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Arizona Si, Obama No!

May 14, 2010 by  

Arizona Si, Obama No!

Bloodshed! Violence! Riots! Threats!

That’s been the reaction from the racists of La Raza, and a number of other self-proclaimed do-gooders, who claim to be outraged that the good citizens of Arizona have the unmitigated gall to do what their Federal government should be doing for them—protecting them from an alien invasion.

I have a lot to say about this whole contrived crisis, as you might imagine. And I hope you do, too. That’s what the “comments” section at the end of this column is for.

But before I do, I have one introductory item I must mention. And that is to congratulate the law-enforcement officials in New York City and environs who were so quick to identify and arrest Faisal Shahzad, the would-be terrorist who tried to blow up part of Times Square and several innocent civilians.

As many of you know, I’m not a huge fan of our government’s response to the Islamofascists who want to kill us. I sometimes suspect we’d be better off without the Department of Homeland Security, their minions in the Transportation Security Administration (TSA), the unconstitutional abuses of the USA PATRIOT Act and much more. But I have to say the people charged with protecting us seem to have done a great job this time. Thanks, everyone. (And thanks, too, that the only suicidal jihadists our enemies can attract seem to be as dumb as rocks. That certainly helps.)

And now, back to the current crisis.

Do you remember back in 1986, when Ronald Reagan proposed and Congress approved the Immigration Reform and Control Act? That legislation was supposed to solve the immigration crisis once and for all. It granted amnesty to 2.7 million “undocumented workers” then living in the United States. We were told this would set them on the path to becoming law-abiding, English-speaking, tax-paying citizens.

We were also assured that the flood of illegal immigration into this country would be stopped. Congress subsequently approved legislation to build a massive wall along the U.S.-Mexican border and to hire thousands of additional agents for the Border Patrol.

None of this happened. Not a single thing we were promised 24 years ago came true.

Instead, the flood of illegals into this country became a tsunami. Where we once had 4 million to 5 million illegal immigrants, we’re now told the correct number is somewhere between 12 million and 20 million. The number is several times higher than a pessimist’s worst prediction two decades ago. Even more shocking is that responsible authorities can’t tell us the right number to the nearest million—or even the nearest 5 million.

Whatever the correct number, it’s enough to overwhelm our schools, our hospitals, our prisons and our law enforcement officials wherever illegal aliens settle in any significant numbers.

This is not immigration. It’s an invasion. And we need to deal with it as such.

This is not just my opinion. It’s what our Constitution says. Article IV, Section 4 of the U.S. Constitution clearly states, “The United States shall guarantee to every State in this Union a republican form of government, and … shall protect each of them against invasion….”

Please note that the Constitution does not specify a military invasion or the use of arms. No, it simply says “invasion.” And if that is not what we are facing, what is it?

Shame on President Obama for refusing to do his constitutional duty to protect us from this unlawful invasion. Shame on Congress for refusing to act to defend us.

And congratulations to the people of Arizona who acted wisely and responsibly (and, may I point out, legally and constitutionally) to do what our Federal government has refused to do—that is, to protect their citizens and enforce the law.

It is amazing to me, and disgusting, too, to see how many liberal do-gooders out there are actively encouraging lawbreakers to break more laws. Sadly, I even put Obama in this category.

Let’s not let them get away with it.

Let’s demand that Congress pass legislation that will stop the invasion and demand the President enforce it. Will that mean hiring 12,000 new border guards, as President Bush once promised to do? Fine. Let’s do it. Hire them, train them and give them all the latest high-tech goodies (and old tech stuff, too, such as the vehicles, floodlights and weapons) to do the job.

Will that mean building a wall along the border with Mexico, stretching from California to Texas? Then appropriate the money and let’s finish building the darned thing.

In addition, we must tell the government of Mexico that we require its cooperation in halting the tidal wave of illegal immigration pouring out of their country—a tidal wave they have been actively encouraging. That must stop. This is not a request; this is a condition for our continuing friendship.

We must also warn the people of Mexico (and their friends, family and allies in our country) that the U.S. is going to enforce its laws. Make it clear that we will no longer look the other way or compromise on enforcing our rules and regulations. There will be no way across the border except legally. Period.

And most important of all: We must demand that our government do whatever needs to be done to secure our borders. No more excuses. No more delays. The time to act is now.

There is much more that could and should be said on this subject. As we move to resolve this crisis, let’s make sure that illegal aliens who knowingly and deliberately broke our laws aren’t given a better deal than all those applicants for entry who have played by the rules.

Let’s make it our choice who gets to come here—when, from where, how many and for how long. If we need more temporary workers, fine. Let’s decide how many can come, how long they can stay and what they must do (and not do) while they’re here.

And let’s also insist that we get to decide what to do about the millions of illegals who are already here. I’ll agree that if they’ve been law-abiding, tax-paying contributors to our society since they arrived, that deserves some consideration. But just because someone got away with a crime for years doesn’t mean they’ve earned a free pass to citizenship.

All of these issues, and more, we can debate and decide later on. For now, there is only one thing that must be done. We must secure our borders.

If you agree, then there are two things you can do. First, forward this column to several other friends and family members. Urge them to read it, to act on it and to pass it on to others.

Two, contact the three people in Washington who have been elected to represent you—your two Senators and one Representative. It takes only a moment to call their office, or send them an email, and tell them, “Before doing anything to fix the immigration mess, I demand that you secure our borders. If you won’t help stop the invasion of our country, I will elect someone who will.”

If you’re not sure how to contact your congressmen (or don’t know who they are), there’s an easy-to-use website called Contacting the Congress that will give you this information in moments. When you get to the site simply enter your address and the contact information for your representatives in Congress will appear.

It isn’t often you get an opportunity to help decide the kind of country your children and your children’s children will live in. This is one of them. So please do it now, while you’re thinking about it. And while we still have time.

Meanwhile, if you live in Arizona, please accept my congratulations on what your government is trying to do. And my condolences on the way you’re being treated by others, from the president of the U.S. to the racist rabble-rousers of La Raza.

If you don’t live in the Grand Canyon State but know someone who does, please tell them they are not alone in this battle. The vast majority of American people share their concerns. Urge them to stand fast while we rally others behind them.

Until next time, keep some powder dry.

—Chip Wood

Chip Wood

is the geopolitical editor of He is the founder of Soundview Publications, in Atlanta, where he was also the host of an award-winning radio talk show for many years. He was the publisher of several bestselling books, including Crisis Investing by Doug Casey, None Dare Call It Conspiracy by Gary Allen and Larry Abraham and The War on Gold by Anthony Sutton. Chip is well known on the investment conference circuit where he has served as Master of Ceremonies for FreedomFest, The New Orleans Investment Conference, Sovereign Society, and The Atlanta Investment Conference.

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  • clyde carter

    If oboma can get the mexicans nationalized he will be assured reelection
    next time with the mexican and the black vote.

    • Sidewinder

      Please refer to yesterdays discussion, as I hope I have provided you with better insight as to why I feel the way I do about GWB.

      And I have expanded on why I think armed Militias are a bad idea.

      • kate8

        A couple of things, Sidewinder. First, I hear you about W, and I am the last to defend him. As I said, he was just following orders from the top. I just think your personal vendetta against a puppet is a waste of energy, but if it serves you then, who am I….

        Second, I disagree about the militia. The one’s I’ve known are patriotic, balanced, honest people, many veterans and even ex-law enforcement. They are well-informed and well-connected, and know exactly what they are up against. They are not about to wreak havoc on innocent civilians, as these are the ones they want to protect. They are not going to do something reckless and stupid like storm DC. These people want to preserve liberty, by peaceful means if possible. But they are also prepared to defend it by whatever means available if it comes to that, and only as a last resort.

        These guys will go down fighting rather than submit to absolute tyranny. You know, like Patrick Henry. “Give me liberty or give me death”. Are there the movie versions of crazed red-neck wackos out there? I don’t know. I haven’t encountered any, but then there are all types of people. I suspect that the ones advocating violence are government plants, in order to set them up, like what just happened in Michigan or Minnesota or wherever it was.

        I just feel that these people are living up to their Constitutional obligation. We have a duty to not meekly submit to tyranny, to resist and refuse to comply with statutes that violate our Supreme Law, which was set to protect the people from gov’t. We can only do what we can, and then leave the rest to Divine Providence.

        Lastly, liberalism does not advocate less government intrusion. That is decidedly conservatism. Liberalism has come to mean ever-increasing government intervention in every aspect of life. Conservaitsm is not just about business and property, it is about smaller government and greater personal responsibility.

        • Sidewinder

          Hi kate.
          No….LOL…I think “I” would be the last to defend W. LOL!
          I just want him to gain his rightful place in history.
          Again I see what you are driving at. The bigger picture, and I do agree. Global government.

          Assuming the worst will happen….Global Government…microchips…ect…

          My hope would be that America could save itself, and serve as a kind of haven, during that period. America sports a rather powerful Army and a huge arsonal. We could protect ourselves well. If we became more isolationist, with less global trade we could become more self sufficient. Global sanctions would not hurt us.
          America is our home…we should try to save it.
          Think I know where you are coming from. Its a good place. I am not sure of the timeline, but my hope is to stave off the enevitable for a few years…

          And I do agree there are differences in the stated and unstated purposes of the various Militias. The Michigan Militia, has managed to survive in the post 911 era. I am sure they are fully bugged, but their agenda is different than the agenda of other groups. Some of these groups do in fact advocate terrorism.

          I would never say, not to be a gun owner. But I do say, guns and politics do not mix. Not in this era.

          ” But they are also prepared to defend it by whatever means available if it comes to that, and only as a last resort.”

          Yes…Last Resort. If real voting is eliminated, and we have no say….then the picture changes. I agree.
          My fear is that violence NOW, will only serve to speed up the process. As long as we can still be heard, then violence is not an option. Like I said, Militias/violence will only play into their hands.

          Truth be told, its unlikely they will give us no voice. I believe they will continue to give us the illusion of freedom and in that, they must pretend to listen. A carefully prepared case will have them agreeing. It will take brilliance, but I believe there could be a way to hang them with their own rope. There are so many anti terror laws on the books….and if in fact the government has engaged in terrorism/False Flag Operations, then there may be a way to hang them with those laws….

          Like I said before, you would be squaring off against AbramsTanks, Apachee Gunships, 50 caliber gatlin guns….Its silly to think of violence. You are not effective dead.

          I would never say in good conscience to submit to tyranny.
          I think at our base beliefs Kate, we are on the same page. We differ in methodology.
          Consider the wisdom in the nonviolent approach. I believe its most effective. When you advocate violence you put a target on yourself. Not that you are…but I say cross that bridge if and when we get to it. It shouldn’t be a consideration now. The Republic has recieved a death blow, but its not dead yet.

          You eluded to government plants advocating violence. Yes. Thats why we must be especially carefull NOT to advocate violence and to steer clear of those who may be construed or misconstrued as being such. Its all about how it would look in court or on the news to those lacking the details. Steer clear of violence.

          Concerning Liberalism….Liberals do in fact belive in little or no government interference in personal matters. But they do believe in high government interference in economic matters. Trust me…. Not every aspect of liberalism is bad. But I cannot swallow the whole pill, as there is so much I do not agree with. So I reject it as a political philophsy. But I agree with parts of it. I am a Libertarian.
          Traditional Conservatism does in fact, believe in governmental inteference with personal matters. {Think Abortion….I am opposed to it myself, think Gay marriage..personal matters.} But little in economic matters. And again, although I agree with parts of it, I cannot swallow the whole pill. I don’t want my morality dictated to me.
          My position is to draw the best ideas from both basic ideaologies. Thats what primiarily makes me a Libertarian.
          I am correct on this.

          “Conservaitsm is not just about business and property, it is about smaller government and greater personal responsibility.”
          I do agree…those are the virtues of conservatism I do embrace.

          During the Reagan era, when I first began learning of the European Union, I became alarmed. It seemed all to familiar with what I’d read in Revelations. It got my attention. I began to pay attention to the news, and before long became a news junky. I’ve followed the news ever since. Your concerns are justified.
          But I caution against listening to sensationalists such as Alex Jones. Alex is either a self serving sensationalist or he’s working for the Propaganda Machine. The Great Slip uttered by GHWBush, the term, New World Order may mean many things. It could very well in fact mean Global Government and probably does. It could also be refering to a Post Soviet World where America took a dominient position in world affairs. After the collapse of the Soviet Union, America was the last remaining Super Power. It could mean an era where America is instramental in shaping the world…unchallanged.

          I do not know. There are whole conspiracy idealogies built upon that term…New World Order.
          I am well aware of theorys involving international bankers, decendents of Royalty, Luciferians, Rothchilds, Zionists, ect. All these theorys may in fact be true….

          But…we do not know the timeline exactly.
          Lets focus on America for now, and make it strong, and safe for us.
          If Global Government is a fact…then theres nothing we can do.. We are not allowed to vote or have any say in it.
          We cannot stop it.
          But we still have power here in America, although its fading…

          I sincerely do respect your opinion Kate…I really do.

          Nice to talk to you.

          • Vicki

            There are 4 boxes that we must use to protect our liberty and freedom. Each has a purpose. They must be used in the proper order. Use out of order will not gain us the desired result. Those boxes are

            Soap box: (What we are doing here :)

            Ballot box: The place we elect those we believe will best represent us.

            Jury box: The place where we nullify illegal laws by refusing to convict persons charged with “crimes” under the laws we deem as a society to be illegal (Boy does the government HATE that. See the FIJA – Fully Informed Jury Amendment)

            Ammo box: The place we go when all else but God’s grace and love have failed.

            That last box must only be opened as a last possible resort.

          • JeffH

            Sidewinder, I enjoyed the read and I pretty much agree with what you said. No one will ever be able to make everybody happy with government, and a pot pourie of ideals can satisfy most. We all want to maintain our freedoms and liberties and not sink like the EUs are doing. We have to get some semblence of order back in our own government before we can concentrate on blocking the globalists.
            The worlds economy as well as the recent stock market slide are all a part of the controlling IMF conspirators. That I do believe. So I say, tighten the belts real tight because, it will get worse before it gets better. The US is the last hurdle for these globalists to have full control of the worlds economy and thustly the world.

          • Vicki

            Groups claiming to be militias but advocating terrorism are clearly not. Militias by design are purely a defensive force. Thus it is easy to spot the difference.

            But pay attention to their actual speech and actions and not just what the media claims. (See Waco, Ruby Ridge for recent historical examples of non violent people that were painted to be bad by the media or government agents.)

          • Sidewinder

            I hear you Vicki…

            But….what about the 6th commandment… Thou shall not kill?

            I don’t see exceptions….
            Perhaps there is a more effective way than placing yourselves in the line of fire of an Abrams Tank or Apachee Gunship?

            I think God opposes suicide. Your life…its not you’rs to take.

            God gave you a brain, I think he expects you to use it. Look to Him to receive brilliance. Brilliance is mighter than a gunship.

            There are Severe Anti Terror laws on the books now. Anyone caught engaging in terrorism, suffers the worst….

            Think about it.

            If those in government have engaged in False Flage, terrorist operations against the American people, then according to their own law, they get the worst.

            Prove the case against them…

          • Sidewinder

            Its a problem of degrees Vicki.
            Labels are a powerful weapon.
            Once the public associates Militias with Terrorism, then “Any” militia is suspect in the court of public opinion.

            I have long known, that some Militias were good in their beliefs, and some were not. The general public is not versed in the differences. The term “Militia” becomes synonomous with ” DomesticTerrorist.”

            And the government has gone all out to asociate Militias with Domestic Terrorists.

            You are not wrong.

            But I think it wiser to steer clear of anything calling itself a Militia. At least for appearances. Disassociate yourselves with Armed Militias.
            A different kind of Militia is needed. One with more effective weapons than bolt action rifles, or even semi automatics.
            One that uses the laws that are still on the books. The laws they haven’t had the guts to remove yet. The very laws that will expose their traitorous deeds for what they are. And Anti Terrorism Laws to hang them with.

            Do you understand?

            Its MORE POWERFUL than guns.

          • Vicki

            Jesus already taught us how to handle the claims that some group is good or bad. We were warned that Satan is the great deceiver. We were warned that there would be many false prophets. Look to the actions of a group to know their nature. We have to teach our children well to not just accept what anyone says but to look for themselves to see the truth.

            As to the severe laws about terrorism that is why we must use the jury box to defend those whos actions are not terrorism.

            As to the power you alluded to the soap box ( the pen is mightier than the sword ) that is why we have these discussions. So that we may always be able to use the first 3 boxes and never have to open the 4th.

          • Sidewinder

            Hi Vicki…I am so glad you and kate stepped up to the plate and provided an opportunity to discuss this most important topic. In my opinion, we cannot discuss this enough.
            My apologies to Chip for being so far off topic…I haven’t even commented on today’s story.

            “The militia of the United States consists of all able-bodied males at least 17 years of age and, except as provided in section 313 of title 32, under 45 years of age who are, or who have made a declaration of intention to become, citizens of the United States and of female citizens of the United States who are members of the National Guard”

            We have laws for that. In the State’s veiw, armed militias are a part of the National Guard.
            Thats part of their claim that citizens have no right to weapons themselves. I of course disagree.

            ““The militia, when properly formed, are in fact the people themselves, … all men capable of bearing arms;…”
            — “Letters from the Federal Farmer to the Republic”, 1788 (either Richard Henry Lee or Melancton Smith).”

            I agree, the founders clearly wanted an armed citizen Militia to defend freedom. People like you and me. I agree.

            But again, although the virtues of Liberty are Timeless, we do not live in colonial times. Liberty may be Timeless, but the methods to defend it must change. The methods must enter the modern world in order to be effective.
            You face an adversary who has taken 200 years to perfect his power, has spent billions of dollars to advance weaponary to levels still not understood by most men. Who employs skills in psychological warfare, that you cannot dream of, who has an arsenal of chemical, biological weapons, and nuclear weapons.

            But worse, has 15 different intelligence agencies who work with no oversight, and can commit acts you never thought possible. They manupilate elections overseas, commit assinations, manipulate economies, you name it.
            The reason Ayatola Komeni took those hostages in 1979, was because he feared a US government attack after his rise to power. He came to that conclusion after witnessing years of CIA manipulation in his country. The world hates America, not because of Americans, but because of our behind the scenes activities, that most Americans know nothing about.

            Read Confessions of an Economic Hitman by John Perkins
            That book will flesh out a deeper understanding of what you face.

            You are not wrong.
            But I urge you to consider more effective methods.

            Stick with the concept that the pen is mighter than the sword.

            You are out gunned.

            I am with you in spirit on the militia idea. But not an armed Militia. Arms against the government are totally foolish.

            There are more effective ways…

          • Vicki

            It is my belief that the King James version of the bible has a slight mistranslation of the 6th commandment. I can not believe that God would want me allow someone to commit murder upon me or another. It does however make perfect sense to me that I shall not murder. I.E. go kill someone. Also worth noting that I NEVER have the intent to kill an attacker. I accept that they may not survive but my entire intent is to stop their attack.


          • Vicki

            Sidewinder says “I am with you in spirit on the militia idea. But not an armed Militia. Arms against the government are totally foolish.

            There are more effective ways…”

            The 3 boxes already mentioned. Just remember this country was founded by folk who tried and tried the “more effective ways”. And the thing to remember about the pen is that the pen works by affecting the hearts and minds of the people both in and out of government. So teach your children well (love that song :) ).

            Now I notice you commented about the National Guard. If you read US 10 section 311- etc you see that the militia is broken up into 2 groups

            (b) The classes of the militia are—
            (1) the organized militia, which consists of the National Guard and the Naval Militia; and
            (2) the unorganized militia, which consists of the members of the militia who are not members of the National Guard or the Naval Militia.

            I.E. Every able bodied male. I still find it fascinating that we girls have to be in the organized militia to be in the militia.

            And we need to stop putting an s at the end of militia. There is only 1. And that one is the whole of the people. We need to use our pens to poke at MSM every time they screw up with the word and try to put an s on it.

            Do this vigilantly and often and we will take back the label from those who would oppress us.

          • Sidewinder

            Yes, I agree Vicki, thats a good key point…Actions speak much louder than words. I live by that.

            Unfortunatly, those accused of terrorism find themselves in a different class of laws. The do not even need to be charged with the crime. They can be held as long as the government sees fit, and they don’t ever have the right to a speedy trial, by a jury of their peers.

            We all hate…dislike very much…those who blow up things, and commit mass murder. For them…they deserve the worst.

            But if they never get the chance to go to trial, how will we ever really know if they are in fact guilty?

            It makes no sense what so ever to imprison an innocent man.

            The classification “Enemy Combatents” refers to those “Enemys” caught on the battlefield, not wearing a uniform of any state’s army, and acting in a private capacity.

            The problem is….when the “Battlefield” happens to be the village you live in, and fighting breaks out, and you are taken prisoner by US Forces, what chance do you have to prove your innocence, OR have your guilt proven?

            Thats a huge problem with the rules Bush put into place. It shows little regard for human rights.

            An Afgan kid glaring at US soldiers who just invaded his country and village…..Terrorist? Perhaps his look just pissed someone off? We will never know, as he has no right to prove his guilt or innocence.

            Its wrong. It wouldn’t be God’s way.
            And I do, I put the blame on the man who signed it into law and gave the orders.

          • Sidewinder

            The methods must reflect the times and the situation.
            Those methods workd against the British, because we were able to match their firepower on the battlefield.
            Not so today. Thats just a fact.

            “Just remember this country was founded by folk who tried and tried the “more effective ways”. ”

            I enjoyed this discussion too Kate.
            I think it was worthwhile.

            Gotta go now…

          • Sidewinder

            I’m sorry…once last quick point.

            Martin Luther King, a man who I consider the last great American Patroit, also found himself outgunned, and outflanked.
            Againsts all odds, this man overcame violence, brutality, and public opinion against him.

            He did it by walking through the Valley of Death, with a smile on his face. He was arrested for commiting no crime, yet he prevailed.
            When you are nonviolent, its very hard for them to stop you, especially if you are right.
            He won…his adversaries lost.
            He carried no weapon but Truth.

          • Sidewinder

            I have to agree with you too. Defending innocent life is not only nobel, it is just. And it is our responsibility.

            Also, when using firearms, you should never shoot someone unless its a life or death situation. If it is….

            Then you shoot to kill.
            I do make that exception as well.

            Good point.

            Vicki says:
            May 14, 2010 at 3:44 pm
            It is my belief that the King James version of the bible has a slight mistranslation of the 6th commandment. I can not believe that God would want me allow someone to commit murder upon me or another. It does however make perfect sense to me that I shall not murder. I.E. go kill someone. Also worth noting that I NEVER have the intent to kill an attacker. I accept that they may not survive but my entire intent is to stop their attack.


          • kate8

            Sidewinder, good post. Just for the record, I do not in any way advocate violence. I do, however, think it is a dangerous thing to have guns ONLY in the hands of government. Gun confiscation is always the last phase before tyrannical takeover.

            Also, liberalism is only for government staying out of issues of immorality and decadence. I say “immorality”, because they want to be free to subject us and our children to all manner of immoral behavior and language, even pornography, while doing all they can to muzzle those who advocate decency, parental authority and personal responsibility. They seek to remove all things Christian.

            I absolutely believe in “live and let live”, as long as things I find tasteless and offensive are not shoved in my face, or foisted upon our children. Liberalism has elevated decadence to preferencial status. “What was once called good will be called evil, and what was once called evil will be called good.”

            “Conspiracy Theory” is a term coined by the global elite crowd to ridicule those who ask too many questions. When ideas and people are ridiculed and marginalized, it is time to take notice. “You never know if a thing is true until it has been officially denied”.

            Actually, I enjoy your posts and pretty much agree with you about things. As far as NWO, this has been out in the open for a while now, spoken of by many world leaders such as Henry Kissinger, Gordon Brown, and many others. It is no longer a “conspiracy theory”, but something outright called for on many fronts.

            Yes, we do need to work to save our nation. I, too, hope we can. But we’ve got to be more prepared and determined than the opposition, rather than being forced into a defensive posture. We must get better trained and organized, and go on the offensive.

            Hope for the best, and be prepared for the worst.

          • kate8

            Sidewinder, the Commandment is “Thou shalt not murder”. Defense is not murder.

          • Walt G

            Yes, this country has a big army with staggering power and stunning weaponry. But when push comes to shove, I will be extremely surprised and disappointed if the majority of that military, sworn to protect the constitution against ALL enemies both foreign and DOMESTIC, did not turn against those domestic enemies in support of the nation’s people. This is not colonists fighting the British military. This is a case of sons and daughters in the military who are Oath Keepers fighting along side of their fathers, brothers, cousins, uncles, and friends, all of whom are fellow citizens.

          • timr

            Conservatives want to control your personal beliefs, and Liberals want to use Government, to control economics………….

            AT one point in our Country, we seemed to have a nice balance with our economic system. I know that most Businesses, especially Corporations, usually don’t like ANY regulation on Commerce, but we all know what happens when we have NONE…………although I agree that we can’t have too much…………My feeling on the economy, is that we are in a “correction” period right now, and sometimes, we need it………This Country has lived high-on-the-Hog for over 25 years, and it just got to the point where we became reckless with our Financial Industry……and ther is plenty of blame to go around………

            Too many times in this debate, we get caught up in ideology………and my feeling, is that Americans have never been overly ideological during our History, because we have been more flexible that our counter-parts, in Politics, in Economics, ets……

            And now we here words like Communism and Socialism, and Marxism, and it feels like the 1950′s again……….I just don’t believe that we, as a Country, should feel paranoid right now……..I say with all honesty, that I AM an Obama supporter, but I DID not agree with these bailouts…..I didn’t agree with them when Bush started with them, and I don’t agree with them now…………….

            I have had liberal AND Conservative friends of mine, who like me, did not agree with the Patriot Act……..And the reason why I didn’t, was because, I think we could have captured Osama Bin Laden, and gone after these terrorists,if we really wanted to, but like everything, Business interests usually outweigh National Security, and fighting Terrorism with our Brains as well as our Brawn,without sacrificing (at least, to the degree that we did) our personal Liberties and rights………..

            My point is, is that, we have lost in this Country, the ability to sit down, make tough choices, and work things out, wothout all of theis ideological “shouting”, and paranoia and name calling………I admit, that I was a part of that, and I don’t stand here absolving myself of any blame……….

            I can see why politics has turned off SO many people, and I myself have chose NOT to listen to any Cable news, because, to me, it is ALL junk……..NOT Journalism…………..We need to hold the power of Government in check, and we have hold the power in our Markets in check as well………………

            After all, there was a time, when the American worker AND the Companies they worked for…….ABOTH benefited, by good, quality, work and shared in the Profits………….

            But with sellouts to Manufacuring, and to the American worker in general, we have told our fellow citizens, that we MUST dumb-down OUR Economy, that we built up with sweat and guts, for all of these years………JUST so we can include the World……………and we’ve done this with Corporate sellouts, and Trade agreements like NAFTA (who a Democratic President and a Republican Congress signed off on).

            Our Aoto Industry never adjusted, to what was going on around them……..and, it seems……like we don’t MAKE anything anymore…………..

            We complain, again, ideologically, about China’s abuse of Human Rights, but we allow our Companies to buy cheap goods, at the expence of the average Chinese workers, who are treeated like slaves……treatment that we would NEVER allow in this Country………and at the expense of the American worker especially…..

            Jobs that went to Mexico during NAFTA, are now in China……….Does it help the American worker, when our Jobs and Plants go to Mexico so Companies can pay their workers $1.50 an hour???…..and then when those workers demand a little more, the Companies move the Jobs to China, where their workers will accept $1.00 an hour…………This is exactly what I mean by dumbing down the economy, and teeling our workers………too-bad-so-sad…………Go work at Wal-Mart………

            I was NEVER for Globalization, because, there was once a time, where different Countries were making different things, and they were all good at what THEY themselves produced……………

            Now, it’s ALL about cheap Labor…………

            I have NEVER believed that either Conservatives OR Liberals, are any more or less Patriotic than the other……..and it’s time, that these idiots in Washington STOP trying to “MUG” in front of the Camera, and start doing the people’s business………………….

            And, for the record, I simply ABORE the treatment by some, of our current President……..Just as I never like the name calling at Bush, regardless how I felt about his Presidency…………

            Let’s be Smart Americans again, and stop all this Macho anger, and get back to work……….


          • Jana

            Conservatives do NOT want to control your personal beliefs, as if we even could. However, we don’t want our rights in our beliefs stepped on, laughed at, mocked or riddiculed because they are not the Socialistic beliefs that you hold.
            We have been seeing our rights erroded daily and we are finally stepping up to the plate and saying NO MORE.
            I realize the liberals aren’t used to us standing up to their dictative ways, but we are no longer taking it.

          • Jana

            I would also like to add that you have made some very valid points in your post. It’s late and I don’t have the time to read it all, but upon perusing it I certainly liked some of the things you said, and even agree with SOME of them.
            I especially agree with your statement:”My point is, is that, we have lost in this Country, the ability to sit down, make tough choices, and work things out, wothout all of theis ideological “shouting”, and paranoia and name calling………”
            You also stated that you think we are going through a time of correction, I just hope we can get through this corrective time in one piece.
            You are right, we desperatly need to sit down and work things out, and forget the name calling, but I don’t think Pres. Obama has that capability. He doesn’t seem to listen to the people any better than Bush did, and in my opinion, he acts like we are his subjects, not his employers, as does most of congress right now.
            I am open to suggestions on how to stop this road slide to destruction.

          • tim


            Waco & Ruby Ridge were more like cults…..than militias………….
            One has to realize, that, although Militia’s were started as defensive groups, they have gotten out of control, because they can interpret on their own, what constitutes “defense”………..

            The militia in Michigan who were just captured, were going after Police, because they believed that the Police were an arm of the Government, who were on-their-way, to seize them and take their Liberties and freedoms an right to bear arms………

            It’s the obsessive paranoia of Government that fuels these groups………..Big Bad Government is coming to get them…………

        • Sidewinder

          I can not believe that God would want me allow someone to commit murder upon me or another.

          Once I think about it….I don’t know….
          I cannot see Jesus, blowing away some scumbag. Can’t see it.
          He let them kill him.

          Just something to think about…

          • kate8

            We have a right to defend ourselves, and an obligation to defend our families and others.

            God wills that none should perish. But we are subject to consequences.

          • Al Sieber

            Sidewinder, didn’t Jesus tell his followers to sell their garments and buy a sword? does tho shall kill mean even in self-defense? I don’t know if you’ve ever been shot at before or not, but you get a whole new attitude about staying alive. its happened to me a few times and I don’t hesitate to defend myself.

          • Save America Susie

            Although Jesus was non-violence usually, he did drive the money changers out of the Temple with a whip of cords for defiling the Temple. Then he said: “My Father’s House is a House of Prayer, but you have made it a den of thieves.” Remember that?

            And yes, There is section on the Gospels that talks about the disciples carrying a knife or a sword to go on a special journey. They did not usually do this. Don’t know the reference.

          • kate8

            SAS, Yeshua driving the moneychangers out of the temple is a perfect metaphor for what we have going on today. The Earth is the Lord’s and the moneychangers (banksters) are desecrating it. I believe He is poised to drive them out once again.

          • Save America Susie

            Kate8…Good Example! Because God is a GOD of JUSTICE, not just of LOVE. If there is no Justice in Love, it can’t be real love. Often God must meet out Justice to protect the Innocents. How would it be, after all, if we let the criminals go “Scott Free” after they committed rape or murder? Or never disciplined our children to teach them right from wrong. That there needs to be Consequences to your actions. We would just be perpetuating more deaths of innocent people. (I am thinking of the Amber & Chelsea murders so fresh on or minds here in California–heartbreaking!) There must be a balance. So if we are too lenient, we are actually being “Enablers” to the criminals. Much like that murderer’s mother (which it came out in the trial). We must take a stand. There ARE Consequences for actions.

          • kate8

            SAS, you are exactly right. Justice is absolutely necessary, and God’s Justice is absolutely just. And Scripture promises God’s Justice to His people.

            It’s the law of kharma, reaping what we sow. God created a universe governed by order, and its nature is to always rebalance. It must be so, or it would not endure.

            Many people today reject the Commandments because they see them as limiting their desire to live as they please. What they are is a set of principles that allow us to live with MORE freedom, as we always know the right choice to make in order for our lives to go well. When we violate them, there are consequences brought to bear on us as a natural result of being out of harmony with Life.

            God bless.

          • Jana

            Kate8, Vicki, and Sidewinder,

            On the topic of killing someone,The Commandment is for sure Thou shalt not kill, but if you will go to your concordance it means do no murder. That is to preplan or lie in wait with willful intent to do harm unto death. If someone comes in to your home they are the ones having the willfull intent to do harm, you would be defending yourself, and in no way if this person or people would die would it be considered murder in God’s sight.
            Remember in the Old Testament, God even called men to go to war with each other.
            At one time God even told the Israelites Joshua at Jericho to go in and kill every man, every woman and even every child. He even commanded them to kill all of their livestock.
            People often get this commandment mixed up and think if they kill someone in war then they have murdered. this is not so. In Deuteronomy God even gives us certain things that if committed require the death penalty. Fighting and killing while in battle is not considered murder.
            Often times the Bible has been transliterated instead of being translated, however if we do go by the Standard King James Version, we have tools to look up these words.
            I do not advocate violence either, but feel we cannot back down in fear from anyone using violence against us.

            By the way, I have very much enjoyed reading your exchanges of ideas.

          • Save America Susie

            Kate8 & several others, on this subject of murder vs killing for a defense of innocents–Interesting exchange! I also think Jesus did not fight because “His Kingdom was not of this world” (it was a spiritual Kingdom), as well as the fact He was ready to lay down His life for our sins. What would be the point of postponing that if the the “fullness of time” had come? As the song says: “He could have called 10,000 Angels to destroy the world and set Him free. But He died alone, for you & me.” He was not an ordinary man. So He had different capabilities. He was able to escape from the crowd a few times when they sought to Kill Him for claiming to be God. It was supernatural in nature.

          • Jana

            Save America Susie,
            I don’t think there is a defense for murdering an innocent person. I do think there might be a defense for the killing of an innocent person in cases such as an accident, as it was not done on purpose. The rest is up to God to judge. Thank goodness.

          • Save America Susie

            Jana, I wanted to CLARIFY, (just in case anyone ever reads this post again later), what I meant by “killing for defense of the innocents” means “defending the innocents”–similar to self-defense. If someone were trying to murder an innocent person (like maybe your next door neighbor has a burglar who breaks in, and you rush next door and intervene) and you stepped in to save your nieghbor, and the murderer was killed by you in the process. That is what I mean by “defense of the innocents”.

        • Patrick

          I would just like to say that the by the tenth Amendment the state of Arizona has the right to make the laws for its own; consequently, the rights of the sovern people of the this state trump those of the state according to the ninth Amendment. This was not given to the people to decide for ourselves, only poloticians, who aragetly believe that they know what is best or better for because they do not live my live yet they are smarter. Right!!! sounds familiar right. History repeats itself, so when do we start rounding up latinos and put them in GETTOOs like the Germans did to the Jews!!! Like Germany ,

          • Jana

            No one wants to round up anyone and put them in ghetto’s. I am for legal immigration, not Illegal immigration. If people would stop hiring them and the government would stop giving them freebies, then they would self deport. Meanwhile Arizona was forced to take this action for self preservation.
            GOOD FOR ARIZONA.

        • tim

          Kate8….These Militia’s are NOT government plants………There has always been these Militias………..I would agree with you, though, that many of these so-called border militas are different than those hiding in the Woods in Michigan and forming a compound………….

          You might be surprised, that I supported, building an electrical fence…………..

      • Vicki

        An unarmed militia is a bunch of slaves. Now who is the militia? let me quote.

        “The militia, when properly formed, are in fact the people themselves, … all men capable of bearing arms;…”
        — “Letters from the Federal Farmer to the Republic”, 1788 (either Richard Henry Lee or Melancton Smith).

        “When the resolution of enslaving America was formed in Great Britain, the British Parliament was advised by an artful man, who was governor of Pennsylvania, to disarm the people; that it was the best and most effectual way to enslave them; but that they should not do it openly, but weaken them, and let them sink gradually…

        I ask, who are the militia? They consist of now of the whole people, except a few public officers. But I cannot say who will be the militia of the future day. If that paper on the table gets no alteration, the militia of the future day may not consist of all classes, high and low, and rich and poor…”

        George Mason, Virginia Constitution Convention

        “Who are the militia? Are they not ourselves? Is it feared, then, that we shall turn our arms each man gainst his own bosom. Congress have no power to disarm the militia. Their swords, and every other terrible implement of the soldier, are the birthright of an American…[T]he unlimited power of the sword is not in the hands of either the federal or state governments, but, where I trust in God it will ever remain, in the hands of the people.”

        Tenche Coxe, The Pennsylvania Gazette, Feb. 20, 1788.

        “Whenever governments mean to invade the rights and liberties of the people, they always attempt to destroy the militia, in order to raise an army upon their ruins.”

        Rep. Elbridge Gerry of Massachusetts

        Even the US Code identifies the militia 10 U.S.C. § 311 says
        “The militia of the United States consists of all able-bodied males at least 17 years of age and, except as provided in section 313 of title 32, under 45 years of age who are, or who have made a declaration of intention to become, citizens of the United States and of female citizens of the United States who are members of the National Guard”

        So that would be most of the male population and we females that join the National Guard. (I think that is silly cause we can fight just fine without being members of the NG :) )

        Note that the founders made no silly limits based on age. Just on race, sex and ability to handle weapons. We have since gotten a little smarter and removed the “race” element and if you properly translate “people” it would remove the sex element. But then again guys have always been over protective. Not their fault. It is hardwired into their biology. :)

        • kate8

          Thank you, Vicki. You presented the case well.

          • Vicki

            You’re welcome :)

    • Al Sieber

      The majority of the blacks I know are against illegal aliens, and they’re called racist. our media lies to us.

      • Robert Wayne

        Yes, but blacks are easily swayed by left wing troublemakers like Sharpton, Jackson and their hero Obama. And it’s obvious that all three are on the side of illegal mexican invaders and against Americans. Sharpton, Jackson, Obama and other black troublemakers start yapping in favor of the illegal mexican invaders and you can bet your bottom dollar that the ordinary blacks in this country will all be in favor of the destruction of this country at the hands of the illegal invaders too.

        • timr

          Robert…just like Whites are swayed by Rush Limbaugh and Michelle Malkin……………Some people say that blacks were unduely swayed by Martin Luther King Jr and Malcolm X…………….I wonder what those two were fighting for???? (or do you need to be reminded?)………..I suggest to you, to not do what many Liberals do, and that is, claim to know what’s best for Black people…………

          Let’s face it, both the Dems and the Republicans have catered to the Latino vote by caving in on Real immigration reform………..and as much as I don’t like the recently passed bill in Arizona……..maybe it will get Congress to finally do something………..

      • JLC

        Al, whether we like it or not, illegal immigration IS a racist issue. The name “La Raza” means “The Race.” And the name that they use for us is “Gringo.” which means. literally, “Foreigner.” Foreigner, mind you, in our own country. Black Americans, quite rightly, object to the use of the “N” word. I, for one, equally as rightly, object to use of the “G” word, especially by one who is not a citizen of my country.

        There is, in Mexico, an organization known as “La Reconquísta” whose professed objective is the “re-absorption” into Mexico of the territories ceded to the U.S. by the treaty of Guadeloupe-Hidalgo (1848); this to be accomplished by “re-population.” Is there a possible connection here with the current illegal immigration problem?

        The territories referred to are not just a strip along the present U.S-Mexican border. They include the entire states of Texas, Mew Mexico, Arizona, California, Nevada, Utah, and Colorado, as well as the Oklahoma Pandle, and the southwest corners of both Kansas and Wyoming. Quite a chunk of ground.

        • Al Sieber

          JKC thanks, I’m aware of what you’re talking. Aztlan, Mecha are other racist mexican groups also. it’s just a lot of people don’t know it. I think the “Brown Berets” are the worse, you can see the hatred in their eyes, and I hate being called “GRINGO”. I think this is part of the plan for the North American Union to divide us. like Ancient Rome. over extend our military, debase our currency, and flood us with foreigners.

        • http://minnesota MarieElise

          thank you JLC for reminding that fact to the people .it is true and everyone should know this and start fighting it seriously and wake up before it is too late .

        • timr

          No connection, there JLC……….just paranoia

      • Joe W.

        The blacks are realizing through their pockets what the illegal aliens are doing to them. Because of low skilled, low paying jobs, employers are opting to hire illegals who’ll work for even lower pay. This is not only affecting adult African/Americans but the teenagers too with even higher un-employment rates.

    • Radio UpNorth

      Of course, it isn’t just the Dimocrits playing politics with this. The Repugtards are right there with them.

      As much as I debate Wood on issues, I totally agree with him on this. And to call any of us racists is race-baiting is the lowest form or racism. It is a cheap and stupid reply to requiring everyone, across the board, to obey the laws of this country, ALL OF THEM!! I am not going to accept being a 2nd class citizen in my own country obeying the laws while others are so free to break them!

      We’ve got way too many Cathlicers, neo-protestant wimpy fanatics and others who don’t have the fog-free abiity to realize the economic and social costs of these ILLEGAL immigrants, whether they come from Mexico, South America or some other country. Consider these fanatics from Pakistan whose supporters of the Time Square bomber supposedly came from, illegally staying here beyond their legal visa time period.

      These naive nabobs should try, try very hard, to understand that if the United States collapses because of all of these sippy cupped views, such as being outraged that High-Schoolers wear shirts with the American flag at a school with heavy Hispanic students on Cinqu Du Mai, Mexican independence day, and yet fall silent when Mexican flags and Hispanic parades are held on July 4th, then the good old U.S. won’t be able to stand without collapse and ending their naive world view existence.

      The militia may have a role here. With this invasion, there is a real threat to U.S. Independence. This is just like Texas during the very early 1800′s, when white settlers were invited to settle Texas by the Mexican government, then later tried to quell a rebellion by these settlers due to the 2nd class citizenship treatment of these settlers that led to Texas independence.

      If the U.S. Government, due to incompetence and lack of courage of our Congress to support and strengthen law enforcement at the southern border, both against illegal immigration and terrorists, then the armed militias should be encouraged and even provided with State and Federal funds to stop this invasion in it’s tracks.

      • kate8

        Radio, I think this is about the first time I agree with you. Aren’t you usually in the lib camp?

        Way to go.

        • Steve

          Ditto Kate, I never thought Radio would agree with any conservative viewpoint.

          • http://?? Joe H.

            careful, a leopard doesn’t usually change it’s spots!!! Be ever watchful of libs that try to incite you to violence so that Obummer can declare martial law!!! We don’t need that!

          • Steve

            You’re correct about a leopard and their spots Joe. I’m not believing that Radio will be in our camp anytime soon, but I don’t read his post as advocating violence. He mentions federal or state funding of the militias on the border which would infer that the militias would be state sponsored and legal.

    • Ruth Hart

      The American citizens have NO RIGHTs /to complain of the violence,the drugs,the abuse of OUR constitution and Laws.I have several neices & nephews that are waiting for their Documents to come here LEGALY and they have a great respect and love of all we have to offer here.
      These Illegals have no respect or honor of the USA and are NOT here to “feed the dear ones at home” they come to pillage ,plunder and cause as much DESTRUCTION to our cities as they can.It’s no longer the mom or dad that needs to help family “back there” its drug traffickers,murderers,child molesters and just plain NASTY people.
      GOD BLESS ARIZONA,I will stand with them any time !!

    • patricia

      Unfortunately, this is true. And the Arizona vote is keeping him from getting it…hence the fireworks!!
      Kudos to Governor Jan Brewer for having a real backbone. She did whatshe HAD too…AWESOME!!!!!

    • Gary

      A new Federal Law should be written by Congress, enacted by Congress and signed by a REAL, GENUINE, and Openly and Publicly Factually Proven Natural Native Born Legitimized U.S. President, that should require that any U.S. American Citizen who is arrested on suspicion of knowingly illegally hiring and knowingly illegally employing any illegal alien for any form of illegal employment anywhere and at any time, should be prosecuted in a U.S. Federal Court, and if found guilty and convicted of knowingly illegally hiring and knowingly illegally employing any illegal alien or illegal aliens for any form of illegal employment anywhere and at any time, should immediately have their U.S. American Citizenship officially abolished, rescinded, cancelled, nulled, negated, revoked, etc., etc. permanently and forever and should be required to pay a substantial fine for each individual illegal alien that they knowingly illegally hired and that they knowingly illegally employed and the convicted U.S. Federal Felon non-citizen should also immediately serve a required and mandatory long term incarceration prison sentence in a maximum security U.S. Federal Prison doing hard labor, perhaps on Guam Island or on Pitcairn Island in the Pacific Ocean or on Diego Garcia Island in the Indian Ocean or on some other God forsaken U.S. island territory, for several years with absolutely NO early release and with absolutely NO parole and with absolutely NO pardon or later aquittal(unless proven 100% completely innocent of all charges and 100% exonerated as a result of new and credible, legitimate and factually verifiable evidence discovered and presented later) and after completing their required mandatory prison incarceration sentence, the convicted U.S. Federal Felon non-citizen is immediately banished and deported from the United States permanently and forever to any other nation or country on the planet who will, after prior international negotiations, accept the convicted U.S. Federal Felon non-citizen even to the continent of Antarctica as a last resort. The convicted U.S. Federal Felon non-citizen will NEVER be allowed and will NEVER be permitted to set foot on any U.S. soil anywhere at any time and will NEVER be allowed and will NEVER be permitted in any U.S. coastal waters anywhere at any time. Knowingly illegally hiring and illegally employing any illegal aliens for any illegal employment at any time should be a U.S. Federal Felony Crime. Perhaps a required mandatory prison incarceration sentence to serve a minimum of a one year prison sentence for each Federal Felony Crime of knowingly illegally hiring and knowingly illegally employing each individual illegal alien who was knowingly illegally hired and employed by that U.S. American Citizen, perhaps 50 years for knowingly illegally hiring and knowingly illegally employing 50 illegal aliens, 100 years for illegally hiring and knowingly illegally employing 100 illegal aliens, 500 years for knowingly illegally hiring and knowingly illegally employing 500 illegal aliens, 1,000 years for knowingly illegally hiring and knowingly illegally employing 1,000 illegal aliens, 5,000 years for knowingly illegally hiring and knowingly illegally employing 5,000 illegal aliens, 10,000 years for knowingly illegally hiring and knowingly illegally employing 10,000 illegal aliens anywhere and at any time and for any length of time or any duration of time and so on and so on. A U.S. Federal Law like this would definitely have all small, medium and large U.S. American Citizen private business owners and operators and all CEO’s, Company and Corporate Presidents, Company and Corporate Chairmen and Company and Corporate Chairwomen and all other Company and Corporate Executive Officers of all small, medium and large companies and corporations pleading, begging and screaming for a required mandatory National U.S. Federal E-Verify Legal Employment Law to be enacted and to be very strictly enforced and completely enforced everywhere and at all times. The risk of immediately and PERMANENTLY losing your U.S. American Citizenship forever which will be the first mandatory requirement of formal U.S. Federal Punishment for comitting and being found guilty of and being convicted of knowingly hiring and knowingly employing any illegal aliens for any form of illegal employment anywhere and at any time for any length of time and for any duration of time, a required mandatory substantial fine that will be a mandatory requirement, the required mandatory incarceration in a U.S. Federal maximum security prison doing hard labor, and after serving the required mandatory incareration prison sentence, the mandatory requirement of being immediately banished and immediately deported from the Constitutional Republic Of The United States Of America permanently and forever with absolutely NO permission ever being granted to return to the United States for any reason at any time is just simply too terrifying to not have a required mandatory E-Verify Legal Employment Law STRICTLY ENFORCED AND COMPLETELY ENFOCRED EVERYWHERE AND AT ALL TIMES.

      • Gary

        A brief addendum to be added to my own previous post. Unfortunately, the politically incorrect and extremely very traditional conservative ultra pro-Constitutional Congress will need to be voted into office before there is any real chance and good opportunities to write some Constitutional Laws that have real sharp teeth and a bite that will be more stubborn and powerful than a bulldog or bull terrier knawing on a bone. Actually the hopefully future anti-illegal alien illegal employment Law should be so terrifying and sublime that even some stupid bozo and unpatriotic greedy cheating U.S. American citizens who knowingly illegally hires and who knowingly illegally employs 3 Mexican Foreign National ILLEGAL ALIENS at the local Homeboy Depot Parking Lot, excuse me, I meant to say the local Home Depot Parking Lot Slave Auction Market, to buy a Mexican illegal alien slave for a day labor, where Mexican Foreign National ILLEGAL ALIENS are deliberately selling their own bodies to perform back breaking slave labor for an illegal under the table no reported taxes cash only token salary of a few dollars like throwing chicken feed at a few chickens just to keep them alive for future consumption, should result in the conviction of a U.S. Federal Felony Crime and the required mandatory sentence of serving a minimum of no less than 3 years incarcerated in a maximum security U.S. Federal Prison doing hard labor for knowingly illegally hiring and knowingly illegally employing those 3 Mexican Foreign National illegal aliens for even only one solitary hour of home repairs or out door yard work. In other words, if you knowingly illegally hire and knowingly illegally employ 3 illegal aliens for only one or two hours, you are sentenced to a minimum of 3 years in prison, and 5 years in prison for knowingly illegally hiring and employing 5 illegal aliens, 9 years in prison for knowingly illegally hiring and employing 9 illegal aliens, 17 years in prison for knowingly illegally hiring and employing 17 illegal aliens, 24 years in prison for knowingly illegally hiring and employing 24 illegal aliens, 32 years in prison for knowingly illegally hiring and employing 32 illegal aliens, 74 years in prison for knowingly illegally hiring and employing 74 illegal aliens, and so on and so on. God help you if you are stupid enough to knowingly illegally hire and illegally employ 472 illegal aliens because it will be a mandatory requirement that you will serve the absolute minimum of no less than 472 years in a maximum security U.S. Federal Prison doing hard labor. That seems only fair. A new Federal Law should have a mandatory requirement that each convicted Federal Felon non-citizen should serve exactly one year for knowingly illegally hiring and illegally employing each individual illegal alien. A required mandatory prison sentence of one year for each illegal alien who was illegally hired and illegally employed. This is a very fair Law and it is not rocket science. Simple, Fair, Just and to the point. And of course you lose your U.S. American Citizenship permanently and forever, you pay a fine for each illegal alien who was knowingly illegally hired and employed and of course, you will be immediately deported and banished from the after serving your required mandatory prison sentence

    • Carl Hatton

      Mr. Clyde,
      1) Publish names of anyone that boycott AZ or any connection to AZ so we can boycott them.
      2) Tell us how we can stop Obummer numics. We always hear that we need to stop him, and we call/fax our local congressmen, but we all need a plan of action to stop this craziness.
      3) Let’s start a list of businesses that hire illegals so we can boycott them. If I knew that a certain company were hiring illegals, I would let them know that I would not do business with them. If enough of us did that, it might make a difference.
      4) We have to find the most conservative and electable people we can and get them elected, locally all the way to the Presidency. And we have to continue to do that forever.
      5) I support those few that are trying to make a difference. We need to continue to let them know that we are behind them.
      6) We need to either send massive support to the border or have the AZ local sheriff deputize thousands of volunteers to patrol the border with a license to shoot first and ask questions later. That would get national attention.

      • Sheila

        So far, I know that the cities of Los Angeles and San Francisco have voted to boycott Arizona. I am blown away. WHO ARE THEY SPEAKING FOR? Certainly not those of us in CA paying state taxes, now at 10%, for our bankrupted state, which would be in the BLACK if we weren’t paying through the nose for all the illegals here, who have put us in the RED for over a decade now. I am disgusted with Los Angeles for voting for this, and I live here.

        • Jana

          So is the City Council in Austin, TX. This is so sickening. They need to keep thier nose out of it unless they have lived it!

    • Mooneyman

      i agree with JeffH about applauding Gov Brewer’s actions regarding immigration.

      The answers to the immigration problem already has Federal laws passed to address them.

      1. Complete building the border fence once and forall.

      2. Go after employers who hire “illegals”. Fine these companies
      and/or close them down if they don’t comply.

      3. Deport those who don’t possess the proper green cards. (Per the
      Federal law.)

      4. Change the Federal law that allows illegal females to drop their
      infants on U.S. soil and claim citenship. (Germany finally did
      this in the 60′s or 70′s. Mothers’s baby father’s maybe.)

      5. Allow all companies to use the “E-Verify” computer checks on all
      employees to determine if they are legal citizens.

      And above all, please vote this November and help to remove some of the Progressive Liberals from Congress.

    • Mooneyman

      i agree with JeffH about applauding Gov Brewer’s actions regarding immigration. She had no choice since the Bush/obama Feds have done nothing too date.

      The answers to the immigration problem already has Federal laws passed to address them.

      1. Complete building the border fence once and for all.

      2. Go after employers who hire “illegals”. Fine these companies
      and/or close them down if they don’t comply.

      3. Deport those who don’t possess the proper green cards. (Per the
      Federal law.)

      4. Change the Federal law that allows illegal females to drop their
      infants on U.S. soil and claim citizenship. (Germany finally did
      this in the 60′s or 70′s. Mothers’s baby father’s maybe.)

      5. Allow all companies to use the “E-Verify” computer checks on all
      employees to determine if they are legal citizens.

      And above all, please vote this November and help to remove some of the Progressive Liberals from Congress.

      Also, has anyone viewed the YouTube video on a movie called “Machete”? This is scary. The film shows the mexicans going after U.S. citizens. It’s a progapanda film that equates what Nazi Germany did against the jews in WWII. Please view this. The anarchists and Progressive Liberals are behind this. There is even a claim that Texas State funds are being used to fund this film.

    • Hugh Jordin

      You all may find this interesting:

      New Immigration Laws: Read to the bottom or you will miss the message…

      1. There will be no special bilingual programs in the schools.
      * * * * * * * *
      2. All ballots will be in this nation’s language.
      * * * * * * * *
      3.. All government business will be conducted in our language.
      * * * * * * * *
      4. Non-residents will NOT have the right to vote no matter how long they are here.
      * * * * * * * *
      5. Non-citizens will NEVER be able to hold political office
      * * * * * * * *
      6 Foreigners will not be a burden to the taxpayers. No welfare, no food stamps, no health care, or other government assistance programs. Any burden will be deported.
      * * * * * * * *
      7. Foreigners can invest in this country, but it must be an amount at
      least equal to 40,000 times the daily minimum wage.
      * * * * * * * *
      8. If foreigners come here and buy land… options will be restricted.
      Certain parcels including waterfront property are reserved for citizens
      naturally born into this country.
      * * * * * * * *
      9. Foreigners may have no protests; no demonstrations, no waving of a foreign flag, no political organizing, no bad-mouthing our president or
      his policies. These will lead to deportation.
      * * * * * * * *
      10. If you do come to this country illegally, you will be actively hunted
      &, when caught, sent to jail until your deportation can be arranged. All
      assets will be taken from you.
      * * * * * * * * *
      Too strict ?
      The above laws are current immigration laws of MEXICO !

      • Jana

        Hugh J
        And should be practiced this here at home too.

  • EltonJ

    I think Arizona legislature and governor had done the right thing. Pass an immigration law that enforces current immigration laws. The groups that are reacting wrongly are the Democrat old guard, La Raza, and other groups.

    The Federal government did fail on this, and so it’s up to the individual states to do something about it. United we stand, divided we fall.

    • CJ

      Yes, inforcing the laws is necessary, but the task of inforcement is beyond the ability of those doing it. The only effective way to stop the “flood” is to remove what they are comming into this country for. Take away the incentive and they simply don’t come. It’s the easiest way. We don’t have the money or manpower to do it any other way.

      • Norm

        You are right.
        The problem is that many of the people who are protesting the most are the same people who hire the illegals at slave wages to pick their crops, watch their kids, and manicure their lawns. Eliminate their jobs, and prosecute people who hire them, and they will have no incentive for crossing the border.

        • Lee

          Slave wages? I was the one getting slave wages, and I worked for the State of Arizona!
          The field workers get from 8.50 to 15.00 an hour. Irrigators get 20.00, but they earn it!
          Anyone who thinks the migrants aren’t making money, haven’t seen them in stores! They buy 40.00 to 50.00 beef roasts, huge 35.00 hams, at least a dozen packages of multiple steaks, hamburger patties, the more expensive lunch meats, cheese by the enormous chunks, and a good seven or eight packages of bacon and sausage.
          Then, they pull out their “slave” wages! Rolls of cash big enough to choke a bull! They’ll peel off fifties, twenties and a few tens–very little is less than a ten.
          What did I buy with my 6.00 an hour? Wienies when they were on sale. Rarely got real beef, beef roasts were out of the question! Couldn’t afford them! Got the lower grade hamburger, very small packages of cheese, and some of the lower grades of pork.
          DON’T tell me the migrant workers are getting “slave” wages! Follow them around a grocery store, and you might change your mind!

          • Ken

            Lee, Norm, CJ, Elton
            You have it right
            The only thin you left out it the huge strain on our School Systwm and just as improtant is the strain on the Medical System. IE; Emergency Rooms where we can’t refuse treatment.
            We can’t keep this up. We will go broke

          • kate8

            Our government doesn’t really care about any of this. In fact, they want to overtax our system to the point of collapse, and this is just another part of doing that.

            The main reason for uncontrolled immigration, both legal and illegal, is to destroy our sense of unity, our nationalism. By flooding our nation with divergent cultures and languages, we are filled with people who hold no particular knowledge or concern for our American ideals. They are encouraged to keep their own cultural values and practices. Americans are restrained from “imposing” our values on others who are here, both in speech and expression.

            Destroying our sense of nationalism is intended to bring about our collapse as a sovereign nation, so we can be absorbed by the NWO.

            BTW, David Icke has some great videos on YouTube on this subject.

        • DaveH

          Obligate the Business leaders to be the immigration police because the government won’t do its job. That’s a solution?

          • Norm

            Could this be you asking for more government action??
            Surely you believe the “free enterprise” system can handle it’s own problems.
            Let’s see:
            Hugh oil spill due to circumventing proper backup procedures;
            Economic collapse due to greed driven polices so stupid that an average middle school kid could have spoted them;
            Selling out our economy to cheap foreign labor for short sighted profits;
            Illegals entering the US because they provide cheap labor allowing people to become very rich;
            etc. ad infinatum.
            The one, AND ONLY, goal of capitalism is profit. That’s a good thing – it’s been good for me and many other hard working Americans.
            But we need rules to operate by just like any other segment of society.
            And, my friend, I’m afraid only the government is equipped to handle unbridled greed.

          • DaveH

            It is one of the Constitutional Powers of the Government, Norm, to protect the country from invasion. So, yes, it is their job.
            The oil spill was created by a Big Government sycophant company (BP) which has been advertising for years about how “green” it is. So much for the “Green” movement.
            You’re right, the economic collapse was due to greed driven policies – the Government coercing banks to lend to unqualified borrowers and the semi-government Federal Reserve loose money policies. So yeah, the greed of the voters who put Big Government in power for their perceived turn at the trough. By the way, Norm, you make those school kids look downright brilliant.
            Our manufacturers are moving overseas because Government is sucking the finances out of the economy, and unions are demanding exhorbitant wages.
            If you study Hong Kong, with one of the densest populations in the world, any normal person (non-zealot) can see that it is not the increase in the population that diminishes an economy. It is the increase in the size of Government that wreaks an economy.

            You have no legs to stand on when it comes to accusing anybody of greed, Norm. You and your Liberal friends have no problem when it comes to voting to take other peoples money away for your own misguided purposes. Those people whose money you want to forcibly take away, earned that money legally. You are the greedy one. Own it.

          • http://?? Joe H.

            First Bush and then Obummer in April 2009 gave BP a bypass on those back-up systems!!! sweems we can’t trust big Government either!!!

        • JeffH

          Lest we forget the role of the SEIU for promoting the uncivilized unrest by the “Che” factions that are threatening the core of “legalized” immigrants.

          Obama’s organizing skills are still in practice…

          SEIU Announces AZ Boycott

          Send Arizona Governor Jan Brewer your thoughts about the despicable SB-1070
          Republican Governor Jan Brewer just signed a law that would encourage unchecked racial profiling of anyone “suspected” of being undocumented. The law creates the threat of deportation for lawfully present immigrants and US citizens seeking work if they do not have their documentation on them at all times and punishes local small businesses for working within the rules of the federal immigration system

          In the wake of a blatant attempt to copy the draconian, anti-immigrant legislation recently passed in Arizona, Minnesota Republicans have felt the backlash of fair-minded citizens and leaders unwilling to accept discriminatory laws. State Rep. Steve Drazkowski, the author of the copycat legislation, sees it as “common sense.”

          • Mike

            We have moved on beyond the descrimination B.S. and now rely on COMMON SENCE.. If they are here ILLIGALLY then they have to GO!!!!!!
            Has nothing to do with descrmination and all to do with being legal. These people cost usmuch more then the average hard working AMERICAN makes. You have no idea how much we pay in taxes to cover their medical, via the emeregency rooms all over the country, and our school system. THEY ARE BREAKING THIS COUNTRY!!!!!
            It is past time for our WORTHLESS GOVERNMENT to do what we pay them to do (PROTECT OUR LEGAL CITIZENS).
            GREAT JOB TO ARIZONA!!!!

          • Rick C

            Very little of what you said here is true. If SB-1070 is despicable, then you must think the current Federal laws, which this bill mirrors, are even more despicable.

            There is absolutely no threat of RACIAL profiling. Assuming the law is targeted towards Mexican’s, what race do you think they are? Mexican? No, that’s a nationality composed of a number of races. Hispanic? No, that’s an ethnicity that’s composed of a number of diverse Spanish speaking cultures which, also includes a number of races. North American Natives, now that is arguably a racial group, but I don’t think most Illegal aliens coming across our southern border would identify themselves as such.

            Terms like racist, fascist, and Nazi are being misused and abused to vilify people who just want the government to do its job and stop doing everything else under the sun.

            The law is not anti-immigrant its anti-Illegal Immigration. Obfuscation of the true purpose of the law, is nothing more than a lie meant to garner emotional appeal. Draconian, I think not, just a bit hyperbolic don’t ya think.

          • Walt

            You are the despicable one here, jeffh. And you obviously are extremely unintelligent and uninformed. You are attempting to give rights to those who are here illegally. You don’t seem to understand this is a battle for our country, a war. Illegals do not earn or deserve free emergency care on our tab. They do not earn the right or deserve to be allowed to work under the table, while collecting food stamps, or to drive on our streets without a license, or garbage up our neighborhoods. Quite the opposite, all they earn is criminal status. They deserve to be jailed under circumstances that would be befitting of the treatment they would receive in their own country(no air conditioning, t.v., three hots and a cot), and then deported. If or when they return illegally, they should be placed in chains and required to perform hard labor to the benefit of our society. If they return a third time, it’s three strikes your out, chains forever. And by the way, I’ve been jailed in mexico, so I know from what I say. My charge was whispering to my friend, they stole everything I had, my nice shirt, belt, boots, wallet. They incarcerated me for three days and fed me nothing. There were no bunks in the cell, and they gave me no blankets. It is hard to be civil to people like you, jeffh, who don’t have a clue in this world, and will always be too clueless to ever get a clue. You are thankless and oblivious to what this country has provided for you. If this world were fair, as you like to preach, you would be the next one deported.

          • JeffH

            Rick C & Mike…re-read the information I have provided and understand why I posted it…that is what the SEIU IS PROMOTING, not I.
            I’m all in for supporting Arizona and Gov. Brewer and have sent an email of support stating as much.

            The polls Show Overwhelming Support for Arizona’s Law, and I do too.

          • JeffH

            Walt, before I accuse you of being a liberal because of your name calling, what I posted, go to the website I have linked and try to understand that I am merely pointing out the SEIU’s role in creating civil unrest that affects not only all of us citizens and Arizona, but the “legal” immigrants that speak up in support of the Arizona lay.

            You have let your angry emotions cloud your ability to comprehend the gist of my post.

          • Walt

            My apologies, JeffH. I will re-read.

          • JeffH

            Rick C & Mike & Walt…just an FYI, I am in full agreement with all of you and do understand your quick reactions to my post…not offended at all.

          • Rick C

            Jeff, if you were being ironic, please be a little more blatant about it in the future. People new to the blog might think you were a progressive.

          • Al Sieber

            JeffH, thanks for straighting this out, I knew what you were talking about the first time, I went to that website yesterday.

          • Save America Susie

            I am sure you already know this, but SOME people of Mexican decent are on board to try and get California back as the northern part of Mexico. In the early 1800′s California was part of Mexico. Los Angeles and San Diego were just upper Baja. La Raza is especially pushing this in So Cal. You hear bits of news about it now and then. AZ and New Mexico are no doubt on their dream wish list. Texas also was Mexico before the Alamo era, of course. But boundaries change according to wars and treaties over time. At one time Spain owned this piece of real estate as we know. The French also got into the mix. Before that it was owned by the various central American Indian tribes. Even the Aztecs. It is the dream of SOME to so infiltrate the USA with Mexican illegals, than soon they will be the majority, especially with “anchor babies” and expanding families. If all of these people are given amnesty and then become part of the USA legally, they can then VOTE and decided to become part of Mexico again. (I am not so sure they can legally do that though.) At least they THINK so! Not a shot would have to be fired. I know Texas could do so, as they have that written into their charter that they can succeed from the union. But they may decide to just be an independent country in the FAR future. Who know what the USA will look like in 100 years?

          • Save America Susie

            I might add that many people of Mexican descent (such as my son-in-law) do not feel this way. They are Americans whose families have lived here since CALIFORNIA was declared a state. They don’t even know how to speak Spanish, and feel just as we do about being patriotic about America for the ideas of the Founders. None of them want illegals in this country.

          • Save America Susie

            P.S. I may be wrong about the Aztecs going this far up into the California area. They may just be Central America. But I know Spain and France sure had their wrestlings over the land grabs of Mexico.

          • JeffH

            Rick C, you’re right.

          • Rick C

            I see now, you were posting an article. It wasn’t apparent at first glance.

            Maybe if you could use blockquotes it would make your intentions clear.

          • http://?? Joe H.

            I too have done this to othere and it’s just a question of reading before before touching keys. I’m guilty of doing it with libertytrain about the troops, forgot that she was the mother of service members!! I have misread a couple of others so it is up to the reader to notice the QUOTATION marks!

          • Gary

            What that very brave, very courageous, very intelligent and very JUST “Iron Lady” named Arizona Governor Jan Brewer did by signing the new Arizona State Anti-Illegal Immigration Laws that are all a mirror image of our current United States Federal Anti-Illegal Immigration Laws(that have not been realistically and have not been genuinely and have not been honestly enforced with full integrity, with full transparency, with full accountability and with complete and total honesty by the current corrupt political power hungry, cowardly and criminally irresponsible, cowardly and criminally negligent and cowardly and criminally abusive U.S. Congress and the Criminal Political Usurper Presidential Imposter and Presidential Impersonater “Manchurian Candidate” Criminal named Barack Hussein Who Is Insane Obama) is the very first step to filling the vacuum and to filling the void that has been created and left by the now defunct, extremely corrupt, decrepit, disfunctional, disconnected, deceptive, deceiving, dishonest, disingenuous and totally derelict of duty Criminal Imposter U.S. Federal Government of fullfilling their sworn obligations and fulfilling their sworn duties and fullfilling their sworn oaths to the U.S. Constitution and to all U.S. American Citizens to always continuously uphold, protect, defend, preserve, nurture and ENFORCE the ENTIRE Constitution Of The United States at all times and with 100% total integrity, 100% total transparency, 100% total honesty and with 100% total accountabilty at all times without any interruptions, without any delays, without any conditions, without any excuses and without any exceptions of any types at any time to the full and to the complete intent of all Constitutional Laws everywhere and at all times. The Honorable Arizona Governor Jan Brewer was only the first person to step forward with the brave gutts, the courageous backbone and the morally decent brilliant leadership to do what must be done, especially in the State Of Arizona by legitimately, honestly and genuinely and LEGALLY ENFORCING the ENTIRE Constitution Of The United States, to begin to save and protect all the U.S. American Citizens within the State Of Arizona and all the rest of our Constitutional Republic Of The United States Of America from absolute anarchy, from absolute tyranny, from absolute foreign national fascist imperialism and total ruin by an Anti-American and Anti-U.S. Constitution motley multi-ethnic collection of ILLEGAL ALIEN Foreign National Ethnic Cultural Terrorist, Foreign National Ethnic Social Terrorist and Foreign National Ethnic Rascist Terrorist Invading Multi-Ethnic Foreign National Civilian Horde Criminal Trespasser Army Of Foreign Occupation and Foreign Invasion at many different locations on United States soil, especially and chronically in the State Of Arizona. The only form of racism that is being comitted is being committed by that ILLEGAL ALIEN Foreign National Ethnic Racist Terrorist Imperialistic Fascist Civilian Criminal Army Of Foreign Occupation on U.S. soil and Foreign Invasion on U.S. soil and by all the shameful and criminal Anti-Constitution and Anti-Constitutional U.S. Federal Immigration Laws U.S. American Citizen Hypocrite Treasonous Sellout Traitors, especially many elected politicians in the U.S. Congress and especially ALL ANCHOR BABY FRAUDULANT-U.S. American PSEUDO-CITIZENS, who are all criminal accomplices to aiding and abetting all forms of illegal immigration and who are all criminal accomplices to aiding and abetting all forms of criminal behavior that has been and is being committed by all foreign national illegal aliens within the sovereign borders of the Constitutional Republic Of The United States.

          • tim

            Rick, how can you say, that Racial profiling won’t occur……….???
            I am ALWAYS an advocate for the rights of citizens, and the legal citizens of Arizona will be singled out as much as the illegals (the legals who might LOOK like an illegal……)………..there’s no way around it……………This issue is difficult, but i don’t believe that legal American citizens should be subjected to this, and THAT is exactly what’s going to happen…………and what about the Police…..this puts them in a no-win situation………..

            As I’ve said to Jana, I don’t live in a border state, so I can’t speak personnally about this subjject, and I’ve even said, that if the police are ok with an organized group of milita people, or better yet, former Soldiers or ex-cops, who are hired to help, I have NO problem with that…………….but “combing” the state for dark-skinned citizens, and asking for their papers…… will get ugly…………

        • Jana

          The ones I see protesting are the illegals themselves, along with some that come in and instigate these protests.
          The illegals are not allowed to protest in their own country, and most likely would not have protested like this without a political group coming in and working them up and telling them that they would not be deported for protesting.
          In this country, we have paid professional protesters that go in and incite others to protest and even organize these protests.

          • http://?? Joe H.

            I couldn’t believe my eyes, but our newspaper reported that 80% of the population were behind this law! Coming from a ewspaper, I expect they didn’t mean to print that!!!

          • tim

            As I’ve said before……..BOTH political parties have ignored this issue, and so have the companies who hire these people, without any documentation…….and what about the Large agribusinesses………who meet these people at the border, with the sole intent to hire them????……………

      • http://MSN Bob Steele

        I believe that most of the illegal Mexican immigrants are trying to escape their corrupt government, tyranny and oppression. They are seeking the freedom and opportunity individuals in America have been blessed with thanks to the the founders of our Country. We can not remove this condition to stop the flood of those who choose to come to America illegally. I feel sympathy and compassion for these people just as most everyone does but we must secure our borders and compel these individuals to use the proper legal means for immigration. By not doing whatever is necessary to secure our borders we open ourselves to undesirable drug traffic and terrorist as well as the good citizens of Mexico that swell the labor force at a time of record unemployment. Its a bad situation and by doing the right thing as Arizona did it will seem to some as racist and not humane. I really hope the actions of our government are not motivated to achieve political gain.

        • Hugh Jordin

          It is easy to feel sympathetic to illegal residents trying to escape poverty. But the same can be said of a poor man robbing a bank to feed his kids. It still doesn’t make breaking the law right.

          They should be treated humanly but ushered out of the country and told to get on the end of the line like any kid in school who cuts ahead

          Some illegals are doubtlessly wonderful individuals, but they intentionally broke our laws and should be sent home like party crashers and take their garbage with them.

          They are draining our resources at a time when Americans are struggling.

        • Jeep

          Bob, I must take issue with your compassion argument. Check with some websites such as the Center For Immigration Studies. Some of the “interesting” facts you may find include such gems as, illegal immigrants collectively represent a group that is a significant menace to the public. 80% have committed serious crimes in addition to immigration violations, and 40% have violent crime histories. Or, that 25-50% of gansters arrested in Va for gang activity are illegal. I think you should look at that with an open mind.

          • timr

            Jeep, your figures are way off………Arizona themselves, have acknowledged that most of the illegals are here, to find a better way of life………it doesn’t mean we shouldn’t protect the Borders, but I don’t want MY Constitution TRAMPLED on, because all of you wouldn’t feel that way, if you got stopped soley because of you skin color……….

          • Jeep

            Well, Timr, I guess govt studies do not count…but, let’s just say that 100% of illegal’s have committed a crime in this country. After all it is a crime to enter our country illegally. Any arguments with that?

          • timr

            Well, Jeep……NO, I don’t believe those studies, because they are put out there to scare people………I’m not saying that there isn’t a problem, but to say that 80% of illegals from Mexico commit illegal crimes once they get here, I think is B.S………..Most of these people are desparate, nad they want to work………To say that most are criminals, is just plain not true………..We should protect our borders, Jeep, but I’m not going to say that virtually every Mexican who “jumps-the-fence” is doing so to commit crimes on Americans…….

          • Jeep

            Timr, I temper my statements with the fact that, like you, I do not believe that all illegals are here to commit further offenses. Where I believe we differ is in the meaning of illegal immigration. Not the lawer-ese meaning, but what it means for America. Currently, western states spend billions (undisputed) to provide illegal’s with education, health care, etc. By making them legal, this will undoubtably rise exponentially. And, it will not stop another generation from coming over illegally. It makes no sense to not make an effort to secure our border AND attempt to repatriate citizens of a foreign country to thier place of origin. They are simply not Americans. I am all for legal immigration, as our country has benefitted greatly in years past and to the present from those seeking opportunity legally. But, the bottom line is this is not thier home, period.

          • timr

            JEEP, ot’s a difficult issue, and maybe a Fence would work………..but like I told one of our fellow bloggers, I don’t live in a Border state, so I don’t know what it’s like, but I DO know, that there are illegals working right here in Milwaukee……..I guess if they make it this far, they are probably not going to rape or kill anyone…………I agree, though, that something needs to be done………..

          • Jeep

            Timr, I read your post. I am glad to see that you and I, who are probably pretty far apart on the political spetrum, can first have a civil discussion and actually find some common ground. It is quite refreshing. However, I do look forward to future heated debates! Fun, fun, fun. Anyway, I grew up in Az on a ranch near the border south of Tucson. For years illegals crossing the border caused many probelms through theft and trespassing. It was quite frustrating. In recent years the petty crimes have turned more violent with home invasions and the like. I am now living in Va and thought this problem was far away. Boy was I wrong! This state is full of illegal Hispanics and others. Some are laying low and just trying to survive, but gang problems in particular are a real concern. Oh well, Milwaukee is a great town! How are Laverne and Shirley? Just showing my age…

          • libertytrain

            Timr – one quick check about those rapes that don’t happen in your area – while there are more – I just copied this from – of course it is in Green Bay which is closer to the Canadian border
            On August 19, 2003, two Mexican farm laborers, illegal aliens, committed arguably the most heinous crime in the history of Wisconsin’s Green Bay. They abducted a 26-year-old woman from the parking lot of a Main Street nightclub, drove many miles to a remote area in another county, repeatedly gang-raped her, then doused her with lighter fluid and set her on fire.
            “The woman testified she heard her attackers ‘laugh, get in the truck, and leave.’” Fortunately or unfortunately, she survived but with “burns on 61% of her body”, including her face. She will be grotesquely disfigured for life. She also “suffered” and survived, “respiratory failure”. [Man Enters Pleas In Kidnapping, Rape, Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, April 7, 2005]
            In non-diverse Green Bay, the victim, then a mother of two young children, can be assumed to be white, although of course the politically correct Wisconsin newspapers didn’t say.
            The two monsters: Gregario Morales, then 27 with a wife and three children, and Juan Nieto, 24, apparently the more vicious of the two and rumored to have possibly committed a similar rape/burning in Arizona. Morales was offered a plea bargain in exchange for his testimony against Nieto. (more…)
            Two glaring examples:
            Marcelino Rivero
            Heriberto Rivera
            If any of these offenders escaped for example, most people would be on the lookout for “White” men.
            Wisconsin Department of Corrections
            SOR Registrant Information

          • timr

            Jeep like I’ve said before, I haven’t lived in a Border state, so I trust what you say is true…………and don’t worry, I’m 47 so I remember Laverne & Shirley, AND…Happy days quite well……..Actually I lived about a mile from Knapp street, where Laverne & Shirley lived, on the show……………

            I realize that we are far apart politically, but we can have a civil discussion…….I’ve been guilty, I admit, for ranting about Race, but it’s what I see……….

          • timr

            Thanks for the info, Libertytrain…… point was, we are much father away from the border, so illegals here, are less inclined to committ crimes………with some exceptions , as you pointed out………….

          • libertytrain

            Timr – I’m not on the border or even close to it – yet there probably isn’t a week that goes by without some news report of an illegal alien killing somebody – usually another illegal but not always. It’s everywhere – and the problem is growing.

        • Save America Susie

          Bob, Hugh & Jeep, I can see both sides of it. I am sure there are those who are not basic criminals who are just desperate, except to break the law to come here. But that is still a crime, as Hugh says! But I have also read those stats you presented, Jeep, and it ain’t pretty! Many rapes and murders in So. Cal have happened as well, because of illegals I noted in the news. And more than Mexicans come in. People from all nationalities. A recent news special opened my eyes about middle easterners coming to Central America, and learning Spanish to blend in with Mexican Citizens, and then escaping across our Southern American border.

          • http://?? Joe H.

            I can’t remember the site, but there is one that shows a number ofr wanted illegals and their crime. It also shows that a number of them molest and rape children, rape women, murder, then jump back across the border to come back later after the main heat is over. SEAL THE BORDERS!!!!!

        • tim

          Well said, Bob…………..

    • John Handforth

      The actions that Arizona is taking are long overdue. To be truly effective, we need California, New Mexico and Texas to join them.

      We may have to create stronger, time restricting inspections at the border. I am referring to vehicle safety inspections, vehicle insurance examinations, requiring that the insurance be valid in this Country and things like health screenings at the border.

      We should have open southbound access, allowing Mexicans to go home.

      We should charge a $100 entry fee to EVERYONE crossing the border northbound. That would include Americans that took American currency and spent it in a foreign country.

      There are limitations on the amount of cash that can cross our borders. Enforce them. Both ways.

      Those that try to cross the border illegally, should be subject to the same rules, except for higher fees to enter America. If they don’t have the money required, take what they have, fingerprint them and have them deported. If their prints show up again, let them stay in a prison tent in Maricopa County for three months before deporting them. It seems to work on American lawbreakers.

      I used to feel sorry for them, but I’m tired of having to PRESS ONE for English.

      • DaveH

        Sieg Heil!

        • Rick C

          Your childish retort, only serves to diminish the true evil that was perpetrated by the Nazi’s.

          • DaveH

            Do you think the Nazi’s started overnight and without public support?
            It is a much more childish trait to ignore potential danger than to prepare for it.

          • DaveH

            Ignorant enablers are what allows tyrants to take hold. People like yourself, Rick, that turn a blind eye to the growth of government as it takes more of our rights away and harasses us more.

          • Rick C

            I’m not turning a blind eye to anything. My point is, you should try to avoid name calling. The abuse of certain kinds of name calling tends to dilute its seriousness and is otherwise unproductive.

          • DaveH

            Duh, Rick, It was you who started the name-calling.

          • timr

            Never mind the Corporations and the crooks on Wall Street that get away with what they do……….You want a check on government, fine……I agree, but we need a check on our Financial system, too……….

      • Bruce

        Hooray for Arizona who is standing tall as an example to all other states on how to protect our citizens from invasion. Shame on the current administration for making what they should be doing look like racism and inviting more aliens to break the law. Shame on the states that have decided to boycott the state of Arizona because of their stand to protect the citizens of their state. Those that are cheerleading the boycott effort should be exiled to Mexico because they certainly are NOT for the UNITED States of America. We states need to stand together. We states need to applaud and assist the Arizona efforts to stop the invasion that is hurting our countries economy and injuring our citizens. This is a gate that needs closing, people from other coutnries can also come through this gate that the current administration has left open and apparently encourages it to be held open for anyone else who decides to invade. I am disgusted.

    • Gail

      EltonJ- I agree that Gov. Jan Brewer did the right thing and AZ should be applauded on the way they handled the whole thing. It is not a racial issue, it is a legal issue. We must uphold our Constitution. We are fighting a war overseas to protect one country from invading and forcing their will on others, but we don’t lift a finger to protect our homeland from the droves of illegals pouring across our borders. I am sorely disappointed in Austin, TX for boycotting AZ. So childish.
      If you really think that will help, boycott Washington!! They’ve really caused some problems.

      • http://YAHOO LOUISE COOPER


      • Connie

        Thanks for agreeing with AZ!!! We need all the sopport we can get… Being boycotted is going to hurt our state… What we need is for everyone that thinks we did what is right is come and see what a beautiful state we have and boy cot the boy cotters!!!!! We lived across from a drop house and it is sad as they are brought in at night and they don’t see the light of day till they are moved.. We didn’t see them come and we didn’t see them go but we saw the trash cans!!!! The house is always dark and closed off… We now have a mexican family that lives there and they are a good family… We just want them to come in leagl!!!!!! and work and pay taxes… Learn english!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

        • kate8

          I say we go out of our way to support AZ, and boycott all santuary cities.

          • kate8

            That’s sanctuary cities.

        • Save America Susie

          I like the idea of “BUY-COTT” instead of BOYCOTT. Counter balancing the boycott by actual buying from AZ as SUPPORT for their choice to stand up for our Federal Laws. The fact that various California city council boards have voted to BOYCOTT AZ is childish. California has no right to punish AZ for her opinion on what is right for the country. That is equal to a child jumping up and down saying “I’ll fix you!”, just because someone made a decision to protect themselves.

          • kate8

            SAS, with liberals it is always “do things our way or we’ll force you”. I for one am really sick of it.

            Pretty much everything about liberalism is childish, absurd, and upside down. They know it, too. They just have to control everyone and everything.

          • Save America Susie

            Kate8–That’s it, its all about control. But that is what the middle east is like: control as apposed to freedom. Sure we must have rules, we are not for anarchy. But there is balance. “Common Sense”. I recently reread the original by Thomas Payne. Very prophetic as well.

          • kate8

            The laws are continually getting more intrusive into our daily lives, health, habits, beliefs, speech, social preferences, etc. You name it, they want to regulate it and control it.

            What they are after is a totally compliant populace. They can gauge how conditioned we are by how much we comply with the most nit-picky rules. That is why I say we must refuse to comply with laws that overstep governmental authority. Otherwise, we will soon find ourselves with no personal choices at all.

            Aside from its just plain toxicity, the reason they put fluoride in water (and medications, foods) is that it affects the brain and makes us more compliant, less able to think for ourselves. I am fortunate to live in an area that has, so far, never fluoridated our water, but we get it in other ways. Fluoride was first used in Nazi Germany, for the same reason.

          • http://?? Joe H.

            Just heard on discovery that Miami has twice the murder rate of the rest of the country!! If that’s so, what with the rate of LA county Cal., then they must have one hell of a murder rate. what a mess!!!

          • timr

            So the Patriot Act, wasn’t intrusive??????

            Or have we forgotten???

  • http://outlookexpress frank

    why would bo-bo support arizona? hes as illegal as the wet backs!

    • Mick for thought

      again where is the proof?

      • angel-wanna-be

        MIck for thought____1.8 mills to secure Obama’s info?

        • Mick for thought

          So you believe that none of the security services of America the powerful Bush and Cheney influence, the politically powerful Clintons and the powerful friends of McCain did not try to prove President Obama was ineligible to be president. Please dear Lord place this birther movement to rest.

          • Gail

            Mick for thought— only Obama himself can put this to rest by proving he is qualified to the American people

          • Mike

            Why would congress have hearings for proof of McCain legal citizenship but not for Obama? It is a big coverup paid for by our tax dollars. That is why Obama has spent approx. $2M to his lawyers to coverup his REAL BIRTH CERTIFICATE and all other info that has always been released by LEGITIMATE PRESIDENTS.

          • Rob Alexander

            You don’t seriously think Bush, Cheney and McCain actually OPPOSE Obama, do you?

            People think Republican Vs. Democrat is like a football game, but it’s really more like a pro wrestling match. This supposed opposition to each other is nothing more than a play they put on to keep the sheep from paying attention to what they’re really up to.

            Cheney, Bush and McCain are on the same team as Obama. The game is the privileged, politically connected class against everyone else, not R vs. D.

          • Cathy

            Check this out:

            He is a mystery and very dangerous. Too many questions, not enough answers.

          • gregory

            hey mick, a verry simple soulution would be for commie obamie to release the seal’d doc’s to a qualified vtr to be verrified, a verry simple thing to do. the question is why does he not do that? is he hiding somthing that may be damming?

          • Jana

            Mick for thought,
            Obama more than likely has dual citizenship, but that is beside the point. The point for me is that he has not been raised all of his life here in the United States. He has been raised in countries that for the most part ‘hate America’, and he has followed that ideology. He is trying to turn our country into a third world country.
            In fact, now Congress is voting on whether to have Puerto Rico become a state, and for the topper of all toppers, we are borrowing money to bail out Greece.
            When does it stop???

          • Save America Susie

            You know, BO “MAY” very well be born here….But the American People have the RIGHT TO KNOW. Pres. Jefferson said the American people own the President when he is in office. He should be public. Which BO is anything but. If he were truly “transparent” as he claimed he would be, that “long form BC” would be nailed-up on every street corner. In other words PUBLIC. After All, we have McCAIN’s long form! It wasn’t a problem for him.

            P.S. Right on Jana!!

          • kate8

            Not a chance.

          • timr

            Jana, stop and think, don’t you think Obama living abroad, has given him some insight into the World around us??……….Turning us into a 3rd world Country……….???….come on, are you serious…………??……..Trade deals like NAFTA, and Corporate sellouts to Foreign Business, will turn us into a 3rd world Country………..Obama is the 1st President, to tell Corporation, that they will get NO…tax breaks for picking up their plants and moving them overseas……………..

          • Jana

            No, I don’t think living abroad has given him insight into the world around us. He needs insight in how the United States is to be run, we aren’t like other countries, and we have been the World leaders here. We don’t want to be run by the UN, we don’t want to be run like Kenya, we want our Constitution followed, and our laws followed. In these other countries he has heard nothing but bad about our country and seems to still believe it or he would not have gone all over the world to appologize to these foreign leaders for the U.S.

            Yes, I am serious about the fact that it seems he does want us to turn into a third world country because he refuses to even consider controlling our borders. He had a visit with Mexico’s El Presidente, and he was mad about our trying to control our own borders. Our President agrees with him. Our President even came out and condemned Arizona’s bill WITHOUT even reading it first.
            And, I would be saying this about Bush, or Hillary, or even McCain if they were doing these things. It just so happens, I believe they probably would be doing these same things and I would be complaining just as loudly.

      • Norm Seymour

        Where is the proof he is legal? All oduma has to do to put this question to rest is show a REAL birth certificate, but he refuses, why?Is it not available? Iam not saying he doesn’t have it,I just wonder why, he will not show it.Is he ashamed of it? And if so why? Would also like some answers,how could he travel to a nation,that was not legal to travel to with a US passport,was he an illegal alien at that time? By his own story,he was so broke he couldn’t afford a place to live, yet in a few months he could fly around the world like a celebrity,pretty good I’d say,and then come back and go to an expensive college, nice huh?

        • jcarrollbarnhill

          I believe the real answer to the mystery of who and what Obadma is his biggest LIE of all. He is an IMPOSTER for the real B H Obama. Some where along the time this guy has slide into his identity. A total fraud. The black part is NOT the problem. The Muslim is the problem. He looks to be all black- no characteristics 0f any white blood. How could so many people still be so stupid as to go along with him??? And the American people better wake up and get busy FAST. Let’s all pray to the REAL GOD.

          • http://facebook Leslie Moore

            I have read your comments about Obama and I think you are getting all caught up in the right wing propaganda out there. His birth certificate as posted is real they even have the announcement of his birth that day in the paper that has been posted. I don’t believe it is a conspiracy cover up by Obama. BTW he has announced publicly his Faith! He has stated he is a Christian and follows Christian beliefs. That is enough for me for I know that in the end there is only one God to answer to and He has indicated through Jesus Christ that we are not to Judge. “Judge not lest you be Judged” Obama has moved this Country in some unconventional directions. Good for him the old ways weren’t working? Get up off the internet and go to work in your Communities people, there is much work to be done, things do not fix themselves. Hurray for Arizona!!!!

          • Jana

            Leslie M,

            I think you are right in that he does have a legitimate birth certificate, but I still think he has dual citizenship.

            You also stated acurately that we are not to judge, lest we be judged, but God did give us something called wisdom and discernment.
            This poor man named Obama has been in what kind of churces all of his life? When he was a teenager, he went to ‘church’ with his grandparents who went to the same type of church with the same type of rhetoric that the great Rev. Wright taught, that Obama went to for 22 years. He never had a chance to hear the gospel of Christ.

            By Obama’s own words, he has praised the Islamic call to prayer as the most beautiful sound he has ever heard. He has quoted the Qu’ran many many times. He is telling us very loudly what he believes, all we need to do is put on our listening ears.

            The Bible also tells us that we know them by their fruits. hmmm, you said Obama has moved us in some “unconventional directions” and you think this is good? He is taking us away from the Constitution and you approve? This doesn’t speak well of you, or your credibility.

          • timr

            jccarrolbarnhill…………YOU are part of the racism that is bubbling to the surface now, since the election of Obama………..Not EVERY American President should be Anglo-Saxon, Catholics………..Your’e an imposter…………..

          • timr

            Jana, you are proving your ignorance………You are going after Obama, and claiming he is an avoud Muslim, when he has done nothing but show his religious tolernace to ALL Religions……..So stop trying to define him just because every other President before him were carbon copies……….of each other………”W” was a born-again christian………Did you REALLY know his beliefs………..of course you did, because he was the SAME religion as YOU…………Now, haven’t you EVER wondered why SO many Wars and Conflicts went on, BECAUSE of Religious separatism…… lack of tolerence and hatred????

          • timr

            And Jana……..How would YOU know wHAT Gospe; Obama has read??……Where do you get off, claiming to know what’s in his heart and mind……????…………Jerry Falwell is DEAD……….can’t we get passed this Religion thing?……Religion is personal between yourself and your creator, and America has gotten so Damn arrogant about it’s Religious History……….it doesn’t suit us, and it never will………..Didn’t you learn ANYTHING from the Crusades……..???, or did you miss that day in class………….??????///

          • Jana


            So much for your post from before. Name calling is just something you do so well. I should have realized that someone that is so mean, and is filled with so much anger and rage, as well as racism, and has a garbage mouth could not change his bad habits. Too bad, your own ignorance is showing!

            I do something that you don’t know how to do obviously, I pay attention to what Obama says. I have also bothered to find out about him. Yes, he shows so much tolerance of so many things, including such as having the picture of Jesus covered during one of his speeches, sure, that is religious tolerance. What about his quick judgments BEFORE he even knows all of the facts? Oh yes, you would think that is all right because that is what you do.

            As for the rest, you wouldn’t understand because you are blind to certain truths. If you weren’t you wouldn’t have voted for him in the first place.

            You just lost all of your credibility toward your first post. Because you were nice for a change I was willing to believe you for a minute there, but you couldn’t possibly have any solutions to anything, because you are one of the problems.

            Maybe if this Religion thing bothers you so much it’s because The Lord is trying to reach out to you and you aren’t paying attention to Him.

          • timr

            You know, Jana…you are right………I shouldn’t get so angry in my posts, but I just think that going after what you think, are Obama’s beliefs, are something that the Obama haters are going overboard with…….I will grant you this……you seem like more of a Religious person than I am……..I consider myself a Christian, but I don’t believe in forcing others to believe what we believe………and ALL religions are varying interpretations of the Bible……..WHY all of this hatred towards certain religions……..that is exactly what these Muslim extremists do……….I don’t believe in carrying on Religious Wars………Enough people have died over History, because of arrogance in their Faith……….

            Again, Jana, I apologize…….

          • timr

            Jana, I will not attack you personally…….I just see such viceral hatred towards Obama…….and I have NO problem……NO problem at all, for disagreeing with his policies…….but all this talk about whether he’s a citizen or not, and how he isn’t one-of-us………has everything to do with the fact, that racially, he is so unlike the purely, white, anglo-saxon Presidents…..WE HAVE ALWAYS HAD……..and I’m going to call it out…………..This Country has come too far, to allow this racial B.S. to happen………….Did you ever watch Obama’s speech on Race??……..he was totally honest, and it was the most honest speech on Race in America, I have EVER seen………but that doesn’t stop the “birthers” from spewing CRAP all over the place…………We disagree, Jana, but I respect, and always, will respect your right to express your beliefs…………

          • Jana

            I have never hated the man Obama. He obviously has a good personality, and gets along well with people. Barak, Michelle and the children seem like a delightful family in fact.
            I have met a lot of people in my work and in my life that I thought were really nice people, but I did not agree with them politically. Most of the time these people and I don’t discuss politics because we will argue and we don’t want to argue. But, at the same time these people don’t have any major influence over my life.
            Mr. Obama does. I don’t agree with him politically and since he does have a major influence over my life, because he is a PUBLIC official, I have a duty and a right to voice my concerns.
            On the same vein, I voiced my concerns with Pres. Bush too. I did not agree with him most of the time either.

          • timr

            Jana, we can agree, that we differences………..I respect your opinions, whether I agree with them or not………..

          • tim

            JCCARROL…….do you want to run a dna test on him, to make sure he has some “caucasion’ in him…..???

            Obama has expressed his Christian beliefs……and because he was exposed to other Countries, who didn’t happen to be Irish-catholic, where is the proof, that he is some avowed Muslim……???

            As I’ve said, this is nothing but an attempt, NOT to disagree with policy, but an attempt to distancing him, as some Un-American figure, or someone who is “different” than us REAL Americans………

            Does every President HAVE to be a white Anglo-saxon, christian, to truly love, and lead our Country…….???

            i jsut don’t understand the paranoia with him………..I really don’t………

            If you don’t like his policies, then vote him out of office in 2012………but ENOUGH of this paranoid rhetoric, that does nothing but wrile up your fellow citizens, who ahve an ignorance towards people who don’t look like their Neighbors……..(I say ignorance, as a term of just NOT being exposed to any culture other than their own)………..

            Thanks to Kate8, I’m leaving the Anger out of my posts…….but I would really like to find some answers as to this hatred of this Man………..


          • Bob Livingston

            Dear timr,
            It would be nice if he would prove his citizenship rather than spend millions fighting it. Many would be more receptive to a President Obama if they knew he was constitutionally eligible to serve. Kids have to show their birth certificate to play sports, yet he still hasn’t let his be seen. And don’t try to use that Certificate of Live Birth posted on the internet. It is not a legal birth certificate to receive state services in Hawaii, which requires a long form birth certificate. Admit there are questions: Why no doctor or nurse say they were present? Why did his parents not live at address listed in birth announcements? Why has Michelle and a Kenyan official said he was born in Kenya. Why is he using a Social Security number issued in Connecticut after he reportedly held his first job in Hawaii. How did he travel to restricted countries if he only had a U.S. passport. Why no access to his college records? So many questions (and there are more) and no answers.
            Best wishes,
            P.S. timr, rein in the name-calling.

        • Derrick

          Obama’S REAL birth certificate is posted online, google it!

          • gregory

            hey derrick, wich copy are you talking about? ive seen about a thousnd of the so call’d photoshop’d copys and they all have many flaws to the keen eye, the real question is why doesn’t he release the true one that is lock’d away in hawaii?? seems to me that he went to great lenghts to cover this up—WHY? criminals will go to great extreems to hide the truth as to not get caught, why doesnt he stop the madness and just release the origional docs to a qualified vettr, i think you know as well as everybody else!

          • concerned citizen

            how are you so sure that it is not a forged document?

          • Rick C

            There has never been a copy of Obama’s birth certificate posted on the Internet. The document you are referring to is a certification of live birth. It is an abstract of information they have on file in Hawaii. What the information source is, is not disclosed. It is not sufficient to obtain a passport, or even a drivers license in some states.

          • Save America Susie

            It’s only the “short form”….That is the problem. It does not contain the information America NEEDS to know to protect America from impostors. Only the “long form” does. And as I said McCain delivered his for all of us to see. The short form is very skeletal. A CEO of a major corporation has to provide more info than that. The President, more than anyone, should give us the MOST proof, not the least, since it is the highest office in the land. You should have to PROVE it to everyone, since he is applying to be everyone’s President. That’s why it effects ALL OF US.

          • tim

            Bob, I’ve toned down my anger, and name calling, but some of these people on your blog are unreal………

            And with all due respect, you are just another “birther”………No proof of his birth will EVER satisfy you………and do you want him to NOT defend himself against these claims??????

          • Bob Livingston

            Dear tim (timr),
            Sorry, wrong again. PROOF of his birth as an American citizen is just what I’m asking for. He has not yet provided it. Yes, I’m a “birther” if that means that I’d like PROOF that the man occupying the White House is a natural-born American citizen as required by the Constitution. Release of his long form birth certificate (not a certificate of live birth), his college records (which would indicate whether he received special dispensation as a foreign national), an explanation of how he traveled to Pakistan at a time when it was illegal to travel there on an American passport and why his social security number begins with a prefix that was issued only to people living in Connecticut (a state in which he never claimed to live) after he held his first job in Hawaii would go a long way toward satisfying my “birther” tendencies. There are other questions, but these are key. I’m sure my explanation won’t satisfy you. Until you stop viewing things in a simple left vs. right paradigm you will never understand the philosophy espoused on this site.
            All the best,
            PS: Thanks for toning down the anger and name calling. Isn’t it refreshing to debate on an adult level?
            PPS: You say, “some of these people are unreal.” There are many who believe that about you.

        • Donna M.

          Norm, You are on the right track. Take a look at what has been turned up concerning his SSN. It comes from Connecticut during a period after he supposedly worked at a Bask & Robbins in Hawaii. There is no evidence that he ever resided in Connecticut and since it is illegal to have more than one SSN how was he able to work as a teen in Hawaii? There is more than one question concerning his SSN. I would start with how was it issued to him? There is, for those who acknowledge that all documents can be forged, also the taped evidence of his Kenyan grandmother who says she was present during the birth of her grandson in Kenya. Too many loopholes to simply ignore.

          • Susy

            I agree Donna, too many loops, not enough clear answers. As far as I am concerned Barack Hussein Obama is an African until he can clearly demonstrate otherwise. Why would his grandmother lie about being present at his birth? Beyond that he is a Chicago politician with clear socialist inclinations whose real design for the US is to destroy it as fast as he can.
            As to the Arizona law, I fully support it and wish all the states would follow with similar laws. In Mexico illegal aliens are treated with severity and street demonstrations by them is met with jail terms.

          • timr

            Jana, take a look at susie’s rant about Obama being African………TELL me……..please…TELL me, that this isn’t about Race………………

          • libertytrain

            Timr – what’s racist about saying he’s an African? Africa is still a continent? Not a bad word?

          • timr

            Heu Libertarian, it’s the “context” in how it’s used, that is racist………Keep turning a blind-eye………..

          • libertytrain

            timr – I’m afraid, I understand context probably better than you do. And the context she used was fine, you continuously misconstrue and use racist terms yourself. Or is it ok when you do it – because it’s you.

          • Jana

            I do agree with Libertrain.
            She meant African as in Kenyan. Kenya is in Africa I do believe. Please do not look so hard for racism, because truly that is not how most of us feel. I have a lot of friends that are of differing nationalities. Great and wonderful people. I have also met some people of differing nationalities including whites, and I don’t like them and they don’t like me, but that doesn’t make me a racist and it doesn’t make them a racist either.
            In heaven there will be no blacks, no whites, no hispanics, no Methodists, no Babtists, just Christians. As Martin Luther King said, we need to judge a person by his character, not his color.
            You have a lot of good character, but you seem to be stuck on racism. Please reconsider this point.

          • timr

            Jana, there ARE racist remarks about Obama on this Blog………Are you telling me, that when someone blurts out Barrack Hussain Obama, that they don’t have an ulterior motive??……….Perhaps,just saying that Obama’s Dad was born in Kenya, which makes him Kenyan, isn’t harmful or racist, on it’s face………but did people say during the campaign, that John McCain was “”christian”, or John McCain is “Irish”…………Do you see my point here………..There ARE racial references, ans they are for for a reason………..Is race EVERYTHING, NO………but it does matter, and I’ve witnessed friends of mine, African American friends of mine, being treated AS LESS THAN HUMAN…….so maybe the subjest is more touchy with me, when I hear these Ethnic references………and /they ARE here, make no mistake about it…………Jana, I don’t lump you in this group, as you seem like an intelligent, smart person………but I’m NOT going excuse some of the race-bating that still goes on in this Country……….

        • Gary

          Because Obama is patriotically obliged and because it is Obama’s patriotic duty and patriotic obligation as an elected representative “Of The People”, “By The People” and “For The People” to PUBLICLY show us his entire Life inside and outside, leaving and ommitting absolutely nothing and including absolutely everything, beginning from the moment that Obama was born, the solid proof is in Obama’s own moral behavior and in Obama’s own immoral behavior. Obama’s actions and Obama’s inactions and Obama’s personal behavior speaks volumes louder than any words can speak or could ever speak. We do know that Obama is half Black and half White, but that in itself is meaningless, irrelevant and not really important, however, Obama is capable of the human behavior of dishonesty and deceit and lying to anyone exactly the same as every human being who has ever existed on Earth.

      • Barb

        Mick, Why don’t you show us one place where there is legitimate background
        information on Obama! There isn’t any! Begs the question-WHY? The only so called Birth Certificate he produced was a copy of a Certificate of Live Birth from Hawaii That is not an official Birth Certificate it just proves that he was born live and not hatched that’s all. You show us some proof!

        • Mick for thought

          That is all some states provide. However the governor of HI has made a written statement that he has seen the hospital copy of the birth and it states he was born in HI. Lastly Obama has produced more verifying information than any president in the past of his birth. Why is that? personally I spent about 60 hour searching this subject and found no credible evidence against his natural born American citizenship.

          • Barb

            How hard would it be to pay that politician off? NOT HARD! Plus as you have pointed out they lie all the time. There is no credible proof and he HAS not produced any period! If you say he has then you are also a liar! Plus I thought you said you had to go to work…. Must be an awful cushy job and nice boss you have to be able to do this on the job!!! Gottcha in another lie didn’t I?

          • Barb

            Mick for Thought: 7:03 AM This Blog: AND I Quote last paragraph:
            I have to go to work & make some more comments late tonight when I get home. By the way, by the looks of some of these frequent posts from a almost dozen individuals I wonder where they get the time to make all these posts. Must have great bosses to let them take so many breaks in their work day to type a thousand words on this blog. Unquote. And Mick you keep insisting that you are not a lib??? Sure sound like one, hypocritical as one. Like my Daddy used to say, “If it walks like a duck, and quacks like a duck, it sure as hell ain’t a Gorilla! I don’t believe a word you say, I don’t believe you are a decorated Vet either and I do believe that you are a lying liberal lefty period!

          • Rick C

            That is not all some states provide. Every state will provide a copy of your original birth certificate, a facsimile with all the details, if they have one on file. They sometimes offer a cheaper abstract document.
            I heard the governor of Hawaii say he saw the original documentation on file, but he never said it was an original hospital birth certificate.

          • Pat R


            The Gov. of Hawaii is a WOMAN!!

            Believe it or not—–Money Talks. The amount of $$$$$$$$$$$ that is being to hide obama,s past is totally insane. But, Maurice Strong and George Soros have billions to blow. What really gets me is:__ Why are they constantly doling out mega bucks to cover obama’s arse???

          • JeffH

            …the only evidence available is the Hawaiian certificate of birth (considered valid) that was posted by someone other than the government.

            If Obama has nothing to hide, why is their so much secrecy and so much money spent ($1.4Mil) to protect the “truths”.
            Probably knows it is a better diversion to keep some minds on other things going on.

            Obama’s birth certificate sealed by Hawaii governor
            Says Democratic senator must make request to obtain original document
            Posted: October 26, 2008
            9:54 pm Eastern
            By Jerome R. Corsi
            © 2010 WorldNetDaily

            Gov. Linda Lingle, R-Hawaii

            HONOLULU, Hawaii – Although the legitimacy of Sen. Barack Obama’s birth certificate has become a focus of intense speculation – and even several lawsuits – WND has learned that Hawaii’s Gov. Linda Lingle has placed the candidate’s birth certificate under seal and instructed the state’s Department of Health to make sure no one in the press obtains access to the original document under any circumstances.

            In Kenya, WND was told by government authorities that all documents concerning Obama were under seal until after the U.S. presidential election on November 4.

            The Obama campaign website entitled “Fight the Smears” posts a state of Hawaii “Certificate of Live Birth” which is obviously not the original birth certificate generated by the hospital where Obama reportedly was born.

            “Fight the Smears” declares, “The truth is, Barack Obama was born in the state of Hawaii in 1961, a native citizen of the United States of America.”

            Although the Obama campaign could immediately put an end to all the challenges by simply producing the candidate’s original birth certificate, it has not done so. And the “Fight the Smears” website offers no explanation as to why Obama has refused to request, and make public, an original hospital-generated birth certificate which the Hawaii Department of Health may possess.

          • Mick for thought

            Well barb is calling people liars again. Not a liar barb and would appreciate you not calling me names anymore. Yep this morning I checked in while waiting for things to get going here at work. Now nearly 12 hours later things have wound down a bit. 12 hour days, not bad for a disabled vet. guess the birther thing will never get a rest because even if he provided everything asked for then the birthers would just claim it is all a forgery.
            Speaking of cushy jobs. I see some incredibly long posts from the same people all day long. Where do these guys work?

          • Hugh Jordin

            The only forged Obama birth certificates I have seen are the inept ones using forms from the wrong period in Kenya dome by right-wing extremists (the American equivalent of the Taliban) who refuse to accept the outcome of the election and are desperately looking for any bogus excuse. Like him or not, Obama is the President and a natural born citizen. Get over it and move on to the real problems.

            Conservatives need to focus on serious issues, stop letting themselves be led by lunatics like Bachman, Palin, Beck, and Limbaugh. Find brilliant conservative leadership that will attract rather than repulse independents. Clowns like these diminish the conservative message and make all of us look like nut jobs.

          • Jana

            I am just throwing this out, but what about the statement his own Grandmother said, that he was born in Kenya?

          • Save America Susie

            The reason it is NOT OVER is because it has NOT BEEN PROVEN SUFFICIENTLY. Only 2 people in Hawaii stand in the way of viewing it. They could be easily paid off. Or they could be on his politic side. It’s called “corruption”. Again he “MAY” very well be born here. But we don’t know, because he won’t show. The “crime” is refusing to comply with the American people. (Which he promised.) He may have proved it to the Governor and those two people, but not to the Citizens. Why should he be any different than McCain or Hillary in his compliance? He should not be handled with special “kid gloves”.

          • tim

            Mickforthought…..they don’t want the truth……because instead of discreditng Obama for his Policies, they want to somehow believe, that he never should have been elected legally in the first place…….

            Over 2000 citizens were polled, as to what they know about Hawaii, and almost 50 % of then said, they didn’t think Obama is an American Citizen, because Hawaii is NOT a State…………

            How can one respond to that ignorance???

        • rjg

 verified his birth certificate.

          Isn’t his mother a US citizen? Doesn’t that make him automatically a U.S. citizen? John Macain was born in the Panama Canal Zone to US parents and they decided it was OK for him to run.

          What is so different about Obama that gets under everyone’s skin?

          • Jana

            The magic word here is HIS PARENTS. One was an American Citizen, the other was not. He has in times past boasted he was a Kenyan. He most likely has DUAL citizenship. Unless he renounced it, which was never made public or explained to the American people. At the very least it would just be plain decent of Obama to explain all of this and put this to rest.
            McCain’s paretns were both citizens of the United States.

            the problem is no one knows for certain and since what he does and who he is you know, the PRESIDENT, it would be right if he told us, the ones he is supposed to be working for, all of the facts.
            My main problem with him is, he thinks we are working for him.

          • rjg


            Do you have any evidence that he is a dual citizen? It has been verified that he was born in Hawaii by the hawii health director and

            I’m no expert and you are free to prove me wrong but I believe there are rules that define citizenship requirement for people born outside of the US and with one parent who is a US citizen. And I believe that Barack Obama would qualify even if he had been born outside of the US which i don’t believe he was.

          • Jana

            The only thing I can say is, his own grandmother said he was born in Kenya and again I will say the problem is no one knows for certain.

            I do know he went to Hawaii and spent a lot of money there to do something concerning his birth. What was it he did? For someone having an “open” administration, he sure seems very secretive, and have you ever heard him address this situation? I haven’t. Evidently, we aren’t allowed to ask questions, and he certainly is not forthcoming on any answers.

            Personally, I am sure he does have a statement of birth in Hawaii as his mother was an American citizen (even if in her heart she wasn’t).
            She left her child and went to foreign countries to do her socialistic works.

            My question is does he hold dual citizenships? If he does, then he does not hold total allegience to this country. In my opinion, he acts like he doesn’t hold hardly any allegience to this country.

          • rjg


            Ok then

          • http://?? Joe H.

            yeah fact, wow they couldn’t possibly be wrong or duped or even lying!!!! The fact is he could put this to rest himself and doesn’t! he wants us distracted by this so we lose sight of what else he is pulling! As I have said before he is like a magician in that he waves his left hand so you won’t notice what his right is doing! My opine is that he got a foreign student federal grant for school and is trying to hide THAT from us. If he did and he is an American citizen, he is guilty of a federal crime and if convicted of such is not elegible to be president!!

          • timr

            Jana, your’e getting sucked into this Ethnic conversation……….though your words aren’t harmful, but like alot of people on this blog, ethnicity apparently DOES matter, and it’s a way to show that Obama is “different” than …….US…………

          • tim

            RIG, I don’t know what the problem is…..

            Jana… Great Grandfather was born in Germany……my other Great Grandfather worked for the King of Denmark, and was born there……….My cousin, researched a Family Tree, and actually found a “Family Crest” of our last name on a House in Germany…….

            Does that make me a Nazi, or is it bad for me to be proud of WHERE my ancestors came from………and ALSO be proud to be an American????????

            My wife is from Puerto Rico, and her Family is VERY proud of their Island roots……..and her Uncles have served in World Wat II, in Korea and in Vietnam………….They have fully assimilated themselves in the U.S………..Should they simply FORGET…….where they came from, and stop making rice & Beans, and jsut eat Hamburgers????????

          • tim

            I think we sould shut down ALL Irish Pubs……….and ALL German restaurants………..and ALL French restaurants……….and STOP drinking Corona, or Heineken, or St Pauli girl……..becuae until we do, we cannot FULLY assimilate into american Culture…….

            Thank God i live in Milwaukee, and we have PLENTY of our own Beer, as LibertyTrain can attest to………….

          • libertytrain

            Timr – remember just the other day you said you lived in an incredibly bigoted place – I guessed Boston. Now do you like it or not – I’m confused — good beer, good custard and all.

          • Bob Livingston

            Dear rjg,
            The Certificate of Live Birth–which is what viewed–is not an official birth certificate in Hawaii and can’t be used to prove eligibility to receive state services. A long form birth certificate must be used. COLBs were available to people not born in Hawaii just for the asking. He has not released his long form birth certificate and therefore has not proved his eligibility. His mother, as a minor, could not convey citizenship on him and his father was a foreign national.
            Best wishes,

      • gregory



        • DaveH

          Forget the bad spelling, Greg, it’s the all Uppercase that is annoying.

          • gregory

            well dave, my computor is verry old and kind of does its own thing somtimes, like right now…lets move beyond that, have you started to investigate the imfo i provided for you?

          • gregory

            sorry dave for annoying you, I LOVE YOU..

          • DaveH

            Sorry Greg, but I haven’t read your all caps comment. I can’t find my earmuffs. So, I can’t answer that question.

          • gregory

            well dave, its alright with me…but I STILL LOVE YOU DEEPLY…

          • Claire

            Good grief. Be careful DaveH! lol

          • gregory

            Geee-Wizzz Claireeeee,

            YOU TOO!
            google nasa project blue beam, and project haarp.
            grasp the math involved and you will find the smug feelings melt away.
            the hardest lesson learn’d is the lesson learn’d the hard way.
            WE ARE NO LONGER IN CONTROLL, we just pray we survive!!

        • louiseanne

          Why does everyone seem to be missing the boat? Why doesn’t everyone know our Constitution inside and out? Why if we do know it do we not demand that the people of this country use the upper hand we were given over the government to make them follow the Constitution to the letter. If we just followed our Constitution and continue to make life better for all our citizens, without predjudice, we could remain the greatest freest country for all of our lifetimes. Why are we arguing amongst ourselves and against ourselves when we together have all the power necessary to change everything including getting rid of anyone in the House and Senate, the White House, and beyond just by rising up, clogging the streets, and voting them all out. Why is it that ordinary Americans do not realize the potential of their power that our Founding Fathers gave to all of us?
          It is your money and my money that makes this government capable of giving back to each state what is necessary to make it all work. When half of the citizens do not contribute then they not only live for nothing but do not contribute either in any capacity. What would happen if the taxpayers stopped paying taxes? What would happen if all homeowners stopped paying on their mortgages? What would happen if we all stayed home for a week and shut our country down? Think about it.
          At least 3 presidents have used the Constitution and the law to remove illegal immigrants from this country to give good hearted and hard working Americans jobs. It states clearly that our government owes us at least that. We should all demand in every state, that we the American unemployed demand any and all jobs before any illegals.
          Why is that so hard for an American citizen to do? Why would an American citizen stop another American citizen from having what is rightfully theirs? What is wrong with this picture when Americans are fighting Americans instead of fighting countries and their citizens they send here to destroy the country? Why is everyone sitting on their hands trying to be politically correct when our country is going down the drain into Mexico? Or Cuba? Or Venezuela. It almost seems obvious that some Americans want us to go the way of Greece.
          Am I wrong?
          There is something to be said about individual pride, honesty, integrity, fairness, etc. that should be the forefront of each American ideally. When we wake up we should already have decided to be true Americans with pride, pride of country, lovers of God our leader of our Nation, (obviouly I don’t want any mortal president trying to play God , and lovers of our beautiful American Flag.
          Don’t you agree? What could be more important than to say you are an American where you live in FREEDOM of choice, FREEDOM of religion, FREEDOM of the right to become a rich man or woman, and the only rules are that you must follow a guideline of laws to protect every citizen from hurting each other. The Ten Commandments is our Creator’s set of LAWS to live by. What is wrong with anyone of them?
          Do you want to abuse your parents? steal, lie, cheat, murder, hate and plunder? SEe how easy it is to just follow some simple rules.
          DO UNTO OTHERS WHAT YOU WOULD WANT DONE TO YOU. That needs no explanation as all Americans understand what they imply and believe me so do all the illegals in this country. They will plunder everything that is right with this country, until they make it just like the country they left. One question? Why would you risk your life to leave a country you hate, to come to a country you say you love, and then try to turn the country you love, into the country you hate? Enough said.

          • gregory

            WE may need to tighten our belts and all quit our jobs for a while–that will stop the tax money comming in to the spoilers, hell of a statement, starve em out and replace em, see how they like that!!
            take it to the streets!!!

          • kate8

            Wow, louiseanne. Great post. You really said it all.

            Only thing is, the illegals aren’t leaving a country they hate. They are here to reclaim our land for Mexico. Just like too many other immigrants, whether legal or illegal, they are able to use our system against us. They get all kinds of free money (ours) for housing and living expenses, take our jobs, and leave us to struggle to live while we support them.

        • Mick for thought

          Sorry I have very little faith in rumors without any evidence to support them. It is kind of like the psychotic who is being followed by the invisible aliens from Jupiter.

          • gregory

            hey mick, how do you know he isnt being followed by the evil ones?

      • kate8

        Mick, again, the proof is so overwhelming that anyone else would have been convicted on half of it.

        Obama is the NWO’s agent, and they are protecting him by dissing everyone who comes forward. When someone brings this before the courts, the judge gets a “visit”, and the case is suddenly dismissed for “lack of standing” on the part of the plaintiff.

        If you don’t know the evidence against him, it’s because you haven’t bothered to look. You are just another empty-headed liberal parroting the ususal liberal mantras. You aren’t interested in the truth. You only want to further your agenda, by any and all means.

      • JeffH

        Mft…prove otherwise…your radical messiah has always fought for the poor underdogs. Re-read the introduction in your service manual!

      • Robert Wayne

        Only an imbecile or an outright communist would think that Obama is a citizen of this country. He’s spent millions hiding his past, including his birth certificate and his wife has been caught on tape letting it slip that he is a Kenyan, not an American.

        • Cathy
          • Barb

            Thank you Cathy!!!!! Dare you libs to read this link!

          • JLC

            Cathy — I just pulled up that link. Is there anything on record, ANYWHERE that he ever denied his Kenya birth at that time? If he were truly American-born, that would have been the logical time to get it cleared up. At least, I would have, but what does a dumb Indian know?

          • Jana

            For anyone that will not look it up, it the headline reads,

            KENYAN BORN OBAMA ALL SET FOR US SENATE. It is from an East African newspaper in June 2004 called before Obama was even a Senator.

          • Jana

            I hit the wrong button,
            This from the an East African news paper in 2004, before Obama was even a Senator. It is called the Sunday Standard.

          • http://?? Joe H.

            East African Standard. go to the home page.

        • timr

          Robert Wayne…..(words removed for offensive content)………….ALL racists are………..

      • Walt

        mick for thought, what a joke of a handle.

        The legal question is prove that he is.

        he can’t.

        You can’t.

        Everyone else has.

        mick for thoughtless, clueless, ignorant rhetoric.

    • http://minnesota MarieElise

      I agree with you Frank .they come from Mexico and he comes from Kenya . same people breaking the law here .!!!!

      • timr

        Hey……..Where do YOU come from…..??……or are you an american Indian??………….if your’e not, stop talking stupid

    • JeffH

      frank, maybe you should throw a towell over your “wet back”…your comment should be censored!

    • http://mah Toby


      Well said!

    • timr

      (Comment removed for offensive content)

    • timr

      Frank, your’e illegal…….and so is the Confederate Flag that is draped oround your neck………….

  • Rick Benson

    The hypocrisy and stench of Obama’s politics is overwhelming. This imposter-in-chief refuses to do his sworn duty, fans the flames of racism, and assails a state for enforcing existing laws protecting its citizens from anarchy.

    • timr

      ….it’s angry White trash like yourself, who are fanning the flames of Racisism…………Go pur you Hood back on, and crawl back into your Trailer park, or your Ranch in Wyoming…………..

      • libertytrain

        more racist commentary from you?

      • JC

        This guy is yelling racist longer and louder than anyone I’ve seen here. I guess its a personal pursuit for him. Got to keep that ol Racist fire lit eh Tim?

        • timr

          I don’t deny or condone racist remarks, and the one’s being thrown at our President are Racist, many of them… don’t pretend it doesn’t exist, because to do so, is insulting………and do you honestly think that flag waving, pretend patriots like yourselves, would admit to ANY racism in this Country??????………NO WAY, not on this “Liberty” blog………..

        • timr

          It’s still there JC, and it’s still lit………..The minute Obama took office…………and it’s the fact that people disagree with his policies…….it’s HOW, they are disagreeing with his policies,and his Race and his backround, and ethnic makeup…………it’s all over, but someone like you wouldn’t notice it, because your’e one of the one’s perpetrating it……..

          • libertytrain

            timr – while racism does sadly still exist the world over, the only people I’ve heard continually crying racist are the leftist. Why, I don’t know. Too young perhaps to remember how many of us labored against it in the 60′s? I don’t know – I can’t begin to imagine what goes through your inexperienced mind.

          • timr

            Hey………For your feebled imagination, I’ve worked for YEARS in inner City and Black neighborhoods………..and maybe the Left cares about race, because the Right has denied it’s exsistence for YEARS…………YOU don’t want to talk about it…….You admit that it’s there, yet you allow your buddies on this blog to perpetrate the hatred……………Walk in the shoes of the African American experience in THIS Country, and then talk to me about “experience”………..

          • libertytrain

            timr – been there, done that – experienced it all.. And understand it.

      • Claire

        timr—I have read most of these posts this evening, including yours. Don’t you realize the more you harp about racism, the worse it gets? You are beating the drum louder than anyone. You sound very angry. Simmer down. Frustration is not good for you. Take a deep breath and post in a logical rational manner. If people disagree with you, so what? They have a right to their opinion just the same as you do. You believe what you believe and they believe what they believe.
        You yourself have said you didn’t agree with all of Obama’s agendas. So how can you rail against anyone else on this site when they disagree with Obama?
        I don’t agree with Obama and his administration either. There were more important things to take care of first, why health care? A whole year was dedicated to health care and what we are getting is not good. Jobs and the economy should have been first and foremost.
        There is no need to call people white trash. And people do live in trailer parks, so what? Does that make them less of a human being? And what is wrong with Wyoming? Why are you bashing this state?
        You have to admit that the likes of Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson haven’t helped much either. Martin Luther King, Jr. was the best. He actually accomplished a lot. There is no comparison between MLK and these guys.
        Things have come a long way since the 60s. The past is over and done with. We cannot look back, only for historical thoughts, and now we have to look towards the future. With the world the way it is today, we are all concerned. Regardless of party affiliations, we all have the same basic concern about our country.

        • timr

          Thank you, claire………..I sincerely appreciate your words………and YES, I have seen first hand, racism, and it STILL does exist………Youre; right, that Jesse Jackson and Sharpton, perhaps aren’t MLK, but you don’t know how MLK would have been, if he had lived……..People seem to marginalize, Black Leaders more often……..At least, you can agree, that Obama’s election, has, to a large extent, brought out the bigots again???………Just tell me, that you don’t condome Obama being called an animal, or a terrorist, because there HAVE been viceral comments about him, right on this Blog………..Race has always concerned me, but you’ll be glad to know, that I volunteer alot of time in Pooer neighborhoods, and like YOU, I don’t want to see Obama being marginalized because he’s Black, anfd that his Father was born in Kenya instead of Weschester County, or Billings Montana…………Thank, you Claire………

          • libertytrain

            I think the very fine Martin Luther King would have been pleased to see all that he and so many worked for back in the 60′s has gotten so far that the current president is being treated exactly as all the presidents before have been treated. No special handling cause he has a darker skin than some, just being treated as the guy he is, liked by some, not liked by others – just like the presidents before him.

          • libertytrain

            - And I further believe, Rev. King would be disappointed in the way some of his associates (not all) have handled themselves over the last 25-35 years or so – some that continue to perpetuate keeping their people under their control rather than helping them to continue to advance as Rev. King had started to accomplish. Look back at the old coverage of those days and you will see a much different and strong-willed people under his leadership and guidance than one does under the current leadership. Yes, I do believe the Rev. King would be disappointed with some of his old friends strangling what he set about to do. It wasn’t only about equal rights on the bus or at the diner.

          • Jana

            I have a friend that is a police lady. Her husband is also a policeman.

            Her husband worked in the field of abuse, especially husbands abusing their wives. She asked him how many men beat their wives. He told her at least 95% of the men beat their wives. I looked at her and said that can’t be possible. She told me no, that it was not so, but since that is all he worked with, that is all he saw, and therefore thought most of the men beat their wives. They actually had to transfer him out of that unit into another field, as he couldn’t seperate his percepted ideas from reality.

            I can certainly see where you are coming from, since you work so closely with people that are treated badly because of their race. Good for you for working to make a difference.

            I am not naive enough to think their is no racism in this world. I have actually been the brunt of racism in one instance from a black family, and just that one incident bothered me a lot, so to live with it daily is something I can’t possibly fathom enduring.

            I would ask you to be a little more discerning though, as not everyone is a racist, and not everyone means racial slurs by stating certain things. You can’t be on a witch hunt in every single statement that is made. It is not productive and after a few times people turn you off and think you are just a trouble maker when that isn’t what you are trying to do. You are desperately trying to make people aware of how they are coming across.

            We do have some legitimate concerns over Obama’s dual citizenship probability, and how he was raised. Not that he was raised black or white or purple, but that he was raised with Socialistic and Marxist views. Also, in his own book he has stated that he always loved the philosophies of Communism, Marxism, and Socialism and surrounded himself with like minded people on purpose even as a teen ager. He still surrounds himself with these same types of people.

            This is what bothers us. It would bother us even if he were white, or hispanic, or any other race. It is the character of man that we go by. Not his personality nor his color, but his character.

            Actually, at first I honestly thought that if I met you in person I probably wouldn’t like you, but I do see some really nice things about you in some of your posts. I see you have some good ideas and good thoughts, and are really a compassionate individual. All very good characteristics. It is just a shame that you turn people off by allowing your anger to control you. You can do a lot of good, but you can do a lot more good by coming across as a reasonable person, not a person with rage and hatred, but engaging in common sense and pointing out the problems you see as well as the solutions and letting the real you come out.

          • Jana

            One more thing. Most of us don’t like or respect Pelosi or Reid either. We don’t like their agenda, we don’t like what they stand for, and we don’t trust them. I think that they are Socialists leaning towards Communism and they need to be outed. And,— they are white.
            This thing with Obama is not personal.

            You think we are calling names when we say Socialist or Marxist, but these are not name calling, these are dangerous philosophies that these people stand for and Pres. Obama surrounds himself with.
            Communism makes everyone poor, with no hope. These other ideologies cause massive deaths to the poor. They are not a good thing.
            Thanks for listening.

        • libertytrain

          Claire – you made excellent points, so well-written. It seems though that timr try that he/she may, still doesn’t get it and still has to use the racist fallback line.

        • tim


          I truly appreciate your kind words, and I too, believe that, if we met in person, we would get along, even as we disagree on some issues…….It might sound strange, but I’m very new on these blog-things, as I prefer face to face communication………..

          Of course not ALL people are racist, but you have to realize, that I should probably give these people the benefit-of-the-doubt, because I don’t think that many of them, don’t realize, when they come across as racist………..

          YES, I react sometimes because what I’ve seen and even read about………….and trust me, when physically confronted with racism sometimes anger and frustration are the only remedies…………

          I understand that those remedies don’t serve well on a Blog like this……..but, I’m convinced, that many of these ethnic rants about Obama, ARE racially motivated…….perhaps not racist, but, racially motivated, and there is a difference at times……………

          Constantly pointing out his Heritage, Jana, is deliberate……….by some of these people, and you might not call it racist…… can certainly call it ignorant…………..

          As far as your belief that Obama wants to turn this Country in Socialist or Communist……..
          I can’t change your perception or belief on that, but my God, do you actually think that he;s going to bring back the legacies of Chairman Mao……or Fidel Castro??……….THAT is absurd…………

          And you have to be careful in throwing out those terms, and I’ll tell you why……..

          If you think helping to provide Health Insurance to uninsured children, is Socialism, then go ahead and do so, because I will feel better about myself, if those uninsured kids can go to the Doctor, without their Parents filing bankrupcy…………There are too many people getin Rich off of sick people, and to me, THAt is not Christian or Moral AT ALL……………..i that is called socialism then so be it…………

          Why don’t you look at the compassion and intent of Obama, instead of labeling him a Socialist, because he wants to help these people………….In this case, healthcare, Jana…….the Free Market has bankrupted Americans and doesn’t have the capacity, currently or ever, to solve this moral problem…………….

          I have been in that position of almost filing bankrupcy, because I had to fight tooth-and-nail with the Insurance company in my employer sponsored plan……………….

          Keeping people healthy and giving all access to quality healthcare, is fiscally sound as well……….

          Americans are living in a MTV world, because we have short memory spans, and we don’t want to look at the Big picture and solve problems for the Long term………..

          Disagree with the method of Obama’s policies, but don’t use paranoid , ideological terms to define Obama’s or anyone’s intent………….These terms, Jana, have become Buzz words……… they serve NO purpose at all…………..

          And if you find a way, to provide people healthcare insurance, other than Government intervention, to some degree……I’m all ears……..and PLEASE, PLEASE don’t say Health savings accounts, because , speaking personally……… 2007, I paid $750.00 a month in my employer premiums…….in addition to…….$10,000.00 more in out-of-pocket bills……….because my son was diagnosed with Chron’s Disease………and I HAD…….Insurance, Jana……..and my son didn’t contract this disease, by eatin double chesburgers or drinking alcohol, or smoking cigarettes………..he was 11, when he was diagnosed………….

          You can probably tell, that Healthcare is even bigger for me, that Race…………..

          I very much respect our dialogue, Jana……….

          Talk to you soon………..

          p.s. Hey Bob Livingston…….was that cordial and succinct enough???????

  • Roselover

    Citizens of Arizone have shown tremendous courage by passing the immigration bill which as far as I can tell mirrors the federal law. Hats of to the citizens of Arizona. People of each state have the right to expect their government to protect them and it is clear our federal government has no intention of doing this, either from the invasion on our Southern border or the intent of Islamic Fascists to kill or subjugate every American to their Sharia Law.
    Other states should enact their own version of the law Arizona just passed. I understand on the border there are signs saying that Goshen-Elkhart,Indiana are welcoming to illegals, so go there. These two cities are only 30-40 miles from my home. People who want to decry the Arizona law need to stuff it where the Sun doesn’t shine. Being nice here. I am angry and fast becoming enraged at the atitude of these people who think our laws can be broken. If we allow one law to be broken then we lose respect from other countries and it puts the lie to the statement, “We are a nation of Laws”. Aren’t these people aware of the tough immigration laws of Mexico? If they don’t know what happens to illegals in Mexico then they need education. I wish someone would put an ad out stating the immigration laws of Mexico and tell Mexico to tell their people to honor our country and stay out. We welcome immigrants with open arms but only if they come here the honorable way and not sneak in and abuse us. This is what they are doing, abusing American citizens and our country and it needs to be stopped.

  • William Nitram

    Bravo to the leaders of the people of Arizona. We need people of their character in D.C. If I could afford a vacation I would travel to Arizona to support the people. This is not about racism. This is about upholding the Constitution for legal Americans of any nationality.

    • Robert Wayne

      I couldn’t agree with you more William. I’d vote for Jan Brewer, governor of Arizona in a heartbeat if she were running for president. As for these left wing politicians who are against American citizens and for the illegal invasion of this country, I consider them worthless traitors. And they deserve the same fate as any other traitor, a noose around their collective necks made with some good strong rope. The same goes for business leaders who hire these illegal invaders.

    • chelo

      Illegal aliens are dreaming that one day calif. arizona and texas will be taken back by mexico, poor buckaroos.

  • Bill UpNorth

    Folks, our luck is running out in this Country! We have these idiots trying to light their shoes, panties, SUVs and so on and they all can’t get it right… yet. Problem is that they are persistent and our forces have not stopped them… yet.

    The overflow from the Mexican border has gotten past the crisis stage and has entered the disaster phase. Get your needed supplies NOW before everything is banned due to the signing of an Executive Order by our faux President. Once that happens the only thing left is the pitchfork in the streets!

    Get busy, plan it out, think and get moving. Time is very short. When they pull the plug it’s too late.

    • chelo

      that is right, if someone is going to light something, best be big, and hopefully obama’s a,,,,,is near by….oops

  • Robin from Arcadia, IN

    A great column! Yes, it is an invasion and Arizona is doing the right thing. Our Federal Government has had this issue on the back burner for too long. We do not need a ‘study’ to find out what needs to be done. Arizona is already on the right path.

    I find it inconceivable that our current administration ignores the will of the people. They passed a health care bill we didn’t want. They are looking to add a VAT to our already taxed too much lives. They want to pass cap and trade, which again will put many into a hardship situation. Now we are saying stop the invasion! Let’s see how they react to this… Anybody want to guess how this will turn out?

  • cheryll

    Make it where they can’t send funds back to Mexico to their families, and then see how many want to stay. They are breaking the law, what part of illegal doesn’t this government understand. If they go through the criteria of becoming a citizen, learn to speak english, I have no problem then.

  • Dennis Wyman

    In Response to the boycott of Arizona from L.A. Maybe Arizona should stop selling L.A. Power and water.

  • Wilbert Wahlslanger

    La Raza is indeed a racist and fascist organization. They are behind most of this mischief. I lived on the Mexican border for nine years during which time I served as an immigration officer, both Border Patrol and Inspections at the Port of Entry in Calexico. Many of my colleagues and friends were and are Mexican Americans. If many people think that La Raza speaks for the majority of Mexican Americans, they are being misled by these Marxist advocates.

    • chelo

      and don’t forget mecha, im familiar with those groupies, i joined to learn about mexican culture etc. All i learned was that white people stole our land and we are entitled to it, i don’t know the end of it, because this mexican girl was not part of the team.

  • Melvin Hirtzel

    These people that are raising cane are NOT listening… The legal has no worry if they act like the rest of the citizens of the US. The freebie’s have to stop for Illegals… Plain and Simple… And that is the main problem for the Liberal media and the present in power party…

    • DaveH

      The Freebies need to stop for illegals and legals. It is not the Government’s money to give. Only people at the local levels know who deserves help and who doesn’t. I’m talking about Voluntary help.

  • Rod Hildahl

    All of this makes sense if we realize and admit that the politicians, ( mostly liberal, socialist, demoocrats, LSD) ) want this invasion and the people of Arizona be damned. They want the votes,because I can guarantee that these illgals will be voting Deomcrat this November. And don’t be so gullible to think that would be illegal !!When did the Dems ever concern themselves with the law, be it the Constitution or state laws ? And that idiot, Holder finally got nailed Thursday and admitted he had never read the Arizona bill. And the law suit he wants to launch against the people of Arizona has the full backing and foreknowlege of Obama. These liberal, elitists from DC and NYC have not a clue how the common man and woman outside the Northeast think about this nor do they care. These votes are so desparately needed because the Dems have either aborted their potential voters these past decades or alienated their followers to the point of voting Independent, Republican or dropping out ot the political scene entirely. Even my sister , a rabid Democrat, is against this….however she still fails to make the connection with the radical views of the Democratic party and most of the problems in this country.

    • Jiim

      LOL. … yet imagine had the Internet existed some 160 yrs ago and you would all be writing about all the poor immigrants being brought in for their cheap labor and for their alcoholism, drugs and crime they brought with them. Of course I am talking about the Irish gangs or perhaps the Chinese tongs or is it the Italian mafia?

      You all seem to miss the point as to who is really behind bringing in this cheap labor … it is and always has been Big Business and they don’t nor have they ever cared how this effects the American workers that are already here. So they toss their money at whichever party is in power and just sit back raking in the profits while we all fight over who is to blame. Secure in the knowledge that there scam has been working this long … why worry that anyone will change it anytime soon!

      • gregory


        • JeffH

          gregory, well said. I to hired for my “free market” company and one requirement was to verify background and documentation. The company moved out of California in 1993…due to over-regulation.

        • Cowboy

          What part of GE do you work for?
          From what I saw when I was at one of the GE plants (that has bee shut down and moved off shore now) they imported 15-20% of the work force (with green cards) to lower the wages of the US citizen workers.

          • gregory

            HOWDY COWBOY, you didn’t even guess close to whom i work for, i would never work for a company like G.E, as they are in bed with the government wich would explain why you have seen there bad business and hiring practices, ya see anytime a company gets involved with the government–they seem to act imoral like the government, thus a agenda to tear down free market busines’s like the one im involved with, the world is verry big and im sire most folks in the free market systems have been preasured by government to go the imoral rout, but our corp has just said NO.. AND FOR THE MATTER OF COWBOY–i grew up on a large ranch and unlike other ranchers we would not ever hire an illeagle, we felt it was not fair to the youth of the comunity to take away the oppertunity of having a summer job and make some change to take there girlfriends out to dinner and a movie, we felt it was right to keep the money in the community and not have it just sent back to mexico, in plain words we would have never hired a non citizen…YA I USED TO BE A BULL RIDER…

          • Cowboy

            I am sorry that I guessed the wrong company that you worked for (I did not mean to offend you). I agree 100% with you about GE and any other company that works with/under the government. As you noted GE is in bed with the past and the current administration. That is one of the reasons I quit working for them. I do commend you on your ethics and very fine background. I tried riding bulls for a couple of years but I was just not any good at it (and I was not any better with bronco’s either). Keep a tight cinch and upright in the saddle.

        • Cathy

          My goodness…I presume that spelling is not something you need for your job.

          • gregory

            yea i love my spell check, not working at this time–so sorry…
            im sure you understand what i was saying as my 4 year old sure does!!
            and thats more important than your crass and smug observation,are you perfect in your spelling? CAST THAT STONE WILL YA, SMARTY!!

            RANCHERS UNITE!

          • Jana

            My husband is not good at spelling. I am his spell check. However, he has dislexia and has overcome so much. He is truly one of the smartest men I know, and most certainly the wisest man I know. His mathmatical skills are way above mine. The lack of proper spelling does not always indicate someone’s intelligence.

          • Jana

            And PS, I don’t know Gregory, so he is not my dh. :)

      • DaveH

        First of all, I don’t believe Illegal immigrants should be allowed to stay in this country. But having said that, blaming illegals for our economic problems is just a Red Herring. Hong Kong has one of the highest population densities on this Earth, and yet they have a robust economy. Their total government spending in relation to their GDP is less than half of ours.
        Our problems exist because we have a Big Unproductive Government draining our Financial Resources. And they divert our attention from that fact with all these sideshows.
        We have had tremendous advancements in productivity in the last 20 years, yet we still struggle. Why is that? Why has the purchasing power of our money decreased dramatically in those 20 years? Because, our Government just keeps increasing in size is why. When are folks going to wake up and realize all that Big Government protection is costing us more than it’s saving us?
        Vote Libertarian, the only party with the Huevos to get us back our Freedom and prosperity:

        • Cowboy

          Very well said Dave.
          One thing or area that you missed pointing out is that with the over size goverment (and spending) the PER’s that we the tax payers are also having to pay for. If I remember correctly the last artical that I saw indicated that over 55% of the working public works for the goverment (city, county, state or fed’s).

          • DaveH

            I have seen figures of about 20% that work for government on all levels, but if we consider the fact that Government spending is about 37% of GDP, it stands to reason that they are controlling about 37% of the economy.

            On top of that there is a great loss of productivity as a result of burdensome regulations that usually don’t accomplish anything more than costing the complying businesses more money.

        • Jana

          I see what you are saying, but in Hong Kong even though it is super densly populated, they are very productive, and wouldn’t they all pay taxes? The illegals do drain off of us, as they use our pulic school systems, our hospitals, and even housing. Many do not pay taxes, and then they send a portion of their money back “home” wherever that might be. Another thing, they live up to 10 families in a house at a time.
          My neice lives in a neighborhood that has in the past 3 years become a less desireable place to live because of this fact. The neighbors got together and called the Sherriffs office because children across the street were outside playing at midnight and making a lot of noise. This is a small community outside the city limits. They use sceptic systems, and these uhhh neighbors?? sceptic system was stinking up the whole neighborhood as there were 30 people living in this house. The Deputy reported to my neice and told her it was filthy in that house. Commodes had overflowed and no one did anything about it. YUK.

          I hear people say the food industry would go downhill if it weren’t for the illegals. YUK, with their lack of cleanliness skills I don’t want them cooking or cleaning at any restaurant that I would go to, or fast food place. I haven’t been going out to eat recently!
          One thing I do know for sure is that Mexico distributes pamphlets to their citizens telling them “how” to come to the U.S. and “what” they can get for free here as well as “how” to get it for free.

          • DaveH

            I will repeat, Jana, that I don’t condone people entering our country illegally. But I don’t believe they are receiving any more than they are giving (through their labor). Many of those illegals pay payroll taxes that they will never receive the benefit from as they are not documented (illegal’s don’t get tax refunds, they don’t get Social Security, etc.).
            The illegals (again, I don’t condone illegal entry) are not the reason for our bad economy. Big Government is the reason for our bad economy. We need to put the blame where it belongs.

          • Jana


            I do realize that you don’t condone anyone coming into our country illegally, and I do agree with you that our Government is the major problem for our economy being so bad. However I do know first hand that the illegals aren’t helping the matter either.

            Something that a lot of people don’t realize is that the children go by different last names. They often take their mother’s last name as well as their father’s. In doing business with Hispanics, (not all illegal) they would come in and give one set of names and then the next time they come in they give the other set of names. They also do this in registereing for different types of aid from our government. As I said before, they come into this country fully armed with knowledge of their “rights” and how to go about getting them.

            In reality though, if our elected officials would represent us, the citizens of this country instead of the eillegals and themselves, our economy would be in a lot better shape.

            I will repeat, Jana, that I don’t condone people entering our country illegally. But I don’t believe they are receiving any more than they are giving (through their labor). Many of those illegals pay payroll taxes that they will never receive the benefit from as they are not documented (illegal’s don’t get tax refunds, they don’t get Social Security, etc.).
            The illegals (again, I don’t condone illegal entry) are not the reason for our bad economy. Big Government is the reason for our bad economy. We need to put the blame where it belongs.

          • Jana

            The last part of that post is what I copied from yours (so I could remember what you said without having to search for the post) and I forgot to delete it. LOL

      • Sharon

        Jim, I understand where you’re coming from; however I have to disagree with you. I have first hand knowledge, because my grandparents immigrated here from Italy. They left the country to get away from an oppressive government such as this country is slowly becoming. They were not brought here by big business. The fact is they worked in coal mines, and they worked hard, and earned their way, and they also learned the language. They never got handouts from the government, nor did they expect something for nothing, and by the way they became legal citizens, and, had respect for our government, our flag,and other people. You sound like a young person who has been indoctrinated to believe only what is taught in public schools nowadays. Why would you or any red blooded American think that European forms of government would work here, when it never in the history of the world has ever worked.

  • kotoc

    I only wish ALL the border states would follow Arizona’s example and implement the same laws regarding illegals. I read an article yesterday that the president of Mexico is angry because a lot of illegals are going back to Mexico, and it puts a burden on THEIR country. Ha ha!! Oh, if only everyone had the guts to do what should have been done a long time ago… put a STOP to illegal immigrants taking our tax dollars and our jobs. I refuse to learn Spanish to placate them, too. I wish they would ALL go back to Mexico.

  • valricoslash

    Personally, I think that Arizona should call up the State’s National Guard and send them to the border. This situation is no different than a natural disaster that the Guard would be called up to assit with. And to the cities of LA and Boston. I am sure that Arizona won’t miss your business because the money they will be saving by forcin the illegals out will more than compensate for the few bucks you spend there. In fact, they might start doing more business becuase organizations won’t be affraid to go there due to a reduction in crime by the illegals. So hooray for Arizon and any other state that adopts similar legislation.

  • Loral Orow

    I’m so tired of this administration and their rampant disregard for the citizens voice. They do whatever they want and then say “I listened to the people”, as Obama said after passing the Health Care bill that no one wanted. What can we do except voice our concerns? The man has all the power and his desire seems to be to destroy our country. Outside of writing our Representatives and passing emails, we seem to be stuck with this. The so-called Liberals feel so far above the average citizen that they know what’s right, no matter what we say. I think our country is gone – it’s just a matter of time.

    • Jery Ziemski

      I think you’ve hit the nail on the head here – der Kleine Fuehrer didn’t listen to the American people re healthcare, so why will he listen about illegal aliens? Or anything else?

      Perhaps it’s because he’s part of the movement that wishes to see the US, Canada and Mexico merged as some sort of ‘North-American Union”…

    • timr

      Loral, what bothers you, is that our country is not as WHITE anymore, and it scares you do death…………doesn’t it??

      • JC

        Race Card again! Boy you really don’t have much to say other than being a frothing at the mouth racist your “own” self do ya?

        • timr

          I have plenty to say JC……….and NO, I’m not going to back down and let Red necks take over this country………….All this White Anger with the Tea Partyers nad blogs like this, has been nothing but viceral to this President……..and all because…….he isn’t one of us………..Isn’t that what you people say…….He ISN’T one of us……….????????… personally don’t agree with all of Obama’s policies, but the fact that he’s been attacked the minute he entered office, and, like I said, the WAY he’s been attacked, I truly believe that some form of racism has bubbled to the surface……….JC, have you EVER studied, truly, Race in America?? Or do you just turn a Blind eye to it……….because it’s still there, brother………..I live in perhaps the most segregated City in the Country, and I can tell you firsthand, that it exists…………Is it everything, NO……..but it has reared-it’s-ugly-head, since Obama took office……….

          • libertytrain

            You must live in Boston —

  • Larry

    I agree with Arizona — enforce the law! Obama’s agenda is to destroy America along with the backing of the Yellow Belly’s in Congress/Senate. No longer do we have men/women in political office in the Federal Government whom have the guts or stamina to stand up for the Constitution and say NO to Obama and his Socialist white house.
    It is time for the Silent Majority to stand up and take our Government back and let Obama know that he can leave, go back to Kenya where he was born!
    And yes, I will keep my powder dry!

  • Ron

    I support the action of the AZ governor. If our current president and his admin will not act to make our nation safer, then a State of this country should act to protect itself.

    For those illegal aliens whom want to stay, they should adapt to our country’s ways (i.e. become legal citizens, speak English, pay taxes, etc.). Why should one ethnic group have special priledges than the others?

  • Michael

    Washington is nothing more then a den of thieves. What is needed is for every State/Country to secede from the union. It’s up to the people in this country to act. The federial goverment is run by a satanic forgein entity and can’t do anything morally right. Our military is not right as well. We can print our own money. This country will fail miserably. God bless the good People of this country.

  • http://Boblivingston Glen in Augusta

    I agree with everything you said in the article, except keep some powder dry, It should read keep all your powder dry, you’ll need it.

  • http://PersonalLibertydigest Barry Boyce

    I applaud the governor of Arizona for doing what the people have been asking for for years. Having lived in Az for many years & trying to return, I am behind them 100%. All of the people yelling it’s unconstitutional need to go back and re-read the constitution.
    But for those people, have them take in (1) illegal alien for every person in their household and provide and ensure they become lawful…
    bet none of them would do it!


    • Mick for thought

      If you voted. You put them there. Your elected representative.

    • http://n/a 2WarAbnVet

      Yes, I voted! I voted against the Marxist/socialists. Unfortunately there were so many true believers, starry eyed optimists, and gullible ignoramuses at the polls that my vote meant nothing.

      • Mick for thought

        So, keep voting. Perhaps your man/woman will win. curious how people get so irate when democracy did not agree with their choice.

        • JeffH

          …spewing your liberal bias again…

          • rjg

            Voting is a liberal bias?

          • Mick for thought

            Nope, just observing. Did you see that comment that voting is a liberal bias. Makes me wonder what his option would be to voting? I thought that was what we republics/democracies do.

          • rjg


            Agreed. It happens here in canada as well. The conservatives win the liberals get upset, the liberals win then the conservatives are upset.
            And so it goes.

        • concerned citizen

          i agree… keep voting – at least until we all realize that voting no longer works…

        • Vicki

          The problem with democracy is that it is 2 wolves and a lamb voting on dinner. Or as a very colorful Mel Gibson says in “The Patriot”

          “Would you tell me please, Mr. Howard… why should I trade one tyrant 3,000 miles away for 3,000 tyrants one mile away?”

          You see Mick, Our forefathers already knew quite well the evils of democracy. To that end they worked to form a representative government with something truly unusual. A Constitution that strictly limits what that government can do no matter how the representatives vote.

          Even that was not enough. So the forefathers added 10 amendments to the Constitution to further emphasize what the government could NOT do. That of course would be the “Bill of Rights.”

          So Tell me Mick. why should I trade one tyrant 3,000 miles away for 3,000 tyrants one mile away?


  • David

    Unfortunately for Arizona most of the country is not living with their problem. So it has gone unnoticed to many for years. I fully support Arizona and their effort to close our border, something the federal government has willfully not done. The more people are dependant on government the more power government has. We have reach a serious tipping point in this nation. Government employees out weigh private employees, SS is paying out more than it takes it for the first time, our money supply has be quadrupled in 1 short year, the entitled out weigh the producers, all this feeds into the majority(now the entitled) looking to the government to solve the problems. Yet the government only serves to make the problems worse.
    I don’t know where this country is headed but Obama is determined in driving it down the wrong road. This November will be the most important election in the history of our country. If we don’t act now to enforce the constitution, our current lawmakers will all but make it just another piece of historical paper. Hoorah for Arizona for taking up the battle to start the wave of change. I hope it catches on.

    • L.B.

      As a senior citizen from Arizona, I hope this new law will keep the coyotes from bringing in illegals. A few years ago, numerous illegals were dumped in my neighborhood in Tucson by a coyote. These people had no water and went from house to house begging for a drink of water. That experience frightened the residents and sent the illegals back to Mexico. The only one who benefited was the coyote who collected money from the Mexican citizens to bring them to the US.

  • Mick for thought

    I must be up early today to be making the second comment of the day. As I have said previously I am not a liberal just I fella that reads, learns and remembers.
    As I understand this article every administrations since and including Reagan’s has failed to do the job. Seems interesting that this will all fall on Obama’s shoulders after all these years. So, yes sure it is a big problem and needs to be dealt with. I suspect it will be within this next year and by then it will be the 2nd or 3rd major legislation he has taken on that none of his predecessors managed to do.
    As far as the AZ law goes, after the 2 critical amendments made, it is much more tolerable. My only hope is that it does not stimulate some massive vigilante movement that results in the injury or death of an American of Mexican descent because he does not have any papers other than his drivers license and social security card. Under the last iteration of the law I perused that ID is not sufficient for proof of citizenship.
    Good morning to all. I have to get ready for work and may make some more comments late tonight when I get home. By the way, by the looks of some of these frequent posts form a almost a dozen individuals I wonder where they get the time to make all of these posts. Must have great bosses to let them take so many breaks in their work day to type a thousand words on this blog.

    • Mick for thought

      Wow, gues i was not 2nd. Lots of people type faster than I.

      • Right Wing

        The posting order is time dependent and does not account for time zone differences. It confuses the order and really should be organized by time stamp on one time zone.

        • Mick for thought

          Thanks RW. Good night, gotta work this weekend also.

    • Conservative


      Obama wanted the job and knew what he was getting into. The failures of his predecessors are no excuse for his being held to a simple standard: doing his sworn duty. As far as people getting hurt is concerned: I don’t think that’s our problem. Illegals are criminals and must suffer the consequences. If I were president, I’d round up all of the illegals and send them back to where the came from. If their native governments refused to accept them, I’d put them into internment camps and use them for unpaid labor. I’ll bet that would spur them to find a way to sneak back into their own countries.

      In his inaugural speech, Mexican president Calderon threatened the United States. He said that Mexico will not tolerate the mistreatment its citizens in the United States. I would like to see what the leader of that shitty little country would do if my policies were carried out. Invade? With what, the drug dealers? They rule Mexico now.

      • Mick for thought

        Reread my post. i was talking about American citizens of Mexican heritage.

    • larryoh


      • kate8

        The libs posting here are employed by ACORN and/or SEIU to post on more conservative blog sites. The post under several names. They post during business hours, M – F, and their rhetoric and tone are pretty much the same.

        They are paid (by taxpayer money) to be disruptive and to agitate. Usually, I just skip their posts.

        • timr

          So Kate8…you wish only to converse with people who agree with you……….???………Where are you from, Wyoming???

          • JC

            Bogoted statement if ever there was one.

      • Mick for thought

        Nope, just up early. Gainfully employed for 33 years and counting with 20 years as an American soldier. Now my 12 hour day is over and I am gonna head home. Night all.

    • Right Wing

      Leads me to believe that since the liberal antagonists haven’t shown up yet that most are on the “left coast”.

    • JeffH

      …sneaky Mft says: ” My only hope is that it does not stimulate some massive vigilante movement that results in the injury or death of an American of Mexican descent because he does not have any papers other than his drivers license and social security card. Under the last iteration of the law I perused that ID is not sufficient for proof of citizenship”

      It is obvious you are familiar with Alinsky’s 11th rule and doing a little promotion of your own:
      “If you push a negative hard and deep enough, it will break through into its counterside… every positive has its negative.”

      • Mick for thought

        Not sneaky, just thinking and a little worried. Lot folks trying to read between my lines. I am pretty succinct in my thoughts and writings. Please don’t suppose you know what I am thinking it just makes you look a bit paranoid.

        • JeffH

          Sorry Mick, I just call em as I see em.

    • Sharon

      Mick, your comments are interesting; however you are way off base sir!I have to admit Obuma has pushed through a lot of legislation. The problem is, not too many people want these things shoved down their throats. The government is destroying this country, and when you, and the other far left liberals realize this, it will be too late to do anything about it.Have you ever read a history book? I don’t mean the ones being published now, I mean real history books that were around before they were changed by Woodrow Wilson. I highly doubt it, or you would think before you make the comments that you have made. By the way, I am 68 years and, and have worked hard all my life to earn the right to retire. Have you ever heard of that? The younger generation doesn’t know anything about our founders. I should say the truth about the founders, because history has been so distorted, that they never learned the truth. They were smart enough, and fortunate enough to be guided by divine providence. This country was founded on Christian principles, and they were wise enough to realize that something like what is going on now would happen in the future. That is why the constitution was written in the first place. You better get a copy and read it. The people in power now are progressive atheists, and what they need to transform this country is happening right now. Undermine our faith and religion, undermine our constitution, and undermine our founding fathers. Read it and weep, because our beautiful country is under attack, by sly, ruthless, and heathen people. May God bless all of us, and make them see the light before it’s too late. Praise be to God!!!!!

      • Save America Susie

        Sharon, Good points! I have a good quote for you my friend sent me before the HC Bill passed:

        “Why should they push BO’s HC Bill through in 3 -4 weeks when it took him 6 months to pick out the family dog?”

  • Robin

    I agree 100% with Clyde. Obama has an agenda. Let’s add Union’s to the list of voters to reassure his election!
    What seems to be lost by so many people is the fact that entering a country illegally IS ILLEGAL!
    Obama should be facing the nation and helping us to come together. Instead, he adds fuel to the fire by stating that police will randomly stop someone that looks hispanic. That is totally wrong and he obviously does not read nor comprehend the meaning of this FEDERAL LAW that his administration has chosen not to follow. I applaud Arizona for providing for “the common defense” of it’s people.

    • timr

      Robin….Do you mean the same UNIONS that guaranteed a 40 hour work week for you??……..and over-tome pay, and benefits????…….

  • vicki

    Living in South Texas, I can see first hand what is happening. No other country in the world leaves their borders open like the U.S. Fortunately, you need an i.d. to be able to vote, and most of the people coming illegally don’t have the intelligence or the courage to try and vote here, for fear of getting deported. But, they are costing us too much money by taking over our schools and hospitals. Our government needs to be voted out of office. We just need to wipe the slate clean. Hopefully we can get people in office who care about this great nation, and will do what is necessary to regain our country.

    • vic 1985

      You need fake papers i,e., s.s.#: I.D. for voting, etc, etc. Throw a little money to the right people and they will get them for you.
      Even the counterfiters need to make some extra money in this economy.
      Their presses are hoping for some kind of new papers required by the illegals.
      Years ago when the people were crying, “get your troops out of Iraq”, the best reply to them is still the best idea to come along.
      Okay, we can pull all of our troops and equiptment back to America and put them to the best use ever. Position them completly around ALL of our borders and prevent ANYONE from entering illegaly.
      It was a good idea then, and it sounds even better today.

    • Vicki

      Interesting There are now 2 Vicki’s posting in this thread cause I do not live in the great state of Texas

    • Hugh Jordin

      Southern California is experiencing the same problems. In some schools it would be a challenge to find a student (or a teacher, for that matter) who speaks fluent English. I was doing some work in a downtown school and the hostile looks toward an old gringo were constant.

      Why must we print ballots in English and Spanish, as well as every other government document?… we spend tax payer dollars for a group that is uninterested in assimilating and considers California “Occupied Mexico”. No other group of immigrants from any other country gets or even asks for this privilege. They want to be here and get with our culture without forgetting pride in their background. They do not want to change our country into where they came from. That’s why they left.

      It seems that the majority of those parading for “immigrants rights” are actually parading to bring more of their own people here, legally or illegally, out breed us, drain our resources, and create the same mess that exists south of the border.

  • Ann Trammell

    I’m with Arizona.
    They should not have had to do this,
    but someone has to take a stand on
    the immigration and many other things
    the Federal Gov. is by-passing.

  • Fergus

    Is not the Presidents Aunt an illegal?? and who is going to say she should be sent back to Kenya?

    • Conservative

      I’ll say it. Send her back to kenya and send Obama with her.

      • Barb

        Count me in ! She should have been sent back years ago! Her nephew too!

        • gregory

          SHE should have been arrested and jaild with hefty fines to pay back the tax payers that she has stollen from!!

      • Scott

        a-man to that!!!!!!!!

      • timr

        Hey, Conservative, why don’t YOU go back where YOU came from………….???……..most likely in a Trailer Park

        • libertytrain

          timr – wow – you are so good at displaying leftist racism.

          • timr

            Can White people scream Racism??????…………I don’t think so…………..We’ve had it ALL, in this Country, and it scares white America to death, that people of color are coming in……..

          • timr

            I’kll stop calling out racism, when you people stop calling Obama an animal, or an illegal, and all of that………because THAT is what I’ve seen on this Blog…………And I don’t deem people who fight for civil rights troublemakers, either…………many are over the top, like Jackson & Sharpton, but they’ve been at this fight for many years……..and it just pains me to see this hatred, much of it Racial, going on, after this Country finally elected a non-White male as President……….YES, you can tell it’s a passionate subject for me, but don’t deny that it isn’t there…………..

          • libertytrain

            You should have been there walking the walk back in the 60′s alongside those of us that worked for change and you might possibly understand, that while there may be a few with a problem still, the color of Obama’s skin is not the problem the greater majority have with him.

          • Jana

            Someone must have really hurt you badly for you to have this much anger. You are allowing this anger to take over your life.
            We are really no longer surprised at what you come up with, we just feel sorry for you and your frustration.
            No one is talking any worse about Obama than they did about Bush or Clinton.
            Part of the Presidential job description is being thick skinned, and that is not a racist remark. It means they can’t be so senstitive to what people say even and including insults, that it depresses them or “hurts” their feelings.

          • timr

            Jana, don’t worry about me, just worry about the people on this Blog who are spewing racist remarks about Obama………You can’t compare the remarks against Bush or Clinton, to that of Obama……..No one did anything to me, I’m White……….but I’ve seen Economic and Institutional Racism………..I’m quite confortable with my calling out people, and I might tend to get angry while typing on my Computer, but I’ve channeled my compassion to people who have LESS…… he;ping inner city kids……………but you cannot deny, some of the reasons, why Obama’s ethnicity in constantly an issue………….

  • Al Sieber

    Well, we have a new law here in Ariz. that goes into effect in about 2- months, and we’re considered the most racist state in the union because we want to protect our residents and our border. with the murder of rancher Bob Krentz in March (they even shot his dog) the people of Ariz. have had it. I have friends that live within 1200′ of the border and knew Bob, they told me this was a “revenge” killing, and more was to come. this is for calling the border patrol on drug smugglers and trespassers, this is what we’re tired of, the robberies, rapes, human smuggling, kidnappings, murder, child molesters etc. and “race baiter” Al Sharpton has the gall to come to Ariz. and protest? he needs to move to Mexico. we now have states boycotting us, maybe the illegals should move to these states and bankrupt their hospitals and social services. thank you! Gov. Jan Brewer for signing that bill, I think next we should seceed from the union.

    • Barb

      Al, If Arizona or Texas either one secedes we are moving down there! Perhaps that’s the only way we will be able to save our beloved America More power to you guys and God bless and keep you safe!

    • gregory

      maybe through the court system–commie obamie should be held accaountable for the losses–due to his lack of protecting this nation!!

    • DaveH

      Have you seen the McCain ad, Al? The one where he claims to be against illegal entry?

      We need to defeat this Liberal Chameleon.

      • JeffH

        DaveH, my what a man will do for a vote or two. I call it too little to late…let the RINO retire to the plains of Botswana.

      • Al Sieber

        Right now McCain and Biden are working on a back door amnesty plan

        • Al Sieber

          Check out this website: there’s gonna be a rally in Az. June 12th.


      What*s all dee fuss about? Years ago, Cuba sent all their criminals to America, and by now 50% of them are in jail, and costing us taxpayors millions to keep them there. We want our fair chance to do the same. We cannot get away with crime in our country, and our jails are really jails, not hotels like America has. Besides, we can come to America, and have 7 children, and have free medical coverage, free food, and not pay dee taxes. What a dum, I mean, what a beautiful country you have. Gracias———–EL BANDITO!

  • major

    Its absolutely and unequivocally critical that Arizonas leaders do not, I repeat, do not backdown now. If Arizona falls now every other state will be initimidated. If Arizona stands, momentum will pickup for the other states following suit.

    The Obamanoids do not have a legal case, or they would be in court already. If Obama starts a states rights battle now he will activate the rest of the states, it would be a lose, lose for the Obamanoids.

    His method of takeover is to keep the populace passive and unaware until all his governmental changes are in place and its too late for resistance other than armed rebellion.

    California and other border states are governed by corrupt panty waists, who are scared of minority issues or paid off up to their neck by the La Raza type groups.

    I will fight for Arizona if need be to prevent the Reconquista’s from holding sway. La Raza threatens violence, but they are merely bluffing. See what happened when that popular rancher was murdered, middle class citizens finally got mad. If La Raza targets White Citizens, the gloves will come off and they know it. They are all hot air.

    • gregory

      RODGER THAT!!!!!!!!

  • David Lemon

    Great article, Chip. I totally support what Arizona is doing. I was planning a vacation trip to D.C this summer, but now that the city of D.C is boycotting Arizona I am going to boycott D.C.

    Let’s all boycott the boycotters.

    • Gayle M

      I’m totally with you. In fact, I’m planning my vacation for AZ this year. If I could afford to move there now I would!

    • DaveH

      I agree, David. Wherever the Liberals boycott, we need to buycott. Let this fickle businesses know that if they cave to Liberals they will lose our support.

  • Dale

    Arizona got the right idea when they elected Arpaio sheriff of Maricopa County. They already know how to deal with criminals which is exactly what illegal aliens are. When they enter this country illegally they are breaking the law which makes them criminals doesn’t it?

    There is a simple solution to the flood of illegal’s, remove all the incentives for them to come here. No handouts no matter what. Lock them up in Arpaio’s tent city jail. Deport them and their do-gooder friends with them.

    I wish we had Arpaio and more citizens like those in Arizona here in Washington, afterall they are criminals so lets treat them as such!

    • Yvan

      Great Post
      Kill and hang anybody that you don’t like. Wild,wild West. Trigger happy sherrif. Make sure that your not in the firing line when this guy get going. Good luck.

      • DaveH

        I don’t care much for Arpaio, but your comment, Yvan, is totally out-of-line. Typical for a Liberal.

      • gregory

        SEEMS LIKE YOUR A LITTLE PARNOID, why is it when the tax payers say enough is enough you marxist get a little worried? remember history repeats itself, this time it may be a little more organized and a little less brutal…

      • Robert

        Apparently you are not for defending these United States from foreign invasion.

        Perhaps you should contribute to their support by filling up your house with them, buying their food, clothing, shelter and paying their medical bills, providing for their schooling and sending money to Mexico for each ones family that did not invade the United States.

      • JeffH

        Yvan…you and Mft need to have a secret meeting and figure another way to get your “scare tactics” to work for you. Nobodies shopping in your store.
        I suggest a BOYCOT of YVAN and Mick for thought.

  • Paul

    Why are the liberals so racist against the European and Eastern (Chinese) people that would like to come to the US? When these folks arrive without proper “papers” on order they are sent back. Why do they hate these people bend rules and break all existing laws to support illegals from Mexico?
    Canadians can not enter US without showing good cause to enter and without a valid passport as it should be.

    • kate8

      Paul, there was a time, prior to Lyndon Johnson, when only cultures compatible with our American values were allowed to immigrate here. They had to have sponsors, received no government assistance, had to learn the language, history and Constitution, and had to be able to contribute to our society.

      Lyndon Johnson signed the bill opening up America to the Third World, giving taxpayer money to them as entitlement so they could buy food, housing and start a business (if they chose to work), free medical, and opened the floodgates to millions. They are taught how to work the system, all at our expense. Things that we, as citizens, can’t get.

      This was all part of the plan to set the ball in motion for our demise as a nation.

      • vic 1985

        You don’t suppose the drug cartel had anything to do with this do you?
        Anyone can be bought off if they are in politics and who has more money to play with then the cartel?
        They have more “lobbists” than all the other organizations combined. Plus they aren’t afraid to use some strong-arm tactics to make a deal, if necessary.
        Drugs and money pass into America freely and I’m not sure we can do anything about it.

        • DaveH

          They best we could do, Vic, is to legalize drugs and thus take the money out of them. We have been fighting this useless drug war for 40 years now, and have accomplished nothing except enriching the worst segment of society, the drug lords. And as you noted, Money is Power. There have been many innocent victims caught in the middle of the Drug Wars:

          Also, our rights have been trampled with drugs enforcement as the excuse.

          • vic 1985

            Legalize drugs! Now that’s a new idea. Or wait. Has it been thought of before? Seems kinda familair.
            Oh yes, now I recall that, and it seems that more money would be made by letting the cartel handle the drugs and just keep our noses out of it, and a lot safer too. Seems the cartel has a way of burying their problems. If you know what I mean.
            If only your solution was that easy. It sure sounded good. Keep the ideas coming.

          • DaveH

            Not only has it been thought of, it has been implemented. Here’s one example:

          • DaveH

            And Vic, maybe if you read this, you won’t be quite so flip about the problem:

          • rjg

            I would have to agree with you on this one.

        • kate8

          I think the bribes and payoffs to our politicians by the drug cartels are another added benefit to these weasels. They are just milking the whole thing for all it’s worth, in every way they can. They will be in fine shape when this all comes to a head.

          • vic 1985

            Now you’re thinking down the right road.

      • timr

        Kate8, your History is revisionist, PERIOD……..When LBJ passed the Civil Rights Bill, our OWN citizens…….our OWN Black Citizens didn’t have rights before then……….REMEMBER????????

        So I suppose what MLK and all of them fought for, were the start of our DEMISE as well??????????

        • kate8

          timr – you are really getting tedious. Were you even around back then? Well, I was. And I’m not referring to civil rights, I’m talking about the Immigration Bill that opened our country to an influx from the third world. People began to come here with the US taxpayer footing the bill. For the first time, people could come to this country and get a free ride.

          The sole purpose of this was to bring in divergent cultures, which they knew would, in due time, create disparity among the people.

  • John N

    I am in total agreement and support of Arizona. Isn’t it a shame that the leaders of our country are more concerned about their own political well being than the people who have made America what it is. If it were not for the Northern European immigrants in the 17 & 1800′s we would not have a country worth fighting for.
    I hope all realize that we taxpayers donate Millions of dollars each year to support “La Raza” through our pork barrell politics. It would not surprise me if we don’t have a fund for the terrorist also.
    “Si Vi Pacem Parabellem”

  • Brenda

    I had a meeting with 2 of our US Congressman recently. They said there is a known connection between Hamas and the drug trafficing from Mexico. They have also found some Korans (the Islam “bible”) at the border. When Obama was “ordained”, he swore to protect us from enemies, within and out. Needless to say, I do not feel “protected” at all. I will do business with the list of Arizona Businesses that are national and I am boycotting the California list of businesses that are national, even though I love some of them. I can live without them though. Gymboree, Williams Sonoma, Pottery Barn, California Pizza Kitchen just to name a few I am boycotting. It goes both ways. If I can, I will try to get to Arizona this year for a mini vacation just to spend money there and show my support. It makes me WANT to go there. What part of ILLEGAL don’t the liberals understand?

    • DaveH

      You really don’t expect morality from immoral people, do you?
      When people can callously vote to forcibly take the money of others, should it be surprising that they would condone illegal entry?

      • Save America Susie

        DaveH…Your comment reminds me of this THOMAS JEFFERSON quote:

        “To compel a man to furnish Funds for propagation of ideas he disbelieves and abhors is sinful & Tyrannical.”

        • DaveH

          Good quote, Susie. I agree.
          I think that applies to the public school system which wants to stamp out religion, yet most parents have no choice unless they want to pay twice (once for the public schools they aren’t using, and again for the private schools where their kids can be free from the propaganda).

          • Jana

            I can’t afford to pay for a private school, so I make myself known to the teachers and the staff. I volunteer and yes, that means I take time off of work to do so, as my children are my most important job. I have cultivated a good working relationship with the teachers and they also know where I stand on important subjects. We may not agree on all of my stands, but they do know me and know where my children come from and that makes a big difference. I started working with the teachers BEFORE any problems came up, so it is easy to approach a teacher about any problems that arise. Neither do I go on the attack to the teacher, I go to discuss and find solutions.
            The sad thing is there are so many parents that haven’t got the time to visit their child’s school, so they don’t know what is going on in the classroom.

          • Claire

            Jana–Good for you!! Your kids have a great Mother. I am proud of you! So many parents may not have the time, but so many will NOT take the time.

          • Jana

            Why thank you Claire.

    • timr

      Brenda, what idiot Congressmen told you this B.S……….Maybe they were same ones who told you where the Weapons of Mass destruction were………I suppose it was the Mexicans who were responsible for 9/11???………..Hamas in Mexico………I also have a Bridge to sell you………….I suppose the IRA are there Too???

  • Bill

    If you want freedom, you do not want a Marxist govt. Better stick with what you have.

    • vic 1985

      Bill: Help me out here, please.
      Just what kind of a government do you feel we have??

      • JeffH

        …I’ll take a guess…
        1. dishonest (I’m being nice)
        2. an administration led by a studied Marxist radical.

        • timr

          3.(offensive comment removed)

      • JeffH

        Just some food for thought by David Alynsky:

        “Obama learned his lesson well. I am proud to see that my father’s model for organizing is being applied successfully beyond local community organizing to affect the Democratic campaign in 2008. It is a fine tribute to Saul Alinsky as we approach his 100th birthday.” –Letter from L. DAVID ALINSKY, son of Neo-Marxist Saul Alinsky

        Obama helped fund ‘Alinsky Academy’: “The Woods Fund, a nonprofit on which Obama served as paid director from 1999 to December 2002, provided startup funding and later capital to the Midwest Academy…. Obama sat on the Woods Fund board alongside William Ayers, founder of the Weather Underground domestic terrorist organization…. ‘Midwest describes itself as ‘one of the nation’s oldest and best-known schools for community organizations, citizen organizations and individuals committed to progressive social change.’… Midwest teaches Alinsky tactics of community organizing.”

        Hillary, Obama and the Cult of Alinsky: “True revolutionaries do not flaunt their radicalism, Alinsky taught. They cut their hair, put on suits and infiltrate the system from within. Alinsky viewed revolution as a slow, patient process. The trick was to penetrate existing institutions such as churches, unions and political parties…. Many leftists view Hillary as a sell-out because she claims to hold moderate views on some issues. However, Hillary is simply following Alinsky’s counsel to do and say whatever it takes to gain power.

        Obama is also an Alinskyite…. Obama spent years teaching workshops on the Alinsky method. In 1985 he began a four-year stint as a community organizer in Chicago, working for an Alinskyite group called the Developing Communities Project…. Camouflage is key to Alinsky-style organizing. While trying to build coalitions of black churches in Chicago, Obama caught flak for not attending church himself. He became an instant churchgoer.

  • Nancy

    I wish I was taking a traveling vacation this year. If I was, it would be to Arizona to support them in the face of the untrue rhetoric coming from the opposition. With the President of the United States perpetrating and promoting these lies, it’s going to be very difficult for Arizona to defend itself. Has he even read the bill? I have, and it seems a reasonable solution, although I wish it had done more to those hiring illegals.

    • timr

      Nancy, you can vacation in Arizona……..I hope your’e White………

      • kate8

        timr – It is so apparent that you really hate white folks. Unfortunately, that seems to be okay in our world today. Even justified.

        It is you who suffer from revisionist history. I see that you are a product of today’s education system, put in place to create hostility between races and classes as another step toward our ultimate destruction. Those doing this refer to people like you as “useful idiots”, good only for your votes and the chaos you engender. Their contempt for you is even greater than it is for those who know what they are doing.

        I can only hope that you, one day, grow in wisdom. I won’t hold my breath.

        • timr

          Katie8…..I AM white, and I’m 47 years old, so NO I’m not any “product” as you say of any specific educational system………..and YOU and YOUR kind are the idiots…………What do you want me to do, yell “White Power”…??………if you look back, White people in ths Country are NOT the victims………….YOU, on the other hand, were most likely raised in a very homogenous upbringing……..because you have No problem spreading lies about our first Black President…………..or having ANY tolerance for cultures that are different than yours………..Have you seen the Tea Party and their demographics…?…..Most of them are WHITE, they are middle to upper class, and they were even polled and admitted, that their own situations weren’t bad or in trouble…………so tell me………..WHY did that group form, the second, Obama was elected………???……..Explain THAT to me…………

        • timr

          Katie8….MY contempt is for Bigots……………..and if YOU can’t see the ethnic hatred in these Blogs, then your’e too old and too trained to see it now………………..

        • timr

          NONE of you, have answered me, when I point out ethnic, viceral comments on this Blog…………….all you focus on, is MY anger towards it……………

          • I’m just sayin

            What do you want us to say? That we can see you are a racist? Yep, that’s pretty clear, but I didn’t know you’d be so damn proud of it.

    • Vicky

      Dear Nancy- I agree with you 100%. Although I don’t think that this law would change much! American people are too passive! They are allowing these invaders to take over their country. When the situation gets outrageous whether is in a neighborhood or state they pick up and leave.

      The people and organizations that defend the invaders are always saying that they come here to do the jobs that americans don’t want to do. That is a lot of bull….. They come here, have children like roaches to collect welfare, food-stamps, and you name it! Schools and hospitals are overcrowded, and the american people are paying for.

      Hussein Obama is defending them because the idea is to legalize them to get their votes.

      I have the perfect solution to stop the invaders coming here. Built a fence with a high voltage of electicity.

  • s c

    La Raza has been co-opted and is being run by people who are evil racists. By definition, they are law-breakers. Like criminals, they seek support from other criminals. They put themselves before America, and they have the gall to be outraged when their disgusting whims aren’t met.
    Obummer is NOT a president. He may be a
    community organizer, but he’s ‘organizing’ in the WRONG country.
    He belongs in Mexico, where he can impress people like Carlos Slim. America deserves a president who honors his oath of office. We do NOT deserve a LIAR who is more concerned with the so-called ‘rights’ of invaders and potential terrorists.
    Up with Arizona. DOWN with Obummer and La Raza!

  • http://verizon jason donaldson

    Arizona did the right thing.I would say to them dont cave to the protests and boycotts and certainly not to liberal hollywood who feel they have to stick their arrogant noses into everyones buisness.Obama did nothing about immigration because he wants all the illegals here he wants to turn this country into a third world toilet.Obama wants to strip us of our rights and at the same time give them to illegals.His arrogance shows more people are seeing it but their are still alot who dont or refuse to.The people who voted him in were both brain washed and thought the same way he does.It does not surpries me that bleeding heart liberals in other states including mine are sticking their noses into this and calling for an arizona boycott they want what obama wants.People need to pull their heads out of their asses and see whats going on.

  • james shelton

    From what I understand from another site there has been legislation passed years ago to secure our southern border and increase the border patrol also giveing them more authority. As of now we send our border patrol to prison for shooting a known and convicted Mexican in the ass as he’s fleeing back across the border after fireing at our agents and we as citizens now support this scum and his poor unfortunate family in Mexico for the rest of scumbags life. While I lived in Az. A neighbor got a brand new used car after husband left. Her little boy scratched her name on the center of the steering wheel-the car was stolen/she and family was headed to Rocky Point -stopping at a store spotted the car called the police =they were told the car belonged to the chief of police. U.S. authorities cld. do nothing. Another neighbor stopped a van ld. of illegals steeling from his carport held them at gun point for Phnx. police.police confiscated the mans gun & all six Illegals wwere let go even tho none had a drvrs.licns. They hadn’t gotten the stolen merchandise into the van yet. It took months for the man to get his weapon back meanwhile the illegals that lived up the street(all 18 of them) would harrass the whole neighborhood. When the S.H.T.F. in Az. I’ll be heading back but not with e/mty hands.

  • Tom

    I have lived in Arizona for 70 years. I grew up and went to school with Mexicans. In grade school we gringo’s traded our PB&J sandwitches for taco’s and tamales with our Mexican school mates. I have no problem with those who are here LEGALLY. If you are not here LEGALLY get the heck out and come back LEGALLY. I wonder how many of these so called protesters would be protesting if their daughter, wife or grandaughter had been raped or even killed by an illegal who was here and had a criminal record? I have a loaded 45 by my chair in the front room anyone who comes busting into my home will be shot. This sounds like an over reaction but nearly everyday you can read in the paper of a home invasion.Most do not live here and don’t know of the conditions here so until you do SHUT THE HELL UP.Our law mirrors the Fed law which the feds can’t or won’t inforce.

    • Nancy

      Your words really illustrate the bottom line here. The vast majority of those who are condemning this bill either have never read it and have no idea what they’re talking about, or else they have never lived in or even been to Arizona and therefore have no idea what the good people there are having to endure at the hands of these illegal invaders. The Federal government has failed miserably in its job of protecting the citizens. Had they been doing their job, this bill would never have been necessary.

    • Tom Childs

      THAT is what is necessary, Tom, and just what we do! Stay locked and loaded, and watch out for the Marxist scum who support the criminals, who will likely be next!
      SEMPER FI!

  • Robert E.Chambers

    One answer will some day come to the American People and it explains
    Eric Holder,Raum Emanuel,David Axelrod and the cabinet picks.
    Its so simple a cave man should understand it;


    • timr

      Robert E Chambers is proving my point……….Are you seeing this JC, and others out there……..Jana, susie………all of you……..This guy is proving my point………………I feel sorry for you Mr Chambers. I really do……..You have obviously grown up in a very mioptic surrounding…………

  • Randall

    I no longer have any belief in the election process.
    There are, imho, only two paths left to we Sovereign Citizens;
    Jury Duty. Ignore the Judge when he/she charges you as a Jury Member, as you have full right to adjudge the “law”, as well as any potential perpetrator.
    The other I will not mention for fear of having your site taken down… literally. Welcome to the new “America”.

    • Al Sieber

      Randall, I believe the Jury is the 4th little known branch of government.

    • Vicki

      Read and understand your duty as a Juror at

      also worth checking out is

  • Budswisr1

    Chip, I thank it is time to take up arms and drive these damn uninvited invaders from our land. This government stinks and I mean all members of our do nothing but rob americans congress. They with this racist president care more about the rights of illegals and the rest of the black, brown and yellow world than they do the rights, welfare and laws of american people. VOTE THEM ALL OUT AND IF THAT DOESN’T WORK THGEN I THINK IT REALLY IS TIME TO TAKE UP ARMS. Damn LARAZA and I am tired of hearing that my american tax dollars are used to support this Mexican ACORBN orgination.
    In the past I would not have considered myselt a racist but thanks to this Bozo from Kena I feel it going to get that way for white america soon when they can;t afford to feed thier families for take care of the rest of the world freeloaders.

  • Stephen Russell

    AZ just did what the Feds WONT DO or cant do.
    Thats ALL, even using same template & those protesters are on the wrong side IE aiding Illegal aliens.
    Its only 10 pages long.

  • Jon B

    Its beenabout time I have been a plumber for 35 years and was recently layed off. the only ones that are still working are the ones that speak spanish most of them are not licensed,i have a masters. I have appied at home depot but they want somebody that is bilingual.this is BS… if they want to come learn the language.I shood not have to learn theirs.

  • Gayle M

    I’ve lived in TX for 33 years. Raised a family and sent them to school here. Public schools gave vacinations to students with parental permission. I was surprised when the permission card came home bilingual with the English side requiring a $10.00 vacination fee and the Spanish side reading “free vacination” ! It’s no wonder they want to be in America – education and medical care are free! I’m still working and medical coverage is deducted from my paycheck. The Spanish speaking employees here at work don’t pay for medical insurance. Instead they go the ER to get free treatment! I applaud AZ and wish TX and all the borders states would follow suit.

    • Save America Susie

      I agree Gayle. That’s just plain wrong, and unfair.

  • Barbara SC

    I’m tempted to move to Arizona. I am from CA and I have personally seen the havoc and the the overburdening of that states medical facilities and other necessary services. Of course, it is happening everywhere you go in this country–it’s just at a more advanced stage in CA. There are so many illegals there that the citizens are afraid to speak up, though many of them would like to. As their numbers grow, they become bolder and more aggressive and demanding. It’s a sad state of affairs when an entire country is being held hostage by people who are entering it illegally and then demanding to be given free food, free medical care, free social services. And it’s an even sadder state of affairs when our elected officials refuse to adequately guard our borders because they want to make grateful voters out of these folks. My grandparents were immigrants and I have nothing at all against legal immigration. The melding of our diverse cultures has made us a stronger nation. I also have nothing against the people of Mexico. They live in a beautiful country which has fallen prey to governmental corruption and the ravages of the drug trade. Mexico is a country with good natural resources and hard-working, honest people (similar to the majority in the United States), but because of their corrupt leadership and the resulting rampant poverty there, most see no other choice than to come to the neighboring United States to seek employment so they can support their families in Mexico. If we enforce stronger borders it will force the Mexican government to deal with their internal problems and perhaps lead to the election of more principled officials there. We need to offer the Mexican government a helping hand in fighting their drug trade problem, but only if they are willing to help us keep our borders secure. I used to travel frequently to Mexico and I enjoyed the warm hospitality of the Mexican people, but in the last few years it has become dangerous to travel there. I applaud the brave elected officials of Arizona in their stand against this invasion. I will look for ways to support Arizona, perhaps by purchasing products that say Made in Arizona.

  • George

    Way to go Arizona. I am really ashamed of the people and cities that want to or are boycotting Arizona. CA and Los Angeles can’t pay their bills or schools because of this invasion but they still want to allow these people to come. How stupid are they. As a tax payer I’ve had enough.
    Come on people wake up, elect people that support our constitution.

  • Joe Berger

    If everyone would start pushing their state’s governments to demand that the US fulfill its obligations under Article IV, Section 4 as you noted – ‘It’s what our Constitution says. Article IV, Section 4 of the U.S. Constitution clearly states, “The United States shall guarantee to every State in this Union a republican form of government, and … shall protect each of them against invasion….” ‘, and that the states demand to be protected, demand the borders closed immediately and their costs reimbursed and the US find and deport all the illegals BEFORE doing any ‘immigration reform’, OR THAT STATE WOULD SECEDE FROM THE UNION due to said lack of protection under that Article, then maybe Washington will start to listen. go after not only your US senator and rep, but your STATE’s senators and reps, too.
    Challenge them to secede if the state is not protected immediately under Article IV, Section 4. Maybe we need to force this issue even at the county border lines, if we cannot stop it at state and/or federal borders. Maybe we need driver’s licenses that prove not only identity, but citizenship. Then an officer stopping anyone and asking to see a DL will ALWAYS be shown proof of citizenship, and the racist La Raza cannot claim ‘racial profiling’.

  • Frank in Arizona

    Thanks for all the words of support. SB1070 is not the only story here, but it certainly has the most notoriety. Most of the efforts to combat this problem have been because we have great law enforcement and citizen volunteers who step up to the plate. Unfortunately, the minority political opposition in our state always gets the federal backup to harass, hamper and interfere with our work. Our financial resources are strained but we will persist. God bless you all, God bless Arizona.

  • Tom

    During the depression, President Herbert Hoover ordered the deportatin of ALL illegal immigrents to make badly needed jobs available to Americans.

    Following WW-II President Harry Truman deported over two million illegal immigrents to make jobs available for returning US servicemen.

    In 1954, President Dwight D. Eisenhower was responsible for the deportation of upwards of ten million illegal immigrants, mostly mexican, to make jobs available for Americans. The Eisenhower plan was called “Operation Wetback”.

    So, what’s the problem? There is precedent.

  • DC

    It seems Arizona did what needed to be done.
    I lived in California and experienced first hand the impact of illegal immigration and the strain on the economy, health care, and education. The people of Arizona should be commended for taking matters into their hands since the federal government has failed miserably in enforcing the law. Shocking is that cities like San Francisco and Los Angeles find it necessary to try and influence the law making of another state by calling for boycotts of AZ. For those who believe Arizona did the right thing, and have the right to govern themselves, I’d suggest participating in a boycott of California, and avoid purchasing any goods, services, software, hardware, fruits, vegetables, or any product from the Bear Flag Republic; and point directly to the San Francisco Mayor and Los Angeles City Council as the reason. California has enough troubles, and maybe such a boycott would create a big enough economic death valley to send the message to L.A. and San Fran to get their noses out of Arizona’s business.

    • Walt

      I’m in. No more california wines, no more ghiardelli square events or chocolates, no more gilroy garlic, no more disneyland or any other type of vacation ever in california, no more california almonds, or veggies from merced. Until we take back california I’ll work very hard to make sure I don’t give them another nickel.

      On the other hand, I’ll work just as hard to get them nickels into Arizona as long as it takes as long as they stay the course, including vacationing, and possibly retiring there.

      As we speak I have two windows open enlightening me to california based companies I will never use, and one window identifying Arizona companies that I am now going to use exclusively.

  • Commonsense

    It’s not just Obama that has an agenda, it’s your senator and congressman as well. It’s called GREED and POWER. I’m from Montana where the libs are destroying a way of life with their bulls–t. Max “BS” Baucus is our senator, that I didn’t vote for-ever! He is also the poster boy for the healthcare bill. The bast–d doesn’t have the nerve to meet with any of his Montana neighbors, says things like I’m doing this for your own good even if you don’t want it. I can’t stand the P—k! Doing all I can to promote tea parties and get an blue collar guy or gal in his place. I want someone in office that knows the meaning of a dollar and that has EARNED them, not been given them, their whole life. As far as illegals go, they are all over up here as well. I live in a small town in SW Montana, and I know of at least 8-10 in my area. I also lived in Albuquerque, NM. and one thing I remember from down there was when you see one illegal there were at least ten more around. So my 8 to 10 here could be as high as 80 to 100. If I had to guess by how well used our low cost med center is, I would say that there are significantly more! They even advertise in spanish around here. It’s gotten out of hand. Time to clean up this mess, throw out the anchor baby laws and ship back the leeches called illegals. If they wish to come here, do so through the required channels. I’m not saying don’t come. I’m saying don’t come illegally!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Jim G

    AZ is doing what’s needs to be done. All the people in DC that took the hath to protect our people & country should be voted out in November. Also the states that are boycotting AZ should be boycotted by the people who are for AZ. Do not buy anything that is grown or made in those states.We as people of the United States need to stand up and protect our great nation. This is an invasion by law breakers for the south (mexico). Our grovernment should be ashamed not doing there jobs the people voted them to do. This includes the President.

  • Joe Kane

    You can add my name and all my friends names too, to the list of people who find Arizona doing what the feds should be doing as a step in the right direction.

  • Barb

    I agree with Chip and since this is clearly an invasion then send in the National Guard this time allowing them to use their skills and weapons and use full military force against this invasion. Warn the Mexican government as if that would do any good and warn the people that we are going to defend our borders finally as they should be. If they think we’re bluffing and try coming anyway the first wave should discourage any others. If La Raza wants blood shed I say lets make sure it’s not American blood! If you libs out there are outraged by this too bad! I’m sick of all this. It’s time to take our country back, our language back and our Flag should be able to fly high without Mexican flags all over them and our kids getting suspended because they defend our flag!

  • Frederick W. Schossau

    Arizona Si, Obama No! who can not but agree with this article! The United States has been invaded by the Mexican people for decades and this has to stop right now. It has gotton so bad that they believe by acquiescence over the past two decades that they now have the gall to believe they have the right of citizenship! What part of illegal alian do they not understand? All of the states need to adopt the Arizona law for them selves because the Fed Government will not!

  • http://n/a 2WarAbnVet

    How many times have you heard the folks in leadership positions say, “There are so many undocumented immigrants (read: illegal aliens) that we can’t deport them all.” There is a simple answer to that conundrum – one at a time.
    They also scoff at the idea of a fence, “Oh, it won’t stop immigration.” Well, I’ll bet a minefield would.

  • charles849

    I’m a Black American and I see everday the results of this illegal invasion. I should not have to mention my race cause any fool with eyes can see if your country hes an influx of people without proper taxation, proper documentation somethings got to give. My son’s elementary school is 99.9% hispanic if all other races were taken out they would not be missed . I stand with other parents outside the school and it obvious some have not been here long . This school was built to educated illegals plain and simple yet where is the money coming from . I will not touch upon the increase in the crime rate. I support Arizona .my only question is what took so long .

  • seleroy

    Looking through these comments, I noticed only one who lives in AZ and knows the conditions here. And I’m guessing most of the people making comments are white males who haven’t lived through Sheriff Joe’s profiling. (I’m a white female, so I’m safe from harassment.) AND it was a Republican president — Reagan — and his Congress who originally passed the bill in 1984 — what about all the legislators since — on BOTH sides of the aisle — who have done nothing??? The fear in AZ is that this law will only give the hate-mongers and racists more reason to discriminate. If all the illegals were returned to Mexico, the AZ economy would collapse! Oh — and WHAT products made in AZ? The Native American jewelry (how about our fairness in THOSE relationships)? The fruits and vegetables (not many Whites want to work to harvest them). (Is eating veggies from Guatemala and Honduras better?) The major cause of all this trouble are the drug wars and our politicians who lack the spine to do the right thing. Take out your frustrations on OUR politicians, not on the Mexican workers who provide us so many services. Fix the immigration system — OH! but that might cost some votes!

    • marvin

      seleroy, you may be white but that don,t give you the right to say white men are all racis we have laws for legal immigration and guest worker and i guess you think it,s ok for a mexican woman to come here illegally and have 4,5 6,kids that i and all the rest of us racist tax paying white and black and legal citizens have to pay for their hospital bill and food housing you dem sraight i am a white man that has worked hard all my life with and never ask you for help, pay my tax and obay the law, so do not try to make me feel bad because you think it is ok to do what you want to at my and all tax payer expence it will not work, i can not pick the law i want to obay and being in this country undocumented [illegally]is a crime

    • gregory

      how is it that it is racists to protect your state from THE LAW BREAKERS? I the tax payer dont care what color you are, if you break our laws you need to pay for it!! like the rest of us. i am american indian– if you noticed i didn’t say native american-i dont need to feel special, and i have many relatives in arizona and i lived there a few years, we support the new law as well, we are sick of the crime these invadors bring to our origanal communities, to call folks racists is only a commie tact to try to silence the 70% of folks that are supporting the new law. if you feel so strong about the issue–sell all your crap- and stop one of these law breakers and give them everything you own–then walk to d.c and live up there with your master race baiter commie obamie–hang out with jessie jackson and al sharpton, i believe you will then understand the meaning of racists, until then its clear you dont understand the meaning of racists, if any body knows what racism is it would be the american indian–washington spoilers made that verry clear along time ago, so dont talk to us with your bumper sticker racists crap, it appears you are the racists you speak of!!

      • kilrntex

        I agree with you!!

    • DC

      Ironically, it appears you did your own profiling with your assumption that most comments are coming from white males.
      Further, you only noticed one post from an AZ resident, but having lived in California and being a routine visitor to Arizona, I can tell you that the situation is similar in both states. The immigration problem in CA played heavily in my decision to move out of the state. At that time my daughter had entered 1st grade and was 1 of 5 students that spoke English in a class of 25 students. This was such a huge problem the school system didn’t even know how to handle it. At that time I was also General Manager of a small manufacturing shop where some of our workforce was illegal. Unfortunately, at the time of hire they could provide the necessary documents to be employed only later to find they were fake. It took 6-12 months for the system to catch up with them and notify us that the documentation wasn’t valid for the individual and we would have to request new documents from the employee. Guess what… they never seemed to have a problem providing new documentation for us to send in and in 6-12 months the cycle would start again. It was crazy. Don’t get me wrong, there were those that came to the U.S. to make the legal transition, assimilating and becoming true contributors to the economy and cultural diversity. Then there were those who simply wanted to leach off of the system just because they could, and just like Arizona is experiencing. Now I live in New York, and guess what… the problem is here and growing. There is something wrong with a system that continually allows illegal immigrants to work illegally while unemployment lingers at 9-12% of legal citizens who gain entitlements that the illegal workforce doesn’t even contribute to. It has to stop.
      I agree, both parties at the Federal level have failed in this area. It seems the only politicians doing the right thing is the Arizona legislature.

  • Frank in Arizona

    The threat of secession is not a practical tactic. Simply carrying out the threat has consequences for AZ. There would be a bloodbath battle with Mexico via the drug cartels. Obama would assert his Lincolnesque play to preserve the Union. That in and of itself would trigger a civil war. Once that kind of division happens, the door is open to outside intervention.
    The only solution to the problem is to force the federal government to do its job by beating them at their game. Beat them over the head with constitution and beat them bloody at the polls. The states need to assert themselves. We need to get our s*** together and put the opposition in its place.
    It can be done – we have a very short time.

    • gregory

      how can biblical prophecy help us in this mannor? it may be as simple as looking to the bible for answers and tactics..

      • kate8

        gregory, according to Bible prophecy, if we keep going the way we are, we are toast. At least for a while. Revelation paints a pretty grim picture.

        What is the primary goal of the global elites, the one that underlies all that is happening? World population reduction by 80 – 90%. And look at what they’re doing. Wars, famine, GMO foods, aerosol spraying of toxic clouds over the globe, diseases, drugging, poisoning of our waters, inciting racial tensions and revolution, spreading fear and dispair, HAARP, a medical system that cares nothing about healing and, in fact, harms, taking of our liberty….

        All these things are prophesied in the Bible, and in other writings as well. And it is clear that it is because the people have become so evil, so corrupt, so hard-hearted, that they refuse to repent (mend their ways). Any mere mention of God is verboten.

        God is Love, and Life Itself. We have made a mockery of these things.
        When we do not honor Life and worship all that is Holy, we reap the consequences. The wages of sin (disconnecting with God/Life/Love) is DEATH.

        “What was once called good will be called evil, and what was once called evil will be called good”. I think that pretty well sums up what we have today. God makes it very clear what to do to save ourselves: “Return to me, and I will heal your land”.

        • gregory

          kate8, im glad you have done your homework as well, these things i realize as mentioned project haarp, i know of the technology verry well, alpha frequency at 10 hz resonates with the inner workings of the brain,and these evil folks know that that is there ace in the hole. for your research on this horrable subject you must go further and see what project blue beam is all about, google it and sift through all the cnsprcy crap, you will be left with about 10 % truth, its that 10% that is the most frightnig of all, after looking at that imfo then google spiral whorm hole over copenhagen dec,9,2009, you can see for your self the cause and effect of blue beam and haarp… jesus save us all!!


          • kate8

            gregory, I’ve been following this stuff since the ’70s. It’s always been a passion for me. I have an obsession with finding the truth, and that is what I pray for. TRUTH.

            It’s not easy. You sift through so much info and maybe get a snippet of truth but, by design, EVERYTHING IS DECEPTION. And I do mean everything.

            I believe it is inevitable that truth eventually comes to light. We have more now than we ever had. It’s just having the discernment to determine what is valuable, what is viable, and what is not.

            I absorb as much as I can find, and then allow conclusions to evolve. And they are always evolving, as there is always more to learn. We’ve only caught a quick glimpse of what there is. If there is one thing I’ve learned, it is that the more I learn, the more I realize I don’t know. Truth is so far beyond anything we’ve ever been taught or even imagined that we may as well just open up and enjoy the show.

          • kate8

            gregory, as you know, when you try to talk to anyone about what you learn they have a tendency to look at you like your a raving lunatic. I’ve gotten used to it. Most people just don’t want to be rocked out of their comfort zone – they just can’t handle it. They’d rather live a lie than learn a truth that is uncomfortable for them.

            Such is human nature, and it is why tyrants and dictators have been able to succeed so well throughout history. No matter how much evidence is right before their eyes, they will deny it, and will walk right into their graves denying it.

            I do believe that, one by one, people are waking up, noticing that things are not right. Scripture says that the deception is so great, that even the elect would be deceived, if it were possible. We must always pray for discernment.

          • gregory

            i can tell that you and i are on the same page, as i have been looking beyound the little circle most people stay in, i consider myself as living well beyond the circle and have been investigating all aspects of life all my life, you are correct that you just cant tell most people of your discoveries due to those folks not being able to go beyond the circle they have been train’d to stay in, i think they are train’d to stay in the circle since grade school, then in college there commie proffessor has seal’d the deal, then they get into there train’d job and are operating without common sense, they wont believe anything that goes against what they were molded to believe. on the subject of blue beam and haarp–ive known of these technologies for a verry long time and i know that there is alot of conspiracy crap out there on these subjects–BUT! there is alot of provable truth to these subjects, the library of congress is a wealth of knowledge, the u.s patton office has conformations as well, i my self have studied the effects of the alpha frequency at 10 hrtz and can tell you first hand that it is a real frightning ordeal, im in the belief that there is a real evil force that is behind the scenes of all govmnt affairs, i have also studied the bible verry thorough throughout my life and have come to the conclusion that the end started in the late fortys when the jewish got there promised land back hmmmm the united nations may have known exactly what they were doing, that event had to happen to fulfill prophecy as to make one motion start the next motion as to get to the final goals spoke about in revltns, i think we are seeing it speed up as events unfold, the speeding up is known as quickining, kind of like one computor helps to speed up the developement of the next best computor and so on, thus by the time you buy a new computor the next new version is already out. i dont know much about 2012 other than we need to get the vote out, there is alot of cnsprcy crud out there about this strang year, my culture has talked about that year around the campfire for a few hundred years-maybe longer, i hope they are wrong about what they think or maybe know, the folks stuck in the circle will doubt the imformation untill they see it happen and even then if they survive it–they will come up with excuses for the action other than the truth because this is how they were molded to be, i believe the entire truth is in the bible and anybody can find it there if they can just leap out of the circle and not look back. ever wonder why we have a president that is hell bent on taking this country down to a level playing field as to match the EU? especially since most of the things he is doing is not needed, seems like hes on a mission, maybe he is a member of the evil club that has been trying to get a christian country like ours to submit to a new world order? i saw the speach from bush senior when he rallied for a new word order, and not just him, carter, clinochio,fdr, and so forth, is it possable that these folks have been working on us for a couple hundred years? it seems like slavery has been in every culture around the world at one time or another, and when a country stops the slavery it looks like there is alwaays an evil source that is trying to install slavery in one form or another-economic-social-political correctness-and so on, who is behind all this? and why? tax payers are the new world order slave class, without our taxes they cant proceed with there final plans for a world wide union. there isnt too many soulutions to the problem, we may just be spinng our wheels with elections–prophecy is never wrong.. maybe we should be happy that heaven aint to far away..

            yours in tax paying slavery

  • Dr. Harry Elwardt

    It baffles the human mind how our paid elected officials can spend literally billions of taxpayer’s dollars to bail out Greece and corrupt companies like AIG and Goldman Sachs, but we somehow do not have the money to solve the border problem once and for all. In the meantime, it is our once proud and great country that is bleeding at the jugular and it won’t be long before our American heritage will be nothing but a memory we pass from generation to generation in wonderful stories we will tell our grandchildren.

    I commend President Reagan and the good Govenor of Arizona for their courage to try to apply a tourniquet, but without the support of our paid elected officials, I am afraid it is too little too late and I fear nothing short of another Civil War will prod them to take action.

    • Ken

      Dr Harry
      It’s all about the vote and holding on to power. The Hispanic voting block is huge. Who do you think the illegals will vote for if they are granted amnesty?

    • Tom Childs

      Your prognosis is regrettably very likely correct. The only way to cleanse these Augean Stables (in Washington and the States’ capitals) is to jail and eliminate (one way or another) the criminals who suck the blood form the body politic.

    • Gary

      Actually the second American Civil War and the second American Revolution have already started simultaneously together at almost the same time. The Mexican American Anti-American and Anti-Constitution Treasonous Traitor named Los Angeles Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa and the entire Los Angeles City Council Criminal Mob have already fired the first shot of the Second American Civil War directly at the Law Abiding U.S. American Citizens who live and work in the great state of Arizona. The Political Usurper Presidential Imposter and Presidential Impersonator “Manchurian Candidate” Liar, Thief and Chief named Barack Hussein Insane Obama, Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid, Janet “Little Napoleon Complex” Napolitano, Diane Feinstein, Barbara Boxer, Eric Holder, Rahm Emanuel, David Axelrod, etc., etc., etc, and many other Anti-Constitution and Anti-Middle Class America Haters and Terrorists are the Conspiratorial Criminal Gang or Criminal Mob that have shredded and destroyed the U.S. Constitution and have stolen the U.S. Federal Government Of The People, For The People And By The People and have replaced it with a Third World Multi-Cultural Multi-Lingual Extreme Leftist Elitist Socialist, Marxist, Communist Banana “???Republic???” Government Of The Mexican Or Hispanic ILLEGAL ALIENS, By The Mexican Or Hispanic ILLEGAL ALIENS And For The Mexican Or Hispanic ILLEGAL ALIENS including all of the ILLEGAL ALIEN Propagated Offspring known as the ANCHOR BABY SURREPTITIOUS FRAUDULENT U.S. American COUNTERFIET PSEUDO-CITIZENS which is the first shot of the Second American Revolution that is being fired directly at the Honest Hard Working Law Abiding Loyal Patriotic Pro-Constitution U.S. American Citizen Middle Class Tax Payers with a little help or alot of help from brain dead and commatose moronic people such as John “Juan” Flip Flop Chameleon “ILLEGAL ALIEN LOVER” McCain. Most Middle Class U.S. American Citizen Tax Payers simply do not yet realize and do not yet know that both the Second American Civil War and the Second American Revolution have both already begun, but they will all soon realize it and know about it very very very soon, thanks to the Honorable Arizona State Governor Jan Brewer for her very brave, very courageous, very morally decent, totally justified, extremely vital and necessary and very intelligent no non-sense decision to sign the new and vital Arizona State Anti-Illegal Immigration Bill into Law which in reality is simply authorizing the offical and complete ENFORCEMENT of all current U.S. Federal Immigration Laws that the U.S. Federal Government has openly, publicly, offically, deliberately and intentionally refused to enforce against the will of “We The People” and against the Constitution Of The Constitutional Republic Of The United States Of America.

  • Joan Neel

    No one is fooled by what is happening with the illegals. Obama, Pelosi and Reed are stirring the pot with their “Race Card” garbage, in the hopes of getting enough people to believe that the illegals are being discriminated against …. the law says the Federal Govt. is supposed to protect our borders from invaders, but Obama wants millions more to be given amnesty (give them free housing, jobs, education and healthcare) at taxpayers expense when we don’t have enough jobs for our citizens and our healthcare system is going broke and our schools are overcrowded. The Liberals don’t care if the invaders bankrupt our nation, as long as they get their votes (which they will) and the Liberals can stay in power and RULE us indefinitely. Our rights, our property, and our “self rule” is in peril, we need to stand firm and not allow the Liberals to get away with this farce.

    • Ratuig Dog

      Joan; You are so right about everything you have stated, especially about the votes the liars,socialist,liberals(lsl=dems) so desparately need to stay in power!!! We have to protect the American way of life!!! Like the great Michael Savage says “borders, culture, language” There are so many people who come to this country from poor countries with no skills, they can’t read or write their own language, and let alone learn how to read and write a new language!! Alot of these people come to this country with an oppurtinistic mentality to get something for nothing, and don’t get me wrong I’m not saying all imigrants to this country are this way. But when you get a people with this type of mentality come here and they can’t get work they might revert to what they learned in their poor country whitch is to lie steal and cheat to survive, which is not what we need in this country!! Right now the American government has over 130,000 Hatians that they are trying to deport from our country and you can’t tell it’s because they are all good Hatians who are being done wrong by our government, they had to have done something wrong for the government to want to deport them!! I was born in Mexico and brought here by my American father!! And I say that the Latin Americans in this country have to realize that the lsl’s are only using the race card to their advantage!! Latin Americans need to side with the idea that we need to protect our country from the the dirt that is illegaly entering our country!! Not all Mexicans entering this country are the type of Mexicans we need in this country!!! I’d like to conclude with the fact that even thought I was born in Mexico and brought here by my father I do not in any way consider myself a Mexican-American I’m an American period!!!

  • ACL

    why is it other states think they have something to say about Arizona? If you are not a reside of that state, then mind your own business. If the idiots in Calif want to stop doing business with Arizona, then they must be ready to suffer further problems in their own state. I just can’t understand why these others think they have something to say about a state that is not their own. And now Boston? You gotta be kidding me!!! What Arizona is doing is right—get over it.

    • Right Wing

      Good point. Shortly after the bill passed pro sports organizations were some of the first to join the debate over the law and there is a growing trend to avoid sports events in Arizona. Go figure. I could care less what athletes have to say because they are generally over-payed to play. It reminds me of politicians anyway…they put on a big show and make a ton of public money for it.

      Here’s a thought…if the government wants to experiment with heavy taxation of the rich, try it on a limited set of wealthy individuals…lets say professional athletes. Apply the same out-of-balance taxation that imposes an increasing tax on those that make more…and redistribute to those that make less. Hmmm…what observations could be made that might suggest this is a bad idea? Do you think the better athletes would play as well knowing their income is leveled to subsidize the lesser-talented? Now add illegal immigrants to the mix who are happy to make a fraction of the top salaries. Get the (socialist) picture? I suggest that in this scenario the top athletes would become top activists against redistribution of wealth and against illegal immigrants. This also fits the corporatist argument and suggests that unchecked profits run amok will have to change. In other words we will all have to decide what is really important and be willing to pay for things in order from the top of the list down.

      • Barb

        AND guess what the biggest loud mouth on the Phoenix Suns Team is an undocumented illegal alien!!!!!!! They might even have a couple on their team! Go Los Suns! NOT

        • timr

          Good for the Phoenix Suns players…………

  • Jim H.

    I don’t understand why people say it’s an immigration bill, it’s an ILLEGAL immigration policy. Immigration is people coming through the front door, they are invited. Since Arizona had to take the bull by the horns and take care of the problem, we should give them and any other state who follows their lead all the support they need. Since the Feds won’t enforce their own laws, I guess it’s up to state and local governments to take care of themselves. Big bureaucrats don’t like self reliant people, but lack the ability to be decisive.

  • Right Wing

    Good article Chip…fully agree and support. I clean floors and do remodeling for a living. I speak spanish and have met and talked with many Mexicans. I never ask about their legal status because on the level of doing grunt work daily, I have a respect for someone willing to work hard for a living. I’m usually more interested in what kind of work they do but my respect for their work ethics does not imply that I support any illegal immigrant. My great grandparents on both sides were Scott and Irish immigrants through Ellis Island. They worked the railways and shoveled coal for the city boilers but they were legal citizens of the US. I completely fail to understand how any American could stand for the wave of illegal immigrants because my history is not unique. America is populated with legal immigrants who now contribute to the physical and social structure of the country.

    In your article you said, “All of these issues, and more, we can debate and decide later on. For now, there is only one thing that must be done. We must secure our borders.” Hard decisions require action first and dealing with the fallout later. To use an analogy that will make the leftys scream “violence”, consider shooting at a moving target. If you are paralyzed by the fact that the target is always shifting then all you do is study and try to determine if it will ever stop. If the nature of the target is to always move then you will never hit it unless you grit your teeth and try. Now consider that the target is moving around and moving away. You are faced with two paradigms: one is that you are paralyzed by the movement, the other is that you might never hit it because soon it will be out of your sites. If the shot will feed your family for a month I bet you try it. And so it is right now that we face a similar set of paradigms. The constantly changing face of America, and its migration away from the Constitutional intentions. Ready, aim, VOTE!

    • Cary

      Sir, I contend that if you are hiring without making sure that those people have the right to do “even the grunt work”, shame on you. Your Irish and Scots ancestors did “grunt work” and were paid small change. They STILL immigrated legally to do that work. Anyone who is hiring illegals are committing a crime. Just a thought. Many of the people hiring have the same attitude. That is why we have the problem of people illegally entering the country to do jobs that “no American Citizen” would do.

      • WarriorH

        I believe we already have the able body citizens available but they would rather collect from the trough.

      • Right Wing

        I don’t think you read very closely or my writing was not very clear? In either case…I will clarify. I have never asked for proof that anyone I’ve worked with is legal or not. I’ve not hired Latinos because I am guilty of stereotypical profiling (some will jab at me as a racist but I prefer to think of it as a lazy sole proprietor). Being a sole proprietor, I can only say that if I have hired illegal immigrants it was purely a deceitful act of the people I hired because I do ask. I firmly believe that the penalty for hiring illegals should fall squarely on the shoulders of the employers because employment defines the front line of the issue. So if I have been remiss then so be it, and from here forward commit to be diligent in my watch.

  • RickS

    Eric Holder displayed his incompetence as well as the incompetence of the entire Obama administration when he admitted under oath that he had not read the Arizona law, even though it is only ten pages. He further reiterated that his opinions were what he had read in news, read that liberal,reports. I don’t believe that BHO has read the law either, nor any of his myrmidons. I believe that we should demand his immediate resignation, for he is less competent than he was in the Clinton administration.

    • Jim H.

      Rick, He hasn’t had time to read the 10 pages because he hasn’t finished the 2000 pages of the health care bill yet.

  • T Childs

    Frankly, comparing O with any past president – even the Peanut man – is a travesty. No past president has so totally disrespected the Citizens, so utterly trashed the Constitution and so consistently lied about his background and lack of qualifications. The following antonymous statement says it ALL!

    “The danger to America is not Barack Obama but a citizenry capable of entrusting a man like him with the presidency. It will be easier to limit and undo the follies of an Obama presidency than to restore the necessary common sense and good judgment to an electorate willing to have such a man for their president.

    “The problem is much deeper and far more serious than Mr. Obama, who is a mere symptom of what ails us. Blaming the prince of fools should not blind anyone to the vast confederacy of fools that made him their prince. The Republic can survive a Barack Obama. It is less likely to survive a multitude of fools such as those who made him their president.”

    • marvin

      T Childs i can not agree with you more when you vote for any one because he is black green or white and not look at what they stand for is beyond being incompeten it borders on insanity to vote on race not ability as one black lady said on tv, after obama was elected think god we will never have to worry about paying are morgage or car payments agin, you be the judge with millions losing there homes cars jobs all there savings and about 20 million out of work

    • American Citizen

      It’s like they say, you can’t fix stupid.

    • Save America Susie

      I think things are about to change AWAY from the LEFT view here in America. If this blog is just the tip of the iceberg, we can turn this thing around in November 2010. It seems depressing now, but just wait for the REAL CHANGE. Maybe BO being elected in 2008 has just woken up all of us to what has been happening for a very long time in our country. If McCain had been elected, we might never have seen it.

      • timr

        that flip flopper McCain………Have you ever seen taht movie……………No country For Old Men………???

  • Doug Rowell

    I applaud the Arizona State government for taking a stand on this issue. In a time when politicians are pandering for votes by refusing to enforce existing laws, it’s refreshing to see the elected officials in Arizona take a stand and do something. But, seriously, what choice did they have?

    As the calls to boycott Arizona have grown, including boycotts of the Arizona Diamondbacks, I have sent Diamondback hats all around the country to friends and family. The American people need to voice their support, demonstrate their support, and make certain politicians in this country remember who they work for today!

    Stand up and be heard!

  • Cary

    I wanted to say a great, big THANK YOU to the Governor of Arizona and the straight-thinking people of that State. This has been needed by the USA since forever. I don’t say anything about those people who immigrated through the legal processes. They paid their dues, made their statement of Loyalty to the USA, they have sent their sons and daughters to serve in our Military, some to the last sacrifice of their lives. I do think that the people who are in the mobs that are intimidating the cities as they “march for their rights” should be arrested and charged with insurrection and inciting riots. Then deport them to the furtherest place in Menico, Honduras, Brazil, Guatamala, Chile that they can be sent. We must close our borders. THEN, and only then can we begin to develop a considered “immigration reform” process. I really do not believe that it will be needed if we just make the laws, as Arizona, and several other States have, enforce them rigorously, and prosecute the instigators of the “marches”, the employers who hire the illegals. We then would have the money to train our own kids and grandkids to be at the top of the education/technological scale again. Thanks, Arizona, for your “intestinal fortitude”. Thanks for your example!!!! God Bless you all. For the USA!

  • T Childs

    ANONYMOUS – sorry – can’t see the print well enough

    • Save America Susie

      T, Join the club! Reading glasses often isn’t enough for me. LOL

  • Jane

    I’m a single 63-year-old female, born in the USA as were my parents, grandparents and great grandparents. I do not understand why the threat of boycotts against AZ by the likes of CA conventioneers or IL basketball players does not get more reaction from the anti-immigration crowd. I HAVE NVER HIRED A MEXICAN, I DO NOT SHOP, EAT ATTEND MOVIES OR PUMP GAS ANYWHERE I SEE THEM EMPLOYED — AND WHEN I HEAR OF COMPANIES LIKE TYSON FOODS HIRING THEM BY THE HUNDREDS, I NO LONGER BUY TYSON PRODUCTS. WHILE WE STILL OUTNUMBER THEM, WHY NOT BOYCOTT THEM AND THE COMPANIES THAT EMPLOY THEM???

    • Jim H.

      Jane, I think that the basketball team not coming will not effect much of the Arizona economy. It will punish the girls on the team more. They raised funds to pay for the trip and trained hard at their sport, just to have the trip taken away from them. Boy they showed Arizona what for.( sarcasm) I think they will get more tourists this year from real Americans showing their support.

    • Barb

      Jane believe me it is getting a lot of attention from the citizens all across the country. The lamestream media is just not reporting it! That school and coach and even parents involved in that stupid decision is only hurting that team and I feel so bad for those girls. They worked so hard and most probably have never been in the Southwest. Now they don’t get to see one of the most beautiful states in the country, and that is a mistake their parents and school will never live down.

      • Jana


        Yes, I noticed that even the town of these teem players that are boycotting AZ, was objecting to just a few people taking it upon themselves to make such a big decision. So it has gotten some notice even from their own town.

  • Lee

    Yep. The Arizona Department of Tourism is all upset because they aren’t getting all the tourist dollars they think they deserve. These are the people who actually brought you 9/ll! THEY demanded the Agricultural Inspection Stations at the state lines be closed because the stations, even though they were actually trying to defend the state against bad things like the gypsy moth, fire ants, and some very bad plants, were hindering the state merchants in their quest to separate the tourists from their money. If the stations had been open, the little towelhead that sneaked into the state with his trunkload of boxcutters would have been noticed, reported and arrested by one of the State Troopers at the station.
    I just remembered something else that happened during Reagan’s second term. Remember the hoopla over the summer Olympics being held at L.A.? My son was a member of the Air Force’s tactical group on terrorism. After he got out, he told me there were four (4) groups of Middle Easterners who came into the country, sneaking about, and making themselves a nuisance in various areas: One was the Palo Verde Nuclear plant in Arizona, another was the big electric substation in Tempe, Arizona, and a couple of nuclear plants in California. Other strategic places were checked out as well. Three of the the groups were caught, the fourth was never found. Why?
    That was over twenty years ago, and my son is still wondering. For that matter, there were some Russian spies observed entering the country in 1947, they vanished into thin air, and then by 1951, we were being told our country’s founders were crooks, philanderers, thieves, and a few other things. We were also told there was bad things going on in our schools, therefore we would have to change the curricula, some political situations were created, and so on. The point is this: We were doing quite well in all areas. True, we were having trouble with Chambers, another creep (can’t remember his name), the Rosenbergs, and some little dweeb in England who gave the Russians the secret to the atomic bomb.
    After the above things happened, all hell broke loose! The world has never been the same!

  • Nic

    I don’t understand the problem it is all said in one word (Illegal) why don’t they enforce the law now.

  • Jwe3142

    It is amazing how the “Americans” have become such racists… Just because you insist on laws being upheld and the use of LEGAL IMMIGRATION … you are now branded as racists…I am surprised that even legal Mexican residents who are for legal immigration are alsoo branded racists… Shame on La Rza and tthe Hispanics who do not abide with the legal movement of Arizona, shame od the elected officials who do not have the backbone to uphold the laws and OUR CONSTITUTION. Time to make massive changes in our procedures of electing BOOBS who are in office strictly for themselves. I propose that the editors and Hispanics who are against the Laws of Arizona, sneak across the Mexican Border (going south ofcourse) and see how welcomed they would be as illegal invaders of Mexico. Time that the rest of America wakes up and tells the Politically Correct SOBs that name calling and trying to Brand us will no longer work…. Stop this stupidity that we keep shying from, stop this fear of being called a racist just because you support the laws and the enforcement of the laws… stop being POLITICALLY CORRECT and become a free thinking person that knows he or she is right and DAMN those who try to label you for being you and not a puppet on a string to be controlled by names or slander. LEGAL is LEGAL and ILLEGAL should be sent back to where ever that they came from…and by the way ANCHOR BABIES ARE NOT LEGAL…. their mothers broke the law and therefore do not have LEGAL RIGHTS ….send them back also…

    • RickyD

      be some American’s that are racist but the problem is America is made of of more than white people. there are people of all colors, races and creeds that fit the term RACIST. That’s not me. I am one that feels that if you want a safe haven for you and your family then work to make it happen within the laws of whatever nation you have chosen. If an American citizen goes to any foreign country they MUST have a Passport or work visa and they must be able to state WHY they are in that country. I’ve been to Mexico on business trips and I know that they require Identification, Passport or work visa or you are arrested and turned back to the U.S. What is so hard about doing the right thing my friends. It’s not that the U.S. or Arizona is racist. They are only trying to solve the issues at hand. If you think otherwise then you are part of the problem.

  • Lee

    Alger Hiss was the second little creep.
    Incidently, the towelheads are still sneaking around the Palo Verde plant and the Tempe substation.
    Makes one wonder what they’re up to.

  • Winston on Truth

    The unmitigating gall of a sworn public official, Governor Arnold Swartzenegger (CA) to put down the acts of Arizona governor in signing into law strict immigration controls on criminal illegal aliens is abominable. Apparently he’s either jealous that a femal governor did what he doesn’t have the balls to do, or that it reflects badly on his ability or inability to rectify the bankruptcy of CA because of the drain on State finances to support illegal aliens. To Arnold… please do go back to Austria because you do NOT represent what real naturalized immigrants do to protect this nation from the incursion of criminals… and live by the Rule of Law.

  • http://aol dnld

    Hats off to Arizona. They are doing what Washington should have done 10 years ago. States are going broke supporting non-taxpaying immigrants, both legal and illegal. Where else in the world can you sneak into a country illegally, then sign up for free food, medical and housing? Close the border until further notice!! Hooray for Arizona. One problem is that if Obama appoints another brainless feel-good judge to the Supreme court, they will rule that illegal immigration is OK.

  • Abisola

    I wholeheartedly support Arizona and fellow African American’s do too; but the race huslters like Reverend Jackson and Al Sharpton will have you believe that African American are with the illegals, false! If we lose this fight now, we’ve lost our country!
    We need to have laws
    1. that will fine those who employ illegals an outrageous amount as a deterrent;
    2. Allow Americans who lost their jobs to illegals to sue these employers;
    3. require all aspiring legal immigrants to learn and pass a rigorous test on the constitution of the United States IN ENGLISH;
    4. Pass the english test;
    5. eliminate the anchor baby provision in the constitution;

    I am ready for a little Conservative Community Organizing; where do I sign up.


  • BoPod

    We will not be able to secure our borders of effectivly fight terrorism until we rid ouselves of ths administration,ie regime. They vote on bills and criticize on things they haven t read. Lets get constitutionally minded reps back to congress.

  • Kay

    Sounds like America is finally becoming united against the non-American who sits in the White House. November is coming. Remember all the wrong things that this administration has done in the past year and get out there AND VOTE! Encourage your neighbors to VOTE. And for all those real Americans in Arizona…THANK YOU FOR HAVING A GOVERNOR WITH SOME BACKBONE! The other 49 states need to follow suit, get behind this Governor, and clean House in November–and clean the Senate as well…both federal and state house cleaning needed!

    • timr

      Non-american??……are you seeing this JC, and Katie8, and Jana and Robert………..AGAIN these people are making my point for me……………

      • I’m just sayin

        The only point I see you making clear to us is that you are a RACIST AGITATOR !!

  • Harold

    When racists, like most of our minorities and groups like LaRosa, start to act up and riot, lute, etc., then it is time to fight fire with fire. If they want to use violence, then it is time to pull out the National Guard and treat them like they want to treat normal producing Americans. Our taxes pay for our protection, abroad and at home. Most of the minorities and illegals, who don’t pay taxes, are the ones who usually start these riots in the streets of American cities. They must be met with a grater force than they use. Maybe that will send a message that we, producing Americans who are paying the bills, aren’t going to put with their nonsensical militant actions. They use intimidation tactics and think that everybody will back down. I hope that those days are soon to be over. If fire is fought with a larger fire, a strong message will be sent that normal producing, tax-paying Americans aren’t not going to put up with their barbaric tactics. The minorities and illegals always talk about how they are disrespected… there any wonder, when they act like animals.

    • timr

      Harold…I know who you are………YOU were one of the National Guardsman in Alabama in the 1960′s…..”hosing” down those Black animals……….Take your rhetoric to South Africa, because you make me SICK…………..

    • Jana

      Actually, who disrespects who? Does it not show a great disrespect for us, the LEGAL citizens of this country for someone to come into this country ILLegally and demand the same rights that we as LEGAL citizens have?
      Does it not show a great disrespect for them to come over and trash our lands?
      Does it not show a great disrespect for them to come over and steal from us?

    • timr

      And don’t forget, red-neck Harold here………..AGAIN, he’s proving my point……..D o all of the people on this Blog want to associate themselves with remarks like this???????????……..someone, come on, tell me……………….

  • gregory


  • Henry Ledbetter

    CHIP Thanks for the article and we really thank you Arizona for your stand. As I look at any future; our nation may have already gone to far backwards to be retreived but YOU IN ARIZONA GIVE THE REST OF US HOPE. THANKS AND MAY GOD”S BLESSING BE UPON ALL YOU DO. HENRY

  • George Sidoti

    The basic problems in Arizona is that it borders on Mexico. The people who would normally live and work in Mexico are fleeing Mexico. President Felipe Calderon is useless and should step down. Mexico is a failed state and the citizens of Mexico are not coming to the U.S. as much as they are fleeing Mexico and the rule of the drug cartels.

    It is not a matter of immigration. It is a matter of a useless leader in Felipe Calderon and the failed institutions within the nation of Mexico…Get lost, Calderon.

  • Doug Reiber

    Arizona has done the right thing the necessary thing. The Federal government and all of our elected officials are shameful, dishonest and need to be removed either through the election process or by force if necessary. The time has come to say as a country and by all legal citizens “no more”. We need to enforce the constitution and forcibly see that all elected officials do so. This political correct bent that has infected the media, elected officials, liberal’s, conservatives, and society in general is a cancer that is killing our way of life and is a harbinger for revolution and eventual violence. Very sad indeed.

  • del

    Obama is mocking the citizens of Arizona and other border states with his distasteful “so called” jokes. He has no clue what it’s like to live in a border state and to deal with the financial strain illegal immigrants put on the state economy. Send him down to live on the border for awhile without the protection of the secret service. Adios Obama!

  • Bill Bond

    Holder admits he has not read the law, yet continues with his negative statements.
    Where is Holder and the Justice Dept. when a teacher in Ca. calls for violence. Isn’t this Hate Speech or does Hate Speech only come from Chritian leaders and people who don’t agree with Obama.

  • marvin

    try goolgleing illegal immigration and read the federal law no were does is say the states do not have the right to enforce federal immigration law ,it saz the states can arrest and detain illegals and if you hide trassport or give refuge or knowingly hire an illegal it is a crime, but like holder who said on the congressnal hearing he has not read the 10 page arizona bill but it is a bad idea,or obama or nepolitano the law is misguided , have their head up la raza,s and the i s u ass so far they can not read the law or most likely do not want to be bothered with the what federal law really saz, as long as they can stur the pot of racism, and paint all white people as stuped uncareing famly breaker but i say, i would let anyone think me a racist then open my mouth like so many on the liberal left and conform it for fact, befor obama and the amnesty bunch open their mouth and inserting their foot you would think,sorry did i say think like pelosi said we got to pass the obamacare bill to see whats in it and these are the same brain dead people like pelosie that has her face tucked so tite her brain can not get oxyigen,all the liberal dems see is 20 million new voters, but us uneducated subjects to god and famly and guns that will not kiss ass for a few shickels of silver and allow this great country to be taken over by anyone, right or left rich or poor, this my country and if you can not, will not or think you can demand that we give you something that is not yours i would say to all illegals, pack up your kids and leave go back to were you came from,for it will not get any better,you can take your mexican flag and go demand your mexican goverment give you free food and health care, we are a nation of laws and we put criminals in jail and just by being here you are a criminal if you don,t like are law get the hell out of my country


    I agree with everything that has been written on this page. They have ruined the job market in OKLA. you have to compete with not only low wages but with cont who would hire a mexican alower wages than it takes to live. I agree with Arizonas new law. We passed a law here that charges 5.00 for out of country money orders, now the mexican govt wants to boycott anything made in okla. I say send em all back home and get rid of the illigal in dc. If it werent for the votes he would get on top of issue.

  • rolf nodal

    We can’t expect the current federal administration to do anything about the costly, and very dangerous for our culture and national way of life, invasion of foreign illegals, because the Kenyan-Indonesian Barry Soetoro, alias “Barack Obama”, is a foreign illegal “President” himself…..Wake up America!!!!

  • RickyD

    I live in Texas and our problems here are a mirror image of those of Arizona. For some reason The Austin City Council has suddenly expressed displeasure toward Arizona’s SB1070 and have issued an order to stop all business with Arizona. They have an old slogan that states Keep Austin Weird. So the slogan indeed fits well. The tax payers of Texas keep paying for politicians that fall far short of solving problems. The borders, the violence, the drugs, the human trafficing keep pouring into the court system and still Texas will not do the right thing. This is a sad day when states are against states for reasons that are so bizarre and obvious. No one seems to be able to come up with a reasonable and logical solution for anything these days. The U.S. presently has the perfect formula set in place for terrorist attacks and we still have almost open borders. What really surprizes me is that many of our American citizens don’t see that by letting this situation go on that it affects everyone in a big way. It shows me that they don’t want to listen to reason. They can’t follow the law and they have no common sense. Will it take another revolutionary war to wake the people up?

  • martin

    If we had a news media that wasn’t in bed with the liberals and the oboma regime. we would ‘t be where we are today. It is time to kick the thieves out of D.C.

    • timr

      Speaking of Thieves……..have we found the 9 billion $$$ we lost in Iraq, yet……..??

  • Jim

    Obie will not do anything that might send his illegal aunt packing. I support my brothers and sisters in AZ 100% Los Angeles can rot away, with their boycott. Most of the mess in America today has originated from that state anyway. They want to boycott, then we definately should not bail them out in any shape, form, or fashion. Tell them to go to Mexico and get help. Mexico, hundreds of years of the same old crap government exploiding their people and sending them here so that they can send money back to prop them up. How come the Tan Clan Raza doesn’t protest about their government and how bad things are in that place. All these years sitting there beside us and they learned nothing about how to govern or help their own.

  • Army Ranger

    Congrats to the governor of AZ for doing the right thing. It seems as though the only politicians with any gonads today are our women politicians i.e. AZ & former Alaska governor Sarah

    • angel-wanna-be

      Army Ranger, Yepper!__PMS and a Handgun!__lol

  • Dennis

    It’s hard to figure out who is more inept, Holder, Obama or the old Gov from Arizona….BIG SIS..Butch!!!
    Holder should be in prison for the murder of 80 at Waco Texas in April 1995 along with Janet Reno and Hillary Clinton.
    The economy is hung around Obamas neck and is dragging him down as I knew it would..He can run like a mamas boy and blame everyone else including Bush but its his economy.
    Would lobe to have the first picture of Obama face down in the driveway at the WHite House with his hands behind his back as he is handcuffed and on his way to federal prison…YES..Obama is going to prison…He just doesnt know it yet..
    Life in prison would be good…

    • timr

      David, you sound like David Koresch………Those people in Waco, were brainwashed just like the people in the Religious Right are……..

      Why didn’t we arrest George Bush for the killing of American soldiers in Iraq……..???

  • Noel Rutherford

    Immigration Reform in the United States of America

    It is here by ordered, The State Department of the United States of America shall notify every Country, on this planet, They have 30 (thirty) days to retrieve all citizens of their Country who are in our Country illegally.

    On the 31st (thirty-first) day, ALL illegal people in this Country will be considered hostile to the United States of America, hostile to the laws of the United States of America, and hostile to the citizens of the United States of America.

    Illegal people in the United States of America will not be tolerated by the Government of the United States of America, or the citizens of the United States of America. Any citizen of the United States of America who gives any aid or comfort, of any kind, to illegal people shall be considered hostile to the United States of America, hostile to the laws of the United States of America, and hostile to the citizens of the United States of America, and shall be subject to the same penalties as a person in this Country illegally.

    It shall be the responsibility of any person, who is suspected of being in this Country illegally, to provide undisputed proof of their citizenship, or proof of their privilege of being a guest in this Country.

    No law, or person, or Government body shall interfere with Law Enforcement personnel to enforce Proof of Citizenship for the United States of America.

    Those people who are in this Country illegally shall have no rights or benefits on the 31st (thirty-first) day after notification is given to their Country of citizenship. The only right or benefit an illegal person has prior to that date is; the right to board the ship or aircraft provided by the Home Country of the illegal person. The ship or aircraft shall be coordinated by the Home Country and the State Department of the United States of America. No person shall be allowed to exit the ship or aircraft from the Home Country.

    No person will be stopped by the United States of America from boarding said ship or aircraft from a Home Country unless they are suspected in murder, rape, or espionage. If such person is found innocent of said crimes they will be granted deportation.

    Those illegal people who do not take advantage of the opportunity to leave this Country within the stated time frame shall be incarcerated for no less than 25 (twenty-five) years. Persons incarcerated, as an illegal, shall do work that will cover the cost of their incarceration. Work shall include, but not limited to, mowing or trash collection, or sewer maintenance.

    At no time will a person in this Country illegally be granted full or temporary citizenship in this Country.

    No child, born in this Country, will be considered a citizen of this Country who is the child of a person in this Country illegally. If both parents are not legal citizens of this Country the child will not be considered a legal citizen of this Country.

    No person who marries a legal citizen of this Country will automatically be considered a legal citizen of this Country and will be considered as a person in this Country illegally.

    Any person who displays, in any form, loyalty to another Country, while in this Country shall be consider as a enemy of the United States of America, hostile to the United States of America, hostile to the laws of the United States of America, and hostile to the citizens of the United States of America.

    English is the official, and only, language of the United States of America.

    The United Nation building shall be closed and moved to any island, not within 300 miles of the United States of America.

    Any person in this Country illegally can not attend any school, primary, secondary, or Vocational in the United States of America. A school may locate outside of this Country, if the State Department has approved it.

    Tourist shall enter this Country at a known and established point of entry, and remain within 10 miles of the stated tourist attraction, for the duration of their visit. No visit shall exceed 21 (twenty one) days.

    Diplomatic immunity does not exist in this Country.

    No person shall be allowed in any law enforcement or military employment that is not a legal citizen of this Country.

    No person in this Country illegally, or is not a legal citizen of this Country, shall be permitted or allowed to demonstrate or protest in any public place in this Country.

    No person in this Country illegally, or is not a legal citizen of this Country, shall be permitted or allowed to own, have or possess a weapon, explosives material or firearm any place in this Country.

    No person in this Country illegally shall be allowed to leave this Country with anything exceeding the value of $100.00 (one hundred) American Dollars, including cash or clothing.

    Any person who has at anytime been in this Country illegally shall never be allowed to enter this Country under any circumstance.

    Any foreign national who has caused harm, contributed to the harm, or advocates harm to citizens of this Country, or any American interest of this Country shall never be allowed to enter this Country under any circumstance.

    The freedom and/or protection of American Citizens, and their rights, in this Country shall not ever be questioned based upon the price tag.

    The interest and well being of American citizens shall always come ahead of any foreign national or foreign nation.

    It shall be a crime, to call a natural born citizen of the United States of America an “immigrant”. Punishment shall be a $1,000.00 (one thousand) Dollars fine and 6 (six) months in jail. We are not immigrants. We are Americans.

  • foxmuldar

    Giving Amnesty to the Illegals in the country was perhaps the worst move he made while president. Like you said, the wall wasn’t built, no additional boarder guards were hired. Now looking forward to todays current mess. 12 to 15 million more Illegals in this country sucking the life blood out of our economy. Don’t believe the BS that the liberals preach. Illegals get free education, free healtcare, free welfare, and may other benefits that you and I tax payers are paying for. The lazy bastards won’t even learn the english language. Talk to most of europe, and they all speak english. Yet Mexico is on our boarder and they still can’t find time to learn to speak our language. Instead we have to put up with the bullshit dial 1 for english dial 2 for spanish. What crap. Its time for america to wake up. We ca no longer let the these law breakers continue to take our jobs and our tax dollars. Close the boarder, build the wall, punish employers who hire these deadbeat Illegals. The past weeks we have witnessed Illegals and Mexicans trashing our american flag. They don’t want to be americans, they want to turn america into another part of that Sink Hole De Mayo they came from. Damn Im pissed now.

  • Molly

    Good thing you guys are all Native Americans so you have the right to bitch and moan and “those other, different colored, different accented people.” Soon you will be outnumbered by younger, less bigoted voters, then your power to harm with your hate will be gone. Forever. Hallelujah.

    • Cary

      Molly, I am part American Indian. The other part is French and Scots. My family fought England in the War for American Independence. Many American Indian Allies fought with the Patriots. So all of your remarks about racial hatred, fairer voters, etc. are uncalled for. The thing that is being discussed is the unlawful entry into a Nation that has a “rule by law”. If you don’t understand that, my question is Why?

      • JeffH

        Cary, thank you for your clarification…It really is more obvious why some think he way they do as you questioned. I’ll allow the imagination to provide the answer.

        • Jan Marie

          I’m Lakota, French/English & Black. I teach American History, Constitutional Law and Government….subjects which few Americans know and fewer still understand and appreciate. I would say to many of the folks in this forum: Please read the US Constitution and THINK about what you are saying. If you profess a love for this country and it’s values, then educate yourself before you speak. As for those who are here without the appropriate documentation…YES,they should be deported. ALL of them. I live in San Francisco. We have tons of undocumented RUSSIAN, IRISH, BRITISH, GERMAN and PERSIAN immigrants. Many of them here on visas that have been expired for years. Many of them taking very well paying jobs from qualified Americans. Yet, NO ONE asks them for their papers, why do you think that is? My father was a decorated WWII Vet and a retired Policeman…I stood on line with him waiting to get a referral to see a doctor, we paid for his visit and medications. There were Russian immigrants there the same age as my father who got their appointment and medication free! For one who grew up during the cold war years, it was infuriating to know that my tax dollars are now financing the retirement benefits of people who’s government once said “we will bury you”. So, I ask you are brown skinned Mexicans the only illegals that you are concerned with, when there are clearly untold numbers of European illegals. Why do they get a free pass? I am consistent…NO UNDOCUMENTED FOLKS…enforce the law and enforce it without regard to racial preference, or admit that we are racially profiling people of color.

          • JeffH

            Jan Marie, you’re correct that the arguement is focused on the Mexican border, thustly the common thread would be illegals from Mexico, but I assure you that I, and I’m sure that most of the others in support of the Arizona bill, do include “all illegals” as criminals subject to the very same laws. I’m from N California and have also seen first hand the illegal ethnic diversity in this state.
            Thank you for making that point!

          • Al Sieber

            A friend of mine from England was deported because his passport ran out and he didn’t take care of it, tough for him. I went to visit him before he left and there were 20-Russians they were deporting also. why does it always have to be made a racial matter, when it’s a illegal one. he didn’t say they’re deporting me because I’m white, he knew he was breaking the immigration laws and knew what would happen.

      • JLC

        Cary — My father was Apache. My mother was Spanish — Not Mexican, but Spanish. There is a difference. Several years ago, American Rifleman magazine printed a feature article on the service of American Indians in WWII, in which it was stated that, if the general population had enlisted at the same rate as did American Indians, there would have been no need for the draft. They performed quite well. Perhaps the most notable example would be the Marine Corps’ Navajo Code Talkers but in all the services, Indians were respected. Americans of Mexican descent also “carried their end of the log” and, if there was any resentment toward them, I never saw it. Most of them that I know, don’t like wetbacks, either.

        • Jana

          In my opinion they performed better than quite well. My heart swelled with pride for them when I learned about these great men.

    • L.B.

      We welcome legal immigrants. Most Americans came from legal immigrants. It’s not about hating people with darker skin and accents, Molly. It’s about keeping ourselves and our families safe. Please think about the family of the Arizona rancher who was recently killed by someone who was here illegally. He shot the rancher in cold blood.

      • L.B.

        Molly, please read the following. Part of it was writting by Susan Krentz before her husband was killed by the illegal I referred to in my previous comment. I’m sure you must have some sympathy for her, as well as some sadness that she has lost her husband.

        “Their [illegals’] equipment such as cell phones, GPS units, night vision goggles and firearms are, in many cases, better than what the border patrol have or the local law enforcement agencies.” “Narrowing this story to the viewpoint of the ranchers, WE ARE IN GRAVE DANGER. WE FEAR FOR THE LIVES AND THE SAFETY OF OUR FAMILIES. THIS IS A WAR AND IT IS BOILING OVER INTO THE UNITED STATES. All we want as landowners is to live in peace, to be safe on our land and in our homes, to not live in fear and have the right that we can pursue the right of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. We wish no harm to anyone and just ask for one thing – to live free.”
        The Rob and Susan Krentz family paid the ultimate price for our country’s politically-motivated paralysis over this issue. Can you imagine living in fear of your life on a daily basis where you live? This may be good enough for third-world countries, but not for us in the United States of America! Tough-sounding commercials by those attempting to keep their seats in Congress won’t help this family either – or others in their situation all along the border states!

    • http://ArizonaSi,ObamaNo! Gary

      I live in San Diego, Ca. and have a lot of friends that are Hispanic and they are all against Illegals coming here Illegally and don’t feel that it is fair to them for Illegals to remain here.

      They have friends that are waiting on a list to come here Legally and they also had to pay for their Green Cards.

      Why should we reward someone who not only broke our Federal Law when coming here but also broke the Federal Law by not paying taxes, Al Capone was given 10 years for Income Tax Evasion but now we want to reward over 13 million for doing the same thing and much more.

    • kate8

      Please take you “hate” remarks elsewhere. I think I can speak for many of those posting here when I tell you that we are REALLY sick and tired of them.

      We are all aware that this is an Alinsky trigger word. It’s old, it’s lost it’s effect, and most of all, it’s a lie. Buzz off.

      • kate8

        Oops, sorry. That was for Molly.

    • Vicki

      Molly says:
      ” Soon you will be outnumbered by younger, less bigoted voters, then your power to harm with your hate will be gone. Forever. Hallelujah.”

      Would that be the younger less bigoted voters from La Raza? Hmmmmm…

      • Al Sieber

        Right on Vicki, sounds like La Raza to me. check out this new website : you can vote to secure the border, and help to stop the Ariz. boycott.

    • timr

      Amen, Molly…….it’s about time someone else calls out this racial hatred……this country is close to falling to the Red-necks, and White Americans are afraid of the Country getting “Darker”……….Bigotry is alive and well in this Country………..

      • libertytrain

        timr – based on your choice of words – you’re sounding pretty much like a racist bigot?

  • http://PersonalLibertyDigest Janice, Alabama native

    CAUTION! All true Americans are outraged about illegals and what they are doing to this country. But I urge you to stop and think about what BIG BROTHER will do in response to our continued protests.

    National ID cards! Yes, Big Brother is watching, just waiting for this protest to come to a head. Washington already has the ID Card bill hiding “in a back room” at the WH. When this ‘immigration reform’ is passed, it will be done “in the still of the night” just like obamacare.

    • kate8

      Janice, you are so right. This illegal immigration issue is a treasure trove of possibilities and certainties for the elites.

  • http://ArizonaSi,ObamaNo! Gary

    These are just some of the Immigration Laws Of Mexico, Why can’t we adopt these Laws for ourselves and then trouble maker’s like Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson and Danny Glover won’t be able to call us Racist’s.

    Immigration Double Standard, Arizona Illegals Law Weaker Than Mexico’s

    Under the Mexican law, illegal immigration is a felony, punishable by up to two years in prison. Immigrants who are deported and attempt to re-enter can be imprisoned for 10 years. Visa violators can be sentenced to six-year terms. Mexicans who help illegal immigrants are considered criminals.

    The law also says Mexico can deport foreigners who are deemed detrimental to “economic or national interests,” violate Mexican law, are not “physically or mentally healthy” or lack the “necessary funds for their sustenance” and for their dependents.

    I am 65 and had lived in San Diego, Ca. all my life and for the first time I am ashamed to admit it.

    • Save America Susie

      Gary, That is probably why the illegals come here, because we are such a “soft touch”. They don’t want to live under those Mexico rules. Yes, you are right. I wish more people would read that about Mexico’s laws.

  • L.B.

    From all the smirking and snide remarks by our elected politicians, you’d think that this border problem was a joke. It is not a joke. It is serious — just ask the family of the Arizona rancher who was killed. I’m sure they would say it is no laughing matter. Shame on the President and the Governor of California for making light of the situation with their thoughtless jokes. I’d like to invite Mr. Obama to come down to the Arizona border and take a walk sometime. He could even bring his family, but I know he would never do that because he knows it’s too dangerous down here. Why should the law-abiding citizens of Arizona have to live in danger? I have relatives who are ranchers in the Tucson sector, and they now have to carry guns to protect themselves. My family has been in Arizona for over 100 years, and it has never been this out of control. My grandparents would be rolling over in their graves if they knew.

  • Allan

    Here is your proof from Obama’s own mouth.
    I receieved an email that had a voice recording of
    Obama during his debate running for the senate.
    His opponent states, Obama why are you running for the senate,
    you are not a natural born citizen. Obama’s reply was; what is the problem its not as if I am running for President.
    Nuff said case closed.
    Woe to us. We are heading down a very slippery slope. Do away with all lobbyists. Get true ethics in Congress and only allow the Bastards to serve for one term. No reelections.No pensions for them, the same medical plan we get. And 20 year prison terms for all elected leaders for any violation of the public trust ( not including sexual excapades- Clintons off the hook). They must be held to a higher standard. third party ethics committee. I have seen the ethics committees be political and very unethical ie Rangel Geitner.Garelic
    Fanny and Freddie manangement.
    We have the crooks manipulators and tax cheats running the show. How can that be?

  • lighterknot

    Perhaps I’m wrong; trying to see the forest I miss a lot of trees. Am I wrong to assume that all pinnacles of power seek world dominion; that those who form the base of those pinnacles suffer the hell of change with out any kind of justice?

    Have not the powers on Wall Street, Corporate world Capitalism and the MIC and the federal government deliberately undermined the middle class work force in America by establishing NAFTA and other trade unions? Bush Senior, Clinton and GW have all been part of it while the conservatives and liberals were mud wrestling. Am I wrong to assume that under GW Bush this Oligarchy stopped dealing under the table got right up on top lifted its arms and declared victory?

    I don’t think any elected president can make a change no matter what platform he/she runs on, unless the nation is united behind him/her. I think hell might freeze over before yen and yang speak with one voice. They can’t seem to realize they’re in the same boat…The USA Ship of fools a Titanic dream sinking.

    • Jan Marie

      Well said brother, well said.

  • refuse2lose

    It has become crystal clear the intentions of our All-Knowing Messiah.He uses his community organizing skills to divide the entire country,increase racial tensions and spark revolution.This is very smart on his part,because when we are fighting each other we are not focusing on him and the illegal actions and policies he implements.Americans need to remember that if our country becomes permanently divided,and if God forbid we have anarchy in the streets then our government has won.They will crack down on us so much that we will not be allowed to leave our homes.

    Our answer for this lies in the Declaration Of Independence.It gives us the power to alter or abolish the Federal Government if it becomes too oppressive or ceases to provide the protections it was originally intended for.

    • timr

      Hey…refusetolose……To say that President Obama is raising racial tensions in this Country, is the most absurd thing I’ve EVER heard………..Him becoming President has brought alot of the racism in this Country to-the-surface………….I suppose you blame the lynching of Blacks, on the ones being lynched, because they fought for equal rights?????………..or you blame Hank Aaron in 1974 with the racial hatred directed upon him, because he wanted to be a great baseball player…………and be the Home Run King??……..Obama has never used his race a crutch or a means to raise tensions……….Don’t just read the History that was taught to us in school, growing up in the 60′s and 70′s………because they missed a whole lot……………..

  • Duston Rose, LTC USA (RET)

    Bravo for the People of Arizona! They had the courage to elect a governor and a legislature that acts in their interest. Failure to enforce the law, is failure to protect and defend the Constitution of the United States. Failure to uphold the Constitution by Federal officials is an impeachable offense and they must be held accountable. We all need to write, call, and visit our representatives at the Federal and state level and express our rage over this situation. When enough good citizens become angry and our voices become one loud roar, even Washington will hear us.

  • cheryl jessup

    I think we should finish the fence and top it off with three feet of electrical barb wire. I guarantee you reaching the top would not be enticing. Employers should be severly fined for hiring illegals. All employers should have their employees records should be checked every few months. All foreign should be cut off the Mexico till their Gov. take steps to stop the flow of illegals to this country.
    As far as Obama being an American citizen, I don’t believe it for a minute. Have you ever wondered why he won’t release his school records? Could it be he isn’t an Einstein and it would show he was over here on a student visa.

    • timr

      Another one……CherylJessup…..another Birther…………You people are showing your true racist colors…………there is no denying it………….

  • Allan

    Ps: Congrats to Arizona. I used to like Arnold certainly his movies.
    But he is a real dissapointment now. Pandering to the illegals, he has bankrupted his state and he would like to see that for the rest of the country. Maybe he is the Manchurian candidate.
    All of the states have to protect their sovernty! And more states should do it. How many trillions of dollars have we wasted on all of these programs, foreign aid, social programs for illegals.
    I know citizens with legitamate issues that have been denied claims.
    Listen I am Puerto Rican ( at least my mother was) but just be a foreign minority and you go right in.
    I am not against legal immigration. Every person coming into this country that is not a citizen has to have an electronic ankle bracelet put on so we know where they are at all times.
    The government in understating the number of illegals in the country.
    Now legal immigrants have always served a great place in our history.
    But our current system is broken. I would also restrict immigration from the middle east countries as they do not want to assimilate but want to impose sheria law on us. Forget that. That is the day we will take to the streets with the 200 million guns we have.
    Obama has exempted Muslims from the new medical law can you believe it. This man is a total disgrace. And McCain is such a hypocritem Az don’t believe his flip flopping lies.

    • Save America Susie

      What I don’t get was BO OK’d 4 billion dollars in foreign aid to Iran. This was early in his presidency. 4 billion to a country who had just threatened to blow Israel, our friend, off the map! Now Jewish people who voted for BO are waking up! They are really getting ticked off. I was reading about it this week in the news.

      • timr

        Put a stop=payment on our Billion$$$ checks to Israel, and maybe these people will leave us alone……….I’m SICK AND TIRED of fighting Israel’s battles for them………..We should get OUT of the Middle East NOW……….

        • Jana

          Hate hate hate, that’s all you know.

  • Nic

    We ask for the laws to be enforced and were racist. Well if it so bad here why don’t they really mess us up and go home.

  • http://ArizonaSi,ObamaNo! Gary

    Here is what Obama really stands for.


    • timr

      (comment removed for offensive content)

  • docleonard

    Yes to RickeyD it will take a revolutionary war to wake the people up, it seems to me that them who have big money believe this is their country,they never worked a day in their life,no sweat nothing but giving orders to the ones who lick their boots.Regarding Mexico you are right take away the freebees and such and most will go back the rest have to be pushed,law breakers will continue to break the law.the Spainards in mexico do not want to take care of their people,the mex’s who are here they are afraid of their country leaders for they would not stand for their people to rise up against them like they have done,they have no rights they are not Americans read the Constitution of the United States,it starts off like this, We, the people of the United States,in order to form a more perfect Union,establish justice,insure tranquility,provide for the common defense, promote the general welfare,and secure the blessings of liberty to ourselves and our posterity, do ordain and establish this Constitution for the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA.There will be a change if its war so be it for GOD is on the side of the Righteous.

    • JeffH

      docleonard…are you promoting an armed conflict with our governmet?
      There are enough leftists here that toss those accusations around here repeatedly. You’re either stupid or a liberal for openly calling for…that crap!
      Don’t even go there with that crap.

      • Claire

        JeffH–Thanks for the common sense.

        • vic 1985

          Jeff H & Clair:
          Evidently you 2 don’t feel that America, your country, is worth fighting for.
          Well maybe you should get your heads out of the sand and take a good long, hard look around.
          Your children and grandchildren are depending on you to keep America’s constitution alive and working.
          If you are not a part of the solution, you are part (no most) of the problem.
          Where do you see our country heading? Do you really think that all is okay, and if not, what do you feel is the correct action for the Americans to take?

          • JeffH

            vic 1985, stuff it where the sun don’t shine! I’ll cross those bridges when and if there are no other options, and no, I will not advocate and openly promote violence. I might be dumb, but I’m not that stupid!
            Don’t let your arse overload your mouth!

          • JeffH

            Gee vic 1985, if you think that is the only way to fight for my America announce it loud and clear. I’m quite sure those “G” men that monitor these websites would be more than happy to add your name to the DHS list of potential threats by extremists. I may be there myself but I’m not going to lobby for a spot on it.
            Be smart, don’t advertise!

          • Claire

            vic 1985–It is not necessary for me to reply to your nonsense, JeffH said it all for me and I agree with JeffH. There is a time and place for everything. Think about it.

      • Vic 1985

        You must think we are in some communist country where freedom of speech might get us in trouble if you don’t just stick your feelings “where the sun don’t shine”.
        I for one am a Veteran that served in the armed forces and I feel that MY country will allow my freedom of speech. That’s what this great country is all about, and yes I will fight for it again. Not to lose it, but to retain it as the greatest country in the world.
        Right now we have a Commander-in chief that really isn’t listening to what the majority of what “we the people” would like to see him do. We know that he is being a pupit, but even the string-pullers know that “We the People” will always have our constitutional rights protecting us and we greatly out-number them so that they know that they can only push (or pull)just so far before they find out that they have just opened up something that they dare not let out.
        Am I worried about your G men. Not in America. Not for one second.
        Be a true American, JEFFH and let freedom of speech reign out loud and clear and and don’t take the belief that “If you don’t believe the way I do, you either don’t have all your facts together or else you are just plain stupid”. Remember that we are all individuals and we all have our own opinions. That’s what makes our country such a wonderful place, and yes I will fight to keep it that way.
        This fourm is meant to give everyone the right to express their thoughts and feelings. If you don’t agree with them and you feel a reply is called for on your part, try to do it in a rebuttal that brings forth your thoughts and feelings without trying to belittle the persons feelings.
        That’s the true American Way.

    • Jan Marie

      Like so many, you read the words and neither understand them nor the context in which they were written. For example, the 1st Amendment. Among other things it allows for freedom of speech, association and forbids the establishment of religion. The 4th Amendment guarantees the security of your person and effects, secures you from unreasonable searches and seizures and requires due process of law. The 14th Amendment guarantees equal protection under the law. Lastly, at the time the Constitution was written, ONLY FREE,WHITE,MEN, WHO OWNED LAND were allowed to vote. Many of our “founding fathers”, where themselves slave [black,white & indian] owners. Fortunately, our nation has evolved and is still evolving. Like the rest of the planet, the face of humanity is increasingly that of a person of color. So what’s it going to be? I say enforce the law. I am motivated by rule of law. But I am also aware that laws are made by people. There were the segregation, “JIM CROW” and “SUNDOWNER” laws against Blacks less than fifty years ago. So, when I see us all talking about Brown skinned people as illegals coming across our border with Mexico, I wonder why we are not looking at the tons of White skinned undocumented people coming across our border with Canada. Cause to me the greater threat to national security is a dirty WMD in a backpack coming down through Canada by a “White” person, who will not be stopped or asked for papers. A person who is not a target by “Patriotic Cops”, because he looks like them.

      • Al Sieber

        I’ve been to Canada many times and always had to show I.D., and every one else had to also, what are you talking about? you seem obsessed with racism, why?

      • Save America Susie

        Jan Marie, I think we just only hear about the southern border more, Or maybe there is more poverty there & people may want to come across because of that. However, I would like to point out that history also shows that there were FREE BLACKS who also owned black slaves, there were also indentured servants, worked like slaves, who were WHITE. There have also been every color of skinned people who were at one time slaves throughout history–not just blacks. Example: the Hebrews under Egypt. White Irish were surfs on the estates, similar to slaves. I have had many friends who were black, and Mexican, and all colors for that matter. My own son-in-law is of Mexican descent but his family has lived here since the 1800′s, and consider themselves Americans. I love them. It is not about color.

        • Save America Susie

          Also–the AZ law reads they are not allowed to stop you just because they think you are Mexican & may be illegal. They must have another reason first.

  • Chas

    What did Hoover, Truman, and Eisenhower have in common?
    >Here is something that should be of great interest for you to pass around.
    >I didn’t know of this until it was pointed out to me.
    >Back during The Great Depression, President Herbert Hoover ordered the
    >deportation of ALL illegal aliens in order to make jobs available to >American
    >citizens that desperately needed work..
    >Harry Truman deported over two million Illegal’s after WWII to create jobs
    >for returning veterans.
    >And then again in 1954, President Dwight Eisenhower deported 13 million
    >Mexican Nationals! The program was called ‘Operation Wetback’. It was
    >done so WWII and Korean Veterans would have a better chance at jobs.
    >It took 2 Years, but they deported them!
    >Now….if they could deport the illegal’s back then – surely they could do >it today..
    >lf you have doubts about the veracity of this information, enter Operation
    >Wetback into your favorite search engine and confirm it for yourself. (I >did)
    >Reminder: Don’t forget to pay your taxes…
    >12 million Illegal Aliens are depending on you!

    • vic 1985

      The afore mentioned Presidents all had one important thing in common. Love for their country!!
      Need I say more??

  • Robert

    in 1935 hitler encouraged germans to settle in checkoslovikia. then a short time later they annexed them. what is to stop Mexico from annexing california, new mexico, and texas? We have wimps leading our country. We have no help from our leaders to prevent it from happing. Our leaders are more intrested in helping everyone in the world except its own people. This is stupidity at its worst. throw all the bums out on electioon day.

  • Bill T

    My dad told me a long time ago, “Son, if you ever want a job for life, get a job stamping out ignorance.” The actions of La Raza and other race-baiters fall in that category along with the President and US Attorney General of talking irresponsibly before they know what you are talking about. Sad!

    Maybe the remaining sane among us should be boycotting the misguided boycotters. We could start with the sanctuary cities that protect illegals – the People’s Republic of San Francisco, Los Angeles, etc.

    Majority Leader Reid says “If we truly want to fix our broken immigration system, and not just score political points, we need comprehensive immigration reform that is tough on lawbreakers, fair to taxpayers and practical to implement.”

    What is wrong with the most powerful legislator in Congress exerting his considerable power to see that the borders are secured and existing immigration laws are enforced? What is wrong with asking the Senator to quit removing the “E-verify” provision for bills passing through the Senate? If the status of people applying for government sponsored social services is verified, those non-citizens would be denied benefits. If they are denied benefits, maybe they would return to their home country – reducing the need to spend $200B he claims deportation would cost. What is it about that approach that is not tough, practical and fair to the American taxpaying citizen?

    It is high time that we find some representatives that are interested in protecting the American citizen taxpayer. We have too many in this Administration and Congress worried about the rights of Islamic terrorists, Illegal Aliens, and other assorted lawbreakers.

    • JeffH

      Bill T, very well said…as for Dirty Harry’s comment, which sound good, beware of the kitten with the Tiger’s fangs.

  • Lakewood, WA

    If Mexico walks over the southern US border without challenge or consequence, its entitled to think the SW US is theirs. Robert Frost wrote, Good Fences Make Good Neighbors, but more than a fence is required. Words that come to mind: trespass, rights, responsibilites, respect for person and property, detention, deportation, denial of citizenship to repeat violators, courtesy to visitors, territorial integrity, patriotism, nationalism. Where do we start?

    • Mick for thought

      Lakewood? Hi neighbor.

  • ctlinc27

    Not 1 illegal alien should be allowed to stay!! If I rob a bank I’m considered a felon, If 1 million people rob a bank do we get a free pass just because more than 1 person did it? The law is the law no matter how you try to justify it. If they have anchor babies they just have to take them home with them. And anyway according to a lot of people why would anyone want to live in the racist capital of the world.

    • kate8

      ctlinc27, Hey, silly! Only we American citizens have to obey all the laws, no matter how just or egregious they are. Illegal aliens get to do pretty much whatever they want. They seem to be above the law.

  • Marc Michael

    Sent the following to the media (AZ Star, LA Times, Seattle Times & The Wall Street Journal) as well as our two senators, Kyle & McCain and Representative Giffords:

    Subject: The Federal Immigration and Nationality Act & Arizona Law

    The last paragraph of Section 8 USC 1324 (a)(1)(A)(iv)(b)(iii) of The Federal Immigration and Nationality Act ( states:


    …State and local law enforcement officials have the general power to investigate and arrest violators of federal immigration statutes without prior INS knowledge or approval, as long as they are authorized to do so by state law. There is no extant federal limitation on this authority. The 1996 immigration control legislation passed by Congress was intended to encourage states and local agencies to participate in the process of enforcing federal immigration laws. Immigration officers and local law enforcement officers may detain an individual for a brief warrantless interrogation where circumstances create a reasonable suspicion that the individual is illegally present in the U.S. Specific facts constituting a reasonable suspicion include evasive, nervous, or erratic behavior; dress or speech indicating foreign citizenship; and presence in an area known to contain a concentration of illegal aliens. Hispanic appearance alone is not sufficient. Immigration officers and police must have a valid warrant or valid employer’s consent to enter workplaces or residences. Any vehicle used to transport or harbor illegal aliens, or used as a substantial part of an activity that encourages illegal aliens to come to or reside in the U.S. may be seized by an immigration officer and is subject to forfeiture. The forfeiture power covers any conveyances used within the U.S.”

    That’s pretty explicit. Why not do a serious article about the law, both federal and state? Reporting and editorializing the emotions of those caught with their finger in the jar, i.e., illegals, employers that hire illegals, poverty pimps like Al Sharpton and revolutionary organizations like the National Council of La Raza (NCLR) does not serve the general public interest.

    • Cowboy

      I believe that the biggest problem is that the politicians do not care about enforcing the law or laws that are already on the books. They only want to make more laws that can get them more money and/or reelected by buying new votes.

      • gregory

        cowboy you are correct, they are a culture of corruption with no morals, it looks more and more that a day is comming when these thugs will need alot of help to survive -they only know how to steel,they have no common sense and will be begging us for food and lifes essencials, they will have the deck stack’d against them, and at that point we can simply starve em out…

        no offense taken

    • Jan Marie

      Thank you. Why do we always seem to have a problem enforcing the laws we already and no problem or shortage of politicians, writing more/redundant laws? This law is amazingly direct and uncomplicated. Now lets get it going on both of our borders. While I find the tone of “operation wetback” extremely racist and repugnant…I think that in these tough economic times, we need to deport people who are here illegally. I think that if they were here illegally and had children here then the US Citizenship status of their children was illegally obtained and it should be voided. I live in California, our state has become increasingly insolvent. Our educational system has gone from the best in the nation to one of the worst. We provide English as a second language classes from K-12 and even at the community college level…why??? From California to Florida, there are communities where people NEVER have to learn or speak English. The cost of printing materials in Spanish, Tagolog, Vietnamese, Chinese, Russian and Farsi is just another part of what is bleeding us dry. Paying federal, state and municipal workers and teachers who speak these languages is part of that entrenchment. The only exception should be for first responders and law enforcement. I don’t want to see a national ID and I don’t want this problem to be used as a why of restricting the freedom of lawful citizens. It seems to me that we already have the laws to handle this situation. We do not need more and overreaching legislation…we need fair and un racially bias action. Undocumented immigrants who have come here illegally or stay here illegally after their visas have expired should be deported. If they had children here when they knew that they were here illegally then the status of those children as US Citizens should be voided. They can be deported with their parents and the family will be intact. These laws MUST be enforced across all racial and ethnic lines.

  • JeffH

    MAY 12, 2010 12:53PM
    Arizona again : La Raza = segregating curriculum?
    This morning Govenor Jan Brewer, signed a bill into law that prohibits classes that “advocate ethnic solidarity, that are designed primarily for students of a particular race or that promote resentment toward a certain ethnic group.”

    On it’s surface this sounds reasonable, however digging a little deeper there is a much bigger issue here.

    Back in in 2007 Dolores Huerta, an activist leader gave a speech at the request of the Department of Ethnic Studies at Tucson High. In her speech, she said “Republicans hate Latinos.”

    Arizona’s Republican Superintendent of Public Instruction, Tom Horne published a reaction titled “An Open Letter to the Citizens of Tucson. ”

    Allow me to highlight the relevant sentences from this document.

    It is fundamentally wrong to divide students up according to their racial group, and teach them separately.

    My Deputy, Margaret Garcia Dugan, who is Latina and Republican, came to refute the allegation made earlier to the student body, that “Republicans hate Latinos”. Her speech was non-partisan and professional, urging students to think for themselves, and avoid stereotypes. Yet, a small group of La Raza Studies students treated her rudely, and when the principal asked them to sit down and listen, they defiantly walked out. By contrast, teenage Republicans listened politely when Delores Huerta told the entire student body that “Republicans hate Latinos.”

    I believe the students did not learn this rudeness at home, but from their Raza teachers.

    In other words, books paid for by American taxpayers used in American public schools are gloating over the difficulty we are having in controlling the border. This page goes on to state: “…the Latinos are now realizing that the power to control Aztlan may once again be in their hands.”

    My understanding is pretty basic. Based on Horne’s letter alone I need to conclude the Tuscon Unified School District supports a curriculum that is:

    1. Exclusive to Latinos. La Raza is not taught to students other than Latino students.
    2. Taken to it’s logical extreme La Raza promotes the idea that Latinos are oppressed and should overthrow the government.

    This letter served as the foundation for the subsequent basis for the law that was signed today. Horne’s issue is why should the public pay for a racially segregated curriculum. On this topic I agree, and I find myself actually not hating Jan Brewer right now. At some level, segregating curriculum based on culture is as ridiculous to me as excluding white kids from meeting a black scientist. I commend schools that acknowledge their communities through focused local curriculum that address the issues related to their constituents, but this curriculum needs to be available to everyone.

    • Save America Susie

      Eye-Opening about AZ. I only knew about So. California’s issues. Thanks.

  • Robert

    sorry about spelling. it should be happining

  • angel-wanna-be

    Some one has to enforce this law, be it the Feds or Jan Brewer of Arizona. Someone’s going to have hurt feelings over this, some will be offended, and there will likely be violence over this crack down on illegal immigration, but it has to be enforced. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if ANY change, would be smooth and not cause hardship when implemented. That’s not realistic. All of us, when stopped by the police, are asked to show our ID, what in the hell is the difference here, thing only thing I can think of is, paper or plastic?

    • angel-wanna-be

      Sorry spelling>_ the only difference is paper and plastic

  • Harvey

    Let,s send them BACK to Mexico and Obama with them.
    I believe in helping people but, these people are trying to take over the U.S.A. witch I and numerous others fought to keep free now we are being told by our own Government to give away everything we have fought for.
    I believe that Obama is trying to use these people to vote for him and the ones he wants to keep in Washington.
    Time to stand up America and be counted, for all the men and women that gave their lives for this country.
    He does not even respect our flag.

  • Charlie

    The President has already broken the Consitution on the HC Bill and bartered to get votes even if 3/4 Am did not want it. He was golfing when terriorts attacked and did react keep playing so Why would any one expect that he Cares? This is not protecting the American people. When the American People Wake up, no smooth talking teleprompter reader can fool them! Obama woke up these Great American.

    I want To say Thank you Obama! We have only ONE GOD and WE love our Country. United WE Stand. The American people are the Government and he voted and hired you to protect and act on our behalf. You have failed us and taken down our economy. Instead of bailing out banks buying companies, AIG the Autos Co. You should have focused on the Source to thrive yes, we are the tax payers and this is Our US. WE do not need your greed and control and the Ausasity of your spending .. 54 trillion in debt and still rising!!!

    So, Lets Recap “2009″………what a year! WOW!!!
    1. The American people inaugurate a half-Arab president with a total of 142 days experience as a US Senator from the most politically corrupt state (city) in America whose governors have been ousted from office. The President’s first official act is to order the closeing of Gitmo and make sure terrorists civil rights are not violated. (Honest mistake?)

    2. The U.S. Congress rushes to confirm a black Attorney General, Eric Holder, whose law firm we later find out represents seventeen Gitmo Terrorists.. (An honest mistake?)

    3. The CIA Boss appointee, Leon Panetta, has absolutely no experience in the intel business, has a daughter Linda, we find out, who is a true radical anti-American activist and a supporter of all the Anti-Americanregimes in the western hemisphere. (There were socio-economic factors involved!)

    4. We got the second most corrupt American woman (Pelosi is #1) as Secretary of State; bought and paid for. (You can put lipstick on a pig, but it still stinks!)

    5. We got a Tax Cheat for Treasury Secretary who did not properly
    file his own taxes for 12 years. (He misspoke!)

    6. A Commerce Secretary nominee who withdrew due to corruption charges.
    (Another honest mistake???)

    7. A Tax cheat nominee for Chief Performance Officer who withdrew under charges. (Hmmm… Another screw-up?)

    8. A Labor Secretary nominee who withdrew under charges of unethical conduct. (Ok, maybe this person was just plain stupid.)

    9. A Secretary HHS nominee (Daschle) who withdrew under charges of cheating on his taxes. (I’m running out of excuses for these idiots!!)

    10. Multiple appointments of former lobbyists after an absolute campaign statement that no lobbyists would be appointed. (Dear God, I am getting a headache!)

    All this occurred just during the first three weeks … But who’s counting?

    America is being run by the modern-day Three Stooges; Barry, Nancy and Harry and they are still trying to define stimulus…”it’s spending!!!”

    The congress passes the $800,000,000,000 (that’s $800 billion) pork-loaded spending bill where the government gives you a smidgen of your tax dollars ($13 per week), making you feel so good about yourself [stimulated], that you want to run out to Wal-Mart and buy a new Chinese-made HDTV!

    Only with the Liberals…

    Pray for our country.
    Here’s the good news though – Obama took Air Force One to Denver to sign the stimulus package, wasting as much as 10,000 gallons of fuel OR 24 JOBS FOR ONE YEAR.

    Don’t you just love hypocrites?
    Obama went to the International Olympic Committee to have them choose Chicago for a host city, he failed.

    Obama went to Copenhagen to lecture them on global warming, he failed.

    Obama went to New Jersey to promote the Democratic candidate for governor, he failed,

    Obama went to Virginia to promote the Democratic candidate for governor, he failed.

    Obama went to Massachusetts to promote the Democratic candidate for senator, he failed.

    Speaking of praying, Obama has now been president for a full year and yet he & wife (first lady) Michelle, the Christian family they claim to be, have not attended church since the inauguration.

    Obama is the 1st president in history who did not attend any Christmas religious observance. He must miss Reverend Wright!

    And finally, he is the 1st president to remain on vacation after a terrorist attack. In these times ‘I’ll keep my God, my freedom, my gun and my money.
    The wives of the President (most had one or two servants- attendants) Mrs Obama has over 24 for her social engagements and in their term, she will cost the Tax payers 6 Million dollars.I was not not aware we voted her on the payrole I thought a husband and gentleman took care of his wife?

    I hear all over the country that If some one cannot do there job they are fired. I believe that we should demand his immediate resignation
    Construction not Destruction We can not afford this!
    Here is the letter:— “‘Book of Public Prayer: Man With Out a County”
    “For ourselves and our country, O gracious God, we thank Thee, that, not withstanding our manifold transgressions of Thy holy laws, Thou hast continued to us Thy marvellous kindness,’—and so to the end of that thanksgiving. Then he turned to the end of the same book, and I read the words more familiar to me: ‘Most heartily we beseech Thee with Thy favor to behold and bless Thy servant, the President of the United States, and all others in authority,’ May they wake up to the caring of the American people so we may be proud to be “The men with a country” And able to abide with the laws of the land and control our borders, Please stop the greed and the spending. We want our country back without increasing debit you are occurring, as leadership is killing us of our Freedom to Life, Liberty, and the pursuit of Happiness…. Thank you
    We all want to emerge from the economic recession? And thank you to freedom of speec from Liberty Digest.. And again praides to the AZ leadership to protect people

    • WarriorH


      It appears what you are saying is this guy could go down as one of the greatest presidents of all time because he awakened and helped to rally REAL law biding, tax paying, God fearing Americans before it was too late.

      Thanks Barry, see you in November.

    • timr

      Half Arab President??……..No racism here, people………How about it Jana………….???……….None whatsoever, huh??………..

      • I’m just sayin

        I don’t know if you’re suffering from mental illness, or just plain ignorance, but either way there is help available if you want it.


    do mexico like they would do us if we snuck into their country……shoot’em ! they get in america and multiply like
    cockroachs. they give you the finger. cant read our signs,
    cause accidents, illegal as hell!! oBUMa could care less about
    America. and needs to be impeached for treason. i suggest everyone
    to vote for teaparty endorsed candidates in november, then impeachment
    will come to pass.

    • Claire

      I would vote for a tea party candidate providing they are AGAINST amnesty.

  • Judi

    I live just over the DC border in Maryland, and the illegals are abundant here. I for one would NEVER boycott Arizona, and I beg that state to stick to its guns and hopefully the rest of the states will follow suit. Buying a toaster oven recently, I was again disgusted to see directions printed in English and Spanish. We need one brave corporation to refuse to acknowledge Spanish as a “second language” here in our country. All our ancestors were honored to come to this country, work hard and learn ENGLISH; why are government forms and directions for appliances, food products and just about everything printed in two languages?? Has there been any talk about a 60′s type march on Washington to protest the illegals? I know many who would love to participate in an action like that; it worked for Civil Rights in the 60s and our civil rights are in jeopardy, so why not??? I again salute Arizona and would never, ever boycott them; California should take a cue from Arizona and maybe they’d get out of the financial hole they’ve created for themselves!

  • Bob from Socal

    Shame on the Obama Administration for attacking the citizens of the great state of Arizona. They have a right to defend themselves from any kind of an invasion. Shame on any senator or congressman or woman that stands on the side of law breakers. It is their duty to protect the citizens of this country. Shame on any government institution (local, state, federal) that lets racist organizations such as La Raza infiltrate and influence any policy decision regarding the American people. Shame on Eric Holder, U.S. attorney general, for being so critical of the Arizona law, when he admitted yesterday that he had not even read it yet. Shame on the American people if we do nothing to stop the progression of corruption and evil that has come to this great land that God has given us. We the people of this great country need to keep a close eye on all that govern us. We need to get the word out to all we know. We need to state the dire condition that we are in, and to let everyone know that time is running out on our freedom. If we do not stand up now when will we. Get the vote out this November. Fight to repeal all this axis of evil (the Obama administration, the Democratic party) has accomplished now or in the future.

  • Leona

    I fully support AZ and their attempts to stop the illegal invasion in their state. My daughter was in Phoenix a few years ago on a business trip, and vowed she would never go back. She could hardly get a towel for her room, and even wait employees in restaurants did not speak English. Hopefully other states will quickly follow suit!

    I have actively worked for secure borders for many years, mostly thru groups such as AIC, NumberUSA, & FairUS, making phone calls, sending faxes, e-mails and letters; with the same negative results from those whom others elected, who believe they are royalty. So, it is my intent to donate time this year to aid in the defeat of incumbents. So important to know who you are voting for and their priorities. For years, too many – if they have bothered to vote at all – have just voted to re-elect the incumbent. We do have the right to impose term limits, and nearly anyone is going to be better than most career politicians! I agree that boycotting the states that are boycotting AZ is a good idea.

    Also, I noticed mention of LaRaza, but not of MALDEF, equally as caustic and demanding. There are at least 3 other groups who represent Mexican interests – interests being our relinquishing all of our worldly goods to them and providing them with free benefits, which many Americans are denied. Oh, and they would like the SW states “returned” to Mexico – I viewed a member of MALDEF make that statement on O’Reilly some time back. Of course, if more states don’t follow AZ, how long will it be before they are the majority in those states? As far as gov’t. motivation – poorly educated people, eager to receive all of the handouts – are easy to manipulate and control!

    May God have mercy on us!!

  • JeffH

    As Polls Show Overwhelming Support for Arizona’s Law, Nets Focus on ‘Uproar’ and ‘Spreading’ Boycotts

    The night after two major national polls confirmed overwhelming majorities support Arizona’s impending immigration enforcement statute (59 percent per Pew and 64 percent per NBC/WSJ), CBS and ABC promoted the cause of activists in the minority. Both devoted full stories to the “uproar” and “emotional civil war” over the law and moves by a few liberal local government bodies to enact boycotts, only getting late in their stories to those who like the law.

    The Thursday night stories were pegged to a boycott vote by the Democratic city council of Los Angeles, but CBS’s Bill Whitaker and ABC’s Barbara Pinto both also played a three-day old clip of California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger mocking Arizona and pointed to the cancellation of a trip to Arizona by a suburban Chicago high school’s girls basketball team – not to deride adults for using teens to grind a political axe, but to illustrate the supposed depth of opposition to Arizona’s law.

    I’d ask the question about moral accountability by these liberal leftist media heathens, but I also realize there are no morals involved in their lives anyway.

    The boycott of Arizona is spreading,” Katie Couric trumpeted

    • Save America Susie

      Yes, It is just unbelievable what they will stoop to in the Liberal Media. Katie Couric has no standards, I noticed, after she interviewed Sarah Palin in an unfair way, purposely trying to trip her up. Then gave softball questions to the Liberals that followed. Same with Barbara Walters. Barbara grilled the McCains like they were criminals on trial, and then was easy as pie with Obama, telling him she thought he was “sexy”. How inappropriate! How imbalanced in her interviewing. Her interview with the McCains was a travesty. I used to love Barbara, but I was truly shocked. It is no surprise then,when you say these things happened concerning the Boycott of AZ Law in the news recently. How can they live with themselves?

  • http://personellibertydigest Marcus

    To whom it may concern ,Mr. Wood is correct ,I live in southern Arizona and if what this nation is experiencing is not an Invasion ,I don`t know what else anyone would call it ,The spineless Liberal Weasels in Washington D.C. will do anything to shove illegal alien Amnesty down our throats in order to increase their voting base ,They know that come November the majority of them are done !! I know and speak to Border Patrol Agents every day ,Does anyone know that 40% of the OTM`s ( Other Then Mexican ) they are catching these days are Chinese ,They have caught members of Hezbollah ,Islamic Jihad ,Hamas ,Sneaking into this country less then 20 miles from where I live ,10 of the 12 worst wildfires in Arizona history have been started by illegal aliens in the mountains and desert ,But bleeding heart liberal environmentalist types say a fence would keep the lizards from Migrating ??? illegal aliens are raping ,Plundering ,Pillaging and Bankrupting this entire nation ,I believe it is a sad state of affairs that people of Hispanic decent that are here legally or where born here ,Don`t stand up and show some Integrity and Love for this country ,It is all about them !! Racism this ,And Civil Rights that ,My Daughter is half Hispanic and I sincerely hope she does not grow up to be so Blatently Ignorent ,As the rabble that is protesting our effort to enforce the laws that have been on the books for decades ,After all illegal is a crime ,Not a RACE !!

  • Chas

    Illegal immigration is destroying America; just look what he is doing to the White House,

    Think about it!

    • timr

      Here it is… again?????????…………….

      • Jana

        and does it make you happy? It sure seems to.

  • J.R. Hicks

    The bottom line is the uneducated and ultra rich in this country have elected a President not only unqualified for the job, but actually one that hates this country and is committed to its destruction by whatever means possible. He will do as much damage as he can in the time left to him. Hopefully, less than three years.

  • http://yahoo Arturo Mauricio

    After reading a few letters it is obvious that one more would just sound like an echo. Illegal aliens do eat up our resources and there is not place for them as long as they choose not to conform.

    Evernthough it hurts someo of them who have been here for a while, it’s the law that if they don’t belong, they should be deported. Maybe the present way of immigrating is way too complex and should be change. But, that’s the federal government responsibility. If they can’t handle, maybe more state like Arizona will have the guts to take action, now! arturo

  • vic 1985

    Why won’t our “representators” in Washington listen to their constituants? Why don’t they care about us and how we feel? It’s because:
    They really don’t have to or care to.
    Once they are elected to office, they are set for life.
    Their benefits are beyond belief and they can make more money from the lobbists in one term than the commen man can make in a life-time. All under the table and tax free.
    Until we stop all their bennys, and give them the same thing “we the people” have to live with, and limit their time in office to four years, things will not change.
    We complain, but we don’t do anything to improve the situation. Why?
    Because we might be called upon to help, and we just don’t have the time or the will power right now.
    Complaining doesn’t hurt us and it doesn’t cost us anything. True rebelling might be costly.
    We feel that it is okay to send our young men and women out to fight and die for our rights, but God help us if we have to get involved.
    Whenever our total taxes reached 30% of our income we used to have a revolution. Not any more. Tax the h-e-double-l out of us and we will take it lying down. No GUTS no GLORY.
    We have become a naton of followers and it will be our downfall.
    Until we take up our arms and defend ourselves from those who want to destroy us (and they are out there trying to do just that) we will never again be “One nation, under God. with liberty and justice for all”
    Oh, and one last thought. The two-party system is just NO good.

    • JeffH

      BEWARE of vic 1985…he’s rabidly promoting a call to arms…ignore this liberal plant and don’t bite the bait!

      • vic 1985

        Looks like I hit a sore spot, Jeff. Sorry about that. No I’m not a liberal. Just telling it like it is. History will show what has to be done if you want to remain a free and American nation.
        Like my daddy always said, “if it’s worth having, it’s worth fighting for.” and personally I think OUR country is worth having.
        Complacency is the devil’s advocate.
        I sure hope our American people haven’t become complacent.
        What do you think Jeff????

        • kate8

          vic, I hear your frustration. I didn’t get that you were advocating violence, but there has been hyperconditioning of the masses not to even allude to such notions or you’ll be branded as a “terrorist”.

          Taking up arms really makes no sense, as we are outgunned and out-tech’d by far. The government has weapons that will drop us in our tracks without firing a shot. That is not the way to go, except possibly in extreme self-defense, and then you would still lose.

          What I get from your posts is that you are angry and fed up like the rest of us. It seems that we have no recourse or remedy, and this is just what the PTB want us to feel. They want to incite revolution and chaos. That is a big part of what this immigration issue is about.

          • gregory

            KATE8 , the elections are key in nov 2010, and in 2012, cast out as much evil as possable during this time as to regain the moral hand, talk to 10 people who will talk to 10 people and so fourth, the voting pen is stronger than the sword..


          • Vic 1985

            I sure hope thah you dont think “our” boys would turn against us if worse came to worse.
            Who would use those powerful tools of defense against their own people?
            When the government ignores the people, it is the responsibility of the people to protect their rights. We must recognize that the federal government does not have the only say when it comes to our freedom.

          • kate8

            Vic, I know that most of our military are patriotic men and women who would not turn on Americans. There are both active and retired military in my family.

            However, some of those who follow these things are saying that, as far as their loyalties go, it would be about 50% Obama and 50% the Constitution. Don’t forget that we have many foreign born in our military, as well as many socialist-indoctrinated youth. And the promise of power and authority is very appealing, especially to youth.

            Also, because of this very reason of loyalty, Obama has brought over 100,000 UN troops onto US soil. They will have no problem firing on Americans.

            Thank goodness for Oathkeepers.

          • kate8

            No, they don’t. But they’re working really hard at it.

          • timr

            I just LOVE, this White anger………….

            The White Power structure is slipping, and the Confederates MUST rise up against it…………

        • JeffH

          Well vic, you did hit a sore spot…there are some things that are understood already without calling attention to them, ie “Until we take up our arms and defend ourselves”. I have zero problem with defending myself and my neighbors from tyranny. You want to draw attention to yourself, then have at it, just don’t drag the rest of the posters and Personal Liberty Digest down with you. Therin lies my problem.
          These conservative websites are monitored and, no I’m not paranoid, you can bet your ass on it, looking for idiots just like yourself that run their mouths just a wee bit much.
          If you have a problem with my thinking on that subject…then tough shitzky! We both want the same results, just a differant method of delivery.
          kate8, maybe you should read it over again “Until we take up our arms and defend ourselves”

          • JeffH

            Soory, I just got a little pissed off.

          • JeffH

            Sorry was meant for you kate8.

          • kate8

            JeffH, no need to apologize. I understand what you are saying, and you are, of course, right about that.

            I just get so angry that we have to be so careful about what we can and cannot say, for fear of reprisal. It’s like living in China or the old Soviet Union. (What am I saying. We are that now.)

            I have always had a tendency to be outspoken. I call ‘em as I see ‘em. Sometimes it’s gotten me into trouble, and I’ve thought many times about being on a list. But the more we capitulate to this imtimidation, the greater threat it becomes. We just have to weigh the value of standing up for what we believe against possibility of repercussions. That is a judgement we must make ourselves.

            The game seems to be rigged so that, no matter what we do, we somehow play into their hands.

            We definitely need help from Higher Up.

          • JeffH

            kate8, so right also. WE SHALL OVERCOME! I do believe in the strength and resolve of American patriots and in the end we will do what needs to be done to save our precious nation from evil.

            God bless America

          • Vic 1985

            When the government ignores the people, it is the responsibility of the people to protect their rights. We must recognize that the federal government does not have the only say when it comes to our freedom.

          • Vicki

            There are these 4 boxes that we can use to protect our freedoms. Thanks to the internet the first box (Soap box) is far more efficient then in the recent past. In the early days of this country the soap box was quite good as there were few of us and it was easy to stand on the box and speak our minds. There was also the press (for those who owned the presses). Now thanks to the internet most anyone can have freedom of the press cause it is so easy to own a (virtual) press.

            Let us keep using the soap box loud and often. In november (June for some local elections at least here in calif) let us make good use of the 2nd box. The Ballot box.

            We have much to do before we need even look at the 4th box. That box is best left closed for once opened it will be much like pandora’s box. Very messy. Never forget it is there but go out of our way to use the first 3 boxes to their best effect so the forth box need never be opened.

            Box 3 btw is the Jury box. I will presume you all know what is in the forth box.

  • http://yahoo Arturo Mauricio

    This conspiracy about some entity wanting to take back the territory that was lost be Mexico during the battle of the Alamo will not happen. Mexico should have put up a better fight to the last Mexican, if that really wanted the territory to stay in their control.

    The United States has become a very corrupted government just like Mexico, and we are loosing a lot of credibility with the world in being able to governed. However, Mexico could never take back Texas, New Mexico, Arizona, California and Nevada, but we will never cede the land without a very good fight.

    We are presently on a fight with illegal alients but the feds are doing nothing. Thanks to Arizona, something might happen now.

    • kate8

      Arturo, the plan is for a North American Union – I’m sure you must have heard of it. There is to be no borders, just one government. Mexico will dominate the southwestern states. That’s pretty apparent.

      BTW, Calderon is not pleased that it’s taking so long. Mexico loves it because the US will have to pay for Mexico’s upgrades.

      • timr

        If this isn’t absolute paranoia, I don’t know what is……………..
        This Country has gone MAD………

  • Dave

    Yesterday I stumbled across an on-line article by Susan Krentz, published January 2009 in the Range Magazine (WIFE line – Women Involved In Farm Economics – Volume 32, No. 1). Those of you who care about human life may remember her… the wife of murdered Arizona rancher, Rob Krentz, who, along with his dog, was found dead sometime after he called his family to say he had found an illegal alien at one of his watering holes and was assisting him. (March 28, 2010)
    In the article, Mrs. Krentz writes, “In this area [near Douglas, AZ] WE ARE IN THE MIDDLE OF AN INVASION…” “Now they [illegal aliens] are coming over the border in huge numbers…” “The damage to our ranch is estimated at $7 million and this includes damages to the water lines. The illegals break the water lines… draining millions of gallons of water on the ground…” “[The effect on our cattle]… cost us about $150,000. Needless to say, there is no bailout plan for us nor is there any kind of recognition that we are in personal, life threatening danger.” “We are seeing hugs groups of 20 to over 100 people from the same village or town. There are communities in Mexico that are totally vacant because all the people have been forced to leave.” Mrs. Krentz goes on to tell horror stories about American families being [“terrorized”] by illegals passing through their homes, demanding one thing or another. She goes on to say, “The border invasion changes with the administration change. IF THE IMPRESSION THAT THE FEDERAL LEADERS WILL BE WEAK THE BORDER INVASION INCREASES…” [Secretary Napolitano and President Obama - are you there? are you listening?] She adds, “Their [illegals’] equipment such as cell phones, GPS units, night vision goggles and firearms are, in many cases, better than what the border patrol have or the local law enforcement agencies.” “Narrowing this story to the viewpoint of the ranchers, WE ARE IN GRAVE DANGER. WE FEAR FOR THE LIVES AND THE SAFETY OF OUR FAMILIES. THIS IS A WAR AND IT IS BOILING OVER INTO THE UNITED STATES. All we want as landowners is to live in peace, to be safe on our land and in our homes, to not live in fear and have the right that we can pursue the right of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. We wish no harm to anyone and just ask for one thing – to live free.”
    The Rob and Susan Krentz family paid the ultimate price for our country’s politically-motivated paralysis over this issue. Can you imagine living in fear of your life on a daily basis where you live? This may be good enough for third-world countries, but not for us in the United States of America! Tough-sounding commercials by those attempting to keep their seats in Congress won’t help this family either – or others in their situation all along the border states!
    We don’t need “celebrity” involvement in Arizona, to stir up the “masses.” For what? What’s their solution? Rev. Al Sharptons, Linda Ronstadt, Shakira, Rep. Raul Grijalva (Dem-AZ, who “represents” some of those same border ranch families he was sworn in to protect!), who has been “vocalizing” that everyone should boycott Arizona, the truly thoughtless demonstrations, or Obama’s irresponsible remarks at a recent White House Correspondents Dinner “And we all know what happens in Arizona when you don’t have ID. Adios, amigos,” can not bring justice to the Krentz family and others who are being denied the protection our constitution pledges to give them! In fact, these demonstrations mock the very citizens who need our government’s leadership! Wake up America! It’s not about racial profiling… it’s about protecting each and every legitimate citizen of this great country – Hispanic, Red, Yellow, Brown, Black – and White! We need to link arms – all of us together – and demand an end to political ineptness concerning our borders and illegal aliens who cross indiscriminately. Most Hispanic U.S. citizens can’t possibly condone the kidnapping, raping, robbing, the human and drug smuggling – and the murder of their innocent fellow citizens – of all colors! We need to become ONE PEOPLE and stand up for each other. WE ARE, as Susan Krentz writes, “IN THE MIDDLE OF AN INVASION.” The Krentz family has pleaded for government assistance for years – to no avail. What are you willing to do about it?
    God bless the Krentz family, and other families like them – and God bless America!

    • WarriorH

      Every property owner in this country has to place himself/herself in the same situation regardless of where they live. Ask yourself, how would you react to trespassing continually on your property?

      • Claire

        I can tell you how I would react. I would get them the heck off my property, with a gun if I had to. I would not put up with these illegals for 5 seconds. Enough is enough. I cannot believe Texas, California and New Mexico are not supporting Jan Brewer on this. I heard this on the news. What the heck are they thinking?
        I said on another post that if Jan Brewer does not get the support of everyone around her, it will not work! And Obama and crew are fooling around trying to look “cool.” I have had enough of them too. I am really honked about this fiasco. What is so dang hard about getting rid of them? Oh, I know, they are afraid they’ll lose votes. If I was in charge, we would be moving them out right now.

        • kate8

          I’m with you, Claire. I’m sick of hearing “we can’t round up x-million illegals”. YES WE CAN. They can find a needle in a haystack in record time these days. They can deport everyone who is here illegally with no proble. They just lack the will.

          Remember awhile back a border rancher had held some trespassing illegals at gunpoint, and they filed suit against him for scaring them? This is what Americans are up against. If they actually shot any of them they’d get the book thrown at them.

          We need a thorough house-cleaning.

          • Claire

            kate8—I find the entire situation disgusting. I cannot believe this administration idly sits by and leaves it up to everyone else to deal with. Obama said Brewer’s law was “misguided.” He is leaving it up to the states to deal with the problem because he does not want to do anything about it! He wants the damn votes. He and all of congress have their hands “tied” because they owe so many groups that donated money to their campaigns. ACLU, SEIU, ACORN, all of them. Same way with the banks, Wall Street, the big corporations, insurance companies, etc. Heck, I think I could do a better job of cleaning up things but I would probably be killed the first week in office.
            Same situation with this damn oil spill. Just wait until all the dead whales, sharks, dolphins, manatees, and other marine life wash up on shore. It is a mess and yes, I do blame BP. If they don’t have the technology and maintain the proper equipment they have no business doing offshore drilling. Accidents do and will happen but by gosh, they should have been prepared.
            What about all the oil wells here in America that have been capped. Why in hell don’t they get those running? What is wrong with this government? They have China building the wind turbines. We could have used those jobs here in the U.S.
            Several people have posted the fact that we did sit idly by all these years and didn’t speak out. I know I did too. But no more. I just hope and pray it isn’t too late.

          • kate8

            Claire, this situation is an outrage. One of many outrageous situations. Our government is filled with a pack of low-life, treacherous, treasonous, self-important piles of worthless poundage. They are spineless and willing to sell out their country for…what? Money? Power? They care nothing about us. Nothing at all. Every word they speak, every move they make is carefully calculated…

            Sorry. I’m so disgusted. I don’t even know what else to say.

            God help us.

          • timr

            But we can’t find Osama Bin Laden……………….because we had a chance in Tora Bora, but we told the CIA NO……………….

  • http://googles R Stroman

    Love what Arizona has done and why not Texas andthe rest of the nation.

  • Char

    they come into this country to hav their kids and then they stay. deport all of them and change that law.

  • viktor leben

    Every comment is crazy ! We got to look at the facts !

    1) It’s TO LATE to solve illegal immigration .. the “invasion” is over and the Latino’s have won….
    a) California will never get rid of it’s illegal immigrants, and as California goes, so goes the nation !

    2) Arizona efforts to curb illegal immigration will fail BECAUSE it is a border state. Their will be no “Oklahoma” miracle …..
    a)All the border states need to curb illegal immigration if it is to be effective. Especially Texas, New Mexico and California… you need them all !

    3) Washington will not station troops on the border (they should have stationed troops – about 500,000 – on 9/12/2001 !). It’s to late now, the damage is done ….

    4) There are probably many terrorist sleeper cells ready to be activated in the USA … who slipped across the border over the past 9 years (since 9/11).
    a) They haven’t activated because of Presidents Bush foreign policy of going “crazy” and invading Arab countries (like Iraq) for any reason (fictitous or real). The only thing keeping them back is the threat of a disproportinate military response ! Thank You Prez Bush ! Because you invaded IRAQ those terrorist are afraid.

    5) WILL OBAMA REACT LIKE BUSH ? probably not…. Y’all better get yourselve armed ! Join the NRA.. Y’all going to need some good rifles !

  • David J. Sanchez

    Why are not any of the other states especially all those (4) that border Mexico stand up and do the same thing and show that we mean business as the Federal government won’t do its Constitutional job and protect the Citizens of this country. We need people with a solid spine to make a stand for this country before it is too late to save what we have left.

    • gregory

      well david, i think its verry clear the direction we are headed in, sad to say history always repeats itself, im sure there are many like minded tax payers that understand the constitution and have been prepairing for whats comming just down the road as any wise man would,folks have been prepairing since carter and before, be smart, use common sense, be a patriot when the time does eventually comes, stay out of organized hate groups, it aint about them -its all about you -your freedom-and your family and friends, maybe take some wilderness survival classes, no what edible plants are out there,remember—the progressives dont know how to survive -they just know how to steel, wich means they will have to beg us for food and lifes essentials, we can always just say NO,–AND ABOVE ALL TRUST IN JESUS AND BE BRAVE….JESUS WILL BE YOUR ROCK. evil always looses in the end, DARKNESS IS ONLY THE ABSENSE OF LIGHT!!!!

  • Dr. Mabuse

    We must secure our borders, both northern and southern. This is just plain common sense. I want to thank Dubya for his diligence in this regard during the 8 years of his regime. “Do you remember back in 1986, when Ronald Reagan proposed and Congress approved the Immigration Reform and Control Act? That legislation was supposed to solve the immigration crisis once and for all. It granted amnesty to 2.7 million “undocumented workers” then living in the United States. We were told this would set them on the path to becoming law-abiding, English-speaking, tax-paying citizens.” This is the most salient point Chip Wood makes, and 24 years later we see that this (was and still)is pure caca. Pay attention boys and girls… even though this mexican problem has exacerbated itself exponetially over the last several years, there’s some more fuel I want to throw on the fire…
    1. There are communities of Ashkenazi Russian Jews in California and New York who have manipulated the system to their advantage after they came here illegally. (I’m talking about vast sums of money here folks) They are just as insular as these Reconquista idiots.
    2. The State Dept. has flown in Somali(s) and set them up in the greater Minneapolis area, subsidizing their supposed assimilation.
    3. The Chinese have consistently flooded the US with its “undesirables”, the port of Long Beach being one of the main ingress points.
    I could go on, but you get the drift. The point being is that we’ve got to get all these “people” out of our country. (and while we’re at it, we can lose some of the trash too… both white and black).
    Make life so intolerable for them here, they’ll beg to get the hell out. The Constitution has been eviscerated anyway (Dubya and Cheney made sure of that) so lets all go down to Wal Mart and buy some Brown shirts and then clean house.

  • Rebecca Trousdale

    The truth is it is easier for the Majority of people to complain in chat rooms and blogs. We have been taught to be polite and to listen to others views. We just cannot imagine America changing. The people that come to America illegally have no investment in this country! They do not assimilate with this culture. We do not want immigrants to change who the are, but if you live here then this country must come first, there must be loyalty. Now we have groups like La Raza that are preaching about overthrowing our government and killing white people, this is happening in our country and our government turns a blind eye to then but then claims the Tea Party members are terrorist.La Raza is telling students that they are victims and we are oppressing them. They are able to quickly get numbers out to protest because in their own country they cannot! They have been taught that we stole this land from them. They conveniently forget that Texas won their independence and that Santa Anna sold the rest of the land because Mexico was broke. If we, Americans Democrats, Republicans or Independence do not put our difference aside and go back to our constitution and clean up Washington DC we will not have a America we recognize.I think every State should send Mexico a bill on what we have had to spend in tax payer dollars and hold the Mexican government accountable for taking care of their people at home and abroad , I think then Mexico would help secure the border ,instead on encouraging their citizens to come here illegally. Then we must make our government accountable for securing our borders , otherwise we do not have a chance. The only way Washington DC is going to listen is through large rallies , our vote and e-mails. We are not being heard! Look at Greece, look at South America, please look all over the world, the programs and take overs that this government is trying to force on us does not work. More countries are shifting to be more like America because they know that their governments are not able to keep paying for all entitlements. Also in Europe , citizens and governments are pushing back on their liberal immigration policies(Muslims) because they are changing the fabric of their countries and now the immigrants are empowered to push their agenda on the countries they live in. It is an invasion! Different countries, different cultures! We want people to come legally, people who want to be here because they believe in the American way of life and want the chance to succeed that they do not have under their government! If we do not quit being quiet, only griping on the web in our homes, and do not stand up and do not come together , we all will not have a choice, it will be gone for ever,like what has happened in most of the South American countries! We can all be miserable and poor together while people like Al Gore, Hollywood , our Government and Top Business men get richer and richer and become the Elite. Does it remind you of another country, like the U.S.S.R.. It was suppose to be for the people and ended up being worse than what they had before!

    • kate8

      Why isn’t DHS branding La Raza and similar groups as homeland terrorists, when they openly advocate overthrowing our government? Instead, they go after conservative grandmas and returning veterans, while giving lobbying rights to these illegal race gangs. What’s up with that?

      Something really smells here.

    • timr

      Rebecca, that is BULL, that Mexicans don’t assimilate……….The fact that we have a border Country, with such a corrupt and hopeless government, you can’t compare these desprate would-be immigrants to the european ones………..It’s a very difficult issue, but to say, they don’t assimilate, is just flat untrue……….I know ALOT of Mexicans, who have come over here, and YES, they keep their “culture” just like any group has, but they also assimilate as well……

  • maczmo

    I quote President Franklin Delano Roosevelt: “In politics, nothing happens by accident. If it happens, you can bet it was planned that way.”

    People, over the years, our government, both Democratic and Republican politicians, planned the immgration problem we faced today. And yet you still vote them back into office thinking you’ll get change from one or the other party. What we have is a bifactional, ruling coalition (two sides of the same coin). They’re both driving the country over the clift, just at different speeds.

    Wy not try another party?

    • Rick C

      There is a reason why two parties work best. If you have three parties with two parties that are similar, the ideological majority could lose elections when they might win if they found a common candidate and voted together. The ideology divide in this country is best represented by a two party system.

      Your efforts would be better spent by working with the party that’s closest to your ideology and trying to reform it to your ideals. That is what the Progressives did with the Democratic party.

      • Cindy

        Good point Rick. I am a Libertarian and I believe Ron Paul was the best man for the job for the last 20 years, but I know he can’t win on a 3rd party ticket so I voted for the next best, most conservative candidates (McCain/Palin) If the other 10 million Libertarians who voted for Ron Paul had done the same, Obama would NOT be in the white house now.

        • Vicki

          I see no reason to vote for the lessor of 2 evils. I tried that for 40 years and all I got for my trouble was …….Evil. Vote ideals not people. Vote for any candidate that (like Ron Paul) will stand up and support the Constitution. Vote for freedom and liberty. Vote Libertarian. Its the only way to be sure. (Till there is a better choice :)

          • Cindy

            Until we can get another 55 million people on board the Libertarian party to win a presidential election, a vote for a third party will always be a wasted vote for the liberals, or as in the ’08 election, a vote for Obama. I have stood by my ideals and supported the Libertarian party since the socialist Clinton regime, (both monetarily and with my vote) but I couldn’t in good conscience waste my vote again, because I did my research on obama and did not want him in the white house at any cost.

      • Save America Susie

        I agree Rick C. The only reason Clinton won was the third party candidate, Ross Perot, pulled votes away. Remember him? Clinton actually won by a very narrow margin. And contrary to what Liberals claim, BO did not have that big a margin of winning either.

  • Sandy in NY

    This is an outrage that anyone should think Arizona should not protect themselves! Don’t they realize all the states are at risk? Any proud Nationalized Mexican Citizen or any other Nationalized Citizen will not have a problem showing their ID, in fact its the law to carry it, just like our drivers license. If all the nay sayers had criminals prowling around and crossing their properties with ak47′s and other weapons, they would sing a different tune! To see anyone walking by our windows at night is frightening and people better wake up and stand up!

    • Vicki

      Actually there is no law requiring you to carry ID.

  • viktor leben

    I’ve got a solution !

    1) Elect Viktor Leben as President for life I’ll fix the problem ! Strong leadership ! Achtung ! Just jokeing. Actually I’m of German /Puerto Rican extraction …..

    Seriously, What the US should do is start a slow “MARCH” to Cape Froward and offer these countries membership into our Union……

    Their would be conditions, but we can offer them technological, industrial and agricultural assistance for them to develop. When the relationship is mutually beneficial, offer them statehood, like what we did with Texas ! Let Liberty reign from sea to shining sea and from the Alaska to the Cape Froward ! One nation ! AMERICA !

  • ed

    Lets be simple and basic.. America was created by People that Loved God… Wanted only to marry, have Children a Family… To work their Land notice… work… not getting your needs met by being lazy.. if you did have trouble like breaking your leg..ect. and could not feed your Wife and Children … your good fellow American would help you until you were strong again.. The Early Americans were strong beautiful People… They built a Great Nation… look at the worthless people that we have in this Country now…. look at the Prison system full of Blacks, spanish gangsters.. worthless people… the majority are blacks and spanish.. I am not racist… just do the right things in life.. no matter what color…

    • Claire

      ed—simple and basic, yes, but call it what it is. It is not being racist, it is the truth. If truth hurts, then so be it. A spade is a spade (pardon the pun, nothing intended). Folks– I have no compassion for the criminals in prison, they chose to be where they are. They chose the life of crime. It is their own fault. They were given a chance at life just like the rest of us–it is up to them to be decent human beings. They chose the path they took of their own free will.
      Illegals–I say deport all of them, now. And I live in Illinois, but I don’t have to put up with them like the people in Arizona, Texas, and California. I feel bad for the Americans in those states.
      I will actively campaign against any politician that wants amnesty. And there will be Dems as well as Repubs that will be for amnesty.
      For example, Sarah Palin is great but where does she stand on amnesty? Where does Boehner, Jundal, Cantor and the rest of the Repubs stand–are they for or against amnesty? Same with the Dems. All of us better think this over carefully when it comes to election time.

      • Claire

        dang it, I mean “Jindal”

      • JLC

        No need to apologize, Claire. The proper definition of a spade is, a short-handled shovel and I have absolutely no doubt that that is exactly what you meant. Have a nice day.

    • Dr. Mabuse

      Yes Ed you are simple, If there’s anybody worthless in here its definitely you. Since you’ve assumed the mantle of being an American history buff, I suggest you google Salem Poor and Peter Salem.

      • Cindy

        Dr. Mabuse;
        After reading your post @ 11:11, and now reading this one chastising Ed for no reason, me thinks someone has hijacked your name.

    • timr

      Jana, did you check out Ed, here……..he says he isn’t racist…………….Give me a Break……………ED, you are a flat out racist, and I’m calling you out……….YOU MAKE ME SICK

      • I’m just sayin

        And you timr are one sick puppy!

    • timr

      (OFFENSIVE WORDS REMOVED), you……Are you assuming tha Blacks were immigrants, just like us Europeans?……….Economics, is the reason why so many are in prison…….The FAKE Drug war…………..

  • http://personalliberty rob

    People…Try this on for size……When Obama grants “AMNESTY” to the illegals, he won’t be lying when he says “Illegals” will NOT be receiving FREE healthcare and benefits from our system. Be prepared…”AMNESTY” is right around the corner….I hope that we “LEGAL” citizens of the US are waking up fast enough…

  • J.R. Hicks

    The tail has wagged the dog for too long. These loud mouthed liberals should be told by the silent majority (who should quit being silent) to shut up and stop their comments at the word “illegal”. To talk about boycotting a State as it trys to re-establish the law its citizens demand by controlling ILLEGAL (that maens unlawful, for those liberals who can’t read or understand English) individuals entering this country borders on the grossest stupidity. If you are paying for an event you are attending (legal citizens), how many gate crashers do you want destroying your event? Oh, I forgot don’t worry about it, we would not want to hurt the gate crashers feelings while they suck up all the food and drink paid for by the attendees with a ticket.

  • ed

    Victor you are a perfect example of what I was talking about not to bright America was created for just smart people.. just follow the the system that Ameica was stated with.. your not smart enought to change it.. sorry..for you

    • viktor leben

      Touche, ed !

      I’m not for NAFTA or the superhighway …

      A more reasonable approach would be building a super hi-speed rail system between Alaska and Cape Froward. It’s purpose is to move FREIGHT(products, raw materials ) between our future states !


      NEW CITIES can (and will) be built, AMERICA ! LIBERTY FOR ALL ! Everyone eats, Everyone has the protection of the Constitution, EVERYONE ! Hopefully everyone will speak a reasonable dialect of American English !!!! The language will change somewhat, giving the Bible translators alot of work …..

      This would greatly

      The Accountants a

      • viktor leben

        (cont of my other post)
        This would greatly be appreciated by future generations. Lets not let the accountants at Goldman Sachs or some soft handed bankers decide our fate. A TRANSCONTINENTAL NORTH/SOUTH RAIL SYSTEM NOW !

  • Cindy

    Tell President Obama that YOU Support Arizona’s Enforcement Law! Send him a FREE fax at the link below. When you’ve done that you will also have the opportunity to send FREE faxes to your senators and reps regarding any of their plans for amnesty, on the next page. These are FREE faxes people, and they couldn’t be any easier to send. PLEASE do this today! We need to flood their offices, to wake them up, and show them that we are tired of them doing what “they want” instead of what “we want”. We ELECTED them and it’s time they started REPRESENTING US, and NOT THE ILLEGAL ALIENS! If you can’t think of anything to add to the fax they have scripted, here are a couple of important talking points you should add.

    *As far as some of our more anti-American states like Kaliforina attempting an economic boycott of Arizona? I/WE will actively boycott those anti-American states economically.

    *We the legal American citizens elected you, NOT the illegal aliens.

    This has the exact number of characters to fit in the p.s. space at the end of your fax —–> * I AM AGAINST ANY FORM OF AMNESTY THAT YOU ARE CONSIDERING GIVING ANY ILLEGAL ALIENS, and you may as well STOP calling them immigrants! YOU ARE NOT FOOLING ANYBODY! They are NOT IMMIGRANTS! They are ILLEGAL ALIENS & LAW BREAKERS. In addition I will actively campaign against you and any congressman who supports amnesty in any bill, no matter how carefully you word it to fool the American people!

  • ed

    we bought Texas from mexico… lets see what Texas would cost now…Maybe you can see that you Mexicans cant afford it… or would run it to the ground if you had it.. Would a Mexican pay another Mexican to mow his lawn? To be honest there are good Mexican people that only want a better Life.. become a American citizen loyal to this Great Nation and you are my fellow Brother …

  • viktor leben


    I would rather just have all hose BEAUTIFUL LATINA WOMEN given amnesty, we should just send the latino men home …..

    At least the beautiful Latina women will have babies …..

    The US American women abort there babies …..and most of them are ugly…..

    • viktor leben

      All THOSE Beautiful Latina Women would make Beautiful American wives ! Only the Irish women are as beautiful !!!

    • Right Wing

      You are a disturbed person. You disrespect the Latino and the Irish. Is your real last name Mengele?

      • viktor leben

        Actually what happen was my wife (who is of Irish descent) was looking over my shoulder while I was posting my comment……

        • Claire

          Viktor–I am an Ameircan first and foremost although I am German, Danish, Swedish and Irish. A lot of women have had abortions, regardless of nationality. I do not approve of abortion either and I don’t like being called ugly. It was not very nice to categorize American women as “ugly” whether your wife was looking over your shoulder or not.
          Besides, ugly is as ugly does. A person can be ugly as the dickens but have a heart of gold and a soul to match. It is not what is on the “outside”–it is what is on the “inside.”

          • Claire

            Whoops! “American”

          • viktor leben


            I apologize for my stereotypical exaggeration. I didn’t mean to be insensitive….

            Not many pro-life woman up here in the Northeast. Most of them either are 1) Had an abortion and are pro-choice or 2) had an abortion and are now suddenly pro-life or 3) Are pro-life but vote for a pro-choice candidate…..

            I apologize for being terse. I need to move …….

          • Claire

            Viktor–no problem, I don’t carry grudges. Have a good evening.

  • eddie47d

    Barb,11:32am, Anyone who says a decorated Vet is not a Veteran is a coward and yes that’s you. I’m a Vet and you came after me the other day with some lame name calling so I see your pattern.

    • gregory

      hey eddie thanx for fighting for our freedom and religion, its folks like you who made it possable for barb to put her missguided commie opinion, remember she will need us in the end, groceries dont grow in th store…

      • JeffH

        …apparently there are a few that believe groceries should be free!

        • Cindy

          …and apparently some ppl don’t know the definition of “commie”
          If Barb is gregorys idea of a commie, then I would venture to say that 99.9% of us on this blog are also commies. Must be a new word for American Patriots or something like that.

          • gregory

            cindy,i am verry passionate when it comes to our vets being that every member of my family has served and died , so im a little sensative when some one appears to give a vet a hard time, i may have missunderstood what barb was trying to mean, so if i offended you or barb im sorry and please forgive me because according to your response i must have been way off base..

          • gregory

            P.S CINDY
            I do understand what a commie is! we have a whitehouse full of them,
            time to clean house. on another note do you think our returning vets will support the current culture of corruption or will they fulfill there obligation to uphold the constitution??

          • Cindy

            No worries Gregory. I got to thinking later that maybe you hadn’t read all the posts between Barb, and the “liberal socialist”, and didn’t understand that it had nothing to do with the fact that he is a vet. We all respect our vets. I even respect him for his service to our country, just not for his political views.
            As for your question, I would hope our returning vets side with the American people and the Constitution, however there is a fine line for them to walk, because supporting the Constitution also means supporting the president and the country against all enemies, both foreign and domestic. Oliar has already called, the tea partiers, anybody to the right of center, all conservatives, and even returning vets “right wing terrorists” so who knows. It doesn’t take much for a commanding officer to get his troops all riled up, and ready to do anything they are told. I think it will come down to two things.
            *How much more Oliar and his socialist congress subvert the Constitution, and how much the returning vets are aware of it. *Secondly it will depend on whether the returning vets are well informed as to what has really been, and is going on, or whether they have been indoctrinated to the liberal progressive way of thinking “that all the conservative grandmas and grandpas, and middle America in general, are really right wing terrorists”, as per Napolatono, Holder, Bill & Hillary Clintoon, and Oliar.

          • kate8

            Cindy, if the military understand the oath the took, there is no fine line at all. To protect against all enemies, foreign and domestic, would include those in the WH, including the POTUS and all branches. Our founders understood this could happen.

            Their oath is to uphold the CONSTITUTION, not the POTUS Usurper in Chief. Our WH is filled with enemies, both foreign and domestic. I keep wondering when our military is going to do their job.

          • kate8

            What earthly good is our military if it is infiltrated at the top, and does not have whatever-it-takes to actually function and remove our enemies in office? It seems that they are hamstrung on this.

            Our founders had to have known that this would be the case, that it would not be a cut-and-dried situation. The military is trained to take orders, but what happens when those orders contradict our laws, or go against what is right? Or jeopardize our citizens?

            We must always remember Nazi Germany. Soldiers were just following orders.

          • kate8

            What is it going to take to give them the GO. It sure isn’t going to come from superiors who lick to boots of the Osurper.

            How far will this coup be allowed to go? What can possible trigger our military into action to protect us here at home? It seems to be a catch 22.

          • Cindy

            You’re right Kate. It is a catch 22, because the P.O.T.U.S. is also the commander in chief of the military. 99% of us on this blog believe there are questions about his U.S. citizenship, is not qualified to be prez (until he proves it), don’t recognize him as such, and don’t want to follow him, but what do our military think? It just depends on how much they are aware of.
            When they are overseas they are very disconnected from what is actually going on in this country. All they know is what they are told by their commanders, and the news they get from the lame stream media. The only truth they may get is in letters from home, and knowing obama as we do, I know he is censoring some of what is written in those. When my brother and I corresponded there would be sentences, or paragraphs “blacked out” or be an entire page missing sometimes (both directions, “sensitive information” lol) If they did it then, I’m sure obama and crew are doing it now, so they may not know how many times obama and congress have subverted the Constitution.

          • gregory

            HEY KATE8

            you are a verry wise person,

            and you know your subject.
            you have given me faith in that other folks understand the outside of circle way…

          • kate8

            Cindy – There are still plenty of our troops here in the USA!

            My point was, their oath of office is to the Constitution, not the Commander in Chief. If the POTUS violates our Constitution, which he has in many ways, then the duty of our men in uniform is to step in. How else would they be able to defend the homeland?

            Just the fact that there is so much hard evidence that he us a usurper, and has steadfastly refused to produce any documentation that would refute the evidence, places him in violation of our Constitutional requirement that he be a natural-born citizen of the USA, NOT AFRICA. And by his words and actions he demonstrates nothing but contempt for our Constitution, our people, and our Republic. He is on a fast-track to dismantle everything we’ve stood for.

            How much more do we need to warrent action, to step in and defend our people from the tyranny our founders spoke of, and to take whatever measures necessary to restore our Republic?

          • Cindy

            I have no “new” answers for your questions. All I can do is refer you back to my other posts above and those were just my humble opinions based on what I know and learned from before.

            This new question you pose that I have copied from your post and pasted below is a bit confusing because you have substituted the word “we” when I thought you and I were discussing “they” (the military).
            If the “we” you are asking about is the American citizens, then I have no clue what they would do or when or what it would take.
            If you are still referring to our military and military leaders, then I would say it would take a strong leader either a military (general) or a really strong political leader to stage a coup, and I also have no idea what, or when, or how bad obama would have to screw us or this country, before someone would step in.
            If you look at political coups that have taken place in other countries in recent times, they have always been led by a high ranking general or a strong political leader, such as an ex-president who took control of the military before ousting the president. Sometimes it takes both because the politico needs the general to lead the military.
            I would assume that it would have to happen the same way here. Do you remember the phrase “winning the hearts and minds” from the Iraq war, when our soldiers were trying to win over the Iraqi citizens? Whoever wants to lead a “successful” coup needs to have the “hearts and minds of his legions”, whether they be military or ordinary citizens.

            Kate says: How much more do we need to warrent action, to step in and defend our people from the tyranny our founders spoke of, and to take whatever measures necessary to restore our Republic?

          • timr

            Kate8, you have a problem, little girl…….Stop spewing your rhetoric, YOU don’t own this Country……….and if you’re still bitter because we elected Obama, and NOT that old Man who can’t decide WHICH side of issues he’s on………then go cry in your white sheet, or your confederate Flag, because you are insulting

          • Cindy

            Thanks for the typical liberal socialist response timr. It’s nice to see you reinforcing our belief that everyone on the liberal socialist left side is ignorant!

      • Barb

        Just because I called Mick a liar whether he’s a Vet or not is my right especially when I provide the proof! If he is a vet he is still lying and that does not make me a commie because I go up against him. I won’t even bother with the likes of you! And just so you don’t worry, we grow the food that’s in your stores. So don’t worry about us worry about you!

        • gregory

          barb, my mistake, i must have had you confused with some one else, no distrespect meant, read my reply to cindy. i dont think your a commie,please forgive me, the real commies are in d.c…


        • Mick for thought

          Barb. I work 12 hour shifts every Monday, Wednesday and every other Friday. I work 8 hours every other Saturday and Sunday. My work is mostly in front of a computer and when I get a free moment I check in on this site. Yes a Vet 20 years of soldiering from September 77 through October 97. One last time I am not a liar. You get upset when people oppose your ranting and raving and all I have done is ask you to back up your opinion with some facts or a link to your research.

          • Mick for thought

            PS My Bronze Star was awarded during the first Persian gulf war when I served with 2/502 Infantry, 101st Airborne Division. You can keep calling me a liar. It will not make it true. Yes I chide some people here. As my moniker implies I am just trying to stimulate thinking instead of just ranting. When something sounds like pure imagination or motivated by something other than fact I try to point it out and or get the link to check it out myself. And yes it is quiet here at work for the moment. We close in 65 minutes.

    • Barb

      eddie47d Mick lied flat out and chided several bloggers here while he lied. Therefore why should I believe he is a vet much less a decorated one! Anyone can say anything here. Most decorated Vets I know don’t brag about it, they don’t even talk to their loved ones about it much! I am very much a military and vet lover as most of the men in my life are veterans. Just because someone on here says he is something does not make it so. And just because you are a vet you still think Obama is the greatest and he is not. You say some pretty low things to people too , I just have the nerve to call you on it. If you want to hide behind the fact that you are a veteran go for it but as far as I’m concerned you are just another progressive liberal messiah worshiper!

      • JeffH

        Barb, I’m with ya…don’t let them get to you. Afterall, isn’t that their point of aim?

        • Barb

          JeffH Thanks, It just ticks me off that these libs are trying to use the Vets as an issue. I’ve always been for the military and veterans even and especially during the Viet Nam War. Thanks again for your support!

          • JeffH

            Barb, eddie47d has set his sights on you, just ignore him and he’ll go away.

        • Mick for thought

          Why do I get labeled liberal when I disagree with Barb. All I said about this article was concern for vigilantes and Mexican Americans get hurt and suddenly Barb is calling me a liar tries to push me in the liberal box.

          • DaveH

            I have seen few of your comments that don’t lean hard to the left. So, I would say “Liberal” is a reasonable label for you. I think most people agree that the political definition of a Liberal is somebody who favors Big Government. So that includes many Republicans.

      • Mick for thought


        PS My Bronze Star was awarded during the first Persian gulf war when I served with 2/502 Infantry, 101st Airborne Division. You can keep calling me a liar. It will not make it true. Yes I chide some people here. As my moniker implies I am just trying to stimulate thinking instead of just ranting. When something sounds like pure imagination or motivated by something other than fact I try to point it out and or get the link to check it out myself. And yes it is quiet here at work for the moment. We close in 65 minutes.

      • Mick for thought

        PPS Why should I not proudly talk about my military career or serving proudly? Why would I be quiet about receiving a medal for doing something requiring bravery?

        • DaveH

          Just kidding. I agree with you on that, Mick. You earned it and you should be able to freely talk about it.

  • http://yahoo MARK

    I agree with Chip on all but one point. He contradicted himself by saying in the paragraph about letting us decide what to do with the “illegals” already here. They have not been law abiding and they are not paying their fair share.They came here “ILLEGALLY”, period.You have got to be kidding to think that we should be nice to them. You are basically saying “amnesty”, because you think that they have been “law abiding”,those are your words. Those terms contradict each other. I like what Joe Piscapo said. Send them ALL back. No more work or student visas untill we are all employed, and able to help them. Unless you are an American Indian, you come from immigrant ancestors. Chances are they did it the legal way and were proud for the opportunity to become Americans, learn about our heritage and history, learn English and be a part of our society, not a burden, taking advantage of every program they can,destroying the backbone of our country. If you look at the current and recent leadership of our country and research their “ties” you will find out they are all about ONE WORLD GOV’T. Especially the current. B.O. hates America and our values. He recently was quoted as saying that “we are not a christian nation”. Also that “we will never be at war with Islam”. W.T.H. Someone like Jerome Corsi needs to do research and a book on B.O.’s family tree. His history needs to be front page, along with his so called birth certificate. It has never surfaced, so he still has not qualified to run for Executive office. Why is no one in D.C. doing anything about that. Probably for the same reason that our borders are unsecure,opium from Afganistan is freely flowing to the U.S.(fighting terrorist or protesting the current totally corrupt government , with major drug ties), and we are being forced to buy a health care product, against our will, from uncle sam. The patriot act is being used to unconstitutionally violate our rights,thanks GWB,and our manufacturing jobs are never coming back thank you NAFTA and CAFTA.So don’t think your elected officials or gov’t gives a flip about you or your constitutional rights. Remember there are illegals from the middle east and asia crossing our borders from the north and south also. Envoke the 10th Ammendment. ELECTIONS HAVE CONSEQUENCES.! AMNESTY MY ASS. How about TREASON charges!

    • Right Wing

      Black or white eh Mark? I suggest that you consider an ounce of diplomacy. The point was made that consideration be given for illegals that have been law abiding and tax paying. I agree. Put them in the front of the line to become US citizens via legal means. You can’t expect me who recently sharpened sticks to spear fish to be as aware of world politics as you are. Jail people like this, or send them home? The reasons people immigrate illegally are not as cut and dry as you think on first glance but more importantly there is a huge difference between coming to America via airplane or boat and walking here.

    • Right Wing

      Sorry typo… I meant to say, “You can’t expect men…”. Makes a big difference since I haven’t sharpened a stick to spear fish since I was a boy!

  • http://yahoo MARK


    • viktor leben

      Touche Mark !

  • viktor leben

    Ladies and Gentlemen,

    Build a transcontinental railway from Alaska to Port Froward. Bring the economic promise of America to our cousins south of the border. You don’t need a political solution ! You just need a Herculean resolve to get this done, this is an individual economic solution.

    The USA will benefit, our factories will reopen. That’s all you need…. OR DO YOU WANT THE CHINESE TO TAKE ECONOMIC CONTROL OF YOUR NEIGHBORS SOUTH OF THE BORDER ?

    I’m not advocating some one-world apostasy, some Nimrodic Tower of Babel scenario ! American ingenuity and God’s grace, that’s what made us a great nation ! Leave Babel at Shinar to the Europeans …..get out of Iraq!

    Build the railroad .. to Port Froward …

    • viktor leben


      I mean Cape Froward .. not port froward… at the southernmost tip of South America… my apologies …

      • Right Wing

        No apology needed, your rant was marginalized to the fringes of sanity anyway. I only hope for the sake of rational minds here that you have a very expansive sense of humor?

        • viktor leben

          Why YES ! I do have a good sense of humor ! I hope my postings supplied some type of reaction, even if if it’s a chuckle !

          I try to present a “third way” or another solution of sorts. I’ve grown use to be often wrong…. when I am right I mark my calendar.. that is a rare event !! HA HA !

        • Right Wing

          Well a little pepper in the soup never hurt anybody…even if it is cayenne! I was a bit taken by your comments but realize it is very easy to misinterpret text with no context. Take care.

  • http://GOGGLE vaksal


    • gregory


  • wayne bauer

    Mostly great comments showing a lot of people understand arizona’s plight. Many have learned enough to understand and quote legislation properly, many missed part it also puts law enforcement on employers hiring illegals that is a large part of problem. We still need border security, to watch goveernment officials supporting drug cartels is pretty disqusting. Ideally napolitano and holder would be replaced, we all know odumbo needs replaced. It’s time to insist on national security and it won’t happen without federal action. For those supporting arizona please take action call e-mail your state legislators and get them behing illegal alien legislation, call your federal representatives and let them know NO AMMNESTY, Enforce BORDER SECURITY. Please we need action

  • http://PersonLibertyDigest Dee

    This d**n government does not know the meaning of illegal. In 1986, they said no more amnesty, but you can’t believe a word they say.
    These illegal immigrants (if amnesty is granted) will be the death knell of this country. They take advantage of our social services, we have to educate their kids, they get drunk and kill our citizens, but what does this d**n government care. These illegal immigrants should have no civil rights. They have not earned that privilege.
    Everyone should call the Governor of Arizona and thank her for her courage to do something that this d**m government won’t do.

  • GjS

    The liberals in congress are only following the leaders before them back in 1963 with “Johnson’s Great Society” passing the comment was made by the president “with the passing of this bill we will have the black vote locked up for the next 50 years.” (Check out CBS news reports.) And for the most part that has been true. Now they just want to destroy the country.
    Before you think this is just some nut case mouthing off, think of what has and is happening to out nation in the last year and a half.
    Obama is just the talking head and a pretty good one as long as he has a teleprompter. Listen to him one on one trying to answer a question that was not scripted and you get a clearer picture of the man. He is a puppet for the far left liberals bent on destroying this country. Once all the illegal immigrants are made legal and most of the social programs that they are sucking dry and are none existing the true nature of there purpose will be made clear. DICATORSHIP ONE WORLD GOVERNMENT
    Think this can not happen look at what happened thru out history. Why are unions for the most part getting free passes with all the problems going on? All you have to do is look at Greece and the problems that they are having because of the unions over bearing burden that they have put on the country financial problems. ( These are government employees.)
    Get the people dependent on the government and then stop the aid. What you have is left is kayos.
    We have had over 50 years of dumbing down our education system, more social programs that have made it easier for parents to not be evolved in parenting, along with the demise of the family structure, the teachings under the guise of diversity, report on your neighbors anonymously, etc.
    State governments run to the federal government for help when ever there is any kind of disaster. EXCEPT THIS TIME THE FEDERAL GOVERNMENT doesn’t think the ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS is a problem. They need this last piece of the puzzle to fall in place for them to achieve their goal.
    One last thing why has this administration since the first day it took over tried to weaken our national defense and security. Look at the speeches that Obama has made everything has been done to make us look weak to the rest of the world. We are being softened up by the far left media coupled with the 50 years of our failing school system we are ripe for the picking.

  • iain

    Firstly, the Spanish speaking people were in Arizona centuries ago. That being said those people who cross our southern border enter looking for a job which they find because someone gives them a low paying job while not hiring a US citizen even at minimum wage. Come down on and prosecute those who hire the illegals.

    Secondly, folks who live in Mexico are Americans !!! America is not a country; it is a continent. We live in a country called the United States which is situated in the North American continent. Please get your geography correct.

    • Barb

      You are joking I hope! We are not Untied Stateians, or North Americans we have been and always will be Americans. If we were North Americans then Canadians would be too. Mexico is part of Central America so that makes them Central Americans. But they aren’t, they are Mexicans and they used to be proud of it! Maybe you should get your geography straight!

      • Al Sieber

        Barb, he’s correct, Canada, the United States and Mexico are on the north American continent.

        • Steve

          Technically I think you are all a somewhat correct to a certain degree. When the Norse, the Vikings, the Scandinavians, and Columbus discovered this continent, it was known as the “New World” When the first settlers established themselves here, it was called New Britan”, “New England” etc. and eventually we called the country and ourselves America and Americans.
          It wasn’t until much later that we became known as the North American and South American hemispheres (divided at the equator)
          The reference I have state:

          America; 1.The United States of America, 2.North America, 3.North America & South America

          American; 1.Of or in the United States 2. Citizen of the United States. 3. Native or inhabitant of the United States.

          Americanism; 1. Devotion or loyalty to the United States. 2. A word, phrase, or idiom originating in the United States.

          IMHO I think we are known worldwide as the true “Americans” because our early settlers came up with the name first. When people in other parts of the world hear the word America or Americans, they don’t think someone is talking about Mexicans, Canadians, Argentinians, or Panamanians. They think about the U.S. and/or the citizens who live here.

          • viktor leben

            Let me interject my limited knowledge of the etymological origin of “American” ….

            Richard Amerike was a sponsor of Cabot’s so if you are referring to an Anglo-Saxon meaning, America is the English speaking people of “North America”. I would interpolate since the majority of the English speaking people are in the USA then we inherited this title because of our population… we didn’t suceed in taking Canada during the Revolutionary war or the war of 1812, but the majority of the English SPeaking people were south of the Canadian border …The Revolution of 1776 ie the English speaking people of “Amerike” (America !)…

            Naming the contitnents after Amerigo Vespucci would be more Spanish/Latino centric root of the word “America” ….ie the continents, not the English speaking peoples……

      • timr

        Sarah Palin called Africa a Country……(although she couldn’t see it from her House)…………

  • Jim Armstrong

    To Mr. Chip Woods
    wow, I agree with you 100 percent. I live in Arizona and I’m keeping close track of what Jan Brewer is doing. So far she’s getting everything right here lately. I’m thinking that she just might have my vote in the upcoming november elections. Of course I realize that the elections might be what this is all about, but I sure hope not. But your right on with what you said. Thanks for doing that.
    Jim Armstrong, Taylor, AZ

  • http://? John

    For those of you that look down on the stats of Arizona ( especialy the state of California)for inacting SB1070_ I can only think that your reasoning stems from Ignorance or stupidity, maybe both. Ignorance if you haven’t read the law, stupidity if you have read the law and still think we’re racist!Then ya know what “WE DON’T CARE”.

    • Cindy

      99% of the people on this blog FULLY SUPPORT ARIZONAS’ new law. We are also hoping other states will follow suit when they see how much country wide support it is getting (75%) The only ones making a stink about it are the ignorant morons like obama and his socialist crew in congress, and the illegals. Wash. D.C. is just mad because THEY DIDN’T DO THEIR JOB, and Arizona showed them up! We need this law in EVERY state, not just the border states. Cali can just f. off with their pathetic boycott of Arizona.
      We are already boycotting Cali products. Everything has a label or stamp on it and you can see where it comes from. We stopped buying fruits and veggies from Cali last Monday, and we will not buy ANYTHING ELSE that comes from that liberal socialist state! I will buy from China, before I will buy from Cali now.
      Here is a link where you can send FREE faxes to Obama, and your congressmen TELLING THEM THAT YOU SUPPORT ARIZONAS NEW LAW. Pass the link around to your email friends, and lets flood their lines.

    • Save America Susie

      John, Just because the city councils of certain large cities in California vote to do a boycott against AZ, doesn’t mean the vast population of California is against AZ. I serious believe most of us admire AZ! It is none of their business what AZ does. I thought it was childish of them to butt in.

  • reuben

    We are in total agreement w/ Chip!!!!! For the “do-gooders”, in the the cities ,in Calif. that are threatening “boycott” of Arizona! Fine! We call on the rest of America to add to our “Buy American List” the state of Calif. (sad day to come to this) & “boycott” & “Don’t by Calif. Products”. “Food-stuffs”, etc. can be purchased from Texas, Florida, eastern seaboard, upper-east coast & from the “Bread Basket of America”, the Mid-West.We can survive, you know!!
    Secondly, if there is so much concern for these illegals, in Calif. – let the illegals know that the new “port-of-entry”, into U.S., if you need to illegally enter is “NOW” Calif.border – “come on in, we can feed you (nobody is buying our produce, etc, -got plenty! And you can set up your temporary housing in Pelosi’s, Waxman’s & Boxer’s backyard! And wait on Calif. for permanent hsg.Don’t hold your breath!

  • Delores Smith


    Chip, I live in Arizona, and I agree with every word you wrote. You and Bob Livingston alway inspire me with your writings. I’ve been contacting my senators and my rep. Actually, I haunt them. To you and all Americans, I have the following message:

    To the legal Latinos in Arizona, Obama is using you for his own purposes. Don’t fall for it. You are intelligent and know that he’s just looking for your votes. Obama is not a man with feelings. Study him, and you will notice how self-centered he is. Latinos are warm people who can spot a phoney when they see one. To the illegals in Arizona who have committed crimes or are druglords, get out of Arizona. It is up to Governor Jan Brewer to decide our Immigration Policy. Obama is not qualified.

    I have received threats from illegals, basically telling me to “look over my shoulder.” I have replied that I never look over my shoulder…The Lord does that for me (I hope). I have beeen blessed without fear, so I always speak the truth. The truth is that Arizona and the United States have been invaded, and I do not like it. All of the kind Latinos unite and come up with a good idea for Immigration, not one given to you by SEIU, LaRaza, or anyone else…but your very own idea. Present it in writing to Governor Jan Brewer. She is trying to keep terrorists out of Arizona. We don’t want to be another Times Square.
    Delores Smith

    • kilrntex

      All real Americans are behind Arizona’s stand against the alien invasion and you shouldn’t have to watch your back. I believe they will need to watch in front of them so they don’t fall and get run over by southbound traffic. It may get ugly, but we will prevail in the end. Many Latin-Americans are sick of being overrun by the illegals, so we can’t profile all browns as aliens. God Bless Arizona! Texas is with you.

  • Jack

    I coached children’s baseball and softball for almost 40 years in summer leagues and played all over this country. When we played in tournaments the groups were divided by age, 12 years and under, 14 years and under, 18 years and under, etc… Each coach was required to produce a certified birth certificate for each player on his team. No one was allowed to play without the document. Any team coach could review the documents. You couldn’t say “well this child is the son/daughter of a state senator, preacher, Mayor, policeman or some other respected person” and we just didn’t have time to get the certificate. It didn’t matter if the courthouse burned where the records were kept or if the overnight mail just didn’t make it in time. No birth ceritificate you didn’t play…No exceptions.. If organizers of “Little League”, so to speak, can have rules and play by them and make it stick, (these organizers maybe in the income range of $30K to $65K a year or less) why can’t a National Government with the salaries we pay them get it right. Is our governing body to proud to ask for the information I am talking about? Do they have the document? If you have to be a naturalized citizen to be president who inforces this rule and views the document?? Why can’t we get this item put to rest, I am tired of reading and wondering…….

    • Steve

      You’re right Jack. Why doesn’t he just show it, and put the issue to rest? That b.s. document that Ostammer shows online wouldn’t get me a drivers license in my state.

  • eddie47d

    Barb;You didn’t prove anything about Mick.Your slander of people is not a form of speaking your mind.Can only Republicans be veterans?Mick only stated some facts and a few opinions so I didn’t see any lies.So you judge fairly quick without thinking and he even said he wasn’t a liberal.Then again you called me a “progressive liberal messiah worshiper”. Yes I worship the Messiah,Our Lord Jesus Christ.

    • Steve

      Why don’t you give it a rest? Your pathetic attempts at disruption, dealing from the bottom of the deck, “Clinton like” misinterpretation of of the truth, liberal spinning of well known facts, and most of the time just outright LYING have made you a non entity on this site.
      “YOU” can’t even remember which lies “YOU” told yesterday!
      Go play at the daily kos. They have a fact spinning class over there that you should enroll in, (Bill Clinton teaches it) and take your only 2 friends “denniso” and the anti-American Liberal with you. You 3 are too ignorant to schmooze with this crowd.

      • JeffH

        Steve…OOH RAH!

      • denniso

        Do ou actually read any of your buddies posts? Talk about lying and nonsensical rants…look dude, anyone who stays w/in the bounds of the rules for this site can be here..sure, you get aggravated because some of us call you on your ridiculous non thinking and irrational spouting and hate speech, but hey, no one’s making you read anything, are they? You really want to just preach to your dimwitted choir and sit there and call Obama and all Dems communists and dictators? Now, how much fun would that be? I can imagine that you have zero interest in actually learning anything that doesn’t fit w/ your rut like preconceived notions, but, too bad…we’re here. You leave if you can’t hack it.

        • Steve

          awwwww dumbiso got his little feelings hurt. Hey “dude” if you can’t take it then quit telling the lies. I actually gave you an “attaboy” on one of your other posts. In a moment of weakness I commended you for actually telling the truth about something. You know…..the one and only time you actually said something truthful and made sense. Can you remember where, and when that was? Can you remember the “one” time you weren’t ranting.

        • Jim

          Just when I thought denniso couldn’t get any more ignorant. Hey denniso, this is OUR blog, WE THE CONSERVATIVES! You are only here by Bob Livingstons good graces. Telling a conservative to leave this blog is about the stupidest thing you’ve ever said. Gawd I hope you’re rich because you’ll never make it through life with the brains you’ve got!

          • denniso

            I hate to inform you, but everyone is here at Bob Livingston’s discretion…you as much as me. Bob Livingston isn’t as clueless as you are and opens this site to all who abide by the rules…are you going to decide who is ‘conservative’ enough? No one can disagree w/ you and your minions or they can’t be here because they aren’t ‘conservative’ enough? You’re a little slow, aren’t you…

          • Jim

            Well you can fly like an eagle, or you can CRASH LIKE A DUMBASO!

        • Cindy

          The only reason Bob Livingston allows liberals like you and your two friends on this blog is because he has a firm belief in the first amendment and the C.O.T.U.S. If Bob was having a party at his house, do you think YOU would be invited? Ha, ha, ha, NOT BLOODY LIKELY!!

          • denniso

            No, I wouldn’t be invited…but that doesn’t mean that he and I couldn’t talk. Do you really think he would socialize w/ any of this rightwing mob?

          • Cindy

            Bob L. is a lot smarter & a lot busier than we are. He wouldn’t WASTE his time talking to a moronic liberal. He knows that talking to, or trying to convince a closed minded liberal socialist of anything,is just a MONUMENTAL WASTE OF TIME! Especially one such as you!

          • libertytrain

            Good Grief.

      • timr

        Steve, you mean lying, like “W” did, in going into Iraq???
        Your’e the ignorant one

        • Steve

          So timr, is that the best you can do? Blame Bush? STILL? It’s 2010 and you’re still blaming Bush, ha ha ha Pretty pathetic!! I would have thought your socialist handlers would have provided you with some new material by now. Is A.C.O.R.N. still paying you to post your inept drivel here, or is their budget in the dumpster?

    • Mick for thought

      Thanks Eddie for the support. Thank you for serving also. I have reached out to Barb a couple of times. Even apologized for seeming to insult her but it has not stopped her rude unsubstantiated attacks. Guess the best thing to do is ignore her and talk with the people who are actually sharing information instead of venting on anyone who disagrees with them.

  • Barb

    eddie47d, I know I should ignore you but oh well. The lie was that he was going to work, and be home oh so late, at a little past 7AM and lo and behold there he is still after 9:30 AM. That’s after he made a snide comment about everybody else not working! That was the lie I was talking about and if he lies about that what else is he lying about. All of a sudden he stops posting and you start talking for him. Pelosi claims to be a Catholic too and even demands to the Bishops to tell their parishioners what to do, yet she is all for killing babies, lies, steals and who knows what else. But oh she’s a strong Catholic! It’s amazing to me how you libs worship Our Lord Jesus Christ only when it is convenient for you. Obama is your messiah, now you are denying him, HA! How many more times will you deny him? I used to be a sweetheart till Obama came on the scene, now I’m fighting for my country, don’t like it? Tough!

    • American Citizen

      Pelosi is not a real Catholic, she picks and chooses what she believes. She’s what we call a CINO, Catholic in name only as was Kennedy and some others there in D.C.

    • Mick for thought

      Got up at 6am. Drank coffee. Read my email. blogged a bit. Went to work. Caught up on work. Checked the blog. Made a couple comments then worked for 12 hours. Checked the blog and find now i am a liar according to you. Glad someone has been here to defend my honor while i was busy bringing home the bacon.

      • kate8

        Mick, I after reading several of your posts, I just don’t get why you think anyone is interested in your schedule. You keep going on about it.

  • payforward

    “I’ll agree that if they’ve been law-abiding, tax-paying contributors to our society since they arrived, that deserves some consideration”, NO NO NO, I ams so over this type of skewed mindset. They are NOT law abiding, or they would NOT have entered our country illegally, they would have done what MILLIONS of others do, and abide by the law and our regulations for coming into the U.S.

    NO consideration, NONE, for ANY illegal alien on American soil. NO discussion necessary. Deport ALL illegals, finish the fence, secure our borders – like yesterday!

  • kilrntex

    This invasion reminds me of “Independence Day” where the invaders were like insects that wanted only to devour the planet and make no deals with the inhabitants. That’s basically what the two guys on O’Reilly said the other day. If we build a 50′ fence, they would build a 51′ ladder. What we need to do is gather up the 20+million aliens and use them to build two fences, one quarter of a mile apart. In between would be a no mans land patrolled by the military. This way I don’t think they could build very many tunnels underneath. We could also put sound detectors along the way to hear any underground noise. Make plenty of signs in arabic and spanish warning of “deadly force” such as the one’s around Area 51. All border towns from California to El Paso would be moved one quarter of a mile inland from Mexico. Use Agent Orange to kill all vegetation like they did in Vietnam, so they couldn’t hide. Once the fence is built, lease all the busses in Latin America to carry them all home or haul them to San Francisco. I hope the weight doesn’t make the San Andreas croak and slide off into the abyss. If Nancy is there that may not be so bad. La Raza? Funded by our tax dollars and the sponsor of supreme court racist MayorSoto calls for revolution. Don’t these idioto’s know that most all Americans have guns and we are more pissed off than they are? There won’t be another Alamo! I hope it doesn’t come to that, because there are many millions of really good Mexican-Americans. In Texas they are Texicans. Juan Seguin was a Mexican who fought and died for Texas, so don’t think I’m a racist, just a Texan concerned for his country. While we are on the subject, I think we should all “BOYCOTT MAJOR LEAGUE BASEBALL” and let the players union know who pays their salaries so they can make stupid statements. Pay someone to “READ THE DAMN LAW TO ERIC ‘DUMBASS’ HOLDER” so he can look stupid for a reason. There is much friction going on everywhere as a result of all this and it seems to be escalating each day as there is resentment on both sides. As long as the Media and Hollywood keep making stupid comments and boycotts, there will be tension, especially from the right side, as we see us being sold out by DC and the liberal scum running their mouths. God Help Us All!

  • Tierra Naomi Teneil

    Well sweeties, I guess I’ll preach to the chore also, beings all we are, are a bunch of talkers and not doers. We should all be in Arizona shaming the news media over here (5 TV Channels for causing the trouble with their negative consistent reporting, talk abount a bunch of irresponsible, anti-american jackasses). Anyway, their are a few groups that want to kill all of us white people, and they are,…La Raza, Atzalan, MALDEF, and S.E.I.U. Here is what Jose Angel Gutierrez has to say in one of his speeches a while back, “We have to eliminate the Gringo, and what I mean. if worse comes to worst, we have to kill him”. You would think the white trash Azizona Media would be reporting on these groups, but they won’t, because they are cowards and rightfully so,….if they said anything negative about them they will have to hide in a cave like Bin Laden and Pee their panties forever. So now we have the Jihadists who want to kill us, along with these Mexican groups which Obama loves to death,….after all he put (2) of the hi-ups of La Raza in his cabinet. Did you know it was La Raza who penned the McCain-Kennedy legislation the last go around. Now we got that jackass McCain acting like he is all for the fence,…sorry to say, he still is for amnesty, just ask the asshole. I know, because I live in Arizona,….bye now, talk your hearts out and do nothing, that is the new American why for us cowardly consevatives,….

  • Tierra Naomi Teneil

    Well sweeties, I guess I’ll preach to the choir also, beings all we are, are a bunch of talkers and not doers. We should all be in Arizona shaming the news media over their (5 TV Channels for causing the trouble with their negative, consistent reporting, talk abount a bunch of irresponsible, anti-american jackasses). Anyway, there are a few groups that want to kill all of you white people, and they are,…La Raza, Atzalan, MALDEF, and S.E.I.U. Here is what Jose Angel Gutierrez, President and founder of La Raza has to say in one of his speeches a while back, “We have to eliminate the Gringo, and what I mean. if worse comes to worst, we have to kill him”. Gringo means whity. You would think the white trash Arizona Media would be reporting on these groups, but they won’t, because they are cowards and rightfully so,……if they said anything negative about them they will have to hide in a cave like Bin Laden and wet their panties forever. So now we have the Jihadists who want to kill us, along with these Mexican groups which Obama loves to death,….after all he put (2) of the hi-ups of La Raza in his cabinet. Did you know it was La Raza who penned the McCain-Kennedy legislation the last go around. Now we got that jackass McCain acting like he is all for the fence,…sorry to say, he still is for amnesty, just ask the butt-head. I know, because I live in Arizona,….bye now, talk your hearts out and do nothing, that is the new American why for us cowardly consevatives,…

    Adoringly Lovable Tierra, A Mexican,…:)


    • kilrntex

      How about Ron Gouchez, the teacher in LA calling for revolution against the “frail white racist”? They are the racist as far as I can see, but I know one thing for sure, we have more guns than they do, and we are all gearing up for the revolution they speak of. La Raza is welcomed to bring it on. Jose Angel Gutierrez will eat those words in a big burrito. There are many Hispanics on Gringo’s side in this ordeal, so it’s not about race, it’s about a way of life and a country. Who wants to see America become what they left behind.

      • Tierra Naomi Teneil

        La Raza doesn’t have to bring it on. They have their tennacles in both the Republican and Democratic party, just like CAIR, the radicle muslim group. And now they are in aposition to do real harm through our political system. You want to eliminate people, eliminate the entire congress and beyond. Our fight isn’t against these Mexicans, it is against our good cop bad cop government.

        Adoringly, loveable, Tierra, a Mexican

  • Right Wing

    The conversation is either getting better or Bob has censored the liberal taunting? In either case the posts are informative and focused and I have enjoyed reading them all. Good work and thanks to all the knowledgeable individuals who have contributed. Looking forward to more. God Bless America.

    • libertytrain

      Bob does not censor just because one is on the opposing side. Perhaps the posters at the WH had a day off on Friday. They were awfully quiet.

    • Save America Susie

      I have noticed that too. Used to be bombarded with more harsh Lib statements and now it is mild in comparison. Yes, Maybe it is the calm before the storm.

    • Right Wing

      Refreshing at least that the hyenas have taken a day off. Was burning man happening this week?

  • Doug Foncree

    Sidewinder, just for the record; the sixth commandment does not say that we must not “kill.” What it DOES say is that we “shall not murder.” The Hebrew used in Exodus 20:13 is “la thrtzch; YOU SHALL NOT MURDER.” In Romans 13, the apostle Paul is quoting the commandments and writes in the ninth verse; the Greek words; “ou phoneuseis; YOU SHALL NOT BE MURDERING.” That is why the scriptures do not condemn those who accidentally or in self-defense take the life of another. I am not trying to be argumentative – I just want it to be clear.
    Doug Foncree

    • Steve

      Absolutely correct! Many people confuse those two words because their ministers misquote it to them. Translated correctly from the Holy Scriptures, the word is “murder” not kill. The problem is some Bible versions are mis-translated and state the word “kill” such as the King James version, and the ministers just go with it.
      Murder is “killing with evil in your heart”
      Killing is all the other scenarios (without evil in your heart) such as accidental, self defense, kill or be killed, killing off evil people (such as God did and also instructed others to do)
      Confusion of these two words is why a lot of Christians are against capital punishment, even though the scriptures support it for evil people.

      • kate8

        One thing I did notice is that while many people have a real issue with any kind of killing (especially liberals), they are A-OK with the murder of unborn children.

        Scripture says that one of the signs that we are near demise is when a nation “sacrifices” its children.

        • Steve

          I think that’s one reason the liberals are known as the “hypocritical party” That reminds me of smth I should have included in my previous post, and that is when “the innocents” are involved. If you “knowingly or delibertly kill” an innocent person, that is also a murder as per the Scriptures. I would assume this includes aborting babies, but that’s just my humble O.

          I have never understood how the liberals can condone and fully support abortion, but don’t believe in capitol punishment. To them capitol punishment is “inhumane” They just turn murders, robbers, and rapists loose after a few years and they commit the same crimes all over again.

  • Joseph Stella

    Volumns have been shared in these post. People are crying for justice. Our gov’t isn’t listening. I truly believe obama isn’t legally qualified to be president of our great country. Our future is very uncertain. If every GOD believing individual would repent on bended knees, asking GOD for deliverence from the enemy. maybe, our sins would be forgiven and GOD would intervene in our favor. These are difficult times for freedom. We are in a battle with satanic elements. We need to instil the principals of GOD and family in our society. Pray for peace!

  • Anita Beavers

    The only comment I have to make at this time is in regard to the illegal aliens that are already here. Regardless of how many there are, we should start closest to the border and work our way up and every alien we find (regardless of how many there are), send them back before we close ourselves in with the wall. If those who lived by the law while they were here want to apply for citizenship under the law, then we would have the opportunity to choose if we want them to be here. You know, it really doesn’t matter how good they were when they were here, they were still breaking the law by being here illegally. Let’s send them back to Mexico and then Mexico will be the country being invaded (by their own citizens) and see how they can handle that many people returning to their country as we have had to cope with it here. What goes around, comes around. LET’S DO IT!!

  • D. E. Smith

    Let’s say 12 million illegals. That’s four (4%) of the population of 306 million.

    Why is the other 96% putting up with all of this. I just can’t understand it. Something is radically wrong! The numbers don’t lie. Two hundred ninety million people just don’t care

    • Steve

      About 65 million of us care. (55 mill. for John McCain, 10 mill. for Ron Paul & 3rd party)—- Obumbler scored (65 mill.) and they care too, just in a different “liberal socialist” kind of way. (numbers are not exact but is the best I can remember)
      Some more are registered but didn’t bother to vote at all, and some have turned apathetic because our worthless government just doesn’t listen to us anymore.
      I don’t know the age breakdown, but some of that 306 million are underage and can’t vote yet, and some are in nursing homes, & some are infirm and unable to vote.

    • American Citizen

      That’s not a true statement. Look at the people posting here and what they are saying. We feel helpless to stop the invasion as the government, which is supposed to do something about it, won’t do its job. What would you have us do?

  • http://URL helena


    • timr

      Farewell, Helena…..have fun in south Africa………..

      • libertytrain

        timr – haven’t kept up with South Africa either have you now —

  • antonio

    Hey Tierra Naomi, you are kind of right. The new American way is to sit down and do nothing. That is a shame, BUT there is a reason for that. Since i have been in America i have noticed that if a white person says anything he/she is a racist. Just like whats going on with Arizona right now. I support the enforecment of the federal bill by the state of Arizona, but you see how now all the white are so called racists because of it? Thats not fair is it? What about the blacks and other brown people who support it, are they racist too or is it just white people??? The people of this country have to stand up and say something!!! A long time when one woman wanted GOD out of the schools the people said OK and now they have the disrespectful kids running around out of control. Before you could fail somebody in school for being unable to read and write, but now if you try you will be called a racist since most of then are latin kids and their language skills are not good. To avoid being called a racist and possibly sued they pass them anyways. It all has to stop!!

    • airangel

      exactly right Antonio…we’ve lost our moral compass, self respect, honor and dignity….time to stop being spineless and get a backbone. It takes courage to do the right thing. The Constitution, The Bill of Rights, The Declaration of Independence were written and signed by a people who fought with their lives and sacrificed much to give us a gift in these documents so that we may be spared lost lives and preserve a precious way of life that just works as long as the laws are abided by…which has not been the case…we have gotten lazy and complacent

  • Steve

    443 comments already, and you just posted this article today!
    I think Obumbler better start reading your editorials so he can see what the “hot issues” are in this country that he is suppose to be leading ;-)

    • Save America Susie

      If BO doesn’t even look out the White House window to see the PEACEFUL TEA PARTY demonstrations then he is not going to be bothered reading our outcries on a humble blog. Don’t think he cares either what we think, ONLY what he wants to do. Talk about “AUDACITY”! Well, he was transparent on that call. ‘Bout the only thing he was transparent on however.

      • Steve

        You’re right Susie. Osama doesn’t give a damn what the citizenry of this country want. I just wanted to commend Chip for such a timely article,and was taking a well deserved swipe at osama, at the same time (albeit, maybe a bit too subtle)

  • Michael Cothran

    I submit a question by a friend of mine & my answer:

    Michael, what is your take on the new Arizona Law? First, it is their right as a state to make whatever laws they vote on. But, as you have mentioned many times, giving away liberties, one at a time, is dangerous. Stopping people and asking for id is intrusive. Fining employers for having illegals on staff, yes. One has to start somewhere, maybe. God teaches we must respect the office and pray. We also are to take care of our neighbors or at least try. It’s incredibly important that whatever we do it is with God’s grace.

    I’m just curious how you see this. Gotta run, yet another funeral. Love and blessings,

    My Dear Sister Faye,

    In Response to your query about AZ.

    I am not affected at all by this legislation in AZ., in that you are right, it is the states right to create any law that helps support the states infrastructure; whether our Fed-government likes it or not, the states supersede the Federal. The core problem is that the Fed-government, has an obligation to make our nation secure from any & all intruders & they have dropped the ‘ball’ in protecting our right to have a secure border. These actions have in my opinion been due to our representatives failing their oaths to us; ‘Protect & serve our Constitution’ & I believe because they have corrupted our voting & can acquire illegal votes, to try & stay in office.
    I have no problem with people being here & really trying to do this legally; that part of our system should be fixed; but to those that have blatantly come here knowingly illegal, & continue to come back; they need to be addressed harshly according to our laws.
    What keeps being brought up to the populace is that these people have a right to our Constitutional protections; but they have no rights under our Constitution, in that they are not trying to be correct citizenry so they have broken our laws!
    We are a nation ruled by Law which our Constitution is supreme & supersedes all other law in this land.
    Also, as a side note, we have an estimated 8 million citizens out of work, they should have access to these jobs. This problem was addressed, during the great depression & I believe should be done now.
    See, I was a thief & when I was caught, I had to pay the consequence for my choices; at times in my life I have been stopped & questioned because of my MO (motis operandi), when I had been a thief. This may seem as a type of profiling but I had made bad choices in my life & now understand I had to pay because of them & it took a while ’til I was not being stopped & questioned anymore.
    Yes, certain things may seem harsh in our present society, but I understand why these things need to happen.
    Just within a week or two, a deputy was shot apprehending some Pot smugglers; he is OK, but easily could have been killed.
    It’s not just Mexicans, Latinos, but also several known nationalities that are of the terrorist types & hardcore gangster types, that are known to have come into our country illegally. We can still be civilized even when we must arrest criminals!
    When our representatives don’t address these issues, we must!
    Right now we are forced to take action because of the inaction that has gone on for way too long!
    This insanity has gone on for so long now, many states have considered seceding from the Union; & we must realize this nation, is not a Democracy, this is supposed to be a Republic, where Majority rules!
    Yes, we still must pray!
    I am also sending this to my list that they may think about these issues!

    Love & Blessings!!!


    • Cindy

      Good answer Michael!

    • American Citizen

      Having to show ID is not against our liberties. We have to prove who we are all the time, whether we try to cash a check, get stopped by the police, try to get insurance or a credit card, take out a loan, etc.

  • Tinkertweater

    I think that all 50 states, all of our possessions, & Washington DC should enact no tolerance immigration laws.
    Any illegal immigrants found anywhere in the country & our possessions should be kicked out of the country unless they have committed another crime for which they should be held accountable as a non-US citizen/foreigner for which they aren’t afforded any of the rights (public defenders, etc) afforded US citizens.
    If they committed an act of terror, they should be held as an enemy combatant & tried by a military tribunal.
    If some1 from another country wants to move to the USA to live, they should do so LEGALLY.
    Anything that is worth anything at all never comes easily or free.

    A note to illegal & would be illegal aliens who want to live in the USA & want citizenship just for the asking: The democrats/liberals & some RINOs want to let you in the country & hand you USA Citizenship w/o any strings attached, so you will vote for them.
    Then they can stay in power & continue promoting their socialistic liberal agenda.
    They couldn’t care less about you personally. All they want is your vote.
    W/your votes, they will be able to continue to transform this country into a socialist state that would be no better then where you came from.
    All advantages, benefits, freedoms, rights, & so forth that you came &/or want to come here for, would be destroyed, gone, lost, & wasted.
    When you & I protest the loss of everything that sets the USA apart from all other countries on the planet, they will just laugh at us.
    If all of you illegal & would be illegal aliens voted Republican/Conservative, the Democrats/liberals/rinos would have our borders/coasts all sealed up like a drum in a heart beat. Any of you who were here would be kicked out of the country so fast, it would make you head spin like a top.
    The democrats/liberals/rinos are simply using you for their own gain.
    Once they get want they want from you, they will stomp on you along w/the rest of us & never look back or think twice about it.

  • buff

    the first illegal we need to deport is obama back to indonesia where he is a legal citizen. until then you can bet he wont support anything that really should apply to him

  • http://gmail i41

    If illegals were given ammenasty, then take over 50% of their pay checks for 15 years to pay for their’s and their relatives living off of the USA citizens. Of course since they all are democrats, you know democrats don’t pay their taxes or dues. I still think the easiest way to clear illegals out, is put a bounty on their crimminal heads. Or just take over Mexico and drill for oil, they have some refineries. Catch a drug leader or mule, stretch a rope, same goes for illegal muslim terrorists!!!!

  • airangel

    We know the politicians in DC’s agenda. We know Obama answers to someone else. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to comprehend he is NOT American, nor Christian….actions speak louder than words. The American Christians I know would be right there with Jan Brewer defending this once great country and defying extreme Islam. They are the murderers along with the Hispanic gangs like La Raza. We need to each attack our own State Representatives to follow suit as a State in a show of backing AZ…33 states are already filed together to repeal the Healthcare Bill, we need them to also enforce this ILLEGAL IMMIGRATION BILL….the more we can get the states against the FEDS, the more we can force them to DEAL with the issue NOW and not after November elections!!! Start small and local and the power will grow against DC. We are flooding Idaho Senators and Congressman with this issue and they are about ready to do what Arizona has done and back them in the fight…it’s coming :) Be persistant and wear them down!

  • http://gmail i41

    Yes buff, I agree with you. Both Onumnut and his Kenyans clowns, Ram Butt Emmanuel and Eek Holder both must have problems reading and understanding, before opening their pie holes, on commenting about Az. immigrations law. Shows what a bunch of eleit legal crimminals they are.

    • Allan

      They don’t need to read the Arizona law because they already know what is right for You…just like the healthcare bill. I think most of them still haven’t read it. What could possibly be their motivation, anyway.

  • Tinkertweater

    To the posters who were talking about being or not being armed verses the potentially tyrannical government, I like what TR said, “Talk softly & carry a big stick”.
    A strong offense is a good defense.

    As far as the 6th Commandment goes, God himself ordered his people to kill the enemy on multiple occasions.
    I am a born again God fearing Christian, but when it comes down to self defense, I wouldn’t have a problem in killing some1 who was trying to kill me.
    Meet force w/equal & opposite force.

    Killing the jerk won’t undo what has already been done, but I guarantee you that s/he won’t do it or anything else like it ever again.

    Listen, don’t get me wrong here, I also believe in using diplomacy, public opinion, & the voting both 1st to avoid any bloodshed, & while doing all this, I insist on having the right to being armed.
    But when push comes down to shove it, I will push & shove it right back.

    …..from my cold stiff fingers……

    I would much rather be DEAD then RED any day.

    Look at history, consider what happened to every population that was disarmed right after they were disarmed.
    Their government ran right over them, because the people couldn’t stop them, the people were defenseless.

    I don’t remember anytime except maybe in Asia that a government used heavy artillery against their own citizens.

    I think that we would have enough heads up before they started rolling out the heavy machinery for many of us to take precautions.
    Not all of our troops would obey the orders to move against their own people anyway.
    Many of the troops would use the heavy machinery in defense of the people against the tyrannical government.

    Besides, God Please Forbid, that the USA does turn RED, what would there be to live for anyway?

    As far as the border battle goes, if I could, I would volunteer as a Minuteman in AZ for as long as needed, w/every gun/weapon & all the appropriate ammo I could legally get my hands on.

    • JeffH

      Tinkertweater, well said…I couldn’t agree more, “walk softly and carry a big stick” are my thoughts exactly.

    • Jana



    • Vicki

      Tinkertweater says:
      “Besides, God Please Forbid, that the USA does turn RED, what would there be to live for anyway? ”

      We must live to fight for freedom and justice for all. In your scenario we would need to fight to remove the RED.

      • Save America Susie

        If George Washington got discouraged at Valley Forge just because they were starving to death and their feet were bleeding with frost bite in their shoes, it would have been over long ago. So many died that we might be FREE. Let’s not grow weary just because things look bad. Life is a cycle, just like the weather. The clouds are gloomy one day , but that doesn’t mean the Sun isn’t still there behind the clouds. Our Freedoms seem obscured, but they will rise and shine again.We just have to want them badly enough. VOTE…VOTE…VOTE!

  • Charley41

    Your comments I agree with. Gov is so massed with CAIR, Marxist, that I am concerned we are too late. We have slept too long. Super bowls and all our sport events are more important than our freedoms. The mexicans have been talking REVOLUTION for many years and now they must think they have numbers to pull it off.

    • Vicki

      When our forefathers created this great country they did not do it at a whim. There were a long string of abuses by the King before our forefathers felt it necessary to break away. We may seem to have been sleeping but like our forefathers we do not willingly nor easily decide to make such difficult choices. We will however watch. And pray.

  • http://GOGGLE vaksal


  • June Gagnon

    Afraid I’m repeating myself, but, remember- – this IS our country and it’s up to us to take it back this November!! Without fail- -it’s our last, best chance to eliminate the corruption that’s currently overrunning us! Encourage family, friends, relatives, associates (anyone who will listen) to go to the polls and vote. Once we have taken back “our congress” and elected honest, patriotic people, who “will represent us”, it will be a simple matter to “sweep the trash out” of our white house!!

    • Vicki

      Use the ballot box. Use it wisely this November. Use the soapbox each and every day. They are our best chance to avoid having to look at the 4th box.

  • I’m just sayin

    Now that Arizona has done Obamas, job for him, he will be quick to try and pass his own immigration reform bill and a “path to citizenship for all the ILLEGAL ALIENS”. Read this article. These people have a plan that might stop him.


    Sorry guys & gals out there…but, the problem IS OBAMA… how we ever ended up with this… LIAR of a President. Now to fix this MESS… it is a REALLY ” BIG ” problem. Politics are just that…a real mess. The people who voted for this undocumented no( birth-cert. )It is a disgrace and I never thought I would live to ever see this world in such shambles. Find someone soon to help us all out of this terrible ” CRISIS “. NOW is the time. Impeach…is a word…why doesn’t our country get on with it! Illegal Aliens don’t have a place in our POOR ( we don’t have jobs to support Illegal Aliens ) We are happy with Arizona. They are RIGHT…How many are taking OUR JOBS…how many are becoming GANGS and taking over TOWNS. How about police forces of 138 men being out numbered 5 to 1 by GANG-MEMBERS! This problem isn’t even being addressed. These new strains of Flu where are they coming from…people who bring them here…to us US. So many other reasons why we need to be clear they are not welcome here, only by LEGAL means. Our Forefathers did it the right way, why do we need them, California? The people here, need work. Charity begins at home. We will work for an income. Stop giving jobs to these people. Our Citizens need the WORK. OBAMA is not doing a thing about this…outside of letting go of the policemen & the teachers. The workers are in the all the people who voted for him. PROMISES, OBAMA…NOBAMA said… ( “yes we can” )?????? I don’t think-so…..

  • Larry

    Mr. Wood,
    This was a pretty good article and it seems that you have done something that the A.G. the President and others haven’t done and that is make yourself familiar with the Arizona bill. One thing that I would stress about being more direct about it the ‘left wing do gooders’. They are doing something but it is not necessarily good. It is more like giving away the things that they stole from their neighbors so I prefer to call them ‘do takers’. They do as was done in Germany in the 1930′s, take from one class to make them the enemy to set neighbor against neighbor. It is biblical as well as practicle if your wanting to have complete control of every thing every one does.

  • southerner

    Good column. One thing jumped out at me. From all the responses, I’m guessing someone mentioned it, but….

    Arizona is “The Copper State” or “The Grand Canyon State.”

    Florida is “The Sunshine State.”

  • http://none Ken Sabic

    Southerner: Florida may have the motto “The Sunshine State” but there are 6 western states that have more sunshine per year than Florida of which Arizona is one. Possible that is what Chip meant.

    Everyone who comes out against the Arizona law are just showing the American people who are the ememy of the American people.

    Kate8 has got it right!

    Ken S. Phoenix, AZ

    • Norm

      Ken Sabic
      There’s somthing about hot climates that seem to impede people’s ability to think logically. As a New Englander I’ve seen many friends and family members migrate south to the Carolinas, Florida, Arizona, and Southern Calfornia. Within a year, most seem to have an IQ meltdown. Maybe it’s the aging process, maybe it’s the heat, or maybe it’s the bible mentality.

      • JeffH

        Norm, obviously it couldn’t be someone that would make that kind of comment that might have the IQ meltdown, or could it? Based on your past comments, it’s a given…???

        • Steve

          lol Jeff, I think maybe it’s just the “norm-al” liberals like “norm” who hails from New England,(well known as the hotbed of socialism) who suffer from this ailment, but it has nothing to do with the heat.
          He has been too heavily influenced by the likes of Chris “Dood”, lying Bawney Fwank, the mouthy and totally ignorant James Carvelle, and the man who never met an alcoholic drink he didn’t like” Mr. D.U.I. Kennedy. ;-)

          p.s. The only known cure is “solitary confinement” from other liberals, and several years of psychiatric counseling from a political conservative.

          • JeffH

            Steve, no arguement here…lol!

          • Claire

            JeffH–I am doing the Happy Dance!!! My girl “Hailey” that I co-own with a lady from Ft. Myers is at the German Shorthaired Pointer Nationals in Gainesville, Fl. Guess what!!
            She is already an AKC Champion and she took an Award of Merit today!!! Plus AKC has a new thing now for champions–it is called “Grand Champion.” Hailey won it for the best “Select Female” and got a big major win towards her Grand Championship!!
            When the lady in Florida called me she was screaming in the phone and I could hardly understand what she was saying!! I was dancing around the kitchen like a maniac!! Oh Happy Day!!

          • Jana


            They didn’t have a ‘meltdown’! Experience is a very good teacher.
            Lack of experience is what impede’s a person’s ability to think logically.

          • JeffH

            Claire, that’s fantastic…congrats…I can feel the joy.

          • JeffH

            Claire, I’ve pulled up the website for NSS 2010 GSPCA National Specialty Events…What is Haily’s AKC Name?

          • Claire

            JeffH– Her AKC name is CH Ludlams Wish Upon A Prairiestar

            Sire is my “Tanner” — Ch Sandy Creek’s Santana and dam is CH Ludlams Cinnamon Twist Tonite

            Stacey Ludlam and me are owners–but Stacey said they didn’t have my name on her in the Nationals catalog and everyone knows I co-own Hailey but I still wanted MY NAME IN THE NATIONALS CATALOG (pissed me off) especially since I donated to trophies.–isn’t that the luck of the draw. “Hailey” also got 3rd place in the top 25 Champions last night and they have the owners names listed correctly in the top 25 catalog.

            Look up the trophy donations for the Nationals.

          • Claire

            JeffH–I just pulled up the web site and couldn’t find the BOB and Awards of Merit–maybe not posted yet. Or I am not doing something right. They should have them posted by tomorrow I would think.

          • Claire

            JeffH–Pull up results from 2004 where my other male “Dusty” —Ch Sandy Creek’s Sharp Dressed Man took Best Bred By Exhibitor–6 years ago, seems like yesterday. He is Tanner’s brother.

          • libertytrain

            Claire – how exciting for you!

      • http://GOGGLE vaksal


  • Mick for thought

    Well, I have had lots of fun watching this new hornets nest that this article stirred up. Lots of good thinking people left, right and middle talking about important issues we as Americans have the Liberty to do. Unfortunately there are a few that seem to be skipping their paranoid schizophrenia medications. It is sometimes hard to tell who is who especially when wild tangents get followed. So, I have a request —- would it be possible when quoting an information source the the writer place a link to that source so I can read it and make my own interpretation of the information. Does this sound fair or to much work?

    • Allan


      It really doesn’t matter what the source is anymore…even a voters pamphlet now has bias coming from the secretary of state. There is no such thing as an unbiased source. Do your own research, and make up your own mind.

  • Abby

    It is pleasure to finally hear of a polititician that has common sense. I hope Jan Brewer in the near future considers running for president. It would be nice, and good for the government to have someone in charge that has common sense.

    It is time for a change in the constitution. It is rediculous to have two Senators theoretically representing each state. In effect if a state has a Democrat and a Republican senator the state generally is not represented because they usually cancel each other out. As an example when the issue of Clinton’s impeachment came up 19 of the 50 states had one Democrat and one Republican Senator , as a result the vote on impeachment was decided by 31 states NOT 50. If the Senators and their staffs were cut in half and the same was done to the Representives we would save SEVERAL BILLION DOLLARS in wages perks and other incidentioal that at best are questionable.


    FOR EXAMPLE.US Attorney General ERIC HOLDER strongly speaks out against the Arizona immigration law, even threatining to challange it in court as being illegal. Then during congressional hearings Thursday, he answers “NO” to the question asking if he has read the 10 page Arizona Law. We have to many incompetent people in Washingto. Reducing the number may not make them more competent—BUT IT WILL REDUCE THE OVERHEAD.

    By reducing the number of people in the WASHINGTON MOB should make the changes they submit and sign off on shorter and easier to understand particularily if they being held accountable for reading and understanding it.

    One other item. THE CENSUS as it is being run is a costly inaccurate BOONDOGEL. A simpler less expensive and more accurate way to count people is to utilize the information on the first page of the incom tax form this gives the names of the people living at the location and their Social Security Number. This information when checked with the Social Security will give accurate information at to people and location. For those that have a discrepency because the information does not match they should receive a visit. As you already know some people do not want to be found. This information can then be updated.

    This information will be updated from time to time by Police and Medical inputs.


  • susanburnette

    these illegals don’t want to be Americans they just want what they can get free and are already talking about taking over this country . listen to what they are saying.

  • Philbo

    Interesting blog. On the matter of illegals I like to recall the comment of Dennis Miller; “Everyone’s welcome, just come in the front door”. Well, ummm, maybe not the person with small pox pustules on there skin. I think any immigrant should pass a health test, criminal history review and a check as to whether they will become wards of the state or have a job. I don’t see a lot of discussion regarding just how much disease is flowing with the illegals. In my life time,tuberculosis has been wiped out only to return to epidemic proportions in antibiotic resistant forms in California. 200,000 cases of Hepatitis “C”, 7,000 cases of leprosy, antibiotic resistant strains of Staph. Where did H1N1 come from?? A failed socialized medicine program in Mexico City. It is biological terrorism and no one wants to look at it from that angle. Now, if someone really wanted to do some serious damage to America, what might they do? As any pest control operator can tell you, if you want to get rid of the rats, get rid of the habitat and food supply. I would much rather pay for Border Patrol personnel than IRS agents.

  • SueC

    ARIZONA! You have used their talent to uproot the cactus plants, build huge buildings, overworked them, underpaid them, took them out on your scaffoldings when the winds were high, WHEN “YOU KNEW” it was dangerous for them to be on the scaffoldings, so that they would be “KILLED”, and many were blown off your scaffoldings, and died. NOW! After all YOUR PHARAOH’S EXPLOITATIONS, Oppressions, Suppressions, Victimizations, and Sexual Violations, of male, female, and children, in their midst, THIS IS THE GRATITUDE YOU SHOW TO THE PEOPLE WHO HELPED YOU, TO BECOME RICH?





    • Claire

      Good grief.

      • kate8

        No kidding. Is that what our youth are leaning in school?

    • http://GOGGLE vaksal


      • gregory


        DAVEH hates all caps,
        just tell him you love him and he goes away…

    • Save America Susie

      That is certainly a lot of generalization and stereotyping. How many white people do you personally know? I’ll bet not many. You quote the Bible, but you forget or maybe you never knew: the Bible says, “Judge not, lest ye be judged.” I recommend trying to get to know people before making statements like that. Many of us are pretty nice people when you get to know us. The trouble is you have already pre-judged us. We just want the laws of our country obeyed, that all. In the USA, all are welcome, IF they come in the right way through proper channels. It is not about nationality. In the early 1900′s, my grandparents came over as immigrants & became citizens, but they did it the right & legal way. That is all we ask.

  • http://ArizonaSi,ObamaNo! Gary

    Keep the ball rolling! 20,000 so far have signed our “STAND with ARIZONA!” petition going directly to the White House. Please forward this email to everyone in your address book.

    Please help me send this this petition out to “Support Arizona Immigration Law SB 1070 and to Secure our Borders”

    Please sign this petition

    I stand with Arizona.

    I support Arizona immigration enforcement Law SB 1070.

    I believe in strong interior enforcement to stop illegal immigration, Attrition through Enforcement.

    • I’m just sayin

      And copy and paste Garys link into an email and send it to all your friends too. It’s amazing how many people in this country are connected to each other through email. If everybody forewards this link to 40 people, and they do likewise, it doesn’t need to turn over many times before it has exceeded the world population number.

  • Antonio

    Dear SueC, out of the 500 comments that i have read here i believe that yours is the most ignorant. Sorry to bring it out like that. Anywanys, to start off i would like to talk about the scaffolding thing that you were whining about. When i used to frame houses i witnessed and accident. A 20′ scaffold with 2 WHITE MEN on it(i was on the ground cutting for them). The leg underneath the walkboard broke and the 2*12 broke also and both men came down one landing on his feet breaking both of his feet(now crippled) the other man hit his head on a rock and was not so lucky. Me the BROWN MAN was horrified i mean the only thing i could think about was it would have been better if i was the one up there. They were my friends!! So shut your mouth about “how they would be killed” crap things happed to everybody, but since your so selfish you only see what you want to see.

    About the “white man are free to go to everyones country” Thats not true. They still have to get a passport and a personal permite. there is no “free” lunch.

    The “whoredom” talk what is that anyways?? What does it have to do with Arizona?? But here goes, most White People have 2 or maybe 3 kids. The Brown people get and start having them immediately with anyone and they have 5 or 6 kids and sometimes with that many farthers too. So im assuming that your one of the “Whores” right?

    And about welfare food and welfare housing and also the KKK stuff it’s from the democratic party, and im assuming that your one of the ignorant people who votes for them?? Your accusing the white man of being murderers?? In the mid 1900′s when Guatemala inacted gun control and then literaly slaughtered 300,000 Mayans what was that??? What ever it was it was not done by the WHITE MAN it was done by your people THE BROWN MAN.

    Where you talked about EXTERMINATED, JAJA i think that you are too ignorant to know what the word even means, but here is a start. Research NASA BLUE BEAM, NWO, FEMA CONCENTRATION CAMPS, MDCCLXXVI after all that hopfully you will understand the word EXTERMINATED.

    And lastly where you were talking about GOD. I was SHOCKED somebody like you even believed in him. The bible tells us that if we hate someone with all our heart we have commited murder. So after reading your post i have realized that in GOD’s eye’s you are nothing but a murderer. I will pray for you and i do hope that you open your eyes and ask Jesus for forgivness.


    • JeffH

      Antonio…thanks for your input. SueC remarks are purely that of a radical extremists point of view and pure propaganda.

    • kate8

      Excellent reply, Antonio.

      SueC may have a mental problem. I’ve seen things like this before.

    • Save America Susie

      Very Touching, ANTONIO, about your experience with the scaffolding. My heart goes out to you. And thank you for your WISE words. I am thinking maybe SUEC belongs to a political cult movement where she has been preached to in this manner (much like the Rev. Wright church). She thinks that is really true, when it is not. She does know any different, and has only known people in her small group who share the same feelings. She needs to realize there is whole different world out there…Very SAD.

      • Save America Susie

        Meant she “doesn’t know any different”…Very Sad.

  • Vic 1985

    I repeat:
    When the government ignores the people, it is the responsibility of the people to protect their rights. We must recognize that the federal government does not have the only say when it comes to our freedom.

  • John R

    All the states must follow in the path of Arizona

  • http://gmail i41

    SueC, what a simple minded BS comment, Either you are a college grad with a phyco babble degree from Havard or some other socialist bent college. you sound like Omoron talking about oil drilling and economics and how to be a Christan. Your crap comments about white men, if they sellte this country and create businesses you probably be more happy as one of the many “wives” of some tribal clown. If a mud hut is fine go to some tird world country that is rulesd by some muslim dictator. As for working conditions, illegals create their own problems, will not learn English, have some leader negiate for them, will not follow rules in any shape or form. As for welfare, dems love that kind of gernerational dependance from socialist liberal democrats. Before you over load and fry your nano witless brain, try and read a muslim koran, you will see how the muslim phony president is following the his model squirrel mohamed, islam means “submit to”, and muslim means “submitted to”. Islam isn’t a religion it is a ideaology. Sue, it sounds like you have a twisted veiw of America and you have a racist veiw of white people. But also I’ll bet, you think Omoron is better than sliced bread and probably think his is the annointed socialist one.

  • Vic 1985

    Ifound this in my e-mail. Seems to be typical to me….


    I Am the Liberal-Progressive’s Worst Nightmare

    I am an American.

    I am a Master Mason and believe in God.

    I ride Harley Davidson Motorcycles, and believe in American products.

    I believe the money I make belongs to me and my family, not some liberal governmental functionary, Democratic or Republican!

    I’m in touch with my feelings and I like it that way!

    I think owning a gun doesn’t make you a killer; it makes you a smart American.

    I think being a minority does not make you noble or victimized, and does not entitle you to anything. Get over it!

    I believe that if you are selling me a Big Mac, you should do it in English.

    I believe everyone has a right to pray to his or her God when and where they want to.

    My heroes are John Wayne, Babe Ruth, Roy Rogers, and Willie G. Davidson,who makes the awesome Harley Davidson Motorcycles.

    I don’t hate the rich. I don’t pity the poor.

    I know wrestling is fake and I don’t waste my time watching or arguing about it.

    I’ve never owned a slave, or was a slave. I haven’t burned any witches or been persecuted by the Turks, and neither have you!

    I believe if you don’t like the way things are here, go back to where you came from and change your own country!

    This is AMERICA…We like it the way it is!

    If you were born here and don’t like it you are free to move to any Socialist country that will have you.
    Massachusetts started the ball rolling. Keep it going.

    Let’s really clean house starting with the White House. The seat of our biggest problems.

    I want to know which church is it, exactly, where the Reverend Jesse Jackson preaches, where he gets his money, and why he is always part of the problem and not the solution.

    I also think the cops have the right to pull you over if you’re breaking the law, regardless of what color you are.

    And, no, I don’t mind having my face shown on my driver’s license.

    I think it’s good…. And I’m proud that ‘God’ is written on my money..

    I think if you are too stupid to know how a ballot works, I don’t want you deciding who should be running the most powerful nation in the world for the next four years.

    I dislike those people standing in the intersections trying to sell me stuff or trying to guilt me into making ‘donations’ to their cause…….Get a Job and do your part!

    I believe that it doesn’t take a village to raise a child, it takes two parents..

    I believe ‘illegal’ is illegal no matter what the lawyers think.

    I believe the American flag should be the only one allowed in AMERICA !

    If this makes me a BAD American, then yes, I’m a BAD American.

    We want our country back!



    • Claire

      Vic 1985—Wonderful post!! I agree with you 100%.

    • JeffH

      Vic 1985, great post…couldn’t have been said any better.

      • Vic 1985

        JeffH & Claire.
        I thought it was worth passing along. Just as I feel this is:
        You must think we are in some communist country where freedom of speech might get us in trouble if you don’t just stick your feelings “where the sun don’t shine”.
        I for one am a Veteran that served in the armed forces and I feel that MY country will allow my freedom of speech. That’s what this great country is all about, and yes I will fight for it again. Not to lose it, but to retain it as the greatest country in the world.
        Right now we have a Commander-in chief that really isn’t listening to what the majority of what “we the people” would like to see him do. We know that he is being a pupit, but even the string-pullers know that “We the People” will always have our constitutional rights protecting us and we greatly out-number them so that they know that they can only push (or pull)just so far before they find out that they have just opened up something that they dare not let out.
        Am I worried about your G men. Not in America. Not for one second.
        Be a true American, JEFFH and let freedom of speech reign out loud and clear and and don’t take the belief that “If you don’t believe the way I do, you either don’t have all your facts together or else you are just plain stupid”. Remember that we are all individuals and we all have our own opinions. That’s what makes our country such a wonderful place, and yes I will fight to keep it that way.
        This fourm is meant to give everyone the right to express their thoughts and feelings. If you don’t agree with them and you feel a reply is called for on your part, try to do it in a rebuttal that brings forth your thoughts and feelings without trying to belittle the persons feelings.
        That’s the true American Way.

        • JeffH

          Vic 1985, sorry you feel I’m not a “true American” in your eyes. I relly don’t give a rats arse how you feel about me. As for America, I love her and will stand side by side with any citizen or vetran and I appreciate the sacrifices that our vetrans have made for me and for America. I have also seen vetrans trash this website with their liberal spins, attacking anybody that doesn’t see it the liberal way.

          So to you vic 1985, again I say, stick it where the sun don’t shine but should we ever meet on the battlefield I would be honored to “fight” for a free America alongside of you.

          • Vic 1985

            At last I feel you have seen a part of the light. The part that shines brightly on True Americans. America is worth fighting for.
            We have overcome many terrible obstacles along the way and as long as we remain a Christian nation (regardless of Obama’s statements) we will defeat our enemies. Remember, “God helps those who help themselves”.
            Vote in November to remove those whom you feel are not listening to the majority and the others will get your message.
            As I think back over my many years, I remember that some of our most dedicated Americans met with a terrible end, and that adds credebillaty to the old saying, “only the good die young”. Perhaps that why some peple really don’t care how bad they are.

    • Save America Susie

      I have that saying posted on my front door window;

      “Land of the FREE, BECAUSE of the BRAVE.”

      There are CULT people who come around to our doors from time to time who tell us no one should be in the military. That God wouldn’t want that. I’m saying: The United States of America wouldn’t be the beacon of FREEDOM it is, if it wasn’t for the SOLDIERS who fought and died so we could BE FREE. I so revere the soldiers! They are sacrificing ALL for us, and many do not even appreciate it. SAD. Ironically, Many don’t realize that they wouldn’t even have the freedom to speak against the USA if it were not for the Troops. But there are millions who are glad we’ve got them to watch out backs.

      Support the TROOPS.

      • Jana

        Save America Susie,
        I love what that sign says that you have on your door window. I may adopt it for mine too. Great idea. I do have some of those magnets that say God Bless America and Freedom isn’t free on my garage doors, but I like this saying.

  • John R

    Get obama OUT! we must finish the fence and stop the invasion. President barack obama has called for budget cuts in the SBInet funding by almost $300 million

  • John R

    WALT TURSKE it is a pleasure to meet you my name is JOHN RIEBE from ct

  • http://none M. Hardy Peterson

    I’m taking my vacation in Arizona this year!

    I agree with the new Arizona law.


    I am a white 70 year old Mormon, was a Democrat, was a Republican, now a Independent. Ahhhhhh, Free at last, Free at last…

    • Jana

      M. Hardy P–

      You can’t agree with Arizona and the President as they are on opposing sides.
      Sorry, being on the fence does not make you free, it means you are trapped sitting on that fence.

      • Claire

        Jana– And I hope it isn’t barbed wire!

  • Antonio

    JeffH how are you my friend? Listen, people like SueC aare the real problem here, but i dont really want to talk about that. I have been in the USA for about 11 years now and i’m not 100% accurate on politics but believe me i am learning and i learn a lot just by reading your comments thank you. Eventhough i do not always comment on these articles i do read them. Now the more i research this nwo stuff the more scared i become. GARDEN PLOT, BLUE BEAM, MASON, that is on the back of the dollar if you put the antichrist on the pyrimad the five letters that are in the corners of the triangles spell MASON at the bottom of the pyrimad it has MDCCLXXVI wow scary stuff and this has been going on for thousands of years. But now the BLUE BEAM technology is here and the nwo will finally be implemented because they will be able to appear to be GOD at the same time around the whole world in every langauge!!! They are already planning to depopulate the world. If you google underground US bases or on youtube you will see some videos of these undergroung bases. My question to you is what can we possibly do???

    • kate8

      Antonio, good for you for doing research. It really is scary, the more we learn. That’s why most people don’t want to know. What I’ve found, though, is in the pursuit of truth, you begin to work through the fear. The more you know, the better equipped and prepared you are.

      If you believe in God, then pray. Live your life the best you can. Have regard for your fellow man, always try to do the right thing, advance the cause of goodness and love. Be prepared as best you can. Try to inform others.

      Then leave the rest to God.

      • Jana

        Very good post. One more thing I would like to add to it is, the Truth sets us free, and when we have our trust in God, we realize that God is not mad at us, the ones who have accepted Christ as our Saviour.
        The ones He will punish are those who refuse to believe in Him. Even if they kill us, death is a part of life and we will be with our Heavenly Father. Like the Bible says, fear Him who can destroy your soul, not your flesh. In this case fear means to those that love God, to revere and reverence God. To those that don’t love God it means they should have real fear.
        No matter how bad things seem to be, and they will get worse, cling to the Lord and remember He is not mad at you. He is our Salvation.

    • JeffH

      Antonio, good for you to follow up with research. There is definately an economic conspiracy that extends beyond Washington and our government, that I am sure of. We can only fight it here at home right now and I think that a wall can go up to slow it down with all of the right votes in November.

  • American

    This area is supposed to be for reader comments relating to the story, not personal dialogue between friends. Kate and sidewinder, you should be emailing or IMing with each other. And what do dog shows have to do with anything in Chip’s post? I agree wholeheartedly with Chip’s views and would like to have read what others had to say about it, not about militias and whether or not Jesus was violent.

    • Save America Susie

      Just to explain…The original topic was the Illegals sneaking across our borders. The militias want to defend the borders, and some thought we should talk about whether or not militias were legal at the border, and the possible armed or unarmed connection. Then Jesus came in because it then became a moral issue about whether it was moral or not. They were just SUB-HEADINGS of the original title….Variations on a theme.

    • DaveH

      I think the only people who have a right to say anything about the comment applicability are Bob Livingston, or Chip Wood, or some other site manager, Thank you.

    • Steve

      American; Easy there big fella. It was only a couple of posts, and that still left you over 650 to read ;-)

    • libertytrain

      American – Dave H is correct. You are out of line – there are no rules as to the commentary with respect to what you’re complaining about. Nothing like friendly conversation between folks – it’s good for the soul and mind.

  • Claire

    American–Dog shows–I apologize, I guess I got carried away and got off the subject at hand. My intention was not to offend.

    • DaveH

      Unless American is an officer of this site, there is no reason you must comply to his control.

      • Jana

        I agree, you did not offend anyone. There is always someone out there that just thinks they are better than anyone else, and they also think its all right to be bossy. No one died and made american the boss!
        I also enjoy hearing about your babies. ;)

        • Claire

          Thanks– it is great to have friends like all of you!

          • libertytrain

            Claire – It’s called Personal Liberty and I am pretty sure no one at Personal Liberty would have a problem with these posts – I’m pretty sure they are not against this gentle personal dialogue – just extreme hateful attacks at people. Which makes perfect sense to me.

    • JeffH

      Claire, I found the 2004: Dogs (Bred By Exhibitor)
      1. Sandy Creek’s Sharp Dressed Man. Breeder: C. Slagle. Ch Prairie Star’s Maverick x Ch Sandy Creek’s Sable Sinfonie. Owners: R Timothy and Claire J

      Like Dusty’s name. My Gordon’s AKC was Duke’s Firewind Storm Warning and hid Grampa’s(graced the cover of Outdoor life once} was Firewind Storm Hunter.

      • Claire

        JeffH–I just got on the website and they do not have the Best of breed, Awards of merits nor the Select female posted yet. Maybe tomorrow?

      • Claire

        JeffH–Your Gordon sounds great–happy for his Grandpa on the cover Of Outdoor Life–that is awesome!
        And the Names are wonderful! Cool!!

  • Ives Russo

    It seems to me that the strategy of: create a problem, create a reaction (fear), and provide a solution approach continues to be used; bringing as a result new legislation that takes away our freedoms constantly. People; however, believe all the lip service elected officials provide and also believe the main stream media that is paid/owned by globalists.

    Notice that the main stream media, never talks about the Federal Reserve, or Natural cures; and immigration, etc. If they do, they down play it, and push their own distorted views. I donated my tv sets, I do not watch tv. They only appeal to people’s emotions instead of appealing to people’s minds to make them think.

    I do think that all these attacks against us are staged by zionist Jews (no the true Jews)so that Americans will react going to fight wars that target those perceived as enemies by Israel. I watched videos and red articles, including a military report stating that our military is 100% sure the 9/11 attack was a Mosad operation (Israeli)

    However any evidence pointing at them, like the many Israelis suspects caught that were released; and the Jewish man who was renting the twin towers they are not even mentioned.Supposedly, the twin towers had a serious asbestos problem and had to pass inspection. It would cost too much to fix the problem so they blew them out. According to experts it was a controlled explosion; and there is plenty of evidence to that.

    Notice that every time an attack event happens against America, a Zionist Jew will come forward and point fingers at the people they consider their enemies. They play with our minds. This way it conditions American’s minds that it is OK for America to go to war. We end up engaging into unconstitutional wars that sky rocket our deficit.

    Check how AIPAC (Israeli lobby)influences our foreign policy even infiltrating in our colleges to brain wash young Americans from different backgrounds. This way they assure themselves that the next generations will continue to create legislation that benefits Israel.

    All our elected officials are approached by pack to sign a letter committing themselves to be supportive of Israel; if they don’t sign that letter, their political careers are over. Instead of campaign funds they will get their characters destroyed. Recently 75 Senators signed that letter. This tells me they are no loyal to America; but to Zionist jews so they can get campaign fund for reelection.

    History shows that when people are disarmed, tyrant leaders will kill people in masses. In Europe Hitler first disarmed his people and then killed 11 million of them. In Russia Josef Stalin also disarmed Russian citizens; and then killed 22 million of them.

    Our founders made sure that we inherited the right to own and bear arms to protect our family, and property. Recently; however, a new law was passed where if there is a neighbor or anyone who reports you as a suspect of whatever they think is unlawful; then, a group of guards or police force will come to your house with no warning and without a trial you will be arrested and jailed.

    Also, Senator Lieberman is introducing a bill where any American who is suspected of having any ties to terrorists in foreign countries, will lose his American citizenship and will be expelled from the USA. Why is a Jewish Zionist Senator introducing legislation to take American freedoms away? Even terrorists have had the right to a trial.

    According to him, just an accusation from homeland security will be sufficient for someone to lose his/her US citizenship. This means that our legal system will only benefit for the terrorists; but not for Americans.

    Have you been keeping up with attacks on Christianity? Just ask yourself who would benefit from this?

    I recommend you buy gold coins, silver in small denominations. The Dollar will soon not have any value. Back in June 2007, one ounce of gold was $300, now it is $1,250. This is an indicator of high inflation or devaluing of the dollar. Remember the three FFFs: Fire, Food, and fitness.

    • kate8

      Ives, re: your comment about the genocide that ensues when guns are confiscated. The liberals who are so ready to give our nation over to communism/Marxism/socialism would do well to look at history on this. For some reason they just don’t get it.

      History unlearned is history repeated.

    • Al Sieber

      I agree with you Ives.

    • Allan

      Hasn’t been much anti-semitism on this site.

  • kate8

    American, sorry you were annoyed by our postings. They were actually a continuation from Thursday’s Alert. We do not know each other. In fact, it’s the first time we’ve communicated.

    There are several other postings which were off-subject for today. It happens. Will keep your reprimand in mind in the future.

    • DaveH

      You did nothing wrong unless an officer of the site asks you not to do that.
      I can’t believe how many of you are willing to jump through American’s hoops. Who elected him (or her) to be the rule maker?

      • Jana


        Exactly right!

      • kate8

        Thanks, and no jumping through hoops here. I was actually being a tad sarcastic. But you went ahead and said what I really thought.

        There are some who seem to feel it’s their job to monitor our comments.

  • JeffH

    Gov. Brewer called out the president today. She accused him of promoting a division of the people for political gain, accused him of not doing his job and questioned whether he was the commander in chief or the commie in chief. Very bold words and I applaud her for standing up and saying what many of us believe and say and what other politicians fear to say.

    • Cowboy

      I did not watch or listen to the news yesterday afternoon or evening, so I must have missed hearing about Gov. Brewer calling out the president. Do you if anyone covered it in any article that we can lookup? I would be nice to see what kind of other comments and blogs that might be posted with the article.
      From what you said above I agree with her statements 100% and I am surprised that she waited so long to call him out. Do you know if she also blasted Holder for making comment national TV about the bill without even reading the bill?

      • JeffH

        Cowboy, I’ll correct myself as I saw the report and thought I heard “commie in chief” but Brewer actually said “comic in chief”.
        My error, but really not that far off anyway. Here is the link to the actual press conference, and kudos again to the strength of Gov. Brewer.

        • Steve

          Lol, “COMIC” in chief works just as well Jeff. Congrats to Governor Brewer for standing up to that mutt! I am happy to see her using the liberals own tactics against them. I hope she never lets up, and we all need to support her by signing the petitions and sending the faxes at the links that have been posted on here.
          Here is the one to sign the petition supporting Governor Brewer and the new Arizona Immigration law SB1070.
          Please, everybody go here and sign it, and please copy the link into an email and send it to all on your list.

          • JeffH

            Syeve, at this stage of the game, commie or comic fits well.

            Everyone in agreement with the Arizona law should go to the website link Steve has provided and sign it to show support of SB1070 and the people of Arizona as well as Gov. Brewer.

  • jlasp

    Pretty simple solution would be to make it a felony for anyone employing an illegal immigrant and enforce it.

    • Mick for thought

      Bingo! No demand, no supply.

    • Mick for thought

      Now, if we could enforce our drug laws, stop prostitution (especially of minors of both sexes) we could keep the other illegal activity from crossing our border.

      Going to work again Barb. Might drop in if it is a slow day.

      • DaveH

        Our Drug Laws are the Problem! Just as prohibition proved to be the springboard for organized crime, so are the drug laws creating the violence that springs from their misguided applications.
        They’ve been fighting these Drug Wars for over 40 years now. And it hasn’t worked. Please look up Einstein’s definition of insanity.
        When I was a teenager (40 years ago), I didn’t even know what drugs were. In ninth grade a teacher showed us a film about Heroin addicts, and I didn’t have a clue about what he was talking about until my High School days when the government started saving us from drugs with all the Drug Wars. Then the kids all around me started talking excitedly about drugs. It became the “cool” thing to do. The Government just gave the kids a new tool to be rebellious with.
        Formerly Ignorant (about drugs) people came to awareness, thanks to the free publicity offered by the drug wars. And usage skyrocketed along with the prices, and along with the drug-related crimes. The real problems were created by the Drug Laws.

        • Mick for thought

          So what is the answer for the insatiable appetite for drugs in our country? How do we get employers to verify citizenship? I am all WASP but every job I have had in the past 38 years asked for ID and to see my social security card.

    • JeffH

      jlasp.” enforce it ” is all the feds need to do…enforce current law and proplem almost solved. Well, deny the perks that are given to illegal immigrants…that and enforcement would slow the illegal migration to a crawl. Jobs are not the major reason for this immigration problem.

      • Mick for thought

        Looks like we have an agreement JeffH.

        Barb, now I am at work. Probably will not check in with you again because things get hectic in about an hour and have some preparation work to do.

        • kate8

          Lunch rush at the drive-through?

          • Mick for thought

            No, urgent care clinic reviewing labs and xrays before the before church patient’s arrive.

          • Steve

            Ha Ha Ha Ha! That is just TOOOO FUNNY Kate.
            No offense Mick, I would be lmao just as hard if she had said it about me.

          • Jana

            Hey Mick,
            I have this cough–

            lol just kidding. Since you are in that line of work you probably hear that a lot.

          • Steve

            Jana, would you like some fries with that cough?………Mick

    • DaveH

      Don’t we have enough Government already? Why do you guys want to make it more onerous and larger? Why should the Business owners be burdened with being the Immigration Police?
      Why not make it a felony for the citizens to not report illegals to the Government? Why not just put us all in jail for impure thoughts?

      Big Government is the Problem. They are Not the Solution.

      • JC

        Absolutely Right.

  • David A. Celaschi

    So tired of hearing all the same old crap,send me money for this and or that to support this person or that person!If the previous persons would have done the job they were hired to do in he first place we would not be where we are to day.So, I say ask me for money to prosecute the previous persons for there lack of fullfilling the duties they were voted in for in the first place ,I would concider donating!Not only do we have to take back our country,we have to take back the moneys we paid them for a job that was never started or completed! I’m a small business operator,and guess what ,when I don’t perform what I was hired to do I don’t get paid and could be sued for more than I was going to be paid for the completed job! I think we are entitled to the same treatment from our elected officials as the laws they make that govern our actions should in fact be for them also!

  • JC

    Justice Dept.: Drug-Related Kidnappings Rampant in Arizona

    The violence associated with drug smuggling has spilled across the Mexican border to such an extent that last year there was a drug-related kidnapping every 33 hours in the city of Phoenix alone.

    That’s one of the eye-opening disclosures from the National Drug Threat Assessment for 2010, published by the National Drug Intelligence Center, a division of the U.S. Justice Department.

    “Although much of the violence attributed to conflict over control of smuggling routes has been confined to Mexico, some has occurred in the United States,” according to the Justice Department report, issued shortly before Arizona passed a tough new immigration law targeting illegal aliens in the state.

    “Violence in the United States has been limited primarily to attacks against alien smuggling organization members and their families — some of whom have sought refuge from the violence in Mexico by moving to U.S. border communities such as Phoenix.

    “For example, in recent years, kidnappings in Phoenix have numbered in the hundreds, with 260 in 2007, 299 in 2008, and 267 in 2009.”

    The 267 kidnappings in Phoenix last year equal one kidnapping every 1.4 days, or every 33 hours.

    The kidnapping victims often have a connection to drug trafficking activities or are innocent relatives of traffickers, the report states.

    “An individual or individuals may be kidnapping because of a lost drug load or failure to pay a drug debt.

    “The number of U.S kidnapping incidents is most likely underreported because many victims’ families are unwilling to report the crime for fear that the victim will be killed, the kidnappers will retaliate against the family, or law enforcement will discover the family’s drug trafficking activities or illegal alien status.”

    Other disclosures of the threat assessment:

    On average, three Border Patrol agents are assaulted each day at or near the Mexican border.
    Last year, mid-level and retail drug distribution in the U.S. was dominated by more than 900,000 criminally active gang members, representing approximately 20,000 gangs in more than 2,500 cities.
    In addition to vehicles, Mexico drug smugglers use “cross-border tunnels, subterranean passageways, and low-flying or ultralight aircraft to move drugs from Mexico into the United States.”
    Mexican drug trafficking organizations (DTOs) smuggled tens of billions of dollars from the U.S. through the Southwest border into Mexico in 2009.
    Mexican DTO members or associates acquire thousands of weapons each year in Arizona, California, and Texas and smuggle them into Mexico.
    The outlook, according to the report: “Without a significant increase in drug interdictions, seizures, arrests, and investigations that apply sustained pressure on major DTOs, availability of most drugs will increase in 2010, primarily because drug production in Mexico is increasing.”

    And people think we don’t need to do anything about this?

  • Save America Susie

    For those who are interested, I got two News articles this morning. One from Associated Press and one from Reuters.

    The first one said “Jewish Rights Groups Say AZ Law NOT Nazi”. In spite of the furious protest & protests from the Left, Jewish Groups say opponents who compare it with the rise of Nazi Germany are going too far. Rabbi Marvin Hier, founder & dean of internationally known Wiesenthal Center for Holocaust studies, says: “It diminishes the Holocaust” & “Survivors of the Holocaust are very upset about this.” (from the AP)

    2nd article (from Reuters) is saying “Palin Joins AZ Gov. to Defend Immigration Law”. Some of you wondered where Palin stands on this issue. Quote from Sarah Palin:

    “It is time for Americans across this great country to stand up and say, ‘We’re ALL Arizonans now’. And in clear unison we say, ‘Mr. President: Do your job. Secure the borders’.”

    Palin appeared at a news conference with AZ Gov. Jan Brewer on Saturday. The event launched a WEBSITE that was an effort, Brewer said to educate America about border security & discourages an economic boycott of the state. It also includes list of politicians, & organizations, who are calling for a boycott of the state and asks visitors to call or e-mail “To let them know that you support Arizona.” (Website address not included in article for some reason. Can probably be “googled”.)

    Gov. Jan Brewer wants everyone in the nation to know what a crisis it has become that it has come to this, siting the presence of human and drug smugglers. Sarah Palin was in Phoenix for a previously scheduled speech. She defended the AZ law on National TV and spoke out against boycotts.

    • JC

      Good Info Susie, thanks for the post.

    • Steve

      That’s good news Susie. This is not the link you are talking about, but we can go here and send FREE faxes to Obummer telling him WE SUPPORT ARIZONAS SB 1070. You will also have a chance to send faxes to your individual reps and senators on the next page at the site. They really are FREE! I sent 4 or 5 just today. There is also another link above where you can sign a petition supporting SB 1070, but if I put both links in this post, the site will hold this post “for moderation”
      I will find it and post it in a minute.

      • Steve

        Here is the petition link supporting Arizonas’ SB 1070

      • JeffH

        Steve, the numbersusa website is a very good website that provides easy fax/email contact for various state and gov represntatives. It will actually find your reps by entering your zip code. I use it frequently and am on their email contact list.

    • JeffH

      Save America Susie, thanks for the great info.

    • Steve

      This may be the link you are looking for. It is titled “Sarah Palin Joins Gov. Ann Brewer To Defend Immigration Law” There were a LOT of sites but my dialup is as slow, as obama is stupid, so this is the only one I could find so far that really fits the news post you gave..

      • Save America Susie

        JC, Steve & JeffH, Thanks for your info. I also googled AZ Gov. Jan Brewer’s site and signed her petition. I am sure you can also get that easily just by internet browser. I think everyone can connect just by using the blue links you all have sent as well. I think I have learned something after a short while of commenting on this blog. It is more convincing for people if there are “blue links”, and hard facts from news articles with references as well, in addition to opinion, as far as what is going on in our country.


  • http://GOGGLE vaksal


  • R.Costa/ FL

    First and formost; Thank God there is still some people who can still do the right thing. You can bet your bottom dollar that before the Nov. election the imigration bill WIIL BE PASSED, just like the Health Care Bill, behind closed doors and against the majority of the people wishes. Now think of this. With the passing of the Immigration Bill, Mr. Obama stands to pick up somewhere in the neighborhood of 13mil. votes. Now the kicker, Purto Rico is requesting statehood, another 25 mil. votes if confirmed as the 51st state and a possible second term. And who’s counting the votes. People in this country better wake up before it’s to late, and vote all the incumbents OUT !

    • Save America Susie

      As for the possibility adding Porto Rico as the 51st state, don’t all the 50 states have to ratify that when they want to add another state to America? That could take time.

      • JeffH

        It isn’t clear whether Puerto Rico wants statehood. It is up to them and they have turned it down at least 4 times.

        30-8 Bipartisan Vote Overwhelms Opponents
        (July 22, 2009) By a vote of 30-8, the Natural Resources Committee of the U.S. House of Representatives, overwhelmingly passed legislation (H.R. 2499 – The Puerto Rico Democracy Act of 2009) to give congressional sanction to an island plebiscite on Puerto Rico’s status for the first time in American history. The Natural Resources Committee has jurisdiction over Puerto Rico affairs in the United States Congress in Washington, D.C..

        How Does A Territory Become A State?

        Various routes have been taken in the long history of the United States for colonies and territories to become a state. Normally, the area must muster local political support and petition the U.S. Congress for admittance to the Union. The approval process is relatively straightforward. A bill, called an “enabling act,” must gain a majority vote in both houses of the U.S. Congress, the House of Representatives and the Senate. When approved, it is signed by the President. Normally there will be provisions in the bill spelling out any transitional measures that must be taken to become a state by either the petitioning entity or the U.S. government. Admission of a state does not change the Constitution. It requires no super majority; nor does it require ratification by the individual states.

        • Save America Susie

          Thanks JeffH, for the info….I didn’t realize it was out of the American peoples hands whether or not to add another state. The year 1997 was the last time Puerto Rico was asked, and they said no. I think it may be more beneficial fiancialy for them to stay as they are. That may be why. I also think they want to have the benefits without the constraints of statehood. It would also be difficult for them to be added as a state when they conduct everything in Spanish. English is provided upon request only I read on the internet. The spell check here is telling me my spelling of Puerto Rico is wrong. That is why I changed it last time. But it is right, maybe it doesn’t know Spanish. Then it may be not that long until it is a state, IF they agree, but I am wondering if they have said no 4 times, they seem to really NOT want statehood.

          • timr

            Don’t know how to spell Puerto Rico??……..That is SAD, but it just shows how isolated we Americans truly are………..

          • Steve

            Why don’t you take your judgmental attitude, go out to the pasture and park yourself under a nice cow pie. Hopefully if you wait long enough some cow will come along and piss on you, cuz you really do need a good shower. You stink!

          • Cindy

            You liberals are the worst spellers on the planet, but it is usually the ONLY thing you can find wrong with our posts to complain about. Why don’t you try finding something of substance in our posts to comment on or debate?
            I notice you have had a LOT of your comments “removed for offensive content” Were they racist comments, or do you just swear a lot when you can’t think of anything intelligent to say?

          • kate8

            timr, you can take your remarks about this, the one earlier about “white anger”, and any other derogatory comments, and get lost. You obviously are the one with the issues about race and hate, and I, for one, am soooooooo sick of hearing from deadbeats like you.

            It’s people like you who cause me to fear for our future.

          • JC

            Timmy is just another spoiled liberal child who’s immaturity has manifested itself in a deep rooted anger towards “whitey”.
            (aka, a racist)
            Feel free to ignore this child until he grows up and has something substantial to contribute.

          • I’m just sayin

            Long line at the welfare office today? Or was it the food stamp office? Somethings got your panties in a wad. The way you rant about insignificant issues like peoples spelling, reminds me of the dumbiso character.

          • timr

            NONE of you have answered my questions as to WHY you spew such hatred towards Obama………You can’t answer it , because your’e so caught up in your rants about socialism, communism, Marzism………..birtherism……..and all of that unintellectual name dropping…………..All of your right wing FAKE Patriotism………..and guess what…… doesn’t surprise me that you can’t spell Puerto Rico, because like MANY Americans today, you are void of any intelligence……………as you follow egg-heads like Sarah Palin………….I brought up one simple element, that I’ve seen in these Posts, and none of you will confront it………..You call Obama an animal, you question his citizenship, and who his Parents are…… constantly bring up the fact that he is “different” than you, just to scare people into worrying, that this Country is changing demographically and ethnically…….and it SCARES ALL of you…………..I will tell you, that I have disagreed with Obama’s foreign policy, and the continued failed Policy in the Middle East……….I did not agree with his Policy of the bailouts, as I didn’t when “W” started it……….I DID agree with Healthcare reform, because I have a 21 year old son, who’s been battling Chrones’ Disease since he was 11……..and almost went Bankrupt, even though I HAVE… Health Insurance…………….What I hear from you people is selfishness………..selfish, that you don’t have the capacity to help your fellow Americans. while people in this Country are losing their Homes, because they can’t pay their Medical Bills……….yet we can build communitites in Iraq…………or that we are paying EVERYDAY because many Americans don’t have Health Insurance………Have any of YOU been denied coverage, because of a technicality in your health History???……….GOD forbid that any of you or someone in your Family, gets gravely ill, and your Healthcare coverage just STOPS, because your Insurance Company refuses to pay it…………..I’m hearing all of this ideology about Government and it’s role……..well what about the money we’ve spent overseas…..when there are many problems at Home…………what about holding Wall Street accountable for their “syndicate” style of screwing investors…….???……….You talk about Patriotism?……what about taking care of Soldiers when they come back from their 3rd tour of Duty………….Is it unamerican, to wanting to keep Jobs from going overseas, while our Manufacturing base is virtually GONE…………..???…..You might be surprised to hear, that I have Family members who served in Wars………..and that it’s our DUTY as americans, to question our government, when they use their Power to send young men & women overseas, to a War that can’t be won……….Are we to support blindly, policies of our Politicians…….even though they have NO idea what they are getting into???………….I agreed with Bush, when he sent troops to Aphganistan…….but IRAQ?…….was personal for him, and conmplete BLUNDER, and quite possibly the Worst foreign Policy move in our History……..Does that mean I can’t support the troops??……..WE HAVE TO support our soldiers, no matter what our Politicians get them into………….You see guys, I have opinions on things OTHER than racial issues………….I question my Government, but I’m not paranoid of it’s takeover, like the Timothy McVeigh’s or Militias do……….I question abuse of Power WHEREEVER it is, and I don’t assume that either the Government OR Big Business has our best interests in mind all of the time…………..I appreciate the ability to express my views, and THAT is one of the most single things that make this Country GREAT……..but I will question this country, when she loses sight of it’s meaning, and I won’t wave the flag around, for the sake of waving the Flag around…………….I f I appeared angry and devisive, it’s because I don’t like the way this President has been attacked ethnically…….I think Obama has done well NOT dragging race into the fold, minus his speech on race during the campaign (which everyone should see, becasue it was brutally honsest)………As I’ve said before, Foreign Policy is HUGE for me, and I voted for George Bush I, because of his views on the subject, and how he understood the Limits of American power……

            As you all voice your opinions, either Left or right, I will just caution all of you, to walk in the shoes of people that don’t have what you have, and trust me, they are right here in this Country, as evidenced by Katrina……….Just walk in other’s shoes before you claim to know what they are going through…………God Bless all of you, and if I’ve offended ANY of ou, it was not my intent………..God Bless this Great Nation……………

          • timr

            I know you are all tired of me, but I will say one more thing…….Regarding immigration and Mexico??…….My feeling is that BOTH Democrats and Republicans have avoided this issue for Political reasons………and although I DID not agree with the new Arizona Law…… least maybe it will FORCE us to finally do something about this problem……….It’s a difficult ussie, but as I said earlier in my long post, about walking-in-other-peoples-shoes….???……..I don’t live in a Border State, so I don’t know the full scope of the problem……..JANA, if you had to move because of it, then I can’t judge as to why, because I live in Milwaukee, and YOY and your husband had to do what was best for YOU…I respect that……………These are desparate people that come over here from Mexico, and it’s hard because they are RIGHT on our Border, and we can’t look away from the problem, like, say, people coming over from a far off land………..We have EVERY right to control our Borders, but PLEASE, don’t attack ALl Mexicans that want a better future, because they’re Government has outright FAILED them……………It’s a tough issue, and I don’t envy those who live in Arizona or Texas, or even Nevada I just hope these bone-headed politicians (on BOTH sides of the Aisle), will get off their back-ends, and do something………….”Give us your tired, your poor, your huddled Masses”………..but just not AlL at once…………..


          • Louis

            Don’t know if it’s worth wasting my time replying, because you have missed the point the first hundred times people here have told you this:
            IT IS NOT ABOUT OBAMAS RACE!! IT IS ABOUT his liberal, progressive, socialist policies! Personally we don’t care if he’s black, white, red, or purple! It’s his liberal supporters like you that keep trying to turn it into a race issue, because you can’t defend his socialist policies to us! (You, and liberals like you always resort to Alinskis’ rules when you can’t address the issues at hand)

            Secondly, as far as the birth certificate issue that you keep trying to defend: McCain produced his B.C. (C.O.L.B.) when his citizenship was questioned. If you want to make it about race, then why does the white man have to prove his citizenship, and not the black man? Why does the black man get a free pass on this issue? Does this make me a racist? I doubt it because I am black.

            If you answer nothing else, try and answer this:
            Why has obama spent $1.4 to $1.8 million dollars on lawyers and legal fees to keep his C.O.L.B. hidden?
            And don’t try and tell us that the document that Obama has posted online is proof that he was born in the U.S. It is not a certificate of live birth! It is proof of nothing! It only fools people who don’t know the difference between the two documents.

            Why doesn’t Obama just show his C.O.L.B. and put this issue to rest once and for all?

          • Jana

            My next door neighbors, some of the finest people I know are Mexicans. The husband and children speak very good English but the wife is from Mexico and speaks limited English. But she is a beautiful and precious lady and learning more English every day. She is assmimilating as an American. They have really good kids and I feel I am lucky to have such good neighbors.

            The ones before that were too. I happened to have been very good friends with Olga and Jose and even knew and liked both sets of their parents. We visited back and forth with them all of the time. We went to Jose’s daddy’s funeral. He was such a good man, and we all miss him very much.
            When I lived on the border some of my very best friends were Mexicans. So no, I don’t hate them or anyone actually. I was just stating that there is a problem, and it is a bad problem, and a lot of us, Mexican as well as ‘whites’ suffered greatly with all of the illegals coming over. These illegals who are bad, don’t discriminate, they steal from anybody.

          • kate8

            timr, I am tired of you because it’s impossible to have any meaningful dialogue with someone who is angry, rants and raves, name-calls and casts accustions around. You obviously suffer from rage because of what you perceive as life’s injustices, and are not happy with your own life, so you lash out at those with whom you disagree.

            You make a lot of assumptions about others on this blog, like we are all wealthy and come from happy, upper-crust families, have never had to suffer and have no real problems. You think your problems are so much worse than anyone else’s, and life has been unfair to you.

            timr, you are seriously disturbed. You feel the need to defend Obama, spewing racist accusations at those of us who oppose his policies on principle, while making hateful and racist remards toward people like Sarah Palin and, in fact, us, too.

            You are so far off the mark that I can’t even tell you. I would venture to say that every one of us has had our tragedies, heartaches, sickness, loss and struggles, same as you. Perhaps we have found ways of coping, like faith in something greater than ourselves. Maybe we choose to dwell on what is good instead of what we can’t control in our lives. Maybe we use hardship to make us stronger. Maybe we choose not to blame others for what life has dealt.

            There is no use trying to explain anything to you. You are too messed up inside. Until you learn to accept responsibility for your own life, you will always be an angry man, and you will push people away. The only way to make life better is to make ourselves better, and that means some serious soul-searching. And asking for help.

            I hope you find a way to come to terms with your anger, or it will destroy you.

          • tim

            Kate8, you would be surprised to know, that I’m happily married with 2 sons in College, a good job……I’m doing fine…………but what you have to realize, is that, when I first came on this Blog, and I see posts that are questioning Obama’s legitimacy as President, and question where he came