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Arby’s Has A Beef With Rush Limbaugh

April 9, 2012 by  

Arby’s Has A Beef With Rush Limbaugh
Arby’s took to Twitter to say the company would not advertise on Rush Limbaugh’s conservative talk radio show.

What do roast beef sandwiches and politics have in common?

Nothing actually, but that has not stopped Hala Moddelmog the president of Arby’s Group, which operates the Arby’s fast-food chain, from bringing the two together. Arby’s announced last week that it would join Coca-Cola Co. in giving in to liberals’ complaints about the companies having any affiliation with conservative groups.

While Coca-Cola Co. opted to withdraw support of the American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC), a group that promotes voter ID and “stand your ground” laws, Arby’s took to Twitter to say the company would not advertise on Rush Limbaugh’s conservative talk radio show. Limbaugh reportedly claims that the company never actually was a supporter of his show.

Arby’s announcement set the wheels in motion for a conservative Twitter backlash. The restaurant’s response to the criticism was to simply block conservative tweeters, which begs the question: Does Arby’s believe that only the liberal customer is always right?

In a recent article, The Right Sphere notes that Moddelmog made campaign contributions to John Edwards, Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama during the 2008 election cycle.

Sam Rolley

Staff writer Sam Rolley began a career in journalism working for a small town newspaper while seeking a B.A. in English. After learning about many of the biases present in most modern newsrooms, Rolley became determined to find a position in journalism that would allow him to combat the unsavory image that the news industry has gained. He is dedicated to seeking the truth and exposing the lies disseminated by the mainstream media at the behest of their corporate masters, special interest groups and information gatekeepers.

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  • s c

    Limbaugh will survive. Amerika will survive. Arby’s, on the other hand, may have opened a door that they can’t shut. I never gave them much of my business.
    Now that Arby’s has dared to put pc politics over common sense, I won’t be going there again. Arby’s, when you serve quality coffee, you don’t let politics get in the way of good business and you stop helping anti-business losers run for office I’ll think about buying something you sell. Until then, whiz off, geekoids.

    • Robert Smith

      From the article: “Arby’s took to Twitter to say the company would not advertise on Rush Limbaugh’s conservative talk radio show.”

      Well finally some businesses are now recognizing that the extreme right isn’t good in a free market for business.

      Each and all around here should applaud Arby’s decision to do what is best for their business instead of caving in to cookie cutter right wing demigodding by nuts with half of their brains tied. And we all know it was Oxeycotten that did they tying.


      • george

        Robert-but I guess it is O.K. to cave into leftwing fanatics such as yourself. I believe this will hurt Arby’s more than it will hurt Limbaugh. When a company goes political-they loose my business.

      • USAF VET

        All Arbys did was cave in to a bunch of Liberal lies, it had nothing to do with any kind of business sense. Also there is the fact that Arbys never advertised on Rush’s show in the first place. Robert, you are one of the liberal idiots that keep trying to tear this country down instead of supporting our Constitution. Oh well, like my parents always told me, you’ll find at least one fool in every group.

      • eddie47d

        All businesses have political connections George so apparently you’ll be staying home alot. Hey Robert did you know that Tennessee is the number one state in Oxycontin usage. The illegal trade in any painkiller medicine is also booming in that state.

      • Mike Austin


      • Randy

        FIrst, Rush is not the extreme right. Your views are so extreme left, that any views to the contrary would seem extreme. The left tries to paint themselves as middle of the road, what a laugh! Your view is somewhat of a minority. It is only bolstered by people sympathetic to the Communist Party or those that are too ignorant to understand what is going on in the world (those brainwashed in Communist controlled schools).

        Arby’s is taking sides with the press and the Dummycrats, so be it. I don’t understand where Rush was wrong in what he said. Fluke got to a committee meeting bragging about her uncontrollable sex urges and wants the public to pay her $3000 yearly for her habits. That pretty sums up a woman being a slut, if she is having sex with more than one person.

        The truth of the matter is that she was a plant for the Dems to express her dismay that Obamacare might be eliminated. Dems can’t tell the truth that this was a ruse and the statistics were grossly exaggerated. They do this tactic all the time. They have to lie, because telling the truth would only have the public laugh at them. No one is going to give any woman that amount of money if they are told she can get free condoms and birth control pills are only supposed to cost about $17 a month. The same game is played with Climate-gate, EPA stats, and enviromental causes of any kind. Crime statistics are also skewed when it comes to women issues or gun control. If Dems had to tell the truth, they would have no power in Congress. Their whole agenda is to scare people to death about issues they invent to gain control of the economy or power in the country. Dems want to destroy the country as we know it, so we can be a third world Communist eutopia. For the most part, Dems hate this country as it is right now.

      • Meteorlady

        First I don’t listen to Rush because he’s irritating to me… but when companies try to silence free speech through sponsorship, it’s the final straw as far as them getting my business. But hey – it’s OK since you can’t stand him or his message so that fine. What happens when the next company refuses to sponsor one of your liberal talk show hosts? then it’s bad right?

      • http://Comcast James Wright

        Well Robert, the boycott thing works both ways. How many times have we seen libtards clamor for boycotts when they didn’t get their way? Quite often actually. Arby’s is on the ropes financially and I find it amazing that they would risk a boycott of their so-so food just to placate the libtard side of the aisle. I am now a FORMER Arby’s customer and frankly, I hope they go under.

      • Carol J

        I don’t really care much for Rush Limbaugh like USAF VET does, but I did like Arby’s. Most of them are gone in our area now. As far as businesses messing in politics, I’ve always considered it wrong. Years ago I lost a job when I mentioned I was a registered Republican. Wrong, wrong and wrong again. Of course, they came up with some other stupid reason for firing me but I don’t remember what.

      • Brad

        Rob you are an idiot. I hope Arby’s and Coke both lose business from this idiotic stunts. I used to love Coke products and have never liked Arby’s, but if Coca Cola will make rats and roaches explode imagine what thart stuff does to your own guts. Soda pop is very bad for you and your kids people. I would love to see all boycott these two companies to show them they are not wise to mix their business with politics.

      • Robert Smith

        Gosh Eddy, is Harlan County in Tennessee?

        I’ll be watch’n tonight to see what Raylan is up to.


      • Robert Smith

        Randy says: “Fluke got to a committee meeting bragging about her uncontrollable sex urges and wants the public to pay her $3000 yearly for her habits.”

        An outright lie. Thanks for the fine example of swift boating from the right.


    • no one

      They used to have a chicken sandwich I liked, but I never did like their ‘beef’. I think the ex had it right; referred to them as barfys.

    • Angel

      No more Arbys for me or my family, stay out of politics and stick to your stinky sandwiches

  • Sirian

    Simple solution to this problem. Stop going to Arby’s for a couple months and see what happens. If enough people find out about it and it grows like a wildfire, Arby’s will feel the self induced “pinch” from their cowardly move. A diminished sales environment will not be overly welcome, be it Arby’s or Coke or any others that may have followed suit. Hmmm, is it possible? You betcha!!

    • Robert Smith

      From Sirian: “Hmmm, is it possible?”

      No because most of America simply doesn’t notice such things as right or left wing boycots.

      And, among those who do when you don’t go to Arby’s I’ll make it a point to go. I’ve been wanting to try their new rubin sandwitch and lunch today seems like a good time to do it.


      • Ladyhawke

        No problem here, Arby’s sucks. Their “food” is disgusting and their commercials are absolutely stupid. I have not eaten at one of their dives in 15 years or more because the last time I did, I ended up throwing the “food” away. Now if those ed commercials would go away.

      • Jay

        Can you say “Colon Cancer” Robert? Just keep eating that slop, and then invent some quirky, liberal rational as to why the tax-payers should pay for your colonascopy surgery! LOL…

    • s c

      Sirian, re-read the response from comrade ‘r s.’ He mentioned “free market.” Smell something fishy? Imagine that. A utopian dared to talk about a free market. He doesn’t know what it is or what it does, but now he’s an “expert.”

      • Sirian

        Oh yes s c, I caught it. Been sitting here laughing. . . :)

    • macawma

      Good advise, Syrian. We are making a list of companies to not do business with according to their liberal left leanings. Unfortunately, most people are too weak to give up their Coke habits. I understand Pepsi has leanings to the left as well. Doesn’t bother me, I drink water.

    • lost_in_Texas

      Brother, No on goes there to eat. They are not even in top 25 Fast Food. Their International exposer is total failure.
      Sliced beef at Super Market tastes better.
      This is one of the failed franchised in USA.

      • MRMO57


  • Vicki

    Sad. But Arbys has not been the best fast food in a while so I won’t miss it much.

    • MRMO57


    • joe1cr

      Hala Moddelmog a liberal socialist Obama supporter and Pro Planed Parenthood,women rights activist is against our right of free speech. I wonder what other of our bill of rights she would do away with if she could? This is the same way the Hitler started the Nazis in Germany with no room for anything (freedom of ideas) or anyone (freedom of speech) to be used against the Third Reich from 1933 to 1945, when it was a totalitarian state

  • steve

    being politiclly correct is going to hurt their bottom line. so where’s now the beef arby’s

  • dan

    Not every CEO is clever enough to alienate half of his customer base by mouthing off
    on PC politics…only Hollywood seems to be immune from that.
    They didn’t take foodstamps ,anyway…..

  • CaptTurbo

    It’s good to know about when good companies go bad. I sure don’t want any of my hard earned dollars going to support liberal trash.

  • Marie

    Too bad. I did like their big roast beef sandwiches but will now have to forgo them. But since I have never actually heard an Arby’s ad on Limbaugh I have to wonder if this was just a ploy for free advertizment that they thought would bring in more customers. Sad when business is so bad you have to stoop to making declarations about something you weren’t ding in the first place.

  • wade

    I went into Arby’s last week for the first time in over a year. I am sure it will now be the last time for many more years or until the Liberals finally take full control and require “us” to “fall in ranks”

  • Cliffystones

    Hala Moddelmog?

    What is it?

    • nutz40

      Muslin unimog with special sand tires

      • Robert Smith

        I hear muslums don’t eat at Arby’s. Might be that ham thing…


  • james

    Arby’s? That company that claims to sell roast beef, but instead sells some processed crap that doesn’t look, smell or taste like any roast beef I’ve ever seen? Never gave them much of my business because their product is inferior and I always thought their premise was dishonest. If you want to call yourself a purveyor of roast beef, cook one and carve me off a few slices when I order. Don’t hand me spam on white bread!

  • Jim

    For a company like Arby’s who sells compressed beef as real roast beef to get involved in politics is a disgrace. They sell Roast beef sandwiches which may contain all beef but look at it carefully and you will see that it is beef scraps that are compressed into one slab of disgusting beef that should be used to feed animals.

    To go along with the liberal agenda just to improve their bottom line is a mockery to all American’s, especially those that eat their slop because they cannot afford to buy reel unprosessed beef,

    If you are conservative thinking American’s it is not a request by your obligation to boycott Arby’s and show them that we won’t be pushed around by the liberals and that you will not consume inferior beef just because it is less expensive to buy. Just try Arby’s without the processed sauces they give you to alter the taste and you will realize that it is something that you would not fed your dogs if you really do love your doags as a part of your family. I tried Arby’s when the first opened many years ago and I immediately knew that it was not to be consumed by man nor beast.

  • Suffolkracer

    Arbys has signed on to the dictators list. All part of the plan to destroy this country and keep
    Obomo in power.

    • eddie47d

      You and USAF should be worried more about the damages ALEC is pushing on this country and the political shenanigans they are pulling. Corporate America had already screwed the public not too long ago and ALEC is another arm of Citizens United which gives Corporations even more power. If you don’t want your voice to count then ALEC is your friend. If you care who gets to vote and who doesn’t and how much control a business has over your life then you better wake up now or you may not have any rights left either. While you slam Obama the extreme right is sneaking through the back door.

      • duane

        Hey, eddie47d, the ACLU does more damage than all of the conservative groups put together. As for Arby’s or any fast food chain or chain restaurant, goes they all serve crap. And both coke and pepsi use a ammonia and coloring agent for their so called caramel ingredient. So eddie why don’t you drink a bunch of coke or pepsi and eat your liberal butt.

      • eddie47d

        I don’t drink Coke or Pepsi and seldom any soft drink so good luck with that advice of yours. ALEC actually works in your statehouse and in Congress (lobbyists) or do you favor them writing your legislators bills for them? I love Libertarians and Republicans who say they hate lawyers,lobbyists,corruption and the whole nine yards but dutifully embraces them every chance they get. Wink Wink!

      • Robert Smith

        Claimed: “the ACLU does more damage than all of the conservative groups put together.”

        Really? Guess they shouldn’t have stuck up for Rush Limbaugh.

        Guess they shouldn’t have stuck up for Westbouro (God Hates Fags) Baptist Church.

        Guess they shouldn’t have stuck up for the KKK so the KKK could clean up litter. Don’t you think it’s good to have the KKK out with pointed sticks picking up trash in an “Adopt a Highway” program?

        Shucks, the ACLU has stuck up for a bunch of extreme right wingers.


  • lost_in_Texas

    Who cares for Arby’s. I always see their stores empty. I did stop by once a year, now they are off my list.
    Lousy food and service…

  • TIME


    Ok lets see again as James said Arby’s sell pressed Crap into some kind of jelly roll form then tell you its beef?
    Yea, thats oh soooo good for your health. — NOT!

    Be all that as it may I think little of either, as Rush could just as easy tell the whole truth of whats going on in this nation, but saddly he would rather play it safe and stay within the lines of what people like Carl Rove spins, aka total BS in a brown bag after all Carl is a member of the TRC, and the CFR, and lets not forget a NWO follower.

    I have never set foot in an Arby’s, I think I would rather eat tree bark than pressed Crap jelly roll’s.

    Saddly – Its a total lose – lose for the “American” people if the real TRUTH about whats really going on fails to be told by anyone be they what ever alledged party favor they may lay claim to.

    How sad that its come down to a crap sandwich or a crap artist being a focal point of discource amoung the citizens of the noted nation.

    Peace and Love

  • Rick in MN USAF(ret)

    Well, I don’t need Coco-Cola or Pepsi and I don’t need Arby’s to survive. So I guess I can add Arby’s to my list of businesses not to patronize. All well and fine anyway since Arby’s has been so expensive in the past. I gotta admit, so many of these large corporations and the idiots in league in the entertainment industry is making it alot easier to save money these days….all I have to do is think about patronizing some business and then remember where they stand on certain issues that don’t agree with my morals and/or ethics and I go elsewhere. I’m doing my part. Now if we could get every freedom-loving American who is concerned with the direction this country is going on the same page and boycott these corporations, businesses, etc., we could have a serious impact on their policies in very short order.

  • TML

    What’s with the fastfood articles today? This one would make more sense if it were KFC, lol

  • trp878

    It’s so nice these fast food chains are making it so easy for me to not patronize them any longer. By the time they are finished I’ll only have a few to choose from, thus I’ll be eating healthier, losing weight, hopefully living longer and giving me more time to watch as they close their doors for lack of profits. It’s so nice to have free choice, so far.

    • Rick in MN USAF(ret)

      I just had a thought….perhaps that is what’s actually driving this mania. The Obama politburo has managed to intimidate these companies in submission in turn angering the consumer to the point of not patronizing them. In the end, the effect will accomplish what Moochelle has been advocating all along…fast food is bad for you and makes you overweight – people need to stop eating fast food. At the same time, his politburo is accomplishing another one of it’s prime directives…the destruction of capitalism and the free-market trade system. Just thinking. But then again, I’ve only had one cup of coffee this morning so far.

      • ChuckL

        Or perhaps this is another ploy by Obama to increase unemployment in this country. After all, that will place more people on the welfare rolls and dependent upon government ?largess? It means more voters as he claims to care for them.

        The “unemployment” rate is a manipulated number. It does not include any who have exhausted unemployment payments, or any who have been declared “disabled” because of an addiction of choice.

        The correct way to calculate this is to base the rating on the difference between the total employed on 1 Jan 2009 and now, then use this difference as the numerator and divide it by the number of current employed.

        Failing to count those who are unemployed for any reason, except death or actual, not forced, retirement, and who were in the work force is artificially reducing the unemployment rate.

        We must demand that the so called “news” reports provide real numbers, not just manipulated percentages.

      • Rick in MN USAF(ret)

        Chuck, I agree with you. And the reporting of the unemployment figures vs actual unemployed is an issue that all of my Economics professors to date have disagreed with.

      • Mary

        Finally someone sees beyond the surface to see how private enterprise is being destroyed in this country. The lefts uses words that can be taken several ways. You have to pay attention to what they’re really saying. AMEN to Rick and thank you so much for your service. Now it’s up to us at home to KEEP it.


    Adios Arby`s. I`ll be sure to pass this message along. No COKE, no PEPSI, no Arbys and there was another co I don`t remember but, rest assured they will not be in my list of company`s to partake in. i`ll remember eventually getting old is a bitch.

  • Jake

    I listen to Rush and have NEVER heard Arby’s advertize on his show. Maybe in some other market. I think Arby’s just wanted to get some free advertizing. Whenever I pass their stores, they always look empty.

  • FedUp

    don’t forget to add GE to the list of companies to avoid

    • Meteorlady

      Add Progressive and 21st Century Insurance….

      • Rick in MN USAF(ret)

        And add AARP to the list too since they endorsed Obamacare. They’re supposed to be looking out for the senior citizens in the country. All they ended up doing when they endorsed Obama’s socialized healthcare is sell the elderly out and sent up the creek without a paddle.

  • Pete0097

    One more place to not go to. I will miss the choc and cherry turnovers. The sandwiches were a little too salty for my blood pressure. Oh well, I guess I will just go to Hardees, they have great milkshakes.

    • Robert Smith

      I wish Roy Rogers was still around.

      Did you know he used to visit the Shriner’s Hospitals to cheer up the kids?

      How’s that for “political” involvement?


  • Combat seabee

    I bought 1 arby’s sandwich in Jersey City and haven’t since. That was way back in the early 70′s.


    You can bet that I will avoid products and businesses that lean strong left, leave out Christmas, and think like our bogus leader.

  • Fred Kirkpatrick

    It goes to show that Arby’s has proven to be cowards and spineless in caving in to the Liberal left. It is my hope their business will suffer greatly. One customer they lost, ME! They need to learn: “Liberalism Is A Mental Disorder”


  • http://yahoo mytwocentswrth

    No more Arby’s, and they won’t be missed. I refuse to support any business that has no patriotic spine and leans whichever way the political winds are blowing that day. They should realize, the Right has the disposable income, the Left spends theirs on pot and dope.

    • Robert Smith

      Hmmmmm….. Arby’s for the munchies. Doesn’t sound like a bad idea.


  • http://personallibertydigest Lyle McDaniel

    Just liberal tactics. sweep up the crap off the floor and sell it for No. ! USDA certified beef.

  • Earl

    Arby’s and Starbucks and any others that decide that politics is more important than customers is making it easier for me to decide where to spend my food dollars. They will not be getting them as long as they spout their liberal mantras. It is much wiser to be quiet and wonder, than for them to speak and make my choice easier. Sorry, but won’t miss them.

    • Meteorlady

      Stop buying Progressive Insurance and 21st Century (formally AIG). No GM car for me after the ripped off my Mom and Dad for their bonds. the list grows.

    • Rick in MN USAF(ret)

      Starbucks still has my business because they took a stand against the anti-2nd amendment people and have welcomed concealed carry holders into their stores. I still have issue with them backing same-sex marriage in Oregon or Washington state recently but it’s a trade-off I can live with. The 2nd amendment trumps same-sex marriage in my opinion.

      • Robert Smith

        You got your freedom to carry a gun, but deny others the freedom to choose who they want to marry!

        Say Rick, just what difference has ANY gay marriage made in your life? They are happy but I’ll bet in most cases you don’t even know it happened. Tell me, will you have trouble convincing your kid not to marry the exotic alsatian next door?

        Really Rick, why can’t you respect other Americans and enjoy the notion that they have freedoms like you do?


  • michaeljbeglinjr

    Restaurants should stay out of politics. No matter which way they go, they risk alienating half of the population. That is not good business sense.

    Like Earl on here says,”Arby’s and Starbucks and any others that decide that politics is more important than customers is making it easier for me to decide where to spend my food dollars. They will not be getting them as long as they spout their liberal mantras. It is much wiser to be quiet and wonder, than for them to speak and make my choice easier. Sorry, but won’t miss them.”

    Well stated Earl.

  • Meteorlady

    Sad – no more Arbys or Coke for me. I’m sick of these weak kneed CEO’s not standing up for what is right and moral. So…. no more Coke or any of their products and no more Arby’s.

  • Charles

    Well, I have eaten a lot of Crispy Chicken sandwiches and curly fries at Arby’s in the last few years, but I’ve just eaten my last. I hope others will join me.

  • fran x

    WE LIKE OUR ARBY’S but like Earl we will no longer support any of them that do this .

  • Ian Anthony

    Arby’.s.. There shall be no birthday celebrations there. and no.up dates on your wall st. offerings. You are grilled backbone.. get out of town.. A disgrace..You caved in .The true people have no respected with any organization as yours. Pack up your grill.. You are not the only food company in town..Move out!!
    I shall certainly pass this on.
    Week CEO’s never last!

  • Ed

    What on earth is this fascination with Obama? He has a clouded past that remains sealed, He aquired the presidency through thuggery and dealing because he completely lacked ANY qualifications and he has made it a poilcy of never accepting the blame for anything but finding others to lay it on. His supporters are those that receive the benefits of a Dimocrat in office; increased handouts, favored treatment for unions, strong support of illegal immigration and cronyism. Our country is the laughing stock of the world because of his travels to apologize for the USA. WHy, WHY do people and businesses continue to support him? What do they want this country to become? A third-world country? A Marxist state? We are heading thjat way under Obama’s complete lack of loyalty to America and the Constitution. Boycott all business that support him and tell them, with your last visit, why you won’t be coming back. They’ll be sure to get the message that way.

    • Meteorlady

      You could add that Goldman-Sachs is the agency of choice for filling Czar, cabinet and committee jobs. They are highly favored and it’s time to get them out of the government.

  • Meteorlady

    Arby’s is actually blocking conservative replies on twitter since they got so many. But hey…. Arby’s president is a Democrat donor.

  • ranger hall

    The People of this Country CAN control these kind of things, JUST do not do Bus with them.
    Amazing what the People can do, If they would just do it.
    United for a good and common cause.

  • jopa

    Well it seems as though everyone agrees that Arbys is politically correct and if so they may also be correct on how they cook there food.Next time I see one I will have to give them a try.Why does everyone here want to do things the wrong way and be on the wrong side of all issues?I know Arbys secretary donates to Republicans but that’s okay.

    • http://PeersonalLibertyDigest Sharon

      Exactly WHY is it wrong to stand up for what you believe and boycott a business that goes against your beliefs? Continuing to patronize a business you disagree with only shows you agree with what they are doing. It seems you haven’t done much thinking about the whole thing.

  • jopa

    meteorrlady;Goldman Sachs took a page out of the old playbook of Howard Hughes and contributes to both parties.No matter who wins the election they also win.

  • notso_old_vet

    Darn! Arby’s coupon deals were a cheap way to quickly satisfy the grandkid’s desire for a fast food meal. USED TO DO IT TWO OR THREE TIMES A MONTH BUT NEVER AGAIN!

  • flbob

    Rush will continue telling the truth about Liberals long after we say goodbye to the liberal thugs and weak executives of Arbys.

  • James

    Ciao Arby’s……


    To all those who plan to avoid Arby’s, Coke, Pepsi and Kraft because of their stupid politics, keep in mind, it will be MUCH more effective if, in addition to avoiding their products, we also drop them a note and tell them WHY we’re avoiding their products. Sometimes you have to hit the donkey between the eyes with a 2X4 to get their attention BEFORE you speak…

  • jopa

    Wow that picture of an Arby’s roast beef sandwich at the top of the page looked so good I had to go out and buy a couple.Delicious.Thanks for the ad time and suggestion Sam.

    • Libertytrain

      jopa – didn’t you mention some health problems a while back – I’d be careful with that processed stuff – however you may be a grown up and are free to eat slop…. and you could wash it down with those high fructose corn syrup coke’s and really screw up your system…. have at it.

      • Jay

        Arby’s? Good grief, how can anybody eat that slop? One would have to have the palate of a rinoscerous, and the stomach of a swine. Yukk!

  • Julie Stedman

    Althouhg I rately frequent fast food places, I like Arby’s curlty fries, and I will continue to go there. In fact, I like them even more now. I can’t stand Rush Limbaugh. What makes him an authority on anything??? The few times I listened to him he played something horrible called “The Democrat Song.” I am a democrat, but I don’t demonize Republicans and support singing and saying terribly outrageous songs about them.

  • Thomas Armitage

    ARBY’s Sucks!! If you are in the Buffalo area you go to Anderson’s for real roast beef on Weck.

  • cordwood

    I’ll never patronize Arby’s again.

  • cordwood

    It’s not so much as their Beef with Rush, It is their support of the Democrats. I just don’t want to lend support to my own demise !!!!

  • don

    I used to eat at Arby’s no and then but not any more. I support conservitives.

  • Jerry

    Just more proof of LIBERAL BRAINWASHING that is succeeding!
    I can’t understand how ANY business, or business leader could support the SOCIALIST LEFT and their anti-business and anti-American policies!
    Oh, wait! Wasn’t Arby’s bought out by a foreign company a few years ago?
    Just MORE proof of how DIVIDED this country has become, with the LIB-TARD’S influences!

    • Kandi

      Isn’t it nice how foreign governments give money to their people to buy our businesses?
      I say we start frequenting the few Mom and Pops and indies that are left and start a few new ones. If we carried our dollars somewhere else, the foreign and big corporate businesses would have to fold. Hee Hee Hee!!! Hooray! Or as Bruce Willis’ character would say, “Yippee ki yay, ……”

      • Robert Smith

        Frim Kandi: “Isn’t it nice how foreign governments give money to their people to buy our businesses?”

        Foreign government? What business are you looking at? Arby’s is owned by Roark Capital Group out of Atlanta, Georgia.

        From “Roark Capital Group is a private equity firm focused on leveraged buyout investments in middle-market companies primarily in consumer and business services companies. Roark has historically focused on the franchise, food and restaurant, specialty retail, environmental services, waste management, and marketing services sectors. The firm is named for Howard Roark, the fictional protagonist in Ayn Rand’s novel, The Fountainhead.”

        Quite frankly I can’t imagine any better creds to be called American that that.

        Again the right is wrong. Sheesh…. It’s all about politics. Why do so many stand up for those who are taking from them?


  • Rexangelion

    Mmmm, me thinks that all that the Arby’s Group was tryin’ ta do was/is ‘Beef Up Their Bizness’. Me thinks that a better move would have been to ‘Beef Up Their Bizness’ by returning to their ‘Original Roast Beef” recipe that they began with in 1964, which made ‘em an almost overnight national boom and success. Those roast beef samages were sooo good back then that ya could smell ‘em cookin’ two blocks away and yer mouth would start watering as ya raced to get one, two, three, four or more loaded with lots of horsey sauce and a tall, cold ‘original recipe’ Coca Cola. Ah, for the good old days, before the LBJ/MacNamara Vietnam War ruined US and our National SENsibilities by cowstowing to the Military Industrial Complex/International Bankster-Gangsters. Why else would anyone wonder why JFK was assasinated? Yes, I is getting off point here as I ruminate.

    Me thinks that if Dave Thomas, the Founding Father of Wendy’s Old Fashined Hamburgers, were still with us, that he would not approve of this ‘cheesey beefo’ maneuver by Arby’s Group and would probably have vetoed it before it happened, which (yes, this is a run-on sentence) he coulda done ’cause Wendy’s is a major shareholder of Arby’s.

    Given as my very humble opinion, which I greatly respect the hell out of! Emerson said, “We live in the best of days and the worst of days.” Most interpret this to mean that our lives are simultaneously both. Notta! What he was saying is that in the beginning of his life it was the best and toward its end it was the worst as all hell broke loose, or sumthin’ like that.

  • AK

    Sorry to say goodbye to Arby’s. I really liked the difference they offered in the fast food business.
    The group they dropped is not a radical right organization. To refuse to support a group with traditional American values is not someone I will do business with. So goodbye Arby’s.

  • Kandi

    I never was a big fan, but I dropped in occasionally. Businesses, like entertainers, need to learn that they should stick to what they do best and not try to dictate our commonplace, everyday living and thinking to us
    So, Bye Bye Arby’s. You will miss me before I miss you.

  • Mary

    Robert, everytime you say something you make a fool of yourself. You are against those who reject same sex marriage so I must guess you are gay. Also, you sound like a racist. No one is as good as you are or as smart. You speak of things you have been told by your leftists party, but do you look for the truth. NO! You are a Jim Jones koolaid drinker and believe everything you hear (as long as its from the left), believe nothing of what you see and needless to say you speak gibberish and show how little you really know when you speak. I actually feel sorry for you but you have no idea what is coming if Obama stays in office. I am old enough to remember the days of Hitler and how it started. It is history repeating itself. And you will be the first one to complain when you start losing your freedom of speech, where you go, who you associate with, how much money you are allowed to earn, what kind of car you will be allowed to buy, even what you eat. Good luck to that kind of future. It’s not in country, America, and I don’t ever want it here.

    • Robert Smith

      From Mary: ” You are against those who reject same sex marriage so I must guess you are gay.”

      Very wrong, just as I don’t have to be black to stand up for their rights, I don’t need to be a woman, American Indian, or any other miniority to understand that there are some from the right who would rather see them dead.

      “No one is as good as you are or as smart.”

      Oh well, won’t argue with that one, particularly when considering those from the extreme religious right.

      “You speak of things you have been told by your leftists party,”

      Absolutely false. I’m opposed to most gun control efforts, for example.

      ” You are a Jim Jones koolaid drinker”

      Nope, first I’m not christian and I think Jim Jones was a religious nut. Further, it wasn’t Kool Aid he used to poison his followers. Wrong on two counts on that one Mary.

      Mary says: “I am old enought to remember the days of Hitler and how it started. It is history repeating itself.”


      “And you will be the first one to complain when you start losing your freedom of speech”

      You bet. When Bush wanted to look at what library books I took out I was at the head of the line opposing him. BTW, I own a copy of “The Anarcast’s Cookbook” and I know for a fact that if you try to cook up some of the things in there you will blow yourself up. Please feel free to try and prove me wrong…

      “where you go, who you associate”

      Anyone I want and anyplace I want.

      “how much money you are allowed to earn,”

      That is determined by the corporation I work for. During the Bush recession they cut my pay.

      “what kind of car you will be allowed to buy,”

      I like rear view mirrors, seat belts, and 5 mph bunpers. I like the idea that they are tested.

      “even what you eat”

      Really? Oh that’s right Alis B. Tolkus brownies are off the menu, thanks to the extreme right.


  • Rehsab Thgir

    American Legislative Exchange Council are scumbags. I’m going to Arby’s for the first time now.


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