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Anti-Gun Lobby Makes War On Florida

May 9, 2012 by  

The anti-gun lobby has taken its battle to Florida. Now under fire is the Sunshine State’s Stand Your Ground law.

The lobby is using the Trayvon Martin shooting—the complete details of which we still don’t know—to generate an irrational fear of self-defense laws. Race hucksters Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson stoked emotions by injecting a racial element to the shooting that did not exist. President Barack Obama also chimed in and ratcheted up the rhetoric.

They did not care about Martin or his family. Their goal was to create a platform to gain support for their desire to restrict or remove guns from the hands of law-abiding citizens.

A Florida senator has introduced legislation to water down or repeal Florida’s law. Floridians need to step up and stop it.

But this now a national issue. House Democrats are seeking to withhold grants to States with Stand Your Ground laws. The gun grabbers never sleep.

Bob Livingston

is an ultra-conservative American and author of The Bob Livingston Letter™, founded in 1969. Bob has devoted much of his life to research and the quest for truth on a variety of subjects. Bob specializes in health issues such as nutritional supplements and alternatives to drugs, as well as issues of privacy (both personal and financial), asset protection and the preservation of freedom.

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  • Chester

    Florida’s stand your ground law does need to be modified to make it illegal for the original attacker to claim self defense after initiating a situation that goes beyond where they had anticipated. Currently, someone can walk up to you on the street and slap you in the face, then, when you respond with a touch of the same, they can shoot you dead and claim self defense, as they were in fear for their life. No matter they started it, they feared for their life, thus are justified in taking yours.

    • Big Woody

      If you are stupid enough to admit you had attacked first, then I doubt the courts would allow your self defense claim. Self defense is the number one claim when a person is killed or injured. The courts usually know how to sort it out unless outsiders like Jesse, Al and Barrack get involved.

      • http://aol J.R.

        Amen to you on this what you said is very true

      • eddie47d

        Should be titled the “Pro-Gun lobby is making war on Florida”. Does the NRA,ALEC or the old GOA group have a conscience or do they believe in just throwing anything out there to see if it will stick in their favor. Out of the 90 stand your ground deaths in Florida only 30 have been proven to be self defense. That means the other 60 are suspect and the motives unclear. Unless those 60 can be proven then I would say stand your ground is another excuse to murder and allows someone to get away with it.

      • CZ52

        “…or do they believe in just throwing anything out there to see if it will stick in their favor.”

        No because they don’t follow your’s and Flashy’s tactics eddie.

      • Jim

        Actually this is in reply to Eddie, The only way you could be right is if you can prove the other 60 were murders otherwise by your own admition you are making judgerment without knowing so you must be one hell of a hypocrite in your town.

    • StarvinLarry

      “Currently, someone can walk up to you on the street and slap you in the face, then, when you respond with a touch of the same, they can shoot you dead and claim self defense, as they were in fear for their life.”

      If you walk up to someone on the street,and slap them-you have no claim to the use of “stand your ground” law as a defense-as you were the aggressor.

    • Rick

      Chester, Are you really that nieve or foolish? You need to look up the law and find out the truth. The law does not allow you to assault anyone. And as for the Treyvon Martian case. The evidence so far is showing that He was the aggessor and therefore The stand your ground does not apply. But regular self defense does. If Aomeone attacks you and is trying to do you serious injury you have the right to defend yourself. Rule of thumb if you do not know who is armed always be polite.

      • eddie47d

        Anyone can claim self defense at anytime for any reason without proving a thing. If the only witness is the shooter who will know?

      • Vicki

        That thing that so evades the common liberal. Evidence.

    • Rocky Justice

      The current law already takes first aggression into account. There is no need to change the law.

  • bscott

    The lead in to this article says we don’y know full details of the incident are not known. It then says that civil rights activists are putting forth a racial element that does not exist. Which is it ?- Who made that decision?

    • GiveMeLiberty

      bscott, are you serious? Are you even familiar with the event?

  • coal miner

    The second amendment rights are under attack.

  • GiveMeLiberty

    Chester, Good Christians and law abiding citizens won’t walk up and slap somebody. If those who don’t fit into either of those groups decide to act differently, then yes, they risk their own life. If somebody slaps me, I will likely respond in kind although Jesus teaches me not to. If old boy decides to pull a firearm, then so will I. Nuff said and we don’t need to water down common sense with watered down legislation.


    it never ceases to amaze me that the anti gun morons never want to get the truth.
    In Switzerland every citizen has the right to own and carry a weapon. They must be trained in its use and pass a test before the state issues that weapon to them.
    Every Citizen is armed if he or she chooses.
    This heavly armed country has the lowest incidence of gun violence in the world.
    Eat that you Gun Grabbing Freaks.

    • hambone

      awesome. the thing here in the good ol’ US is that the government is afraid of the people and want to divide and conker them by taking everything away and pushing the race card as much as possible.

  • Gordon

    Grandpa always said that common sense isn’t so common. The end of this Nation as we have known it is at hand. Communism is growing here. Use common sense: oppose and prepare.

  • T. Jefferson

    What was that said long ago??? Oh yes, “Give Me Liberty or Give Me Death”

  • madgorilla

    Chester, I wouldn’t worry too much about guys like that. They don’t generally last too long before somebody takes ‘em out.

    This move to water down or repeal SYG may actually have a silver lining. After the Martin case, there has been a rash of black on white hate crimes all over the country, and they appears to be on the rise. All those racist fools are doing is providing crystal clear justification for SYG. And if, God forbid, it blows up into a race war, they will find out very quickly just what kind of disadvantage they are really at. But, if they want to dance, bring it on and let’s get it over with.

    • eddie47d

      There is also white on black crimes being committed like the one in Tulsa so enough of this bring it on crap.

      • CZ52

        I don’t have the sources handy but everything I have seen on the subject says there is WAY more black on white violent crime than white on black violent crime.

  • gary j

    When will the anti-gun nuts get it through their heads? If you out-law guns only out-laws will have guns.Then what? The criminals rule.

    • CZ52

      ” If you out-law guns only out-laws will have guns.Then what? The criminals rule.’

      That is exactly what they want and the biggest criminals will be the government.

  • Cheryl Durham

    these people are so right flordia is very dangerouse .take theirs gun ,could cost them their lives

  • Dens

    For any Negro to actively support gun control or disarming anyone including themselves is not logical unless they are Communists. These of course just love to disarm the people as part of their enslavement agenda. Read the histories of the Soviet Union and Red China.

    The slime balls pushing to change Florida’s Stand Your Ground laws could care less about Trayvon Martin. For the race baiters it’s the good living to be made off shaking down “Whitey” and using his fear against him and for the Communists in the government and their propagandists, it’s total control over the people, all the people, including Negroes.

    Getting rid of or “changing” the law as written because of an incident about which no one knows the details is insane. If the shooter and his target had been of the same race, or if the shooter a Negro and the target White, we would not have heard a peep about it outside of the local news where it happened. Since it was a “White/Hispanic” man who shot a Negro man, the Communists in government and their propagandists in the so-called news media made a phoney racist issue out of a non-racist event.

    Of course the usual race hustlers who comb the news constantly for a financial opportunity jumped all over the phoney “racist killing” reports. It’s how these parasites make their miserable livings. I see no reason to change the law one bit.

    • Morgoth

      Hi Dens, Kind of ironic in a manner of thinking. Zimmerman was out supporting the filth in one of the earlier massive Florida “Whitey” shakedowns that you refer to above a few years back. See the link I posted. Lol, Karma I guess….


  • Morgoth
  • ranger hall

    Its amazing how many dumb americans are in this country, WE have been letting them take away our right to self protection for many, many years, Americans need to get rid of these anti gun people in office and get back our Gun Carrying rights. Simple, any American has the Right to keep and Carry Arms Without Govt Paper work, or Fees for doing so. Its hard to defend yourself when only the BAD GUYS have Weapons.
    Wake up Americans, OUR weapons are what keeps us FREE.
    Remember Folks your ONLY elected Policeman, Is Your COUNTY SHERIFF, He also has the right to give us back our Gun carrying Rights, Make this Man Or Woman Stand up for Your Rights, Or get one that will,
    Also get rid of any Politician that is againest honest Americans Having or carrying Weapons.
    KEEP in mind since Full Auto Weapons have been Illegal to own by Americans, ONLY Murder that has been committed was by Police Officers who had the right to Carry. Check it Out.

  • ranger hall

    Any Person that is AGAINEST Honest Americans Owning or Carrying Weapons Are UNAMERICAN, And i will back up this Statement againest anyone who disagrees.
    We need to get back to where People are helt responsible for their actions.
    Crime and Punishment. Punishment to suit the Crime.
    Our big Problem is we seem not to be able to Punish the Guilty. A man steals 10.00 gets less than year most time Probation, A man robs at gun Point gets 2-5 years, A Politician losses 10 Million and does not even lose his Job Not even Prosecuted. Politicians giving Grants to Friends and past ranking govt Employees. Company folds in 1-3 years, 5-10 million of taxpayers dollars Gone. Grants that produce nothing, Just money given to these People used up as Chief Officer Wages, Or used to buy property in their names, Which they get to keep. NO accountability.
    BUT yet we continue to allow this to happen, And these profiteering Crooks go un Punished year after year.
    Most Politicians i have been around in my life time Refers to this as Beats working for a Living

  • sabulaman

    I saw the Trayvon story locally back in March when I was in Florida. A couple of weeks later back in Missouri it was on the local station there. I knew as soon as it had gone national, it had become a gun control issue. That’s all it is, and nothing more. The libs will take advantage of any avenue they can to fulfill their agenda. It’s a shame that they had to exploit the death of a young, up to no good,tresspassing, black kid, to do so.

  • Marshall Islander

    To all the commentors, I have only one thing to say to you all, GET OUT THERE AND REGISTER TO VOTE AND VOTE FOR YOUR STATE REPRESENTATIVE/SENATOR who will protect your 2nd Amendment RIGHTS.
    God Bless the United States of America.

    • confusedandangery

      I agree everybody needs to “VOTE” but beware its like a double edeg sward in some cases !!! i belive that most politics are completly crooked and realy don’t care about antbody but them selfs!

  • Buck

    Those early democrats that enacted gun controls to keep them out of the hands of blacks must have known what they were doing afterall , the stupidity shown by these few black leaders is positive proof they are too stupid to be trusted with self defense .

  • OneDamnAngryAmerican

    How come the liberal-media has not even covered the gang of 50 black guys who beat two white news reporters in Virginia (they were Virginian Pilot reporters) more than 2 weeks ago. A Fox reporter went to Virginia from NYC and a black-kid-on-the-street said that blacks always attack whites for chits-and-grins because white folks don’t fight back. Maybe the Amerikastahn-Moolu should invite them all to the House of Islam for a few beers! Don’t believe me folks, GO TO FOX AND CHECK IT OUT!

  • OneDamnAngryAmerican

    More thoughts. Anybody notice that the photo of the black kid was probably taken when he was 8 years old!?

    • dufas magnet

      Yeah, that’s been beaten with a stick.. By the way, it was when he was twelve and it’s still in print during those slack times when the media decides to stir the sh– just a bit more. Like it should have been in the beginning, gain national attention.. make the responsible authorities explain their lack of participation either by oath or unemployed, allow it to then go through the judicial system and keep your opinions to yourself as far as rumors, innuendos and out right aggression goes. It didn’t thus now we have another bon fire in the process of getting out of control. Remember, as Smoky Bear always said, “Only YOU can prevent forest fires”. This ‘concrete’ jungle is heading down the wrong path and it’s taking all of us down with it.

  • An honest man

    Keep in mind that a person with a weapon is given the respect of a free man and a person that is unarmed can be controlled by any government and kept in bondage.
    Only in America can we be protected by our second amendment right to keep and bear arms. If we remove that right then we will become slaves of the government. Remember the people that gave us this right, they gave their lives and reputations in order to keep us a free nation and people. Don’t let the gun haters take away this right because they only have one purpose in mind and that is to control you without any resistance.The people that wrote the constitution were not stupid they knew what an unarmed nation could be subject to so they put our rights in writing on a document that gave us the rights of a free nation. Don’t let them take away anymore of our rights as a free nation.
    God bless America and keep us free.

  • http://fox bob

    does anyone know who is running our goverment?why do you keep electing these people?communist are who you are voiting for .you go to the polls and dont even know what your respensetives stand for how about checking them out before you go to vote.jessie jackson and sharpton and the rest get paid by you tax dollars. did our supposed to be top law enforcement do any thing whe black panther party offered a reward for zimmerman dead or alive ? dont you think he should have locked them up for solication to murder?bullets can go either way i am an old man but i am not going to let these young punks run over meif you cant defend yourself and your family what good are you anyway.congress should defund all of the money obama is giving away to our enemys and letting our allies go without and as long as reid runs the senate congress can not get anything passed . congress sends bills to the senate that would help the united states and reid will not even allow a vote on it . they have sent balenced budgets amments still reid wont allow them to come to the floor for a vote. and the democrats have not even consider a balanced budget because if they did obama would veto it because he cant give money away to failling companys.(wonder if there is any kickbacks) he made as jr. senator almost 52,000 and after all of the dead people and the mickey mouse peter pan you get the idea he is worth 11 billion dollars and now he just want power. to all people what do you think all thise fema camps and coffins are for?something to think about ,the way to hurt them is stop feeding theirdonors STOP GOING TO MOVIES ACTORS AND PRODUCERS DONT CARE ABOUT YOU STOP BUYING .BUYING THE SINGER CD THEY GET ON STAGE AND SAY THEY LOVE YOU AND DONT EVEN KNOW YOUR NAME THESE ARE BIG PEOPLE GIVING MONEY TO OBAMA OR HAVE YOU BEEN INVITED TO WHITE HOUSE FOR ONE HUNDRED A POUND SREAKS ?WELL THE PEOPLE YOU ARE SUPPORTING HAVEGET THE DEMOCRATS OUT OF OFFICE GET OBAMA OUT LOOK AT HIS FRIENDS AND YOU CAN TELL WHAT HE WANTS. I CANT LEAVE WITHOUT SAYING GET ON YOUR KNEES AND PRAY TO THE ONE AND ONLY TRUE GOD GOD THE FATHER GOD THE SON GOD THE HOLY SPRIT.i would love to see the epa get no money at all look at the gas price ,food,water,tax,trying to tell us what to eat, obama flying around on air force one at 178,000 an hour,has dived the country, HE DOES NOT REC,A SECOND TERM . THE FIRST ONE WAS ENOUGH . GOD BLESS YOU ALL.

  • True American

    If we allow the Government to take away ot right to keep and bear arms that will mean one think. We’ll have to rely on the government to protect us. Isn’t that a scary thought? You REALLY want to have the government protect us? Personally I will keep my arms anddefend this great nation from the government itself if I have too. Being in the military we took an oath to “defend the country from enemies within and without”. That means we took an oath to defend the PEOPLE of the US from the government trying to run our lives. We VOTED them in we can vote them OUT. As far as the Martin case goes–the verdict is still out yet Al Sharpton, Jesie Jackson and Obama are as racists as they come. They don’t caree about the Martin family they just want to stir up trouble. After all, that’s whatthey get paid to do. Let a white man do something like that and see how fast he gets put in jail or labeled a “racists”.The Mexicans and blacks are becoming more and more powerful and the whites are letting them. The “majority” is now being ruled by the “minority. God help the USA. Regardless of race, color, creed, religion or whatever, we ALL need to stick together and do what’s best for America. As Patrick Henry said “We must all hang together or we’ll all hang separately.”

  • gemmom

    The Federal Government has become one big mafia, using scare tactics and restricting grants to states that don’t comply. Where did the right to have a conscience go? Why shouldn’t anyone have the right to defend themselves? Every man, woman, and child should have that right. And if a state government, which represents the people of that state chooses to have tougher laws which do protect its citizens, the Federal Government who stops grants just because a law in that state does not permit corruption shows us how corrupt the Federal Government really is. It should not be the responsibility of the Federal Government to dictate if people want to be protected or not, especially if the majority of the people in that state want that protection. It does not make sense to me that our Federal Government does not want us to be protected from the corruption we are being faced with. The only sound reason for the Federal Government to want to protect the rights of criminals over and above the good citizens who do obey the laws and try to live in peace and harmony, is because the Federal Government obviously has its connections with the lawless. Birds of a feather do flock together. It’s come down to good vs evil, and I strongly suggest that the people and the states that want to protect themselves stand their ground and fight back. We the people need to stand for our rights, and we need to stand behind our state officials who listen to us, and who will grant us those protections. And any time you find a government official who doesn’t want to listen, then its time to replace that official in office.

  • http://aol J.R. Palmer

    The only problem america has is 435 stupid people in DC and add two more Jackson and Sharpton time for these two to be charge for insighting problem in america and then we need to get rid of all the commies in congress so america can heal

  • Rodney

    The gun grabbers are always screaming that if people are allowed to carry guns the streets will run with blood. The state of Vermont has had constitutional cary since it became a state and has the lowest gun crime in the nation.

  • An honest man

    The gun grabbers always want to blame the gun, it is only a piece of steel that if left alone would hurt no one, But put it in the hands of a person of evil intention and it becomes a weapon that can inflect much pain,much like a knife or even a rock .
    Blame the person that used the object and not the gun or the knife or even the rock.
    People don’t take notice until the evil doer is confronting them and then they wish that they had something to defend themselves with. Think first, people that want to take away your rights because it doesn’t conform to their way of thinking are only concerned about one thing and that is to keep you in their control. Remember a person with a means to defend himself is a subject with rights he can defend and a person without a this right is a SLAVE.

    • Gordon

      I shut-down the biggest gung-ho anti-gun liberal I know by comparing guns to cars. He said nobody but cops should have guns, period. Cars kill people because incompetent drivers and aged people drive cars and cause wrecks and fatalities. Cars are grossly misused by much of the public. Therefore all cars should be outlawed and destroyed to prevent someone from harming themselves or others. Race cars should be banned also just like hunting. No sportsman deserves to have a hunting gun or a race car, it is a bad influence on society…. shut him up and he has never argued guns since.

  • http://aol J.R.

    Well they way I see this, is if you dont like guns then pack you ass up and move to england or some other country where they dont have any guns, for the people who respect the law and when some crook or criminal shoots your sorry dumb ass becaus eyou dont have a gun, then come back and buy a gun where it is legal to own, other then that shut up, sit down, and leave the gun owner and sellers alone and take your dumb ideas with you when you leave. enough said


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