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Another Orwell Prophecy Nearing Fulfillment

January 22, 2013 by  

Another Orwell Prophecy Nearing Fulfillment

There were no telescreens, of course, but there was always the danger of concealed microphones by which your voice might be picked up and recognized; besides, it was not easy to make a journey by yourself without attracting attention. For distances of less than 100 kilometres it was not necessary to get your passport endorsed, but sometimes there were patrols hanging about the railway stations, who examined the papers of any Party member they found there and asked awkward questions. — George Orwell, 1984

Orwell’s grim depiction of a dystopian futuristic society in which the every movement of every person is meticulously scrutinized by the power of the state sometimes appears to have been used by American officials as an instruction manual over the past decade. More often than not, an idea similar to whatever the Department of Homeland Security has most recently proposed can be found within the pages of Orwell’s prescient novel.

Late last week, the Department of Homeland Security and the Secret Service issued a request for information for microphones that are being considered for placement around Washington, D.C., to detect gunshots.

From the request:

The Department of Homeland Security (DHS) / United States Secret Service (USSS) is seeking information on commercially available gunshot detection technologies for fixed site surveillance applications. Typical coverage areas are expected to be from 10s to 100s of acres per site, located within urban areas. Due to the secure nature of these sites, a high gunshot detection rate (>95%) is strongly desired while daily, operational monitoring of the system by external parties is undesirable.

But, as Infowars pointed out in a recent report, similar sensors installed in cities throughout the Nation have been used not only to locate gunshots but also to record conversations.

The New York Times pointed out in May that gunshot sensors were actually used to listen to a loud street argument that resulted in a fatal shooting in New Bedford, Mass. While even the staunchest privacy advocates have had little problem with law enforcement using systems like these to pinpoint the location of urban gun violence, law enforcement did generally did not inform the public of the ability of the sensors to record conversations.

Last year, the American Civil Liberties Union’s Jay Stanley began asking questions about the gunshot locators: “If the courts start allowing recordings of conversations picked up by these devices to be admitted as evidence, then it will provide an additional incentive to the police to install microphones in our public spaces, over and above what is justified by the level of effectiveness the technology proves to have in pinpointing gun shots.”

It is often noted that the United States is usually not far behind the United Kingdom in terms of police state surveillance measures, raising the prospect that the audio recording infrastructure being implemented now could give way to more blatantly Orwellian developments in the near future.

According to a report from Homeland Security News Wire in June 2010, some English cities already have installed devices that pick up suspicious sounds and conversations.

From the report:

Microphones that can detect aggression by the tone of someone’s voice were installed in Coventry, England, where they will cover an area blighted by drunken violence. The Coventry decision has raised the prospect of microphones coming to other cities in the United Kingdom.

The system, called Sigard, is able to direct CCTV cameras toward suspicious sounds, which can also be gunshots or the smashing of glass. Operators can then direct police straight to a confrontation, in the hope they can stop violence before it erupts.

The system was designed by mimicking the hearing processes of the human ear. It can filter out background noise. The microphones detect suspect sounds, including trigger words spoken at normal volumes as well as angry or panicked exchanges before they become violent.

For now, the 4th Amendment generally protects American citizens from being secretly recorded by law enforcement in conversations in which the officials are not involved. But the Constitution has been little more than a speed bump for legislators, law enforcement and busybodies promising ultimate security to Americans in return for privacy in America since 9/11.

In the quote at the beginning of this article, Orwell was writing about microphones hidden in rural areas. For now, Americans most likely only have to worry about them in urban city centers. But, as with other state surveillance measures, it’s likely only a matter of time until they are universally present.

Sam Rolley

Staff writer Sam Rolley began a career in journalism working for a small town newspaper while seeking a B.A. in English. After learning about many of the biases present in most modern newsrooms, Rolley became determined to find a position in journalism that would allow him to combat the unsavory image that the news industry has gained. He is dedicated to seeking the truth and exposing the lies disseminated by the mainstream media at the behest of their corporate masters, special interest groups and information gatekeepers.

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  • Warrior

    Well, if you leave the doors open, someone not on the guest list will eventually invite themselves in. But fear not, we have methods to detect everyone. Now that’s what I call a “collective” thing. Except for abortion, we will employ whatever means necessary to save just “one life”. It’s “all” about about the children ya know.

    • Bill

      Hi Warrior
      It’s similar to the mother in Georgia protecting her children with her husbands hand gun. That is the best way to protect the children

      • manuel rosa

        Bill, answer my question, do you thing she would have come out way ahead if she had used a baseball bat?

      • manuel rosa

        ignore my request I was thinking another…….

    • Benjamin Fox

      Warrior; They have killed millions and not one child shot by a gun but, they are self righteous little god people who have cause more death than anyone alive today. God Bless Friend:

  • http://carlwk3c carlwk3c

    I hope that everyone will invest in lots of blanks, firecrackers, etc. Swamp the damned big brother spy machine.

    • Steve E

      I got this car that backfires when you rev up the engine and turn off the key. I think I will drive up to DC and have some fun.

      • Maryland Freestater

        @ Steve E: NO!! PLEASE do NOT drive up to DC and do this – we already have enough idiots here already. Not calling YOU an idiot, but the idiot hopper inside the beltway if overfilled already.

        Come to Baltimore’s Inner Harbor and have a crab-cake and a cold ‘Natty Boh’ instead!!

      • Steve E

        Maryland, I was in Baltimore harbor last summer to see the Orioles play. I went to the oldest bar in America called “The Horse you Rode in On”. They also have some good oysters Rockefeller nearby also,

      • manuel rosa

        I wouldn’t do that around Obama ye know, you just might get a traffic ticket.

    • Gordon

      Electronic devices easily tell the difference between gun shots and other noises.

      • Gordon

        Years ago I was talking to LEO friends when a call of “shots fired” came in. Recognizing the neighbor-hood address, they responded with a “15 minute ETA”. Not many want to run into an unknown gun fight.

      • manuel rosa

        ye think so don’t you.

    • LASCO

      You know that is what the criminals will be doing when this becomes full fledged.

  • Deerinwater

    hmm? I guess saying stupid things in the wrong place will have a down side?

    heaven forbid someone be held accountable for what they might say. ~ Where our freedom to be stupid going !

    • Steve E

      Obama is not accountable for what he says. Why should we?

      • Irish Love


      • manuel rosa

        Obama has inough authority, he can be stupid and get away with it, better yet he can have you arested because of his stupid mistake, he just point finger and say take him!

  • jdn

    What a waste of money . Gun shot detectors in a gun free zone .

    • Deerinwater

      Are you suggesting a criminal would care?

      That like the woman that phoned into a hot line , complaining about the placement of Deer Crossing signs, ~

      Saying that they place these signs is the worst possible place for Deer to cross! If they could only move these signs to a safer place to where the deer might cross more safely we would have less accidents.

      • manuel rosa

        your comment sounds like your saying the deer crosses where they see the signs for deer crossing.

      • Deerinwater

        Correct Rosa ~ you got the absurdity of the comment. Deer can’t read and Criminals out to do harm don’t care about laws. ~

        My comment was in relation to the poster that commented that these listening measures was a foolish thing to do inside a firearm restricted area. ~

        Humor , is good!

    • http://yahoo Don

      you are right about the waste of money. seems like all lawmakers can do is throw away money. how do the idiots think they can pinpoint exactly where a shot came from. idiots. all in controll of people. they did’nt say what orwells novel was. it was called 1984.

      • Dick

        “how do the idiots think they can pinpoint exactly where a shot came from” – well, catch the sound in enough microphones (the more the better) and they can, you know – it uses the same principle as GPS, with sound instead of radio waves – the delay times between the individual sounds which are picked up, pinpoint where the sound comes from. You just draw circles of delay time (proportional to distance) on a map, and where these cross… bingo

      • Chester

        Don, the systems in operation now can place you within ten yards when you cut loose with even one round into the ground. Wonder how many people in that sixty foot circle would happen to have a gun that had been recently fired? A second shot will have it down to a few feet one way or another, even if the shooter is moving, as the system will be looking for another bang.

    • Irish Love


  • Marvin

    Remember when we switched from analog tv reception to digital?

    This was because it is easier and less detectable to have built in
    technology to watch you when the tv set is turned on .

    • http://yahoo Don

      i could believe that. another minus is if you have an outdoor antenna, half the time you cannot get a lot of channels because of weather conditions. storms or even cloudy skies cause signal loss. another waste they came up with.

    • Hedgehog

      You mean you actually turn your TV set on! Why would you do that? There’s nothing there to see. Move along now.

    • Chester

      Marvin, for that to work, must needs have a transmitter built into that set, AND a receiver capable of sorting millions of individual signals all on the same or near the same frequency. Computers do it by time share, but how do you link a million or so tv’s so that each one will only speak when it has permission? Think on that, and look at what technology hasn’t done as well as what it has.

      • Buster the Anatolian

        I am not saying they are capable of it yet but it would work on the same principal as is used on phone lines. They use something called, I believe, sampling to be able send multiple phone messages at the same time. It has been to long since I read about it but as best I remember the system takes bits of each signel repeatedly and from those bits they are able to re-construct the conversation in your voice.

      • Jack

        >>Marvin, for that to work, must needs have a transmitter built into that set, AND a receiver capable of sorting millions of individual signals all on the same or near the same frequency.

        Only in the analog space. With digital, it’s no different than the internet — each packet has an address and a unique ID. problem solved.

        The technology has existed for at least 20 years to point a highly directional antenna at a car and determine precisely what radio station the driver has tuned.

    • manuel rosa

      Mr Marvin, the sollution is easy. remove the camera. if yor can’t remove the camera take the tv back to the store and get your money back and then go buy one without a camera.

  • TIME

    Dear People,

    You must let your Congress people know that you know what they are doing, that you want it stopped.
    If you allow it they will just keep on going. The legal term is: The slippery slope,
    Yet an other old adage is, ~ a foot in the door.

    Saddly ~ faith in a MASSIVE Government structure has in fact allowed this all to unfold. No one can live your life for you, also no Government can take care of you, they can only enslave you if you allow it, then when that blade comes down on your neck you have no one to blame but YOU.

    The American people are the pearls in the eyes of the WHOLE world, they look to YOU as leaders yet saddly what confounds them is your behavior.
    They can’t understand why you are allowing your FREEDOMS to be “ERODED” by obvious criminals ~ who we keep electing into office by the mindless methods of swaying the public vote by what ever feckless rhetoric the mass media blows out their blow holes.

    Saddly we now have tipped the scales so far to the side of the pure illiterate mindless responces by way of the collection of incoherent particals the mass media sell you.

    The question’s this begs answer’s too is:
    { why are Americans so lazy? }
    { Why will you allow a mindless game’s to off set your thinking about what is really going on? }
    { Why do your need to have your opinions formed by someone else? }
    { Why would you allow Corporations to RULE over you? }

    Is a worthless new cell phone or some mindless new toy that is worthless ten minutes after you buy it really all you want, or need?

    What about interpersonal skills such as speaking one on one with other humans in PERSON?
    Why is that so taboo now?

    Why do Americans need a TV show ~ house wife’s from what ever to be your candle in the darkness? Or some other stupid game be it computer generated or just other mindless TV game shows or even whats passed off as NEWS REPORTING?

    Why is it that expressing views that are not the generated rhetoric from your Corporation leaders is precieved by these very RULERS ~ as Evil?
    Why do you allow such RULERS to enslave your soul, your mind, your life?

    How many of you have ever stood at the base of a mountain and looked up to its peak, then straped on your gear and headed up that mountain?
    Why would one do this?
    I can only answer as to why I have done such, { it was to over come MY fear of hight, } to be able to be my own guide of not only what I will allow into my space within TIME its self, ~ but to be my own person, BTW ~ thats called “FREEDOM”.

    After many hours I reached that summit, where I stood looking over ALL that was below me. I had no fear anylonger of not only being, but doing ~ as well achieving, as I had in fact conquered all that held me back.

    The moral of this is that you ALL have to do the same thing in what ever it is that brings you fear, You must hold the faith that within your very soul you have the power as well all the strenght to stand up, to move on to what needs to be addressed – to fix wrongs – to just say enough is enough.
    { To Take control over yourself so you can see that you are that light in the darkness.}

    Try it, hell you may even make that break through today.

    “Nothing in life is a given,” Death of this avatar is only but a gate way to a higher level “Vibration of never ending LIFE” Get it?
    { Or will you saddly to return as at same level and try yet again.}

    Its your call, can you grow to a new Higher Vibration level ~ or will you just slide along
    ( like a lost SOUL) ~ {swiming in a fish bowl year after year, going over the same old ground?} – { Will you trade a walk on part ~ for a lead role in a cage? }
    David Gilmour

    Peace and Love, Shalom

    • dan

      here you go, buddy :…mind games

      • TIME

        Dear Dan,

        Thank you for posting that video. Oh how TRUE!

        John was a really beautiful human, I knew him quite well saddly as with most of my old friends they are no longer in this Vibration level, thus I PRAY they are on a higher vibration level now.

        BTW, did you know that John had a lot of problems with the FBI as well many others within the alledged government?

        Many of us have asked the question a numner of times if John and Jimmy, were not victims of the war on the American people.
        Not unlike John Kennedy, Bobby Kennedy, Martin Luther King, just to name a few other beautiful humans all of whom if there were still with us would have made a massive POSITIVE impact on the world we live in.

        Peace and Love, Shalom,

    • Brian W

      I don’t look to America as a leader. I look to it as an example of where oppression is heading. One needs only look to the list of abuses the USA used to criticise in the Soviets, the Chinese and the “terrorists” to understand exactly what has been going on behind the “democratic” American facade all these years. Criminals always accuse others of being and doing exactly what they are guilty of. Check them off, one for one, and you will see that is completely true.

      • cawmun cents

        There is a push to show the world that where there is the most freedom…is the place where it is most easily taken away.
        They are accomplishing it from the standpoint that we are slowly being eaten by rule and regulation.
        The slime that oozes out from the television has corrupted even the most hardy among us.Think about the bully pulpit that was invented solely for the purposes of propagrandizement of the populace.
        Are their tactics insidious?
        Can they convince you that anything is true?
        Conformity is corrosive to freedom folks…..always has been.
        You follow the laws…even when they are contrary to everything you have been taught since conception.
        The more you give the more they take.
        They mask their intentions by paving the road to hell with smiling faces,pats on the back,friendly handshakes,and helpful motives.But make no mistake.You are not headed upwards and outwards,rather downward and inward.
        Only by being less can you have more is what they are telling you.
        Now they are saying that because there is less going around,they must take more from you because you are reluctant to give when you have less.
        And you think that they are doing this for your own good?
        How foolish and undereducated you have become for resting on your laurels and being willing to accept new and improved ideals of fascism and socialism?
        Have you raised your ostrich-like head from the sand,and taken a good look around lately?
        Even with your head in the sand,you can still get your ass kicked.
        With shoes made by slave labor in a foreign land that you will kill your neighbor to own.
        Is there ant mystery why you are diving into the abyss?
        Not really.
        It is a condition of your past comfortable lives which makes you suceptible to your enemies.How well they know this.How little you have learned.
        Go ahead and give your freedoms and virtues away like children trading marbles or gamecards.
        You have earned the wages you are getting.

      • TIME

        Dear Brian & CC,

        Both really strong post, Keep up the Great work!

        Peace and Love, Shalom

    • Irish Love

      AMEN Brother!!

      • manuel rosa

        Bend over Time, they gona give you a peace alright, or, maybe a piece?

    • manuel rosa

      Dear Time, I’d like to see a coup.

      • manuel rosa

        I may be crazy but the way things are, the constitution grants the people the right to a coup.

  • ibcamn

    Didn’t they try to push these mic’s through a few years back in New York,but the test on them failed and was found ineffective,(still takes too long to get to site of shooting)and usually people calling in gives them the exact place of the shooting!these mic’s are strictly for listening to the people(DC employee’s) and what they have to say about the gov’t,that’s it!!and he’ll have signs all over before long of telling people to call in if they hear anybody talking bad of Obama or gov’t to call in and tell someone!!(for $ maybe)just watch,it’s in the handbook iv’e been telling you of!disarm us and round up the people with voices.(these mic’s point in four directions and angle towards the ground and will be placed in our midst,they wont be mounted at the tops of buildings at 90 degree angles,just wait and watch!)kinda like the streetlight camera’s were having all the fun with!

  • tony newbill

    The silencing of the sheep is now in play !!! I wonder if Hilary and John Kerry wrote this script Before or after Hilary said its Patriotic to protest ?

  • Maryland Freestater

    I’d like to know where I can get some of these mics from – handy for teleconfrencing systems!


    Person of interest–Here we Come–Camera’s next–Computer analysis. Wonderful to have so many freedoms…Yah.

  • David169

    I agree with almost everyone above that are freedoms are being eroded by a non-representative federal government.
    However, that bloated all consuming and wanting abomination has sealed its own fate. In November and December it had to print 40% of its budget. January is not finished but it can be assumed that this February the federal government will need to print 50% of its budget. Tax and spend can only go so far. The federal government has now taxed us into another recession which will further reduce their income. Unfortunately those at the helm cannot fathom they have collapsed the federal (and most state’s) government by spending so far beyond their means they have put themselves into bankruptcy. The citizens who voted them into office to raid the treasury face a similar fate; when they stick out their hand for money they will get a handful of currency that won’t buy anything. Their food card won’t buy anything when the stores are empty.
    What I cannot understand is how anyone believes progressivism/socialism or a nanny state by any other name can work. Our government was doomed when the majority of voters voted for a candidate who promised more freebies. We are already bankrupt. We were bankrupt in 2008 and our government’s financial position falls further every day. We have passed the “if” point and now it is only a matter of when will the system collapse. This also points out the falicy of “gun control” in that a system is needed to identify the location of shooting in a city that has the most restrictive gun laws in the country.

    • Wellarmed

      Unfortunately there is a system already functioning in Los Angeles. On the news it is often referred to as a gun shot placement system, and is always touted to the people of Southern California as the best thing since sliced bread. The common theme is that these systems were “needed” particularly for the morons that fire their guns in the air on the fourth of July. No self respecting gun owner I know would even consider doing something so stupid, but it does play out well for the governments justification, and their willingness to have security at any cost.

      The true danger I see is not the individual use of these systems ( shot placement,traffic cameras ( blanketed cities ), drones, , but when they become harmonized with one another, as it will allow programmers to create maps that will have a certain degree of predictability regarding all Americans movements.Why should this even be something that we as Americans need to think about? It is because we have lost ALL transparency regarding the aspects of surveillance as it relates to the American People.

      The Patriot Act was a clear affront to American Liberty, and we did nothing. Now we have the National Defense Authorization Act, and again we do nothing and our voices fall on deaf ears in Washington while President Obama claims to have stopped the use of torture in its tracts all the while the body count stacks up at Guantanamo Bay Cuba. Even our own service persons are being subjected to ( harsh treatment ) such as PFC Manning. Weather you agree with his dumping information or not, no where in the Military Code of Justice is the Government Authorized to implement torture on American Service Persons. If he committed and act of treason then he should be sentenced appropriately after he has been afforded due process.

      When reading a speech from Martin Luther king last night about the injustices that were befalling the people of Vietnam, it struck me that history cannot stop repeating itself regardless of the number of times we reread it. It is much like a parent who abuses his child, as he was abused before, and the cycle just never seems to end regardless of the degree that we recognize the problem. I strongly suggest everyone go to the Antiwar web site and read the Speech King gave in 1964.

      Even as a prolific gun owner, I can believe in his statement that social change comes most meaningfully through nonviolent action.

      But there also comes a time when silence is betrayal.

    • manuel rosa

      Mr David, Obama has had his sights on the 401Ks and IRAs he will find a way to confiscate them just as Linden Jhonson confiscated social security. I garantee you its gona happen and when it does the country will be bailed out or bankrupsy of course we all should feel sorry for those people who spenst a whole life saving to watch their goverment evaporate it whats more those were the ones who voted republic, the ones that voted democrat they don’t have 401Ks or IRAs cause those are on welfary. “they neither work nor save” this is where neial boortz is right! they are just muchers and Parasytes.

  • 247southernvoice

    Hi Bob, and thanks for tackling this important subject.

    All the points stated in the article–and some preceding comments–are exactly right. Why does the government “need” a system like this a) in a city with the tightest gun control laws in the country and b) when people who report a shooting give the exact location? This is nothing more than another attack on personal liberty.

    Gun control doesn’t work. WE know that, but the progressives (more appropriate: retrogressives) seem to think that the only reason the policy failed before was that it wasn’t implemented on a wide enough scale. It’s incredible how many people seem to think that gun control laws control gun CRIMES. They don’t, because criminals don’t obey laws…that’s why they are called CRIMINALS.

    David169 is right. It’s no longer “if,” it’s “when.” And when the system collapses, you can bet there will be raids, mobs, riots, and shootings, beatings, clubbings, and violence all sorts. When that happens (if current events continue unchecked), the people who most need to defend themselves will be powerless to do so.

    • The Christian American

      Remember 9/11? How they had us looking one way while thay are concentrating in another direction. That’s what this paranoia about the people having guns is all about. They could care less about shootings in the streets. They might even rejoice because they are happening. They’re a smoke screen over their real agenda, that is, disarming lovers of our Constitutional Republic. How can they establish a godless socialist State mirrored after communism if real Americans have guns? With their propaganda they get the masses on their side, they need something people can find repugnant, and that’s responsible people owning guns.

      These people lie thru their teeth as they are sworn into office. Should we trust them after they’re sworn in? should we trust anything they say and do? Reagan said: Trust, but verify. Upon verification I’ve found them to be servants of Satan.

      • Vicki

        The Christian American writes:
        “With their propaganda they get the masses on their side, they need something people can find repugnant, and that’s responsible people owning guns.”

        And we need to fight the propaganda with self evident truth

        ~300 MILLION Americans did not shoot anyone last year (or the year before…(adjust for population)…)

        Demand that the government stop punishing the masses for the acts of a few.

        Demand that government stop it.
        Demand that they stop it NOW.

      • Buster the Anatolian

        Vicky I would suggest you change and use “100 million + gun owners did not commit a crime with a gun today.

      • Irish Love

        AMEN EXACTLY!!

      • manuel rosa

        Mr Christian American
        Its no doubt you speak good sense. what gets me is, How can such a high percentage of people be drunken on this cool aid that the liberals put out. In fact How can so many Americans get so drunken on this liberalism that they don’t seem to have the very basic of understanding?

      • Vicki

        Buster the Anatolian says:
        “Vicky I would suggest you change and use “100 million + gun owners did not commit a crime with a gun today.”

        While this is quite true I chose ~300 million because it is the rights of ALL Americans for which we fight and not just those who (wisely) choose to own a firearm.

  • John Woodard: Crazy Like A Fox

    Hey there, JTR! I just wanted to pop-in to say HI and tell you how things are here in So Charleston. I had to read your blog and laughed, thankful I am NOT paying attention anymore. Let’s see…No Free Speech Zones and forced contraception; First Amendment-CHECK. 23 Exec Orders mandating gun control laws that Obama KNOWS he can’t get through Congress; Second Amendment- CHECK. No these microphones, and don’t forget the DRONES; Fourth Amendment- CHECK. Change the date of the inauguration to coincide with Martin Luther King, Jr day and prove AGAIN, that Obama’s presidency is nothing but FORM; 20th Amendment- CHECK. When I saw that, while we are restricting guns, Americans are being killed in Algeria, I KNEW that it is all nothing but SILLINESS anymore.

    So, anyway…things are well here. It is like you said: Someone told me just yesterday that if she saw me walking on the street and did not know me, she would immediately ask herself, “What band is he in and is it famous?” I have already started plans for the construction of my THRONE on the top of The Mound. We love it.

    Hope all is well with you and MrsJTR. Don’t let your panties get in too much of a wad over all this stuff. Nothing will finally change until more people WAKE UP!

  • boyscout

    Give up any and all weapons (you can still practice with your slingshot if you do it digitally) – accept this external surveillance now ( the future promises a more intrusive use of rectally inserted systems) – and disregard all that malarchy that preambles a presently unfashionable constitution) (like the history books it can be easily re-construed) – Oh and there’s some really tasty broth in the soup line today !

  • The Christian American

    New cars and TV’s are equipped with bugging devises. Cars with GPS know exactly where you are and who you are visiting. Does this kind of equipment have listening devises in it? Don’t know. It would be a criminals / DC’s dream to know everything about his victims wouldn’t it? Today, we’ve got 1984 on steroids. Hitler’s and Stalin’s dream.


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