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Appeals Court Overturns Arizona Law That Requires Proof Of Citizenship For Voter Registration

November 3, 2010 by  

Appeals court overturns Arizona law that requires proof of citizenship for voter registrationA Federal appeals court in Arizona has struck down a state law that requires voters to prove they are United States citizens before registering to vote.

According to media reports, the decision made by a three-judge panel of the 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals says that the state law violates the National Voter Registration Act, which asks voters to swear they are citizens under penalty of perjury. The national law does not require proof of citizenship.

"This will enable the many poor people in Arizona who lack driver's licenses and birth certificates to register to vote," said Jon Greenbaum, legal director for the Lawyers' Committee for Civil Rights Under Law, quoted by The Associated Press.

Considering the voter registration deadline has passed for the Nov. 2 midterm elections, the court's ruling will have no effect on this year's voting.

Arizona Governor Jan Brewer and Secretary of State Ken Bennett released a joint statement and called the decision an "outrage and a slap in the face to all Arizonans who care about the integrity of their elections." They said they will pursue legal remedies to help prevent illegal immigrants from voting.

The Republican nominee for Kansas Secretary of State, Kris Kobach, has claimed that large numbers of illegal immigrants are fraudulently registering to vote in the Sunflower State, The Washington Independent reports. Kobach said that the illegal registration of alien voters "has become pervasive."

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  • s c

    Is it NOT OBVIOUS that some people are happy to go through life without a brain or any sense of morality? We have in our midst those who have abandoned reason, hate common sense, want nothing to do with responsibility, live to cause harm to others and will say and do ANYTHING to destroy this nation.
    Some of the worst examples are JUDGES, and they must be treated with contempt they DESERVE. ILLEGALS have NO RIGHT to be in America, and yet certain politicians and their infernal disciples are determined to give exempt, PROTECTED STATUS to ILLEGALS.
    You don’t live here? You’re OK. You exist to give easy votes to those who hate America? You’re OK. You were born on another planet? You’re OK. You’re a criminal? You’re OK. You want to live off others? You’re OK. You need to be imprisoned and deported? You’re OK.
    This is INSANITY, and the American people are NOT obligated to endure it. Let those who hate the law be seen for who and what they are. If we have to do Washington’s job, then let us DO IT.
    Whatever it takes, we are morally obligated to RID ourselves of those who threaten our safety and RIGHTS to live in a country where law and order are more than words. Hang your flags upside down, people, and sound the alarm. Every man, woman and child who loves freedom is in extreme danger, and Washington DOES NOT CARE.

    • a progressive nightmare

      Insanity is correct but I think the answer these progressive-marxist-American-hating GOD-hating people got last night is a step in the right direction. Now that we have accomplished a major power shift in Washington, and even more so at the state level, we need to press forward and DEMAND that our borders be protected through the enforcement of A4S4 and REQUIRE all who are here to PROVE their citizenship, including BO.

    • JC

      Nullify Nullify Nullify……..Since the kenyan won’t do his job, we’ll have to do it for him. And WTF is this World Court BS?
      America is a sovereign nation…period!

    • Pete K

      I find it amazing that I never swore that I was a citizen to register to vote! Why is it that as a CITIZEN I will be required to purchase health insurance, but I won’t have to prove that I’m a citizen to VOTE?

      • mickey

        This makes sense.

      • Robin from Arcadia, IN

        Pete K… Your point is well made! Here in Indiana we have to show a photo ID, which is generally a drivers license since they compare it to your address and they compare your signature to that which is on your drivers license. It is total crap that they say poor people’s rights would be violated if they cannot produce a license or birth certificate. I just applied for a part time job. I had my purse stolen a few years back. My social security card was in my wallet and I also had my birth certificate in my purse. Guess what? They wouldn’t hire me until I produced a copy of my birth certificate. I had to send off to Michigan to get the copy of my birth certificate. I am old and poor, but because I am an American citizen I am subjected to the laws of America. It is only those who are here illegally that don’t have to succumb!

        • marvin

          Robin from Arcadia, IN
          same here in alabama i took my son to get a driver lic i had a copy of his birth from the hospital ,they would not take it i had to call my girl in illinois and have her go to the county he was born in to get a copy of his birth cir,as for voting here in alabama i have to show my picture id state my name and sign my name and they check it with whats on file,i find it hard to belive that a poor person can even get welfare with out some form of id, i thank you would most likly go to jail tell you prove who you are some how

          • RandyH

            In Georgia you can get a state issued ID card, doesn’t have to be a “driver’s license”, but you better have one or the other, heck I got spanked by one of the old lady poll workers for trying to explain to my wife what the SPLOST option on the ballot was, NO TALKING AT THE BOOTH! It was great, why aren’t all the locations that strict?

      • http://NoWEBsite John

        obamaCare: The U S Constitution cannot require you to buy anything. Now, there are some very sneaky people/politicians in our Country who have hidden costs associated with this calling them alternative taxes or something of the like.

        illegal immigrants: Nobody in oure government with any sense of the future can see the problems being caused. You should ALL go to and look at Roy’s “gumball” explanation of why allowing them in will ot work and will do more harm than good. They need to go; and since they came here illegally their children born here need to go with them. Our Constitution assumes that a child born in this Country was of legal status immigrant parents and may therefore be a citizen.

        Voting: Foreigners, ALL Foreigners are not allowed to vote in this Country until they become a U.S. Citizen. Any Judge determining otherwise needs to see his proctoligist stat!

        • firstmate

          We must make a law that citizens within such district as Appeal court 9th District can vote a judge out!

    • FURY

      SC, you are right on. WE THE PEOPLE need to change the Federal Law to come up to date on the reality of HOSTILE IMMIGRATION in our country. When an incalculable number of that ILLEGAL IMMIGRATION consists of AL QUAIDA AND HAMAS, isn’t it about time WE THE PEOPLE stop them??!!!! And NOVEMBER 2ND was a MANDATE FOR THE REPUBLICANS. The talking heads who say otherwise are playing this victory and our voices down for their own agenda.

      And for those “Liberal” know-it-alls who think we’re BIGOTS: My mother is Mexican-American, and got into the USA LEGALLY. My husband is Canadian and paid OUT THE NOSE for his green card and his children’s green cards–no less than 30 THOUSAND DOLLARS. And they paid for their education, unlike illegal immigrants who think everything is free–paid for by WE THE PEOPLE.

      It is a TRAVESTY that in Texas, entire border towns have been bankrupted by immigration; where the towns people who lived and worked all their lives couldn’t afford to live in their own homes any longer because of exorbitant property taxes to pay for Hospital costs due to rising birth rates of ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS; ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS who never paid a nickel for their hospital care.

      This country abounds with Bleeding hearts who fight for illegal immigrants at the complete dismissal of US citizens, as if we are the parriah; Sanctimonious secular pompous hypocrits who have nothing but contempt for us. Yesterday was a BIG MANDATE FOR THE REPUBLICANS. Don’t believe otherwise.


      • RandyH

        Thank you for doing it right and for confirming we are indeed a Christian nation, dispite what the obominator says. I believe as a country we have offered up more prayer in the last year than in any other time in my 55 years.

      • jody

        God bless all the people that came to america thru the front door. I dont care what Race or Religion a person is just as long as they want to be a productive member of our nation. The ones that are here illegally should be shown ths door and sent back to their homeland, no ifs ands or buts, no rights, no free healthcare, no social security. Our government is giving the farm away in trying to be politically correct and bow down and kiss the rings of all illegals in the hopes that they will vote(prolly for dems). There are many ideas as to what the American People want, like improving the economy, better health care, immigration reform. It all ties together. If we quit giving away benefits to illegals and send them home we will have more jobs and benefits for our Citizens. When I was growing up I wasnt promised healthcare or social security unless I worked for it. I paid my dues for 50 years and just when I expected to be taken care of by Medicare, I find out that I will now have to pay for my benefits(what a crock). My social security was reduced because I made too much money? Any club I have ever belonged to required DUES and if the dues werent paid then you were not a member. Medicare and SS should be the same..If you never paid into it you shouldnt get any benefit from it. Our government will give the farm away to those who dont have anything but not require them to pay anything back. Everyone getting benefits should work for it. There are thousands of things that need to be taken care of in our society and there are jobs for all getting free benefits. Put the people to work if they want benefits for free. Its easier for the govt. to just give it away, problem solved, sweep the problem under the carpet, out of sight out of mind. I like the Pelosi mentality…Improving the economy by giving away food stamps?? I’m still trying to figure that one out?? Its sort of like “let them eat cake” I hope this election wakes our citizens up, repub or democrat. Its time for the people to have more of a say in our government. Its time for Washington to do what WE want not for us to be their slaves.

      • http://naver samurai

        “It is religion and morality alone, which can establish the principles upon which freedom can securely stand.”

        John Adams
        2nd U.S. President

        The religion in question is Christianity and our faith in God and Jesus. For freedom is only granted to us by God and not men. This also means that this administration is against what John Adams says in this quote. This administration is highly immoral and can never establish the principles of our freedom, due to it’s lack of direction, leadership, and taking us farther away from God, it cannot stand and all of our freedoms are in peril. Let’s not give up the good fight, fellow patriots! FOR GOD AND COUNTRY!

        • Robert Smith

          From samurai: “For freedom is only granted to us by God and not men. ”

          How can you present the same lie time after time?

          What about “We the PEOPLE…” don’t you understand?

          Goddess Bless America!


          • firstmate

            Hey, Robert Smith the Samurai;
            Our God killed your goddemness when the Japanese Emperor bowed down to US General! Since then, Samurai goddess has been receiving the blessing from American God!

            Yeah! America is the best Christian Nation that brings our God’s blessings to all over the world whoever wants us to share.

      • Andrea B

        Bravo! Well said!

    • Kate8

      s c – I sometimes wonder if the border have not already been officially dissolved, and we just haven’t been told. Washington certainly acts like it. And living in CA, they seem to think so.

      So, what do you suggest we do? Grab our arms and round them up ourselves?

      While I don’t want to take away from the conservative gains yesterday, I can’t help feel it is just a temporary bone tossed our way. The dems will focus on bringing in millions more dem voters in the next 2 years, and we will simply be outnumbered.

      BTW, there was a guy on C2C the other night who works with the Bible codes (in the Torah). So far the prophecies in the codes have a 100% accuracy rate. He says that the codes prophesied Obama’s 2008 election, and also say that he will retain the presidency in 2012, in spite of his unpopularity. Something to do with “national security”.

      That has an ominous ring. Perhaps it is a warning so we can change it. If that doesn’t raise some hackles, I don’t know what will.

      If I am not as cheered as some of you, it’s because I live in CA.

      • Christin

        So sorry for your losses to Progressive Demos Boxer and Brown in CA… what a bunch of evil nincomepoops (sp?). What do we expect from a state bankrupt of morals and values, run by the narcisstic pretty people (hollywood) who make millions pushing progressive agendas; flooded with illegals who want handouts, open borders and drugs, but don’t want to be Americans; and the gay and lesbian state who wants to pervert Kindergarteners on up with Two Male Penguins and a Baby education. Nothing will change in CA until morals and values become the focus front and center… though a win for Rep Meg Whitman and Rep Carli Fiorina would have begun that walk to morality and responsibility.

        As far as the Bible Prophesy is concerned… we are definately in prophetic times and it is being played out before our very eyes with each day, month, and year.

        Is a win for Republicans… a win for Conservativism… we shall see.

        IF the Shadow Rulers were not putting us in a stangle hold (CFR), if someone had not sold us out to foreign Elite Rulers some 90 years ago, WE COULD TAKE OUR GOVERNMENT and OUR COUNTRY back today.

        • Kate8

          Christin, Thanks for the condolences.

          If you missed this link on the other thread, you might want to check it out. If we don’t know the plan, we can’t work to alter it.

          BTW, The guy who wrote the Bible Code books (the latest is Bible Code 111) wasn’t a believer at all when he got into this with an Israeli. The first code they uncovered was the assassination of Israeli PM Rabin, whom they warned of the exact place and time. He ingored the warning, and was killed exactly as the Bible said (these codes are all in the Torah). This caused him to literally drop in his tracks, and increased his fervor to decipher more codes. This couldn’t be done before the advent of computers because it’s far to complex to be understood by the human mind. Only a supernatural intelligence could have devised it.

          Remember when Daniel couldn’t understand the information God gave him? And God told him to “go your way”, it was not for him to know, but that in the Last Days the meaning would be revealed. IT REQUIRED THE USE OF COMPUTERS to understand.

          God bless.

        • Dick Gazinia

          The real reason Fiorina lost was not that voters love Boxer, but because Carly shipped 33,000 jobs overseas when she ran HP and gave herself a $100,000,000 + bonus with the money she saved on American salaries. Then she had the gall to to campaign on a platform of saving jobs in California. Such hypocrisy does not go unnoticed by voters, even those unhappy with Boxer.

          Her personality didn’t help either.

          • Kate8

            Dick, I’m sure Fiorina didn’t do all that singlehandedly. You know as well as I that things get spun by the oppostion.

            Jerry Brown is a proven and self-admitted liar. He tanked California’s business environment before, and will wipe it out this time.

            He hates Prop 13, which keeps many people in their homes. If that goes, I lose mine, too. I can’t pay quadruple property taxes. I can hardly pay what they are now.

            He is all for illegal immigration and sanctuary cities. He ingored the voice of the people as AG.

            Oh yeah. He’s a much better choice. (gag)

          • Kate8

            Oh. And the only thing standing between the farmers and water is Babs Boxer. She puts the welfare of a smelt before the lives of human beings.

            She consistenly votes to give more benefits to illegals. She votes to take away parental rights, our right to natural supplements, healthy food and anything else involving liberty.

            She’s arrogant and elitist, and has never done a single positive thing.

          • Kat

            I am afraid you watch too much TV Dick. It is so easy to adopt a viewpoint as illustrated in a TV commercial and parrot it back without really studying the facts. While it may be true that Fiorina shipped jobs overseas, you might want to look at the big picture before passing judgment on her. When a person is in charge of a large company and is entrusted with the fiscal welfare of that company, that person must do whatever it takes to make the company profitable. The current business climate in this country is such that it is almost impossible to survive without shipping jobs outside the US. If you look at any large US company and many small ones as well, you will find they are following the same practice. I believe that, before blaming Fiorina, it might be appropriate to look at government policies, the effect the unions have and a host of other factors which contribute to the hostile business climate (fees and taxes) which ultimately force businesses to look for a means of improving their bottom lines. I also believe the American public must shoulder a lot of the blame. We have to stop buying the cheap junk produced in China and other foreign countries. I am not a protectionist but things have gone way too far. We are addicted to cheap products that don’t last as long as they used to. The US government loves that because everything we purchase generates tax dollars for their coffers. If we the buying public will use a little self-restraint, look at labels to see where the products are made and start buying only US made products, things would improve dramatically. I do that and it is very difficult to find much of anything made in the US. We are in BIG trouble!

          • Kate8

            You are exactly right, Kat. People didn’t bother to look at why the jobs went overseas: because the democrats made it impossible to stay in California.

            Dems expect people should build business to care for people, not make a profit. This is absurd. As you said, the job of a CEO is to do what’s best for the company, not watch the company go under in order to take care of people.

            Libs just have no concept of this.

      • Pen

        Kate8: Even I live in Texas, I felt so sorry for the good people of California who have to tolerate the Socialists that the anti-Americans in California vote in. I was hoping that the U.S. would be rid of Boxer and Reid both, but no such luck. We have some here in Texas that need to go as well, but they didn’t either. Keep the faith, God will handle this and he will do what is best for all of us. God Bless.

        • JON

          That’s a good word Pen. What else can a conservative do in so cal.

        • Christin

          We got to get rid of “gerrymandering” districts!

          Then and only then will Conservatives have a voice and NOT be deliberately shut out of that area.

          There are MORE Conservatives than Liberals (Communists)!!!

          • Kate8

            Christin, We had a proposition to take away the ability of politicians to draw their own district lines. It would be done by an impartial committee. Haven’t heard whether it passed.

    • Robert Smith

      BTW, The court didn’t disturb a requirement that voters show identification at the polls.

      Let’s take a look at one of the bone head judges ion the majority who reached such a decision…

      She was nominated by Ronald Reagan to the high court, where she served from 1981 to 2006.

      Yup, the appeals court panel included former Supreme Court Justice Sandra Day O’Connor sitting as a retired justice. She was a state senator and judge in Arizona before being nominated by President O’Connor voted with the majority in yesterday’s decision.

      I would like to think that she might have some insight and sympathy for Arizona but for some reason she didn’t go along with them.


      • ellie

        this judge must have been paid off by the democrat congress or obama or eric holder or pelosi or reid or maybe she is just a liberal and don’t care about America like you and I do. maybe she is one of the ones who don’t like America but make a great living in this country and that is the reason she lives here.

        • ellie

          by the way before I was able to vote I recieved a resident voter registration card to go to the polls and vote with, I had to present it to my polling booth

    • wyatt

      get a rope!

      • Erndog

        Wyatt first then his wife and his 2 little girls last. lol.

    • David

      We should all be very very scared of what is happening with illegal immigration in this country. I have felt that we have many other greater issues than illegal immigration. But I now I feel strongly that illegal immigration affects all of these other areas. We are made to feel like we are racists and bigots when you oppose illegals in this country. This tactic I believe is to deter people from seeing how having a growing illegal population only serves the government. We are quickly approaching the tipping point where all working and tax paying americans will be outnumbered by the people getting from the government. Would you vote to not feed your kids? No, the incentive is there for them to go out and vote for who will keep the hand outs coming. The more illegals that we have the more scales become unbalanced and this great nation will crumble under the weight of it’s own government. I live in Massachusetts and we’ve gone blue again because the machine got out the vote. It’s too late for Massachusetts with its Mass Health and welfare entitlements. The entitlements need to stop and everyone needs to work to support themselves and this country will become great again. Unfortunately even good citizens maybe hurt by this in these hard times but it is the only way I can see that this nation can survive. I’m beyond frustrated with the state of my state and the state of the union. I spend all of my time trying keep my family afloat while my costs for everything soar. I have to cut back to keep food on the table while we hand out debit cards in this state, so people can buy booze and buy lottery tickets, on my hard earned money. Then you hear a story like this, when is common sense going to grip this nation by the throat and wake it up, before the tipping point I hope. I started this out with a focused the but my ranting seemed to get the best of it.

  • read-phonics

    In the U.S., it use to be illegal to hold dual citizenship. Not anymore…now one can be a citizen of this Country, and be a citizen of Somalia or China, ext., live out of the U.S., and vote (absentee ballot) for a candidate who will send stimulus money (your tax money) to foreign countries. Nothing less than sovereignty suicide.

    • Christin

      Are you sure, I did not know that. When did that become legal to have dual citizenship… loyalties to two countries… which one will they be MORE loyal to when voting???

  • Jim K

    How about naming names of the Judges that facillitated this injustice.
    It is time they are forced to show their faces to the people they are hurting.

    • Only American

      I agree! Do we not as American’s have the right to face those who accuse us of being racists because we want our borders protected?

      These judges should not be able to retain anonymity
      while they inject their socialist leanings and personal agenda into the law!

      We need to clean up the chambers of such judges! Make them all accountable.
      They rule with impunity!

      • LeRoyZ

        Only American, your last sentence, “They rule with impunity”, strikes a chord. We the people and especially our elected officials at all levels of gov’t need to learn and understand that they are there to ‘lead’, not to ‘rule’. This concept, I think, applies to judges along with all other elected offficials.

        • Robert Smith

          Hey! samurai says it’s his Gawwwwwd that’s in charge.

          Let’s let that god fix it.


  • Bob L

    Let us be fair here. Where would the poor Democratic party be without all those illegal immigrants voting for them, in order to perpetuate their criminal trespass into the republic of America? Here, welfare? free health services? schooling for your children? food stamps? anchor babies? subsidized housing? Why those poor people would be lost without the generous support of the Democrats,who magnanimously pay for these trifles, With the Working Americans’ Tax Dollars.


      Harry Reid would be gardening if it weren’t for the illegals in Las Vegas. This is an outrage. I just hope we can keep the heat on for two more years. Buck Ofama.

      • JC

        I just read a break down on the exit polls for Harry “the Commie Rat” Reid…and yep! he was voted in by immigrants and welfare. What else is new?

        • Only American

          Do not foget the incarcerated who are not legally eligible to vote!

          Those who got absentee ballots compliments of the Obama administration while our soldiers did not!

          There should be outrage over this!

          • s c

            Only American, that’s a very important point. That is, when and if ANYONE in the military can be denied their RIGHT to vote, then those who made that possible should be rounded up and thrown in prison for at least 20 years. Let their family pay for the costs of that incarceration. Let them eat MREs for 20 years.
            It is NOT possible for anyone to be denied the right to vote unless someone has gone out of their way to DENY them their right to vote. There are NO excuses.
            Let the miserable bastards stew about it for 20 behind bars. If that doesn’t solve the problem, then use a firing squad. Solve the damned problem!

          • Christin

            Only American,
            I was wondering about this myself… what ever happened to the MILITARY VOTE??? Did they just discount them and get totals without their ballots? TREASONOUS! Conservatives ALL ACROSS AMERICA should be shouting from the roof tops for disenfranchisement of the military vote… COUNT ALL VOTES, EVERY VOTE COUNTS!

          • Kate8

            Our military needs to come home and clean up the enemies of liberty on American soil. If they are denied the right to vote, they should lay down their arms overseas and come fight our real enemies, and take back their voting rights.

            Obama’s using foreign and domestic troops on US soil. We need some here who will stand up for US.

          • Christin

            I agree with what you say… No Vote… No fight foreign Enemies…Come home… Fight Domestic enemies!

          • Robert Smith

            Why? It’s a lie.

            What part of “illegal” don’t you understand?

            If soldgers don’t get to vote it’s their own darn falt because they did’t send away for it.

            BTW, there are a LOT of blacks and hispanics in our armed forces because that is one of the few places where they can get a fair shake.

            When you see their relatives on the street say THANK YOU, not the hateful garbage these fine military folks have to listen to.


        • Christin


          NV… just another stolen Election… only way Communists can win.
          Disappointing to see his (demo h reid) fraudulent win.

          • Kate8

            Yeah. I wonder if the libs feel real good about having to cheat and commit fraud against the American people to win these elections where their approval ratings are in low single digits.

            We need to do more than up Congress. We need to clean the garbage out of the country. This voter fraud is third-world mentality, not the sign of a civilized nation.

          • Brad


            It wouldn’t surprise me at all if the SEIU wasn’t behind Reids win in Nevada. The SEIU has stated they do represent illegals working in the US, so it’s my belief they were able to get illegals registered to vote and did so defrauding the people of Nevada of a fair election.

          • Kate8

            Brad – Union people were reporting that they were getting visits from the big bosses to strong-arm them into voting for Reid. The unions were putting major pressure on.

            This weasel showed that he’d stoop to anything to win. This is what we have presiding over the Senate.

  • Bob L

    Hanging judges of the US? Perhaps if that phrase was conversely written it would be apropos?

  • Linda

    This is the dumbest thing ever. Do these people not have birth certificates? Do they have a social security card. To live off the American people they have to have a legal Social Security Card. Get rid of these judges who vote against us. We will not take this any longer. Our laws are intended to protect us not put us in jeapordy. Start mailing all politicians you can and complain loud and peacefully. We will be heard. No room for traitors in this country.

    • Robert S

      Linda The anchor babies are eligible for benefits which makes their families eligible also.

      • mickey

        This interpretation is twisted, it is the citizenship of the mother that should count. I hear all the moaning of separation of family if one is illegal and deported. How many of our children of divorces families (and I think that number is over 50%) suffer separation? There is nothing that says the US citizen parent can’t leave the country to stay united with “family”.

        • Robert Smith

          I get it!

          The right theory is: “There is nothing that says the US citizen parent can’t leave the country to stay united with “family”.


          Elian’s mother was CUBAN, as is his father.

          Yet the Batistas wanted to make a statement against Castro so they tossed all the rules out and the Republicans helped all they could.

          What a forked tongue they speak with.


  • Disgusted

    ABSOLUTELY DISGUSTING! To think that an illegal alien can vote and have an effect on the outcome of this country is absurd. You by all means should have to prove citizenship when registering to vote and you should have to show your drivers license when you appear to vote. I just walked up and gave my name – they marked me off in their little book and off I went to vote. There was no way of telling I am who I say I am! Is this making it possible for people to vote more than once by using different names? I think yes!
    What is wrong with our country?

    • Patricia

      In Ohio you have to show your drivers license or picture ID and if that doesn’t have the right address on it you have to show proof that you live where you say you do.

      • FlaJim

        Same in Fla. In fact, when I moved here 24 years ago after living out of country for several years, I had to show proof of citizenship or birth just to get a driver license.

        What’s so onerous about having to prove who you are? We’re all acquainted with documented identity theft that’s reported all the time.

        • Robert Smith

          Question asked by FlaJim: “What’s so onerous about having to prove who you are?”

          Brought forward and screamed loudly for by the extreme right!


          As long as they go with that we ain’t gonna have a viable national ID.


    • mickey

      I too had to show proof of citizenship for my DL the last time I renewed plus a current utility bill. I had to show proof of ID at the polls and they had my DL signature right next to my name. Sad that only a few states remain honest. Of course, obama wouldn’t be there if it weren’t for ACORN last vote. I haven’t heard any violations so far about this election.

      • Christin

        There were tons of violations this election 2010. Don’t know if ACORN itself or under new assumed names was in play, but several violators were caught and some votes are still being checked for fraud.
        * Illegals voted in pretty much ALL states
        * Prisoners voted
        * Military were disenfranchized as IL & NY FAILED to send out Ballots on time… don’t know what happens there?
        * FL had one person filling out (don’t know the exact # this morning) 80 or 90 Absentee Ballots all going to an empty lot address
        * Electronic Voting machines were putting in votes for reid in NV
        * Another state said they had more ballots than number of actual votes and had to review all those ballots.
        * And Houston, TX in Liar Demo Sheila Lee Jackson’s district voter fraud was found there as well.

        * Who knows where else and what else could be found if someone digs a little to see what was done to sway the votes from the American citizens???????

    • Robert S

      If things remain as they are today the election of 2012 will see millions of illegals voting.

      • Robert Smith

        From Robert S: “If things remain as they are today the election of 2012 will see millions of illegals voting.”

        That’s why we MUST have a national ID with fingerprints.

        To their version of hell for those who aren’t proud enough of America to be willing to prove they are a part of it.


  • Teresa

    Common Sense: how many times must we preach it…to the judges..if a burglar breaks into your home, you have the right to kill them! THE US IS OUR HOME! THEY ARE HERE ILLEGALLY, THIS SHOULD NOT BE A QUESTION OF THEIR RIGHTS!

  • SuthnXPosR

    This ruling is another kick in the teeth of the American citizen. Might as well have Al Qaeda,the Taliban,and all other terrorists join in the American vote. These appointed judges need to be removed and replaced by ‘THE PEOPLE”. The present administration and Obamas appointed ones should be considered as terrorists to the people.

    • JC

      Heck the way things are going….they could be a registered party.

    • Robert Smith

      SuthnXposR says: “These appointed judges need to be removed and replaced by ‘THE PEOPLE”.”

      Naw, why not get samurai’s god to fix it. According to him and his wife their god is the ultimate power. Blame him, let him fix it.

      Samurai has already claimed “We The People…” isn’t valid.


  • martha

    how about having people show proof getting a non-driving license or a regular drivers license

    • Christin

      Becareful what you ask for… it is called the “National ID Card”.

      Not only will illegals have to carry one, but American Citizens as well.
      I say NO to Gov Registery!

      • Robert Smith

        “I say NO to Gov Registery!”

        And you say NO to being able to reliably identify American citizens.

        It is YOU who is preventing the positive ID of voters.

        666 on you.


  • randy robenson

    the goverment can aford us let alone all the illeagls i think there should be more laws to protect us from the flood of mexicans coming in & getting food shealter & all the benefets that we paid into for life & they get everything handed to them & thats killing us. please fight to increase laws …………………………………………………

    • clh

      We do NOT need anymore laws by the government. They need to ENFORCE the present laws, that would take care of the problem. Get rid of the 9th circuit court judges put there by George Soros and other Socialists. We need to fight for our right to vote these judges out and make them accountable to the people. George Soros wants them all appointed. The old bastard will hopefully die soon and leave this country he hates so much alone.

      • Christin


        George Soros collapsed the currency of FOUR other countries and he’s been working hard on #5… America!

        • Pen

          Christian, I agree, but I want Soros stripped of his citizenship, kicked out of this country as he has been kicked out others. I also want him told that should he return that he will be put before a Military Firing Squad, shot, & that it will be televised worldwide.

          • Christin

            I’m alright with all of that!

    • LeRoyZ

      Randy, we don’t need MORE laws. We need ENFORCEMENT of existing laws. Of course we need to get common sense interpretaion of those laws first. That’s probably asking too much in this day and age though. These libs and dems have so disheartened me over the last couple decades, I don’t know if I’ll ever become optimistic again. I get so angry when they twist and mangle the wording of laws to enact their agenda, I could strangle them.




  • J.M.R.

    just another case of corruption in motion, don’t want a liberal to lose even if he’s a scum buckeet.

  • American Citizen

    Here in Indiana we have to show some form of eligibility. Most use either a driver’s license or an ID card issued by the BMV. It’s not that difficult and I don’t see where that is an infringement on my Civil Rights. We have to show ID in order to cash a check. Insanity, thy name is Liberals.

    • mickey

      Yep and the DL signature is next to your name. To get the DL one must show proof of citizenship, a current utility bill. And ID at the poll.

  • Mark

    The appeals court deserves no respect. In these days and times proof of citizenship should be mandatory. Corrupt leading the illegal corrupt. This appeals panel deserves nothing but a middle finger salute. Just shows you we still have too many poop eating bush dwellers in important places. Contempt this!

  • Charles

    “He (she) who rules over men (women) must be just, ruling in the fear of G_d.” 2 Samuel 23:3 I trust that if this is the way Washington wants to make it; that from the White House on down, we all may be willing to be touched by the Light, Grace, Truth and Spirit of of Jesus, and that illeagls may witness this and want to return home with the message upon which America was founded and many still fight for today. The day of His Kingdom is coming. G_d Bless America!!!

    • clh

      That is GOD. It is OK to spell it out and do so while you still have freedom of speech and religion.

      • Robin from Arcadia, IN

        clh… I agree! It is GOD. And you can still spell it out. I pray I won’t live to see the day we can’t!

    • Christin

      I doubt seriously that illegals will go home… to their CRIME RIDDEN country… as a matter of fact most of the Mexican illegals believe the lower part of the USA is THEIRS!

      But it would be great to have them (and Liberal Progressives and ALL people world wide) become enlightened with the TRUTH that Jesus Christ is LORD!

      May we be in God’s Will so that He may Bless America.

      • http://naver sook young

        Yes we are a Christian nation as was ruled by the Supreme Court in 1892 in Church of the Holy Trinity vs. U.S., but there was a chief justice of the supreme court about 90 years before then that reaffirmed this belief.

        “Religion is of general and public concern and on its proper support depend, in great measure, the peace and good order of government, the safety and happiness of the people. By our form of government, the Christian religion is the established religion; and all sects and denominations of Christians are place upon the same equal footing, and are equally entitled to protection in their religious liberty.”

        Samuel Chase
        Supreme Court Chief Justice 1803

        This means that the things that the liberals want are not by our founding nor our founding fathers. This would include having prayers in schools and teaching in a christian setting. This would also affect our society by saying “no” to gays, bisexuals, etc. There would also be no such thing as Christians praying at a gay rally being arrested and having their 1st Amendment rights violated. Sorry, Mr. President, but we are not a muslim nation, but a Christian one. Thank you.

        Sook Young
        Wife of the Samurai

  • Nikita63

    There is no infringement on anyone’s Civil Rights by being asked to prove that they are a citizen of the U.S. I would think if you apply for a passport or any number of other paperwork, like job appalications you are going to be asked for proof of who you are, including your citizenship. It is dangerouus in these days of millions of KNOWN illegals with more entering all the time and further draining our resources that these foregin criminals NOT be allowed to vote. This decion is incredibly stupid and politically
    unamerican; particularly toward those who come here legsally and take citizeship in accordance with our laws and OUR Constitution. The
    so calle justices on this court should all be removed. There is so much corruption in government unde Obama and it has filtered into the Judicial system on an ever increrasing basis, Whatever happened to the Constitution an the Rule of law that even those assigned to
    make legal decisions no longer use a commodity so necessary to those assignments under the rule of law and the Constitution; COMMON SENSE!
    The Department of Injustice, an Obama tool, and the President are
    destroying our Civil Liberties. What Next, the imposition on us all of Sharia LAW? I would not put such a move past this President. He is
    anti-citizen, anti-American and has NO COMMON SENSE.

  • http://yahoo Cherokee

    Send all of these comments to our newly elected politicians.
    Come to think of it send all the loser politicains a copy also.
    Let the new politicains know that we are watching them.
    Let them know.
    They don’t read these posts. They have no idea how angry American people are.
    Leave Arizona and America alone.

    Thank you: From Illinois


    THIS IS A DISGRACE!!! I have to prove identity to get on a plane, get my car inspected, to cash a check, but anybody can walk up to a voting both and vote?? I think everyone should have to show ID to vote. If you are not an AMERICAN you do not have the right to vote end of story.

    • libertytrain

      You are absolutely correct —

      • Teresa

        Here is a good question…did these same judges have to prove citizenship before becoming a judge in this great country of ours…did those judges have to show ID when they stood before congress and placed their hand on the BIBLE and pledged to uphold the Constitutional law accordingly? Did those judges have to prove their citizenship when they attended college and got their degree? So when you do write your congressman/woman please adress this common question, just how deep does the pocket run, for we already know the answer to the real issue here.

    • Erndog

      soon u will need a pass to go and take a shit.only in America

      • Lewis Munn

        And the quantity will be limited, with fees added on if you exceed your limit, and a license required to use the facilities. Jail terms for those who do not wait their turn.

        Congressmen, judges, and liberal politicians will be given priority passes and exemptions to quantity limits.

  • BigIron

    The Federal judges ruling is “unlawful” having only the “color of law” therefore there is no requirement for Arizona to comply with it. Arizona should simply “nullify” the ruling of the Federal judge as is proper for the State.

  • Marilyn K

    Strange. In Ohio ALL voters must show ID to prove who they are at the voting booth! Arizona, plagued with illegal immigrants don’t have to show any proof. Something wrong with this picture!

    • mickey

      As far as I know, AZ requires proof of citizenship to be on their ballot. Come 2012, obama would have to have proof of citizenship. Why else is he targeting AZ? We should all push our states to adopt AZ’s proof of citizenship of eligibility to be on the ballot. Obvioulsy Pelosi didn’t vet.

      Someplace, there is an article that obama admitted he was Kenyan when he took the senate seat. His answer to that was “so what”.

      • Christin


        Yes, all voters whould have to show proof… that’s no problem except to Progressive gov and illegals.

        I agree, all states should push for more State Soveignty Rights.

        Also Pelosi KNOW EVERYTHING… you can BET she knows exactly where BHO is from and what his collge transcipts say regarding his foreign student status. According to (former senator) Liberal Demo Feinstien “pelosi is sharp as hell”… I agree that the sharp evils of hell would describe nanc.

        As far as BHO being Kenyan… I was pretty surprised when I saw a tape of American people many of whom said he was born in Hawaii and many others saying they don’t really care if he is American born or not.
        … Guess they do not understand the huge role being born in America plays in your policy and world view as President.

        • Kate8

          Being American-born is not just policy, it’s the Law.

          Further proof that those currently in power care nothing about our Constitution.

        • Lewis Munn

          Born in America is a good start, but RAISED and SCHOOLED in America would be an even better requirement.

          By admission, Obama was raised in other lands, under different conditions than Americans. Different laws, different STATE religions, different economies… He does not have a grasp on what being an American really means. He was not taught the pride of seeing our flag flying at the top of the pole. He was not taught what our Founding Fathers said. He did not see what our Rights give to us in our own land.

          And it is very obvious he still has no real concept of what an American really is. He sees a distorted foreign viewpoint. America is to be exploited, not cherished.

          He seems to have purchased a lot of support for his viewpoint!

  • BigIron

    Residents of Arizona please contact your representatives and the governor and give your support for “nullification” of the Federal judges unlawful ruling!

  • Joe

    I agree, this is absurd, in two ways. The first reason has already been stated many times. The second is plainly that american people fall for this EVERYTIME. To get the heat of the government, they create a non american villian. Its ancient trick, which unfortunately still works very well. With this election nothing is really going to change. Well except the new elects will waste even more time and money to repeal foolish laws and acts and be hailed as hero’s for doing so. Then they will become the same as those before them. Oh but don’t worry, people will be clamoring for change, change, change again in two years and as the new elects arrive the country will once again be saved. Meanwhile, the IRS, corrupt cops, bankers, lawyers, judges, doctors, etc. will continue to thrive. The new elects are simply, new faces, new names, same old game. Not bitter or any other name I may be labled. Just simply have no desire to watch people fall for the “hope and change” routine every election.

  • Pete K

    It has been said that “undocumented” (read illegal)aliens do jobs that Americans won’t do, pick crops, mow lawns, food service etc.
    It’s time that the welfare class got to work. No work….No pay. Anyone can pick crops, cut grass, pick up trash on the highway etc. Let them pay taxes and see how they like the $$$ being wasted!

    • mickey

      Reagan tried this in CA when he became governor. Civil rights activists went ballistic.

    • 45caliber

      Some years ago a town in Maryland hired all welfare recipients in the city and put them to work. The feds ruled that this was a form of slavery and everyone had a right to get a welfare check without working for the money. The main reason was that the people working at the welfare offices were afraid they would lose their own jobs if all the welfare recipients went to work.

      • libertytrain

        they did that in Wisconsin till the ACLU stepped in and cried – you’re right about all those welfare office jobs. Hadn’t thought about it.

  • bruce d.

    This is why the Federal Government should be reduced in size and power returned to the States. Arizonia has a problem that many in Washington, DC and the State of Illinois do not recognize. One law for all leaves AZ unprotected to voter fraud from illegal aliens. Now Obama has declared anyone

    • bruce d.

      Now Obama has declared anyone who votes against him or has a viewpoint different from his an enemy. Those opposing voter fraud with proof of citizenship in AZ and those opposing illegal entry into America are now considered by Obama an enemy.

      • 45caliber

        Oblama’s enemies are those who disagree with him rather than the people who wish to attack our country.

        • Robert Smith

          Hi 45,

          Posted: “are those who disagree with him rather than the people who wish to attack our country.”

          There you go again… It was NIXON who started the enemies lists. And it’s still carried through to the retrubution of outing a CIA agent and getting some of our guys killed because of it.

          Just because Chaney didn’t like the report about the yellow cake.

          Conviction, game, set, and match that it is documented that the Republicans are the ones who are literally getting people killed becase of their games.

  • Laura Ayala

    I don’t believe that Reid kep office. Well, I do because of all the illegals who voted. I personally think that if things don’t start changing and quickly, it will be time for another civil war. This is the only way we are going to get our country back. Things are going to get a lot worse in the next two years. What choices are going to be left to us when obama take over our 401K’s and IRA’s. Our “privatae” savings that has nothing to do with the government. We pay taxes on it when we withdraw the money, but that isn’t enough. Obama wants to bankrupt “white” people. I am not saying this because I am predjudiced, but because our own government has become predjudiced against “Americans”. If we are not willing to fight for our freedom, we might as well all move to Austrailia. They don’t take this bull crap from illegals or even legal immigrants! If this country is not will to fight, that is my next step. I will go to Australia and give up my citizenship here.

    • 45caliber

      The one odd thing about Reid’s win is that he “came from behind at the last moment to win.” I seriously doubt that a lot of his followers waited until the last minute to run in and vote for him. I suspect that someone – at the last moment, rigged the machines to show that he won.

      • s c

        45 caliber, yesterday must have put quite a strain on the many slush funds the ‘Dems” have created recently. Probably, convicted felons who have more ‘rights’ than we do, dead voters, money by the ton, political ‘favors’ and many other ways to break the
        law by raping the law, ‘Dems’ probably feel relieved – temporarily.
        I’m willing to bet that a certain AG in Washington won’t make any attempt to investigate any voter fraud claim unless it somehow ‘deprived’ a ‘Dem’ some easy votes. It is truly sad when we can’t tell the difference between a lawyer and a career criminal, an ex-lawyer and an unindicted felon or an American citizen and an illegal.

      • Christin

        I was thinking the exact SAME thing 45 caliber.

        Looks pretty phoney to me.

      • Lewis Munn

        Or the illegals hanging around were given a bottle of booze to go in and vote under another name, as often as needed! Booze charged the the US citizens, of course!!

  • RLM357

    I voted yesterday and had to show an Official ID (DL) with a signature visible. I was not offended at all. The screener at the door asked after I grumbled at having to remove my ID from my case, ” You don’t want Illegals Voting do you?” I complimented him. Granted my name is not hispanic nor Islamic like ‘Muhammud’ or ‘Hussein’ but my Ancestors didn’t fly HiJacked Planes into Targets on 9-11 either! Nor do they slaughter innocent(lol) ‘Drug Dealers’ at the Borders either. SIEU made sure Reid and BOXER won and that Murkowski broad, in Alaska. I call for an Investigation into Voter Fraud in NEVADA, California and N.J., where many complaints surfaced on the Electronic Voting Machines, controlled by SEIU employees appoin ted by the DEMS. ~Rick Magee, FL



  • http://comcast Richie

    If this is law it is wrong and must be changed. If they refuse to do
    this then they are not Americans and do not care if America becomes a
    third world country. You may think this sounds a little radical but look where we are today.

  • Paul

    The judge’s that need to go away for this ruling: Sandra Day O’Conner, Sandra Ikuta,Chief Justice Alex Kozioski. It’s apparent that judges like these are a large part of America’s problem. The people don’t pay enough attention at the polls to rid ourselves of these anti-american pest.They continue to be voted in without We the People doing our homework. Judges voted to remove an amendment off Florida’s ballet to repeal Obama care in our state. Believe me,I voted to remove them fron the bench. We have to know each persons background to do the right thing when we go to the polls.

    • PENELOPE 8


    • RandyH

      What the heck is Sandra D O doin’ out there, I thought she retired.

      • Kate8

        I though so, too. From the Supreme Court.

      • Robert Smith

        BTW, she was an appointee by Ronald Reagan, hardly a liberal judge.


  • old white guy

    in canada you have to prove who you are by bringing your registration card and photo id proving who you are and where you live in order to vote. this applies to every level of government.

    • 45caliber

      It sounds like a common-sense law to me.

      • Lewis Munn

        I had to provide a picture ID, issued by the state, AND a voter registration card, and my signature was compared to when I registered, before I was allowed a ballot! I guess my small town has some advantages in honest election people!

    • Robert Smith

      I’m strongly in favor of a national ID here in America but the extreme right is opposed to it. That old 666 seems to be the stinkiest part of that pile of garbage.


  • 45caliber

    It amazes me to the lengths the liberals will go to get illegals to vote, to win positions of power, and to try to stifle the murmurs of the people. This is only another example of it.

  • 45caliber

    One question: How did these judges arrive at the conclusion that this was unConstitutional? And, since it isn’t covered under the Constitution as something the Feds should handle, it must be legal for the states to do as they wish.

  • http://none sean moor


    • nifongnation

      This will be the end result if our institutions are any more perverted. Yuri Bezmenov on YouTube describes what has been happening for many decades to our nation.

  • Kevin

    It is important to note that while the Appeals Court overturned Arizona’s law requiring Proof of Citizenship, this by no means makes it legal for illegals to vote. Those votes are expungable.

  • Ellet

    It is not just a slap in the face of Arizonans, but, a slap in the face of all Americans. With this “multi-culturalizm”, the US of A is becoming like the “Tower of Babel”. We should have one recognized language “American” based on English. That is one thing that made our country great. Now we spend billions of dollars on foreign language printing for people who do not want to be Americans and learn our language, but, want all the benefits they receive from living here.

  • FURY

    We are talking about ILLEGAL IMMIGRATION here, but if you want the WHOLE PICTURE, Atlas Shrugs has a great article by Jerry Gordon that explains REFUGEE IMMIGRATION, and WHO DECIDES WHO GETS INTO AMERICA–what a FARCE.

    IT’S THE UNITED NATIONS. And while the UN is picking hords of JIHADIS from the Horn of Africa, Somalia, Darfur in the Sudan and Ethiopia, Iraq, Pakistan and Myanmar, they are DISCRIMINATING AGAINST the HALF MILLION CHRISTIANS WHO FLED IRAQ. The Somalis have brought with them strict Islamic Sharia values that violate our Constitution and Civil Rights laws and mock our Judeo Christian values.

    Read the article. The US Taxpayer is paying BILLIONS OF DOLLARS to support the UN and their SUBVERSIVE AGENDA AGAINST THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA.

    One of the first thing our Republican leaders need to do is get Legislation going to STOP FUNDING THE UNITED NATIONS, and REVAMP LEGAL IMMIGRATION AND ILLEGAL IMMIGRATION, so that Americans can decide what is best for OUR COUNTRY, OUR SOVEREIGNTY, OUR FUTURE.

  • Al

    Reid and Boxer did not win, their elections should be investigated and nullified. There was proven massive voter fraud in both cases. Both Reid and Boxer should be tried for treason along with the Judges who violated their oath of office and as such the Constitution. The punishment for treason is hanging and this is the only way to bring this massive illegal immigration and voter fraud to an end.

    We must hold these insane criminals in the courts and government accountable, try them for treason, punish them as traitors and take this dying nation back. We are at war, look up the definition! Massive infiltration of a sovereign border is an act of WAR! Round up and deport the illegals, bring our troops home to fight the real war on our borders and with the criminals in our government. Otherwise tens of millions of American patriots will band together and honor the Constitution and the Declaration of Independence which requires that this tyrannical government be thrown off. Read the Declaration for God’s sake people!

    • 45caliber

      I tend to believe you are right. What gets me is that – despite the rampant illegality of the voting – both get to keep their positions. Offically all we are supposed to be able to do is try to find the persons who committed the acts and punish them – if we can locate them. That doesn’t change the election results. According to the government, the two who benefited from this can’t be responsible. Odd, isn’t it?

  • Teresa

    To quote from the article:
    “According to media reports, the decision made by a three-judge panel of the 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals says that the state law violates the National Voter Registration Act, which asks voters to swear they are citizens under penalty of perjury. The national law does not require proof of citizenship.”

    I am not trying to defend the judges, but assuming for a moment that they are honest and above-board jurists and are truly trying to follow the law, should we not be working to repeal/change the National Voter Registration Act? If the National law does not require proof of citizenship, it should. And we should be writing to our newly elected Representatives and Senators to see that they change it.

    It is insanity to expect that everyone will tell the truth when “swearing” there are citizens under penalty of perjury. It they are here illegally, they are already breaking our laws. What do they care about committing perjury?

    Sometimes I think we have lost all common sense in this country. Last night’s election helped a little, but we have a long way to go.

  • dahni

    Time to revise the power of the Federal Appeals Court. Maybe we need to get together and just ignore those idiotic decisions, and accept the consequences. There is no room in jail for all of us, and possibly the police will be too busy with other criminals to pay attention to us.

    I’m almost incoherent at the recent decisions of a lot of Federal Judges. Does living in San Francisco make them totally insane concerning the rest of the country?

  • http://com i41

    martha, was wondering about people having to show birth certificates when getting Id’s, even when they will never drive. When I have voted everytime, there is always wheelchair bound individuals with Ids, from the state, they are verified citizens and residenants of the USA.

    • 45caliber

      Some states used to require birth certificates to get DL’s. Texas did. I don’t know about now thanks to the feds insisting that everyone should be able to get a DL without producing any evidence of being a citizen. The elderly can get DL’s that restrict all driving as ID’s. Many do. DL’s can also be used (according to the government) as ID’s to get gov. bennies. That’s why it is so easy for illegals to get things like that. About the only thing they can’t get with a DL is a SS#. So they can just make one of those up.

      Still, there is a thriving business along the border (and in other areas of the country) for ID’s. These cost between $1000 and $11,000 the last I heard. For $1000 you get only a birth certificate and a SS card.

      Incidently, recently I heard the police busted an illegal for a fake DL. He has a picture of himself and his girlfriend on it.

      • Lewis Munn

        Maybe it takes both of them to handle a modern car??

      • Robert Smith

        From 45: “Still, there is a thriving business along the border (and in other areas of the country) for ID’s. These cost between $1000 and $11,000 the last I heard. For $1000 you get only a birth certificate and a SS card.”

        Just as we have the technology for a voting machine to count the vote and have a matching bar code for the voter to keep so they can go back if necessary, we also have the technology to put a fingerprint and picture on a National ID.

        The will just isn’t there to deal with the extreme right and their little religious 666 issue.


  • Desert Rat

    Many (maybe most) states vote on retaining appointed Judges. Perhaps it is time to vote on retaining, or booting, Judges on the Federal level — Federal Court of Appeals & the U.S. Supreme Court. We might be able to correct stupidity return to rulings made in accordance with the Constitution!

    As a resident of Tucson, AZ (born in Indiana) my greatest concern is the political machine teams that generate massive numbers of new Voter Registrations. They are interested in numbers only, not in citizenship of the newly registered.

    Those newly registered to voter can then submit a request to vote by mail, meaning they do not show any I.D. to cast a vote.

    I don’t buy into this bit about the poor not being able to produce proof of citizenship. To file income taxes, apply for Medicare, food stamps & other benefits, a Social Security number is required, which requires proof of citizenship or legal residency and other I.D. (You should have seen what I went through just to change my last name on my SSN!)

    In AZ proof of citizenship or legal residency is required to obtain a license to drive. AZ does have voter registration at our Motor Vehicle Dept. offices. That dept. is also responsible for issuing non-driver official state I.D. cards, which also requires proof of citizenship or legal residency. I HAVE heard of cases where a legal resident alien is asked if they want to register to vote at the MVD. I believe (hope) those who are here legally are not willing to jeopardize their futures here by illegally voting.

    Native Americans are enrolled in their tribe, usually soon after birth, which is another means of proving citizenship.

  • guyb

    Just the thought of obama turning over the state of arizona to the U.N. to decide if they can secure there borders makes me sick…… I know obama is our elected president even though I did not vote for him and he burns our American flag he is still the president of all of America unless we have even one elected offical who has not been bought off by the likes of george soros and his cronies who will stand up and force him to show his birth certificate.I hope all of America understands that we must take back our great nation before our very own elected officals sell off the last of our values and what we really have stood for…

  • chuck b

    america better wake up. the conservatives didn’t accomplish a great victory this election, so they have control of congress, the demos have the senate and the presidency and look at the republican minority leader in the congress, he will lay down with the demos and the country will be in deadlock for the next two years, the repub congress will compromise with the messiah on most issues and we will lose in the end.
    one bitter victory was in reid winning, just think if he had lost, chucky schumer would be running the senate, now other than pelosi who could you find that is more obnoxious.
    california has gone back to the stone age and we can thank the state and fed workers, the unions and all the illegal and minority vote. jerry brown, are you kidding me, this guy is truly a moonbeam on a cloudy night. california is now the venezuela of the united states

    • 45caliber

      A deadlock is a better form of government than one that will pass every stupid thing that someone can think about because “I won!”.

      • Robert Smith

        Hey 45!,

        You posted: “A deadlock is a better form of government than one that will pass every stupid thing that someone can think about because “I won!”.”

        If the Democrats had been able to deadlock things AND they hadn’t been lied to we wouldn’t be in TWO wars.

        We wouldn’t have that louzy “Patriot Act” that in the future will be looked upon with as much distain as the internments during WWII.


  • Average Joe

    Anyone in need of a good laugh?…I have it for you.
    A few years ago I changed parties from Dem to Rep. A week later I got two letters from the county. Inside were voters registration cards (one listed me a Dem and the other listed me as a Rep). I went to vote yesterday. I wore a pair of shorts and a T-shirt with sweat pants over the shorts and a second T-shirt over the first. I walked in, voted as a Rep then went outside and pulled off the extra shirt and the sweats…and went back in…showed the Dem registration. The lady says, “weren’t you just in here?” I said, “nope…that was my twin brother, we’re identical”….I had her convinced and she was going to allow me to vote again…she was handing me the ballot when I sprang te truth on her. She says…”that’s voter fraud!” I said ,”No…that’s poll workers not doing their jobs and voter’s registration not doing theirs”. At which time I tore up the Dem registration and handed it to her. Both registrations had the same number etc….the only difference was party affiliation….I made sure that everyone there knew what was going on while it was going on…and we thought our vote was safe….sheeesh….

  • John

    So dead people are swearing? Perhaps they did during life.
    So what American Citizens don’t possess proof. Must be greater than 99% of births have ‘long form’ birth certificates only leaving remote home births as possible without.
    Sounds like Registration Act needs to be immediately revise to submit proof!!!

  • chuck b

    i meant the republican minority leader in the senate (above)

  • Jim

    Keep fighting Arizona. I think I would like to go in front of these judges with my 14 and 16 year old kids and have them vote. Why Not? If people in Arizona do not need to show at least a drivers license, ID, birth certificate or something to prove they are citizens then I say have all your kids vote!!! They cannot ask. I had my older kid here in Illinois register to vote (19 years old). She had to sign the registration under penalty of perjury that she was telling the truth. She needed proof of who she was, drivers license and she raised her write hand in order to register. These judges that did this should be impeached for not following their oath.

  • nifongnation

    Yuri Bezmenov describes the destabilization techniques used by our enemies to destroy our country. The courts are only one of many avenues used. The YouTube lecturer shows how our borders, language, and culture is being destroyed without any sign of illegal activities, as we are being fragmented from within.

  • D Duda

    Don’t we have to be a legal citizen to vote? Since when does the law accept a liar’s word for swearing on oath that he/she is a legal US citizen or anything else. I have always had to present I.D. in order to vote for 60 years and have never found it to be inconvenient and believe it is absolutely necessary throughout the USA so what idiot put that law up for a vote and who are the idiots that agreed to it by voting it into law.

    • 45caliber

      I have never had to swear anywhere that I was a citizen to get a card to vote. At most, I provided a birth certificate. I’ve been moved from my last location 21 years now – and I still have gotten a jury summons from there which tells me I’m still on the voter rolls there.

      • Lewis Munn

        Sounds like we good honest citizens need to register in many places, especially where no ID is required, and then get up early election day and make the rounds! Vote early and often!!

  • KGH

    At least the 9th Circuit Court is being consistent and again proving they are incompetent, anti-Constitution, liberal zealots that are intent on legislating from the bench. They totally disregard common sense in nearly every one of their “rulings” and national security means nothing to them, after all, they have their lifetime appointment. The three that overturned this AZ law should be impeached immediately but we know that won’t happen. The current administration loves decisions like this idiotic one.

  • ReddFrogg

    “["This will enable the many poor people in Arizona who lack driver's licenses and birth certificates to register to vote," said Jon Greenbaum...]”

    That is total BS! What it will enable is voter fraud! People from other countries can be brought in, regestered and then vote according to how the person paying them off dictates!

    How stupid do you think we are, Jon?

    • 45caliber

      And NV has a court suit in place now that says the Dems were paying for votes with Starbucks cards. Someone sells their votes cheaply, don’t they?

    • Lewis Munn

      Jon KNOWS on the watered-down education nearly all the Public gets, most of us will not know any difference between right and wrong! Legal and illegal.

      Dumb down the people through liberal schooling ideas, like classes in homosexuality with lab, and holding the classes back to the level of the slowest learners. Works wonders when it comes to fooling all the people all the time.

  • Robert

    When I was 16 in New York State, I was required to show my birth certificate to get a junior drivers license, and again at 18, when I was eligible to vote, I had to show my birth certificate to prove that I was of age and a “Citizen of the United States” to register to vote, hell, I even had to go to the “Selective Service Bureau” to register for the draft, not some damn Post Office!
    So why are all these liberal judges changing the Constitution, not changing it, but interpreting it, not what they should be doing, or making political statements, but here’s the truth; Illegal immigrants/legal immigrants tend to vote democrat, and the military personel tend to vote republican. So these judges are allowing the illegals to commit voter fraud while our Armed Forces, of which I am a veteran, don’t recieve their absentee ballots in time to count. I know that Illinois and New York, both democrat states are in violation of this law and this is the most blatant voter fraud, because it is perpetrated at the State Level. Heads need to roll America. Dodging bullets and RPG’s but my vote doesn’t count? W.T.F.!!!

  • Deborah

    I was asked for my ID. I could not vote with out it.
    I had to go to my car where I`m required by LAW to have it.
    This is discrimination aginst legal citizens.

    • Lewis Munn

      Sure is! You should never need to be proven legal to own and operate a motor vehicle.

      Go steal a semi, and drive it in the front door of the polling place and demand your right to vote without further identification. Might makes right, and just see them try to argue with a semi!

  • Dee

    I believe you should have to prove you are a citizen to vote. Otherwise all these illegal immigrants will vote and they are not eligible to do so. obama must have this court under his thumb to
    have them do this.

    • 45caliber


      In these trying times, the Dems need every vote they can get! Are you trying to say they shouldn’t have them?

  • JON

    I can hardly wait to start seeing my ballot in spanish. I also wonder just how many illegals voted for Boxer and Brown……Californians just aren’t that stupid….are they?

    • Lewis Munn

      Enuf are obviously to make cultivating them and pandering to them well worthwhile.

      Besides, pandering now means they will raise huge families having fun on welfare and get special privileges citizens cannot have, and make more and more votes!

  • Paul

    well i guess if you don`t have to be a citizen to vote in the US then lets go to mexico in bus pools of thousands and vote in mexico`s elections!



  • Betty

    Our constitution clearly states that in order to file a lawsuit against any one of our states , it can only be filed before the Supreme court. Obama and Holder obviously either didnt know or care about that law when Obama instructed Holden to file against Arizona. I hope Governor Brewer will take this to the Supreme court.
    The constitution also gives states sovereignty to make the kind of laws that they enacted. Especially considering the Obama, Holder pair will not uphold the federal law and constitutional laws dealing with illegal ALIENS..keep in mind they are not illegal immigrants..they are illegal aliens.
    As far as I am concerned Obama and Holder’s actions are treasonable. To add insult to injury , they sent the 29 page report to the UN to complain about Arizona’s human rights violations ..Imagine that. obama should be impeached and he and holder should both be in jail.
    The real irony of the UN report is that some of the countries on the committee for human rights include China and Syria and if anyone knows of those 2 countries ever having any regard for human rights please let me know.
    Those 2 need to be gone immediately. I hate to see them stay until 2012. Imagine how much more damage they can do in that amount of time..especially with homeland security, the 2 new corps funded under the Monstrous health care bill…and now Rangel wants to give obama an army for inside the US to equal our military services. Monstrous.
    Imagine what he plans to do with all those forces inside the US. Bad times are still coming, in spite of the gains of Gop in this election. I have been a democrat all my life but did NOT vote for obama. He is the number 1 illegal alien in this country.
    God Bless us all and God Bless America.

    • Lewis Munn

      US Citizens ought to get together and petition the UN for relief from Obama and crew!

  • Dennis

    who are these people that they have the power to over turn any law with out the people’s say so. the people should vote before any law is turn over or changed. put some names on the people who did this so we the people will know who they are.

    • Betty

      Obama and Holder. should be in jail for treasonous acts against Arizona. Not to mention other misdeeds and crimes.

  • Philip

    My main question is this: I am married to a Lady, a widow, from the Philippines and am trying to get her to legally into the US. The qualifications are so ridgid that I don’t qualify as a sponsor; yet I have paid for the college education of two of her children and am currently paying for the college education of the third. One is teaching school, one is a registered nurse with all the qualifications to work here in the US. The third is majoring in computer science and is at the top of his class in the university. Yet our government doesn’t think I can support my wife if she comes to the US. How come the illegal aliens get everything handed to them without any questions asked. It almost seems that you are better off if you break the law than if you abide by the law. HOW COME? HOW DID WE GET TO THIS AS A COUNTRY? Now illegals don’t have to prove their citizenship?

    • http://?? Joe H.

      Have her immigrate to Mexico first, then come over the border to the US! Just for safeties sake, better have her practice speaking with a Spanish accent!! You will be together forever!!!

  • jerry b b

    Load your weapons and don’t fire until you can look them in the eye.they caan’t stay holed up for ever. There is more of us we the people than there ts of them. Also we are right and they are wromg i think that makes us stronger.

  • Paul

    This is more Big Government usurping states sovereignty.
    It is unconstitutional.
    It has always been general convention that with ‘higher level’ directives, a lower level entity may add to but not take away from it.
    The court did not respect doctrine.

  • OneDamnAngryAmerican

    Think this is bad? All over the USA illegals are serving on juries because it is illegal to ask them if they are US citizens. If nobody sees a pattern here, then you deserve to be homeless and begging on the streets, which we all will be, come 2012!

  • Art F.

    Our government is responsible for this entire mess and we the American people have sat back for over 200 years allowing elected officals to ignore our voices. The Mexican immigration issue is beyond a fix at this point. Two many illegal aliens drawing our benefits, working our jobs and are integrated into our families. And look at how much effort and money we are pouring into the lost cause. I say the only answer at this point is for the U.S. to absorb Mexico as a U.S. Territory like Puerto Rico, Guam etc. I We institute our laws, and programs, open the border and I will gladly move to Mexico. There is a lot of potential in Mexico under U. S. control and it is a win-win for everyone. We would actually have less of an area (border) to control heading towards South America. I want to see every politician in office gone and I’d like to see the people hire experts to run our country.

  • Only American

    Art F..

    Why wait to move to Mexico? Go now! Great place!
    Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmm wonder why they are all fleeing to the USA!

  • James

    If the national law requires voters to swear they are citizens under the penalty of perjury, then obviously only ‘citizens’ were intended to be voters. However such citizenship requirement may be verified, is simply assuring that the federal law’s intent is being carried out. I suggest we should all hijack a plane and fly it up the 9th Circuit’s nose.

  • Carol

    We need to vet judges more carefully. I was personally acquainted with one who went to jail for income tax evasion. Couldn’t keep his hands to himself either and he was older than my Dad. What happened upon his release from prison you ask? Why he became a federal judge again, of course

    • Lewis Munn

      Maybe he should have aimed higher and become a President. Sounds like he had the qualifications.

  • Sue C

    This is GREAT NEWS! You do not have to oppress, and suppress people, because they are less fortunate than you, especially after over-working, and under paying them (to become rich), and SHAMELESSLY justify your evil works, by a law. The AZ court did just that.

    Now, after “YOU” (many high profiled Americans, helped by the low-profiled/criminals with bad history), have committed abominable crimes, stole from your country, and found yourself, in the position of a TOAD that does not know it is being COOKED (until just before it dies), and you have kicked at the fatherless, the orphan, the poor, the stranger, and the widow, IN AMERICA, without fearing God, passed an unjust law to rob them of their rights, and are too dumb to see how your stupidity, or oxymoronic acts, AFFECTS YOU, YOUR COUNTRY, AND HOW THE WORLD SEES YOU, with your lack of respect for your own people, and your ill treatment of immigrants, who has helped to build your country, more than the American so-called PATRIOTS. Some of them do not even know what that word means.

    Immigrants held-up America, faithfully, and apparently, they were the
    only people who were working, while Americans were free-loading, on the tax-payers money, holding government jobs, in name only, but did not represent their employers well, and now that America is only hiring “AMERICAN CITIZENS” all kinds of problems are showing up, because the Americans ARE LAZY, and DOES NOT GIVE A GOOD DAY’S WORK, for a good day’s pay. That is why they cannot keep track of the fallen soldiers that they have buried in the wrong place, or there’s no “body” in the grave, or the “urns” have no label, etc! That tells a great story to the world, looking inside, from the outside, and we know, now, who were doing the work.


    This is your country, and what you do in it, will affect you, your children, grand-children, unto your great grand-children, and the cycle is repeated, from generation #1, to generation #4, in every generation. *DO NOT JUSTIFY WICKEDNESS, BY “A LAW!” GET SMART!!!!!

  • Sue C

    AMERICA! If I pat you on the back, when you do wrong things, I will be A HYPROCRITE, who desire to see you fall. I am from an old-fashioned British Country, and we do not “beat-around-the-bush” to speak the truth. Below, are two verses, among many verses, of Scripture, that keeps me in line, and I share this with you, because I cannot “LIE”, or “PRETEND” when I know you are heading for SELF-DESTRUCTION!

    Proverb 27:5 Open rebuke is better than secret love.

    Proverb 27:6 Faithful are the wounds of a friend; but the kisses of an enemy are deceitful.

    Aim High! Do what is Just, and Right, and God will Bless YOU! Have a great Thanksgiving!!!!!

    • Robert Smith

      Hey Sue C,

      Maybe it will be that way for those who follow your god, but there are other followers and other gods, and for some goddesses.

      I’m sure they don’t share your grief.


  • Robert Berry

    Throw those judges out on their ass along with the Communist President


  • Earl, QUEENS, NY

    “There ought to be a law. If it saves one life, it’s worth it!!” says the mentality of do-gooders, liberals and progressives. LOL!! If government catered to all of these morons, we’d have no freedom to decide which personal risks to take or not take, and it would soon be illegal to get out of bed in the morning!! Why won’t these same morons instead advocate Voter ID laws, or call for enforcement of existing laws against voter fraud or tampering with the polls?? Of course I have reasons to suspect that Dirty Harry Reid and his supporters stole the election from Sharon Angle some 9 months ago. …..Well, to all these do-gooder morons, I say: “There ought to be a new voting law. If it means one less vote for the leftwing socialist Democrap Party, it’s worth it!!”


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