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Another LEO Ignores Rulings On Taping

February 26, 2013 by  

Another LEO Ignores Rulings On Taping

All police officers are trained to lie, but few apparently are ever trained in the law. Federal courts have repeatedly ruled that videotaping police officers in public settings is protected under the 1st Amendment.

Either an unidentified taxpayer-funded LEO (legally entitled to oppress) from Connecticut has not received the message, or he intentionally disregarded it for nefarious purposes. The Photography Is Not A Crime website posted a new video on Saturday of the badge-wearing thug assaulting a woman for operating her video camera on a public street.

Not much was known about the oppressor or the victim in the case, including whether she was injured while being taken down by the LEO or what charges were filed against her. This much is known: LEOs do not like public scrutiny. They also feel they are above the law and are trained to lie in order to trick people into incriminating themselves. All encounters with police should be recorded.

Bob Livingston

is an ultra-conservative American and author of The Bob Livingston Letter™, founded in 1969. Bob has devoted much of his life to research and the quest for truth on a variety of subjects. Bob specializes in health issues such as nutritional supplements and alternatives to drugs, as well as issues of privacy (both personal and financial), asset protection and the preservation of freedom.

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  • Tom Cook

    This statement is so very true but is not believed by the cattle who do not realize that police have become wolves: police are trained to lie. Like the Kenyan fraud president, police are inveterate liars and are abetted by corrupt and immoral judges and district attorneys. Police were once called “the thin blue line” between the public and the criminal element. They are no longer the public’s protectors–they are steroided obese shaven headed arrogant abusive murderous thugs.

    • Jim G

      COMMENT POLICY: “Please don’t stoop to name calling.” Tom Cook says: “they are steroided obese shaven headed arrogant abusive murderous thugs.” Me-thinks that sounds like “name calling.” If there are “bad cops” then, yes, get them fired by all means, but name-calling won’t get it done.

      • Mike Austin

        You are correct Jim. There are some bad apples and need to be removed. the people who paint all cops as bad are the ones who need a mental health check. I would prefer to have an average LEO living next to me than Tom Cook.

      • WILDFIRE

        Jim G says:

        COMMENT POLICY: “Please don’t stoop to name calling.” Tom Cook says: “they are steroided obese shaven headed arrogant abusive murderous thugs.” Me-thinks that sounds like “name calling.” If there are “bad cops” then, yes, get them fired by all means, but name-calling won’t get it done.

        Your purported “name calling” is first and formost a freedom of someones expression regardless to whether you like it or not. 2nd, It was not name calling, he was stating the facts. We have many active police that are in “fact” taking Steroids, We have many police that are “obese”, years ago in order to be a officer you had to meet certain requirements such as your height and weight must fall within a certain range. Now the requirements are so laxed that humpty dumpty and “Charlie and the Chocolate factories” “umpa lumpa’s” could pass the requirements to be an officer. Arrogant and abusive officers are abound, it is no secret, you can spend days watching youtube videos and recordings to prove this fact to be true, furthermore watch the show Cops and you’ll see the arrogance shine through some of them. Murderous thugs, again facts can be watched on youtube and searched on article after article where cops have abused subdued civilians with stun guns while hands tied behind their back, threaten to put bullets in their head and kill them even though the civilian is cuffed and of no danger to the officer. Story upon story where cops have busted in residents doors and shot the occupants only to find out that they were at the wrong residence.

        Your suggestion of “If there are bad cops”, there is no question on “if” there are, it is known fact that there are bad cops and they are poping up everywhere these days, by which I figure they have always been around, but they are now being more exposed due to video technologies at nearly everyones finger tips to catch them, as to previously was not as accessible. Don’t demonize people for stating facts and because you don’t agree with the word they used then call it name calling. Name calling would be something like calling them Qu33 r bait queens or M – Fer’s or something to that effect. By in closing, the description like it or not is accurate for a large portion of todays LEO’s, they are on steriods, they are obese, they do have arrogant attitudes when they approach civilians and if they so choose, they are abusive with their use of take down methods for even non combatant people and lastly, alot of todays cops are so afraid of their own shaddows that they have gotten twitchy trigger fingers that end in what boils down to murder simply because they that they saw a gun. When in turns out being a cell phone or a cigarette lighter and someone lost their life because some untrained dumbed down liberal cop has been given an authority in which they shouldn’t have been given.

      • Nadzieja Batki

        I wouldn’t trust you, Jim G or Mike Austin to take a flee off a dog never mind having you two decide who are the good or bad cops.

    • Robin from Arcadia, IN

      Tom Cook… Do you live in Chicago, Detroit, or New York? I am sure they are many more cities that are in decline and may actually prove your words. However, you are lumping all police officers everywhere into a ‘liar’ mentality. I have lived in several states, and I don’t think your outspoken thoughts about police officers is in any way true, unless you live in a crime ridden city, where the corruption would be more likely. I am just as shocked that Bob Livingston would write such an article.

      • WILDFIRE

        Liars and the act of lying has no boundaries. Corruption can just as easily be in a suburban department as it can be in a urban department. In some cases perhaps even more so because in small town America, they are under less scrutiny from a larger number of people as they have in big cities. I have been in some small towns where people absolutely fear the police because they will target people as criminal if they so much as step outside of the cross walk. Small towns where you have one chief and he is related or golfing buddies with the Judge and the DA, that is the making of a nightmare because they are going to watch each others back first and foremost and will undoubtedly have biased positions.

      • Nadzieja Batki

        Such pretentious outrage coming from you. Just because you lived in several states did not give you any clairvoyence to the character of all the cops you met and most likely you saw few if you are law abiding like most of the population.
        Next time you meet a cop, stop and ask him if he is a good cop or a bad cop and note his response. Most likely the response will be outrage and visciousness that anyone would ask such a question.

  • By George

    I started my law enforcement career in 1964. At my academy we were re-taught the Constitution, especially the 4th amendment, laws of arrest, probable cause, and search and seizure. If we were caught lying or violating a citizens rights, we could be fired. We knew the distinction between an “arrestee” and a “convicted” person. Forty three years later I still retain those convictions as inviolable.

    Tom Cook is probing the truth because during those forty three years, I’ve seen the slipping of hiring standards (officers hired with minor criminal backgrounds), passing unqualified officers through police academy’s (affirmative action) and officers who simply didn’t believe the rules of their job. We all knew the corruption stories that came out of places like Chicago but now we see those stories re-enacted in our own communities, reaching even into the courts.

    Sadly, no longer can American’s look to the US Dept. of Justice for protection. The DOJ is the biggest RICO violator of all organized crime syndicates ever to thrive in America. It is the focal point of the relaxation of all Constitutional safeguards now being enacted by the odious Obama administration. Neither can I thank George W. Bush for the Patriot Act, the largest danger to our freedoms ever to confront us. We have serious problems and are our weakling politicians are not helping.

  • dan

    ignorance of the law is no excuse….or so I ‘ve heard

  • trustworthy

    I was in a Dr. malpractice case corruption went up to the judges… they play golf with the defense attorney’s. Think about that! The lesson learned was… I found its no different with people that have absolute power…because absolute power corrupts absolutely!!!

  • johndavidhanna

    I read this due to the ascertion that police are trained to lie.
    I found the ascertion not proven.
    We all face a lurch from training to what is actually expected on the job.
    There was a time when confiscated materials would end the career of a policeman if those materials somehow drifted to the home of any policeman or a relative.
    I think we can all agree that that time has passed.

  • dan

    exactly…warrantless arrest searches or seisures (unless apprehended in the commission) is
    abduction ( the act of restraining another through the use or threat of Deadly Force or through fraudulent persuasion. The requisite restraint generally requires that the abductor intend to prevent the liberation of the abductee.) and theft under the color of law and is a capital offense

  • securityman

    some years ago, i was a deputy and i can see the difference in the training i had and what they have now.but the main difference is in the attitude of the officers back then and sheriff would of had a fit at the way some of the officers do things nowadays. but i have come across some really good offivers out there today also. you have to judge each on their own merits . i know that there are some bad ones , but there are also some good ones.

    • ibcamn

      Most of the officers have problems at home and they take it out on the citizens they are suppose to be protecting!iv’e seen that first hand a lot!

      • Gary

        You have way to much hate for the Law Enforcement Officers, I kind of wonder why. I am a retired Police Detective and I for one have never been educated to lie and I resent being told that I have. I have even t a case in court KNOWINGLY TELLING THE TRUTH, AND taht would cause me to loose. In spite of what you believe there are mostly goos Officers.

    • Jimmy the Greek

      Securityman I have to say you hit the nail on the head , I am 61 years old and have raised lots of hell in my time , and can tell you that if i pulled the crap today that i done back in the sixties and seventies i would have been killed buy the police before i ever turned 21 . Today the police think they are the military not the local police . back in the late sixties in Elizabeth N J I can remember when the beat cop had to go to a call box on the Conner to get his dispatch ( no radios pined to them like today ) back then the beat cop would be a lot nicer to the people on his beat because if the crap hit the fan it would be someone from the neighborhood that would run up and help him way before other police got there . however today the training they get tells them not to trust anyone but other police . and that the people are all dirt bags .

      • tim

        We have to call cops. If we shoot a burglar ourselves the cops are gonna do the best they can to arrest us. If we fire a warning shot they will give you a ticket for discharging a firearm. We can’t win because the lawyers have the laws stacked agiainst us and the cops want a bust no matter who it is. They are arrogant assh0le$ and think they are the only ones who should have guns. ABSLUTE POWER DOES CORRUPT and most police are corrupt!!!!! You would think they would be happy we shot a criminal, then they wouldn’t have to use that old cliche about making it home to thier family. As soon as thier out of harms way they try to blame it on you!!!!!!!! All you say is I felt my life being theatened, I thought he was gonna kill me. Never admit to anything at all. DON’T TALK, let your lawyer talk if they arrest you!!!! 99% of cops are not your friends!!! I remember when cops had time for little children and would talk to them like human beings, now they try to intimidate them!!! Most cops don’t like kids or you. They are there for revenue and to make busts!!!!

      • Jimmy the Greek

        Tim If i shoot someone an the only people that know about it can be trusted , Iwould not even call the police i would pick up a gallon of gas drive the body to the middle of no were dump it dump the gas on it ball up a pice of paper lite it and chuck it on the body , drive away .

  • Robin from Arcadia, IN

    As a parent of a son who is in college learning to be a police officer, I disagree with your assessment. My son is a fine Christian young man, knows right from wrong, is compassionate and unworthy of your condemnation.

    • michael

      This maybe true about your son , but everyone I went to school with that became a cop are all now cocky A-holes. it takes about 8 years on the force… Sorry but true.

      • RS

        “everyone I went to school with that became a cop are all now cocky A-holes. it takes about 8 years on the force”

        Don’t worry Robin, nearly every one that I know that is or was a law enforcement officer turned out to be a strong Type A personality take charge decent and honorable human being who truly helps others. This continues on even after this “8 year” ??? limit.

    • Nadzieja Batki

      Why the defensive attitude about what Bob L. wrote? In your heart of hearts you are worried. And before you get more defensive noone can surely predict the future behaviours of children. Pray that your son doesn’t become a predator with a badge.

      • RS

        “Why the defensive attitude about what Bob L. wrote? In your heart of hearts you are worried. And before you get more defensive noone can surely predict the future behaviours of children. Pray that your son doesn’t become a predator with a badge.”

        That is an amazing ability you have to know someone’s “heart of hearts” from a short post they made on the internet. You presume too much sir. The prayer you call for is hardly needed as in my contacts with thousands of actual peace officers over the years this is the case in far less than 1%. Catholic priests now…that is a whole different prayer.

  • wizzardous

    The cops are mostly good guys, but… take a look at
    especially the second half from a respected cop about how they can and will twist anything you say to incriminate you.

  • Lou

    Mr. Keen: What ever happened to the Houston Airport POs, has-been Negress Patti Holt aka/edwards&labelle, who authorized and/or condoned, resp., edwards jr, efren holmes, hired goon (from Mich?) et al. bullies, dacoits, sadists & thugs to feloniously assault USMA Cadet Richard C. King with impunity. Did they all skate? What happened to Mr. King: is he graduated/graduating? Thank you.

  • Dodged5

    As the son of an LEO, father of an LEO, and a retired LEO I believe your article is more offensive than an overbearing LEO. The article is small minded, prejudice and short sighted. The vast majority of LEOs are fine decent people that are thoroughly schooled on the law. They are NOT trained to lie! They do the best job that they can to protect and assist the public and enforce the laws. You need to pull your head out of the warm dark place that you have stuffed it and take a good, honest look at the job they do. They serve long hours and are under stress even when nothing is happening because they have to be prepared for the worst at all times. First responders are rarely called upon to participate in the good times. They are usually called in on people’s worst days.

    Are there bad LEOs? Yes. Of course there are. LEOs are human and bad ones sometimes make it through the backgrounds and psyc. tests but the departments do their best to weed them out so they are very few and far between. Go on some ride alongs with your local PDs and Sheriffs. See for yourself the people that you so carelessly denigrate. Experience the life they live on a daily basis. It’s a life that you probably couldn’t handle being the closed minded person that your writing seems to indicate.

    • ibcamn

      You sir,are lying!!…….see,proved my point already!

      • Bernie

        As an ex Police Officer both Mitary a d Civilian I can attest to Dodged5 as being truthful . The majority of Police Officers value their integrity far more than closing a case or pinning a crime on an innocent victim. Unfortunately Hoollywood has portrayed the majority of Police Officers (I take offense to the term LEO) as liars thieves and bulling murders with a badge. Just do a ride along one night in the worst area of your city and I assure you it will be a wake up call for you. Are there had cops? Yes just as there are bad Presidents and Senators and Corrupt Politicians thruout history. But MOST are hard working decent people. You and the writer of this post appear to have an axe to grind. Get over it.or next time you need help call a criminal. See how far that gets you!

    • Bob Livingston

      Dear Dodged5, Robin from Arcadia, IN, johndavidhanna, Mike Austin, and FB commenters Robert E. Johnson, Nancy Bridwell Lyde and Michael Merlvin Robinson

      Take umbrage with the characterization if you like. It’s not just me who knows this to be true, but police officers themselves. Read “Breaking Rank” by Norm Stamper.
      Also, read

      Best wishes,

      • Vigilant

        A strong case could be made for the contention that such behavior is a natural defensive action against “bleeding heart” laws passed by liberals who would coddle the criminals and criminalize the victims.

        Val Van Brocklin’s article demonstrates the fecklessness of a judicial system gone wild. If anything, the article is less of an exposé than it is a well reasoned out defense of why “strategic deception” is necessary and useful in the prosecution of crimes.

        He explains the difference between lying and strategic deception. Lying about a material fact while under oath is one thing; lying to a perpetrator to obtain damning information may be quite another.

        As Van Brocklin says in the later-published part two of the article, “I was taken aback by the intensity of negative response to the idea of law enforcement using any deception in investigating criminal activity. Such a posture would eliminate any undercover investigations of drug trafficking, prostitution, pimping, child pornography, public official misconduct, corporate corruption, and an endless list of etceteras.”

        And, “I have not read many reported decisions in which the Courts have been enthusiastic about trick, deception, and artifice by law enforcement personnel, but the Courts do understand that in the real word, a world in which crime loves darkness, stealth, and concealment, crime can sometimes only be detected and prosecuted through those same means.”

    • ibcamn

      Again a lie,the unions wont allow precincts to terminate unless there is just no other option when a cop is busted assassinating someone on video!OH,wait,they still can keep on working even after that!it’s happened several times(caught on video) and all the internal investigator does is write down,it was a good shooting!!.most cops are corrupt,the rest are just crooked!…don’t peddle your manure here,i’ve lost a lot of friends to people like you,and almost my own life on several occasions!one just recently comes to mind!

      LEO,….largest legally armed gang in the United States of America!
      how about those new target cutouts?how many you buy?

    • Nadzieja Batki

      I read your comment and wonder why you are so emotional about what Bob L. wrote. I also am concerned why you became a cop, who asked you to help anyone and why should we even want your help? Or should we have to accept your help because you say so.
      We need cops but we don’t need pathological altruists. I would rather have a cop who thinks than one that is driven by emotions.

      • RS

        ” concerned why you became a cop, who asked you to help anyone and why should we even want your help? Or should we have to accept your help because you say so.
        We need cops but ”
        1. The city, county, state did ask for help when they budgeted the funding for public safety and posted LEO positions.
        2. Because your elected officials said that the help was needed.
        3. And then you admit that “We need cops” ????

        Logic has failed your argument here.

      • Vicki

        RS says:
        February 26, 2013 at 12:33 pm
        “Well I am done here and this will be my last post or reading on these blogs as they are now set to junk mail status.”

        RS says:
        “February 26, 2013 at 12:41 pm

        weary of it all…..”

        RS says:
        February 26, 2013 at 12:59 pm…..

        RS says:
        February 26, 2013 at 1:04 pm…….

        RS says:
        February 26, 2013 at 1:08 pm……

        Last? Which one is to be your last post here?

    • Phil Chimera

      then as a leo that thinks their are very few bad ones you have a distorted view as a leo. explain to us the lapd that started shooting anything that moved looking for one guy?

  • ibcamn

    If a ex cop tells you they were not taught to lie,that in itself is one of the lies!they are taught by the guys who do it best,and they teach the cops so they don’t think their lying!.GEEZE,this is like the paradox of time travel!..they all lie!period!they are taught to create a situation to which they can incriminate you,get you off the street and under control!!watch tapes of things that are just fine and going smoothly,until a cop shows up!or how about,have you ever had a party at or in your house,cops show up,and they always say”IF I HAVE TO COME BACK HERE AGAIN,SOMEONES GOING TO JAIL!”why?it’s a public disturbance not a mass slaughter of puppy dogs out in the yard with burning dead bodies and people running around with blow tourches!!cops always create and never defuse!…god complex!

  • Paul Stafford

    I’m sure you’ve become bitter and somewhat tainted – and I get that. But as a Trooper, i was never trained to lie. I wasn’t about to get on the stand and get caught in a lie and risk a perjury conviction. Nobody or nothing was worth that to me. Use lose your credibility on that job and you are useless

    • Nadzieja Batki

      Noone has to teach a human Sinner not to lie since that comes naturally. The command by God is to not lie one to another and if a command had to be given it means that lying was and is commonplace. There never was a command by God to go ahead and lie and then go confess to a priest.
      P.Stafford, you told a lie by saying you as a Trooper weren’t trained to lie, in fact humans have to untrain themselves and tell the truth. You told another lie by saying that Bob L. is bitter and somewhat tainted – and you get that.

  • RS

    Well I am done here and this will be my last post or reading on these blogs as they are now set to junk mail status. I am not even sure why I am bothering with this last post as the majority of people here, including the author, have gone so far off the tracks that I fear there is little chance of ever changing their delusions. I am ‘ultra-conservative’ but the ‘media’ presented on this website anymore is just as twisted as the far left mainstream media is by misrepresenting entire classes of people and giving false information. It has gone way past even entertainment value for some time now so I bid you all farewell and sincerely wish you the best of luck as each of us will probably need it in the troubling economy and times ahead.

    I am an American citizen. I am a LEO (Law Enforcement Officer for those of you who were misinformed by the author above) for over 32 years now. I have dedicated my entire adult life to helping others and have saved many lives. I have removed many evil people who prey on others from the street and put them in a cage where they belong: murders and child killers…. rapists… child molesters … thieves …. bullies who like to beat on their wives or those weaker than them, cheats and frauds. I have risked my life many, many times for you and have been beaten, kicked, bitten, spit upon, and injured for the sake of my fellow citizens that I am charged with keeping the peace. I will not say that my profession is without any who act poorly, either with bad intent or lack of knowledge, but I will attest that nearly every single one of the thousands of officers that I have come into contact over all of these years serve well and with honor. Those who do bad in this profession are the extreme minority and are vigorously hunted by all the brothers and sisters who do serve well. Although I have been involved in hunting out any in my profession who do wrong, I am proud that we in law enforcement still have a better overall record than priests, politicians, or nearly any other profession that you can name that involve human beings that have their own individual free will to do good or bad. When the rare bad officer is discovered they are removed like the cancer that they are. It is so rare though, that to apply the declaration that “all” are like the exception is mean spirited and lacking in journalistic integrity. Livingston’s opening declaration of “All police officers are trained to lie, but few apparently are ever trained in the law.” is the first lie here. Yes I saw a link to a post to another article by Livingston in response to another who pointed out the wrongness of this article that supports the claim that ALL LEO’s are evil and liars. In my thousands and thousands of police reports and court testimony an honest man will find not a single lie, making Livingston’s very first statement invalid and enough to make me want to stop reading right there as showing to the little worth to be found here anymore.

    Just like every other human being on the planet there are those who support gun control and those who do not even within my profession. I find the majority are conservative like me and believe that the second amendment is just exactly what it says. Like myself, most of my brothers where horrified by the confiscation that went on during Katrina and would have refused any such order. I personally worked the aftermath from hurricane Andrew (category 5) damaged Miami years previous to Katrina and every single citizen had a gun strapped to their hip. The citizens had to as there were no phones to even think of calling for help and I was impressed to see the responsibility my fellow citizens used in attending their own safety and welfare of their property. I have seen ‘articles’ here that attack my profession for using military tactics to respond to armed barricaded subjects instead of I guess loading a single bullet from my pocket into an old fashioned revolver to give a ‘fair fight’ to those who would take my life. This was actually ranted on by a post response that I made months ago here and at least some readers here think that I should give an evil doer an even shot at hurting or killing me when I am attempting to do my duty and take them into custody. It was on a post about a poorly thought out law of using force against officers. I am trained and paid to win and take the suspect into custody, not to fight fair. We use the least amount of force that we can to do this while our adversaries are not constrained by those same set of rules. Those rules have cost me stitches in the ER rather than break them (ex. I was arresting a felon battery criminal who had beaten someone and while standing in a doorway who initiated a fight with me by starting to throw a punch at my face. Because of my position and holding a door open across my body my only offensive response would have been a blow to the criminal’s face and I could have beat the punch but I was holding a baton with that hand and a head strike is considered deadly force with a baton. So my only option under the rules was to not strike him first, take the punch, knocking a tooth completely through my lip. I then lunged forward and tackled him and cuffed him (never striking him). So we use chemical sprays and tasers and joint lock techniques and batons and dogs and SWAT teams and whatever else is needed to lower these risks but we always respond at a higher level that that resisted. We are governed by those we govern. So each of you is responsible for setting the ground rules that we in law enforcement then apply though court decision and laws. Is it perfect? Is it flawless? You all know it never will be because it involves interpretation by human beings who sometimes under stress or even due to ignorance of a particular law or ruling will find a way to make a mistake somewhere. I prefer it to any other system that I have seen to present though. Unfortunately that does not rule out mass voter ignorance or stupidity and that opinion could change if certain basic human rights guaranteed in our Constitution are eroded any further such as the Second Amendment in particular.

    A majority of posted responses to these blogs here show that a large part of the Livingston audience truly hates peace officers. There can be no other assumption and I doubt that anything I could say here could change that. There will probably be many posts added below mine that even say I am evil and lying from people who know absolutely nothing about me and have never met me to qualify such a response but know that I will not see them and it will not affect me. The fact that I even took the time to write this is probably wasted here but I at least wanted even you ‘haters’ to know that I do my job even for you that hate me so. I am glad however to be coming to the end of my career soon as I see more and more where my blood, honor, and sacrifice has been unappreciated by the ‘liberal left’ and now also more and more by the ‘conservative right’ as well. And I too, being human, am at long last becoming finally

    • RS

      weary of it all…..

      • Vicki

        So is THIS your last post or the one above?

      • Larry

        Sir, my son in law is a LEO who mainly works traffic accidents, several hundred in a year, but one of his first experiences was with a child internet predator case that ended w/her murder and his suicide. I think it still haunts him to this day, especially as he has 2 daughters. I am a retired disabled veteran, and since the age of 8 have always considered the police my friend. I only remember one negative experience, that was with an MP, many years ago, and he wasn’t doing his job very well that day or we would hav had no exhange. God bless you, sir, and I hope you make it to a peaceful and enjoyable retirement.

    • Wumingren

      I know several fine officers in law enforcement, and you, sir, sound like one of them. I live in a suburb of a large metropolitan area, but I do not fear my local constabulary. I do fear the justice system, however, and it may well be that those who do not trust the police are merely extending their distrust to the entire justice system, from peace officer all the way to the Supreme Court.

      Distrust of the law is becoming more and more widespread, because more and more bad law is being written. People distrust authority, because authority is picking and choosing the laws to enforce and the laws to ignore. Americans once held the law in high esteem, but the current regime has made such a mockery of the law that they are finding contempt for it, and by association, contempt for those who uphold it (or fail to uphold it).

      Perhaps this is a part of Obama’s strategy for dividing and conquering America. He has already driven wedges between men and women, young and old, labor and management, taxed worker and entitlement collector, private sector and public sector, people of color and white people, citizen and illegal immigrant, and now, apparently, the citizen and law enforcement agencies.

      If the wedge between citizen and law enforcement can be made to hold, then when it comes time for the disarmament of Americans, the “despised” police officer will “do his duty,” perhaps even onto loading us die-hard capitalists into the cattle cars destined for death camps.

      I remind you all that it was Bill Ayers and his Weather Underground followers that determined at least 25 million die-hard capitalists will have to be exterminated in order to secure the Communist revolution. I will remind you also that Louis Farrakhan has called out to Black gang bangers to teach the science of war to the community of the Nation of Islam.

      Unless more police officers repudiate the actions of the current occupant of the Oval Office and rally to the defense of those who only a couple of decades ago were called heroic patriots but who are now labeled “potential domestic terrorists,” then the fear and distrust of the citizens will not be abated. There will come a time when the line will be drawn and sides will be taken. I only hope that law enforcement and the military will be the counterrevolutionaries that they must be to stop Obama from completing his “fundamental transformation of America.”

    • RedMann

      A couple of things. You wanted to be a law enforcement officer, and there are rules for your job, among them is self control and not trying to enforce justice yourself. Part of your job is to deal with all of the nasty people, but that doesn’t mean that you get to treat them like subhumans. You are also using the “No True Scotsman” fallacy. There are more than a few LEOs that do abuse their power over people and they don’t always get removed from the force. I have seen more than my share of these folks. Here in Virginia Beach back in the 80′s, we had a police department that was out of control, assualting citizens, making false arrests, the whole lot. It went on for several years until the city finally put someone in charge that was a proper leader. One example that stood out; a back kid was with a white girl and got hit up the side of the head with a 2×4 by some white guys in a pickup truck. The cops came and gave the black kid the third degree and showed no interest in finding the perps. As far as the OP, yeah certainly not all LEOs fall into the bad category, but way too many do, and yes, the word that video taping the police is lawful has not reached nearly enough, they still think they can take away cameras and rough up those taping them.

    • Patrick Henry

      IF this is correct ..>,,I am not sure how or why it is legal for the Police to lie to a suspect but illegal for the suspect to lie to the Police Officer..>but that is another subject, not the point I want to make here. This is what i want to say>> thank you, to you RS and all the other Cops that are Patriots and treating all of us Citizens in a Honourable, respectful manner whenever you deal with any of us in your daily jobs. Most of us are just average people that have made some kind of MINOR (no harm to anyone) violation usually accidentally. I treat others as I would want them to treat me (like a good neighbor) and I always treat Cops as my fellow Citizen more less….and expect the same from them. I know respect doesn’t always happen for the Cops or the people they stop due to bad attitudes on either party, but we should all try….and I realize the “bad” amongst us won’t give a damn about treating each other respectfully. I do know that you guys have a tough job to do dealing with some real bad knot heads and need to act accordingly…..I say thanks to all of you “Good Cops”!

  • Wumingren

    No one has brought up the most important point of a citizen/LEO interaction: say nothing and get a lawyer, especially if you know you’re innocent of any crime. We have people that have gone to prison for perjury simply because they had a faulty memory, not because they intentionally lied.

    Do not even answer “yes/no” questions without a lawyer present.

    If you have used lethal force (even if you didn’t kill the perpetrator but only wounded him, or even if you missed him entirely) do not, Do Not, DO NOT! volunteer any information to the police. In the moments after such an incident, you will likely not be calm and rational, but will be extremely emotional.

    If you say, “Well, maybe I overreacted,” or “Well, I wasn’t really that frightened,” or “Well, I waited for him to come up the steps so I’d have a better target,” or any other statements designed to change someone’s perception of you as being either less wimpy or more manly, then you’re setting yourself up for a prosecution.

    A police officer might ask, “So, did you fear for your life?” or “So, could he have run away if you had warned him you had a gun?” or “So, you could have gone out the back door?” or any number of other questions designed to determine whether you intended to kill the criminal without mercy. Don’t answer any questions; just call a lawyer.

    If you have lethal weapons for self-defense, you should also have the business card of a good defense attorney in your wallet. Be able to call him before the police even arrive at the scene. Be prepared to protect yourself from overzealous prosecutors, the liberal media, and liberal politicians.

    • mogul264

      LEOs act similar to military units in the field, unfortunately, covering their buddies’ backs against the enemy. Problem is, WE are not the enemy, at least not bystanders who video scenes! When they start grabbing cameras, forcing users to turn them off, stop filming, etc, they are covering their buddies’ backs; however, this is NO legal requirement to prevent bystanders from filming! The ONLY restriction is they may NOT use people’s faces without permission, in public display of that recording.

      Just ask any LEO to quote the law he’s citing to require you to STOP recording! “Because I said so” ISN’T a law!

    • Newspooner

      Most of your advice is quite good, except the part about the lawyers. In general, they are the biggest part of the problem. Most lawyers love laws, and want even more of them than we have now. You should almost never vote for a lawyer for office. Our legislators should be elected from the masses of farmers, business owners, pilots, doctors, merchandise handlers, nurses, fishermen, good teachers, sane athletes, and many other groups who are generally more honest than the vast majority of lawyers. Government is out of control at all levels.

      • Wumingren

        I wholeheartedly agree with you that lawyers are a serious problem when they are elected to public office. As for retaining the services of a lawyer when facing “the system,” I will remind you of the common saying, “He who is always his own counseller will often have a fool for his client.” [1809 Port Folio (Philadelphia) Aug. 132] I have to wonder what Zimmerman would be experiencing now had he immediately consulted a lawyer. Perhaps his wife would not be facing perjury charges as well. Let your attorney do all the talking to the authorities, and let your answers to questions be approved prior to their utterance.

  • Larry

    Whenever people see a LEO telling someone to turn off their camera, everybody that has a cellphone or video camera should start filming. How many Flex-cuffs does a LEO carry. Personally I think someone should have made a citizens arrest on the LEO for assault, that would definitely bring action.

  • http://google rose

    About 25 years ago, I had just got off of work at 2:30 in the morning and was driving home. I noticed that a car was following closely behind me. I tried slowing down so that they could pass me, but they didn’t. So then I took a little detour to try and see if they were really following me. I turned around in the parking lot of a factory when I could see it was a cop car, so I figured I was safe and could go on home. So I drove a few blocks to my house when the cop car came flying up behind me and turned on his lights. I sat in my car waiting for him to approach me with the window down, when he got on his intercom telling me to get out of my car with my hands up in the air, He had his gun drawn and he was yelling hysterically at me to keep my hands in the air and I was trying to keep my skirt down so that my butt wasn’t hanging out. I had to tell him to please calm down and to please quit shaking or that he might accidentally shoot me. He was screaming “what are you doing?” I said I thought somebody was trying to follow me from work and I was scared and trying to drive around and lose them so they wouldn’t find out where I live. I really thought he was going to shoot me. He told me not to do that again. I said try not let somebody follow me home? If he would of shot me he probably would have gotten away with it.

  • Newspooner

    Usually a cop is good if he treats people like friends. Usually a cop is bad if he wants to record your social security number when you file a complaint about something. Patriots do not memorize their social security numbers. They admonish cops to not be part of the oppressive Establishment. The communists in our Congress lied when they said that social security numbers would only be used for financial/retirement/tax/banking purposes, not for identification. Government is out of control at all levels.


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