Another Democrat Flees The Obama Reservation


Writing a recent column for The Guardian, journalism professor and prominent Democrat Jeff Jarvis took President Barack Obama to task for betraying those who voted for him with unConstitutional policies.

Jarvis’s column begins:

What are you thinking, Mr President?

Is this really the legacy you want for yourself: the chief executive who trampled rights, destroyed privacy, heightened secrecy, ruined trust, and worst of all, did not defend but instead detoured around so many of the fundamental principles on which this country is founded?

And I voted for you. I’ll confess you were a second choice. I supported Hillary Clinton first. I said at the time that your rhetoric about change was empty and that I feared you would be another Jimmy Carter: aggressively ineffectual.

Never did I imagine that you would instead become another Richard Nixon: imperial, secretive, vindictive, untrustworthy, inexplicable.

The professor, whose bio flaunts an impressive list of media career accomplishments, goes on to express his disdain for the President’s policies from the perspective of 9/11 survivor, journalist, American citizen, Internet user and Democrat.

He writes:

I do care about security. I survived the attack on the World Trade Center and I believe 9/11 was allowed to occur through a failure of intelligence. I thank TSA agents for searching me: applause for security theater. I defend government’s necessary secrets…

… As a journalist, I am frightened by your vengeful attacks on whistleblowers – Manning, Assange, Snowden, and the rest – and the impact in turn on journalism and its tasks of keeping a watchful eye on you and helping to assure an informed citizenry.

As a citizen, I am disgusted by the systematic evasion of oversight you have supported through the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act (FISA) courts; by the use of ports as lawless zones where your agents can harass anyone; by your failure on your promise to close Guantánamo, and this list could go on.

As an American often abroad, I am embarrassed by the damage you have caused to our reputation and to others’ trust in us. I find myself apologizing for what you are doing to citizens of other nations, dismissing the idea that they have rights to privacy because they are “foreign”.

As an internet user, I am most fearful of the impact of your wanton destruction of privacy and the resulting collapse of trust in the net and what that will do to the freedom we have enjoyed in it as well as the business and jobs that are being built atop it.

And as a Democrat, I worry that you are losing us the next election, handing an issue to the Republicans that should have been ours: protecting the rights of citizens against the overreach of the security state.

The author goes on to suggest a number of ways that the President could go about regaining the trust of some of his former supporters. Read the full piece here.

Jarvis is one of many Democrats and American liberals who have lost faith in President Obama’s promise of “hope” and “change” in America under his Administration.

In a recent interview with Democracy Now, influential polemicist and MIT professor Noam Chomsky said Sarah Palin was right about Barack Obama: There was no substance to his Presidential campaign.

“I don’t usually admire Sarah Palin, but when she was making fun of this ‘hopey changey stuff,’ she was right; there was nothing there,” Chomsky said. “And it was understood by the people who run the political system, and so it’s no great secret that the US electoral system is mainly a public relations extravaganza… it’s sort of a marketing affair.”

Culture critic, author and self-proclaimed eternal optimist for old school liberalism Camille Paglia penned a recent column similar in tone to Jarvis’s for Salon. In her piece she took Obama and Hillary Clinton to task for the Benghazi fiasco.

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Sam Rolley

Sam Rolley began a career in journalism working for a small town newspaper while seeking a B.A. in English. After covering community news and politics, Rolley took a position at Personal Liberty Media Group where could better hone his focus on his true passions: national politics and liberty issues. In his daily columns and reports, Rolley works to help readers understand which lies are perpetuated by the mainstream media and to stay on top of issues ignored by more conventional media outlets.

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  • earlwatters

    good we need more congressman to stand up to this commie demarcate .the only reason most are standing up to him now is there jobs are on the line

    • podunk1

      We need to work on people who might have a sliver of moral character left – feed them with fact (NO BS) & make sure real people vote in the next election & police the polls to make sure ACORN & affiliates get nailed & put out of business.

  • Susy

    He is correct, the Dems will pay dearly in the next election…Thank goodness it is almost Sept and hope the Reps keep this president at bay until then.

  • Fred

    I know of many Democrats who have “wised up” over the years and became conservative (or more conservative), when they realized the idealism of liberalism only leads to more problems. I don’t know of any conservatives, however, that have become liberals. Libertarians, yes, but not leftists.

    • smilee

      I guess you did not know near enough as most voted democrat for
      president both times. Only five presidents have had two or more terms and in
      two or more of their elections received fifty percent of the vote are Jackson,
      FDR, Eisenhower, Reagan and Obama. Not bad company for Obama and I suspect you
      know only a very small percentage of the total switched as it is not many
      of the total. I know personally far more conservatives who
      switched to democrat than the other way around. That does exist too.

      • Mith Radates

        The only reason for BHO’s majority vote was the pervasive vote fraud perpetrated by OFA and bragged about by many of the participants.

        • smilee

          We both know that is pure BS as nobody has been able to prove any of it. There has only been 89 convictions of fraud,. give all 178 vote change to Romney and it changes nothing, you can believe what you like but no one has proven anything you say and that is not for lack of trying they just struck out for lack of facts. Bith elections were fair and square and you cannot prove otherwise.

          • chocopot

            Actually, the fraud has been widely documented, but no one has chosen to act upon it. Look it up for yourself. The Democrats have been engaged in voter registration and election fraud for more than 150 years. It is well documented…

          • smilee

            It is well documented in far right propaganda mills but not in the court findings which show that your statements are all lies and yours most likely came from the propaganda mills

          • chocopot

            None of it was ever taken to court, but it is documented. And you are apparently just another indoctrinated left-wing troll.

    • keepersleeper

      That is an interesting phenomenon, isn’t it? The only two that I can think of who did the reverse were Colin Powell and Arlen Specter…what knuckleheads!

  • jdn

    I can’t wait to hear all the ways the race card gets played against these Democrat detractors of our Leadless Fearer . Perhaps they will pull one from our play book and call them Dino’s ( Democrat in name only ) . With that said I can’t wait to see what KG posts .

  • Dennis Patrick

    Jeff who? I’m sure this nobody’s article will have a huge effect on the locals who read the Guardian. What’s next? A phony anti-Obama piece in the Vatican Shoppers News?

    At least Americans have wised up to Obama – realizing he is to blame for the poor response to Hurricane Katrina in 2005. I hope Steve King introduces a bill to impeach him for this!

    • hipshotpercussion

      Sure, blame it on G W. Its all his fault that O-Bozo is an useless, Know nothing, low grade faker.

      • Dennis Patrick

        G.W.? I thought it was Clinton’s fault. Or Al Gore and his phony global warming scandals.

    • jdn

      So the poor response to hurricane Katrina is the only bad news out of Washington to get your attention ? Talk about low info voters .

    • Deerinwater

      ~ You are real , right?

    • Robert Messmer

      LOL Dennis surely you jest …Katrina 2005, Obama first elected 2008 not much grounds there for impeachment. I really liked the link tho since they pointed out that it was democratic leaning organization conducting the poll. Just like the Democrats voting, the polls results add up to 101%.

  • shafawn

    They can play their race cards till they turn blue .. America is fed up with them and we’re through looking the other way. Either congress or Obama is getting fired and congress finally realizes it.. GOOD!!!
    That means Holder and all the other little zombie eyed freaks … BAA-BYE
    Don’t let the door hit cha where the good Lord split cha

  • Sam

    Obama is just a bad man. He has evil intentions for America. People should study what J. Edgar Hoover learned about communists. Today they are called “social progressives”. This is just code for “communists”. These are people who don’t believe in what works. They want to “change” everything and turn it upside down. The left believes that all old institutions and customs must be overturned. Obama is pushing for the spread of Islam and communism in America. All you have to do is open your eyes and look at obama’s background, policies, friends, associations, and beliefs. He is not our friend. And, yes, it CAN happen here in America because people don’t care about God and they don’t learn to recognize evil until it is too late.

  • General “Bull” Krapper

    This guy needs to go spread the news on every news & talk show & in every newspaper that will let him on. Probably will be black-balled. — Stay Well, Safe & Free

    • Ronr

      The problem here is that there are just as many republicans who don’t have a problem with his or the NSAs action. The republicans who are not with him on the Manning, Snowden, and that idiot Assange.would not approve of anything he does. Liberals have had a problem with the detention center in Cuba that he has not closed since 2009. As for Palin , he shot his credibility when he agreed with anything about her besides her shutting mouth. That lady is an idiot.

      • Jcarroll Barnhill


        • Deerinwater

          Spare us your flaming absurdity.

        • Robert Messmer

          You missed; Opposites attract.

  • Dirty Daug

    As time goes on many Democrats will jump ship. In time Obama will loose most all of the Democrats who are supporting him. Should Obama be impeached he will hang those out to dry who covered for his illegal election as President. Obama should fear that he may be taken out by his own people to protect themselves. It will all be coming to an end soon.

  • Frank Delano

    Marie You are absolutely right . All eight of those clowns should
    be Impeached . Marie you told it like it is .

  • Deerinwater

    All good and constructive criticism. ~ but I see no jumping ship. `

    It is the author previewing disharmony inside the rakes of the DNC ~

    Why should anyone be surprised or think that this is especially news worthy?

    It only been the rancor from the opposition that has went about labeling 44 as some sort of Messiah.

    The DNC is an all inclusive party ~ We disagree a lot ~ and don’t go about with aires and notions of Moral superiority or that our opinions are the only opinions worthy consideration.

    44 finds himself caught between a rock and a hard place with these security issues and on many levels. Addressing these threats offered by Muslim influence may have started years prior to 43, ~ but he really stirred the pot! as America welcomed Muslim’s and their money to come live in our country.

    Can we now~ 12 years later relax our guard? ~ Stand down to a threat that seems as real today and it did 10 years ago?

    i don’t know what is discussed during the President’s morning Security Briefing and I don’t believe that very many of us do. While it should be obvious to “thoughtful people “, whatever it is that is discussed is delivered on “The need to know” bases and is not for public preview and the media to broadcast all over the gd world.

    Being one of the first to protest the creation of Home Land Security, I would hope that you weigh my thoughts on what 44 is having to address. Making large changes in Security come with a lot liability and made only more so as the middle east is still imploding in on itself.

    Today’s headlines,

    “one million children without homes and families in Syria today” ,

    ” In Lebanon, bomb attacks raise spectre of civil war”,

    “On Syria, Obama says no rush toward costly interventions” Reuter

    “Scores killed in bombings at Sunni mosques in Tripoli”,

    “Impact of Syrian refugees on host countries”

    “Hagel Says Military Options Being Weighed for Syria”,,

    “Iraq suicide bomber kills at least 28 people”

    “Rockets fired at Israel from Lebanon

    Israelis escape injury in the first rocket attack from Lebanon in two years. Officials blame militants, but not Hezbollah.”

    Speaking for myself, ~ I certain don’t like the idea of a Federal Agency spying on Americans but then I read this .

    “Nevada pair ‘plotted to torture and kill police’

    BBC News – ‎5 minutes ago‎

    Radical US anti-government group linked to murder plot”

    “FORT HOOD (AP) – Army Maj. Nidal Hasan was convicted Friday in the 2009 shooting rampage at Fort Hood, a shocking assault against American troops at home by one of their own who said he opened fire on fellow soldiers to protect Muslim insurgents abroad.

    The Army psychiatrist acknowledged carrying out the attack in a crowded waiting room where unarmed troops were making final preparations to deploy to Afghanistan and Iraq. Thirteen people were killed and more than 30 wounded.”

    “Hasan, a Virginia-born Muslim, said the attack was a jihad against U.S. wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. He bristled when the trial judge, Col. Tara Osborn, suggested the shooting rampage could have been avoided were it not for a spontaneous flash of anger.

    “It wasn’t done under the heat of sudden passion,” Hasan said before jurors began deliberating. “There was adequate provocation — that these were deploying soldiers that were going to engage in an illegal war.”

    All but one of the dead were soldiers, including a pregnant private who curled on the floor and pleaded for her baby’s life.”

    • Mith Radates

      You see no “jumping ship”? Are you kidding? After the slavish worship of this fraud, some thinking Democrats are starting to face and articulate the truth – and you see no “jumping ship”. Seriously?

      • dontdoitagain

        I’m trying to figure out if “Deerinwater” isn’t using sarcasm on us. He/she seems to be fairly well educated but is writing some pretty convoluted things in an inflamatory way. He/she actually tried to claim in another discussion that buying in bulk, or getting a group discount is socialism. (regarding health care costs)

        • Deerinwater

          Buying, building, in huge quantities for large quantities, by the power of the collective, for the collective is the power and nature of the “collective”.

          It’s “Group Insurance” ~your policy is part , one of many of a selected group, ~ You enjoy both the benefits and down turns of that group. ~ as a man in a group with many women, you will help pay for child birth, infancy care, women’s wellness issues as well as your prostrate.

          That activity is a form of Socialism.

          • dontdoitagain

            “A form of socialism”? Maybe not. The whole idea of “group insurance” is that we are NOT a selected group, only that by spreading the risk out over a larger group makes it more affordable. If it were socialism then it would be state or government run without (allegedly) profit. I haven’t noticed any hospitals or doctors signing up to work for the collective. Even the “non-profit” hospitals are doing quite well monetarily…so far.

          • Deerinwater

            Swim with sharks, swim with friends. ~ is the collective mind at work. ~ Risk management.

            and you are a “selected group”, deny it as you may. ~~ As no one forced you into the water, where you were no longer at the top of the “Food Chain”

          • Deerinwater

            But they are a select group Sir.

            In the promo below , it is the employed.

            “Benefits Choices Matter for Millions of Americans

            Once a year American workers have the opportunity to take advantage of the valuable personal and financial benefits made available by their employers. And to shine a spotlight on the important decisions facing many workers, Prudential Group Insurance launched a consumer campaign supporting the release of “The Growing Importance of the Workplace,” the first in a series of research briefs stemming from Prudential’s “Sixth Annual Study of Employee Benefits: Today and Beyond.”

            “Web definitions

            (Insurance group) In law and economics, insurance is a form of risk management primarily used to hedge against the risk of a contingent, uncertain loss. Insurance is defined as the equitable transfer of the risk of a loss, from one entity to another, in exchange for payment. …”

            for better understanding;

          • Deerinwater

            “Group health insurance coverage is a policy that is purchased by an employer and is offered to eligible employees of the company (and often to the employees’ family members) as a benefit of working for that company.”

            “One of the advantages for employees in a group health plan is the contribution most employers make toward the cost of the health coverage premium—in many cases, employers pay one-half or more of the monthly premium for an employee.” (Which is considered a deductible operating expense that they don’t pay taxes on, ~ Like Magic, ~ their tax burden is now lighter and the rest of America’s tax payers help paid for their employee’s medical insurance.

            ” Millions of other Americans get their health insurance coverage through large employers. Generally, those are businesses with more than 50 employees. The laws about how coverage can be issued to large groups are different than those for small groups, and the way that premium rates are determined is also different. The requirements for sole proprietors purchasing health insurance coverage
            also vary on a state-by-state basis.”

            “t here are time, employers are not required to offer health insurance to employees. Many do so because they believe that health insurance coverage is a valued employee benefit that helps employers attract top employees and retain them. Each insurance company applies their own set of underwriting rules based on the number of employees and other factors.”

            How are premium rates determined for small group employers?

            In 38 states, the law allows small group health insurance companies to determine their initial premium rates for each company using a process known as medical underwriting. The other states make small group health insurance companies use processes known as modified community rating or community rating to determine their initial rates.

            When small group plans are medically underwritten, employees are asked to provide health information about themselves and their covered family members when they apply for coverage. When determining rates, insurance companies use the medical information on these applications. Sometimes they will request additional information from an applicant’s physician or ask the applicants for clarification. If a company is unable to obtain information necessary to accurately determine the risk of a particular applicant, it will underwrite more conservatively, meaning that the assumption relative to the missing information will be negative rather than positive.

            Example: A person has a history of high blood pressure but it is controlled with medication and he is not overweight. If the company is unable to determine if that individual smokes or if he has normal cholesterol, it will assume that the missing information is negative and rate accordingly.

            learn more;

      • Deerinwater


        There is nothing wrong with constructive pointed criticism.

        There been no worship of 44. ~ As I offered earlier, ~ any mention of worship comes persons like yourself who confuse defense as some sort of worship.

        I share the same concerns and disappointments as this Jeff Jarvis. I would have like to have seen GITMO closed, the NSA disbanded and there security efforts taken over by the CIA and FBI.

    • Don 2

      Deerinwater says, “I would hope that you weigh my thoughts on what 44 is having to address.” CYA time, eh!

      The only thing that 44 is addressing is the ball on the golf course.

      • Deerinwater

        It is always CYA time , Don.

        Why might you think otherwise?

        TCB ~ Take care of business or business will take care of you.

        • Don 2

          I agree Deerinwater. CYA is full-time for the Obama regime, although the taking care of business part is a huge stretch of your imagination.

          • Deerinwater

            Why be “personal” ~ ????

            What is it that makes your “opinion” better than “other opinions” ?

            Some sense of “Moral Superiority “?

            There is a lot of business to take care of ~ of you take into account , 43 pardoned Turkey’s , light Christmas lights, pressed the flesh, kissed babies and entertained visiting foreign dignitaries while keeping a full staff of “handle’s” working 24/7 to keep his chestnut’s out of the fire for 8 years.

            When 43 packed up and left the White House, the bills

            werre overdue, the lawn needed mowing and the trash carried out.

            If you have grown to manhood somehow believing, ~ CYA is only necessary in extreme situations ~

            You are a CLOWN and explains your present position.

          • Don 2

            (1) Exactly what was it that I said that was personal?

            (2) I wasn’t a union guy, so covering my @$$ wasn’t my career.

            What is my present position?

            Were you drinking when you wrote this?

          • Deerinwater

            Quote “although the taking care of business part is a huge stretch of your imagination”

            Is getting personal, ~ You imply I have use imagination to form an opinion. ~ where I use information. and hard data. ~ data that you seem to find to your benefit to ignore as it does not validate your claim.

            What does Unions have to do with controlling your liabilities? Are unions a pet peeve of yours, something to debase at every opportunity? ~Sorta like kicking the pooch when you’ve had a bad day because you can’t kick what you are really mad at? ~ and you know the pooch will take your abuse and still love you anyway?

            Everyone that has ever had something or plans to have something must learn to control their liabilities or they won’t have it very long.

            Even a dog will bury his bone.

            And no , I wasn’t drinking then but i have since.

            Your present position, ~ is trying to kick something that will kick back.

          • Don 2

            Disagreeing with you that this president is “taking care of business” was not meant to be personal towards you, but was an expression of my disbelief that you could actually think that he is taking care of business, when he does nothing but campaign, vacation, play golf, party with the elites, criticize our allies, snuggle up to our enemies, cover-up Benghazi, cover-up Fast & Furious, pretend to not know anything about anything, blame Bush, blame Rush, blame the Republicans, promote class warfare, promote racial strife, promote anti-job regulations, disregard the U.S. Constitution, lie about Obamacare, and on and on and on.

            Yes, public employee unions are a pet peeve of mine. As a former department head, I have many years of experience overseeing supervisors who oversaw the activities of public union employees, and I can attest from personal experience that there are many ‘losers’ in public employee union membership who spend more time trying to screw off and see what they can get away with, rather than be productive employees and earn their wages, and as a result, the employee and the union spend untold resources and time in the CYA mode.

            I asked you if you were drinking at the time that you wrote your post because you went from seriousness to comedy to not making sense, something that I have seen before in some depressed people who drink.

            If you feel that my disagreeing with you is ‘kicking’ you and by not disagreeing with you, I would not be ‘kicking’ you, well, I can only respectfully suggest that you refrain from making any comments at all.

          • Deerinwater

            For a person that was responsible for “overseeing” over “seers”. ~ I would think you would be a person to have their facts straight.

            Q: Has President Obama taken more vacation time than his predecessors?

            A: According to one count, Presidents Ronald Reagan, George H.W. Bush and George W. Bush spent more time on “vacation” during their first year than President Obama did. Presidents Jimmy Carter and Bill Clinton spent less time on “vacation.”

            FULL ANSWER

            President Obama has spent all or part of 26 days “on vacation” during his first year as president, according to CBS News White House Correspondent Mark Knoller.

            Knoller, who has covered every president since Gerald Ford and is known for keeping detailed records on presidential travel, counts the following among President Obama’s “vacations” in 2009:

            A four-day holiday weekend in Chicago in February where the president played some basketball and treated First Lady Michelle Obama to a Valentine’s Day dinner date.

            An eight-day stay with his family at a rented house on Martha’s Vineyard in August.

            A trip out west to the U.S. states of Montana, Wyoming, Colorado and Arizona that combined both business and pleasure. The president held town hall meetings on health care during the trip. And he went fly fishing and took trips to Yellowstone National Park and the Grand Canyon with his wife and two daughters.

            An 11-day stay in Hawaii where the president and his family celebrated Christmas and New Year’s Eve.

            Some of the president’s recent predecessors, however, have spent more days — either entirely or partially — away from the White House “on vacation” during their first year in office.

            President Reagan, in 1981, spent all or part of 42 days away from the White House “on vacation” at his home in Santa Barbara, Calif, according to Knoller. President Reagan and his wife, Nancy, also spent three or four days around New Year’s Day each year in Palm Springs, Calif., at the home of philanthropist Walter Annenberg. (In 1993 the late Mr. Annenberg founded the nonpartisan Annenberg Public Policy Center of the University of Pennsylvania, which is’s parent organization.)

            President George W. Bush spent even more time away from the presidential mansion in the nation’s capital than Reagan. Of the 77 total “vacation” trips the former president made to his Texas ranch while in office, nine of them — all or part of 69 days — came during his first year as president in 2001, according to Knoller.

            Bush’s father, President George H.W. Bush, spent less time “on vacation” during his first year than his son, but spent more days than President Obama. According to travel records provided to by the George Bush Presidential Library and Museum, the former president took six trips — spanning all or part of 40 days — to the Bush family compound in Kennebunkport, Maine, in 1989. The archivist at Bush’s presidential library told us she didn’t have a list of all vacations but did have the Kennebunkport visits.

            But at least two recent presidents — by Knoller’s count — took less “vacation” time during their first year than President Obama — Presidents Jimmy Carter and Bill Clinton.

            According to Knoller, Carter spent just 19 days “on vacation” in 1977. Most of that time, Knoller says, the former president spent at his home in Plains, Ga. President Clinton took all or part of 174 days of vacation during his eight years as president — most of that “vacation” time was during the summer, according to Knoller. But Knoller says Clinton only took 21 “vacation” days during his first year.

            It’s worth mentioning that President Obama has also made 11 trips — all or part of 27 days — to Camp David, the presidential retreat in Frederick County, Md. Knoller, however, says he doesn’t count trips to Camp David as part of any presidents’ “vacation” time. But for the sake of comparison, President George W. Bush, made more trips to that country residence than Obama. According to Knoller, Bush made 25 trips — a total of 78 days — to Camp David in 2001.

            But no matter how much time a president actually spends away from the official residence at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave., Knoller says that the commander in chief is never really off the clock. “I have long held the view that a US president is never really on vacation,” Knoller told in an e-mail. “The job – and its awesome powers and responsibilities – is his wherever he is and whatever he’s doing.”

            –D’Angelo Gore



            As Far as Benghazi goes, ~ and the time spent on it addressing it ~ it is part of the job. ~ That the opposition believed and accepted the incident as a golden opportunity to make political hay, ~ and discredit their arch nemesis Hillary Clinton and the current Administration all in a single sweep ~ was too temping to not attempt. ~ Now this might have worked for you Don, ~ but the GOP did not achieve what it attempted to do , in spite of your personal feelings on the outcome of theses hearings.

          • Don 2


            Pity that you wasted so much space on Obama’s vacation, like that’s was the one and only subject. Would you care to spend equal time and space trying to deflect remaining items?

            Benghazi – Has not been addressed, an obvious cover-up, 4 dead and still unexplained, the video story an obvious Obama regime and Hillary Clinton lie, witnesses still being intimidated and prevented from talking, no one apprehended or prosecuted for the attack. It’s not about personal feelings, it’s about facts.

          • Deerinwater

            I believe that it was you that brought up his squandering of time. ~ The pity is that you believe it worthy to mention at all.

            Benghazi was a crime scene, it’s been addressed and is continuing to be address by Federal agents until justice is served. ~ That they don’t find it necessary to supply you with regular updates accounts for your foggy disposition regardless what you believe. ~ At some point ~ all the “Facts” will be presented when they can no longer affect the ongoing investigation.

            Don, ~ give it up ~you got no point ~ and nothing to offer other then a sideshow of discontent from you Lazy Boy Recliner.

          • Deerinwater

            I suggests that you write about things that you know and understand or wish to understand and bring a open mind to the discussion.

            When you imply that “I imagine” ~ you are being personal. ~ For you have not a clue but rendering a judgement on me personally and have left the discussion and focused on me personally.

            That I bother to take time out to bring this to your attention and call you on it, is my option. ~ I could have ignore you and probably should have.

            This “Ivory Tower” syndrome runs deep in the GOP as it’s indicative of the people that feel it their station to stand in judgement of all things , feeling they are quite good at it.

            Now whether they actually are good at it or not, ~ we only need to asked them.

            They are the same people that elected, backed and supported the W Bush Administration, the Reagan Administration and the Nixon Administration. ~ so how can it possibly be wrong to believe their judgement not sound as the American dollar?

          • Don 2

            For the record, although I would never vote for a member of the Democrat/Communist Party, I am not a fan of today’s GOP, Bush, or Nixon. However, Reagan was the best!

          • Deerinwater

            Nixon was my personal favorite. He was my Commander & Chief that I hold certain loyalty too. He ended an endless war which places our economics in a tail spin that both he and other’s would have to address while the road long and hard.

            As a world statesman, he embraced the notion of dialogue as a path to reconciliation and resolve. He was instrumental in lifting the Iron Curtain that separated mankind that seeded distrust and contempt that allows hate and resentment to flourish unchecked.

            Reagan was a good man in bad company, ~ a Democrat with a new riding lawn mower. Reagan was a sell out to American tradition and American values. ~ When he said “We Americans” ~ he was really only talking to a few Americans. People like yourself in upper management and Cooperate interest. No doubt , you enjoyed the effects of his leadership.

            Together with the accompanying loop holes and shifted the value of the labor earned dollar to favor the the investment earned dollar might have been a wise move at the time ~ but this disparity in earning protracted over 30 years has much to do with all the earning disparity that we see today.

            I do not doubt for one second that you “approve” Don. Why should you not? It’s has gotten people like yourself enjoying a comfort few people might ever know. ~ This taxing code and accompanying legislation has you believing that you “earned it”. ~ and deserving. ~ and maybe you are.

            But you and everyone need to realize, ~ it’s for government to drive the road conditions. ~ WHATEVER THE CURRENT CONDITIONS ARE. ~ Steering the nation as a whole to prosperity and security.

            This has not been done Don. ~ Ronnie Reagan steering was for the conditions that existed in Reagan day and not prudent for the conditions and climate that exist today.

            While ~ those like yourself ~ will fight and defend status quo as they see any change it as a threat to their current living standards. ~ I cannot blame you for feeling this way, for it is a threat.

            Leadership is left too and must steer the road IF it’s there are intentions of staying on the road.

            43 had ran us off into the ditch, ~ and 44 is not getting us out fast enough.

            This nervous behavior of being like a cat in a room full of rocking chairs is very entertaining and duly noted Don. My personal race all but ran, I know where I am at in the “Food Chain” ~ I know where I stand, ~ it will not be with anyone like yourself in regards to National Politics or pending legislation and only stop at the waters edge.

    • Robert Messmer

      ” Speaking for myself, ~ I certain don’t like the idea of a Federal Agency spying on Americans but then I read this .

      “Nevada pair ‘plotted to torture and kill police’

      BBC News – ‎5 minutes ago‎

      Radical US anti-government group linked to murder plot”

      Where are the details? Is the Nevada pair the whole group or just part of it or is that some other group? Did the illegal spying on all Americans result in the Nevada pair being caught/prevented from their plot? If so, just how since we have been assured by the Administration that no one is really reading our emails or listening to our phone calls, the data is just being stored? Are you now saying that you do like the idea?

      • Deerinwater

        well? ~ pull it up. ~ It was a copy and paste today’s headline.

        Ask a mother if they enjoy changing a [expletive deleted] dipper? ~ I think that they will say “No”, while the love and care of the child superseded notions of “Like & Dislike”. ` As hard as it make be, ` attempt to accept your realities in “shades of gray”.~ for it’s never been just black or white in the third person singular.

      • Deerinwater

        Your question was addressed.

        As for details ~ I copy and paste “Radical US anti-government group linked to murder plot ” and you will receive the same details I got.

        • Robert Messmer

          Ok pasted and followed and the Vegas police stated the arrest was NOT based on the illegal spying on Americans. That does not address my other question as to if you are now saying that you do like the idea based on the arrest of this pair.

          • Deerinwater

            Surely I have make myself clear to anyone that accepts the complexity of the world around them. Liking and disliking might render good answers with one’s personal choice of ice cream.

            I “don’t like” to buy insurance on my homes, cars , business boats or health, death and dismemberment ~but I do!

            Why do I do things~ that I do not like to do?

            Because I find it “prudent” to engage in “Rick Management” and not expose myself to being a victim of “Happenstance” and depend on other’s for good will or charity or at least some consideration and sympathy. ( and I don’t want to find it necessary to do that )

            I don’t like domestic spying, ~ but if you are thinking for one minute it’s something brand new in the United States by a Federal agency, you are mistaken.

            I don’t know how you live your life, ~ but I cast a small shadow and leave no “wake”, while I live a life as if the Lord is watch every minute and willing to accept judgement for my words and deeds , even in my most private moments.

            Now , ~ this is not hard for me to do.

            How hard is it for you?

  • yoshi

    The Democrat party has morphed into something unrecognizable. It pretends to be all inclusive and uses it to invite destruction from within. It exploits, buys off and uses it’s so-called inclusion to make reckless decisions and spread hate. It’s intolerance has continued to grow with leaps and bounds. I’m a registered Independent and the hypocrisy and pied piper mentality is alarming.

    • Deerinwater

      If that’s the case ~ I guess you can’t even recognize the GOP today?

      • yoshi

        I think it was Obama’s insistence on indefinite detention without trial for US citizens, and the Democrat anti-second amendment stance that sent chills down my spine. The Republicans were the party of MLK and small government but because the Democrats “included” Blacks by supplying housing projects and government checks, their loyalties changed. Both parties are corrupt but the Democrats appear more hypocritical and seem desperate to control our money and our lives. The GOP still show signs of respecting individual rights and some candidates seem sincere about honoring our constitution. The Democrats believe we need global conformity, that our values are old fashioned and that the constitution is obsolete. I think the GOP still “clings” to respecting constitutional rights which is most important to me.

  • anAmericanByChoice

    More smokescreens. These liberals and democrats are just masters of deception. Now they are trying to convince the American public that Obama is the bad guy, but they are not, they can see that he is bad!… So, next, when they come up with another mentally retarded Obama like democrat, Hillary or anyone else, people will be fooled into giving them another shot!… If they do, it will be the end of it all and of America as we know it. Vote them all out of office, dems, libs, rinos, all the same! Get some patriots doing the work only patriots can do! These guys will swear to uphold the constitution and do the opposite the very same moment they step away and start “working”… they will bring America down because they are all working for the same master, the socialists/communists, the globalists, the powers that be… Wanna give these guys another shot? Sure! Go ahead… just make sure you aim right between the eyes!

  • Jabbedin thebutt

    I Didn’t vote for “ObomBa” the first time,or the second time!!!!Its to bad,the first time,we had only McCain to vote for(Which,in my opinion should change parties,he would fit very nicely with the demo’s!!!)The last election,I think,was rigged anyway.I can’t believe the crap that this None-natural Born citizen is doing,and getting away with it,All the while,Congress sets on its butt,and does nothing about it!!!!A poll recently showed that 53%of AMERICANS would vote all those that are now in Congress ,out of office….I belong to that 53%.(although ,I would leave some of the Republicans-not including John McCain!!!!!)

  • Cathy Hovey

    So why are people wanting gitmo closed? I’d bet when he promised to shut it down, it was because he was defending the terrorists and thought they should be let go. I’m sure there are idiot dems who agreed with that. But what was Obutthead really going to do with the prisoners there? I know he let some of them go already. What about the rest? And weren’t they having a hunger strike? My comment was “let them have it”. They’ll all die and that will be that.

    • Michael Shreve

      AND those released have ALREADY resumed their Jihad.

  • Chris

    The Democrats are just worried about keeping their jobs,thats all,just their jobs!!!To hell with the AMERICAN People!!!Vote them all out next “Election”

  • msueh

    As long as these dems keep jumping ship, mebbe the Ds will be as fractured between øvømit and hellary and whoever else their committee nominates as the Rs were both last times around…

  • colt

    An 8 year old could have seen this coming . Wake up people wake up!!! before its maybe to late .and maybe it just might BE>


    Let me see now, this guy knew the Faker in the WH did not have the qualification of a valid BC to be a candidate, knew he was non transparent and knew his credentials were under legal restraint but still supported his extreme liberal back ground to the hilt…..Communist always lie..axiom.

  • Motov

    Both parties suck, time for a third party. Every time we switch parties, we need deeper rubber boots to trudge through their BS. The Tea Party must be doing something right. The press has yet to say anything good about it. They must perceive it as a serious threat to their hero Oblahblah. But when even some Democrats say “Where’s the beef”? after all this time they been searching the bun, sounds like they are out to save their own behinds.
    Oblahblah failed because his policy was designed to fail. Now we face an even bigger hole to fill. He shows no sign of stopping the digging, nor slowing down .
    The rest of the Democrats have noticed the people are starting to wake up and say “Where’s the beef you promised”? As they nervously shuffle through the bun, knowing there was no beef, never was, never will be.

    • indiana_conservative

      Actually it is time for all conservatives to quit voting party lines and pick the conservative if it be Democrat or Republican. Don’t need a third party just need people in government to represent the people again instead of themselves.

      Problem is we have to scrutinize the person running closely. Democrats for decades have been flowing towards socialism and RINO’s are merely a step behind them. As my Grandfather always said vote for the man “or woman” not the party.

  • Jeff Noncent

    well people need to wake up, and see what the Rat is all about, he is not for the constitution of America

  • DaveO

    He said he voted for him, but I’d like to know did he vote for him both times?If he did then stop all the BS, you got what you voted for.

    • jdangiel

      You think he stopped at twice?


    All of these progressive democrats will be thrilled to support Obama when he chooses to take over the government and become Dictator. Because, when it happens they will have more power than they ever dreamed of.

  • Debbie

    If both parties do not go back to our founding fathers plan America will be over and frankly I don’t feel like giving up on our country. We have grandchildren that have to live in this mess of a world. It time to stand for what you believe in and stop worrying about hurting someone’s feelings or making them feel bad. Pull your grown up pants up and say something.

  • Michael Shreve

    NO Democrat, liberal, progressive, communist SUPPORTS the Bill of Rights, SOME are merely more OBVIOUS in their disdain. Unfortunately Obama is in a position to ATTACK it directly and has the sycophants to get away with it.

    • Dave

      But conservatives, fascists, tea partiers, corporatists do support the Bill of Rights…. for themselves… just not for others.

      • Michael Shreve

        IF you BELIEVE that, YOU are partly responsible for the CRUSHING of liberty in the U.S. RIGHTS are UNIVERSAL.

      • Michael Shreve

        IF you BELIEVE that, YOU are partly responsible for the CRUSHING of liberty in the U.S. RIGHTS are UNIVERSAL.

  • Vigilant

    “Jarvis is one of many Democrats and American liberals who have lost faith in President Obama’s promise of “hope” and “change” in America under his Administration.”

    …and they will all vote for Hillary in 2016.

    • Dave

      BS, I would not vote Hillary in for dog catcher Vigilant. But having said that, she is better than the clown car the GOP with “throw up”.
      So what does this mean?
      As a proud liberal, I go back to voting 3rd party.

  • vietnamvet1971

    INEPT & STUPID is what O’dumbo is, living in his Liberal Looney World he has created in his Little Warped mind, it is all UNAMERICAN and We the Real Americans know it.

  • Liltrooper

    At the risk of being added to some neo-political black list, i feel I want to express my observations. Obama and company are not ineffective. They are doing exactly what they want to do. All that has happened from ObamaCare. IRS, NSA, Bengahzi, intense race relations, race bating etc are in the quiver
    of the Chicago thug based politics. It’s not that they know it, it’s that they count on it. We have been dummied down and divided for a reason. They can get away with what they want without fear of reprisal. Eric Holder was found in contempt of Congress. What were the punitive results? Jay Leno laughed at he? Big friggin’ deal bro. All the institutions of this country have ben under attack and effectively so. Laws are routinely broken in the name of expediency.
    To advance the cause of radical socialism and other “isms” that are used to demising our country, our faith-based moral being and self-respected image.
    This is what they want! It’s working well for them, not us.

  • Jody

    Motov said; Both parties suck, time for a third party.
    To correct this we always have to overcorrect…For me I would rather drink Tea than Kool-Aid. Ted Cruz, Rand Paul, Marco Rubio are a lot more to my liking. They at least seem like they love America. I don’t think they will be going on an apology tour and throwing our allies under the bus. Obama has embarrassed the United States more than any other person in history. What I don’t get is that Obama has earned impeachment…why are they not going ahead with it????

    • Motov

      Because the republicans are led by RINOs, They fight publicly against the democrats to appear they are conservatives but behind closed doors they are making deals and shredding the Constitution. Who in their right mind would allow a multi thousand paged monstrosity like Oblahblahcare pass without knowing what was inside it first?
      Then to add insult to injury, they opt out of it!! Their own plan makes Rolls Royce look like a Yugo. We pay for that too. This type of citizen neglect and abuse must end right now!!! Ron Paul had it right, We must strip OUR government of its power grabs, because all they do is abuse it.

      • Sarah417

        I have no faith in Rand Paul. He endorsed Mitch McConnel and therefor, to me he is a NWO Globalist along with the others. There are no Republicans and Democrats only NWO Globalists/Fascists.
        Gov. Scott Walker is my choice. He has done wonderful things for Wisconsin and proven himself to be a man of principle.

        • Motov

          I’m a former Wisconsin resident (Lived in Watertown).
          Now I live in Arkansas, because the winters are better for my Parkinson’s Disease. I heard about the Democrats’ tirade over Walker’s victory, worse than a soap opera.

        • Motov

          I’m a former Wisconsin resident (Lived in Watertown).
          Now I live in Arkansas, because the winters are better for my Parkinson’s Disease. I heard about the Democrats’ tirade over Walker’s victory, worse than a soap opera.

      • Sarah417

        I have no faith in Rand Paul. He endorsed Mitch McConnel and therefor, to me he is a NWO Globalist along with the others. There are no Republicans and Democrats only NWO Globalists/Fascists.
        Gov. Scott Walker is my choice. He has done wonderful things for Wisconsin and proven himself to be a man of principle.

    • chris

      Good question

    • chris

      Good question

  • bygeorge

    It is often posited by conservative commentators that the Democrats are organized and conservatives are not. That’s definitely true. They steal local and state elections by fraud, give taxpayer dollars to subversive groups like Acorn, Planned Parenthood and leftist environmental organizations under pretext of creating green energy, while we spin in circles like dogs chasing our tails, while eating our young.

    Every potential real conservative candidate that appears, but does not support the expectations of big government republicans, is ruthlessly attacked, trashed, dumped on and spit out, first by Republicans (Rove and Company) then the Democrats.

    I believe we conservatives do not really know who we are and are confused in our own identities. I believe we need to learn just who we are and who they really are. The Democrats are no longer the Democrats of our fathers. They are now the new communist party and rally under the banner of environmentalism, calling themselves Progressives, or Liberals, or what ever other disguise they wish to use at the appropriate time to hide their true identity. On the other hand, the Conservatives are loosely defined as the Republican Party, aka: the GOP. Under that title and a bit off to the side are the Libertarians and then the vast network of independents known as the TEA Party’s and Patriots, etc., who are scattered throughout and basically, form the conservative base.

    Some how the “Country Club” aka: “Establishment Republicans” run the Republican show and are loath to surrender their perks and roles as our leaders. These people have become “collaborators” with the Democrats and march in lock step with them to move America into a Socialist State. No longer being supported by their base, the Republicans don’t know what else to do so they go along to get along, the dottering old fool John McCain and his shadow Lindsay Graham being the best examples of true collaborators. Collaborators are like tolerators. Our leaders are willing to tolerate the leftist plans for national socialism.

    Their side has a playbook, Rules for Radicals by Saul Alinsky. They followed it religiously. Our side has a playbook too, supposedly, called the Constitution and the rule of law which nobody seems to know how to read, but whom many have deemed is out of date. Well, it’s not out of date with American conservatives and we, who truly understand where they are taking our country, must cling to its truths with the awful tenacity of a drowning man clutching a rope. We can no long place our hope in the Country Club Republicans and expect them to reverse course and bring America back to its republican, representative roots, They won’t even try. But, we are long past that and they have proven their inability to perform.

    The Obama administration is in apparent disarray and the only transparency of his government is by the light now being shined into the cracks and recesses where all the cockroaches dwell. The deadly and amateurish incompetence of Obama in his foreign policy and his clumsy efforts to suppress the truths of it’s ineptitudes make a lie of everything he claims he stands for and yet, our side does not capitalize on it.

    The tea Party can be a present day exterminator, but it must do more, it must stay steadfast and persistent and at the same time provide leadership that will lead, with a vision that Americans can latch onto. Our culture has been so compromised that It seems impossible to know how this will happen, or who among us has the right mix of moxie, intelligence, patriotism, charisma, etc.. to make it happen. Alas, when they do appear, we eat them.

    I make this prediction, unless things change, drastically, Chris Christi will be the GOP nomination in 2016. I see it already. He absolutely fits the GOP’s elitist formula. Out here in fly-over land, we are powerless to change it. The machinery is already in motion; Christi will be anointed like McCain and Romney were but without base support he will inevitably lose too. Jane Fonda will get her great American Women medal, the IRS will be our constant companion and Obama’s secret police will be in our streets and neighborhoods. Actually they are here already, small but growing. Our economic situations will have reduced us, as individuals, to looking to our own survival, not restoring our country. What Obama has done to Egypt he is doing to us. We can see what’s happening there now, and that should be our first guide to understanding. The Egyptians, supported by their army, are resisting fascism. We can too!

    • Sarah417

      All that you have said is true. As a Tea Party member I have and will continue to do all that I can to save America. I pray everyone else will continue to try.

    • michiganminuteman

      Very, very well said sir. Thank you for saying what I have known but was unable or too busy to express.

    • Deerinwater

      Nice manifesto, ~ well delivered. nice spin.

      You keep on spreading that around ` shout it from the roof tops, so everyone can hear it.

      But somewhere down the line ~ you better learn to count ~ if you ever expect to win a general election.

      And as far as organized, ~ The GOP is overly organized. ~ Mich McConnell has keep them in Lock Step since early 2009, all singing for a single sheet of music. ~

      The GOP is a machine

      The DNC is made of people made of flesh and blood with varying opinions about everything. ~ The DNC accepts and honors descent within it’s ranks and make compromises to get along ~~ Do you ready believe that all democrats are fairy , gun grabbers?

    • Michael Shreve

      The political game does indeed appear to be fixed. The house (liberal, progressive, communism) wins regardless of the candidate’s PURPORTED party affiliation.

  • chuckster

    I did not ever vote for this turd and would I ever, I could see through him like a screen door, I could see he didn’t have any knowledge on any issues, if he was caught without his teleprompter he just stumbled along on words that made no sense and even now he cant hold a intelligent conversation without his teleprompter, he has used the same old talking points so long that he has pretty well memorized them and when he is asked a question he will use one of them and sometimes its not even the question he was asked, in short this man wouldn’t make a good manager at Wendys let alone manager of the USA. He is just a black guy that the dems got elected and he does exactly what Axlerod tells him and they have told him that he will be very rich when he gets out and he will be and that’s all he is after but he lies and tells the poor people that he is for them but he is for no one but himself

    • Deerinwater

      More of a brown actually.

      I don’t believe Axlerod is a part of the cabinet and inner circle of the executive office. he does not make Federal policy.


    It is my belief that the majority of the Americans now believe the Dems or Deemers as they are now called have sold out the nation to gain as much power by corrupt means as they can and have been plotting by seditious means to do so for a long number of years……


    This country and her people bought into a socialist doctrine program that they were too stupid to see coming! This was the socialist last hurray to defeat America and finally bring her into the world order and world government.

    They never expected nor do they understand the fact that there has been for many years, a silent society of America. But, we are still here even though we don’t raise a bunch of red flags.

    For 60 plus years the socialist party has worked to infiltrate every sector of American society and they have done a remarkable job. Look at Washington, our public schools, our universities and the news media!

    They are doing their best to create a race war in America, but the outcome will be terrible for one race of people in America.
    They continue to open the doors for a foreign opposition to enter the United States and attempt a take over. These are two situations that we the silent will have to deal with eventually. When it happens, it will be very very bad for certain groups that have followed these socialist for so long.

    The day is coming for an awakening in and of America! The silent will be heard and it will be the shot heard around the world!

  • Dave

    This may be difficult for
    conservatives and especially Republicans to understand but liberals have not
    been happy with Obama almost from Day 1, from his increasing the powers under
    the conservative’s Patriot Act to not taking a more active role to close Gitmo
    to not putting in a brief to counter the wrong headed Citizen’s United decision
    by the Supreme Court to use of the military without proper Congressional
    advisement even though the GOP are mostly interested in politics, not

    The reason why the GOP have been
    more effective getting their agenda put forth since 1980 is that is much easier
    to get conservatives and their narrow swath of issues passed because there
    isn’t much dissention in the GOP in the ranks comparatively to the Democrats.
    The GOP and their Tea Partiers are a recent phenomenon in conservative circles…
    Democrats have conservatives, main streamers, liberals, corporatists and they
    caucus with the one true socialist in the Senate.

    The GOP are new to this
    revelation of thinking independently from the RNC borg… The Democrats have been
    dealing with differing opinions for decades.

    For Obama to be this terrible
    Socialist that is leading America to ruin, he must have the ability to pass
    these things called laws to make it happen. The GOP since 2010, have engaged in
    record filibusters to prevent any legislation from getting passed… This past
    congress has the record for being the least effective on record because the GOP
    are playing politics instead of caring enough about the country to compromise to
    move the country forward in many instances…

    So this idea that Obama is
    responsible for our demise and stinking in to “socialism” is simply a lie.

    But what both parties are doing
    however is ruining this country by engaging in rampant corporatism. It is
    corporatism, crony capitalism that are screwing this counrty. The tea party
    saviors like Ted Cruz (beholden to the Oil, Big Banks) and Rand Paul (Beholden
    to big Energy interests) are no different. They are playing their party to get
    you to fall for the false idea that conservatives want small Gov, freedom,
    fiscal responsibility… I am sure they want that… just not for you or I… They
    want these things for their corp masters who pay them good money to see their
    policies made into laws… Both parties are equally guilty…

    If anyone here truly cares about
    this country, you will fight for 3 things….getting big money out of the
    political process (that is the biggest issue we face), voting 3rd party,
    and pushing to review and get rid of trade laws that are bad for American
    workers and simplifying the tax code so
    the corporatists stop pushing their
    loopholes at the expense of the middle class and poor (I realize the poor to not pay income taxes but when programs
    get cut, their first to go is those that help the poor)

    The problems in this country are decades in the making, both parties are to blame but for people to say Obama is
    the cause, those people have forgotten the actions of Reagan, Clinton and the
    various Congresses have done to bring us to this point. Its time to wake up and
    do your research on the history of this country.

  • vivaUSA

    There is little doubt that Obama is not interested in the good of this country; everything from his own utterances and his shady past tell any sentient person that he is statist/socialist/communist in his thoughts and actions. However, what we conservatives fail to grasp is that he is but the front man for the powers behind the throne so to speak. He has been groomed and protected by a cadre of powerful internationalists for many years to fill his present position and to make him, by virtue of his race, impervious to criticism lest we be labeled as racists and bigots. This enbles them to rapidly advance their globalist agenda and paralyze any opposition to their selfish ends.