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Arrested For Taking Pictures; Tortured For Being ‘A Teabagger’

May 16, 2012 by  

Arrested For Taking Pictures; Tortured For Being ‘A Teabagger’

Nancy Genovese was arrested in New York for taking pictures. She was imprisoned and tortured over several days to send a message to “Teabaggers.”

Genovese’s ordeal began when she noticed a helicopter on display in front of the Gabreski Airport in Suffolk County and decided to take a picture to post on her personal “Support Our Troops” Web page. In doing so, she parked across the street from the airport on a public road. She crossed the street to the airport entrance, another public road.

After taking a few pictures she crossed the street again and got into her car to drive away. As she did, Southampton Town Police Lt. Robert Iberger stopped her and demanded to know why she was taking photographs.

Iberger took her camera. Genovese got a hold of the camera and removed the memory card. Iberger confiscated it. Iberger then notified the Suffolk County Sherriff’s Office and airport authorities that he had a potential terrorist detained. Before long, officers from other local departments and agents from the FBI and Department of Homeland Security were on the scene.

Genovese’s car was searched without her consent. Officers found an unloaded rifle in a locked case in her trunk (she had been target shooting that morning, and it is perfectly legal to keep an unloaded rifle in the trunk of a car). For the next five or six hours, Genovese was interrogated, taunted, harangued, threatened, belittled, abused, humiliated and harassed by members of the Sheriff’s Office. During this time, officers noticed she was limping from an ankle injury she had received earlier in the day. Officers made her show them the injury, which was bleeding, then threatened to charge her for not reporting a knife wound. Deputy Robert Carlock repeatedly called her a “right winger” and a “teabagger,” and he threatened to charge her with terrorism to make an example of her for other “right wingers” and “teabaggers.”

Sometime around midnight, airport officials and Federal agents determined Genovese posed no terrorist or security threat and left. But Carlock ordered Genovese handcuffed. When Genovese’s children tried to get her purse, which contained a large amount of cash, deputies threatened them with arrest.

Genovese was then taken to a holding cell at the Sheriff’s Office. On the way there, Carlock continued to taunt Genovese, telling her she would pay and admitting they had nothing to charge her with, but that he would “find something in order to teach all right wingers and teabaggers a lesson.”

In the holding cell, she was interrogated without being Mirandized. Her requests for a lawyer were ignored. She was told she was being charged with terrorism.

She was finally taken to a nearby medical center for treatment of her leg wound. She was handcuffed to a bed. The treatment required her to disrobe, and male deputies insisted on watching the procedure. She was discharged with antibiotics and treatment instructions, and was then taken back to the cell. But deputies denied her access to the antibiotics, and she developed a staph infection.

The next morning, Genovese was questioned again by FBI, but not charged. She was transported to court, where she said she was not secured by a seatbelt in the back of the patrol car, but had her hands cuffed behind her back. On the trip to the courthouse, deputies drove recklessly, making repeated violent and sudden turns that caused her to be flung about the back seat. Deputies seemed to get a kick out of it.

She was again denied access to an attorney at the courthouse and for her arraignment. She was charged with one misdemeanor count of criminal trespass in the third degree. She was finally assigned a legal aid attorney by the judge. But Carlock and another deputy told the judge her car contained surveillance equipment (a point-and-shoot camera) and that they believed she was a terrorist, so her bail was set at $50,000.

Once back at the jail, the legal aid attorney spoke to Carlock and Undersheriff Joseph Caracappa. After the conversation, the legal aid attorney told Genovese he would not represent her and he was going to request she be put on a suicide watch. She was photographed, fingerprinted, eye scanned and issued prison “greens” to wear. She was interviewed by a woman in civilian clothes. During the interview, two men wearing jackets bearing the words “Suffolk County Emergency Response Team” entered the room. One of them led Genovese from the room and held her in the hall. She said she could hear the other man arguing with the woman, and she heard the woman say, “She is not suicidal.”

The two men then moved Genovese to another room. There, a woman who claimed to be a nurse gave Genovese two injections without Genovese’s consent. One of the men held her arm still while the other kept her head turned away so she could not see what was being done. She was forced to disrobe and made to wear a “suicide gown” that was a heavy, jacket-type blanket that fastens with Velcro. She was not permitted to wear undergarments under the suicide gown, and was made to wear it for three days. Finally, a psychiatrist interviewed her, determined she wasn’t suicidal and had her removed from suicide watch. Later that day, her bail was posted and she was released. The charges against her were dropped.

The Sheriff’s Office issued a press release in response to media inquiries. It called Genovese a terrorist and a right-wing extremist and falsely stated she had been taking pictures of the airport and surrounding security and that she had 500 rounds of ammunition and “scary weapons” in her car. It also falsely stated she had previously been removed from the airport for trespassing and had been warned to stay away.

Her camera memory card was not returned to her. More than $5,000 in cash was missing from her purse. The contents of her car’s glove box were removed.

Genovese has filed a $70 million lawsuit against the Town of Southampton, Suffolk County, Iberger, Caracappa, Carlock and other members of the Sheriff’s Office. The lawsuit is ongoing.

On May 1, Iberger retired from the Sheriff’s Office. He got a $215,483 payout, a full pension and lifetime medical benefits. It pays to be a government terrorist.

This case began more than a year ago. I’ll bet you haven’t heard about this on ABC News, CNN or Fox, et al., or read about it in The New York Times or any other newspaper of record. It doesn’t jibe with their agenda.

Iberger came out smelling like a rose. Genovese is still awaiting justice. This is the police state in which we now live.

Bob Livingston

is an ultra-conservative American and author of The Bob Livingston Letter™, founded in 1969. Bob has devoted much of his life to research and the quest for truth on a variety of subjects. Bob specializes in health issues such as nutritional supplements and alternatives to drugs, as well as issues of privacy (both personal and financial), asset protection and the preservation of freedom.

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  • Michael J.

    This is the first I’ve heard of this, but I intend to learn more.
    It’s clear that in Suffolk County at least, Cold Martial Law is being implemented.

    • Flashy

      When this was occurring to people other than Right ideologued, ex: Brandon Mayfield; when it was protested by Moderates and Progressives; when the protest over the unPatriotic Act were being held ad Bush/Cheney were lying to us on a daily basis …. How fresh are those memories of being told by the Far Right/neo-cons, American Taliban … “if you haven’t done anything wrong, what are you afraid of?”.

      Cowardly acceptance trading our freedom and liberty to protect themselves from hyped fake fears of terrorism.

      Well….you got what you asked for. And now its not your fault and your making ? How dare what you wished for is now horrific and someone else’s fault and making?

      Yeah….sure. oh yeah, but let’s support the Arizona law requiring everyone to pack around proof of citizenship … Because that’s different…and if youre a citixen, what do you have to be afraid of ?

      Protest this, scream about it. But don’t blame anyone but yourselves. You got what you asked for and forced the rest.of us to suffer.

      • wandamurline

        It is about control of the masses….they have tried and tried to take our guns….now they pass a bill where they can arrest you and put you in without your 4th and 14th Amendments and hold you indefinitely without anyone knowing where you are. Is this America or is this Russia or China? It is time to get these laws repealed i.e. Patriot Act and get rid of the TSA at the airports.

      • momo

        Flashy, yeah Bush got that stupid Patriot Act passed, but Obama renewed it, so I guess we’re all guilty.

        • Brad

          And Patriot Act II impeads much more on your freedoms than one did.

      • Flashy

        Wanda. Out of curiousity, how much were you protesting when those were passed and implemented ? Or, be honest, were you amongst those denigrating the protesters and saying “if you haven’t done anything wrong, what are you afraid of ? We need these to be safe from terrorists. “

        • wandamurline

          A lot. I have been constantly on my representation to repeal these laws….they get every video of TSA’s overreaching searches on grandma, little girls, guys with urine bags….every one of these videos I get, I forward to them and remind them of the 4th and 14th Amendment of the Constitution. Is that enough? If not, please tell me how to do more.

      • Flashy

        Momo: nice try, but that dog don’t hunt. Typical of the Right to try and pass the buck refusing to accept the blame and consequences of what they screamed for, demanded, and denigrated true patriots who weren’t afraid to protect our liberties and freedoms.

        You realize the “renewal of the Patriot Act” scam is not true. Pres. Obama signed legislation renewing two parts of the unPatriotic Act and a third piece which has been on the books since the 50′s. Which of those three are you against? As well, are you for or against civilian trials, in the US, for Gitmo prisoners?

        We caught, arrested, tried,convicted, and punished criminals with success before the unPatriotic Act. What was wrong with that system ? Why did you support it back then? Why did you denigrate those who were against it ?

      • Meteorlady

        Flashy – the government needs these to be safe from us. Be honest – how many terrorist have been caught by TSA. How many terror plots have been foiled – that there is actual proof of – since passage of the Patriot Act?

        AND yes I was protesting all the way when it was being considered, but like everything else our government does – we the people were ignored.

      • Brad

        Flasy do you go anywhere without identification?? It has been against the law for as far back as I can remember and the authorities can hold you for several hours if not days for doing so. So please leave your home everytime you do, without any indentification so possibly we would be so lucky you could be held long enough to give us a break from you trash.

      • Paul

        Flashy, you sound like a total fool, comments about parts of the Patriot Act being around since 1950, but Bush did it. Don’t you think he was a little young in 1950.

      • jturbine

        How right you are.They play the terrorist card out here in Iowa in the least populated county in the state.Its an insult to the citizens and taxpayers to think anyone around here was involved in 9-11 or a member of some terrorist group.Our county law enforcement is preparing for the Possible terrorist attack in a county with 11000 population.What a waste of resources and loss of liberty.

        • wandamurline

          But yet the OWS can get away with destruction of private property, bashing of the police, and all other chaotic behavior and they arrest a woman for taking a picture. Do you see a pattern here?

      • Flashy

        Brad: as i stated, the recent bill signed by Pres. Obama extended two parts of the unPatriotic Act. The third had been on the books since the 50′s. I did not state that 3rd to be part of the unPatriotic Act. Now, of the three, which ones do you oppose? Note Pres. Obama did not “reauthorize” the unPatriotic Act….that’s a lie put out by yhe Rabid Right/TPers/American Taliban.

        Paul: up until the unPatriotic Act, always carrying ID was not a requirement. Today? Best pack it or risk detention…and in Arizona, hope you also carry proof of citizenship. You dont have to be Hispanic. There are many Canadiens and Europeans here illegally. So just being white is not a free pass. Unless you suggest and ecoect it will only be enforvrd against Brown skin people.

        Wanda….I wasn’t talking about now, but when it was passed and your stance….and I wonder if you denigrated those in protest at the time because, in your eyes, they were “liberals”.

      • Wyatt

        Flashy , you should wake up and smell just what you ae shoveling ! And then , go move to a leftest country where you and your Communist Pals will be happy . Just like everything else with this administration , everything is out of control . The DOJ is running amok , the White House is destroying America and trampling on the Constitution when ever it gets the chance . Witless sheep like yourself cry about the blame game . And this when your leader can take blame for nothing he does , says or decrees .

        People like you embolden those who are in power and allow them to take away our liberties . Admit it , this guy is the biggest disgrace that has ever graced the Oval Office ! But no , you will defend and protect him right up to and including the time he marches you and all the rest of the SHEEP into the FEMA Camp . You and all the other Morons

      • Opal the Gem

        And Flushy the proven lier makes the same moronic post that he has been making since he was known as flashman as well as other alter egos.

      • Nancy in Nebraska

        Brad, it’s against the law to leave your home without identification?!? I’ve never heard of that!

      • vicki

        Hey flashy. Most of us here were quite vocal when the Patriot Act and similar measures were being implemented. Not that your liberal representatives paid any more attention to us then. Now tell me. Why, with a super majority in the house, a filibuster proof senate and the Presidency, did the Democrats FAIL to repeal all those evil things that you claim you protested against.

        Democrats are NOT your friends.

      • vicki

        Nancy in Nebraska says:
        Brad, it’s against the law to leave your home without identification?!? I’ve never heard of that!

        It’s not. Not even in Arizona and you are an illegal alien invader.

        It IS illegal however for you to leave your home, travel upon the kings property while moving your private property (vehicle), from your home to another private property.

        Has been for many more years than even Bush Sr has been around.

      • Brian W

        Just great. Government oppresses the people, so the commenters take “effective action” by fighting with each other over which side of the two-party party they favour. Yes, that WILL fix it. As far as the government is concerned, it will.

        • wnettles

          We have rot in both the Democrat and Republican parties that are taking away our civil liberties, our economic freedoms, and it is time that “rot” were removed. Before all the campaign stump speeches begin, a good examination of each candidates prior activities needs to be performed and ALL CANDIDATES need to be held accountable for their actions. Want my vote? Show me how you have made my life more free and less economically burdened. Kind of narrows te field significantly.

      • afdbghq

        Flashy, you are one dumb, stupid, ignorant person who has totally consumed all the liberal kool-aid and believe that conservatives are the most stupid people on the planet. I have news for you. Conservatives are the most informed, intelligent, and well rounded individuals because they look at all sides of an issue before making any decision, not like you who blindly accept the liberal viewpoint without bothering to do any of your own research.

      • The Conservative Hill Billy

        Heaven forbid a person has to carry I.D. with them.

        • RichE

          It’s not forbidden, but many states have, ‘Stop and identify’ statutes.

      • Flashy

        Conservatives are the most informed, intelligent, and well rounded individuals because they look at all sides of an issue before making any decision <—afbd.

        Now THAT is funny !!

      • Flashy

        Nancy … Prior to the Bush/Cheney gear led passage of the unPatriotic Act, ehere anyone objecting was denigrated and ridiculed by the Right wing neo-cons, if you did not have I’D on you, the police could detain you only with probable cause of a commission of a crime. Note the word “detain”… not arrest. After the Right cheered in the passage of the unPatriotic Act, on subjective suspicion, you can be arrested by the police and held until they establish who you are and no crime was committed.

        This is what was cheered on and supported by the Right. Y’all got what you asked for. Happy now?

      • SFC_Swede

        Flashy….or should I say giant douche? You might have had an argument, right up and until you called people like myself the “American Taliban”. Look here scumbag, see unlike you, I actually have been around, seen, and fought the REAL Taliban during two tours. People like you make me want to round you up, pack you on a plane….and then drop you in Kunar Province Afghansitan so you cant play hug a thug and sing kumbaya with the real enemy. Dont worry…I would come back to recover your headless body. Your a fraking disgrace.

      • AZMarc

        I didn’t like/approve the patriot act when it was passed and I am not happy that our liberties are being even further abused now! It was wrong for the republocrats to push this big government facism but that doesn’t give the democommies a pass on using it to terrorize citizens. Two wrongs don’t make it right it makes it treasonous. The modern republocrat party is just as big government as the modern democommie party just pushing different pet projects. Now in Arizona, which you love to bash, you don’t have to carry ID. Sheriff Joe’s deputies won’t stop someone not breaking the law just to check for their citizenship papers. If you are DRIVING and BREAK THE LAW, as in no turn signal or broken tailight, then they will pull you over and ask for ID. This is the same for everyone. Then if things don’t add up they will check your status. Say whatever you want, that’s the truth. They could do like the Oregon Governor instructed his state police and accept the Mexican Consular Metricular card as a drivers license…

      • independent thinker

        Flashy convienently (deliberatly) forgets than the bill could not have passed without a lot of help from the democrats. While it is true the Republicans had a majority when the un-patriot act was first passed it was NOT a filibuster proof majority and could have been easily blocked in the senate if a number of democrats did not support it.

      • Lily540

        In 2001,The Patriot Act was passed by the House (357 to 66) and by the Senate (98 to 1) In 2002, the Demorats took charge of the Senate.
        In 2007, the Demorats took charge of the House.
        In 2011, Obama signed a four-year extension of three key provisions in the USA PATRIOT Act: roving wiretaps, searches of business records (the “library records provision”), and conducting surveillance of “lone wolves” — individuals suspected of terrorist-related activities not linked to terrorist groups.

        And you STILL blame everything on Bush/Cheney? Stupid is as stupid does.

      • G Tharp

        Flashy, you twit. In AZ they are simply following federal law on illegal immigration. They are stopping law breakers. This lady broke no law. Stop being stupid son.

      • Marylou

        This is different! The Arizona law is no different than what is already on the Federal books but not adhered to. Do you drive? Do you carry a drivers license with a picture? Do you have other proof like vehicle insurance with your name on it. That is what they are asking for. If you are here illegally you don’t belong here. This woman’s story is a travesty. She had all proper documents and everything else. This is a horror story about some jerks taking it too far because they wanted to take on a conservative. No I don’t agree with all of it, but the law in AZ is different than what happened to her. Realize the difference.

      • http://RealClearPolitics Tony

        And you’re defending Obama’s participation in this? Hipocracy has no limits with you.

      • hiway280z

        Bush has been gone for some time. This happened and is happening often under obama’s admin. No excuse.

    • restorefreedom

      They are already using NDAA against us as they said they would not! Government sponsored terrorists is what police and law enforcement have become. We are so screwed cops are out of control and it’s all with the nod from all the higher ups. Cops and politicians are getting on the NWO bandwagon so they won’t be left out. Sickening!

      • vicki

        restorefreedom says:
        They are already using NDAA against us as they said they would not!

        They said no such thing. obama promised that his administration would not to use it. His signing statement has no legal force so none of his minions (administration) have any duty to follow the statement.

      • My 2¢ Worth

        When are you sleepers gonna wise up about FEMA and NDAA? If their using it today, it’s selective and rarely implemented.. The reason behind these freedom killers has to do with the next administration (and if that succeeds, a continuation). Haven’t you yet figured out why the GOP wants to push Romney toward POTUS? Why they totally ignore Ron Paul and patriots like him? They know just like we know that Mittens will not become POTUS, hell.. No one likes him, religion discredits his cult and even GOP dislikes him.. There aren’t enough ‘idiots’ who will actually vote for, “Anybody but Obama” because they do have a choice but listen to the GOPINESS and chose the man they (don’t) want.. It all revolves around re-electing Obama and witnessing the civil unrest that follows.. The incarceration of now visible National terrorists..The (probable) assassination of Obama and possibly the V.P. which will leave who then (figure that out yourself) once Obama falls, the black militant community will rise up, more civil unrest, more national terrorism meanwhile within the chaos, starvation (because of the fear to step out on your front yard) and incarceration in FEMA camps, those now in charge (party no consequence) will further invoke laws, destroy rights, get serious about martial law and slip right into the wool suit of NWO.. If you can’t ‘smell’ this in the air of future destruction then you need a good nasal spray.

        • wnettles

          Wait just a minute, here. Someone from the government told you something and you ACTUALLY BELIEVED THEM? You gotta be kidding me….

      • Karolyn

        Please, keep your 2 cents to yourself! It’s exactly talk like that which creates the actual happenings. People like you sound like you just can’t wait til it happens so you can be proven right. Fortunately, i can’t wait til you’re proven wrong!

    • traderphil

      Man, you couldn’t PAY me to even visit the LATE AND ONCE GREAT United States of America!!! WHAT HAPPENED TO YOUR COUNTRY!!!?????????? “Home of the FREE!” ??????Not any longer apparently !!! And you thought voting in Obama was going to help your country become more “open and transparent, change banking rules gone mad , minimize Govt. spending and Bringing the Troops home!” HOW IS THAT WORKING OUT?

      • Nancy in Nebraska

        It’s not working out at all!!! This is the coming “new world order”. I don’t know where you’re at but it’ll be coming to you too. They won’t stop here. When they get done dismantling The United States they’ll be headed your way. At least you’ll see it coming.

    • Vicky Benet

      I am concerned this is just the beginning. Atlas Shrugged . In Obamas America Tea Party Patriots are a dangerous hated bunch of “criminals”….
      I am a proud Tea Party member, and I will work hard to see Barry is a one termer.

      Divider-in-chief…. Thats Obama.

  • Karolyn

    OMG! Well, if it were me, I would have been all over the news, gathering folks and picketing the Sheriff’s Office, forcing the media to take notice. Go to the Governor’s office; start a blog; plaster Facebook. I learned from my mom to open my mouth when I was wronged. She was a very outspoken person and would never let anybody get away with anything. My point is not why was this never reported in the MSM, but why have we never seen anything about it anywhere until now?

    • Robert Smith

      Hi Karolyn… Why haven’t we heard anyting?

      Until it was picked up by the extreme right wing it was a simple case of she had been warned (which she denies) NOT to take pictures there. Taking pictures in sensative places has been questionable since 911. The original local papers carried it as trespassing.

      There were several “clues” that demanded attention. She had over $13,000 in her car. (She claims some of it was stolen during her ordeal.) She had guns in her car (properly registered though).

      The injections were to help control the many infections that are in jail facilities. They were for her and the other inmates protection.

      She was acting somewhat irrationally and confrontational to the police. Again, not illegal, but when you anger a cop he’s gonna try to find out what the agenda is.

      She DID NOT “win” the lawsuit that is still ongoing. The town “lost” the case. The local guy in charge for the town had a couple of deaths in his family in close succession and simply screwed up what he was supposed to have filed. That issue has been resolved with new council.

      Things are ongoing.


      • Barry

        And your information came from where, exactly?

      • Karolyn

        Barry, check out the links I posted below.

      • Meteorlady

        Warned? Link please………

      • Charles

        She was given an injection without medical supervision to protect her from rampant disease in the jail?
        At the same time prescribed medication was being withheld?
        Your comment makes no sense!

      • independant thinker

        “Taking pictures in sensative places has been questionable since 911.”

        What is sensative about a display helicopter sitting next to a public highway.

        “The original local papers carried it as trespassing.”

        The tresspassing charge was dropped because she was on public property the whole time (highway/street right of way).

        “There were several “clues” that demanded attention. She had over $13,000 in her car. (She claims some of it was stolen during her

        She said the money was for tution at a school for one of her sons.

        “She had guns in her car (properly registered though).”

        She had ONE gun in her car properly regestered and properly cased and unloaded for transport. She also at no time had the rifle in any prohibited area.

        ” The injections were to help control the many infections that are in jail facilities. They were for her and the other inmates protection.”

        So it is OK to give injections without any consideration for whether the person being injected might have an allergy to what is being given.

      • afdbghq

        She was taking pictures at a public airport which is totally legal. She was on public land while taking the pictures. Everyone has the right to stand on public property and take pictures. Only if you are on private land without permission could there possibly be a problem. If she was taking pictures of a military airport, then their could be cause for concern but at a “PUBLIC” airport no way.

        • RichE

          It’s a public/national guard airport.

    • wandamurline

      I think she needs to contact Liberty Counsel and I don’t think the guy retiring will get to enjoy his retirement money…..I hope she includes each one of them separately in the lawsuit.

  • Sirian

    This sounds very much like a replay of what took place in Salem, the infamous witch hunt. And this is what we have to look forward to? Keep a very keen eye on what is taking place locally folks, who’s to say the same has not occurred nearby.

    • Robert Smith

      The witch hunt was run by christians.


      • Dolor

        That was way in the past, Christians learned and do not do this, that is for the Socialists and the Unions, now.

      • Chester

        For Dolor, I am very much afraid it was good Christian folk who did this, but disguised as a search for a potential terrorist rather than for a witch. The bad thing about it is that under current federal law she could simply have been disappeared, and no one would have had any idea as to where she went or why.

      • Robert Smith

        From Dolor: “That was way in the past, Christians learned and do not do this, ”

        Exodus 22:18
        King James Version (KJV)

        “18 Thou shalt not suffer a witch to live.”

        Oh… I guess christians are just using the bible to bash gays. Everyone else gets a pass.

        Maybe they will “learn” not to hate gays.

        I get it.


      • FreedomFighter

        The church condemed the witch hunts, and saved many from death, it was government that conducted the witch hunts. Look your history up. It was a government power grab using the chuch not the other way around.

        Laus Deo
        Semper Fi

      • Robert Smith

        “Look your history up.”

        The church was behind it.

        Got your copy of the Maelius Malificarum?

        It really had little to do with “witchcraft” and a lot to do with stealing from citizens. Back then the church was the government.


      • FreedomFighter

        Batican documents from the time show it differently.

        Evil men always use the current power structure, it does not mean the entire church “did it”

        Like some in American government are commies, does not mean we all are.

        Laus Deo
        Semper Fi

      • BunRoe

        “The witch hunt was run by christians.”..

        That’s true, but this is being run by authorities (whether christian or not) and I don’t think christians learned their lesson. I think if the civil unrest grows and murder and torture becomes an everyday event, christians, like law enforcement, will seek out their enemies (the atheist) and commit just as much damage. Nobody will be safe, everyone will be a predator.. No one will survive.

      • afdbghq

        Rob says “Oh… I guess christians are just using the bible to bash gays. Everyone else gets a pass.

        Maybe they will “learn” not to hate gays.”

        Christians do not bash gays. Christians are taught to love a sinner but to hate the sin. I do not hate gays but I do not accept the lifestyle.

      • Jay

        robert says: The witch hunt was run by christians.

        Wrong Robert! The witch hunts were orchestrated by the Roman Papacy, which is anything but, Christian; and a considerable number of Christians ( Reformers against the Papacy) were martyred. Roman Catholicism is nothing more then pagan religion wearing a Christian mask.

        Catholic customs stem from ancient pagan practices and beliefs. Pagan priests were celibate, tonsured, and received the power of sacrificing for the living and the dead. The same power is given to Roman Catholic priests. Pagan celibate priests are dedicated to the mother goddess, and Catholic priests to Mary the mediatrix.
        Elevating Mary

        In 1854, the Papacy declared Mary sinless, and in 1951, they declared that she had ascended unto heaven, where she was crowned as the “Queen of heaven.” This was called the Assumption of Mary.

        Since then, the complete system of Babylonian worship, with Mary taking the role of the mediatrix, has thus been established within Catholicism.

        The goddess in ancient religions was worshiped as the life giver and nurturer and, as such, this religion was full of sexual undertones. Phallic symbols, as well as symbols of femininity and divine intercourse, were common in ancient temples, as they are in modern temples, particularly in India. These symbols are equally common in Roman Catholic cathedrals.

        The breasts of the goddess formed a prominent part of the goddess cult, goddesses often being depicted with many breasts to nurture the world. Even the sun god was depicted nurturing at the goddess’ breast.

        Catholicism carries the same mythology. Take for example the Magharet Sitti Mariam, or “Milk Grotto” as it is commonly known, where Catholic tradition has it that Mary spilt milk from her breast while feeding Jesus. This milk supposedly squirted onto the walls of the cave and formed white markings. The grotto has become a shrine, revered today as a place of pilgrimage for healing and fertility.

        The sinner that ventures directly to Christ may come with dread and apprehension of his wrath; but let him only employ the mediation of the Virgin with her Son and she has only to show that Son the breasts that gave him suck and his wrath will immediately be appeased.i

        Pope John Paul II believed that Mary intercedes for the faithful who honor her during
        mass: As they listen to the word proclaimed in the Sunday assembly, the faithful look to the Virgin Mary…From Sunday to Sunday, the pilgrim people follow in the footsteps of Mary, and her maternal intercession gives special power and fervour to the prayer which rises from the Church to the Most Holy Trinity.

        • wnettles

          The one great thing about life is at the end, all of your so-called religious and anti-religious questions will be answered for you. There won’t be a “reply” icon.

      • catman11

        Freedom Fighter.You better go back to school and learn a little history.The Catholic Church was indeed behind the bloody witch hunts.

      • mug59

        You all have drank the kool-aid on the witch hunts! Do some reading from the time first not the crap they write now about it. There was 1 yes ONE witch trial and only 1 was hung and the backlash was so great they never had another hanging or witch hunt again. Read about it and find the real facts!!!

        • Robert Smith

          Hmmmmm, what about the Malleus Maleficarum?


  • Allen

    This is one time that I hope the citizenry of a county has to PAY and PAY big time. They elected this CREEP. Go lady. Get money.

  • terry

    I want to see verifiable documentation that this happened to this lady. This story hasn’t been heard from any other source. l have only seen it on this site. VERIFY PLEASE.

  • Karolyn

    Here’s a video of a County Council meeting in February of ’11, showing that nobody knew what was going on. Apparently, nobody told the Council anything about this – They didn’t even hear about it.

    • eddie47d

      That ought to rile up those who dislike lawyers and lawsuits now that the shoe is on the other foot. It also show that one agency doesn’t know what another department is doing that may affect them.

  • Tim M

    Sickening. And when the case is settled and she gets the award, who pays for it? The residents through higher taxes. All part of the plan.

    • http://Bud12 Ed

      If this story is true, any compensation should come out of the police pension union fund.

    • Steve E

      That’s why people of any jurisdiction must pay attention to who they hire in the police dept.

    • Meteorlady

      Who voted to elect the Sheriff to office? The people of the town.

    • BunRoe

      Winning a law suit (especially in the amount she’s suing for) it’s unlikely that she’ll ever see penny one.. They’ve got the system set up so corruptly that the win is only a first step from the red tape and total amount of protests even up to the supreme court (an oxymoron in itself) and at any point can settle pennies on the dollar. No, there’s no easy street once she wins, at best it will be justice served.

  • wt

    Did they waterboard her? Price we pay for security, she could have been a terrorist.

    Most of this is heresay, no evidence . Like reading a cheap fiction novel.

    • Robert Smith

      According to police she had been warned and she continued to be trespassing.

      Of course, around here the police are considered “in” on whatever evil is being perpitrated and can’t be trusted, ever.


      • Steve E

        Police can lie. I know that for a fact and so do most intelligent people.

      • Paul D.

        @Steve E
        It happens enough for them to have a term for it: “testilying”.

      • Meteorlady

        again link please? And even if she was warned – it’s not private property and she should not have been treated so extremely right? Or do you condone this?

      • 2¢ worth…

        Police CAN lie and do so constantly WITH the green light from their superiors.. As long as their not swearing in a court of law, the cops can lie, cheat, steal and set-up anyone they deem a bad guy (whether true or not).. This being said, it’s a gimme to even the lowest ranked flat foot. Only when public knowledge enters the equation will they seek justice (by making one or two of their own volunteer to retire and they back off just bit.. until the NEXT time). Sometime this tactic is necessary but once they notice it works, they then use it at their discretion.

  • GALT

    So? …..if——->then,——- ;ergo!

    Police state or military dictatorship or commie fascist cabal or………?

    Power CORRUPTS!!!!!!!

    No congressional hearings??????? Ron???????? ACLU??????

    18 USC 241. Conspiracy against rights & 242. Deprivation of rights under color of law

    No one is above the law, except those who are, in a nation of laws made by men.

    One has to marvel at the level of chaotic idiocy here, which is particularly extreme, but unfortunately these events occur on a daily basis when ever authority clashes with civilians…….if “Equal Justice Under Law” were taken seriously, the prisons would be filled
    with those who have “duly sworn” to uphold “the law”………and that no criminal charges
    have been filed here is particularly telling…….since as noted above, there are laws to
    prevent “exactly” what has happened here and, if they were actually ENFORCED, would act as an effective deterrent.

    Our REALITY totally upends any common understanding of criminal liability, which should
    set the standard that such acts, when committed by those who are in positions of authority, and who violate the public trust in the use of it, be held to a higher degree of criminal culpability. Yet, not only is this NOT THE CASE, but rather the absolute reverse
    is true.

    Not only is prosecution unlikely, but any conviction would result in a far less punitive sentence than would be applied to your common ordinary garden variety offender.

    This case, which seeks a $70 million dollar settlement ( from the town ) exposes a serious flaw ( one of many ) in our legal system……..the inability of “civilians” to have a proper legal mechanism, to redress grievances…….criminally, against those “in authority”.

    While there are public defenders…..( nominally useless ) there does not seem to be any
    “public prosecutors” available and set aside for this particular purpose…..although the
    office that does exist……. represents the ( town, city ) state, but claims to act in the
    name of the PEOPLE…….. S.P.Q.R. where the “people” are just an afterthought?

  • wt

    She could have been another Oklahoma City bomber in the making

    • LGA

      So could you! What a ridiculous comment.

      • Robert Smith

        Really? Does WT have a bunch of cash and guns in his care while he’s taking pictures of a military area?


        • Brad

          Rob it is a municipal airport, not a militay area

      • TIME

        Dear Mr R Smith,

        So its a crime to have cash on you in any amount?
        Is that your learned opinion, or is that a law?

        Having a rifle in your car in a locked case is a CRIME, I ask yet again is that your opinion or is that a law that we are all not aware of?

        You sure have a lot to say about nothing – as your post clearly display day after day.

        Peace and Love

      • Meteorlady

        One gun unloaded in the case does not make a terrorist. I transport my guns all the time when I go to the shooting range for skeet and trap. Still waiting for the warning link….

      • Buster the Anatolian

        robert smith is showing his true colors today. Despite his occasional claims to the contrary he is showing his approvel for an ever larger, ever more intrusive, ever more abusive government on all levels. He knowingly lies about her firearm (claims she had multiple firearms when she in fact han only one). He knowingly lies about the “tresspassing”. The lady never tresspassed she was on highway/street right of way the whole time and the trumped up tresspass charge was dropped because there was absolutely no evidence to support it.

      • TIME

        Dear Mr. R. Smith

        Just a quick note on how little you know about the South Fork of LI, $5000.00 in cash in the Hamptons is equal to a student having $1.50 Cents in their pocket.

        Peace and Love.

      • http://PersonalLiberty Alondra

        Brad, did not you learn yet that libs like Robert would not blink without lying, distorting, twisting or falsifying the facts. It’s called MISLESDING.
        Rob is on the Soros’ donation.

    • Barry

      Oh, really, now?! So let’s arrest everyone who takes pictures and hold them for 3 days! Sharp comment, wt…

    • Steve E

      She could have had the cash to pay for her child’s school tuition at the school the child went to. She could have had a gun in the car to transport the gun to a shooting range. I never go to my shooting range without my gun. You see if you don’t have a gun at a shooting range, you can’t shoot anything.

      • Meteorlady

        That was a good one. thanks…. I too never go the range without a gun – it’s counter-productive.

      • wandamurline

        Regardless of whom she could have been….as an American citizen she has the right under the Constitution to legal counsel….this was not given to her. Are we sooooo afraid that we will allow our government to completely dominate our lifes for safety? This is a distraction….it always has been… is a power grab to subdue the masses. I don’t like being subdued.

      • RichE

        ahhh wrong wandamurline, If charged as a terrorist you have no rights. I think many here today were/are trying to make that point.

      • Buster the Anatolian

        “ahhh wrong wandamurline, If charged as a terrorist you have no rights. I think many here today were/are trying to make that point.”

        But she was never charged as a terrorist the only charge against her was tresspassing and that was dropped because she never tresspassed she was on highway/street right of way the whole time.

        • RichE

          Yep, which makes it worse. She doesn’t have to be charged, just suspected of terrorism and away she goes along with all her rights. I sincerely hope this point sinks into everyone’s head.

      • Robert Smith

        “I never go to my shooting range without my gun. You see if you don’t have a gun at a shooting range, you can’t shoot anything.”

        Absolutely false. One can easily rent a gun at many ranges. Here is an example:


      • independent thinker

        “One can easily rent a gun at many ranges.”

        Maybe where you live robert but not where I live. In fact I know of two ranges within a 2+ hour drive that rent guns and both are part of a gunstore. There are many public ranges within that distance that do not have gun rental available.

        • wnettles

          Why would one want to shoot someone else’s gun, anyway? Best to practice with your own….

      • TIME

        Dear Mr. R Smith,

        Really rent a gun??????
        Why would one want to rent a gun?

        I can’t think of any reason for such mindless thinking as if your learning to shoot “YOUR” gun why would you want someone else’s gun?

        Afterall to learn what “YOUR” gun’s preformance is would be the only reason one would go to the range in the first place.
        That is keeping in mind that NOT all GUNS are equal in base operation, as in one may shot high where as the next shoots low, etc…….

        Peace and LOVE

        • wnettles

          Bet Mr. Smith “rents” his undershorts, as well…….

      • JeffH

        Robert Smith clearly displays his ignorance by replying to this comment with his “Absolutly false” statement.

        “I never go to my shooting range without my gun. You see if you don’t have a gun at a shooting range, you can’t shoot anything.”

        Robert says, “Absolutely false.”

        I ask you, Robert, what is false about either comment besides nothing?

        1 – He said he never goes shooting without a gun.
        ….What is false about that?

        2 – Is it false to say…”if you don’t have a gun at a shooting range, you can’t shoot anything”…NO, that is a fact!

        Neither of those two statements are false and your need to argue that is purely based on ignorance and nothing more.

      • Steve E

        I sorry I was so vague in my first statement that I have to carry my gun to the shooting range in order to shoot it. I left out the part that the shooting range is located on a piece of my own property that is a distance from my home.

      • JeffH

        Steve E, even a caveman could understand what you said, that Robert couldn’t isn’t your fault…more than likely his “progressive education” is at fault. Comprehension and logic aren’t conducive to the progressive mindset.

      • Vicki

        Robert Smith was making assumptions. But then he does that a lot so none of us are surprised.

    • 2¢ worth…

      So let’s persecute everybody in an effort to thwart that one possibility.. Don’t whine when you become a target wt.

    • Big Woody

      Yup! A target rifle and a digital camera (probably full of fertilizer and fuel oil). That’s why they kept the memory card. Too much fertilizer. Sounds like a very dangerous indvidual to me. Good thing she was not IN the airport. The TSA would have closed down the whole state and done a body search of all the sheriff’s deputies that came to arrest this very dangerous woman.

  • Homer

    anyone surprised! When evil takes over, it does a good job! Hoenstly people, when this nation told God, get out of our schools and get out of our prayer lives and egt out of our halls of (INJUSTICE) illlrepute and get out of our lives, that is exactly what we got! now we get whatever Satan can give us, hell on earth! Oh, and by the way, it will get MUCH worse! Stand by! NO GOD, NO PEACE, KNOW GOD,KNOW PEACE!!

    • Barry

      Homer, you are SOOOOOOO RIGHT!!!

  • wt

    Waterboard her

    • ringgo1

      Ah, one of Obamao’s libtard trolls! Are you being paid for your posts, or just lacking a life?

    • Barry

      What are you? 13?

      • Paul D.

        Age maybe; IQ definitely.

    • Steve E

      I thought you Libs believe that waterboarding was was torture.

  • Stephen

    If I were an Attorney, I would represent Nancy pro bono. It would just be another case of how our government likes to waste time and a whole lot of money. This is a disgraceful use of authority. We live in America, not Iran.

    • Steve E


  • cawmun cents

    Well I hate to poke holes in a tale of twisted intent,but here goes.
    Photographing helicopters while carrying 5,000 sumoleans in ones purse,and having a rifle in close proximity is not a crime……but…….one can surely ascertain that it could be cause for alarm for those three conditions to be present simultaneously in a person named Genovese,right?She may not be Sicilian,I know.But if any 1 of the previous 3 conditions were not present,I would find this an outrage.But having them all accounted for at one time…well let us say that it does seem a little suspicious.
    The teabagger thing,well that is subject to scrutiny in the form of good taste.The right-wing comment,well….that too is probably a bit overboard.But in the defense of the obviously MSM saturated cops mind,those three factors do add up to reasonable suspicion.
    Not that I would advocate the practice(I do not),but the thought of being paid five large to shoot at police helicopters,or any helicopters for that matter,is kind of attractive for the imaginative mind.Not that I have proof that any such occurence happened,but as I previously quipped earlier in this post,there is cause for suspicion when these three conditions are present at the same time.Not that I think any sane person would shoot at helicpopters for money,but it would make for interesting headlines in the local news,right?
    Just a passing thought.

    • Karolyn

      Very astute observations, cc. After going to the sites I have posted below, I’m feeling a little more balanced in my view of this situation. Just as it has happened so often, a sensational story can get people going without even checking on the facts. I’m surprised at Bob for writing this story, which may turn out to be the story of a nutcase who is just covering her butt with her story about just taking a picture for her tribute to veterans. Snopes has a quote from another article that she was upset about some Iowa National Guard exercise and FEMA camps. It was also noted that she was behaving erratically. We really don’t know and won’t know until all the facts are heard in court, although she did have the right to photograph the helicopter on public property.

      • GALT

        The charges have been heard in court……they were dismissed! The pictures she took were available to the officer to see when he stopped her……..this was not a secure military facility…….and the security for it…….is provided by the local police……all of which is available to YOU simply by doing a search of the airport………you can get detailed plans and pics on the internet……..

      • Meteorlady

        OK – I might agree with some of what you said, but why was she denied an attorney from the get go? That is our right from the start. To not make a statement unless an attorney is present – it’s also our right to have Miranda read…..

      • nc

        Karolyn, I spent 35 years connected to the court system and I have SEEN some outlandish stuff filed in court documents(cases).Ask any spouse that has ever appeared in an action filed by the other spouce about matters that are “ALLEGED” against them that were not true, were NEVER true, but ‘filed “just the same.
        It appears to me that Mr. Livingston has printed “her side” of the case and it is like you indicaed that a total review of the case could reveal a totally different story.

        This lady has alleged a violation of about every “civil liberty” a person has but I see no indication of the ACLU becoming involved. Makes me think that they might not find the lady’s version all that creditable.

    • Libertytrain

      both comments from cawmun and karolyn remind me of the “she was dressed scantily, therefore she deserved the rape” ..kind of attitude. If this happened to me, I’d probably easily become a little more unbalanced than I usually am deemed to be – after all what is unbalanced. An opinion, a thought, an idea of how one should behave? Goodness I sounded like deerinwater for a second…

      • Brad

        I don’t think that is water deer is standing in. After reading many of his/her post, I think that person is peeing down their leg.

      • cawmun cents

        Make no mistake….I do not condone the methods used by the authorities,but I do see cause for suspicion.If you dont find this particualar set of circiumstances at least somewhat suspect then you should go to work for DHS,ICE,or the DOJ.
        They could use your help on the borders.

      • Libertytrain

        I’m on my way —- :) I was making a first impression comment, I actually saw both you and karolyn’s point. I was being deerinwater – nothing more, nothing less – just experiencing the universes free flow through my body and brain. Goodness I think I’m going to toss my cookies over that last sentence. :)

    • Bob Livingston

      Dear cawmun cents,

      I wrote a column about people like you. Please read it. If you did, please re-read it.

      You write: “Photographing helicopters while carrying 5,000 sumoleans (sic) in ones (sic) purse,and (sic)having a rifle in close proximity is not a crime……but…….one can surely ascertain that it could be cause for alarm for those three conditions to be present simultaneously in a person named Genovese,right?She (sic) may not be Sicilian,I (sic) know.But(sic) if any 1 of the previous 3 conditions were not present,I would find this an outrage.But having them all accounted for at one time…well let us say that it does seem a little suspicious.” It is only suspicious to you because that is the message you’ve been spoon fed. She has a perfectly legitimate excuse for carrying $13,000 in her purse—not that she needs one. Are they not “legal tender for all debts public and private?” She was lawfully carrying a weapon. But the kicker: She was photographing a helicopter set up as a display on a PUBLIC right of way.

      And you’ve completely given law enforcement a pass on the rights violations. In this post you’ve displayed little of your namesake.

      Best wishes,

      • Bill Roth

        Here I am 69 yrs. old and just finding out I must be a terrorist. For the last 50 years I have carried a good amount of cash and a gun (mine was loaded). I generally carry my camera as I travel in my work and a camera is necessary for my job. Thank God I live in Texas.

      • JeffH

        Bill Roth, I live in Fresno, Ca near the Fresno Airport where the 144th Fighter Wing Air National Guard resides. There are F-16′s on the tarmac 24/7, easily seen from the road as well as various military helicopters on other parts of the airport and I often stop to watch them. Many people stop & take photos.
        I can’t recall any time I’ve driven by without somebody observing and often taking photos. They also have a dislay of vintage military aircraft just inside one gated area and I stopped on many occasions with just one visit by security. I did have my shotgun cased in the cargo area, but was never asked to search myself or my vehicle. I told them I was just “checkin’ the planes out”, showed him my ID when he asked for it…then was told to enjoy my day. Go figure huh?

    • Buster the Anatolian

      I might and I repeat might see some revelance if she had in fact been taking photos of a group of or even a single helicopter on the flight line. That is not the case here she was photographing an inoperable static display that could be seen by anyone who passed by.

      • Buster the Anatolian

        And even if I agreed with your premis the authorities were in NO way justified in their treatment of her.

      • wnettles

        It is not necessary, under a totalitarian regime as our government is quickly becoming, to require that actions actually be inappropriate. They must merely have the slightest appearance of impropriety in order for the suspension of all ethics, morals, laws, decency, common sense, etc. to occur.

        We are quickly becoming a nation ruled by men, not under the rule of law, as was originally intended. As such, all manner of evil will manifest itself upon us.

  • TANK

    This is just the beginning folks there will be crap like this all over in the next few years if we dont get some Sherrifs in the county’s that are staunch constitutionalist with a ferverant hold on the concept of our Constitution we will be skrewd , the County Sherrif Holds all the power in a county He can Stop the feds ,stop any action in the county because he was elected by the people , All he need do is Deputize as many volunteers as it takes to quell the situation , I suggest reading Sherrif Richard mack’s book , County Sherrif Americas last hope , t

  • Greg

    It’s clear that we are hearing only one side of this story. It sounds like there is allot more…

  • kategray

    How easy for those in power to lie about things. She was denied all of her rights given to her by the CONSITUTION. aND THE SHERIFF SHOULD NOT HAVE BEEN TO retire with bennies. This is a travesty and I believe she has a clad iron case, but you know those in power will say it was a mistake and they are sorry. BULL

  • Karolyn

    It happened in 2009. Here’s the latest news from Snopes. Apparently, a trial should occur this summer. The story the cops told is totally different. Who REALLY knows. This woman could be a total kook. It’s another case of he said/she said, and it will all come out in court; so no conclusions should be made on the basis of the info available, just like in the Zimmerman case.

    • Barry

      In this snopes report, there are varying accounts of all the “facts” concerning the beginning of this incident including whether or not she’d been warned before; where she was located while taking the pics; whether or not this airfield was public and included a military station on site, or a military site, only; and whether or not her weaponry included an assume rifle – illegal for the public to own. Not a word is mentioned about what happened immediately following the arrest, nor how long she was held in captivity.

      On another ssue but same subject, at this moment, I’m not sure where I read this, but someone mentioned that the injections were standard in order to keep inmates from becoming infected with anything other inmates may be carrying with them. What a joke! There is no such allowance for such in any county holding or detention center.

      • Karolyn

        “There is no such allowance for such in any county holding or detention center.”

        And you know this how, Barry? I cannot imagine how you could have such a blanke t statement, considering how many counties are in the US. I read it in one of the news reports.

      • wandamurline

        #1, don’t believe everything snoops tells you…they reported that there were no cases where Kagan represented Obama…but if you go to the Court website, there are plenty of them. The Constitution says that you have the right to legal counsel…..I don’t give a rat’s what the locals want….we still have a Constitution….and if we want to keep it, we have to get rid of Obama and the socialist marxists impersonating Democrats.

      • Vicki

        Barry writes
        and whether or not her weaponry included an assume rifle – illegal for the public to own

        Hmmm… What is an assume rifle? Oh and a quick review of the 2nd amendment finds no subclass of rifle that the public is forbidden to own so the rifle (whatever it is) is completely legal to own and carry.

        Unless you do not believe that the Constitution (where the 2nd amendment resides) is the SUPREME law of this land.

    • Meteorlady

      So again – why no Miranda and why no lawyers present when she was questioned? As for the shots and searching her car – they need search warrants to do that, but maybe when our Patriot Act kicks in they can do whatever they want which I find very scary indeed.

  • James

    Just all the more reason to stay away from the Republic of New York. They all seem to want to be like the TSA, Bloomberg started it in NYC with the random pat downs and seizures, now it has migrated to Suffolk County. I will stay in the west where we are not harassed by government thugs, just sued by the Feds like Sheriff Joe out in Maricopa County. All the more reason to back the call for smaller government and more transparency. Thanks Bush and Obummer for militarizing out police forces.

    • eddie47d

      These situations happen all over the country including Colorado,Florida and Arizona so it is not strictly a NY problem.

      • Robert Smith

        Posted: “These situations happen all over the country including Colorado,Florida and Arizona so it is not strictly a NY problem.”

        It happens because it’s one of the few things that works to get illegal guns off the street.


    • wandamurline

      i hope she gets all the money this county has in its coffers and a payment plan for the rest that they might get in income. 70 million is not enough….go for 100 million. The county violated her civil rights…too bad she didn’t have darker skin because had she had that, it would have been all over the news and Eric Holder would have been investigating this.

  • eddie47d

    Tragic and a misuse of police power indeed regardless whether there was any guilt or innocence. I do hope the authorities correct this matter and quickly although my bet is that they won’t. The other problem (not with Nancy Genovese) is this happens all the time withe OWS protesters yet I’ve seen Libertarians cheering the police on. Those interrogations and even police beatings happen to others also. When a citizen takes pictures of a policeman doing wrong or walloping someone the authorities quite often confiscate the camera and arrest that person. Those of you who think the police are always the good guys protecting the neighborhood need to think of all the incidences that have happened on the Liberal side or even to other ordinary citizens. Then go out and make the authorities take responsibility for their misbehaving whether against “teabaggers” or what may happen at the Republican or Democrat Conventions. .

    • Meteorlady

      So Eddie did you happen to catch the destruction on May 1 in Seattle – those were OWS people and they were violent. Last summer we visited there and went out to dinner in downtown Tacoma – we were accosted by OWS people that were squatting on the street corner of a private building. They were mean and somewhat scary. We left without getting to our destination just to get rid of them. When you are surrounded by 5 stinky people with posters and sticks, you retreat pretty fast.

      • eddie47d

        Seems like you become scared fairly easy Meteorlady. Would you wear a suit and tie to a protest where the police could hammer on you? When they are dragging you to the paddy wagon they don’t care how much your suit cost or that you can’t get the blood out. Thus the “street clothes”. Protesters learned their lesson back during the Civil Rights movement and the anti-war protests where the police didn’t distinguish who looked the sharpest . The police were equal opportunity clubbers!

    • Bob Livingston

      Dear eddie47d,

      You write: “I’ve seen Libertarians cheering the police on.” And you know these were “Libertarians” how?

      Best wishes,

      • eddie47d

        There are folks on this site who claim to be Libertarians yet have verbally “clubbed” OWS protesters on several occassions. (Thus cheering the police and their tactics on). If you watch the news you will see police tearing into protesters at other events also without provocation. There is bad behavior from both sides and it does depend on the event.

      • Bob Livingston

        Dear eddie47d,

        You write: “There are folks on this site who claim to be Libertarians yet have verbally ‘clubbed’ OWS protesters on several occassions. (Thus cheering the police and their tactics on).” A baseless and typically mindless generalization. I don’t know why I bothered.

        You write: “If you watch the news you will see police tearing into protesters at other events also without provocation.” I have pointed this out. It is the police state in which we now live.

        Best wishes,

        • wnettles

          You got that right! Police State 2012. Can’t wait for the goose-stepping parade, so Obama can show off his “Gestapo” to the masses…..

    • Buster the Anatolian

      ” When a citizen takes pictures of a policeman doing wrong or walloping someone the authorities quite often confiscate the camera and arrest that person.”

      And that kind of police action has been protested many times on this site by many different people.

  • Joyce

    If you go to and search, the article will come up and explain in detail the real facts

    • Barry

      Snopes does “seem” to be able to qualify or disqualify various information. However, snopes doesn’t have the final word on anything – c’mon, folks, don’t be so gullible so as to believe something just because “snopes says so”!

    • Meteorlady

      snopes is run by a man and wife team. There are other sources that I have checked some once I read the snopes version. Sometimes they agree and sometimes they don’t. When they don’t I look further. snopes is a little liberal but most of the time they do OK.

  • Fem

    We thought this only happens in Africa or Nigeria to be precise, we dont know it happens in those contries we called advanced. Sorry about that becuase it has been part of us and norms in Nigeria

    • Meteorlady

      This is what happens when we easily give up our rights. We get dictatorships and they get more and more controlling and mean spirited. I used to think if there was an uprising in this country, the enforcement people were one of us and would not turn on us, but I don’t believe that anymore…….sad.

    • eddie47d

      Welcome to the “Club”.

  • Brad

    is Soffolk not the same place the reporters were mob beaten by the black teens and the town authorities tried to cover it up?

  • Karolyn
  • Barry

    If this is all true as stated above, then why hasn’t Bob Livingston reported it to FOX? Aren’t they the most likely to carry such a story? Of course ABC, NBC, CBS, CNN & MSNBC aren’t going to carry this story – if they did, then it would look like they’re actually reporting TRUTH and that fairness to both sides in conflict in our nation would actually have a chance.

    This story should be re-sent in a single format where it is the only story told. In Bob’s email this morning, it seemed to almost get lost as it’s mixed in with other stories of far less importance (not that they’re THAT unimpirtant, but that THIS particular story should be right up there with the Trayvon Martin murder). This is HUGE – not sensational, but a huge matter of false allegations, false imprisonment, ignoring of rights, and outright LIES in order to cover the police-state criminals’ backsides!

    Additionally, in this day and time, it’s entirely conceivable that Ms Genovese’s life could have been lost – what if she’d been allergic to one of the ingredients injected into her arm? What if she’d resisted and was struck in such a way that her neck were broken? And what if the sexual perverts – the male deputies who insisted on watching her when she was forced to disrobe – had decided to violate her?

    Now, there’s just one point of concern that I’m asking Bob Livingston about and need a reply on: how and where did he get his information? It seems that if he’s close enough to someone “on the inside”, or perhaps a journalist who has spoken to Ms Genovese, that this story could be broken wide open. What is needed here is IMMEDIATE national attention! Isn’t it important enough to get it out in the open? Or are media & authority figures more concerned about their careers and/or repercussions than telling the TRUTH?
    Please! Won’t SOMEONE step up to the plate???

    • Robert Smith

      “What is needed here is IMMEDIATE national attention! Isn’t it important enough to get it out in the open?”

      Hmmmmm, kinda sounds like how Zimmerman came to public attention. A local story gets picked up by those with an agenda.

      Looks like the right is just as guilty as the left on that one.


      • Brad

        Rob as always you are a libtard and full of BS

      • Meteorlady

        If that is true Robert – then why wasn’t the story of two whites and five blacks picked up. If you don’t know here’s the story – 5 blacks raped a man in front of his friend, cut of his penis and murdered him. They then took her and held her for 4 days while they gang raped her, poured toxins down her throat, cut off both her breasts and then murdered her. That’s a HATE CRIME of epic proportions yet did you see it even on FOX?

      • eddie47d

        Saw it on MSNBC and yes it was worse than dispicable.

      • AZMarc

        Yeah, except that in the Martin/Zimmerman case they were lying about the facts and there was physical evidence to show it…poor dumb democommies.

    • Karolyn

      Before expending all that energy on writing all you did, if you had investigated on your own or clicked on some of the links I provided to get further background info. It happened in 2009.

      • Barry

        It matters not WHEN it occured (nor did I mention anything related to a date) – what is important here is whether it happened in the detail submitted and that it should go national.

      • eddie47d

        I believe it was the fall of 2009.

  • Doug Rodrigues

    If this story is factually correct, then not only should the agencies involved be sued, but each individual officer involved should also be sued personally. I could easily be in Nancy Genovese’s situation. Why? Because I like aviation. I’ve been flying since 1964, have a pilot certificate, do take photos at airports, and do occasionally have a rifle in my trunk for target shooting. Right now, I have photos of aircraft in my photo files because I like studying the designs and workmanship. Also, speaking as a retired Law Enforcement officer, the people involved in Nancy Genovese’s are idiots, and should suffer the consequences! Where were they when God handed out brains? If those officers and agencies do not suffer financially for what they did to her, then such people will be emboldened to continue their anti-Constitutional actions. Is this what the citizens of that State want, to be treated as though they live in a police State ?

    • Robert Smith

      Doug says: “If this story is factually correct, then…”

      That’s a bit “if’.

      Like Zimmerman when one looks at who she is and what shes been doing lately it sure looks like a bit of a cloud there.

      Before condemning the cops why not wait for the trial?


      • LTCB

        ONE part of the story being true and they’ve crossed so many Constitutional barriers it isn’t funny. This is past sad. I don’t care WHO she is/was. I seriously DON’T care if their allegations were TRUE. These officers need to be in Federal prison.

      • GALT
      • Buster the Anatolian

        By the way, A Dr. has confirmed Zimmerman story about being beaten.

  • Karolyn

    I read a comment on another site that Suffolk County is a right-wing area, so her being called “teabagger” and right winger don’t really fit. As I’ve read more, the story is unfolding a little more rationally.

    • Greg

      Suffolk County does tend to be conservative as are most cops. This woman sounds like a total loon. Again we are only hearing her side of the story.

    • Meteorlady

      Why no Miranda and why no lawyers?

      • Libertytrain

        because she was a “terrorist” perhaps…

      • Big Woody

        Back in 2009 we did not have NDAA or HR 347 for the police to hide behind. If she was thought to be a terrorist, it should have not been a factor. If the story is accurate, the gun and the money had nothng to do with the officer going after her for the camera. Sounds like a Rodney King, Waco, Ruby Ridge and TSA type of over reaction by so called authorities. Every time I read a story like this, I get the urge to go out and put spotlights on my Ron Paul sign in my yard. God help us in America.

      • nc

        Meteorllady, The recent ruling by the CONSERVATIVE members of the Supreme Court said you have to verbally say you want to remain silent> So why a Miranda warning of having such a right ‘to remaind silent? Just being arrested does not automatically mean who must be given Miranda warnings! Especially if the officers have no intention of QUESTIONING YOU!

  • JDN

    Hey Pre-Emptive is the policy of today . We must destroy our presumed enemies before they strike us , guilty before the crime and punished accordingly . We let this crap happen , we let the laws get written , we let the agencies get created , we swallow the tripe in the news so I guess we deserve the situations that arise .

  • T. Jefferson

    These government terrorists need to burn for their transgressions.


    If taking pictures of airctraft is forbidden for security reasons, the aiports need to place signs warning people not to use camera’s on the property! Anyone familiar with security at sensitive areas, including dock facilities, chemical plants, refineries, etc. knows that they are forbidden to possess or use phohotographic equipment for security reasons once you enter these facilities because there are signs at every entrance and you and your vehicle is searched for illegal or forbidden items. Possessing LEGAL items in your vehicle offsite of these facilities is a right provided us by the constitution!

  • LTCB

    And the police wonder why people shoot at them and have no respect for “their authority”. Do that to me and you just created your worst nightmare.

  • http://www/ phil nichols

    It is a sad day when a normal citizen can’t take their money, weapons and camera to the airport for some innocent documentary hobby picture taking. Any sane person would be outraged if the cops stole the legal gold bars from the trunk of their car, confiscated their legal semi-auto 338 Lapua weapons, legal recording apparatus and other legal things, just because they parked outside the airport. OUTRAGED I say. I would certainly throw a spit fit at those Fascist pigs.

  • mmm

    ok so no body really knows what happened yet every one has an oppinion. Pls until you have seen all the information keep it to yourselves so the rest of us don’t have to put up with wild speculation

  • Alex

    Long before the Bush/Cheney Regime ignored rather specific warnings about 911 and thus allowed it to unfold as it did, many sensitive military or security locations have prohibited photography of its grounds and environs. Nothing new there.

    From the reports I have read, the “airport” in question is an Air National Guard facility. Can someone confirm this? Ms Genovese had apparently been warned more than once not to take photographs from the vantage point she had selected. She also had in her vehicle, depending on which reports you follow, one or more loaded weapons, possibly including an assault rifle. Didn’t some kook go crazy on an Army base in Kansas or somewhere and shoot a bunch of soldiers? So here is a disturbed woman with loaded weapons outside a military facility, one from which she had previously been asked to leave.

    Could one of you readers please tell me that if the person outside the military facility had been a Muslim, in possession of loaded weapons and thousands of dollars of cash, taking photographs, you would still be as outraged. Come on! Hypocrites!

    • Meteorlady

      Bush/Chaney again? WOW I really thought they were gone and out of politics. As for your remark – what about Clinton? didn’t he have warnings about binLaden and didn’t he have a chance to get him numerous times thus saving a lot of lives in this country?

      Yup – I’m glad they are all gone from sight and I hope they stay from sight for a long long time.

      • Rubygirl

        Thank you Meteorlady, it actually WAS Clinton who had the opportunity to take down bin Laden and he chose not to. Bush wasn’t in office long enough to “ignore” warnings that we were going to be attacked. Also, Bush stated that the Patriot Act was NEVER intended for use as Obama has used it. Yes, it did intrude on some of our privacy but if a terrorist cell was living next door to me, I would be more than happy to see the FBI capturing them. And we don’t need DHS or TSA; it is the FBI’s job to protect us at home. There are too many agencies involved! I do agree that there has to be a line in the sand as to what the government is allowed to do and sometimes we can go down that slippery slope fast as a new Administration puts their own interpretation on it.

        Unfortunately, it is the American citizen who is being penalized by NDAA, etc. while authorities cannot even “suspect” illegal aliens who are the ones most likely to be terrorists.

        As a conservative, I also resent every situation like this being labeled as being done by a “right winger/teabagger (which is a derogatory name). Yes, there are extremes…on both sides but mostly they are the minority.

    • Vicki

      Alex demonstrates that he just doesn’t get it by writing:
      Didn’t some kook go crazy on an Army base in Kansas or somewhere and shoot a bunch of soldiers?

      Though many people consider psychiatrists to be kooks it is clear that the soldier who shot a bunch of soldiers was NOT crazy in that sense. He was on a mission to kill the infidel.
      Texas btw not Kansas.

      Now the thing that makes us mad is that the Major was the only one armed at the time. Thus proving yet again that gun free zones get people killed.

  • Steve E

    New York should just confiscate everyone’s camera, so things like this would not have happened.

  • Gary L

    Reading the replies and comments from the damn libs on here make me sick.
    If you really think that any of her treatment was justified, you are as we already know, part of the problem with America. Liberalism is a mental disorder.
    If Nancy Genovese was my mother wife or sister, those that abused her would surely get thiers.

    • Steve E

      When Occupy Wall Street starts to get rowdy this summer, let’s see what happens when a cop with the same mentality as the cop in Suffolk Co. starts something like that with an OSW person. Let’s see if he will abuse a person’s rights like he did the woman in Sufolk Co.

      • RichE

        Steve E: She had no rights to abuse. She was arrested for terrorism. When is this point going to sink in? Everyone is at risk.

      • Buster the Anatolian

        RichE, she was NOT arrested for terrorism she was arrested for and charged with misdemenor tresspass a charge that was later dropped because there was no basis in fact for it.

        • wnettles

          She’s got a good lawsuit on her hands….

  • Kim

    What makes you think that is something new? Everywhere “law enforcement officers” brutalize people, arrest them to keep the numbers on the people in jail up and if you file a complaint, the system makes sure you loose your job by throwing you in jail for such a long time that your boss has to find someone else to do your job. i know it happened to me.

  • Barry

    In this day & time, if there was concern for security at this airfield, there should be security cameras galore to show what happened before, during & after the arrest. I’m all for being secure in every location & in every way possible; but when someone goes through the things Ms Genovese says she experienced, we’ve overstepped our boundaries to human rights and should receive our just punishment. So, let the arresting authorities show the pics she was taking and correlate that to her website(s?) and let’s see if there was really any concern in the first place. Also, let’s see police records of any warnings she’d been issued.

  • Margaret

    I know from Experience what it is like to have False Reports made against One; and What People in Departments of POWER are Capable of in Collaborating and doing So, I do not Agree in falling for the Witch-hunt thing and Jumping on the Band-wagon of SPECULATION for the Sake of Sensationalism, Over the Constant Conditioning of “TERRORISM”, This Woman did nothing Illegal, and THAT’S What Matters here, IT get’s back to the Fact of OUR RIGHTS and the Constant Abuse and Violation Of Our Rights, Which Seems to Be Occurring More and More Now, Which We SHOULD ALL Be Very Concerned About ! If it Can Happen TO Someone Else It Can Happen To Us, And Our Families And Would We Then NOT BE Upset, If Others DID NOT BELIEVE US< WHEN WE CRY OUT FOR JUSTICE? Think about It !!!

  • uvuvuv

    this was after 911, i was in washington dc taking a photo of the underside of a railroad trestle i think. a police officer asked why i was taking a weird photo like that. i said, hey i take pictures of door knobs and proceeded to scan through my photos previously taken. he could see that i simply had different tastes, i wasn’t planning on wiring the bridge, and let me continue. in seattle i took a photo of their federal building, which just begs to be taken, a police officer said i had to delete it. i said i’m not sure how to do that but then figured it out and showed him the little deleted image. again in washington dc this was before 911 i was climbing over this stone wall to get a photo of the national christmas tree being set up on the capitol lawn. i looked and saw these park police coming toward me and i smiled cheesily atop the wall but they just laughed and kept going. once i was getting off a nwa flight and i said, can i get a photo of the cockpit? she says, oh, sure! here, let me squeeze out of your way! at sing sing prison i was talking a photo of their entry way sign and the guard says, hey you can’t do that. i said this is a great cultural icon and he was mollified. then we went atop this hill alongside the prison and i got full panoramic photos. only locals know of this location. i have photos of the aircraft carriers parked at coronado island, taken from 100 feet away as we sailed by. i have countless photos of the jets coming in to land as taken on bankers hill where the planes are just overhead. i don’t see how her taking such an innocuous photo could get her in so much trouble. i’m not doubting her, but i think i’m more guilty of unlawful surveillance than she was.

  • Maryland Freestater

    Someone earlier here mentioned why was she carrying so much cash on her?

    Well, my Father used to own a business that was mainly cash and wan robbed (break-in) twice before changing to a deposit nightly system. He also has a concealed carry permit, almost impossible to obtain currently.

    It’s also dangerous to mess with cops – I got cuffed once in a pawn shop for matching the description of a very nasty perp, but I offered no resistance besides telling the cop, ‘don’t know what this is about but you have the wrong man!” and when he checked, found this was true (albeit very bizarre ‘cos I was only cuffed 45 seconds), he let me go. The pawn shop owner said, “why didn’t you resist if you were innocent?” to which I responded, “don’t you watch ‘COPS’?

    Personally I believe that while most law-enforcement personnel may start out honorably, the potential for corruption becomes too great and since people are people…However, there are some law-enforcers who are a$$holes to begin with and abuse their power, obviously the case here.

    There is still hope – my ‘neighborhood cop’ keeps the speeders in line (big problem in my neighborhood) and every now and then I give him some liquid thank-you. last time I talked to him, we were discussing current events and he sounded like he was a closet Libertarian. I told him just keep doing the RIGHT thing when it matters. I do NOT want our law enforcement to become Gestapo, and I also hope the next non-Obama President disbands the brownshirt DHS forces.

    Regarding the cop in this story(who harested (sic)Ms Genoverse) – I hope he gets a taste of his own treatment sometime – we are still INNOCENT UNTIL PROVEN GUILTY the USA and need to keep it that way. Better a guilty person get off than an innocent one punished. Problem here is, just what the hell is the truth anymore? I don’t know anymore.

    • 45caliber


      Actually we haven’t really been innocent until proven guilty for a long time. Take the IRS for instance. You are ALWAYS guilty until YOU prove you are innocent with them. So too with several other agencies. The police may or may not assume you are innocent. The prosecutor seldom does.

  • karen harrod

    I do not understand American Law, but this is disgusting, what did the police officers get out of it, What about Miss Genovese Human rights or do they not apply in America. I hope Miss Genovese sues them for compensation and Iberger should loose some of his pension payout.

  • fred

    I live on long Island and hadn’t heard about it, so I went to Apparently the incident described happened in August 2009. A picture with the story shows an AR-type rifle and a shotgun. Also shows quite a bit of ammo. If she was going TO the range, ok, but story here says she was coming FROM the range. If coming from range wouldn’t you have much less ammo since you would have fired it. Whether picture doctored or not, I cant say. Still, have to question why story is being portrayed as recent when its 3years old. Last story in news here was July 2010 when she filed lawsuit.

    • Barry

      It’s simply obvious here that she could have used up most or all of her ammo at the firing range and had already stopped to pick up more on her way home.

      • independent thinker

        She could be like me and take much ammunition to the range then only shoot a portion of it.

        Also, news services are notorious for showing the wrong type of weapons to accompny their story. Besides It doesn’t matter what kind of rifle she had the gun was legally owned by her.

  • EndTheIllusion

    As Americans we need to unite against this type of police abuse. It is happening to those on the right and to those on the left. It is happening to Occupy and it is happening to the Tea Party. This is not what our founding fathers had in mind when they created this nation.

    The elites want us to buy into this right/left divide. It is a diversion that keeps us focused on each other, rather their crimes.

    This is not a conservative cause, this is not a liberal cause, this is a common cause.

    • Barry

      Applause from all around the world! Right on, EndTheIllusion!

  • Firefight

    To everyone here,
    No one person is innocent until proven guilty. That philosophy has gone the way of the Dodo bird. The Patriot act had merely given anyone in law enforcement the permission they need or perhaps want, to do whatever they wish with citizens. All they have to do is label the arrested party as a “suspected” terrorist. This act should never have been put in place and it will probably take a war to remove it. It infringes on virtually ALL of our freedoms and invades everyones personal life. If the area where this lady was taking pictures was a sensative area, it should have been gated with locked gates at the least and it should have had guards posted. Instead, according to the article, there was a helicopter on display in front of the airport and that is what she was taking pictures of. Since her memory card was confiscated and probably destroyed by the good sheriff and his crew, we will never know what the camera was aimed at. The mere fact that the memory card has apparently disappeared is proof to me that this Sheriff’s department did something wrong and that memory card would prove this to be a fact.

    The mere fact that this woman was taken into custody with no apparent reason beyond some unreasonable suspicion is what causes me the most concern. The fact that they unjustifiably placed her on a suicide watch and restrained her was only for the purpose of further intimidating and torturing her to, as they said, “make an example of her to other teabaggers.”

    Now, IF,and I say “IF,” any of this is true and accurate, then everyone of those in the law enforcement presence of that event should be held accountable. If true, it proves beyond a shadow of doubt that this country and its politicians will have no problem finding individfuals corrupt and evil enough to harm evryday citizens of this country just like Hitler had no problem finding the same kind of individuals in his NAZI Germany. There will always be those willing to do the evil bidding of those corrupt individuals in power. THAT is the reality and is what we need to be afraid of.

    • Nancy in Nebraska

      Firefight, you ARE innocent until proven guilty! These laws are illegal and unconstitutional! The politicians who wrote and voted for these laws are the true criminals! THIS IS AMERICA!!! Not amerika!!! They have broken the law of the land!

  • loboviejo

    Since 11SEP2011 the peope of these United States have allowed the authorities to assume powers they do not have. This is as a result of fear and intimidation. In New York it is the result of a number of factors, including the power of political machines, the mandatory educational system, and the paranoia about a large ficticious terrorist threat.

    The New York school system is legendary. However, in the city of New York the school system derives its reputation from the ability to teach English to immigrants English (as well as socialism) during the period from about 1880 and 1930. The teaching of English has become a notion of long ago. The citizenry has become more acclimated to the collective nature of rights and “the right to police protection” has replaced self awareness.

    The people of New York have assented to “police authority” and restriction on activities because they have been conditioned to do so. Fact: Charles Schumer, who makes all sort of pronouncements from gun control to prohibition of hoarding, is an unashamed advocate for statism. He is elected again and again.

    Police are trained that they are the thin blue line standing between “the people” and “the terrorists.” They are also brainwashed with training about dissident groups such as the evil “Tea Party” and sovereign citizens.

    And they are taught to react with panic when there is a gun involved. This is not a new phenomenon. Back in 1775, when the British troops marched into Lexington on a mission to apprehend John Hancock and Samuel Adams, they focused on the armed tradesmen and farmers on the green while less than two football fields away Messrs Hancock and Adams blythly got into a coach and headed south.

    The sentiment in New York has not always been this way. When the State (Republic) of New York was deciding whether to ratify the Constitution it was one of three that demanded a Bill of Rights. Had the twelve amendments requested not been sent to the states by the first Congress, New York would have cut bait and sailed off.

    Now the trespasses upon Ms Genovese as I see them are: unlawful arrest, unlawful search and seizure, unlawful interrogation and unlawful detention once the federal agents said she was not a terrorist.

    That the media ignored this is not surprising. Believe it or not, New York is not that important–nor is NYC for that matter. The New York Times would have covered it and Rev Al would have swooped down like a vulture if Ms Genovese were black, but this was just Suffolk County.

  • Meteorlady

    I don’t care if she is a little off, whether she’s conservative or liberal. The fact is they didn’t allow her due process. No Miranda and no lawyer when questioning began. That’s the bottom line here. Her treatment was appalling, the search of her car was illegal, and giving her a shot without a healthcare person assessing her, was really out of line.

    • Steve E

      Those cops involved should be tried and convicted for violation of human rights and sent to a long prison sentence. If I had my way, I would sentence them to the death penalty. Don’t need people like that walking the earth. Make an example out of them.

    • nc

      Meterorlady, if you had a brother in that department who was present when the lady was brought into THIS ALLEGED mistreatment,would you not prefer than the truth be known before people started condemning the entire deparment including your brother??Just because the people doing the condemning just don’t like police and consider us a police state where ALL POLICE are corrupt??? Isn’t that just a little quick??

      Have you heard the police side of this???? Do you even care about the police side of this???

      Where is the ACLU if all of this occurred??

  • Jon

    If my last name was Genovese, they all had better find a new occupation or move. I’d have my friends pay them all a nice visit.

  • Claudia

    This is appalling! Those officers and everyone involved should be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. This information should be all over the news! I am surprised that Fox News has not picked it up and ran with it. How would you feel if it had been you innocently taking pictures? Think about how you would feel if this happened to your daughter? When you do if you dare you too, will say “This is Appalling? Spread the word to other freedom loving Americans.

    Gramma Claudia

  • wnettles

    This is how it started in Germany in 1933……

  • http://SouthernGirl Doubtful Avenger

    Just to be clear, Flashy hasn’t a clue, but the point about standing by and letting these things happen under Bush or Obama (both socialists and borderline fascists, just differ by degrees and pace to the end result) is a good one. Join Cato and resist. By the way, if no one else will represent Ms. Genovese, I will, and I will win that case, I am certain. but if she went to any good lawyer, they would say the same. I really just want to cross examine Carlock!

  • RichE

    I think she’s a perfect fit for this site.

    In February 2009, Genovese learned of the planned Iowa National Guard exercise in Arcadia. “This is the beginning of the end,” she posted to one Web site. “They will do this in some other town, but it’s just the beginning. Tell me how do I buy a gun? Do I buy a rifle or shotgun?” In the end, Genovese bought both, purchasing a shotgun and an XM-15 assault rifle. In subsequent months, she became particularly focused on FEMA, which she was convinced was operating concentration camps and preparing for martial law. She also began trying to take pictures at a nearby New York Air National Guard base, despite repeated warnings by base personnel (taking photographs of military bases is not permitted). It was on one of these trips on July 30 that military personnel allegedly found her just outside the base, taking photographs. Authorities found an assault rifle, as well as a shotgun, in the front seat of her car. She was arrested for third degree criminal trespassing, but the charge was later dropped because it was determined she had been in her vehicle the whole time.

    • GMiller

      If all this is true, Suffolk County needs a major housecleaning.

      Is an XM-15 illegal? No. Is a shotgun illegal? No. Is photographing a helicopter obviously put there for display purposes illegal? Unlikely. Are Googlemap photos illegal? Then why are they still public?

      If the report says the gun was in the trunk, why are you claiming it was in the front seat?

      Was the treatment of this woman illegal? Probably. Is it unconstitutional? You bet.

      Why are Carlock & Iberger not suspended and ejected from the force? I hope they and all up the chain of command are thrown out and severely punished and the municipality has to pay at least the $70MM to teach an object lesson to all who would perpetrate these atrocities.

      • RichE

        You’re funny GMiller and sad. You totally don’t get it. Nothing you say matters and that’s the point. She was a terrorist suspect therefore she has no rights and nothing matters.
        “This is the beginning of the end,” she posted to one Web site. GeeMiller do you think she acted like a picture taking tourist?

      • Vicki

        RichE says:
        You totally don’t get it. Nothing you say matters and that’s the point. She was a terrorist suspect therefore she has no rights and nothing matters.

        I am unclear from RichE’s statement if he is being sarcastic or not.

        Looking at the various parts of the Bill of Rights I do not find an exemption from due process for suspected terrorists. Looking at the rest of the rights I do not find an exemption from various right of the people if the person is a suspected terrorist.

        Removing their rights for being suspected of a crime is a direct violation of the concept of “innocent until proven guilty.” Though it is true that the concept is badly damaged (RICO)

        • RichE

          Why don’t you ask me directly Vicki?

      • Vicki

        RichE says:
        Why don’t you ask me directly Vicki?
        This is a group discussion. You are of course free to answer as though it was a direct question to you.

    • 45caliber


      An XM-15 is NOT an assault rifle. It is only a look-alike. That doesn’t necessarily make it one. Or are you simply trying to confuse some of the people who read this?

      • RichE

        The XM-15 is NOT an assault rifle but looks like one. Thanks for pointing that out 45 caliber.
        Someone posts I won’t let it happen here, buys guns, has thousands of dollars with them, and is arrested taking pictures of the location where she thinks it’s going to happen. Yep, sounds like a normal mother of three to me.

      • Dennis48e

        RichE who don’t you post some proof of what you claim she has posted in a blog. Oh thats right you have no proof only your claims she did it.

        • RichE

          As to, “XM-15 is NOT an assault rifle, but looks like an assault rifle” How much proof do you need that it looks like an assault rifle? But, I seriously doubt you’d believe any proof I provided. I suggest you do the research and present your findings to the light of your day.

      • Vicki

        RichE writes to dennise48e:
        I suggest you do the research and present your findings to the light of your day.

        Typical liberal. Always expecting other people to do their work for them.

        Then again we have noticed for some time that liberals are really good at proof by bald assertion. Not so good with actual facts.

  • rennie

    Make the incident famous, share this with everyone, and I guess from now on don’t take pictures of anything in public, or carry large amounts of cash (not a worry for me).

    • wnettles

      You don’t really have to worry about carrying a “large” amount of cash on you, as it becomes worth less and less with each passing day. Soon it will be used for kindling, just as it was in Italy in 1944……

  • isBubba

    The same county police were guilty of taking illegal heavy-handed actions against photographers taking pictures over a block away from a traffic stop/arrest last year.

    They seem to think they ARE the Law in that area.


    … among others.

    These guys need to be disposed of … you know, fired and publicly denounced.

    • isBubba

      These links (above) are PROOF POSITIVE that this police force is, and has been, acting illegally for a long, long time.

      The state AG should have stepped in a long time ago … oh yeah, the NY AGs haven’t exactly been known for their citizenship awards in a while either, have they?

    • wnettles

      Sounds like that little area of the world is overrun with rotten “law enforcement”. Just glad the cops in my area of the world operate in a more ethical and professional manner. They (most of them) actually understand the oath that they took to ” … preserve, protect, and defend the Constitution of the United States of America …”, as well as most of the time using common sense.

  • jopa

    I guess the right wing Teabaggers didn’t get the memo that taking pictures in airports , bus terminals, seaports, subway stations or any transportation gathering area will arouse suspicion.Transporting a rifle loaded or not raises the suspicions and there may have been just cause in this matter.I myself was targeted twice, once at London’s Heathrow, unattended luggage and at Ft. Lauderdales cruise port for taking pictures.We all have to start to think a little more in public and not take everything for granted that what was okay years ago may not be today.You know that boogieman scary terrorist word that is so overused it will make you puke.

    • isBubba

      No, I didn’t get that memo, and I wouldn’t have accepted it if I had.

    • independent thinker

      If she had been taking pictures in or of the airport you might and I emphasize MIGHT have a point. since she was on highway right of way taking a picture of a static display that was some distance from the actual airport you have NOTHING.

  • ranger hall

    The Terrorist act you people allowed them to put in place, takes away ALL of your rights, All they have to do is say you are a terrorists suspect, All the Officers involved in this case should not only have to pay Money But should be prosecuted for Rights violations.
    I always knew that New York Cops were not hired for there smarts.As many others in this Country. I bet he got a Felony arrest on his record for this.
    After reading the post as presented required no more than a WC and a field report from this LT
    But i guess i was trained not to be paranoid.

    • jopa

      Under the Bush Patriot Act they were given the right to arrest her.It is written in a way that the officers did no wrong.

  • Vee Mateo

    If this was all true, I can only hope that this was an isolated incident – but maybe not. It’s getting really scary. This really is not the America I used to know.

  • http://personalliberetyalerts wayne

    This is the first time I have heard of this to, it seems all of the main stream media outlets and their anchors have been made examples of just like this woman, if and when it happens in my state of Oregon they had better be prepared for repercussions, these red necks here will not stand for for any type of martial law.. We honor the 2nd Amendment !!

  • copakeman

    isnt ms genovese’s name close enough to be a black/hispanic to warrent our womderful msm to investigate her tourcher ? oh i forgot, i am living under the this regime, please forget what i previously typed.
    wait until the newly formed, in our dept of scurity, the “Dept of Travesty Prevention” starts making new laws (without any congrssional consent).

  • chuckb

    tbis is how it started in 1917 russia and continued on to the u.s.a., we now have a glimpse of our future.

  • GMiller

    How about a copy of the complaint, response and a link to the docket?

  • Dad

    If Ilberger were from Texas, he’d have to find another state to move to.
    Anyone question whether government union slugs are the real enemy?
    Communism is not the change most people signed up for in 2008…

  • 45caliber

    Again this is simply a trial of a full police state. They are trying to see how far they can go without the people objecting and also trying to get people accustomed to the idea of the police doing these things.

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  • T.L.

    Ladies and Gentlemen,
    All of this could have been avoided if she sat in her car and just took the pictures from the car. Today’s cameras do an excellent job of getting the picture in the worst circumstances. Just a couple of clicks, and go, jusrt like that. Knowing this, you can pretend that you are using a phone and then use the camera as well acting like you are dialing. After all, we should not text and drive.
    Getting out of the car got these “servents” into “do my job” mode. Her getting pictures at an airport got them in “survival” mode; “we got to get a terrorist”. To these people, a independent person with a camera is one thing they most fear. An “uncontrolled” camera might just catch these guys doing wrong instead of the duties that they are to do.

  • FreedomFighter

    Draconian Re-Education Camps for Political Activists Are Real!

    “…He also adds new details on draconian re-education camps where political activists will be forced to appreciate the murderous foreign policy of the ruling elite….”

    soon it will be the camps for picture takers…

    Laus Deo
    Semper Fi

    • RichE

      Here you go again FF pushing Big Government. Just who’s going to pay for these Re-Education Camps?

      • FreedomFighter

        They are based on the russian and N korean models of camps, slavery pays for them

        Laus Deo
        Semper Fi

  • 45acp

    This is someone looking for publicity. As a Tea Party supporter, I am embarrassed we’re even discussing this and connecting this outrageous tale with the Tea Party. It’s idiotic stories like this that give us all a bad name. Please…take off the tin foil hats and let’s get serious about fixing the mess our government has created. Perpetuating this kind of silliness is beneath us.

    • RichE

      Not everyone here is into critical thinking.

      • Opal the Gem

        especially you and 45acp.

  • jopa

    What’s up with the foil hats that the Teabaggers wear anyway.Is that an ad for Reynolds Aluminum?

    • 45acp

      You shoulda gone to the police, jopa. You shoulda gone to the police.

      • jopa

        Why would you run to the police for such a trivial matter.You are one of the problems as to why our justice system is so overloaded.Man up already and quit having so much fear of the boogieman.

      • 45acp

        Jopa….whoosh…that’s the sound of my comment going over your head. You’re not the sharpest tool in the shed are you? But the question is, jopa…what did you know and when did you know it?

  • Lily540

    Ms. Genovese should sue the pants off of everyone involved. She was viciously treated. HOW DID THEY KNOW HER POLITICAL PERSUASION ANYWAY?…. RichE said that she had concerns about FEMA Camps and Martial Law. If so, why didn’t the government assuage her concerns? It appears that they chose to use unnecessary roughness. We are tax paying citizens and have a right to know what our government is doing. I can see why she chose to start carrying a weapon!! Being conservative is not a crime. Neither is carrying a weapon or taking pictures. I would bet that a real terrorist would not have been treated this badly. The U.S. is growing into a communist dictatorship like China, using cruel and unusual punishment on anyone that they wish to get rid of.

  • James

    I love this country and am an avid defender of constitutional and human rights BUT, when you print stories like this, you make the rest of us look like icking fudiots!!! Please provide some documented evidence of your claims and, if none are available, then DAMMIT wait until they are! Responsible reporting does not entail throwing out every story you are told. VERIFY VERIFY VERIFY! Anyone can print a story like this but not everyone can prove it. This, in my opinion, was a very irresponsible post that severely undermined the Liberty Movement in this country,

    • 45acp

      Well said, James. And then they wonder why people won’t take seriously the peril we are facing as a nation. Pinhead drivel like this drives a stake through the heart of the serious message the Tea Party is trying to spread. Stupid is as stupid does and this just makes all of us look stupid. The world economy is in a death spiral, the dollar is on the path to becoming wallpaper, the debt is in excess of 15 TRILLION dollars, china’s economy is in the toilet, Japan’s is even worse, Greece is going to default and run the banks, the EU is going to collapse… and these clowns are all worked up over this cheesy fairytale. “And then they injected her…and then they said nasty things about right wingers and teabaggers…and then they hypnotized her and made her bark like a dog,,,” Please…

      • Bob Livingston

        Dear 45acp,

        I wrote about you on Monday. Perhaps you missed it.

        Best wishes,

      • RichE

        Really? She barks like a dog! Wow! posting paranoid stuff, buying big guns, barks like a dog, has wads of cash,,,, this babe is starting to turn me on. I hope mom likes her.

        Tell me, are you as staunch a defender of right-wing injustice as you are left?

    • Bob Livingston

      Dear James,

      I did verify the story. If you want further documentation you are free to employ Google, Bing or Yahoo. You must be a liberal who believes it’s someone’s job to hold your hand every step of the way. I can assure you it is not mine.

      Best wishes,

      • Lily540

        Thanks Bob for posting this story. I have heard first hand from a man who was detained near a government area. He was beaten, questioned, bound and locked in the back of police cruiser for hours in the 100* heat as punishment. He nearly died.

      • 45acp

        Bob…I did read that story and agree with you on almost all of the lies you discussed. However, propaganda goes both ways and this story is just over the top. Look at the posts for God’s sake…”Illuminati injected chips into her???” C’mon Bob, we need to keep the discussion relevant and credible in order to increase our ranks….to get the uninformed, unaware sheeple to listen. This Chicken Little story diminishes our crediblity. This kind of thing just makes them think the mainstream media is right when they disparage the Tea Party and call us a bunch of right wing nuts and teabagger idiots. Through the story and the resultant posts we end up looking like a bunch of paranoid idiots rather than patriots who are seriously concerned for the future of our country. I read your posts…have for 3 years now. Because of you and people like you, I have taken steps to prepare for whatever the future may hold. I thank you for that. I understand the inherent evil not only in Washington, the Federal Reserve, FEMA, and countless situations worldwide. I understand our only potential salvation as a nation is the preservation of and return to the Constitution. I understand Ron Paul is right…on everything…but I also understand we need to present reasoned, cogent arguments, not perpetuate urban myths like we are currently under martial law and just don’t know it. As soon as we start ranting like our hair is on fire…reasonable people turn away.

        I guess we’ll need to agree to disagree. I believe this story was counterproductive to the efforts of serious, reasoned patriots. It was simply fodder for the tin hat crowd. However, I appreciate your work and the fact that you responded personally to my post.



      • Jay

        45acp, do you suffer from schizophrenia?

      • Bob Livingston

        Dear 45acp,

        You write: “However, propaganda goes both ways and this story is just over the top.” You are correct. The Constitutional violations this woman endured are over the top.

        You write: “C’mon Bob, we need to keep the discussion relevant and credible in order to increase our ranks….to get the uninformed, unaware sheeple to listen. This Chicken Little story diminishes our crediblity.” You don’t think pointing out violations of Amendments I, II, IV, V, VI, VII and VIII is relevant?

        You write: “This kind of thing just makes them think the mainstream media is right when they disparage the Tea Party and call us a bunch of right wing nuts and teabagger idiots.” They will use these Alinskyite tactics regardless.

        You write: “but I also understand we need to present reasoned, cogent arguments, not perpetuate urban myths like we are currently under martial law and just don’t know it.” These are not urban myths. They are in fact happening more frequently. If this is your opinion this I don’t anticipate you appreciating what I am writing for Monday.

        You write: “I believe this story was counterproductive to the efforts of serious, reasoned patriots.” We are in vigorous disagreement here.

        You write: “However, I appreciate your work and the fact that you responded personally to my post.” Thank you.

        Best wishes,

      • 45acp

        Jay…No, just common sense. Running around screaming like a little girl that the sky is falling is not going to accomplish anything. All it does is perpetuate the stereotype the mainstream media and the liberal left is trying so hard to create with regards to the Tea Party and conservatives in general. People like you are doing their job for them. No wonder this country is such a mess. You don’t have to appear to be a mindless idiot in order to be a conservative constitutionalist. Apparently, you and the liberal left are on the same page…you think you have to act like a paranoid wing nut and so do they. Congrats…you prove their point.

      • 45acp

        Bob…I guess the bottom line here is I just don’t believe this woman’s story. I think the event has been sensationalized for effect and that there is another side to this story. Like I said, we can agree to disagree.

        I look forward to your Monday column.


      • Jay

        Hmm, as i suspected 45acp, it appears yours is a rather severe case. Btw, how long have you struggled with this condition, schizophrenia; coupled with anti-social, passive/aggressive behaviour? Or it may be that you are nothing more then a, poser!

        However, since you are new here, i should extend to you the benefit of the doubt, that you are indeed suffering from a debilitating condition, and not in possession of a seriously flawed character! Time will tell…

      • Wayne

        Jay…Go away. Your ramblings have nothing to do with the points of view discussed regarding this post. As a conservative, I think this kind of thing is harmful to the “undecideds’” perception of Conservatism and the Tea Party and seems to give credence to the mainstream media’s portrayal of us as a bunch of nutjobs. You, on the other hand, think our side is best served by sophomoric ad hominem attacks on anyone who expresses an opinion you’re unable to fully grasp or comprehend. Ok, let’s do this on your level…You win, I’m a big fat doo-doo head and you’re the smartest, bestest boy in the world. Now, again, go away. You have nothing to say that I’m the least bit interested in hearing.

      • Jay

        Hey, so now i’m speaking to Wayne. Do you feel safer under your Wayne personality, 45anc? Your Wayne personality seems so much nicer…!

  • robyn quinn

    i would like to know what injections they put in her arm. this sounds to me like an illuminati scheme trying to force people to take the mark of the beast if they inserted a chip of some sort in herr arm/hand? the reason the police can get away with it is because they are free masons and the judge and lawyer probably are too. they think they will take over the country. sorry. the children of god will win in the end. the bible promises us that. this story breaks my heart. its like no one hass any ability to even choose their own political status or they get beaten and judged. this girl needs to know that if the judge seems to be on their side then the judge is a free mason and she needs to take this to the higher federal courts. hopefully to a christian judge. may god be with her.

    • Karolyn

      Weird! So you’re saying that because of the way they behaved, the law in this county is comprised of Masons? Give me a break! As far as a judge being Christian, what does that have to do with the law? Masons profess to be Christian too. I notice that one officer has an Italian last name, which more than likely would make him Catholic. Does that mean something too?

    • eddie47d

      Where does the Robyn Quinn’s come up with this stuff? She paints with a mighty broad brush on the Masons.

    • Lily540

      Yes Robyn, I bet they did inject a chip and a virus of some sort. Why else would they not inform her of what they were doing….She should get it checked out. If she needs an attorney she should look up the Thomas More Law Center in Ann Arbor Michigan.

  • Janet Lawrence

    Situations as this appear to be ever increasing. Still I am disheartened each time I hear of the unhumanity displayed towards a fellow American. The taste of power over another has heartened their hearts. May they be judged the same by God Almighty!

  • FEDUP!

    Flashy: You suck plain and simple. I can’t even finish reading your comments because they make me sick very early on because they are so idiotic. If you are even a citizen, you are a perfect example of a traitor to the Country. I am so sick of you and Obama blaming Bush for everything. Let’s look at right now if you are even capable. I don’t think you are!

  • Linda Adams

    the Robert Iberger, Robert Carlock and the entire county needs to be investiageted all thier rights and privelages taken away from them and sent to prison

  • http://yahoo mytwocentswrth

    Cannot believe so many here are arguing about things other than the behavior by the police. No law has ever been passed requiring them to treat her like they did. They did that totally on their own. I hope she wins her case, for all Americans, and these pigs lose everything they have. If they did that to some people, they would wind up scatterred across New York state in little pieces. Being the brave cowards that they are, however, they first made certain she was just an innocent housewife before bullying, humiliating and abusing her. Here’s hoping she finally gets justice in court.

  • Wildey

    As I read this should I be surprised? Law enforement and military are beinging taught that the general public is their enemy, guilty until they prove their “political” innocence. With the court system having people in it based on their political persuasions, not justice, I’m not surprised.

    Enlightened Americans must educate people not criticise them and that includes people working in the government. It has been said: Until a person looks for a cure they must realize they’re sick. Many people are aware that America’s sick and are being sheparded to the government for a cure, not realizing government is the reason they’re sick in the first place. This girl thought in all innocence she was doing the right thing and got a taste of totalitarian govt must at work. The police officer also thought he was doing the right thing. Both must be enlightened on how they became adversaries, who made them adversaries. Is divide and conquer in this?

  • Unicron (@Unicron6)

    I don’t know any liberals that ever supported the patriot act, but I know quite a few republicans that called anyone who didn’t agree with the war on terror “un-American, terrorists”. In other words, where the F were you people 10+ years ago?

    Now that it happens to you and yours, it’s not so American. How does it feel, terrorist?

    Maybe now you idiots (left and right) are ready to end the right vs left bickering and focus on the character of the individuals you are electing into congress.

  • Daniel Stoner

    Wow, I don’t know whether to be immensely outraged, which is the ordinarily-appropriate response, or richly amused at the irony of a neocon type which staunchly supported Shrub and Patriot I and II in all likelihood (if she in fact did) being bit in the ass by the obviously unconstitutional sh– they supported and bandied about (and still do).

  • Unicron (@Unicron6)

    Also, it’s hilarious because Ron Paul told EVERYONE this was going to start happening all the time, and now it does. But people keep calling him crazy. Both Dem and Rep are corrupted and if you think your side is better, you’re just dumb. Ron Paul is the only one on your side, whether dem or rep. Romney, and Obama are the same. Get a clue people.

  • chuckb

    romney and barry are the same? lol, no way. the bolsheviks would love to have you think that, then everyone would pull the lever for the muslim. romney is not my favorite by a long shot, but, i would vote for him any day over the muslim.

  • Bimbam

    This story sounds bizarre. If it is true then we must make a citizen’s arrest on the sheriff and his entire posse.

    We must confisicate their badges their guns and throw them in jail. They should be photographed, fingerprinted, strip searched, etc.

    And if they claim what we do is illegal we should put them on suicide watch and wear the suicide gown.

    If their lawyers or family shows up we should threaten them with citizen’s arrest also.

    Finally, we should rifle through all their personal stuff and return them to their rightful owners.

  • Rich

    I guess that someone should dump TEA in the Boston Harbor to remind them of what happened the last time a free people got tired of “TYRANNY” !!!

    “It does not take a majority to prevail …
    but rather an irate, tireless minority, keen
    on setting brush-fires of freedom in the
    minds of men.”— Samuel Adams

    • truthseeker

      all it takes for tyrany to take hold is for ppl of good concious to stay silent your Greatest statesman of all times the father of modern freedom n Liberty the Best statesman since ancient athenians T Jefferson how can this be happening in the country that had some of the greatest men in the world?

  • Martinb714

    As far back as I can remember there have been laws requiring ppl to carry ID or face vagrancy charges.

    • old hillbilly

      Truly a sick situation deserving the severest of punishment as possible beginning with firing with zero benefits & then endless prosecutions… maybe in Gitmo by the good old boys!

    • http://yahoo mytwocentswrth

      She wasn’t charged with vagrancy. She was charged with being a member of the Tea Party who needed to be taught a lesson.

  • AJ

    Iberger better hope no one makes him use those lifetime medical benefits.

  • boyscout

    Damn I sure wish this lady well and am sure glad that it was just a singular incident and has never happened before. Gee, do ya think maybe those coppers had some crony-pull with other branches of our paid servants. Do you think this case would have gained any attention at all if she had a “rap” sheet in her background (no matter how distant) or, if she hadn’t the resources to travel lightheartedly with that much cash?

    Truth be told, she was metaphorically raped by people quite used to the procedure. The incident involves: bad cop – bad cop, bad cop – bad FBI, bad cop – bad jailer. Had things “gotten out of hand” and she were physically raped, I would guess that a body would have been “found” in a nameless dump and the case buried with other unsolvables. These (and other like acting) agents of the law deserve a little time in the pillory, As for the Patriot Act, it deserves all the respect we hold for the edicts of the Salem trials.

    • 45acp

      Wow…really? And you said all that with a straight face? No wonder they call us right wing nuts and teabaggers. Help us out with a little reverse psychology here…Keep saying all the things you’re saying but start telling people you’re a liberal. Please don’t tell them you’re on our side…that’s metaphorical rape of of the Tea Party…or at least guilt by association. The more you talk, the crazier we look. If you really want to keep the movement moving forward…pretend you don’t know us.

  • Pat

    And so it begins…

  • Thinking About

    This is the type of treatment received by thosevwho end up in Sheriff Joe Arpaio’s coounty. He does not seem to think it is a problem to handle folks this way, and is even bragged on he is doing a great job.

    • http://yahoo mytwocentswrth

      The only similarity to these nazi pigs and Joe Arpaio is they both hold the title of Sheriff. Arpaio is an upholder of the law, these scum make a mockery of it. Their day is coming and it won’t be pretty.

      • wnettles

        I hear that the rot in that area of the United States is quite rampant. Sounds like some SERIOUS PROSECUTION of ABUSERS OF THE LAW is warranted in this case. Just don’t think the current “Justice Department” is up to the task….. Sad, really sad……

  • JeffH


  • Honesty

    Ron Paul 2012 if we have to write him in..Romney is no better!

  • Old Sarge

    Anyone willing to give up liberty for security deserves neither. Which of our founding fathers said that?

  • john


    • RichE

      That’d be old school. Drones are the new sniper.

      • jopa

        Drones;Now you see it, Now you don’t ‘today’s scenario of the Al Qaeda vanishing act.

  • kyle

    The New Republic’s Jon Chait and the Washington Monthly’s Steve Benen have written persuasively about the limitations in the Tea Partyers’ view of limited government. As Benen noted in the wake of the Patriot Act vote:

    The Tea Party message is often incoherent and contradictory–deficits are bad, but tax cuts that make deficits worse are good; health care reform is bad, but socialized medicine through Medicare is good–but it’s also extremely limited. When they talk about their fears of “government,” what they’re generally afraid of is benefits for those who aren’t like them.

    When civil liberties come up at all, it’s only part of a hysterical, paranoid vision in which federal officials will put them in internment camps for not filling out Census forms.

  • jimbo jawbone

    i think that any police man or woman who abuses there athority should have done to them the same thing to them as the person they did it to and a little more. we are to rely on them for them for help i think that every cop should ware a recording devise at all times when they are on the job,so that there are no more lies by some punk ass cop with a small dick,or a exstreamly big cooter to come to work and torture other people just to make themselves happy. get a life scumbags

  • Jailman408

    What a bunch of horse $&*#!!!!!! Those guys need the same done to them but more and for longer!!!! I hope Nancy gets all $70 mil and each of those involved violating her rights no longer get to practice law enforcement loosing their POST certifications and for the rest of their natural lives conduct classes for community service on how not to treat your fellow citizens. These guys are beyond words to describe how mean they truly are.

  • Paul Daniggelis

    The unfortunate part of this poorly written story is that we never hear Ms Genovese’s responses to any of these trumped up charges. It reads as if she was deliberately not responding to any questions posed to her in order to rile the authorities. For example, did she ever respond to police why she was taking pictures? Terribly written story. It is totally one-sided. If this is 100% accurate then the police need to be charged with any number of unlawful activities.

  • banshee

    Suffolk County has a lot to answer for. And there are some people who should never be allowed near a badge. I wish Ms. Genovese great success, and Iberger and all others concerned an eternity in hell.

  • Dutch

    you sheep are just eager to line up for the slaughter. Left or Right you all will be fertilizer in mass graves long before any of your kind decide to actually do anything. those of us that protested Clinton when he tried to get the Patriot Act in after the OKC red flag attack got slammed by the left as militia wackos and when Bush passed it and we screamed bloody murder the right called us fanatics…..most of you do not even deserve the crumbs of liberty you beg for at your masters table……

  • Pingback: They don't much care what your ideology is » Why Aren't You Outraged?

  • TheDragon

    After reading the comments on here, I can see WHY departments like the one in the article get away with such blatant abuse of power. People have NO CLUE what is or is not lawful. And then there are people posting made up nonsense such as “Stop and Identify” statutes. which do not exist as they are a direct violation of civil (read CONSTITUTIONAL) rights. The fatal error the individual in the story at hand made was first allowing the officer to take the camera, and second was taking it back long enough to pull the memory card. This was enough to give probable cause for all the rest to happen. Complete with violations that should not have been committed, She Should have screamed sexual assault to garner attention and transfer to a responsible agency where she could have then gotten legal representation. The bottomline: NEVER take your freedom for granted, Know exactly what you are doing at all times and act in a responsible manner. And dont listen to bone head speculators online who THINK they know what is or isnt legal, they dont know their asses from a hole in the ground.

  • Larry Fischer

    All parties involved in this natzi like shameful display should be in prison or there is no justice .This could happen to any of us. .False trumped up charges , denied council, extremely belittled, endangered , injected, tortured and robbed.Where am I living ? Take there pentions , return the stolen money alongside her $ 90,000 ,000 .Make a public display of them getting there due justice .

  • Vicky Benet

    I lived many years in Suffolk County, but even this surprises me.
    I hope she wins this, and you are right , I have never heard this story before.


    • uvuvuv

      when did this happen in 2009, because tea baggers might not have even been invented yet, they came about with the obama “health” care debates.

      • Robert Smith

        Actually it was pretty much created on Wall Street and picked up the health care issue to focus on.

        “On January 19, 2009, Graham Makohoniuk, a part-time trader and a member of Ticker Forum, posted a casual invitation on the forums to “Mail a tea bag to congress and to senate,”[37] a tactic that had first been attempted by the Libertarian Party in 1973.[38] The idea quickly caught on with others on the forum, some of whom reported being attracted to the inexpensive, easy way to reach “everyone that voted for the bailout”


      • Robert Smith

        “Back in July of 2009, a 53-year-old woman named Nancy Genovese was arrested on a trespassing charge just outside the grounds of …”


      • JON

        No they didn’t.

  • JON

    That’s what you get for being a teabagger!

  • tlgeer

    I have seen nothing on any of the news sites, or even her attorney’s site, that says she was tortured.

    What happened to her should never have happened, but let’s be honest when we discuss it.

  • Janette

    @ Robert Smith – You’re foolish to believe SNOPES. It’s owned and operated by the Elites. 1/2 BS, the other half total lies.

    Author: this was excellent writing and what some people do not understand is that the system LIES…like everyone else. Officers lie in court, judges are bought and paid for. And if you didn’t see it, the judges are on a $ 1 million junket right now; these dirty judges will be dealt the same blow as the elites. There ‘are’ dirty Sheriff’s out there and I appreciate the names in the article. I’ve given it to someone that can help. It’ll be taken care of in due time because court documents are rigged to the elite plan, and the plan is beginning to fall apart..big time.

    If you want to see where there’s a true fight for freedom, go to and listen to what Drake has to say. Former military, high security clearances who’s working with those that can actually get his job done. You can hear Drake every Wednesday; the schedule is on the page marked as such.

    This crap IS coming to an end. The banking cabal is being sued, and losing billions…done all nice and legal; and the other elites are going down one at a time. The dirty cops are next. However, be patient because this warping of America wasn’t done overnight, nor can the corrections be quick..but they are being done.

    States have been freed from the corporations, and the militias are forming once again. Constitutional military members, and Sheriff’s are picking up on it, and contacting each other. The game is on.

  • bill coleman

    If the taxpayers are paying all the bills, should not they have more direct input into which people are hired to act as their servants. Does this happen anywhere in an organized way? Please respond.

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  • coal miner

    America,land of the un-free.

  • Nancy

    Dear friends.

    I have read so many comments, questions and added links to this blog, written by Mr. Livingston. He did a great job, and he is correct. Also, I want to tell you all, the info on the blog by Long Island Laywers blog, Murtha and Murtha is taken from my own court testimony in March 2012. There is more, another few hundred pages of testimony.

    All of that info is correct, in fact much more horrible civil rights violations occurred, not even included, Those five days were a nightmare that went on and on. In an effort to keep me behind bars, innocent, I found out after my release, the bail bondmen were kept from me. I needed to sign papers for them to put up bail, one man finally believed in me and put up the bail, until I could get out and to him. I was arraigned late in the day in an empty court to keep me from retaining an attorney.

    I had no phone until Monday, the day of my release, five days later. I had four doctors tell me another night in there, the infection would hit the bone, I would have lost my leg. I can go on and on, but I wont, you will all hear everything one day soon. My children didnt know what to do, they spent all their time on calls. They were also turned away from seeing me, so I could not advise them.

    I am to this very day, stunned at the behavior of so many male officers here on Long Island, where I lived all my life. We have lost our freedoms more then any of you are aware, indeed.
    Thank you for all of your support.
    Nancy Genovese

  • http://PersonalLibertyDigest Warren Browder

    Unfortunately, it is Law in the US that identification IS required. failure to provide I.D. is an arrestable offense. This dates back to the First World War, at least. Part of the Alien And Sedition Act, I believe.
    As a former police Officer, I speak from firsthand knowledge.I don’t agree with it; same time, one person alone can’t make much difference. But 250,000 of us alone…?

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