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Are You Ready For Taxmageddon?

May 25, 2012 by  

Are You Ready For Taxmageddon?
Prepare for Taxmageddon.

Thanks a lot, Congress. It looks like you’ve really stuck it to us again. This time, just sitting on your hands and doing nothing is going to cause the biggest tax increase in our Nation’s history.

On Feb. 18, The Washington Post reported:

On Dec. 31, the George W. Bush-era tax cuts are scheduled to expire, raising rates on investment income, estates and gifts, and earnings at all levels. … The Social Security payroll tax will pop back up to 6.2 percent from 4.2 percent… And new Medicare taxes enacted as part of President Obama’s health-care initiative will for the first time strike high-income households.

The potential shock to the nation’s pocketbook is so enormous, congressional aides have dubbed it “Taxmageddon.”

Taxmageddon won’t be the result of one massive new assault on our wallets. Instead, it will come from tax cuts expiring in seven categories, along with new tax increases taking effect because of Obamacare.

The biggest of the bunch will come from the expiration of Bush tax cuts that were passed in 2001 and 2003. At the time, proponents argued that the only way to get enough Democrats to support the measures would be to include a cap on how long they would be in effect. As a result, our lawmakers agreed that the tax reductions would expire on Dec. 31, 2012.

Although Democrats love to refer to the measures as “tax cuts for the wealthy,” the across-the-board tax cuts actually reduced taxes for almost everyone who paid any income tax. Some 60 percent of the benefits went to middle- and low-income taxpayers.

Curtis Dubay of the Heritage Foundation prepared a detailed analysis of the tax hikes that are about to hit us:

Almost 34 percent of the tax increase from Taxmageddon comes from the expiration of the 2001 and 2003 Bush tax cuts. These cuts are best known for reducing marginal income tax rates, but they also reduced the marriage penalty, increased the Child Tax Credit and the adoption credit, and increased tax breaks for education costs and dependent care costs.

In other words, they will impact just about everyone who pays any income taxes in this country.

We’re not talking about puny increases, either. Taxpayers at every level will be affected, with some of the greatest increases hitting people at the bottom of the ladder. For example, the lowest bracket is currently 10 percent. Beginning in January, it will jump to 15 percent — a 50 percent increase.

This “bracket creep” will affect every taxpayer. All of the existing brackets will go up at least 10 percent. Thus, 25 percent will become 28 percent; 28 percent becomes 31 percent; 33 percent climbs to 36 percent; and 35 percent rises to 39.6 percent. If you’re in the top tax bracket, congratulations! Your tax bracket just went up 13.14 percent.

That’s not all. Wait until you see what the new taxes in Obamacare will do to you. I’ll get to those in a moment.

People who depend on savings and investments will be hammered even harder than wage earners. Right now, the maximum Federal tax rate on long-term capital gains is 15 percent. Starting next year, that will go up to 20 percent — a leap of 33 percent. Those collecting dividends will suffer even more: The maximum rate will skyrocket from the existing 15 percent to a hefty 39.6 percent. (Assets acquired after Dec. 31, 2000, and held for at least five years don’t get hit quite as hard.)

In other words, the thriftiest among us — the people who carefully managed their household budgets, saved some money for the future and invested those funds in stocks, bonds and CDs — will be hit the hardest. The government attack on savings makes it seem almost as though there is a scheme in Washington to punish senior citizens and make them more dependent on government.

Almost every wage earner in America will pay more in taxes when the payroll tax cuts are allowed to expire. In his 2009 State of the Union address, Barack Obama promised: “If your family earns less than $250,000 a year, you will not see your taxes increased a single dime.”

Well, guess what? It turns out he wasn’t quite telling the truth — something a lot of us have pointed out many times.

Also scheduled to expire is a temporary fix of the Alternative Minimum Tax. The AMT was originally sold to a skeptical public as a way to make sure “the rich” pay their fair share – which, of course, it never did. In 2013 it will scalp a lot more than the top 1 percent of taxpayers; current estimates indicate 34 million taxpayers will fall victim to it.

Remember the phase-out rules for itemized deductions? The big spenders in Congress came up with the bright idea of eliminating most of the credit high-income taxpayers got for deductions on mortgage interest, State and local taxes, and charitable giving. The phase-out was eliminated in 2010. But it will be back in full force next year, unless Congress acts before then.

By the way, don’t think that only “the rich” will be affected here, either. If you’re a married couple with an adjusted gross income of $175,000, better be prepared to lose a big bunch of the money you can deduct from your Federal tax bill. If you’re married but filing separately, that ceiling drops to just $87,500 — a long way from Barack Obama’s $250,000 limit.

And here’s an even more frightening thought: The $500 billion in increased taxes that Uncle Sam wants to take from us in 2013 will just be the beginning. As our economy continues to grow, so will the impact of all these new and higher taxes.

Just because these tax increases don’t take affect for seven more months, don’t think we’re not feeling the effect today. As Dubay explains:

Although these tax increases will not start raising new revenue until next year, they are having a negative impact on the economy today. Families, businesses, and investors need to know how much tax they will pay in the future before making important economic decisions. The uncertainty caused by Taxmageddon means they are stuck in neutral while they wait for President Obama and Congress to act. This is slowing job creation and stopping many of the millions of unemployed Americans from going back to work.

So there you have it: higher taxes on all of us, plus fewer new jobs being created and an economy that just stumbles along, all because Congress refuses to act.

I hope you’ll remember this — and remind your neighbors about it — when it comes time to vote for a new Congress this November.

Until next time, keep some powder dry.

–Chip Wood

Chip Wood

is the geopolitical editor of He is the founder of Soundview Publications, in Atlanta, where he was also the host of an award-winning radio talk show for many years. He was the publisher of several bestselling books, including Crisis Investing by Doug Casey, None Dare Call It Conspiracy by Gary Allen and Larry Abraham and The War on Gold by Anthony Sutton. Chip is well known on the investment conference circuit where he has served as Master of Ceremonies for FreedomFest, The New Orleans Investment Conference, Sovereign Society, and The Atlanta Investment Conference.

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  • sean murry

    Bend over here it comes again.

    • FreedomFighter

      Such a tax increase would kill a healthy economy.

      We dont have a healthy economy, think about it

      Laus Deo
      Semper Fi

      • Firefly

        That’s the plan, man! That’s the plan!

      • Nick

        Government’s view of the economy could be summed up in a few short phrases: If it moves, tax it. If it keeps moving, regulate it. And if it stops moving, subsidize it.
        Ronald Reagan

    • al

      We have a choice. We can vote the Democrats out of office or we can work together and force a Constitutional Convention, Read Article V of the Constitution.
      Under a Consitutional Convention we can fix every problem with the existing Constitution which has cropped up over the last 220 years. Term limits for all elected officials, No consectutive terms, Define ‘Natural Born Citizen, Treaties do not abrogate the Constitution, Abolish the Federal Reserve and rebuild it according the the Constituion, all come to mind. Is this a dangerous endeavor? Yes it is, but so is letting Congress and the Pres continure to screw us.

      • Allan

        The potential problem with your solution is that liberals will also likely be involved in writing the new constitution…YIKES!!!!

      • ChristyK

        Under the articles of confederation, there were problems, too. They set up a convention to tweak the articles. Instead, they got a whole new form of government. That time it worked out and we got the constitution. Do you think we have people that are as wise as our founders to send to the constitutional convention? Do we have people who know and crave freedom like our founders? Can you trust the people sent to the constitutional convention enough that you can guarantee a more liberty minded constitution instead of a complete change to tyrrany? I know I don’t trust them and won’t call for a constitutional convention

      • Elizabeth Clark

        I agree with all of it hope it happens

        • Deerinwater

          I admire your desires, term limits would change the complexion of the game but it’d do little to change the actual game, Would it make politicians cheaper or more expensive?

          It takes several years for any statesman to develop his/her skills and wield power from the position they hold. Would we want an able statesman that doing a good job for their district to perfunctory be dismissed? I wouldn’t think so.

          It’s true, that the voters needs more leverage to apply to their elected representative, could there be another way? Or could there be steps applied leading up to a automatic dismissal.

          I do think we all should be graded on our merits, we do this in the work place why would it be impossible to apply to politicians?

          1. Show you pee pee, automatic dismissal.

          2. Screw the hired help , automatic dismissal

          3. Show your a$$, 5 demerits.

          4. Show your a$$ again in 1 years , 10 demerits

          5. Documented lie, about anything, 10 demerits

          6. Leak sensitive information, automatic dismissal.

          7, and so on ~ up to 10.

          Like the 10 Commandments.

          30 demerit in a single term, ~ they are history, can not return to the hill, cannot lobby period.

          Like raising children, there needs to be boundaries and statesmen needs to know what they can expect to happen for poor performance.

      • CJ

        DIW, problem with your assessment… we need to elect STATESMEN. We haven’t had one of them in many decades. Politicians are NOT statesmen.

      • DaveH

        Deer says — “It’s true, that the voters needs more leverage to apply to their elected representative, could there be another way?”.
        There was. That’s why our Founders set up a Republic, where most of the ruling was done by Local Officials, who were much closer to the people they represented. Aspiring Leaders , on the other hand, know that the further they can get Government from their constituents, the less scrutiny they will have to endure from those who elect them. That’s why they prefer to have a Big Central Government.

      • Katrael

        ChristyK, Our founding fathers faced the gallows against charges of treason and this wouldn’t be the case today. Our politicians only stand to gain from a rewrite and they would make the thing so complicated that nobody would be able to understand it except for the people who wrote it. Our best hope would be to repeal some of the amendments just as they did with the 18th amendment. Two others that need to go are the 16th and the 17th amendments.

      • MELODY


  • http://none noveldog2301

    The Republicans can’t do much. They only control one House. It takes both to extend the tax cuts or to prevent automatic tax increases that have been built into ObamaCare.

    Vote the tax and spend bums(Democrats) out and it will be a win win for all of us.

    • nc

      Novel, “tax and spend Democrats” ? At the time of the bush tax cuts we were on the way to a situation where 70% of ALL of out national debt since Washington was to be accumulated during the administrations of just three presidents! ALL REPUBLICAN PRESIDENTS WITH VETO POWER!

      Obama told the Republicans in the House sometime ago that if they would just adjust the rate on the richest ONE PERCENT he was ready to offer major budget cuts!! Acording to the polls I’ve seen a majority of Americans feel that the ONE PERCENT does not pay enough taxes! So why does the Republican House not answer to the will of the peple and do just that and lets move on down the road!

      • DaveH

        Let me get this straight. NC apparently is admitting that the National Debt buildup is a bad thing. Yet we hear him saying nothing about the National Debt increasing over 50% in just 3 years of Obama. And it’s growing at a rate of $1.5 Trillion a year. Yet the Liberal Zealot attributes none of the blame to Obama. It figures.

      • DaveH

        As far as Obama offering “major” budget cuts in exchange for a 1% increase on the taxes of the Rich goes, we have 2 problems. First, Congress and the President have a history of spending more money if they get more money. Second, Obama has a history of being dishonest:
        And NC has a history of being an ignorant Liberal Zealot.

      • kid

        nc I see you on here all the time and all you do is blame bush. you are so one sided and shallow. the water doesn’t come up past your ankles. you are mis-informed and just really not very wise. i think you comment because you have nothing better to do. there is a whole lot more to all of this than you can fathom. try to be better informed.

      • Deb

        By adjusting the 1 percent only it would barley touch the problem. Just how many 1 preventer do you think there are? Not sure but really across the board straight tax increase might be the only solution. Why could they not do a graduate increase tax increasing increments over the next 3 to 5 years.

      • wyncotejoan53

        And let’s define the 1% nc. Pelosi says over a million and BO still says 250,000, but that’s today.They’ll keep spending until they own us all. nc is another lib so in love with BO that they can’t see what he really is about. They remind me of the girl with the good looking, sweet talking, rotten, cheating boyfriend who just doesn’t want to believe reality. example: John Edwards/Eliz Edwards

      • Pete0097

        If they raised the taxes on the richest 1% to 100%, it still be a drop in the bucket towards the debt. The government needs to spend less. That is what you and I do. If we have less income, we spend less money. That is not what the gov’t does. They spend more. They also never cut their own salaries or benefits (if nothing else but for positive PR) they never give across the board salary cuts to government bureaucrats earning more than $100,000 a year. They never cut individual departments budgets. THey even encourage waste by requiring departments to spend their entire budget or lose it. They end up throwing away good stuff and buying new stuff to replace it. THey could cut every department in the government 15% and nobody would know the difference in services.

      • Brad

        NC you are an idiot. Obamas so called 1% is an actual10-15%. Where do you fall dumbass??

      • DaveH

        NC says — “Acording to the polls I’ve seen a majority of Americans feel that the ONE PERCENT does not pay enough taxes!”.
        So, NC, if the majority of Americans feel that you should be removed to save the planet, would that somehow make that immoral event moral?

      • trw

        the middle class pays 28% the rich pays 39% that is 67% of the money all working people contribute to the goverment how much do you think the people should give to the goverment its time to stop all the spending and welfare programs if people want some thing from the goverment they should have to do some kind of work to earn it be it volunteer or something of the kind all this tax money has done is propped up the goverment to have elite perks paid for by the tax payers they are trying to pass laws that exempts themselves that are unconstitutional because the constitution does not allow for this

      • BigBadJohn

        Hey Kid – here are the actual numbers:

        01/14/2000 5,719,849,572,269
        01/12/2001 5,735,197,779,458 = 153 Billion dollar deficit when Bush took office

        01/15/2008 9,194,165,780,462

        01/15/2009 10,627,708,753,691 = 1.4 trillion dollar deficit when Obama took office – Bush INCREASED the deficit by 1400 %

        01/14/2011 14,007,943,536,871

        01/13/2012 15,236,323,396,400 1228379859529 = 200 billion LESS than the deficit Obama inherited!

        Republicans have stated that they will do ANYTHING to get Obama out of office – including screwing over the American public by sending the economy over the cliff and putting us into another recession.
        If you are dumb enough to support their actions – you deserve what you get!

      • http://yahoo catsueme

        by the way nc’s pres. and followers have said that the deficit(?) is 1.6 trillion for 2011 by ABC analysis says it’s 5 trillion. thats because the govn. is playing games with the numbers

      • Patriot1776

        BigBadJohn, if you choose to believe this administration’s numbers after watching obama spend billions and trillions on his “stimulus” bills, bailing out incompetent businesses, doling away tax dollars and spending like he won the lottery, there is little hope for you. I know it might be hard to accept that perhaps this administration has done some “creative” accounting to make obama look better, similar to the imaginary numbers that they present for unemployment, but keep in mind that this is an election year and they wouldn’t want the current president to look bad by showing the real numbers.

        The entire rest of the world sees what a mess obama has made of this country, yes, he inherited a bad economy, but in three years all he has done is made it worse. That is why our credit was down graded, because we were in a bad position and doing nothing to make it better, he wouldn’t cut spending but spent more.

      • Winddrinker

        nc, the only result from tax increases on the 1% will result, they all “exit the country!”


        People work so THEY can have money….not so they can give it to the retro libturds to steal or give away to the useless and our enemies!

      • THG 1956

        nc …says “the poles say the majority of Americans feel the 1% don’t pay enough tax .

        Could it be nc that the ones that believe the 1% don’t pay enough tax are the same ones that are getting some kind of entitlement ! After all the more tax we pay , I’m speaking of the working class now , the more the Government. will have to hand out .

        As I’ve said before >> One of the problems in this Country is the number of people voting is higher than the number of people working .

      • Average Joe

        We are screwed,,,think not? Please watch and listen carefully to these numbers…this means you NC( most will watch…and get it…you?…I have my doubts)…

        To recap…we are screwed….

      • Richard Pawley

        I really don’t understand what BIG BAD JOHN is saying. Bush spent just under 5 Trillion dollars in 8 years, an outrageous amount, but Obama has already spent that much in three and a half years, and he still has six seven months to go! It hasn’t hit us yet but the result of all that spending is going to cause prices to TRIPLE. TRIPLE as in three times higher than they are now! When Bush was president some 200,000 to 300,000 people a year were leaving the country. In 2002 or 2003 (I forget which) we lost 100,000 millionaires. Since the Progressive Socialists have taken over some 3,000,000 Americans a year are jumping ship. In 2004 I talked with some who were leaving and six out of seven told me that it was because of the economy (and times were still pretty good back then).

        If Romney gets elected times are going to be bad, because we owe money we can’t pay. Why do you think Ben Benanke and Hillary Clinton were in China earlier in the month allowing the Chinese to have direct access to the U.S. Treasury, something that no country in history has ever had. On top of that China will soon be buying some of our banks and setting up their own. The only one they have here now is the Hong Kong Shanghai Banking Corporation (HSBC) and it has been here for decades.

        HOWEVER, if Obama gets re-elected, not only will times be bad, as they will under Romney, we will loose more of our freedoms, taxes will skyrocket, along with electricity rates, and fuel costs. He promised us all those things years ago.and he has never wavered, and we will live through perhaps a generation FAR WORSE THAN THE GREAT DEPRESSION EVER WAS.On top of that Obama will put in another pro-world rather than pro-American Supreme Court justice and we can live under Obama’s thumb long after he has returned to Chicago.

        The die has been cast. The money squandered. All, even the poor who pay nothing are going to have to begin paying their fair share. The top one percent pay something like 37% of taxes. I don’t personally know any multimillionaires (that I know of) but I do know the poor pay nothing. I don’t care if they just pay $5 a week they need to feel like they belong and contribute and are not just sponges living off the rest of us.

        I was shocked to discover that there are a few illegal aliens among the 2,000,000 who get income tax refunds on money they never earned and a few of them actually get more money per year than I have ever made. Admittedly only a few but many get an extra $10,000 back by claiming children here or in Mexico, non of which is verified. It is a sham and if the population ever discovers what is being done to them in the name of fairness millions of taxpayers will just stop paying taxes, or they will do what millions have already done, pick up and leave. Why do you think the both Democrats and Republicans are supporting a bill to make taxes retroactive for ten years for those who leave the USA? And to pass a law that those thousands who have renounced their citizenship can never return. Like the Jews who escaped Germany in the late 1930′s some lost everything but were glad to get out while they could. Those who could not believe it could get as bad as it did, died.

        There is not much difference anymore between Democrats and Republicans except words, There is a difference between both them and the Libertarians and the Tea Party people but those who think they can stop the serious hard times that are coming are deluded. One major Democrat, a very well known name, said some SEVEN YEARS AGO that only a comet from space or an alien invasion could stop the crisis that is coming from happening. It is downhill for years from here on out, maybe decades. Our founding fathers said that the form of government they gave us would only work for a moral people. Once we were moral, we believed in hard work, and the precepts of the Bible. “He who works will eat” and things like that unless they cannot and then they would be taken care of by the community of believers, not by government. It seems that many are tired of freedom and want to be slaves.of whoever will take care of them and so this congress and this president has increased those on food stamps by some ten million, far far more than George Bush ever did.

        While it does make a difference who gets elected in a little over five months, if congress remains the same we will simply be closer to our demise as a major power. If we were a company rather than a country that can just print money until it is worthless we would already be bankrupt. Will we sell our nation to China so we can just keep on for a few more years? I thank God I have no children who have to grow up in what this country has become, and those in congress who think they can escape all the laws they have passed because they are rich are going to be sadly mistaken. Money alone will not be enough.

        Start getting ready for the big inflation and learning how to do without government support Big John or you are going to be between a rock and a hard place before this decade is over. May God help us, because soon, no one else will be able to do so.

      • Richard Pawley

        Average Joe: That was an excellent short video that really covers it. To long to go into here but if you will go to the article about the the FDA that was also up today you can read some of the suggestions I made there about preparing for the really hard times that are coming. As I said there, quoting two of my books, “I called it the Greater Depression because it will last longer and be worse than the Great Depression but I now think it will be more than that”. We have some time to get ready but not a lot. The skyrocketing food prices haven’t begun yet but they have started. I hope you don’t live in a big city. It is never hopeless but the change that the current president promised us is coming and no one can stop it now. Perhaps it can be slowed down if we can replace the senate but follow your Intuition. No one will escape being affected by what is coming, but times will be simpler so maybe people’s blood pressure will go down. Pray and God bless you!

      • Meteorlady

        Actually according to the US Treasury website – Bush actually had the deficit coming down until his last two years in office when…. guess what happened? Democrats took control. I blame Bush for not vetoing the first budget they gave him, but he belatedly got tough on spending and vetoed the budget the next year. After that no budget – Harry, Pelosi and company just passed resolution after resolution to keep the government spending and in working.

    • http://Yahoo Bob

      You say we have a House vote, but you seem to forget that we really do not have a House vote because the Republicans can’t remember why we voted them into the House seats. The new ones who were last voted in to represent us have totally forgotten who put them in Congress and to tell the truth, I wish I could take back my vote for them that have turned their backs on “We, The People”. It’s damn sickening and I will remember the next time, if there will be a next time, who we sent to Congress and I WILL VOTE MY DARNDEST to forget them as they have forgotten us. The new House are a bunch of “spineless” jellyfish and they too will get their come-up-ence and very soon I hope. Boy, are we a bunch os SAPS. And they must think they are invisible. What a bunch of MORONS, just like obummer, the fairy.

      • Firefly

        The key is to KEEP VOTING THEM OUT! Those who will not do what they were elected to do can go home in November. Those who let the Speaker of the House force them into doing what he thinks best are too weak to be good representatives. You can’t believe the pressure that is on these new people to go along with those who really control the country and everything else. Keep voting them out and voting in someone new. Eventually you will get good people who will do what is right. Rome wasn’t built in a day!

      • Meteorlady

        You may be correct. We vote them out, but we get someone just like them back. It’s the curse of our two party system. Both parties are corrupt and they need to be taken out.

  • dan

    BOHICA…no job…no income …no taxes ….no worries :)

  • sabulaman

    The whole damn bunch in Washington needs to be run so far out of town, they can’t find there way back.

    • fish

      Just as i have tryed to teach my kids when the toilet is full “FLUSH IT!” Time to” FLUSH” the whole mess in D.C.

    • http://Yahoo Bob

      You are right on the money. Unfortunately, the money isn’t really ours, is it? Nothing will ever get done until we do it ourselves and I’m ready when you are. We DO NOT HAVE ANY LEADERSHIP IN OUR AMERICA, AND WE MUST FIND A WAY, ON OUR OWN, TO STOP THE MANICS IN THE WHITE HOUSE, OBUMMER, THE FAIRY, BEING CHIEFTEST AMONG THEM. SO, OBUMMER, THE FAIRY MUST BE THE FIRST TO GO.

      • Winddrinker

        You have got that right, Bob. bho the fairy, needs to go…there will be NO help from the politicians that took an oath to uphold the Constitution! They are all complicit in everything that is going on in this country. Republican’ts are playing unbelievably ineffective, and seem unable to complete the simplest task! There is no way they all can be that stupid…. republican’ts quite using your lame excuses.

        Republican’ts CAN bring charges against this illegal alien and make the Senate responsible for keeping this usurper in charge. If the republican’ts made them put “everything on the table” once and for all, so everyone could actually see credentials and qualifications or lack thereof, we could settle this! The obvious result would be that Americans by sheer numbers would demand the Senate to “dethrone” the fairy!

        Otherwise, the governors of our 50 State (not 57 arabic states) must move to decentralize government and take back the powers they have let the Feds usurp from them.

    • Average Joe

      We are many…they are few….

      If this is what must be done…so be it!

      • nc

        Joe. I watched that video you said I would not watch! It appears that the only one telling the truth was Michael Moore who said our country is not broke! “It is awash in money! The problem is we do not have it!”””” The rich and the big corporations have it and they got IT by Republicans giving them our tax money in unneeded tax cuts and loopholes instead of funding those unfunded wars! REMEMBER??? Probably not!! Denial is a mental illness!
        Remember the Iraq war that the bush (not obama) administration PROMISED US would not last more than six months and not cost more than, are you ready. 60 BILLION DOLLARS??? REMEMBER?? PROBABLY NOT!! WE ARE STILL PAYING FOR THAT 6 M ONTHS 60 BILLION DOLLAR WAR!! RIGHT???? STILL PART OF OUR NATIONAL DEBT! STILL A PART OF OUR BUDGETS TO PAY THE MEDICAL COSTS FOR OUR BRAVE WOUNDED! PROBABLY FOR THE NEXT 60 YEARS!!
        WE know how much the I-15% richest have and control in MONEY! Do you know that the biggest countries in our country NOW HAVE THE BIGGEST CASH RESERVES THEY HAVE HAD IN DECADES IF NOT FOR ALL TIME! Do you think maybe that may just be hoarded money from tax breaks that bush and Heritage Foundation PROMISED Congress that the ONES WHO RECEIVED THE BREAKS WOULD SPEND IT TO CREATE JOBS AND SURPLUSES !!!!!!! HOW DID THAT WORK OUT??


      • DaveH

        Therein lies your problem, NC. You think people like Michael Moore are honest people.

      • DaveH

        So If I tell you, NC, that you won’t read this book, you will?

        Get off the Republican/Democrat paradigm. They both have Crony Capitalists who gain unfair advantage with the help of Government protection. It’s time to exit your deep slumber, NC, and learn some reality.

  • Sirian

    As usual, people are simply to busy to pay any attention to this. Once they both see and feel the difference in their first paycheck of 2013, then and only then will it really hit home. Wait and see. It makes no difference how often or how many times you may tell someone that this is on it’s way, they will ignore it UNTIL it hit’s them personally. And boy will it ever!!!

  • skippy

    Seems like the big problem is the ones voting FOR all these higher taxes by re-electing a$$es like they have now AND don’t have a job, just wait on their ‘hand out’ in the mail every month. Oh, and not to mention all the dead people that vote for the dems too.

  • Warrior

    Let’s see now, over the past 2 years my health care premiums have doubled, my property taxes have gone UP-15%, state income tax, UP 66%, gasoline UP 80%, property insurance UP 25%, 401K flatline, income flatline, food prices UP 25%.

    I do believe there’s a whole lotta people in the same death spiral. What to do? What to do? Hmmm, borrow more?

    • Flashy

      What to do? Easy answer Warrior. Vote Democrat.

      • DaveH
      • Flashy

        no DaveH….as i wrote a few weeks ago, the criminal class adheres more to the TP ideology than any other. nice try though…as usual, you have no clue.

        Do you have flavored shoes or something? The number of times you stick your foot in your mouth, I’m wondering if it’s because you want to look like a fool and have sympathy…or you really are one. I’m thinking more the latter…

      • MAP

        Flashy advises to vote for the communist party. Har! Vote Democrat if you want to destroy whats left of this country and make it fit only for parasites, the depraved and liberal lunatics.

      • MAP

        Here is what the DNC represents:

      • DaveH

        Try as you might to disparage me with personal attacks, Flashdunce, but the readers know the truth — That you have no credibility.

      • Opal the Gem

        DaveH I wish I had kept count of the number of times Flashy has been proven to be a lier by everyone.

      • http://yahoo catsueme

        i have never heard that when you are broke and rapidly running out of money, that to fix it you rush out and borrow money so you can be deeper in debt. Flashy if you have ten dollars left a month does making another debt that costs you 15 dollars?Is that going to get yoou out of debt? Idon’t think so…I know people just like you and all of then are standing in the govn. hand out line. We have allowed these people to stay in Washington until now we work for them…

      • http://Yahoo Bob

        Vote Democrat is death by insanity. If ever a section of the leadership ( pardon my error- leadership) that needs to be expunged is the sewage that the Democrats are. And we might as well be truthful, there are Republicans that are as rotten, led the the chief sewage disposal unit, obummer, the fairy.

      • Jay

        DaveH says: Try as you might to disparage me with personal attacks, Flashdunce, but the readers know the truth — That you have no credibility.

        Dave, the marxist Democratic party has no ability to engage in discussion or conversation. The best strategy they have is to accuse the other side of precisely what they themselves are doing.

        But, you must remember…people with no moral lines drawn and for whom ethics are a floating mark to attain, cannot be expected to feel shame about their own lies. There is just “legal authority”.

        Bush tried to be reasonable with them and put many democrats in responsible Congressional positions as liaisons with his White House and the only thing they did was lie to him and stab him in the back.

        Of Course, George isn’t the sharpest knife in the drawer. Trust NO marxist Democrats in America.

      • Average Joe

        Your opinion is:
        Laughed at,

        Parting gifts are avaible at the door.
        Thanks for playing…..

      • Brian

        Yes Flashy, that’s done well for California.

  • Scott A

    Those that voted Obummer, how do you like your change? In pennys?

  • Flashy

    As usual, the GOP and the far right are looking for any excuse to slam the administration. Fact is fact, the temporary tax cuts which in,large part drove us into deep deficit spending (coupled with two needless wars) are about to end.

    Of course, to the far Right/TP/wealthy/American Taliban, this is the end of civilization as we know it. To the majority who think rationally, it is getting back to fiscal sanity. The welfare for the wealthy program depleted our reserves while at the same time the Bush II regime went on a spending spree.

    This administration has had the lowest spending increases in budgetary terms compared to the past five presidencies. The end of the temporary tax cuts will return us to the levels of the Clinton Era, which i doubt anyone recalls as being economically depressed.

    If this administration has its policies for the tax battle enacted, it will be similar to that of JFK, who lowered the taxes for the real job creators, the Middle Class…and maintained the rates for the wealthy. which is all that is being asked. Give the real job creators, the consumers, the continuance of their relief, and ask the wealthy and Big Corporate America to pay their fair share and end the reliance on the American middle Class to pay for their indulgences.

    Instead, the cries are for continuing the lowest economic return on investment, i.e. military expenditures, maintain the welfare for the wealthy, maintain corporate babying, and stick it to the rest of us…again.

    nice…y’all proud of supporting that?

    • Vigilant

      Flush, your socialism is showing again.

      “…and ask the wealthy and Big Corporate America to pay their fair share and end the reliance on the American middle Class to pay for their indulgences.”

      The top 10% of taxpayers pay 70.5% of the bill. The bottom 50% pay 2.25%. Only in the mind of the Marxist is that situation unfair because the rich don’t pay enough.

      • Flashy

        Vig…your point being?

        The top 10% have 83% of the net worth, and 84% of the financials. [Source: Edward N. Wolff at New York University, Department of Economics (2010)] i sourced that here because i assume people will denigrate instead of being educated by doing their own research.

        So using your numbers, the upper incomes and wealthy aren’t paying their fair share and are wanting the rest of us to dig deeper to continue their welfare programs.

      • DaveH

        What does Net Worth have to do with Income Taxes, Flashman? So if the top 10% of Income Earners, who pay 65% of the Income Taxes even though they earn only 42% of the Income, manage to save their money better than the Takers like Flashman and his thieving Progressive Buddies, they should be taxed even more?
        Let’s put this in perspective:
        The bottom 50% of Income Earners who earn 13.9% of the Income, pay less than 4% of the total Federal Income Tax bill, yet they get the same vote (usually for more Government Thieves) as those with much more skin in the game. There is nothing even remotely Fair about that.

      • Flashy

        DaveH…you have your numbers wrong. The top 1% has 42.7% of the net financial earnings…if you expand to the top 10%, it’s 84.1%.

      • DaveH

        No, Flashdunce, I don’t have it wrong. You are just doing your usual Equivocating like the good little Progressive Administration Shill that you are.
        Here is my source:
        Where’s yours, Flashdunce?

      • Flashy

        I gave my source DaveH….as usual, you don’t read.

      • DaveH

        That was a source, Flashman? — “Edward N. Wolff at New York University, Department of Economics (2010)”. What are we supposed to do, call him?
        You’re a joke, Flashman. Surely you don’t take yourself seriously? I doubt the readers do.
        Flashman, Folks, is a good example of the mentally challenged, immoral children who want to run your life.

    • DaveH

      Are you “proud” of being a Sociopathic Liar, Flashman?
      Flashman says — “Fact is fact, the temporary tax cuts which in,large part drove us into deep deficit spending (coupled with two needless wars) are about to end”.
      No, Flashman, when it comes from you, Fact is Fabricated Fact.
      A more reasoned treatment of the Bush Tax Cuts:

      • Flashy

        DaveH…i give up thinking you read anything you cite as ‘proof’ of your stance. For the most part, it is either not relevant to what you are arguing…or supporting against your rants.

        “the two big tax cuts during the Bush years are estimated to total about $1.5 trillion” … and the link states just what i was stating.

        LOL…unless it’s Mises (which even then aren’t relevant to your arguments most of the time…but hey, the title matches eh? ) you show every day you have no idea about what you write.

        You are shallower than a mud puddle in the desert. it’s folks like you who don’t take time or effort to learn that is one of the major causations of this nation’s ills today.

        Have a nice day thinking simplistic inane thoughts…

      • DaveH

        Apparently, Ignoramus, you missed the part about over a 10-year period.

      • DaveH

        And anybody who has followed your useless and deranged comments, Flashdunce, knows that none of your personalities have any integrity or intelligence (follow the thread to Bob Livingston’s comment starting at Jovianus, one of Flashman’s multiple personalities):

      • Flashy

        DaveH….sorry about your reading comprehension and mathematical problems. perhaps repeating 3rd grade may help you. Jeesh…read the frippin’ article and do the frippin’ math.

        Mr. Livingston was in error … he and i both know it. It’s over and done with as far as I’m concerned.

      • DaveH

        Here’s another discussion on the costs of the Bush Tax cuts:
        From the article:
        “However, many people still cite the original JCT estimate, which was that the Bush tax cuts (2001 and 2003) would, over the 10-year period, allow taxpayers to keep $1.6 trillion dollars that they would have remitted in taxes under the Clinton-era rates”.
        Get it, Flashdunce? — “over a 10-year period”.
        Even if we assume the high estimates ($2.5 Trillion over 10 years), that would be $250 Billion a year compared to a budget deficit for 2010 of $1290 Billion. It would pay less than 20% of the Budget Shortfall for 2010, and that’s ignoring the change in behavior that would occur with people facing higher taxes (they would work less, play more, and Government revenues from that source would go down).

      • DaveH

        Who do you think you’re kidding? Even the most ignorant Liberals (after reading my comments, the linked articles, and your comments) can see that you are just a dishonest misinforming Progressive.

      • Bob Livingston

        Dear Flashy,

        You write: “Mr. Livingston was in error … he and i both know it. It’s over and done with as far as I’m concerned.” No error made on my part.

        Best wishes,

      • DaveH

        Flashman says — “Mr. Livingston was in error … he and i both know it. It’s over and done with as far as I’m concerned”.
        No, Flashman, what Bob Livingston knows is that you have no credibility. You wish it was over and done with, but it is a fact of your history, that together with many other facts demonstrates that you are a Sociopath.
        It’s too bad, isn’t it that there’s a record of your dishonesty here, unlike when you snow your acquaintances in person? Maybe you should just stick to spreading your manure in person where it isn’t so easy to reveal your dishonesty.

      • Flashy

        Mr. Livingston…then you continue to have an impression of infallacy. i won’t beat a dead horse. It has no relevance in these discussions nor in any future discussions. .

        • Bob Livingston

          Dear Flashy,

          I remind that you are the one who brought me into the discussion.

          Best wishes,

      • DaveH

        Seek help, Flashman. That is, if you can find an affordable shrink who wants to deal with you (unlikely).

      • MAP

        Why must we tolerate the paid communist shill, Flashy? The same can be asked of the paid communist shill, NC.

      • Flashy

        Mr. Livingston, I believe DaveH and his obsessive compulsions began that line. No need for either of us to apologize for the obsessions of DaveH.

      • DaveH

        You’re right, Flashman, I’m obsessed, obsessed with exposing lying, thieving, immoral, controlling Progressives like yourself.
        And I do a pretty good job of it, which is why you can’t rebut my comments with logic, so you must fabricate facts, double-speak, ridicule, name-call, or whatever other Liberal manipulative tricks you have up your dishonest sleeve.

    • Ted G

      Sorry Flashy, Its still the spending stupid!

    • Sunnie D

      And, as usual, you’re swallowing the crap the MSM is putting out. The figures you’re quoting put all of the spending from our fearless leader’s first year in office on the Bush side of the ledger. How soon we forget – Bush’s last half of his presidency was controlled by DEMOCRATS!!! Pull your head out and at least attempt to see the truth. Facts, as demonstrated by liberals, are slippery things and can be changed at the swipe of a pen!

    • http://Yahoo Bob

      Flashy, what the hell are you smoking/mainlining? I’ve heard of people who crap in their own saddlebags, but you are definately a dumb somebody. You are not even human. Maybe an alien, like obummer, the fairy and you might be a fairy too. It would do all of us good if you would stay out of the affairs of our country and let the “grown-ups” work out the details. We need people who know what’s going on . . YOU AIN”T ONE OF THEM.

    • THG 1956

      Flashy …if you just look at who votes for the demon cats , which is the very wealthy and the ones on government entitlements of some sort , that’ll answer any questions. It’s those I just mentioned that votes and elects them so it’s those same one’s, the dems have loyalty to , if they have any loyalty to any1 .

    • Shibamom

      Wow, you are unbelievable! The only reason to be happy about these tax cuts ending is so your entitlement checks will be larger and my pay check (you know, a pay check is what you get for DOING WORK! Something you apparently know nothing about) will be much smaller. Yeah, happy days are coming where I can continue to work 40+ hours per week so some other jerk off that refuses to work can collect from me! Yea, I can hardly wait! (sarcasm) Flashy, you are a mindless putz.

  • Power To The People

    NC, its not a matter of which party dude….its the accumulation of ignorance and arrogance from all Congressional morons. Couple that with the nearly 50% of Americans whom get federal handouts and wallah….we are broke!

    Neither party can fix the disaster they helped create. We need a fresh start with a clean slate of new legislators and a revamped federal government that is smaller, leaner and spends a hell of a lot less.

    • http://Yahoo Bob

      To: Power To The People. We need badly to educate the younger generation on the TRUE FACTS OF THE POLITICAL CLIMATE. It was the younger generation who assisted in putting obummer, the fairy, in office. And if they don’t start seeing and hearing what is really happening, then they too shall reap the “whirlwind”. I can’t seem to wrap my enormous mind around where these younger Faux PAS EDCUCATED children got the idea that obummer, the fairy, was the answer to our world problems. Somehow, they fell in love with obummer, the fairy, and maybe they really are fairies themselves. I have several Masters Degrees, and no where in all my studies is there stated that obummer, the fairy, is a noble statesman. He has embarrassed America and the Americans who believe in FREEDOM. You young brats have no idea of what freedom means and you will never know until you get out from under your parents who have done everything for you, even blew your noses. You young-uns are the threat to Democracy, and we will pay for generations to come for the mistakes you have so ignorantly have made.

      • nc

        Bob,you say that the young people fell in love with Obama! Could it not be that they FELL OUt OF LOVE with a party that lied them into a couple of bad wars and a sick economy?? They were seeing an awful lot of their fellow young people killed in those wars and reached for ANYONE who might bring it to a close! John, the hawk, Mc Pain and Caribou Barbie surely didn’t seem to offer that!

        IMO. Obamas two biggest mistakes have been going for health care reform too quick and leaving Afghanistan too late! How much of the Obama “spending” has been on the wars he inherited and trying to get the economic OX out ot the ditch he found it in?? Oh, yes and paying the interest on the Reagan, bush I and bush II record debts! They figure in there somewhere don’t they??

      • DaveH

        NC says — “Bob,you say that the young people fell in love with Obama! Could it not be that they FELL OUt OF LOVE with a party that lied them into a couple of bad wars and a sick economy??”
        So what has changed, NC?
        We’re only out of Iraq because the Leaders there wanted us out. We’re still in Afghanistan. Obama involved us in a war with Libya who had in no way threatened the United States. And there were many young people killed there. Maybe they weren’t called Americans, but their lives were nonetheless just as important as ours are.
        All of the Bush Programs that got us into trouble (plus the Federal Reserve) are still undisturbed by Obama.
        Healthcare Reform too quick? Any amount of Healthcare Reform by Government is too quick. Private companies must please their customers or fail (unless bailed out by Government with taxpayer money), so they have a reason to work harder and be more productive. Government, on the other hand, has the deep pockets of the taxpayer to fund their follies, and they are almost impossible to fire, so why should they care? There is no incentive for them to be productive and they typically aren’t. The inevitable outcome of Government involvement in any business is higher prices and fewer products. Who pays those higher prices? The taxpayers of course. Who suffers for the shortages? The very same people that Ignorant Liberals think they’re helping. There is only one kind of Healthcare Reform that would greatly alleviate our problems, and that’s for Government to butt the flock out of the Healthcare Business.

  • smash44

    ” [The Bush tax cuts] . . . increased the Child Tax Credit.”

    Get rid of this completely. It discriminates against those who choose not to have children. Where’s my “No-Child Tax Credit?” I’m sick and tired of paying income to families just because they have kids. if you can’t afford a child, don’t have one. And BTW: I’m not some OWS reject or some phony. sissified uber-liberal who bows to obama every morning. I’m a rock-hard conservative Tea Party member. I’m just sick of paying for everyone else’s kids. This is a c”credit” which means they are receiving pure cash back from the tax revenues that I pay into. Pay for your own kids already.

    • kid

      just because you do not choose to have children as the Bible instructs be fruitful and multiply, and you may not want children and grandchildren around you in your old age, to love you and help you, do not demonize those who do. and i do believe it is gracious and a kind gesture for the Gov’t to give a tax credit be it small. We had 4 sons, and was making just above minimum wage. 2 of my sons grew up to serve in the 3rd ID at the start of Operation Iraqi freedom and the other did 2 tours in Iraq and is still now stationed at fort riley kansas. smash, have you done that? if you have my hat is off to you, but those 2 boys, young men, served, i think the tax credit we got for raising serving men was worth your little contribution. you are a so-called tea partier, then you should be a patriot. sounds to me like you are the whinner of whinners.

      • DaveH

        Actually, I agree with Smash44 on that one. But that’s the nature of the Income Tax system — manipulation of the citizens, vote-buying, a confusing source of revenue for our Leviathan Federal Government, etc.
        We need to get our Freedom back. Abolish the 16th Amendment and get the source of Revenues to support the Federal Government back to the States where it belongs, and apportioned based on the population of each State as the Founders intended and as written in the original Constitution. That would go a long way toward shrinking the Leviathan Federal Government back to the 3% of the GDP that they spent in 1900 (and we got along just fine), instead of the 40% of GDP that they currently consume.
        There is only one Political Party that advocates abolishing the Income Tax:

      • http://yahoo catsueme

        AND WE MADE A LOT LESS THAN $60.000

    • Darcy White

      I totally agree with you on the “No-child tax credit”,Why should we the taxpayer.. have to pay for other people’s children in the first place, let them pay for their own kids.I am also a conservative and I am very concerned with the direction President Obama is taking this country in.

      • http://yahoo catsueme

        it’s just another program to tie you to the demo. just like the school lunch program feeding children from families that have $60.000 income. my wife and I had two children and tyhe sxchool or no body else paid for their lunch. IT’S CALLED RESPONSIBILIOTY

      • Richard Pawley

        This is just Americans helping Americans. No one seems to be mentioning the 2,000,000 Illegal aliens, many of whom are getting $10,000 a year back for children that are not even verified, some supposedly living in Mexico. We borrow $4 million dollars a day to add to the other $6 million dollars a day or some FOUR BILLION, 200 MILLION A YEAR TO PAY FOR THE NON-EXISTENT (in some cases) children of illegal aliens. This has been going on for years, so I certainly don’t begrudge a small refund to legal Americans who must prove their children exist before getting a dime.

        One trailer in the mid-west somewhere supposedly had four different illegal families with 20 children living there. One child and two parents were found. The IRS knows this and refused to comment to the journalists who inquired. This is all part of a plan of some kind but if we can give this amount away to those who are here illegally and 87% of which are good decent people (except for being illegal) then I don’t think it’s fair to oppose helping our own people. One of these illegal aliens had it set up so he was making after tax refunds for upmteen children more than I have ever made in a year! I can’t say I like it but can I fault him for taking advantage of all that he is being offered. I hope some of these people are smart enough to save some and I know they are because I mentioned in my last book an illegal alien who was able to get a mortgage on a home in the mid-west and were in tears at the prospect because never in his home country could he ever have imagined being a home owner. Many of these people are hard workers but the crisis that is coming will be felt by EVERYONE. No one, no matter how rich, will be unaffected.

        We have very little time left as a financially sound nation. I hope we have a couple of years but I wouldn’t count on it. We are broke and have to borrow $4 billion every day of the nearly 10 billion we spend. Don’t waste time with trivia. Start preparing for the really hard times that are coming. If you don’t you will bitterly regret it when it finally hits us like a tsunami.

      • DaveH

        No, Richard, this is not “just Americans helping Americans”. This is Americans being Forced to help other Americans to protect them from their own personal choices.

      • Richard Pawley

        But we spend so incredibly much more on things that are not helpful. There has been a small (I think it was $500 deduction) for maybe 50 years for each child. Should we do away with deductions for adults as well while we are at it? I prefer to fight for things that are big and significant. I’d rather see them do away with the Federal Reserve Bank altogether and the income tax that was invented to pay them, although I have no illusions about that either. We didn’t even need income tax before the FED was given the green light to take over the money of the country. Around the world hundreds of thousands live very well off the interest we and others pay the Central Banks of the world (about three thousand MILLION dollars a DAY in interest here in the USA if I’m not mistaken). That money would so much better serve the people who earned it.

        Right now a petition is winding it’s way around to demand an audit of the FED but the senate may stop it because they don’t want the population to know what is really going on. The FED has never been audited by anyone but themselves since they were given a power greater than congress itself in 1913. What is really interesting is that the Book of Revelation hints that the charming world dictator who will one day rule the world with an iron fist will not be a general but some kind of banker. Of course I don’t expect this to come about until after WWIII and the world is in a terrible mess and the populations are clamoring for someone to do something, and then up will step the answer man who will seem to have all the answers until he begins executing those who won’t worship him as a living God. At least that is the vision that John had on the Island of Patmos and which is recorded in the last book of the Bible. Really far out, but if you had told me fifty years ago that the Democrat Party who support slavery and opposed women voting and certainly integration would morph into Marxist Progressives who were trying to crash the United States economy so they could remake it according to a couple of pinhead teachers in Chicago I would have thought you were smoking some of those funny cigarettes. All I know for sure is that we are in for some incredibly hard times in the future and only those who have a relationship with God are likely to make it though all that is coming as a result of the insane spending spree that congress has been on for the past decade and especially the past three years. Prepare for some serious inflation after the election, maybe even a tripling of prices in the next five years although it could come quicker. I can’t even imagine the BILLIONS it will take to rebuild Los Angeles after the Big One, and that may take a generation, if it is even possible. It’s an amazing time to be alive, and we will see things that no one has ever seen. We already have!

    • Tanya

      smash 44, DaveH, Darcy, and catsueme–I can understand how you feel about the Child Tax Credit because it seems to penalize people for not having children, but I believe you are oversimplifying the issue.

      Those who are choosing to have children right now are carrying the financial burden of raising the generation that will have to pay the national debt and cover our social security obligations. I have seven children, and I would prefer not to take the tax credit, but we do not take any other benefits, including paying for our kids’ education ourselves through homeschooling. My husband was a contractor before the building bust, but is now logging for half the pay.

      I am an anarchocapitalist, so I would abolish our statist system for the free market if I could. Unfortunately, even though my family doesn’t pay any income tax, we pay property taxes on our home and all the same sales taxes, fees, regulations, and rising prices caused by inflation and the manipulation of the market (Our state is the 4th highest for all taxes besides income). Our income has gone down, and grocery and gas prices are going up. It now takes about a third of our income just for food and gas. We produce as much of our own food as possible, but we can’t even legally sell the surplus or anything we cook or bake to supplement our income because of regulations.

      So, for those of you who oppose any kind of tax relief for those raising children, are you willing to renounce your social security benefits because you have not produced enough taxpayers to pay for it, and are you willing to accept the tax increases to eliminate the debt in this generation? I support your right to choose not to have children, but if you are opposed to the tax credit, please do not ask for social security benefits or taxes in the future from the children I have invested in. If we continue the system, my children will be forced to support you instead of their own parents.

      I believe the establishment loves it when we get distracted by class warfare, bickering over income tax rates, tax credits, and how much the 1% are paying. It draws attention away from the fact that they own us no matter what tax bracket you’re in, and no matter which party you support, there’s a huge sucking sound coming from the top. Voting them out won’t help–we’ll just vote in more of the same. The only thing I’m optimistic about is that I get the opportunity to mold the minds of seven members of the next generation.

      I wish we’d all realize we’re in the same boat instead of griping about everyone who doesn’t pay their “fair share”. If things keep going no one will be able to avoid taking government benefits because we’ll all just be trying to survive. My family’s already there, and we have the added joy of enduring the judgment of those who are still getting by.

      • DaveH

        Tanya says — “Those who are choosing to have children right now are carrying the financial burden of raising the generation that will have to pay the national debt and cover our social security obligations”.
        Talk about oversimplifying, Tanya. You’re assuming that those children will be tax payers and not tax receivers. The facts are, Tanya, that if Government is for the good of all, then your children will benefit from that Government good, like everybody else. So why should you get a tax break for those future recipients of Government good? By having children, you’re producing more future Government beneficiaries, so if anything — you should pay more, not less. Seven children were your choice, Tanya, so why should other people pay the bill for them?
        You would have a hard time convincing me that you really are an anarcho-capitalist with the arguments that you are presenting.

        Tanya says — “So, for those of you who oppose any kind of tax relief for those raising children, are you willing to renounce your social security benefits because you have not produced enough taxpayers to pay for it, and are you willing to accept the tax increases to eliminate the debt in this generation?”.
        Talk about a fallacious argument. What does the Government’s theft of the Social Security Fund, that we all paid into, have to do with anything? We already paid into the Social Security Fund. It’s not your Children’s obligation to repay what the Government has stolen, not is it ours, and I personally am not asking your children to pay it. Same goes for the National Debt.
        Government has plenty of assets to meet their obligations, Tanya. You just need to come to the realization that they are the biggest gang in the land and they don’t want to give up those assets. They are playing the rest of us for fools. As an example of that, in 1900 Government (all levels) spent 3% of our GDP. If we could pare their spending back to just 10% of our GDP, they would have plenty of money to provide “essential” services, end Social Security for people willing to voluntarily withdraw, and still meet their obligations for those who are currently stuck on Social Security. That isn’t even counting the tremendous number of assets that are currently under Government control, and which could be sold, just as company assets must be sold when a private company can’t meet its obligations.

      • Tanya

        DaveH, if you view the next generation as tax receivers and not tax payers, then who do you believe is going to pay the debt and social security obligations?

        And yes,I really am an anarchocapitalist. Maybe I wasn’t clear in my comment that my choice would be to opt out of the system entirely, but I do not have that choice. I do not consider government to be for the good of all, so I do not want myself or my children to be forced recipients of any government “good”. The problem is, I have to pay like everyone else, not only taxes and fees, but all the other costs of statism, like inflation and restrictions on my liberty to exchange with others.

        It is very difficult to survive in a statist system on a low income without taking any government benefits. I’m not whining, just stating a fact. I don’t know many who try it, but we do, with the exception of the tax credit. I believe it is only going to get more difficult as the middle class disappears.

        I do agree that it’s not my children’s responsibility to pay the national debt or social security obligations, but I believe they will be forced to do so, unfortunately, unless something major changes. I also agree with you that the government is the biggest gang in the land and that they are stealing from all of us, and I sincerely hope that the system will change in the ways you mentioned. I’m not optimistic that will happen, though, without a collapse.

        It’s not my desire to take anything from anyone else or ask anyone to pay the costs of raising my children. I just want to be left alone. If you figure out how to do that, let me know!

      • Richard Pawley

        Tanya, we all have to deal with things as they are and not as we want them to be. A millionaire with only an eighth grade education told me that that was one of the secrets of success, someone I met when I was young. You are doing better than many will be doing in a few years and I would encourage you to listen to the concerns of others and then trust your own Intuition, which I believe is a spiritual faculty. You can never please everyone and seldom change anyone. Life here is but a school and we all get graded, plain and simple, whether we believe it or not.

        Don’t worry about selling your surplus food. Be glad you have it. Learn to can and dry and freeze it. A time is coming, sooner than most realize, when food will be extremely important, and the kind of quality heirloom seeds you can plant rather than dangerous disease giving genetically modified food that most have to eat because they shop for their food might even extend your lives.

        I can remember when there were only four countries in the world where people lived longer than they did in the USA. Now with out so-called great healthcare and scientifically engineered food there are 37 countries where people live longer and with ObamaCare they are already denying dialysis in some states to patients 75 and over because Obama has gutted Medicare by many millions to pay for his vision of how it should be. Sadly, Sarah Palin was right about the “death panels”. Things are not going to get better for a very long time, maybe not for a generation. Pray about everything. There is no one God loves more than He loves your family but there are families who know Him better, are closer to Him, who pray more, or who listen more,and who are blessed more. To much to tell but check out this one page vision that a minister I met in the 1970′s had (and I knew more about his vision than he did because I’d studied and written about the coming hard times for 22 years now). In both my books I called it “The Great Depression” After you read this you might skip over to the article on the FDA and read the suggestions I gave others, some of which you might be able to take advantage of yourself. Speaking of canning I have a few reusable canning lids that are true antiques and was surprised to learn that they are still made. I also have black raspberry jam I made in 1977 that is still good, the wild strawberry however tasted like plum, and the one jar of grape jam went bad.

        I’m one of eight children, six of whom finished college, four of whom have Master’s degrees, all of whom have never accepted food stamps even when we were eligible. I guess it was the generation we were raised in. However, we never could have made it if we didn’t grow a big chunk of our own food. I hated it then as a ten year old (the work after school) but appreciate it now. Of course all food was organic or heirloom quality because no one knew how to genetically manipulate food or animals except in Frankenstein movies. All my classmates had TV before we finally got a used one that cost a month’s rent ($50) for the big old house we rented.

        Here’s the vision the good Rev had last in 2009. He passed on just sort of his 80th birthday last year. God bless you and I wish you well in all you do.

      • Tanya

        Thanks, Richard, for your kind words. I’m wondering if you were missing a link because you mentioned articles I could read. I’d love to read them if you can post a link. I have seen the Wilkerson vision before–pretty disturbing to think about what it would be like if people start to riot in the cities. I’m glad to live in a rural area where I have the opportunity to be more self-sufficient if things were to get crazy. Over the last several years we have focused by necessity on learning self-sufficiency, which has been a blessing to us and our children. They know how to work and how to get by in tough times, which can only help them in the long run.

        The struggle I’m having right now is how much I want to be a “martyr for the cause”, so to speak. I absolutely believe in liberty–I don’t want anything taken from me, and I don’t want anyone giving anything to me if it’s not voluntary. The trouble is, I don’t have the option of living in a truly free market. Like Richard said, I have to live with things the way they are, not the way I wish they were.

        I watch both sides, Republican and Democrat, supporting the establishment year after year, bickering over everyone paying their fair share while they allow the Federal Reserve and all of the bureaucracy and regulation to continue, which is costs that we all have to pay, even if we completely abolish income taxes altogether. I don’t want to take anything that isn’t mine to begin with, but if I don’t support the establishment, am I justified in reclaiming some of what I’m forced to give up to the system I hate? I realize there are no easy answers and those costs can be difficult to calculate, but I’m quite honestly sick of suffering because of other people’s choice to perpetuate this one-party system. It’s easy to judge people who take some tax credits or benefits, but what will you do at the point when government takes 75%, 90%, 100% of everything you produce? Will you be a martyr who won’t take “other people’s money” and starve to death, or will you take the “benefits”?

        Here’s an example. I would be interested to hear what others would do in this situation. I got called for jury duty next month and they won’t let me out of it. My husband or oldest daughter will probably have to miss work because I have no other child care. We can’t afford this and I do not want to pay this cost for something I’m forced to do. When this kind of stuff happens to me against my will, I’m one step closer to just saying forget standing up for the cause and just take all the benefits I can get. You can say all you want about my taking your money to pay for my kids, but I say if you support this system, you’re the one stealing from me. Statists will probably mock and ridicule me for saying this, but oh well, so be it.

        This is a ridiculously long comment, but I have one more question for those who take issue with the child tax credit. I’m wondering, do you feel the same way about the public school system? My state pays more than $10,000 per year for one child in public school. That is more than 10x the tax credit, yet I have never heard those who receive that “benefit” being accused of receiving welfare. If I put just ONE of my five eligible children in the public school system next year, the cost would far exceed my entire tax credit for all seven. Why is there not a huge public outcry over paying this cost of raising other people’s children? I have to pay property taxes and in addition pay the entire cost of educating my own children (although I do it for a very tiny fraction of the state’s cost). I could probably sign up for every tax credit and benefit I could possibly qualify for and it wouldn’t match the cost to the taxpayers if I put even one of them on the bus next year (which I’m not going to do). If you’ve had children in a public school you’ve received much more in welfare payments than I could possibly get if I tried.

        I’m not necessarily saying I would take any of these benefits, but I get tired of those who gripe about tax credits, but are perfectly happy to support a system that steals from all of us.

  • roger

    Good. I am glad! The bush tax cuts were ill advised – especially since we were in bush’s stupid war in Iraq! Don’t like the taxes here? Try living in any other developed country. BTW- Bushes bungle in Iraq cost far more than the new health care will and will actually benifit us.

    • Vigilant

      “Bushes [sic] bungle in Iraq cost far more than the new health care will and will actually benifit [sic] us.”

      Well, well, we have here a progressive who unwittingly admits that Obamacare will cost us, not save us money! If you are a paid shill, you just got fired.

      Not only that, but the claim that the cost of the Iraq war will outpace the cost of Obamacare is pure unfounded speculation. If you want to see some chilling figures on the cost of Obamacare, just go to

      P.S. roger, take a course in basic sentence construction. You said the “bungle” in Iraq…”will actually benifit [sic] us.” I don’t believe that’s what you meant to say.

      • roger

        Last year an estimated 46,000 Americans died because they lacked health insurance and waited too long to get medical help, millions of others lost their life savings or their homes. Some of these people were forced to declare bankruptcy. My son-in-law operated on him own hand, nearly died from a MRSA infection, and is disabled because of untreated injuries to one of his feet. He, like millions of Americans, did not have health insurance. We need health care reform and though not perfect what was passed is still better than what we had.

      • Vigilant

        “… millions of others lost their life savings or their homes.”

        Sorry, sonny, if you have life savings and a home, you can afford health insurance. Read the Constitution some time, you might discover that it is not the business of the federal government to bail out people who had a choice and made a bad decision.

        You might also want to check the Declaration of Independence. Jefferson’s “life, liberty and pursuit of happiness” was not an all-inclusive list, but you’d be damned hard pressed to try and make a case that the Founders thought government-paid health care is a natural right.

        There’s no doubt that health care costs are too high. But that’s not an excuse to bypass the Law of the Land to force taxpayers to fund the poor decisions of millions. And if cost is indeed a concern, ask the Obama administration and the Trial Lwyers who support him why the Law has no remedies whatsoever for the hundreds of billions wasted on malpractice suits and defensive medicine practices necessitated by those suits.

        I’m not a heartless SOB. On the other hand, I believe John Locke’s claim that the number one priority of government is to protect property rights. Taking my property at gunpoint to fund socialist wealth redistriibution schemes strikes at the very heart of the Constitution.

      • Vigilant

        “Last year an estimated 46,000 Americans died because they lacked health insurance and waited too long to get medical help…”

        That’s 2/100ths of one percent of the population.

      • Flashy

        vigilant –> “There’s no doubt that health care costs are too high. But that’s not an excuse to bypass the Law of the Land to force taxpayers to fund the poor decisions of millions”

        Vig….it is not bypassing the Law of the Land. Unless decided by the SCOTUS it is unconstitutional, it IS the Law of the Land (example would be parts of the HCR Act have already kicked in)

        As far as funding “poor decisions’…ummmm, have you seen the figures of the cost when the uninsured use Emergency Rooms as their source of health care?

      • Opal the Gem

        “Vig….it is not bypassing the Law of the Land. Unless decided by the SCOTUS it is unconstitutional, it IS the Law of the Land …”

        As usual Flushy gets it exactly backwards.

        obamacare is bypassing the law of the land (Constitution) until the Supreme court declairs it is not.

      • Flashy

        Opal…I am unaware the Constitution is law. It is commonly and universally understood to be a document organizing government, granting powers and stating Rights, freedoms and liberties…

        When a law is passed, objections may be made it is unconstitutional. Which means, the power is not granted by the Constitution. If it violates Rights, it cannot stand as it violates the Rights protected by the Constitution. The Constitution details the different duties and obligations of the branches to pass law and enforce such.

        But have at it…what part of the Constitution is law?

      • Vigilant

        Flashy, there’s no hope for you if you believe you can get away with the notion that the Constitution is not the Law of the Land. It has been universally recgnized as such from the beginning of this nation.

        You’ll find two things in the law books at the very beginning, The Declaration of Independence and the Constitution, ALL laws must pass the muster of Constitutionality, and to parse words as you have in some sophistry of a lawyer is to give credence to the myth that the Constitution is a “living document.”

      • Vigilant

        Flashy says, “As far as funding “poor decisions’…ummmm, have you seen the figures of the cost when the uninsured use Emergency Rooms as their source of health care?”

        Kindly tell me what Constitutional role the Federal Government has in playing benefactor to the uninsured and we might have something to talk about.

        Bleeding hearts need to get it into their skulls that whether Obamacare saves billions or costs billions is irrelevant to the Constitutionality of the Act.

      • DaveH

        Flashman is just doing what he does — using equivocation and double-speak in an attempt to sound intelligent to certain ignorant readers (Liberals). Unfortunately for Flashman the only people who might buy his BS are the same Liberals who already are hopelessly ignorant and thus his influence in wasted.

    • Richard Pawley

      Roger, you say what was passed is better than what we had. That will all depend on the age of your son. Medicinal Manuka honey with a rating of 16+ (like Weddington) has been known to stop MRSA if it is on the surface (I’ve used it to remove a half inch mole but you had better know what you are doing) but in order to pay for Obamacare several hundred million was cut from medicare. In one state I know of those over 75 are already being denied dialysis which of course will send them on their way shortly. So the cut off date by what Sarah Palin called “the death panels” is now 75 but when the money runs short they might cut it to 65 and that would save a ton of money or as I have read in England where it is usually 55, anyone older than that doesn’t get expensive treatment. I even read of one ex-alcoholic who was orphaned at 13, started to drink at 14, became a severe alcoholic and at 19 or 20 joined AA and became an ex-alcoholic. Unfortunately he needed a liver transplant but they are costly. He could not convince the British Death Panels that he was now sober and no longer drank and so he died the following year. You son better be young if he expects to get anything from Obamacare.

      Remember you cannot eat and drink what the average American eats and drinks and not get the diseases that the average Americans get.

      • truesoy

        Richard Pawley;
        Can you please name your source or the name of the State where those over 75 are denied dialysis because of “Obamacare”?


  • Power To The People

    How do you know the unconstitutional health care laws will cost less and benefit us more? There is no way to know…its all smoke and mirrors….and another big spread the wealth scheme. Another example of Americans wanting something and expecting others to pay for it.

    • Flashy

      How would you know the HCR is unconstitutional? Far as i know, the SCOTUS was still writing the opinion and hasn’t rendered a decision on the constitutionality…

      • Vigilant

        It doesn’t take a genius to read and understand the Constitution. The Founders wrote it so even you could understand it, Flashy. Scalia has already said words to the effect that the individual mandate would create a whole new relationship between the people and the government not intended by the Constitution…and the statement was NOT complimentary.

        As for the SCOTUS decision, how much $$$ are you willing to wager that the individual mandate will be struck down? And when it is, what will be your reaction?

      • DaveH

        Oh, Flashman understands the Constitution, Vigilant. He just chooses to ignore the Main Law of the Land when it doesn’t suit his purposes, being the dishonest person that he is.

      • DaveH

        Vigilant says — “As for the SCOTUS decision, how much $$$ are you willing to wager that the individual mandate will be struck down? And when it is, what will be your reaction?”.
        That would be a bad bet, Vigilant, because Flashman would only honor it if he won. And when he loses, his reaction will be the usual reaction we get from Flashman — Dancing Around the Truth.

      • Vigilant

        DaveH, correctamundo!

      • Flashy

        Vig…I give it 50/50 on the mandate. it will be a 6-3 decision either way with Roberts voting with the majority so as to assign the final opinion.

        Here’s my reading of the issue and odds. Prior to the HCR, when we were battling with Hillary Clinton’s Health Care reform proposals, the GOP leadership were the ones pushing for the mandate. That signals that it may indeed have legs.

        Scalia is against it. I understand his reasoning. Thomas is a bought and paid for clown. Alito is a far right conservative..and like Scalia, while I may not agree with his reasonings, I understand them. Kennedy is the swing vote.

        What may well swing Kennedy is Scalia did himself some damage with Citizen’s United. He absolutely misread the resulting ramifications. Recall Scalia was the member shaking his head in disagreement as President Obama described the ramifications (correctly). I think, from hints in some of the opinions of late, Kennedy has lost any faith in Scalia’s ability to detail what the ramifications of a decision will be. And while not written or detailed, ramifications must have a part in any determination on any case. It is, after all, the future which an opinion must deal with, not the past.

        parts of the HCR ACt have already kicked in and will be difficult to unwind. I cannot see severability as an option as it is a complex detailed intertwining plan. Though the Court may well sever the mandate from the rest of the package, i highly doubt it. Especially in today’s political climate and…don’t discount this…there is a likelihood the elections will swing strongly Democrat and Pres. Obama is odds on to win re-election.

        That it is within the Commerce Clause should not be an issue. Unless the Court undoes a myriad number of cases and past decisions, it will find the power to be one of those of Congress. The Court has rarely gone to the extent of overturning a broad swath of prior decisions involving several Courts. One of the very few i can recall at this moment is Brown v. Board of Education which overturned Plessy v Ferguson decided 60 years before that. That involved social issues..not the complex economic issues which the Commerce Clause deals with.

        The issue will boil down to the power to mandate an act. That there is a power is without question. Just think of criminal law. What some states allow, the feds have mandated over this nation differently. Whether the feds can mandate forcing private contract is the issue.

        What may well save the mandate is there is an option available. One has a choice. obtain health insurance or pay a penalty in an amount to the government calculated to cover the additional expense to the nation for not being insured.

        Last week at dinner/drinks, I listened to a view which was interesting. The suggestion was the Court would have it both ways. Find the mandate within the powers of the Commerce Clause, just barely. And find the penalty to be unconstitutional as it is subjective and not based on any actual cost of reimbursement for not having coverage. Thus…the mandate will be upheld, but carry no penalty if one doesn’t adhere to it.

        Interesting analysis.

        it’s going to be a squeaker either way.

        i won’t bet. Anyone who does bet either way is a true gambler.

      • Vigilant

        Can’t say that a 6-3 decision is even a probability. It wil almost certainly be a 5-4 decision, as have been most decisions.

        In Citizens United, Stevens wrote the dissenting opinion, joined by activist judges Ginsburg, Breyer and Sotomayor. Kennedy wrote the majority opinion and was joined by Thomas, Roberts, Scalia and Alito.

        You said, “What may well swing Kennedy is Scalia did himself some damage with Citizen’s United. He absolutely misread the resulting ramifications. Recall Scalia was the member shaking his head in disagreement as President Obama described the ramifications (correctly).”

        First of all, Scalia does not attend State of the Union speeches, never has, never will. It was Chief Justice Roberts who shook his head, and correctly so, at Obama’s mischaracterization of the decision, and his outright lie that it would bring foreign funds into the political mix. Believe me, that little incident did Obama a world of harm, not Roberts.

        So, the decision will most likely come down to the usual four dependable Constitutional scholars and strict constructionists Roberts, Alito, Scalia and Thomas. Dissenters will be the activist justices and oath breakers Sotomayor, Ginsburg, Kagan and Breyer (all Clinton and Obama appointees) .

        It is likely that Kennedy will go with the conservatives, as his statements during initial hearings seem to indicate.

        BTW, your denigrating statement about Clarence Thomas is way off base and is not borne out by the facts. I’ve called you out on this before. Read the record of his written opinions before you categorically dismiss him as a “clown.”

      • DaveH

        It’s funny that you would spend so much verbiage on this board, Flashman, when you know you have no credibility.
        For instance, you say — “Prior to the HCR, when we were battling with Hillary Clinton’s Health Care reform proposals, the GOP leadership were the ones pushing for the mandate”. Oh? Care to cite your references for that fabricated fact?

      • DaveH

        Expecting the Supreme Court to rule honestly on a Constitutional issue, is like expecting the fox to give the hen’s an honest chance. Or like expecting Flashman to admit that he is a lying thieving Progressive.

      • DaveH

        Flashman says — “That it is within the Commerce Clause should not be an issue. Unless the Court undoes a myriad number of cases and past decisions, it will find the power to be one of those of Congress”.
        The Supreme Court in 1942 first started the current expansive definition of the Commerce Clause with the Wickard v. Filburn case. For the century and a half before that the Commerce Clause was limited to Interstate Commerce, not commerce confined to a state, and especially not activities that involved no trade at all. The original intent of the Commerce Clause was explained by James Madison in Federalist 42, and that was to secure what might be called a Domestic Free Trade Zone. That is, to prevent the States from enacting anti-interstate trade laws, taxes, qoutas, etc. that would be protective of that State’s Commercial Businesses. Of course, Leaders are in the business of expanding their Power, so they will push the envelope wherever they can to gain more of that Power.
        But prior to the Healthcare Bill, even the stretched-out interpretation of the Commerce Clause only gave Congress the authority to “regulate” commercial activity. Never before has Congress been given the power to regulate Inactivity (that is, a consumer’s choice NOT to engage in a trade or purchase) such as NOT to purchase Healthcare Insurance.
        More on that:

        What next? Congress passes a law forcing us to buy Chevy Volts? Flashman would like that.

  • RWIce

    I say vote them all out. There is nothing magical about what these political hacks do. Most citizens with an average education can do better for the people. Yes there are some good politicians in power (damnfew) but the majority serve only their pocket and those who pay into it.

    • Wolfowicz Pearle

      Vote them out? That is a laugh! Most politicians are there because they were basically unopposed through election fraud and they will continue because our justice system and legal system is broken! Whomever gets elected this year and in the future will be carefully selected by elites and offered through the paintbrush of the media and no matter which party they represent, they will there to do the bidding of NEOCONS and think tanks from which none of us are invited. There exists no more Republic, Merely a well managed Democratic Kabuki exists and we are the surviving customer base. Enjoy what is left of the show.

      Social Security status will be forever referred to as an “entitlement”

      Illegal immigrants will find even better ways to fraud the tax laws to get higher EICs
      Retired Veterans are going to be required to use the majority of their retired pay to cover their dependents and themselves.

      This article only illustrates that the tax beneficiaries will continue to be the very rich and the unemployed minions which (including immigrants) are now the majority will vote taxpayers right out of their earnings and I am sure who will be hurt the least.
      Unemployed and dontwannaworkers will suck up from the trough and cause congress to take away from wage earners and the retired to cover that and all that “trickle down” will be discovered to have been “funneled up” all along. Remember the movie Alien?
      It seems the taxpayer is the victim and the tax recipient and the wealthy along with the
      lawmakers are the Aliens…especially the ones that just hatched…sucking the very life out of you while you serve no other purpose than to feed them.

      Go on and vote!

      Democrat: You pretty much get the same scenario…Gotta keep feeding the leeches!

      Republican: More wars to support, Less Money to earn, Keep feeding the war pig NEOCONS!

      Independent: The former two will use their media power to diminish this!

      Revolution: To your peril if you consider this. If you are on the government dole for any reason, this will keep you at bay for fear of losing this. If you are gainfully employed, you are too busy to notice the problem in the first place so the NEOCON aliens win either way you go! Enjoy the show, you are living it fellow citizens…after all, you bought it!


  • Darcy White

    I know that most people are not taking this serious..I have talked to my friends till I’m blue in the face and they just don’t care,or they find it boring..I have tried so hard..nothing else I can do..I think that this great country is in a lot of trouble,God help us. I won’t give up,but all I can do is inform them, and than pray really hard..

  • Power To The People

    I share your frustration Darcy. I too have had so many conversations with friends and co-workers who say the debt is not their problem!! Others say they are going to get what is due them. This type of attitude is part of why things are as bad as they are.

    Bottom line is that so many folks are either in disbelief, don’t care, getting theirs or too scarred to think about it. The facts are that historically, no nation has financially gotten itself out of a fiscal mess like the one this country faces without a melt down.

    I fear the worst still awaits us.

    • Richard Pawley

      You are correct. The worst is still ahead of us, but Darcy White is correct to when he says to pray. Pray about everything. The new people who were elected to the House in 2010 were a result of much prayer. If they won’t do what they were elected to do, then much prayer will see them replaced. No one will believe what is coming our way so don’t push to hard to help people but speak your truth quietly. Some will take it seriously. Don’t worry about the others. As Obi-wan Kenobi once said, their “destiny lies along a different path”. I now know people in 12 states and one former member of the European Parliament who have a garden and/or a six month emergency food supply or more. Learn all you can about gardening, heirloom seeds, freeze dried foods that last decades and such like. Then you can avoid being caught up in the riots of the future that Homeland Security is apparently preparing for with their recent purchase of several hundred million rounds of Geneva convention illegal ammunition. You want to part of the solution in the future, not part of the problem, when the dollar is finally inflated to near death. Hyperinflation, possibly, but I don’t think prices will do more than triple or quadruple. The time to prepare is now, even if we have a few years (I hope). God bless you.

  • Big Red

    Here’s Flashy again. I was wondering when he would pop up with more of his intellectual drivel. Vote dumocRAT he says. That’s why we’re in this mess but you can’t explain that to ‘intellectuals’.

  • w.l.andrus

    i vote Democrat every morning right after my coffee :)

    • Vigilant


    • Power To The People

      Good one…..:)

  • scott gross

    Look people( especially those still in the bi-partisan argument, or raw socialistic/ plain dem. lovers) You’re being DUPED, sold out, fooled, lied to. Get the point? You’re trying to figure out the end of the movie and you’re in the wrong theater! Kudos to all who realize the Across The Board sellout by the Elite( ie… poloticians) Didn’t Biden say he was glad he never had a real job? That was the Truth!

  • Chester

    Welcome to the club, Darcy. It makes little difference how hard you argue when the people you are trying to convince are so sure they already know all the answers.

  • scott gross

    make that politicians.

  • Bob W

    The truth is that both congress and the Senate should be thrown out in November!

  • Raggs

    This is all the more reason that oblama-care needs to sink, but will it?
    I have a suspicion that the “supreme” court will uphold the illegal law in order to pass it off to the next elected “presidenta”… and be that oblama we are all screwed!

  • Nottakenyan

    America does not need legalized prostitution——————————

    the government screws us everyday !!!!!!

  • Jaesun

    Tax increase? Who cares? If you support governemnt, you deserve all the ills they heap on you. Your vote is saying, please Mr Candidate toss me a few crumbs which were originally stolen from me, plus allot more.

    • Tanya

      Jaesun, I completely agree. Unfortunately, we continue to support the one-party system and fight over who’s paying their “fair share”, while everyone but the fascist elite goes broke together.

  • Ken Howard

    The tax cuts, at least some of them, may be extended this year. Not because our governmant cares so much about us citizens, but for political reasons. The house will extend due to the Republican majority and send it to the Senate. Just before the election, the Liberal majority Senate will extend tax cuts so they the Dems can take the credit. Politically it gives the Dems an election talking point and maybe a boost in the final hour before elections. If they get that boost, and we get another 4 years of Obama, then the uninhibited Obama spending will surely stick it to he citizens in his second term.
    It doesn’t matter to me in the short term who gets the credit for the extension, but if this scenario does play out, us conservatives need to make sure we are a part of the conservative campaign so we don’t get another 4 years of liberal spending and regulation, but rather have a shot at salvaging our country from their murderous stronghold.

    • nc

      Ken, would you conservatives like to step up and take some responsibily for the increase in spending that took the national debt from less than I billion at the start of Reagan to the 10 billion a the end of bush II? You know, the Republican spending that McCain likened to a drunken sailor! It would be nice if the non-liberals would man up to their contribution to our national debt! Those three wars under the Republicans weren’t free! They cost Americans dearly and account for a large chunk of our national debt to China! I was really pulling for daddy’s boy, bush II!! I was hoping he could take China out to the picture by borrowing them broke!! Lord knows he tried!!
      Do you really put all of this mess on the Democrats!Did 2001-2008 not happen?? Do the non-liberals get a free pass??

      • Opal the Gem

        ‘…to the 10 billion a the end of bush II?”

        And how many trillions are we in debt now that obama has been in office for 3+ years?

      • Flashy

        Opal…very little of the debt added since ’09 is spending increases. the admin has had the lowest amount of spending increases since the 50′s. When trying to blame this administration for spending increases adding to the deficit …. it’s not true.

      • Jay

        Flashy says: Opal…very little of the debt added since ’09 is spending increases. the admin has had the lowest amount of spending increases since the 50′s. When trying to blame this administration for spending increases adding to the deficit …. it’s not true.

        Its amazing how you can say that with a straight-face, Floashy.

      • DaveH

        “very little of the debt added since ’09 is spending increases”?
        If Obama didn’t approve of the excessive spending he could get it stopped easily. Imagine a company hiring a new CEO to get things turned around from a previous over-spending CEO and then keeping the wasteful spending in place. And then saying it was the previous CEO’s fault. How long do you think they would keep the new CEO?

      • Richard Pawley

        It was Republicans, not conservatives who spent the trillions prior to Obama but he is spending about 9.8 BILLION dollars a day and that is far more than any other president has ever spent, BUT, ACCORDING TO THE CONSTITUTION IT IS CONGRESS WHO IS RESPONSIBLE FOR THE SPENDING SO BLAME THE DEMOCRATS FROM 2006 UNTIL 2010 AS THEY CONTROLLED CONGRESS COMPLETELY DURING THAT TIME. However, even that is all academic now. The damage is done. Blaming Bush or Obama or our richest president (George Washington) has no value. It is pointless.

        If we took all the money, taxed everyone who made over $190,000 a year at 100%, took it all, it would just run the government for one year and then we would be right where we are today, owing an unpayable debt, “unsustainable” as the president says and goes on spending like it was his money. No one has the guts to make the cuts so all will suffer when we have two to three hundred percent inflation so be glad they are holding back the dam of inflation but it is a tsunami that is coming and no one can hold that back. Some three million a year are leaving the USA, some ten times as many as during George Bush’s administration, but what is coming will be world wide.

        Get ready as you are able and see fit or you will likely suffer more than most. Those who can count on God because they know him and have a relationship with HIm will be better off than most but all are going to be affected. No one can escape what is coming although the super-rich, Democrat and Republican, think they can. Money alone will not be enough to weather the storm that is coming and I have been writing about it for 22 years now. The time to prepare is NOW. I hope we have a few years but a little here and a little there adds up in time. Do nothing and you may not starve but you will go hungry and then instead of being part of the solution you will be part of the problem.

        • Deerinwater

          “It was Republicans, not conservatives who spent the trillions prior to Obama but he is spending about 9.8 BILLION dollars a day and that is far more than any other president has ever spent, BUT, ACCORDING TO THE CONSTITUTION IT IS CONGRESS WHO IS RESPONSIBLE FOR THE SPENDING SO BLAME THE DEMOCRATS FROM 2006 UNTIL 2010 AS THEY CONTROLLED CONGRESS COMPLETELY DURING THAT TIME.”

          “A rose by any other name would smell as sweet”

          Those democrats was not progressives, they were liberals!

          See how that can work both ways?

          That a Republican led 110 th congress and administration had already committed the nation to gross misspending and committed troops to a foreign policy we couldn’t back out of , the 111th democratic congress was held hostage to their predecessors actions and decisions.

          To not continue supporting flawed policy was called ” Not supporting the troops” , un Christian and unAmerican. Those were the words used at that time by right wing politicians and media to defend their flawed policy.

  • Deerinwater

    The current tax structure favors non labor Income and is partly ( largely) responsible for today’s figures showing the wealthy getting only wealthier while the middle class and their income in serious decline.

    That they deserve these cut rate tax structure founded on the belief they will invest and spur economic growth that all American might have an opportunity to enjoy.

    But that is not what we see happening today is it? No it’s not. Should I take the time to tell you what you already know? As today we see the founder of Face Book denounces his American citizenship to avoid paying Federal Taxes on his earning.

    I hate having to pay taxes as much as anyone here, that I am being asked to pay more to offset someone that’s earned much more then I, while paying less does not set well with me either.

    This is has been an attack on labor , on people that work with their backs and hands, making us slaves to the elite when it projected over a period of decades of time. I enjoy work, working is what I do. It is a job well done that I take pride in and not how much money I have acquired in the process.

    I realized that some people don’t see their life and their work in that way, and that is okay. But why take the honor away for work and a equatable wage with an unfair taxing structure that demands I play a game that has little to do with labor? Must we all be the same, greedy blood suckers with our eye always on the dollar and not bound by commitment to the job at hand.

    Once this grand position of power has been obtained, it’s very difficult to even ask for any compromise, consideration or concessions. They will offer you what they want and it’s take it or leave it. If you see it as being under budgeted and failure assured, leaving it for the unknowing to attempt and fail, accept their personal losses while the affluent enjoys benefits from your personal failure.

    Has there ever been such a thing as too much fun or too much profit? i don’t believe that I’ve very heard it mentioned.

    • DaveH

      Every poor country has plenty of laborers. What makes an economy great is Capital Investment. Who does that? The rich of course. There is nothing (but Government) keeping the poor from making Capital Investments or pooling their money with others to invest in Capital Equipment, Companies, etc. But they don’t. If they did they might become one of those Rich people who the green-eyed enviers whine about.
      Laborers don’t drive a robust economy. People who make the necessary sacrifices, take educated risks, and invest in productive capital goods DO.
      For those who would like to be a little smarter than the average envious Liberal:

    • DaveH

      Yada, Yada. Deerinwater says — “I hate having to pay taxes as much as anyone here, that I am being asked to pay more to offset someone that’s earned much more then I, while paying less does not set well with me either”.
      Have you read any of the many links, Deer that prove you wrong? I will repeat one of them:

      Even if the Income tax wasn’t Progressive and the Rich only paid the same percentage as everyone else, their tax bill would still be proportionately higher than those who earned less. Imagine, for instance that the income tax rate was fixed at 10%, a guy making $50000 would pay $5000, while a guy who made $100000 would pay $10000 — Twice as Much. Does he get more Government for his greatly increased payment? Most likely it is the other way around. He probably gets more harassment from the Government that he has to pay double for. But to add insult to injury the high income earners even have to pay a higher percentage of their income.
      If Deer really wanted fairness, he would advocate a head tax, where everybody pays the same for his/her Government.


        There is no fairness in taxation and Ive never heard of a fair tax throughout history. It’s no longer a matter of fairness …its a matter of survival of the fittest countries with a strong budget position. Everyone has to be conscripted into paying a share of increased taxes to save the whole body …is the best way for me to explain it.

        • Katrael

          GILLYSROOMS IN AUSTRALIA, your idea that government can fix our economic problems shows a complete lack of common sense on your part. The government here and in your country are too corrupt to fix anything. All they will do is make your and I their slaves. We are well on the way to that here. It takes effort by the people in the right places to fix what’s wrong here and a government full of people with little to no work experience don’t know what to do but waste taxpayer dollars on social programs that would bankrupt even the strongest economy. Oh my what I just said. We had the strongest economy until our government started all of this give away stuff now we are fast losing our strength just as any of the other economies that have gone down this path of no return.

  • Norm

    As a nation we are becoming poorer.
    The “middle class” had millions of decent paying manufacturing jobs that included hourly, technical, administrative, and management.
    These jobs have largely disappeared. Despite the BS of a global economy, the “sacred” masters of money have sold us out to increase their own personal wealth. Why pay a taxpaying American citizen a livable wage when you can get a communist in China to work for next to nothing?
    Unfortunately the Chinese, American unemployed, and Americans working for peon wages don’t pay much (if any) taxes.
    The people who caused most of the problem and are profiting most from the destruction of America are whining over how bad they have it. They need tax cuts to create jobs. They are reluctant to say where however.

    Merchants have no country. The mere spot they stand on does not constitute so strong an attachment as that from which they draw their gains.
    Thomas Jefferson

    • JohnC

      And the service sector employee here buys fewer of the big ticket items made in China and elsewhere …but they are not worried they will sell the products to the Chinese because the average American will cut back spending …the big corporations still make their money …we just have to have a lower standard of living

    • DaveH

      Actually, Norm, the people who are benefiting at your expense are the Crony Capitalists and their Crony Leaders. How do they do that? The Crony Capitalists get the Crony Politicians to pass regulatory rules, grant bailouts, give subsidies, establish quotas and tariffs, and other forms of protection. All that at the expense of their non-politically-connected competitors, the consumers, and the taxpayers.
      Unfortunately, people like yourself have let those deceivers work their magic on you. As Government Grows, Corruption Flows. And who enables More Government than any other class of people? Liberals of course. You play right into their hands, Norm.

  • JohnC

    the perfect liberal solution is for the top 1% to pay 100% of the taxes and the other 99% get a free ride and free money from the government in benefits…its wonderful …I wonder how long it will take for the top 1% to get pissed off because they are carrying the full tax burden

    • nc

      John. the American solution would be for the 1% to pay a fair share of taxes< At least the polls show that most Americans feel that way! Any one in the Republican controlled HOUSE ready to serve the WILL OF THE PEOPLE and make it happen???? I don't think so!
      If you think those folks are a little upset now, just elect Mitt Romey and more Republicans and let them eliminate the tax on capital gains, which they have promised to do, which represents 65% of the top 1% income and FURTHER LOWER THEIR TAX PAYMENTS.
      Just got to think the common folks might get a little vocal over that move, ESPECIALLY SINCE THE LAST BIG TAX CUTS BY bush II DID NOT PRODUCE the economy he promised! bush made the promise and millions lost their jobs and thousands lost their homes! REMEMBER??? i'LL BET THEY DO!!

      • JohnC

        No I believe that you would not be satisfied with the 70% the top 1 % now pay why not go for it all make them pay 100% ..we can not blame this mess on Democrats or Republicans quite frankly both parties have caused this and its been coming for a long time. But things tend to right themselves …the house of cards will collapse, The poor and on the dole will be worse off, The golden goose will be dead they will have sucked it dry..I hope you have something other than Social security for your old age…that ponzi scheme will collapse also when no one pays in, no money can be paid out…we will witness the end of America, and probably the birth of the New world order, I am older now and probably won’t be here much longer but you are younger and will have that legacy to live with

      • Opal the Gem

        And just who is going to determine what that fair share is? Will it be you and all your welfare buddies who contribute NOTHING to the government coffers?

      • JohnC

        Opal, I am not on welfare, I have worked longer maybe than you have been alive and paid my taxes if you would care to read what I posted I am stating the facts of the inevitable out come If we do not solve this …there will be no point in any of this argument pointing fingers at who did what…I am saying the politicians have no clue and have no solutions to this mess

      • Wildey

        We’re dealing with this problem as if it was only internal to us. All around the world there are jaundiced eyes watching us knowing that we are chapter 7 bankrupt living on counterfeit dollars. It’s because we’ve got more and biggers guns pointing in everybodies faces that they give us any credence at all. Plus about 70% of the world’s reserve currency is in dollars. That means many countries value their worth in the dollars they have, and they don’t like it one bit. Countries are dumping the dollar to the point that you might need 2 barrels of dollars to burn to keep warm. That’s all they will be worth if we continue to let Geithner print them.

      • Opal the Gem

        JohnC my reply was to nc not you. The specific comment I was refering to was his first line..

    • Wolfowicz Pearle

      After you, I and our kids have expired due to their eugenics and it will happen…sooner than we think. Aspartame, GMO foods, taking away organics, Chemicals and radiation in the drinking water and on and on and ………They will get you one way or the other.

  • GrayStroke

    Both parties play us as fools because it has worked for over 90 years. It’s called good cop bad cop or better know as the:
    Follow this diagram to the end for a clear picture:
    Which is why the TEA Party has been co-Opted and you Palin lover will just not get it.
    From the mouth of

    Your welcome.
    Now go vote all the RINOs and Dems out of office and vote for the janitor we’ll have a better chance? NO! because the bankers owns them both. Which is why Jefferson opposed a central banking system versus Hamilton desire for a central bank.

    Until the Feds are abolished we are just screwed but hey you folks keep fighting among each other thinking the GOP is better then the DNC……fools…

    • GrayStroke

      why is my comments under moderator approval for 8 hours? have I been flaggedw/o anyone writing to me about it? Hmmmm….ok folks….

  • Raggs

    Someone sent this to me and it could not be more true.

    A system of government where the least capable to lead are elected by the least capable of producing, and where the members of society least likely to sustain themselves or succeed are rewarded with goods and services paid for by the confiscated wealth of a diminishing number of producers.

    • JohnC


      • Wildey

        Communism simply put is. government ownership / government controlled. Fascism on the other hand is private ownership / government controlled. Bush was satisfied fascism while Obama’s been taught communism but he’ll take fascism for a start. As far as that goes, is one better than the other as far as people are concerned?

    • Wildey

      What you are saying is very true but were does todays American fit in? Can they restore the Republic to what it once was? Washington and Lincoln saw repentence to God as the first and best step and said so publicly. In 1912 I believe there was repentence to God by the States in which many political officials took part. Theodore Roosevelt (TR) coined the phrase “The 10 Commandments weren’t 10 suggestions”. We’re looking around instead of looking up.

      • DaveH

        Abraham Lincoln was a Constitution-trampling Dictator, who caused the deaths of over 600,000 people in his vain quest to save the Union.
        Theodore Roosevelt was a Progressive who was one of the first to put Government in the middle of the hitherto mostly Free Markets.
        Neither was worthy of hero-worship.

      • nc

        Wildey, and the whole time bush II was praying to his God and using his MBA(?) his economy was going South and young Americans were dying in his needless war! So much for the Republicans and conservatives putting God on our side!

  • FreedomFighter

    Paying For Our Own Enslavement

    Laus Deo
    Semper Fi

  • Peter A. Sagi

    A quick scan of the article and the replies tells me once again that the most crucial issues regarding the income tax are being ignored, so, once again, back to the basics: the income tax is an excise tax, a tax on privilege, and only measured by income, so saith the US Supreme Court in the earliest of decisions upholding the constitutionality of the income tax … which they would NOT have done if the income tax was an unaportioned direct tax, i.e., a tax on property. Faced with huge tax increases, people should be asking themselves what it is they are doing that incurs liability for income tax in the first place. For most people, that taxable activity would be “employment” as legally defined in the codes, and that IS NOT NECESSARILY the same thing as working for a living. The difference? Participation in Social Security/SSN use, which the Social Security Administration states in writing it TOTALLY VOLUNTARY, an SSN not required to live OR WORK in the US. If you are forced to use an SSN on the job, that is due to the policies of the company you work for and NOT ANY LAW. Use an SSN on the job, and here is what you incur liability for … FICA, payroll tax (employer’s side of social security), Medicare tax, federal income tax, state income tax, local income tax, and pretty soon Obamacare mandates/liabilities. Cease using an SSN and you cease incurring liability for all of that crap, plain and simple.
    SSN use invites the govt. in as a senior third party to what would otherwise be a two party contract between you and the company you work for. They demand minimum wage, overtime regs, OSHA regs, maternity leave, etc. on your behalf and want their cut. Therein lies the taxable privilege … SSN use makes you effectively a federal employee for tax purposes.


  • Thinking About

    Don’t complain about the debt in the US unless you are willing to take big steps in paying down the debt. The Bush tax cuts needs to end and wasteful spending. A few dollars here and there, like travel expenses, health care cost and many other perks to Congressional members, they should stand and show how willing they are to get the budget balanced by taking a pay cut, they are paid enough by lobby groups to pay for their health care and perks. I doubt you could find 10 strong Congress members to stand up, they would rather run behind Grover Norquist coat tail than do the job they have been elected to do.

    • Wildey

      Bush wan’t the least interested in cutting spending. He was trying to figure out how to increase the government’s cash flow. He was told if you reduce taxes there will be more money around to pay taxes with. I don’t recall exactly but I think that every time a dollar changes 3 times, the government has that dollar. You stop to buy gas, you pay taxes. You buy groceries. You pay taxes. You use your credit card. You pay taxes. Track a dollar yourself and you’ll know what I mean.

  • Patriot

    The only things that Obama has increased is everything that needs to go down and he claims that his adminstration has the least percentage spending increases of any other administration. Pretty easy to do when you double the budget in the first year and add that to your basis. I think he thinks that the people are a bunch of dummies, well the people that will vote for him and still defend his record are probably just that, especially, based on the comments I see here.

  • cbond01

    There is NO BUSH TAX CUTS. All you have is that Bush would not let the Stupid Democrats OVER TAX the business that hire workers and the Democrats call that a tax cut.

    • Wildey

      Some economist told the shrub, Bush, that if you cut taxes you’ll have more money floating around to earn money, hence more tax dollars. The Democrats believe tax more and we’ll have more. They haven’t figured out businesses will go broke and won’t pay any taxes. All these candidates for the looney bin haven’t figured out if you don’t spend as much we’ll have more money. We might have money to pay our bills w/o resorting to counterfeiting and living a lie.They probably know that but they want to get fat today and to hell with tomorrow. Take the country down in flames.

    • $$$$$$

      The tax cuts were called that for a reason.Because they are definitely tax cuts! This is the same trickle down economics that’s been pushed for the last 30+ years.It doesn’t work this is why we have a stock market doing great – look at the numbers. What’s really good here is that we’ve got the Help-most of the people that post here – standing up and defending and pushing for the continuance of this great bonus and none of you will ever make enough money or have the investments to take advantage of this gift to the upper classes

  • Al Cracker

    I think we should All vote to re-elect Obozo…Untill the ignorant Liberals feel it, all this conversation is a mute point. We must burn down in order to re-build. When food stamps and entitlements stop and hunger pains start,then we will have a change of thoughts.
    Learn to play their game…better. Stop producing,stop incurring income,stop paying for them.

  • FEDUP!

    Flashy is nothing more than an infectious disease! Don’t listen to the EVIL! It makes no sense anyway.

  • Chief

    I have read these pose and find it hard to understand some of them {1} Big Bad John stated Obama took office with a 1.4 trillion debt (which means Bush left it )he Obama has it 200 billion less. The last I recall reading the national debt is now 16+ trillion. I am not a genius but to me that is an increase not decrease.Roger seems to think our new health plann is good that may be correct for some but not all. Personally I think we are in trouble with no relief in sight.Blameing Bush has been used up after all this time.Congress and the present regeime are mostly to blame we are now catering to Illegals and welfare recepients in order to get votes. We can not take care of our own people but we are able to send billions overseas to people who hate us and would do almost anything to destroy this nation.We need to get back to the point where we do not have to press 1 for english in this Unitewd States of America.Either learn the language or leave.Have you ever sat in an Emergency room and watch the people that come in for treatment it is down right sickening most are medicade or Illegal could have gone to the Dr. during hours lots less expensive to tax payers.Guess my rants are as bad as the others but lets all think before we vote in Nov. but above all do vote your beliefs.

  • Wildey

    I’m one of the first ones to complain but reality is reality. The reason we’ve got these problems is because when the government offers us dainties we reach out and take. For reasons that defy my sensibilities all most no one equates “gifts” from government with the obvious fact that we have to pay for them. The only source of income to the government is the fruits of the people’s labors. Sure some businesses and people think thay beat the system but in the long run we’re all in the same boat. Regardless of what the goverment does, all it’s does is add overhead it. 60 cents to 70 cents on every dollar from the last figures I’ve seen.

    Inorder for the government to give, government must take. Want government to get back on track? Then just say NO to government. We know what happens when we say yes to politicians offering goodies. God wrote the laws of economics and they’re unchangable and unbreakable. We can live with them or die without them and as far as I know we’re reaching the terminal stage.

    I would say that mainly the 16th Amendment, WHICH WAS NEVER RATIFIED put the nation on the road to ruin. Someone said, when the people can put their hands in the public purse the countdown to ruin has begun. Put all the politicians in debtors prison. Strip them of all their benny’s. Regardless, as Ron Paul has been saying, hard as it will be, we must pay the piper.

    • Thinking About

      Are you talking about the 16th Amendment in the USA? If this is the one you will find this happened in 1913.

  • MAP

    It [the State] has taken on a vast mass of new
    duties and responsibilities; it has spread out its
    powers until they penetrate to every act of the
    citizen, however secret; it has begun to throw
    around its operations the high dignity and impeccability
    of a State religion; its agents become a
    separate and superior caste, with authority to bind
    and loose, and their thumbs in every pot. But it
    still remains, as it was in, the beginning, the common
    enemy of all well-disposed, industrious and
    decent men.

    HENRY L. MENCKEN, 1926.

  • chuckb

    when you get right down to the core of the problem, when you intermingle socialism with capitalism it doesn’t mix. example: a person opens a business with his own money, he has a market for his product, he hires people to assist him in his endeavor, the employee eventually feels the company is making too much money and demands a raise, employer says, if i pay you more it will be necessary to raise the price of my manufactured goods. employees join union, union demands more pay plus medical care and better working conditions for employees, threatens strike. company relents and raises pay, adds medical insurance, more coffee breaks, longer lunch hour, 3 week vacation employee happy. union gathers more clout. one year later union agitates employees, company wages are not enough, medical care costing more. union goes to employer demands more wage, better medical ins, and now a new retirement plan, union threatens strike.
    in the meantime employer is losing business because of cost increase on product, employer says no more increase on benefits, union strikes, employees living on union fund. not happy with employer for not giving in. eventually employer relents, gives employees new incentive, higher wage, less hours,full medical paid, month vacation, if laid off gets full pay until rehired and early retirement with near full pay. eventually.
    company going broke, near bankruptcy, in fact they are bankrupt, rich uncle steps in, gives company billions of dollars to operate, in fact enough billions to last them thru the recession and more. uncle takes country away from the owners, fires the ceo tells stockholders tough you lose. gives company to union. union pays back uncle with stock from the company, stock is worth less uncle doesn’t get paid full amount, union still owing billions of dollars. uncle and his cohorts say nothing, let it ride.uncle plans on raising tax on other wealthy companies to make up shortfall, knowing full well the u.s. taxpayers will eventually be the beneficiary of the debt.

    thank you mr. taxpayer,

    • employee

      Hey glad to help. Why should you pay us nothing & treat us all like dirt? Then you drive off in your Maybach and live a grand life while I die a early death because I have no pension and no healthcare. We just want a fair shake and it is not trickling down. Did you hear on the news today that CEO pay is setting records?

      • ohoh

        You didn’t really listen to a thing he said.

    • Deerinwater

      ” he hires people to assist him in his endeavor, the employee eventually feels the company is making too much money and demands a raise”

      I take it that you are attempted describe events accurately as possible. If so, the employees don’t “eventually feel” the company is making “too much” money. That’s a fallacy. Who’s want to work for a company that’s not making enough money?

      If the company is doing well, some might wish to be better compensated. This would be an accurate statement. The desire to do better is in all of us , from employees to employer. There is nothing wrong with this.

      I had to address one of my husband/ wife crews just last week. I’ve been noticing they have been showing up for work in thread worn clothing. While I don’t employ a strict dress restricting on my people, ~ I had to ask, Just how much does a new Tee shirt costs? We need to look like people that have enjoyed a reasonable amount of success in what we do. I don’t really like to see my people in tee shirts and white tennis shoes brand new, much less 5 years old.

      A damned 5 years old Tee shirt and worn- thin cutoff jeans is not conveying the image I expect to convey to the corporate world. What they do with their money is their business but what happens on the job site is my business and I’m not happy!

      If I was paying minimum wages perhaps they would have an excuse but that simply is not the case, the man is a tight wad and squeaks when he walks.

      There is always this give and take between management and labor. We all want more.



  • Phillip Lake

    The FBI’s 4 most dangerous criminals: OBAMA-lier, self-centered, usurper; PELOSI and REID – socialist czars, left handed ANTI-Christ, self indulgent bloodsuckers; CLINTON – the worse (sheep in wolf’s clothing), blood on her hands from business deals in Arkansas, actually has intelligent people in ALL areas of this country believing her lies, her primary goal in life is to become the first American Dictator, she is the one to be feared above all others.
    If you get rid of these power mongers then we can start to work our way back. Until that happens it is going to keep getting darker and darker. Huh-kinda sounds like the Dark Ages all over again.
    O.B.A.M.A. – One Big Ass Mistake America

  • FreedomFighter

    Nine Meals Away From Anarchy

    I urge all Americans, and everyone else, please, for your own sake, your family, your children…

    Get longterm storage food now and stock up on basic needs such as water purification, personal care, basic medicinals

    Collapse/diaster can and will come to America sooner or later, just as is happening in other countries, we will not be immune to the changes now happening in the world.

    Time is short

    Laus Deo
    Semper Fi

  • Bimbam

    There are a lot more greedy and lazy people and more than enough lazy and greedy congressmen to help them along to stealing your hard-earned money for those of us who work hard and are ENTITLED to OUR MONEY.

    What can you do about it? NOTHING because these people OUTNUMBER us and will OUT VOTE us EVERYTIME.

    What will happen then? INSOLVENCY, REVOLUTION, and quite possible WORLD WAR!

    What will happen after? Hunt them down and get your stuff back.

    Then what? Start over.

    • Raggs

      Voting at one time was considered a choice that people made, now-a-days voting in my opinion is considered a funnel for the rats in order for the rats to float on the sewer that is supported by the bottom feeders….

      • Bimbam

        Though the writer is a buffoon for not mentioning that unless the negro oBama CAN PROVE HE WAS BORN AN AMERICAN CITIZEN all his laws he has signed, all his czars he has appointed are ILLEGAL and thus NULL and VOID!

        The writer makes it look like the negro was true and legal and we have to accept this “taxmeggedon” and so on. We do not have to pay the higher taxes until the negro is proved legal to do so.

        Until then, we pay what the tax was BEFORE the negro got elected. Hey Chip, who are YOU REALLY WORKING FOR???

        You should know oBama is a usurper and should be arrested and thrown in prison.

  • who, me?

    Just wondering, when do we start paying for cap and trade? Or carbon tax? Did eveyone here see the article on Australia beginning to pay theirs next month? Take a look, if you’re blood pressure can stand it.
    Hopefully most of us here have jobs, so we can pay our ‘fair share’.
    I have to admit it baffles me how people can still sit there and call ocare ‘free’ or ‘affordable’.
    I wonder, are we going to start seeing previously decent people turn into thugs, just to make ends meet? It’s no wonder they’ve brought out the war wagons, drones, and hardened pill boxes. Also goes a long way to explain why the civilian end of govt. has been buying ammo like it’s going out of style.
    Welcome to the Police State, and Flashy, you just go on thinking like you do.
    Insanity and ignorance will be preferable to lucidity and awareness.
    And you make sure to pass that on to those who think like you. At least SOME in this country will still have a dream.

  • http://N/A HapHarris

    Conjure up in your minds your most horrifying nightmare, then some-! Folks, it’s going to be far worse that you can imagine. If you think you still have a Republic with a Representative form of government… you are children waiting for candy from the Tooth Fairy. The “Superforce” has enough control of the US government that the New World Order will be realized.. and soon-! At the direction of the “Superforce” Barack Obama was selected by Henry Kissinger and groomed by the CIA to bring us into the NWO. This Narcissistic Egomaniacal Nitwit fits the character description of the most heinous dictators in history. Everything he says is calculated to deceive the innocent. He will tell you one thing and the person next to you the very opposite. If for some unknown reason they can’t squeeze him in during the next election [and I believe there will not be another election] they have Mittens Romney standing by who is also reporting to the “Superforce.”

    • nc

      Hap, what is more scary than what you say is the fact that 80%+ of the people who are regulars here BELIEVE YOU!! The big conspiracy! The major TAKE Over! The coming of days!! BOO!!! THE DEBIL GONNA GET YOU!!! AND THE PROOF OF ALL YOU SAY IS??????????????

      • Deerinwater

        it’s a self fore-filling prophecy, Doom is eminent , where you “repent” or not. There will come an “end of days” for some, sooner than for others.

        where this is a cure or a blessing, who’s to say?

      • DaveH

        Listen to the Liberals ridiculing others for their fears, when in fact we wouldn’t be in this current mess without Liberals having succumbed to the Fear-Mongering of self-interested Leaders.

  • Intolerant Of Fools

    Chip Wood: this is May 2012 not December 31, 2012. John Boehner and Eric Cantor are responsible for the upcoming tax increases, because they do the bidding of the Tea Party. But your sense of loyalty to the GOP, demands that Obama be blamed. Well, by that time we will know who sits in the Oval office.

    • DaveH

      Apparently you are intolerant of yourself?

  • truesoy

    For some reason I am always skeptical about anything that calls itself ‘liberty’, or ‘freedom’, and/or the “Democratic Republic of East Germany”; for if they were any of it it would be self-evident and there wouldn’t be a need to shout out, ‘hey, look at me’.
    Personal liberty?, well, there is my answer.
    …………And their written opinions proves it.

    • DaveH

      And I am skeptical about people who claim to be compassionate while stepping on the necks of others and stealing their money.

      • truesoy

        Let me tell you waht stealing is:
        Its using what others have built and enjoying every bit of it and not wanting to contribute your fair share.
        But just as some prefer to heed the words of the wise, conservatives prefer instead the praises of a fool, for they believe in things they don’t understand.
        And I still will say to them (conservatives) to go ahead and continue to enjoy that which liberal ideas made possible that hopefully they won’t destroy.


        • Katrael

          truesoy, you desperately need to get a dictionary. How do you ever hope to communicate when you don’t know the meaning of the words you use? Webster’s Dictionary: steal, a verb, to take another’s possession illegally and without his knowledge. You said, “DaveH; Let me tell you waht stealing is: Its using what others have built and enjoying every bit of it and not wanting to contribute your fair share.” your grasp of the English language is lacking strength. This sentence doesn’t even make sense and is lacking in coherency. I guess that what you’re trying to say is that it’s appropriate to use what others have built up as long as you share the spoils with someone else but not as long as a person decides to “use” it strictly for themselves? Sounds to me as if you believe that stealing is appropriate as long as the crook who takes “it” shares “it”? That sounds pretty twisted to me.

          • Deerinwater

            “? Sounds to me as if you believe that stealing is appropriate as long as the crook who takes “it” shares “it”? That sounds pretty twisted to me.” “Webster’s Dictionary: steal, a verb, to take another’s possession illegally and without his knowledge”

            From a person that believes opposition to all government constitutes a “political party” or that stealing can only occur in a unlawful manner cloaked in secrecy , many things appear twisted I’m sure DaveH.

            I understand what you are attempting to do David, expose the very nature of government and move the line between conservative and liberal more to the right of center. Which is fine, I don’t have much of a problem with that. People need to be awaken to nature of government and that, less government is the best government.

            But what we see is, like the word “stealing”, it is simply a word, a label, a box, it does not mean a whole lot went we discover that there is lawfully and knowingly “stealing” taking place everyday while you choose to define “stealing” otherwise.

            In as far as matters of government, we can attach any label to our government that you want to, relabel our master, relabel our thief, the process of giving & taking will continue none the less.

            I don’t mean to make you feel that your efforts are hopeless but assigning simply a Libertarian title or a republic title to government will not change the ways of government, no matter what it promises.

            One of my closest far, far right friends use to say, “after they have “stolen” my money, I don’t give a damn what they do with it!”. My reply was , “you should”.

  • boyscout

    I especially like the numbers games played by all of the “sources.” Just knowing that statistics can twist, manipulate, and prefabricate as well as any republocrat politician really clarifies the muddied waters. Must I feel like a simpleton if I prefer a simplistic understanding?
    The earth itself and our nation in particular has wealth enough not only to satisfy the needs of all, but also to gratify (within limits) the greed of many. What we face is a management issue. When I consider the resources wasted in pork legislation as well as congressional inaction, in illegitimate propagandist wars, in the lack of productivity by an unemployed labor force and the consequential cost of their support etc., I gain a lust for whiskey and/or the urge to vomit.
    If my vote counted for all and I could singularly effect a sea change in this government, I would have the lot of influence buyers and sellers ground into dog-meat and fed to their replacements, just to remind them of personal consequences. ANY management system that is riddled with corruption will necessarily bring with it a corresponding system of injustice.
    Our erudite forefathers (who often disagreed with one another) devised a plan, wrote a Constitution, and implemented a balanced government that worked through both isolationism and expansion (sorry original inhabitants) and would work today if we still had it.

  • FreedomFighter

    Fear of Bank Runs in U.S. Hit All Time Highs

    It just may hit us sooner than believed.

    Laus Deo
    Semper Fi

    • DaveH

      In Classical Bank Runs the people turned in their notes for the gold that was promised to back them. What would these people be turning their notes in for — other worthless fiat money? The Federal Reserve would just print more worthless money to bail them out, especially the bigger banks. Our dollars will devalue whether we hold them in the banks or hold them in our hands.

  • http://N/A Janie Reyes

    What is the president doing about companies such as Asset Acceptance who buy accounts from other companies that are trying to collect on accounts which are as old as 1993 accounts? These people harass folks like me with such old accounts. Yes, I had some bad times like everyone else in 1993 and could not pay a capital one account, so back than I spoke to Capital One Bank and their response was that it was too late to pay so they had written off the account and I was going to have bad credit for seven years. I have somewhat good credit now, but out of the blue this collection agency stared to harass me daily on the phone. Now I refuse to answer my phone. There should be a law against these collection agencies. I even had an attorney call me and he left a message harassing me to answer my phone.

    On another note, even if the president does something to open more jobs unfortunately the supervisor doing the hiring, hires only folks recommended by others that work within the company or their friends. I don’t know about other places but here in Brownsville Texas that is the way it is; it is not what you know, but who you know that will land you a job. Yes, unfortunately I am unemployed. I applied for a probation officer position numerous times long ago, but the person doing the interviewing I was told by a probation officer who I met in school, hires only folks recommended by other probation officers who are close to him. That is not right, but who am I to judge. Needless to say, I never appied with them again because the person doing the hiring has been there for approximately 30 years and does not look like he is going anywhere anytime soon. Cameron County is all about politics.
    Concerned citizen 2012

    • DaveH

      They have to be extra careful, Janie, about who they hire due to the danger of litigation for wrongful firing, sex discrimination, racial discrimination, age discrimination, and other such liabilities they face these days when they hire a new employee. One mistake and they could lose millions in a lawsuit. So blame Big Government for that condition. If not for Government meddling, companies would be willing to give many more people a chance, knowing that if the person didn’t work out, they could easily fire them with little financial risk. That way those of us who screwed up in the past could easily turn over a new leaf, become a better employee, and find work easily. And it certainly doesn’t help that Government is sucking up over 40% of our economy. That money has to come from somewhere, and that somewhere is at the expense of the rest of us.

    • truesoy

      What you just said is common practice in many places, sad but true.
      Ps.- don’t listen to DaveH because he/she will mislead you, really.


  • FreedomFighter

    After Armageddon-A Look At A Post SHTF Situation

    Time is short

    Laus Deo
    Semper Fi

    • albert p. johnson

      i hope that all of you know that the senate is getting reay to vote on a sea treaty sometime this next week . it is very dangerous to our sovrneignty, because we will have to pay royalties to the U.N. and to the poorer nations for any oil that we drill for more than 200 miles off our coast line, also our navy will not be able to patrol the high seas at random anymore they will have to have permission from the un to where they can patrol. this is a treaty from hell. please contact your senators and tell them not to vote for this treaty. some of th RINO’S are going along with this. please take this seriously.

  • Albert Alloro

    We need all elections to be Federally funded. This would get rid of lobbyist. We
    need term limits as well. About two terms in the Senate and three terms in the House.

    • Katrael

      Albert Alloro, the problem I see with the government paying for the election is that they could control who runs and who doesn’t. Do you make it where the candidates can’t accept outside funding? I’m not saying it couldn’t work but I see a few pitfalls. Maybe you’ve fleshed out some details?

  • simian pete

    Don’t Panic !!!

    This is just the beginning ! Income Taxes will probably go up to about 70% of income for the highest income earners within the next 5 years or so … them the breaks ! You got to understand why to be free !

    The majority of American voters want higher taxes on the more successful ! It’s just plain old “coveting” and “stealing” …. take the money from those who produce wealth (the minority) and then distribute it to the majority of voters ! That’s one way (of many) politicians (COngress, Prez) get re-elected over and over again !!!!

    This is how you beat the high taxes !!! Start your own “corporation” and pass the extra taxes on to your customers !! Especially to the customers who keep on voteing wrong, that’s the majority of American voters !!!

    It doesn’t take rocket science, just add the extra expense to your bill and let the majority (that’s the idiots that keep electing the wrong people) pay ……

    Do I have to repeat myself ? Just pass the “extra taxes” onto the mob of people who elected these Bozos …..

    HEH HEH !!!! No charge for the good advice !!!


    Chip, no one likes paying taxes but when you have a country like America heading toward a Greek type situation with the stock exchange collapsing and the banks in virtual default but saved by the Euro, ALL because its citizen dont like paying taxes at all, .just stop and think.

    Now lets remember that the Germans still want to save the problem Greeks by giving them time …no time I really mean time for the wealthy to sort their affairs out by
    using the Euro as the savior until the Greeks are kicked out of EEC.
    .ITS GOT VALUABLE TIME. Whereas the USA has neither time not the Euro to string on
    as a survival tool. And Chip is worried about a few extra taxes you need to pay.??GIVE ME A BREAK……PUT YOUR THINKING CAPS ON….i would not mind paying 10% extra
    tax if it saved my 100% asset values from dropping under zero and so should you in the USA who have bent LENT lower taxes since BUSH introduced those lower taxes during 2001 -2003. $500 billion per year in loans for 10 years was it??? Whats $5000 Billion sounding like? I doubt whether Mr Bush did your country any good then and the solution looks like cutting expenditures and increasing those taxes to pre-Bush era cuts. How you cut expenditure or who pays the taxes is something for you good citizens to work out, but you must have both measures without playing the blame and pass the buck game. You aint got much time.

    Only after the USA gets its house in order will your economy be robust enough to start introducing the Dr RON PAUL solution which I support totally, except for the timing which is after you do the right thing and increase taxes and take them like honorouble men & women and dont try to pass the buck onto the poorest and scuttle your recovery.

    • Katrael

      GILLYSROOMS IN AUSTRALIA, don’t be silly, it’s not a case of whether Americans like to pay taxes, they don’t, but with 40 to 50% of our gross income gone to taxes already just how much is enough to support programs that are unsupportable?

      You’re not even an American so why support Ron Paul? Are you looking for something here that doesn’t belong to you? Your country is a cesspool of communism and you want us to listen to you? I’ve heard about your enacted gun laws and the law that says businesses can’t tell their customers that the higher prices they pay are due to higher business taxes. Fix your own country before you try to fix ours.


        Dont be so silly Katrael, i said it earlier and I saying it again…There is no fairness in taxation and Ive never heard of a fair tax throughout history. It’s no longer a matter of fairness …its a matter of survival of the fittest countries with a strong budget position. Everyone has to be conscripted into paying a share of increased taxes to save the whole body …is the best way for me to explain it. Expenditure must drop and taxes must increase over several years to build your economy back into a strong position and to show the world that you want to repay your loans otherwise you’ll sink faster than the greekswho have the Euro to break their fall to oblivion. Everything must be for profit in your opinion Katrael….you imply i have some financial incentive by supporting Dr Ron Paul? Do all Dr Pauls other supporters have a profit motive too? Doubt it…they realise he is your ONLY honest politician in your country thats why….and I can assure you there wont be any profit under DrRon Paul policies….a contracting economy does not bring profit but it does bring solutions for your debt ridden nation.

        • Katrael

          GILLYSROOMS IN AUSTRALIA, first is your choice of words “conscripted”. I believe this shows that you believe in tyranny? Second, who says this political “body” is worth saving? I don’t. This body is replete with cancer, the cancer of: corruption, greed, crony politics, tyranny and abuse and the body is headed toward death. Our politicians have long ago abandoned any attempt to apply sound financial fundamentals and have found a way to completely alienate the real producers in this country. Why would you assume that these criminals have any desire be be responsible to those of us they want to abuse? I can’t see giving them anything else to waste or to grant them more power over me and mine. Stay in your Australia where you believe that more is better. More taxation and wasteful spending does not equal a cure for what ails this world.

      • simian pete


        Good advice. You are just being a realist of sorts.

        Katrael is just being idealistic. The view expressed is just a minority view. It would be great if everyone here in America was productive and refused to live off the Government dole. The dole that is financed by the “producers” …..

        Realistically paying more taxes to pay off the debt is a good idea. It would stabilize the American DOllar ….. good idea except for one “minor” fact …..

        The politicians in Washington keep increasing spending ! Raising the taxes by another 10 percent is only a good idea if Washington DC (and all the other levels of government such as in the individual states) would cut the budget by 90% or so … The Congress would also have to take control of interest rates from the Federal Reserve ! And also the currency …….

        The Derivative mess would have to be allowed to just go belly up. Hey, the investors took their chance ! If you are the last one to hold the worthless paper – to bad ! HA HA ! That’s how the game is played ….No government money for these gamblers on Wall Street !!

        It’s all up to the American voter ! The majority just keeps on voteing for more government “benefits” but really don’t want to pay for it …. Heh Heh !!!

        The the derivative losers fund the DemoPublican Party election campaigns ! That has to be stopped.

        Don’t worry, the economic system is sort of “self correcting” just like in Europe right now. Greece will be better off outside the EU !!! Iceland is also doing quite well ….

        If the dollar hyperinflates, people will start using gold, silver etc and all the worthless paper gets flushed down the “toilet ” ….

        It all works out in the end …… but you can say “good bye” to the affluent middle class here in the States …. those days are coming to an abrupt end. Sad ….

        We here hope you Aussies get your Gun Rights back and Freedom of Speech !!! Carbon Taxes should be discussed without fear. Maybe the next government in Australia will be better. Our government here can kill the citizenry without trial (due process) if they think the citizen is a terrorist threat !!! This law was passed by our “freedom loving” Republican House of Representatives …….and signed by our “philosopher-king” Mr. Obama !!

        SO we can’t really judge you or your country, we are a mess here also ….


        Katrael, this is where we differ, you are a revolutionary and are prepared to willingly aid abet the destruction of your society and to rejoice in the destruction of the relative peace and good order of the majority of your citizens…because you put financial budgeting perfection above the lives of your citizens.

        I on the other hand will use my energies at debating my views to help turn around the despair which you are peddling. I dont wish to go down your path of destruction and civil unrest…i would rather the ‘criminals’ you refer to supported by the majority of voters who without force and in the full knowlege of their selection have decided to continue with these immoral but legally acceptable methods of deficit spending to continue. THE VOTING PUBLIC ARE NOT UNEDUCATED OR IGNORANT OF WHAT IS GOING ON…NO, THEY JUST PREFER TO IGNORE the reality of the financial abyss staring everyone in the face. The Greeks knew it…they just ignored it and hoped it would go away….now the Greek men want to suddenly desert their sinking ship and move to be taxi drivers in Australia when previously they had left to enjoy the good life in Greece.

        Having stated the above, i would much prefer more inflationand more taxation than starvation and more crime under your solution for perfection. You call us communists in Australia but amazingly many people are risking their lives to travel in leaky old wooden boats to try to come in as illegal imigrants to jump the immigration system….they not going to China or Russia or even the USA, they are clammering to get into Australia. Why is that you think?

        Because even with all our imperfections we in Australia still have it pretty good, and I urge all disatisfied americans to come visit us on your next holiday and then tell me your lifestyle is better than ours. We as citizens are not too concerned about our guns policy as most of us much prefer to leave those duties for our army and police personell to use to protect us.and our farmers are still permitted to have rifles anyway…..whereas in your country you cant have our policies because of your history and lawlessness which cannot be fact the more people you jail or execute the more those remaining relatives become incensed by the injustices of your system of INJUSTICE. Last week a judge sentenced a teenager to jail for daring to miss school because she was too sleepy to attend school …why ? because she held down two jobs to help her siblings survive and get ahead…the judge said it was more important that the teenager go to scool than for her family to eat…What type of judicial rule of law system is that? its a nonsence..totally mad. that is why you will always need guns to protect yourselves with that and many other silly problem creating laws and punishment systems. With your ideas of cutting welfare..there may be more teenagers going to jail because they have to choose work over schooling. …get used to it…but realise that some more might decide to get into prostitution or drug dealing to survive when your LESS WELFARE ideas coming to pass. You sir have no idea of what you or your policies will lead to if carried out in the method you suggest.

        When you pay less tax as a nation ich is what Bush gave you with lower taxes…you have greater deficits or more desparate hungry people if you reduce welfare…is what you want i know, however your assets values will drop and your personal security also drops.

        Finally its much easier for a government to deal with these issues of stealing more money from you through increased taxation than letting the increased number of thieves streal or destroy your belongings during increased periods of civil unreast where the army and police gain more powers and create more unhappy people as they dispense more of their unjust or corrupt punishments..than you or i individually could possibly do even tho many in governments are corrup…t but how will you be less corrupt ? except Dr Ron Paul which your republicans have rejected. When your GOP accepts and truly follows Dr Ron Paul…then i might start listerning to your crazy ideas…in mean time go back to thinking and debating and money protection school…you Mr Katrael have no idea what you are peddling will in fact lead to less security and less freedoms Liberterians really want. ..

        • Katrael

          GILLYSROOMS IN AUSTRALIA “you are a revolutionary and are prepared to willingly aid abet the destruction of your society and to rejoice in the destruction of the relative peace and good order of the majority of your citizens.” This part of your comment is an outright lie told to stir me emotionally and could very well mean that you are an outright liar.. If my country is going to destruct then it is “self destructing” and yes I do want my government to practice fiscal responsibility.

          “I on the other hand will use my energies at debating my views to help turn around the despair which you are peddling.” Another lie. I’m not peddling despair. Despair will happen because our governments will run out of money to continue to pay people to be unproductive.

          “THE VOTING PUBLIC ARE NOT UNEDUCATED OR IGNORANT OF WHAT IS GOING ON…NO, THEY JUST PREFER TO IGNORE the reality of the financial abyss staring everyone in the face.” Very good double talk. You must be an Alinskyite? We agree that this world posed to fall into the abyss of it’s own making.

          “You call us communists in Australia but amazingly many people are risking their lives to travel in leaky old wooden boats to try to come in as illegal imigrants to jump the immigration system….they not going to China or Russia or even the USA, they are clammering to get into Australia.” Then I’m not the only person to view your system as a communist one. It looks as if our nations face the same problems, too many government give away programs that attract those who want others to take care of them while adding little or nothing to the system. Many of the leeches here send the currency they acquire back across the border where is does no good here.

          Send me a round trip ticket and provide room and board and I’d love to visit you communist country.

          “When you pay less tax as a nation ich is what Bush gave you with lower taxes…you have greater deficits or more desparate hungry people if you reduce welfare.” Another outright lie. Our deficits have ballooned under the moronic handling of the criminal government. It’s not a Bush thing but a government thing so don’t try to suck me into that argument. My personal prediction has always been that the rate of growth of the deficit would probably double in half time to the point of vertical growth no matter who was the president because none of them seem to be willing to do what needs to be done. Paying less in taxes allows the best utility of spender (me) to use the currency saved from the worst utility of spender (Obama) to do the best thing that can be done with that currency.

          I have a question: I thought you supported Ron Paul? Does he know what you stand for? I’m quite sure if he did he’d tell you to mind your own business.

          I don’t want to reduce welfare I want to eliminate it as we know it. I want to decide who I support with my currency and who I don’t want to support. I don’t want to support people who only want to get drunk on the bottle of welfare and not work for a living. I’ll share my food with the hungry as long as they are willing to help me grow it. A fair trade. I’ll give a homeless person space to live in if they help to maintain it. I know a man here who planted large tracts of his land and opened it up to anyone who would come and harvest for themselves. You know what happened? Most of the food went bad on the plants as few would come and harvest it. Apparently many needy people in the community wanted him to do it all, plant, tend, harvest and distribute. I have no pity for people who cry about being hungry who won’t lift a finger to help themselves. This same man would even take produce to those he knew couldn’t physically pick crops. Don’t tell me about welfare.

          “Finally its much easier for a government to deal with these issues of stealing more money from you through increased taxation than letting the increased number of thieves streal or destroy your belongings during increased periods of civil unreast where the army and police gain more powers and create more unhappy people as they dispense more of their unjust or corrupt punishments..than you or i individually could possibly do even tho many in governments are corrup…t but how will you be less corrupt ?” Oh, do you admit to dispensing corrupt punishments? I don’t dispense corrupt punishments. How will I be less corrupt? Easy, I don’t endlessly take from the people and I’m not seeking power over anyone, so who’s going to attempt to corrupt me? Sounds like your giving this business of corruption a good go?


    I generally agree with you too simian pete. lol

    i just like to present a different angle of the problems against the simple solutions some minority people are peddling


    I have a shotgun approach to peddling my ideas and not concerned at being diplomatic with Katraels

    • Katrael

      GILLYSROOMS IN AUSTRALIA, what do you mean by followers? If by followers you mean: people who physically or emotionally do what I say then I have no followers nor do I want them. If you mean that people read some of what I write then you there are those who follow me. You’re one of them.


        Katrael,” I have no pity for people who cry about being hungry who won’t lift a finger to help themselves. This same man would even take produce to those he knew couldn’t physically pick crops. Don’t tell me about welfare.” I agree with your statement but if it were not for government welfare in Australia, I would not have the income I derive from the rents I charge to my rooming house tenants who otherwise would be sleeping in the streets and under bridges and I would be poorer without that income. I have seen it all, so dont tell me about welfare. Aocoholics still choose alcohol to a dry warm roomand will play the disadvantage card with the Salvation Army who still support these con men and chalatons with food vouchers so they can still use their pensions to pay for their vices.

        I assert that many american companies are indirectly living off welfare spending but are too dumb to understand it. They think most of their sales would continue if less people received welfare and they say that theeeyyy are the ones who are supporting the welfare recipients with the little taxes they really pay directly.

        I suggest that taxes would not fall if welfare was stopped tommorrow as many landlords
        would go broke and could not pay the taxes they now pay and so too the banks who use houses and apartments as security would go broke and not ever pay taxes and lose the all the depositors money and they would not be able to pay the taxes on their income which would be gone. Many more would go broke and the ripple on effect would affect people such as Donald Trump who would also go broke again with other peoples money as his wealthy clients also go broke too. Its a vicious circle and we all rely on the musical chairs to which money and wealth is connected. Many wealthy people are not rich because they were somehow smarter than the poor…its more a case that some people dont wish to save and are more interested in spending and not saving for a rainy day. They want to enjoy their money the way they choose to do and it usually ends up with people who have been frugal all their lives by doing without alcohol, entertainment, buying nik naks from nickel and dime stores, or buying the latest fashionable clothes as many women do anyway.

        But if many people who lost their life savings during the 2008 crash had known that their money was not going to be safe,,,i bet many would have rather enjoyed it on all of the above and holidays abroad? Who was smarter the poor or the now poor rich. ?

        I dont know Dr Ron Paul personally, however i was in politics 40 years ago promoting the very same ideals as Dr Ron Paul is promoting today and over the last 40 yearsin the USA.

        I can tell you the whole history of how the first political killing occurred with the murder of a young man called Paul Krutulis who was a member of a Libertarian political movement in Australia during the early 1970′s when he dared to object to having to be forced to join a workers union to be able to work on the Tramways but the Tramways & Omnibus Union members went on strike again he working without a membership of that communist union.The Tramways union makes little mention of his death in some of their history on internet but does make mention that Paul Krutulis being a member of a wierd political party with little following the belief of the Liberterian Party. Thats the short history sir Katrael.So dont try telling me to mind my own business…because the world IS MY BUSINESS. What you do in the USA affects us in Australia economically and politically. We have strong ties with your country in many ways even when we disagree on this forum and we should all work together and not be impolite and suggest others mind their own business. Does the USA mind its own business? We all do.

        • Katrael

          GILLYSROOMS IN AUSTRALIA, you are a part of the problem and not the solution. You’re telling me that you can’t afford to be generous but that the government has to force people to be generous to support your lifestyle? “I agree with your statement but if it were not for government welfare in Australia, I would not have the income I derive from the rents I charge to my rooming house tenants who otherwise would be sleeping in the streets and under bridges and I would be poorer without that income.”

          This seems like just so much twisted thinking to me. We aren’t in the rental business here and it costs money to provide modern conveniences and yet this family farm of ours has supported numerous families free of charge over the years. People even tried to pay us for what we provided and it was returned to them. I’m not saying this for a pat on the back as this wasn’t just my decision but a family one. This we did for both those we knew and those who were strangers.

          Did somebody force you to rent to under privileged people or did you make that decision on your own? To me the example you set is not a good one. Wouldn’t it be better to rent to people who can afford it then supply one of your units for reduced or free rent and avoid being tyrannical and forcing people who don’t want to to support these people?

          You admittedly “live” directly off of this “welfare spending” and does that make you superior somehow? My solution is to abandon government sponsored welfare and I know this works as it always has in the past. My generosity, if I have any, isn’t supposed to supply people with luxury but merely with a helping hand until they can do better. The people that come to us have to work here or they have to go. That is fair.

          Tsk tsk, you don’t understand finances and it’s a wonder that you haven’t gone broke yet. Business only pass the taxes that they do pay onto their customers. You seem to be ignorant of what a profit means. It means that you have something left over after everything is paid and it is NO ONES BUSINESS how much profit you or anybody makes. It shouldn’t even be the government’s business.

          Your idea of taxes and welfare is the same as perpetual motion. The government is going broke paying welfare and one day will be unable to pay it even if it steals 100% of all the peoples currency and money to pay for this unworkable scheme. You seem like you’re a communist to me?

          Again it seems you are ignorant? Why should anybody wish to save any currency that will eventually lose most of it’s value to inflation? Do you even know the difference between a currency and money?

          What business is it of your’s what people do with their currency?

          So now the world is your business? Did you just elect yourself to be god? You aren’t my god and I don’t want you sticking your nose in my business or I’ll dig into yours and see how you like it.

          No, the criminal US government doesn’t mind it’s own business. It too often sticks it’s nose in other’s business and there are plenty of things it does that I don’t agree with. I feel sorry for you that your goofy (my opinion) government chose to follow blindly after the US example and now they are hurting. They are going to keep on hurting until the US is finally unseated from the king of the hill position. This is only a matter of time as the US and it’s criminal hoard (my opinion) has purposely embarked on just this mission to drive you and me into slavery. The solution for this problem doesn’t exist within this government and we, the private people, must reduce it to a manageable level by discontinuing all government give away programs. No exceptions.

          No, you just told me that you don’t mind your own business. Are you a liar? “So dont try telling me to mind my own business…because the world IS MY BUSINESS. “……”Does the USA mind its own business? We all do.” Two contradicting statements. Naughty naughty.


    Katrael, im not your follower and i hope many others are not following your ideas of the solution to our terrible problems. The problems are not terrible until you go hungry or you are sleeping under a bridge…thats terrible and there are plenty of those in USA already
    and some in Australia too, but some make up stories in Australia to get free money and
    vouchers from the silly charities who give them the money so they can continue to live the life they have become accustomed to. Many other homeless cannot live with others due to the mental health issues and are destined to die of exposure. They are rejects from even their families who cannot live with them. .

    • Katrael

      GILLYSROOMS IN AUSTRALIA, my idea for a solution to this worlds problems is that everybody should work. If I go hungry here it’ll be my own fault. I don’t live on a large farm but there are sixty four acres here and if I can’t manage to produce enough food for my survival then I need to give it up. The only way that I can fail here is if I can’t pay my property taxes and the evil government comes and kicks me off of my land and gives it to someone else. This evil government of ours has confiscated all of the profits this farm has ever produced. We have struggled to balance the books here between what the government demands and our ability to pay to the point where we have had to rely on outside work to make up the difference.

      I wouldn’t want you to follow me as I’d take a stick to you and chase you back to Australia. I never said I wanted a following. I’ll open my doors for people to come here and live and work. That’s fair and workable. That’s something I choose to do and I’m not force by you or your ilk to do it.


        Katrael,you like many other contributors to this forum have Communism on the brain as anyone who does not agree with you is declared a Communist. As i stated prior,,,, many businesses who claim to live off free enter[rise are actually earning much of their wealth from welfare funding indirectly. If your farm is not profitable its not unusual, as many farms are rarely profitable around the world unless you got the land for nil, given it to them by a crown grant or by conquest after invasions. im not interested in your private affairs but it is my business to involve myself in your political affairs and outcomes as stated today supported by Wayne Allyn Root

        The EU economic collapse is the biggest economic lesson ever. We must learn from the European disaster or face one of our own in a few short years. Wayne Allyn Root explains why the European economic disaster should matter to you.

        We both have similar problems to contend with our governments but people dont care about who they vote for because so many are not interested in the least with what their politicians do, nor are they even interested in doing anything about it because they belive they have no power to influence the outcomes…and your part of the problem by discouraging public debate..chasing me back to Australia…lol your funny

        Ive always followed and loved that term which is now a business name.MYOB but when it comes to politics we mind our own business by sticking our nose in other peoples political business in this case your politics and budgeting strategies affects our business, our economy and our investments of which Aussies still invest in the USA despite their past disasters. Everything that your Congrees does can affect everyone world wide, so i make no apology for my annoying you no end by expressing my many points of view.

        by the way INFLATION can be hugely profitable if you use other peoples depreciating money to buy land which usually increases in value after periods of hyper inflation and where your currency loses value rapidly…however wealth and capital gains taxes seem to stuff that idea up, but maybe your government is creating its own future tax wealth base by creating more wealth for itself presevasion via inflating the value of land using other peoples money and also decreasing the value of its own government bonds in the process…. ..ask Donald Trump you might believe him more than me seeing how he has made so much in property using other peoples money. . sorry cant find spellcheck

        • Katrael

          GILLYSROOMS IN AUSTRALIA, you’re communist because you view the answers to our problems as resting in the hands of a central government. They, being people, are the cause of the problem. I say this because the word government means nothing by itself and only has meaning when people become involved and people are what created this mess in the first place; most notably our politicians. These people of our central governments have no desire to “fix” anything but their only desire is to aggrandize themselves.

          I don’t discourage debate that is honest and not pot-marked by deliberate lies. There can not be honest debate with someone who insists on lying. My remark about chasing you back to Australia concerns you comment about your following me. I’m ever so glad you won’t as I’d be concerned about having anything more to do with you other than debating.

          Both of the governments are tyrannical and it seems like yours is worse than ours at this point.

          My point about profitability is that the government here makes it almost impossible for small farms to be profitable. Another point: food is always cheap when plentiful but more precious than anything else when scarce. The gold miners in this country found that out when the store owners charged what was then exorbitant prices for all sorts of things including food. The idea of this farm wasn’t to get rich it was merely to be a place to live and a place of refuge but this government and it’s tax policies are evil.

          I praise YHWH that you can’t directly influence the government here. Hallelujah. You seem to support even greater levels of tax and spend all for your own aggrandizement? In my opinion you are a leech on society because you take advantage of a welfare system to support your life style and it’s interesting that you haven’t commented on that. You are guilty by your own admission. I don’t think that you could make a living without a government hand out or you would do it, become wealthy and support those same people you claim to have compassion for. No wonder why your so interested in more tax and spend.

          In my opinion you have nothing to offer your society or mine. .

        • Katrael

          GILLYSROOMS IN AUSTRALIA, I don’t care a bit about Donald Trump and his mess. In my opinion he does nothing for this society. He only plays currency games and that produces positive currency flow toward him but that’s it. This country would be better served if he went and joined you.

          Land values. The true value of land is a constant and only seems to change as demand for it goes up or when there is inflation caused by fiat currencies.


    I’d like to hear about your version of small government and how do you propose for your elected government to pay for its liabilities or are you proposing the Greek solution too?

  • wesley waldrep

    I believe we should scrap the entire tax system and set in place an 8% national sales tax with food items and medicine exempt. We should also set a 25% tariff on all imported items. The national sales tax should only be raised by the people authorizing it in a national vote. If you leave it open to Congress those thieves will have it up to 100% in no time. We should also do away with the Federal Reserve Banking System. It should be declared illegal to tax the individuals wages. Because of this evil practice Congress has become like Mafia Protection Enforcers saying you are making so much money for yourself and your families you should let us dip our hands into those deep pockets a little and draw some water from the well. Our current tax system has become an extortion racket which self serving politicians are using to buy votes. They drain our national coffers to finance their own agendas instead of tending to the business of the country and then they borrowed or should I say stole every penny in the Social Security Trust Fund and finally when that was not enough they hocked our nation to Pawn Brokers in China and other foreign nations. It is time we the people got control of the purse strings and reigned in these out of control spendaholics and taxaholics.

  • jeffreyliakos

    I think this has been in the making for a long time. Our tax code is screwed up and needs to be done away with. My thinking is that we move to a flat tax or a consumption tax. Either would be better than the current monstrosity we have. A liberal thinks class warfare will help the economy while a conservative thinks consumer spending does a better job at that. One tax that is stifling economic growth is the capital gains tax.


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