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Anti-gun rally marks second anniversary of Virginia Tech shooting

April 17, 2009 by  

Anti-gun rally marks second anniversary of Virginia Tech shootingOn the second anniversary of Virginia Tech shooting yesterday, students and advocates rallied at State Capitol in Austin, Texas, to call for a ban on guns on America’s campuses.

The Campaign to Keep Guns Off Campus and Students For Gun-Free Schools organized the rally during which they also accused gun advocates in Texas and other states of exploiting the tragedy to push for expansion of the law allowing concealed weapons on college campuses.

House Bill 1893 is expected to come up for vote in the state legislature at any time, while the senate version remains in committee.

"The gun lobby is trying to hijack higher education in Texas, and across the country, to force public universities, against their will, to permit armed students to carry hidden guns in college classrooms," said Andy Pelosi, executive director of the Campaign.

"This is one of the most dangerous legislative agendas we have ever seen, and it needs to be stopped," he added.

The protest comes against the backdrop of a new poll which has found that the opposition to stricter gun laws is falling in America.

In 2001, some 54 percent favored stricter regulations, but the number has fallen to 39 percent today, according to a new CNN/Opinion Research Corporation poll.

On April 16, 2007, a gunman who turned out to be a student opened fire on the campus of Virginia Tech killing 32 people before committing suicide.

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  • Former_Democrat

    Shows how ignorant people are. If there had been trained, licensed concealed carry on campus, the threat would have been minimized much sooner. Hitler started out this way, taking away gun rights, as have all communist nations and look at the massacres that happened there. This is just the first step for liberals. Well, like Charlton Heston, you’ll have to pry mine from my cold dead fingers.


      I agree. You need weapons to protect liberty and freedom. Yes, the concept of freedom in the US seems rooted in owning guns, traditional and lethal, to promote freedom-right to protect and destroy with guns!! God bless you all.

  • bruce

    all you dress wearing liberals can be victims of mass murders but do not include me.give up your second amendment rights and hide from the criminal if you want but don’t include me.i will never give up my god given right to life,liberty and property.

  • David Rains

    Has anyone considered that just 40 years ago guns were relatively common on campi everywhere but in urban areas? The interesting thing was, there were no campus shootings.

    When I was in college in the ’60′s in Louisiana, it was not at all uncommon to see guys walking down the hall of my dormitory with a shotgun or rifle during hunting season. No one thought anything about it. There were no laws or college regulations prohibiting weapons on campus.

    Of course, our society was much saner in those days. The sixties revolution was just beginning. It’s been downhill from there.

  • Cathy

    I think that Andy Pelosi is “dangerous” even implying that this would make colleges safer. How freaking stupid are these people? Like some law is gonna prevent a nutcase from bringing a gun onto a college campus. Duh…

    These liberals just don’t get it. I never leave my home without my .22 Beretta tucked in my jeans. If someone somewhere starts shooting, and it could be anywhere, I want to be able to shoot back.

    I laughed when I saw the article that stated that the Australian politicians are “scratching their heads” wondering why the crime rate has shot up since guns have been banned. Obviously, the U.S. is not the only country that has stupid politicians. :)

    I have a niece and a nephew in college, and, believe me…I worry about them being vulnerable. And they are unless they are packing heat.

    Years ago, my friends used to make fun of me because I had my gun when I went grocery shopping. Then one morning around 6 a.m., a nutcase entered a grocery store here in Vegas and killed four people. The video showed customers ducking behind displays, frantically trying to hide.

    After that…not one of my friends made fun of me anymore!

    • Richard

      The only argument I have with your comment is that a .22 is not sufficient. I just (re)took a basic handgun course because I let my carry permit expire and I was reminded that the only caliber of weapons which should be considered for semi-automatics is 9mm, .40 S&W and .45 AUTO (or less common .357 SIG). A .380 makes a good backup weapon but your .22 has almost no stopping power.

      • Cathy

        Good point. But from what I understand, more murders are committed with a .22 than any other caliber. Or at least, that’s what the statistic was when I worked at the police department here (more than 10 years ago). My .22 has “stingers” and my 380 has hollow point. Remember, I am a woman, and I have trouble loading the darn 380. You guys have stronger hands. :)

        But the .22 would be better than nothin’…I did seven to the head at 15 yards when I qualified years ago. Need to get my CCW reactivated. Expired now.

        • Richard

          Well, regarless of the murder statistics, if you get in a situation where you have to use your gun, you want to stop the attacker RIGHT THEN, not put a few holes in him where he still gets to you before he bleeds out. One of the demonstations they added to the class since the last time I took it was some large binder clips they use to hold the targets on the range. Both the .22 and the .380 failed to go though both sided (the .22 didn’t go through the first side).

          There are several compact 9mm’s out there now. My wife had a KHAR .40 but it beat the crap out of her (and my) hand, but she could load it and pull the slide. I bet the 9mm would be fine.

  • David

    I have never understood the logic of people who want to ban guns instead of banning those that use guns inappropriately. Remember Ted Bundy? This crazy serial killer came on campus with a gun and killed sleeping co-eds…? Of course not! Didn’t he bludgeon his victims with…, what? Not a gun? My point is that if someone wants to kill another person they will find an object with which to commit the crime! People have been killed with hammers, saws, knives, ropes, piano wire, pillows, rocks, tree limbs, bare hands, cars, sticks, etc. Have guns been used? Of course, but to ban guns as if by restricting guns no more murder will occur is maligned thinking. I suppose I am to be considered one of the new terrorists because I oppose our Muslim president’s agenda, and support 2nd Amendment rights. Oh well. Isn’t it rich that a “Pelosi” is leading this protest?

    • http://donthaveone Mark

      Maybe people like Pelosi dont want guns in the hands of responsible people, because she knows her and her ilk are pissing people off to the point where someone is going to start shooting. She know the common criminals with guns are no threat to her, because they dont pay any attention to politics and the left selling us down the road. All they want is their little piece and their happy. Most of the common criminals that run around committing crimes with guns, dont even know that the democrat left has been hijacked by the enivironmental wackos, the gays, the illegal aliens, and every other anti-American, anti-God type person.
      Well then there is also the thing, where people like Pelosi are so out of touch with the average American person and the normal type of life style, that she doesnt have a clue anyways. She is the type that just likes to stand on her pedestal and say “Look at me”. Thats about how deep she goes.

  • Dave Anderson

    It seems very strange to me, that students, teachers, parents, or anyone, could really think that making guns illegal on campus, is going to do anything!! Come on, murder has been illegal forever, and it hasn’t stopped. I’m a retired Peace Officer, after 29yrs & can tell you, if someone gets it in there mind to kill a lot of people……..your going to have to kill them dead to stop them. A sign, or a rule, won’t do it. Its presently against the law to drive drunk, or on drugs,yet it happens everyday. If one of those evil, rightleaning ex-military, or maybe someother type good ol’ boy , rightleaner was in the very class that was attacked, & armed, students might have a chance. Any of the aboved mentioned types, even if Homeland Securety thinks they are evil, could save the day. But……..if you have to wait for some type Law enforcement, your chances are not good. 2 to 3 minutes, may sound like fast responce time, but a lot of shot can be fired in that time frame, ask one of those evil ex-military guys, or maybe a retired Cop……..but they may be on the list too………….

    • http://donthaveone Mark

      All gun control does is empower those who want to use a gun to do bad, as they know they are the only one around with the weapon. Like you said, it can be against the law and it isnt going to stop the criminal. People break the law everyday and could care less. Some are promoted by society these days. I mean, last I looked, in most every state sodomy is illegal, but we put these guys on a pedestal every day and tell them how wonderful their way of life is. Illegal is illegal, and those who dont care, could care less if it is illegal to have a gun or not, those with bad intents are going to have them, so we better have someone with good intent to have one also to counter balance it. When we reach the point where we start disarming our society, this is when the enemy moves in real quick, and that is a fact. In fact Japan didnt invade the mainland because they knew our citizenry was armed. Fact.

    • joe

      how much of this crap is the work of agents for the government? not possible, think again , anything is posssible with these power hunger people. criminals are criminals because they don’t follow the rule of law, so it doesn’t matter to them. if there were more open carry laws i’d bet that crime would nose dive and stuff like virginia tech, columbine etc, either wouldn’t happen at all or would be stopped in their tracks because of armed citzenry. why aren’t people who sell guns to people who shouldn’t have them prosecuted. did you see that crap on the boob tube last night about all those weapons found in a storeage locker in arizona. they said all the numbers were filed off, well why didn’t they set up survailence and catch the guy going into the space? is it true or just more propaganda and bs, did it really happen or is that what they want everybody to believe? if you believe 10 % of what comes out of dc yopu are believing 9% TOO MUCH!joe

  • http://donthaveone Mark

    Gun Control? You seriously think any sort of gun control would have stopped that guy from running around that campus shooting people? Gun Control? What the hell are you people thinking. When you take a certain area, and tell people they cant have guns, and the criminals know there are no guns there, it makes their jobs so much easier to go there and pull out their illegal gun and do whatever evil deed their little evil hearts so desire. However, if there would have been legal gun carrying people walking around that campus when this idiot start shooting people, one of them could have taken him out and saved many lives. Of course in todays left wing liberal tolerance society, they would have brought action against the hero for stopping this guy. You lefties are so dangerous, not only to me and other freedom loving Americans, your a danger to yourselves. You shouldnt be allowed to play with sharp things.

  • http://donthaveone Mark

    Gun control means using two hands. Thank you.

    • charles


  • Mad*Dog

    Well :1-800- Wah-Wahh Do you realy think this is the answer! EDUCATION about what guns are all about. Take the curiosity out of guns and your kids wont pick them up. I’ve taken all 5 of my kids and sat them down explaned what a gun will do and let them see it for them self. And at a young age of 9 years old let them shoot a gun. told them if they wanted to shoot a gun JUST ASK AND I WOULD BE MORE THEN HAPPY TO TAKE THEM. How do you explane how a 1 gallon mike jug filled with water will expolode when you shoot it with a 12ga. Showing them is easyer. And just after you show them TELL THEM TO THINK WHAT WOULD HAPPEN IF THAT JUG WAS A FRIEND THAT THEY ACCADENTLY SHOT!!!! My method my be crude BUT NONE OF MY KIDS OR THERE FRIEND EVER PICKED UP 1 OF MY GUNS NOR SHOT ANY ONE. It’s just a fact that Little Johnny Gang Banger with out any supervison or guidance will be tought by the wrong people. In High School I brought a 22 cal. to school every friday because I was on the rifel team we had in school. Just like baseball, football,teams we had a rifelteam. And guess what NO ONE GOT SHOT!!!! You people give to much power to kids and take it away from the parents. Sometimes little johnny needs a spanking after being told time after time over and over not to do something. Too many people are so put off to day about the laws about ABUSE WHEN IT COMES TO THERE KIDS!! They want to be there friend . They want them to come to them and tell them what there doing and who there doing it with. Well kids LIE A LOT. Im not saying to beat them with a ball bat but show them who is the boss!!! Put a little FEAR INTO THEM IT WONT HURT ANYONE. Check to see who are doing the shootings and why. And where the parents wher at the time. A kid does not walk into a gun shop and just pickup an AK47 and tell the clurk ” I’ll take this one ” and walk out the store with it .

    If our fore fathers didn’t think we needed to bare arms they wouldn’t have made it THE SECOND AMENDMENT!!!!! We do not need strickter laws, but laws that arm every house hold !!! Never give them up & Never surender!!!

    Its about time we took back our county and stop the bleeding heart liberals BEFORE ITS TOO LATE !!! Remember they work for US. And we all have are own parents.

  • James

    These people are morons, it IS already illegal to have guns on campus. That hasn’t stopped anyone with their mind set on killing from doing it. I would go even farther to even say that might have been a deciding factor since they know everyone on campus is an unarmed sitting duck. There is a reason why places like NYC and DC have such high crime rates, everyone is unarmed! All the studies done by the FBI show that states that permit conceal carry have lower crime rates. In Keneshaw GA where you are required by law to have a gun in your house there is virtually zero crime. Sure, the first set of victims even if armed would have little effect in stopping the assailant because of the element of surprise. Most of us, even people like me who train regularly with their firearms are truly not ready to deal with a gunman bursting in to the room firing at random. But, the people in the next room, or down the hall will be alerted and ready and there is where lives will be saved. There is nothing you can do to prevent a nut job from committing murder with a firearm, even if all firearms are eliminated that person will still kill one way or another. Well there is one way, kill him/her before they kill someone. I never leave home without at least one firearm, usually with two. You don’t only wear your seat belt when you expect an accident to happen do you? You never know when something bad might happen. Unfortunately, there are bad people in the world, even in this great nation there are bad people. I whole heartily disagree with their anti gun rally and believe all gun laws are illegal and unconstitutional. The second amendment forbids the government from taking my birth right to keep and bear arms. I, unlike so many, speak and understand English and the meaning of “shall not be infringed”.

  • jasony

    Have we become so weak as a nation that we don’t handle our own affairs in favor of asking the government to become our ‘daddy’ and control/fix (regulate) everything?! Come on! We’re too good for that! What made America great in the past is that its citizens applied themselves toward greatness, by the liberties this Country provided them, with a profound respect and patriotism that inspired the world! Now we’re just a bunch of whining puppets that are willingly sacrificing our liberties in favor of becoming robots for a few power hungry, socialist minded liberals in Washington! The sad reality of the current administration and congress is that by the time their terms are up there will be numberous laws and agendas in motion that our next generation of leaders will have to focus so much of their time on trying to free us up of their full implications that minding other affairs that mean more to Americans today will be a blur because of how dangerous these policies are to our national security and liberties!

  • Joe R.

    Isn’t it interesting that the guy crying at the start of the article is named Pelosi. Remeber this if you take the claws and the teeth off a tiger all you have is a great big pussy cat. That is exactly what the liberals want to do to us.

  • Ason

    You know, as a conservative from Yankee country up north, I am not amazed that liberals make hay of many of us. We cannot construct a spell-free and grammically correct paragraph or two. Mad*Dog, learn to use the correctly spelled (sometimes) but correct word in a sentence. And James, NYC has had the lowest crime rate of a big city in the country. Facts are an annoying thing, and liberals use this all the time as did you.

    Finally, while you all may think you could confront a rabid killer like the VA Tech shooter, you are absolutely wrong. You would either run away like a girly-girl, or shoot into thin air, scared out of you mind. Unless you were in Viet Nam or Iraq before. Besides that, if you think that the mentality of males and even females is the same as in the 50′s, you are on dope. Between porn, Internet, video games and God knows what else, they have morphed into a testosterone fueled generation of people (including females). The level of aggression is an order of magnitude higher than back then. So, go ahead. Give a 19 year old a gun. And see what happens at a frat party. And so as to full disclosure, I lost a relative to VA Tech, but I believe no less in the 2nd amendment.

    • Mad*Dog

      I’m so sorry that I my not be as well educated as your self. I was just trying to give my opinion
      Thank you for reading my comment

    • Mad*Dog

      I’m turly sorry for your loss. But maybe we can all do something to change things so it wont happen again

    • Cheri

      I don’t think this is the time or place to criticize someone on their punctuation or spelling.

      If Mad*Dog can vote, and vote republican, HE’S IN!!!

      It doesn’t make you any better of a person if you can spell, punctuate or have lost someone in a tragic way.

  • William R.

    Have these idiots know that guns were banned on the VA Tech campus?

  • John R


    Sure its all about being able to shoot people, that will make everyone more secure. The logic is so twisted, following it to it’s conclusion means that the only way to really be secure in this violent world is to pack automatic weapons everywhere we go and if anyone looks at you in a suspicious way blow there head off before they can get a shot off.

    Paranoid and pathetic – guns don’t make you more secure, clearly guns make you paranoid. I have no concern about being in public without a weapon, I have as much concern about being shot as I do about being hit by lightning or killed in an earthquake.

    Fewer guns in the hands of fear filled conspuiracy theorists would make me feel a lot more secure.

    • Jeremy

      Yeah, and the next time some nut job goes on a killing spree you and your liberal friends can all huddle together and cry and weep and sob while begging one of us “fear filled conspiracy theorists” to save your worthless lives. And since us “fear filled conspiracy theorists” value all human life, even yours, if one of us is on scene we’ll risk our own lives to save yours. We learned long ago that you pathetic liberals are incapable of understanding simple logic, so I’ll not even attempt argue with you.

      • John R

        I would rather that you just stay away from me and anyone I know. I am more than capable of looking after myself and the rule of law and police who I am comfortable with carrying weapons are the guys I would look to for help.

        I am happy to take my chances without your protection as I think I probably need more protection from you and your narrow, and I think incorrect, view of how issues are resolved. I have never seen a situation where someone with concealed weapon suddenly stood up and saved the day. I don’t expect to see it – generally people who think they need weapons in day to day society are weak and cowardly.

        I can manage to take care of myself 99.99% of the time I don’t live in fear of the .01% of the time that I may come up against some nut with a gun.

        • Mad Mike

          John, John, John, so tell us, just how soon did the police enter the building after being notified?
          Also, please tell us when a sane, normal person that owned a gun just went off and killed a bunch of folks simply cause he could?

          Do you wear a seat belt always? Why, you probably never gonna need it, and if you ever did have a crash, the paramedics will be there quick quick……..

          Good thing you were not in the classrooms that day, or you would have been the body found clutching his all powerfull cell phone calling for help……

        • Jeremy

          Yes, and we all know that there’s always a cop around just when you need one. At Virginia Tech the police had a very respectable 8 minute response time, but in that 8 minutes 32 people were murdered. I wonder how they would feel about the usefulness of 911, if they were still alive that is. Had even one of them been armed the death toll would likely have been smaller, possibly much smaller. Had that professor had something more effective than his own body to shield his students he would still be alive, and so would they. He’s another hero that didn’t have to die.

          Sociopathic mass murderers love “gun free zones”. They’re the one place that the murderer is guaranteed not to face any effective resistance, the one place where their victims are guaranteed to be unarmed, courtesy of policy makers and politicians. The only thing that can stop an evil man with a gun is a good man with a gun. No law has ever been effective in doing so, and no law ever will be. The sooner people realize that the better off we’ll all be.

          You said, “I have never seen a situation where someone with concealed weapon suddenly stood up and saved the day. I don’t expect to see it – generally people who think they need weapons in day to day society are weak and cowardly.” So I guess you’ve never heard of the New Life Church shooting? Where a regular everyday CCW holder, who had permission to carry her sidearm while at church and had volunteered to help provide security while she was there, stood up and stopped a sociopath who was murdering church members. You didn’t hear about that? How about the off duty police officer and CCW holder who stopped that psychopath who was shooting people at the Ogden Mall? You didn’t hear about that one either? What about any of the other 2,000,000 violent crimes stopped every year by regular folks that carry guns? You didn’t hear about any of those either?

          We don’t keep 1st aid kits because we’re expecting to get hurt. We don’t carry a spare tire because we’re expecting to have a flat. We don’t wear seatbelts because we’re expecting to be in a wreck, and we don’t carry a sidearm because we’re expecting to be attacked. We do these things because we’re reasonable, thinking people who have accepted that sometimes bad things happen to good people and it’s best to be prepared to deal with them when they do. I realize this simple logic may be incomprehensible to you, but perhaps one day the liberal mind will be able to accept that the only one who’s responsible for your safety is you, and no, the government can’t do it for you. You have to do it yourself.

          “A fear of weapons is a sign of retarded sexual and emotional maturity.” – Sigmund Freud

        • John


          First she was an ex cop working as security because of an elevated threat level, she was licenced to carry a weapon and I think that is the way it should be.

          “Assam worked as a police officer in downtown Minneapolis during the 1990s and is licensed to carry a weapon. She attends one of the morning services and then volunteers as a guard during another service.”

          The second example “an off duty police officer” again someone who should be able to carry a weapon. No problem.

          2 million folks?? no data on this but I can say that the eighth highest cause of accidental death in the US is firearms accidents. some 1,200 people a year. Highest group males 14 to 25.

          In regard to the Freud quote like most of the uninformed statements on this thread, this is an often misattributed quote. This is not a statement that appears in any translation of any of Freud’s works. This is a paraphrase of a paraphrase. A favorite NRA quote that is like many false. What this statement relates to is a quote from Don B. Kates, Jr. commenting on Dreams in Folklore (1958) by Freud and David E. Oppenheim where freud is commenting on a book writen by Robert Mitchell Lindner. Go check it out.

          Boyd said Assam was the one who suggested the church beef up its security Sunday following the Arvada shooting, which it did. The pastor credited the security plan and the extra security for preventing further bloodshed.

          Boyd said there are 15 to 20 security people at the church. All are volunteers but the only ones armed are those who are licensed to carry weapons.”

        • Jeremy

          Hello! She’s licensed to carry a gun because she has a CCW!

  • http://juno Dgstomp

    Lets say 10,000 people were killed per year by gun violence in the USA.
    10,000/200,000,000 (population of USA)= .005 of 1%. This is statistically insignificant. How many people are killed by members of the judicial system.
    cops, atfe, cia, nsa, fbi, and judges and/or juries? Then lets see how many
    are killed in wars? Or how many are killed by cars? Or how many are killed
    by abortions? Or how many are killed due to drug use, alcholism, smoking
    or being overweight? I mean let the goverment go after something which will
    help the most people for the least cost….

  • Riot

    It was already illegal to carry into VT, what good did that do? A sign with an X through something is nothing but a deterrant for someone…just because you put a sign up not to do something doesn’t mean people aren’t still going to do it….especially if they want to KILL people.

    Take the Oklahoma City bombing, for example. You think that if they made that street in front of the building a “no parking” zone that he would have just went home that day with a truck full of explosives? If you’re that nieve enough to think that a sign, rule, or law is going to actually stop someone from doing something stupid then you are sadly mistaken.

  • Mad Mike

    Like banning guns will stop nut cases from killing people?
    Why not just make the campus and all schools a “No Killing Zone” then?
    If only one of the victims had had a firearm that day, the death toll would have been lower.

    And these college kids are our hope for the future………………

    • John

      Well lets see

      Australia, Canada Great Britian free countries and murder rates about 20% to 35% of the US. The right to bear arms is clearly making everyone more secure. Maybe if it is easier for a nut to get ahold of a gun we are all less secure or maybe more Americans are just crazy. Murders per hundred thousand people:

      US 5.6 per hundred thousand
      Canada 1.9 per hundred thousand
      Australia 1.3 per hundred thousand
      United Kingdom 2.1 per hundred thousand

      A British citizen is still 50 times less likely to be a victim of gun homicide than an American.

      But I am sure that it is just coincidence. Violent crime and guns the obvious correlation is that more guns should make everyone safer. The stats are just an aberration.

      • Jeremy

        So explain why violent crime in the U.S. is at a 43 year low while the number of guns in circulation has more than doubled in the last 10 years and all but 2 states allow concealed carry with 40 of those states being “shall issue” states. Funny, but it seems to be just the opposite of the “blood in the streets” results all those moronic liberals predicted.

        You may be only half as likely to be shot to death in London as compared to New York (which has some of the strictest gun laws in the country by the way), but you’re about six times more likely to be stabbed to death. And just so you know, since Great Britain and Australia banned guns their violent crime rates have skyrocketed. Armed robbery in Sydney increased by 144% in the first year alone. Before the gun bans went into effect criminals would break into houses when no one was home. Now they break in anytime they want too. Thanks to the government they know that they’re going to be the only ones there with a gun.

        Car jackings have gotten so bad in England that the police have been reporting them as “use of a vehicle without permission” in order to hide how bad the violent crime there is getting. Yeah, I wanna be like the British. Could someone pass the Vaseline please?

        • John

          the drop in the crime rate has occured primarily since 1993

          It is interesting to note that this is the year that the Brady Bill was passed. In fact Nonfatal firearm incidents have dropped from 105 million in 1993 to 420,000 in 2005.

          Murder rates in england are in fact about 1/3 of the US. Firearm homocide rates rates are about 35 times as high in the US as in England (3.4 per hundred thousand as opposed to .1 per hundred thousand)

          All your stats on Australia are skewed. Gun ownership was strictly controlled prior to the 1997 gun buy back. There was no right to bear arms and handguns were strictly controlled. Gun ownership was something around 6% so the idea that removing the automatic weapons has somehow triggered a crime spree on the unprotected public is ridiculous. The incorrect armed robbery stat for Victoria is 44% not 144% but it is taken entirly out of context from the most extreme points in data.

          The stats you are quoting come from the US NRA website and they are not legitimate.

        • Jeremy

          Actually my stats came from the Australian government and an international report ranking the top 20 most violent industrialized nations – and just so you know, all of the British Commonwealth countries, with the lone exception of Canada, have started a race to the top of that list since implementing their current Draconian gun laws. The United States ranked well below all of them. The myth that the U.S. is the most violent industrialized nation in the world is just that, a myth. And even if the correct number is a 44% increase in armed robbery in the first year alone – it’s still increasing by the way – that’s hardly a successful outcome, unless you’re a criminal I guess. They love strict gun control; it means there won’t be anyway for their victims to effectively fight back when they come to rape, rob, and murder. Anyone with even half a brain can look the history of gun control and see that in every case it made violent crime worse rather than better. Just look at Washington D.C.; the violent crime rate there was declining along with the rest of the nation. Then in 1974 they passed the ridiculous, unconstitutional gun laws in the country, and since then out nation’s capital has consistently ranked in the top 5 – usually number one – most violent cities in America. It’s also spent most of the last 35 years as the murder capital of the country. A perfect example of gun control at work. We can only hope that the results of the Heller case, and those of the Heller cases that are still working their way through the courts, will give the citizens of that city back their rights and start putting an end to the violence there. I mean, what part of “the right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed” is so hard to understand? Seems pretty clear to me.

          Violent crime actually started its decent in the late 80′s. Long before the completely ineffectual Brady Bill, and right about the time shall issue concealed carry laws began being implemented in states all across the country – which began with Florida in 1985. Currently there are 40 right to carry states with shall issue concealed carry laws. In every case the Brady Bunch made the same ridiculous argument, claiming that it would be a return to the Wild West with everyday arguments turning into gunfights and blood running in the streets, but in EVERY case violent crime began to decline almost immediately after the law taking effect, just like we said it would. That information came from the FBI and the various state’s state police forces in case you’re wondering. Even the historically anti-gun CDC admitted that it could find no evidence that the Brady Bill and the Clinton Assault Weapon Ban had any affect on violent crime whatsoever.

          You might try actually doing a bit of research rather than swallowing all the BS that the Brady Campaign and the Violence Policy Center dish out.

        • John

          Your statistics on crime reduction need a bit of analysis.

          The US has increased police substantially, has the highest prisoner rate per capita in the industrial world, has instigated homeland security etc etc etc. The weapons are not the key to the drop in crime, take a look at the charts the drop in rates was most substantial from 1993 forward. The way that you look at everything and determine that the right to bear arms is the reason and then to project that rational to Australia, the UK, Canada is riduculous. Drugs and organized crime skew statistics, immagration and economic conditions skew statistics. Guns don’t reduce crime rates people do.

          In regard to the second amendment I would say that “”A well regulated militia, being necessary to the security of a free state” is easy to understad a regulated state militia – members responsible for their on horse, guns and equipment. Whts so hard to understand?

      • Jeremy

        Well we can finally agree on something. Guns don’t reduce crime, of course they don’t increase crime either. By themselves guns don’t do anything; they’re inanimate objects that are neither good nor evil, and are incapable of either committing or stopping a crime. Guns are tools, no different than your favorite hammer or crowbar. And yet so many people have a completely illogical fear of them, and continue to blame the gun rather than the criminal who was using it.

        Like any tool, a gun can be used both to help and to harm. In the hands of the average CCW holder guns are used to thwart over two million violent crimes every year. But it’s in the hands of evil men that guns so often make the news, and the ultra liberal mass media do everything they can to demonize the tool rather than the sociopath wielding it. Using loaded terms like “assault weapons”, “cop killer bullets”, and “high capacity magazines” they are able to convince the ignorant that it’s those evil guns that is the problem. Never mind the fact that assault weapons highly regulated and basically unavailable to the average person since 1934, and that there is no such thing as a cop killer bullet, or that what they call high capacity magazines are actually standard capacity magazines, the liberal politicians and their conspirators in the mass media have an agenda to push and lying to the public is just part of it.

        Socialism, Fascism, and Communism can only work when the government has total and complete control over the populace with little to no chance of any effective resistance (even then it never works for long). That’s the liberal dream, and that’s what can’t happen as long as the populace is armed with effective weaponry. Thomas Jefferson once said, “when the people fear their government there is tyranny; when the government fears the people there is liberty.” That’s the reason the 1st and 2nd amendments were written, and why they were placed right at the top of the list – they are by far the most important freedoms we have. If we lose one we will lose the other, and both are under attack right now.

        You obviously have no understanding of what a militia is. In the language of the 18th century when the constitution was written, well regulated meant properly maintained or kept in proper working order. It did not mean regulated and controlled by the government. And the militia consisted of every able bodied man in the state between the ages of 18 and 60, with each man providing his own weapons and that those weapons be of the type in the common use of the day. I laugh when the gun control crowd brings up the militia clause in the 2nd Amendment as if it supports their point of view. If the militia clause were ever to be enforced it would require every able bodied male in the country (felons excluded) to own, at the least, a Beretta M9 pistol and either an M16 rifle, M4 carbine, or M249 squad automatic weapon. And please explain to me how the phrase “right of the people” applies to the people everywhere else it’s written in the entire Constitution, but in the 2nd Amendment it applies only to state run militias like the National Guard. Please explain that one to me.

        And yes, the decline in violent crime did pick up steam in the early to mid 90′s. While even the anti-gun CDC admits that the Brady Bill and the Clinton Assault Weapon Ban had absolutely no effect on violent crime, statistics provided by the FBI and State Police organizations across the country clearly show that in every case when a state passes a “shall issue” concealed carry law violent immediately begins to decline in that state, EVERY TIME. Oh, and since 1993 around 30 states have passed “shall issue” concealed carry laws, bringing the current total up to 40 right to carry states with “shall issue” laws and an additional 8 states with “may issue” concealed carry laws. Let’s see, every time a state enacts “shall issue” concealed carry laws crime immediately begins to decline, and since 1993 around 30 states have enacted “shall issue” concealed carry laws that according to the FBI and the various states’ state police agencies have the effect of immediately causing violent crime rates to decline. Wow, I think we’ve found the reason for the rapid reduction in violent crime rates which have now hit a 43 year low. But wait a minute, we may not be able to trust those statistics. After all, they came from law enforcement and not from some gun control advocacy group. Those cops, they might have an agenda; can’t trust them.

        If guns really are the problem, then perhaps you could explain violent crime is at a 43 low even though the number of privately owned guns has more than doubled in the last ten years.

        As I said before, anyone with even half a brain can look at history and see a direct correlation between civilian gun ownership and violent crime. The harder it is for people to own guns, the worse the violent crime rate gets. You can easily see that right now here in the United States. All of the places with super strict gun laws that make it difficult to impossible for a law-abiding citizen to own and/or carry a gun have by far the worst violent crime in the country – think New York, Chicago, Washington D.C., or L.A. here. Places where gun ownership is high almost universally have less violent crime.

        You see, criminals are almost universally cowards. The last thing a criminal wants is a fair fight; if they don’t think they can get the advantage they find someone else. When they know that anyone could be carrying a gun and be willing to use it on them, they’re likely to find easier and safer places to hunt.

        I’ve more than proven my point here, and we learned long ago that the liberal mind is incapable seeing basic logic so I’m finished arguing with you. I will however refer you to a couple of books however. The first is More Guns, Less Crime by acclaimed economist John R. Lott, Jr., and the second is The Founder’s Second Amendment by Stephen P. Halbrook. They are both extremely well written and researched. If you’re capable of objectively considering the information within them, you may actually learn something.

        “A fear of weapons is a sign of retarded sexual and emotional maturity.” – Sigmund Freud

  • Jeremy

    People have been killing each other for as long as there has been people. It didn’t start when the gun was invented, and it wouldn’t end if somehow all of the guns magically went away. The only thing that changed when guns became available is that the physically weak could now successfully defend themselves against the physically strong. That’s it.

  • Eric g

    Ishmael’s axe , was the tattoo on this korean boys arm ,after he killed himself . What do Koreans have to do with Ishmael ? Abraham fathered two sons , Ishmael and Isac . These two branches of Abrahams family have been at war with each other ,and anyone that gets between them for thousands of yrs . I blame the korean lads rampage in virginia tech on the muslims becuase of the arabic tattoo .

  • Eric g

    Ishmael’s axe , was the tattoo on this korean boys arm ,after he killed himself . What do Koreans have to do with Ishmael ? Abraham fathered two sons , Ishmael and Isac . These two branches of Abrahams family have been at war with each other ,and anyone that gets between them for thousands of yrs . I blame the korean lads rampage in virginia tech on the muslims becuase of the arabic tattoo . But no body is allowed to critisize muslims any more

    • Jeremy

      OK, I don’t really see the logic in that one, but I do agree with about criticizing Muslims. It seems that the only groups that you’re allowed to criticize anymore are white men and Christians. Say something bad about anyone else and you’re a hate monger and a bigot. If Obama and the liberals have their way you’ll be a hate monger and a felon. If they manage to push their new hate crimes bill you can be prosecuted anytime you do or say anything that offends anyone, that is unless they’re a white male or a Christian. You can still offend them, but if a pastor says Islam is a violent and immoral religion and then someone who heard that sermon goes out and persecutes a Muslim, the pastor can be prosecuted too. How stupid is that?

  • LAConfidential

    I started to read this article and a “WTF” expression slowly crept over my face. Then, as I read further, I read the name of the executive director of the Campaign. That pretty much explained everything.

    Flawed logic doesn’t fall far from the tree, or namesakes for that matter.

    Ever hear of the expression, “locked doors are to keep out the honest people”?
    Accordingly, “gun control laws are to keep guns out of the hands of law-abiding citizens”. What is it that these gun-grabber mentalities have in common? Is it an innate fear of the sound, “bang” – is it self-confidence issues – is it feelings of inadequacies – is it just a desire to die without any means of protecting themselves and so they wish the same on the rest of us? I am vexed.

    For all of you that find this comment as horrifying as I find the subject article, I would wish you to think about the world we all live in. Is is by no means a Utopian society and this world is full of bad people. Bad things happen to people and they’re usually caused by bad people using any number of ways.

    We have a means to protect ourselves that is written into our governing document. In fact, our first 10 amendments were a point of contingency where buying off on the constitution was concerned. The entire point of these amendments were and is to ensure your LIFE, LIBERTY, and your PURSUIT of HAPPINESS. I don’t know about you, but I don’t need a bunch of bureaucrats telling me when, where, how, and IF I can protect myself. My gift of life supersedes ANY other person from dictating that to me. If there is no other point I make within this comment, you should at least agree with this point. If not, then have a nice day and go back to sleep. Sorry to wake you.

    As the old adage goes, “Use it or lose it”

    I would suggest “using” your 10 amendments (or as many of them as you feel necessary) to ensure the masses of NOT “losing” them. The consequences of such a travesty would prove to the global elite that this purposeful and noble venture called the creation of the United States of America would have indeed only been an experiment that would have failed.

    • Marie

      I don’t own any guns, not that I wouldn’t mind having one, I’ve just never had the confidence it takes to fire one. I am one of the most paranoid people I know. Someone once said. “It’s not a gun that kills people. It’s a person who kills people.” or something to that affect. It seems to me that all these liberal free love people out there who want to see men marry men and women marry women, who don’t want anyone to own a gun, who don’t want anyone cutting down a tree, etc. Need to get ALL of their facts straight. They’re trying to turn our country into a socialist nation, and I for one remember a very long time ago in school, learning that our FOREFATHERS AND MOTHERS FOUGHT to be free of excessive taxation and unfair representation. Our forefathers and mothers came over here to start a NEW life. They thumbed their noses at the QUEEN of England once, and NOW, their decendents are making a mockery of EVERYTHING they stood for. I all of us Christian, proud American citizens would just get together and make a “million man woman march on D.C.” maybe we could accomplish something. We have a new president in office and he sucks. NOT because of the color of his skin either. I don’t believe in OBAMA, because where did this guy come from? Who are the people he elected to be his “people”? Almost EVERYONE of the appointed officials that Obama appointed are from Illinois. Is it just me? or do the the words “maffia, Mob, organized crime come to anyone else’s mind? That’s why they want the guns out of our hands. NOT so that no one goes to school and kills anyone. When I was a kid, we settled disagreements with FISTS and WORDS. NOT weapons. Now days, because people don’t have the right to teach their kids the difference between right and wrong anymore, the kids are as screwed up as our parents said WE were all going to one day be. People, pay attention to your kids. Lose the video game babysitters. Lose the telvision babysitters. They won’t make your child who you want them to be. That is of course unless you want your children to grow up miserable, depressed, anti social and willing to kill because someone accidently bumped them in the hall at school. Liberals get real. Christians and all True Americans, it’s time to take our country BACK.

      • Jeremy

        I agree with the vast majority of what you said. I am only writing to tell you that you should really find a shooter in your group of friends and family to take you to the range. While handling guns does require adherence to strict safety rules, it is neither difficult nor dangerous. Furthermore, it’s a whole lot of fun! And it has the potential to save your life. If you don’t know any shooters, take a basic NRA firearms course or a concealed weapons course at your local gun club. Besides being a very enjoyable hobby, having both the tools and the skills to protect yourself is a huge confidence booster!

        BTW, you can also learn the basics with an Airsoft gun that fires plastic BB’s and then move up to a gun in .22 Long Rifle after you’ve become competent in the basics of safe gun handling. Once you’ve mastered the .22 it’s easy to move up to the more powerful calibers best suited to self defense and most types of competition.

  • bill hoyt

    i thought colleges and universitys were supposed to make people smarter!!

    • s c

      You’re right, Bill. It takes more than education to make someone ‘smart.’ What we have in the White House is a prime example of the flaws in ‘education’ [go to Harvard and turn LEFT]. Common sense is worth its weight in gold, but is much harder to find.
      While I’m no longer in ‘education,’ I believe more people with less education and more common sense would solve most of our ills. Those ‘saviors’ in DC will never understand the significance of “if it’s not broke, don’t fix it.’ The # 1 standard in Washington requires that everything gets and stays broken. It’s what they call ‘leadership.’

  • Dickie

    I think this is some funny s–t, You bums voted these same old thugs in office in time after time, Not listening to the demon-craps, Keeping your arrogant heads up your asses, To damn stupid to beleve the demon-craps would really not take your guns, Well NOW YOU KNOW THEY WILL! YOU deseve what you get. When you are throwing rocks & sticks, Don”t run south for help, Go to virgina, They are proud they voted for obama, & his thugs the demon-craps to, I love it, You clowns wanted CHANGE YOU GOT IT, What did you expect, When you voted for hussen obama a mulsum, & all the demon craps, That have been trying to take your guns for years, Oh I for got you beleve what the cummunist run net works, Like the puppets on cnn, Just keeping watching that trash cbs,nbc,msnbc, & keep beleveing their half truths & out right lies, Oh yes I bet you don”t remember your obama saying if YOU people makeing under $200,000. WILL NOT BE TAXED LOL, SO keep putting the same gargage back in office & we will be under soialist party,, I mean communism, And think it won”t happen, Just open your eyes with an open mind & just look at what is happening, Remember cnn said the people at these tea partys are just rednecks & trouble markers, Not real AMERICANS.

  • http://ordy@fedtel./net Eric g

    What is the presidents name ? anybody know ?is it Mr Soeweto or is it Mr Oboma ? are you sure he changed his name and when did he do it? Where he was born maybe important ? but I think we do at least do have a right to know his legal name ? DONT you ALL agree ?

  • jc

    Someone should shoot the anti-gun protestors


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