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Arizona Law Still Popular Among Many Americans

June 23, 2010 by  

Arizona law still popular among many AmericansAs the Federal government tries to mount a legal challenge to the controversial Arizona immigration law, a new poll has found that a majority of Americans continue to support the measure, in line with some of the early polls that were conducted shortly after it was passed in April.

According to a newly released Washington Post-ABC poll, a total of 58 percent of respondents support the law, which would give local police new powers to demand ID from individuals who they "reasonably suspect" of being in the United States illegally.

The news source specifies that the survey further found that Republicans and independents are the strongest supporters of the bill, while Democrats—especially those who belong to minority groups—are most adamantly against it.

The poll also suggests that slightly more than half of Americans disapprove of President Obama’s handling of border control issues.

Ever since the bill passed and was signed into law by Governor Jan Brewer, civil rights advocates have warned it may open the door to racial profiling of minorities and may thus be unconstitutional.

Despite the uproar and mounting legal challenges, it is expected to come into effect at the end of July. ADNFCR-1961-ID-19847632-ADNFCR

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  • r.a. watson, tasmania.

    There is no debate, homosexual marriages should not be recognised. It makes a mockery of marriage. All what is happening is that you are adding to the decadence of the US. It will do nothing to build the country up.

    • http://personalliberty Richard La Fata


      • http://naver samurai

        First, settle down! Second, don’t forget that our founding fathers believed in God, so what’s your point about being a Bible freak? Are you one of those stupid atheist types? Let’s not talk about the muslims, it isn’t the topic at hand. Do you support what Arizona is doing? Do you think your state should do the same thing?

  • A.White

    I think that the Arizona Law is great…we have way too many Americans that are without jobs right now and we have these people who are here illegaly. Yes America was considered the Melting Pot but the people who came over before did things the right way. These people crossing the boarder are not. It would be a different story if they chose to come over here and get in America the correct way.

    • E. Roberts

      I think the Arizona law is wonderful, not because I am against immigration, simply because if folks want to come here, let them do it legally. It’s not my job to support every Tom, Dick, and Mary who wants to come to the US, I have enough to do to support my own family. The USA is a country, it has laws and borders for a reason. I say, “Hurray for Arizona” – there are still some common sense government type people out there. Stand firm.

  • B. J. Richardson

    I fully support what Gov. Brewer and my fellow Americans have done in Arizonia. If the idiots on the hill would get off their butts and follow the LAW we would not be having this issue.

    • John Brubaker

      I hardily agree with B. J. Richardson’s comment Arizona should not have had to pass such a law. Immagration laws should be enforced by the Federal Government. I really don’t understand their thinking on this issue. They have allowed the illegals to come in here and work like we still had a manuacturing economy and needed lots of low priced labor. Yes I said allowed! How many times has, I think it’s HWY 5, in Southern Calfornia was closed down in broad daylight because there so many illegals coming across the border that they caused a traffic hazard. I would really love for someone to tell me why the Border Patrol was not out there to stop them, and this did not just once or twice it happened many times.

      • I M

        The reason Arizona was forced to create their own law was because the Obama administration does not want to stop the illegals. This way he can give them amnesty and get a whole bunch of votes for himself the next election.

        • Martha

          I agree. Obama wants to be a one world president and he can’t do it if he doesn’t give amnesty to all of the illegals in our country. Unfortunately that also gives amnesty to some terrorists that found their way via Mexico too, I’m afraid. There is a reason why Obama doesn’t seem bothered by his low approval ratings: He believes that he can “fix” the next election to become the ONLY candidate by first, amnesty to all. Then he’ll grant voting rights to all prisoners (regardless of state laws), then he’ll reapportion the districts with his fixed census results to make sure areas that are predominately democrat will pick up lots more representation. There we have it! Just like any other third world country (that he’s close to making ours) where he changes all laws and like always ignores any law he doesn’t want to follow and just goes off and does his own thing. Mr World Dictator take your Throne!

          That’s why I think the mid-term elections are so very important. If we can change a very large number of sycophants of Obama’s then with some persons with huge amounts of common sense, we can wipe out a lot of his most unfortunate laws and mistakes he’s made so he’ll not have a second term to go on beating us all down with his elitist socialism and progressivism. It just might save us all and our way of living and working in our country.

          • Martha

            Oh, did I forget to say that I lived in Arizona for many years and know many persons there that are scared out of their boots? If Texas would just follow suit (yes, I lived there for over 25 years too) it’d make a start to closing down the open border this Washington crowd has given them.

            Wonder if, with all the screaming about all of the “unfair” number of minority race criminals in prisons (even though they did the crimes) if they don’t see that even more of them will be there with the free flow (make that PROTECTED free flow) of even more drugs will just up the number in our prisons until they’ll just overflow with ‘em?

  • Colo43

    Obama and his dishonest democratic crew want them in,Its votes to secure their positions.
    It does not matter how much more $$$ is spent on supporting them with benefits and welfare payments.
    all they know is, its beneficial to their rotten cause.
    We need to remove them all- to many years in office for the majority of them, they look down on the American public as pe’ons, and vote against us every bend in the road.
    out with The “Devil” and his lot.

  • C.Carrion

    I strongly support the Arizona law and hope the governor does not back down. We are law enforcement in our home, and what they don’t tell you is a large (over 30%) of the inmates in our prison system are illegal aliens. They are also afforded free health care through our emergency rooms, they’re children receive free education. They are not coming here to help ‘build’ our country, if they were they would do what immigrants in the past did, they would go through the proper channels to obtain their citizenship, they would learn the language and the way of life here. They would not fly their old countries fly above ours. The individuals this law is aiming at are the drug and gun runners, human traffickers, and those that help terrorists slip through our borders unchecked. It doesn’t help that the president and his administration refuse to let the border patrols have access to the federal lands that these people are using at an alarming rate to gain access to this country.

    • artinthewild

      I live 3 miles from the Border of Mexico. Many of the Americans of Mexican descent agree with Arizona. They have nothing to hide. As for profiling, I don’t see how that can be helped. It would be a waste of time to ask for an ID from me, this is when the air lines are forced to pull old ladies out to search them to keep from profiling the Arabs and other mid eastern people. You know it is all this political correctness that is ruining our country. I am sick and tired of that. Get real, our country is being ruined by that.

      • I M

        Artinthewild You got that right.

  • lowell lantry

    az should counter sue the obama gang for not inforceing our countrys law`s .go az it`s time all states folllow suit!

    • J. E. Neal

      HERE, HERE!!! My sympathies exactly. The Clinton, Bush and Obama administrations should all have been sued for not fulfilling their responsibilites to protect the citizens of the US. I am so tired of each successive president whining about the previous one. If they wanted to whine why did they take the job????

  • Al Sieber

    I’m glad our governor signed this bill into law, but I fear the Obama admin. is gonna file a lawsuit against Ariz. these are not the same people that came here for work, these are violent criminals. do you believe most border checks are 60 miles N. of the border? I can’t believe they’re letting this happen in the USA. I think all hell is gonna break loose here soon.

    • JC

      I’m with you Al.
      I had a good chuckle this morning on the way to work.
      An F350 pulling a good sized camper trailer passed me and on the back there was a bumper sticker that said (in really big letters)

      “If OBAMA is the Answer
      It must have been a REALLY STUPID Question”

      I chuckled for the next 10 minutes over that one :)

  • s c

    Watch your backs, Arizonans. When you try to do the job that government REFUSES to do, you’d better assume that you have targets on your backs. When you make a prez look bad [NO ONE can make that clown look 'good'], media types will line up to use free speech against you.
    As far as I’m concerned, go for the throat, Arizona. You have nothing to lose, and neither do the other states. UNCLE SCAM IS INSANE. To hell with what this administration ‘thinks.’ They couldn’t think their way out of a toilet, let alone get things done in a timely fashion OR protect the Constitution.
    Unless or until you get hundreds of trained military personnel on your southern border, stick a fist in Uncle Scam’s face, and tell the BASTARD that crap works BOTH ways. This is AMERICA, and it’s trime for traitors and their pals to crawl under a rock. UP with Arizona, and DOWN with Washington.

    • Al Sieber

      Just heard on Ariz. news that they’re sniping law enforcement officers from the other side of the border. the officers are told not to go out alone. this really pi$$es me off that this president would let police officers and civilians be murdered to further his goals. he is a sorry pathetic traitor to the U.S.

  • bobinpa.

    J.E. NEAL- Thank You for bringing up Bush and McCain. I voted for both of them, because the alternative was “UN-AMERICAN”. But BOTH of them have to take their share of the blame for what is happening on our Southwest Border. I changed my voting registration from Republican to Conservative. I want Pennsylvania to adopt Gov. Jen Brewers Arizona Law. I can’t believe that some people equate the Criminal, Parasite, Scum coming across that border to the Immigrants that came to our beloved country in the early part of the last century. And this useless Raghead Commie, POS we have in the White House now, we don’t even know if he’s an American. Those Illegal
    aliens coming across from Mexico are Foreign Nationals. If they have a weapon they should be Shot.

  • Bill Kay

    Points to be made. #1 the govt/regime wants it this way. # 2 It will never change until the regime is changed. #3 the overall plan is SOCIALISM /worse . # 4 the method is bankrupt the U.S.A . SUPPORT SB 1070 , all states should adopt this new law . The country is being undermined from from every angle, look at the broder picture , exactely what is going right sience our savior has taken power, ha get an idia , in short this is Bull crapola , we must fight to take our country back before there is nothing to trake back.

  • Bill Kay

    Thats broader picture, and nothing to take back. sorry about that. No MERCY GET THIS SLUDGE OUT OF THE GOVT AND THE U.S.A.

  • bobinpa.

    “SOCIALISM” is a philosophy of FAILURE, the creed of IGNORANCE, and the gospel of envy. Its inherent virtue is the equal sharing of MISERY.

    • CathieO

      Wow! Good one. I’m writing that down!

  • thefedupamerican

    Yes polls are still with Arizona…in spite of a relentless campaign by the Obama administration, his alcolytes in the “social justice” biz and his media syncophants claiming that Arizonans are RACIST! Send money to the AZ defense fund today!

  • Rick

    I heard that Mexico is filing a lawsuit to challenge the Arizona law. I believe that Arizona should compromise and adopt the Mexican immigration laws verbatum, which are ten times more draconian than the Arizona law. If the law is identical to theirs, then they should have no objections. That is known as reciprocity.

  • M.L.

    you are so right Rick. Bobinpa also mentioned unamerican, how true. For instance when it comes to the border, it dosen’t seem to matter that 2,000 Americans are being murdered per year by the illegals,something that does not faze Obummer, HE NEEDS HIS VOTES that’s all that matters. And the McCrystal deal, well let’s see when he asked for more troops because our men and women were being killed it took Obummer four months to respond with less troops than were asked for. The Louisiana disaster took him nine days to even respond and on and on. But insult him and he jumps on it immediately.

  • Fred Andethel

    We commend you,brave Arizonans for standing up against this oppressive regime.They are posing as defenders of illegal aliens while trampling on the rights of the law abiding citizens of your state-solely for the purpose of bartering for democratic votes.Citizens who love this nation have spoken out in support of Arizona from coast to coast.It is time for the state governments to stand up and show solidarity with Arizona before this president abuses his authority by attempting to legalize those who show utter contempt for the sovereignty of the United States.

  • Charles Walts

    Every city, county, and state in the union needs to start playing Obama’s game — overwhelm and conquor — by passing legislation that will put an end to illegal immigration. Obama refuses to take action to protect our borders because he thinks he will lose in his bid to grant amnesty to 20 million illegal scofflaws. He’s trying to hold Arizona, and America, hostage to his grandiose “Comprehensive Immigration Reform” ideas. It’s another one of his infamous BP shakedowns. Like Fremont, NE, “We the People” can make the jobs dry up by requiring e-verify. We can make the illegal aliens go home by denying all of the social services they seek but are not entitled to. Obama and our federal government will not act so the collective states should. WE can get it done!

  • Otto Johansen

    I was thinking that maybe what Arizona (and any other state, for that matter) should do with the illegal aliens they collect is ship them all to Washington DC. Maybe then those bums in the government will begin to get a clue about what kind of problem we have in this country. As long as the rest of us only gripe, nothing will change.

  • M.L.

    here, here!!!! let’s tell the illegal aliens they are not going to pay a small fine if they the DUMB GOV. tries to keep them here, instead each state wants reembersement of the billions they owe us.

  • M.L.

    sorry i got a little exciuted, mean t toi write reimbursement.

  • http://none Henry Stumpf

    Those Americans who know what “ILLEGAL” means are for Arizona.
    The rest????????????

  • ticked off

    Hillery wants to sue AZ, she said it over in another country the other day, she is with the mexicans and they will take over the country.Clinton helped get this country the way it is, spending money like there was no tomorrow and allowing the aliens in giving them all kinds of Gov.programs but let a white American try to get on the programs no way can you..The Social Security was invented for seniors not the way it is being used now.We all forget that.The seniors need to be givien back this money that rightfully belongs to them and not the aliens that come in here.I say good for AZ.. I am all for them they have my backing 1000%..

  • Vladimir Rasshivkin


  • robert tubear

    i am all for closeing the borders unless they want to come here the right way. besides it will help national security and help cut down on drugs comeing in

  • Robin, Arcadia, IN

    Arizonians, you are a brave bunch. Stand strong. You have a lot of support from other states.

  • J.M.R.


    • JC

      Ditto for Mexico.


    This new ruling on Barry’s oil moratorium is a bit of a set back for the boy but you can bet he plans on giving those no good Az. rabble rousers a good piece of his weak mind in the Supreme Court about how he wants to amnetize those useless ilegal friends of his.

    Do you really think them folks in Kenya want this little snit back in their country?

  • Randy Goeman

    The ONLY reason they are suing Arizona IS because WE are doing THEIR job!!!

  • Matt Levine

    Arizona has the right idea.
    Let’s see, illegal immigrants…ILLEGAL means CRIMINAL!!!
    The liberal thinking folks want to grant amnesty to these
    LEACHES on our tax dollars while these leaches STEAL jobs from
    LEGAL Americans who are jobless. Arrest these people, jail
    them for a year, send them home WITH OUT HOPE OF RETURNING TO
    THE COUNTRY THEY ROBBED!!! My very left wing Mom would have my
    hide. Can you tell what side of the fence I’m on? I am NOT
    heartless but I am upset about the government supporting
    ILLEGAL activities while we, the legals, can not get the
    services WE need!!! Obama needs to be impeached, drawn,
    quartered, imprisoned, then shot for TREASON!!!
    Ok, maybe a bit harsh, but his entire administration just
    needs to GO AWAY like… YESTERDAY!!! Even he is an illegal
    alien and constitutionally ineligible for the office of president!!!
    Tax/spend tax/spend tax/spend tax/spend tax/spend tax/spend tax/spend tax/spend tax/spend tax/spend tax/spend tax/spend tax/spend tax/spend tax/spend tax/spend tax/spend tax/spend tax/spend tax/spend tax/spend tax/spend tax/spend tax/spend tax/spend tax/spend tax/spend tax/spend tax/spend tax/spend tax/spend tax/spend tax/spend tax/spend tax/spend tax/spend tax/spend tax/spend tax/spend tax/spend tax/spend tax/spend tax/spend tax/spend tax/spend


    Get the concept???

  • M.L.

    I guess Obummer thinks wed won’t notice in the midst of the McCrystal problem our sneaky sob leader is going to give an immediate equivalent to amnesty for millions of illegals. as said just now on Fox news. It is being done by him not the congress or so it was said. I can’t believe this since Arizona is under sniper fire right now.

  • Arlington Kennedy

    ILLEGAL means Against the Law, is that hard to understand? Trespassing is illegal, if Illegal means against the Law then all of the illegals in Arizona and the United States are breaking the Law by Trespassing which is illegal and if your illegal you are trespassing, which is against the law. I know it is confusing for the Liberals, but bear with me as I try to define “it”

  • CathieO

    We can also thank Bush for the “North American Security and Prosperity
    Partnership Agreement.” That sounded so benign, & passed in almost silence, except for Lou Dobbs pointing it out. The real plan is to
    disolve the US (& any Constitution we thought we had protecting us),
    into a continental union with Mexico & Canada. The Mexican invasion has not gone quite as smoothly as they hoped, since they are bringing in such a nasty criminal element. They want “North America” to be like the European Union, just another unit of their dream world government. We are supposed to be so dumbed down from our Fed. Gov. education that we don’t notice this. Arizona is on the front lines of the real war! They have conned all of our strongest to volunteer for wars overseas, in some endless, meaningless nonsense, so they won’t be here where we really need them. But thanks to Jan, Arizona
    has taken the bull by the horns. Now that’s leadership! I wouldn’t
    mind seeing her as our next president, running with Bobby Jindle. Those two are tackling America’s most serious problems without
    any help from “the golfer.” He is NOT serving US! He is serving the
    Globalist agenda, bring America down to serfdom, & convince us to helplessly go along with the One World Fascist control freaks.
    Americans were so beaten up after the first Great Depression, that they gave up their gold, and trusted elitist banksters to save us with their slick money changing game. We are now the slave power behind the dollar, while they grow ever richer. Thank God for the awakening.

  • M.L.

    Cathy O, YOU ARE SO RIGHT. Maybe we should tell our sick President that if he plans to to this he had better be planning to send every able man and woman of these aliens to all the war zones in place of our spent, physically and mentally American to do their share and at least earn their keep. none of them will ever pay a fine, and we know it. Frankly I do believe the Americans will never except them as real Americans as they didn’t earn their citizenship the right way, and that could put a strain on the good people that worked hard to come here the right way. Maybe they should think about that and help us stop it from happening.

  • B. Trahan

    YES ,I whole heartedly agree with Arizona! I THINK THE U.S. SHOULD TAKE A PAGE FROM ARIZONA’S BOOK!!

  • http://gmail i41

    My son in AZ, really gets tired of the liberal dinks that knock Sherriff Joe, he has delivered to the prison supplies and every day he says the mexicans are demostationing and throwing rocks. The mayor of Pheonix is a illegal lover and a democrat retard. I think all states should create the same law as AZ and use the same prison systems, all the way to the Canadain border. In the military you get survior training with artic sleeping bags and tents. We would find just how damn tough the gang bangers think are, but they would probably be all butt buddies any way, Blarney Flanks problably want week long hearing to check the conditions with Omoron and other questional Congress persons. Hillary, Kaghan and SC sitter Sordamoron would have meetings in the womens prisons. Every prison should have to be self sufficent, they will not gyms to practice free throws or weight benches like their socialist muslim hero Onumnut. Also they will stay in busy, for 8 hr rotations, 8 on, 8 off, and 8 on, This will cut down on bordoom and probably even drug use. Idle hands just creates problems and we are sick of the luxury vacation prison attitude. Tell ACLU to go swing on a rope or taste test a shotgun!

  • http://facebook Marie Christiansen

    Let’s stop fooling around with this. The Govt did not do their job. There is also a Fed. Law that says if govt does not do their job the states are allowed to take care of the situation. The govt has been slack on this law. Our country is in a bad way and a lot of it is because we are shoving money out for illegals. They receive more then our poor legals. People that want this law should have to pay extra taxes to take care of the illegals. I DON’T WANT TO PAY FOR THEM, DO YOU? President’s have gathered and shipped them home during bad economies as many as 15M, what’s holding us up SHIP THEM HOME, YOU DO GOODERS ARE WELCOME TO PAY FOR THEM IF YOU WANT THEM, NOT ME. m.

  • http://yahoo Russell woody

    It is more than votes Obama has plans takeing this country away from you and I.Find one of his school buddie`s They or he well tell.I did.

  • Scotty

    I am a senior citizen, (in my 70′s) I vote, and I am sure glad I didn’t vote for the socialist s.o.b. who’s doing his damndest to take down MY country. I was born here, and I feel bad amout my kids and my grandchildren, who soon may not have a free country to live in. Hell,It COULD go under even before I croak. Hope not… Get out the vote for anyone whose NOT an incumbent. Give a new bunch a chance to SAVE the country, This crowd has to go!

  • Howard Davis

    I was told an amazing story recently. Men in Mexico have left their Villages, telling their family they will find better paying jobs in the USA and wire money home. Now entire Villages are asking their local Priest too write too Priests in the USA & tell their Men too come back home. Sad but true, no money is being wired home & these Men have new families here in the USA with no desire too return home. We need to secure our borders…period.

  • http://gmail i41

    The socialist democrats and the marxist Omoron are trying to turn the USA, in to a EU dictator run country, in a few years. I am still waiting for the brainless socialists, that spout vomit on this site, to defend everything Omoron and anything the socialist democraps do or say. It is always a great part of the National Socialist Democrat Union Party code!

  • JC
  • mehoward

    When illegal aliens have the adacity to march in our streets waving the mexican flag demanding their rights its time to deport everyone of them. When I hear that you can’t deport 12 millions of people who are here
    illegally I say balderdash. I say make Sherrif Joe Arpio head of the
    ilegally alien deportation, I bet you would see a mass exodus back to
    mexico. It doesn’t make a difference to me who you are you come here illeaglly you are a criminal. Viva America (Long live America).Mehpensacola,fl

  • ashforkdan

    first amnesty then lift the borders then no constitution then one world order if you cant see it i feel sorry for you

    • Delores Smith

      Why are you feeling sorry for us? Are you on another planet?
      Delores Smith

  • Phillip Ridling

    Go ARIZONA uphold the immigration law.I live in OREGON and it’s been said on our tv news that there are OVER 200,000 ILLEGALS here. I don’t understand why nothing is being done to get them and deport them.Most people talk about ILLEGALS but ARIZONA seems to be the only STATE is doing something to uphold the law.Go get them.

  • Daniel

    I agree with the Governer. Perhaps she should ask for volunteers to help defend the border. We accepted the Mexican people because it was a win/win situation back than. Now they think they own the country or that the country owes them something. Where do they get that?
    They think they have the same rights as the people in our country. Some of them have been here forever and never tried to fill the paperwork to become American citizens, so it seems to me that they never wanted to be American citizens.

  • hundabuxt

    Malfeasance: wrongful conduct by a public oficial. This is what our so called “leaders” are guilty of. If a lawyer is found to be malfeasant, he usually loses his license to practice law. If a doctor is found guilty of wrongful conduct he loses his license to practice. These traitors in Washington smile and give us lip service telling how great they are while at the same time stabing us in the back. Millions of men and women have sacrificed for our freedom for more than 220 years. They earned it for US and we can’t allow their sacrifices to be profaned by these criminals in Washington. We have been sold out to wealthy special interests on many levels to include immigration. Our government does not want to stem the tide of illegals. Why is up for speculation. It might be political, as said here they have a long term plan for uniting North and South into a Euro type of power economically or it could be the very lucrative drug trade has bought them off. It might be all of these and more. The US is the beacon of freedom for the world. We have more economic potential than any place on earth if motivated properly. We have a duty to maintain the unique nature of America for our children and their children and to honor those who’ve risen to the challenge before us. Like the Greatest Generation, we have to rise to the call. It may not be a shooting WW2 type of sacrifice. I hope its not but nothing is off the table. We’re either Americans or we’re sheep blindly heading for the slaughter, to be known to history as the generation that lost America. Get off your asses and do something, even if its only to send a check to a political representative known to be a patriot and make sure he or she remains accountable. The system has corrupted elected officials before. If we don’t get the attention of our enemies in November we’ll have taken a giant step toward disaster.

  • http://Yahoo Larry Gentry

    The Law is very popular among the Legal Citizens of the US But Obama does not like it and it has to go even if 98% of the people want it Obama does not he backs the illegal’s and not the US Citizens and again he does not give a dam what the people want its all about him and his group of yes men and woman in his administration that bow to him several times a day and chant Obama Obama Obama long live Obama.

  • Delores Smith

    I think I am becoming very cruel. What do you think? When I heard that the government might refuse to arrest criminal illegals who are taken to I.C.E., it angered me. I thought…ok…take them to the border, and one at a time flip them over the so-called fence.
    Delores Smith

  • M.L.

    Legal or not does not seem to matter to Oboma. He is going to legalize everyone that is illegal in the country right now by executive order, which means just by the stroke of his pen, no one elsr need be involved. He certainly does thnink who the hell he is. The conress and the senate are asking him to explain. We really are in trouble, AMERICA AS WE KNOW IT WILL BE LOST.

  • bobinpa.

    Arlington Kennedy– Illegal is not confusing to Liberals, they KNOW exactly what this scum streaming across our borders are.But to them, they are future “ILLEGAL VOTES”. The same with the “Republicrats” {Thats why I’m now a Conservative} To them the scum is “FUTURE CHEAP LABOR” Which will cost, and is costing, Americans Jobs. The Libs don’t want Photo I.D.s for voting either. This crap has been going on since — er–uh–”Woodrow Wilson” and “Franklin Delano Roosevelt”

  • http://facebook Marie Christiansen

    Let’s stop screwing around with this. Federal Laws have not been upheld. Govt won’t do their job. There is also a Fed. Law that allows the states to take over when the govt does not do the job they are supposed to do. Huray to AZ. Our contry is in big trouble partly because of the money going to the ILLEGALS. LET’S TAKE CARE OF OUR CITIZENS AND GET RID OF ILLEGALS. THE PEOPLE THAT DO NOT WANT THE LAW SHOULD PAY EXTRA TAXES TO TAKE CARE OF THE ILLEGAS. Because the govt should stand up and do their job. I DO NOT FEEL RESPONSIBLE FOR THESE PEOPLE, I DO NOT WANT TO PAY FOR THEM, WHY SHOULD WE, THEY ARE LAW BREAKERS.

  • M.L.

    To mehoward, that’s right you certainly can deport 12 million mexicans. we deported 10 million,in the seventies. if we did it then we can do it now. Notice how they could care less about any other nationalities. perhaps because they have minds of their own when it comes to votes.

  • Bill J

    Take it easy, Delores! He doesn’t have the authority to grant amnesty unilateraly. If he tries the Supreme Court will slap him down just like he was on the Gulf drilling moritorium!


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