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Are Harry Reid’s Fortunes Changing In Nevada?

June 3, 2010 by  

Are Harry Reid's fortunes changing in Nevada?Due to many Americans’ disappointment with the Democrats’ policies, Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-Nev.) was expected to have a difficult time holding on to his seat in November. However, there are signs that this may be changing.

The government’s bailout of big banks and healthcare reform have outraged proponents of small government, causing Reid to sink in the polls for many months. However, he was instrumental in passing financial regulatory reform, which is popular with Nevadans, and he convinced the administration to cut all funding to Yucca Mountain, a project to house spent nuclear fuel in the state, which was opposed by most residents, according to Time magazine.

Reid’s numbers in the polls are in the low 40s, but the news source reports that the disarray in the state’s GOP race may give him a further advantage. The party’s representative Sue Lowden, who suggested that people might barter chickens for medical care, is trailing Sharron Angle, who is supported by the Tea Party groups, in the polls. Moreover, state party leaders, such as Senator John Ensign (R-Nev.), have been involved in sex scandals.

Still, Reid faces an uphill battle, and his opponents have some powerful names on their side, including former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin. Earlier this spring, she campaigned in Reid’s hometown of Searchlight saying she hoped that the big government politics and the big spending promoted by the Democrats will come to an end in November, and that Nevada voters will "fire" Reid. ADNFCR-1961-ID-19811642-ADNFCR

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  • Robin from Arcadia, IN

    If he is not ousted in November, there must be something wrong with the people in Nevada!

    • Jana

      I agree whole heartedly. We can’t stand another term of Harry Reid.

    • Robert

      I am a Nevadan and I can almost guarantee Reid will never be reelected. I CAN guarantee that personally, I will never again vote for ANY democrat even should I live to be 1000.

  • Homer

    You Know, I am ashamed when people, NO matter who they are forget so easily that corruptness is corruptness! People think that a shunk can change its scent or a zebra can change its stripes harry reid is who he is: a power hungry mad hatter of sorts. he thinks he is someone he is NOT! The man does NOT realize that he is an “EMPLOYEE” of the people of these United States.he is NOT to do his will but he is to do the will of the People! God has decreed that this nationis ONE nation under God and that we are to be governed by right men and NOT tyrants,especially the ones named harry reid (and Nancy P. or BHO) These people really don’t get it! CAST them out and get someone who has scrupples and morales! IF people of Nevada think Harry reis will do right just because he threw you a bone just before the election to placate and smooze you over….well then you are as blind as a bat backing into a blizzard!! The Lepord can never change it’s spots and neither can harry reid!! A HYPOCRITE is a HYPOCRITE is a HYPOCRITE ETC ETC!!!!!!!!

    • azjenn

      Homer, I couldn’t have said it any better myself!! The only way that Harry Reid will be re-elected is if the people are completely blind to what is going on in our government. He has two women who are running against him & from what I know about them, both are both very able women. Personally, I have given one of them a donation even though I do not live in NV. Mainly, b/c I do not want to see Harry Reid back in office again!! He has been so corrupt & all I can see is that he would continue on with his same actions. We already have enough with the current administration. I’m hoping that Nancy Pelosi will not get back in again..but I have heard that she has a fairly good hold in her district in San Francison. John Dennis is running against her & I really hope he gets it.

  • Homer

    You Know, I am ashamed when people, NO matter who they are forget so easily that corruptness is corruptness! People think that a shunk can change its scent or a zebra can change its stripes harry reid is who he is: a power hungry mad hatter of sorts. he thinks he is someone he is NOT! The man does NOT realize that he is an “EMPLOYEE” of the people of these United States.he is NOT to do his will but he is to do the will of the People! God has decreed that this nationis ONE nation under God and that we are to be governed by right men and NOT tyrants,especially the ones named harry reid (and Nancy P. or BHO) These people really don’t get it! CAST them out and get someone who has scrupples and morales! IF people of Nevada think Harry reis will do right just because he threw you a bone just before the election to placate and smooze you over….well then you are as blind as a bat backing into a blizzard!! The Lepord can never change it’s spots and neither can harry reid!! A HYPOCRITE is a HYPOCRITE is a HYPOCRITE ETC ETC!!!!!!!! (NOT a DUPLICATE message)

  • http://comcast Richie

    It’s a shame they can’t get a candidate to run against him that does not
    have some controversy. It does no good to just put someone else in that
    will do no good for Americans. The shame is that he must go for he has
    too much power and is not for America.

    • JC

      Maybe we could get Dick Cheney to take him hunting. ;)

      • Al Sieber

        That might work since Ted Kennedy can’t take him for a car ride.

    • Gary

      To the woman who said.If they do not throw him out something is wrong with the people of Arizona.Which is correct.THe problem with voteing in America is about 90 % of the voters are down right STUPID & the other 10% have to suffer for their stupidity.

      • XDM


      • Palin12

        I think you mean Nevada.

      • http://?? Joe H.

        I hope for your sake that in this case Robin isn’t a mans name!!!

  • Ono Nadagin

    Its spin… he is done for.

  • J.M.R.

    yes anyone voting for H.R.has to a bunch of screws loose, he only did what he did to get some of the voters to come back to his side then after the election watch for the scum bag go right back to being a scum bag.

  • Jackie Shubin

    Is it possible that the complete overthrow of the current political system could result in increased individual liberty?

    • rob

      yes there is. all Americans need to stand up and say with one strong voice, “No more governemntal bullshit”

      • s c

        Rob, if you’re honest about wanting to reduce or eliminate government bs, there is ONE way to do it. Too many people think there’s enough time left to think about term limits. Rob, it WON’T ever happen.
        The career criminals in Congress are the same ones who know what term limits will do to their POWER. They say yes or no to term limits, and that perpetual conflict of interest makes term limits IMPOSSIBLE.

        • Vicki

          all we have to do to enact term limits for every politician is to vote them out. They can’t stop that.

          • DaveH

            Agreed Vicki. There is no substitute for an informed electorate.

    • Vicki

      not the system, the representatives. Our Constitutionally limited Republic remains the first/last best hope for individual liberty in this world.

      As such all we need is a house full of representitives that will honor their oath to support and defend that Constitution.

  • Cathy

    I live in Las Vegas and I’ve NEVER voted for this piece of crap once. And you’d better believe I will be voting for whomever is running against him in November. (I cannot vote in the primary because I’m registered Libertarian.) Personally, I like Tarkanian…

    Reid is evil. Now his no-good son is also running for some office here. He already is a county commissioner. The snake-like character runs in the family…

    • Doc Sarvis

      Why is his son “no-good”?

      • JustaPatriot38

        Bad breeding and poor upbringing.

      • Palin12

        His son Rory would like to start a state income tax in Nevada. Why the hell do you think I moved here?

  • eddie47d

    Dear Sarah is willing to be a front woman against anyone who opposed her bid for Vice-President. She is one angry woman so get out of her way and that includes Reid.We could call her strategy a revenge tour,but alot of losers play that game. She spends too much time mocking everything and doesn’t have enough concrete solutions. Citizens of any country can be anti-anything but if the other side doesn’t come up with any positive steps forward then their message looses steam. Most people want stability in their lives and aren’t always willing to vote for the unknown.Thus Reid could win even though there are exceptions to that (Rand Paul). Richard Nixon is a good example. Even though most knew he was a little creepy they re-elected him anyway. Then got buyers remorse and that happens all the time. Some already have turned against Paul Rand so we Americans can be a finicky bunch.

    • Claire

      I just want decent, honest people to run for office. A person with merit, honor, intelligence, rationality, and character. A politician a person can depend on and not change for the worse when they enter the White House or Congress. Do any of you know a politician with these qualifications? I don’t. I do not trust any of the politicians in either party. Politics has contributed towards the ruin of our country.

      • Vicki

        Extra brownie points if they can read :)

        Then maybe they will read the bills BEFORE they vote

        • Save America Susie

          Vicki, That just blows you away doens’t it? It did me. They can’t even read a bill before voting! Are we to believe that they are psychic and answers to which way to vote come out of midair beforehand??

        • http://?? Joe H.

          Make that if they WANT to read. I’m sure they have the ability to read they just don’t have the moral will to read!!!

    • Jimmy Jones

      Obama and the democrats promised lots of concrete ideas.
      How do you like your Hope and Change?
      Sarah Palin is ok. She may or may not be what we need out of a politician but I think she is dedicated to fighting for what she believes in. All she needs to do for me to be happy is tell the truth.
      I disagree with your statement about stability though because my life has been stable for many years up to Obama’s imaculation. I don’t think most people really know what’s going on. Be careful what you wish for , you might just get it. We did.
      I see the United States fracturing and splitting up much like the Soviet Union did. States rights will never prevail without the split and the argument ultimately is over the right for people to control there destiny without government intervention. We do not have that in the form that our founding fathers meant it to be. No one on my side will be happy without that freedom.
      The last few presidents have all been puppets to a One World Order anyway. There really hasn’t been that much difference between all of them if you really stop and put it into perspective.

    • JustaPatriot38

      And pretty stupid, too. A great many otherwise good and legal US citizens (who are also Americans) are making stupid decisions because of the brainwashing they get in our government controlled Marxist educational system. You could put the three tea leaves, Obama, Reid, and Pelosi, in Sarah Palins common sense tea cup, and you wouldn’t get much flavor. I doubt she could get elected after running with the GOP last election, but that certainly doesn’t make her unintelligent. She is far more experienced in governmental workings than what got elected! And she has some morals as well.

  • nj pearson

    Dreary Reid winning will be like Umpire James Joyce calling-safe the runner who was OUT at first, cheating the Detriot pitcher out of a perfect game.

    • Palin12

      I saw that play too, nj. That umpire is blind as a bat. I feel bad for the young kid Gallaraga. That being said, I live in Nevada. I voted for Angle in the primary, but will support whoever wins the nomination next week to go against Dirty Harry in Nov. With NV leading the nation in home foreclosures and second in unemployment, I would have expected better from a Senate Majority leader. 63% of Nevadans oppose Obamacare, yet Harry thinks he knows best. We’ll show him in November, and his son Rory too who is running for governor.

      • Palin12

        Did you see the consolation prize Galarraga got? A new Corvette! The kid is a class act, my hat’s off to him.

        • JeffH

          The umpire is a class act too…he admitted his bad call and apologized to Gallaraga, better than raising a stink like a lot of umpire might do to cover their arses…It ca’t be reversed and is now in the record books as a one hitter as it should be…Gallaraga is a class act and even though the umpire blew the call, Gallaraga stepped up and forgave the ump. That, to me, speaks volumes.

  • s c

    Reid is scum, and no longer will the media be able to protect him. He will take an UNDESERVED retirement with him, and if he gets out of politics entirely, he will have enough corrupt ‘pals’ to support him via more corrupt schemes.
    Nevadans, tar and feather that toad. Find ways to hound him AFTER he’s out of office. He has used and abused the system for so long that some people are numb to what he’s done to America. At least 5 years behind bars would be a fitting ‘retirement bonus’ for that space cadet @^#&$^*.
    Frankly, I hope Reid gets his way with Las Vegas casinos, and they’re opened up to the homeless. That will make his relationship with the unions very ‘interesting.’ He deserves that AND SO MUCH MORE.
    With ‘friends’ like Reid , AMERICA NEEDS NO ENEMIES!

    • John

      I’ll boycott Las Vegas if he wins reelection!

      • Palin12

        John, I give you 10 to 1 odds he doesn’t make it!

    • Claire

      s c — He won’t/shouldn’t m win. Too much dissent. Sure hope I am right on this.


    I just hope the tea party and the gop realize that if they each run canidates and split the ticket, It could mean that Mr Reid might just go back to Washington. They need to offer one of the canidates a cabinet position in 2012(Obama only wins re-election if he gets amnesty for illegals) if one of them drops out(sarcasm LOL).

  • Joe Lettieri, Jr.

    Navada cant be that ignorant……but the Republican party is dsfunctional……I was once a Republican…..but the party was so embarrassing,and cowardly.and corrupt,I cahnged to Libertarian…..a lot of good that did……lets face it all politicians are lying scum.

    • Palin12

      Didn’t Obummer campaign that he would have us out of Iraq in 16 months if he was elected? It’s now 17 months….

  • 45caliber

    All I can say is that if the people in Nevada vote for him again, they should have their heads examined by someone who doesn’t have a Nevada address. They would have proved they have mental problems.

  • JustaPatriot38

    Just remember, UNITED WE STAND, DIVIDED WE FALL. It would be a bad thing to split the ticket and help the Damnocrats. I used to be a Damnocrat, but I matured and then looked at the Republichumps, and since I wasn’t impressed with them I became a Conservative Independent. Actually, I feel that the Constitutional Party has the best platform, but that’s a third party. Maybe the GOP should study and learn from the CP platform. There isn’t a nickels worth of difference between two parties, or a DINO and a RINO who just ride the fence for personal gain and seem to infest both parties. Let’s get them ALL out of there and limit the terms of anyone new to not more than two two-year terms. Congress is just a ‘Good Old Boys Club!’ They just think they are smarter than we are, but they aren’t, they are just better at fleecing the public, but we CAN take this country back and resuscitate it if we don’t wait too long! Wake up, USA!!!

  • Gerrie’

    Harry Reid is a disgrace and embarrassment to Nevada. He can pretend to be this good guy at election time but I know him for what he is. A phony and a liar. He told me he would never allow the Black Rock Desert to become wilderness and that he did not believe in abortion. What happened Harry?

  • charlie

    If the people put him in again they have themselves to blame. If they cant see the crookedness for what it is and think because he may have done one good deed makes him clean best wake up and smell the coffee. wait until they see no health coverage is available unless the panel says so.. im in hopes the people there have more brains that what he gives them credit for. this old bird has shot his wad for the people and has shown hes for power corruption and Pelosi more than the people Its time he was put out tp pasture along with some others that have gone against the people…….

    • s c

      Charlie, Americans are S L O W to realize that we CAN’T trust politicians. Even before Andrew Jackson, we had professional, criminal politicans in Washington who hated the Founding Fathers.
      Instead of learning that lesson, we got used to trusting one side and distrusting the other. That let career criminals get elected and re-elected and live like kings and queens.
      It is far worse than ILLOGICAL to trust someone we DON’T know, someone who will live a country club existence, and someone who will very likely become a millionaire while in Washington. Sleazoid politicians have known since roughly 1820 that we will trust almost anyone. Sadly, we haven’t yet had our faces rubbed often enough into the waste that so typifies what politicians give us in EVERY administration. Hitler, Al Capone and Ponzi never had is so good or so easy. If we don’t learn and react BEFORE this gangster administration is gone, I think it’s safe to say that we don’t deserve to be free.

  • Robert

    My prediction for the upcomming November elections is this. If the Democrats believe that they will loose too many seats in the House and Senate, the elections will be suspended temporarily because of some BS National Emergency. This White House and their criminal cohorts Pelosi and Reid with the mastermind of thuggery Rahm Emanuel will devise a plot so Obama can make the case why Elections need to be temporarily suspended.

    • http://?? Joe H.

      I have an idea if he does that, he will have his reason for declaring martial law as there will most likely be riots and bloodshed!!

  • Dean

    I am afraid for my country. We need honest people to run who will support the constitution. Not trash it as reid and company are doing. The majority did not want obamacare, but they voted it in. We need people to run and overturn obamacare. The federal goverment received it’s authorty from the states. Coin money,create postal system, etc. there is nothing in the constitution regarding health care. NOW LET’S WE THE PEOPLE EDUCATE REID AND HIS SOCIALIST BUDDIES IN WASHINGTON.As the lady said to spector”you have woken a sleeping giant” this is AMERICA and we are taking it back.I would personally pay for a 1 way ticket for reid and his buddies to mexico or iran.

  • Charlie

    we have to take back this country and use any means to do it. it must be taken back from the liberal wackos. dump obama, reid, clinton, biden, franks…and the list goes on. get your friends and neighbors to vote. voice and vote your displeasure with the federally funded groups like acorn (which is still operating but now under different names). reduce government salaries which has sky-rocketed in the last few years. most of all, get the the frigging illegals out of here!! station troops on the border (not in desk jobs) with shoot-to-kill orders for anyone crossing illegally. get some balls america!!

  • Charlie

    fyi. the ‘Charlie says: June 7, 2010 at 2:52 pm’ posting is from a different Charlie that earlier postings.

  • R. T. Tidwell

    As I consider the politicians in the state and federal legislatures and other political offices, I can’t help but ask, to paraphrase the song of the 1960s and 70s: “Where have all the statesmen gone? Long time passing!” I am old enough to remember that there was a time we had some true statesmen in America, but no more. I don’t think there is a politician in Washington who knows what a genuine statesmen is! They all go around with their hands out, not in greetings, but in saying, “Show me the money!”

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