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Another TSA Sexual Assault

November 13, 2012 by  

Another TSA Sexual Assault

Shocking stories of unprofessional conduct, inappropriate actions and sexual molestation at the dehumanizing checkpoints set up at mass transportation hubs throughout the Nation abound. But for frequency, stories like that of 58-year-old Maggie Buckenmayer, who could be anyone’s mother or grandmother, are no less shocking.

Buckenmayer’s ordeal began at a Transportation Security Administration checkpoint at the Birmingham-Shuttlesworth International Airport in Birmingham, Ala., as she tried to travel home to San Diego. Because the passenger has artificial knees, she was subject to a patdown by TSA agents, which involved groping of her genitals, thighs, buttocks and breasts. The agents proceeded to inform Buckenmayer that they had found a “protrusion” or “abnormality” between her legs.

“I’m shocked, I’m humiliated, so I don’t know what to say, I blurt out ‘I don’t have a penis’ and she looks at me and says ‘well I’m going to have to perform a second pat down on you,’” Buckenmayer said.

She was subject to a second search which she describes as “akin to sexual assault” before a group of TSA agents proceeded to discuss her female anatomy. After being taken to a private screening room, Buckenmayer angrily removed her pants, spread her legs, pointed at her crotch and said, “Do you see anything abnormal here, do you see a protrusion?”

After yet another patdown and having her genitals probed with a wand, the woman was finally cleared to board her flight and given a form to evaluate the TSA.

“I can’t believe you’ve just subjected me to this sexual assault, this emotional assault, there are bad guys out there… Why are you picking on me?” Buckenmayer asked TSA employees at that point.

Below is a video of Buckenmayer discussing the ordeal. She has asked that all who view it pass it along to stop the TSA abuse.

“Our country is a country of great civil liberties… Why the TSA is allowed to emotionally and sexually abuse passengers, I don’t get it. If some stranger did this to me, what one of these TSA agents did, that stranger would be convicted of sexual assault and sent to prison. Please, please get my story out,” she said.


Sam Rolley

Staff writer Sam Rolley began a career in journalism working for a small town newspaper while seeking a B.A. in English. After learning about many of the biases present in most modern newsrooms, Rolley became determined to find a position in journalism that would allow him to combat the unsavory image that the news industry has gained. He is dedicated to seeking the truth and exposing the lies disseminated by the mainstream media at the behest of their corporate masters, special interest groups and information gatekeepers.

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  • phideaux

    I am sure TSA will “review” the case and decide proper protocals were followed and so no corrective action will be necessary.

    • Harold Olsen

      I’m convinced that a TSA agent would face disciplinary action ONLY if they did not sexually assault someone or molest some child. Perverts all!

      • Joann Flanagan

        Well what do you expect from a society decadent to legislate immorality by forcing decent citizens much less clergy to finiance other peoples’ orgys through the HSS Mandate?
        Joann Flanagan

    • Rich

      The only way to stop this is to STOP FLYING, only then will the power of “money” work. As the saying goes “BS walks and MONEY TALKS”.

      • metalflyer11

        STOP FLYING!!!!! This will not assure you that you will not get a patdown by TSA. These perverts are now showing up at ballgames, proms, train stations, religious events, etc, etc….. to make sure Al – Qaeda is not hiding inside your pants.
        Sorry to say but a lot of the American People have lost their Honor, Pride, and Dignity.

    • walter agard

      That is very gross,they should have more respect for women.The TSA should think that they have a mothers.sisters daughters.And any women in the whole.If a woman done that then she dose’nt have respect for her own self.They should do something about that,because a woman is different than a man,and no one should go interrupt her privacy like that unless she agrees for anything.

  • Harold Olsen

    Every TSA agent should be required to register as a sex offender. Apparently, being a pervert is a job prerequisite. What they do is government sponsored sexual assault and child molesting.

    • walter agard

      Even if they register. no one is supposed to do that with a woman,it it a shame for a woman.Haw can they protect themselves if we don’t help them. They are humans just like us,only they are different than men.

      • pweiters9

        11/13/12, Power corrupts. Absolute power…… know the rest.

    • Joann Flanagan

      Well the Government subsidises ononism,sterilization and abortion with our money. Why not rape too!
      Joann Flanagan

  • Now_A_Nonflyer

    Do the TSA agents change gloves, or are they passing STDs and other diseases around?

    • nabiru

      Did the Gestapo changed gloves?

  • scared

    This not only does not make us safe it degrades and treats us like criminals. It always does seem that the TSA is found to be following proper procedures. Maybe those procedures are the problem as well

    • eddie47d

      Maggie should complain and complain loudly and TSA agents do need to be trained in common sense. The thing is though this article was sensationalized (for ratings?) “genitals probed with a wand”. Her vagina was not penetrated so how could this be a sexual assault? These procedures happen all the time at police stations and sometimes even at ball games. If you go into a court house they can whisk you aside if they suspect something. This conversation should be on a national level and boundaries set in what is an sexual assault. Considering that Republicans proudly proclaim that rape is legitimate it all seems hypocritical. The fact that the State of Virginia wanted to force women to have legal vaginal probes to please the far right says much about the double standard in outrage. Maggie should be scared and outraged yet so should anyone who has to put up with sexual abuse.

      • OneGuess

        So, eddie, were you there in person? …”genitals probed with a wand”…yet YOU say …”her vagina was not penetrated…” How do you know this? Also, why do you always have to bring Republicans into this? Well, eddie, we know why. You are a troll. That is all.

      • eddie47d

        It was Republicans who pushed for that vaginal probe in Virginia dear boy. Now if you can’t handle the truth then you are nothing but a patsy for dishonesty. The article should have been very specific about “what really happened” instead of implying. I’m not as gullible as you are.

      • FreeMan

        Eddie, what a “useful idiot” statement. You make this sound like a republican issue. Its not. “This conversation should be on a national level and boundaries set in what is an sexual assault.” Not correct. The conversation on a national level should be about increasing government intrusion on our liberty and the trend toward tyranny and away from freedom and the constitution.

      • WIA Ben

        Eddie 69d. Now I want you to be nice go F%$& yourself and stick your Liberal Head up your “Como Se LLama”. You meaningless Idiot, your mama should have aborted you.

      • CD

        Except for the name calling, I agree with OneGuess and FreeMan. Just a few other things Eddie;

        1. You say “…story is sensationalized…” and “…genitals probed with a wand?…”

        I don’t see your claim that this story is sensationalized, the woman was sexually assaulted, period. That’s against the law, and why I refuse to fly. And I say anyone who even gets close to my genitals with a wand is “probing” and violating my privacy unless I give my consent.

        2. You say “Her vagina was not penetrated so how can this be a sexual assault?”

        Looking up the definition of sexual assault at it says “Sexual Assault: sexual contact usually that is forced upon a person without consent…in it’s most serious forms…involves nonconsensual sexual penetration.” Note “…most serious…” does not mean anything else listed is NOT sexual assault.

        Then looking up the LAW regarding sexual assault, at charges/sexual-assault.html I find “Specific laws vary by state but sexual assault generally refers to any crime in which the offender subjects the victim to sexual touching that is unwanted and offensive. These crimes can range from sexual groping or assault/battery to attempted rape.”.

        So whether or not her vagina was penetrated, she was subjected to sexual abuse by a government agency. Does this answer your question clearly?

        3. You say “This happens all the time…”

        So if someone steals “all the time” or the government violates our liberties, rights, privacy, etc. “all the time” it’s ok even though it’s against the law? What a convoluted and contradictory sense of right vs wrong!

        4. You say “This conversation should be at the national level and boundaries set…”

        See #2 above. The STATES have already set boundaries. We do not need MORE BOUNDARIES from the federal government. You said Maggie has a complaint but the answer isn’t more government Eddie, the answer is less government, as in no TSA. Security, YES, TSA NO, sexual assault, NO.

        5. Your next two sentences regarding the Republicans and the State of Virginia are a moot point since the law that included legal vaginal probes wasn’t passed.

        6. Back to the beginning of your comment, you say “…TSA agents do need to be trained in common sense.”

        I have never seen any training for common sense. I think it’s a bit difficult to teach. However, if you can find that training, please sign up and refer that training to all federal, state and local governments, any and all politicians, both political parties, etc. I’d even take it myself as we can all always use a little more common sense!

        Please forgive any typos, I’m having an awful time staying in the same place (it keeps scrolling my comment back and forth) as I type on this cell phone…

      • CD

        Sorry, one correction and one addition to my previous post.

        I mistakenly put a space in the link to the law, the correct link is;

        The addition to #4 is a question to Eddie regarding the “national boundaries” he proposed;

        It is the Federal or “national” government that created illegal searches and sexual assaults on its citizens through the TSA, so how can you expect the same government to fix it??

  • T. Jefferson

    Another reason to secede from the union. Gets rid of TSA and the UN

    • Hedgehog

      Get rid of the UN and you get rid of the need for the TSA. Think about it!

  • Motov

    TSA is a abusive and unconstitutional part of our government and must be removed immediately, Airport security can be handled by private companies in a far more professional and efficient manner, I will never enter an airport, or any place where these clowns are molesting people. I say it is time for a new government, one by the people and for the people, instead of this BS government by the criminals, and for the criminals!

    • Joann Flanagan

      Well if the Government can violate our Ist Amendment Rights why not our other Amendment Rights?
      Don’t be surprised if the 13th Amendment comes under attact by the prodeath faction.
      Come to think of it requiring people to perform abortions and distribute contraceptives against their will does seem like an especially degrading form of involuntary servitude.
      Joann Flanagan

  • Motov

    TSA=Trained Sexual Assaulters,.. That’s what TSA really stands for!

    • eddie47d

      Keep an eye on the other assaulters. CVP=Conservative Vaginal Probers They have their own magic wand to keep women in line!

      • s c

        Komrade ‘e,’ only a utopian consistently gets things WRONG. If you aren’t the perfect example of what’s wrong with utopianism, you’re extremely close. The point of the article has NOTHING to do with any perceived ‘War on Women’ [would it be impolite to call you a predictable dolt at this point?].
        I can only hope that you make a habit of traveling by plane. Then, perhaps, you might be able to understand what is so wrong and immoral about the TSA. Then again, with your obvious ground-to-a-halt learning curve, you won’t live long enough (got any plans for living to be 150?).
        If you’re “lucky,” you might get ‘patted down’ by an Elmo wannabe. Oh, the many joys of utopians and their warped ‘diversity of perversity.’ Yet MORE socially-engineered morality – blah. Komrade ‘e,’ GET HELP.

      • MsAbby

        Eddie – you turn my stomach….

      • eddie47d

        I specifically stated that I didn’t approve of that TSA behavior yet SC still plays the ignorant moron feasting on stupidity. I hope you enjoyed your lunch with Lurch!

      • Average Joe

        “Keep an eye on the other assaulters. CVP=Conservative Vaginal Probers ”

        Eddie, you have nothing to worry about…it would take six months with a large 5k wench…just to remove your head from your backside…. way too much work…you are safe….. You are still an IUM= Ignorant Utopian Moron (but at least you’re consistent)


      • Joann Flanagan

        Are you aware that a womans’ reproductive equipment gets probed during an abortion or are you under the false impression that someone just turns the time machine on and goes back to five secounds before the persecuted unwanted child is conceived so the wench can undo the past and not conceive the innocent child she’s whos’ blood shes thirsting for?
        Joann Flanagan

    • walter agard

      That is just a word or a statement-TSA” it dose’nt protect a womans privacy.

    • nabiru

      This is when you live in the paradise of the Devil.

  • JoMama

    All I can say is I feel her pain………….

  • Harold Matson

    TSA: our Gestapo.

  • http://PersonalLibertyDigest Ray Davies

    Careful what you say out there folks, They got GUNS now, and they need some way to use up all those MILLIONS of rounds of AMMO.

    • Motov

      Oh great! now we can be molested at gun point too! If we refuse, I can bet they will murder people who attempt to stand up for their rights and get away with it.
      Welcome to the “brave” NWO, Welcome to the USSA,.. Now drop your pants for a strip search!!

  • 45caliber

    I’m convinced TSA actions are meant only to get us used to being searched as we go about our daily life.

  • MsAbby

    I recently took a trip to South Carolina. I was FORCED to go through the xray machine. I was told if I did not, I would not make my plane. They had the scanners working, they had the metal detectors blocked off and would not allow me to go through the detector. I’m through with airplane travel unless it’s a dire necessity. I am saddened that my rights as an American citizen have so been abused and that not one single voice is being listened to by our government. I’m sure Mr. Chernoff is happy with his profits from those machines.

    • Joann Flanagan

      Don’t be surprised if those perverts infiltrate the buslines and the taxi services next!
      Anything can happen in a society perverted enough to force public officials to witness same sex marriages and coerce clergy into subsidising abortion,mutilation and perversian!
      Joann Flanagan

  • T. C. Smith

    And the ones who we are supposedly being protected from, (Terrorist’) are given a pass, because we don’t want to be guilty of profiling! A young man of terrorist age and a dark and swarthy countenance, is given a politically motivated pass, and sweet innocent grandmothers, (whom we all know, want to blow up airliners, or fly them into national landmarks), are molested by our public serpents, (servants?). Welcome to the bold new epoch of liberal politically correct terrorism on our own people. Naziism at it’s best.

  • Clyde

    There is a way to do away with the TSA. Arm every adult with a gun. Not all guns would be armed. Maybe none would be armed. Do you think some nut case is going to scream “Praise Allah” with the entire cabin full of people pointing a gun at them. I dont think so!!

  • Don Cartmill

    I just had a horrible thought… is this type of abusive behavior being not only tolerated but encouraged so that down the road ,when we the people are screaming so loud as to not be ignored, air port security is not corrected but essentually withdrawn and …in walks the enemy ..Could be a plan

  • Dee

    Who hired these TSA agents? This woman was horribly embarrassed and it should not have happened. I can’t see the sense in groping older people, children and normal looking Americans. They are not the ones that is the terrorists in our country. Go after the middle eastern people who are causing all these problem.s

  • vladimir_puttin

    Outrageous. Power tripped ignoramuses. How can those people go home and feel good about themselves?

    • Joann Flanagan

      Power hungry perverts .eg tsr,Sebellius of HSS ect. have a great time feeling good about themselves every time they do something evil.
      These arrogant,tyranical perverts have a problem with selfesteem.
      Joann Flanagan

  • Motov

    It might be worth snail-mailing your luggage, just to avoid the TSA from rummaging through your stuff, and having them steal things from you.


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