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Anti-immigration group criticizes amnesty initiative

March 19, 2009 by  

Anti-immigration group criticizes amnesty initiativeRepresentative Luis Gutierrez (Democrat-Illinois) will visit 16 cities in the next few weeks to promote amnesty for millions of illegal immigrants.

Gutierrez has said his Family Unity Immigration Outreach Tour aims to draw attention to the lack of comprehensive immigration reform.

However, FAIR, the country’s largest immigration reform group, has pointed out the consequences for American workers and American economy of a widespread amnesty, in particular in the climate of rising unemployment which has reached 8.1 percent last month.

The organization stresses that as 12 million Americans look for jobs, the Pew Hispanic Center has estimated that 7.7 million jobs are currently held by illegal immigrants.

FAIR has therefore warned that Gutierrez’s initiative would reward those who break the law, encourage more illegal immigration, and lead to a further deterioration of an already weak labor market.

"Lawmakers should be evaluating how U.S. immigration policy impacts the American worker, not parading around the country trying to lay the groundwork for mass amnesty," says Dan Stein, president of the Federation for American Immigration Reform.

"We cannot keep our heads in the sand and ignore the impact illegal immigration has on wages and jobs," he adds. "It is a fiscal necessity and moral imperative to protect the American worker."

According to Stein, in Texas alone the illegal alien population has grown to 1.7 million, a 16 percent increase since 2005, costing the state about $5.9 billion annually.

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  • Steve Ford

    Ther is nothing we can do about it. It is too late . You didn’t listen years ago when people tried to tell you. Now if you think there are just too damn many people , you are a racist. (unless you’re black) because then you have immunity from the race card. How could you be so cruel to these people who just want what you’ve got.NO they want yours.

  • Estoban

    Why is Gutierrez seeking amnesty for illegal aliens? The amnesty of 1986 was to have been the last. It was to have brought an end to illegal aliens overstaying visas and stealing across our borders. It failed miserably! Since then, anywhere from 8 million to 40 million illegal aliens have been colonizing our country. Every Congress and President since Reagan has failed to act to prevent this invasion. The laws are there, but unfunded and minimally used. Now we have Pelosi saying that it is unAmerican to do the minuscule enforcement of our laws that ICE has been carrying out. UnAmerican? Is she insane? These people we have elected, like Pelosi and Gutierrez swore an oath of office to uphold our Constitution, to uphold our laws! They should be removed from office, as their positions are harming millions of American families. They are failing to serve and protect.

    • jennifer

      you need to shut the hell up you are insane, you miserable soul.

      • Estoban

        jennifer, you certainly have a right to your opinion and thank God we have the protected right of Freedom of Speech.

        • http://AOL Roy

          I just wish if our country would let me I would go south to protect our borders free of charge they won’t even have to buy my coffee but I want to protect it just the way I was trained in 72 I promise to protect our country from all enemys from any lands including our own. I hate to see our country flooded with illegals they take our jobs they cause inflaton in our cities and the stupid bastards won’t even try to speak our language which is very dangerous. They come into our country and get welfare and live in homes 6 to 8 family’s to a house they don’t care how they live here they just want the money, The way I look at it our country is being stolen away from our childern and their childern in the next ten years just think what our country will be .

        • operagost

          Technically, that wasn’t an opinion, but a simple personal attack. All of Estoban’s facts are true, and Jennifer doesn’t like them– so she pulls out the old “ad hominem”.

          The media keeps trotting out the term “anti-immigration” when these groups are usually simply for the enforcement of immigration laws. If we removed all immigrant quotas, let everyone have a green card who wanted it, but secured the borders so that we kept track of every head, it would still be FAR preferable to the current lawless situation.

      • RBM


        If you have no respect for the LAWS of this land you will be subject to its prosecution. Its a shame idiots such as yourself won’t confront people face to face with your ignorant comments. People like YOU are the reason this nation will be taken back by those of us in authority to do so. That is an expense you cannot afford. SO…….. keep opening your mouth so we know where to aim!

    • leo

      please don’t talk about colonization by immigrants as this word started existing by colonizing immigrants’s own countries and that’s why those countries lag now.
      thank you.

    • Charleen

      I agree with Estoban’ comments. In1986 as a case manager for mentally ill clients who were here illegally. I assisted those clients to apply for amnesty, believing that amnesty for those already here would end the practice of people entering the country illeagally because we would have better enforcement of immigration laws & better protection of the borders. Now we have found that amnesty only encourages another round of people coming in expecting that ther will be another amnesty to grant them citizenship. Even with the all the loss of jobs for native born & Naturalized persons Obama & Congress want to grant a path to citizenship to 12 million illegal workers who under cut the pay scale & take jobs Americans would love to have. If they pass this proposed law we will have an even bigger flood of illegal workers looking for amnesty in 20 to 30 yrs.
      We can’t provide jobs for the people we have. Why shoould we take on the burden of people whoes health care, jobs, & education should be provided by their home countries? They may or may not be lovely people but charity sholud begin at home. If bleeding hearts want to provide for these people who disrespect our laws, & steal Soc. Sec. numbers to work under illeagally let them form a charity to support them in their own countries.

    • rose dell

      What a question to ask. "Is she insane" This is Nancy Pelosi your talking about. Of course she is; plus selfish, greedy,domineering ,hypocritical and self-rightious to name just a few.

    • Medina

      Sir you are completely right. Amnesty did not work the first time and will not work today, either. These so called “leader” are just pandering for the illegal vote, since we have laws but, just for adorning the books. If they are enforced we are called An-American, racist, bigots, etc.. Political correctness is making our country a 3rd. world country slum. Only blinded people can’t see it or don’t want accepted, but just wait and you will see those in favor to be the first ones to throw the stone. As soon they can’t get the job need, health care, medicine, crowded schools with kids who don’t even know their own language who are keeping their kids at low marks, there will be hell raised. You know everything is OK, but when it home or some one step on their foot, they want it stopped, but by that time will be too late.
      I agree with you the Pelosi group in Congress had to go or we will loose our country. It is already in bankruptcy. They all had become Saint Nicholas given the money that don’t belong to them and now the White House is an entertainment place for friends, instead of being solving the debacle economy crisis!
      These group just are self-centered and enhancing their own bank accounts and their
      special interest bureaucrats campaign donors lobbyists.

    • Ron

      Right on Medina. The truth hurts, but so true.

    • Howard

      I think that if you take a deeper look into this problem that you will find it’s all about tax revenue. There were a large number of people born during the baby boomer generation. after which our population growth stagnated to allmost 0, therefore there are not enough people in the job pool to employ let alone cover the upcoming cost of retirement. So like Europe import your labor pool and forget about the impending problems. I understand that most of these people will not pay income taxes but they and there employers will pay social security and medicare/medicad taxes. And like most of Europe the U.S. will pay the same price.

  • HernandezUSA

    “Representative Luis Gutierrez (Democrat-Illinois) ” is RACIST $0b pushing a SINGLE RACE agenda across this nation, through groups like “La RAZA”.

    Groups like “La RAZA” are NOT pushing all Americans come to together regardless of RACE to men/woman can be treated equally. The great MLK did that for us years ago……….No, LA RAZA is RACIST group that has guilt tripped Liberal WHITE Americans to hand over the Western part of the United States over to Mexico to fulfill an mythical proficy of Aztlan and we have seen how well Mexico has done with own worthless country. ( go Google the truth about La RAZA and Mecha ).

    These RACIST groups need to be STOP, just like how we have STOPPED many other groups like the KKK from taking power in the United States.

    Americans come 1st.

    • Andrew Klein

      Your right Hernandez, Americans should always come first. In fact, I wonder why we even grant illegal immigrants any rights at all. People say they take the jobs we don’t want but their is a better way to stimulate the economy. Expel the aliens and punish our vast prison population by putting them to work. All the money they earn could go to the victims and their families instead of Guadalajara, Mexico.

  • bullet girl

    time for amnesty.people have to right berath,legal or illegal .time for be together put in the people economi if you against that nothing change because they have already job so if they legal they have to pay their penalties they own tax.racist act always return badly back.

    • Tom

      Bullet Girl, Sending people back to their country will not take away their right to breath. Individuals do NOT have the right to violate the immigration laws of another country regardles of their circumstances. It is apparent that either english is not your native language, or your education was lacking. Neither one is an attack on you personaly, if english is not you primary language I commend you on trying to learn it, and if you were not educated properly, I would recommend you go back to school. Succeding will be much easier the better educated you are. Not wanting illegal immigration is not racist, however wanting to allow those who break laws to not be punished, is condoning breaking the law. Regardless of the reason, no one should be rewarded for breaking the law. Our country was build by legal immigrants comming to this country to make a better life for themselves, I am all in favor of legal immigration, but when they think they can ignore our laws, thats where I have a problem and believe anyone who comes here illegally should not enjoy any of the benefits of this great country and be returned to where the came from.

    • RBM

      Bullet Girl,

      I am NATIVE American. If I were to go to MEXICO ILLEGALLY I would more than likely be shot or imprisoned. But that’s OK! Right? I cannot get FREE food, medical attention or shelter in Mexico. However, I would NEVER TRESPASS onto another persons property and expect them to feed me, cloth me, pay my medical bills etc… because you don’t want to leave. What you people have done is nothing short of treason and robbery. When are you going to be paying back ALL of the money you have STOLEN from the AMERICAN People? Whats that? Never? Oh, I get it. You think we stole this land from you. You are not only uneducated you are completely misinformed and ignorant. Come back to this COUNTRY when you can read, write, and follow the SIMPLE directions in obtaining citizenship. I’m sorry Mexico suck’s, but that’s not my fault. Try looking in your mirror. It’s easy to see those who fail to follow directions.

      • Andrew Klein

        Quit bitching about the money the “white man” owes you. As I recall, Senator Dawes from the late 1800′s convinced the Congress to offer you Native Americans money for the Black Hills. Did you take it? NO. So we go to war and we all know that anything goes in war.

  • Don Quixote

    It’s not amnesty if it involves paying fines, fees and back taxes as appropriate. The nativist restrictionists have taken the word amnesty and have redefined it as a bad word that means ANY solution other than the mass incarceration and deportation of 12 million people. I’m tired of the same old stupid fruitless arguments. It’s time to elevate the discourse to a level that is fair, pragmatic and humane. Those who scream “NO AMNESTY” in response to comprehensive reforms never offer reasonable alternatives. All you know how to do is scream and yell and attack like spoiled children who want their way or no way. Put up (a reasonable proposal) or shut up!

    The amnesty of ’86 did not cause subsequent unauthorized immigration. The true causes are a) a historically unprecedented booming economy which required more labor hands, b) an obsolete immigration system that didn’t accomodate the new market demands; c) utter lack of enforcement of the laws directed at employers themselves. People don’t uproot their whole lives just because some two decades ago, a few got amnesty.


      When you spread your own rhetoric and lies while accusing others of screaming like spoiled children, you show just what a gasbag you are. Paying a simple fine and/or 5 years of back taxes (which is a great deal for those that have illegally lived here for 15 or 20) is STILL jumping the line ahead of those who are doing the right thing by LEGALLY immigrating. Not to mention the fact that they are ALREADY HERE and will still be undercutting our jobs and sucking up our social services that are supposed to be for our citizens in their times of need. I know illegals that are doing this in two states, so this is not an isolated incident. Our Federal government has turned a blind eye to this and the illegals. Where we agree is that It is time to dry up the source by going after those who are giving them the jobs. And don’t give me this accommodating market demands B.S. because those who arrived illegally had no intention, whatsoever, of applying for a work visa (yes, we have a several work visa programs available). All legal immigrants give something up for the honor and right to become United States citizens, so get off that line about not being able to mass incarcerate or deport. The answer is tent cities (like in Phoenix) on the border until arrangements are made. It’s still more humane than the treatment we would get sneaking into their countries. Do your homework instead of parrotting others.

      • George

        It is a miracle that the illegals aren’t shot when they cross the border.

        If so, it would send a message to come over to this country legally, and those that are already here would heed the message and go home or also face the possibility of being shot dead where they live or work.

    • Dan

      Go after employers who hire “illeagel immigarants” with large fines. Where ever this has been done the problem was solved AND the wages of the citizen replacements went up. No jobs available then the immigrants went back home.

    • Howard Dyer

      As you have pointed out before you demand us to shut up, proves why we should find the illegal aliens where ever they may be and immediately deport them with there children to Mexico or Asia, and let there government deal with there Children.

      You are the best friend Mexico has, but the majority of American wants our immigration laws enforced. Deportation for the smart mouth who curses America, and then claims it there Country, The rest of us feel you Mexican, Asian, and an Arabs should not violate our boarders All of which the 20 to 40 millions who came did, then stole our jobs, and worked cheap until you become Unionized and got your courage to insult America

      As you have pointed out before you demand us to shut up, proves why we should find the illegal aliens where ever they may be and immediately deport them with there children to Mexico or Asia, and let there government deal with there Children.

      You are the best friend Mexico has, but the majority of American wants our immigration laws enforced. Deportation for the smart mouth who curses America, and then claims it there Country, The rest of us feel you Mexican, Asian, and an Arabs should not violate our boarders All of which the 20 to 40 millions who came did, then stole our jobs, and worked cheap until you become Unionized and got your courage to insult America.

      We the people are not to blame for you being here, it a federal government, now control by socialist like your great country you love so much but had to leave in order to work. Now we are for at least until the next election a Socialist egg sucking liberal bleeding heart for all illegal aliens, and lazy poor uneducated Citizen. As a result this is about to destroy all Jobs, and you want us to pay for law breakers because they was too ignorant and had families here at our expense also. But you feel we should love this insulting race of uneducated workers, who got here by the back door and cheated others from immigration due to them jumping a head of the line, Now you want us to make a accept ion and change our laws to allow law breakers a reward for there insults, there hate of American citizen is clear. Now America hands are tied, but in a short time America is waking up again and things will change. I hope before some illegal aliens hater take care of the problem for the 30 million who feel curseing us for public education, emergency room care, birth care at a hospital you choose. Still this isn’t enough our government has been helping illegal aliens while taxing us for there spending sprees. Question is just where is your loyalty to America?

      Next you have no ideal of what you are saying first you have no authority to tell us what to do. Where to you have civil rights as a law breaker to say anything about what our economy needs, or what laws we decide to pass that you do not like. Got it … Well that how it is under our constitution. By the way being a citizen means you can make laws, and we have and by the help of liberal fools they have been illegally struck down. Just how long do you thing we are going to allow this to go on? Right now if you are one of those 20 million law breaker demanding amnesty I would be getting a little nervous because the majority of conservative have had enough, now the other dead head American is not liking the job situation and they too are ready to move on you miss treated illegal aliens with families.

      As for our economy it our business, and if labor is need I think we can allow uneducated labor in but not over the needs of intelligent people who we value more. these are the immigrate I want and they love freedom and chance to become a citizen, not the trash that come and demand we educated them while they disrupt and dumb down education to there level, and talk the trash of LA RAZA, who claims about all of the western states for Mexico. Forget it that will never happen.

  • Sharon Sharp

    I don’t understand why people in our government are so protective of the illegals when it is against the law and these people are breaking the law daily. There is not another country in the world who lets this happen nor do they take care of the illegals because if they sneak in then they are on their own especially with medical and living expenses. Why is our government so crooked that they won’t even tell the illegals that this is against the law? No wonder there are so many crooked people in America. It starts with the government officials and goes all the way to the executive branch and all of this is so the democrats can claim more votes. I hope everyone of them gets voted out as they should.

    • jennifer

      what do you mean by breaking the law , immigrants are hard working people ,you american always crying that they are taking your jobs away no they not you all are lazy your want to stay home and let the government take care of you .shut up

      • Linda B

        Jennifer, do you not know that it is ILLEGAL (meaning..AGAINST THE LAW) to enter the United States Of America without PERMISSION from our Government???????? Americans ARE HARD WORKING PEOPLE ALSO,AND YOU CAN SEE THAT BY LOOKING AT THIS WONDERFUL COUNTRY THAT WE BUILT.It is sad that Mexicans RUN from their own country, INSTEAD of staying to help build their OWN country to be a wonderful place. It is the ILLEGALS that are LAZY…THEY come here because THEY are too LAZY to build up, THEIR OWN COUNTRY….
        You are VERY IGNORANT Jennifer!!

      • Linda B

        Jennifer, were you BORN STUPID????

        • Randy

          Randy Reply to Jennifer and Linda B
          The US government is not to blame. It is the corrupt politicians, representatives and appointees (and many of our presidents) who have not upheld the law. You know the REAL law. The CONSTITUTION.
          America had a revolution a couple hundred years ago. Do you remember reading about it? After we won our freedom from oppression from the “mother country” we began to develop a country based on a new set of principals. You can read about it later. And you should. The point is that at that time Americans had to take a stand. If they hadn’t, we might still be bowing to some King or Queen. They fought and they died. They won after much sacrifice. Much sacrifice. Mexicans, you have a beautiful country. Unfortunately for you there is much corruption in your government. Your living conditions are even worse than America had before and during our revolution. There is only one solution for you. And it will be painfully expensive. It will cost you many lives and much hardship. But, when it’s over you will have a country to be proud of. A life of freedom from oppression. A home where your children can play ortside without fear of being kidnaped. You MUST start your revolution. Pray for leadership within who will promote the values you want. Pray for courage, conviction, intelligence and guidance. You should know that Americans are not a race. Mexicans are not a race. We are decendents of native North Americans and Europeans. In my opinion there is only one race…HUMAN. Humans are LaRaza. Not Mexicans, Americans, British, German or Martian. Humans are the race. America will come to your aid if you show courage and conviction. America has always come to the aid of those who are oppressed. Look at our history and see that. America is not perfect by any means. We have problems of our own as you can see by current world opinion and the differences between our own people here at home. But please, show me a better country. Show me a country that attracts people from all over the world. A country that these people are willing to move to INSPITE of its problems. Show me a country anywhere that has the desire, dedication and the will to fight for your right to freedom. Show me that country or build that country there in Mexico so we can become the neighbors we should be.

      • Robin from Indiana

        Jennifer… You must be trying to see how many people you can get mad at the same time. You are some sort of ‘plant’ to keep the posts coming. You really can’t be for real, because if you are you must be here illegally. Your posts are very defensive. Are you afraid that someone will find out where you are and send you back?

      • rose dell

        Jennifer; you are right. Some ,maybe most illegal immigrants are hard working people. Unfortunately, they are also breaking the laws of our country. This is the greatest country in the world and we are willing to accept immigrants from all over the globe,but they must enter here legally. The taxpayers in this country cannot and should not be required to feed, cloth, educate and medicate illegal immigrants from any country when we are having a rough job taking care of our own legal citizens. Think a little harder about this because a good many illegal immigrants that are here are not hard workers but criminals.

      • Medina

        You sound like complete ignorant person. It seems you don’t understand of being illegal aliens. It means the are breaking our laws and we are a nations of laws. No one is above the law and should be sent back where they come from. If they want to be here, get all the documents needed like everyone do honest and responsible. These illegal aliens are taking away our job, believe or not. You are completely blinded by the lies : Americans would not do the jobs illegal aliens are doing. Who were doing those jobs before the Invasion of illegal aliens? It was the American workers, students blacks and whites. Our country is becoming a 3rd. world country slum little by little.These people are accomplishing their political agenda to take the land we won during the war with Mexico without firing a shot!

        • Peaches

          You are right. They are invading our country because they feel that we stole it from them and if we are not watchful, they will take over our Government. By, By Americans

      • Bobbi

        jennifer, i agree w/Rose … a good many illegal immigrants are hard-working and have contributed to our society. We all are in agreement that it is not fair to the Americans who are trying to find work, pay their taxes while there is nothing coming from the illegal immigrants. If they want to stay, they need to go through the ‘proper’ channels as all immigrants have. As someone personally involved in a situation, i’m appalled & outraged at the ‘freebies’ these people are entitled to – over someone born, raised, outstanding citizen, serving in military – it is indeed…insane! As an American citizen, I feel I should be entitled over someone here illegally. The key word: ILLEGAL

    • leo

      breaking the law daily??? what you’re on about??? the only crime(if any in this case) is the manner at which they’ve managed to get in(and they’ve paid for it over the years for sure). There probably haven’t been an alternative route for them. but since then, the vast majority of them are havin a clean sheet with no criminal records on it. much more serious criminals get away with murder but an immigrant is to be blamed for what they’ve once done forever.well at least they provide some people with a scapegoat during societies ups n downs.

      • Linda B


      • Robin from Indiana

        Leo… Does this mean that those who have worked here and got away with it are paying their taxes and paying into social security? Who are you trying to kid? You are a fool if you think the record is clean for these people. You are either very young and naive, or an illegal yourself. Anyone here illegally needs to be deported. End of story!

      • Tom

        If someone broke into your house, and you were forced to feed, clothe, educate, and provide medical care, would you still say the really didn’t comit a crime. After all it was only the way they got into your house, so it’s not really a crime. If you can honestly say yes, then publish your address so some illegal immigrants can come for a visit.

  • Larry A. Hollis

    Why is it? We the People Keep on putting up with those Bumbs In any form of our Government?

    • jennifer

      you the bum ,who do you think you are ,most of you are not native american , i am sure your parents or your grandparent come from another country.

      • Linda B


      • Linda B


      • Medina

        Yes, they were immigrant . but were here legaly with their documents and through the front door, not through the back door. Illegal aliens are law breakers! They are NOT above the law!

  • bullet girl

    3 years ago i wrote economi will shut down ,it s happen .he promised t o hispanic vote for me i will resolve immigration mess.he didint he failed then people legal or illegal hispanic or onothe rs stop the invesment here.its no t 12 million 20 million people illlegal maybe more they didint pay mortgage they didint pay credit card.legals has brothers and sisters illegal they vote for them result what happen: no money no hope no job no invesment . god punished all of us.

    • Howard Dyer

      ullet girl: You have been very observant, and correct in your assumption, but notice the liberal media such as MSNBC, CNN, and others never speak or write about just how MANY mortgages and credit cards is unpaid by illegal aliens.

      That why Obama is buying up the acid assets of all bad mortuaries, and reducing the payments and providing 1000 per month for 5 years so they can stay here and live with tax payer help. UN fair and we should be up in arms against this take over by Obama and his European socialist destruction machine. Nobody is talking about this crisis, and it growing. We need a nation wide call for impeachment, for his lies. Line by line reviews put on the internet for us to see and comment on but that did not happen and now 10 trillion dollars debt, and double next year. We can no make it and borrowing to prevent a bankruptcy is not going to happen.

  • Larry A. Hollis

    I believe they will sale their own Mother’s ( Children Also )for a vote, to stay in POWER. One more reason to make them vote on a TERM LIMIT for Themselfs. I though Two Terms should be the limit, after watching those????? in Washington and around the Country make fools of themselfs, I think we should vote the ????? out after the first Term, send them back home with out Insurance , Pensions , and put them back to work, like the rest of us that works for a living!!!! While we are at it, if anyone of them takes a bribe or anything from Lobbyist, or any source. Try Them in a (HONEST COURT OF LAW) and let the punishment fit the CRIME.

  • Funny Hernandez

    Hernandez you are a MINUTEMAN racist. I see you’re still working for the minutemen. Get a life.

  • R. Richard Fusilier

    Prevention of illegal entry and deportation, with a penalty if a second attempt at illegal entry. Enforcement of a law must be swift and just. We cannot continue granting amnesty and it now should not be considered. Over-population and flooding of illegals causes, poverty, budget deficits and havoc in the work force and availability of jobs and housing and even adversely affects elections. (Further, regardless of the clause about being born here being a citizen, there is holding that “When 2 nationals illegally enter the U.S. without intent to permanently reside herein, as evidenced by INS application or declaration, etc, their baby born here is also a National of their Alien country and not a USA citizen. There is no such thing as dual citizenship. How can one swear allegiance to this Nation and owe allegiance to an Alien nation, tell me. One problem, under, and after the FDR adm. Aliens took charge of INS enforcement or lack of it. over natural sympathy for the displaced

    • Linda B


      • http://att sonya

        Richard: you are so wrong it’s not only the illegals, that have deseases everyone of us comes down with these things, or some kinds of illness, also people comes into this country for different reason i do agree that it is unlawful to enter into another country without inspections but they are here and we have to do something so i do agree with some form of a program to make the persons legal, what i do think is that they should pay a big fine to get some form of legal status into this country, remember these folks have been here for a long time so fine them and let them wiat for along time before they get citizenship after they pay the big fine.

        • Latin Babe

          You’ve got to be kidding. Yes, they bring disease. However, the disease they bring we
          haven’t had in the US in decades. You are so wrong what about their anchor babies. Not
          only do they have to be fined, but sent back with all their children they had free of charge
          on the back of the American Tax Payers!

  • leo

    just like the mass immigration from europe to america during late 19th n early 20th centuries,anyone else is entitled to do the same,any colour any race. It makes sense to label any other comments in contradiction to this as racist.

    • john kainrath

      so what the hell are we gonna do put a statue of obama up at every port of entry cause the liberty is staying in NY harbor

    • Howard Dyer

      You know Leo, mass immigration from any where is bad, and as for you calling American racist you need to step back and realize our laws state who can come here and stay, not a Mexican or a foreigner or immigrate in green card status, only citizen, and true we have a lot of Un American on your side. Because they are either benefiting from your cheap labor, or they are liberals who has no clue of what our constitution states. Reading your comment clearly review your educational background, and we do not want Mexico or South Americans uneducated or educated to use us as a dumping ground for there un wanted. By the way calling us racist is not a way to get you mass immigration.

  • Delaware Bob

    Now I can’t say the ILLEGAL ALIENS are completely to blame for the shape of our economy, but they are a BIG part of the problem. The ILLEGAL ALIENS send BILLIONS upon BILLIONS out of this Country every year, money we will NEVER see again. Does this help our economy?

    How about the BILLIONS the American taxpayers fork out for the ANCHOR BABIES, the schooling of them, the medical care and the list goes on, and on, and on.

    How about the MILLIONS upon MILLIONS paid to jail ILLEGAL ALIENS for the crimes, then the cost to deport them. Does this help our economy?

    Then you have these activist groups, the Catholic Church and the ACLU that want AMNESTY for these ILLEGAL ALIENS. It would be absolute suicide for this Country if AMNESTY were granted to the 20 million or so ILLEGAL ALIENS. We have more and more people out of work everyday and they want to add another 20 million to this Country? I say, “NO”!

    If AMNESTY were ever granted to these 20 million ILLEGAL ALIENS, you can bet big money that 3 years from now, there would be ANOTHER 3-5 million ILLEGAL ALIENS demonstrating on our soil for AMNESTY.

    An end MUST come to this illegal immigration. The perfect tool we have so far is E-Verify. It MUST be used by ALL businesses and Government Social Services. EVERY employee must be checked! If they are illegal, they are to be dismissed!

    I believe it is time for all 50 States to pass a State law, like Arizona, Oklahoma, Mississippi, Missouri, South Carolina and a few others. It is time for these ILLEGAL ALIENS to go back to their home Country and get out of this Country. The problems they are causing will not go away until the ILLEGAL ALIENS are out of this Country. I think that is plain to see.


    • Howard Dyer

      Some of you American know the truth, but listen to the bigots, and supporters, of illegal aliens bad mouth our country which gives them a better living then there beloved Mexico, Yes bigot it make me more determined to find you and deport you. You are a worthless Un invited back door socialist. Go back to Mexico, and tell them to leave the illegal aliens along because illegal aliens help Mexican economy, and see what happen to your sorry butts. Yes America hater, I know you, who hate American whites, because we earn our living and pay for your sorry uneducated mouth to curse us and lecture us for not giving you more welfare, health care and pay for your teen whores who dump there filth on our hospital emergency room because sorry Mexican males who knock them up is so proud of babies he hide from the teen whore on due date. , public education you don’t want anyway, but enjoy dumbing down education to the idiot level, and this is not enough you have to disrupt the class, and gang upon those who don’t like you, then bully and beat up those who stand up to your kind only in a gang because you are afraid of what will happen, but you dirty cowards want face Americans who will solve you smart mouth problems and you had better stay in the dark, because America is about to turn mean after all you drove down wages while working cheap for American fat cat bar and grills, Obama;s has been found out, and his change we can believe is clearly a left wing socialist, who will be stopped.

    • http://BobLivingston,PersonalLiberty JO ANN

      Ride on for E-VERIFY. This is the greatest thing our country has for dealing with the illegal immigrant situation. In the $780? stimulus package passed this year, E-VERIFY was in the House bill and the Senate bill, however, when it went to committee (last time for a vote) somehow it got taken out??????????? I would urge everyone to go to “NumbersUSA ” to keep updated on E-VERIFY where you can call and fax your representatives all the time It is a great site and is definitely working for the good of ALL AMERICAN CITIZENS.

      • Say No to E-VERIFY

        “E-Verify is bad policy for both employers and employees, and now we discover it would also be bad for taxpayers and senior citizens, costing more than $40 billion in lost tax and Social Security revenue,” said Tim Sparapani, senior legislative counsel for the ACLU. “With less than 1% of employers participating in the optional verify program currently in place, it has already faced staggering bureaucratic problems. Halting the expansion of such a system should be a no-brainer politically for any member of Congress hoping to keep their job. Retiring members voting for the bill would do well to remember they, too, could face ridiculous hiring delays of an E-Verified workforce. The CBO’s estimate should signal to House members that the Shuler-Tancredo E-Verify bill is the wrong approach to immigration policy.” Sparapani continued, “E-Verify should be scrapped.”

    • http://att sonya

      the thing you folks are not understanding is that the Government should charge them five thoussand dollars plus the fine for the immigrantion fees and also depending on how long the have been here the cost of working without payong taxes should be a fine also them we would have some money to stimulate the econnomy and help to take the stress off the Government at this time so i do agree that they should pay if they want to stay here, lets stop the hate and show some love because its omnly the love of our fellow man will help us throurg and that’s what God wants us to do we are our brother’s keeper and if we just stop looking at other and ssaythey are elligal , there is no such thing we are ALL GOD ‘S CHILDREN AND ITS IS HOUSE AND IS WORLD WE ARE PUT HERE TO TAAKE CARE OF THIS LAND AND ENJOY IT ONE TO ANOTHER SO LET GIVE SOME LOVE AND NO HATE , I HOPE YOU ALL WILL AGREE WITH ME ON THIS ONE .

      • RBM


        It’s called ACCOUNTABILITY! God expects us to obey ALL Laws including the Laws of foreign lands that we visit. Or, in this case, break into! Try going to Canada and do the same crap the illegal Mexicans do here! Say good bye to your freedom!

  • Don Quixote

    Geez, take a chill pill there Howard. Who’s the bigot? This isn’t a race war. It’s not the poor brown people that are destroying the country. It’s the rich, male, U.S. citizen aristocrats who are raping and pillaging our national treasure, and who show up for their Trillions in welfare in lear jets, limos and the best Armani has to offer. And since you bring up race, they’re nearly all white.

    You have every right to be so angry, but please grow a pair and direct your rage at those who are truly responsible. Unfortunately, much to your disappointment, they are not as easy and fun to pick on as poor non-white minorities and immigrants are. Kinda like shooting fish in a barrel, eh Howard. Yeah , it takes some courage to face the real perps. Especially since they probably look just like you.

  • http://microsoft Robert

    I believe that if the illegals ought to be send where they come from, if they want to be in this country they ought to apply for citizenship then be able to return & pay taxes like everyody else. they should have their own insurance & pay their own doctor bills . Also they should learn to speak ENGLISH.

  • OyGevalt

    Why is it that the Mexican government (government might be an inappropriate term) encourages “Illegal” immigration in the first place? You see, in my view of the world, when in doubt, follow the money. The money sent to Mexico is the second largest element of the Mexican economy. If Mexicans were sent home, Mexico goes bankrupt. Now, I am not for that; but I am not for “illegal” immigration more. The cost to the nation is huge, not just in our dollars going to Mexico, but also the cost to me for paying for schooling Mexican (and other illegals, I get that it’s not just Mexico) children, for paying for all of their medical care, well, you get it. The great USofA has become the world’s cash cow and it is no longer sustainable. There’s no argument that “illegal” aliens are taking jobs Americans won’t take. That’s an empty argument. Yes, costs would go up if Americans were taking those jobs, but all wages would increase to cover the costs; it’s how the free-market system works. And, it’s not racist to try to protect your living. I have no issue with background, race, color, gender, religion. Now, let’s take a quick look at why the “progressive” (such a dirty way to veil contemptuous arguments) side of the great nation won’t engage the immigration issue correctly. “Illegal” aliens, when they become legal, and are dependent upon the “nanny” state, they become good “progressive” voters. Can’t you see that this country’s liberals are in a hurry to create a perfect majority of dependent voters.

  • Linda B

    I see Mexican ILLEGALS as “COWARDS” !! They flea from THEIR OWN country, instead of STAYING in their own country to build it up, and fix their problems. ILLEGALS are essentially…WEAK,COWARDS AND DESERTERS OF THEIR OWN COUNTRY !!!!

    • Say No to E-VERIFY

      Who cares anyway… Obama will push for a North American Union, just like the EU. It will be Canada, USA & Mexico… Watch out people

  • Harry

    The double standards of politics, ya gotta love it … Bernie Madoff was demonized for breaking the law, cheating investors, & sent to jail, while Rep. Gutierrez violates his oath to support the Constitution, gets re-elected for cheating taxpayers, to subsidize his illegal alien constituency with public services, & wants to reward them with amnesty. Who says crime doesn`t pay?

  • http://Boasfin Bob Smith

    Lou Dubbs of CNN married to an illegal immigrant and yet he is the leader of inti- immigrant in this Country. What does that tell you. Lou Dubbs is an Irish yet he abused the Irsh people in his daily Programin in cnn.

  • Jane

    All Republican people (the patriots) are complaining but doing nothing about this?

    Why do we let these socialists run our country to the ground and destroy our lives slowly?

    Those that run the Democrat party have planned all this out and as it is slowly unfolding in front of our eyes.

  • http://n/a empty pockets

    An American Representative who eschews his oath of office; a whole bunch of elected officials who want to -again- reward bad, even criminal behavior; American citizens defending all of this as though it doesn’t have any bearing on them…as though only good will follow. All who think Guiterrez is doing a good thing, consider this: millions who have illegally entered America threaten our national security, our national health and our national economy. By insisting that all new entrants into the country follow the legal path we ALL benefit. Legal residents have enforceable civil rights, good health, are self supporting and contributing members of our society. Amnesty is a travesty for citizens, legal residents and even for those granted amnesty en masse. The country is in a different place than it was when Reagan granted amnesty. We need every person in the country to be part of a team effort, working together, speaking the same language. We need to get over and beyond the “African-American”, “latino”, and other separatist labels. Pay attention, people. Our country is in tough times. We’re at war with an extremist and violent philosophy; our economy has been shaken to its core; unemployment is going up while future economic security is evaporating (and some of it may never return); our constitution and very way of life is threatened-by our own government who swore to protect it. Forget amnesty for those who entered criminally even if they’ve been law abiding otherwise. How about amnesty for Americans and LEGAL residents by putting our best interests first for a change?

  • Gary

    Okay, well I see from the above that this is definately still a hot topic. That’s good, I don’t feel alone now. What I want to know is what Cities is this Representative Luis Gutierrez going to and what dates so we can organize our voices in protest? I doubt it would make any difference if a million people protested, but I am personally tired of waiting around for something the American people want (no Amnesty) to happen on its own. We have to make it happen.

  • SSG Prasuhn

    It’s quite simple really. You BREAK THE LAW, you GO TO JAIL or GET DEPORTED.


    We have (already) enough (sometimes TOO MANY) laws ALREADY ON THE BOOKS covering this subject. All that’s needed — IF our ID 10T (that’s IDIOT to you idiots) in CONGRESS (and the House of Representatives) would get off their duffs and DO THEIR JOBSand let our Law Enforcement Officials/Officers (LEO’s) do their jobs; I seriously doubt there would NOT be an immigration issue.

    Try this in (most) any other country and see what happens. A Venezuelan friend of mine once told me that ‘they’ don’t have a problem with ‘ILLEGAL’S’ in his country. Why? Because anyone crossing the border ‘ILLEGALLY’ is ‘SHOT ON SIGHT’.

    Hence, illegal aliens?? ‘NO PROBLEM – O’

    ‘Nuff Said’,

  • http://google catherine

    What the special interest want is to replace the American worker, they want the cheap labor and also they can tell them who and what to vote for. The more illegals they can give citizenship too the more power they gain. They can replace our constitutuon with there laws. People need to look at the big picture. We have a group of people in our goverment who want to keep there job for ever, so they believe they can do this with the help of illegals.

  • mk5112 tx

    I believe there should be a Term limit for all government officials that are voted in.
    two terms with benefits to last only 4 yrs after they leave the office. That is more than the rest of us are getting when we leave a job.

  • mk5112 tx

    I also believe if we started to enforce the rules we have for immigration and run people out of our country that are here illegally, things would be back to normal in a matter of 10 yrs , not decades. You just have to start to let people know we are serious.
    these people dont belong here, they are costing legal residents tons of money- we dont want them or need them. If we do need them they can get a temporary visa and then go back to Mexico or whereever.
    I have had two people in my family have 3 accidents with mexician nationals that either left the scene of the crime on foot or drove off so fast it would have been impossible to read the lic plate. Another friend of mine had his car totaled by a latino that ran away and left his car. The car was registered in calif but they couldnt find the real owner. He was hurt badly in the accident. A large percentage of criminals are latinos taking up space in our jails after being caught – that is costing alot of money- why do you think california is going bankrupt- they are spending 40 billion a yr on illegals.
    I wont hire an illegal, and no one else should either.

  • http://none Frank Jones

    When it comes to illegal immigrants seems to me they have two choices

    Leave or Shot!


    • bill

      i think that any one that gives them {illegals} a jop should be charged with a crime agianest the united states of america.

  • john

    Illegal means illegal. They are receiving free medical care, and other benifits that unfortunate Americans that have lost their jobs can not receive which is not only unfair but unjust. To get rid of them would be easy, stop ALL benifits and fine all employers heavily for employing them. My mother, her parents and my fathers grandparents came to this country, learned English, got a job and never asked for a hand out, several became vets and all helped their neighbors when in need. These wetbacks want everything handed to them. I say we cut them off and send them home.

  • http://PersonalLibertryDigest ALFREDE

    Let’s not forget that most of today’s problems come from Pres. Bush’s term of the last eight years. In ’02 Karl Rove refused to invite Rep. Tancredo to a White House dinner for congressional GOP reps. and further said Tancredo would be a non-guest as long as Pres. Bush was in office. Also,in ’02 Pres. Bush was the 1st national figure of either “party” to label the groups observing illegal border crossings as “vigilantes”.
    GOP talk show host Hugh Hewitt was the 1st to label anti-illegal migration supporters as “nativist”. Cultural conservative talk show host Dennis Prager was the first to accuse those supporters of “racism”. Neo-conservative Michael Medved was the first to label the same people as unrealistic and naive.
    The Stoopid Party (of which I am a member) offers no solutions, study, or alternatives to the problem. Conservatives are too afraid to address the issue as they, like the GOP, don’t want people who don’t and never will like them, to think naughty thoughts abou them.
    The real shame is that Conservative thought and philosophy offers the only real humane and rational solutions to the problem.
    Unfortunately, the words testosterone and courage are not to be used in the same encyclopedia with “Republican” or “conservative” More’s the pity!!

    • R. Richard Fusilier

      agree, and it looks more of the same is coming! I see or saw hundreds of truckloads of new automobiles from elsewhere driving North on I-10,
      from the port of Ensenada, pursaunt to the North American Trade Treaty
      People , like Obama, are tearing down what we have built the last decades of hard work and honest government for our people, with reasonable taxation. We are now constantly electing unqualified candidates. Heavily taxed California is about to have a great increase of taxes imposed by deceitful and dishonest “small print” bills proposed by legislators and passed by the voters. Illegals are a part of this great supposed need for more revenue as they have strained the use of utilities , housing, medical facilities if free, and on and on. Immigration from one State to the other strains too.

  • Dale

    What Representative Luis Gutierrez is doing borders
    on treason. I thought elected “representatives” in this
    country had a SWORN duty to uphold the Constitution?

    I thought they were sworn to protect U.S. citizens
    from enemies both foreign AND domestic? It sounds
    to me like Luis Gutierrez isn’t protecting us from
    EITHER! In fact, HE sounds like he may be an enemy
    to his own country. If Illinois voters don’t vote him out
    of office, then he should be investigated by the F.B.I.
    as a threat to this country.

  • Agnes

    This is a really hot topic and most Americans are against illegal immigration. would you to have a relative waiting for years to come here legally to join family members and see Mexicans just walk across the border and get a job paying cash under the table while the family collects social services and they wire cash back to Mexico ? Then they have that Anchor baby and collect for the next 18 years. In the meantime Americans are losing jobs, benefits and homes. Anyone in this country between 50 and 65 can’t get assistance because they don’t have dependents.
    Social services in this country are going bankrupt along with hospital emergency rooms.
    Second, nobody cared when Ross Perot talked about NAFTA. Plants were closed and business sent out of the country for tax breaks and tech jobs were sent to India.
    The only safe job today is politics and breeding. Child bearing has become an occupation in this country. You not only get more stimulus money, but you are rewarded on your taxes. The more children the more checks. Did you know they get cash on their food stamp cards ?
    It saddens me that people will call talk radio and type away on message boards but
    would never pick up the phone and call their senators. One call equals 40 voters.
    While not a McCain fan (I did not vote for Obama) the man said something on the campaign trail that was important “Stand up America. Stand up”..while you are standing up… speak up. It’s now or never.

  • Agnes

    Repeat after me ” RE-ELECT NO ONE”

    • Mark

      I second that !!!

  • Agnes

    When immigrants came through Ellis Island they were so glad to be here, they kissed the ground, and learned English. They became patriotic Americans who served this country. It doesn’t happen with illegal immigrants.

  • R. Richard Fusilier

    Every morning hundreds (or thousands) of Mexican school aged kids cross the border to the U.S. (Tijuana’s other gates too) Calexico, etc and school buses awaiting bus them to California schools. They talk English (soon) better than the average American kid as they apparently apply themselves. When they graduate, their High School diploma qualify for them to attend an American community college etc.. but it must cost more than a hill of beans,

  • Paul Isaacson

    Woe unto you who call any person illegal for you will be UNdocumented
    written in
    the book
    of life

  • amaryllis

    Robin, you said what I was about to say. It appears that
    Jennifer is here to ‘stir the pot’. I think, since her
    comments were so simplistic, Leo was sent to try to help her out. :-)

    The problem is not entirely caused by the illegals but that is another subject. These folks are only trying for a better life because their country has failed them. I dare say that many, if not all, of us would do the same under the same circumstnces; (before jumping to a conclusion, keep reading please :-) but, bottom line, if a person is not here legally then he/she should be sent home. Just because people have been here a long time and have deep roots in this country is no reason to let them stay illegally nor should they be put ahead of others in line to gain legal status. These persons knew what they were doing
    when they began their illegal journey here. I am sure they hoped they wouldn’t be caught and if they were here long enough they could assimilate into the population and never have to go back. If their children were born here, they would be here legally because they wold be US citizens. The ‘anchor baby’ law needs to go, also.

    What tickes me off, also, are those who have the audacity to say vocally or by signs that they are just reclaiming their homeland. BALDERDASH! (There is a more colorful and crude metaphor beginning with BS but in the interest of trying for a more kind and gentle comment I’ve used a substitute. Balderdash meaning “nonsense, rot, tripe, fiddly-faddle, piffle, hooey, tosh.” Though, I must admit, there are times when kinder-gentler just doesn’t get the full meaning across. :-) Be that as it may …

    The land within our borders has been traded for, purchased, or ceded to the USA as a concession in some sort of conflict. It belongs to the USA and not to Mexico, France, Spain, Russia or any other country … except now maybe China… but that, too, is another subject.

    The more outrageous the protesters become, the more resistance they are going to have from people who are fed-up with having the tax burden on their backs caused by overloaded systems. We simply cannot take care of our own ( who should come first) and the rest of the world. Even if the illegals are paying into the tax system, it isn’t enough to sustain the pay-outs.

    I have been told and have read that there is a saying in Mexico that they will take the land they sold or ceded to the USA back without firing a shot. Looks to me as if they have a good beginning on that promise. They might get California given back to them by the nuts out there but I think Arizona, New Mexico and Texas will be a harder conquest. Though inroads have already been made in these states, too, there are many Mexicans, natural born citizens as well as naturalized citizens, who love this country and are willing to fight for it beause they are AMERICANS of Mexican descent — nothing hyphenated for them as in Mexican-American. They know the country to which they belong and they love it.

    Illegals should be sent home to get in line and all those in the US Congress and State Congresses who have perpetuated this egregious situation for political gain should be voted out at the first opportunity.

  • Dan

    Is Third World Immigration a Threat to America’s Way of Life?

    Yes: Patrick Buchanan, from “Shields Up!” The American Enterprise (March 2002)
    No: Ben Wattenberg, from “Immigration is Good,” The American Enterprise (March 2002)

    Is immigration good or bad for America? Many immigrants, both legal and illegal enter the US every year. The majority of immigrants come from

    Third World countries and the largest percentage are from Mexico, the Philippines, Korea, and the Caribbean. European immigration has shrunk to about 10 percent. (Finsterbusch, p. 40)

    The immigration act of 1965 put all immigrants on equal footing. It made it even easier for Third World immigrants to enter the country. The new law gave preference to those with a family member already living in the US. (Finsterbusch, p. 41)

    Immigrants enter the US for various reasons. They may be fleeing tyranny and terrorism, to escape war, or join relatives already settled in the US. The question has arisen as to whether or not immigrants take jobs away from US citizens or do they just do jobs the US citizens do not want. The immigrants see the US as a place of affluence in a global sea of poverty. In the US they can earn many times what they could in their native countries. What will these new immigrants do to the United States—or for it?

    (Finsterbusch, p. 41)

    Buchanan contends that immigrants are harming the US both economically and culturally. He claims that the sheer number of immigrants threatens to overwhelm traditional safeguards against cultural disintegration. This foreign influx is transforming a “nation” into a collection of separate nationalities. However, Ben Wattenberg argues that immigration will benefit the US, by making it a “universal” nation that will be better able to compete in a future that is increasingly global. (Finsterbusch, p. 41)

    In 1821, the new independent Mexico invited Americans to settle in the northern part of Texas—on two conditions. Americans must become Catholics and swear allegiance to Mexico. The Americans eventually outnumbered the Mexicans ten to one. In 1835 General Santa Anna seized power in Texas and being tired of the Americans making false oaths and fake conversions, sent them back across the Rio Grande. (Buchanan, p. 42)

    Santa Anna led his army north to recapture his lost province. At the Alamo he massacred the first rebels who resisted. Then at Goliad he executed 400 Texans, who had surrendered. At San Jacinto he was ambushed. His army was butchered and he was captured. The Texans wanted him massacred, but Sam Houston made the dictator an offer: his life for Texas. Santa Anna signed. Andrew Jackson, on his last day in office, recognized the independence of the Lone Star Republic. (Buchanan, p. 42)

    Eight years later, the US annexed the Texas republic. Mexico disputed the American claim to all land north of the Rio Grande. President Polk sent troops to the north band of the river. Mexican soldiers crossed the river and fired on a US patrol. Congress declared war. By 1848 Mexico lost the war and was forced to cede all of Texas, the Southwest, and California. In addition the US gave Mexico $15 million to ease the anguish of the amputation. (Buchanan, p. 42)

    As a result of this history Mexico has an historic grievance against the US that is deeply felt by her people. Immigration today is different from the past. Today the number of people from Mexico is larger than any country ever before. In the 1990”s alone, the number of people of Mexican heritage living in the US grew by 50 percent to at least 21 million, which are highly concentrated in the Southwest. Mexicans are not just from another culture, but another race. Different races are more difficult to assimilate than different cultures. 60 million Americans of German ancestry are assimilated, but millions from Africa and Asia are not. Millions of Mexicans broke the law. Each year, 1.6 million illegal aliens are apprehended mostly at our southern border. Unlike old immigrants, Mexican immigrants did not break away from Mexico. They have no desire to learn English or become US citizens. They are here to earn money. Rather than assimilate, they created their own radio and TV stations, newspapers, films, and magazines. They are becoming a nation within a nation. (Buchanan, p.43)

    Mexican immigration is a challenge to our cultural integrity, our national identity, and potentially to our future as a country. 72 percent of Americans want less immigration. The people want action. The elites disagree—and do nothing. The US lacks the fortitude to defend its borders and to demand that immigrants assimilate into its society. If assimilation fails our children will suffer. The US will become a cleft country with potential for internal strife. (Buchanan, p.43)

    Mexican President Fox proposed a complete opening of borders between the US, Canada, and Mexico. Half of the Mexicans live in poverty. This situation will result in millions of Mexicans to enter the US within months. They will treat America as nothing more than an economic system. (Buchanan, p. 44)

    Even the Mexican army shows contempt for the US along its 2,000 mile border. In 2000 Mexican soldiers barreled through a barbed-wire fence, fired shots and pursued two mounted officers and a US Border Patrol vehicle. Border Patrol agents believe that some Mexican army units collaborate with their county’s drug cartels. (Buchanan, p. 46)

    The Mexican government supports illegal entry of its citizens into the US by providing them with “survival kits” of water, dry meat, granola, Tylenol, anti-diarrhea pills, bandages, and condoms. Some Anglo Americans have moved from California in search of cities like the one they grew up in. Others are moving into gated communities. Complaints about the radical change in America’s ethnic composition have been called un-American. However, Theodore Roosevelt warned that “The one absolutely certain way of bringing this nation to ruin, of preventing all possibility of its continuing to be a nation at all, would be to permit it to become a tangle of squabbling nationalities.” Yet immigration has been deemed taboo by the forces of political correctness. (Buchanan, p. 46)

    Harvard economist George Borjas has found no net economic benefit from mass migration from the Third World. The added costs of schooling, health care, welfare, prisons, plus the pressure on land, water and power resources, exceed the taxes that immigrants pay. A third of the legal immigrants have not finished high school. 22 percent do not even have ninth-grade education. 60 percent still do not earn $20,000 a year. Immigrant use of food stamps, Supplemental Security Income, and school lunch programs that run 50 to 100 % higher than use by the native born. By 1991 they accounted for 24 percent of all arrests in Los Angeles and 36 Percent of all arrest in Miami. In 1980, federal and state prisons housed 9,000 criminal aliens. (Buchanan, p.47)

    Mass emigration from poor Third World countries is good for businesses that employ large numbers of workers at low wages. However, what is good for corporate America is no good for Middle America. Is the US government failing in its Constitutional duty to protect the rights of American citizens? (Buchanan, p. 47)

    Immigrants arriving from cultures that have little in common with our own raise a question: What is a nation? Some define a nation as one people of common ancestry, language, literature, history, heritage, heroes, traditions, customs, mores and faith who have lived together over time in the same land under the same rulers. Secretary of State John Quincy Adams said, “They must cast off the European skin, never to resume it. They must look forward to their posterity rather than backward to their ancestors.” John Stuart Mill cautioned that unified public opinion is “necessary to the working of representative government.” We are about to find out if he was right. (Buchanan, p. 48)

    Immigration is Good

    By the year 2050, we were told, America would be “majority non-white.” Hispanics will be “America’s largest minority.” Although most Americans of Hispanic heritage declare themselves “white,” they are inferentially counted as non-white. However, there lies a central truth: America is becoming a universal nation, with significant representation of nearly all human hues, creeds, ethnicities, and national ancestries. (Wattenberg, pp. 49, 50)

    Absorbing many immigrants, Pat Buchanan and other critics believe, will “swamp” the American culture and bring Third World problems to America. However, 8.8 million immigrants who arrived in the US between 1901 and 1910 increased the total American population by 1 percent per year. In our most recent decade, the 10 million legal immigrants represented annual growth of only 0.36 percent, because the US population went from 249 million to 281 million. Overall, 15 percent of Americans were foreign-born in 1910. In 1999, our foreign-born were 10 percent of our total. Today, America’s “foreign-born” amounts to 21 percent of the population and heading up. However in 1910, the comparable figure was 34 percent—one third of the entire country—and the heavens did not collapse. We can take in more immigrants, if we want to. Should we? (Wattenberg, p.50)

    The US population will go to 397 million in 2050 with expected immigration, but only 328 million should we choose a path of zero immigration. Is more population good for America? When it comes to potential global power and influence, numbers can matter a great deal. Taxpayers, many of them, pay for a fleet of aircraft carries. On the economic side it is better to have a customer boom than a customer bust. Japan’s stagnant demography is one cause of its decade-long slum. (Wattenberg, p. 51)

    But will the current crop of immigrants acculturate? Even among Mexican-Americans, many second-and third-generation offspring speak no Spanish at all, often to the dismay of their elders (a familiar American story). Michael Barones book “The New Americans” theorizes that Mexican immigrants are following roughly the same course of earlier Italian and Irish immigrants. It took a hundred years until Irish-Americans reached full income parity with the rest of America. California recently repealed its bilingual education programs. Half of Latino voters supported the proposition. Latina mothers reportedly tell their children that “Spanish is the language of busboys”—stressing that in America you have to speak English to get ahead. (Wattenberg, p. 51)

    Newcomers are always viewed with suspicion, but such views change over time. There are high rates of intermarriage. Most Americans lost their qualms about marriage between people of different European ethnicities. In 1990, 64 percent of Asian Americans married outside their heritage, as did 37 percent of Hispanics. Black-white intermarriage is much lower, but it climbed from 3 percent in 1980 to 9 percent in 1998. (One reason to do away with the race question of the census is that within a few decades we won’t be able to know who is what.) (Wattenberg, p.52)

    Substantial numbers of people are necessary for a country to be globally influential. Will America have enough people to keep their ideas and principles alive? Birth rates in developed part of the world—Europe, North America, Australia, and Japan, nations where liberal Western values are rooted—had sunk so law that there is danger ahead. Women in these modern countries are bearing 1.5 children. It is 28 percent below the long-term population replacement level. The European rate is 1.34 children per woman—radically below replacement level. The nations of the Western world will soon be less populous, and a substantially smaller fraction of the world population. The modern countries of the world, the bearers of Western civilization, made up one third of the global population in 1950, and one fifth in 2000, and are projected to represent one eight by 2050. If we end up in a world with nine competing civilizations, will this make it that much harder for Western values to prevail in the cultural and political arenas. The good news is that fertility rates have also plunged in the less developed counties—from 6 children to 1970 to 2.9 today. By the middle to end of this century, there should be a rough global convergence of fertility rates and population growth. (Wattenberg, p. 53) America should not cut back immigration. America needs to keep growing, and we can fruitfully use both high and low-skill immigrants. Pluralism works here, as it does in Canada and Australia. America must be prepared to go it alone. If we keep admitting immigrants at our current levels there will be almost 400 million Americans by 2050. That can keep us strong enough to defend and perhaps extend our views and values. The civilization we will be advancing may not just be Western, but even more universal: American. (Wattenberg, p. 54)

    The issue is based on what one thinks will happen as America becomes more diverse. Buchanan sees America as coming apart and Wattenberg sees America as leading the world. (Finsterbusch, p. 55)

    Finsterbusch, Kurt. Taking Sides: Social Issues. McGraw-Hill/Duskin, 2006

  • R. Richard Fusilier

    New immigrants are good in many ways, but resources have limits and over population, etc.,. plus compatibility, financial basic needs of a Nation in the whole has to be considered. Look at the problems around the world. Lebanon, Belgium,. Sri Lanka, Former Yugoslavia, South Africa, British Isles, Iraq, Holy Land are all points of the maintenance of a wise and sound reasonable immigration policy while he world mellows. Yes?

  • R. Richard Fusilier

    Buchanan’s view is powerful and makes sense,. but I notice that a huge fusion is taking place all over the USA. We need continued prosperity, for sure, until that fusion is one more generation in age, however.

  • Bullfighter

    Luis Guiterrez is from my district and he hasn’t done one thing to help real Americans.

    Where does he get the money to make these special trips. Someone should investigate that crook or throw a shoe at him!!

    I thought he swore an oath to protect the people of the US first. Maybe someone should translate that oath to him because I don’t think he understands it

  • Howard Dyer

    I read the ♠♠♠Don Quixote comments, Well lets see who you really are, From the way you reply you are possible a supporter of all illegal aliens, rights and feel there is nothing the White race can do to repay your abuse. But why in hell are you here if you hate the people who move the economy, and of course they are the White Race, because this was the major population of the USA. So you feel these business, and the money they make from profit is yours. But since it a free Market you too could make there profits, but that not what you are really about. The fact no poor man ever gave me a job, but companies did. I am not in bed with labor unions which is basically a international Socialist enemy of the USA, who aim is to do your betting. They would destroy America, and cheat there member out of every dime collected in dues. Why don’t Unions provide a retirement for workers, since they have million in weekly dues they collect. ♠ Then use those dues to lobby for more ways to destroy companies. GM is a great example. But Polis and Reid can fly there sorry liberal butts all over the world using fuel like it was water and not a word is said about these Obama Scum bags. ♠ If you read the comments on illegal aliens you should not be amazed that a majority feel exactly as I do. With a name like your handle I can see where support is aimed. ♠

  • Mark

    It’s all about pandering to gather a power base. Get the illegals in the system-keep them on Government handouts and they will always vote for those who give them the handouts.
    If they wanted to secure the border they could. National Security doesn’t matter to them as much as staying in power. They pay border security lip service and blame the previous administration. It’s the same ol pattern time and time again. They first term it a “Crisis” that gives them the self-justification to pass whatever legislations they want, and guess what?? they dont even have to read it. “The road to Hell is paved with good intentions” they are paving a mile a minute…


    I have some good news for those of you who are unhappy with YOUR NEW PRESIDENT, AND OF COURSE EVERYONE ELSE WILL BE UNHAPPY. Well, get used to it, because it;s your turn to cry.
    This morning I recieved an E-Mail, and my happy heart jumped for joy. It seems the Americans for Freedom of Information filed a suite and they released copies of Barry’s college transcripts from Occidental College in complience with a court order from a California Supreme Court. Barry it seems applied for a Fulbright Foundation Scholarship, and in order to get it he had to be a foreign student.And he provided proof of Indonesian citizenship. Along with evidence of his being born in Kenya,there is no record of his applying for US citizenship.
    There are currently 18 suites against Barry. When Barry applied for the scholarship, he applied as Barry Soertoro, not Barak Obama. Justice Antonin Scalia said the Supreme Court agreed to hear arguements concerning Barry’s qualifications to be the president in a case brought by Leo Donofrio of New Jersey
    Gary Kreep from the United states Justice Foundation has released information that Barry spent $950,000.00 IN CAMPAIGN FUNDS, (WHICH IS ILLEGAL)in 12 states for legal resources to block disclosure of personal records.
    Well, let me tell you, I for one am happy to hear about this, because for months I have been posting blogs about Barry not being a US citizen, and I have repeatedly said that his LEGAL NAME IS NOT BARAK OBAMA, BUT BARRY SOERTORO, BUT NO ONE WAS LISTENING, and maybe now all you sheeple will start to pay attention. And now, maybe you sheeple will pay a lot closer attention when I tell you that his birth certificate isn’t too important, because he has admitted to being a citizen of Indonesia, which I have also been quite vocal about. Maybe if you can find them, you will look up all of the posts I have made about Barry, and admit that you sheeple have had your heads in the sand and just didn’t want to look like abunch of racests if you said something bad about your Messiah and his Blessed Virgin Michelle..Please…. please dont bother to say your sorry, it wont work for me


    I have often said that I would like to be the president of the US, and now I just might get my wish. Don’t forget, if and when the Democrats in congress decide to lead barry and his wife out of the White House in chains and take them to prison 44 membes of congress and the senate of the democratic party will be running for cover because they knewthen and they know now that Barry is not a US citizen, and they will have to call for a new election, because that election was not ligitamate, and joe the mouth cant fill in as president, and they cannot call McCain and Palin to be the president, so by law they have to have a new election. When that happens, remember me, because this is what I will do if elected.
    #1 Reduce government to microscopic in size

    #2 Reduce or eliminmate taxes and install the Fair Tax.


    #4 End war in Iraq and Afghanistan with nothing less than victory

    #5 End abortion and stem cell research in US

    #6 End same sex marriage in US

    #7 End green technology in US. We cannot operate cars, trucks, buses, trains, planes,and ships with wind and solar power, we need gasoline or diesel fuel for that.

    #8 Allow individuals over 16 years who are trained and qualified to use firearms to have a concealed carry permit. The 2nd Amendment still works for me.

    #9 Deny all felons the right to vote. Thats the way it's been, thats the way it will remain.

    #10 Secure both north and south borders. Remove all illegal criminal aliens from US within 90 days or less. There will be no amnesty, guest worker program, no pathway to citizenship. We don't reward criminals.

    #11 Use existing technology to produce gasoline and diesel fuel from coal. Hitler did it during WWII, and South Africa has done it and is still doing it today, since the days fo aparthide. They have been and are producing 6.3 million gallons of fuel each and every day.

    #12 Build more refineries and nuclear reactors for cleaner, cheaper energy.

    #13 permit more off shore drilling, drilling in the ANWAR, and mining for shale

    #14 End support for UN and have UN leave the US

    #15 Eliminate Council on Foreign Relations, and ban same in US

    #16 Allow all law enforcement agencies to varefy citizen status of any individual

    #17 Restore God and Christianity to public square. Restore Christ and Christmas to all govt. buildings, @ schools, court houses, etc. etc. etc.

    #18 Eliminate NAFTA treaty, Security and Prosperity Partnership, and North American Union.

    #19Stop all local, city, state and federal aid to illegal ailens

    #20 Inform all big buisness that cheap foreign labor is no longer in vogue. Hire Americans and pay American wages or close your doors and move to Mexico, and dont send your products here.

    #21 The ACLU spent millions of dollars to stop prayer in schools There fore, all foot baths will be eliminated, all prayer rooms will be eliminated, cafeterias will no longer have "halal" food, dining rooms will no longer be segregated, seating will no longer be segregated, pork and pork products will be re-introduced to dining rooms. All this is illegal and unconstitutional.

    #22 Restore schoolprayer

    #23 Turn education of school children( including college and universty's) to govorners. If they don't produce, no federal funding

    #24 Have moretorum on immigration,and re-write immigration laws

  • Kay

    Illegals are a large portion of our nation’s problem. They take jobs, construction, factory, landscaping, etc., and do not always pay taxes. They also apply for and get housing, food stamps, welfare, medicaid, and we pay for it. They number over 40 million. An illegal can work under the table, collect benifits and earn more than an American who works legally and can not collect the same welfare benifits. As they show no income illegals get away with it. As of today we have well over 15 million legal American citizens loosing their homes, cars, and their lifes being destroyed because they can not find jobs. A lot were working in the fields listed above, while most of those fields hire illegals. You ask anyone who is looking at the loss of everything they have worked for if they would work any job to keep their homes, cars and life and you will find a desprate person will do anything to stay afloat.

    Our nation is deeply in debt and sinking like a lead wieght in deep water while we shell out billions to support illegals, a lot who work under the table and use our system as well, while our own people loose everything. Our states are in debt due to high welfare roles, and lack of taxes to support them. So are illegals good for our nation? No, they destroy it from within and only a person who does not bother to stop and think out just what effect they have on others would think they are. I bet the people who worked in constrution and now have lost everything will tell you just how much they think this system works. Some would still have jobs except that industry from the foundations to the roofs, from the dry walling to the driveways is over run with illegals. Ask the Americans how it feels to loose their jobs, homes and life so some illegal can use the system.


    I’m not finished yet, there is more to come. One of the blogers said that his parents and grand parents came to this country and kissed the ground. Well, I dont know if my grandparents and parents did the same thing, but I do know they could not speak English, but they learned , to read and write also. They instilled in our minds that this was the greatest country in the entire world. They taught us to love and respect our country, and when it came time,”all the big guys signed up” because it was the right thing to do. English translation: “all the grownups enlisted in the service”. Some went to war, some didn’t return. I was 5 years old, and I remember everyone was crying, and I asked my mom why. so she told me, she said some very bad people did some very bad things, and ,” your cousins Mikey and Joey will never come home again”. The word NEVER didn’t sink in, and I thought they will go on their big boat and go some place far away, and I wanted to know why. So my mom told meas gently as possible, that they were in Heaven with Baby Jesus. Well,when that sunk in, I was inconsolable. My little heart was broken, I wanted them to be home to hold me, kiss me, hug and tickle me , to play with me. Do you know how many M&Ms a 5yearold can pick up in his hands?Do you know how many M&Ms a big guy can pick up in his hand? Today, I am two days older than dirt, and if you think I don’t cry when I think or talk about them even today, you are sadly mistaken. I swore that someday I would get even with the people who sent my beloved cousin to Heaven. Well, when I was 17 years old I followed in the footsteps of all the other “big guys” in my family. I never got even with those particular people, but I have never regretted my time serving my country. I loved it, and yes, I am a lifer, and proud of it. So when I hear those usefull idiots in Washington talk about amnesty,pathways to citizenship and guest workers programs, It makes my blood boil. There is no limit to my anger. Those illegal, criminal,aliens don’t want to assimilate, they just want to work here, take jobs from Americans, and milk our system for all it’s worth. What Americans do you know GET EVERYTHING UNDER THE SUN, FREE? Tell me, I really want to know, because I personally don’t know of any. Their government supplies them with,”Survival kits” that tell them everything they need to know about how to avoid being arrested, what top do if arrested, who to contact (LaRaza for one) if arrested, where to get food , clothing, money, fake I.Ds, fake SS cards, fake anything they need to survive. Do you think for one minute they take jobs Americans don’t want? Obviously, you don’t know how to read or own a TV. I have seen more than several accounts of ICE teams raiding meat packink plants and rounding as many as 2-300 illegals. Do you really think the owners of these companies are going to pay Americans $15-20 dollars per hour when they can hire illegals for$8-9 dollars an hour. Follow the money sheeple. Get your respective heads out of your respective asses, wake up and see the sunlight. Where do you think these illegals at these illegal “job centers” are going to work? At construction sites, thats where. Yeah, they know how to hang dry wall, and pound nails, and as long as they pound nails STRAIGHT, they keep their jobs. Read my previous post. and see what I feel about illegals, thats right, the one where i said what I would if I were president. Read my post about Barry’s college records, and when they take the Messiah and the Blessed Virgin Michelle out of the White House in chains, remember my posts, AND VOTE FOR STEVEN ARTUS FOR PRESIDENT, you could do worse. You could elect ANOTHER JIMMY CARTER.

  • http://N/A Grace

    1.I think the solution is simple; those that want to give Amnesty to 14-40 million illegals/anchors can bear the full responsibility of paying for them with their own tax dollars. Leave the rest of us out of the financial burden.

    2.Part of the Social Democrats (SD) aka Marxist plan is to steal the vote and stack the deck in their favor; they are planning on giving felons the right to vote (they are writing this into law as we speak), they have SEIU and the Unions in the bag, Welfare and Social Services recipients all SD’s, black people ( after all 95% of blacks voted for obama) and the cheery on top, is to give all the illegals amnesty, thereby securing their vote for generations to come. And to further ensure the vote, they will use SEUI, Americorp, La Raza, the Apollo Alliance and/or splintered ACORN groups to pay for, bribe and/or threaten voters in the SD direction. And just to hammer it in, the SD’s are working toward legislating Universal Vote, that is the gov’t automatically enrolls you in the voting process.

    3. I am paraphrasing,Stalin said“ it is not so important how people vote but who is counting the vote.

    God help and Bless the American people!

  • Rose

    If an American breaks the law, whether civil or criminal, there are consequences. If an American is approached while walking down the street, sitting on a park bench or stopped while driving a car by a police officer or any other official of the government and requested to show identification, by law that citizen MUST comply or they can face criminal charges. So why is it that illegals “law breakers” be treated any differently.
    It has been the law of the government for way to many years, to reward the bad and punish the good. Whether it be by raping our income for those that are here illegal, or by forcing stricter laws on us because of those that fail to comply with our laws.
    We all pay for the maintenance of federal land.. ie parks and such through our tax dollars. And yet, instead of keeping our federal lands safe for citizens to enjoy, they post warning signs for us to stay out of the federal lands in Arizona because of the dangers from illegal drug traffickers? One has to ask, to whom does America belong?
    Did you really ever think that you would see the day when “law breakers” Illegals, would pick up signs and march on our capital demanding rights? Rights, that any American that is convicted of a crime is no longer entitled to?
    Every Mother and Father needs to keep this in mind. YOUR children upon the age of 18 must register with selective services. The parents of those here illegal do not have to worry about the draft being implemented (which, probably closer to happening than any of us wish to think about). Ask yourself how you will feel when your son is called to serve his country while his illegal classmates, can go on with their lives. How many of you have even thought about that? Maybe you should start…..
    This administation have taken all the benefits of serving away from our Military and handed them out to everyone like candy…. so who is left that is willing to work for less than minimum wage, spend every holiday away from their family, worry about being prosecuted for doing their job and put their lives on the line to protect the rights of illegals? Probably not many…. therefore, look for the draft to be implemented…. think it can’t happen, just wait and watch or do something now to stop this administration from creating the necessity.
    God bless America and all her Citizens.

  • Carl Kelley

    I just did todays poll about immigration and one thing stands out to me as bogus. I’m a conservative ex Republican now Teapartier so I really don’t have an ax to grind against the Conservatives but I did find it ridiculous that almost 80% of the people polled in todays polls said they voted for McCain and less than 10% voted for Obama. Was this poll only sent out to conservatives? I don’t get it. Maybe those polled didn’t want to admit they voted for Obama? Was it only dead people who voted for him? What gives? I know Acorn accounted for a lot of his votes but I’d not think there would be this much difference in an unbiased poll.
    This is another good reason to reform our voting procedures and bring voting into this century. We need the peoples vote on any Legislation affecting us. Given that nobody should be voting without a social security number, everybody in this country who wants to should be able to vote throught the internet on any new legislation and even past legisaltion. That way, there won’t be any possibility of the far right or the far left to influence legislation through massive undocumented contributions to our esteemed Legislators (polititions) We need an outcry in this country for new voting procedures by referendum on all legislation. We have the capability and we should be using it. Representatives are outdated. They were needed back in the horse and buggy days but this is a new day, a new time when all Americans should have the right to vote on any law, any war, anything at all that affects their lives and their families. We need to stop the corruption and this is the only way to do it. Ya can’t buy the votes of $300,000,000 people.

  • sam fergie

    One of the underlying and primary reasons of the uncontrollable high unemployment rate in the US is due to immigration. While US teachers are losing their jobs, teachers from other countries, especially the Philippines, are coming here to take those jobs.

    There was great influx of foreign- born nurses here in the past while other health-related workers are still currently in demand. The reality behind the US shortage of teachers and health-related workers is the quality of education. Countries, especially those from third world, like India, Mexico and the Philippines, where most of the foreign workers originated, do not have quality of education. Take the case of nursing. Here, in order to be admitted to the program, one has to earn excellent grades and pass the admission test and qualifying interview. In addition, one has to wait for an average period of 1 year in order to pass that admission hurdle. If one is lucky enough to be admitted, the program is so intense that customarily only half of the class will eventually graduate. In the Philippines, if one wants to go to the nursing program (or any program), all he needs to do is enroll and pay the tuition fees. There are so many schools there that offer health-related education and teachers are abundant hence schools and corrupt government officials are driven with profit motive and not quality education. As long as a student has complete attendance and paid his tuition fees, that student will surely graduate in no time. If ever an admission test is required, it is more of raising revenue than assessing one’s competency. Result, in third world countries there are never-ending supply of professionals while in countries with high quality of education, shortage of professionals often occurred. Requiring the foreign applicant to pass the professional test as a requisite for the job will not ease the injustice because the test normally has a high pass rate. Reality is, those foreign workers who eventually obtained the job, would not even endure a semester of full-time study here. Thus to compare the bachelor’s degree here to the bachelor’s degree in other country, as is often required in immigration cases, is just plain injustice to the American people. In the Middle East, for a housemaid job, employers often require a bachelor’s degree because they know what kind of education third world country has. Third world bachelor’s degree is not even comparable to the US high school education!

    Upon settling here, those foreign workers will petition their relatives and once those petitioned relatives became a US citizen, they will put them on public assistance. It is easy for the relatives to qualify for public assistance because people in other countries belong to a tight-knit family where they all live in one roof thus such relatives oftentimes do not own any assets. Why they are doing that? In other countries, salaries of workers even with bachelor’s degree only range from $150 to $500/month. Certainly, a public assistance is more attractive to them as it is often higher than what they will earn from their country.

  • http://N/A Khalil

    all the time i hear im not against immigrants im agains t illegal aliens, but yet you’re against them getting legalized EVEN Fixing it to make it easier for them to become legal, some of them don’t even want to do that and you can’t forget the part about being illegal. Also for the person asking what if someone broke in your house and you had to feed them clothe them that’s the thing we are not clothing them, so that should tell you this country is not a shelter it’s not private property or a buissness.


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