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Another Reason To Support Ron Paul

May 28, 2012 by  

Another Reason To Support Ron Paul
A festival in honor of Ron Paul is planned for the week of the Republican National Convention.

He’s the only candidate for President who has supporters passionate enough about his message to set up a festival in his honor.

Like him or not, Presidential candidate Ron Paul is one of the most iconic political figures of modern times. So it is fitting that his supporters are planning an event called Paul Festival 2012 at the Florida Fairgrounds in Tampa, Fla., right before the Republican National Convention.

If everything goes as planned Paul Festival 2012 will run from Aug. 24-26, ending the day before the convention begins.

Details about the event were still sketchy at the time of this report, but organizers are working to put together a celebration of liberty in honor of Paul, complete with musical acts, speakers and celebrity guests.

From the event website:

With Dr. Paul’s growing support among celebrities and musicians, it is our hope to accommodate that change through a momentous 3-day Festival which will include many of Dr. Paul’s celebrity-supporters.

Our goal is to have musical acts (of different genres), comedy, speakers, celebrity appearances with pictures and autographs, book signings, big screens showing Dr. Paul’s famous speeches, vendors of all sorts, and really great food!  It will be all inclusive – family friendly during the day, and anything that is adult oriented will be held during the evening hours.

Our team is working on finalizing a venue and the dates for this festival – while concurrently contacting musicians, celebrities, speakers, and V.I.P. s who either support, or have officially endorsed Ron Paul for President 2012.

It is our belief that this will be the biggest celebration of Liberty the world has ever seen – a tribute to Ron Paul and the message of freedom.  Be a part of history!

The festival is expected to draw a crowd of more than 20,000 attendees. International Business Times speculated in a recent report that Paul’s supporters could upstage those of Republican establishment favorite Mitt Romney in Tampa.

Sam Rolley

Staff writer Sam Rolley began a career in journalism working for a small town newspaper while seeking a B.A. in English. After learning about many of the biases present in most modern newsrooms, Rolley became determined to find a position in journalism that would allow him to combat the unsavory image that the news industry has gained. He is dedicated to seeking the truth and exposing the lies disseminated by the mainstream media at the behest of their corporate masters, special interest groups and information gatekeepers.

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    Who owns the Washington Times….who wrote this piece of rubbish..

    “Ron Paul: Fad, or revolutionary?
    Washington Times
    Photo: AP LOS ANGELES, May 27, 2012 — With the Republican nomination an all but foregone conclusion, let us take a quick look back at the 2012 Republican candidates. Ron Paul’s race in particular stands out. The Libertarian-turned-Republican attracted …
    See all stories on this topic »”


    • Blue

      Rubbish? The patriots who believe in and support The Declaration of Independence, the Constitution and Bill of Rights see your comment as offensive and evidence of “stinkin thinkin”. We are trying to save our Republic.

      • Vigilant

        Per the article referenced, “The Ron Paul movement is fundamentally flawed because it implies that the only way that real change can come is via the presidency. The values that Ron Paul has espoused could have a huge impact local and state governments, and the urban community and inner city could benefit from the congressman’s ideas. However, the movement seems to depend on the excitement generated by a presidential campaign, its adherents unwilling to look lower, where reformers could make a difference. The president has little effect on local government. If the Ron Paul people – the “Blue Republicans” – could grasp this matter, then real reform could be realized.”

        I’ve been saying this for months on end. Placement of hopes in ONE person to reverse trends and restore our Constitutional Republic is naive to say the least. If he were a dictator that would be a different matter. The Prez has to live within the restrictions, checks and balances of government. Obama has turned this concept on its head, but Paul, given his fidelity to the Constitution, would work within the Law of the Land.

        Swapping horses will NOT effect any real change unless and until government at ALL levels is winnowed to get rid of the chaff.

      • Vigilant

        Blue, read the article in the Washington Times. Gilly is a supporter of Ron Paul.

      • Commiefornia

        Vigilante what you’re saying IS happening on the local level. Look a the primary elections where long time incumbent RINOs are losing to Tea Party candidates.

      • Vigilant

        That’s encouraging news, for sure. We can only hope….

    • Nadzieja Batki

      Ron Paul has awakened America to see how far we drifted economically, politically, socially toward Fascism. Neglect in any area of life is tragic but neglect of our Constitutional Republic may spell doom for America.

  • MidnightDStroyer

    Just the fact that Mitt is still being upheld as the “official” nominee when the the Republican voting closes just goes to show us that there are still far too many “status quo” GOP still left in Congress. Think of this as an indicator that, while Democrats are definitely falling out, We the People still haven’t gotten past the RINOs…At least not good enough to make sufficient progress in reclaiming our nation against the corrupted criminals still in the majority.

    But even though Dr. Paul is officially dropping out of the race for the “official” nomination, I’ve been seeing indications that he cared less for the actual nomination itself, just as long as he could still stand up & educate the public on how badly our government’s been corrupted out from under us. Nomination or no, I’ve heard tell that he’s not giving up on the education part. Even though he didn’t get the “critical mass” he needed for the nomination, he’s still seen great success in spreading the truth. Just the fact that this Festival is being organized lends truth to Dr. Paul’s success.

    • maggiemoo

      Where did you get the idea that Dr. Paul was “officially dropping out” of the race? Nowhere did he ever say that. He is not willing to spend what funds he has just willy-nilly and is choosing the wisest way to do so. Right now, getting delegates is the smartest way to win the nomination.

  • http:/ Louis Nardozi

    Actually we’re taking over the GOP. According to state rules, there must be representation of at least one man and woman in every precinct for each party. Republican spots have been unfilled for years, but guess what? We’re filling ALL OF THEM. Whether we’ll have enough seats to nominate Paul remains to be seen but whether we do or not, in two years WE’LL control the party. Candidates must suit US to be nominated.

  • eddie47d

    No one should expect Ron Paul to quietly ride off into the sunset and his message tossed to the side or lost forever. Hopefully his team will stick around through the convention and let their presence be known.

  • T i m

    The way I remember reading it , Dr. Paul did not quit his campaign . He has stopped going all over the country spending money . As I understand it , HE IS VERY MUCH IN IT TO WIN IT . …..IN MY OPINION IT IS UP TO US PAUL SUPPORTS TO CONTINUE TO CARRY THE TORCH . One of DR. Paul’s big deals is getting rid of the national debt . What better way to make that point , than NOT GO INTO CAMPAIGN DEBT HIMSELF . Mr. Romney and MR. Obama seem to have unlimited resources . The BUSH family is endorseing Romney . ………………I will continue to support DR. RON PAUL . THERE IS A SIMPLE SOLUTION TO AMERICAN ECONOMY . You are wearing it . Gas price at the pump should be around 5 0 cents per gallon . Most of the rest is taxes . BRING ALL THE TROOPS HOME . In my opinion , we can PROTECT AMERICA FROM OUR OWN BORDERS . ……….DR. PAUL HAS SAID ALL THIS AND IS READY TO PROOVE IT . ……..T i m

  • George

    There was a significant Ron Paul presence at the Republican county convention in my area. I was one of them. We made a difference. I will be up for a delegate position come August. We aren’t going away.

  • Viet Nam Vet 67-68

    I feel sorry for the Romney believers mjust like IO hated the Obamination supporters, they are both the same listening to what they say but not what they have done in the past. These two remaining Traitors mto the American public have or will have done more damage than even the Federal Reserve because they keep producing an even more vile attack on our Constitution and Constitutional rights. Obamination continues his attack on our Constitutional Republic (Not a Democracy for you Morons)by by passing our Constitutional Laws and appointing Radical Socialist, Communists, Sunni Muslims and Marxists to Political offices and our Supreme Court. My advise is to purge anyone who does not believe in our Constitution and who is not a true DemocRAT or RepubliRAT and remove them from office. What do I mean by that? A person in Congress or the White House that produces a bill or Law that is against our Constitution and votes it in to a Bill or Law is not an American and should be removed from office by vote or Force. Just take for instance the last three bills that took away our 1st and 5th Amendment Rights and 95% of Congress voted for it and Obamination passed them, these people are Traitors to America and our Constitution they should be Removed by vote or Force and shipped to a nice Socialist, Communist or Muslim Country of their choice. We also need to immediately remove the 80 Communist’s in the House DemocRAT Party who ran under the Democratic Socialists Party which takes you to a Communist run organization. We are still Killing Communists around the world and we vote them into our Congress are you people that stupid to believe what they say when they are writting and passing bills and laws against we the people and our Constitution???? Remove all DemoRATS and 98% of the RepubliRATS this election with new people and stop this insanity of re-electing these Traitors we have now, do you see the $16.2 Trillion in Debt, our unemployment, cot of goods and services our rights being violated a President pissing on our Constitution and saying Capitopism dosen’t work, how did we become the Greatest Nation on earth in less 200 years when all the Socialist/Communist and Muslim Countries have been around for 7000 years. Are you Stupid or What? Ron Paul has the only solution for America and that is our Constitution and Romney dosen’t believe in it, he is Big Government and Big Spending and is the FLIM FLAM MAN WHO IS THE GREAT FLIP FLOPPER, already Flip Flopping on 40 Million Illegals that have 12-14 Million American Jobs and $500 Billion of our money and have Murdered over 100,000 Americans with violence and Disease.

  • Paul Bedard

    please people ron paul is doing better than ever.he will never drop out. mainstream are fooling the fools to believe this.he is using his donations to the best advantage…secure delegates as his strategy has always been through the state conventions. brilliant !also for all to know and share that for 33 years a plan has been in place to get rid of all the criminals worldwide.please go to and know this is about to happen. this is also for community and local levels. liberty will soon be had and it is up to each individual to get involved to affect needed change ! all this has been formulated lawfully. please remember all who died today memorial day and look for all human beings on the planet to live their life the way it is supposed to be. now go to

    • T i m

      I need to know , what is the definition / job description of a state delegate . Last I read , C N N said a person must sign a plege of allegience to the party agenda , to qualify for state delegate . Dr. Paul has refused to follow the party agenda , all the while cater to the party for recognition . I SINCERELY PRAY , AFTER DR. PAUL WINS THE PRESIDENCY , HE WILL GET RID OF THE DELEGATE PROCESS . Hillary tried that last election . The delegate process makes the peoples choice vote useless. ALSO GET RID OF TERM LIMITS . LET THE PEOPLE VOTE THEM OUT . T i m

      • George

        CNN is a poor source for correct information. One must choose a party. Where I live there is only the two party choice, but you choose who you vote for. If you are a Dr.Paul supporter you can go to Choose your state, Register, get involved. you will need to file a PRECINCT DELEGATE AFFIDAVIT OF IDENTITY AND RECEIPT OF FILING for your state/county at the clerks office. Remember CNN works for the progressive socialists and they will confuse issues to manipulate things to get end result they are looking for.

        • T i m

          I am aware of C N N’s reputation . I have a freind in the bayou , Gulf Coast , said she applied for state delegate , was required to sign a plege of allegience to the party . She signed , was NOT CHOSEN . If all this is the case , over 2 0 0 0 people will sign to agree to allow Obama to continue to destroy AMERICA and Christianity . Last I read , RON PAUL HAS LOT MORE DELEGATES THAN MEDIA GIVES HIM CREDIT FOR . Also last I read VIRGINIA required a plege of alegience to the party to be allowed to vote . This was advertised on News MAX last fall . ??????????? T i m

      • George

        I am sorry to here of the bad experiences dealing with the status quo. Although I m not at all surprised. So far here in Michigan I have not had that type of pledge taking business. There are however some deeply dug in establishment ticks that don’t wish to loss any control. The Dr. Paul Revolution is shaking their tree here, I am pleased to report. We did root out at least one local manipulator in chief. At a county convention there were a number of visitors that are new to the inner workings of the grass roots level of government. Almost all were there because of Dr. Paul.

        • T i m

          I am sure you remember the primary votes in Louisiana , Mississippi , Alabama . Santorum took Loisiana , STATE DELEGATES GAVE IT TO ROMNEY . Romney had already told the world news , last fall , during 1 st I O W A straw vote , he is not concerned with the peoples choice vote , he is fighting for state delegates . Lots of people are upset about the delegate process , same as me . WHY BOTHER VOTING , SINCE THE 2 0 0 0 PLUS DELEGATES CAN TAKE AWAY VOTES FROM ANY BODY THEY CHOOSE . ………….I WILL VOTE FOR RON PAUL . T i m

  • Lawrence


  • Carl Manning

    If Ron Paul had embraced ALL OF THE TRUTH from the get-go, running against the endless lies embraced by the District of Criminals and their willing accomplices in the Propaganda/Zionist Criminal Cabal Media including also the mindless idiots in Talk Radio and Faux News, it would have given impetus to the establishment of a viable Third Party, a TRUE “REVOLUTION”, which is sorely needed in these last days of America, as our Republic lies on her deathbed on a ventilator. If he had set about to thoroughly embrace the truth – ALL OF THE TRUTH – no holes barred – and go on an all-out mission to educate the American People and the American troops about the CIA/Mossad/Zionist-controlled Media Inside Job of 911; the infiltration of the US government and the US media by dual Israeli/US citizens who are aligned with Mossad; the CIA/Secret Service Inside Job of the Kennedy assassination, the RFK assassination, the Marilyn Monroe assassination, the JFK Jr. assassination, the Princess Diana assassination, the Vince Foster assassination, the William Colby assassination, and the Ron Brown assassination; the political assassinations conducted by Obama’s Chicago mafia, Clinton’s Arkansas mafia, and Bush and Daddy Bush’s CIA criminal cabal; the CIA’s money laundering, drug trafficking, and sex trafficking enterprises with the banksters and the FED; the Communist associations of Bill Clinton, Leon Panetta, Obama, and John Deutch; the CIA/Secret Service coverup involved with eliminating numerous frames from the “true” Zapruder film in order to setup the patsy, Lee Harvey Oswald; the coverup of the USS Liberty attack by Israeli warplanes; the coverup of TWA Flight 800; the 150% illegitimacy, ineligibility, TREASON, SEDITION, and criminality of the Usurper “_resident” occupying 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue and BOTH political parties, ALL OF THE COURTS, the Joint Chiefs of Staff, the FBI, CIA, Justice Department, numerous State governmment officials and AG’s and SOS’s, and all of the Establishment Left and Right media that have allowed this HIGH TREASON; the HIGH TREASON committed by both parties in Congress that continue to pass unlawful, illegitimate, UNCONSTITUTIONAL legislation at breakneck speed that is creating a police state and destroying the Bill of Rights; and the establishment of FEMA camps by this government unopposed by both political parties. If he had just embraced ALL OF THE TRUTH instead of just the un-Constitutional limitless credit line and ATM known as the FED; the un-Constitutional, insane nation-building; and outrageously, criminally insane and TREASONOUS spending, he could have started a wildfire instead of just a brushfire and the Establishment would be running for their lives knowing the American People would have them inside the FEMA camps in short order. Imagine, for a minute, if Paul had just had the moral courage to embrace ALL OF THE TRUTH as aformentioned in the debates. We then could truly be FREE again. Instead, a miraculous opportunity was squandered yet again – par for the course! So, as we remember those who died, let us not forget that many died in vain for a horrible lie to please the Military Industrial Complex that is running the show in the District of Criminals and NYC.
    By the same token, if the TEA Party had never allowed itslef to be co-opted by the Neocon GOP RINO Establishment and their plants like former GOP Congressman, Dick Armey, who founded “FreedomWorks” who openly embraced illegal immigration, Governor Nicki Haley of South Carolina who now supports Romney, Christine O’Donnell who also now supports Romnmey, and most of the new TEA Party Congressman who in a mere 8 months completely betrayed everything about the TEA Party and the American People when they supported in overwhelming numbers the Debt Debacle on August 1st, 2011, giving a blank check for 2 trillion dollars to a criminal impostor and felonious Traitor occupying the White House. Only 22 TEA Party Congressman out of around 80 elected held their ground. Even the much ballyhooed, yet horribly ignorant neocon, Allan West, who has to his credit at least called out the 80 or so Communist traitors in the DemoCommie Party, betrayed the TEA Party himself when he voted for the Debt Debacle! Perhaps, he should also call out all of the traitors including himself in the GOP who supported this Debt Debacle!!! This is what passes for “patriots” and “Presidential material” with the Neocon nutjob gullible dupes of the GOP who still believe the lie of 911. Every day of my life in this country now, I feel like I am living in a live episode of The Twilight Zone.

    • George

      I think there is a couple of things you may have missed, but I don’t disagree with your assessment. Have you registered to become a delegate yet? I think you may find like minded people getting involved.

      • Carl Manning

        I forgot to mention the assassination of Minnesota Senator Paul Wellstone because he knew 911 was a lie as well as the assassination of the DC Madam, Deborah Jeane Palfrey, who also knew too much about the lie of 911 based on confessions to some of her “workers” by “high”-level government officials, and it was also rumored that Cheney was one of their clients. She was going to releae her list of clientele to the public when they whacked her. As the lie of 911 continues to remain unchallenged in the American media now completely owned by criminals in the B’nai Brith/Zionist/Mossad/CIA cabal, these sick bastards are only becoming more and more emboldened to try something else. I believe their next hit will be at Big Ben at the London Olympics shortly. Michael Harari was the Zionist Mossad Deputy Chief who successfully orchestrated and planned 911. He is likely in London right now under an assumed alias getting the stage set for pandemonium. I can only hope the British media isn’t completely in the tank of these criminal Zionist terrorists like the American media.

    • OneGuess

      Considering your post, you ARE living in “The Twilight Zone”. Please get some help.

      • OneGuess

        Also, your anti-semitism is showing. Paranoia is unbecoming.

      • T i m


  • william l collins

    i ran to a bunch of people that was upset because they said ron paul has droped out and that they where not going to vote this year be cause obama or romney wasn’t worth voteing for like 90% of the congress and senator thats in office now that they are nouthing but trators to this country because the mojorety that we put in office are voteing in laws that are taken our freedoms and rights away and they say that it seems that about everone we put in are voteing for a dectator rule this is the most worthless government in u.s history

  • Oldbutnot a dumbass 2012

    Ron Paul 2012!!!!!!

  • Damn Buster 2012

    I Agree,good old RON 2012!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Malibu Kim

    In support of this conversation, I encourage everyone to see the new documentary THRIVE, produced by Foster Gamble (of the Proctor & Gamble family). It can be viewed for free online at: Foster Gamble was groomed to be one of the ruling elite – but he intuitively knew there was a better way of life on our planet which he puts forth in this documentary. I would love to hear your comments after you view it. By the way, in an interview featuring Foster Gamble, he was asked who best stood out as candidate for president and he stated Ron Paul – and also named Dennis Kucinich as those best suited to represent us. I think they would be a fine team in Our White House. PRESIDENT RON PAUL 2012!

    • Carl Manning

      Another true patriot who stood up against the Zionist-controlled criminal system running our government and went to jail wrongly for it, who is also quite aware of the lie of 911, is former Congressman and Ron Paul ally, Congressman James Traficant. James, like Ron Paul, tells it like it is.

  • roger gunderson

    Ron Paul, my only hope for this country.


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