. 60.

    {3} Mann, C. op. cit. pp. 1686-1689.

    {4} “New Evidence of a ‘Gay Gene’,” by Anastasia Toufexis, Time, November 13, 1995, vol. 146, Issue 20, p. 95.

    {5} Hamer, D. H., et al. Response to Risch, N., et al., “Male Sexual Orientation and Genetic Evidence,” Science 262 (1993), pp. 2063-65.

    {6} The American Psychological Association’s pamphlet, “Answers to Your Questions About Sexual Orientation and Homosexuality.”

    {7} LeVay, Simon (1996). Queer Science, MIT Press.

    {8} “Scientists Challenge Notion that Homosexuality’s a Matter of Choice,” The Charlotte Observer, August 9, 1998.

    {9} Goldberg, Steven (1994). When Wish Replaces Thought: Why So Much of What You Believe is False. Buffalo, New York: Prometheus Books.

    The above article was adapted from two sources: a paper entitled, “The Gay Gene?” by Jeffrey Satinover, M.D., in The Journal of Human Sexuality, 1996, available by calling (972) 713-7130; and past issues of the National Association of Research and Therapy of Homosexuality (NARTH) Bulletin. For an in-depth discussion of homosexuality and genetics, consult Dr. Satinover’s 1996 book, Homosexuality and the Politics of Truth, published by Hamewith/Baker Books.

    Updated: 8 February 2008

    Defend the truth! Make a difference.


    FIND A THERAPIST click here

    The 2010 NARTH Convention
    November 5, 6 and 7
    Renaissance Philadelphia Hotel


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    • http://none Bettie

      Thank you, I agree. Gays learn to be the way they are. I have know people who say they are gay and there is always someone out there pushing them, or something leading and teaching them this wrong behavior. If they are also sick with some mental or hidden physical condition that just helps them find another excuse to be gay. I think some of them just go through the actions to get attention. Sick, I know. These are just my feelings, and what I have seen for myself.

      • Norman

        Bettie-you obviously only know a few gays-all teh hundreds of gays I know in weho are all fully functioning, hard working, tax payign members of society. They all knew they were gay form childhood-well before puberty
        You only create those bad feelings in gays because you and society shun us-you and otehr religious nuts in teh midwest tell gays they are evil and goign to burn-dont you know that your brainwashign into religious sects by your parents is teh same effect you impose on gay youth? they actually believe they will burn…
        Thats why the gays all flee to teh big cities-none of that religiosu nonsense here
        Thast why gay youth kill themselves more than straight youth
        Thats why gays get into drugs in greater numbers
        SOCIETY pushes them into thinkign theyre bad
        when this all clears up in a few years, you will see a greta change in gay life-
        Try giving love as God wants-not hate

        • Amy Emerson

          Hello. Remember that the word THE is not spelled TEH. Duh.

          • Amy Emerson

            Also, you spelled religious wrong. Also, why do you keep quoting what God wants? Why don’t you ask him for a brain so you can spell properly?

        • http://naver samurai

          God wants them to be straight and not some gross acting perverts either. FOR GOD AND COUNTRY!

  • Jacqueline Candello

    I had a cousin who died of AIDS. When he was a teenager he “decided” to be gay because his first “encounter” with a woman gave him a case of the clap. He CHOSE to be gay. It killed him. We were best friends. I wish he hadn’t chosen that lifestyle but he did knowing it was wrong. It is an unnatural and perverse choice. And because this is so those that choose it either reject God and His precepts or join a religion, Protestant to be sure (no offense to those denominations that haven’t succumbed to this pressure), that accepts their choice. Married sex is to be open to the creation of life. Homosexuality doesn’t fulfill this requirement. And, yes, homosexuality will lead to pushes to accept other “alternate” lifestyles i.e., bestiality, man-boy or woman-girl love, pedophilia, and any other perverse sexual union. Put bluntly the God wants marriage and love. The devil wants these, too, but he would pervert them. Any one who says they are born to perversion is delusional and if they were to be honest with themselves they would accept it as not natural and seek help. I pray, whether or not anyone wants it, that you someday see the truth and change your ways. And do bear in mind, you may not remember the trauma but it happen and if children are permitted to be raised in a same-sex union household they WILL be traumatized and confused. They will grow up thinking homosexuality is right and not know what to do. So, God bless Gov. Lingle for her stand against this evil.

    • Norman

      No, Jac-he didnt decide-he was instinctual born to be gay-
      Did he tell you that on hsi detahbed? I wish I had chosent o be staright? of course not-please stop makign crap up-it makes you look like an ignorant fool

      • http://?? Joe H.

        I’ve been researching all the spelling mistakes in your posts. i finally figured out why you chose to be gay. you are dislexic!! you get it backwards!!!!

    • Norman

      You should be ashamed-your hatred toward gays must have been very painful to your best friend
      You didnt know your cousin at all-he probably lied to you because you shamed him with your hatred
      sorry, honey-youre gonna burn in hell is hate talk
      Your cosuin is now in a better place-away form bigoted, religious nust like you
      NO GAY EVER SAYS HE CHOSE TO BE GAY-it is teh most painful, difficult decision to come out in this worls-no one woudl choose this life
      However, as the real God guides us-you know, the one who loves us-the world will eb nmore welcomign to gays
      and you bigots will all die off and burn for all eternity

      • Palin12

        Many years ago when I was in college, I had a “buddy” that liked to hang out at my place to listen to music. A real smooth-talking intellectual type with a voice similar to Al Gore’s. I used to wonder why he’d get so upset whenever I told him I was going out on a date with a woman that night. Then I found out, when he “came out of the closet”. This guy, who thought he was so much more intelligent than everyone else, later died of AIDS at 38. None of our circle of friends mourned his passing.

    • Amy Emerson

      Hello. I also had a friend who died of Aids. However, he wasn’t gay.
      He just happened to be on the wrong end of a contaminated bag of blood in a hospital after a motorcycle accident. He died less than 5 months later.

  • Warrior07

    It’s not as if these perverts are being forced to marry members of the opposite sex (I didn’t say gender on purpose. Gender is a grammatical category used in the classification of nouns, pronouns, adjectives, and, in some languages, verbs that may be arbitrary or based on characteristics such as sex or animacy and that determines agreement with or selection of modifiers, referents, or grammatical forms.)

    These G&L people have the same rights as all except calling their unions “Marriage” which is a union between a man and woman. Deal with it perves, at least it is no longer punishable by death, unless you are in a Muslim country.

    • Norman

      Nope-the world is changing-
      I am legally married to my partner of 6 years- 2009 CA-
      Nothign you can do about it
      Marraige is a legal term-make it religioyus if you want to, but in this country,. it is a civil ceremony

      • JC

        It’s a “contract” identifying you and your partner as one “tax unit” to the government. Welcome to the real world.

      • Palin12

        Too bad AmLiberal isn’t here today. He could meet a REAL Tea Bagger!

      • Amy Emerson

        Yes, the world IS sadly changing..and not for the better. Idiots like you can’t even spell right and your pushing your written rant upon us. I don’t care if California DID say you were “married”. Your an idiot.

  • country

    Thank you, Coal Miner. I read through some of the same findings. Thank you for bringing it up. Like I said, I do not mind being called a bigot. I hardly think working as an advocate for over 20 years labels me as “uneducated”. But as I stated before, you are hated by those who don’t want to hear the truth. Jacqueline, thank you for your post. I had a very close friend who died of AIDS. He admitted he was basically brain washed into believing he was born that way. I have to admit that I did not like how he was treated by his family. He came home to die and most except a few friends shunned him. That was wrong, too.

  • confused

    The rhetoric of the male and female bashers definately do no fit the Christian belief of “judge not” or the “conservative” rhetoric of government not not interfering with “freedoms”. The constitution or Bill of Rights has always been a work in progress, at least until current day regression took place in the minds of people who act less American than the Taliban. The bigorty esspoused above sounds much the same as that against Jews, Irish, African-Amreicans and Native Americans for the last 200 years.

    • http://naver samurai

      If you don’t like someone’s behavior, you’re not a biggot moron! If you don’t like someone because of their skin tone, religion, or nationality, yes you are a biggot. Behavior doesn’t count. I didn’t like it when I was a corporal in the army and my squad leader (an E6)
      went out drinking and I was on CQ duty. He was never able to get back into the barracks without being helped in. Does that mean I was being biggoted towards him in some way? No! What a moron! FOR GOD AND COUNTRY!

  • tessie

    If homosexuals want to boycott Hawaii I want them to promise they won’t go there, then I can move there and never be disgusted again.

  • tessie

    Just a question… Norman, what is wrong with you? Go take an English class or something. Your spelling is atrocious!!!!

  • http://gmail i41

    If you queer steers think it is genentic and runs in families. I guess one way to to steralize all carriers. When a darf gene was dicovered in our cow herd, we determined which bull was responsible, he went to market, all his bull calves were cut, cows heifers were spayed and sold it only took 3 years to clean out the genetic carriers and never had any more problems. Hogs have about the same percentage of queer hogs, usually 3-5 percent, so the mothers are usually the carriers, so mothers and mates are made in to bacon. Indians usually used a gay male as another woman who did chores and didn’t go out and fight or hunt. They usually gathered berries and attended to hide prep and weaving, typical airy fairy fine arts.

    • Amy Emerson

      Gotta love this reply! So true..

  • Claire

    I have been married to my husband for 50 and a half years. Yes, I married right out of high school. Do I regret it? Never. We have had a good life together, a normal life. And I appreciate this fact. I hope and pray for another 20-30 years together. We are like two old shoes. One is lost without the other.
    I think homosexuality is a choice. The urge to try something different? The thrill of it all? Personally I find it rather disgusting. As others have said, keep it to yourself, I don’t want to hear about the bedroom escapades. I do not want this garbage shoved down my throat. The gay parades I see on TV are right out of the funny farm. The garb they wear in these parades just make them look goofier than ever. If you are gay, then conduct yourselves with some dignity. Don’t make yourselves look stupider than you really are. It is the goofiness that turns people off. Get a life, get a decent life. Don’t burden the government with your demands. It is not the government’s fault nor the straight people’s fault for your shenanigans. Why don’t you just grow up and start using common sense.

  • Claire

    Why are the Conservatives cheering that the gays are suing Hawaii?

    • Claire

      Is it because the governor is Democrat?

    • http://?? Joe H.

      the conservatives are cheering the Governors decision, not the suit!!!

      • Claire

        JoeH–I wondered, if this be the case, then I am glad.

  • http://personallibertiesdesk Woodland Man

    I won’t argue the point. I think the Gays’ should have their own two cities, where they can do whatever they want, whereever they want. It’s their choice. How about naming the cities Sodom and Gamora. How’d that work out!!

    • Palin12

      How about Frisco and Hollywood?

  • country

    Confused-I am Irish/Cherokee. I know my families history and we had our share of discrimination. However, we are not comparing apples and oranges here. We are comparing beliefs and lifestyles. Most Americans understand all about our differences. WE are a melting pot of diverisity. Only, the majority of us do not “agree” with gay marriage arrangements and strongly oppose it. It is our right as citizens to do so.

  • Mike T.

    Hey all. I haven’t posted on a sight till now but the issues concerning gay rights and abortion are interesting and to me seem to to go hand in hand. Everywhere I look on this great world we exist on I see life. It’s been here for quite some time, from the tiny one celled organisms, plant life, insects, reptiles, fish and mammals including us humans too. We are all here to live our life for it’s own purpose. I prepose that one should be looking at the world around him or her to find some clues. Finding some compelling evdince I choose to believe that (life’s purpose) is for each individual to determine on his or her own. This is interesting to me for it divides us from all the aforementioned creatures except the human ones. I haven’t read any animal postings as of now…..well…I guess one could argue that point.
    We as humans should be able to reason, I reason therefore I am someone once uttered. Looking at the world one SHOULD be able to see the life and the reason why it still exist in so great a variety and in such numbers even after some have been taken almost to extinction. We have all been given the ability to reproduce, for what reason?? Perhaps to continue to give life, to continue to exist, to insure the future of the species. I think for the other creatures this is where it ends, with humans it goes much farther because we understand and reason the nature of life, or should anyway. We creatures have sex to reproduce that is why life is here right? It would be stupid and foolish not to reproduce. It goes against EVERYTHING in nature. It would indeed insure the destruction of that particular life…forever…The perfect plan to end life wouldn’t you agree?
    I have heard of and seen some life forms (microscopic, snails and I think a reptile )that possess or can develope both male and female reproduction organs but it is rare and only used if no other of the oppisit sex is available for they will always choose the opposit sex to procreate with to do what? what?… Reproduce… So I saw that even in the rare cases that things such as this accur it is to reproduce it’s spicies only. This point can not be argued without reason or preconcieved notion that sex exist for any other reason. I will say however that sex for us humans anyway, can be quite fullfilling to say the least, a by product of the act, a fringe benifit if you please and thank you! Still it is not the purpose for the act anymore that enjoying a tasty meal is the reason to eat……Unless one is talking about a human child of course….One unable to reason hasen’t been taught how to reason that if the food dosen’t suite it’s pallate it should not be eaten. A loving knoledgbale parent would cause the child to eat to insure it’s life would they not?? Dosen’t it make since to protect life?? Consider this for a moment if 10,000 years ago all life went “gay” this web sight would not even be here…..Nore would butterflies, dogs and cats or any life at all. To me this is the simple fact conserning the issue of same sex anything it brings an end to life period…DEATH…This is why I dissagree with same sex relationships. It dosen’t exist in nature and the act does not produce life at all, to the contrarry. I had an uncle who was a “gay” I liked him alot when I was young…He seemed to me then to be very funny, care free if you will. It was only when I grew older I begun to realise he had no consious and would say and do most anything. It wasen’t funny anymore. At sixteen I first heard the term homosexual for I was explained his “condition” to me by my mother, his sister. He wasent much older than me so we did hang out from time to time. He was very missrable, he told me that from his own mouth and it made me sad to see him suffer in that way. Not just him but his “gay” friends too, all with very messed up lives. They in every way seemed to be on a sometimes loud and sometimes quiet self destruct course, and in a few years he died from aids in my parents bedroom. Soon after his “friends” begun to die off too. It was a very hard time for the family. So you see here another example of the death, although this was quicker than to just stop having offspring of a spiecies due to same sex.
    Some would say that technology will save them…Technology will save them??? Does anyone even see the since in this statement?? If this is so they will be indebted and subjected even more than they are now to others. So how many humans will the “gay” depend on to have offspring?? (How much money, time and resorces = life) be will expended for this endever? Are there not people who are sick and diying every day due to a waste of human time, money and resourses going to bridges to nowhere allready?! Waste could be seen as another form of death wouldn’t you agree? My dad told me this and it’s true. The food is on your plate eat it and in time you will learn to like it. I did, I obeyed and it gave me life and I now eat food I hated when I was young and immature. You could say I developed a taste for it and even desire it now to be on my dish. Strange to think of it now, but it’s true. It is obvious to me that to be “gay” has been,is and will always be destructive to the human race. I also know that it cannot be stopped now but one hard fact is this. “Gays” can not reproduce offspring so perhaps we will endever to protect ourselves from this form of destruction and they will try hard to eat the life giving food set before them and who knows maby learn to like it too! Untill then though we that can see and love live must keep them in check and away from the innocent young ones. No ” gay rights!” Life can be tough at times till one learns.

  • rusty steel

    THE BIBLE SAYS the penalty for gay behavior is death Leviticus 18: 22

    What is the reason behind gay marriage? It’s all about money not the gay behavior.
    Adam and Eve were not civilly married. Getting married by civil law is a contract.The law does not marry people couples give oaths promises to each other the church or state merely act as witness
    to the taking. Thus if the states witnesses vows between two of the same sex it should be given another name since marriage has been defined for centuries as between male and female. It could be called a lovers bond. Attach a few financial statements it becomes an equivelent to the marriage contract. But it is not marriage. Husband denotes male Wife denotes female. Two males can be two husbands. The law cannot change sex.


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