Anti-Immigration Lawmaker Seeks Support In ‘A Battle Of Epic Proportions’


Anti-immigration lawmaker seeks support in 'a battle of epic proportions'Arizona State Senator Russell Pearce (R-Mesa) is collecting support from lawmakers across the United States in an effort to eliminate automatic citizenship rights for children of illegal immigrants.

Pearce has garnered national headlines for crafting the bill, SB 1070, which is widely considered to be the toughest anti-immigrant law in the country. During a news conference on Oct. 19, Pearce said that the government needs to reinterpret the language of the 14th Amendment, The Associated Press reports.

Pearce believes that guaranteed citizenship to those born in the U.S. does not apply to children of illegal immigrants because such families do not owe allegiance to the U.S.

"This is a battle of epic proportions," said Pearce, as quoted by the news provider. "We've allowed the hijacking of the 14th Amendment."

Some proponents of immigration reform have called on Congress to change the wording in the 14th Amendment. Many conservatives have argued that taxpayers are fitting the bill to provide services for illegal aliens and their children.

A recent Rasmussen Reports poll revealed that 52 percent of California's voters believe that the Federal government encourages illegal immigration. The survey results are noteworthy considering that California is a liberal-leaning state.

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