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Another One Bites The Dust

October 19, 2012 by  

Another One Bites The Dust

The world is changing.

Print media is going the way of the dinosaur. Digital media is where it’s at.

Newsweek, once one of the premier news magazines (and government propaganda arms) announced yesterday it would cease its print operation as of Dec. 31. It will continue in an all-digital format in 2013. Newspapers across the country are ending or reducing their print operations and focusing on digital.

The Internet is to the current communications environment as the Gutenberg press was in the mid-1400s. The Gutenberg press was the first to use moveable type. It was essentially the printing standard for the next 500-plus years. Johannes Gutenberg’s invention led directly to the development of the Renaissance, Reformation, the Age of Enlightenment and the Scientific Revolution. Knowledge, long held close to the vest by the elites, became available to the commoners.

For the past 100-plus years, the elites have controlled the mainstream media. The Internet has changed that. Now anyone can publish his message. Information (and disinformation) is available to everyone with an Internet connection.

The elites hate that they no longer control the message. They will continue their efforts to control the Internet through regulation and censorship. These efforts must be resisted at all cost.

Bob Livingston

is an ultra-conservative American and author of The Bob Livingston Letter™, founded in 1969. Bob has devoted much of his life to research and the quest for truth on a variety of subjects. Bob specializes in health issues such as nutritional supplements and alternatives to drugs, as well as issues of privacy (both personal and financial), asset protection and the preservation of freedom.

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  • pete

    I assert the reason for the NEWSWEEK failure is that it did not report the news. It carried water for the Liberal point of view.

    • julesv29

      But, what will we use to line the guinea pig cage or the bird cage?

  • Karolyn

    There’s still too much paper! I’m drowning in it!

    • B-rad

      Paper is a 100% renewable resource. THe digital devices that are being made require non-renewable resources to manufacture. I am not a Green freak, but when it comes to sustainability, there is a case to be made for printed media. I do believe the left-leaning slant to many newspapers and magazines has had a negative influence on their circulation whether or not they print or go digital. Being employed in the print industry, it is sad to see another plant closing and the jobs that go with it. These are the types of jobs we need desparately in this country.

      • DaveH

        No B-rad, we need jobs that produce real goods and services for people who want those goods or services. If a product or service is no longer in demand, it serves the economy better to shift that investment capital to products or services that are in demand.

  • Warrior

    Uh, oh, what are we going to read in the doctors waiting room? Oh, that’s right, we have “oblamacare”. Won’t require doctors offices anymore. These newsweek people are pretty insightful wouldn’t you say?

    • JimboNC

      My last medical visit for a check-up with my PCP, when the nurse called my name, I told her, ‘I don;t have an appointment I just came in to read the magazines.’ They always have the ones rarely seen elsewhere. And I do dislike hospital pubs for female problems.

  • Chester

    Pete, NEWSWEEK did not fail at all. They are simply doing a Romney, closing a low profit operation, and quite possibly outsourcing much of their information gathering. That was Bain Capital’s specialty, buy a business that was making its own way without a lot of growth, sell off the parts of the business that were just paying their own way, then outsource as much of the remaining operation as possible so they could cut staff even more.

    • JohnC

      Chester the steel plant you say was viable was not it was hurt by steel imports Bain capital bought it and it lasted another 10 years rather than going under sooner, Bain capital tried to keep it going but there was no point High Union Costs and bad market conditions caused its demise Bain bailed out after seeing it was no loger viable to pump money into a dying company. So they let it go under like it would have 10 years earlier.

    • Vigilant

      Sorry, Chester, you’re completely wrong.

      “Since 2008, Newsweek has undergone internal and external contractions designed to shift the magazine’s focus and audience while improving its finances. Instead, losses at the newsweekly accelerated: revenue dropped 38 percent from 2007 to 2009. The revenue declines prompted an August 2010 sale by owner The Washington Post Company to 92-year-old audio pioneer Sidney Harman—for a purchase price of $1.00 and an assumption of the magazine’s liabilities.” (Wikipedia)

      That was a cheap attempt to politicize an economic issue by bringing in Bain. The free market killed Newsweek and nothing else.

      • eddie47d

        Newsweek never had the subscriptions that Time and US News and World Report had. So maybe there was simply to much competition to exist in print form. Its like newspapers all over America that went out of business a few years ago because of the Internet. The world changes and not everyone or every business can keep up.

    • http://Facebook Rosemary Roy

      The steel companies have been going under for years. Wycoff Steel in my home town own went under years ago. Bath Steel is not the company it was. If you want to start blaming someone or something—-Put some blame on the Unions. People got greedy in this country. Now their paying for it. It’s a known fact—it’s cheaper to make over seas and import it than make it in this country. I’m 77 and am watching a great country go down, what a disheartening disgrace.

      • Vigilant

        It was the unions that bankrupted GM, and it will be the unions that will kill it off eventually.

      • Gary

        Decades of unreasonable tarrifs and Dep’t of Commerce imposed quotas on imports has resulted in highly paid unskilled labour on one side and untrained and incompetent management on the other that is not competitive in a world market. In short the workers didn’t have to work and mangers didn’t have to manage to servive.

    • Lisa Smith

      Chester, you do understand that if these companies that Bain bought, were making money in the first place for the previous owners would never have likely sold them. Bain didn’t buy them to kill them off but to try to breathe life back into them, sometime it worked and sometimes it didn’t, but for those that didn’t still had there life extended a few more years.

  • TeaParty Patriot (TPP)

    The Gutenberg press was not Gutenbergs MAIN contribution to communications. Gutenberg invented MOVABLE type. Until this time all printing was done either by scribes or carved printing blocks (todays’s equivalent would be carved linoleum blocks) put on presses and copies made of the resulting imprint. The Gutenberg Bible was the first book printed using movable type and eventually made Bibles available to the masses of people.

    The entire news media is destroying itself. I worked on Newspapers for 25+years As a ITU printer. in Milw. Detroit. Peoria, Chicago, St Louis, SanJose, Oakland, SanFrancisco, Seattle, Aberdeen and many other cities and I learned one important thing. Editors change the “news” to thier political points of view. If you read it in the NEWS you can be asssured that sometime in the history of mankind this event MAY have occurred.

    • Dennis48e

      “The Gutenberg press was not Gutenbergs MAIN contribution to communications. Gutenberg invented MOVABLE type. ”

      Go back and re-read the article teaparty. Mr Livingston said very clearly that movable type was what made Gutenberg’s press important.

  • Ted Crawford

    Newsweeks printed subscribership must be totally devastated, both of them! Their Digital subscribership is propably overjoyed ! Their subscribership will now be nearly doubled! All the way to the impressive, for them, number of 5! Never mind that two of them are only able to look at the pictures!

  • Dussty1

    The internet has changed everything. Yesterday I went to Yahoo news and saw an article written by Jeff Greenfield, praising Obama and declaring how he won the last debate with Romney. I see a lot of articles like this, regarding polling numbers, popularity, liberal issues, etc. All you have to do is scroll down and glance at the readers’ comments. Most people are not swallowing the garbage that’s being written, like how the economy is getting better and calling out an article’s author for not being unbiased. And that’s also where you get a better indication about how the election is going to go. Bottom line: the MSM cannot control the narrative the way they did in the past. Their influence slips away more every day and it’s because of the internet.

    • JohnC

      What they will do is controll your and my access to the inteernet…we can not let this happen then truely they would regain control of the news

    • Ted Crawford

      Exactly the reason that Obama and the Progressive machine continue to push the ” Net Neutrality” issue. We always need to remember, with Progressive proposals, the resultant outcome is always 180 degrees from the stated one! Dodd-Frank – Sold as a prevention to the “Too big to fail” financial institutions: Five of the six largest Banks before Dodd-Frank have now DOUBLED in size, and the sixth is about to! The ‘Affordable Care Act” designed, they claimed, to reduce the cost of health care has ADDED nearly $2,500.00 to the average plan costs!

      • DaveH

        I saw that somewhere and didn’t think to save the link. You wouldn’t happen to know a link to such an article, Ted?

  • Tom Cook

    This yellow rag sealed its fate when it posited, “We’re all socialists now.”

    • JCfromDC

      Amen, Tom. R.I.P and good riddance!

    • teaparty13

      Tom, you’re right, that issue plus the one with the halo around Obama’s swelled head.

  • uvuvuv

    there are capitalization companies that are truly brutal. i forget the name of that danny devito movie where he humorously slices and dices a company he took over. kolberg, kravis and roberts is a real life example of this. i think bain did whatever it could to resuscitate failing companies, and if you read the barbarians at the gates you will see that they aren’t necessarily alone in this. apparently newsweak’s appeal is fading, their leftist agenda was so extreme that even bella abzug would be repelled. they editorialized right in the stories instead of reserving that for the “publisher’s corner.” the advantage of print vs pixel is you can grab that magazine and read it in any and all slouchy positions, and tear out any articles you want to keep. you can fall asleep without some battery going dead. also i find myself lingering over the ads instead of mousing down past them. this apparently is the problem google and facebook have.

  • Jay Lo

    Recently I happened across an old BusinessWeek magazine, the April 26, 1999 issue, and what an interesting read it was. Of particular interest was an article by famed economist, Laura D’Andrea Tyson. The article was titled “Why America is tuning out the tax-cutters”. If you recall the federal government was thought to be running a budget surplus and, according to Ms. Tyson, the majority of polled voters were in favor of using the surpluses to fund Social Security, Medicare and education or to retire the debt.

    Boy what interesting stories those old issues tell when you get a moment to read them.

  • s c

    When does the party start? Newsweak suffers from the same affliction that affects most newspapers and pulp rags. That is, they start with being in bed with politicians. When that happens, truth is the first casualty. Then, journalistic integrity goes. I could probably get better info and more credibility from a paper in Cuba.
    Frankly, it won’t interfere with my sleep if and when the New York Times goes the way of Newsweak. I can get better news from Pravda. I can get better news at a coffee shop. I can get better news and better gossip on a grade school playground.
    Ho bag politicians. Ho bag newspapers, TV stations and ‘experts.’ Just think of it as combination of real SOCIAL JUSTICE and TURNABOUT.
    Can we assume that some union types will be looking for jobs shortly because of Newsweak’s making peace with the internet? I’m amazed that no one brought up the idea of a ‘bailout.’ By-bye, Newsweak. Good riddance!

    • DaveH


  • Florence

    I don’t like to hear of any publication going under. The worry is this could happen to many more and what happens when there is a black-out…This is a great way to control the people…what you can’t read, you can’t know about.

    • s c

      Florence, do you have a lofty opinion of Amerika’s media? If you do, reading more isn’t going to help. Amerika has had a ho bag media for generations. It IS a form of information kontrol. If you haven’t noticed yet, most media types are in bed with Obummer. Where have you been? At the moment, I don’t care if you’re a conservative or a lib. However, you seem to have a ‘what I need to know’ deficit. You will NOT get it from Amerika’s prostitute media.

  • Zayaz

    All the leftist publications that make up the majority of print today, prefer to go down in flames then change to a *real* neutral stance or even a conservative point of view. That has been happening for a while now and it will keep happening. I loved reading newspapers when I was a young man ( 44 now ) until I matured and realized how commie they all were ( that was in my twenties). So, edie74 – if you prefer to be a communist, be one., if you prefer to be brainwashed just like the government wants you to be, that’s fine too. But please, with all due disrespect – keep your dumb comments to yourself until you come out of the haze. It takes some people longer then others and sometimes never, but you must realize that you can’t push your communist agenda on good American people who fought and bled for this country to protect it from people like yourself and the people who publish the the crap in the print. It’s not the internet, it the hogwash that’s in print that people just won’t read anymore. I’m sure that most people who gave up on print would love to pick up a genuinely nonpartisan newspaper every morning.

  • Harold Olsen

    You’d think that sooner or later the brain dead media would get it through their thick and vacant skull that bias in the news is going to put them out of business. The trouble is, they are in denial. They claim they are not biased, but anyone with half a brain not that is not true. Plus, it’s mostly the liberal rags that are going out of business. Most conservative publications are still thriving.

  • Zayaz

    What’s mind boggling is that there are investors and such in the prints and instead of trying different things ( such as being nonbias or get on the conservative side ) to get themselves out of red ink – they would rather crash and burn. That’s how strong the communist brainwashing is. I know, I’m from the old USSR. It’s complete insanity.

  • nickkin

    Next to follow is The New York Slime, Washington compose, Detroit Sleeze press..then we have CBS [comment has been edited], NBc (nothing but crap), followed by ABC (all bull-crap)…newstweet was the beginning of the the domino chain…and they will all fall down…good ridence….does sears still have the outhouse edition?

  • 45caliber

    I havent’ had much use for “news” magazines since Time bought out the last Conservative magazine and closed it down. They sent me a three year subscription to Times in pay off my four months remaining on the conservative mag. I read two issues and cancelled it since I like my news un-editted. For some reason all the present “news” magazines seem to feel that the only real news is on celebraties. Everything else much be editted by them to prevent me from knowing what is really going on.


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