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Arizona Republicans In Favor Of Removing Inscriptions From 9/11 Memorial

April 1, 2011 by  

Arizona Republicans in favor of removing inscriptions from 9/11 memorialA State Senate committee in Arizona has advanced a bill that calls for the removal of inscription panels from a Sept. 11 memorial.

The legislation, if approved, would eliminate 11 inscriptions from a steel visor that partially circles the memorial located near Arizona's State Capitol, according to The Associated Press. Among the messages in question are panels that read "foreign-born Americans afraid," "Must bomb back" and "you don't win battles of terrorism with more battles."

On March 29, the Senate Appropriations Committee voted 8-4 to send the measure to the full Senate. The panel voted along party lines as Republicans supported the bill.

"This is a memorial. This is like a gravestone. It shouldn't have controversy," said State Representative John Kavanagh (R-Fountain Hills), quoted by the news source. "It divides us and it needs to be put to an end."

The memorial was dedicated in 2006, on the fifth anniversary of the terrorist attacks. In 2008, the House passed legislation to remove all of the inscriptions and replace them with a timeline of events that occurred on Sept. 11, 2001. It failed in the Senate.

According to the Yuma Sun, State Senator Al Melvin (R-Tucson), said that controversial inscriptions take away from the purpose of the memorial, adding that it should contain only "patriotic, pro-American words."

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  • Jeremy Leochner

    I agree. A memorial to the 9/11 victims should not contain any distinction of nationality or include suggestions of vengence or retribution. It is a symbol of honoring the dead and to honor that place of their memory with courtesy and respect. Calling for vengence is not in the spirit of a memorial. There is a time and a place for such feelings. It is wrong because it suggests that somehow the dead are in favor of what the plaque says- without definite confirmation. Its little different than putting words in the mouths of the deceased. Better to save ones views for the argument one makes on their own rather than through one who cannot speak in support or rebuff.

    • always right

      “..victims should not contain any distinction of nationality or include suggestions of vengence or retribution. It is a symbol of honoring the dead and to honor that place of their memory with courtesy and respect. Calling for vengence is not in the spirit of a memorial. ” So Jeremy and ML, in your minds then, the Pearl Harbor Memorial over the US Arizona would be wrong because it mentions the Japanese? WTF is wrong with you sissy-la-la people? Since when it it wrong to name the pepetrators of mass-murder as perpetrators of mass-murder & call to that society to mete out justice to same? You folks need to be packaged up in sea-land containers and shipped to someplace like Sudan or Syria to give you an understanding of what all this is about, since the mass-murder and memorials to the victims don’t quite reach through the purple-kool aid/0-bomb/progressive/liberal/demoncrap/moderate/Marxist/kumbaya fog. Sorry if we forget to ship them the key as well so they can unlock it when you get there.

      • Jeremy Leochner

        Always right I can perhaps concede it necessary to mention the ones responsible for the death however it is not necessary to mention that some of the victims were foreign born americans. To me they are just Americans. And I would say that a funeral or a memorial are not a time or place to be making political statments about those you hate. Would you go to a funeral of a soldier or murder victim and start saying how horrible it is and crying for vengence. It is neither the time nor the place for such matters. Its the same with a memorial. I am not saying we dont need to bring the murderers to justice but we dont need to discuss such matters on plaques meant to honor the dead. It is more respectful to them to act against those who we hate then to declare our hatred on the sight of a victims tomb or a memorial to tragedy.

        • Gary

          The murderers hide in the shadows and are rogue elements of govt who need flushing out.

    • Gordon

      It’s very very hard to learn and remember events that have wronged America if all your taught is milk and honey, I would never have survived Nam if all I’d of been taught was to just forgive and forget.

      • Jeremy Leochner

        Gordon Im not talking about forgiving or forgetting. What im saying is it is not necessary to put personal political statments or stances on memorials. Its not the right place for it. Im not saying lets ignore the ones who committed murder. What I am saying is lets not talk about it at the funeral or put it on the memorial. A memorial is supposed to be about the deceased-their lives and the date of their death, perhaps a description of the circumstances of their death, and their legacy. What should not be put on a memorial is what is basically personal wishs or desires. Are bombing and battles what the vitcims would have wanted. Would they have wished their names to be advocated in an act of revenge or retribution. No one can ever hear the victims speak up for themselves on these issues. By putting political statments on the memorial you are putting words in the mouths of the deceased. I think we should be honoring them not by using their memory as a battlecry for vengence but as examples of good people to be remembered . We should simply remember their lifes and sacrifices and to do them justice by finding the ones responsible for their loss and treat them as the common criminals they are. Justice not vengeance should be the way to honor them and to fullfill the desire to find some measure of peace in their loss. We dont need that on the memorial, we just need to do it.

        • Vigilant

          Jeremy, you’re 100% correct!

          • Jeremy Leochner

            Thank you for the compliment Vigilant.

  • M.L.

    I totally agree!!!

  • Doc Sarvis

    Republicans will stop at nothing to spend more money, even taking off what was approved to put onto a memorial.

    • JimH

      Doc, Unlike those frugal Democrats?

    • Fredsworld

      Doc, you mean unlike the Dumbocrats who only waste money on un- American issues, right?

      • bob wire

        hmm? well I thought that it sort of UnAmerican for the GOP Governor of Maine to just of late, remove a huge wall mural that adorned a public building because it displayed images of just too many American “working men and women” like Rosie the Riveter.

        AS a working man, I consider that a slap in the face by the GOP.

        How am I suppose to feel about it? ~ That this GOP governor is offering us smaller, less intrusive, thrifty government?

        • Ellen

          Those murals were removed because they are pro-union. Only 7% of private workers are unionized these days. 34% of public workers are unionized, which is a sham. Private workers had to band together years ago against greedy tycoons. That situation no linger exists, thus the numbers had dwindled. Who did public workers have to band together to fight against? No one. Public unions create work environments that stifle hard work and creativity. If you and all your coworkers are going to get a 2% raise, regardless of effort or ability, why work hard? Can you feel proud at the end of the day after doing mediocre work? I have worked in public and private sector jobs and the private sector was far more rewarding.

          • Eddie47d

            I have seen pictures of those murals and they are hardly pro union but more pro worker accomplishments. What men and women have done to forge a better America through hard work. I have also seen too many union workers who go above and beyond to get the job done and take pride in their work. The anti union crowd have been callous on their contributions.

          • karolyn

            eddie, I’ve seen those murals too in old buildings. They are beautiful.

        • JC

          Stalin made a practice of erecting murals and statues like that.

          • always right

            so in your mind, “Stalin erected murals so therefore, all murals are Stalinist”? So did the ancient Egyptians, Babylonians, Aztecs, Maya, Incas, and the evil Christian and Catholic churches.

    • Doc Sarvis

      I’ve never claimed that Democrats don’t spend money. Many on this site do seem to believe that Republicans are all about saving money which is an astonishing and unwarrented belief.

      • JimH

        I agree Doc. Those house Republicans that the Dems accuse of wanting to make “draconian” cuts to the budget, still aren’t cutting enough.

      • Harold Olsen

        Neither the Democrats nor the Republicans are really interested in saving money and cutting spending. I find it amazing how naive people are about politicians. All politicians want to do is spend money. As has been said many times before: Democrat or Republican. Two sides of the same coin. They are interchangeable.

        • http://?? Joe H.

          I like the bill introduced by a blue dog that says all congs and reps won’t get paid while the gov is shut down!!! Apparently there is a dem once in a great while that has some common sense!!!

        • http://ObamatheFirst Bob M

          As a friend of mine once told me , “You have to look at the word, Poli meaning “many” and tics as in “blood sucking insects.” And there you have your basic definition of today’s politician.

    • Ellen

      The problem here is that the Democrats wasted the money by putting up inappropriate wording. The Republicans are trying to fix their mess, which will require spending money again. If it had been done appropriately to begin with, it wouldn’t need to be changed.

      • Eddie47d

        “Must bomb back” isn’t necessarily a Democrat slogan after 9/11 so what are you referring to?

    • Mary

      Ah, yes, but approved by whom?

    • (WIA) Wild Indian in Action

      [offensive post removed]

      • Doc Sarvis

        You seem rather obsessed with certain acts of debauchery. You need a different hobby.

        • http://?? Joe H.

          And you seem to be the only one Aroused by it!!!

  • joseph p bell

    I believe you should name the “heroes” ,before and after ::::BEFORE ” BUSH

    cheneyrumsfeldslineyleidigwolfowitzfeithricehadleykennedyscaliacardgonzalesMUELLERMARCUSGORELICK AND :::<WILMER HALEDORR CUTLER PICKERING , TATATATATA
    PRESENTED BY (JOKES ON USa 2001 to 20011 )

  • Edwin Mack

    It can’t be a Memorial if it has negative sayings on it. It should be of the good things done, being done and going to be done in the future; positive things, positive people.Because it is on American soil it should be in the English language, the language of America, the United States.

    • always right

      yet more sissy-la-la stuff. So for a medal of honor winner “he kept his yard nice and patted his doggie on the head often” would be an appropriate memorial phrase to honor such a man? Jeeez dude! Don’t those panty hose get itchy in the summer? When did we become a nation of Oprah-watching women?

  • Harold Olsen

    I hope this legislation passes.

  • Steve Coy

    Hey Doc you and your Liberal’s listen up. This Obamanation you idiots Elected (the Illegal Half Breed Radical MUSLIM America Hater) has spent more money and put us in more DEBT and increased our National DEBT by Trillions, has spent more in the last 2 years than the last 5 Presidents combined. The Obamanation still has the real unemployment rate at 15-18% and is raising TAXES at an unpresidented rate destroying jobs and the middle class. The Democommies are saying that $61 Billion out of $3.7 Trillion is a draconian amount, I say you and all Democommies should take your 41 Million Illegals and all move to Mexico or a Communist country of your choice. You and the Liberals are too stupid to be allowed to live in my Country. Steve Coy VN 67-68

    • Mary

      Finally, a voice of reason!

      • Eddie47d

        If Steve is a voice of reason then I feel extremely sorry for you and this nation. Murf; I think Steve is making that popping noise and you are popping right along with him.

        • (WIA) Wild Indian in Action

          [offensive post removed]

        • (WIA) Wild Indian in Action

          [Offensive post removed]

        • always right

          dEaD47, your presidential pretender and president of the fan club of riders of the purple rumps, has spent 3/4 of a trillion+ so far in Libya, supporting the muslim brotherhood and al qaeda & that is in just the last 2 weeks. You know, “al qaeda”; the people who killed @ 3000 Americans a few years back and are still killing them in Afghanistan and Iraq: those guys? So, do you want to lecture the right some more on fiscal& social responsibility?

          • Eddie47d

            Always; Since I was remarking on Steve’s comment about half breed Muslim/America hater and 41 million illegals which were all lame and uncalled for comments. You seem to be defending him or maybe it was WIA you went to bat for. What did Steve’s comment have to do with 9/11 or their slobber?

    • Dave

      Not to mention the 10-30% unemployment in places like Detroit and other auto centers in the Rust Belt.

    • S.C.Murf

      Give em hell steve VN 68, 69, 70

      up the hill

  • barbm

    i fail to see why arizona or any other state except n.y. needed to spend money on a memorial. we don’t all have memorials to the ok. city bombing. one where the 9/11 events, including the plane crashes, occurred, should be enough. this is how all the states got into the financial mess they’re all in. they throw money away on stupid stuff. no disrespect intended to the victims regardless of race or nationality, but we need services and teachers more than we need memorials.

    • http://?? Joe H.

      We have a memorial to 9/11 here in Eastlake Ohio. It has some of the actual steel from the New York site. It is supposed to be sure that nobdy forgets! Too many are forgetting it too easily! I see nothing wrong with the memorials as long as the cities can afford them and at the time ours was put in, we could!!

      • Dan az

        Joe I AGREE we to could afford it before obummer took office!

  • http://ObamatheFirst Bob M

    I saw the other day that our dear pres “O” has officialy announced that he is running for a second term and it said that he has already ammassed almost half a billion dollars in his campaign fund. I wonder where that money is coming from? Surely not from the union coffers filled by USA loving union members, after all I’ve been told that they have a say in where their money is spent, Hmmmmmm??


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