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Are Jews not welcome in the USA?

October 10, 2011 by  

Dear Bob,

I am an avid reader of your newsletter, blog, etc. I am a Jew. Our Founding Fathers all studied Hebrew, knew the Torah, Prophets, Psalms as well as Matthew, Mark, Luke, John and the Pauline epistles and were Deists, probably more so than "Christian."

Most prolific members of the Austrian School of economics that you espouse, particularly Von Mises, Rothbard et. al. were Jews.

Am I not welcome in the USA?

Bob T.

Dear Bob T.

I disagree with your assessment that the Founders were principally Deists, though I am aware that there are many who push that notion. However, I don’t understand why you ask me if you are not welcome in the USA. Has someone made you to feel unwelcome?

Best wishes,

Bob Livingston

is an ultra-conservative American and author of The Bob Livingston Letter™, founded in 1969. Bob has devoted much of his life to research and the quest for truth on a variety of subjects. Bob specializes in health issues such as nutritional supplements and alternatives to drugs, as well as issues of privacy (both personal and financial), asset protection and the preservation of freedom.

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  • s c

    Jews, it seems, have been singled out as the world’s #1 group for hatred. It’s a historical fact that I can’t change. It borders on a situation where all it takes is a malcontent who needs to vent and eventually learns that the world has a group that gets pushed to the head of the class when hate and jealousy are on the menu.
    When hatred is your only ‘talent,’ it’s no surprise that sooner or later you’ll surrender and ‘go with the flow’ and become a member of the ‘gotta hate someone’ club. It’s an old form of pc. It may be THE source of all things pc in this world.
    Some day, if this world lasts long enough, maybe people will get into the habit of looking at a mirror and decide that hate is easy and love is hard. How long do we have to be reminded that easy things tend to result in bad decisions?
    I reserve the right to hate Washington greed, stupidity, false titles, a bailout mentality, posers who use and abuse anyone to get what they want and icons who are every bit as functional as gold-plated teats on a bloated, self-serving, worthless 20 ton pig.

    • wandamurline

      Yes, along with the members of the tea parties across America. This is coming from the left and the White House.

      • debeddebed

        We of the Tea Party Patriots have a three-pronged mission:
        1. Have a Constitutionally Limited Government.
        2. Have Free Markets with limited government involvement.
        3. Have a Fiscally Responsible government.
        In order to achieve those goals it is necessary to make our views known to the
        elected representatives who make the laws. We encourage those who Stand Up
        and support our goals but we, as a group, do not support candidates nor get involved with social issues.
        The Declaration of Independence was a promise; the Constitution was the fulfillment.
        The Declaration states that we are “endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights,
        that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness”.
        There are those who call us terrorist s for making our views known.
        They also call me a terrorist for once serving in the Navy.
        I go to church which the Department of Homeland Security, again, labels me a terrorist.
        What is it that I say or do that some would label me a terrorist?
        Why are we, and me, called terrorists by this administration and others?
        Is it possible that you and they are the terrorists who don’t believe in the American Constitution?

        If you look at the actual facts you will find the Tea Party has not lied, started riots, nor has it
        advocated the destruction of the United States.

        • Robert, TX

          If the Tea Party wants Constitutionally limited government, then it had better start supporting real, independent candidates that will work to restore our U.S. Constitution – instead of being a rubber stamp for more phony, complicit, beltway republicans (the “FOXes” that have sold out to the wolves to save their own skin – or their own government check).

          • Jazzabelle

            Robert -

            You seem to be confused. The Tea Party movement doesn’t support candidates, as debeddebed just pointed out.

            Of course, if you have a problem with the idiocy of a particular member of the Tea Party movement, kindly take up your issue with that individual.

          • GRusling

            Sorry Robert. Our current condition in America has taken over 150 years to get where it is today, and it will not snap back to what it once was, like a rubber band, because some group decides to work toward that goal. I seriously doubt we could FIND more than one or two politicians in America who even understand the constitution, much less are willing to climb out on a limb to try and enforce it. That doesn’t mean we can’t work toward that goal, but the “Tea Party” is not a political party and does not field candidates. Our interest is in educating the general public and working across the board to return our country to the greatness it once personified…

          • Sidewinder

            Why the Tea Party hooked up with Republicans, when their heart and soul, before they sold it…was pure Libertarian, I will never know.

            But debeddebed…you don’t seem to get it even by your own admission….
            Actually, I think you do…

            You are considered a potential domestic terrorist precisely because you advocate a constitutionally limited government.

            As everyone can plainly see, the trend in government is surely away from constitutional restrictions of federal power.

            So those who advocate restrictions…are a direct threat to those who enjoy limitless power, and abuse.

            Church? Well, anyone with their own belief system is mostly impervious to propaganda, so that’s threatening to them as well.
            However….once that propaganda is accepted, its practically impossible to reason with these people from there on out.

            All the things you list in your post debeddebed, threaten those who are in the process of expanding federal power, but do not yet have a firm enough grasp.

            Why act confused about it?

            They expect you, and the rest of the US public to be total Sh#t Heads, or else you worry them.

        • eddie47d

          Come to Denver Bob T for we have a strong Jewish community and they are very welcomed.

        • Jack Turner

          I am a member of the tea Party (TAXED ENOUGH ALREADY) and I stand with Isreal and their People. Obummer and his friends are the ones that you have to watch out for I would love to go to Isreal as long as I had someone from there to guide me so I don’t get into the wrong areas. I do not trust the Muslim community even if they say they are our friends. I chalenge them to take out the part of their koran that says infidels must be killed. I am a believer in GOD why can’t Mohammad be just another word for the same god instead of being a hateful god. I pray in Jesus name to GOD daily. I also believe in all their beliefs to me there is one GOD that we pray to by many different names. I also use the words Vergin Mother Mary.

          • Jana

            Jack Turner,
            Good answer, GREAT thoughts.

          • debalazo

            Jack Turner – “and I stand with Isreal and their People.”

            You know, Jack, this is pathetic. What you just said. That outpost of the RATschilds was imposed on Palestine, caused 911, hit the USS Liberty, the USS Cole, the Beirut Barracks, was behind the JFK assassination, 7/7 in London, did Pan Am Flight 103, coached the groin bomber, the socks bomber, never mind all the assassinations of children in Palestine, and created ‘enemies’ worldwide. Google from time to time and get informed. Pathetic. Collaboration with the ONLY enemy of the People of the USA, not ZOG, is tantamout to treason. Get it?

          • libertytrain

            good grief.

    • debalazo

      s c – “Jews, it seems, have been singled out as the world’s #1 group for hatred. It’s a historical fact…”

      It is a fact. “109 locations whence Jews have been expelled since AD250″. Poor innocent chaps. It’s all on the Net. The ‘WHY’. And today’s behavior of the RATschilds’ outpost must be a hint WHY: Were imposed on Palestine, caused 911, hit the USS Liberty, the USS Cole, the Beirut Barracks, were behind the JFK assassination, 7/7 in London, did Pan Am Flight 103, coached the groin bomber, the socks bomber, never mind all the assassinations of children in Palestine and created ‘enemies’ worldwide.

      Forgot! how they were burned alive in the Middle Ages, suspect of spreading the Black Plague by dumping sick rats in water wells and streams, while they knew of the so-called Thieves Oil to stop the infection effectively. And it worked! So few and they survived! Today it’s called ‘Swine Flu-my-foot’, with a patent (!) held by ‘Muslim’ Novartis, and distributed as ‘vaccine’ by ‘Muslim’ Baxter. Hmmm!

      It is really disgusting to hear all this moaning and whinning after the Internet exposed all the inner workings of these people, all through history. Pathetic.

      • libertytrain

        Again, good grief.

  • Robert Ford

    It seems the core of Bob T.’s question was whether, as a Jew, was he was welcomed in the United States or not. I am not a Jew, though for my part Bob you are most warmheartedly welcomed. I am a recent subscriber of this newsletter and so far have seen some very interesting points made and observations discussed.But I found somewhat unsettling Bob L.’s reply, in that it listed his disagreements, awareness and lack of understanding while avoiding an elementary yes or no answer.

    • http://Aol LEE BRASELTON

      I look forward to reading Bob T’s answer to question ask by Poorgrand children . Lee B.

    • Jazzabelle

      How can Bob give “an elementary yes or no answer” when he can’t speak for all Americans?

    • Jana

      I agree with Bob.
      Just because he shows where he disagrees with someone does not make them unwelcome. It means he has differing ideas than his.
      I have differing ideas than “I am a Jew” has also.
      He/she states,”the Pauline epistles * were Deists, probably more so than “Christian.” ”
      This statement is wrong. The Pauline epistles were Christian in every way. Following Jesus Christ was Paul’s main teachings.
      We all come from different ethnicities in this country, personally I have a Hebrew /Israeli heritage of which I am very proud.
      Most of us accept or reject different people by their words and actions, not by their ethnicity. We all have the right to question or debate ideas and ideologies.

      • Jana

        I will continue this as I thought I was going to have to shut down my computer, but I didn’t.
        “I am a Jew” is very welcome here. Just as everyone else is.

        • Jana

          Wow, I just caught it that his name was Bob T. I have it now.

    • Skptk

      Bob L.’s confusion may be mirrored by my own. I saw nothing in Bob T.’s letter to indicate any reason why he should feel unwelcome in the U.S.

  • http://comcast Brenda

    I wish we had more people like you’ll, God bless & keep reading the word. People are featful of what they don’t understand. God Bless

  • Bill Wright

    There is bad and good in every race,just rember ,we’re all human.

  • illuminoughtu

    The problem is not Jews, it is those who claim to be Jews, but are not. And those who claim to be Christian, but are not. And those who claim to be Patriots, but are not. And those who claim to be Freedom Loving, but are not. And those who claim to be Honest, but are not. And those who claim to be Representatives, but are not. And those who claim to seek the Truth, but do not.

    • LarryH

      I think you hit the nail dead on correct.

      • Jana


  • Yacov

    I am a Jew that was born in the USA, but yes, I have been made to feel as if unwanted in the USA. I am also a RETIRED US Army SSG and I spent 21 years of my life serving this country. Civilian leaders in this country seem no longer to care about truth or facts just their ideological heel bent on destroying the USA.

    • Ted Crawford

      As an American and a Nam veteran, I’d, first, like to thank you for your service to our Nation! Saddly there are xenophopes in every country, the Progressives would have us believe that all Conservatives fall into that group. Being a Conservative Moderate, I can tell you that is not true.
      I, for one welcome Immagrants, legal Immigrants! I’m far less interested in how someone became an American, than in how they conduct themselve as an American. That is the yardstick I use to evaluate people!

      • Bear

        Good words Ted. I too am a Nam vet, got out in October of 69′. Thanks to all who have ever served our nation in every war in every time of need……..and shame on anyone who did not welcome our warriors back with open arms. Read my post below on Yacov’s post. Oh, ditto on “legal” immigrants.

      • Jana

        I am so sorry that you have ever been made to feel that way. I actually think that all of us could actually come up with that feeling, especially Conservatives.
        Ted C. Said it perfectly, “I’m far less interested in how someone became an American, than in how they conduct themselve as an American. That is the yardstick I use to evaluate people!
        Thank you for your service Yacov.

    • Bear

      Hi Yacov. Guess this is as good a place to meet as any. I was born and raised a Christian. Very much so, in fact, because my mother was the organist in our church, my father active in the choir and every Sunday bagan with worshiping God, praising him for our many blessings and learning about his son, Jesus, and studying the Bible and its many books. One thing that we as Christians are taught is that the Jews, the children of Isreal, were God’s chosen people. This does not mean that he disliked everyone else or even that he liked everyone else a little less. It meant that God had chosen the people of Isreal for a special purpose in his ultimate plan for the world. For me, as a Christian, to not respect that which God has placed into motion is to go against God and his plans for the World. This simply means that I should also recognize the children of Isreal, the Jews, as Gods chosen people and respect them and God’s choice for that decision. In my entire life, I have never been in a mindset to go against that teaching and would never think of doing so. To see my country’s leader, Obama, even consider betraying Isreal, is to place a spear into the very heart of all that I believe and hold to be God’s will. The Jews are welcomed with open arm in America and have always been. This is not to say that there are not some who do not share my enthusiasm or feelings, but as a whole, Americans have traditionally honored and defended the foundation of freedom of religion. Now, on this subject of religion, there is only one religious belief system that causes me any concern whatsoever and that is the one that calls me and my Jewish neighbors the infadel. There are way too many bottomless pits in their belief system to give me any comfort at all. The first being that deceipt and lies are acceptable to lure the infadel into believing he is safe while they conquer them. This, I feel, is not a part of God’s plan and I know of nowhere in God’s word that he tells me that one day I will submit to another belief system called Islam, which in it’s purest translation means “total surrender.” I can only believe that this belief system is the foundation of one who fell from heaven long ago, Lucifer. If any one people could ever be the enemy of our belief system and evrything I was ever taught, it is the Muslims and their system called “Islam.” These people have but one choice, in my opinion, and that is to convert to Christianity. Jesus said it all when he said, “there is but one way to the Father and that is through Me.”

      • Dee

        I confess Christianity also, but I strongly disagree with you. There are many ways to the ultimate God and Jesus is one of them. The bible expounds on the journey of Jews and Jesus coming into his ministry. And yes I believe some of the ideologies are skewed. After all the book was written by humans which includes all our faults as are I’m sure the Torah, Quran, and any other spiritual or religious book penned by humans.
        Some of the most compassionate, reasonable and forgiving people I know aren’t Christians. Earlier a comment from illuminoughtu hit the nail on the head. God is too big for one religion. Come to think of it, so is the devil.

        • Bear

          I, by no means, am a biblical scholar, but to say I am a Christian and then refute what is written as the words spoken by Jesus himself, places doubt in my mind about your Christian foundation. It is written that he also said, “I am the way and the light.” What does that mean to you. What does. “there is but one way to the Father and that is through me,” mean to you. To me, refuting those words is like saying the second ammendment does not give individual citizens the right to own firearms. The words, as written or spoken, speak for themselves.

          • Jana

            I have to agree with you on this. Dee sounds quite confused about what the Bible actually says.

          • Jana

            Where did illuminoughtu say ,”Earlier a comment from illuminoughtu hit the nail on the head. God is too big for one religion.” ?
            I certainly didn’t get that out of his post.


      Sir, I agree with Mr Ted Crawford. You are by all means welcome here, as well as anyone else who is a good person. I support Israel and and am sorry you feel unwanted. I would love to see your feelings change, and hopefully it will start here.
      God Bless

    • GRusling

      Yacov… As a Vietnam Veteran I thank you for your service, and this is your country as much as it’s mine or anyone else’s. You need no one’s approval to be accepted, because you are one of the owners. That’s the nature of our country and one of the great things about it.

      Your religion is between only you and God. No one else is involved. That’s another great thing about our country…

    • Sidewinder

      Listen, I grew up with Muslim friends and also Jewish friends.
      None of them were overly religious, and only considered themselves American. And why not? They were born here like the rest of us.

      My best approach has been to evaluate individuals on a one to one basis, and nothing more.
      Trying to fit this group or that group into a one size fits all package is always a huge mistake.

      Having said that…different groups have traits. While its true everyone is different, its also true the English prefer this, or the Irish are like that.
      Not every single one of them of course….

      I am leading to this….

      It has not gone unnoticed that the biggest financial criminals around just so happen to be Jewish. And there are an awful lot of them. Too many, for their relatively small population.
      Call me all the names you want, I have no problem with Jewish people….

      Goldman Sachs….have you heard? They rule the world. Leahman Brothers, Bernie Madoff, oh, the list goes on and on, of high level CEO that trashed their own companies for personal gain, and felt zero responsibility. Credit default swaps and all kinds of other ingeniously greedy scams that have trashed the world economy. Like the former CEO that trashed my wife’s Water Utility, and left it 200 million in debt so he could use the utility to buy up another utility that he just so happened to own a bunch of stock in that he bought cheap before the merger that inflated his stock value. Then he quit and took his new millions with him. No investigation.
      Its the general public that suffers so 1 man can enrich himself at everyone’s expense. Sociopath…..

      My point is, people see this. This is how stereotypes are created. There is always some truth behind stereo types, before it gets exaggerated. The small grain of truth, is what gets the rest of it swallowed as truth as well.

      If Jewish folks are sensitive to how they are treated, and how they are viewed, perhaps they should make a stronger effort in policing their own, and making it known that behavior that damages their image as a people will not be tolerated.

      I am not gonna argue with anyone on this one.
      This is the way it is.
      If you want to be seen in a positive light, then set a positive example.

  • Jack B

    Everyone legally is welcome in the US as long as they follow the rules for entry. There are individual and groups who will express displeasure at any individual or group for varied reasons, some of which, are strictly prejudice. (That is part of the human flawed existence.)
    Under the present circumstances–it is hard,personally for me to “welcome with open arms” the middle eastern Muslims because of 9/11 and that is my personal, flawed prejudice. However, if they file for entry and/or citizenship and are granted their request through legal channels–I must and will accept them despite my prejudices.
    As far as the Deist comment, personally, I think he was trying to raise an argument. Except for “modern historians” most students of US history who have read the writings will declare that “most” of our founders were deists. Jefferson and Franklin were the least religious of them all. The author of “COMMON SENSE” was an avowed atheist, but few consider Paine a founder but simply a literary contributor to the atmosphere of desiring independence from King George’s oppression of the colonies.

  • Poorgrandchildren

    My answer to your question is an unqualified yes. Now, what is your answer to mine?

    Why Do Jews Vote Democrat?

    The majority of Jews have adopted the mis-label of liberal and therefore vote Democrat, but I cannot understand why this is true.

    Jews were disarmed and then almost exterminated in Nazi Europe, but Jews generally support Democrats who maintain that our government should have a monopoly on guns.

    Many of the smartest businessmen on the planet are Jews, and the Democrats support both socialism (government ownership of businesses) and fascism (government micro-management of businesses).

    Only 31% of Democrats support Israel while close to 100% of Jews do so. Simple math indicates that well over 69% of non-Jewish Democrats do not support Israel.

    The KKK were predominately southern Democrats.

    Jews believe in self-reliance and family support, but Democrats promote government interference into both.

    Jews have a rich heritage but support the indoctrination of their children by socialist (government owned) schools. Public (socialist) school systems force all children to march in lockstep with the dictates of the mob instead of allowing the individual freedom of choice offered by vouchers.

    Democrat President Obama is negotiating with and appeasing Islamo-fascists who want to destroy Israel. Jews should know exactly how disastrous that approach was with the Nazis.

    Jews are incredibly bright and well educated, but they somehow perceive a distinction between so-called right wing tyrants like Adolf Hitler and so-called left wing tyrants like “Uncle Joe” Stalin and the current Democrat leadership.

    Jews are a frequently oppressed minority, but they generally support the recently popular concepts of a living-document Constitution and democracy (mob rule) over the republic (rule of law) mandated in Article 4, Section 4.

    I know that the religious right causes some Republicans to amount only to a competing branch of Control Freaks Unanimous and that third parties have not yet succeeded, but I still have questions. Why don’t Jews use their massive media influence to find and promote a political party interested in their freedom? Why do they vote Democrat?

    • http://N/A Linda Morris

      As I read this letter, I find it to be credible. Of course there are those who are Jewish who are genuinely Conservative in alliegance. There are those who are atheist and simply want the ‘Rule of Man”-or their socialist concept. Many of those Jewish folks are blind, and stubborn toward what is clearly unrighteous governance. We find that in the “Christian” community and all peoples. Some are aware, some are not. Some are very stubborn to hang to ‘what Grandaddy believed.” some can think ‘outside the box’. We are to continue to get self educated and be committed to clear thinking and honesty. Without acknowledging God as the Founder and Authority over this earth and mankind, we are not agonna make it!

      • Dee

        As a member of a designated ‘minority’ I know the reason why we usually vote enmasse for one particular party is for collective force. I consider myself an independent. The only difference I see between the Dems and Reps is the argument to own or not own firearms. Every other stance and rhetoric is the same. When it comes to voting for someone I have two questions to ask. Is this person the lesser of two evils and, by my not voting for him/her, will that weaken our bargaining power?

        • LarryH

          The problem with voting for the ‘lesser of two evils’ is that you end up voting for evil. Perhaps that is what has gone wrong in America.

          • Jazzabelle

            True words, Larry.

      • Vince

        Linda, you are very close to what I see as the real reason most Jews are liberal or democrat. Most christians are conservative or republican, and because the Jews rejected Jesus, they, the Jews, also reject any affiliation with christians, otherwise they are afraid of being viewed as going soft on their rejection of Jesus.

  • http://Google JoeH

    Mr. Bob
    You are most welcome in my country, the USA, in my town, Grand Saline, TX, and in my church of Lake Fork Baptist. What more can I say!

  • Jas

    Of course this attack on Jews is lead by Islamics. This was not the case during my long life. Jews have not been so reviled as it is they including over 40 countries around the world that are being attacked in an Islamic Jihad. Countries such as China, India, Ethepopia, Algeria, Britain, USA, Kenya, Nigeria, Saudi Arabia, Yemen, Pakistan, Tanzania, Iraq, Afghanistan, Bali, Holland, Spain, plus many other countries including many aircraft flying over the Atlantic and Pacific. Let us sort out the Islamics and in that way face up to sourse of the problem.

    • ruth siegel

      Islam will destroy Israel. the smallest and most hated… and THEN the rest of the civilized non-Islamic world…and dont ever think otherwise

      • s c

        Ruth, you are somewhat correct, but you’re also wrong. Earth’s true infidels may hurt Israel, but they won’t destroy it. Those who are controlling the Muslims will learn the hard way that politicians and money apostasy won’t put an end to this old battle.
        Jerusalem is the prize. Muslims (and the world’s other basket cases) won’t touch Jerusalem. They know better. Even those who think they are enlightened and all-powerful will see their powers fade. Ruth, you KNOW who will end this earthly disaster and save the world. Humans weren’t meant to solve the world’s problems. On the whole, humans exist to create problems for each other [Washington proves that].

  • CP

    Our country as a whole welcomes and thanks all who have honorably served, or so it is claimed. The same can be said for any religious group as well. It is claimed you are welcome, but there are people and groups of people in this country who have NO use for Jews, or even for veterans who have given honorable service to this country. There are still people out there who have an almost rabid hatred for anyone who served in Viet Nam instead of taking the easy way out and running to Canada. The problem is not with you or me, but with the people who hate for no other reason than that we aren’t them.

    • Jazzabelle

      You’re right. Everybody’s gonna get hated by somebody. The answer is to focus on the people who love you, and don’t let the haters skew your mentality.

    • Jimbo

      Where are all these people with a “rabid hatred” of Vietnam vets? I’ve never met any, and I grew up in the Vietnam era. I attended an activist college, while waiting to see if I would be drafted. (No, I didn’t see a need to rush out and enlist. I had a low draft number, and my country would grab me when they needed me. Educated, or un-educated.)

      Many students protested the war, but if a tiny minority resented, and spat on returning vets, I didn’t encounter it. The vast majority of students just wanted the troops home. They didn’t hate them!

      I believe the endless promotion of the notion that Vietnam vets are hated, has kept many Vietnam vets from fully re-integrating into our society.

  • Richard Garrett

    I believe that most of the Founding Fathers were not formally religious. I recommend reading Why Are Jews Liberals, by Norman Podhoretz. This book seeks to explain why Jews take positiion contrary to their self interest. Envy is often the reason for prejudice against Jews. Those that will not strive tend to be resentful of those that do. I am most fearful of the American Taliban (Christian Fundamentalists) with their ‘my way or the highway’ mindset. I am an agnostic, someone that most equate with atheism, since they do not bother to open a dictionary. I am also a moderate, as are the majority of Americans.

  • Jek Silberstein

    Dear Bob T: OF COURSE, you, as ANYTHING, are “welcome” here, still the Greatest Country on Earth, and you’re probably SAFER here than elsewhere, and safer-still if you live in a rural area. We encourage self-defense, and, the Responsibility… of that self-defense, through righteous groups like the JPFO, Jews for the Preservation of Firearm Ownership, who vigorously defend the second ammendment that protects all the other ammendments of our Constitution. Don’t come here, however, if you wish to spread the LIE that most founding fathers were Deists,–most were Christian, but as one very brilliant and very popular contemporary Jewish commentator(Dennis Prager) states, “The fact that the USA is a Christian Nation, makes the USA SAFER for ALL OTHER religions,–especially those practicing Jews.” Imo, supporting a Globalist-”idiot-ology”, with statements that the “majority of Founders were Deists” allows the Globalist-Conspiracy to make confusing, our heritage, which then, over time, ERRODES everyone’s protection. This nation is “better-off” if those coming here are PRACTICING…”whatever they are”. If you’re a Orthadox-Jew or other Faith-practicing Jew, you’ll be a greater asset to the US,–your Synagog,–your community,–your family, and even yourself, than if you are merely a “Jew” of the ethnic-label. Communists that were ethnic Jews only,–hiding their attitudinal-dysfunction of non-practice, are a “plague” to ANY nation, because the Communist’s “religion” is THEN the “Worship” of the State, like dictators Hitler, Stalin, & Mao directed, for just 3 examples. Worship of the State, is exceedlingly BAD, because if the State gives you your “rights” what existed on Friday, could be GONE on the following Monday. Even atheists are allowed in the US, but I have found they are often “Parasitic-Globalists”, and covert-Communists, in actuality, or in THINKING,–Facists…of the lowest order. Cicero of Rome said, “No nation can defeat the ‘Enemies-within’”, and as they’d destroy all we’ve fashioned, Globalists/Communists are indeed the Enemy Within. I don’t CARE what religion/ethnicity you are, except: –You aren’t a Commu-Fascist-Globalist, are you?

  • Bruno

    It is said that there are ONLY between 13 and 16 million Jews worldwide. These numbers confuse me: they have so much power, they control just about everything. I admire how they have survived in history being closely together, helping their people, lending a hand betwen them. Shouldn’t we all learn from their history? And we Christians, we should remember that the basis of our religions come from Judaism.
    I live in a country (Paraguay) that has only less than 1.000 jewish families and only one Rabbi. They are an absolute minority here, nobody gets in their way and they live without anybody bothering them at all.
    I cannot give an opinion if they should / or are welcome in your country.
    Keep up the good work, letting us read all types of different ideas and opinions.

  • http://none dave buslknkl

    I read recently an article which said that our religion could well influence our economy standing in the US. i thought this was interesting. religion and beliefs can really affect our economics, for sure. if we have conscience, partly through religion, we might be restraint from ripping people off. i don’t believe the jewish faith substantially contributes to their financial success. i do believe that jews grow up with high standards in the home, and learn business at a young age. in the bible, jews were the tax collectors, the jewelers, the money people. it’s more “what they’re used to” than probably anything else. simply put, they are good at making money. if we hate them for this, than we are wrong. as long as the money is gained honestly, through work and creative business building, you are absolutely without question and you deserve it.

  • http://none dave buslknkl

    let’s all keep in mind that the wealth we have enjoyed has trickled down from the inventions and investments of many jews. think they are greedy? first of all, if they earn it and take the risk, they deserve it. just a little note to you lazy people out there. jews get good educations, they work when other people are having fun. iread an article from a guy who took his dad’s failing business, turned it around, and today it is a $60 million dollar venture. his comment to a blog was, “if you want to work 8 hours a day, you get 8 hour results. if you work 16 hours a day, like i do, you can get those results.” i don’t know if he was jewish, but you get the point.

  • Aix Sponsa

    The initial question seems to be a fishing exercise. This is a complex and involved conversation. I’ve always wondered why 20,000 Jews in WWII camps They gave up their freedom and their lives without a fight and were held captive by 150 nazis with guns. they just gave up. 2,000 yrs ago Jews committed suicide on the mountain rather than fight. I don’t understand their whole culture. It reminds me of some of today’s christians who believe the destruction of America is God’s will. Today’s braggarts with their “cold dead hands” might be tested soon. Muslims are a “jihad culture” whose fundamental belief is thattheir god has ordered them to kill the infidels, have called a world wide “arab spring”. Here’s Col. West’s explanation.
    Go to you tube and put in Col. West on islam. I question whether muslims should be allowed to enter the USA since their fundamental culture opposes all that we are under our God and generally works to isolate themselve in onclaves and ghettos refusing to become Americans. I, and I believe 99% of true Americans will welcome religions, cultures, and races WHO WANT TO BE TRUE AMERICANS, and stand for and become all that is/was the AAMERICAN WAY. God Bless America. Long may Old Glory wave. Amen.

    • Aix Sponsa

      It seems as though many posters here want to comment about individuals’ acheivements, etc. Certainly there are good and bad individuals in every race, color, creed (’50s). Each belief system in the overall cultures is what is at question here, not what some individual has done. If they don’t want to be AMERICANS, then go/stay somewhere else. JMO.

  • jopa

    poorgrandchild:You are correct in saying the KKK “were” predominantly southern Democrats.That has been true since the Civil Rights act of 1964 signed by LBJ.You could not find any member of the KKK in the Democrat party since that time.They “were” southern Democrat KKK members but not today.All KKK members are Republicans.

    • Jarhead68

      You’re gonna need to provide some proof of that, jopa. That’s a major assumption on your part, unless you are a boni fide member of the KKK.

      • bob wire

        Proof??? When has there been need of proof to determine which direction “up” was?

        You point out a KKK member that is sympathetic to Gay rights,or embraces visions of a multicultural society and I’ll eat my hat.

        For those two issues alone the KKK cannot abide while the DNC has show to be tolerant and willing to champion “ALL” peoples and considered itself an “inclusive” political party.

        Today the GOP is what the DNC use to be in the deep south years ago.

        There is few more conservative then an old southern democrat.

        • Earl

          Since when do Gays have any more rights than the rest of us???

    • Poorgrandchildren

      ALL generalizations are false. :-)

      • eddie47d

        You are at least 99% right Jopa.

      • Jazzabelle

        You are at least 99% right, Poorgrandchildren.

  • Stan Ehnis

    Our founding fathers made it a high priority to allow freedom of religion. What if my religion was to bring down America? Shouldn’t that be an exception? I think we ought to think twice about letting Muslims into our country. We can see what is happening in Britain and other countries. Let’s wake up America.

    • Poorgrandchildren

      Warren Jeffs was put in prison even though pedophilia was an authorized practice of his “religion”. Muslims should also be imprisoned for practicing Sharia–honor killings, female genital mutilation, violent overthrow of our government, etc.


      Stan, I could not agree with you more.
      The sheep are asleep.

  • Buck Mast

    And God saith to Abraham(the founder of the Jewish nation)I will bless them that bless you and I will curse them that curse you and in thee (Jews)shall all the families of the earth bee blessed.You want God to curse you?Curse the Jews.
    That scripture is found in Genesis 12:1,2.How is it that many who call themselves “Christian”do not believe what God has said about the Jews?
    Going into a Ford garage will not turn you into a Ford and going to church will not turn you into a Christian

    • Jimbo

      Sorry, but there is nothing in scripture (or the Constitution) that says America has to be continually “on the hook” to supply billions of dollars of aid and military weapons to the modern nation of Israel. They’re quite capable of taking care of themselves, and the concept of cutting foreign aid to Israel and other nations, to balance America’s checkbook is NOT “cursing” Israel. The Founding Fathers blessed the Jews (and every other religious group) when they enshrined in our law, the right for them to practice their religion without interference.

    • Anthony Clifton

      Genesis 49 & Deuteronomy 32 & Revelation 7 {Xcept Dan}..contain the 12 Tribes of the Children of Israel….No Tribe is the “JEWS”. Jews are proselytes to the Anti-Israelite religion of Talmudic Judaism. 100% of so-called “Jews” are not Israelites, NOT Hebrew and NOT from the Tribe of Judah. The so-called Sepharvaim are descendents of the inhabitants of Samaria…do some research. The Nethinims of the return of the Tribes of Judah & Benjamin & Levi of the Babylonian Captivity lived in Samaria with the other NON-Israelite inhabitants. The Children of Israel in the Old Testament are not “JEWS”. Certainly one cannot claim that the Ashkenazim PROSELYTES {Turko-Mongolian} 8th century AD YIDDISH speaking so-called “JEWS” traveled in a time machine back to deliver a Talmud to Abraham…seriously ?

  • Jim

    Bob T.
    I am a Christian That being said I have never asked my friends their religions or beliefs.
    I will welcome you with open arms and help you. You are my brother!

    You are right Buck. It is how you live that makes you what you are. One who lives a good life and is not a Christian uisn’t worse than a C

  • Jim

    Christian. There are Christians who sh
    ould hang their heads in shame for taking His name upon themselves. I am thinking of the Westboro Baptist Church.

  • J Michael Cofran

    Hello Everyone;
    I chose Catholicism as my Christian faith when I was thirteen, because of a priest who never condemned me for questioning my faith. He encouraged me to ask any question which might seem relevant to my understanding the philosophical concepts of theology.
    Since that time, a half century ago, I have had the opportunity to see what it was Fr Daley (Hope the spelling is correct), was trying to instill in me.
    I have known many Jewish people in my short time on this celestial rock, (i know many people of many faiths) and have never been condemned by those people I have met, as a gentile. Granted, I have sat at the children’s table at a few holy day gatherings, but because of one man I have never felt unwanted or shunned by the people of the Jewish faith, as it is custom and not bigotry which necessitated where I sat.
    The few Rabbis I have met were gracious and forthcoming in their answers to my theological questions, and never condemned me for the asking.
    So! yes you are welcomed in my country, as well as anyone, of any faith, who comes here or lives here under the premise that all men (mankind) are created equal, endowed by the Creator with the unalienable rights of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness which is guaranteed by the Constitution of the United States of America.

  • Stunned at sunset

    Jews of every denomination, ethnic extraction, and racial background are more than welcome in the United States. Zionists who have broken faith with the Jews and exposed them to mortal danger, constant war, and deprivation to achieve their own degenerate ends, are not. And most definitely so.

    Come on out of the cocoon, now. You know the difference.

  • J Michael Cofran

    I wonder why nobody has addressed (and I mean REALLY addressed) the most important concept to the freedom of mankind. The right to speak freely of any perceived wrong.
    Without the right to speak guaranteed by the 1st Amendment of the Constitution, the most important and “first” document of it’s kind in the history of the world, which puts the United States in a unique position in the history of the world, and sometime hated position because of those guaranteed rights it contains, all other rights mean nothing. The 2nd Amendment contains the means necessary to guarantee the rights of the 1st (if that should ever become necessary).
    I also have been to War, and I hated it. I believe that no
    man should have to perpetrate the kind of senseless stupidity of which I witnessed.
    I am 65, and been around the world two or three times. Have seen the brutality of tyranny in the the swollen stomachs of old and young alike in their hunger; not to mention the misaligned pride of the social, political, economic, and religious zealots (the psuedo-intellectual sub-intelligent excuses for bi-pedally motivated hominids) who wish to impose their views on the rest of us by the use of force through the disdain of their inadequasies of self. (sorry for the spelling do not have my dictionary with me).
    Well! I think I will get something to eat as I am hungry, and quit, in the words of O’Reilly, bloviating.

  • Tom

    It is only logical that a great many Jews would wonder about their welcome at this time in the U.S.A. It is a very sad and unfortunate fact that Barack Hussein (I believe “Insane” would be a more accurate middle name) Obama the government and court shielded illegal alien islamo-fascist criminal-in-chief currently occupying the white House is on record as supporting Israel’s enemies and working to undermine and help to bring Israel down with the collusion of the U.N. If someone is trying to help murder you as obama and his regime and cronies seems intent upon doing with Israel, it would be insane not to have concerns about such a person and about your welcome in the nation this “avowed enemy” runs.

    This said, it is also important to understand that not every U.S. citizen believes as the incompetent foreigner in chief does. In my opinion, the laws, dictates, policies and executive fiats of this despot combined with the underhanded dealings of his minions like Hillary Clinton, his Czars and his so called Justice Department are indicative of the typical tactics of dictators and tyrants throughout history. I am sure that if obama or a successor tries to ressurrect the U.S.A. as a new and more powerful form of NAZI regime, Communist Union or Islamo-Fascist Caliphate intent upon the anniahilation of Israel, there are a huge number of us who would rise up to oppose them. Such a society is not only immoral and intollerable, but is also criminal and apprehensible to the extreme. They would be stopped and at all costs. There are a great many loyal U.S. citizens who are not loyal to the U.S. Government as it is being ingineered by the tyrant at the helm or the criminals, thugs, muslim islamists and other U.S. enemies who are helping to undermine, suppress or subvert and to destroy the U.S.A. as we have always known her. We have sworn to uphold our republic and the U.S. Constitution and to defend the Citizens of this republic. This includes every Jew that lives here. We have not sworn to uphold or defend the Muslim Jihadists, Shariah law, illegal aliens and criminal thugs, nor have we sworn to even consider the interests or well-being of the criminals and thugs who have their heart set on bringing the U.S.A. down or destroying her and the citizens. To these latter, we are sworn and determined to see they are opposed. The U.S.A. will continue to stand so long as even one true red blooded citizen of this republic breathes and those who are the actual citizens and / or law abiding guests and visitors of our nation and the legal immigrants (not including those here because of obama’s immoral and likely illegal fiats and hampering of federal law) need never fear they will ever be unwelcome or in any way (if we can help it) victims of people with the mentality of Mau Sing Tun, Bunito Musselini, Adof Hitler, Stalin, Lenin, Marx or the myriad of others (apparently, in my opinion) including obama and his muslim islamist buddies who would likely (again in my opinion) reinstitute the NAZI death camps and bring every last Jew and non-islamist into slavery or their ultimate demise. To such eventualities, I say emphatically, NO! and there are a huge number of U.S. citizens who I am sure would agree. Bob, you and the rest of the Jews living in the U.S.A. and anywhere else for that matter, at least in my opinion, are welcome here in these United States of America gladly and forever. May God bless you and smile upon you and yours and have mercy on those who would victimize or harm you. Amen.

    • Earl

      Let it be known: the last four names mentioned in your post were at least in part or wholly Jewish; Ex: Hitler, whose mother(conveyor of ethnic identity) was Jewish (Shickelgruber). Another would be Lenin (Bronstein). There are more.

      The previous poster was correct about The reference to Khazaria and the Ashkenazim. They CONVERTED to Judaism.

      Most reprehensible is the practice of following the teachings and culture of the Talmud, which is the most foul, racist, hypocritical collection of ugliness on earth. Ex: If a Jewish male molests a female goyim (gentile child), it is nothing. If the reverse happened, the goyim must be boiled in excrement. This is some SICK S–T folks! These comments came from the Soncino translation of the Talmud (A collection of 60 books of mostly pronouncements of rabbis. (dates unknown.) I have a copy on my hard drive.

      I personally think this is where most of the ZIONISTS, i,e., followers of Jabotinski, hang their hats. I wont go into the Balfour declaration, as others have already done that many times. These are the leaders and racist (even against Christian) people who promote the things that will destroy present-day Israel.

      In my mind, they are like the worshipers of the golden calf of Moses’ time.

      Enough said, I think this should stir up some thought and study…

  • chuckb

    every country the jews have risen to power ends up in revolution or chaos. russia is a prime example. they are the father of marxism. we have islam on one hand and jews on the other. there will never be peace until one consumes the other. both advocate the undoing of christianity.
    the jews have accepted communism for the most part, they brought the marxist movement to this country from russia starting in the 1920′s.

  • Buck

    I am not even remotely Jewish I am everything but , Irish , English , Duth and God only knows what else . I love the Jewish people if for no other reason than that they are Gods chosen . I have never had a problem with a Jew , I envy them their heritage and despise all those that have denigrated and or tried to destroy them , from the Nazi , to the Russians , the muslims and even the American KKK and other discriminy and racist groups . Given the character of todays average American I would rather give my life for the Jews than most of my own countryman . If I had anything to do with it the only legal immigrants would be Jews . God Bless Israel and the Jewish people .

  • chuckb

    you have it backwards buck, the jews destroyed russia with marxism. they have embedded this movement in our education system.

    as for immigration we should limit immigration to everyone that wants to be an “american” not to use this country as a camp to build their own politics.

  • Thomas Avery Blair

    The Bible itself says that those who bless Israel will be blessed and those who curse Israel will be cursed. So, those who do not even believe there is a Creator God have no a compulsion or reason to support or bless Israel…and those who trust and obey a god other than the God of Abraham, Issac and Jacob also have no recognized stake in supporting Israel also lack motivation to bless Israel. Only those who believe, trust and obey the Word of Almighty God will, in the end, bless Israel. Why is this so difficult for our society to understand?

    At least food for thought, is it not?

    Respectfully submitted,

    Thomas Avery Blair, EA

    • Anthony Clifton

      If, as you have been led to believe, the so-called “Jews” are Israel shouldn’t America be overflowing with Blessings ? No Tribe of the Children of Israel ever turned into “Jews”. The so-called “Jewish” religion Hijacked the Heritage {Birthright} HISTORY of the Children of Israel. See John 8:44…Jesus is not speaking in Yiddish in the Temple Treasury with these impostors{John 8:33} {Pharisees & Moneychangers = TALMUDIC TERRORISTS}…Do yourself a Favor and LEARN some True information = Truth + Justice = Peace;article=138935;title=APFN = If on the other hand you can prove that the so-called “Jews” are Israel = 12 tribes a Company of Nations…Prove it….With some Truth, and Lets see some REAL Blessings.

  • Richard Carroll

    You’ll always be welcome in my home.

  • 45caliber

    As far as I’m concerned, anyone is welcome in the US – IF THEY ARE HERE TO SUPPORT THE US. It is those who really have no interest in the US or its problems but are here to get rich, etc. that bother men.

  • (WIA) Wild Indian in Action

    Too all of you, Our ancestors welcomed all of yours, and take a damn hard look at how you have shown your gratitude. You are now reaping all that you have sowed.


    To the Jew you are my brother in CHRIST and you are allways welcome in America .Israel has allways been the true friend of the American we the people.President obama is very arrogont he has talked against America and Isreal,Dont give up your land.We the people have the same problem with our socialist leaders,They want to give up our land the UN one world government.The beast of the Bible


    45 Cal—-I do not welcome Islam they are the worlds trouble makers.They have spread like cancer up from the pit of hell.

  • R. k. Shadle

    If this country ever turns it’s back on Israel, to put it simply we are doomed. I love my Jewish friends and honor the G-d of Abraham Isaac and Jacob. Pray for the peace of Jerusalem.


    Islam does not talk about thier murderous laws ,the surahs and I say to the Amican you better study law of hatred and death to the followers of JESUS CHRIST the beginning has alredy started orders have been given to the Military not to pray in the name of JESUS other words give up your faith.This is to please Islam and its strange This president order it,It tell me something along with other things which JESUS does not approve of.

  • tiki

    As a Sabbath observant Jew I have been unemployed for almost 3 years now becaue I do not work on the Sabbath. It is hard for me to believe that I live in the USA, supposedly a country of religious freedom.
    I do not see the religious freedom in the work world AT ALL. Soon my unemployment compenstion will run out, then I will have to go on welfare. I have a high earning potential that is being denied to me soley because I keep the Sabbath. May G-d grant me employment this year….

    • Jimbo

      How do you know keeping the Sabbath is stopping you from getting a job? Have people told you they will not hire you because you are a Jew? If so, you have cause for a lawsuit.

      Or do the employers which have refused you simply want people who can work Saturdays? In the US, you have the freedom to to worship any way you want, but no right to demand that others change THEIR schedules to suit YOUR beliefs.

  • Ben Dover

    I don’t care if you are a Mongolian Bushrat….if you consider yourself an American and not a Zionist, then fine…if your allegiance is to Israel over America, you need to get the hell out of here and go to your HOMELAND….

  • RightGunner

    Ted Crawford deserves, and is getting, a lot of credit for stating that it is more important how citizens conduct themselves as an American, rather than any other consideration. A great Hungarian immigrant, Balint Vazsonyi, seconded that by saying, the miracle of America is not in its diversity, but that a common American Identity has developed from such a diverse group.

    No one has to make an effort to welcome those citizens who feature themselves with common American Identity traits. These citizens just go and fit in, and don’t ask anyone’s permission because they don’t need it. This happens without concern for race, or religion, except where citizens use race or religion to try to be superior to, or to try to extract benefits from, other Americans.

  • Lee W

    Bob T, Welcome to America, land of the free and home of the brave.
    Nam Vets, Welcome home, brothers.
    Legal immigrants, Welcome to America.
    Illegal aliens: Go back, do the paperwork, wait yer turn. America is the Land of the free, but that don’t mean that it’s free for the taking! By being here illegally, you are cheating the folks who did it legally out of their rightful place in OUR society.
    Personally, I am an AMERICAN (no hyphens). I’m PROUD to BE an American, I’m proud to have served in Viet Nam and I’m proud that I worked for everything I have. There are a lotta things about America that I ain’t really proud of, but I believe that SOME Statesmen are working hard to change those things. God bless ‘em.
    Y’all drive careful, now….Lee


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