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Are We About To Hear The GOP’s Death Rattle?

November 11, 2011 by  

Are We About To Hear The GOP’s Death Rattle?

Is the Republican Party set to take a dive in order to put the Tea Party back in its place? If so, it’s signing its own death warrant and we’ll be hearing its death rattle this time next year.

In a column for, Karen Kwiatkowski writes that she believes the GOP hierarchy is secretly hoping that President Barack Obama wins a second term. Such an outcome would “rally the party troopers and inspire order” lost by the growing Tea Party movement. It’s a theory that would explain many things.

It would explain why party insiders are so staunchly behind Mitt Romney (a two-faced, flip-flopping Northeastern liberal) and Rick Perry (a bumbling, ignorant crony capitalist who has effectively taken himself out of the race) — who also happen to be Bilderberg favorites — despite Tea Party opposition to them. It also explains why there has been such an effort to cut Herman Cain’s legs out from under him with increasingly flimsy-looking evidence of misconduct. (Not that Cain has the wisdom or moxie to change anything, but he’s clearly off the Republican reservation.) It also would explain why there was such a push by insiders to prod New Jersey Governor Chris Christie into the race.

Finally, it explains the party propaganda machine’s overt efforts to marginalize and minimize Ron Paul, the only candidate to pose a stark contrast to Obama and with the broad appeal needed to take him out in November.

Kwiatkowski, a candidate for Virginia’s 6th Congressional District, notes that Republicans in her State are upset that hard-core conservatives are challenging party-selected insiders by running against them in primaries or as independents. It’s a rift that led Republicans to boot from party rolls the State’s attorney general and some other elected Republican office holders.

She sees a similar rift developing between Party elites and Tea Party members across the country.

Joining the Tea Party’s call for smaller government, an end to crony capitalism and foreign entanglements are four segments that could form a nascent party, she writes. It’s possibly the new “Fed-up” party Senator John McCain (R-Ariz.) predicted days ago could soon rise.

Those segments are Democrats, especially the anti-war crowd who are becoming more aware of the influence of the Federal Reserve and crony capitalism; independents frustrated with the uniparty spending machine in Washington; Libertarians, who see their party growing in popularity, especially with the under-30 crowd; and Republicans fed up with the party’s big government shenanigans that have gone on since the Nixon years.

It’s clear the party elites are pushing to nominate a sure loser, just as they did in 2008 with McCain — which, ironically, led to the rise of the Tea Party in the first place.

But if the GOP elites think four more years of Obama will drive the Tea Party herd back into the corral, it’s making a serious miscalculation. Or, as Kwiatkowski writes, “By the time the GOP controllers realize that the Tea Party Constitution Liberty and Peace Train has left the station, the Grand Old Party will have gone the way of the Whigs in 1852.”

Bob Livingston

is an ultra-conservative American and author of The Bob Livingston Letter™, founded in 1969. Bob has devoted much of his life to research and the quest for truth on a variety of subjects. Bob specializes in health issues such as nutritional supplements and alternatives to drugs, as well as issues of privacy (both personal and financial), asset protection and the preservation of freedom.

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  • s c

    The GOP sounded its death rattle many years ago. It’s being kept alive via big money, RINO-style useful idiots and those who can’t separate fact from fiction.
    McCain may be “right,” but his polished hot-and-cold, ‘let me pee on your leg’ routine lost its appeal long before he acted like he wanted to be prez. We have no choice but to act independently of ‘Republicans’ and RINOs.
    People who really CARE must realize that time is an enemy, and we can no longer wait for the GOP crowd to quit taking the drugs that keep it stoned on power and titles. Conservatives, we are the key.
    At least half of the current candidates are also-rans. Like it or not, if your candidate is being pushed by the GOP ['Republican'] crowd, he or she is a plant who will divide conservatives. See through the masks, people. See what you NEED to see.
    When ‘Republicans’ try to lure people with a ‘big tent,’ it’s time to burn down the tent and scatter the slimers who put their self-centered whims before America. And keep the torch lit.

    • Jeryl

      Well said, SC

    • Robert Pa.

      Liberal “Death Rattle” as well. We are all fed-up with all the “Bulloney” and wish it would stop. Day and Night being bombarded with the same old same old for 250 years. This country was in debt when George Washington was in office. Nothing has changed. Give those “Hopping Toads” $1,000 Trillion Dollars and it would be spent in 15 minutes. That is the only skills they have.

      Put them on a flat 10% tax and they would all leave Washington DC in 5 minutes. Even then you would have to have Price Waterhouse control the distribution so they wouldn’t spend it in one day.

      • GD

        Hell give them 3.5 precent of the net nationl product and nothing else. They will have to make do. Get rid of the enabler Federal Reserve and go back to a precious metal standard and away from this fun paper stuff. Tell them you want “ALL” the gold put back in Fort Knox and out of the vaults of the Federal Reserve and Chase Manhattan Bank.

        • valerie

          the only way to stop them (d.c. crowd) is to stop giving them $$$. How do we get all americans to do this?? if 100,000 small buss. refused to send in their quarterly taxes it would crippled D.C. Perhaps we’d get their attention. Soon it’ll be too late. they want to control us so cutting communication is going to be impt for them. gun rights will also need to be stripped disarm and quiet Americans. good video folks go watch the book mentioned from 1958 The Naked Communist and here we are today.

    • http://none bob jones

      It just shows how delusional the traitorous leaders of the Republican Party are and more than likely there will be a strong third party candidate in 2012 because of the Republicans, not Obama. Giving us McCain, and now Perry, Gingrich and Romney, complete phonies all.I don’t know if we could survive a 2nd Obama term, I’m not even sure we will survive the first, but I can guarantee one thing with absolute certainty, if Obama wins in 2012, it will mark the end of the Republican Party,for them to think it would benefit them is absolute insanity.






        • http://none bob jones

          Let’s go over the insane comments harbin, delusional and traitoous Republican Party, check. McCain, Perry, Gingrich, and Romney, all complete phonies, check, not a conservative in the bunch, just professional liars.A strong 3rd party candidate? Ron Paul has already said he would run as a 3rd party candidate if he does not get the Republican nomination,check, if nothing else than to keep the real issues in the spotlight. The country might not survive Obama’s 1st term, check, in case you have missed the real news the last 3 years,our industry has been destroyed , our constitution is ignored and derided by this administration daily, there are no jobs, real unemployment figures compiled by real economists, not political hacks, place the unemployment rate around 23%, we are broke, the treasury has been looted through trillions of dollars of illegal bailouts and loans, our military is exhausted, fighting not just in Iraq and Afghanistan but in undeclared wars in Libya, Pakistan, Egypt, Somalia, Yemen and more. We are broke and the country is near economic collapse, I don’t know anyone who doesn’t understand that, this administration has been shipping weapons to the drug cartels, creating murder, mayhem and total chaos on our southern border, while lying and stonewalling congress on the specifics. I don’t know one sane person, who is not a socialist, a democrap or a delusional republican who believes for a second that we could possibly survive 4 more years of anti-freedom, anti-constitution and anti-business attacks from this bunch of Chicago thugs in this administration. Insane? Yes they are. Delusional, yes you are.






      • Evermyrtle

        Maybe 30% Republicans are liberal, not caring for America, only looking for themselves.

        95% Democrats fit in the same liberal America killing mode.

    • Ray Harper

      You know, I have watched the republican party become something less than the honest, flag waving party it used to be. I honestly believe there is something to the statement that the republican party has lost touch with the people. I believe that both parties have, for a long time, forgotten who they are there to serve. I cant believe, honestly, that, obama, a man who clearly hates america, ever made it into the white house. All I can hope, is that enough people wake up to the fact that we are in big trouble, and that this election is probably one of the most important in the countries history. Out of all the contenders, I think Newt is the one I am going to vote for. True, he is a republican, but, if he holds the line he is espousing, and with his experience on the hill, he wont have the steep learning curve so many of the candidates will have to deal with right out of the gate. I hope people see romney for what he is, obama lite. As far as cain, well, his 9/9/9 plan I dont care for. The 9 percent sales tax would effectivly double my state sales tax(Washington). I think that the perfect ticket would be gingrich-bachman. But no matter who we choose, we have to remember their words of their campaign, and if they forget them, its our job to remind them.

    • Sidewinder

      I agree.

      But I wanted to touch on something unrelated.

      About a year and a half ago, I noticed many people on this site, advocating violence against the government.

      I told them in no uncertain terms that they need to get that most stupid idea out of their heads immediately. I went on about it, giving them examples of how it would always fail.

      Now I hear the Occupy Protest may get violent.

      Well I saw an article on Infowars that is basically saying the same thing when it comes to violence, and how violence only plays into the hands of government.

      Government is well equipped to handle violence, they are poorly equipped to handle peace.

      Kate8, you may want to follow this link….and learn something.

      If Bob may be so gracious, and allow this link to be posted, I think it will help to make my former point and serve to enlighten some against violence.

      Now is not the time for violence.

  • Doc Sarvis

    All parties are kept alive by big money, including the Tea Party – ask the Koch brothers.

    • marg1

      I’ll talk to the Koch brothers after I have a little chat with Soros. I suggest you do the same.

      • big wyo

        there you hit the nail on the head

        • wandamurline

          Don’t forget about all the untraceable credit cards that came into the US in 2008 and the Muslim monies that are going to the POTUS.

          • Doc Sarvis

            I am sure there are Muslim people donating money to each of the parties.

          • http://deleted Claire

            To me, the two parties are one and the same–their “backers” want to have control of the U.S. If Soros is backing the Obama administration, then the Koch Brothers sure as hell are backing the Repubs and the so-called tea party. And all for the exact same reasons.

      • Doc Sarvis

        That is why I said ALL parties.

        • Robert Pa.

          Close Washington DC and run them out on a rail. Now where did I put my Tar and Feathers, it’s around here somewhere.

      • Iva Raggon

        Two sides of the same game. Rich guys who bled their employees and juggled numbers cleverly trying to force their philosophies on others by buying the thoughts of the gullible.

    • Patriot II


      Big Money may hold together Republicans, Democrats, and I will have to see proof on the Tea Party.,….BUT Huge Money Runs Obama and the select few with him that are bringing down this country for Control of the World.

      • eddie47d

        There was big money under the Bush/Cheney cabal yet no one thought much about it until the economy collasped. The weak economy has put a bulls eye on Obama so it seems like the whole world is being taken down with it. Sections of the world,economically, are actually growing.I just don’t see the Republicans doing much to pull our country out of this collapse either. The perception that Obama is worse than the Republicans or the previous administration is a cop out at best.The best solution is to vote Libertarian or at least be more attuned to their principles. Since most Tea Party members who are interviewed seem to lean towards the Republican Party and vote for them. Which to me means they are not fully on board with Constitutional issues or the Libertarian Party.This next election will not be a skate for the Democrats either for they have their own baggage to contend with.

        • Brian

          The difference between the Republicans(Pubs) and Democrats(Dims) is this – IF the Pubs will crash the economy in 3 days, the Dims will crash it in 1. Yes, the Dims are marginally worse for our economy and society but only MARGINALLY…Only conservative values(fiscally) will work – that means not spending more than you take in, not diluting the value of the dollar, not placing regulations without a good idea of the unintended consequences, etc…In short, let the markets make the decisions – ALL people are not stupid – if you let the markets make the decisions we will ALL be better off…

          • Sidewinder

            Never confuse principal with practice.

            Republican principal sounds mostly good, so long as you avoid the religious element, but when you compare it to what they practice….
            Well, the sad shape America is in is testament to their track record.

            We did not get in this condition from the time Obama took office until present. Anyone still believing that is engaging is total self delusion.

            Why not do something drastic and simply see if your core values actually match up to that of the Libertarian party.

            Its a wide ranging belief system, with lots of disagreement. if Pure Libertarianism is not for you…me either, then try a moderate position.

            Some here say Libertarians are the true conservatives. Yes…But they also stand for the civil liberties that Liberals have long championed.

            And anytime I’ve mentioned that, some mindless A-Hole on THIS site has accused me of being a Liberal troll.

            Liberal?…LOL! Hardly.

            Or in Kate8′s case, me accused me of being a government plant.

            These freakin’ people defeat themselves with their paranoia, and inability to think for themselves.
            Total morons.

        • dfinch

          Well..even Bush didn’t get as much money from WallStreet and the unions as Obama did.

      • Sidewinder

        Yeah, you might as well be the last hold out on the Tea Party….

        Its like I also said a year and a half ago ON THIS SITE, once the “Tea Party” gets into bed with the Republicans, consider them bought and sold to corporate interests just like the rest of the Republicans.

        The Tea Party has been Co Opted…just accept it, and move on.

        I told you before….the Tea Party “hooking” itself up with the Republicans was a HUGE mistake for the Tea Party.

        I was actually told on this site by some Bozo who shall remain nameless….that “We…the Tea Party, are taking over the Republican party.”

        LOL! So how’d that work out for you?

        So what have they given us? Rick Perry…LOL!!! What a total used car salesman he is, Herman Cain? Even better for comic relief. Mitt Romney? Hmmm…He’s a Republican version of Obama. And if anyone feels like asking him what his views on polygamy are, I will leave that up to them. No offense bob, for the Mormon question. Romney’s got to go. A Republican Obama from one of the most liberal states in America…Massachusetts.

        So…the Republicans? They are falling all over themselves.

        Or…you could just go ahead and believe CNN and Fox on Sundays when you clowns get all your news.

    • http://PersonalLibertyDigest Virginia

      You have your facts wrong! The tea Party does NOT take money from the Koch brothers!

      • Capitalist at Birth

        I would’nt care if they did. It would make no difference as the Tea Parties are varied and truely grass roots. There are only 8 members in the local Tea Party in my area and they don’t get any money except from small donors.

      • talkinbout

        If the Tea Party didn’t take any money from the Koch brothers, then who paid for those buses and scooters that were provided for them? Also, if Wall Street is giving gobs of money to Obama, how is it that he’s a communist? Sounds more like he’s being bought off like so many other politians. Big money is controlling our politians and influencing our policies. It sure looks like we’re closer to becoming a corporate plutocracy than a socialist democracy.

        • Joyce from Loris

          We all paid our OWN way. Imagine that, people taking responsibility for themselves. People who are use to OTHERS handing out to them can never imagine that the Tea Party participant don’t have anyone who is funding them. We fund our own transportation, our own hotel rooms, food, etc. and yes, there were some there who even bought their OWN hover rounds!

      • Caroline

        The original Tea Party, started by Ron Paul, was Libertarian-based small-government. However it was hijacked by the Republican Party (i.e. Michelle Bachman, et al). The problem now is that it is so fragmented and diverse that no one knows what they really stand for (just like the Occupy movement). If you want real Tea Party philosophies, vote Ron Paul for the original! He’s been telling everyone for over 30 years what was going to happen and he’s been right all along. If people listed to him in the 70s, most likely none of the problems we have now would have happened.

        • CherokeeDan

          Ron Paul did not start the Tea Party and, clearly, you have never attended a Tea Party meeting. We are not “fragmented” but are all about certain principles which involve returning to the Constitutional limitations on the federal government that the Founders laid out and personal responsibility. My Arizona Tea Party also adds border security as one of it’s principles. We are , for the most part, self funding (a few local businesses contribute larger amounts and, in return, are given one minute to pitch their business to to the folks)—hardly the Koch brothers.

          • Caroline


            Ron Paul may not have “personally” started the tea party but it was started based on the libertarian principles he has always advocated and that were adopted by Ron Paul and his supporters. You state that the tea party is not “fragmented” and is “about certain principles which involve returning to the Constitutional limitations on the federal government.” But you also have candidates claiming to be tea party like Michelle Bachman, who also advocates our government support of other countries (especially Israel) and ongoing involvement in middle east affairs. This is not constitutional as Ron Paul indicates as we have no business in other governments and countries affairs. We should mind our own business and take care of our own. You also indicate “My Arizona Tea Party” wich indicates in itself that the movement is fragmented into individual groups based on state and ideals. Yes, I agree that border control is a very important issue, but if the “tea party” is going to be consistent, then it should reflect the issues of all, not just those in that particular area. Therefore, I stand by my previous comment that the tea party is fragmented — you have libertarians and you have disinfranchized conservatives, but neither can agree with what the issues are and what the constitution actually states as law. You also state “We are, for the most part, self funding (a few local businesses contribute larger amounts and, in return, are given one minute to pitch their business to to the folks.” It sounds like your group is more like a local chamber of commerce than a political group. And finally, I never mentioned the Koch brothers, why do you?

    • DaveH

      So what, Doc? Do campaign expenditures force anybody to vote one way or the other? What kind of information dissemination would there be in the absence of Spending? It’s up to the listeners or readers to determine which makes sense and which is just self-serving Propaganda.

  • Robin from Arcadia, IN

    America will not survive 4 more years of Obama. The MSM is rallying behind Romney. The closer it gets to the election and to nominating a candidate, the more coverage he’ll get. We don’t need the MSM picking the candidate. We just need to be educated on who’s running and why!

    • brian

      we need ted nugent for president

      • Cawmun Cents

        Thats what I said…but folks just think I am crazy….but you get what you play for.
        It would be nice to see someone worth a spit in there thats for sure.

        • Cawmun Cents

          Imagine all the women Gloria Allred could come up with that would claim Ted is a sexist.
          Imagine Ted saying,”yeah,but name me one rock star who isnt?”
          We had better stick with someone safe like Mitt Romney,who jusy oozes charisma….


          • AJ

            Mitt Romney, jusy oozes charisma…? You’re mistake thats not charisma it’s NWO stench!

          • http://PersonalLibertyDigest Virginia

            ARE YOU FOR REAL? Romney is a Rino! Where have you been? Get your head out of the sand! The democrats would love to pick our candidate again – Romney is their man!

          • Rayma Dorsa

            I wouldn’t call Romney “safe” Infact I am just as scared of him as I am Obama,He has a God complex,I am not sures he will listen to anyone else…

          • Caroline

            CC, I hope that is sarcasm I detect there. Romney charismatic? Pleeease! He’s an arrogant bore!

          • http://yahoo Julie

            We don’t want Romney. He is like Obama. He is a liberal. Kissinger is big member of the NWO. Kissinger is the one who found Obama. He heard Obama giving a speech in Chicago when Obama was running for senator. He liked him and recommended him to his constitchuants for the Democrat Presidenual Candidate in 2008. It was Kissinger who asked Chris Christy to run for GOP Presidentual Candidate. Christy through his support behind Romney. Kissinger is working both parties. He isn’t for We The People. He is for the NWO. Always has been.

            We don’t want Romney who is a member of the NWO. So is Obama. Don’t believe me research Romney and the NWO and also the CFR. Research Obama and the NWO. Research all his czars and the NWO (Including Axalrod, Geitner, Bernake, Clinton’s, Jarrett, etc..

      • Bob in Boston

        I’m thinking Ron Paul for President and either Uncle Ted or Jesse Ventura for Veep. ;-)

        • Brian

          Uh…Sounds good to me too!

        • Average Joe
          • ChristyK

            As much as I would love a Paul/Napolitano ticket, we need to save Napolitano for the Supreme Court which needs reforming as much as the Presidency & the Congress.

          • DaveH

            You make a good point, Christy. Originally, the Supreme Court wasn’t the last word, nor should they be. Obviously, it is a conflict of interest to allow a Branch of the Federal Government sole determination as to which Federal Laws are Constitutional and which are Unconstitutional. Like the Fox watching the Hen House. We need to get back to the Concept of the Original Constitution — State Sovereignty with Limited Power to the Federal Government.

        • eve4drpaul

          Ron Paul / Andrew Napolitano 2012!

          • DaveH
          • Timothy L. Singleton

            Ron Paul / Andrew Napolitano 2012!


        • Caroline

          Ron Paul – President
          Gary Johnson — VP
          Ted Nugent — Secretary of Defense
          Jesse Ventura — Homeland Security

      • Brian

        BTW, brian and ‘common sense’ – THAT is a good choice!

    • Patriot II

      Robin, the Liberla Marxist MSM is picking Romney so they can defeat him when he runs against their Boy!

  • MSgranny

    I’m not thrilled with any of the candidates but Newt is the only one who can beat Obama. About the time I get sold out for Ron Paul, he says something so crazy it turns me off.

    • Patriot II

      MSgranny, you know, I agree!, that seems to be my sentiments exactly.

      It does not matter who runs anyway! The Marxist Main Stream Media (MMSM)and API, will make sure they are defeated. No this is what will happen. Obama will be re-elected (The MMSM will make it happen) “Then you ain’t seen nuthin yet” We will become a full fledged Marxist country, and the US will be a State like all of the other countries Run by the One World Government.

      • eve4drpaul

        Anyone REMOTELY considering Newt needs to at least become informed on him. Please watch The Real Newt Gingrich. Everything in it is easily verifiable. Then reconsider.

      • ChristyK

        Newt is intelligent and informed. He would slaughter Obama in a debate.

        Unfortunately he is almost as dangerous as Obama. Do some research on his voting record in the House and some of things he has supported (Carbon credits, CFR, etc.) Anyone as immoral as Newt in his personal life cares only for himself and can’t be trusted as President (divorce papers delivered to sick wife in hospital, twice).

    • dan

      How can you think Newt can be elected president when he couldn’t even get re-elected to congress ? why would anyone be surprised that the GOP is dying (may a stake be driven through it’s heart) when it has been
      the party of BIG GOVERNMENT and FEDERALISM since Lincoln.

      • Patriot II

        Dan; You mispoke, did you mean to? The Party of Big Government IS the Democratic Party. Everyone knows that, so you must have mispoken or you are extremely Ignorant. Which is it?

        • DaveH

          They are both the Parties of Big Government.

          • DaveH

            One is just more subtle about it than the other is.

          • http://deleted Claire


        • Caroline

          Both parties have grown government over the past years. They are both the same in that regard. About the only difference is that democrats are more for removing your money to pay for big government and “even the playing field for all” and republicans would rather eliminate entitlements but still maintain government control. If you want true small government, you need a Libertarian president like Ron Paul.

      • eddie47d

        Since Patriot plays lose with facts and extremism’s maybe he is the “ignorant one”. Your trash talk won’t save anything or anybody on the Conservative side. Hopefully level heads will prevail and that leaves you out.

      • http://PersonalLibertyDigest Virginia

        OH! And what do you call Obama’s government! It is bigger than any time in history!

        • talkinbout

          Virginia, maybe you should fact check these things before you say them.

          • Ted Crawford

            WOW Talkinbout, I wasn’t aware that I would be sent to the Oracle of Pennsylvania!
            Early in the artical they stated that the stimulus created between 1.4$3.6 million jobs, OK so far, then they, appearently consulting their animal entrails, say “compared with what would have happened without it” Just how do they know “what would have happened”? In Nam we engaged the enemy, He responded based on our actions. In hindsight we could say, based on his action, we should have done this! However if we had then he would have responded in a different manner. That is a “chase your tail” analysis and therefore of very little value!
            Next they claim that the TARP expenses will only be $25 Billion, again consulting their entrails, “after the Government sells their stock and the loans are repaid”. If they could actually predict the value of stock in the future, they would be wealthy investors and not at a public college! I’m equally certain that they haven’t the ability to predict who will “pay back their loans” or which will fail! Wasn’t much point in reading any further!

        • Dave

          Yes, Virginia, your wrong about the size of government. Like almost everyone on this post. Blinders on and repeating the words from who you assume you agree with.
          Stop the insanity and get your facts straight.

        • JeffH

          Barack Obama is the Barry Bonds of Big Government. Under Obama, federal spending has risen from 20.7 percent of gross domestic product to 25.3 percent, Washington’s largest slice of apple pie since 1945. In fiscal year 2011, which ended September 30, Uncle Sam spent a record $3.6 trillion, up an inexcusable 4 percent since FY 2010.

          Since the beginning of the last recession (December 2007) the private sector workforce has shrunk by 6.6% while shedding more than 7.5 million jobs. Over that same time period, the federal government workforce (excluding Census and Postal workers) has grown by 11.7% while adding 230,000 jobs.

          This trend has continued throughout the Obama Administration. Since President Barack Obama was sworn into office, the private sector workforce has shrunk by 2.6% while shedding 2.9 million jobs while the federal workforce (excluding Census and Postal workers) has grown by 7% while adding more than 144,000 jobs.

          • talkinbout

            That’s kind of like blaming a city for using too much water while ignoring the fact that they just fought a major fire.

    • DaveH

      Crazy like what, Granny?
      Do you mean bringing our troops home, instead of being the World’s Policemen and impoverishing us to the point where we can no longer even defend our home country?
      Do you mean quitting the futile 40 year old Drug Wars which have done nothing buy allow Government to trample our 4th Amendment rights with Nazi-Style Drug Raids, waste over $30 billion a year, and enrich the worst segments of Society — the Drug Lords?
      Or are you talking about some other useless Government endeavors that the Propagandized citizens have been taught to think are “normal”?

  • http://Personalliberty Tony

    To Everyone:
    I hate to say this, but i think this article is right. I mean, with the exceptions of Ron Paul and Herman Cain, maybe Jon Huntsman, the
    rest of the GOP field are tragic comics. You see what they’re doing to Herman Cain now. Thus, if Mitt Romney gets the nod, he’ll be crucified by the Obama team. Therefore, the Repubs. are doomed in 2012. Hopefully, things can change by 2016. Thanks.
    P.S. Lets hope conservatives take this as a lesson that we need to be inclusive not exclusive thanks again!!

    • dave

      Herman Cain did himself in years ago. It will come out in time that the accusations have been covered up through silence agreements. Can’t blame others for that problem. Not as bad as Penn State though. I wouldn’t vote for a character such as Cain. Businessman or not.

      • Robin from Arcadia, IN

        Dave… Herman Cain is being convicted without evidence. There is no proof. From what I have read about Sharon, she was and has been looking for a way to live her lifestyle she wishes for, and all this fame may bring about the fortune she lusts for.

        • eddie47d

          Like Monica Lewinsky and Gennifer Flowers? Let’s not have double standards here.

          • Capitalist at Birth

            Are you aware that the woman represented by the Democrat Operative Gloria Alred lived in the same apartment building as David Axelrod? Nothing supcious about her allegations eh?

          • Doug

            See the problem here is that Cain needs to learn the Demorat play book. But I doubt there was sexual harrasement it was probably the other way around. But if there was he should have taken them drinking and then drive the car off a bridge and leave them in the car to drown like the Demorats hero Ted the Murder Kenndy. Anyone with a brain can go back and look at real history and find out the Demorats are just that RATS and will kill or destroy anyone that gets in their way. Of course never one on one because they are all wimps!

          • eddie47d

            There’s an abundance of dishonesty !

        • Karolyn

          Where there’s smoke, there’s usually fire. Now, maybe if only 2 women came forward it would be one thing, but 5?

          • Thinking About

            For all the doubters, would you feel the same way if it had been your mother, wife, girl friend or daughter? Cover ups is what usually brings the person down because more and more information will come out. Just sit back and wait.

      • ChristyK

        The sexual harassment thing is a red herring. Look at some of the things he has said. His statements regarding the Fed (which he was a part of) are either scary or outright lies. He has stated that anyone wanting to audit the Fed is ignorant. When asked about it in an interview, he lied that he had never said it. He has lied and said that because of lower debt, the Fed didn’t try to effect interest rates, inflation, unemployment, etc. when he was in the Fed. All of that is the mandate for the Fed, so of courses they were doing it. Cain cannot be trusted.

        • DaveH

          Cain also says we need MORE National Security. As if we don’t have too much already. And he wants to increase the Drug War efforts, as if we haven’t given up enough of our rights and money already.
          I think Herman Cain is very much Establishment Republican. He represents what the Republicans have meant to many people for decades — Authoritarianism and meddling in peoples’ personal choices (victimless crimes).

    • Cawmun Cents

      The only real tragedy here is that it will lead to the re-election of Barack Obama.That is a far worse tragedy than anything else.

      • ChristyK

        The US is so messed up and so in debt, that we need a 100% change from where we are back to Constitutional principles. Obama may lead to a collapse in 1-5 years, but most of the Republican candidates will only slow it to 2-10 years before this country is unrecognizable. The only candidate that might rescue this country is Ron Paul. Otherwise we are only chosing between a quick death and a slow death, but we are still chosing death.

        It isn’t “anyone but Obama”; it is “Ron Paul, or we’re done”.

    • AJ

      Ya they’ll change we’ll be so fed up with Obbumer and crowd the NWO will then shove Jeb Bush down our throats. Yagh!

    • http://PersonalLibertyDigest Virginia

      You are delusional! If Obummer gets in for four more years. There will be NO MORE Elections. Can’t you people get it through your heads that this is about ONE WORLD ORDER! What do you think Occupy Wall Street is about? George Soros is behind it, ACORN,, union thugs, AND pulling Obummers puppet strings. HE owns our media and journalism schools. He hates the United States and said he would destroy us. He is coordinating the violence in wall street so that Obama can call for Martial Law,suspend our elections, and Obama can then declare himself dictator! YOU MUST research Soros, he is a dangerous man to our country! Also research Agenda 21. This is going on in our own back yards right now!

      • Iva Raggon

        sorry about your paranoia.

        • http://yahoo Julie

          Virginia is right. Soros is bad for the U.S.. He is trying to bring us down like he did other countries. Research him before you call Virginia crazy. Also I suggest you research “Agenda 21″ Also research the NWO and all it’s members. And also Hilderburg. Don’t just look in Wikipedia. It won’t tell you what you really need to know about the different organizations. While your at it research the NACC and the CFR and some of the other government organizations. Do an indepth search, it will scare you and make you mad.

      • DaveH

        So then vote for Ron Paul. He’s the only viable Republican Candidate who is advocating the roll back of the Big Government Leviathan, which has been created by both Democrats and Republicans, and which provided the framework for somebody like Obama to step in and tighten the screws.
        Some of the others are giving lip-service to shrinking the Government, but only because they’re getting desperate. If we swallow their bull, once they get in they will behave just like the half of the Tea Party Candidates who Caved on the Debt Ceiling increase.
        Anybody can Talk the Talk, But Ron Paul has Walked the Walk.
        Ron Paul 2012!

      • talkinbout

        OWS is about the fact that neither party is working for us.

        Wow, you make some incredible accusations:
        “There will be NO MORE Elections. Can’t you people get it through your heads that this is about ONE WORLD ORDER! George Soros is behind it, ACORN,, union thugs, AND pulling Obummers puppet strings. HE owns our media and journalism schools. He hates the United States and said he would destroy us. He is coordinating the violence in wall street so that Obama can call for Martial Law,suspend our elections, and Obama can then declare himself dictator! YOU MUST research Soros, he is a dangerous man to our country! Also research Agenda 21. This is going on in our own back yards right now!”

        Could you, please, provide some facts to back any of this up, especially the one where he said “he wants to destroy us”.
        Would appreciate it. Thanks.

        • DaveH

          I don’t care if it’s “one world order” or “one Federal Government order”, we have TOO much Government, and it needs to be shrunk — Dramatically!

        • http://yahoo Julie

          You need to research Soros and all the organizations he belonged to when he belonged to them and what happened to our government or the state he was trying to infuience at the time. Not only in this country but other countries too. He is a socialist, and possibly studied Hitler and his writings. Not a good person and had a hand in what is happening with this country.

          • http://deleted Claire

            I suggest an in-depth search on the Koch Brothers. Seems to me they aren’t squeaky clean. Both parties have their “backers.” And these backers don’t always play by the rules–they play by their own rules. From all appearances these backers are the ones that want to take over the U.S. And they sure are doing a good job of it.

          • Ted Crawford

            Do yourself a very big favor, research George Soros!
            This is a person of Jewish decent, who actively aided the Nazis in their effort to eliminate the entire Jewish race, apparently not realizing that for the Nazis to achieve their ends, he would have been killed also!
            He, in more recent times he has,sometimes behind the scenes and sometimes even openly finaced the collapse of several small nations. This is a very, very deeply flawed humanbeing!! I’m sure, as you say, the Koch brothers aren’t “lilly white” but Soros makes Bernie Madoff look like a Saint!

      • Dave

        Ooops, Virginia is really showing her real problems. She needs help. It just sounds too nutty for even here to talk like that.

        • http://yahoo Julie

          No she isn’t Dave. You need to do your own research before you call some one else nutty. What she is trying to tell is not nutty but more of a warning. I suggest you do aloy of research on different people in the government and different gov. organizations. I’m not just talking about Obama but also the Bush’s and the Clinton’s, etc. Do an indepth search. I hope you know how to do that.

  • Jerry

    This was an interesting column. I’m afraid there is so much truth to it, that it’s a little frightening. What the R party leadership fails to grasp, is the Tea Party movement sprang up not just because they oppose the liberalistic/socialistic bent this country is on, but in direct opposition to fat cat politics, and keeping the little people little. Frankly, I’d like to see the Tea Party take over the GOP, but I know that will never happen. The Republican elite are way too well financed, and entrenched in their own brand of entitlement mentality, meaning that they hold the reins to the party. It’s just that so many of us are fed up with where they are leading. I sincerely hope they don’t fall on the sword so to speak and let “Dear Leader” have another 4 years. We’ve seen the wreckage of the first 4 years, I cannot imagine how much more of America he could dismantle with another 4 year mandate.

    • Greg

      You are right. The change will not come frome the GOP leadership.

    • http://yahoo Julie

      Good post. We need to vote all rinos out in both parties. If our founding fathers can do it we can. If our military men and weman can fight for our country on different shores we can fight for our country on our own shores so they have one to come home to.

  • Warrior

    I predict there will be a very angry electorate come summer of 2012 and wholesale changes are coming in Nov 2012. All “Progressives” must go!

    • Lewis/Virginia

      I see what you see and more!I see our America at war with itself!And when I say WAR I mean Blood in the streets war.BE READY!ITS COMING!

      • RivahMitch

        Ya got that right. It’s going to take blood to fix the problems. Lamestream Repugs are just “tax collectors for the progressives” as we used to say in the ’60s.

        I view Romney’s healthcare program in Mass as evidencing a belief that government should run/manage everyone and everything. If h gets the nomination, my campaign contributions will be diverted to buy ammunition (along with some contributions to Jim Demint’s conservative fund.

      • dlb

        You are correct. This is the same reason the first Civil War happened. It started because of the Federal Government meddling in the affairs of the individual States, not because of slavery as we have been led to believe. I am NOT saying slavery was right, but the reasons were right not the justification of slavery; that was flawed.

        So Americans, must press for and keep their Second Amendment rights, as well as utilize them. Be prepared for a major struggle, and never give up the fight to keep your rights and the Federal Government in check.

      • skyraider6

        I think so

  • Patriot1776

    What a shame it will be if we allow the MSM and the republican establishment to allow this country to fall into obama’s communism. Where are the patriots to stand and save this country? It is the crowd in DC this morning, demanding the removal from office of the impersonator in chief and all of the czars and liberal wing nuts and rino’s that have occupied our government offices. We obviously need a two party system as the two named parties we have today are both communist/socialist democrats. The Tea Party must continue to rise, but we have to win in 2012.

    God Bless the USA!!!

    Thank you to all of the veterans who have fought for this country.

    • Patriot II

      Patriot1776; God Bless you brother,

      However as I have stated several time on here, and I will continue to say, the Marxist Maintream Media (MMM)Is the only enemy..Just like in a Football Game, they are the Corrupt Referee, the Q back is Obama, But they let him play and foul and call no flags on him. We need to take out the Refs, and replace them with Fair and Balanced Fefs If that happpens, the truth will come out and he will be defeated.

      All of our Energy, out efforts need to be on exposing them. NOthing else matters, you have to cut off the Head of the Snake!

  • marylin

    Today being Veterans’ Day, we have to remember all the sacrifices made by our troops. They have fought for our freedom and it will just be a waste of their sacrificed lives and minds if Obama or one of the Republican puppets is elected. Our hope is with Ron Paul. No one is perfect, I understand that, but he has never changed his platform or beliefs in the years I have been following him. This has to be his time or it will be the end of ours as we know it.

    • Laurie Tudor

      if not Ron Paul, perhaps ” give me liberty or give me death”, I do not fear 4 more of oblabla, we have known for some time that a change of guard has been in order. Elections are just a stall tactic, and we are out of time and patience.

  • 1911man

    I have stuck with the R party trying to do like Pres. Regan said,don’t quit the party take it over, But, I am at the point of not staying in.I am a TEA PARTY supporter and have been thinkind for awile the repubs aren’t with us and have been disapointed at the actions of the leadership such as mcconnel and boehner. If the Repubs can’t get a conservitive in office I am all for a third party, a conservitive party.I beleive Dr. Paul is the countrys best chance right now,even though I don’t agree with his stance on some issues,he seams a resonable man and we need a drastic change from the current norm if we are going to save this country. We also need to put conservitives into the house and senate in order to change our direction and through them we can decide using the voice of the people if some of Dr. Pauls ideas are what we want as the law of the land. Long live a free United States of America and god bless our country.

    • Lewis/Virginia

      I agree 100% I’m a Tea Party supporter and as long as the TEA PARTY stays with its conservative principles I will fight for it and FREEDOM! Come NOVEMBER 6th 2012 WE the PEOPLE will began anew. WE the PEOPLE will RETAKE OUR COUNTRY and OUR GOVERNMENT! THE CONSTITUTION of THE UNITED STATES will be the LAW of THE LAND once again!

  • Believer

    God Bless our veterans! I pray that by this time next year our troops will be lead by a God fearing, righteous commander and chief and this country will be headed in the right direction. There will be very difficult times ahead either way. It is already evident what the left is capable of when their reign is threatened.

  • Greg

    The next President is likely to be remember forever as leading the American Empire into decline no matter who wins. There is a trade off. The pain will be great, but liberals will be done for a generation if Obama wins. If the GOP wins, the left can continue their old blame game as a turnaround will be long and slow. The big downside is Obama making court appointments that will haunt the US for decades. This may be the last chance we have to control our borders and speak English though as liberals have us at critical mass on entitlement slugs VS productive citizens. Dems want to get the illegal’s vote to tip the balance and force socialism on all of us.

    • http://yahoo Julie

      Their is a way to get the bad out of our justice department. Most of those judges have bad skelitons in their closets. Tell them to resign or be prosicutted(sp) in a civil court (we the people). I don’t think they would like to spend time in prison. Read the consittion and understand it and all the admendments and also the bill of rights.Our founding fathers gave the people more authority then our government and we need to exercise it or lose it.

  • Brenda Choate

    what we need to do is ignore the media favorites, the party favorites, and choose for ourselves who we want in the White House. Both the demos and gop have forced their choices on us for years. Some we liked, some we didn’t, but followed their lead like sheep to the slaughter. So they don’t like cain and want romney. If the voters want cain over romney then vote for cain or romney over cain. Can the party disavow those votes?

  • Tracy Andersen

    Will our partisanship divide the vote? What will happen if we hold too tightly to our favorite, and vote a third party and thus give more power to Obama? We need to take whoever gets the nod for Presidential candidate and support him. Otherwise….

    We need unity and enthusiasm on this, the national level, for all representatives for office, and on state and local levels as well.

    Debate is good, and we need more in-depth analysis supplied by all of us, to educate all of us, and thus help each other out. But in the end, unity.

    • 1911man

      Tracy I agree,I will stay with the for now and vote to get obama out and hopefully a conservitive in, I’m just saying that after the election if the rep. party wants to continue with NWO policies its time to start a conservitive third party.

      • DaveH

        I’ve been hearing about giving Republicans one more chance for 30 years now. It isn’t working.
        And there IS already a Conservative Party — It’s called the Libertarian Party. We believe it is the natural (or God Given, depending on your personal beliefs) right for people to control their OWN bodies and property, absent the coercive Force of Government. We are the True Conservatives who hearken to the kind of Government preferred by Jefferson, and Madison, and others like them who believed that the Best Government is the Least Government.

  • carlos

    I’m waiting for our leftist local paper to report the news that Cain’s accuser has used the sexual harrassment several times in getting favors and settlements from her superiors, without having earned them! Remembering when Bill and Billery had the FBI investigate the 500 most important republicans for dirt they could use against them. Of course when discovered they refused to comply with the law and return them, 6 months to copy them! Then Palin! OMG! not on the list to blackmail!! So many “reporters” went to Anchorage they filled the available hotel rooms, they eventually offered $10,000 to anyone who would slander her! The media Borked her. There is no truth in liberals or the MSM!

    • Fothergillgirl

      How right you are.

  • Don Sr.

    This is only for people who beleive God is important…He assigns and He removes the leaders at his will. The trouble with most politicians is that they are in office for so long that they begin to think highly of themselves. God has aleays had His will to win over in the end. God will include in His plans even heathens to bring to the surface exactly what His plan is. God is not a respector of persons. When evil people devise their schemes to destroy God throughout the history of the earth has ALWAYS interveined at just the right moment. This is also His gaurantee to man….to be there till the very end. Glory to God who IS the highest of ALL

  • Tazio2013

    CNN Defends the Fed; Calls Ron Paul Economically Illiterate -Thursday, November 10, 2011 – by TDB Staff Report / FYI

    End the Fed. End the horror. End the economic depressions and their truly genocidal misery. And, hey … don’t bring back the gold standard! Let it arise naturally as the result of competing “money.” A private gold and silver standard has been the hallmark of human prosperity for hundreds and even thousands of years. We have no doubt where a free society would end up, moneywise.

    The ratio between gold and silver alerts “commoners” to times when the elites are attempting to manipulate gold, which has always been the money of the upper classes. That’s why gold and silver have traditionally been paired within free-market environments.

    Conclusion: All this is standard stuff but it has been purposefully obscured by the paid liars of the power elite who populate what we laughingly call the West’s “university system.” Ron Paul has more knowledge about the economy in one tiny finger than these sophists of monetary thuggery have in their entire collective body.

    • DaveH

      Do people still watch CNN? Why?

  • JimO

    A solution for the “Big Money” problem, since the candidates get rich from campaign contributions:

    TRUE CAMPAIGN FINANCING REFORM: All money not spent by Election Day is given back to the general fund; federal general fund if federal election, state general fund if state election, local general fund if local election.

    • RivahMitch

      Given “back” to the general fund? No thanks. If I contribute to people and organizations which I want to reduce the behemoth on the Potomac, I’ve no desire to see even a penny of it go to that despicable monster.

  • Fothergillgirl

    This is ridiculous. The Tea Party”herd”? We are American loving people who want to voice our opposition to big over-reaching government that is failing the people of our country. The Tea Part is not a PARTY, it’s THE PEOPLE! Lousy article, lousy content. I’m insulted by the digs you give all the way around.

  • dan

    It says it all when you suspect that GOP “leadership” would rather
    ally with MSM and the Dems than yield to the TeaParty and We the People.
    When in the course of human events….

  • Steve

    Let’s all remember all those who have fought for the freedom we have enjoyed for so long and are about to loose if we do not get into the real fight that is ahead. Stop trying to predict the future and get to work to make it what it should be. We are loosing more and more freedom each day and if we do not do our part our decendants will be living in a third world country where everyone will be equally destitute and striving to survive. BELIEVE IT. Don’t give up. We have a two party system that cannot be changed overnight so anti-progressives must work together to rid our government, learning institutions, etc. of the power hungry progressives(communists, socialists and the like). Start today. Get rid of the “good ol’ boys” and bring in a fresh batch of real conservatives. Adopt the TEA Party principles and the wise will follow. It is happening all around the country.

    • RivahMitch

      This ‘Nam vet (UCMC 1067-69) remains ready to “fight” to retain my/our freedoms but the point has been reached when it’s likely to take more that rhetoric, money and votes. What’s needed is a “black swan” event. “Is life so dear or peace so sweet?”

  • Bill Lee

    If this story is to believed, then the GOP leadership is blind to the outcomes that another four years will have on our once grand country. It will be lost. We will become a Muslim theocracy if Obama get’s another 4 years. AND the answer is NOT RON PAUL. He’s a liar. He said in front of a Christian audience that he was 100% biblical. Someone who espouses legalizing prostitution and drugs and wants to strike “In God we Trust” as our motto, doesn’t deserve our respect or vote. Much to the dismay of this author many like and will vote for Cain for Pres. and Bachmann for VP. Tea Party not freak party.

    • DaveH

      Jesus hung out with a known prostitute. You’re a liar to pretend you’re representative of Good Christians across the country.

    • OB1

      That is NOT true! Not at all! Ron Paul is the TRUE CHRISTIAN! Why, becuase he has lived it! He has walked the walk, so to speak. Actions, and words DO matter, and this man is the TRUE CHRISTIAN! Why do you think the largest contributors to his campaign are active and retired US military! No other candidate can say that! Also, he served for 5 years in th US Air Force! He believes in a strong (much better) national defense and NO MORE UNDECLARED WARS! Ronal REagan Called him back then the only true conservative! However, for the record here is his statement of faith: (remember, it’s not just what a person says that makes him a follower of Jesus, it is what they do; he has a consistent congressional voting record to proved it…or ask his wife and kids…there’s your sign!):

      Ron Paul’s statement of faith:

      Also Dr. Ron Paul delivered over 4,000 babies and is the strongest right to human life candidate on there! He actually is one of three candidates that signed the national petition that supports the 2nd ammendment. The reason he gets no press coverage is bacause the MSM is owned and we the people have heard his voice elsewhere! In my city, which is large and includes a rural area ag and tourist as well, I’ve seen no other bumper stickers beside Ron Paul 2012 so people know how to get to his website! He get’s no coverage because why? He want’s to cust the head off the snake: The Federal Reserve. Audit the criminals. It is NOT a government agencency! Ron Pau is the bravest of them all. The only other veteren on this GOP group is Perry. Check out his record and his background. When you’re done with that, vote RON PAUL; your Christian beliefs and liberty depends on it. Period. Cut the head off the snake now!

    • http://deleted Claire

      Good grief. Bachmann couldn’t work herself out of a paper bag, let alone become President. Cain?? I never trusted that guy and never will. I would certainly choose Ron Paul over those two.

  • Dave Reinhart

    This country won’t survive another 4 years of Obama. So it does not matter if the Republican party is dying.

  • jopa

    America will not survive if the filibustering continues by the Republicans in DC.The American public is becoming wise to there antics and the last election is proof of that.It is a no brainer so far that Obama will win a second term considering what he has for opposition, a lineup of candidates chanting meaningless slogans, wanting to expand on failed tax policies, and not giving the time of day to the one candidate that makes some sense.The Tea party is more of a wedge in the Republican party and a dream come true for Democrats.

    • DaveH

      Duh, the last election was November of 2010. And the Democrats were routed (many Republicans too) by candidates promising Smaller Government. We will continue that trend in 2012.

    • Ted Crawford

      Only the far left is still believing that nonsense! With 21 jobs bills and at least three budget proposals passed by the House and sitting on Harry Reids desk, he refuses to even allow them to be brought to the floor, it’s clear who the obstructionists are here!

  • Ronald R. Johnson

    First off let me say, Rick sucks, Mit sucks and either of these two would be as Obama but with out the Muslims, but I’m not to sure about their connection with those from south of the boder and I think either one would like Obama disarm honest Americans! We sadly don’t really have anyone real good runing for president. I don’t believe any of Cains accusers and I think all of them are low life liers planted to derail Cain! Makes me almost wish Trump would run at least we wouls stop pouring money into other countries and protecting countries that wont pay us a dime and will turn on us in a heart beat!
    I also think with Trump everyone now getting a free ride in this country and other countries would stop and America might start getting everthing that is due us! I also think we would tend to take care of our own country before others. I also think America would start selling more to other countries than we are buying from other countries. I also think rather than having China shipping all their tainted products to us Trump would block them from getting into our country. Please god at least protect us from Obama,Mit, and Rick!!!!!

    • DaveH

      And we wonder why Big Government just keeps growing?

  • R Hill

    I would like to know who is the GOP Hierarchy? Please provide some names and what role they have in the party. Also identify a website or other ways to contact this elusive GOP hierarchy. We need to confront them.

  • R Hill

    If we want to get rid of Obama, the Republican party needs to confront Obama after every speach he and his cronies make. We have to develop a PR team that goes down every utterance the Pres makes to identify his lies and false statements. This team should then go to every news organization and makes these lies known to the American public. If we don’t stand up to Obama and his communist team, then we will lose the election. However, if we take bold steps to blast Obama every time he lies and every time he does something wrong, then we have a chance.

  • TimAZ

    Those that are left in the GOP establishment have already heard their death rattle they just refuse to acknowledge that it has already taken place. One key indicator is the fact that they lack the power to influence their constituency through weak accusations sexual harassment in the attempt to destroy Cain. The old republican guard is walking dead waiting for the Hurst to collect them after the 2012 election. Any candidate can easily defeat Obama so long as they campaign to win and force Obama to own his words and deeds during his first term as POTUS. Have a nice day GOP establishment your chickens are coming home to roooost.

  • DinarsRin

    As a Canadian we would love to see America once again rise to Godly influence throughout the world.
    That will not happen if y’all return Obama.

    • CJM

      I agree with you 100% DinarsRin….and by the Grace of God, we will.

      • Tazio2013

        FYI; God chose Obama over McCain and will in all probability choose Obama over Willard “Mittens” Romney.

  • Naomi

    You all seem so eager to argue about Rebuplican and Democrat. The Democrats became Progressives long ago. They just used the word Liberal for a while, but, they were always Progressives. Rebuplicans have been the big government, big spenders that the Democrats used to be (kind of like Progressive lite) for a long time. The Tea Party is made up of mostly Conservatives (Independents, Libertarians, but still basically Conservative). So this Election year we really don’t have D & R but P & C.

  • CJM

    Since many States do not allow one to register as an Independent (you MUST be either a Republican or Democrat in most States), it would be most refreshing if the majority of the people voted out of the party realm and selected the Independent or Write-In vote for Cain (or whoever else is on the ballot sans the Socialist Party which is always on the ballot), leaving the Independent or Write-In as the President. How would the Electoral College deal with this kind of situation since they are schooled to vote for whomever they please regardless of what the people want (we sould be curtailing their ability to go outside the popular vote, which they did in the Gore/Bush fiasco)? Perhaps we should all get together and develop the Constitutionalist Party and have our own convention, etc. There is NOTHING that says we have to be a ‘two-party voting machine;’ if there is anything in writing about that, whoever has the info please relate this to the rest of us. At this point, I am anti-democrat and anti-republican; I have always been independent, but because I want to vote have had to register with one of the parties (used to be democrat until they selected obama–I switched just in time for the primaries to republlican since our State will not register one as an Independent). Everyone–let’s vote for the person who stands greatest for the US Constitution and to hxxx with the rest of them.

    • Don

      Amen. I’m starting to think – as I happen to believe in the Bible – that the more of a friend we are to Israel, the more our problems will begin to take care of themselves (not miraculously), but with some divine guidance towards effective long-term solutions. I can’t tell you which candidate that is, but it sure isn’t Obama. If that trait is indeterminable, then the next best absolute indicator will be as you said – which of them can be most effective at getting us back to the original intent (not the idiotic legal misinterpretations) of the constitution.

  • Tazio2013

    So Long, America by Andrew P. Napolitano

    Does the government work for us or do we work for the government? Tonight, wars and rumors of war.

    The United States was forged in a war: The American revolution. After the rebels defeated the King, we were blessed with something unique in history; a founding document, the Constitution, which was not imposed upon the people but rather was ratified by them, and which set out to establish strict limits on the federal government. The whole purpose of the Constitution was to keep the government off the people’s backs; to assure that the new government here would never be as destructive of freedom and property as the King had been; to guarantee that the government is the servant and the people were the master; still a revolutionary idea even today, more than 230 years later.

    So what happened to the war machine that freed the American colonies of their British masters? It was subsumed by the new government. The same generation that fought an American revolution whose unifying principles were life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness, ran a government that violated those very principles. In the Whiskey Rebellion, President George Washington shot and arrested farmers who refused to pay a federal tax on booze they made at home; and under the Alien and Sedition Acts, President John Adams prosecuted people for criticizing him.

    The Revolutionary War was the beginning of the Republic and the Civil War was the beginning of the end of the Republic. Prior to the Civil War, the United States were plural; the country was called “these” United States. Even the Constitution refers to the United States as “them.” Afterwards, the United States became a singular noun. The Civil War was the official and violent rejection by the federal government of the basic principle laid out in the Declaration of Independence which was cited as the impetus for the American Revolution. What was that principle for which the rebels fought and which, among our presidents, only Jefferson defended? It was the right of free people to secede from a government that destroys their freedom. It was, by extension, the natural right to be left alone.

    Not only are wars inimical to our freedom, they are also cancers for democracy. In the last 50 years, the United States has seen a parade of wars that don’t serve our interests. We fought the Korean war at the behest of the United Nations. We fought in Vietnam because the French wouldn’t. We entered the First Gulf War because of the United Nations and of course that led to the Iraq War. Even in Afghanistan, while we entered under the pretext of hunting down the masterminds of 9/11, that war soon became an imperial exercise akin to the Soviet or British occupations of Afghanistan. The Constitution gives the power of declaring war to the Congress. But today in America, that power is effectively the President’s. President Obama has waged war in Iraq, in Afghanistan, in Libya, in Pakistan, in Somalia, and in Uganda; all without a declaration of war. The last time Congress declared war was December 8th 1941.

    War is the death of freedom because war is the health of big government. The federal government views the Constitution as its enemy. That’s why the President, a former professor of constitutional law nonetheless, can take an oath to uphold the Constitution and then spend every waking moment trying to dig its grave. And George W. Bush was the same. And Bill Clinton was the same. And so on, and so on. If Barack Obama or George W. Bush told you directly that their agenda was the destruction of your freedoms, you wouldn’t buy it. But war and rumors of war allow the government to steal your freedoms without you rising up to defend them.

    In nearly three years in office, President Obama has conducted a campaign to transform America through a process of government expansion and crony capitalism. Yet, he may very well win re-election not because Americans support more central planning and federal control of our lives, but because he enjoys high approval ratings for fighting wars. Yet these wars are the same policies that allow for the centralization of power in the federal government on the domestic front. There wouldn’t have been an Obamacare if there had never been a Patriot Act; because, when you allow your freedoms to be trampled conditionally under the pretext of safety, then even those freedoms you’d never dream of giving away become endangered.

    In my new book, It is Dangerous to be Right When the Government is Wrong, I argue that every empire falls because of an over-extended military. With more than 900 bases on all seven continents, billions in annual military aid to countries around the world, and active military operations in more countries than we can know, the United States is digging in on its imperial ambitions, even as those same ambitions are driving us bankrupt, exhausting our resources, and destroying our freedoms. Is it worth it? The answer is obvious.

    From New York, defending freedom; so-long America.

    November 11, 2011

    • http://yahoo Julie

      This is a good post. But the OWS is hurting it self. Some of them have good intentions, but others make all look like baffoons, idiots, etc. not only to this country but to other people in other countries. The people in the middle east uprising look more civil and respectible then some of the people occupying our cities. The occupiers meed to clean up their own ranks before they can accomplish any thing.

    • Jay

      America Rules The World But Zionism Rules America

      When you understand this, 90% of what’s going on becomes automatically clear. Sure, you might say, “it’s not all that clear-cut”. Granted: it’s not just “America” and its puppet Obamas and Bushes, but also the UK and its puppet Camerons and Blairs, France, Italy and Spain with their puppet Sarkozys, Berlusconis and Rodriguez Zapateros, Argentina, with its despicable Videlas, Menems, Alfonsins, Kirchners and Cavallos

      Their embedded elites control “NATO” and the “UN” for their own agendas and against all of us.

      They just completed the destruction of Libya in order so Exxon, BP, Total and ENI can steal its oil and its gold (also terminating Ghaddafi’s Gold Dinar Currency project). The US/UK/France/NATO destroyed Libya by supporting the worst local CIA-trained terrorists and thugs, who murdered Libyan leader Muamar Ghaddafi, his sons, grandchildren and supporters.

      America is being devoured by zionist criminals embedded in her banking system, media, government, corporate overworld, think tanks, academia, at all levels of power.

      This is no secret. The Zionist names are there for all to see: Bernanke, the Goldman Sachs boys, Wolfowitz, Perle, Kissinger, Feith, Blitzer, Murdoch, Rubin, Summers, Wiesel, Rosenthal, AIPAC, American Jewish Congress, Wall Street, Greenberg, CUFI (Christians United For Israel), Obama, Biden, Madoff, Lieberman, Bush, Cheney, Zuckeman, Clinton. The List of the Zionist Bunch just goes on and on and on. The writing is on the wall for all to see, but Americans continue to live their lives with eyes wide shut

      There’s little time left. We all know who’s next on the Zionist Destruction Agenda: Iran, Syria, Venezuela, Korea, the whole global financial system.

      Libyan leader Muamar Ghaddafi’s murder and that of his family by these Zionist supported terrorists is a blatant example of top level terrorism emanating from London, Paris, New York, Tel-Aviv and Washington.

      Today, all nations have been placed on notice. Today it’s Ghaddafi, tomorrow it can be anybody anywhere, or everybody everywhere

      The Zionist Model for National Destruction uses Orwellian Newspeak and works something like this:

      1. The Global Power Mafia start by targeting a country ripe for “Regime Change” and brand it a”Rogue State”

      2. Then, they arm, train, finance local terrorists through CIA, MI6, Mossad, Drug Cartels and call them “Freedom Fighters”

      3. Then, they stage mock UN Security Council Resolutions that rain death and destruction upon millions of civilians and they call it “UN sanctions to protect civilians”.

      4. Then, they spread flagrant lies through their media monopolies and paid journalists, and call it “International Community’s concern expressed by the Western Media”.

      5. Then, they invade and control the target country and call it “Liberation” (poor Libya is in this stage right now)

      6. Then, when the target country falls fully under their control, they impose “The kind of democracy we want to see” (as Hillary Clinton said of Egypt on 22-March-2011)

      7. Finally, they steal appetizing oil reserves and all resources and call it “Foreign Investment and Reconstruction”

      8. Their keynotes are: Force and Hypocrisy, used to destroy whole countries in the name of “freedom”, “democracy”, “human rights” and “free trade”. They use utmost force and violence to achieve their ends.

      9. Their Elders described their blueprint for world power many, many decades ago in a hoary manuscript
      “What did you say? That you don’t want to be liberated and democratized?” “Then take this Hiroshima, Nagasaki, Hanoi, Berlin, Dresden, Bagdad, and Basra” “Take that Tokyo, Gaza, Kabul, Pakistan, Tripoli, Belgrade, Egypt, El Salvador and Grenada” “And that, Panama, Argentina, Chile, Cuba, Dominican Republic, Somalia, Africa”

      Always bombing people to smithereensof course, always in the name of “freedom”, “democracy”, “human rights” and “free trade”.

  • kit

    I believe the only candidate that can beat BO is Newt. He is also the only candidate that completly understands the constitution, history, foreign policy and the workings of washington dc. Yes he has bagage but we’re not electing a saint. We can not allow the dirt bags of the dem or rep party to smear every candidate that will defeat their choice for president be it BO or Romney.

    • Brian

      Kit…Look at Ron Paul…

      • Robert Pa.

        Look at “NOBODY”!!! 35 losers all battling to do “What”??? Not a single idea will work that the 35 have presented.
        999 plus sales tax, local tax, state tax, county tax and school tax and you have got 70%tax. Add utilities, fuel for your vehicle, heat, water and if you are lucky, food and you are at 103% and over the limit of spending just like the government.
        Make it 10% flat tax for the federal government, flat 5% for state, local and school add all your other expenses and you have about 30% total. You now have money in your wallet.

        If the governments run out, “TOUGH”!!!!! Close the government!!!

        Works for me.

    • Tazio2013

      No doubt that Ron Paul would make an ideal POTUS 45 but, The Powers That Be will never, never allow it to happen. You might as well accept that it will be BHO vs Willard “Mittens” Romney – the evil of two
      lessers – and, once again, the Republikrats win which means that the downward spiral of the US socio-politico-econo-financial system will continue to and through 01/20/17. As much as I detest TPTB, they have exhibited (and continue to exhibit) an enormous amount of staying power and, therefore, their current command and control structure must not be discounted prematurely. And no matter what the coming SPEF chaos brings US, I repeat: You might as well accept that it will be BHO vs Willard “Mittens” Romney – the evil of two lessers – and, once again, the Republikrats win which means that the downward spiral of the US socio-politico-econo-financial system will continue to and through 01/20/17. Time will tell what the actual outcome will be so, let’s continue to be enlightened individuals with “eyes to see and ears to hear”.

      Tuam libera mentem
      Sapere aude
      Semper fi!

    • lee1233

      Visualize this. Moses walking off the mountain with the Ten Commandants in his hands; replaced with Newt Gingrich the only candidate with the training, intellect, the proven ability to marshal these gifts to verbally put forth constructive and achievable goals to right our ship of state confronting Obama in 7 three hour debates with only a time keeper, where Obama is challenged to defend his destructive policies and unlimited spepnding, his obvious drive to destroy individual freedom and replace it with BIG GOVERNMENT would in my view leave Obama on his knees SPEACHLESS and exposed for all to see that he is in fact a fraud in every sense and a messenger of death and destruction for our inheritance as “free people” who thrive under the banner of “an elected representative REPUBLIC” where our values of individual freedom, relgion, right to assemble, to petition, freedom of the press and freedom of speech are our “GOD given rights” as opposed to the practices of both political parties whoses current operators favor their lust for power over their fellow men via BIG GOVERNMENT DECREE. This may truly be our last best hope to save our ship of state. lee1233

    • Mike

      Ron Paul. Look at his record compared to Newt’s. There is no question which one supports the Constitution and small government.

  • daniel

    You know this article does bring a lot of pieces together even on the local level. Unless you are in with the Good Ole Politicians you do not have a chance. I live in Nevada and boy are we a mess. The pubs do not want any tea party people hanging around. Even on volunteer staffs for supposedly conservative organizations. Even worse the redistricting of voting precints just occurred giving the Dems control of both houses of the legislature. The GOP did not raise a fuss and rolled over with the blessings of the republican governor. I was wondering why and at least I can see from where it comes from.
    I wonder where else is this type of takeover occurring?

    • rmg

      New Jersey did the same thing. Redistricted and “shazam” lost a seat to the dims. But the reps were the ones who let the “neutral” (my a$$) tie-breaker be chosen by the dims! Then they say “Addressing reporters in Newton Wednesday, the governor said, “The fact is, they won one seat that they really won back in April,” Christie said. “The map pretty much did what we thought the map would do… I was no guarantor of results here.”

  • Don

    I’m so disappointed in Obama. I knew he was a puppet from the beginning, but I really hoped the first black president would be outstanding (I’m white). But, whoever said America can’t survive any more (even) next year with Obama was correct. I’m not a conspiracy theorist, though sometimes their rants have some merit. This article leans that way – and unfortunately, I think it’s correct. However, regardless, I’ll vote for anything (animal or vegetable) running against Obama. So, that decision’s made. I just wish that I had somebody to vote for rather than against. I like Ron Paul – his statements are usually taken out of context – even by his supporters. He’s not as off the wall as he’s being made out to be – even by ourselves. We just never have the opportunity hear him put his supposed wild-ass statements in context. Then I truly lusted after the 9-9-9 idea, but Cain lacks the international awareness equally dangerous as the socialist/economic agenda he wants to correct. So, I’m beginning to lean towards Newt. There are no perfect candidates, never will be, and with the vicious lack of courtesy we now have embedded in our culture under the guise of “right to know”, anybody running for president will be smeared with real incidents or paid actors’ testimonies. If I’m dying due to a heart attack, gasping for air, I won’t care if the competent EMT showing up to save me cheated on his wife, taxes, or some college term paper or even likes little boys. America’s gasping for air, we need job competency, not character perfection, as we’ll never have the latter.

  • HadditWithEm

    The problem here folks is definitely with the MSM. They will pick their darlings and trash mouth the rest right out of the debates by keeping their poll numbers low. What needs to happen is for the Tea Party to start running ad’s that show Oblameya telling one of his lies, then stamp it with a big red box that says “LIAR” and a really loud Family Feud style buzz noise that you hear when you answer wrong. Then show the actual truth in the same video. Here is an example….Oblameya constantly claims he inherited the worst recession since The great Depression from “The Previous Administration”. Well, while they may not have been perfect this is a flat out lie. He inherited an economy that was the direct result of Liberal nonsense that led to a housing boom and bust. So in this example you would show Oblameya fire off a shot at Bush…then play the footage of Bush and McCain and others calling for reform of Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac back in 05 and 06 and then the footage of Maxine Waters calling Congressman racist for wanting to fix it, and Barney Frank flat out lying about the Health of the GSE’s. You could do this to Oblameya on every single subject there is. One flat out lie after the next and it can be proven. Once that Commy is out of the way we can focus on real issues. This housing mess was caused by Bill Clinton (first by Carter and his CRA ratings garbage) and his crew like Andrew Cuomo that ran HUD for the last 4 years of his administration. Cuomo is also the gangster that rammed the HVCC guidelines down our throats in 2009 to hook up his friends at the AMC he used to work for. We can’t get out of this mess because of it and nobody in the MSM gets it or will even discuss it. Nor will they tell the truth about who did what to who in this mess. It was the DEMOCRATS and their bad policies that caused this. NO WAY AROUND IT!!! Even Bill Clinton admitted in the 08 election cycle that the housing mess was his fault. And it was. Housing needs to get fixed first and the rest will start to fall in line. 1. Get rid of HVCC Guidelines 2. Get rid of most of GFE 2010 legislation 3. Get rid of Frank Dodd Criminal Act 4. Repeal Oblameya Care (it isn’t even a Health care law…it’s insurance sales and COMPLETELY UNCONSTITUTIONAL) Do those four things and watch how the country magically starts to heal at an accelerated pace. ;-)

  • Capitalist at Birth

    If the Republican Party nominates Romney, it will be all but dead. Then we will have to have an armed insurrection to correct the problem. That is the only solution. I continue to buy Firearms, ammunition, canned food, distilled water, books, and other emergency supplies. I also have checked and re-checked my camping gear as well. Be prepared.

  • JeffH


    It is a shame that a chosen few can control the life and death of our military men and women with nothing more than the lust for power under the guise of politically motivated rhetoric about democracy and freedom, greed and the simple stroke of a pen to keep us in a perpetual state of war.

    Veterans Day Montage – American Anthem
    Norah Jones – Tribute to my late father who served in Vietnam and to all who’ve served in the U.S. Military… Past and Present


    • Jay

      Indeed Jeff, God bless our veterans! Lest we forget? The only blotch is that the greedy, power hungry sob’s whom you rightly pointed out, used them for their own gain. May they burn in hell! Awesome tribute. Btw, you have a heart of a patriot, as do a few others on this site! FOR GOD AND COUNTRY!

      • JeffH

        Thank you Jay…I like to think so.

  • VRG

    If Obama wins, there surely will be one party because America will become Venezuela.

  • Mike

    Ron Paul in 2012. Every time he scores highly in debates, the poll is taken down. The MSM ignore him, and the insiders don’t want his message spread. He truly is the exact opposite of the same-ol’ same-ol’ that we’ve been getting for decades.
    If you really want smaller government and free-markets, Ron Paul is your only choice.

  • Tazio2013

    Peggy Noonan in The Wall Street Journal (11-11-11) on the GOP race Forcing Republicans to undergo grueling questioning at the debates may end up making them look stronger and more tested than President Obama. But, at this week’s contest, “too many people in that audience were fully locked into Republo-world, a nice place but one that exists apart from the reality-based community,” Noonan writes. Noonan describes her thoughts on the candidates’ performances, noting that Rick Perry was unlikely to be the nominee even before his brain freeze and that Newt Gingrich remained compelling though also unlikely to survive opposition research. She describes the charges faced by Herman Cain as serious and plausible, and disagrees with his and the Republican audience’s tendency to dismiss them as political. While Republicans may want to quickly dismiss the scandal, independents do not. The independent voter “doesn’t live in Republo-world, but he’s right across the street, and he votes. He’s going to pick the next president.”

  • jopa

    Dave H;Duh, the last time I voted was last Tuesday.Pull your head out!!There was an election and you missed it.

    • JeffH

      National election? DUH!

  • Alex

    Ron Paul is “the only candidate….with the broad support to take out [Obama] in November”?
    Seriously? Paul does not have more than a sliver of the ‘broad’ support from his OWN party—how on Earth will he unseat President Obama?

    Ron Paul is quite smart about our baby-killing military and about keeping the government out of our bedrooms and medicine chests but his Free Market stupidity dooms him in the general election.

  • Alex

    Happy Armistice Day!

  • Buck

    I have been a republican all my life , but have never been more dissatisfied with them . I now consider myself a Tea Party member first , a conservative second , and a very dissalusioned republican last . If We don’t keep the House , win the Senate and the White House with real tea party conservatives this time out , the republicans will never see me on a republican ballot again . I am really tired of business as usual , as are most republicans .

  • jopa

    Dave H;I told you to pull your head out and out pops a Jeff.Duh! What’s up with that??

  • Mark Dabney

    When Ron Paul comes as close to speaking the truth as he dares NeoCons say he is “extreme”. Having a sane understanding of insanity makes one APPEAR insane to those that are party to the insanity. Say for example claiming that condoning provocations abroad – ignoring the golden rule by dismissing amoral militancy domestic practices – while our own borders are left WIDE OPEN – AND NO ONE IS HELD ACCOUNTABLE!!!! THIS MAKES US “SAFE”????? The founders were spot on when they warned us that the danger abroad would not be an issue – but the corruption within.

    The Plutocracy that conjures currency out of nothing that controls our media fear the awakening that Ron Paul has sparked as a stark contrast. If you dare to be honest with yourself – find out where the 2.3 T$ that Rumsfeld announced missing the day before 9/11 – whose records were destroyed and the staff murdered – find out where those CAREER MILITARY PENSION FUNDS WENT – there are your “terrists”.

    • Jay

      Mark, most bleat and shake their fist at our so-called government, not realizing they are trying to treat the symptoms, rather than the disease. Our government is not only under the complete control of the private banking system(s), and all of it controlled by the rothscilds, but every politician, from top to bottom, in the administration, and in all its extending branches, is a Rothschild agent.

  • Bill

    Perhaps it is best for Republicans to take Congress and leave the Obamist in the White House. The Obamist has stunk up the economy so badly that it will be difficult to fix his messes quickly. As the White House takes the heat for any economic failure, it is best that the economy fail as a result of the Obamist’s actions while he is in office. Unless the economy collapses before November 2011, it is perhaps best that the voters make the Obamist sit in his pew as his programs destroy our economy.

  • DH

    For no more than what the republicans have done to get rid of this illicit president, we might just as well vote for democrats in the coming election. The current republicans can just continue to run and hide. This president has attacked the constitution like no one before him and the republicans have not done a thing to stop him, not even investigate his legitimacy to be or run for the highest office in the land. The guy is even anti-christian and anti-jewish, and pro muslim.

  • Moses

    I some times wonder if the “Big heads” of the GOP, aren’t secretly part of the “Democrat party”? From every thing I read, it is like the “old guard GOP’, just wants to go back in time to what we had in this country, before Obama was elected; which is pretty much what the Democrats want also. Just how insane and stupid is that?

  • Thinking About

    No winners here but NRA, etc. Some are getting too upset to see the truth and always blaming someone else. I listen to a lot of MSN and don’t hear what many are complaining about. Stop and think for a few minutes, it is of no use for Amy party, group or whoever to take the USA down. You can continue to donate but keep your money if you are giving out of fear.

    • DaveH

      You call what you do Thinking, TA? The Earth is littered with countries whose Leaders drove them into the ground. Is it purposely, or just stupidly? Only the Leaders know, but the results are the same — impoverishment of the mainstream people.

  • CyberGeezer

    The GOP and the DNC are 2 heads of the same beast. They have a common goal of destroying the USA in favor of the NWO global government. Anyone who doubts this needs to ask themselves just what has your party done to make you think they are conservative in the past 40 years?

  • http://N/A Observer from Phoenix

    You know what doctors would do if they have found a cancer. Cut it out.
    Or, if they can find a less drastic intervention, they would still have to eliminate the cause, otherwise the patient will never be truly cured.
    So, when the existing system, including all that makes up our political system, is rotten, and if we really intend to cure our ills, we need to start anew and replace it with a new system after the fashion of our original American values.

  • robert

    Someone with nothing to lose will volunteer for the operation of this disease we have that has taken hold of our country.

  • Bruce

    Ok lets try this out for size, Watch the below link, at least please try and understand it.

    If you can’t get it, then YES we are all DOOMED. Look up all the Doucments and what you will find is its all 100% TRUTH.
    I have noted this how many times now, YOU are all SLAVES as well what you think is the law of the land is not.
    You would be deluded if you think that the Constitution and Bill of Rights has been in use for the last 150 plus years. So be you one or the other, that being a D or an R, its of no value at all, its just 100% BS, or who’s team is better, “niether one.”

    I don’t think Kurt can make this anymore simple than he has on this youtube feed.

    We can only hope that all of you will wake up.

  • James T.

    Any one else want to say something?Or maybe we should change the subject?

  • James T.

    PS iTS BEEN GREAT READING ALL YOUR COMMENTS BOYS AND Girls.,remember to tune in this same Bat time to this same bat Channel !!!!!!!!

  • James T.

    I’M votting for………….Tune in Next week. Boys and Girls (you’ll be surprised who I’m votting for!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Jerome

    It is not necessary to remind everyone the many promises that the Politicians made in the past that has proven to be unfulfilled. Yet they were voted in because they are attractive and told the people what they wanted to hear.
    I remember this other fellow who was always truthful,
    taught love and honesty all his life. But this guy was not good looking, and when the vote was tallied the majority voted for a thief instead. The honest guy was hung on a cross.
    In my heart I do believe Ron Paul is honest and truthful but not perfect nor attractive. (my opinion)
    But the one that is going to win will be the one that is the most appealing to the masses and says the right thing that rings. Character has nothing to do with it. Refer to history. So don’t be disappointed. This generation was taught to vote for the best Actor. Who are you?


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