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Anti-tax protesters hold ‘tea parties’ around the country

April 15, 2009 by  

Anti-tax protesters hold 'tea parties' around the countryConservatives from coast to coast are expressing their dissatisfaction with the course of Obama’s economic policies.

Protest have been held in Boston, Washington DC and many other cities under the banner of the National TEA Party Day, which stands for "taxed enough already," according to

"These are moms and dads, teachers and students, businessmen and women who are concerned for their country," said Republican Senator Jim DeMint of South Carolina, quoted by

"They are worried that our nation is quickly being taken in the wrong direction by politicians who are more concerned about the next election instead of the next generation," he added.

The organizers have called on citizens to march against politicians who "are spending trillions of borrowed dollars, leaving a debt our great-grandchildren will be paying" and want to redistribute hard-earned wealth.

Among other messages they hope to send are opposition to government-controlled healthcare and to carbon tax as well as refusal to accept the flow of millions of illegal immigrants into the country.

Meanwhile, the White House spokesman has sought to counter the protests by reminding Americans that the president cut taxes in the stimulus package.

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  • Norm Pawlowicz

    start scheduling tea parties for Memorial Day weekend
    when people don’t have to go to work
    see if the media can ignore or twist what happens

    • Patti Cantrell

      I agree Norm, have the tea parties on Memorial Day or “Labor” Day! I, like you, had to work to pay for all the pork in Washington! WAKE UP AMERICA!

      • Frugalvoter

        I agree a complete change in the senate and house is needed and voting is key but somehow more folks need to be concerned enough to check things out. It is far too easy to sit back and believe the promises some smooth talking media personality spews out, than check the facts and the history. Many just want to believe that the reason their plight is there is because they are victims of republicans, capitolists, conservatives, or whoever the current target is and that this wrong will be righted.

        The Jewish people were Hitlers target. The Tea Parties will bring together many folks of different social disciplines with a common concern.

        • Beverly Mangone

          The other night I watched an old movie called Mr Smith goes to Washington, and it showed the corruption in the Senate, and how the newspapers and media were controlled by certain boss leaders in the Senate. Mr. Smith trying to do good for the children and people of his district could not get the word out, that is what is happening today. Unless you watch Fox News, you have no idea what is going on in Washington. Something has got to be done. I don’t have the answer, but I am praying that someone will. I am tired of a President who goes abroad and apologizes for the greatest country in the world, a President who on this trip to the Arab country is apologizing for how we treated the people who killed 3000 Americans on 9/11. Have they apologized for the heads that they chopped off of our Americans over there? No! I am tired of a President who is unaware that he attended a church with a racist preacher for 20 yrs. He was unaware that the man he nominated for Sec of Commerce was under investigation in a bribery scandal. He was unaware that the man he nominated for Sec of Health and Human Services was a tax cheat. Also unaware that his aunt was living in the US illegally, and that his brother lives on pennies a day in a hut in Kenya.
          People who are in comas are more aware than our President seems to be.
          I don’t know about you, but I don’t sleep comfortably at night knowing this man is in charge of my country. Do you recall during the campaign when he stated that he had visited 57 or 58 states, even an elementary school child should be able to tell you how many states there are in the U.S. We need help America, we can pray, but according to our President, we are no longer a Christian nation, why should God listen or answer our prayers?

          • LauraMaeRN

            Good for YOU Beverley, this country is going down hill fast and OBAMA is EMBARRASSING. Bowing to MUSLIMS ! He is a DISGRACE to AMERICA

        • Rebecca Koly

          please tell me how to find Tea Parties in ohio PLEASE?

      • Roy Duncan

        It seems that we the people get the sh-t end of the stick everytime because we think we have to work and don’t have time to stand up and be counted. Think about it . We spend our time working while people like Obamas group, Acorn take to the streets and get well paid for marching. I guess it does get them to do something though. We are going to have to take time off to get our country back. It’s not just taxes, we have lost our country. Nov. 4th. 2008 was not an election it was a coup. Iraq had a much more honest election than America had this year. We must march on Washington every day. They must see us out there in front of their face, because they’re trying to dismiss us. They wil,l if we let them. We’re going to have to sacrifice to become America again, otherwise our children and their children will never have America. That’s the choice we must make now.

        • http://Rasmussen Barbara Pierce

          I agree. I grew up in a wonderful country, am now 72, and don’t recognize it anymore. Unfortunately because of health issues I cannot participate in tea parties. However, they have my full support. From all reports, the ones already held were peaceful and that is a big plus for us. It’s not just taxes taking their toll on us but our loss of freedoms and becoming a welfare country. Entitlements are a bunch of crap. If people are given everything they respect nothing. Earning a living, an education, other people’s respect gives us a right to self respect. Too many of us have lost our morals, our consideration of others, our love of country and respect for beliefs different from our own. Groups like Acorn promote corruption. Clean them up or shut them down. All of us need to do what is best for the country. We need to stand up and proudly proclaim “We are Americans” and not apologize for being so. Mr. Obama shames us when he apologizes for us. We, in the past, have done more to help other countries than any other has ever done.
          For the first time in my adult life, I’m ashamed of what my country is becoming. We need politicians who work for the people and not themselves. Liars and cheats should be voted out of office, regardless of party. Let’s take back our country. Write your Senators and Congressman, tell them how you feel and what you want them to do. If enough of us do this, it might sway them to do what we want. It can’t hurt and might help.
          God Bless us all and God Bless America.

        • Dolores Fleming

          Obama is an illegal President.He is not a natural born citizen of the United states.Obama was born 8000 miles from the United States.Obama was born in Mogadesha Kenya.His grandmother in Kenya says that she attended his birth.Obama is a muslim his spokes person Gibbs has said he was but not a practising one.A muslim is a muslim thats the reason Obama is going over to speek to them telling them that we are not against them.It also has said that Obama is the Anti Christ and if elected president he will do great harm to our country.BE PREPARED.Obama was a senator up in washington just three years of his term and has said with his great big mouth that he never got into wqshington but he knew it needed a change.Now how would he know that if he never got into washington.What was he doing those three years sleeping.Obama is not a natural born citizen of the united states and will do great harm to our country.obama was born in mogadesha kenya.and his grrandmother in kenya has said that she attended his birth.His mother died and his father took him to Indoneshia where he left him to be adopted.That was the reason obama wrote the book Dreams Of My Father.I say he shold be IMPEACHED.Obama talked of change,have you seen any change yet.Its the same old same old.Obama has no brains to run this country.He got elected because all the Racist blackl and the mexicans voted for him.IMPEACH HIM NOW.

        • Smilee

          In reply to:

          Dolores Fleming Reply:
          May 26th, 2009 at 11:17 am

          I don’t know where you got all your misinformation, his mother did not die, he is a natural born citizen of the US, some even filed lawsuits concerning this but have had them dismissed for lack of evidence, despite this you still persist in spreading these lies. His birth certificate is file in the vital records in the state of Hawaii. I find people like you who spew out this misinformation despicable.

          • MAE


        • Chuck

          We all need to be concerned and, we need to stand up and be counted and work hard to get rid of the entire current crop of the Washington crowd. They are so locked into the life style of a politician, they have no idea who we are, and what we need. The “professional political perk package” just keeps getting larger, and we pay for all of it. We need to prepare for 2012 and the future by locating and voting in some honest, talented (non lawyers) with some common sense. America has turned into a system for the politicians not for the people, let’s team up and change this, ok? Don’t give up, speak up, and we can vote Obama and all of his cronies out of office. Realize he is on a mission to be a king of the world not just the president. Nothing about him or his background or supposed accomplishments rings true. On top of it all, team him up with pelosi, reid and the rest of the Democrats who are working triple time to feather their own nests, not ours. Do not be fooled by all of their fancy talk, speechs etc. it is all designed to keep them in office and to fund their rich life style with our money, with out our permission.

      • brian

        Do you even know what Memorial Day Is celebrated for? My gosh, think before speaking please! That would be a huge dishonor, and disgrace to tarnish that day with that!
        I completely agree with you, about needing more parties. But that would just be wrong to do on that day!
        Please remember- When GOOD people do nothing, Bad things happen!

        • Patti Cantrell

          Do I know what Memorial Day is. . . DO YOU? I can’t think of a better day to do this. What a better way to say Thank you to our fathers and grandfathers, sons and daughters that have lost their life fighting for our right to stand up and speak. FREEDOM. They fought for our right. They fought for our right to be free and we should fight to stay free on Memorial Day or any other day! Did the soliders fighting in Iraq and Afgahanistan get Memorial Day off or did they FIGHT? They fought sir.

          Fight for your Freedom.

        • Scott

          Agreed that Memorial would have been the wrong day to hold Tea Parties. On the other hand, Independence Day would be very fitting and appropriate for the next big Tea Party. I attended the 4-15 Tea party and will recruit all that I can to attend the July 4th Tea Party. I will sacrifice any festivities to let my opinion be known. I would rather be picnicking or camping but some things are more important than recreation.

        • Mike

          Everyday can and must be a tea party! May we honor those that died fighting for freedom by fighting ourselves. This is about way more than taxes!! Soon dissent will be outlawed, and so will you and your family. You will be sent for re-education on how to be a good communist serf in the FEMA camp. Those too old or too outspoken will be gassed and incinerated.

    • Bob

      A teaparty on Memorial Day….now that is a great. Lets promote it.

      • Frugalvoter

        Great! I’ll support one in my area!

      • MEME

        You people are sick, having one of your so called tea parties on memorial day is just disrespectful. I intend to honor my fallen military family members in a more dignified way. Maybe putting some flowers on a vets grave would be more appropriate. Don’t you realize how anti-american these tea parties are, what a disgrace you are to our country!!!! Shame on you.

        • Lucy

          How is in anti-American when WE THE PEOPLE are exercising our constitutional right to peacefully assemble Going to a TEA Party on Memorial Day will honor America’s fallen Soldiers, Sailors and Marines. Because WE THE PEOPLE don’t want to pay millions of dollars for a study of pig sh_ _. We do want our Military to be ready/able to protect our Freedoms. I think all the PORK in the so called stimulus package stinks! So after making all his buddies happy he cut’s the budget of the Military. How does that honor anyone?

        • http://foxnews Sharon Reinfeld

          Memorial Day is the perfect day. These men and women fought and died for our freedoms and liberty! The government as it has headed toward has taken our National Defense and Pentagon dollars have been stripped away and given to social programs that wouldn’t even begin to back our Country if the need were to arise. I am very proud of the job our young Americans are doing!

        • DON A VET.


        • Jeanieinflorida

          When your standing in the soup you have no one to blame but yourself. Grow up and get some common sense. That vet’s grave your putting flowers on died for your freedom. But I doulbt if you will take a stand for that deceased vet by continuing his legacy – no, you would rather stand in a soup line.

        • Eric

          Anti-American? Really? Have you ever even looked at the Constitution of the United States? What is “anti-American”, is to sit back and do nothing when your government no longer represents you. It is at the very core of being an American to stand up and protest, peacefully, when your government behaves in a manner that you don’t approve. Was it “anti-American” to protest the Vietnam war? No, what was anti-American was the way we treated the soldiers when they returned from the war.

          Just because a protest doesn’t align with your point of view doesn’t mean it is “anti-American”. We do not propose an overthrow of the government, civil unrest, or violence to obtain our goals. That would be anti-American. What we propose is that the government represent us, and uphold the Constitution of the United States.

          We are here to remind them that we still exist, that the entire Nation does not approve of the current course of action, and that we are well-aware of the coming cost of their actions. Don’t preach to us about how we just got a tax cut equally roughly less than $20 a week when we know good and well that the coming increase in taxes (necessary to pay for all of this spending) will prohibit nearly every American from being able to pursue their life, liberty, and happiness without an overwhelming tax burden holding us back.

          Go back and read the US Constitution, understand that there was 5,000 years of history studied in creating that document, and that it was meant to stand the test of time, not just an ideology of a “good start”. If we were to run our Nation according to that document, we would not be in the position we are in, we would still be a Nation to be admired, respected, and envied.

          This progressive movement that started after the turn of the last century has slowly eroded our sovereignty, and we are so very close to seeing it dissolve away that we simply cannot sit back and wait for the next election cycle and hope that the citizenry wakes up to the realization that their very freedom is at risk. We must stand up now, we must make our voices heard, and we must take back our Nation!

        • Mary Sewing

          strong textYou’re the one that is sick. Having a Tea Party honors the death of these brave soldiers by upholding what they fought for (our freedom). We are rapidly losing this country to socialism. Of course the younger set doesn’t understand this because they were dumbed down in our government run school system.

        • Chance

          I disagree with you. There is no better way to remember to fallen than to fight back for the freedom that they lost their lives for!

          That is patriotic not disrespectful.

        • Pete

          Honoring those fallen is what a tea party will do best. They did not serve, sacrifice or die so that this country could become a socialist state. Perhaps that is what fits you, if so I invite you to move there are several to choose from. Just leave this country that so many fought and died for as she was meant to be, Free.

        • Patriot Diva

          Is asking our so-called leaders to follow the constitution and not tax us to death anti-American these days?

        • http://Rasmussen Barbara Pierce

          What better way to repay our men and women who have lost their lives for us than to hope to regain what they fought for.

        • Monteleone

          Hi MeMe I just want to tell you My family is a Miltary family my Father was in the Airforce. For you to say the Tea Party is wrong for people to do well You are wrong on this. Tea Party is great to have This country is going down hill fast thanks to the Democrats and Mrs Nancy house speaker.

          So I think it is good to have another Tea Party you should go to one soon. I love the tea Party and I hate Big government and speading lots of our earn money so people can live off on us for free is wrong. Welfair is worng they should get off from there Big Butt and get a Job like the rest of us.

          So do not run off the cuff when you say the Tea Partys are sick they are not we are just tired of our Government getting in the way of our freedom we are lossing our freedom right now thanks to Obama and the rest of the Democrats.

          Thank you for your time,

        • Cindy

          supporting that idiot in the White House and his “gang” is unAmerican and brainless. The Tea Parties are trying to help uninformed people like you too, not that you deserve it.

        • brian

          Lucy Lucy Lucy
          You keep saying WE WE WE WE WE WE WE
          when u are actually saying I I I I I I want I want I want I need I deserve I want I I I I I and more I’s
          Hello! You make me sick! You are not red! Red are makers! Not takers! and that is all you talk about I I I I want want want Need need deserve free free.
          you are a blue taker!
          quit kidding yourself

        • Carol Dines

          It is not anti-American to express your opinion about anything, it is Un-American to suppress opinion.

        • keith


        • Robert From SE Texas

          The brave men and women that died for democracy, freedom, and the right to protest an oppressive government would loudly disagree with you, if they only could. What better way to honor their sacrifice but to protest those liberties behind taken away from us. Unfortunately this also gives you the right to make that stupid statement. I would fight to death for right to make stupid statements. Congess is now considering a bill to make it illegal for you to make your remarks on the internet, so enjoy it while you can.

    • Kimberly in VA

      Great Idea to schedule tea parties on holidays when many people are not working. I would plan to attend one of these. I attended at on 4/15.

      • http://google fogey60

        the only way to change the gov as it it is to vote EVERY incumbant out the next election democrat and republican alike there is No difference between the two parties they are there for there own agenda vote the ba—-ds 0ut i think it will take a lot more than just a little gathering (tea party) here and there to get the message across when long time incumbents lose there jobs they will start to get the point. i also think any one who has served in gov should be prevented from being a lobbyist actually lobbing congress should be prevented altogether

        • Carolyn

          Amen to voting out everyone on office . Some of them have been there tooooooo long.We need new people .Clean house.

    • Stanley Pearson

      Why didn’t you SOB’S hold a tea party when bush did all this BS to take this country down? You people need to get GOD

      • Keith Reali

        If Bush was an SOB when he did it then why isn’t true when the Democratic administration and Congress does it. It seems to me it’s wrong no matter who’s doing it. If we have to live within our means…so does our government.

        The debt will bankrupt us all.

        • http://google fogey60

          the only way to change the gov as it it is to vote EVERY incumbant out the next election democrat and republican alike there is No difference between the two parties they are there for there own agenda vote the ba—-ds 0ut

        • Eric

          This is what amazes me, everyone likes to bash Bush and say how out of control his spending was, yet they never bother to do the math… Let’s take the “$1 Billion/week” war statement, shall we? Have you added that up? If Bush spent that much for every week of his administration, for both terms, that would come out to $416 Billion. The current spending of this administration, not even 100 days old yet, is already projected at over $12 TRILLION over the next 10 years. And that’s with $0 in additional spending.

          This is what we’re protesting. Did the Republican Congress spend recklessly? Absolutely, why do you think they lost both the House and the Senate? Are you actually saying that Democrats were the only ones who voted them out of office? No, we spoke up with our vote, we put the Democrats back in control, with promises to reign in the “out of control spending”, return ethics to our government, and represent the people. I don’t know about you, but I’d say they’ve done a lousy job. And apparently the majority of America agrees, as the current Congress has the WORST approval rating in history.

          People just don’t know what to do anymore. Neither party seems to be representing them anymore, and many have just thrown up their hands and given up. Not us. We’re here to tell our government that we still believe in our Country, and we’re not going to sit back and take this lying down. And we’re Democrats and Independents as well as Republicans. Don’t believe the media’s lies that this is just a bunch of disgruntled Republicans. We the people voted for CHANGE, not exponentially more of the same.

        • David Hall

          Might be wrong, time well tell. I believe dems and republicans are all in bed
          together and they get a kick out of listening and watching us mean ole republicans and dems at each others throats. If it wasn’t so, the republicans
          were in power once a upon a time. If, they would have done their job, suitable
          to the American people, we wouldn’t be having the conversation about tea-parties and that tax and spend crazed, Obama. To further my point, neither
          dems or REPUBLICANS have never done nothing to amount to nothing about the illegal alien problem, that has helped bankrupt California.
          It’s just a matter of time, and we’ll get blasted again, big time. Maybe, that
          will unite us again, for a short period of time.

      • JoAnn Moore

        It sounds like you are the one who needs to get God with the terrible language you use. Also, Bush did slip on some of the spending, BUT he saved us from further attacks AND he didn’t try to ram in socialized medicine which will prevent me from getting any care or medication since I am old and as they say, “going to die soon anyway!” nor did he try to take away the BIll of Rights as BHO is gearing up to do ! He like J. Wright and Bill Ayres is an America HATER!

        • Frugalvoter

          Exactly So!

        • suddencall

          Bush did not save us from anything. He and the republicans you worship rapped our Military and our country and Iraq. They also Helped the OPEC rape the economy in America and the rest of the world.What a wonderful little devil he was. The republicans are so evil, that even the devil would not let them in, when they die.
          I wonder what you thought would happen with $4.00 gasoline and a $1 billion per week war ?No you people are not Patriots you are fools that are listening to the right wing terror groups.You are nobodies friend.

        • Smilee

          Reply to:

          JoAnn Moore Reply:
          April 17th, 2009 at 3:52 pm

          Boy are you ever paranoid! It appears to me it is you who is the hater. Can you be sure that we were not attacked because nobody including Bin Laden even tried to that and it had nothing to do with Bush actions. I so not know how old you are but I am on Medicare coupled with a medigap supplement plan and it is the best plan I have had since the mid seventies when HMO and later managed care plans started taking over much of our medical needs and limited greatly your choices and I knew many who had to wait up five months for surgery one living on pain pills and crutches for five months until the HMO had an opening due to not hiring enough surgeons to cover their patient load and would not pay for a surgeon out of their network to do it and they also added co-pays and limited some coverages. Since going on Medicare I have had no co-pays, deductibles, out of pocket maximums and can choose my own doctors, go to any hospital or clinic including Mayo and Cleveland Clinics if I like and no networks and have not paid one dime past my premiums which total a little less than $300.00 per month including Medicare B premium that the government takes out of my social security check each month, I have been in the hospital twice and receive medical attention on a ongoing basis with no extra cost to me. The best coverage I have had since about 1975 and have been on Medicare for four years now. You hear about these scares but I know many on Medicare and all I know are real happy with it. So why are you making up these stories about medical for seniors, no one including Obama has suggested changing Medicare except for the Bush’s advantage plans which Buch signed into law in 2003 and then only in paying for these medical services the same as they pay for original Medicare. Bush’s advantage plans have increased the cost of Medicare in these plans 13% on average over the regular Medicare for the government with less coverages and legal protections on most of these plans for the individual Obama plans to reduce the payments to the advantage plans to be the same as all other Medicare benefit payments thus saving the government 13%. Clearly you do not understand what is going on with medical reforms which will benefit all of us with lesser costs and better coverages but I guess your hatred of Obama and congress blinds you to these facts and I realize there are many who do not want to see costs cut as it will cut into profits of the third party payers mostly insurance companies. But as few can afford to pay total medical premiums on their own do you think it right to put an individual’s medical needs as a lesser importance than corporate profits of these insurance companies. Seems to me this train of thought makes it OK for some to make mega bucks on the suffering of others and therefore I am in favor of the changes Obama proposes and are needed, my fear is he will not go far enough or a timid congress not will to stand up to the lobbyists who’s only interest is their pocket books and care nothing about the health of the nations citizens. Further, for your information the President (any president) plays no role in changing the constitution and even if he wanted he could not take away the “Bill of Rights” to do that 2/3 vote by the the congress and then 75% of the states concurring can do this or by 2/3 of the states voting to convene a constitution congress which has never been done. Again you have no clue as to what you are talking about and how incorrect your allegations are. I’ll leave it to you as to weather you need God and if you learn you do Please do so.

      • Paul Trood

        Stanley it wasn’t Bush’s policies that started this mess, it was Clinton’s. Bush just never did anything to fix it.

        • suddencall

          Duh,What is it you do believe in?

        • Paul Trood

          What I believe in is that the American people have been duped by every administration since JFK. Whilst on the surface there is differences between the party’s, in reality there is little. It’s just a self serving game to entertain and divide the masses. If the people of the U.S.A. really want change they have to see reality for what it is and wipe the slate clean. You may ask for god’s help but only the strength of conviction of the PEOPLE can bring about the change that is needed.

        • http://foxnews Sharon

          Actually it started in the Carter Administration, Clinton just expanded it.

        • Smilee


          I believe it was Bush that started the Iraq war and it had nothing to do with Clinton, at the outset it was his way to fix it, missed the whole target didn’t He.

        • Paul Trood

          Smilee I am not talking about Iraq. I am addressing the issue in this post. It was Clinton that instructed Fannie May and Freddie Mac to extend loans to people that normally would never satisfy the standard requirements. This action contributed greatly to the meltdown.

        • http://aol Judy

          Reply to Smilee:

          What in the world makes you think that Obama’s plan is going to be better than the HMO’s?

      • Pam

        Please, Bush was a President, not a ruler!!!! Where have you been, printing money and promising money to other Countries does not alert you, when, we in America are in trouble. I hope you are happy sitting in your chair and saying what you said. As you find that chair GONE, because we are no longer allowed that type of chair or perhaps another Country needs that chair, same with your money, we do not have it and yet they are getting our dollars. Hello

      • Mike1968


        You’re welcome to attend any Tea Party. In fact, you might learn something worthwhile – you might learn about hard work, how industrious Americans made this country great, responsibility, self-worth, civics, liberty, freedom, and the constitutional right of people to protest the activities of our government.

        Get over yourself. As your hero, the Great Mountebank of the White House, reminds us with great regularity – He won. So, he won, let’s get on with the business at hand and quit bashing George Bush for the unacceptable socialist of the Apologist-in-Chief currently at 1600 Pennsylvania Av.

        • suddencall

          Wrong again. Clinton had little to do with this mess.
          You and the republicans own It.It was planned and it is doing the job it was planned for.Wrecking the economy so the congress can repeal SSI, Veterans benifits, medaide,and Medicare.So all you can do now is set back and watch it finish.

        • Paul Trood

          suddencall you need to stop thinking along party lines. Both sides have contributed to the mess the U.S. is in. Take your blinkers off and see the real picture. Policy is in the main not constructed by a particular party but those that are higher up and instruct government via financial powers and others as to what actual policies will be implemented.

        • Smilee

          do you really believe all your name calling will accomplish anythin positive???

      • http://NewConservativeGeneration John

        I understand your reaction but you as well as others have missed the point entirely. It not about Bush or Obama, Democrat or Republican. Its about
        a run away government, Democrats & Republicans who have refused to listen
        to their employers. You have 300,000 American taxpayers come out and protest on a work day and what do you get in return but Nancy Pelosi who says that “we are nothing but Astroturf”. Its time to clean house and elect representatives who will listen to what their taxpayers or tell them and to stop running their own agendas. That goes for both parties.
        Since I did attend one of the many tea parties, trust me when I tell you that there were Republican, Conservatives, Democrats, Independents, Moms & Dads, Senior citizens, union and nonunion workers, low income, middle income, blue collar, white collar, white, black, hispanic, native American,
        Japanese, Chinese, middle eastern and we’re firmly united in our message. We are sick and tired of paying taxes to bail out banks, and corporations who have wasted their money. That the tit they have been sucking on is dry and
        and Americans are NOT going to put up with it anymore. They either need to change their political ideologies or we are going to change them by throwing
        all of them out of office and elect people who can work together to solve the problems this country is facing.
        I hope you can understand that this is a grassroots effort being since a majority of those I met have never been to a protest before in their lives and that includes me.

        • http://google fogey60

          thank you i totally agree the only way to change is to get rid of all of them

        • Dawn

          Amen. I was at the Chicago tax day party and it was my first. Like you said, every race and religion, political party, etc. The best thing to do is impeach them all, downsize(majorly) government and get back to what our founding fathers wanted for us.

        • suddencall

          Boy oh Boy have they got you fooled. The organizers of this movment have none of your beliefs .None.They are using you just like they have been doing the last forty years.Lying to you and patting you on the back while they are wrecking your republic so they can reorganize it in to a third world country with Corporate rule.Look for the company store to return .

        • Eric

          And just who do you think the organizers are? Furthermore, where is any proof of this crazy conspiracy theory? I don’t know about you, but the TEA party here in Orlando, FL (over 4,000 in attendance) was organized by everyday citizens. This is not about party, but about out-of-control government. Period.

        • Mary Sewing

          strong textYou are right. This government has gone berserk and we must impose TERM LIMITS. The only way is to come out of this is a total cleansing.

        • Carol Dines

          You couldn’t be more correct!

        • Smilee


          Did you only get 300,000 people out, I was of the understanding this was a big thing. You are never going to succeed with such small support and so few that care about your cause.

        • Paul Trood

          POWER to you John !!

      • Republican

        Stanley thank you for your comment! This spending taking place is necessary now. It’s not the President is spending money foolness, he is taking the advise of of nations most respected enonomists. It doesn’t matter who caused the current sitaution, but it will take all of us to get the nation out of it.

        • http://NewConservativeGeneration John

          Do you actually believe that?
          Please do me a favor and name a couple of them because most of the economists that I have listened to are not saying that. The only thing that
          will happen is that when you print more money inflation becomes a serious threat because the value of the dollar drops and price for goods and services increase while your ability to pay for them decreases. That is exactly what happened during the Carter administration. Who are the experts advising Obama? Its the Federal Reserve who basically caused the problem to begin with along with Congress and all of these so called experts that advised these companies to to buy sub-prime mortgages. If you let them chapter 11, these companies would reorganize, shareholders would change the Board of Directors and the company would eventually recover all on their own without spending a dime of taxpayer money. And employment would only affect those that worked for these companies and not the entire economy.
          Think about it and do your own homework and quit listening to the so called experts. They probably lost more money than you did. The quickest way for them to recoup their losses is to have you pay for it.

        • http://n/a empty pockets

          If you are a “republican”, it’s in name only-and the reason the GOP lost it’s way…and a majority. You’re certainly no conservative. The disagreements in our bi-polar nation now are really between those who want all government with little to no personal responsibility and those who want the least government with the most personal responsibility. I want the government to do the job as defined in the Constitution, not as wished for by Obama/Reid/Pelosi. If redistribution of wealth really is such a good thing, then why are democrats the LEAST generous when giving to charities? Why haven’t Soros, et al given VOLUNTARILY of their wealth to those in greater need? It’s because it isn’t about helping anyone but themselves. They are after power. Poverty levels were declining after the welfare reform Clinton signed (in a veto proof bill), but the Malevolent Muskateers (Obmam/Reid/Pelosi) reversed it. Obama admitted to “Joe the Plumber” that he knew lowering taxes brought in more tax revenue. He KNEW it! But he said he didn’t care; he wanted “income redistribution” anyway. He KNOWS that the GAO’s report said that doing nothing would create more jobs than the so-called stimulus plan, yet he pushed it through anyway. It’s all about power, not doing what’s in the best interests of the country and its citizens. And never doubt that the power of the government is dervied directly from the people-the more power the government has, the less freedom and power the citizens have.

          That’s the core behind the tea parties-government run amok; Government stampeding over the citizens, spending money we don’t have on things we don’t need…and printing fiat money which will cause inflation on top of our other problems.

          Obama didn’t start it, but he’s given it a head of steam. We the people have finally reached a near boiling point…and on tax day we heard the first, faint whistle of venting.

          So all you Stanleys out there (and pretender “republicans”), are you ready to stop taking dictation on the day’s talking points and start thinking for yourselves? Are you ready to give up on the “Bush bashing”, Clinton bashing, and other childish games? Are you ready to take personal responsibility for your part–through actions or inaction–in getting us into this mess, and do something about getting us out of it?

          Are you ready to make term limits a reality by voting out the incumbents?

        • Paul Trood

          Well said empty pockets. But I do agree with Kusinich and now Conyers that Bush and many senior members of his administration should be indicted for war crimes and crimes pertaining to breaches of the Constitution, if for no other reason than sending all future presidents a strong message about just how far their individual power extends. Bush stomped on the Constitution.

        • Smilee

          Reply to

          empty pockets Reply:
          April 18th, 2009 at 11:06 am

          The reason the Republicans lost elections is not due to republicans in name only as you call them but you conservatives that many republicans have gotten sick of and would no longer support and if you keep insisting on this conservative purity and feel you do not need them or classify them as democrats even though they say other wise you will continue to lose elections seeing as only about 21 or 22 percent support you now albeit many die hard republicans will still continue to vote your way but not enough of them and most independents will not and you will continue to lose and all the tea parties in the world will not change this, so dream on but don’t cry in you milk if the democrats remain in power and Barack gets reelected in 10 and 12. Your denial may be the death of your movement yet, you no longer fool most voters.

      • freeme

        To Stanley…

        Why didnt WE ‘SOB’S’ protest Bush? What about YOU? I assume YOU were the MOST disgruntled party, were YOU not?
        WHERE WERE YOU DURING BUSH’S BS?…whimpering and whining with your friends sipping latte’s at Starbucks?

      • Sane American

        Many do wonder where these protesters were during the Bush era and the answer is kind of simple really.

        We have always been around and voicing our opinions. However, the mainstream media was more successful in stilling our voices. The biggest change today though, are that our ranks have been swollen by all those who got sold a bill of goods last year and took Obama at his word. Their disappointment is an even stronger motivation than our disgust with a government that has been broken for decades. Further, no matter how much the left leaning folks want to abuse the messengers, the message is going to come across loud, clear, and with a gusto that no one will be able to deny.

        The other change, is that people are finally starting to wake up to the fact that Congress, dominated by the Democrats for eons, writes the law, and President’s only administer those law. For too long our media outlets have focused the ills of this country on one person when many more share in the poor job being done by Washington D.C.

        Since Obama did not deliver on his promises and appears hell bent on breaking this country apart, it is up to ‘We the People’ to stand up, stand firm, and let our public servants understand who pays the bills and who is truly in charge. If it takes tossing every last one of them from office, tehn so be it.

        • Smilee

          300,000 is “we the People” I think not!

      • DON


        • http://Rasmussen Barbara Pierce

          Abortion is murder anyway you look at it. There are so many ways to prevent pregnancy, there is no reason to get pregnant if you don’t want to.

    • Jack Sullivan

      Memorial Day weekend is Saturday May 23 – Monday May 25. Let’s do it and spread the word to the national organizers for the April 15th TEA Parties. Let’s not allow this uprising to be editorialized as a one time event by a bunch of Right Wing malcontents. The mainstream media do not report the news any more. They Editorialize everything with their spin of the “facts”. What happened to “Who, What & Where”? As a journalism major I was taught to report “just the facts”. Opinion is only for the Editorial Page.

      • Ruth Hartje

        Tea Parties on Memorial Day:
        I went to one of the Tulsa, OK teaparties and couldn’t believe the reports afterword. The last time I’ve seen a group of people so patriotic was in the aftermath of 911. To hear the mainstream media report on them was shameful. I don’t think they could have said any of this to our faces (except that nutcase from CNN). The older generation would have put them in their places. Their parents must be so ashamed of them.

        Anway, the plans are to have the next tea party on INDEPENDENCE DAY! I don’t know why they didn’t pick Memorial Day, but I think they need organization time. Check out the details at

        God Bless America and save us from the Liberal minority.

    • http://windstream Joanne

      Memorial Day would be great to have another Tea Party. Also, how about the 4th of July for the next one? Eventually the main stream media will have to take notice!

      • http://google fogey60

        they would have no choice but to notice if the gathering were large enough and the location was right like WA.DC shut the whole city down with people protesting or something but they would just call in the police the Nat. guard etc
        say it was an illegal protest but it would get the attention it needs

        • Dawn

          They can’t call in the National Guard, cause most of them are in Afghanistan. The police and Obama’s brown shirts are a bunch of punks that wouldn’t know what to do if several hundred thousand AMERICANS descended on them.

        • jo

          I think they’re planning one in D.C. in the fall.

        • jo

          they had the nerve to call our peaceful protesters “domestic terrorists.” But they applaud the efforts of the civil-unrest, maletov-cocktail-throwing, looting, disturbing the peace behavior of the enviromaniacs that protest at summits around the globe.

    • Dawn

      Yea, I’m there. Then one on Independence Day. After all, isn’t that what the tea party(original) was all about?

    • jo

      I think they are planning July 4th parties. And they’re looking for volunteers to organize them. They want them to spread!

    • John Sullivan

      November Election Day should be Renamed “Memorial Day”. When this crowd (both parties) took over the government is a True Day of Mourning.

    • keith

      is there one of these groups in jax fla???? if so,tell me how to contact!

      • brad schuber

        Keith, go to The contact info is there.

    • brad schuber

      Let’s all go after Obama for being ineligible to be President. If everyone across America carried signs saying only that one thing, day after day, Media could not ignore it, and the Supreme Court would have to address it. We could print it on T-shirts, and billboards across the country so that it could not be ignored.

    • roy sironi

      please you guy’s don’t you know what the tea party was about? read your history most people are very ignorant, and do not even understand so many people feel that because Abe Lincoln called himself a Republican, that for this reason they can live his glory, don’t even think about it. times were so different most of today’s so called republican’s would not make it in his time! nor democrat’s for that matter, it’s not whether you are one or the other, it is what you can do for your country, get it! think before you talk and you will be embarased, see ya:’/?

    • roger booth

      I would think that a part of the planned day being on a work day would also send it’s own messege as those employers affected would also suffer a loss as well as a further loss to the tax system via a reduced tax upon the affected business’s due to the business loss. I believe that if every working man and woman and their employers would shut down for just one day, in protest, the result upon the tax system would stagger the government and make them rethink their positions. I could be wrong but it seems reasonable enough to give it a try. Just for the record, I’m a mechanic and work for my living too.



    • Steve

      I agree with you, the man has yet to provide the actual birth certificate that would verify where he was born. Why do so many consider this a conspiracy theory? Every president before this bum has had to provide their actual certificate. There is one conservative organization that has sued in federal court for Obama to provide the actual document. The Obama administration has since gone after this organization in an attempt to crush them. Most that attended the Tea Party protests on Tuesday were labeled “right wing extremists”. Citizens that love this country and believe in what it was founded on (the Constitution & belief in the one true God), better wake up before it is too late!!! This isn’t fear mongering, it is simply the truth. Obama stands for everything that the miltary veterans in this country have sacrificed their lives and have fought against like, oppression, tyranny, collectivism, Communism, Marxism. The individual doesn’t matter, only the collective, unless you are among the elite of course. Obama’s religeous background has always been in question. Whether he is a muslim or not, which I believe that he is, doesn’t matter. If nothing else, he believes in Liberation Theology. Liberation Theology was started by Jesuit priests that believed Communism was the only form of government that would further their religeous beliefs. These were the priests in Nicaraqua and El Salvador that promoted the Communists government and Communist rebels. Obama admitted that Liberation Theology was his faith of choice. WAKE UP YOU MIND NUMB ROBOTS!!

      • letfreedomring10

        You are so right on all counts save one: He is a professed Muslim by his own admission. I am Catholic, was then, and still am now angry on what the Jesuits revolt against Church Law did. Vatican II and the changing of the gaurd caused this condition to evolve into radical movements across the world. They are what you called them and not Priest’s of the Heart of Christ Jesus. Therefore, I congratulate you sir for the truth spoken herein. Amen.


        • caz

          No good ever comes of religious hatred. In fact religion is at the heart of all the worst conflicts this world has seen. As everyone claims to have ‘the truth’…I conclude noone does.

          • roger booth

            I know alot of hateful Christians and I agree that no good comes from hate. In todays world I also see that Muslims are the biggest haters on the block. Barok H. Obama has indeed slipped and admitted his Islamist beliefs more than once. Where does that leave that imposter?

      • mattie

        I agree with you all. It is only by bits and pieces that we become aware of the larger picture. University of Maryland is now offering pornography cinema classes while deleting the daily prayer from school, our children are being subjected to government policies rather than education, food is being altered genetically, ( will we be), there is nothing to back up the dollar and yet more of them ae being produced, health insurance, do not go there, being able to afford your home, having a job and not enough money to sustain oneself, the picture gets bigger all the time. We are coming in for a hard landing without a net. Everyone says lets take America back, yet no one will relenquish their SUV/Hummer, or other gas guzzlers. Bring our jobs back to America so people will have one. I do not need to support another country when I can barely support myself. Wake up America! What did the Patriots fight for? Greed? TEA is healthy!

        • Bob

          I mostly agree with you but you actually buy into the Global warming BS.

        • Paul Trood

          I too agree with all said here and you are right Bob Global Warming or as they now prefer to call it Climate Change is just another con to denude tax payers of more money. Wake up America!!!!

      • anwar

        you are a sick puppy

      • Republican

        Wow – you so called patriots have all the answers. If you can’t trust the representatives you put into office, then you have no one to blame but yourselves.
        The majority of the voters support the President and his agenda. This is a democracy and the majority wins. Let’s get behind this President as patriots should do and get us out of this very bad economical situation.

        • http://google fogey60

          standing behind a wrong choice is still a wrong choice.

        • JoAnn Moore

          Dear RINO, rtpublican in name only,You are dead wrong about the majority of voters supporting the Obama )it’s hard to say president even if he is. It’s true that he got the most votes on election da, but the great majority of those who voted for him had no idea what he stood for and what he would do. They didn’t vote for his policies. I won’t detail all the reasons they did, but it was not for socialism, nullifying the Bill of Rights, establishing a private militia nor a youth corps that smacks of what Hitler. he is not competent, but is VERY Dangerous. It was ignorance that elected him, largely young people who didn’t live during the great depression nor the second world war as I did and have not been taught in the schoolsand colleges. I can speak as a retired teacher and the mother of a college professor. I have been there for all of these. Ignorance of Obama’s agenda elected him.

        • azcIII

          You, like so many others, are woefully mistaken about the nature of this country’s political system. It is a sad result of the misinformation perpetrated by our government-run schools. We are NOT a DEMOCRACY!!! A democracy is a tyranny of the majority, where 50.01% rule supreme over the other 49.99%. We are a Constitutional republic, where the minority still has a voice via their elected representatives and parliamentary rules (such as the filibuster) allow the minority party to wield influence on behalf of their constituents. At least, that’s how it was designed to work by our founders.

          “Democracy is two wolves and a lamb voting on what to have for supper; liberty is a well-armed lamb contesting the vote.” Ben Franklin

          Our Founders knew full well that democracy was the ultimate tyranny, because all one had to do was gain majority support and they could reign over the land as absolutely as any monarch or dictator. They took steps to prevent that when they wrote the Constitution.

          Constitutional rule has allowed the most diverse group of people in history to not only live together in peace, but become the most powerful and prosperous nation in the history of the world. It is largely the erosion of the system of government established by our Founders that has led to the very serious problems we face today. We must restore the rule of Constitutional law. It protects us ALL from a tyranny of the majority, conservative, liberal, Democrat or Republican alike.

          Otherwise, America will continue it’s fall into tyranny, and the future is bleak….and eventually may become bloody…for us all. We’ve been on this slippery slope for a very long time, through both Democratic and Republican administrations. Bush did a lot of damage, but Obama has slammed his foot on the accelerator and hit the nitro.

        • Jodee

          are you REALLY sure WE the People voted obama in, or was he a “selected” President? with ACORN and all the voter fraud out there, , heck, Ron Paul could have won and it wouldn;t have mattered. The media and his cheating ACORN are who got him him elected. Not us. thats my opinion. No birth Certificate, paid 800,000 for 3 FIRMS, not attorneys, FIRMS to NOT show his Birth certificate! He is for everything that is happening and will be our dictator very soon if americans don;t continue to wake up, hold Tea parties as much as possible as the media is putting the question in everyones head that this was a ONE time thing. WRONG AGAIN! We need to stay in thier faces, march every chance we get and grow in numbers and vote out incumbants. But here again the “voting” process has been damaged and who knows who REALLY was elected? or will be? We need to KEEP MARCHING!!!!

        • Lovey


          You have an aberated point of view when it comes to the Tea Parties. These were not organized by anyone particular cable new station or partisan committee but by the PEOPLE who ask ‘CAN YOU HEAR ME NOW…?” Apparently you do not. FOLLOW THE LAW ‘THE WILL OF THE PEOPLE’; we’re good enough to elect them but not smart enough to know what we want?!?!?

          The tea party attendees came for multiple reasons from uncontrolled spending to gun control and all the rest cited in the DHS ‘threat analysis’. We want our Laws, as guaranteed by the Constitution, upheld.

          Further, don’t believe all the polls; they’re biased and partisan, conducted by those with an agenda. Have you ever been asked to participate by a pollster?

        • Lucy

          BO won with a margin 52 to 48%. I believe that there were more than 5% of those people who are now completely disillusioned by BO, at TEA Parties (there were many at the one I attended). They, those that voted for BO are now realizing – they aren’t getting the kind of change they voted for.

        • Paul Trood

          azc111, you are bang on the money. most intelligent comment I have read here!!!

        • TrueAmerican

          Some one needs to watch WE may not have elected him. Your sate website will have the voting results for your voting district, when you meet with a large group from your own district and compare the numbers of those in your group and find that there are more in your group who testify to having voted a certain way and the numbers on the state website don’t acknowledge that many votes for that candidate in the county you know something is wrong.
          Not only do we have to go to the polls and vote the bums out, but we have got to have a way, in every election, of verifying the vote.

        • Sue

          The majority WON only because of our Liberal Media that would not even let the canidates that the people wanted to hear debate!! Wake up, we did not elect this evil person the MEDIA did it with all their whitewash.

    • Randy

      I’m no Obama fan, but please get your facts straight. Your diatribe is simply hateful and smacks of wholesale bigotry. And please – you sound completely ignorant calling the prison population of “rapists, murderers and thieves” Democrats. Unfortunately, it’s people who talk like you do, who turn Independents and others who base our politics on issues rather than ideology, away from the Republican party.

      • Keith Reali

        …were you not listening to the name calling by the Dems the past eight years?

        It doesn’t make it right, it just points out that you should base your allegiance on issues not the name calling no matter which end of the spectrum you’re on.

    • caz

      At the bottom it says….’we will not tolerate racism, profanity or slanderous comments’

      …isn’t this extreme rascism?

  • patriot

    It is true that President Obama has shown his true colors, he did what he said he would do, and is not giving anyone time to contemplate the consequences. We as a nation need to stand for what we know is true, and go back to our nations roots. The
    Constitution. We are and were founded on Christianity. That is where we need to be. Patriots rise up and take back our nation.

    • letfreedomring10

      Simply put –amen my fellow American.


    • suddencall

      The people that are demostraiting now are thirty years out of touch.They are proving their ignorance by letting the whole nation know that they are not well informed and the information they have is republican terror proganda.Pity these folks are supporting the wrong priorities for our nation.With there help we will lose everything.
      What did they think was going to happen with four dollar gasoline? what did they think was going to happen with a billion dollar a week war? and when it was evident that a terror group was working in America where were they then?Where were thety when the constitution was being raped and the justice department shut down?
      What really should happen is these folks should have all there assets siezed to help pay for the damage they have done the last forty years by voting republican.

      • patriot

        dear sir,
        this is not about political parties, this is about the Great Nation of America. Land of the Brave, Home of the Free. Note Free. Where was I when gas prices and our country not only is but was spiraling out of control. Doing the same, calling my congressman, peaceful protests, writing letters. Demonstrating that my country is important, not bashing those in leadership. I did not vote for the current administration, nor do I agree with what he is doing, in the same vein, I did not agree with things the prior administration did, and I wrote letters, called my congressman, spoke out in protest. What have you done, Young man for your generation?

        • suddencall

          Do you really believe that?Well it looks like politics to me.Me thinks you have no clothes.

      • Peon, 2nd Class

        You, sir, with all respect, are a first class idiot. I agree with some points in your letter. George W. was basically a traitor. Not building the fence, etc. However, as said before, “All that is needed for evil to succeed, is for good men to do nothing”. You liberal Marxist communists love to point your finger at George W. for going to war. You love to ignore the fact that all the Dems agreed, including Clinton, that the threat was real, and we had no choice but to take out Soddamned Insane, so shut the hell up on that already. You have just witnessed the President Imposter in the Blight House commit to spending more in less than 100 days than ALL previous Presidents COMBINED! And you tell us we are out of touch by 30 years. You are an idiot supreme. The man is a Congenital Liar. Virtually every campaign promise was a lie. Virtually everything he has said is a lie. Under his command, Muslim terrorism in this country will now be classified as ‘man-made disturbances’ or some such nonsense, while re-classifying men and women who love this country so much that they went over-seas, putting their life in the line of fire so that idiots like you are free to hate freedom, will now be classified as right wing extremists with possible terrorist tendencies. In that same grouping are people that believe same sex ‘marriage’ is a sin (read Romans 13, KJV, please), and those that actually believe a baby should have the right to life, rather than being murdered. You have a man in the Blight House that is hell-bent on destroying America as fast as possible, and you think those that disagree with you are out of touch. Amazing. Why would he not have the time to honor the fallen heroes in the cemetery in France, but have the time to go to a mosque and admit that he is ‘of the faith’? Why before speaking at a Christian University would he require an image of Jesus Christ to be covered so that he doesn’t have to look at it? Because he is a muslim through and through that hates America. Why else would you be a friend to someone that hates America enough to bomb it, with the only regret being that he didn’t do enough damage (Ayers)? You need to read Mark Levin’s 3 week NY Times best-seller “Liberty and Tyranny”. When you are done, repent, or move to some communist country where you will be happy not having a US Constitution.

        • suddencall

          IFrom the profits conner, there will be no christians and no republicans in the kingdom of god.
          Amendment; All that is needed is for good men to do nothing and vote republican and all Americans will find themselves in chains.
          You sir have your parties mixed up.The republicans are the ones that raised your taxes and lied to you about everything.They still are. They want to shut Obama down just like they did Bill Clinton.
          California has not recovered from R. Reagan yet.

        • Republican

          Sudden Call – Sorry to disappoint you, but you are not helping this situation by your regurgiating misleading facts.. If you think you have all the answers, please run for public office and straighten this country out. If you can’t support or trust your state representatives in Congress, then you have no-one to blame buy yourself. Let’s work together to save our wonderful nation.

      • http://suddencall SF Retired

        I really take issue with your assessment. I grew up in the 60′s. It seems to me that a lot of the stimulas money is going for all the crap that the hippies were barking about almost 40 years ago. I didn’t agree with Viet Nam but went anyway and found out that we helped many people with food, medical assistance, and training. Yet this is never reported on. The tea parties are about taxes. The bill is coming due and our children and grand children and going to be the ones paying. A person age 20 will pay $120 thousand dollars during his working life just to pay the intrest on obamas spending. Add in bushs spending and it is not a pretty picture. We have already had $4 dollar a gallon gas. We have trillions of barrels in this country but the extreme left is the ones bitchen about drilling. Hundreds of oil rigs in the gulf during cat 3, 4, and 5 hurricanes and not one drop spilled. We have not built a refinery in this country for over 30 years because of the bunny and tree huggers. Now “gobal warming” has turned to “climate crisis” because the temp has dropped a degree in the past 7 years. Algore has made several hundred million dollars with this BS. Funny how he refuses to debate climantoligest that are not on the tax payers payrole from millions in subsidies. Obama wants everyone to drive electric cars. Great idea. When you and your hero fly on an electric plane, I’ll drive and electric car. With libs, it all about the cause. They don’t give a damn about the effect. There are hundreds of products that are derived from oil. Maybe you sould take a look to see how many of those products you are willing to live without. Cap and trade worked great in the UK. Business shut down and sold their carbon credits because they could make more money than producing a product. The effect, import the product which will cost the consumer more at the register. A billon dollars a week on war. Sounds pretty cheep considering a 3.6 trillion dollar budget that obama and his libs want for one year. Remember, they, radical Islum, have been coming after us for 30 YEARS! It took 9-11 for us to realize that they were serious. I will assume the only thing that you have done for this country is bitch and complain about your just due. Maybe you should enlist in the military and see the great things that they do that are not reported because of the liberal press that only want to report body counts; that is why the war is not in the news as much lately, and how much wealth one person has and all these others don’t have. Maybe we could look at their lifes decisions and deduse the reason they are where they are. But I know your type! Barney Frank, Pelosi, Reid ect. They want equality for no one but themselves. Tea partiers is not a bunch of winers, they are to slient majority that have had enough of this BS. Yes, we believe in God, the Constitution of the US and Liberty. We do not want the government to tell us when we can go to the bathroom. I’m sure there are many out there that don’t care as long as they get their checks. We are not them. We know about the laws in this country and want them inforced. Yet out “lawmakers” are telling illigals that the laws are bad and want to change them. We have homeland security assesment report that is telling law enforcement that ex military, prolife, and fair tax supporters and potiential terrorist? When did this happen. We can’t call a terrorist a terrorist, but we can call the warriors that are fighting and have fought to protect this country, including all the wining liberals, terrorist. If this is logical to you then I would say that you need to be educated by facts instead of opinions from CNN.

        • Republican

          Retired – The United States does not have the financial status, nor the desire to pay back our huge nation dept. So get real and stop using our children and their children as a excuse for not supporting the great United States of America. As for terrorists you are fitting right into the category as defined by federal regulations. The constitution makes it illegal to commit subversion. Let’s see how far and peaceful your protests will continue to be.! I support your right to speak your mind and demonstrate all you want, but I do not support your
          cause to subvert our elected government. I am a military 28 year retiree, so I have been in the military almost all my life. If you have all the answers. please run for state or government office.The tea parties are nothing but political posturing for the republicans. Remember I’m of of them.

        • Smilee

          You are funny and so mistaken, are you sure you do not need someone to tell you when to go to the bathroom seeing as all the sh** you’re dropping here. “I will assume the only thing that you have done for this country is bitch and complain….” at least that is all I am hearing from you.

      • Pernicious

        “What really should happen is these folks should have all there assets siezed to help pay for the damage they have done the last forty years by voting republican.”

        Sounds like were well on our way to this. You’re getting your wish but it wont just be conservatives who have their property siezed. It will be yours as well.

      • Steve


        Couldn’t be spoken better by Marx himself. Why don’t take a look at your American History. Since before WWII, the democrats were in control of the House of Representatives and a good part of that same period, the Senate. I don’t consider myself a Republican, I’m a registered conservative. In other words, I believe in the Constitution. If it isn’t in the U.S. Constitution, then you shouldn’t be allowed by law to do it. If you want to change it, then amend it. Oh, by the way, this requires that 2/3 of the States ratify the amendment as well. Now, what would be the reason for it to be so difficult to amend the Constitution, I wonder. Oh yes, because the founding fathers wanted it that way. The Constitution wasn’t and isn’t a living breathing, ever changing document. It was intended to remain the same because regardless of technology, human nature remains the same. It is human nature to want to rule, not to be ruled. The founders made it extraordinarily difficult for one man, or one government body to be the “rulers”. You sir are the perfect example of what is wrong with the education system in this country. Check your facts before speaking. Even the dumbest person will appear to be intelligent as long as he keeps his mouth shut! Oh, one more thing. If you don’t like this country or are ashamed of what it stands for, you are always welcome to leave. I’m sure enough of us would chip in for the plane ticket.

        • Republican

          As Americans we all believe in the constitution! Are you saying our elected officials are not abiding by the constitution? please give some examples!

        • Paul Trood

          Republican, where have you been? If you want to learn about all the violations of the constitution by the Bush regime go to and read the 487 page doc that John Conyers presented to the House. You will be very enlightened.

        • Smilee

          Hate to burst your bubble but the constitution has been amended 27 times since the original ratification the last time in 1992. You say “Oh yes, because the founding fathers wanted it that way. The Constitution wasn’t and isn’t a living breathing, ever changing document. It was intended to remain the same because regardless of technology, human nature remains the same.” are not you forgetting it was also our founding fathers who put in a means to ammend/change the constitution as we (each generation) sees fit, albeit they did not make it easy they did provide for a means for us to amend it and as it has been amended 27 times, your analogy is just plain false and as they had to idea what so ever as to the technology changes of the past 100 or so years and they did not want to handicap us from making changes on this or any other basis and in no way limited our reasons for changing it as they were wise enough to know times change things and thus changes are needed. Weather or not that is a living breathing document as some describe, I do not know, it is definitely not a stagnant one as you describe it. Funny how some of you are stuck in the eighteenth century and cannot get yourselves into the present. YOU sir, appear to believe in a constitution of your own making but do not fully understand the real US Constitution. I for one am very thankful the founding fathers made it impossible for you to accomplish what you want.

      • http://ma Marianne

        These people are not ignorant by any means. They are frustrated at the way Washington is doing business. In fact, I would say that they are very informed. Our friends and family have spent countless hours, days, weeks, calling, e-mailing, faxing ALL the Senators and Congress in this Country from both theBush & Obama Administrations!

        Guess what they DON’T LISTEN. That should worry you Suddencall. What’s going on by this Administration and the last is going to ruin this Country. The Tea Parties are born out of this frustration.

        Like Patriot said, “What have you done?” Wake up. The money Washington is spending is a CREDIT CARD Debt. Better pray that we can wake them up.

        And people like you need to stop pointing fingers and start working for the Freedom this Country stands for. And the reason everyone wants to come here!

        • Smilee

          Reply to:

          Marianne Reply:
          April 17th, 2009 at 9:43 pm

          I agree it is motivated from frustration but I do not agree they do not listen to you the fact is they also hear from what the majority wants and that makes it appear to you they are not listening you but that does not mean they are not listening. Somewhere in this dialog it was stated that the first tea parties only totaled 300,000 attendees and if this is true it strongly suggests that you are truly a small minority and not likely be listened too unless you can convince them your position is the right one and that it would be wrong to listen to the majority I predict you will not get very far in getting what it is you want as most do not see things as you do.

      • American Citizen

        SUDDENCALL, you’re ignorance is appalling. The Democrats were in power for 40 years and the Republicans were not in power long enough to undo the damage caused by the Democrats. Unfortunately, every time they tried to change something, the Democrats blocked it because they didn’t want the Republicans to have the credit. Now, it’s a FIE on both their houses. We have to let our government know we’re fed up. Next years is another election. Listen to what the candidates say. Of course, we know we can’t rely on all the promises, but we can hope. We need fewer lawyers in Congress and more business people who know what it takes to run a business successfully. And they should also have plain ole common sense. But it seems that anybody with common sense doesn’t want to run because of what the media will put him or her through. We’re behind a rock and a hard place.

      • Sane American

        In 1977, the legislation that required banks to lend to lower income folks was passed by Carter and the Democrats. While their hearts were in the right place, as usual the program dictated by law, and made worse by organizations such as Acorn then suing the banks for too few loans to poor folk, set this situation up. Clinton tweaked it to make it worse.

        What did not help matters were investors who were out to make high returns, who moved from stocks, to real estate, and finally to petroleum. With the gas prices clear up to 4.00, the folks living on the edge had nowhere else to go but down and out; and that is what got the tailspin going.

        And before even one poster tries to blame just Bush or Republicans for higher gas prices, one well known fact is that at any time Congress could have and still can write legislation that could fix that problem. None of them do though. In fact that should have been act one by Obama and crew; but even they don’t stand up for our financial security.

      • Dickie

        You know suddencall,It is discussing clown like you that has put us in this crap,You are a real live sucker at heart,Bill clinton was the great founder of fannie mae,acorn,And the total cause of the bank colapse,YOU IDIOT!,It is people like you that love to be smiled by a tyrant politician, And not smart enough to see how they laugh at your back you little mouse, See you in a card board box, Behind a bared wire fence,When you are crying like a little girl.So you keep putting these thives back in, Be arrogant keep watching your goverment own media.

    • anwar

      tell that to the indians that where thousands of years before the europeans came her christians my ass

      • Mike1968

        I think I hear a call to prayer – get your carpet Ali Baba… and stop blasting Christians – it was Christians who founded this country and made it the greatest nation ever to grace the planet….

        • Smilee

          Reply to:

          Mike1968 Reply:
          April 17th, 2009 at 9:50 pm

          The country was not founded by a Majority of Christians, albeit some were Christians. In a lengthy interview with David Frost, when he asked Billy Graham this and Billy said it was of his belief it was not and further he said we have never been a Christian nation, that being a majority of us practicing Christianity. That is not to say we may have been a majority of religious people but that does not translate into a Majority of Christians. Do you believe that when the Constitution was written there was no Bill of Rights, only rich white men had the right to vote, slavery was still recognized as legal and importation of slaves was still legal until 1808 and it took a big civil war before anyone got the courage to end that and even later when the constitution was changed to reflect the emancipation proclamation and 131 years before the constitution gave the right to vote to woman. Given these facts do you still think this was the work of a majority of Christians or a compromise between them and others to gain the power to protect themselves as a nation and thus protect their wealth as it was written by wealthy men or their representatives doing their bidding. Oh and by the way do you think it was Christian the way the christian missionaries treated the Indians it was more like brainwashing them to change them to be like they were, it is hard for me to believe Christ would have treated the Indians that way even though those calling themselves Christians did. Do you have something against Muslims, do you really believe it is Christian to make fun of them and of anwar who made an accurate statement albeit a bid rude but not false, I find you statement more offensive.

    • keith

      1861 again,round two,is coming!! those 300,000 men who fell defending the south againt tyranny have not been forgotten! same kind of situation in a way.they’re looking at us and all are saying………why did you forget?

  • Buzzymuzzwelle

    I think you missed something. Yesterday conservatives, liberals, independents
    and those who are just plain fed up with big government protested. I own a small
    dance studio. I have lost 40 students since Obama won the election last Nov.
    You can’t say it’s not connected to his rise in power because I’ve been in business
    since 1976. We did plan for this early on and saved enough money to try to stay
    in business for 4YRS. Hopefully the rest of America will wake up and get rid
    of this President and his stifling socialist policies.GBR

    • letfreedomring10

      We will not get rid of him and all the rest of the “Traitors” in Washington, unless we do stand as one Nation under God and united in purpose and with a strong detirmination to that end my brother in “Freedom.” Amen.


    • suddencall

      How have you managed to stay in business? I will bet that someone set you up. Because from your message it is evident that you are mentally chalenged.
      Obama has not been in control long enough to cause any of the problems you mentioned.Duh.Go ahead and support the people that are breaking you.Good thinking.

      • patriot

        Young man, you are not very well educated in political history. The Democrats have had control of the house in since Pres. Bush, second term, One term during Pres. Clintons and during the Sr. Pres. Bush’s term and one during Pres. Reagan’s, this is the first time in awhile that a Democratic and liberals have had control of both the house, senate and the executive branch.
        Oh and by the way your spelling is atrocious.

      • Pernicious

        SuddenRecall, Put down the kool-aid and step away from the altar of Obama.
        He has spent more in the 1st 90 days than all other US presidents in US histor…COMBINED! You’re telling me that this is nothing to be alarmed about? You act like …no big deal….It IS a big deal, you just refuse to believe your Messiah could be wrong. I hope your right because our future as a nation is on the line.

        • suddencall

          Can you spell republican. The first trillion was bush for the republican bankers and that was fine with you dead heads.But there was several trillion that they ( republicans ) never told you about.All this is republican terror oriented.You have no clothes.

        • Dee

          SUDDENCALL: I am praying the FAITHFUL almighty God grabs you by the back of the neck and shakes some respect for your country, those who are a whole lot
          smarter than you and those older than you. YOU NEED A SUDDEN WAKE UP CALL! Before you start mocking inteligence, growup. I would bet this is the first election you ever got involved in and most likely you didn’t have the know how of where to go to vote.
          God is very faithful in answering prayer. This next prayer is for you buddy.
          Lord make him humble. Amen

        • Sane American


          Most of us here are smart enough to know it was a Congress controlled by Democrats who passed the first bail out.

          We also know they did not even take the time to read the second one passed this year.

          It is you, now us, that needs to get a hold of reality here.

      • Buzzymuzzwelle

        There are two L’s in the word “challenged”. Just a mental note.GBB

        • keith

          i was going to say something as a reply,but why waste my time? your a moron who knows how to spell,nuff said!

      • Jerry Hill

        It is quite obvious that you are the one that is mentally challenged, or maybe just illiterate and uneducated. If you are one of those that is ready for the dollar to fall and everyone will have to get their little handouts from the Federal Government, then more power to you. You go ahead and buy your little green electric car and LIVE OFF OF WHAT THEY DECIDE YOU DESERVE. If left to continue, capitalism will die and we will be forced into socialism. That will make us like Russia. You are a fool if you think that this administration gives a hoot about you. I’m 48 years old and I first heard of this takeover when I was 10. The enemy is not outside our borders, they come from within. JDH

    • Keith Reali

      Don’t wait for 2012. We need to focus on removing the Congress in 2010 that is supporting this agenda today. Let your congressman know that if he votes on these policies today he will not get your vote next year.

      • Paul Trood

        Bang on Keith, what do congressmen fear the most? Failure to be re-elected. Seeing they are such a corrupt bunch of bums (not all) watch them change their strategy if it looks like their out of a job.

    • Republican

      Buzzyfuzzy welle – Please give us a definition of socialism in your own words. Please don’t go and look the definition up.

    • anwar

      you are a cry baby a whiner and as long as your party wins you are ok you lost pick yourself up and try again in 2012 i will fix your bottle and change your diaper we you stop crying

    • opal


    • Smilee

      Reply to: Buzzymuzzwelle on April 17th, 2009 at 8:48 am:

      You sure you are just getting old and rusty and loosing your management skills. You just another one of those who have to blame someone else for your own shortcomings and as you certainly have a hatred for Barrack he seems to be your whipping boy.

  • Robin from Indiana

    I think it is time for a strong third party to emerge. Democrats are also feeling like they have been scammed by Obama. With a third party composed of people who want to return to basic values, those of us who are dissatisfied with both parties would find this new party appealing. The people of the United States need to take a stand and the the TEA parties are just the beginning. We must take America back! We must pray that God will be on our side.

    • letfreedomring10

      “We must pray that God will be on our side.” Well said my friend of freedom. Third Party is the way to go. If we can muster about 33% of Americans to join us, we will take back our country. They (the power hungry cheese eating RATS) will have to run. You see, rats desert the ship when it starts to sink; so watch out where they run. It might be into the Third Party as our friend. I say, send them all to Jail, with no TV or any other amenities to sooth their sufferings; let them feel the wrath of Justice of the American Constitution. Amen.


      • Richard Rives

        A third party would most likely suck enough votes away from the lesser of the two evils that the truly evil one would win. That’s exactly what happened to get Clinton elected. The true solution is growing enough spine to throw the bums out when they vote for policies WE THE PEOPLE don’t agree with. All of the Founding Fathers believed in term limits for a reason. Vote people in that will press that agenda, or push your states into calling for a Constitutional Convention to force the issue.

        • Ruth Hartje

          Let’s just see what the July 4th tea parties produce. I believe we no longer have to pay attention to how the media reports on us. We use our social networking to get the true numbers. The numbers of attendance for April 15th were around 580,000 in 750 cities. I predict the July 4th parties will produce numbers well in the 10′s of millions.

          I believe that if the Republicans were on our side, we would have seen some of them by now, scolding the liberal press for what they did to us. If there are enough of us, I think both parties will be replaced by the silent majority who values what this country was founded on. Like Obama, we are utilizing the weapon of social networking. Unlike Obama, however, we’re not targeting the young and/or ignorant masses, but the working/informed masses.

          At the end of our tea party in Tulsa, OK, one of the speakers stated that it would be wonderful if some of us would run for office. “That’s what our founding fathers wanted…statesmen,” is what she said. I think this medium for the working class of America (i.e. tea parties) will be very efficient in uniting and equipping us as Americans to fight for what our Constitution provides for us. I don’t think the liberals (whether in D.C., in state and local governments or even those on this site) will be able to ignore us much longer. We didn’t ask for this fight, but neither will be sit back and let career politicans and greedy bullies run our lives.

    • Jodee


    • Smilee

      Reply to: Robin from Indiana on April 17th, 2009 at 8:54 am:

      It would be better to pray that you will be on God’s side, what do you say to those that believe we are taking our country back from the abuses of the last thirty years, but we understand it will take a while but the conservative abusive ways are fading out and it is our intentions they will become extinct.

  • Julie from chicago

    Let’s continue the movement- one way is for citizens to begin to push for term limits for congress- no more career politicians!

    • letfreedomring10

      That is the first thing “we” should do and then prosecute them all as traitors one and all; starting with the Bush’s admin I & II, the Clintons and most of the congress and their supporters as well. Rid the Nation of the garbage “we” have let them dump on us and in our name no less. My dear Mother always said: “There is no excuse for dirt, when you have soap and water.” The soap here is the Law of the land, and the water is “We” the people to flush them down the drain of Justice. Amen.


      • suddencall

        Good luck with your goal.But with these High IQ tea party helpers, I have little faith that you will acomplish any real change,other than we will lose the republic.These folks do not even know who is their enemy.

        • http://suddencall SF Retired

          Is obama the real change you wanted? If so seems you are the one with the IQ problem or you are living off the taxpayers. You sound like an ACORN employee.

        • Pernicious

          I feel more confident than ever that these Tea parties (which I also attended) are a HUGE success. Just look at the cock-roaches coming out of the woodwork to bash them. We have struck a nerve. The left-wing media (i.e. CNN, NBC etc.) are doing everything in their power to minimize the significance of the Tea Parties.

          Suddenrecall, when was the last time you denigrated and insulted people for exercising their DUTY of questioning the government, especially when one party has totally unchecked power in the executive branch and Congress?
          Good luck with the creation of your Utopian-Cradle-to-grave, Nanny state. Now go check your mail, your welfare check is probably waiting for you there.

    • Paul Trood

      Should have always been the case, there is no lower form of life than a career politician.

    • patriot

      that is an excellent idea!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • http://aol Judy

      That is a good idea because now they are trying to pass a bill where each one of them can select up to three people to take their place in Congress if they die or are unable to serve. Our wonderful government at work.

  • Geezer from Georgia

    I’m in my 70s. I’ve been around the block a time or two. I attended the Tea Party in Atlanta. It was difficult for me to stand the whole time during the event (5:30 to 10:00) but I managed to do so. I was pleasantly surprised how 4 young ladies from Atlanta managed to pull this event off. It was something I’ll remember the rest of my life. The crowd was comprised of people of all ages, all parties and all income levels. We were joined by one common bond. . . “what in God’s name are you idiots in Washington doing?” You are destroying our country! We’re mad as hell and we’re not going to take it anymore!!!

    • letfreedomring10

      What ya’ll got to do is save your Confederate dollars my friend (and I am 72), because they will be worth more than the dollar someday soon. God bless you oldtimer and it is good you will have a memory of that day in your mind. Amen.


    • suddencall

      Where were you Forty years ago when you might have stopped this terror from growing.To late now It has grown big and powerful.Yet most people can not see it yet.Republicans = debt and debt = high taxes. How is that so hard for people to understand.

      • patriot

        again you do not know your history, The current administration has literally doubled America’s debt, this all of the past 43 presidents and the debts they incurred, in the short time less than 4 months, 120 days and will not only have our grandchildren, paying for debt, but also, great, great great grandkids, at the rate he is going.

        • http://patriot SF Retired

          It would seem that sudden call is one of those ACORN employees that get paid to sit and blog on consertive blogs to change minds. They use the low IQ, you are uneducated, you are not enlightned and so one. My brother, a product of the 60′s dope smoking, peace loving, I don’t care about the government, is the same as this guy. It is like listening to the liberal agenda over and over again.

        • patriot

          I am assuming SF Retired that you are referring to SuddenCall, also known throughout as an uneducated Idiot. I am neither young nor a product of the 60′s. And I do care very much for this great land in which I was born and have grown up. It has taken awhile for American citizens to move away from apathy and start being proactive on the freedoms which we actually have left in this country. I do not want to give up any more and do not believe that we should.

      • Peon, 2nd Class

        Like i said, you’re an idiot. Is Obsama a Republican? Is Congress Republican majority? I looked up idiot in the dictionary, sure enough, there was your picture!

      • Pernicious

        Suddenrecall, with each posting you are showing your ignorance. Try opening a history book for a change. You are factually incorrect in every detail. The national debt has quadrupled in less than 6 months. Bush started it but Obama is putting Bush’s spending to shame.

        [Obamaniac] O⋅ba⋅man⋅i⋅ac
        1. a person or persons subjugating themselves to total faith in illegitimate
        2. a raving or violently insane person; lunatic with respect to Barry
        2. any intemperate or overly zealous or enthusiastic person: a maniac when it
        comes to details.

        • Paul Trood

          Pernicious you forgot number 4) a total narcissist.

        • caz

          The way I see it…the depth of the mess that the financial system was in was hidden and has only since late 2008 been revealed in all its glorified mess. So Obama’s grasping the nettle….and getting slated for it. Its inevitable really…that he gets it in the neck. I don’t understand economics, though I’m certainly getting a bit better at it, but its obvious to me whoever tried to sort out the mess was going to make a lot of enemies. Its a shit situation and it wuld have been shit whoever tried to sort it out.

          I am reading ‘City Boy’ fascinating (low brow) and outrageous read about culture that prevailed in the financial sector that got us into this mess in the first place.

      • Dragon5Fly

        What all of you are failing to realize is that ALL of this started with Woodrow Wilson in 1912 and HE WAS A DEMOCRAT!!! If we are going to follow the history of how we all got where we are today then let’s do it right. Check out the Council on Foreign Affairs and the Trilateral Commission. These are the people that have been leading us ALL down the road to communism. These very people that are the wealthy and elite of our country, Europe, China and Japan are the ones killing our country. Only by setting term limits on all current members of Congress and getting all the fat rich bastards that have sucked the life out of this country out of our government, can we possibly hope to save us from destruction. This process that started back in 1912 is coming to fruition. When you talk history let’s remember where it all started- with a Democratic President.

        • Eric

          You are correct, it did start with a Democrat, but has been carried on by both Democrats and Republicans alike. What they have in common is Progressivism, and that is what truly needs to be rooted out of both parties. Really what it comes down to is your view on the Constitution.

          Is it “a good starting point”, a “living document” that grows and evolves, or is it a rock that we built the foundation of our country on? Progressives believe that it is a living document, constantly needing new interpretation and understanding, but worse than that, they do not believe that it should be the law of the land, rather, they believe that the US should follow the leading of the rest of the world when it comes down to governance, law, and politics. What is the majority of the rest of the world doing? That is what they believe we should be doing. They want to be lead, they want to follow, they don’t want to have personal responsibility. That is not how we became the great Nation that we did.

          To put it in a more historical perspective, these are the same type of people that believed that things were just fine under King George (of England, we’re not talking Bush), and that things would have eventually improved. There was no need for all of this talk about revolution, and that it would only bring us pain and suffering. This country was founded on the ideology of independence. To willfully give up ANY portion of our sovereignty in order to be politically correct with the rest of the world is a disgrace to our Founding Fathers and all who have fought and served in the name of the Constitution of the United States.

      • Mike1968

        Let me guess – you’re under 30 and the product of a public school education where you were coddled, told repeatedly how wonderful you were, and never had to exercise anything above your neck except your mouth.

        Try educating yourself. When you do you’ll look back on your life and wonder how the heck you were so ignorant, misguided and uninformed. Start with Levin’s Liberty & Tyranny – you will be amazed at what your lack of education has done to your world view.

      • Lucy

        To sudden, what rock have crawled out from?

        Did you finish the 8th grade. Have you not read what the people have written here. Stop drinking the kool-aid and step away from the teleprompter. How do you suppose all these trillions of dollars will be repaid and who do you think will repay the trillions? WE the tax payers. Now explain if you can – what will spending millions on studying pig-sh** do to stimulate the economy? What good will come from cutting the Military budget do the PEOPLE OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA. What good FOR THE PEOPLE did bowing to a Muslim Prince achieve? What good did throwing the PEOPLE OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA under a bus all over EUROPE do for PEOPLE – us and you. Please explain.

      • Sane American


        Try entitlements passed by Democrats = debt.

        Now if you want term limits, the solution for that is simple.

        When selecting the individual to represent our given party for an elected position we should be allowed ‘None of the above’. If ‘None of the Above’ wins, that party must put together a whole new slate and do a run off. Now, in order to support one’s party, we are not locked into the incumbent.

      • Eric

        Is it just me, or has anyone else notice that Suddenrecall just keeps regurgitating the same point repeatedly?

      • Kibblesnbits4u

        Hey Suddenrecall,

        Are you working for ACORN? You can’t defend BO policies…only name calling and misrepresenation of the facts.

        You are a good example of what I’ve been saying…Liberalism is a mental disorder. Black is White and Up is Down in your world.

        Here’s a few questions for you to think about in your hotel room tonight.

        If you hated Bush’s spending, why aren’t you protesting someone who tripled the spending!

        Why was BO the first president in American history to bow to a foreign dignitary! The Saudi’s no less…you know them as the people with all the oil. WTF!

        BO is pals with evil dictators, Chavez, Castro, et. al. Is this a good thing?

        Ready! Fire! Aim! – BO Gitmo strategery. I think he should house some of those killers in the White House! What do you think?

        BO doesn’t know crap about Photoshop does he?

        $2B to ACORN! Really! Weren’t they the ones that were suing banks for not lending to people that ultimately couldn’t pay their bills. BO worked for them too right?

        He is destroying our ecomony and using the poor, uneducated and mentally disturbed to do it. Your guy is a liar and you are unwilling to admit it, huh?

        Go take your meds (Crack) and report back to your ACORN masters that you were unsuccessful in fooling the REAL Americans.

        DHS threat out.

  • Thereseellen

    Tea Parties July 4th ( Independence Day !) to show this administration we are serious about not wanting to see this country bankrupt and broken. Let’s make July 4th the day for really big Tea Parties. Let’s rally for independence from taxation without representation( this administration is not representing the average everyday patriotic American citizen ), government run healthcare, and bailouts for big businesses. Let our voices be heard when we rally across the nation on July 4th.!!!!!

    • letfreedomring10

      We here in Utica, NY is planning just that. It will be one hell of a show for the reps in this state to swallow a bitter pill and we here hope they choke on it. Good luck on you day of restoration in Georgia in the name of God, amen.


  • http://Mr.HoguesWisdom Dale Hogue

    Most of us, as youngsters, were told that we were judged by the company we kept. Regardless of this bromide contention by our parents or teachers or friends, many of us ignored it when it came time to casting our vote in the last election.

    Barack Obama, easily the most inexperienced person ever to be elected president of the United States, has kept some pretty savory company his entire life. Especially during the last two decades and I blame the mainstream media for us ignoring this fact simply because it supported this new Messiah and didn’t want the American public to know the true facts about his life and his beliefs.

    Is Obama a Muslim? Possibly. Is he a Socialist? He is, without a doubt, a Socialist. There are too many half-baked socialist ideas that he carries around in his head for the American public to ignore. We, who do not think as he thinks, must work diligently to crush the crust of the political pie that he is trying to sell to a politically ignorant public. It goes without saying, that Conservative Republicans have their work cut out for them. If they fail to act decisively on a daily basis during these next four years, then the United States, as we know it, will no longer exist.

    • patriot

      too true. Get the word out and lets do something about it. TEA parties, 2 terms for congress, vote them out of office.

    • caz

      Oh but it will still exist…I wouldn’t worry too much.

      • http://Mr.HoguesWisdom Dale Hogue

        Yes, the land will exist, the trees will exist, the buildings in the towns and cities will exit, and A GOVERNMENT will exist. What kind of government? If the leaders in the present day Democratic Party have their way, the government of the United States of America will be controlled by these hard nosed purveyors of Socialistic dogma the same way all Socialist countries are governed.

        Read your American history, especially the ideas about how this country would be governed. The ideas put forth by James Madison and John Adams were rock solid and these ideas didn’t contain any Socialistic dogma.

        Read “The Federalist Papers”. Read how the ideas written into the United States Constitution were formulated. The men who developed this document thoroughly discussed and debated every governing idea known to them at that time in world history. Not one communistic or socialistic idea was written into the Constitution. These men realized that the foundation for this new Republic must be constructed in a manner that did not compromise the ideals by which they lived their lives.

        They included in this document a means by which the American people could make changes in the Constitution when it was necessary. These changes would be done in a lawful manner. No single individual would have the power to make a change that was not acceptable to three fourths of the American population. By design, It was made very difficult to make a change in the Constitutional foundation regarding the legal operation of our government – both state and federal.

        The present occupant in the White House believes that he has all the answers necessary to govern this country. However, he IS a Socialist. He doesn’t do a very good job in hiding his socialistic intentions. Most Americans — when they finally wake up — will not accept the socialistic IDEAS he is championing. What they do about it has not been determined at this time. But, you can stake your life on this, strong efforts will be made by MOST Americans to counter the revolutionary socialistic changes that Obama is hell bent on bringing about.

    • Lucy

      Well said – term limit’s a must. Keep on pushing our representatives in Washington. Write, email, call – we must let them know we are listening and watching. We need to let DC know when we are not happy with a vote or a forgot campaign promise.

      Socialism is not the answer. It doesn’t work. Being nice to the terrorists doesn’t work. (ask Carter) Cutting the military’s budget doesn’t work. (Clinton put us in quite the bind doing that) The housing crisis, low dollar – bankrupt banks thanks to the left in the House and Senate, since 2006, military members being labeled extremists and put on watch list’s – 2009. Who has been in charge the left. We can’t let history repeat itself.

  • Florida coolpop

    Obama is not a citizen , he has NO right to be holding the office of president and it is past time that the people rise up and get this settled ! The talk show s will not touch this issue, they probably have been either paid off or threatened ?

    • Peon, 2nd Class


  • Curtis Carter Jr.

    My South Texas home town, population 12,000+, had a spectacular turnout for our TEA Party and I’m going to pass along to our local organizers the enclosed suggestions for Labor Day and Memorial Day. The only time I’ve seen more people gathered here in one place is for high school football games!!

    • Dawn

      Don’t forget Independence Day!!

  • Don Mourning

    I want to say that the Tea Parties was not just for Republicans or conservatives. There was people at them from all walks of life and they are from every political party. We the people needs to take back our country. I write opinions in our local paper. I am a big believer of the individual and NOT big government. I am so Sick about our lawmakers spending and taxing us into what I could see as Bankruptcy. We the people MUST stand up and these Tea Parties was a good first step but we need to do much more. I love our country but at the same time I love my children and grandchildren and if the spending and the increase in taxes get passed — my family will not have the quality of life that they deserve. I have worked very hard in our family business to give them a better life and I can see that this could be taken away. Thanks for reading and lets keep on doing things like Tea Parties and take back our country.

  • Chuckle

    Professor Joseph Olson of Hemline University School of Law, St. Paul, Minnesota, points out some interesting facts concerning the Presidential election:

    Number of States won
    by: Democrats: 19 Republicans: 29
    Square miles of land won
    by: Democrats: 580,000 Republicans: 2,427,000
    Population of counties won
    by: Democrats: 127 million Republicans: 143 million
    Murder rate per 100,000 residents in counties won
    by: Democrats: 13.2 Republicans: 2.1
    Professor Olson adds: “In aggregate, the map of the territory Republican won was mostly the land owned by the taxpaying citizens of the country. Democrat territory mostly encompassed those citizens living in government-owned tenements and living off various forms of government welfare…”

    Olson believes the United States is now somewhere between the “complacency and apathy” phase of Professor Tyler ‘s definition of democracy, with some forty percent of the nation’s population already having reached the “governmental dependency” phase.

    If Congress grants amnesty and citizenship to twenty-million criminal invaders called illegals and they vote, then we can say good-bye to the USA in fewer than five years. If you are in favor of this, then by all means, delete this message.

    If you are not, then pass this along to help everyone realize just how much is at stake, knowing that apathy is the greatest danger to our freedom.

    • suddencall

      More republican misinformation. No truth in any of it.Go ahead and listen to this until they put the chains on your leg.Fourty years of terror attacks on your republic starting with R Reagan and you still do not get it .Hope , I do not think so.
      Also this nation was not founded on a Christian teaching,the framing fathers were to smart for that superstition .They knew it would destroy our republic.

      • patriot

        And you were there???????????????????????/

      • Peon, 2nd Class

        Why do you keep showing your total lack of history? Blithering blind idiot. Like I said, your quickest route to any sense of what this country is founded upon and believes, would be to read Levin’s “Liberty and Tyranny”. When I hear the phrase “Stupid Is As Stupid Does”, I will always think of you. Do you think I am wrong? Why don’t you read the Declaration? You can read, right? Pay attention where they talk about Natural Law (since you are an idiot, I’ll give you one: means ‘from God’). Pay attention about ‘God-given’ rights. Where they “petition the Almighty for the rectitude of our intentions”. If that isn’t clear enough, try reading the various colony charters, and the Federalist papers where INTENT is established. Wake up already!

        • patriot


      • American Citizen

        SUDDENCALL – I guess you were educated in a government school and get your disinformation from the dinosaur media. Your ignorance is not just appalling, but alarming. Unfortunately, there are far too many like you in this country willing to suckle at Uncle Sam’s tits. The tea parties are not about the taxes we pay now, but those we know are coming due to Obama’s policies. They are also about the freedoms we know will be lost. We are not willing to become slaves to the Federal Government. The people who were able to attend one of the tea parties were of all sizes, ages, political parties and colors. In other words, people far too intelligent to be taken in by the crocodile Obama’s smile. I’m sure there are many thousands like us who were unable to attend, but heartily wished we could have.

        • suddencall

          Clinton had nothing to do with the republican greed that caused this mess. He was way to busy trying to defend himself from the republican terror organization attack machine.That is the reason that some things did not get completed.Like I said You are getting bad information.Limbaugh does not deal in honesty and facts.He is an entertainer and comedian along with the rest of the promoters of greed and propaganda which is the life blood of the republican terror organization.
          I rest my case.

        • Eric

          By the way, just announced over Fox (I know, surprisingly we listen to Fox) News, it seems that there is talk now that Obama’s tax cut is going to be allowed to expire after this year. Coincidentally, Bush’s tax cuts will also be expiring next year. Seems like Obama’s health-care initiative is far more important than helping out working-class Americans try to make a living.

          So, how crazy are we TEA party members now? Where is that CNN reporter out of Illinois now with her stupid little $400 tax credit?!

      • http://patriot SF Retired

        Actually genuis, it started with J Carter. If you remember R Reagan bombed Kadafy and that was the last time we heard from him. Although your liberal text books will give Reagan no credit for anything he accomplished, I know the facts because I was there. You talk like someone that watches link tv with all their leftist lies. Panama! Watched it on link. Pure BS. I was there, I know.

      • John

        The ones placing these chains on our legs will be the “Socialists” we now have in power! This country was not founded on christian teaching? Are you a complete idiot? Have you ever read a history book? How about looked at our money “In God We Trust” Where do you think they got that phrase from practicing Satan worship?

        • suddencall

          The very definition of socialist is Republican.Tell the people you will take care of them and then steal them blind.Typical republican policy.

        • John

          The very definition of a Democrat seems to be ignorance and denial judging by your comments suddencall

      • Paul Trood

        Suddencall facts my boy seem to allude you like the plague. SHILL, take your BS elsewhere.

      • Salmon

        It is obvious that he is reading the revised history, put out by the left propogandists. He needs to read the real history on how the nation was founded, look at the constitution and realize most of it has been formed around biblical principles. All of us need to read 2 Chronicles 7:14.

        • Smilee

          Reply to Salmon: Spell out the biblical principals you think it was founded on. 2 Chronicles 7:14. reads “Then the king and all the people offered sacrifice before the Lord” sorry I missed the connection Salmon want to shine some light on your statements.

        • Salmon

          Obviously not the King James version: 2Chr 7:14 If my people which are called by my name, shall humble themselves and pray, and seek my face, and turn from their wicked ways; then will I hear from heaven, and forgive their sin, and will heal their land. /A general reference to a scripture with which believers can help our country get right, not attached to the Constitution remark.

        • Salmon

          While making certain not to endorse any denomination of religion over another, the founders of this nation made it emphatically clear that the principles upon which this Nation was built are based squarely upon the Bible.

          Patrick Henry boldly declared:

          It cannot be emphasized too strongly that this great nation was founded, not by religionists, but by Christians; not on religions, but on the Gospel of Jesus Christ. For this very reason peoples of other faiths have been afforded assylum, prosperity and freedom of worship here.

          Likewise, the Constitution of the United States was drafted so as to be in accordance with the Scriptures, to be the legal foundation of a republican form of government based on that model which God had ordained for the children of Israel. Indeed, Thomas Jefferson even suggested that the national seal be a portrayal of “the children of Israel in the wilderness, led by a cloud by day and a pillar of fire by night.” Much of the Constitution and our American common law and organic law is also derived from the principles of the Magna Carta, which expressly forbade monarchial tyranny.

      • RB

        Suddencall, you must be a product of our proud school system since you have no idea about what our founding fathers believed. All of them understood that the only way the Constitution they created could survive and thrive was with a Christian people who followed their faith. Go learn real history, not that crammed down the throats of our children by the liberal dregs of our nation. Additionally, figure out what laws/bills passed by Congress have created the mess we are in. It started, of course, with FDR. Was further pushed with Carter. The linchpin that created the Housing/Banking/Credit crisis was a bill passed under Clinton that the New York Times predicted would create just the crisis it did. Then when that bill was passed liberal organizations like ACORN pushed banks to give loans that were dangerous to our economy.
        So, learn the real truth or you and we are bound to suffer the consequences as is already happening because of our government interfering in the free market with socialist programs.

      • Dawn

        40 years, starting with R Reagan. That’s funny, seeings how President R Reagan wasn’t elected until 1980, and this is 2009. Obviously you are a product of the government run public school brainwashing.

    • Terry

      Hi, I think a weekend rally would be the best way to go. People of all walks of life would have an opportunity to come out as they would not have the pressure of coming home to late and have a difficult time getting up.

      We all need to show the government and the people that run it that “we the people” are still in control. That we have a right to petition our representatives to do the correct thing for our country. That the politicians are not here to increase their party and grow the government but work for the American people.

      It is our duty as citizens to vote the lifelong politicians out. Why are the citizens always voting for the same people.They are the ones that have created the mess we’re in. We should get rid of the special interest lobbyist because they along with the life long politicians are ruining our great country.

      I have first hand knowledge about communist and socialistic governments. My parents fled Ukraine hoping for a better life in America. America at that time gave their citizens more rights and freedom at the price of working hard and supporting the United States. Unlike the invading illegals that have come across our borders with no intention of helping the people of the United States but robbing the citizens of all that America stands for.

      Wake up Americans. Go to rallies. Petition your govenment. Inundate them with mail, phone calls and tell them that if they do not do the will of the people, they too will be in the unemployement lines.

      God Bless America and Keep This Land FREE.

    • JT in Nevada

      Suddencall: Tsk Tsk….That narcissistic ( you will need to look it up I’m sure) SOB in the white house thinks that all of you who bought his campaign lies and rhetoric are the ignorant ones. He knows he has legions to drink his kool aid and spew the talking points. He cares only about himself and you all are just a means to an end. He realizes that some of his party and the independents are having buyer’s remorse and he knows that he will have to replace that voting block with the illegals. Once they are in, God help us! The liberal media recognized that the Tea Parties are only the beginning, otherwise why are they so viciously attacking. Nothing like keeping them libs on the defensive! Wait until we march against the illegals, showing our support for Israel when the time comes and drilling for oil in OUR country. Go plug in your electric car!

      • suddencall

        Your an out cast minority party and you could not win a rebelion in this country . Go a head and try then we can take steps to fix this for good. something like the rules set up for the indians that would not pledge alligience to the country and constitution.Patriots do not try to destroy our constitution.Christians do not try to cercomventthe rules.There will be no republicans and there will be no christians in the kingdom of god.
        The framing fathers did not deny god, they denied the christian teaching.Which is nothing more than superstition and myth.

        • Hello


          Spelling and history just don’t have a place in your life. I am actually a member of the largest growing party, those Patriots who respect the Constitution and all of its amendments. What rules are you referring to about Christians bending? And what myth? I know I am welcome the Kingdom of God where legalism does not exist which should leave you in Purgatory hoping that Christians will pray for you to get out. Read the Constitution and the Declaration of Independence before you comment. So you will try to fix it? How do you intend to do that? Put your brown shirts on and raid our homes? Sieg Heil! We will be waiting for you……

      • Jodee

        At least pump up your tires correctly.

    • Eric

      Actually, there is some truth in it, but yes, the majority of the information is inaccurate. Simply go to and do a search for Hemline University. Posts like those do little to help our cause, but then again, there are extremists on both sides of the fence, let’s just hope that the majority shows its temperance.

    • Smilee

      See below it appears the chuckle is on you, the stats you give are of the 2000 election and not all are correct, since the 2008 elections some jokester/liar used these as the 2008 stats and are way off on these, please read the truth below for the professors website and You owe this blog an apology or at least a explanation for misleading us with your lies.*

      Professor Olson teaches Business Associations, Business Planning, Contracts, Corporate Finance, and taxation courses.
      DISCLAIMER: There is a series of e-mails floating around the internet dealing with the 2008 Obama/McCain election and the 2000 Bush/Gore election, remarks of a Scottish philosopher named Alexander Tyler, suicide rates, or ANYTHING ELSE. Part of it is attributed to me. It is entirely BOGUS as to my authorship. I’ve been trying to kill it since December 2000. For details see:

      Professor Joseph Olson of Hamline University School of Law, St. Paul, Minnesota, points out some interesting facts concerning the most recent Presidential election:

      Population of counties won by:
      Gore = 127 million
      Bush = 143 million

      Square miles of land won by:
      Gore = 580,000
      Bush = 2,2427,000

      States won by:
      Gore = 19
      Bush = 29

      Murder rate per 100,000 residents in counties won by:
      Gore = 13.2
      Bush = 2.1

      Professor Olson adds:

      “In aggregate, the map of the territory Bush won was mostly the land owned by the tax-paying citizens of this great country. Gore’s territory encompassed those citizens living in government-owned tenements and living off government welfare …”

      Olson believes the U.S. is now somewhere between the “apathy” and “complacency” phase of Professor Tyler’s definition of democracy with some 40 percent of the nation’s population already having reached the “governmental dependency” phase.

      Origins: The item cited above began circulating on the Internet since shortly after the 2000 U.S. presidential election, reappeared briefly after the 2004 presidential election, and saw a strong resurgence (in a modified form which replaced the names “Bush” and “Gore” with “McCain and “Obama”) after the 2008 presidential election. What follows is our analysis of the statements included in the original piece as it initially appeared in 2000, including information helpfully provided to us by Mike Powell of Kennewick, Washington.

      * Professor Joseph Olson of Hamline University was not the source of any of the statistics or the text attributed to him above. When contacted via e-mail, Professor Olson confirmed that he had no authorship or involvement in this matter, and as Fayette Citizen editor Dave Hamrick wrote in January 2001:
      I really enjoyed one recent message that was circulated extremely widely, at least among conservatives. It gave several interesting "facts" supposedly compiled by statisticians and political scientists about the counties across the nation that voted for George Bush and the ones that voted for Al Gore in the recent election.

      Supposedly, the people in the counties for Bush had more education, more income, ad infinitum, than the counties for Gore.

      I didn't have time to check them all out, but I was curious about one item in particular... the contention that the murder rate in the Gore counties was about a billion times higher than in the Bush counties.

      This was attributed to a Professor Joseph Olson at the Hamline University School of Law. I never heard of such a university, but went online and found it. And Prof. Olson does exist.

      "Now I'm getting somewhere," I thought.

      But in response to my e-mail, Olson said the "research" was attributed to him erroneously. He said it came from a Sheriff Jay Printz in Montana. I e-mailed Sheriff Printz, and guess what? He didn't do the research either, and didn't remember who had e-mailed it to him.

      In other words, he got the same legend e-mailed to him and passed it on to Olson without checking it out, and when Olson passed it on, someone thought it sounded better if a law professor had done the research, and so it grew.

      Who knows where it originally came from, but it's just not true.
      * The "Alexander Tyler" quoted at the head of the article is actually Lord Woodhouselee, Alexander Fraser Tytler, a Scottish historian/professor who wrote several books in the late 1700s and early 1800s. However, there is no record of a Tytler's having authored a work entitled The Fall of the Athenian Republic (or The Decline and Fall of the Athenian Republic), and the quoted material attributed to him above is likely apocryphal.

      * The population of the counties and square miles of area won by each Bush and Gore appear to be accurate. They are consistent with the election-result map published by USA Today on 20 November 2000.

      * The number of states won by each candidate is inaccurate. The numbers given (29 and 19) imply that the piece was written before the results of the Florida and New Mexico vote counts were determined. The final tallies were 30 states for Bush and 20 for Gore.

      * The county-by-county murder-rate comparison presented in this piece appears to be flawed. According to the U.S. Department of Justice (DoJ), in the year 2000 the national murder rate was about 5.5 per 100,000
      residents. Homicide data by county for 1999 and 2000 was downloaded from the National Archive of Criminal Justice Data (NAJCD), and the counties won by Gore and Bush were identified using the county-by-county election results made available by CNN. (The NACJD provided not only the number of reported murders for each county, but also the population for each.) The average murder rate in the counties won by Gore versus the rate in the counties won by Bush was determined from this data.

      By calculating the murder rate for each county and then taking the averages, we found a murder rate (defined as number of murders per 100,000 residents) of about 5.2 for the average Gore county and 3.3 for the average Bush county. But since people, rather than counties, commit murders, a more appropriate approach was to calculate the total number of murders in the counties won by each candidate and divide that figure by the total number of residents in those counties. This more appropriate method yielded the following average murder rates in counties won by each candidate:

      Gore: 6.5
      Bush: 4.1

      There is a distinct difference between these two numbers, but it is nowhere near as large as the quoted e-mail message states (i.e., 13.2 for Gore vs. 2.1 for Bush).

      * The tagline to the piece maintains that "The map of the territory Bush won was mostly the land owned by the taxpaying citizens of this great country. Gore's territory mostly encompassed those citizens living in government-owned tenements and living off government welfare." However, according to an analysis of federal spending and electoral votes in the 2000 election prepared by Dean Lacy of Ohio State University:
      In the 2000 U.S. presidential election, George W. Bush won most of the states that are net beneficiaries of federal spending programs, while Al Gore won most of the states that are net contributors to federal spending.
      The information in that study corresponds to a chart chart prepared by the Tax Foundation for fiscal year 2005 that ranks states according to federal spending per dollar of taxes paid.

      Last updated: 30 December 2008

      The URL for this page is

      Urban Legends Reference Pages © 1995-2009 by Barbara and David P. Mikkelson.
      This material may not be reproduced without permission.
      snopes and the logo are registered service marks of


      Hamrick, Dave. "Don't Believe, Or Pass On, All You Read."
      The [Fayette] Citizen. 17 January 2001.

      Lacy, Dean. "A Curious Paradox of the Red States and Blue States."
      2 March 2002.

      Tax Foundation. "Federal Spending Received Per Dollar of Taxes Paid by State, 2005."
      9 October 2007.

  • scotman

    We had a great time in Carson City NV over 3,000 according to the capitol police. It was like the world I grew up in, good god fearing folks trying to reshape our government. Our idiot senator Harry Reid got on the radio and claimed there were 250 at the demonstration. There is a strong movement in northern Nevada to oust him next year.

    • JT in Nevada

      same down here in Las Vegas!

      • Cathy

        God, I hope so…I’m also in Vegas! He sucks.

    • patriot

      Ditto in Oklahoma

      • Jack Sullivan

        Twice in one month here. Come on Memorial Day!! Let’s keep doing it until that arrogant group in Washington get the message.

  • mattie

    that was not my intention, just making a point, where the oil companies screwed us with high gas prices, really, do we need to support the Arabs and friends of the family.
    And it proves a point of interest that people do not want to change things if it affects their personal lifestyle, so, America sleeps on.
    That is my spin. I am tired of being ripped off, these are only a few things…..Also, we need to take a look at our own local government, that is where it starts. Local taxes, for what.. I pay taxes in two communities ,(RITA – Regional Income Tax Authority), and I do not live in one, but I work in it, so I get the joy of paying to work in another community and then get to pay in my own community because I work somewhere else go figure… If a relative dies, any money left over now goes to the state automatically, not the beneficiary or family members, go figure it gets worse, wage freezes. Thanks folks! I wish you all well……..I am sucking air, so I am grateful……some places you pay for air…

  • Tim Hardesty

    For the most part it was the freeloaders, ignorant, and deluded that elected Obama.
    Our only hope is that fortunately some of the ignorant and deluded are beginning to realize they made a mistake. However, I fear that it could be too little too late. I just hope and pray there are enough sane people to vote the fat cat liberals out of office when they come up for re-election.

    • Peon, 2nd Class

      Not if they get there way. There are 30 million illegals, you know, the ones we keep hearing about in the news (and not hearing about) that are doing just about every immaginable crime, that the Marxist want to give citizenship to as quickly as possible, at any price, because they know that group will vote for all the free handout givers.

    • suddencall

      Dream on .Not going to happen.What ? Do you think anyone wants Palin or Jindel. You got to be kidding.Both are completely in the dark as well as the dark ages.Go ahead and nominate these freaks and see what happens.

      • http://google fogey60

        ill bet you think obama is the long awaited for messiah wrong

        • suddencall

          Any fifth grader would be preferable to a republican.

        • Eric

          Wow, so now Suddencall has resorted to grade-school references to try and get his point across. What’s next? “I know you are, but what am I?” You’re pathetic. You have not been able to articulate a single, reasonable point once since you’ve started posting here. I believe your only purpose here is to see how many people you can upset with your diatribe. Well, you may be getting what you want, but understand this: you are allowing readers of this blog to see how ignorant you are, and how ignorant you are on the politics you are supporting. Keep it up, we appreciate the help…

        • Smilee

          reply to: fogey60 Reply: April 19th, 2009 at 2:19 pm

          No, it it you conservatives that keep referring to him this way, the rest of us know better

  • Thereseellen

    Thanks for the info Chuckle. I passed it on to everone on my contacts list. It was very interesting. We need to stand up for Freedom and now is the time. Lets concentrate on term limits ( get everyone out of the Senate & Congress who has made this a career). They have accumulated too much baggage along the way. Let’s start a 3rd party that is “For The People and By The People”. No more cronyism, and back scratching. But let’s get organized and know what we want and how to address it.
    I still think July 4th is the ideal day for Tea Parties. It is Independence Day !!!! Let’s send a message.

    • Smilee

      Reply to: Thereseellen on April 17th, 2009 at 10:44 am:

      Read my post above and see the lies you have passed on to all on your contact list, if the truth matters to you please forward my post so they can all know the truth too.

  • JohninAlbuquerque

    This is an American problem. WE are the Americans. WE can solve it in a non-violent way. This Memorial Day WE march it INSIST that this “Anti-Christ” of a president produce his “REAL TRUE” Birth Certificate. Why has he refused ? Why has he hired “People” to go after the Americans who pursue the “real thing” ? What does he have to hide ? Yea, why can’t America even see his College papers, he must have a reason to keep it from the people of America. LET’S FIND OUT WHY, BEFORE THE BROWN SHIRTS APPEAR.

    • Cathy

      Yeah…why is he spending millions on attorneys to fight these cases that are springing up all over the country? Because he was born in KENYA.

      He couldn’t pass the background investigation for the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department. So how come he’s president??? What a fraud.

      • Smilee

        reply to : Cathy Reply:April 24th, 2009 at 11:34 pm

        He is not fighting them, the courts are dismissing them for lack of evidence. The vital records in Hawaii show his birth recorded there, he has it posted on his web site for you all to see. has also investigated it and found your allegations to be blatantly false. I suspect your alleged Vegas incident is fiction as well. I suspect that all the facts in the world will not convince you of the truth as you want so bad to believe this. I suppose it justifies your hatred of him in your mind. Silly gurl. You are the fraud

        • Cathy

          Alleged Vegas incident? What the heck are you talking about? I’m saying he has kept all of his records hidden from everyone. The mystery continues…

          I want to know just why on earth he has spent close to a million dollars just to avoid producing his records. And no, that “certificate of live birth” is not authentic.

          And yeah, I hate him and know many others who feel the same. He is an arrogant narcissist. It is said he doesn’t know what he’s doing. Not true…he knows exactly what he’s doing. He’s going to ruin this country. That is his mission. He was chosen to run and become president by the Bilderbergs. He is their puppet.

          I’m not a silly girl (learn how to spell)…

        • Smilee

          For someone who does not listen to conservative talk shows you sure know well all their talking points, so where do you get them from?? is associated by the conservative bunch as being liberal and that gives them the excuse to not believe it but if you actually read it they give you all their sources and links to them so you can check it out your self. Even if they are supported by liberals that does not undermine their accuracy in light of the fact they document all their sources of information, have you ever seen any of the conservatives document anything, they always shoot from the hip. You ignored all the lawsuits and court actions I spoke about, do you also think the courts do not know the constitution as you still believe what they do not. I believe you do believe in the constitution, unfortunately, I do not believe you really understand it. There is no evidence that Barrack was ever of the Muslim faith, it is well documented he was raised Christian and has practiced that faith in his adult life. I suppose it is easier to hate him if you make yourself believe that nonsense. Those of us that are guided by the real facts and the truth know that your fictional accounts in your posts have no validity. Will not comment on the rest of your statements as I do not wish to address your petty jealousies. I do not believe he is “the anointed one” unless by that you mean he is the one who received the majority of the votes cast for president last November, if that anoints him then it is “We the People” who anointed him but I do not see it that way. Do you see him as the anointed one???? enuff said

      • Smilee

        Just because you say he has not produced the records does not mean he has not. It is on his website a replica of the original that (you can see it on their site) actually examined the original birth certificate in Hawaii and found it to be authentic. The records are open to the public so why should he produce them and he has not tried to have the state of Hawaii hide them as you seem to suggest. Second the most famous of the lawsuits filed was by a Phillip Berg and this lawsuit was dismissed by the lower and appeals courts and appealed all the way to the US supreme court who looked at it at refused to hear thus rendering it over and done with, other lawsuits have have not been anymore sucessful. If you actually read his lawsuit you will find he only basis it on article II section 1 of the constitution and ignores the fourteenth amendment that adds definition to natural born citizen and this is probably why the supreme court refused to hear the case it as it is mostly pure BS which most thinking people can conclude if only they would take the time to read it. I suppose no matter how many things happen that have and will prove you wrong you will still insist you are right, hate will do that to you and also blind you to the truth. Oh I do know how to spell by the spelling I used it is considered a silly girl and I think you are as well as ignorant. You certainly seem to have swallowed the conservative talk shows talking points which in my opinion suggests you are unable to think objectively for yourself.

        • Cathy

…Annenberg…enough said. Liberal group saying it’s authentic.

          Not only is his birth certificate dubious, where in the heck are his college records? Maybe Bill Ayers or Reverend Wright have them in their safes? This man is merely too damn mysterious.

          Furthermore…I’ve been thinking for myself for more than half a century. I’m not one of the “sheeple.” So don’t even go there. I do not listen to the conservative talk shows or any other “talking points,” as you suggest. I’m a Libertarian, a believer in the US Constitution., which, obviously, the politicians ignore completely, both Democrats and Republicans. They do state they will uphold the constitution when being sworn in…then seem to immediately forget that part of the oath.

          Be that as it may, wherever he was born, makes no difference. As I’ve already mentioned, he is destroying this county purposely, since he is a puppet being manipulated by the Bilderberg group. Get it?

          He is also a Muslim, which is the reason he didn’t take his disgusting wife to the Muslim countries when they were in Europe. It is against Muslim law. And his bowing to the Saudi king, that’s a signal to the Muslim world. (I’m sure Reagan flipped in his grave when that happened.

          And while I’m on this subject, just why does his entire extended family need to travel the world with him? Hey, get elected president, and your family gets to see the world and stay in the best hotels.

          Then there’s Michelle O’Bummer and her $500 pair of sneakers (sorry…I need some and am looking for the pair I want…so far the lowest price I found is $34.95 plus tax) and her, from what I understand, $9,000 handbag.

          She and hi belong together. Such arrogance when Americans are losing their jobs and families are losing their homes. And he has the nerve to tell Americans to “tighten their belts” while the “King and Queen” spend like drunken sailors.

          Whoops…I apologize to all the drunken sailors out there…These two are worse than that…

          In the meantime, just keep drinking your Kool-Aid. You are obviously smitten with the anointed one. Just like in the 30′s, when Germans were smitten with Hitler. Get it?

  • bob bishop

    I am 3rd generation military, I was prepared to go to Vietnam. but my number did not come up.
    It breaks my heart to see what Wash. DC is doing to this once noble country once the most powerful and respected nation on earth.
    Its not just Dems, its Republicans too, together they have brought our beloved USA to the brink of destruction.
    Two things we need to do:
    1. in 2010, do not vote for an incumbent, turn them all out.
    2. start stockpiling supplies for the coming shortages.

    and , oh yeah——”lock and load”

    • http://google fogey60


    • Dawn

      Amen to that. Impeach them all, do away with government completely. After a year or so we the people may be able to start anew. Elect upstanding, God fearing, Constitutional oriented individuals. Got all 47 of mine loaded.

      • suddencall

        I think you will have look abroad for these candidates,we are fresh out in America.

        • Eric

          That may have been one of the first semi-intelligent thing you’ve said yet…

  • CaliforniaBreeze

    I arrived at 2 Tea Party sites and was pleasantly surprised to see all the attendees with signs and in outfits…It looked like a family get together at the park….smiling and greeting one another…Then I watched the news….CNN, Msnbc and Fox….Fox was the only one portraying what I witnessed….The comments made by the other news channels were disgusting, outrageous and definately had an agenda….I also found out that I was being labled an extremist by our government…again! For 60 years I grew up with these same beliefs and now I’m a dangerous extremist…? Hmmmm….

  • http://n/a Stacie White

    Please look at this site. It’s called the Obama Deception. The video is almost 2 hours long. After you’ve watched it, please comment. Thank you.

    • Jerry Hill

      I was first told of this takeover in about 1970 by my mother. She told me of these three main groups, CFR, Trilataralist and buildebergers and said that one day they will try and control the government and the monetary system. If other things happen that she told me of, we are in a lot of trouble. Then, I didn’t believe it but now I know that she was right and I just thank God that she did tell me. I will not go down easy. I have always stood for what I believe. If anybody has any ideas I’m all ears. JDH

      • suddencall

        Stop signing the petitions for encumbants to get back on the ballot.If ecumbants are on the ballot then new people will not try to run.

      • Smilee

        reply to: Jerry Hill Reply: April 17th, 2009 at 11:47 pm

        Don’t you just wonder how your mother came to know about these subversive organizations.

        • Jerry Hill

          Spotlight and The John Birch Society.

    • Salmon

      It is obvious, that lots of people haven’t a clue as to where the power brokers are taking us. I first got informed of this dastardly plot by an uncle who worked with the John Birch Society, and have kept informed over the years. This film proves it has gotten farther along, and is much closer than is comfortable. It is obvious, that once all our regular military is offshore, and the civilian corps is up and running is when the ship will hit the sand.

    • Cathy

      Seen it…pass it on everyone. This is what’s REALLY happening!

      Obama’s a puppet. “Pull the strings and I’ll do anything you want me to do.”

  • caz

    There is severe personal tax avoidance by some of the wealthiest in our country (UK) and yours.

    Over 15 times as much is lost through tax avoidance at the top than to benefit fraud at the bottom. If those at the top choose not to pay their fair share, it has grave consequences for everyone. It robs society of the funds that could end child poverty – yes you have child poverty in the US, or the money needed to increase welfare benefits and help alleviate the conditions which drive the most vulnerable to commit things such as benefit fraud in the first place.

    Abolishing tax havens and tax people above the limit necessary for a comfortable life. That’s all anyone needs surely???

    Some people have more money than they know what to do with. Charity from the rich?…..hmmfp. Its degrading to those who receive it. You see if you claim what you are entitled to claim if you fall on hard times….and many more will due to the Reagan policies of the last 3 decades…then that’s ok..your self esteem is intact. BUt if you have to ‘beg’ for charity…that makes you feel absolutely crap.

    It is time to close in on tax avoiders, recoup public money, nationalise what makes sense to nationalise…eg the banks and the transport system and the health service and utilities etc and ensure everyone in society pays their fair share.

    • Peon, 2nd Class

      Quick, read Mark Levin’s “Liberty and Tyranny” before it’s too late for you!! There are some amazing statistics in that book about who pays what. They are taken from the Congressional Budget Office report. The wealthy in this country pay more percentage wise than any other nation. Your quest for ‘fair share’ and equality are not fundamentals of our type of government, nor have they ever been. They come right off the Communist Manifesto. Wake up. Try actually reading it. I will give you that people cheat and evade. That said, if you want to penalize those that have put their capital at risk, those that have taken extraordinary risk, those that have worked 16/7, those that have invested heavily in education, and other things to create wealth here is what you will get: They will quit buying new cars, and Detroit employees lose. They will quit dining out, and restraunts will fold. They wil quit hiring and YOU will lose. Starting to get the picture? And you want fair? Is it fair for me to reach in your wallet and give what you have earned to someone sitting on the sofa eating bon-bons and collecting welfare? Finally, the rich will find another country to live in, then you will feel the effect of the 5% who are paying 40% of the taxes. Where do you come up with fair? Who decides? If government is your answer to those questions, you no longer are a free person, but a slave. I would rather you move to the communist country of your choice. They will treat you ‘fair’. Good luck.

      • caz

        Thanks for intelligent reply.

        On the car thing. If the car industry slows down it will a good thing. The thing is to support the car workers through the transition as the car industry winds down and produce fewer cars. People maintain the cars they have and those that lose there jobs in whatever industry are given the opportunity to be trained for free in a different area of work. Electricians, plumbers, teachers. Producing solar panels, developing wind power, looking after the elderly. The world changes…that’s the only thing we can know for certain happens. It doesn’t stay the same. This is a time of enormous change and a chance to reevaluate priorities which may not mean that buying a new car every year is considered desirable, moral or ethical. It happened in WW2 when production was suddenly redirected and people where redirected into other jobs. I don’t think change is a bad thing. Fear of change is difficult for most people.

        On restaurants….how many record shops have closed because of being able to download music. How many dating agencies went out of business because of online dating. How many shops close down because people prefer to buy online….all changes we accept and workers in those areas adapt and change too.

        They will ‘quit hiring’ but new areas of work will develop to fill the void. I’m not worried. I think its a good thing.

        If someone is sitting on the sofa on welfare? Well most people on welfare WOULD like a job that gives them a sense of community and self worth….or they are sick. So I don’t think that arguement is valid, particularly as for the majority its a temporary set back which could happen to anyone.

        On paying taxes. I think if you have enough money for decent food for the family and a warm house and you can afford one holiday a year then really that’s all you need to amke you happy. Some people just have too much money and waste it on meaningless trivialities.

        Just like most religious people take the bits they like from the bible and dismiss the outrageous bits that offend our sense of morality so too can you take the good bits from Marx and capitaism and dismiss the rest.

        People at the moment are slaves to the corporations who give very little security to their workers…so we already have slave labour in capitalism. Even mortgage payers. I know I have been a slave to my mortgage for 24 years. Never quite earning enough to have a decent holiday each year. And I am a graduate.

        If you have the right farsighted people in government who have the best interests of everyone at the heart of their decisions, rather than being driven by short term profit, government running things is far better and better decisions are made for the benefit of all rather than the few.

        Just my thoughts

        • Jerry Hill

          That’s communizm you fool

        • suddencall

          Yes that would be the dream,but that is not the reallity here in the States.We have a republican terror group that wants everything but do not want to pay for them.They get elected every other election and run up the debt so high that it can never be paid off.That makes taxes high because in addition to the budget we have to pay interest on the debt.Some times I think we should take away the Governments power to borrow and make it a pay as you go deal.The borrowing requires double the tax to run the Government.

        • caz

          The US has borrowed so much money to fund their lifestyle over the last few years that they owe millions to China. The irony. The have to pull in the belt to live within their means. Communism failed and now Capitalism has failed given that the financial whizz kids soent all their time fiddling to make it appear that the US was rich to its people and to make shed loads of money for themselves individually into the bargain. Another way now being argued over. The arguments are inevitable and positive.

          Its not communism I am talking about…its social democracy where the people themselves have the power, not the few who have made money on the backs of the workers. Is the 8 hour day of a nurse worth really that much less than a guy who fiddles and manipulates figures for a living? Not in my eyes.

          I still champion home ownership. I still champion small business like coffee shops and independent retailers etc etc and those who have a brilliant new idea to benefit society and be given the means to go into production. So its not communism I am talking about. The USSR was state capitalism. That failed. People talk about freedoms…what they really talk about is power to decide their own lives…I am all for that. In the UK there was big hoohah about the cancer drugs not being made availkable for certain cases. There was a massive outcry and this was changed. You have the ability to change policy as an ordinary citizen by peaceful and intelligent protest. The electable politicians listen.

          So I am talking about social democracy…not communism. The UK, French and Germans have all since ditched their aristocracies. That seems to me to be what the tax outcry is trying to protect…the new US aristocracies that will hang onto their money made on the backs of ordinary workers any way they can and threaten to leave the US and live …where??? I haven’t worked out where. The coming global agreement to bring tax havens to account and prevent the rich from cutting and running when they should be putting back into the society that made them rich should make it harder for them to find somewhere to run to.

          Interestingly, its the ordinary citizens from the left and the right in the US and in Europe that are mobilising and saying the same thing…we want a say in how our lives are run. We want self determination. We want services that work. I just see it that the trickle down effect that Reagan and Thatcher espoused…..failed miserably. So you hold your politicians to account to make sure at the very least the services are good, fair, rewerd endeavour but also protect the vulnerable. You give people the support they need to adapt to a new society along the way while it is in transition.

          We all just want the same thing really. We want something that works and something that is fair. The extremes of the right and left haven’t worked so far. Both have been a disaster for the ordinary people. In eresting that Cuba, despite the embargo, has managed to achieved something. The people are very happy, jolly…I have just talked to my travel agent who has just come back from touring the whole country. The farmers are well paid. They are without luxuries a lot of them but they one of the best education and health care in the world. They achieved that by deciding that was a priority I guess. Without the embargo I guess they would not be short of things we are used to having. Be interesting to see what happens once the trade embargo is lifted. Its big corporations that are most opposed to this sort of thing. Do you know a US water company tried to sell the Bolivians their water back to them….nuts!!! Whose water is it??? Bizarre.

    • American Citizen

      caz, what is needed is the abolishment of the IRS and a fair tax instituted in this country. There would be no need for tax havens and everybody would pay, even the poor who benefit most by the government programs. You would be free to chose how much to spend to limit the amount of taxes you would pay. Also, every time the government lowers taxes, it takes in more money than before. It only makes sense because more people would be able to have a job because the companies would be able to afford them. Every time the government raises taxes, jobs disappear. It’s knowing what’s coming that is driving this economy right now. It’s governmental spending that’s the problem. It’s time to get it out of our wallets and pockets. It’s nothing more than legalized theft.

      • Smilee

        American Citizen

        Don’t you know that corporate welfare programs is many many times greater that the total spend on welfare programs for the poor. Of course the official word is subsidies not welfare that we use for the poor. If by lowering taxes brings in so much more taxes then why did Bush need to run up the deficit by borrowing to pay for his tax cuts. It sure did not bring in taxes any where near what was cut from the budget or produce the jobs we were told it would. Before he left the economy was spiraling downward with jobs be dumped all over the place and who knows how long it will take to turn this around, most predict the middle of 10 but no one is guaranteeing this.

    • John

      It makes no sense to Nationalize anything. To large of a government is the root of the problem. Every business the government gets into ends up costing far more than if a private enterprise would run it. I live in California AMTRAK has been in business for about 30 years and yet it still can’t even make enough money to cover the cost of it. Our government has put Billions of dollars into GM and told us we can’t let them go bankrupt and here they are talking about chapter 11. The USPS can’t raise enough to cover it’s cost of operations either and is looking at reducing the number of days they deliver! How about looking at how they could run it without government subsidies? Now they want to create “Universal Health Care” people will be dieing in the streets, literally if the government gets involved in that.

      • caz

        I don’t know. In the UK we have the opposite experience. We used to have great services but since many have been privatised they have gone downhill and everything has just become very confusing. If I have one more electricity company coming to my door trying to get me to leave one company to join theirs I swear I will swing for them. I remember the days when one organisation ran the phones, ran the trains and ran the utilities…now its just one big mess.

        We do have universal health care and noone dies in the streets. It was born of a time of great struggle…ie WW2. Our National Health Service is great. OK if you want a boob job you might struggle…but if you have a life threatening condition you are whisked in and operated on immediately. Our drugs are free if you are on a low income or subsidised ie £7 a prescription otherwise.

        You just need a ‘can do’ mentality to make whatever service the best it can be. Generally people want to build the best service that can be achieved, whatever that service is. Fortunately that is still very much a part of human nature…to strive to be the best and to be creative. I just hate the ‘driven by profit’ mentality. It shouldn’t be at the heart of what we striving for.

    • RB

      You are truly one who does not desire to live in a free nation. Please move to Germany or France or England and join the wonderful land of Socialism. Here in America the majority of us want to retain our freedoms.

      Sure there are those who try to minimize the amount of taxes they pay. When the top 1% of wage earners is paying 40% of the taxes that our government takes in, it’s a truly unfair system. Let’s go to a flat tax so that everyone pays their fair share.

      You talk about charity being degrading but would instead have forced charity by the government because that’s exactly what Welfare is. Why does the government get involved in the first place, because they are too cheap to give to charities themselves and believe that the rest of people in our nation are like them. So, they force us to be charitable by taking from us and giving to those who won’t work as hard for their living. If the government would go back to doing what they are supposed to do we could cut the tax rate by 2/3s and then everyone in this nation would have the means to live a decent lifestyle.

      I have a friend whose cousin lives in England. This cousin works the minimum she has to in order to receive a dole from the government. She will work for a year or two and then find a way to either get fired or get a doctor to determine that she has some ailment that requires who to quit working. Then she goes to Spain to vacation. That’s what socialist ideals do to people. It creates a class of people who don’t really want to work and keeps them down.

      One study showed that where there is welfare you will find those who accept it seldom find their way out of that lifestyle. If you want to create a people who live off of the government then keep pushing this idiotic agenda of government welfare and you will get your desire. You will find more people living off the dole and because they have gotten used to it they will certainly vote for those who will help to maintain their lifestyles (Democrats).

  • John V

    Republicans and democrats are just two sides of the same coin. One gives money away to the rich the other to the poor. It is merely used to divide and conquer. While people are busy fighting between your side my side they are both robbing us blind. They vote for the same things most times. Immunity for the telecoms illegal wiretaps, free trade agreements, the stimulus, bailouts and war funding. We cannot afford world domination anymore. The military bases around the world are to protect and serve the corporations not to protect us. Where was the air defense coverage on 9/11? The depressions and wild spending are controlled by the federal reserves expansion/contraction of credit.

    • RB

      I see you have not served in the military. If you had, you would see what we do. It is not to serve the corporations. Additionally, we are not seeking world domination. Have we overstepped our bounds, in some instances? Certainly. However, let it be known that there is a real threat out there from Radical Islam and that much of Islam outside of the Radicalized individuals tends to agree with many of the radical ideas simply because that is what the Koran teaches. So, we must be vigilant if we are to ensure our freedoms are not lost to this radical group who is bent on our destruction.

      However, that being said I have to agree that unfortunately Republicans have acted like Democrats for far too long and helped create the problem we face now with our economy. We do need to get rid of the Federal Reserve System. We do need to go back to the Gold Standard and we do need to get rid of the IRS and the Department of Education and the Agriculture Department and all the other unconstitutional institutions that have been created to control our lives, economy and our nation. Let’s take back our nation from the men who now believe they are in charge and let them know that we are not their slaves but their masters.

      Term limits is definitely the way to begin this process of returning our nation to the people. However, getting that done is going to require a massive grassroots movement that I hope the Tea Parties began. I have written to my Senators and Congressmen (all but one being Republicans) for years even during the Bush administration and warned them of what was happening to our nation and often asking them to resign since they were not representing their constituency as they should and were instead acting like Democrats with big spending and bigger government.

      This shouldn’t be a partisan concept as all freedom loving people whether Democrat or Republican or Independent or whatever, should want our elected and appointed leaders to honor the oaths of office that they take and uphold and defend the Constitution of the United States.

      If you don’t know what the limitations are read Cleon Skousens “The 5000 Year Leap. It will open your eyes to how far we have strayed from what our Founding Fathers envisioned for this nation.

      • John V

        You should read about General Smedley Darlington Butler who served for 33 years as a Marine. Maybe you will believe it from him. Radical Islam is a small percentage of Islamic people. Not all Islamic people are terrorists. Radical Islamis supported and funded to keep the military industrial complex going. There are some who are tired of our government interfering with other countries. We support terrorists and dictators as long as the corporate interests are served and there is a long list. Noriega, Hussein, Duvalier, Bin Laden just to name a few. We worked with the Taliban because there was a oil company building a pipeline through Afghanistan. When the Taliban wanted too much compensation they became our enemy. Our government has overthrown democratically elected governments because the corporations did not agree with their policies such as in Haiti. We need to uphold the Constitution and have a non-interventionist foreign policy.

  • Jack Sullivan

    The TEA Parties were definitely a ‘Grass Roots” movement not a Astroturf Movement, per Nancy Pelosi, sponsored by FOX NEWS. Fox became involved after some of the smaller TEA parties in Florida and other places in the US. They saw it was Newsworthy and right or not some of their commentators became involved and gave it a stigma of Right Wing Kooks, at least in the “Mainstream Media’s” opinion. We have to show that this is a groundswell and not wait until the 4th of July to rally again. Let’s do it again on Memorial Day Weekend.
    The signs and slogans were funny and poignant but we have to have signs and petitions to recall every member of Congress who has voted for this “non-Stimulus” legislature. We need fiscal conservatives in office no matter what their party is. I lived in Russia for 8 years after the fall of Communism and I can tell you that Socialism doesn’t work because “all pigs are not created equal” Read Animal Farm, by George Orwell, 1945.

  • Liberty Now!

    The teaparty’s are not just Conservatives or Republicans but all Americans who are angry at big government chipping away at our freedoms. Bush I, Clinton, Bush II, and now Obama, are all guilty of working for big corporate bankers, wall street and oil. The media puts us in boxes (republicans, democrats, liberals, conservatives) and keeps us fighting with one another, step out of that box and just be an American and stand up for our constitutional rights!

    For the 3000 people that died on 9/11, We will never forget. Here’s a video by Architects and Engineers for 9 11 truth. We as a country cannot go forward until this is resolved.

    • American Citizen

      I don’t know what video you are espousing, but if it’s about anything other than it was orchestrated and pulled off by Islamic extremists, it’s false. We need to do something about those terrorists who are still in our midst waiting for the right time to strike again.

  • American Citizen

    Could SUDDENCALL and CAZ be illegal aliens?

    • caz

      Hee hee…no I am an interested person from the UK

      • Eric

        You have no business posting here, then. It’s not your government, your country, or your freedom, so with all due respect (and there’s not much): Butt OUT!

  • John

    I am sadly disappointed that everywhere in the media this is being labeled a “conservative” protest! I know plenty of people that are sick and tired of seeing their taxes raised year after year and the standard of living going down at a rate about equal to the rise in taxes. Some of which (even though they now regret it) voted for Obama! This was an American Protest not a conservative one!

    • Smilee

      Their standard living has been going down for 30 years and it is not equal to increase in taxes if that were the case I would have been paying an additional tax of about $12 per hour over the thirty years and my taxes only went up a small portion of that over the 30 years and Obama has not raised taxes as yet, in fact he cut taxes on those couples earning less than $250,000 per year and us retired on SS got a check for $250.00 last month (Bushes rebate last year was $600.00 and I suppose this is about a 50% savings) and those working had their withholding decreased and will pay less taxes for 09. I voted for Obama and I do not regret it. You have so many errors in your post and sir it was an Conservative protest but to make it look like it wasn’t you have been advised to say it is an American protest, hardly close to a majority if the numbers posted here for the first tea party nationwide brought out only about 300,000 persons. In the end it will be looked on as a Joke.

  • Cynthia

    We must have a basic plan: 1. Provide each member – of the House, Senate, White House, Courts, State, City, Bureaus and Agencies of Government – The Declaration of Independence and The Constitution of the United States of America. Each member must have a notarized statement that each document has been read and understood. 2. Demand that they take an oath to abide by and uphold these basic precepts – which, if not adhered to, the offender will automatically be charged with Treason and rendered their just punishment!!
    Oh, I do believe that most high government employees already take an oath – when will We The People finally hold them responsible for corrupting our government and Country??
    Oh, some of us try – only to be attacked and told that only “they” have the right to hold any of “theirs” accountable for Treason or unconsitutional acts. Therefore, those in government are a mob feeding on the hard work of the true Americans and giving only to those who can keep them in power!!!
    “I pledge Allegiance to the flag of the United States of America and to the Republic for which it stands – One nation, under God, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all.”
    How simple and yet, the mob government has not taken this to heart (much less, even put their hand to their heart if ever they have made this precious vow). Are school children still saying this every morning??
    God Bless America and help us reclaim our Republic!!!

  • woody

    New Flash! McCain wins! starts a war. huge budgets. huge bailouts. more immigration. More taxes. More socialist military recruitment. More lies.

    And… get this… Fox News and republicans CHEER!!!

    It is great to see these flag wavers finally protesting the government after peace activists and libertarians have been doing it for decades.

    where was fox news and all you folks during the past 8 years when bush ran this country into the ground? there were millions of people protesting worldwide and fox acted like they were all terrorists.

    A phoney game: CNN is pitted against FOX for ratings. World War III is for the control of your mind. CNN is owned by General Electric the largest weapons manufacturer in the world. The War pigs laugh at us all and Satan spreads his wings.

    • Frugalvoter

      If the Republicans were going to CHEER when McCain won – HE WOULD HE WON!

  • Mike

    Its not about democrat or republican, left or right…… its about fighting a one world government and banking system. we were protesting Bush and are now protesting Obama. The time has come for all citizens to understand that the monetary policies of the US Govt. are the problem. Educate yourself and attend a local federal reserve branch april 25th. HR 1207 = audit the federal reserve. Don’t you want to know the truth about where your great grandchildrens bailout money went??? We will fight for Liberty, Freedom and National / State Sovereignty. Long live the Republic.

    • Frugalvoter

      ABSOLUTELY! It is much more than republican and democrat. This is BIG Govenment vs Individual Rights. So strange an American President shaking hands, slapping in the back, bowing down to dictators! Looks like he is a wannabe!

    • MLB

      I agree! It is not a Republican or Democrat thing. Is it time for a third party with the American people in mind? I think so.

  • Stanley Pearson

    You didn’t answer my question. Why didn’t you tea partiers throw a tea party when bush was in office?

    • John

      I would have to say enough is finally enough. What do you suggest they do, sit back and wait another 4 years and see if the next guy does something different? At some point people get tired and sometimes even angry and finally object!

      • woody

        if there was a republican in office they would be eating the slop dished out like it was gourmet. the followers of both parties are sheep.

        • John

          From my own personal experience Democrats spend it faster than Republicans. At least in Congress that is. And I have to disagree if McCain would have gotten elected Pelosi and the rest in Congress would not have approved the budget items that the Obama administration has gotten thru with pretty much no debate what so ever.

        • American Citizen

          Woody, you are so wrong. If Bush had done what Obama is doing, you’d have seen the citizens of this country rise up against his policies, too. They were already starting to grumble about the bailout before he left office. But this is not about Bush, it’s about Obama and it’s not racist, it’s about our freedoms and our pocketbooks.

        • Smilee


          And you who do not support either flip flop back and forth from election to election because you know not what you want.

    • JT

      We did and you were not invited. Only independent thinking Americans were. You were obviously too busy with your hate Bush rhetoric that was being spoon fed by the ACLU, elitist academics like Ward Churchill, and the Hollywood left, Susan Sarandon, Tim Robbins and Janeane Garafolo to name a few. They were your Messiahs then and now you have Obama. Wow big improvement there! Only difference is he gets to fly all over the world in Air Force One, bashing America, apologizing for whatever the audience will lap up. Bush started the wild spending so BO plays blame Bush and keeps on keeping on.

      Can any of you leftists think for yourselves? It does not matter who it is, when the mouth opens all the talking points of the day come spewing out. I bet you run to open your email each morning so you know what to think and what to say. Any thnking person would see that all this leads to one place…..HELL!

      • caz

        In my experience leftists DO think for themselves…and argue with each other too….a lot!! They argue about the finest details whilst holding a similar basic standpoint that most have come to…not because its been in the press…more usualy because what they read in the press makes them mad and they think…there’s gotta be a better way. Obama is way in the centre believe me….leftists think Obama and Brown are way too much the puppies scared to upset big business…even now. And big business still has way too much power over our lives.

    • mary

      stanley, there was no need for citizens to protest bush’s policies-the main stream media did enough of that for everyone. that’s what is so frightening. obama is the media darling and it will not matter what he does, the media will not criticize him.

    • Frugalvoter

      Because no one had threatened our personal freedoms, right to own property, our retirements, our childrens future, our constitution, or kissed up to dictators!

    • Eric

      Oh, we did, we did with our votes. Why do you think the Republicans lost control of the House and Senate in 2006? What, the Democrats hadn’t been voting in the past elections and finally woke up? No, Republicans fed up with the out-of-control spending of the current Congress voted in a new one. Unfortunately, we just got more of the same, and now under total Democratic control, we have a Congress that has approved more spending in the first 100 days of the current administration then has been spent in the entire history of this nation. Perhaps THAT’S the reason why we’re finally standing up. If we wait until 2010 to “speak our mind” (through voting them out of office), it may be too late.

    • keith

      we did’nt feel our rights were threatened! my guns are oiled and my ammo’s ready!

    • Free2Bme

      The question has come up a few time asking why we didn’t hold tea parties while Bush was in office. The answer is really quite simple, Most of us were working!!! I wish I could still say that. Bush was a big spender admittedly but while he was in office I felt safe. Again, I wish I could still say that. By the end of OB’s 1st year he will have far surpassed the spending from Washington thru Bush. Please open your mind then open your eyes before it;s too late.

  • 08hayabusa

    The man is a usurper, and everyone needs to get involved to have U.S. Attorney Taylor bring a quo warranto suit in Washington D.C. on Obama’s eligibility. Since he has been sworn in as President this is the only avenue left to us. He cannot be impeached unless he commits a crime in office. And only the US Attorney or the Attorney General have standing to bring suit on Obama’s eligibility. And don’t count on Attorney General Holden. Needless to say, he has a conflict of interest as Obama appointed him.

    Leo Donofrio has done all the legal work. Check out how you can get involved at his website Natural born citizen.

    Leo has researched in depth exactly what natural born citizen means.

    It means you have to be born to American Citizens in the jurisdiction of the United States.

    In other words, both your parents have to be naturalized before you are born, and you have to be born in the United States or one of it’s territories.

    Obama’s father was a British subject at his birth, as Kenya was still one of Britain’s colonies in 1961. That gives Obama dual citizenship at birth.

    That means Obama is not a natural born citizen.

    The framers put that clause in our Constitution to prevent foreign influence in our Executive Branch of Government, because they were going to allow immigrants access to all other branches of government, so as not to create a second class citizenry. They wanted naturalized citizens to have all the rights and benefits as native born or natural born citizens, but at the same time realized the Executive Branch needed a Citizen that was completely devoted to the nation with absolutely no foreign influence, hence the natural born clause. This was only one of two posts in government that an immigrant, or their children if they were born before they became citizens, were not allowed to process. The other post is Vice President.

    Everything that Obama is, is what the framers were afraid of. He has ties to many foreign entities and he cares little about America.

    Leo Donofrio brought one of the cases, Donofrio v. Wells, that reached the US Supreme Court and was denied without comment, and helped prepare a second one, Wrotnowski v. Connecticut Secretary of State, that was also denied without comment, that came before the Court immediately after his case.

    I don’t need to tell you that you don’t get a hearing before the full court without merit. Why these cases didn’t get a open court hearing is anybody’s guess. But the Supreme Court decided to punt rather than do the right thing.

    So if you want to get involved I suggest you go to Leo’s site to see how you can help.

    Complaining about it on a blog does nothing.

    And by the way, when he is found to be a usurper, every single thing he has done is completely null and void because he never was a legal President.

    Now it makes clear why this man is moving so fast about everything he does, doesn’t it?

    He claims to be a Constitutional Professor, he knows his time could be limited. He knows he is not natural born.

    • patriot

      He is also trying to get everything on his agenda pushed through before the next congressional turnover which will change his push in congress.

    • caz

      What I don’t really understand is seeing as America is a nation made up entirely of immigrants…why does it matter???

      • Mike1968

        Wow! And I thought the American educational system was lacking. The Brits seem to be in a league of your own. Look up something called “The Rule of Law”, it will keep you busy while you wait for your government check…

        • caz

          I don’t know what the rule of law is…but without looking it up….laws change all the time. They have to adapt otherwise we’d still be living under the laws of the 19th century. Society moves on and evolves. I STILL don’t think it matters whether he has a US birth certificate or not. I just think this is an easy target from his haters. How many other prominent and significant people from the last hundred years in the US where born in a different country? Thousands I’ll bet. Can you enlighten me with a short list off the top of your head???

  • 08hayabusa

    Now that he is President the only avenue to us is the Attorney General or the US Attorney.
    The Supreme Court can not remove him because of the separation of powers requirement of the Constitution. Only Congress can remove a sitting President. And it can only be done through impeachment or Quo Warranto due to ineligibility. When he was Obama the candidate the Supreme Court could have disqualified him but they chose to punt on some technicality without bothering to explain why.
    His Birth Certificate would only be important if he was not born in Hawaii. What disqualifies him is the fact his father was a British subject, which also made him a British subject which means he’s not a natural born citizen.
    It really doesn’t take a lot of research to come to that conclusion either. The Constitution itself explains that there are two kinds of citizens at it’s adoption.
    No person except a natural born citizen, OR A CITIZEN AT THE TIME OF THE ADOPTION OF THIS CONSTITUTION, shall be President.
    Only one of the framers of the Constitution was not born in the Colonies, Alexander Hamilton. He was born in the West Indies.
    George Washington’s family had been here around 100 years. So why did they need to Grandfather themselves in to be President with the natural born citizen clause?
    Because they were all citizens of another nation too. As a matter of fact we fought The War of 1812 because Britain was forcing American Citizens into military duty because they were British Citizens too.
    They did not want dual loyalties for future Presidents.
    Go to Leo Donofrio’s website for a better explanation. He is one amazing researcher in law.
    It wasn’t until the 14th President Franklin Pierce, that the natural born clause came into play. He was the first President born after the adoption of the Constitution.

    By the way, this a non-radical completely legal viable way to get him out of the Whitehouse. The most I’ve heard that a certified letter cost is $7.50. Leo says we need to get enough people involved now so that U.S.Attorney Jeffrey A Taylor will have no choice but to address the issue.
    Leo also says to send one to U.S. Attorney General Eric H. Holder Jr. too and give him the benefit of the doubt, even though he doesn’t think Holder will do anything with it because he has a conflict of interest. Obama appointed him.
    They have letters posted on Leo’s website that can be copied and pasted and printed out so there’s very little inconvenience except going to the post office and having them sent as certified mail.
    It can’t hurt folks. They may only make him present his Birth Certificate and not address what natural born means like the U.S.Supreme court did, but it’s a shot.
    That’s the only reason he’s there in the Whitehouse, is because they’re acting on the premise no court has clearly stated what natural born means.
    I sent both letters and it only cost me $11.77.

  • 08hayabusa

    The framers put that clause in our Constitution to prevent foreign influence in our Executive Branch of Government, because they were going to allow immigrants access to all other branches of government, so as not to create a second class citizenry. They wanted naturalized citizens to have all the rights and benefits as native born or natural born citizens, but at the same time realized the Executive Branch needed a Citizen that was completely devoted to the nation with absolutely no foreign influence, hence the natural born clause.

    Everything Obama is, is exactly what the framers were afraid of. Ties to many foreign entities, ties to terrorists like his cousin Odinga in Kenya, He obviously hates America’s Supremacy, He hates Capitalism, the very financial system that made wealthy.

    And besides it’s the law.

  • Ronald

    Oh boy, where do I start? Stanley, Stanely, we all hate what Bush did. The reason the Tea Parties are being held now is that people held out hope, that after Bush was gone, things would get better. Thats why the American people responded so well to Obama’s message of CHANGE. The Amerian people wanted CHANGE after the Bush Administration. The Obama Administration seems to be taking full advantage of the current crisis to push a political agenda. This is not the time for that. So the American public has finally had it. Not everyone mind you, but the disconntent is growing. There is a realization that the CHANGE they voted for, is no CHANGE at all. And they are PISSED, and they are expressing it. Thats why Tea Parties now, and not before.

    And JoAnn Moore, you are so mislead….Bush didn’t try to take away the Bil of Rights??? True, he did nothing to erode the Second Amendment, but what about everything else?? The Patroit Act gutted the Bill of Rights like nothing before it. Warrentless wiretaps of American citizens, illegal searches and seizures, every kind of illegal domestic spying on US citizens. I ask you why is the government so afraid of the American people?? Now we find out about the Missouri List. It never ends no matter who is in the White House.
    You people got to stop thinking parties. This is beyond that. When Clinton was President, it was all about the Militias. During the Bush years not a word about any Militias. But now that we have another Democrat in the White House, I am hearing about the threat of Militias all over again. Its all made up nonsense. THERE IS NO DOMESTIC THREAT!! This is not democrat vs republican. You got to start thinking outside the box as they say. We are being screwed by both the Democrats and the Republicans. These are made up excuses to further political agendas. Plain and simple. Same with 911. It does not matter who is in office. When the Democrats are in, its Domestic Terrorism, when the Republicans are in, its International Terrorism, always some excuse to spy on YOU and strip you of YOUR rights.
    Different methods, same objective. Wise up.
    The Federal Government needs to be put on a starvation diet, same as the rest of us.
    STOP LOOKING for government provided solutions to government created problems.
    What put this economy into a tailspin was government manipulation of the free market system. That manipulation came in the form of a piece of legislation called the Federal Housing Enterprises Financial Safety and Soundness Act of 1992. That legislation mandated all kinds of special deals to be made to allow low income persons, specifically minorities, to be allowed to purchase homes, they couldn’t otherwise afford. Get that? It allowed people to buy homes they couldn’t afford. Once the lending bar was lowered, it was lowered for all. The mortgage business went nuts with it, knowing they could easily bundle and resell bad loans, because Fanny would always buy them, ensuring a mortgage dumping ground. Mortgage lenders couldn’t loose… It defied all sense of logic.

    The Federal Housing Enterprises Financial Safety and Soundness Act of 1992, was anything but. And it was the fuse that led to the explosion of the largest financial disaster this country has ever known.
    And it was caused by government manipulation of the free market system. Supported by both Democrats AND Republicans.

    Research it. Look it up for yourself. The Federal Housing Enterprises Financial Safety and Soundness Act of 1992. I call it “THE FUSE.”

    Stanley Pearson Reply:
    April 17th, 2009 at 2:09 pm

    Why didn’t you SOB’S hold a tea party when bush did all this BS to take this country down? You people need to get GOD

    JoAnn Moore Reply:
    April 17th, 2009 at 3:52 pm

    It sounds like you are the one who needs to get God with the terrible language you use. Also, Bush did slip on some of the spending, BUT he saved us from further attacks AND he didn’t try to ram in socialized medicine which will prevent me from getting any care or medication since I am old and as they say, “going to die soon anyway!” nor did he try to take away the BIll of Rights as BHO is gearing up to do ! He like J. Wright and Bill Ayres is an America HATER!

  • cowboy

    All of you forget just one thing about Obama’s birth certificate. If he had a long form, certified birth certificate showing where he was born, then he would not need a certificate of live birth. A certificate of live birth is only given in Hawaii to people born in another country and only under two years of age. So by showing a “certificate of live birth”, Obama has already shown that he IS NOT a NATIVE BORN AMERICAN. By his own proof, he is not qualified to hold the office of President. For everyone debating the start of this debacle that we are in now, it started in the early 60′s and continually got worse. Hippies is where I put most of the blame, the ones that were “flower children”, the ones that wanted everything and not have to work for any of it, the ones that feel that the world owes them a living, a house, a car and an income. Dr. Spock is no less to blame with all his garbage of not discipling your children. We have become a nation of people with “I” trouble, I want this and I want that and I want it now. No matter the cost as long as it does not affect me or mine. I’ve always said, sooner or later, all your chickens come home to roost, get ready folks, the chickens are coming by the billions and guess where they are going to land?

    • American Citizen

      My grandparents on both sides, parents and I and my siblings are all natural born citizens of this country and are entitled to the freedoms our founding fathers gave us under the Constitution which we are in danger of losing. We are not immigrants. Look up the definition of the word.
      You bet we’re angry, whether Republican, Democrat or Independent. It’s time the American people wake up to what’s going on in this country.

    • American Citizen

      cowboy, the comment below yours was meant for CAZ. I don’t know what happened as when I hit “reply” below your comment, my reply to CAZ came back down under yours.

      Anyway, what I wanted to reply to your comments, which are right on, is that it has always been said that what you want more of, you subsidize.

    • mark

      We will never know the truth. People would perfer to get rid of the constitution 1st before finding out the truth, which could lead to severe problems. We could only dream.

  • Ronald

    Caz and Woody, I think you are both bright people from reviewing your postings. Woody, I too am a Black Sabbath fan. They are all pigs. Sorcerers of death’s construction…

    I am a registered Independent. I realize that there are good and bad ideas on both sides of the isle. The trick is to draw from the best of both worlds. I voted for Bush in 2000, and Obama on 08, and regretted both votes.

    Anyway, heres something to think about.
    You wake up one morning at the age of 47. Something is wrong. Physically. You go to the doctors. You charge the bill to your Visa. Dispite having a good paying job in the past, you were the subject of oursourcing to overseas labor markets, and found yourself laid off. You found another job, but it paid half of what you used to make and there are no benefits. So you charge your doctors bill to your Visa.
    The doctor is concerned and refers you to a specialist. Another charge to the Visa. This specialist consults with other specialists, and now you are charging thousands to the Visa.
    The diagnosis: Cancer. The dreaded C word. Treatment is going to cost you tens of thousands.
    Pure free market thought dictates that if you cannot afford something, then you shouldn’t get it.
    So should you just wither and die? Is it your fault you got outsourced? That you lost your Medical Insurance through no fault of your own?
    What should you do? Thats a real question.
    Thats a real question for all the conservative idealogs.

    The real question is why do we form societies?
    And the answer to that question is that we form societies to ensure our survival. We band together like a pack of wolves and work together to benefit all in the pack. The pack can accomplish what the individual cannot. It ensures survival. Its natural, and in keeping with the natural order of things.

    But we humans are not animals. We are above that. Our intelligence dictates that.
    So what have we become, when we allow our fellow man to go without medical treatment, simply because he cannot afford it due to circumstances beyond his control?
    We become lower than the animals. This is the Liberal thought. And this is where Liberals shine.

    The problem with healthcare today is that it is run as a profit making industry. I am 100% in favor of profit making industries. But not in medicine. And not in food production. Food and medicine are keystones to our very survival, and should be available cheaply.
    I have heard the arguement that if you take the profit out of medicine, you won’t attract any good doctors to the field. But I ask, are profit driven doctors, good doctors? Artists paint because they are driven. Very few artists make money at their craft. They do it because they have to. They are driven. Those are the kinds of doctors I want to be treated by. Like my own doctor. He is fascinated by medicine itself. I have never seen a medical doctor driving a 12 year old rust bucket. There is no reason a surgeon needs to be making $40,000 for a 5 hour surgery. $40,000 for 5 hours of work? Something is wrong here. Planting corn for 5 hours is grueling work too, and its also keeping people alive. It doesn’t pay that well. Doctors are extortionists. You are hanging on the edge of a cliff, and screaming for help, the doctor extends his hand and asks, “Whats it worth to you?” A just person asks nothing, and pulls you up.
    The fundemental problem with health care today is that its run as a profit making business. You want to make a profit? Go make sneakers…Something we can live without if need be.
    There are some specific segments of society that should be off limits to profit making industry.
    Its easy to be idealistic when you are young and health and have health coverage and food on your plate. Your reality is not everyone’s reality.

    Something to think about.
    Registered Independent/ready to revolt…

    • American Citizen

      Nobody will go without medical care in this country if they are poor and don’t have insurance. We pay taxes for medicaid and some states are forming insurance plans with low premiums for low income people. Also, if some hospitals accept government money, they have to give so much free care. I know, because I used to work in a hospital. Due to receiving money from the government, it had to give thousands of dollars in free care.

      If someone has cancer and cannot pay, Cancer Centers of America is the place to apply to. It just takes knowing how to get to where you need to go for help.

      • caz

        But isn’t that so complicated??? And sort of degrading to have to apply to?? Here you go to your GP and they would be held to account if your care wasn’t top notch from the outset…you would be whisked into the system and looked after from the minute you were diagnosed. If you have a cartilage problem….sure you would have to wait or you could pay if you decided you didn’t want to wait. Personally I would wait. But life threatening conditions are treated immediately. Its not perfect…but as an ideology to me its far, far superior and human and ‘christian’ than money talking. Ugh…makes my skin creep. What I don’t get is so many Americans were escaping racsim and the class system in old Europe. US society has just gone and created the very same thing over the last 3 decades that their ancestors were escaping!!!!!

        • American Citizen

          What’s the difference between the government paying for your health care or the welfare system? We don’t want the government in charge of our lives. We’ve heard too many horror stories from people who live under socialism to want it in this country. I’ve know people on welfare who use it as a way of life. They feel no shame for using it, in fact, they brag about it. They’re too lazy to get a job and use all kinds of excuses. The hard working people of this country are tired of carrying them on their backs. How about we all go on the dole? Where would the government get its money then?

    • caz

      I have heard the arguement that if you take the profit out of medicine, you won’t attract any good doctors to the field. But I ask, are profit driven doctors, good doctors? Artists paint because they are driven. Very few artists make money at their craft. They do it because they have to. They are driven. Those are the kinds of doctors I want to be treated by.

      Well said. My point entirely. I had the opportunity to marry a British engineer who moved to the States. I didn’t…because I realised that if I/we fell on hard times we would become second class citizens and life would become unbearable. That was enough for me to want to stay here. If you get cancer here… are in the hopital within days. No money changes hands and you are cared for and operated on till you are well or until you die….for nothing. No cost to yourself. This is so much a part of our psyche here…that we care for the unfortunate…that the alternative (ie the US system) sounds like a living nightmare…should you lose your job and then contract cancer or have a heart attack due tothe onset of worry and stress…which is sometimes all it takes. Doesn’t bear thinking about to me. Doctors are paid well but they do not go in to medicine for the money. My brother is a doctor so I know. People will work for the good of other human beings and will create new ideas, whather it be new technology or whatever…its human nature. Society (and that means its ordinary citizens) just has to decide on the basic priorites.

      The BBC is reknowned throughout the world. It is owned by the people. We pay a license fee. There is no advertising on the channel. It produces some of the best dramas, current affairs programmes, comedies and documentaries on the whole planet.

  • American Citizen

    There are already people wanting to have more tea parties either on Memorial Day or Fourth of July. Whenever they have them again, we’re going to get one going in our small town. Everywhere I go, people are talking about Obama and how they are afraid of his policies. And I know some of them voted for him. His so-called “CHANGE” is nothing more than more of the same, only in spades.

  • Ronald

    American Citizen, thanks for your reply. I was just making a point. I do not have cancer or any serious illness.
    You are right. Liberal minded programs ensure that people will get adaquate medical treatment if necessary. My post was intended to make right wing idealogs start to think. There is good on both sides of the isle. I wrote my post in response to an increasing anti Liberal sentiment I keep hearing everywhere. I do not want to live in a world devoid of Liberals OR Conservatives. Liberals and Conservatives seem to truely want to snuff each other out, and I think thats so narrowminded.

    Find the center, because the edges are extreme.


    • caz

      I agree (from the UK). Find the centre. Obama is acyually still on the right of the political compass!!!. Just. Maybe he may have shifted a bit I don’t know. But all these accusations of him being a communist like Stalin…are absolutely ludicrous. All this arguement is good really…its all about thrashing out priorities and make people think what’s important.

  • s c

    People, it is so easy to get mad at each other, but rarely do we get mad at our freedom-hating “leaders.” It takes far too much for us to get motivated to react to utter incompetence and evil in Washington.
    Those who want to control the world have had many years to entrench their system(s) in the US. They won’t be removed in a hurry. Please don’t waste your time by responding to self-made idiots who contribute nothing to this web site. We are part of the battle between good and evil. Choose your words carefully, and be part of the solution. This battle is beyond mere politics. America is freedom’s last chance. Let the tea parties continue!

  • JR


    • keith

      amen bro!

  • PrairieStar

    The Tax Day Tea Parties were not about “Democrats” against “Republicans”, nor about “libs” against “cons”, nor about “Muslims” vs. “Christians”. They were about saving this country from the abyss we now face.

    For those who are very young, and haven’t had the luxury of a “real education” in this country, please read some history. Inform yourselves of the travail of starting a free nation. Inform yourselves of the Constitution of These United States. Look at it all with a free and open mind — not one that has been cauterized by the current education system in the United States. Try to visualize what our forefathers were talking about in their many documents. Read the Federalist Papers. The people who started this country were not all like-minded, and had many discussions about how the country should be structured. Not everyone agreed. But their work resulted in a country that worked well for many, many years, and placed the United States in the forefront of the world as a free people. Remember that in those days there were no telephones, no instant messaging, no television and no internet. The people who started this country had to communicate by writing their thoughts clearly and succinctly on paper, and having that communication delivered to the recipient (usually by a courier on horseback), which took days to weeks.

    Our forefathers never promised that the USA would feed the world, nor that the USA would necessarily even feed the whole nation. They stated that the USA would be a country based on each man’s (and woman’s presumably) inalienable right to feed himself or herself. Feeding doesn’t mean just eating — it means taking care of yourself, and as much as you can, taking care of those around you (friends, families, strangers). It means having a free will and the freedom to do what is right. It means being able to stand up for what you believe in against the government. It means taking the time to understand the issues, and respond to them. Above all, they believed in a small government for the many people. The government should never become the largest single employer in the country. The government had one job — to protect and defend the borders of the country, and to guarantee and defend the rights afforded the country’s people as delineated in the Constitution.

    It doesn’t mean trying to run over each other with slander and loud and filthy language, or bashing each other. It doesn’t mean you have the right to try to limit others’ rights. It doesn’t mean that your personal beliefs make you any better than the next person.

    Try having a civil discussion with people who don’t believe what you believe, and each of you may come away with a greater understanding of what it means to be an American. For those few minutes, try to not say things that are hurtful or untrue, but just have a discussion with them. See if you can have a discussion without saying the word “hate” (as in “I hate George Bush” or “I hate Barack Obama”). Try to focus on what is best for the country as a whole, and not just on what is good for you (such as “rob the rich and give to the poor”). If you are not getting ahead in this country, try asking yourself why that is, instead of blaming it on one or the other of the Presidents. Above all, try to understand what your discussion partner is talking about, rather than trying to shout him down.

    Try attending a Tax Day Tea Party. And don’t second guess what went on there if you didn’t attend. Don’t just rely on the mainstream media to get it right — they rarely do.

  • Trish

    Just a reminder: We were warned early on that the Obamatrons would try to get us arguing among ourselves, get us off track, and dilute our effectiveness. Don’t let them get by with it. Just ignore these people who are obviously not one of us. We play into their hands when we let them get our focus on endless arguments with them and off the job at hand. That will accomplish nothing. We aren’t going to get them “to see the light.” Blow them off. Let them make their hateful comments. Who cares what they think? Let’s stay true to the real deal, okay?

    • Frugalvoter

      Exactly, Keep your eye on the PRIZE (A return to the Constitution of the REPUBLIC of the United States)

    • caz

      The left argue amongst themselves too. I know. I read on Socialist Unity. They argue the nitty gritty. Mnay of them a very well read and intelectual…they are constantly picking holes in each others arguements….but in the end its main purpose is to achieve a better way. Argueing intelectually is good. What is despicable is hate that MUSLIM comment way up the thread all in capital lettters. How else can people thrash out the best way but by debate? I’ve had my mind changed by suddenly having a light bulb moment after someone has pointed something out. I keep saying this is transition….. after capitalism in the form it has been has failed and made America virtually bankrupt borrowing from China of all places. Bizarre. You have to argue to move forward and the internet is a great place to do it. Gradually common sense will prevail….and the best of all ideologies will begin to come to the fore.

    • keith

      damn,OBAMATRONS!!! that is going in my mental dictionary!!!! was a good one!!!!!

  • American Citizen

    I’m glad the American people are finally waking up. At least, I hope enough of them are. After the Constitution was written and signed by the framers, one of them said, “We have given you a Republic if you can keep it.” Come on with the Tea Parties!

  • http://google fogey60

    i agree lets vote all of them out every incumbent democrat and republican alike
    the beast has 2 heads one is called democrat the other is called republican the only way to kill the beast is to get rid of both heads also limit the amount of time
    to serve (no career politicians) and prohibit any person that has served in gov.
    from being a lobbist

  • Buzzymuzzwelle

    Your so mature comrade. I’m the father of 4, the oldest a Marine. That will probably
    make you hate me more. I have 3 grand children. My parents came to America in
    1968 with $200.00 and carved out a future for our family. We have not taken one dime we did not earn. An aspect you socialists cannot grasp. We came here to
    escape socialism. Now you embrace it. Very good comrade.GBB

  • Randa

    Soon we will all come home from vacations to find the bolshevics have taken over the whole first floor of our houses.. Bolsheviks= – 34k

  • Buzzymuzzwelle

    Today the house past H.R. 20. A bill that requires mothers of new born to take
    mental tests to see if they can bring their child home with them. We already know
    that there are those on this site who call me mentally challenged. My wife is more
    conservative than I am. Yet she had 4 children, one a Marine. I wonder if she
    would be able to pass the test these socialist have in store for American mothers
    to be?? GBB

  • lyda027

    a rally will be held independence day, sat 7/4/09, against amesty for illegal aliens (all nationalities.) it’s being held near san diego border. possibly, the tea party organizers and others that are good at it, can converge with a country wide rally. san diego’s org site link text

    • mark

      unfortunatly they will become citizens cuz obama needs the votes for the next term.

  • lyda027
  • Paul Trood

    This is a very good read which will indicate the depth of fraud that has been perpetrated on the U.S. taxpayer.

    THE U.S. Financial Crisis – Interview with William K. Black (PBS)


    April 3, 2009
    BILL MOYERS: Welcome to the Journal.

    For months now, revelations of the wholesale greed and blatant transgressions of Wall Street have reminded us that “The Best Way to Rob a Bank Is to Own One.” In fact, the man you’re about to meet wrote a book with just that title. It was based upon his experience as a tough regulator during one of the darkest chapters in our financial history: the savings and loan scandal in the late 1980s.

    WILLIAM K. BLACK: These numbers as large as they are, vastly understate the problem of fraud.

    BILL MOYERS: Bill Black was in New York this week for a conference at the John Jay College of Criminal Justice where scholars and journalists gathered to ask the question, “How do they get away with it?” Well, no one has asked that question more often than Bill Black.

    The former Director of the Institute for Fraud Prevention now teaches Economics and Law at the University of Missouri, Kansas City. During the savings and loan crisis, it was Black who accused then-house speaker Jim Wright and five US Senators, including John Glenn and John McCain, of doing favors for the S&L’s in exchange for contributions and other perks. The senators got off with a slap on the wrist, but so enraged was one of those bankers, Charles Keating — after whom the senate’s so-called “Keating Five” were named — he sent a memo that read, in part, “get Black — kill him dead.” Metaphorically, of course. Of course.

    Now Black is focused on an even greater scandal, and he spares no one — not even the President he worked hard to elect, Barack Obama. But his main targets are the Wall Street barons, heirs of an earlier generation whose scandalous rip-offs of wealth back in the 1930s earned them comparison to Al Capone and the mob, and the nickname “banksters.”

    Bill Black, welcome to the Journal.

    WILLIAM K. BLACK: Thank you.

    BILL MOYERS: I was taken with your candor at the conference here in New York to hear you say that this crisis we’re going through, this economic and financial meltdown is driven by fraud. What’s your definition of fraud?

    WILLIAM K. BLACK: Fraud is deceit. And the essence of fraud is, “I create trust in you, and then I betray that trust, and get you to give me something of value.” And as a result, there’s no more effective acid against trust than fraud, especially fraud by top elites, and that’s what we have.

    BILL MOYERS: In your book, you make it clear that calculated dishonesty by people in charge is at the heart of most large corporate failures and scandals, including, of course, the S&L, but is that true? Is that what you’re saying here, that it was in the boardrooms and the CEO offices where this fraud began?

    WILLIAM K. BLACK: Absolutely.

    BILL MOYERS: How did they do it? What do you mean?

    WILLIAM K. BLACK: Well, the way that you do it is to make really bad loans, because they pay better. Then you grow extremely rapidly, in other words, you’re a Ponzi-like scheme. And the third thing you do is we call it leverage. That just means borrowing a lot of money, and the combination creates a situation where you have guaranteed record profits in the early years. That makes you rich, through the bonuses that modern executive compensation has produced. It also makes it inevitable that there’s going to be a disaster down the road.

    BILL MOYERS: So you’re suggesting, saying that CEOs of some of these banks and mortgage firms in order to increase their own personal income, deliberately set out to make bad loans?


    BILL MOYERS: How do they get away with it? I mean, what about their own checks and balances in the company? What about their accounting divisions?

    WILLIAM K. BLACK: All of those checks and balances report to the CEO, so if the CEO goes bad, all of the checks and balances are easily overcome. And the art form is not simply to defeat those internal controls, but to suborn them, to turn them into your greatest allies. And the bonus programs are exactly how you do that.

    BILL MOYERS: If I wanted to go looking for the parties to this, with a good bird dog, where would you send me?

    WILLIAM K. BLACK: Well, that’s exactly what hasn’t happened. We haven’t looked, all right? The Bush Administration essentially got rid of regulation, so if nobody was looking, you were able to do this with impunity and that’s exactly what happened. Where would you look? You’d look at the specialty lenders. The lenders that did almost all of their work in the sub-prime and what’s called Alt-A, liars’ loans.

    BILL MOYERS: Yeah. Liars’ loans–

    WILLIAM K. BLACK: Liars’ loans.

    BILL MOYERS: Why did they call them liars’ loans?

    WILLIAM K. BLACK: Because they were liars’ loans.

    BILL MOYERS: And they knew it?

    WILLIAM K. BLACK: They knew it. They knew that they were frauds.

    WILLIAM K. BLACK: Liars’ loans mean that we don’t check. You tell us what your income is. You tell us what your job is. You tell us what your assets are, and we agree to believe you. We won’t check on any of those things. And by the way, you get a better deal if you inflate your income and your job history and your assets.

    BILL MOYERS: You think they really said that to borrowers?

    WILLIAM K. BLACK: We know that they said that to borrowers. In fact, they were also called, in the trade, ninja loans.

    BILL MOYERS: Ninja?

    WILLIAM K. BLACK: Yeah, because no income verification, no job verification, no asset verification.

    BILL MOYERS: You’re talking about significant American companies.

    WILLIAM K. BLACK: Huge! One company produced as many losses as the entire Savings and Loan debacle.

    BILL MOYERS: Which company?

    WILLIAM K. BLACK: IndyMac specialized in making liars’ loans. In 2006 alone, it sold $80 billion dollars of liars’ loans to other companies. $80 billion.

    BILL MOYERS: And was this happening exclusively in this sub-prime mortgage business?

    WILLIAM K. BLACK: No, and that’s a big part of the story as well. Even prime loans began to have non-verification. Even Ronald Reagan, you know, said, “Trust, but verify.” They just gutted the verification process. We know that will produce enormous fraud, under economic theory, criminology theory, and two thousand years of life experience.

    BILL MOYERS: Is it possible that these complex instruments were deliberately created so swindlers could exploit them?

    WILLIAM K. BLACK: Oh, absolutely. This stuff, the exotic stuff that you’re talking about was created out of things like liars’ loans, that were known to be extraordinarily bad. And now it was getting triple-A ratings. Now a triple-A rating is supposed to mean there is zero credit risk. So you take something that not only has significant, it has crushing risk. That’s why it’s toxic. And you create this fiction that it has zero risk. That itself, of course, is a fraudulent exercise. And again, there was nobody looking, during the Bush years. So finally, only a year ago, we started to have a Congressional investigation of some of these rating agencies, and it’s scandalous what came out. What we know now is that the rating agencies never looked at a single loan file. When they finally did look, after the markets had completely collapsed, they found, and I’m quoting Fitch, the smallest of the rating agencies, “the results were disconcerting, in that there was the appearance of fraud in nearly every file we examined.”

    BILL MOYERS: So if your assumption is correct, your evidence is sound, the bank, the lending company, created a fraud. And the ratings agency that is supposed to test the value of these assets knowingly entered into the fraud. Both parties are committing fraud by intention.

    WILLIAM K. BLACK: Right, and the investment banker that — we call it pooling — puts together these bad mortgages, these liars’ loans, and creates the toxic waste of these derivatives. All of them do that. And then they sell it to the world and the world just thinks because it has a triple-A rating it must actually be safe. Well, instead, there are 60 and 80 percent losses on these things, because of course they, in reality, are toxic waste.

    BILL MOYERS: You’re describing what Bernie Madoff did to a limited number of people. But you’re saying it’s systemic, a systemic Ponzi scheme.

    WILLIAM K. BLACK: Oh, Bernie was a piker. He doesn’t even get into the front ranks of a Ponzi scheme…

    BILL MOYERS: But you’re saying our system became a Ponzi scheme.

    WILLIAM K. BLACK: Our system…

    BILL MOYERS: Our financial system…

    WILLIAM K. BLACK: Became a Ponzi scheme. Everybody was buying a pig in the poke. But they were buying a pig in the poke with a pretty pink ribbon, and the pink ribbon said, “Triple-A.”

    BILL MOYERS: Is there a law against liars’ loans?

    WILLIAM K. BLACK: Not directly, but there, of course, many laws against fraud, and liars’ loans are fraudulent.

    BILL MOYERS: Because…

    WILLIAM K. BLACK: Because they’re not going to be repaid and because they had false representations. They involve deceit, which is the essence of fraud.

    BILL MOYERS: Why is it so hard to prosecute? Why hasn’t anyone been brought to justice over this?

    WILLIAM K. BLACK: Because they didn’t even begin to investigate the major lenders until the market had actually collapsed, which is completely contrary to what we did successfully in the Savings and Loan crisis, right? Even while the institutions were reporting they were the most profitable savings and loan in America, we knew they were frauds. And we were moving to close them down. Here, the Justice Department, even though it very appropriately warned, in 2004, that there was an epidemic…

    BILL MOYERS: Who did?

    WILLIAM K. BLACK: The FBI publicly warned, in September 2004 that there was an epidemic of mortgage fraud, that if it was allowed to continue it would produce a crisis at least as large as the Savings and Loan debacle. And that they were going to make sure that they didn’t let that happen. So what goes wrong? After 9/11, the attacks, the Justice Department transfers 500 white-collar specialists in the FBI to national terrorism. Well, we can all understand that. But then, the Bush administration refused to replace the missing 500 agents. So even today, again, as you say, this crisis is 1000 times worse, perhaps, certainly 100 times worse, than the Savings and Loan crisis. There are one-fifth as many FBI agents as worked the Savings and Loan crisis.

    BILL MOYERS: You talk about the Bush administration. Of course, there’s that famous photograph of some of the regulators in 2003, who come to a press conference with a chainsaw suggesting that they’re going to slash, cut business loose from regulation, right?

    WILLIAM K. BLACK: Well, they succeeded. And in that picture, by the way, the other — three of the other guys with pruning shears are the…

    BILL MOYERS: That’s right.

    WILLIAM K. BLACK: They’re the trade representatives. They’re the lobbyists for the bankers. And everybody’s grinning. The government’s working together with the industry to destroy regulation. Well, we now know what happens when you destroy regulation. You get the biggest financial calamity of anybody under the age of 80.

    BILL MOYERS: But I can point you to statements by Larry Summers, who was then Bill Clinton’s Secretary of the Treasury, or the other Clinton Secretary of the Treasury, Rubin. I can point you to suspects in both parties, right?

    WILLIAM K. BLACK: There were two really big things, under the Clinton administration. One, they got rid of the law that came out of the real-world disasters of the Great Depression. We learned a lot of things in the Great Depression. And one is we had to separate what’s called commercial banking from investment banking. That’s the Glass-Steagall law. But we thought we were much smarter, supposedly. So we got rid of that law, and that was bipartisan. And the other thing is we passed a law, because there was a very good regulator, Brooksley Born, that everybody should know about and probably doesn’t. She tried to do the right thing to regulate one of these exotic derivatives that you’re talking about. We call them C.D.F.S. And Summers, Rubin, and Phil Gramm came together to say not only will we block this particular regulation. We will pass a law that says you can’t regulate. And it’s this type of derivative that is most involved in the AIG scandal. AIG all by itself, cost the same as the entire Savings and Loan debacle.

    BILL MOYERS: What did AIG contribute? What did they do wrong?

    WILLIAM K. BLACK: They made bad loans. Their type of loan was to sell a guarantee, right? And they charged a lot of fees up front. So, they booked a lot of income. Paid enormous bonuses. The bonuses we’re thinking about now, they’re much smaller than these bonuses that were also the product of accounting fraud. And they got very, very rich. But, of course, then they had guaranteed this toxic waste. These liars’ loans. Well, we’ve just gone through why those toxic waste, those liars’ loans, are going to have enormous losses. And so, you have to pay the guarantee on those enormous losses. And you go bankrupt. Except that you don’t in the modern world, because you’ve come to the United States, and the taxpayers play the fool. Under Secretary Geithner and under Secretary Paulson before him… we took $5 billion dollars, for example, in U.S. taxpayer money. And sent it to a huge Swiss Bank called UBS. At the same time that that bank was defrauding the taxpayers of America. And we were bringing a criminal case against them. We eventually get them to pay a $780 million fine, but wait, we gave them $5 billion. So, the taxpayers of America paid the fine of a Swiss Bank. And why are we bailing out somebody who that is defrauding us?

    BILL MOYERS: And why…

    WILLIAM K. BLACK: How mad is this?

    BILL MOYERS: What is your explanation for why the bankers who created this mess are still calling the shots?

    WILLIAM K. BLACK: Well, that, especially after what’s just happened at G.M., that’s… it’s scandalous.

    BILL MOYERS: Why are they firing the president of G.M. and not firing the head of all these banks that are involved?

    WILLIAM K. BLACK: There are two reasons. One, they’re much closer to the bankers. These are people from the banking industry. And they have a lot more sympathy. In fact, they’re outright hostile to autoworkers, as you can see. They want to bash all of their contracts. But when they get to banking, they say, ‘contracts, sacred.’ But the other element of your question is we don’t want to change the bankers, because if we do, if we put honest people in, who didn’t cause the problem, their first job would be to find the scope of the problem. And that would destroy the cover up.

    BILL MOYERS: The cover up?

    WILLIAM K. BLACK: Sure. The cover up.

    BILL MOYERS: That’s a serious charge.

    WILLIAM K. BLACK: Of course.

    BILL MOYERS: Who’s covering up?

    WILLIAM K. BLACK: Geithner is charging, is covering up. Just like Paulson did before him. Geithner is publicly saying that it’s going to take $2 trillion — a trillion is a thousand billion — $2 trillion taxpayer dollars to deal with this problem. But they’re allowing all the banks to report that they’re not only solvent, but fully capitalized. Both statements can’t be true. It can’t be that they need $2 trillion, because they have masses losses, and that they’re fine.

    These are all people who have failed. Paulson failed, Geithner failed. They were all promoted because they failed, not because…

    BILL MOYERS: What do you mean?

    WILLIAM K. BLACK: Well, Geithner has, was one of our nation’s top regulators, during the entire subprime scandal, that I just described. He took absolutely no effective action. He gave no warning. He did nothing in response to the FBI warning that there was an epidemic of fraud. All this pig in the poke stuff happened under him. So, in his phrase about legacy assets. Well he’s a failed legacy regulator.

    BILL MOYERS: But he denies that he was a regulator. Let me show you some of his testimony before Congress. Take a look at this.

    TIMOTHY GEITHNER:I’ve never been a regulator, for better or worse. And I think you’re right to say that we have to be very skeptical that regulation can solve all of these problems. We have parts of our system that are overwhelmed by regulation.

    Overwhelmed by regulation! It wasn’t the absence of regulation that was the problem, it was despite the presence of regulation you’ve got huge risks that build up.

    WILLIAM K. BLACK: Well, he may be right that he never regulated, but his job was to regulate. That was his mission statement.


    WILLIAM K. BLACK: As president of the Federal Reserve Bank of New York, which is responsible for regulating most of the largest bank holding companies in America. And he’s completely wrong that we had too much regulation in some of these areas. I mean, he gives no details, obviously. But that’s just plain wrong.

    BILL MOYERS: How is this happening? I mean why is it happening?

    WILLIAM K. BLACK: Until you get the facts, it’s harder to blow all this up. And, of course, the entire strategy is to keep people from getting the facts.

    BILL MOYERS: What facts?

    WILLIAM K. BLACK: The facts about how bad the condition of the banks is. So, as long as I keep the old CEO who caused the problems, is he going to go vigorously around finding the problems? Finding the frauds?


    WILLIAM K. BLACK: Taking away people’s bonuses?

    BILL MOYERS: To hear you say this is unusual because you supported Barack Obama, during the campaign. But you’re seeming disillusioned now.

    WILLIAM K. BLACK: Well, certainly in the financial sphere, I am. I think, first, the policies are substantively bad. Second, I think they completely lack integrity. Third, they violate the rule of law. This is being done just like Secretary Paulson did it. In violation of the law. We adopted a law after the Savings and Loan crisis, called the Prompt Corrective Action Law. And it requires them to close these institutions. And they’re refusing to obey the law.

    BILL MOYERS: In other words, they could have closed these banks without nationalizing them?

    WILLIAM K. BLACK: Well, you do a receivership. No one — Ronald Reagan did receiverships. Nobody called it nationalization.

    BILL MOYERS: And that’s a law?

    WILLIAM K. BLACK: That’s the law.

    BILL MOYERS: So, Paulson could have done this? Geithner could do this?

    WILLIAM K. BLACK: Not could. Was mandated–

    BILL MOYERS: By the law.

    WILLIAM K. BLACK: By the law.

    BILL MOYERS: This law, you’re talking about.


    BILL MOYERS: What the reason they give for not doing it?

    WILLIAM K. BLACK: They ignore it. And nobody calls them on it.

    BILL MOYERS: Well, where’s Congress? Where’s the press? Where–

    WILLIAM K. BLACK: Well, where’s the Pecora investigation?

    BILL MOYERS: The what?

    WILLIAM K. BLACK: The Pecora investigation. The Great Depression, we said, “Hey, we have to learn the facts. What caused this disaster, so that we can take steps, like pass the Glass-Steagall law, that will prevent future disasters?” Where’s our investigation?

    What would happen if after a plane crashes, we said, “Oh, we don’t want to look in the past. We want to be forward looking. Many people might have been, you know, we don’t want to pass blame. No. We have a nonpartisan, skilled inquiry. We spend lots of money on, get really bright people. And we find out, to the best of our ability, what caused every single major plane crash in America. And because of that, aviation has an extraordinarily good safety record. We ought to follow the same policies in the financial sphere. We have to find out what caused the disasters, or we will keep reliving them. And here, we’ve got a double tragedy. It isn’t just that we are failing to learn from the mistakes of the past. We’re failing to learn from the successes of the past.

    BILL MOYERS: What do you mean?

    WILLIAM K. BLACK: In the Savings and Loan debacle, we developed excellent ways for dealing with the frauds, and for dealing with the failed institutions. And for 15 years after the Savings and Loan crisis, didn’t matter which party was in power, the U.S. Treasury Secretary would fly over to Tokyo and tell the Japanese, “You ought to do things the way we did in the Savings and Loan crisis, because it worked really well. Instead you’re covering up the bank losses, because you know, you say you need confidence. And so, we have to lie to the people to create confidence. And it doesn’t work. You will cause your recession to continue and continue.” And the Japanese call it the lost decade. That was the result. So, now we get in trouble, and what do we do? We adopt the Japanese approach of lying about the assets. And you know what? It’s working just as well as it did in Japan.

    BILL MOYERS: Yeah. Are you saying that Timothy Geithner, the Secretary of the Treasury, and others in the administration, with the banks, are engaged in a cover up to keep us from knowing what went wrong?

    WILLIAM K. BLACK: Absolutely.

    BILL MOYERS: You are.

    WILLIAM K. BLACK: Absolutely, because they are scared to death. All right? They’re scared to death of a collapse. They’re afraid that if they admit the truth, that many of the large banks are insolvent. They think Americans are a bunch of cowards, and that we’ll run screaming to the exits. And we won’t rely on deposit insurance. And, by the way, you can rely on deposit insurance. And it’s foolishness. All right? Now, it may be worse than that. You can impute more cynical motives. But I think they are sincerely just panicked about, “We just can’t let the big banks fail.” That’s wrong.

    BILL MOYERS: But what might happen, at this point, if in fact they keep from us the true health of the banks?

    WILLIAM K. BLACK: Well, then the banks will, as they did in Japan, either stay enormously weak, or Treasury will be forced to increasingly absurd giveaways of taxpayer money. We’ve seen how horrific AIG — and remember, they kept secrets from everyone.

    BILL MOYERS: A.I.G. did?

    WILLIAM K. BLACK: What we’re doing with — no, Treasury and both administrations. The Bush administration and now the Obama administration kept secret from us what was being done with AIG. AIG was being used secretly to bail out favored banks like UBS and like Goldman Sachs. Secretary Paulson’s firm, that he had come from being CEO. It got the largest amount of money. $12.9 billion. And they didn’t want us to know that. And it was only Congressional pressure, and not Congressional pressure, by the way, on Geithner, but Congressional pressure on AIG.

    Where Congress said, “We will not give you a single penny more unless we know who received the money.” And, you know, when he was Treasury Secretary, Paulson created a recommendation group to tell Treasury what they ought to do with AIG. And he put Goldman Sachs on it.

    BILL MOYERS: Even though Goldman Sachs had a big vested stake.

    WILLIAM K. BLACK: Massive stake. And even though he had just been CEO of Goldman Sachs before becoming Treasury Secretary. Now, in most stages in American history, that would be a scandal of such proportions that he wouldn’t be allowed in civilized society.

    BILL MOYERS: Yeah, like a conflict of interest, it seems.

    WILLIAM K. BLACK: Massive conflict of interests.

    BILL MOYERS: So, how did he get away with it?

    WILLIAM K. BLACK: I don’t know whether we’ve lost our capability of outrage. Or whether the cover up has been so successful that people just don’t have the facts to react to it.

    BILL MOYERS: Who’s going to get the facts?

    WILLIAM K. BLACK: We need some chairmen or chairwomen–

    BILL MOYERS: In Congress.

    WILLIAM K. BLACK: –in Congress, to hold the necessary hearings. And we can blast this out. But if you leave the failed CEOs in place, it isn’t just that they’re terrible business people, though they are. It isn’t just that they lack integrity, though they do. Because they were engaged in these frauds. But they’re not going to disclose the truth about the assets.

    BILL MOYERS: And we have to know that, in order to know what?

    WILLIAM K. BLACK: To know everything. To know who committed the frauds. Whose bonuses we should recover. How much the assets are worth. How much they should be sold for. Is the bank insolvent, such that we should resolve it in this way? It’s the predicate, right? You need to know the facts to make intelligent decisions. And they’re deliberately leaving in place the people that caused the problem, because they don’t want the facts. And this is not new. The Reagan Administration’s central priority, at all times, during the Savings and Loan crisis, was covering up the losses.

    BILL MOYERS: So, you’re saying that people in power, political power, and financial power, act in concert when their own behinds are in the ringer, right?

    WILLIAM K. BLACK: That’s right. And it’s particularly a crisis that brings this out, because then the class of the banker says, “You’ve got to keep the information away from the public or everything will collapse. If they understand how bad it is, they’ll run for the exits.”

    BILL MOYERS: Yeah, and this week in New York, at this conference, you described this as more than a financial crisis. You called it a moral crisis.



    WILLIAM K. BLACK: Because it is a fundamental lack of integrity. But also because, if you look back at crises, an economist who is also a presidential appointee, as a regulator in the Savings and Loan industry, right here in New York, Larry White, wrote a book about the Savings and Loan crisis. And he said, you know, one of the most interesting questions is why so few people engaged in fraud? Because objectively, you could have gotten away with it. But only about ten percent of the CEOs, engaged in fraud. So, 90 percent of them were restrained by ethics and integrity. So, far more than law or by F.B.I. agents, it’s our integrity that often prevents the greatest abuses. And what we had in this crisis, instead of the Savings and Loan, is the most elite institutions in America engaging or facilitating fraud.

    BILL MOYERS: This wound that you say has been inflicted on American life. The loss of worker’s income. And security and pensions and future happened, because of the misconduct of a relatively few, very well-heeled people, in very well-decorated corporate suites, right?

    WILLIAM K. BLACK: Right.

    BILL MOYERS: It was relatively a handful of people.

    WILLIAM K. BLACK: And their ideologies, which swept away regulation. So, in the example, regulation means that cheaters don’t prosper. So, instead of being bad for capitalism, it’s what saves capitalism. “Honest purveyors prosper” is what we want. And you need regulation and law enforcement to be able to do this. The tragedy of this crisis is it didn’t need to happen at all.

    BILL MOYERS: When you wake in the middle of the night, thinking about your work, what do you make of that? What do you tell yourself?

    WILLIAM K. BLACK: There’s a saying that we took great comfort in. It’s actually by the Dutch, who were fighting this impossible war for independence against what was then the most powerful nation in the world, Spain. And their motto was, “It is not necessary to hope in order to persevere.”

    Now, going forward, get rid of the people that have caused the problems. That’s a pretty straightforward thing, as well. Why would we keep CEOs and CFOs and other senior officers, that caused the problems? That’s facially nuts. That’s our current system.

    So stop that current system. We’re hiding the losses, instead of trying to find out the real losses. Stop that, because you need good information to make good decisions, right? Follow what works instead of what’s failed. Start appointing people who have records of success, instead of records of failure. That would be another nice place to start. There are lots of things we can do. Even today, as late as it is. Even though they’ve had a terrible start to the administration. They could change, and they could change within weeks. And by the way, the folks who are the better regulators, they paid their taxes. So, you can get them through the vetting process a lot quicker.

    BILL MOYERS: William Black, thank you very much for being with me on the Journal.

    WILLIAM K. BLACK: Thank you so much.

  • Eric g

    I think I would like to go to a tea party ! My first impression of these tea parties was a bunch of republicans complaining . I was not intrested , However i have learnt these parties could be right up my alley . Seems few democrat politicians have been attending tea parties , lucky for them . But the republican politicians flocked to the tea parties , thinking they could gain some favor . In California the republicans found out they were not very well recieved either . Maybe even less than the democrats would have been , if they had come to the party The Republican were credited for cuting taxes , But the people wanted spending and borrowing cut not taxes . The tea drinkers did not think the republicans had tried to solve their problems and the republican were booed off the stage . I believe Oboma would be more welcome at the tea parties than most republicans . Of course once the money is spent , the next step is several choices [1].honestly pay back the money [2] defualt and lose our government {3] rapid inflation and steal the money from who ever trusted the United States

  • Beth

    Ladies and Gentlemen:

    I have never heard such hatred and animosity in one spot in a very long time. As an American citizen, may I suggest that perhaps the polarization of thought deserves some serious consideration of the opponent’s position without the name-calling and the repetition of false rumors masquerading as facts? I would suspect that most American citizens are justifiably upset with the economic mess we are now encountering. Most of us would like things to be simpler and fairer. And that applies to both liberals and conservatives. One thing that is almost never discussed anywhere at any time with any honesty at all is the entire “globalization” and “free trade” agenda. What concessions is our government now REQUIRED to make to transnational corporations and other countries that are actually requiring us to give up our sovereignty? How has the “deregulate at all costs” agenda worked out for the country as a whole? What powers did our supposed representatives hand over to unelected “global trade representatives”? How much have these concessions cost us as a people and a country? Lots of you have negative things to say about “socialism,” but it’s confusing to me that it seems to be fine to bailout banks and financial institutions who have been irresponsibly been running scams and ponzi schemes…even allowing the same people to step in to “fix” the problems they have created for themselves while robbing the taxpayer blind…yet it is just awful, terrible, worst-thing-you’ve-ever-heard-of to try to do something to solve the terrible problem many Americans have with health care expenses. Now I do agree with some of you that I don’t want government “running” health care. But I do think we need a CATASTROPHIC single-payer system. Doesn’t mean it would pay for everything. Just a low annual premium and a high annual deductible, with the individual entering into it voluntarily and keeping up with his or her expenses. When a certain percentage of his/her income from all sources is met and can be proved with itemized documentation, then the insurance would take care of the rest without bankrupting someone. That system would REPLACE medicare, medicaid, etc, saving us huge future costs. Private insurance could continue. Businesses could switch some of those huge legacy costs over. That would please many Republicans and horrify many Democrats. But the ability of charitable groups to contribute to individuals to help meet their deductibles could be increased. Now the ultimate idea may be socialistic. But it would also be very useful to us all. Another thing I would like you to consider is that those of you who just condemn everything because you are being “revved up” by some pundit or another may be refusing to consider other viewpoints and simply not allowing yourselves to be polite. Please do me a favor and go over to Ellen Brown’s webofdebt website and read her latest article in the articles section: The article is long, but she deals with the Bank of International Settlements and specifically with the Basel II accord. She identifies it with the present unraveling of the financial system, starting in 2007. Neither “side” of this hysteria is just sitting down and politely talking with each other. That can be done. But ladies and gentlemen, I personally have problems having polite conversations with people who have already decided that anyone who disagrees with them is the enemy. I also have a problem with people who are attacking our president in this manner, just as I had problems with people who attacked Bush unfairly. None of us is omnicient. And if you believe you are, then you are playing God…and not very well.

  • Chuckle

    OK already. Enough about Dems vs. Repubs. The tea parties were not at all about that. They were about Americans wanting to reclaim their country. All Democrats are not stupid and all Republicans aren’t waiting to get your money. Some are, I grant and one is too many.

    I suspect, that with their notoriously short memories, Americans will put the same self-serving idiots right back into power next year when we vote for Representatives. For those of you that haven’t read anything as obviously difficult, but well written, as the Constitution of The United States, you should be aware that the Representatives come up for reelection every two, yes 2, years.

    A short quiz seems to be in order…

    What happened to our society that allowed Barack Obama to become President?
    a. Lots of money from groups such as Acorn.
    b. Appeals to the uneducated and intellectually dormant educated.
    c. Lots of money from groups such as Acorn.
    d. Appeals to the uneducated and intellectually dormant educated.
    e. A through D
    f. None of the above (gotta have that it’s an Obama law)
    How many car or house payments can you make with the tax cut you are getting?
    a. 1
    b. 2
    c. All of them
    When will we get saddled with the first Obama tax?
    a.Next month
    b. Next year
    c. Never

    Answers to the above three questions.

    e. A through D
    Trick question — the answer isn’t there because the answer is none unless you live in a cardboard box.
    Another trick question…We already have

  • cutdeep46

    People need to wake up. Your God given rights are being eroded away by double talking “we care bots” The lust of money is the root of all evil.
    Have you ever wondered why you never get a receipt when & if you have ever reported a crime, an offence or assault? It is under the pretence of “see-hear-speak no evil” with NO receipt, there is NO proof that it was reported, thus nothing happened! Pretty easy to figure out, huh.
    Keep a paper trail, take pictures; we are in the days of Legalism.

  • cutdeep46

    People need to wake up. Your God given rights are being eroded away by double talking “we care bots” The lust of money is the root of all evil.
    Have you ever wondered why you never get a receipt when & if you have ever reported a crime, an offence or assault? It is under the pretence of “see-hear-speak no evil” with NO receipt, there is NO proof that it was reported, thus nothing happened! Pretty easy to figure out, huh.
    Keep a paper trail, take pictures; we are in the days of Legalism.
    search ututbe for

  • vondon

    People need to wake up. Your God given rights are being eroded away by double talking “we care bots” The lust of money is the root of all evil.
    Have you ever wondered why you never get a receipt when & if you have ever reported a crime, an offence or assault? It is under the pretence of “see-hear-speak no evil” with NO receipt, there is NO proof that it was reported, thus nothing happened! Pretty easy to figure out, huh.
    Keep a paper trail, take pictures; we are in the days of Legalism.
    search ututbe for

  • Doff Trolio

    I am sick as hell that you idiots think the tea party people are Conservatives!!!!!
    The Democrats & Republicans are one and the same. Big and bigger control
    over the average American. They all use the term “I”. When a person is elected
    to a public office they become a public servant. “We The People” the strongest
    group on earth bar none that is who we are. 1/3 of the Americans are sleeping
    1/3 do not care, the other 1/3 are the ones that keeps America free we have
    not run and will not run.

  • Moondancer

    Folks PULEEEEZE!!!
    It’s not the Dems or the Reps – come on – you’ve gotta be aware that they’re not really running the show. They’re just figureheads and nothing more. The corporations and Big Money lobbies are the ones running EVERYTHING! That’s who’s to blame for this mess. Not Clinton, Bush OR Obama!
    The Tea Parties are a great idea, but if you want to be effective, then STOP paying your taxes! They’re collected illegally anyway. The states NEVER ratified the proposal that individuals should pay taxes. Look at the inside cover of your Federal Form 1040 where they put it in print – “We should be proud that the vast majority of American citizens pay their taxes honestly and of their own free will.” SERIOUSLY?
    They are alleging that our tax system is VOLUNTARY! I’m not quite clear on how they can incarcerate you for not “volunteering” to pay, but you might want to Google “America, Freedom to Fascism” and check out the whole story. It’s all about the Federal Reserve and the legality (or not so), of the IRS. We have been duped!

  • C.W. White

    The liberal democratic controlled Congress does not CARE ABOUT THE AMERICAN PUBLIC. They ridicule and ignore the tea parties and those of us that protest the Obama administration. Thus far, in 100 days in office there has been zero transparency/oversight and this administration continues to do what it does best;
    IGNORE THE AMERICAN PUBLIC and then insult us with a 350K taxpayer expense photo op flyover in downtown New York..Sound familiar; try Nancy Pelosi chartering the U.S.A.F. for R/T flights from San Francisco to Washington as our expense also.
    The Congress does not have a budget as long we continue to work and send our hard earned dollars to the corrupt White House. If Congress ran their personal lives like the run the U.S. Congress, each one of them would have filed a BK years ago!

    Obama is buying votes with your tax dollars so he can continue to stay in office and have the power to dictate to the American people. He is trading our tax dollars as in the case of the automotive industry and their unions for votes and that is why the UAW will control the Chrysler corporation with 55% of the stock going to the unions. This same scenario is true to Arlen Specter who left the Republican party to save his own skin and now is after the union vote in PA to win the senatorial election as a democratic senator. He will support “card check” and glean more votes from the unions in PA. This is pure greed and this senator is only interested in himself and in power. The same is true in the corruption cases involving Barney Franks, Christopher Dodd, Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid, Charles Schumer and Charley Rangel. They are all crooks; just look at their pork barrel record and the favoritism as noted by compaign donations to their election or reelection.

    It’s time to march on Washington DC and let our thoughts and unhappiness be known.
    We need millions of people to march on the Capitol on the 4th of July and then maybe, just maybe, the liberal media and Congress will get the message.

    It’s time to throw these crooks out of office. Next year we need to vote every liberal Democrat completely out of office. Thanks,

  • patriot

    I have and will continue to support the “Tea Parties”. One thing that really touched me was that while attending the one in Indy, Thomas Paine asked the Veterens to hold up their hands. About half of us attending raised our hands. I am for getting rid of career politicians. It should be an honor to serve, and all should serve honorably. All of those with their hand in the cookie jar should be dishonored and jailed. Both parties have many who have cashed in, and are too many to name. The ethics commitee has no ethics. Fienstien has done worse than insider trading. Lobbiests, or people who act like lobbiests, should be classified as criminals. The money for political campaigns needs to be capped so that influence can’t be bought. Fundraise dinners and the such should not be allowed for the upper class to buy their connection. This to me is like the Mafia selling protection. I would like to thin out the number of lawyers in our government. They seem smart, but have no common sense. Showing the whole world how we interrogate prisoners was an act of supreme stupidity. What other country has ever done this?

  • mark

    Our Government? Hmmm?? Very dissappointed. It’s all a farce. We elect people to stand up for us.Who belives in the constitution.(Or atleast this is what they promise us) They stand up for the people who finincially put them there. (follow the money) But then again who is gonna tell you this? The media? There part of the problem.They only tell you what they want you to hear. Not the truth. How much can real americans take? What can we really do? We talk,complain,blog. But what good does it do. We are all ignored. Our own president laughed at us for the teaparties.Prints money like its going out off style,Bows to other leaders,Talks down about america, And nobody does anything. We are the greastest country in the world,and there a reason for it. Cuz were not like everyone else. Thats why people are flooding our boarders trying to get here. We dont want to be like the rest of the world. Then why do we need to apoligize for everything? To appease everyone? Piss off!! If you own enemies want your policies to succeed then there something wrong with that. Maybe our policies will benifit them and weaker us. It’s bad enough that people dyed defending our country and constitution just to have all that blood go to waste. To give the whole world the same rights as us. Let them stand up for something and maybe they could have rights also. Dont crap on us for what we belive in and dyed for. We fought for our freedom before. We will do it again. The government is to big and have there hands in too much. They are lining there pockets with our money. They are public servents not american idols contestants. When will we wake up? What needs to happen? Maybe a swift shot between the eyes with a 2X4 would wake us up. Hope it does have to happen that way but it seems that people forget. God bless us all!!!

  • Val

    Dear Mark and all others of like mind.

    You are the solution. And you will prevail, because you are correct. Our Fore Fathers and our Constitution are counting on you.
    I believe that it is a farce, a travesty, a shame how our “representatives” are manipulating us. Join a group of like-minded people. First rant together, vent together, then determine each of your personal angst’s, find out what your individual strengths are (YES WE ALL HAVE STRENGHTS, WE NEED TO USE THEM NOW BEFORE ITS TO LATE), brainstorm together, use your collective intelligence. Make a plan of action. Write your letters, emails, phone calls to your representatives. Write and email the committee members, you know the committees on immigration, cyber-law, health care and any other issue you are worried about. They will listen, for every phone call you make they think there are 1000 people who think just like you. If we all call, write, email, it will make them think. All politicians want to be reelected. They will listen. If not, then vote them all out in 2010 and beyond.
    Remember 9 11?? Remember the day after, on 9/12, we were all AMERICAN’S – joined together, bonded together as Americans? Not Dems or Repubs, just Americans.
    Join a 912 Project group. I’m sure you can find one in your state. We are trying to get the power back in the hands of the people.
    Best of luck to us all. God Bless

  • Harry

    I’m a ‘War Veteran, who for the first time in his life, raised a banner, April 15 2009, in Atlanta Ga, protesting ‘BIG GOVERNMENT’, OUT-OF-CONTROL SPENDING, and this governments … MOVE TOWARD TO SOCIALISM.

    The Left Wing Media wants you to believe that the number of people who protested on April 15, 2009 where ‘loonies’ and in small numbers.

    THE TRUTH IS: The number is out and there was a total of 1.2 Million who marched against … SOCIALISM … and GOVERNMENT CONTROL.

    There is a ‘SCHEDULED MARCH ON WASHINGTON DC’, scheduled for September 12, 2009. … or

    I’m marching again in Atlanta on July 5, 2009, and I hope, that we beat our number of 20,000+ who marched on … APRIL 15, 2009.



  • Jerry

    We have to wake up and pay attention to those people in DC that are taking this country down. They are acting like this country was so bad off that all these changes need to be made, We need to give Washington a politician enema. Both parties are so corrupt, there only interest is to get re elected.

  • RHSchumann

    I fully agree.
    Let’s do away with all taxes. And while we are at it, also do away with government. Every man for himself. What for do we need police? Give us enough weapons and we can defend ourselves. All roads should be toll roads. Don’t need a government to provide these. Public schools? Nonsense. We teach our children at home or send them to private schools. Health insurance? That’s Socialism. We pay for health care if we need it.

  • Vernie

    There is a TEA Party being planned in Indianapolis for the 4th of July, and that’s a Saturday, so most people will be able to make it. I went to the first one on April 15th and it was awesome! There were12,000+ enthusiastic people there, and it was all peaceful and orderly. There were wonderful speakers and a really good band playing great music. Everyone needs to become more active in the effort. This country is headed down a scary path, and the power these people (who are bent on destroying America as we’ve known it) have, is disturbing. The media, on the most part, will not tell you the whole truth about anything relating to this administration and what’s really going on behind the scenes. Just look at Acorn, for instance. They’re a bunch of criminals…have been and still are, and this president has gotten big bucks from them. I mean they’re community organizers, just as he was in Chicago. What’s somebody to think if most of Obama’s appointments are tax cheats? I mean, even Nancy Pelosi is a liar, and she’s next in line to the presidency. Barney Frank and Chris Dodd, are just two of the people who are partly responsible for this financial mess we’re in, and they can get on camera and lie with a straight face. There’s also, Janet Napolitano heading the crucially important Dept. Of Homeland Security. She’s an embarrassment, in my opinion, after putting out those reports about our returning military, and anyone who went to Tea Parties could be considered “extreme right wing conservatives” who could endanger the country. I mean, it’s just so ridiculous all the way around. I don’t trust anyone in this administration, and Obama is first in line. You don’t spend all your years where, and with whom he did, and come out untouched by it all. The only way we, as Americans, can change anything….is in the voting booth. It is our only hope to save this country! In the meantime, we need to let them know how we feel and what we think. Just maybe it might slow some controversial actions or decisions. Maybe…….

  • Backgammon

    JUNE 15TH TEA PARTY IN LITTLE ROCK, ARKANSAS. Celebrating the 173 rd Birthday & Flag Day with a Tea Party at River Front Ampitheatre. 5:30 – 8:30 p.m.
    Bring your signs but not your birthday suit. Great Entertainment, food, beverage.

    Be There!

  • Dolores Fleming

    I read where a poll was taken asking if Obama should be president.89%sdaid know.How in the world did he get to be President.All the racist black and the illegal Mexicans voted fort him.He is the most inexperiencd president this country has ever had.Worse than Bush.He was a senator up in washington three years and has said with his great big mouth that he never got into washington but knew it needed a change.Where is the change.Its the same old same old.He is using things from Bush.Obama had said that he would surround himself with advisors.Bush was surrounded with advisors and one of them named Cheney ran the country.It looks like Emannual was put up in washington to run this country.He made millions off Wall street and now wants to use our tax money to bail them out.He ought to use the millions he got out of wall street to bail them out.I read a survey that asked if they thought Obama is the one to run this country.89% said NO.Remember Obama campained with the words change you can believe in.Have you seen the change yet.

    • Smilee


      I know it may be hard for you to believe but Obama was elected by over 50% of those voting he received almost 10 million more votes over the second place republican and that is why is OUR president. No doubt that poll was taken by conservatives of conservatives as no poll of that amount has been published in fact the polls show he is very popular, last ones I seen shown 65% approve of him personally. Experience, he actually had more political experience (total) than Lincoln had when Lincoln first took office and more than Teddy Roosevelt. and more than Jack Kennedy. Change takes time and none of us knows if he will create this change as yet. Give it the time it takes. It is clear you have great dislike for this man but be more careful of your facts.

      • keith

        NOT MY PRES,i am a retired marine and i have for the first time in my life said of a pres of MY country that he is NOT my president.i would follow a REAL u.s president to hell and back,but NOT this guy! he is a threat to this country and a anti-u.s heathinestic muslim extremist who is deficating on our constitution!
        DOWN WITH SOCIALISM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

        • Smilee

          If you were not retired he would still be your Commander and Chief, what would happen if you did not follow his orders then??????????

      • Roy Duncan

        No Smilee it’s not hard to believe. If I had Acorn manufadturing votes for me and hundreds of millions of dollars from the middle east, the black panthers standing in front of the polls holding clubs blocking the opposing voters. I could become president. I bet even you could. Roy

        • Smilee

          Problem is Roy he didn’t have any of these advantages, Acorn registers voters and never cast any votes, it is illegal to get money from the middle east and you have to report all but the smallest donations so every one knows where you got your money from, and he got none there, black panthers broke up years ago, see how confused you are, I know you are trying to come up with any excuse so you do not have accept the truth but he won it fair and square, when you are in denial this is how you do things. Like it or not he is your president until at least Jan. 20, 2011, Relax and enjoy life it isn’t nearly as bad as you believe.

  • Dolores Fleming

    Obama can not be our President becau8se he is no5t a natural bvor citizen of the United states.Obama was born 8000 miles from the united states in Mohadesha Kenya.I saw a vedeo of Obamas grand mother in kenya saying that she attended his birth.I read where his father abanded him in Indoneshia where he was adopted.Thats the reason he wrote the book Dreams of My Father.

    • Smilee

      And of course you would recognize his grandmother, more than likely a phony to try to make people like yourself buy into this conservative fiction. If he was adopted then how did he get back to Hawaii and live with his mother and later grandmother??, where is the adoption papers? the documentation that he was born in Kenya? You can produce none, you are ridiculous, I do believe you only believe what feeds your biases and hate for this man. facts be damned..

  • Honesty

    Quit answering suddencall! Suddencall refers to a needed trip to the bathroom. I think our muslim president promised him a commision in the Nobama brownshirts!
    Thats what Hitler called them. He is defending his lost president by attacking with ignorance instead of facts. Just pay him no mind and skip his posts just as the media skips the truth!
    Might say a prayer to help him see the light since he can’t read or hear the truth!

  • Honesty

    Let the word be A CLEAN SLATE for the next election. I don’t care what party you are ,vote them all out and replace them with someone new! I don’t care what party you put back but please make it a clean face. WE need term limits now!

    • thedeuce

      This is one great idea. Just wish we could get the American citizens to realize that these people in congress DO NOT have the good of it’s citizens in mind, but only have two things they care about, power and greed. Clean house, kick them all out. A Barney Fife would sure be better than barney frank.

  • Ronald Nelson

    I agree about the Fair Tax. Look at their web site

  • Hello

    Suddencall, I see you are up to your idealogy again. Let’s just paint our roofs white, make sure the air pressure in our car tires is correct, sing kum-by-ya and all will be well.

  • Criss

    The Albuquerque TEA Party is holding a July 4th Rally. We have a “Spirit of ’76″ display for those who can only attend in spirit by emailing which will entitle you to a flag pennant on the display with your name.

    Our mission is to preserve the Constitutional Rights of the citizens of the U.S.A., by limiting government; constraining fovernment spending and taxation; and advancing a free market economy.

    Our core issues are: Excessive Government: Spending, Taxation, Intervention. Individuals’ Constitutional Rights. Fee Market Economy (Capitalism).

    Our objectives and goals are: Motivate and enable the citzens for informed participation in the electoral process. Conduct public events to allow citizens to gather and speak out on our core issues. Educate the public on our core issues. Provide a forum on our core issue for conversations between citizens and candidates/officials.

    We know we are “stuck” with our current president, but elections for congress are fast approaching and we want to show our power at the polls for those.

    Since you can only eat an elephant, one bite at a time, we have started with these basics.

  • pa

    July 4th would be a good day to have another tea-party.
    It would be a 2 fold celebration.
    I attended the one on april 15. i am disappointed there was not more people attending. Many had to work. many were not interested. too many silent people who are afraid to take a stand. but the main ingredient why there was a low turnout was that people did not know about it.
    If fox news can give us as much pre-coverage, as they gave us for post-coverage for the next one, we will get somebodies attention.

  • Debbie

    The CIA Lied-Nancy Pelosi

    Please Mrs Pelosi, prove they lied.

    Mr Obama…





    and I do NOT have to ask Please







    CONDEMN IRAN TODAY, not rhetoric












    “I will Veto any bill that comes to my desk with earmarks”
    President Obama, Nov. 2008

    Government throughout, must live within it’s means just as we the people, must live within our means.


    DON’T EVEN THINK ABOUT ANY SORT OF VALUE ADDED TAX (another campaign promise defaced)

    (VAT) OR




  • harvey

    our president cut taxes in the stimulus package. bullxxxxxx the only thing he done with the so called stimulus was cost the tax payers trillions of dollars for the next three generations anyway i hope thats as far as it goes. according to rasmussen polls there are still32%of us who still think he is doing a good job of course if you take all your polls in new york and california i guess that might be right. he has surrounded himself with the most liberal people he could find daschel-gore immaul-durbin-whitehouse-schumer-kerry-kennedy-gillibrand – levin-cardin-mendez-frank-dodd-pelosi-feinstine now why do you think he has done that.cap&trade-govt healthcare-more stimulus -money-next they want to legalize all the illegals in the united states.he has also appointed several big union people to offices in his govt. MR. OBAMA IS UP TO NO GOOD.

    • thedeuce

      You don’t have to use terms like “bullxxxxx”, just use the new term for it “pelosi”

    • Carolyn

      We the people need to clean house in the senate and House.Some of those people have been there toooooooooo long.

  • Anne

    We so need to start standing up for ourselves! We do need to take to the streets in Washington. Not As Republicans, Not As Democrats, but As Americans!! We are sitting by as the nuts on the hill, strip away all of our rights and freedoms that were fought for and died for. I do not want a government run health care system. I do not want the government telling me when I can go to the doctor. I do not want the government telling my mom, who has cancer, that under our new system, your treatment must stop. And I believe that this will happen. Even my moms cancer Dr. who recently attended a seminar in Ca., came away worried about his patients should the passage of health care reform go through.
    I do not want cap and trade. We are being mislead in this. Jobs will be lost here and sent overseas. And the costs, our electric bills will sky rocket.
    One more thing, that stimulants so graciously given to American workers, will be taxed on April 15th. It’s extra income, you don’t truly believe the government is going to give you something for free do you???? It’s the same old thing, they give with their left hand but the right hand will take it back.
    I plan to be in Washington D.C. on 9-12-09 for the tea party rally. I hope you all will be able to be their and bring your friends. We need to do something to stop the madness before it’s too late!!

    • Carolyn

      . Amen!

  • http://no Brian Rawls

    How many local police officers do you think are going to use arms against all of you at some point? I think that there are no more true Americans left. How many of you people will stand their ground like our founding fathers did a long time ago? I dont think anybody here can go the distance. The founding fathers took their rifles from over their fire places and left their families. They knew that life without liberty did not mean anything. The founding fathers also knew that they would be lost for words when their families asked them why they were slaves. What are you going to tell your families when they ask you why didnt you do something? I sorry I was too chicken s**t. I had to go to work. Or the old——– They are shooting outside.

  • http://n.a. Granddave

    In reply to Smilee’s comment of July 1st, Obama is not a natural born U.S. citizen. He was born in the maternity ward of the Coastal Community Hospital in Mombasa, Kenya on August 4th, 1961 at 7:24PM. Some twenty-five witnesses, including his own paternal grandmother and his older half brother and half sister, witnessed the birth. Four days later, his maternal grandmother put an ad in the local newspaper announcing the birth, and applied for a certification of live birth. This is the document which is on file in the state of Hawaii. It is not the same thing as a valid birth certificate and does not prove where the child was born. None of the many lawsuits were dismissed because of lack of evidence. None of them were even heard. Corrupt left wing judges dismissed the cases because in their opinion those filing the lawsuits had personally suffered no loss and did not have valid standing to file the lawsuits in the first place. If any of these lawsuits are ever actually heard, then the overwhelming evidence will finally be allowed to be presented. We who know these turths are not “despicable”. We are intelligent, well-read, well-educated, and well-informed patriotic citizens. You are an ignorant fool who has been duped and brain washed by the highly prejuiced left wing press. We are patriotic and believe in the constitution of the United States of America and the due process of law. Apparently, you do not and just want us to shut up and go away because you cannot face the truth.

    • Cathy

      You hit the nail on the head. The liberal left-wing judges are the problem. And yes, that’s exactly where that thing in the White House was born! The media says, “his first visit to Africa…”, what a joke! He’s returned to his place of birth, at least the same continent.

      How did this ever happen? Maybe the citizens of Germany in the 30s were thinking the same thing? The very sight of him makes me sick. An arrogant, fraudulent narcissist. Grrr…..

    • Smilee

      replys to :Granddave on July 2nd, 2009 at 12:17 pm: & Cathy Reply:
      July 12th, 2009 at 12:50 pm

      You are right they were dismissed because those filing them lacked standing and they were not heard, also the filings contain no sources of evidence, just allegations and that is what I meant. I apologize if I gave the wrong impression. No affidavits included etc. They were appealed all the way to the US Supreme Court and the supreme court refused to hear it and left the lower courts rulings stand, in effect this closed the matter, it is over and done with. The case I read was filed by one Phillip Berg, he only uses article II, section one as the only alleged violation on natural born, he ignores the 14 amendment that further defines natural born, I could not believe the farce of this lawsuit after I read it, it is total BS and presents no evidence just allegations of evidence and if this is your source of his birth information, it appears to me to be totally bogus. A birth certificate was recorded in Hawaii four days after his birth giving his date of birth and that he was in fact born in Hawaii, now how do you suppose in 1961 she could accomplish that if she was in Kenya at the time, not likely, went to Hawaii and examined the original and found this to be an authentic birth certificate and have all the documentation on their website of their findings. The current US Supreme court is considered mostly conservative and they refused to hear it and that’s where I got my info, not the press and is not an media souce but I doubt either you or Cathy have bothered to read any of these documents or any of the sources that lists to support their findings. Of course neither of you are interested in facts, if you had documentation of him being born in Kenya I have no doubt it would be all over the internet, I can not find it and in its absence it is nothing more than rumors. In view of the fact the Supreme court refused to hear the case it is now a closed case and you are left holding the bag on this conservative generated fiction and you clearly do not understand the constitution if you believe Berg’s quotes in his law suit. It always amuses me that so many of you always think it is liberal judges misreading the constitution when they enforce the constitution and the law different from what you want them to, it further demonstrates to me your lack of understanding of the constitution and our laws and how the judiciary works.

  • Margaret Smith

    Where can I find news of the tea parties that were held on July 4, 2009? I know there were hundreds of them but have seen absolutely no mention of them on TV. Not surprising.

    • keith

      there are many vids on you-tube of ALL of them.

      • keith

        there were 3,000 patriots at the jax fla one. all modern day minutemen!

  • Dolores Fleming

    Obama can not be president of the united states because he is not a natural born citizen of the united states.He was born in kenya.Our own supreme court knows this but says that they will do nothing about it.Our constitoution of the United states say you have to be a natural born citizen of the United states to be president and Obama is not and he knows it.White men in this country are angry and are fighting the blacks saying no way in hell is a black man going to rule over them.A vedeo of his grandma in kenya she is saying she attended Obamas birth in kenya .His mother was never in Hawaii.To be an american citizen being she was 16 years old she would have to be in Hawaii 6 years to be a citizen of the united states.Obama was born in kenya,his mother died so his father took him to indoneshia where he left him to be adopted.Obama should be made to prove without a doubt that he was born in Hawaii.Obama is a muslim his spokes person Gibbs has said that Obama is a muslim but not a practicing one what ever that is suppose to mean.I believe Obama should step down and get out of the White house.His wife Michelle saying in two of her speeches that all he adult life she was not proud of her country and now th b—-h is sitting in the white house.Send them Obamas packing.

  • http://............. Amy

    I think its great we’re having all these tea parties everywhere but people have to understand these tea parties aren’t enough to fix the country. This country is owned by the ones who have the money and it always will be unless we take action. These tea parties are good for getting certain ideas and points across but they’re not going to fix the big problem that’s the government. The Boston Tea Party wasn’t America’s FULL revolution it was only one event of many and that’s all these tea parties are. Do we want to fix the government? Our only hope is to take it back from the stuck up rich people that run the country. We need to set an ultimate date and gather everyone we can in front of the White House and take it over. In the Constitution it states if the government fails the American people have a right to take control, well the government doesn’t keep promises, doesn’t fix problems, doesn’t do anything about high unemployment when it reaches double digits, doesn’t give money it ensures, spends millions of tax payer dollars to help other coutries, and just doesn’t care about us. I believe our government has failed. Here’s what I want to see, the president should get a normal job and live in a normal house and support his family like us middle class do. How can they help us if they don’t understand? Hey, know where we can cut money out to help America how about the money that’s given to the president? Then, take money from a few other government senators and representatives, boom! There you go America’s then fine and half of the national debt is gone. There’s the solution let’s see these people in all fine clothes and fancy houses live on my family’s budget of $32,000 a year. Their whole families too not just them.

  • Buzzymuzzwelle

    Note: Losing is spelt with one “o”. Buzzy

  • Roy Duncan

    I want to reply to Smillees reply to Delores Fleming. Yes Smillee ignorance is despicable but whats worse is people like you who spout out what they hear on The Obama news station and don’t bother to check it out. You are right there was a birth cirtificate filed in Hawaii there were two of them but neither were authentic. His name was not even Barrack Obama. He changed it so that he could use the race card to win elections here. Do you think he could ever become dictator of America if Africans Americans knew he is a Muslim from Indinesia. Obama is not a socialist though and he’d rather be called that than what he really is. A communist dictator. Wake up Smillee.

  • s c

    Do not stop! Any prez who demands new laws that aren’t read has admitted that Americans are taxed without representation. Even card-carrying neolibs have to admit that no sane voter sends people to Washington so they can pass unread laws. Any b o-backer who winks at unread laws is a willing part of deception, and they have no more credibility than the twisted nero they blindly worship. B O’s ‘reform’ is an insane power-grab designed to turn America into another fallen Rome. Any government that demands control over every citizen’s life is not fit to exist. This is still America. This is freedom’s last stand. Do not stop!

  • melinda

    Smilee Reply:

    July 1st, 2009 at 8:38 pm

    In reply to:

    Dolores Fleming Reply:
    May 26th, 2009 at 11:17 am

    I don’t know where you got all your misinformation, his mother did not die, he is a natural born citizen of the US, some even filed lawsuits concerning this but have had them dismissed for lack of evidence, despite this you still persist in spreading these lies. His birth certificate is file in the vital records in the state of Hawaii. I find people like you who spew out this misinformation despicable.

    You have some serious misinformation going on yourself! Obama’s mother died at age 54 of ovarian cancer….Obama was already a lawyer, but today he uses his mothers lack of understanding of how to fill out insurance forms as a reason for his desire to change our health care system….why didn’t he help her?
    No one knows if he was adopted by his mother’s second husband or not…that information was sealed by Obama.
    Every lawsuit has been turned down because of “lack of standing” of the person filing the lawsuit…not a single one has been turned down because of lack of “proof”…the lawsuit is made in order to require Obama to show up with his proof of natural born citizenship…the case is brought on the basis of information which WILL prove he is not a NBC. My question to the courts is that if every single American has no lack of standing to ask for proof of qualifications before a politician runs for office, who does?
    Last, Obama has a certification of birth recorded on file in HA…the HA governor will say that she has seen his actual long form birth certificate, but has refused to say if he was actually born in HA. I don’t know where he was born, I don’t know if he was adopted or not, I don’t know if he once possessed an Indonesian passport, I don’t know if he went to school in the US on a foriegn scholarship…and neither do you because Obama has sealed all those records! He won’t even say for certain which hospital he was born at…both he and his sister have claimed he was born at two different hospitals! Obama could easily clear all this up and end all these questions…so why won’t he? I don’t know what he is hiding, but he is definitely hiding something!

  • robert sargent

    obam and his wife are taking the country down the path of socialism straight out of sol alinskys hand book.over whelm the system.the troubling thing about that is the democrates in the government are helping.its boss twig all over again.we saw this coming,and he hook or crook became the 44 president of your great country. if all the senior citizens could read some of the health bill they would be shocked.heres is two pages of the bill. ‘ 429 ADVANCE CARE PLANNING CONSULT WILL BE USED TO DICTATE TREATMENT AS PATIENTS HEALTH DETERIORATES.THISCAN INCLUDE AN ORDER FOR END OF LIFE PLANS.AN ORDER FROM THE GOVERNMENT. 430;GOVERNMENT WILL DECIDE WHAT LEVEL OF TREATMENT YOU MAY HAVE AT THE END OF have no control . obama is all lies .the truth is out there.whos is going tell us.iam looking for a brave newsreporters to uncover the truth.stimulus and cap and trade ,and health care.taking over banks,auto,and spending money ,our money to over whelm the system to cripple the economy.’we dont want to waste a crisis’[rob emanaul].

  • ellowood

    whats next ?? gun control ?? I keep hearing of rumblings of this .Maybe there are getting scared.I look for a new law saying you can not make fun of Qbama.(this is not spelled wrong its just his turbine coming loose).He said he would spread the wealth.After Joe the plumber was told this and started to gain momentum the pros took over & fed him to the lions.The sectary of the state of Ohio squashed any investigation into Acorn for smearing Joe.I say we need More Tea Parties If you know when and where post it.The controled meda won’t do it .Glenn Beck says we should treat the Washington bunch with respect.I say WHY !!! they should earn respect ,not demand it.A bozo is still a bozo and we have more than we need .Pelosi,Franks,Dodd,Rangel,Murtha,Kennedy just to name a few.I guess its Piglosi now, Know nothing Franks, Bankers buddie Dodd.I just rentem Rangle,I never took a pay off Murtha,& half brain Kennedy.

  • David Peterson

    I’d like to make sure all of us understand the new buzz words: revenue neutral! What that means to the working folks is higher taxes because new spending programs will be funded by increasing taxes. Enough is enough! I saw an Email of a SUV on the internet that said something like: You don’t see Obama bumper stickers on cars going to work!

  • headusher

    Tea Parties are GREAT but we must follow-up with letters and phone calls to our Congressmen and Senators. The Obama Administration is trying to portray the people who attend the tea parties as fringe groups that are being organized by the health insurance companies and other fsr left/right groups. We need to let our politicians knolw that this isn’t the case, that we are the average concerned citizen who feel that our government is headed down the wrong path. I send my Congressman & Senators e-mails every week re-emphasizing my family’s feelings. I also give the offices a call and relate my concerns.

  • Dickie

    I think his name was Iraq BOB,Remember when America was going into Bagdag,And the other hussein,Told him to tell the people that they were in control,And they had America stop,And he even believed his hussein,Now this puppet mouse robert gibbs,Laugh’s at the American People,And babbles,& babbles,And his hussein want’s to believe,That the people his subjects,Are just being stupid,And following a radical right wing party, The way he made his money,Protect The theives & thugs at acorn, Damn!, I guess he does not believe what goes around comes around,And robert gibbs,The American bob,Just takes his money,no morals,no pride,And goes home to teaches his family, Son the only way to make it big is to bow down to any man, Be a yes man a mouse And children you to will make it big, I lie every day, And i am getting great at makeing sh– up, I have the goverment own media fooled, These little mice believe’s what ever i tell them, Now obama want’s daddy to tattle tail on American’s That speak out against the communist party, Just like the other third world country’s,You know like kenya,When my savior was born,And if he can keep his terrorist party in, The ones that idiots keep putting back in time after time,pelosi,reid,murthar queen franks,kerry,kennedy,boxer,clyborn,graham,byrd,The clown’s wanted change they got it.WOW!.Keep putting these arrogant parasites,In What is the racist name the over or supose to be our security,The one that bullied the courts to drop the charges against the trash black panters, For stoping voters from voteing.Go demon-craps keep the same trash in there, Is that all you got clowns like franktin.

  • Russel Copping

    good info. – If you need more details regarding structured settlements, you read more basics like : what is a structured settlement on my blog.


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