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Armed Weather Forecasters

August 15, 2012 by  

Armed Weather Forecasters
The Department of Homeland Security is purchasing another 750 million rounds of ammunition.

Weather forecasting must be dangerous work. The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) is buying bullets and paper targets — and lots of them.

It needs, according to solicitation for bids, .40 cal. 180-grain hollow point ammunition and .40 cal. 125-grain ammunition. It’s ordering a total of 42,000 rounds of ammo for delivery at its offices in Ellsworth, Maine; New Bedford, Mass.; St. Petersburg, Fla.; and Wall, N.J. Paper targets go to the Maine, Massachusetts and New Jersey offices.

People in Florida can be comforted by the fact that weather forecasters there don’t need to practice with paper targets.

On the heels of its purchase of 450 million rounds of ammo, now the Department of Homeland Security is purchasing another 750 million rounds. DHS is also in the market for large quantities of high-density ammonium nitrate and A-5 flake RDX.

Ammonium nitrate was used in the false flag Alfred P. Murrah Building bombing on April 19, 1995. Ammonium nitrate, a fertilizer, requires a boosting agent to make it explode. Racing fuel was used in Oklahoma City. A-5 flake RDX is a boosting agent fare more explosive than racing fuel.

DHS says the fertilizer and RDX are for training dogs. That’s a lot of dogs.

Something’s afoot.

Bob Livingston

is an ultra-conservative American and author of The Bob Livingston Letter™, founded in 1969. Bob has devoted much of his life to research and the quest for truth on a variety of subjects. Bob specializes in health issues such as nutritional supplements and alternatives to drugs, as well as issues of privacy (both personal and financial), asset protection and the preservation of freedom.

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  • dan

    It’s an evil plot to blow up the Weather Channel…which would cause millions of satellite/cable TV-zombies out into the real world weather for the first time in years.

    • TIME

      Dear Dan,

      Also if you don’t like the weather they give you, hey they just shoot you! Now thats special!

      Peace and Love

  • Whit

    Now the Social Security Administration is purchasing ammunition. 174,000 Rounds of .357 Cal. have been solicited:

    • Mike In N H.

      The Social Security Administration has a branch of Criminal Investigators who are sworn law enforcement officers. They investigate and prosecute people committing Fraud against the Social Security Act. Those who try to bilk the public out of money for fraudulent claims, over billing for services not rendered to patients in hospitals, phony mail orders for equipment not purchased yet billed to hospitals and patients. etc. Now do you understand ?
      No NWO Conspiracry here. Research the back story before jumping to conslusions.

      • rocquedog

        I guess that explains NOAA needing all of that ammo. They don’t have a law enf. grp. Best guess is that they will be part of Obama’s National Citizen’s Army that he proposed in his campaigne. The funding is discreetly placed somewhere in the Obamacare prog. So now we have the DHS, TSA, NOAA, Dept. of Educ.and who knows what other federal agcy. to be enforcing the Imposter’s illegally passed laws.

        • Mike In N H.

          Sorry to Inform you. BUT NOAA does have a Law Enforcement Branch. The National Fisheries Police for a better term, Look it up have sworn Police Officers who enforce all the Fishing Regulations and Laws Against Poaching Endangered Species of Fish, Game Fish and Commercial Fishing Violations. They are issued .40 cal firearms which has become the standard issue for law enforcement replacing the 9 MM cartridge used by the Military. This is NOT anything like the BLUNDERING Justice Dept. Fast And Furious Scandel. Do the Research FIRST and when someone with the correct background answers with the Truth, don’t pounce on them with the NWO Conspiracry Stuff. Not everyone posting is Out to get you or push the Govt. Mantra. I am NOT a Uber Liberal, Radical or Communist.
          Am a Constitutional Conservative, not a radical, not a racist, But an American Born here and fed up with all the Lies and Disinformation being passed around on different sites by
          leftist Trolls and Others trying to scare the Sheeple reading these posts. IF the Conservatives would Stop Fighting and NitPicking each other, We can come together and really take our Nation Back from the Socialist TRASH who have Hijacked the American Culture, and American Dream. I also Vote Independently of any Party. I read the record of the individual running for any office and vote according to whom will do the best job not for who has put out the Most BS with the most Lobbyists and the Most Campaign Financing.

          People also have to be Active on a Local Level and State Level. Because that has the most impact your families and own life locally. Straighten Out the Local And State Govt.
          First also enough momentium will Travel UP the Ladder at the same time as we need to
          replace the top Executive Branches of Govt. And Get The Lifer Bureaucrats OUT. They are the ones controlling the Nation behind the Thin Veil the Politicians Present to the Public. Get Rid of ALL The Lobbyists except those who really represent the WE THE PEOPLE. Not just some special interest group segments of the People who are trying to get hand outs all the time. Recind the Laws that Claim Corporations are PEOPLE They are NOT People. But the Fourth Estate, ,,,, Think they are Govt. of themselves over the Public and the Working Americans employed by them. Bring Our Outsourced jobs Back Home and The Troops Home with them, Then The Country will Turn Around. Stop All Foreign Aid to All Countries who can take care of themselves and to any Foreign Countries Pretending to be Friends with us only for the Money. FIRE The CLINTONS out of any Public Service Jobs. They only represent themselves and the Special Interests that put them there. I could go on, But I am preaching to the Choir here.

      • Brian

        My local Social Security and IRS offices have armed guards in their offices. I can understand how the offices might get some disgruntled patrons, but is this carrying things too far?

      • widerstances Looks like a nice job with a govt pension. Train you how to use a gun but you are required to carry one.

    • Ernie

      174,000 rounds!? How many Social Security cheats do they need to shoot? Are these offenders likely to require a new federal police force, armed and ready to use deadly force, in orderr to stem their evil deeds? How many new de facto federal police forces does that make now? We had an incident recently in which armed FDA agents with no apparent training as civil peace officers, raided a seller of unpasturized milk.

      The alarming trend is toward a seperate armed enforcement squad growing out of each federal bureacracy. If the FDA, NOAA, SSA, and dozens of other federal agencies get to build their own paramilitary forces, doesn’t this mask the actual number of “troops” under federal command on US soil? This trend, and the article about the War Colleges developing curriculum to teach how to suppress civil populations in the US, makes me think that there is a concerted plan to squelch large scale civil unrest in the near future.

      Most intelligent people can do the math and see that economic collapse is unavoidable at the current level of spending. Those who would remain in power must resort to another means of control if they are bright enough to see this imminent danger to their power structures.

      • widerstances

        here you go Ernie.

        Evidently the SSA has a Criminal Investigation Group that is trained to carry firearms. So training and arming them would make sense. Since the buy goes to 70+ offices in SSA that a just bit over 2000 rounds per office. Not excessive by most standards. Looks like a nice job. Good pay. Govt pension after 20 years of service. sign me up.

    • K. Heavrin

      Mike In N H. is right, NOAA has some LE officer under their administration. And as a former LEO myself, if they are carrying firearms, I know the importance of being trained in their use.

      I generally agree with the things presented by Mr. Livingston, but these under investigated assertions of conspiracies does little for his credibility.I am sure there are enough REAL conspiracies with out depending on innuendo and half-truths.

      It only took me a few minutes if internet investigation to discover the whole truth on this one. Mr. Livingston should insist his researchers do the same.

      • widerstances

        can’t wait til tomorrow’s exciting and factless pile of drivel consumed by nervous sheeple. Liberty rocks.

    • Priscilla Ortegon

      I believe the reason for the Soc.Sec. to buy ammo is that Obama will start cutting off social security to the elderly and he knows people will be upset by this…he has no intention of letting us older folks live any longer than he has to…we will not get another increase in our soc. sec. even though groceries and gas are going up very fast.

      • Mike NH

        Hi Priscillia, are you from New Hampshire and moved out to the West Coast ? Just wondering.
        Social Security Adminsitration has armed Special Agents responsible for investigation of cases of Fraud and Criminal Activity. They are spread across the country. So, their purchase has to cover all their personal and training as well. They also may just have security officers who are armed at larger urban locations because of the crime in general.
        That would sound more logical would it not ?

  • Mi

    Please explain why “weathermen”, as opposed to members of the Weather Underground, need pistol ammo.

    • Robert Smith

      When they ride the skies in a lawn chair hitched to a bunch of baloons they need a way to eliminate some balloons once in awhile.


  • Steve W

    This is such a non story. They have a small contingent of federal investigators assigned to them who have to qualify with their duty weapons just like any other federal agent. Trying to make something of this is really a stretch…

    • Don Wright

      Is it really such a stretch? I don’t think it has anything to do with a mass arming of federal employees more than I do that it is a preemptive effort at buying the ammunition before … somehow it becomes unavailable or priced through the stratosphere. Remember, this administration has been “all aboard” with the U.N’s Small Arms Treaty… the president’s policies have led to skyrocketing prices for ammunition… the Obama gov’t knows what is afoot and if they are purchasing this much… look out. I think I’ll go buy a few more boxes to be on the “safe” side.

      • Robert Smith

        “Remember, this administration has been “all aboard” with the U.N’s Small Arms Treaty… ”

        Nobody has been able to show for a fact that will impact any American citizen except those who are arms deales over seas.


      • phideaux

        How wrong you are Robert Smith. The proposed treaty called for the registration of ALL privately owned firearms. That affects every gun owner in the US. The proposed treaty called for the banning of ALL semi-auto rifles and I think semi-auto shotguns. That would affect many US gun owners. The proposed treaty had a provision for the confiscation and destruction of privately owned firearms. That would directly affect US gun owners. Thankfully they could not come to an agreement on the final wording of some parts of the treaty so it was abandoned FOR NOW.

    • Jabo

      How much kool-aid from Washington, DC do you have in your pantry Steve W.? Or are you drinking the urine straight from Obummer’s shoes? Geezzz it is scary how many numbnuts like you we have in this country. By the way Steve, you forgot to try to explain away the Ammonium Nitrate and the A-5 Flake RDX. You Liberal butt-bangers always try to cover for the Obummer dictatorship. Problem is, you will be just as much a prisoner as the rest of us…..and you can’t even see it!! There are no special priviledges for you butt-lickers……

      • widerstances

        Dearest Jabo, I believe you are violating Bob’s commenting policy regarding name calling. As far as the 700 lbs of explosives go, I ask you this; How many dogs do you think there are in law enforcement that need to be trained to identify explosives? If you figure that the contract is probably up to 700lbs to be used over a five year period is is probably a few ounces per dog. I just looked up the bid award on the Ammonium Nitrate and the A-5 Flake RDX and it is going to the TSA. Don’t you think it is a good idea to train those people and their dogs on how to recognize this type of explosive?

    • eddie47d

      That was 1995 JABO in that jab against Obama.It’s always nice to see how so many of you try and tie things in and attack the wrong party or person. Maybe your great grandfather worked on the Titanic and was in cahoots with the iceberg to collect insurance money from the sinking. LOL

      • vicki

        Eddie47d writes:
        “It’s always nice to see how so many of you try and tie things in and attack the wrong party or person.”

        Which is totally unlike liberals who really do understand that it’s all Bush’s fault.

  • Alex Frazier

    Not sure what to make of this.

    Perhaps we should all respond in kind and order a few millions roudns ourselves. And a bunch of gas masks and other weird crap so they will be like, “what the hell are they ordering that for?”

    • flpi!

      I like it!!

    • Barb

      Me too!

    • fatal42

      So when We The People rise up , they can shoot you down !!!

      • Phillip in TX

        We get to shoot back!

    • dcjdavis

      Great idea!

    • Action not Words

      HERE HERE!! Should also purchase a couple .40′s to fire that stockpile once it becomes available ;)

    • Patrick Tiekamp

      When Socialism is introduced. all government employees become the first to belong and will be armed to protect themselves from the Non Believers who will rebel armed and prepared for resistance. A revolution will incur as to freedom vs socialism. So similar to the Revolution that removed British control so many years ago.

  • Mike In N H.

    I looked into this story yesterday. NOAA has a branch called the National Marine Fisheries Criminal Investigation Division. Apparantly they investigate and enforce Fishing Violations on along the U.S. Coast for Commercal Fishing Voilations. Much like the U.S. Coast Guard patrols our Coast Line. SO,, these people are sworn law enforcement offiicers and are armed like the U.S. Park Service Police are. That is why the ammo was purchased. No NWO Conspiracry…. People should Look into the Back Story before Going Off the Handle.

    • rocquedog

      And I guess that’s why they needed all of the nitrates and other bomb making material. Mikey boy sure is doing lots of explaining away of things. Me thinks thou doth protest too much. How long you been working for the admin. Mikey boy???

      • Mike In N H.

        Reply to the “Mikey Boy” Comments:
        [1] I am Retired and Don’t work for Anyone, Much Less the Socialist Trash in charge now.
        [2] I am Not a Troll like some of the Posters here. You want to Pick a Fight, Go Fight THEM.
        [3] I Don’t Support the Teleprompter in Chief Nor any of his Socialist Radical Supporters Either. Again, Go Pick A Fiight with someone else who is a Traitor and Leftist Troll.
        [4] I responded to the question about NOAA and the VA Police becasue of the Facts I know concerning both of the Agencies. Remember the Truth Shall Set You Free.
        [5] You want to Explain about the Nitrate, Go Find the TRUTH and Report Back since you are so concerned. I am Not interested in Pursuing this Discussion Further. I have much better things to do with my time instead of getting into a Pissing Match with you. Got It ?

        • rocquedog

          Touche”. Maybe I jumped prematurely. Used to dealing with Trolls on this site. Your arguements are sound as I did some research into your claims. Wasn’t aware of the facts. Thx. for clarification.

      • Daveh234

        Sounds like we are having some spurts of civility here finally.
        It takes some effort to acknowledge someone else might have it right and I applaud that.

    • Patrick Tiekamp

      And you believe that they need to merely replenish their stock?

      • Mike In N H.

        I stated the FACTS, What you do with them is Up to YOU. There is PLENTY of Ammo for the Civilian Market. Except the retail prices are going up very quickly….. up 50 cents per box locally all becasue of the knee jerk reactions due to the Political Uncertainly of the coming Elections.. Less than 88 days away. And People are Concerned with the increase of any Gun Related Shootings by the Lamestream Media…. Maybe you should invest in reloading equipment, brass, powder and primers so you would have them when there is a real emergency. Practice with Cheap .22 LR Ammo, which is also going up in price.

  • Chester

    Actually, NOAA has very few “weathermen” working for it, but it does have people who wind up in some not so nice parts of the world on occasion. May want to look and see how many planes NOAA either owns or has access to, and what those planes are equipped with. Seems what NOAA has for aircraft are equipped mainly with atmospheric condition sensors, such as recording barometers and thermometers, plus, as a general rule, lots and lots of radar equipment. Rarely does one of those planes crash, but when they do, would YOU like to be in the middle of nowhere with only your hands and whatever you could scrounge from the wreckage to protect yourself?

    • Mike In N H.

      Much of the Aircraft used in Weather Related Mission are part of the U.S. Navy. using U.S. Navy Crews who fly into Hurricanes and other storms with all that data recording equipment aboard that relays the information back to NOAA.

      NOAA has a division called the National Marine Fisheries Office, of which personal are sworn law enforcemeng officers. They investigate and prosectute commercial fishing violations on the high seas and coast lines of the U.S. They have been around for decades and way before the Obama Administration even took office. Research the Back Story before jumping to conslusions. No NWS Conspiracry here. Just the Facts…

      • Big Woody

        The FACTS that scare me start with 174,000 rounds and continue thru the nitrates. We have lots of other armed police agencies. Does NOOA need to protect itself with that much fire power? Why are we supporting law enforcement agencies that overlap jurisdictions? If it is in the water, let the Coast Guard handle it. A few months ago the Dept of Education bought riot grade SWAT type shotguns. To date I have not learned why. Do the people that bring school lunches and unified tests need riot control? I hope Paul Ryan’s budgets can get some of this militariy build up of our government under control.

    • eddie47d

      Thankfully there are some common sense answers Mike instead of the rabid conspiracy theories already posted. I’m surprised some can function as normal humans as wound up inside as they are. One thing for sure there will be another run on the ammo suppliers so they can keep up with the Joneses.

  • Paul H. Yarbrough

    There is no such thing as “a small contingent of federal in vestigators”; unless we are talking about true federalism.

  • Barb

    @Alex – I likey! :)


    I’m reminded of a story last year about the Department of Education. Last year the U.S. Department of Educationbegan buying shotguns, and stormed at least one home. Until that story broke, most Americans (myself included) had no idea that the Dept. of Education even had an armed enforcement division.

    My thoughts: When I first saw the story — before NOAA said it’s the Fisheries Office and not the National Weather Service needing all the ammo — I found it hard to believe that the National Weather Service would have armed officers. But I still I find it hard to believe that the Fisheries Office needs hollow points. (I still don’t think the Dept. of Education needs guns.)

    The conspiracy theorist in me thinks it’s more likely that the purchases are being made on behalf of some other agency that wishes to remain anonymous.

    • widerstances

      99% of Law Enforcement agencies use hollow points since when they need to use their gun it means they are using deadly force and they don’t want to risk pass through collateral damage to innocents. Please do some research before posting.

      • DL

        They don’t give a damn about pass thru or innocents they want stopping power.

        • widerstances

          Stopping power is the number one reason to use hollow points. the others are secondary. What is your point?

      • Buster the Anatolian

        The point is widerstances your original claim that the reason for hollow point ammo is to prevent pass thru.

        “… they are using deadly force and they don’t want to risk pass through collateral damage to innocents.”

    • widerstances

      Here are the details of the diabolical plot of the DHS-

      and here is a link to the NOAA OLE which is the office of law enforcement –

      They have a group called the fisheries police and they have to patrol thousands of miles of shoreline. They run into poachers and illegal foresters all the time. They need to be armed and they need to know how to shoot. I amazed that the sheeple out there still take the crap spewed by Beck and Hannity as gospel. I guess it comes under the same bumper sticker I recently saw ”Vote Republican. It’s easier than thinking.”

      • Patrick Tiekamp

        And the military personnel are denied hollow points because of the Geneva Convention.I suspect that we should be prepared for a bloody revolution due to Obama’s bias.

    • Robert Smith


      Simple answer: So they can shoot back.


      • phideaux

        More likely so they can shoot first.

    • Bruce Waddell

      Hollow point is pretty much the standard for home defense and police work. Jacketed ammo is primarily used for range practice.

  • CEO

    I wonder what the historical ammunition purchases have been for these federal agencies? If there is a substantial increase in purchases then I would be concerned.

    Any report of requests for quotes for additional fire arms?

    • widerstances

      dozens across the entire govt. They buy in bulk. Grenades, tanks, bullets. Click on the opportunities tab and you can search open for bids and rewarded contracts going back to the Bush Administration. here is a link.

      This is no crazy conspiracy. it the govt trying to save money on things they buy. God forbid someone buys a $500 hammer so Hannity can blather about it on Faux.

  • Tom Cook

    Maybe the first communist is planning for social chaos when he loses the election–probably a good time to excommunicate him–with prejudice as necessary.

    • mark

      You can’t excommunicate him, Tom. Obama’s not Catholic. Do you mean impeach him?

      • Opal the Gem

        Since a very simple definition of excommunicate means to cut off or throw out the term would be appropriate.

  • http://none B. Cool

    it appears that an order has gone out to arm all Federal employees. Someone should try to find out which other Departments have ammunition orders and even weapons. I guess i’ll treat my rural postal carrier with a little more respect.

  • loboviejo


    The NOAA purchase is for the Fisheries Office Law Enforcement Division, not the Weather Service. .40 S&W JHP is the standard law enforcement load much like

    The DHS procurement contracts are for the Federal Law Enforcement Training Centers which train all federal agencies (except FBI) and select state and local personnel. This is actually scarrier than many scenarios in that they are moving toward a national police force,

  • Brian

    If every federal agency is buying up ammunition, perhaps this is the Obama administrations way of bypassing our second amendment. We get to keep our guns, but there won’t be any ammunition to use them!

  • hambone

    that kind of makes since now days. Although you can’t shoot the weather for noncooperation. Everything is becoming more and more insane, hardly anything makes any since anymore. It’s kind of like a big brain f*** that everyone is having.

    • Concerned Citizen

      Your confusion is INTENTIONAL. Its called system overload! Bottom up, Top Down, Inside Out.

  • Larry K.

    I think the gov. agentsys are getting prepared for the armed citizens when the gov. declairs martial law.

    • http://yahoo bob peters

      you mall better wake up! you are about to witness communism! If obama appears to be losing the election anything will be on the table..Including a created incident and then Martial Law!

      • mark

        Keep dreaming your paranoid fantasies. This is never going to happen, bob. The election will be held and he whoever gets the most electoral votes will win. I call it a 288-250 win for Obama but this one is still very much up for grabs.

      • Patrick Tiekamp

        And we have had created incidents of shootings of innocent people in movie theaters etc.

      • John Woodbury

        Keep dreamin’ Mark, I am sure many Jewish people said, “Oh, no, nothing will happen to us, Hitler is such a nice boy.” Or as PT said, “There is one born ever second.”

  • widerstances

    Is there a filter on this site for facts or websites that offer facts? I am exercising my constitutional right to free speech. I thought this was Liberty Alert. There has been nothing in my comments that required moderation but they rarely get published. They are not hateful or vitriolic. I am disappointed. Talk the talk and walk the walk for freedom.

    • Bob Livingston

      Dear widerstances,

      You write: “There has been nothing in my comments that required moderation but they rarely get published.” I see dozens of posts by you. No one is stopping you from exercising your “constitutional right to free speech.” However, we have filters that flag spam. Spam often contains multiple links. Many of your posts contain multiple links. Posts with multiple links are flagged as spam until such time as the moderator has time to check them for authenticity.

      Best wishes,

      • widerstances

        Hi Bob, Thanks for the posting policy clarification. I will avoid double links in the future. The site is a fascinating look into the buying habits of the vast military industrial complex. Extremely specific requirements for most items. And they solicit bids from small business which helps create jobs for those businesses.

  • Concerned Citizen

    Why dont’ people just take BHO for his word, when he stated he “wanted a Civilian Militia STRONGER than the military”. It’s quite simple he controls the Civilian Militia and can order it to do his deeds through regulations, whereas, he CANNOT utilize the military for this puropose. He seems to be actively building his civilian militia as he stated he wanted.

    • Mike In N H.

      Right, Whom also wanted to create and did create a Civilian Militia?
      Answer: Adolf Hitler before WW 2 in Nazi Germany. He created 1st the Brown Shirts, then the Gestapo. The Brown Shirts were the Strong Arm Soldiers of the Nazi Party.

      Seems Obam is taking this part of History of a Facist Nation, Nazi Germany, and putting it into his Own Playbook.

      Also, What other Historical Figures also resorted to creating Civilian Militia to Enforce Political Party Mandidates ?

      [1] The Red Guard in Communist Russia by Stalin To Control the Populace and get rid of his Enemies.
      [2] Red Chinese Youth Cadre,,, were armed Thugs created by Mao to control his subjects
      Counter Revolutionaries.
      [3] In Cambodia you had the “Youth Cadre” there who were armed by Pol Pot remember the Killing Fields? They kidnapped all the village chiefs, local politicians, teachers, Dr’s, Lawyers, etc, Marched them into the Rice Paddies and Forced them into Re Education Camps. Those who refused to go along were SHOT DEAD. I spoke with those who escaped Cambodia personally with a U.S. Senator during the Congressional Investigation.
      Have met many peaceful Cambodians who converted to Christianity and escaped their homeland to come to the USA for Religious Freedom Much Like the Early Colonial Puritians.
      [4] Castro also had his Communist Youth Cadre, Counter Revolutionaries who are armed and Terrorified the general population.

      SO, IF Obama is Following the FACIST Playbook, that is something we have to Monitor Very Closely. There are Many FEMA And now DHS Holding Facilities and Camps around this naiton out of reach for normal civilians with no connections. There are holding facilities built stories below major urban airports, Such as one of the biggest airports in Texas has one several stories underground. The General Public Doesn’t know or understand about what is going on,. because those of us who know and are Whistle Blowers are Branded by both the Govt. in charge and there lamestream media as Conspiracry Theorists. Some of the People I try to explain this to even in small digestible bites give me either the Deer in the Headlights Look or Label me a Conspiracry Nut or RightWingNut. And go back to Watching their regular scheduled programing, the Latest Garbage in Cable, Sports 24/7, the Jersey Shore, KaTRASHIANS, etc. etc. You get the Idea. …. Better to be Prepared with the Truth, Knowledge and Unstandering, supplies and know how to defend youselves and families when the time comes to really to do so besides posting on the Internet with like minded People.

      • widerstances

        The whole civilian militia thing was taken out of context and has been refuted on bipartisan fact checking websites.

        The last time I checked I still have my guns and I have not been forced by the government to marry a gay person. I think we give way too much credit to their ability to control the population. I have 12 gauge rifled slugs and 000 buckshot. I am looking into a Taurus Judge for home defense. It can chamber a 3″ .410 shell. I will be fine. I live in rural America.

      • independent thinker

        “He created 1st the Brown Shirts, then the Gestapo. The Brown Shirts were the Strong Arm Soldiers of the Nazi Party.”

        You are partly correct. The Brown Shirts (or SA) were the “police” arm of the party until shortly after Hitler became Chancelor. The SA was disbanded and the SS which had originaly been a part of the SA took over. Many of the original SA were killed because they knew too much and/or were an embarasement to the party. It is much more complicated than I have room to cover here but this is a very simple explanation of the situation.

        • Mike In N H.

          You are Correct. BUT I do not have the time nor inclination to write a long drawn out history lesson for those who are in Dire Need to Read it. I tried to give a Summary. The SS Murdered the Brown Shirt’s and Their Leaders on what is called “the Night of the Long Knives”. That was a final stroke as Hitler took over and eliminated all his Political Enemes all the same time.

          WE Should all Remember that for Two Important Reasons, So it Doesn’t Happen to US and
          if need be, Those Tyrants that Turn this Nation Into an Open Facist Nation have to be Eliminated without the Nation desending into Total Rebellion and Chaos. This is From a Historical Standpoint. So Don’t start dialing DHS,,,, We already know what too many Zealots will do,,, go after the Wrong People. I am Old Enough to remember the stories my parents and grandparents, aunts and uncles told me about WW 2 first hand. And those who
          had to fight their way out of Hungry against the Russian Troops. Those who Fought against the Nazi contolled Arrow Cross in Hungry when they fought with the Underground.
          They were captured by the Arrow Cross and Tortured taken by the SS to the Camps. And escaped Death when at the end of the War Patton’s 3rd Army along with British Troops liberated the camp they were in. When I was age 18 I met them and saw the tatoo serial
          numbers on their arms, before I had been assigned a draft number for he Vietnam War.
          I heard first hand from them and other relatives who fought their way out of Hungry. And also first hand from Cuban Refugees who Fought in the Bay Of Pigs Fasico,. Just as in
          the Hungarian Revolt against the Russians. The US Promised them Air Cover and Further Support that Never Came. The Cuban Americans who were Trained in FLA were left to
          die on the beach or captured by Casto’s Troops. Others survived by a miricle to talk about it later. I know a lot of this not just from reading history books either… from knowing those who were There.

          Too Many Americans are ignorant of the History of the U.S. and of the 20th Century who are born in that era and those born after the Baby Boomers are Very Ingorant of Our World and U.S. History. i.e, Gen X, Gen Y and Gen Z…. for the Most Part too Absorbed with
          themselves, Material Things, like the Video and Computer Games, I Pods, I Phones, Etc.

          Not all of them of course, Not those who Volunteered for the Gulf Wars,,, and service in the
          National and State Guards,, Or their Families, They are exempt from my comments.


    This “SUBTERFUGE” by Obama and the democrat machine is as obvious as the fake Birth Certificate!
    The plan is to DISARM We the People . . . . . what good are ALL of our guns if there is no available ammo to buy?

    • mark

      Right now private American citizens have tens of millions of rounds of ammo and over three hundred million firearms. They will continue however to use all this firepower on one another – and not on anyone trying take away their guns. Therein lies the tragedy. Over twenty thousand Americans die every year from this private citizen violence as a result. We see example after example everyday.

      • vicki

        Mark writes:
        “Over twenty thousand Americans die every year from this private citizen violence as a result. We see example after example everyday.”

        And with over 300 MILLION (your numbers btw) firearms out there in the hands of private citizens it is obvious to the casual observer that firearms are totally inadequate to the task that liberals claim firearms are designed for.

        After all if firearms are made for killing why are there are only ~20,000 people killed every year?

        Another interesting question the liberals hate to answer is that if firearms are made for killing why do all those federal agencies need them at all?

      • mark

        Vicki, only 20,000 killed?! That is the highest per capita death total of any major industrialized nation by a multiplier of 20 times or more. Great Britain which has very strict gun ownership laws had 65 gun deaths last year. Japan with even stricter anti-gun laws had 3.

        • rocquedog

          Would you like to know what the body count would be if guns were oulawed??? The criminals will ALWAYS get guns. I have been to countries that outlaw firearms. Where they have No Knock Search Warrants, where they have roadblocks outside of cities where they’re searching for guns. It is also where you have had foriegn ambassadores/dignitaries and there bodyguards gunned down in the middle of the day in the Capital cities. Where you have banks being robbed by thugs brandishing fully automatic weapons, gun fights in the middle of the cities, and on and on.
          You might also want to be aware that of those 20,000 killed in the US, many are other bad guys, gang members, etc.

      • Bob Livingston

        Dear mark,

        You write: “Over twenty thousand Americans die every year from this private citizen violence as a result. We see example after example everyday.” This is a lie.

        Best wishes,

      • widerstances

        It was only 8,775. We are not trying hard enough.

      • mark

        Dear Bob,

        Your statistics fail to take into account the several thousand gun-related suicides and accidental deaths that push the total numbers up to near 20,000.

        Best Wishes,


      • Vicki

        mark says:
        “Dear Bob,

        Your statistics fail to take into account the several thousand gun-related suicides and accidental deaths that push the total numbers up to near 20,000.”

        Would it make you feel any better if they had jumped out a window?
        (Good point Archie :) )
        Oh and I notice that mark did avoid the question:

        Why do all those federal agencies need guns? They would just increase the rates mark pretends to be so concerned about.

      • Buster the Anatolian

        “Would it make you feel any better if they had jumped out a window?”

        Of course he would feel better about it if they jumped to their death. In a mark’s liberal mind you are at least twice as dead if shot so any other means of death is preferable.

      • HH

        mark, did you know that there are more private gun owners in the USA than ANY other nation on the planet? Wikipedia estimates about 88 gun per 100 homes. I personally think that estimate low because I know several gun owners who have over 50 guns in their arsenal. Wiki answers estimates over 260 million LEGAL private gun owners in the USA.

        Did you also know that the USA doesn’t even rank in the top 100 nations in gun related homicides per ca pita?

        If gun ownership was the cause of higher homicide rates then we Americans SHOULD have the HIGHEST rate in the world right? Not so according to the statistics, our PRIVATE gun ownership is what keeps the homicide rate down here in the good ole US of A!

        Also, the highest percentage of homicides committed in the USA are gang related using illegal guns and NOT by private LEGAL gun owners!

        • rocquedog

          And the states that have the most liberal laws pertaining to firearms ownership/carry, have the lowest per capita crimes with guns. Ain’t that special!

      • HH

        mark says, “Your statistics fail to take into account the several thousand gun-related suicides and accidental deaths that push the total numbers up to near 20,000″.

        mark, FYI, suicides typically make up 56.5% of ALL gun deaths in the USA according to the information available circa 2006 at Bureau Of Justice Statistics. Drugs and suicides account for more than 2 out of every 3 gun deaths in the USA.

        So your reference to “private citizen violence” (which I assume would mean a violent crimes committed on another individual with a gun) should be omitted from your statistics along with suicides. In light of that, the number of private citizen, violent gun deaths would be probably as low as 5 or 6 thousand instead of 20,000!

        I know in your liberal mind you’re trying to show us how dangerous guns are, on the contrary guns are way less dangerous than an incompetent automobile driver. You are much more likely to be killed by an incompetent driver than you are to be shot by a criminal and your chances of being shot by a law abiding citizen carrying a concealed weapon is virtually nil.

        The ONLY way to reduce gun violence is through education NOT confiscation!


    Get out there and buy all the ammo you can get your Liberty Lovin hands on!!!


    Beat em at their own game.


    And then Vote for:

    • mark

      Romney favored gun control as governor of Massachusetts. His state had some of the strictest state gun laws in the country. Don’t you know this?

      • stevor

        BOTH parties are OWNED by the Elite. They’re just two legs of the same Monster.

  • stevor

    I guess this is kind of like Fast & Furious where they order guns (or bullets) with the PLAN to “let” some unscrupulous group (governmental agency such as Homeland Security or FEMA) happen to get them and not have accountability.

    • mark

      No actually the guns went to Mexican drug gangs. Haven’t you been reading the papers or watching the news? Don’t forget Mexicans want to have freedom also. This is why they need guns. By allowing them to by all the guns they want, we are helping them to preserve their freedom. You should be proud of your gov’t for doing this.

      • stevor

        I was being facetious. I KNOW that Holder SENT the guns to the gangs so he could complain about the 2nd amendment.

      • HH

        stevor, mark has NO clue! He says, “Don’t forget Mexicans want to have freedom also. This is why they need guns. By allowing them to by all the guns they want, we are helping them to preserve their freedom”.

        mark, those guns went to DRUG dealers NOT Mexican citizens. Drug cartels use these guns to kill the police and civilians who get in their way! It’s against the law for a Mexican citizen to own a pistol larger than .38 cal or any military style rifle.

  • Eddie G.

    I get beefs from customers all the time about needing .40 and .45 cal ammo and we don’t have but little in stock. I really get tired of these boneheads being so politically ignorant they voted for a Marxist gun grabber then beef about no ammo available. They truly believe the regime is not trying to do anything against the people,that most federal agencies use armed agents. There’s already plenty of letters from libs here as testimony to that. Those same sorry souls seriously believe their government is almighty and works in their best interests. Like it or not, the communist subversion of America has been underway for decades. Obama is bringing it to it’s final fruition of total dominance by killing domestic energy availability,limiting mobility with high fuel costs,chastising productivity and rewarding idleness for the short term while putting the costs on the backs of those who are working,inflating the money supply thereby devaluing the dollar,ignoring the Constitution and Congress while assuming dictatorial power,and more. In the second four years of the regime a purge will take the idle freeloaders off to FEMA death camps, the remaining workers now disarmed will be enslaved to provide for government and taxed to death leaving little for family support,farms will be collectivized,and everything that used to exist in Russia will be resumed in what used to be the United States of America. Think not? Too far fetched for you libbies? Better start reading history! Find out what Hitler did with gays. The Obama Regime encourages gay behavior,marriages,etc. so they know where all the gays are to give them the same fate Hitler did. The best way to accomplish the finality of the coup is of course to buy up all available ammunition and disarm the people at the same time. Obama said on TV as I watched in his previous campaign,”We must disarm”. Get it now?????

    • mark

      Nice, cuckoo bird paranoid fantasy, Eddie. Seek medical help. You can get psychiatric counseling. This will help you better your life and make things a lot safer for your friends, family, and community. Don’t delay. Guns are not the answer. Seek medical aid. It is not hopeless. You can get help.

      • stevor

        So, you seem to be another Obot troll. Do you get paid to do that or just do it due to fear of facing what’s happening around you?

      • Daveh234

        Most things EddieG seems to believe have been proven to be false already.
        Very limited scope to his argument.
        Not sensible but psychotic babble, IMHO.

      • phideaux

        mark and Robert Smith why doin’t you show us where he is wrong. Be sure to be specific with sources and links.

  • mark

    They have to buy more ammo. All the loony bird American people are, so they have to also – to protect themselves from them. This is a killer country. We hire hundreds of thousands of men and women to kill for us overseas. And tens of thousands of private U.S. citizens kill constantly here at home. Best for everyone to be armed in Killer Town America. This includes gov’t employees. Postal delivery men and women should also be armed. Right now lots carry pepper spray and tazers but they need assault weapons. The NRA agrees. Just because you work for the government doesn’t mean you lose your Second Amendment Rights. You, too, have the right to kill.

    • stevor

      You ought to read up (if capable) about how our forefathers created the 2nd amendment to stop TYRANNY.

      • mark

        Right, this is why the Mexican drug gangs are the freeest people on earth. They each have a dozen firearms or more a piece. This is what makes them free.

  • 45caliber

    I saw an article this morning that specified that the Weather Bureau is not getting the bullets. They are going to game wardens. But it wouldn’t surprise me. Why should the IRS need armed accountants? But they have them.

    • mark

      You’re right. This whole thing is a bullcrap story designed to gin up paranioa on the far right, conservative/libertarian wing. But then again, so are practically all the stories on this site.

      • Bob Livingston

        Dear mark,

        You write: “But then again, so are practically all the stories on this site.” The articles and columns on this site hit so close to the truth that the PTBs pay shills like you, Flashy, nc, Capitalist at Birth and others to come and spout standard talking points on a daily basis.

        Best wishes,

      • mark

        Dear Bob,

        Nobody pays me. I do this with pleasure. And for the enlightenment of my fellow posters.

        Best Wishes,


      • Vicki

        mark says:
        “Nobody pays me. I do this with pleasure. And for the enlightenment of my fellow posters.”

        Then provide us with some actual wisdom sometime just for our enlightenment. But keep in mind we are a skeptical crowd so just your claim that you are enlightening us is not likely to impress.

  • David Lakatos

    This is one crapped up world and getting worse by the day.

  • slapjack

    The UuhBUMMER is arming his minions for the assualt on the American who doesn’t want his Kool Aid. He better be careful who he shoots 51 % is Keeping 49 % that only leaves 2 % to target practice with. The Kenyan Prick must go now.

    • mark

      Hey where are the anti-obscenites standards of the blog against slapjack’s comments.? Why isn’t his post taken down? Oh I forgot, it wasn’t made against any of the authors or against any right-wing or libertarian figure or policy. Sorry, I forgot about the double standards here.

  • mark

    Hey don’t forget the currrent West Nile virus mosquito epidemic sweeping the nation. Most of the fatal casualties are from Texas, a big red state. This is another Obama conspiracy. Obama is going to kill off all the red state voters using ingeniously trained, gov’t-employed mosquitoes! And those little flying bugs are hard to shoot no matter how many guns you have. Wake up people! Wake up Liberty Digest. We need an investigative team and a new article on this latest NWO, evil U.S gov’t conspiracy of Obama’s!

    • Vicki

      If you don’t think PLD is covering your so important story go start your own weblog. We’ll see how long you find pleasure in “enlightening” the crowd you collect there.

  • gunner689AI

    If they shoot as well as they forecast the weather we don’t have much to worry about.

    • Daveh234

      Maybe the Weathermen are trying to combat Global Warming the only way they can. Some people in this country won’t let any other methods happen because it must be a conspiracy by wacko greenies.

      • mark

        Yeah but the wacko greenies like most lefty outfits are never armed. It is the rightwing groups, white supremacists, militias, posse commitatus, and survivalist groups that are all armed to the teeths, pissed-off, and fuming.

        • rocquedog

          “FUMING” isn’t the word for it!!!

      • Daveh234

        Mark, the “Greenies” are so scary that if they don’t get met forcefully they might be allowed to get some reasonable argument put forward and then we’ll all have to succumb to the reality in the argument.

      • widerstances

        The greenies will kill you with too much patchoulie, stinky sandals and tie-dye

    • HH

      Good one gunner, I laughed till my sides hurt!!! LOL

  • Craig

    If someone could answer a couple simple questions it might shed some more light on this. Since those government angencies have armed “Law Enforcement officers” they should have had firearms training in the past. So there should be order forms for large amounts of ammo in the past, right? Can anyone find those request?

    Why didn’t all the facilities that were ordering ammo also order targets? The order for Wall NJ. sounds legit, 6,000 rounds of FRANGIBLE ammo and 100 targets. That’s bacisly a 60 round qual course for 100 staff. And they are requesting FRANGIBLE ammo which is a good target ammo for an indoor range.

    But the other two places, Elworth and Bedford are asking for hollow point ammo. That is a waste of our tax dollars shooting up hollowpoints to qualify.

    Same thing goes for SSA, they should have a paper trail for ordering ammo and WHY didn’t they order any targets for all that ammo. I’m just saying……

    So if this is the first time the goverment is ordering ammo for them, I have a concern.

    • Daveh234

      So you prefer to have some form of gun control instituted?

    • mark

      Craig, It’s not the first time. Since the 1980s anti-government groups, militias, posse comitatus groups, etc that call for anti-gov’t violence as a means of self-defense have been steadily growing. So have the rates of individual citizens gun ownership – to the point that there are an estimated 300 million guns out there. Incidents like Ruby Ridge, Waco, and the Oklahoma City Federal Buliding bombing have created this kind of escalating arms race on both sides. The result is that gov’t agents and officials going out among the public to do their jobs, investigations, inspections, etc. have increasingly felt the need to be armed. Because they know that so many of the citizens they interact with are also armed – and ideologically hostile toward them. This has been going on for several decades now. Just take simple police stops. Thirty years ago when the police pulled you over on the highway or some street, they did not automatically take out their pistol and aim it at you as they approached your car for your license and registration. Now they do this all the time. Tragically as a result, we have had more motorists accidentally killed by police officers for routine speeding and refusal-to-pull-over offenses.

      Our police and gov’t officials are increasingly jumpy and trigger-happy because they know the chances are high that most people they encounter have a gun. This why local police, state and federal law enforcement agencies are among the strongest advocates for some kind of reasonable gun ownership restrictions. But they all know that there is absolutely zero chance politically of this ever happening. Even a strongly liberal president like Barak Obama has in three and a half years introduced absolutely zero new federal gun restrictions. Because he knows it is political suicide to do so given the power of the NRA. So we now live in the ideal world that the NRA has always aspired to, one in which practically everyone is armed and angry – individual, mistrustful citizens and increasing numbers of city, state, and federal employees. And the frightening death tolls we see will inevitably rise as a result.

      • Jay

        Hmm, and you accuse conservatives of fear-mongering and being pessimistic. If you are looking for help to rid yourself of your pessimist ways; stop. No one cares about you, why would they want to research your stupid condition? They’d never find a way to help either, it’s hopeless and idiotic to even attempt to rid the world of pessimism, so don’t cash out 4 grand a month for a therapist, use the money to buy a expensive car or something, that’ll make you feel good about yourself. Seriously.

      • phideaux

        “Incidents like Ruby Ridge, Waco, and the Oklahoma City Federal Buliding bombing have created…”

        Ruby Ridge and Waco were government operations against innocent civilians. There are many who believe Oklahoma City was in fact a government ordered (false flag) event. So, in light of this the civilian population of the US has every right to be worried and interested in owning firearms

      • HH

        mark, where do you get these ludicrous ideas? You’re so far off base the pitcher would have to turn around to pitch to you!

        You said, “Just take simple police stops. Thirty years ago when the police pulled you over on the highway or some street, they did not automatically take out their pistol and aim it at you as they approached your car for your license and registration. Now they do this all the time”.

        What part of the country do you live in? I live in Atlanta and I’ve been pulled over a couple times in the past few year for minor traffic infractions and they have NEVER pulled their gun out! Furthermore, as soon as I let them know that I have a concealed weapon and show them my CCW license everything is cool! It actually opens up conversation unrelated to the traffic stop and ultimately they only give me a verbal warning!

        You also state, “Tragically as a result, we have had more motorists accidentally killed by police officers for routine speeding and refusal-to-pull-over offenses”.

        Do you have statistics on that statement? I believe there are more policemen killed by criminals who have illegal guns during “routine” traffic stops than there are motorist killed by LEO’s!

        Then you say this, “Our police and gov’t officials are increasingly jumpy and trigger-happy because they know the chances are high that most people they encounter have a gun. This why local police, state and federal law enforcement agencies are among the strongest advocates for some kind of reasonable gun ownership restrictions”.

        You are not even close on that statement, it’s quite the opposite! MOST law enforcement agencies would PREFER that there were more LEGAL gun owners. It makes their job easier! Check these statistics:

        Myth: Police favor gun control
        Fact: 94% of law enforcement officials believe that citizens should be able to purchase firearms for self-defense and sporting purposes.
        Fact: 65.8% believe there should be no gun rationing, such as ‘one gun per month’ schemes.
        Fact: 97.9% of officers believe, that through illegal means, criminals are able to obtain any type of firearm.
        Fact: “Gun control has not worked in Washington D.C. The only people who have guns are criminals. We have the strictest gun laws in the nation and one of the highest murder rates. It’s quicker to pull your Smith & Wesson than to dial 911 if you’re being robbed.”

        And you make this statement, “So we now live in the ideal world that the NRA has always aspired to, one in which practically everyone is armed and angry – individual, mistrustful citizens and increasing numbers of city, state, and federal employees. And the frightening death tolls we see will inevitably rise as a result”.

        Far from what the NRA wants which is to have nation wide constitutional carry and YES we’re mad! Mad at the lunatics like you that are afraid of guns so you think no one should have them but the government!

        As for the death tolls…….. they have actually fallen since the NRA has been on this campaign!

  • EHeassler, USN-Ret.

    This is how the DHS is masking the true amount of the ammunition it is purchasing. The question still remaining for them to answer is, “Who do they intend to shoot with all of this ammo?

    • mark

      And who are increasing numbers of private citizens who have purchased massive amounts of ammo in the past few years, intending to shoot, Mr. EHeassler? In their own minds, criminals and gov’t authorities tryiing to take away their guns. But in reality as we all know, and statistics bear out, they will use this ammo instead on their friends, family members, themselves through accidents and suicides, and totally innocent and defenseless fellow citizens in movie theaters, places of worship, schools, and restaurants – not against criminals and gov’t agents trying to take away their guns. But as we also all know often perception is stronger than reality. So gun and ammo purchases will continue to skyrocket in one of the most heavily armed, and dangerous societies on earth – the United States of America – or as I prefer to call it (and this website bears out my choice), the Republic of Fear.

      • Action not Words

        Why should we live in fear? After all we’re Americans and our government is bond to protect our rights as US citizens. It says so in the Constitution and the Bill of Rights. Our government would never use the military to police our streets or local law enforcement to disband peaceful protests.They would never try to take away our rights of free speech,to bear arms, taxation without representation.. We don’t have to worry about being lied to or manipulated all in the name of protecting us and the American way of life from terrorists,lunatics,evil doers or ourselves. In other words anyone who they feel doesn’t agree with the way they decide we should live,speak,think,work,spend,eat,smoke…. They would never redfine the constitution or Bill of Rights to the point that our once upon a time freedoms would be considered illegal activities or worse terrorist actions. They would never jeopardize American lives to enforce their agendas or opinions of democracy on uwanting governments or citizens of another country. Anyone who believes these types of things actually do happen,at the hands of our law makers, must be terrorists, conspiracy theory nut jobs,dissidents,traitors….. or maybe they are just quicker to accept the unbelivable truth that all the dots connect back to… nevermind … GO AHEAD GIVE EM YOUR GUNS.. their not getting mine!!!!!!!

      • beths

        Mark every blog has one or more individuals who love being on-stage and monopolizing the blog.

        I personally read comments about an article to obtain view points from other readers. Do you feel you can not express yourself within one or two comments? I understood your perspective the first time. Do you think pounding your view point is impressing others – personally it makes me tag you as a ‘blow-hard’ and tune you out!

      • Vicki

        mark says:
        “And who are increasing numbers of private citizens who have purchased massive amounts of ammo in the past few years, intending to shoot, Mr. EHeassler? ”

        They are doing their duty as members of the militia and supplying their own arms as is also their duty. There intent is to be well regulated (That would be well practiced (range time) ) so that they may exercise good gun control when they must shoot to stop criminals, tyrants and minions thereof.

        Their intent is to shoot no one. Their intent is to be ready to shoot to defend themselves, family and community.

  • SJJolly

    NOAA purchasing ammunition, and DHS stockpiling ammunition and amonium nitrate, worries me much less than if a number of commentors above did the same!

  • northbrook

    My question is Why? Is this another waste of taxpayer $$ ? Or is there some thing the American citizens need to become aware of ?

  • Whitedove


  • MasterBlaster

    You sure this isn’t a plot to buy up all the ammo so civilians can’t have access to it? After all, the liberal leftist are hell bent into doing away with the 2nd Amendment, this way it will make it a lot easier. I own a .357, so maybe they can funnel a couple of boxes my way…am just sayin

  • Aaron

    These are not just practice rounds to hone shooting skills or to train rookies. They are hollow point rounds intended for one purpose to stop someone. The questions would be to stop someone from what? Or to prepare for what? You can explain away all reasons logical or conspiratorial. But why is our toft buying so many rounds of hollow point ammo!

  • Jay

    The main cause of global warming is the well-known poisonous gas carbon dioxide (molecular formula: C-666-O2). There is more of it in the air than there used to be, we know that combustion, smokestacks, and buttholes emit it, and we know that flasks containing pure carbon dioxide get pretty fricking hot. Ergo, a human-caused apocalypse.

    Btw, Human causation is irrefutably proven by the fact that all the other planets in our solar system are experiencing comparable climate changes.

    “Global warming happens every year in the spring and continues through summer”
    ~ Gemma Freeman on endothermic processes

    Scientists first observed global warming in 1895. Then in 1920 they said it was global cooling. Then in 1935 they said there was global warming, but then in 1975 they said it was the verge of a new Ice Age but then it became global warming again. But that is all old news. Let’s stop talking about discredited work and move on to the real history.

    One summer morning, scientists watching the expansion of mercury in a thermometer all realized: the Earth was getting hotter! If the trend continued unabated, spontaneous fires would start everywhere and entire forests, jungles, and cities would burn down. It was simple arithmetic. Their eyes met and they knew they were all thinking the same thing: A soft life through endless government research grants. Lifetime sinecures not just for cousins of legislators! This was the first case of scientific consensus.

    In fact, science previously had not been conducted through votes and consensus at all. These scientists reached an equally unprecedented conclusion that has echoed through legislative hearing rooms ever since: The science is settled!

    The crisis that previously went entirely unnoticed now sparked urgent questions like “How do we stop this?” asked by young men anxious to never again have to grade freshman Physics exams.

    Billions were spent on scientific research, despite the absence of a “control” planet without humans to which to compare industrialized Earth.

    The researchers all backed one man to unite people to fight the global crisis: Al Gore. He raised global awareness by traveling, with a huge entourage, to various locations in his private jet and large SUVs (which were kept running at all times, just in case) and making speeches. Gore won the first Nobel Peace Prize ever awarded merely for a really great sales job.

    Gore, later found to be a key cause of global warming, proposed that one person might live a harmful lifestyle in good conscience by paying someone else to adopt a less harmful lifestyle, much as a colonial American drafted to fight in the Civil War had paid the village fool $10 to take his place. The two people together would have the same carbon footprint as before.

    The adaptable Gore started one of the first markets in such “carbon credits.” They let any high-consumption American absolve his guilt with a cash payment to through Gore.

    Various states began mandating the purchase of carbon credits. Coincidentally, Gore amassed a fortune rather impossible given the paltry pension of American Vice Presidents.

    After some time thermometers began to show lower temperatures. This could only mean one thing: The Earth was getting colder again. Effects of global cooling, such as absence of the predicted effects of warming, needed to be explained as a counter-intuitive, indirect effect of all the warming.

    In the nick of time, scientists devised a better gimmick: Don’t call it “global warming”–call it “global climate change”!

    The movement was saved, and Gore was in line for another Nobel for a second brainstorm any pitch-man would be proud of.

  • Chris

    The weather agency isn’t what concerns me. It’s the FBI,CIA,DHS,TSA and all the rest of the defense departments that concern me when it comes to high volume bullet purchases.

  • gunner689AI

    Maybe the weathermen need to carry for self protection. Think of all the weddings, reunions, picnics, fishing trips, graduation parties, and other family outings they’ve ruined by lousy weather forecasting.

  • jopa

    BREAKING NEWS : The guns and ammo were ordered by the weather service due to the ten day forecast.It’s supposed to rain cats and dogs for several days and they don’t have enough Kibbles & Bits to go around.I will get bark to you later when I get more details, f this ain’t the cats meow in journalism I don’t know what is.

  • Deerinwater

    I was not aware the 40 cal. pistol round was that popular. That is lot of unnecessary gun to tote around professionally when a 357 mag. is much lighter. Is the Desert Eagle still the only 357 auto-loader available? Then too, a hot load in a 9mm. will offer much the same affect.

    As I understand it, Glock ~~well never mind ~ I answered my own question.

    The Fed buys in bulk, always has, even $300.00 commode seats!

    Averaging 60 rounds per. month per officer should not be out of the ordinary. When I was a commissioned peace officer, 60 rounds was what it took to maintain a professional edge. I would insist that it’s good to understand officers know how to use such equipment very well.

  • Jay

    Gun control was invented by the liberal watchdogs to ensure that the Red States never again attempted to secede from the Union. It was also created to deter logic from ever entering the debate on Criminology.

    Seeing as how armed criminals have a penchant for felony murder, rape, and robbery, liberals were certain that misdemeanor gun charges would deter them from carrying guns. These rules are easily enforced since everyone knows that all guns used in crimes are purchased in federally licensed gun stores by licensed individuals who register the guns are leave the serial number intact.

    There is no way that criminals would purchase or steal unregistered, black-market firearms with their numbers filed off.

    Keeping guns away from homeowners with families to protect makes perfect sense because they can always call the police. That is, assuming that they wake up in time and the police are just a block away. Like the police motto goes, “when seconds count, we’re just minutes away.”

    Guns are bad because:

    Guns kill people, much in the same way that pencils make spelling mistakes and computers commit internet fraud.

    If you use a gun to defend your life, there is a 100% chance that the criminal will disarm you and use your own gun against you, even though the criminal will probably be carrying a weapon of his own.

    The average law abiding citizen does not have the skill required to use a gun in self defence properly. Guns are extremely complicated devices, that can only be used properly by Nasa trained, super-police officers.

    Guns are an extremely easy and simple way for criminals to murder people.

    We must ban all guns because there are thousands of unstable lunatics out there who will get hold of them and kill dozens of innocent people.

    Those who argue that they need guns to defend themselves from unstable lunatics are clearly paranoid.

    Only the police and military can be trusted with guns. Be warned, pro-gunners (AKA Pro baby murderers) will try to tell you that the most deadly shooting spree in history was carried out a by a South Korean police officer using police issue weapons. This is a lie. No police officer or military person has ever abused their position or had a mental breakdown and kill a bunch of people, ever.

    Many of the worlds most rational and balanced politicians in history have been strongly in favour of and have implemented strict gun control, all to the imense benefit of their peoples:

    Adolf Hitler
    Benito Mussolini
    Mao Zedong
    Josef Stalin
    Pol Pot
    Idi Amin
    Fidel Castro
    Kim Jong Il
    Joe Biden
    Lucy Cope
    Tony Blair
    Rep. Carolyn McCarthy
    Barack Hussein Obama
    Sen. Charles Schumer
    N.Y.C.Mayor.Michael Bloomberg
    William Jefferson(Bill)Clinton
    Muammar Gaddafi
    Robert Mugabe
    Francisco Franco
    editFamous Pro-Gun Advocates

    Some people, nearly always unstable maniacs who live in trailer parks, have spoken out against gun control, such as these evil historic figures:

    Thomas Jefferson
    Mohandas Ghandi
    George Washington
    George Orwell
    The Dalai Lama
    Charlton Heston

    Some redneck fools have been critical of gun control. They have claimed that disarming a population will leave them vulnerable to naturally opportunistic criminals.

    Why nothing could be further from the truth! Criminals would have to yield to gun-free zones as they did at Columbine, NIU, Virginia Tech, Lane Bryant, and the Westroads Mall.

    Others have pointed out that important American politicians such as George Washington, Patrick Henry, Thomas Jefferson, Abraham Lincoln, and Charlton Heston have all been supporters of an armed citizenry. However, these people are dead so their opinions do not matter.

    A few whining women have complained that gun control is sexist. This is a simple minded fallacy spouted by red leader Sarah Palin. If there is anything the world has learned from anime, it’s that a 300lbs. rapist will easily be defeated by a 105 lbs, 15 year old school girl. There is hardly any case to be said that a woman might need a gun to protect herself against biologically stronger opponents.

    Since gun control frequently targets low-caliber, low-recoil, easily-concealed handguns that women favor, it is doing a great job of protecting those otherwise at-risk rapists. What kind of politician would want to have his state’s rapists at risk of armed female reprisals?

    The gun nuts who so foolishly cling to their cause of “self-defense” cite the Constitution as an excuse to remain dangerously armed. So what if the 2nd amendment says that Americans have the right to be armed? So what if the Supreme Court ruled that the right applies to individuals and not the state militias? Since when does the Supreme Court interpret the law? The Constitution says that it is their job, but no one cares.
    Everyone knows that old parchment is worthless.

    America now exists to be regulated by liberals who have your best interests at heart, just like Dr. Kevorkian. But since the liberals don’t really go by the Constitution anyway, why should they start with this part?

    Gun control supporters target a group of guns that they call assault weapons, which are rarely used in crime. The fact that they are rarely used is proof that gun control works!

    The term assault weapon was created by the liberal media to describe a group of scary guns that have military-like features. None of them have automatic fire, but since they look like they do, it is easy to say that someone will modify them to shoot that way.

    The Federal Assault Weapon Ban (expired 2004) was so successful at stopping crimes committed with assault weapons that the government did not have to renew it! The mechanics of assault weapons make them safer to use.

    Things like standard capacity magazines, pistol grips, barrel shrouds (the shoulder things that go up), flash suppressors, muzzle compensators, and telescoping stocks allow a homeowner to more readily defend their homes. Otherwise, criminals will not have a fair access to your possessions, wife, children, car, house, or a fair chance to kill you before the police arrive.

    In closing, gun control denies women and the elderly the ability to fight back against attackers. It creates a group of easy prey for criminals. It bans guns with features that make them safer. It tears a Constitutional Right straight out of the hands of citizens.

    It is also a fashionable cause that celebrities and scientologist love. In short, Gun Control makes perfect sense.

  • rightgunner

    Very interesting post, Bob. I know some folks in NOAA. One of them owned a farm nearby and used to invite us to target shoot there. He was a great guy and a good shot, but you don’t have to worry about him, he left and went to another agency.

    Most of the rest of that crowd we probably don’t have to worry about, they have been completely trained in political correctness, and most speak with that far-away look of those who know they are superior. NOAA probably will not use the 0.40 cal. with most of their “troops”, they make too big a hole in the foot. Perhaps a buy is in the works for .22’s.

    Here is a thought. This site could run a competition to describe how NOAA will use all the explosives to train dogs. The most imaginative response will win a shoe with NOAA stenciled on it and a 0.4” hole through the center.

  • 45caliber

    Now it appears that the SS group is arming too.

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