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Another Bush

February 9, 2011 by  

Another Bush

The campaign to select the Republican to challenge Barack Obama in the 2012 Presidential election is underway and it seems the Republican brain trust has selected its challenger: Former Florida Governor Jeb Bush.

The neoconservative rag National Review — the champion of liberal Republican RINOs like John McCain and Mike Castle and mouthpiece for the Republican establishment — is touting Jeb’s credentials in its cover story this week, and on Monday, Editor Rich Lowry posted on National Review Online eight reasons Jeb should run in 2012 rather than 2016. His reasons: The GOP field is wide open, 2016 will be too late (twice), brother George W.’s legacy  is being rehabilitated, Jeb will always be a Bush, he’s not just another Bush, he can unite the party and waiting is a mistake (see Mario Cuomo).

I can think of as many reasons why another Bush would be bad for the country. But for the sake of brevity, I’ll mention just one: Perpetual war.

In January 1991, President George H.W. Bush launched a war in the Middle East that continues more than 20 years later. Started under the pretext of freeing Kuwait from a dictator — Iraq’s Saddam Hussein — the war was fought to ensure the free flow of oil to America from Bush the elder’s bosom buddies, Saudi King Fahd and his family.

While Kuwait is a free country compared to most in the Middle East, it is ruled by a king whose family has overseen the country since 1752. A monarchy is not a free country, so Bush traded one dictator for another he liked better.

After Hussein capitulated and retreated back into Iraq, American military bases established throughout the region remained. The American military presence in Saudi Arabia is one of the reasons cited by Osama bin Laden for launching the 9/11 attacks on America.

Throughout the remainder of Bush the elder’s term, and then all the way through Bill Clinton’s, America remained at war with Iraq. United States fighter jets patrolled the skies, the occasional Tomahawk missile was launched and American troops and materiel remained in place — ostensibly to keep Hussein in check.

Then came George W. Bush. After 9/11, Bush received carte blanche from Congress to make war where he pleased. And it pleased him to do what his father had not: Remove Hussein — a product of CIA meddling in the Middle East in the 1980s as a foil to Iran — from power.

Now Barack Obama continues the fight in the Middle East, and despite his tall talk that he believes all people should be free and should settle their own affairs, the fact remains that he continues to meddle in the internal affairs of the region and favored the Iranian regime over the Iranian people in their protests in 2009 and favors 30-year dictator Hosni Mubarak over the Egyptian people now.

If we have another Bush at the helm, guided by the war-happy neoconservative wing of the GOP, you can be assured the perpetual war will continue. The country cannot afford another Bush.

Bob Livingston

is an ultra-conservative American and author of The Bob Livingston Letter™, founded in 1969. Bob has devoted much of his life to research and the quest for truth on a variety of subjects. Bob specializes in health issues such as nutritional supplements and alternatives to drugs, as well as issues of privacy (both personal and financial), asset protection and the preservation of freedom.

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  • Martin Gorelick

    Irony: a low-rent, snake-oil-selling website calling “National Review” a “rag.”

    And don’t forget to tighten your tinfoil hat. Them black helicopters is everywhere, man!

    • newspooner

      National Review magazine is “a rag”, and has been for years. Buckley was a Trojan Horse.

      • Al Sieber

        newspooner, you got that right about William F. Buckley, thanks for bringing that up.

        • Mike In MI

          All Sieber -
          Right O’ Bro, Buckley was a conceited, elitist-dominated tool of the Eastern/New England king pushers who borrowed the ideas of Russell Kirk (a great man of TALL ideas) twisted them around their own stripper’s pole and proceeded to dance down the aisles of Congress as though they deserve anything but being taken down and out in the next election cycle.

          • Al Sieber

            Thanks, Mike In Ml, thats 3 of us now that admit that we know.

          • Pathfinder

            Look at how the republican party establishment has done all it can to sabotage real conservatives within the republican party. Lately the republican party has been nothing more than an echo of the democrats.

            Let’s face it folks; choosing between the republican, neo-con, RINOs; and the democrats, is like choosing between Trotsky and Lenin. They are merely different brands of communism.

            Only the tea party candidates have been of any use for our conservative values. And look at how the republican party establishment has done all it can to sabotage real conservatives within the republican party.

            Unless the entrenched RINOs can be removed, the republican party should wither and die (like the whigs before them) to be replaced by a REAL second party.


      Our government and major corporations are on the record in conducting evil. Shoot if nothing else, why did the fat cats on wallstreet and capital street take away trillions in bailouts that 95% of Americans DIDN’T WANT? If you fail at your job or your small business where is your bailout? Where is your at least bronze parachute? Do you think living on food stamps in a tent city at least a bronze parachute?

      You making fun of us is like making fun of a scantily clad teenage girl for walking down a dark alley and being brutally raped and murdered by a vile rapist. We are so quick to criticize the girl for her stupidity and boldness while ignoring the ENORMOUS GREATER evil that is the psychotic mad man engaging in rape and murder.

      • Wanda Murline

        I’m sorry, but another Bush will NOT be able to beat Obama. There is just too much hatred spewed by the alphabet news against his brother. As a member of several tea parties, we are now in the process of finding our candidate for 2012. We want fresh blood, not the same old crap that have been in Washington for decades. We want new ideas, someone who is not “politically correct”, someone with new ideas and ways to see these ideas into realities…someone who does not have a luggage rack of bagage trailing behind him. We will find the one to take down Obama, and it surely is not Jeb Bush.

        • JR

          The Name alone will compel many voters to vote for Obamba as the lesser of 2 evils. The bush dynasty of lies, corruption and idiocy has no chance. I just hope that anyone comes up with something better than that, he, Palin, or Ron Paul are not winning candidates against Obamba.

          • Dick Gazinia


          • http://?? Joe H.

            check out Duncan Hunter!!!

          • Pathfinder

            I think that congressman West from Florida would be a great candidate.

          • Dan Burke

            Sadly, that might be the plan by the “Rhinos” and the establishment. If they push enough of us to vote other and we get stuck with progressivism another four years then perhaps they can get us to forget our attraction to the Tea Party as well as get enough young voters to overwhelm our ranks with their progressive indoctrination….

            Personally, I really hope that going into the primaries that the establishment’s chosen candidate gets defeated by a Tea Party candidate like we saw in several primaries during the 2010 elections. I would so love to see how the establishment goes into convulsion revealing themselves as the progressives they are. Then I might listen to presidential debates with enthusiasm. I know this much, if the Republicans put forward another “Rhino” as their presidential candidate then they will have lost my vote. Sure voting for neither Democrat or Republican might give Obama the Presidency, but the only reason I voted for McCain is because I actually liked his VP candidate. Otherwise, I could not stand the presidential debates. Was I the only one who thought this: “They just claimed to give two different views on how to fix the problem put forward for them to debate, but if you boil off all the fluff they really just said the same thing as their opponent. The only thing that changed was the words used. Sort of the like difference between saying salt or sodium chloride (sodium chloride is table salt).” Both were very progressive. And if you really listened, then everything Obama has been doing should have been a no brainer. The only thing really surprising me is how well the media is propping all this stuff up and that the American people are buying it hook, line, and sinker….

            The only good news this past two years for me has been the Tea Party. I loved the ripples it created and how it really changed the conversation. There was actually a debate I enjoyed listening to. Instead of trying to pick the lesser of two evils, it was two different views of constitutional governance. Oh, how I loved that. When someone asked me what I thought of those two local Republican (Tea Party) candidates going into the Republican primaries, I was able to tell my coworker that I would vote for either of them. Both had their flaws. I both agreed with things they said and disagreed other stuff they said, and there were certainly questions about their past yet to be resolved. It was a completely refreshing and different experience as opposed to listening to the Presidential debates just a couple years earlier.

        • kate8

          Wanda – Remember McCain? I will never believe he won the primary vote of the people. He was the LEAST popular.

          Bush is, obviously, the choice of the NWO, to insure Obama wins.

          • http://! Angel Wannabe

            Gotta Agree kate, after the licking GW took, NWO has got to be the only reason Jeb would run__They smeared Dubya to make Obama look good coming in, if they run another Bush, everyone will run the other direction, that will ensure an Obama victory!

          • Dogma-Free “The Trinity”

            ….*they* smeared Dubya…??

            No, Adolf von Dubya did it to himself…though, most likely at the behest of *them*.

            And I think calling it ‘NWO’ now is a little bit of a misnomer, since it’s pretty much business as usual, and has been since the end of WWII.
            Plus, it just sounds a little bit too *tin-foil hatty*…

            It is an agenda of the far-right establishment, not the left – haha…the left aren’t that organized, and are likely too stoned most of the time to care…you know, if I were to make blanket statements like that.

            Anyways, I doubt it matters whether it’s Jebediah Bush, or Jebediah Springfield…the vote will go as (*they*) planned (just as it did with Dubya, when *they* rigged the voting)…unless…

            …unless we vote independent, because they might not have predicted that. Then again, it might only last for a little while, before *they* get to the independents, and bring them into the fold…but it could be worth a try, at least (I think).

          • kate8

            Dogma – You are a riot.

            Obama is making the Bush era seem like America’s glory days.

          • MLK

            Right, it’s not a NWO. What is happening has been planned for hundreds of years. Read the Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion by Marsden. Everything that is happening has been planned.

        • jeri stone

          Agreed….tea party person.The last thing this Nation needs is another Bush. I have a long list why not, but will spare the space. but the majority of Americans is not looking for another Bush…period

        • Peter

          I agree, one word and one word only if the GOP select Jeb Bush to run for President: Tragedy

          • Pathfinder

            DON’T VOTE FOR RINOS !!!

      • Mike In MI

        Right , Dogs Fight -
        It’s bad enough the republicans put up GWB so soon after his father. But now this. It’s obscene/ they’re obscene – the Dynasty Makers that is.
        What is this? Are they trying to replace the US Government with an heirarchical monarchy that rules by “Divine Right”? Is this the Republican answer to a Soviet style or Chinese-commie style hobnail boot in your face?
        The whole Republican pile of “stuff” is just a different brand of thumb to hold freemen in subjugation. Time to get rid of them.

        • Mike In MI

          The “hob-nail boot” (I failed to add in that sentence) would be the representation standing for Obama or whoever else Soros and the Rothschilds decide to cram down our collective throat. Which is what will be if they succeed – “a collective”.

          • Pathfinder

            Mike in MI : You are correct ! I would like to point out that both the republicans and the democrats are controlled by powers behind the scenes. (For example, check out the Council on Foreign Relations {CFR}). The banksters {“banksters” is a coined word formed by combining the words “banker” and “gangster”} controll both parties and continue to steer us toward a “one world government”. The intent is to create a worldwide, socialist dictatorship with themselves at the top controlling everything.

          • Mike in MI

            Pathfinder –
            You said, “…a world wide socialist dictatorship with themselves at the top…”.
            The “w.w.s.d.” will exist for a very short while and then be supplanted by a pseudo-teacher (“false prophet”) of a humanist idealism fronting a totally (inward) corrupt person who’s father-god is the Devil. To him, to his mind, the Devil will reveal whatever the Devil wants him to do.
            He will direct all mankind to worship the Devil – straight up – for what and who he is. To get to that point, of course, he will have to have convinced everybody that it is fruitless to dispute or fight against him. Everybody will know what they are worshipping, whether they like it or not, but will comply in order to stay “alive” or achieve “peace”. No one will be exempt – atheist, agnostic, Muslim, Hindu, Bhuddist, Tao, Dao, pantheist, Gaia, scientologist…whatever.
            I believe, starting in Revelation 13:4 to the end of the paragraph describes the heart of the progression of events. Whoever is the best servant/worshipper of the Devil will be pulled to the top – if they shed allegience to any other god or religous set up.
            There are four phrases in this passage – “and was given to it” – that indicate that four things that are needed to get what the Devil has always wanted are given. One of them is “power (authority-’exousia’ not ‘dunamis’)” to allow the Devil and those never wanted to submit to the true God an opportuity to live under authority of the only alternative. They wil get an opportunity to see what they have been shielded from because God has always had, up to this point, people on earth who love God’s Truth and worship Him.
            And, for that (them), the rest of the world has been blessed. Well, at a certain point Christians, people who have acquired God’s spirit to worship Him (not just use the name “Jesus”), will be taken out of men’s (and the Devil’s) sphere of influence. Without God-worshippers and lovers the Devil will have freedom to carry out what he must to get the remainder of men’s worship – just what he has always sought for.
            So, maybe the course of events from when this stuff started to its end is inexhorable – or, maybe, “inexhorrible”. As for me, I will claim the promises of God that apply to me and go along for the ride.
            If you haven’t yet – get a Bible and find Romans 10: 9-10. Then start reading the book of Acts and do what you see the believers did then. God hasn’t changed. His ability (in the name of Jesus Christ) has not decreased nor deteriorated over the last 1900 years.

        • Pat R

          What we don’t need is another Bush (Schiff)!!

          Yes, Schiff is the correct name. GHWB’s father changed his name to Schiff after coming to America on the Campaign Paper Clip. Prescott Schiff was a Nazi who worked for Adolf Hitler in Germany. The name change was not done legally, it was just used. This is how so many Nazis have infiltrated our Government. This was the plan to take over the World.
          They, the Shadow Government, need to get Jeb into office so they can keep fighting the Global Settlement Payments. GHWB told Obama that if he allowed the payments to be made, that he (GHWB) would go to the Supreme Court and have him (Obama) removed from office.
          Welcome to pre-war Germany, people!!

          • Cawmun Cents

            Can I have some of your pot?

          • Pathfinder

            Pat R : Just remember that the word “nazi” is derived from the phrase “national socialist”. Thus both Bush and Obama are actually on the same side. That is why BO’s policies are so similar to Bush 43′s. Both the dems and the RINOs are controlled by the banksters.

        • http://! Angel Wannabe

          Mike, I’m just disgusted with the whole stinkin lot them in Washington, ya can’t trust any of them!

      • Just Hastoo

        I must totaly agree, as most americans will also agree with you ! The Tea Party and NEW BLOOD IN THE SEAT TO WIN !!!! And to keep America FREE.

        • Pathfinder

          Just Hastoo : Exactly right !! No more democrats AND no more RINOs. We must evict the entrenched RINOs. We must continue to elect tea party candidates either a republicans or as a new party. But we must never support any more RINOs.

    • Bobby D

      True DAT Marty – I SEEN ‘EM (black helicopters)- I live in the west Suburbs of Chicago near Midway Airport. When “they” start with martial law after the next major terrorist attack in this country, begin confiscating our legally owned firearms, and locking up “dissidents” (i.e. conservative libertarians who WON’T take the “Mark” after they push that “global currency” after all national governments are deliberately driven to bankruptcy- ref: Revelation 13:16-17 ) in those voluminous (currently MT) concentration camps (ref:
      to be “processed” U2, will start to get nervous. HACK!
      Ref: Revelation 14:9-11

      • kate8

        Bobby D – Did any of you see the post from American Patriot yesterday? This will chill your spine:

        • JR

          This is no news.
          1 month after 9/11 the government started the process for this overhaul and it has now taken nearly 10 years to complete it. This has nothing to do with Obama, it has started under Bush and many of its provisions are made possible under the patriotic act and emergency alert rules and regulations in effect since the second world war. Those rules are a direct leftover of the cold war, and the federal and state governments have ALWAYS been able to directly interrupt any and all radio and TV transmissions if they deemed fit to do so. In fact, since the early 50s every station is wired in a way to accommodate that and the fines for non compliance are high and could go all the way for one to lose the license.
          What is new is that there is an attempt to expand the system to cell phones and other connected devices….simply because more people are connected these days via cell phones or computers then listening to radio or TV. I.m.h.o. this is a sensible thing to do as it not only involves the government being able to alert people in a state or federal emergency but it is also used for severe weather, amber alerts and local hazard warnings. Many a life has been saved with this system in the past…and many will be saved in the future….to demonize this and use it for an conspiracy agenda is just plain stupid

          • Dogma-Free “The Trinity”

            Actually, I believe there was a CIA operation called ‘MOCKINGBIRD’, that had their agents infiltrate the media.

            Apparently, this is not really news either, as it was supposedly exposed in the 70′s or something…

            Still, you can see what it might have looked like by watching FAUX “news” (or ‘Fox news’, to Republicans)…or by coming to this very website here!

          • kate8

            JR, I realize that this is not new, that it has been in place for many years. I remember the “tests” on TV and radio.

            If you listened to the whole thing, he says that. What I found chilling is that it is NOW being implemented, that Obama finalized his takeover in the last 2 days. Also, that we are about to be barraged with a new propaganda campaign, coming over every possible outlet, including Amber alert signs. There are cameras, digital signs and monitor screens everywhere now, so there will be no escape.

            I recall many years ago hearing that BigBro would have the ability to turn on TVs and computers at will, to instruct us on what to do (such as ‘report to your local post office for registration’).

            Most people scoffed at these warnings. Well, these things are now reality, and are bearing down on us like an avalanche.

      • kate8

        trut – People who say things like that are one step away from being a NAZI.

        So far, we still have free speech here. Thanks to people like you, not for much longer, though.

        • http://! Angel Wannabe

          kate8, Who is trut?

          • Cawmun Cents

            God of liberal,idealogue,wannabe’s is my guess who trut is.

          • http://! Angel Wannabe

            trut is_Trut is the mutable concoction of facts employed for an ulterior purpose. Trut consists of exactly 4/5 of the stuff of truth. Four out of five letters lined up as a reasonable facsimile of truth.
            urban dictionary

          • Mike in MI

            Angel -
            What a stroke of genius! Keep that dictionary handy, please.
            K88′s recollection was accurate – which is why I responded as I did.

          • kate8

            Angel W – I’m not sure why you’re asking me who Trut is. I see that some others posted in reply to Trut’s earlier post, but looking through the thread, I don’t see it anymore! Did I miss it?

            He said that anyone who quotes the Bible is one step away from being a catholic pedophile, or some such statement.

          • http://! Angel Wannabe

            kate8, I asked because your post to trut, appeared right after my post__I gazed through the posts and didn’t see anyone by that name on this thread,and then thought your post was directed at me__later, I found the name trut on another thread, Thats all._-Thanks

          • kate8

            Angel W – I wonder what happened to his post. Except for others responding also, I would have thought I was hallucinating! LOL. His post simply disappeared.

            Weird. I know it was on this thread because I hit his reply button. I also thought at the time it was a strange moniker. But then, there are strange folks.

          • http://! Angel Wannabe

            kate8__ yeah it was strange and I think Mike in MI replied too__
            __funny thing is, I thought you were calling him a name(trut) with some kind of meaning at first, and went to the dictionary for a definition, and I’ll be d*mned I even found one LMAO!!!

          • Charles

            I think Angel Wannabe has it wright about trut.It`s a meaning and not a person.But, what the heck do I know?

        • Pathfinder

          kate8 : Please remember that the word “nazi” is derived from the phrase “national socialist”. Thus it is the left wing socialists, and not the right wing capitalist, who are following the nazi system.

      • Mike In MI

        trut -
        People who don’t, can’t or won’t quote it are the same as RCC (or any other brand) of pedophiles. What truth do you have going for you, if any, to keep you out of that corral? The Humanist’s Manifesto?? – I’d be willing to bet. Well, if you can quote that or ascribe to it you might just as well get serious about it and go for the whole Satanic Bible…why not? Indecorous?

      • Don in Ohio

        Damn, that’s scary.
        It looks like all the pieces are in place for Martial Law.
        And it all fits Obummas plan to become a dictator.
        With one stroke of his own pen, he can take over everthing!
        Maybe time to buy a gun, cuz they ain’t gonna take me alive!

    • JR

      And the “”BUSH”” dynasty of corruption and idiocy continues.

    • Mike In MI

      Ah-h-h-m-m Martin G. -
      Can you give us an idea of what Big Al the “Global Warming Denier” tastes like? I’ll bet that’s a thrill a minute, eh-h-h?

  • Kinetic1

    Bob? Is that you Bob? With very little exception, I agree with you! I saw this article and was prepared to argue that another Bush would be the end of us, but you did all that for me. Was this just a ploy to bring all the anti Bush forces out into the open? Maybe there’s hope for us still.

  • Sidewinder

    Well this article shouldn’t surprise anyone.
    Bob mentioned perpetual war under the Bush’s, so true. And with a constant state of war comes massive spending. Officially we are 13 Trillion in debt now…

    The very last thing we need is another Bush in the White House. These people are sore losers, and seem to think they have some kind of right to the presidency.

    I actually remember GW Bush saying that deficits are good. Good?

    We don’t need to reunite the Republican party. The country went to hell when they were in the White House. And the current Democrat is finishing us off. We need a rehabilitated Republican Party.

    And what we need more of, is what we just saw yesterday.

    When I first learned that the Tea Party would not be running their own candidates, but rather endorsing select Republicans, I thought they were getting into bed with the GOP. That couldn’t be good.

    But they have surprised me. Shooting down provisions of the Patriot Act yesterday was a very hopeful sign.

    We do not need a reunited Republican Party that inflicts its narrow agenda on the rest of us, through fear mongering, and insider deals.
    And to be clear, the Democrats are certainly no better.

    What they need to do, is flush out the old guard, and get some fresh thinking in there. They need to adopt a platform that actually reflects the will of Americans, and get back to long lost limited government.

    We expect our soldiers to risk life and limb everyday to preserve a higher ideal….liberty. Liberty is more valuable than any single life.
    Why then, while our soldiers willingly put themselves in harm’s way overseas, do we, here at home, accept what we are told, that we must trade away our liberties in favor of safety? That is not the American way.

    No red blooded American need cower in his home, with his phone fully tapped, worrying if his Google searches will land him on a federal watch list. We are not terrorists, and should not be treated as such. Not by lowly public servants. Nor should we have to worry that honest financial transactions will raise red flags with HS, through the Know your Customer policies. Too many questions, by too many snoops. Lots of busy work created by federal agencies tracking every transaction, analyzing mountains of financial data, internet searches…. And for what?
    A foolish endeavor during a time of shrinking federal revenues, and budget crisis.

    No more Bush’s.
    No more.

    So I want to extend a hearty Thank You! to the Tea Party congressmen, who showed some backbone yesterday. I am not breaking out the champagne just yet, but I will continue to watch. It was a positive step in the right direction.

    • lkar

      The liberals do not call it war. It is nation building. So what Obama is doing is different than what Bush is doing. Of course the American public knows that war and nation building are the same thing. The real issue is the money used for these “nation building” exercises has not led to any real freedom for those we say we are helping. And it appears that it has not led to any real security for the average American (attempted bombers, Mexican murders, and Fort Hood).

      • JUKEBOX

        I don’t know why these clowns aren’t spending those trillions of dollars to build the #1 priority, The United States.

        • Mike In MI

          Jukebox -
          And just what makes anyone conclude after two years (about a quarter of which was spent haggling over passage of treasury-busting O’Bomb’R’Care) that this country’s wellbeing has anything to do with the Progressives’ expectations? Obama and friends have done nothing to provide any benefit to this nation. Now, If I were merely stupid, yet, TRYING to provide benefit I would at least do SOMETHING right. Something good would come out of it – if the only thing right were my desire to do good. Something would happen to get me headed down the path of good results. IF NOTHING ELSE, CONTINUAL FAILURE WOULD INFLUENCE ME TO CHANGE OR RESIGN – admitting, “I’m not up to it; America doesn’t deserve me.”

          They haven’t. They have hit on nothing.

          Therefore, I conclude their plans and intents from the start were to wreak havoc and produce a chaotic situation, leading to mayhem and martial law.

          • http://! Angel Wannabe

            Well said Mike in MI!

          • kate8

            Mike in MI – That would be the conclusion of any astute person, even if we weren’t being told this outright.

            Well said.

          • Sam

            He has not failed. He has done exactly what he said he would do …fundamentally transform (change) the government of the United States of America … Read “Rules for Radicals” by Saul Alinsky and you will undrstand what our Muslim president is doing. What do you expect from someone who trained radicals for ACORN in Chicago.

          • Mike in MI

            Thanks, Angel and k88.

            Sam, just one question -
            Do you, also, think those pictures of Muslim Radicals in training -running (with face masks on), crawling through culverts, jumping over fences, doing all those exciting moslem things…whatever – were taken in the flats by the lake in East Chicago? I’m just glad they didn’t regale us /w training pics of underpanters or rectum packers. HM-M-M, I wonder, did they cheer for Green Bay?

    • Dan

      14 trillion in debt, but what’s a trillion or two between friends.

      • Sidewinder

        14 Trillion…wow, the numbers are going by in a blur now.

        • http://?? Joe H.

          Hey, you must have had a look at that debt clock!!! They ARE going by in a blur!!

    • Allan Halbert

      The real issue the article raises is who can beat Obama in 2012. If Jeb Bush wins the nomination, will you vote for Obama or Bush?

      • Bert Cundle


        • Toomuchsense


        • Toomuchsense

          Bert, did you escape bed check? If you keep this up, they’ll take the computer and online privileges away from the rest of your group home.

      • Average Joe

        In the Words of Richard Pryor in “Brewster’s Millions”……”None of th above. Ron Paul / Rand Paul 2012!

        • Al Sieber

          A. Joe, I agree with you, another Bush would be “same $hit, different a$$hole”. Ron and Rand are the ticket.

          • Dogma-Free “The Trinity”

            Ron Paul, yes…or maybe…he’s smart and sensible – two things the Republicans are against.

            Rand Paul, no thanks. He’s just a racist punk.

          • Bert Cundle

            How about Don Trumph: … Your Fired, Your, Fired & Your Fired… 10,000 times —- The Wasted $ On Commities Could Save us Billions!!!

        • JR

          Will not happen, for several reasons.
          They are NOT the GOP darlings, and they are NOT the winning team against Obama. If you want to beat Obama, you will have to come up with someone ten fold better than that. So far, I have not seen any proposal out there that will be able to convince the millions upon millions of voters that will come out in those elections to vote differently then Obama.
          Remember, the November elections went towards the GOP only because most of the tea party and GOP members voted and only a small part of the liberals and democrats voted…that is a typical mid term result…mid terms+low voter participation…only this time it was a HIGH conservative participation and same low liberal participation. Chances are there will be millions upon millions of people out there that did not vote mid term, and chances are those will be democrat or liberal voters and they will make a big difference simply because it will be all the same conservatives voting only this time they have to count against the full force of liberal voters.
          Thus in order to win, the conservatives in this country will need to find someone who also appeals to the liberal voters….and so far, I have heard no names yet that would be able to lead that race…..and win.

      • letitsnow1

        bush of course, obama should not even be in the run, why the hell is he still our president?

      • Cawmun Cents

        Republicans are behind the curve as usual.They should have been grooming their next prodigy when the 2008 Republican National Convention was occuring.Running old hack GOP stalwarts is not going to be good enough.To campaign on”anything but O’La Bamba”will not net them the presidency.There needs to be new fresh blood,the kind that is inspirational.These older men like Gingrich and Romney will wind up in O’Bomb you 2.0.Then how these hackneyed liberals on this thread will gloat.You will see it happen because nobody has prepared for the next cycle yet.How impressive we must look to the rest of the world,oh ye batch of American conservatives.

        • Cawmun Cents

          Yes…instead of arguing that this and that needs to be done,you need to be focused on winning the next election.That is the only way you will quantify change from what is now taking place.You need to find someone that will get the people to focus on being American.This (being like the rest of the world)is what got O’stammer elected.You need to find somebody with the old style John Wayne charisma….or face it,you will get your posteriors handed to you.

      • http://?? Joe H.

        I’ll write in Duncan Hunter!!! The independents have convinced me! I will no longer vote for the lesser of two evils!!!

      • Bert Cundle

        Oboma is not the end of BLACK POWER Drive! They Want it all! But if they were realy concerned for Black people, (not just them selves) they would take what they learned to AFERICA & Educate & Raise the standard of living for AFERICANS! Opra Couldn’t do it alone!

    • Al Sieber

      Good post Sidewinder!!!

  • Robin from Arcadia, IN

    Throwing another Bush in the ring will not unite the Republican party. Find us a good Tea Party candidate! We need someone that will listen to the people! I liked George W., but even he was too liberal. Too many people dislike the Bush family and I really don’t think Jeb would win if he ran…

    • bbstacker

      You hit the nail on the head. Bush wouldn’t win, and you-know-who would get the victory and to hell in a hand basket we’d all be moving at warp speed. This charade of “conservative” simply because of sprouting a *republican* banner overhead is toast. Most of us who are now awake have seen, heard, dealt with enough of the lies and business as usual when we put our hopes into the ballot box. Rino’s need to be extinct, and it’s well past the hour for Citizens to be engaged and vetting these imposters long before they get their name on a primary ballot.

      • Cawmun Cents

        If we would have done that as a nation…O’bama would have never been on the ballot.


      My favorite is Haley Barbour. He is a man who has Washington experience, disaster experience, is a straight talker, and a man who is aware of when politicians are feeding him a line of BS. He makes sense when he speaks, which will confuse the Progressives.

      • GyroTyro

        Socialists/Progressives (a misnomer) are actually REGRESSIVES

        Socialists are constantly attempting to return (REGRESS) the government of this country to the era before the American Revolution. They are trying to destroy our republic and REGRESS us to the era with a monarch like King George. The objective is to put themselves,the “elite” in total control.

        Therefore they are not progressives, they are REGRESSIVES and should be referred to as such.

        Both bushes have been regressives trying to push us into a one world order as demonstrated by the NAFTA agreement. The little sheethead in office now in collaboration with clintoon is trying to get us into a UN agreement that will disarm the citizens of the US and then we will be in no better shape than the defenseless citizens of Mexico victimized by calderon and the drug cartels.



        • Mike In MI

          Why, Deb? -
          The fist principle of the regime, the media, the left and many on the right is that all Americans are [offensive word removed] and don’t deserve a break or to help, or they won’t “do that kind of work” or the Mississippi Democratic machine was paying contractors who would be counted on for bribes and kick-backs to fuel the rise of … ta-da-da-dump-da-dum-m-m-…(drum roll)bdr-rh-rh-rh-rh… (Soviet National Anthem background)…The MESSIAH.

          • DEBRA ANDERSON

            Barbour Rates Worst In GOP Lineup On Immigration;
            Gov. Pawlenty Improves His Lead Over 8 Other Top Hopefuls

            We have rated and added Gov. Haley Barbour (R-Miss.) as the 9th person on our 2012 Presidential Hopefuls Grid.

            Be sure to look at all the revised ratings on our Prez Grid at:


          • Mike in MI

            To the Editor – Sorry, I had no intent of using something so offensive it would be determined removable. Did I unwittingly misspell (typo) something? I don’t remember what it was.

        • LeRoy Z.

          Debra, you are so right!! I live in a small community about 50 miles southwest of Buffalo and am personally acquainted with several locals who traveled to Miss. after Katrina thinking they’d find employment for a time. They found work okay….for about two weeks…then the illegals arrived. Our boys were summarily dismissed and sent home. This absolutely sucks!!!!

  • Jeff L

    Bush fatigue — enough is enough! No more RINO’s either! We need strong conservatives, not Jeb Bush. What this is all about is a fear of the Michelle Bachmann’s and Sarah Palin’s of the world. BOTH sides fear these women and BOTH sides will do what it takes to destroy them both.

  • Rosco1776

    Good article! The Republocrats are the same old, same old! All the media candidates are just two sides of the same coin anyway.
    Thanks for a good reply Sidewinder, I wholly agree!

  • Bitter Libertarian

    This is what our Nations One party-two head system does to get the one “they” want in office. Its the “one-two-setup”, this will guarantee Obummer getting re-elected. This is clear proof we have one party running the nation under the guise of 2.

    • Cawmun Cents

      So you are just finding out that Brand A is Brand A,and Brand B is Brand A?…..what is needed is for an American to run for office.Not the kind that hates America because we live better than the rest of the world,but one who celebrates that fact.We are turning into a nation of [offensive word removed].We need to rebuild our national identity.The last thing we need is a politically correct hack in there doing what a real American should be doing!I do not know about the rest of you but I grow weary of being told what is good for me.I am sick up and fed with the nanny states’trying to make m into a [word removed].I am willing to fight to be an American and remain American….the issue is…am I fighting other supposed Americans?

      • Bitter Libertarian

        Actually I’ve known it for some time. Whats your wake up date? LOL

        • Cawmun Cents

          1976….Jimmuh Carter was elected…

      • Cawmun Cents

        OFFENSIVE WORD REMOVED….`exactly the problem….political correctness….I am telling you now that this will kill us faster than a thousand progressives.

        • Bob Livingston

          Dear Cawmun Cents,

          It’s not “political correctness,” it’s common decency. That’s not a word to be used in polite society.

          Best wishes,

          • Bert Cundle

            As a CHILD, I Hated the Banning of any words the Speaker / Writer Chooses to use! They Best Describe the users hart & Mind! I hated the changing the diffinations of the words used, to show power as a pervert. Today I read All Definations of a word, and am confused.
            There fore as an adult! LET THE TRUTH HAPPEN SO I CAN MAKE A JUDGEMENT, OF Facts! Anyone Trting to control my Education, is in violation of obscureing the facts / truth!

        • DaveH

          The thing is, Cawmun, that this site is owned by Bob Livingston. His rules. Private companies have freedom too.

          • libertytrain

            So little decency left in the world -

  • valricoslash

    I’m from Florida and I think that Jeb would make a great president. Unfortunately, I think too many people will associate him with his brother and there is still enough hate for GW out there that it would make it virtually impossible for Jeb to win, and I think that he knows that. Besides, the Democrats would not like anything resembling a Bush dynasty, especially if Jeb’s son gets into politics in the future. The Bush’s would have achieved what the Kennedy’s could not. Personally, I think that he should run against Bill Nelson for the Senate.

    • Bruce D.

      Jeb Bush was a very effective governor of Florida. His handling of all the hurricanes were outstanding. But I would not like to see him as president as he has been promoting amnesty for illegals.

      • JUKEBOX

        I like Jeb, but he has too many problems in his immediate family, which the Dems will use to destroy him, and re-elect Nobama.

        • kate8

          I agree. I like Jeb well enough, but his name is a liability. Besides, it’s beginning to seem too much like a dynasty.

          We need fresh blood. Good luck on that one.

          • http://?? Joe H.

            I’ll say it again! Check out Duncan Hunter!! Anti-amnesty, pro reduce the debt, Actually made them build 50 miles of the fence through his being a pain in the a$$, anti-gun control!!

          • kate8

            Joe H. – Yes, I remember Duncan Hunter. Good guy. Tough on illegal immigration.

            The only guy I liked a little better was Tom Tancredo, because Tom had a bit more fire in him.

            These men are opposed by the NWO, so it would take an act of God to get them even past the primaries. But I wouldn’t entirely rule that out, either.

  • Victoria DeLacy

    It is not reasonable to blame the Bushes for a war that was started by Islamic extremists on 9/11/01 when they flew our own planes into American buildings in acts of terrorism. George W. Bush came out of that traumatic event having led us into becoming a stronger and more united America. Jeb Bush would surely stand for a strong national defense just as much, something which is needed in an age when we are continually threatened by a nuclear arming Iran and Korea. As a disabled American, I deeply appreciated the job Jeb Bush did as governor of Florida in attempting to save the life of Terri Schiavo, whose life ended in unfortunate tragedy as her husband was ultimately permitted by higher courts to have her starved/dehydrated to death, the ultimate spousal abuse. Jeb Bush would at least work to restore respect for the sanctity of human life, something which is really needed in the nation today. It is too bad that Congressman Mike Pence bowed out of the Presidential race for the time being, since he is another life-respecting patriot I could have supported. Who do we have left along those lines for the Republican ticket next year? It will be interesting to see who gets through the primary, and it had better NOT be a McCain brand RINO!

    • Sidewinder

      I believe the threat was exaggerated.
      Our bombing raids, and dropping BLU-82′s did most of the cleanup 10 years ago.

      We are not stronger. We are weaker, the spending has destroyed our currency value, and the laws that followed destroyed out liberties. The Bush Administration damaged America in ways “Bin Laden” could never have.

      Have we forgotten how the Soviet Union fell?
      They fell because in a knee jerk response to Reagan’s arms build up, they spent way beyond their means. Then they collapsed.

      How in the world can we remain strong on defense if we are bankrupt?
      That inconvenient fact is staring us all in the face, now more than ever. A 10 year war on 2 fronts, one of them in a country that had ZERO to do with 911, has just about bankrupted us. Add to that massive job losses to overseas labor markets, a massively expanded federal government, and you have a formula for bankruptcy.

      Jeb can run for Mayor of Miami, but I think he should stay out of Washington.

      We need new thinking in DC.

      • Cawmun Cents

        The problem with dropping bombs is that if you drop them on the wrong people,eventually it will come back on you.We bombed the wrong nations,and the ones we should have bombed are behind the “threat” to us now.We have busied ourselves snipping rattles off of the snake but we refuse to cut off its head.This has been the problem from the beginning.We have sided with the wrong powers,and motivated a fanatical religion to see us dead.That being said,we still hold the hammer and refuse to swing it as well.This will be the death knoll of our nation.To have the power but refuse to use it in the guise of moral decency,when you ally with dictators,is suicide.Time to come out of your [offensive word removed] hole America and get with the program.

        • Cawmun Cents

          Yes remove everything that the few will not tolerate.I used the word for a womans lady parts because it was specific.No other word can convey the image that it brings.But it is the exact image that needs to be in the minds of those that are trying to fix this torn republic.We dont need the thought police making it politically correct for us.If someone is offended at that word then they ought to think of its implications regarding the subject of our nations current situation.It is the problem.That is the only word that can be used to communicate that perticular problem with our it or not…

          • Bob Livingston

            Dear Cawmun Cents,

            There are many other words that can be used to communicate your message if you’ll just choose to exercise–or expand–your vocabulary. The use of vulgarities is the sign of either a limited vocabulary or a small mind. And if you begin to tax the moderator by using vulgarities too often, you will be banned.

            Best wishes,

          • DaveH

            How about wimp, Cawmun?
            We have gone from a nation of rugged pioneers to a nation of wimps in just 2 1/2 centuries.

          • libertytrain

            DaveH – wimps that have little or no vocabulary skills.

    • Bert Cundle

      Your display is that of some knoledge; None of wisdom! If the Twin Towers, was attacked by Muslems… They had 2 Reasons of Defense! { DESERT STORM + Christian Extreamest} Mistroed By Bush Family for the Crowning of George! as a Forcefull world ruller, “UNDER REDERICK!”

      • Toomuchsense

        Hey Bert. I see your off your med’s.

    • AMJ

      That’s the reason we have the Patriot Act today. Does it protect us from terrorism? No, it opened the door for government intrusion into the personal lives of its citizens. Both prior Bush presidents have herded this country into debt unconcieved of before. We don’t need another Bush president. I can’t even begin to imagine the damage that would come from that.

      • Cawmun Cents

        I am surprised that you do not suggest throwing money at it….(like a good progressive)though regarding another member of the Bush family I agree with you.

      • DaveH

        Have you written your representatives, AMJ? It is coming up for renewal soon. You might be surprised to see how many Democrats have voted for that unConstitutional law.

    • Pat R

      Someday people are going to wake up and realize that 911 was an inside job. There were no Muslims on those planes, period. Many of the so-called terrorist have been found alive and well in other countries.
      Those planes were taken control of from the ground. Why do you think that the “black boxes” were immediately rushed out of there?

    • LeRoy Z.

      Victoria, you need to research the war a little more. The 9/11 perps were NOT Iraqi’s. They were not from Iraq. Our attacking Iraq had nothing to do with 9/11. As a matter of fact, the majority of those guys were from Saudi Arabia. And Bin Laden is a member of the Saudi King’s family. Gee, I wonder why we were never able to capture him?? Coincidence?? Right!!

      • Joe

        Even if Bin Laden was staying in a Washington D.C. hotel,it is quite possible that they would have no interest in his capture. The C.I.A. runs a propaganda machine. 911 is a political football and a psychological tool. It is well known that both the Iraq invasion and the Patriot Act were planned years in advance.

  • Ron

    Although I think George Bush did justice to the office of President—I hope that his brother does not run….Many people do not like the Bush family and Jeb’s stand on making the illegal’s legaal without them going through the Visa process like all legal immigrants have to do will turn many more against him, including myself. Sarah Palin is a REAL PATRIOT and someone that those of us who want positive change can get behind

  • Wild Bill

    Let’s see a Bachman & Paul ticket!

  • FlaJim

    Enough is enough. We were told when W ran that he was the ‘true’ conservative in the family. Now they’re trying to sell us the same crock of crap about JEB. He’s just another near-RINO.

    We’re all tired of voting for the lesser of two evils. It’s time we got someone we can really rally behind.


    Going to war to protect U.S. oil interests is valid. Without oil, this
    country’s economy will collapse. Going to war to help usher in democracy in another country is not valid, in my opinion. Regardless,
    Jeb Bush could never win. If the Repubs get behind him, the party is doomed, with the end result being four more destructive years of Obama. America won’t be recognizable as our shadow government continues to take every freedom we’ve known away. Let’s talk Newt, or Romney — both common sense, astute leaders who cherish the principals this country was founded on.

    Sidewinder — you should write your own blog….you are a wordsmith.

    • Sidewinder

      Thank you.

      I agree, let them learn the value of liberty, by paying for it with their own blood. Only then, will they appreciate it.

      • JUKEBOX

        That must be why Obama is so ineffective, he would never sacrifice for our country with his own blood. He would only talk about it.

    • http://PersonalLibertyDigest Virginia

      NOT Romney! In case you don’t know Romney was responsible for the trial run of the Obamacare in his state that was a failure. HE IS A RHINO.

    • ValDM

      ANYONE but Mitt. Have you taken a look at what he’s done with his healthcare bill in Mass.? One look at that debacle should steer you away from that man forever.

  • Pamela

    I just want to let you know that I do NOT think Jeb Bush is a good selection for President. I am an Independent and really think there are better choices. I like Bachman…. Christi… DeMint…. Palin… to name a few.

    • kate8

      Pamela – Yes, yes, yes and yes!

  • Tazio2013

    BHO will be assured of a 2nd term. Maybe Palin/Bush is the winning ticket?

    • Dogma-Free “The Trinity”

      haha…Palin/Bush might be the winning ticket in what?

      A dog and pony show (respectively)…or a cage match…?


    I have hold the Bush family in high regard. I think Jeb would make a good President, but now is not his time. Get away from the building royal families and find a qualified conservative leader. The job is not about parties, it is about America! But, I will vote for anyone other than Obama.

    • Bitter Libertarian

      “The job is not about parties, it is about America! But, I will vote for anyone other than Obama.”

      T elites Know that, and they BANK on it! Thats why whom ever the oposition is in the republican side will surely continue the SAME policies and destruction of America!

  • Bert Cundle



      How did BALLET get in this discusion? He must be referring to Ron Reagan.

      • Average Joe

        I don’t know about that. I personally think all of the Bush boys would look great in TuTu’s.

      • Bert Cundle

        Ballot… ( oops.)

    • Toomuchsense

      Bert, go take a nap. You’re an embarrassment to yourself.

    • http://naver sook young

      Have we forgotten to take our meds today? If you think that President Bush hurt this country, then what do you think Obama is doing to us now? Thank you.

      Sook Young
      Wife of the Samurai

      • Bert Cundle

        Oboma has Extorted $ From the Citizens to pay his campain debts!!!
        BUSH: IS A MASS MURDERER…Much of the Blood Spilled & Lives gone For Bushes War. We Gained NOTHING – NOT EVEN RETRUBUTION!
        Terrorest As Called Can Claim the Victory over Twin Towers — Untill They are REBUILT!!!

    • marvin

      Bert Cundle
      are you living under a rock odumbo has done more harm spent more money then any pres in history, will mabe peanut carter would stand out as 2nd place or really close to el cid obama,

      • Pat R

        Obama is just following orders, just like Bush, clinton and others have done. GHWB is the #1 terrorist!

    • Dr. Mabuse

      I believe Bert is referring to the negation of some of the qualified voters by the machinations of Jeb and Sweet Polly Purebread (Kathleen Harris). Perhaps the judge he alludes to is Jersey boy Antonin Scalia,
      As far as executions go, perhaps that just a little draconinan. Maybe we should just throw the lot of them in a deep dark hole and forget about them.

      • Bert Cundle

        The Judge that Declared George Pres. beacuse of a DEAD HEAT. ( All down to Flo. Voters. … That came to a tie. )

  • J.M.R.

    whats wrong with a palin/bachman ticket

    • bob wire

      Nothing ! go for it!

    • Cawmun Cents

      What you have there is the republican version of Billary…..nuff said!

    • marvin

      i 2nd that motion for P AND B and that an,t peanut butter, you know mabe it time we tryed a woman as president hell i don,t thank a woman would do as much harm as el cid obama has done so far, but the vote is still a long ways off and i will not vote for obama

      • Cawmun Cents

        Not that I fear a woman in the presidency marvin,but what seems amusing to me is that the women of the Republican party are regarded more highly than the men.They have more brass tacks,more testicular fortitude,and inspire more people.That says something about our nation.Men have been pushed back,until they are regarded as an object of contempt rather than innovators of the republic.That i,I fear the message that will be brought to bear,should you run this particular ticket.That is also why it would lead to O’gypya 2.0.

        • Pat R

          I support Palin 100%. What bothers me is “What will happen after being elected and the Al Quaeda/Israeli shadow government tells them to do as they are told to do; or else”!

          • Pink Rose

            Pat R—–Palin would make a great President!!! No one would push her around or tell her what to do. You said “What will happen after being elected and the Al Quaeda/Israeli shadow government tells them to do as they are told to do; or else”! I believe Palin would tell them to take a flying leap, and if they didn’t, she would put a well placed high heel right to their booty. Mama Grizzlies don’t take anything off of anyone, and she would protect the U.S. just like a Mama Grizzly protects her cubs. I think Palin/Gingrich or Gingrich/Palin would be a great ticket. I also like Ron Paul so he would be great on the ticket also.

            Most of the posts on here seem to do a lot of Bush bashing. History will prove you to be wrong. It is Socialist Premier Obama who is the problem, not any of the Bushes. Before Bush, Clinton was worthless and a pot smoking DRAFT DODGER. It is still hard to believe he was elected. Now there is a pot smoking Dictator in the White House, who is not eligible to be there. He should have already been impeached and tried for his crimes against this country.

            Come into the present and bash the one who deserves it, BHO. Stop the Bush bashing or you will be eating your own words in a few years. Most of you are imitating Obama by blaming everything on GWB. Wake up and smell the coffee or get an IQ.

          • The Mariel Martin

            I campaigned hard for GW both times but he lost me about two years into the second term when he disclaimed knowledge of what his Secretary of Commerce was trying to do in uniting Canada, Mexico and the United States into the so-called security,prosperity partnership. When I found the actual minutes of the meetings (at that GW had laughed off and realized the huge impact of the proposal–being undertaken without EVER bringing it up before Congress–I was very disillusioned with Bush. I also heard rumors that he had a large ranch in Paraguay–finally discovered three articles about it in La Prensa with a picture of daughter Jenna visiting there. The images of Bush senior with the Saudi sheikhs was also unsettling–he was obviously so thrilled to be in their company!! I would never vote for another Bush. Jeb is another one who will do nothing about illegal immigration.

            While I admire Sarah Palin’s forthrightness and her charisma, she can never be elected; she is best as an inspiration from the sidelines. She could not handle the heat of simply running for vice president and was “forced” to resign as Governor of Alaska–a fatal decision; she will never overcome that. When the going got tough, Sarah got out.

            Duncan Hunter is gutsy and how about Michelle Bachman as his running mate? I could go for that. Just remember, the media decided the last election–did not vet Obama at all and always had a negative comment on Romney–the most balanced candidate to my way of thinking. (And to think lots of people voted against Romney because he was (gasp) a MORMON!! Now we have a president who disclaims our Christian heritage and is a Muslim sympathizer!!

            Obama is strictly for the NWO–as a congressman from Illinois he proposed a bill to give 4% of our GNP to the United Nations (passed the House unanimously). If he doesn’t get a second term look for him to head up the United Nations. Meanwhile, do everything you can to act locally–if we cannot control our own economy and banking system, what chance would we have with a global system and all the tricksters worldwide applying their own special schemes to the situation??

  • Jack

    If Jeb Bush is the Republican nominee, that leaves me no choice. I won’t vote for another Bush and I won’t vote Democrat. Guess I will leave the President portion of the ballot blank.

    • http://PersonalLibertyDigest Virginia


  • dan

    Thanks Bob…provocative as usual.National Review/CIA Today knows best.
    Is there really a difference between the Bush Dynasty and the Kennedy…
    and LOL at the Neo-rag ref…Bill Buckley would have had a chuckle(cut
    my teeth on Firing Line…can we even say that after Az.)Perhaps the pretender in chief will just change parties and run with McCain as co prez….who needs a Bush for perpetual war.

  • Harold

    As a life long republican I can tell you that selecting another Bush to run for president would almost ensure that Obama wins in 2012. I will never and I repeat never vote for another Bush. And if I as a republican won’t vote for them, who else will? Republicans have you no brains?

    • Toomuchsense


    • Cawmun Cents

      If you do not like Otrauma,and you cannot find someone that is worth a spit to run against him,you will wind up with Otrauma 2.0.Then my friends you will have had sexual intercourse with yourselves.

      • Sam

        If you think any republican would be worse than Obama you are ready for the funny farm!

  • Mark Matis


    HELL NO!!!

    • Toomuchsense

      Jeb is a rino, with a small r. He has some conservative credentials. But if you rate the really big issues, that concerns conservatives in the party. His grade on the score card goes down. While each individual should be judged, individually. There is a recognizable pattern within the Bush family. To say that JEB, whom I supported for governor, would be essential different than his family’s history, is just gambling. At one time, many of us conservatives would take a dose of cod liver oil, while pitching our nose……and vote for those Rino’s and moderates in the party. No more. 2006 was a wake up call. 2008 was a thump on the head. The Republican Party will no longer be a party of recking, if they lie or ignore those that make the party, a party of integrity and strength.

  • dan

    …I voted for Regan (RIP) DESPITE Bush as VP….sigh

    is perpetual war just the body politic’s version of a jobs program ?

    How about Anne Coulter/Palin and Bachman for a tri-feckta :)

  • Deep River Rat

    “Read My Lips,No More Bush”. We need change like Herman Cain or Michelle Bachman.

  • http://at&t paul

    I will never vote for a bush again never.he was gov in fla and all we have to show for him is the f cat he put in place and were still trying to get rid of it. plus he loves illegals as his wife was one.hes not much different obama.

    • letitsnow1

      we need someone that loves AMERICA not hate it, if the fools ever pic obama again it will truly be the end of AMERICA, the they deserve what they get, which will be a fast trip straight to he–.

  • June Estep

    Time for the Bush’s to exit. Even sick of the former Prez and his Lady signing their books all over the place. He wouldnt speak to us after his landing on the aircraft, our guys didnt have the luxury of hiding under their desks. I admire his steadfastness in winning the war, but that is where we part company. Sick of him. Dont recycle another dynasty builder. Let us look to the future. Isnt there another Conservative Lion , errr, leader out there? Has the establishment weeded them out while they were building their base? and, Newt is a couple of elections too late to ever get my vote. I will vote for the most conservative running, but……I am not voting for another Progressive again. I will go Independent and let the Pub’s bemoan throwing the election to Barry Soetaro…

  • Dan

    what we don’t need is the elites in the Republican Party and the media elites choosing our Republican nomination like they did with McCain.

    • http://PersonalLibertyDigest Virginia

      Well said!

  • BeeCubed

    Having lived with Jeb Bush as Florida’s governor, I can honestly say, “OMG – NO, NO, NO, NO! Not another Bush – not now, not ever!”

  • Homer

    The way the first 2 bushes took this country is the same &^%$#@#%$ way the next one would be, a “BUSH” in the hand is the same as the others! HELL no, I won’t vote for a New One Worlder! They are the cause of what we are now, not to mention the Muslim kenyan! Not a chance !!

    • flyguy

      Homer, you have nailed it pretty well. I wouldn’t vote for another Bush either.

  • CJM

    Jeb Bush did not impress me as a governor in Florida and he doesn’t impress me as a possible candidate for the Presidency. There are better, more talented individuals who qualifiy for that position–the repubs better rethink their strategies in removing Obama from office in 2012. And even if Jeb waited another 4 years to run for President, he still wouldn’t get my vote.

  • Dale

    I would not vote for another Bush! We need a real conservative in office, not a RINO! I hope Chris Christie runs. He is about as close as you will get to a Reagan Conservative today.

    • flyguy

      I like Christie, but do not forget that he is definitely anti-gun and would take away our 2nd ammendment rights in a flash.

  • http://PersonalLibertyDigest Sally

    Bachman,Palin, sounds good to me. And yes, they are ALL scared to death of them.

  • 2WarAbnVet

    So there was a US military presence in Saudi Arabia after the ’90-91 Gulf War. That’s funny, the first time I served there was 1971-72.

  • Polski

    1 Bush was 1 too many.

    Reading someone’s earlier post reminds me of all the Dracula movies where the woman would wait until midnight to go to Dracula’s castle.

  • David

    Soft on the border, soft with the veto, we missed the best – Fred Thompson. He didn’t have enough hair. Also just didn’t put on the show of wanting it sooo much. I don’t want the guy who craves it, I want the guy who, like George Washington takes it as a duty, as in latrine duty 24/7/365. My point we need to be grown up in how we select the next one.
    I would vote for Sarah Palin, she has nice legs.

    • marvin

      i would vote for palin over bush, not just for her legs but whats at the vary top of them, her head she tell it like it is, and don,t pull any punches,like her or not liberals hate her,and anything most liberal don,t like i am for,sarah palin is a classy lady with brains,but the jury is still out on who will run

      • flyguy

        After the 2008 loss, I wrote to Sarah Palin and said that all the unfair press she and her family got was a disgrace. I also told her I believed in her values and ideals.

        Two months later, I received a hand written note from Sarah thanking me. It was not a mechanically produced response because I had mentioned she was welcome to have dinner at our house if in our area and she referenced that invitation.

        Sarah is the real thing.

        By the way, in Sept. ’08, I spent 2 weeks in Alaska and guess what. In the Wasilla tel. directory, she had her home tel. number listed. That just blew my mind.

  • s c

    I agree, Bob. Bush I, blah. Bush II, OUCH. Bush III, foget it.
    We do not need more questionable products from the house of RINOville. We need conservatives who will not compromise with progressives or fence-sitters. We need REAL men and women who are willing to chop when and where things need to be cut.
    We need adults who will say what needs to be said. NO MORE people named Bush in the White House. As the old expression says, ‘Once burned, twice shy.’
    SCREW RINOs and all other limp-wristed, disgusting incompetents.

  • Simsmd in Indiana

    As a side note, what is that hanging from the picture of Bush that says My….oh it’s Florida’s penninsula, thought it looked like an appendage, or what he might do to us if we put him in. No matter what we complain about, all the early primaries go for these republi-cons, whether it’s because the east coast is mostly democ-rats cross dressing, er I mean cross voting in republi-con primaries or the rino’s really are that stupid. We need a single day of primaries, not made for tv, and closed primaries to see the true vote. Alas, I would have to vote with my nose held closed, ’cause I can’t stand what we’ve got lying to us now, looking you in the eye while sticking something else up the backside.

  • marvin

    i would not vote for bush tell he changes his view on illegals in this country he like g bush want amnesty,why vote a nother amnesty liberal in, hell obama wants to give the 20 million illegals amnesty i would have to vote none of the above

  • Alice

    Amen, Mr. Livingston. And thank you. Good to know that ALL Republicans do not have to have the Party tell them what to think. I guess that I’m pretty conservative. I just know that government handouts, government bailouts, “perpetual war” and meddling in other countries affairs when our own country is straying precariously close to a police state, is wrong, wrong, WRONG!

  • Grey Wolf

    No more Bush Family members in the White House! Let’s put an end to the dynasty with “W”. Even though it’s a long shot, I’ll go with Ron Paul over the other pathetic G.O.P. candidates who want a shot at the
    2012 bid. I like what he stands for & Dr. Paul seems to be the last decent man left in Washington.

  • http://! Angel Wannabe

    I’m so damn sick of Bush this, and Bush that I could puke!_It was determined when Obama was running for President, That G.W.Bushes name would be smeared, regardless of any good or bad the Admin did. There isn’t any stinking difference who the figure head is as President, they do what they’re told by congress and “other” outside forces anyway.Presidents are Presenters folks!!!__C’mon!!!__ “No one” just happens to run for President, ya have to be “Picked” by the big guns behind the scenes. You can disagree with the masters, and in some instances they may even back you up, as long as the Real Puppets and the Real Story isn’t revealed._-I don’t care who ya put in there as Prez, the Congress calls the shots and the President sells it to us.

  • Bear

    I can not, for the life of me, believe that someone in this nation would even suggest another Bush. These [offensive word removed] have no clue. I am sooooooo tired of my intelligence being insulted by these elitists. Do they honestly believe that we would ever want another Saudi loving bus driver? They fail to see that we are not living in caves here. The ones in the caves are over there. To have another Bush would be saying that the American people would accept a dictatorship. I am still in disbelief. Jeb Bush is just another Soros and Ayers puppet. NO THANK YOU! We have much better options. We just have to make sure the ACORN nuts don’t screw with the ballots.

  • john

    We need another Bush presidency about like we need another trillion dollars in deficits! If the GOP are stupid enough to select Jeb Bush as their man Obama has a guaranteed 4 more years.

  • spitfire

    Americans Unite! I hope you realize by now your vote is not going to get you what you want. WE all need to take to the streets, and if it takes violence, then let it begin. If you truly want to safe this Republic, this is what will get it done. It is sad but true.

  • http://indianasam Patty Weesner

    We don’t need anymore people named Bush or Clinton. I think Obama shouldn’t even be allowed to run unless he shows us the birth certificate. Yes I know, but why else has he spent $2 million to keep from having to produce it? If he was out of the running, then you know Hillary would jump in. I actually we would have a better chance winning against Obama than Hillary. We need someone who loves this country, someone dedicated to sticking to our Constitution, and having limited government. No One World Order or North American alliances. Someone who will protect our borders. Someone who will say Drill Baby Drill! Cut the Pork! Out with these wars, and curtail federal aid to countries that truly need, use and want our aid and appreciate it! Make sure there is no voter fraud going on (maybe that dye thing is a good idea!). Make sure our Military votes get in no matter when they arrive. No more funding for groups like ACORN! (Even when they change their names). No more bailouts. No more catering to Unions demands. I would like to see someone clean up the Media, as they are not impartial, not telling the general public the truth of what is happening. And we definitely need no one messing around with our right to free speech (internet, radio, tv, etc.) or right to bear arms to protect ourselves from enemies foreign and DOMESTIC. We need a strong Military and they should be here protecting us from the radical islam jihadists, not off in other countries (tell me again why they are STILL in Germany and Guam?). We need to audit the Federal Reserve. We could cut so much out of the budget . . no czars, change the tax system and cut a bunch of IRS, don’t need a federal Dept of Education (that’s what the states are for. The states should have most of this stuff, not the federal government. The federal government is to protect the CITIZENS. And all of the levels of government need to remember that WE THE PEOPLE are their bosses. They should not earn more than us, nor should they have better medical care or retirement benefits (golden parachutes). Every law government passes should apply equally to them as well. And if government shirks its duties and ignores something like a judge’s verdict, then there should automatically be a special election where we get the chance to impeach them for ignoring the law, since no one else seems interested in enforcing our laws. I think for 2012 I would consider Christie, Palin, Ron Paul, Rand Paul, Michelle Bachmann, and I really did like Mike Pence. I liked Newt G but think the younger people want someone younger. He knows his stuff though. OK I’m done. Sorry if I got carried away!

    • http://PersonalLibertyDigest Virginia

      Go Girl! You think exactly like I think! Good post.

    • Abe

      Well said!

      Problem though is that all this is near impossible for anyone to get done even if America did vote for a fresh face.

      But if someone is willing to try and do all this – that person would be good enough for me. No more Bushes, Billarys and Obummers…its time we woke up!

    • Sam

      Well, all of this was said two years ago and nothing has happened, except we have become slaves to an Islamic style government. Why don’t you catch up and tell your solutions to your representatives and Senators. Writers in this blog can’t help you. VOTE Obama and his radicals out of office.

  • spitfire

    Hell its probably all part of the plan to keep Obama in the White House. Anyone with half a brain knows another Bush will never get elected to the Presidency. I would like to see the T-party win the big one, but I think the Republicans have a better chance if they get their heads out of their butts.

  • Charles

    Bush will never run for President of this country if the Republicans
    exspect to win in 2012.The people won`t allow it.This is just another lie the Progressives are using. There will be many by these people
    in the next 2 yrs. They will try every trick known to man to try to discredit the Rep party and T- party. The Dems have to cross over
    just to get rid of this cancer that has taken over their party, this
    will be the only way they will be able to reclaim their party in the future. I know the REP AND Dems both love this country and that the
    Progressives only love themselves and and the power that goes with it.Obama and his creeps must go in 2012. As an Independent,I want to see a strong Dem. and Rep. party not a Marxist party. The Ind.,Dems,
    Rep,will take care of this in 2012. Jed Bush won`t be President.
    Don`t let this man, ( Obama smooth talk you again ) He will lie and do whatever it takes to get re-elected.

    • http://?? Joe H.

      I wonder how many people here that are registered GOPers will bother to contact the National committee and let them know how they feel?? I make a solemn promise that the local. state and national level will hear from me!! I will also get in touch with boehner and Mr. Latourette who represents me as a repub to let them know as well!!!

  • Charles

    I don`t know who trut is either.If any body knows, speak up.

    • http://! Angel Wannabe

      Charles, trut_Trut is the mutable concoction of facts employed for an ulterior purpose. Trut consists of exactly 4/5 of the stuff of truth. Four out of five letters lined up as a reasonable facsimile of truth.
      urban dictory, looking into it further.

  • Charles

    What do you think you have in Obama and his mama?

  • benth164

    That boy is guilty by association! Our country cannot stand another presidency with a Bush in the White House. Their minions are the worst sort of lying manipulative Fuques our country has seen since Congress allowed itself to manipulated into signing into law the Federal Reserve.
    I was a liberal, until I saw what Obama was doing in the name of liberalism, (that socialistic b*st*rd), so I thought I would jump back to being the republican I had been for years, but if they vote in Jeb Bush for a potential run for presidency, I write in Ron Paul whether Paul runs of not.
    By the by, Jeb Bush can’t be any smarter than his brother. Two acorns from the same tree can’t be that dissemiler, and remember they don’t fall far from the tree.

  • barbm

    the tea party will NEVER let that happen, thank goodness. no sarah palin either. i’d go for new mexico governor gary johnson if ron paul isn’t running.

  • tom craft

    obama will get re-elected becuse if he is thrown out the insane liberals will riot-i think most knowledgeable folks are tired of the clintons, bushs and obamawe need someone in office who is not a metro-sexual

  • Charles

    You already have a dictator in Obama.He is the one,not Jeb Bush who started his presidental campain off in Bill Ayers living room. As far as George Soros, he bankrolls must of the left- wing org. in Washington,and who are backers and friends of Obamas. You are either a progressive plant or just a plain joker having fun. As of lately,
    you may be able to tell us what Bill Ayers and Code Pink and the
    Muslim Brother Hood have been up to. This is a good for you. I can hardly wait for your answer.>>>> Joker or Plant >>>>>>>

    • http://! Angel Wannabe

      Charles__Yeah we’re waiting for the answer BEAR…….?

    • Bear

      What’s up? you seem a bit paranoid in addition to a bit lacking in your education on the Bush family. Ever since Papa Bush was president, there has been a huge relationship with the Saudi oil interest and those of the Bush family. Yes, I feel they were a welcome change to what the Democrats had to offer, but come on, the bus never changed directions with either Clinton or Bush in office. The major difference is that Bush conceded a bit more on the 2nd amendment agenda than Clinton did but both kept craming higher gas prices and buying foreign oil down our throats. The fact is that we have more oil reserves right here in Colorado than all of the middle east countries combined and we’re not pumping so much as an ounce of it. Why? Because the powers that be with all of their political ties to big oil are not allowing that to happen so they can continue to drive the prices up. We are being manipulated by the world banking system as well as the oil industry. THAT’s why I don’t want another Bush in office. He is more of what we’ve had for 12 years. Do you want another Clinton in office? These family dynasties have got to go. This is not about Republicans or Democrats. It’s about powerful men being able to keep us under their control and manipulate our lives thru control our income. Why do you think they want to collapse the dollar and destroy our economy? The end result will be a credit system that will track every penny you earn and every penny you spend. There will not be such a thing as hiding something from the I.R.S..

  • Charles

    Wow! thats heavy Angel.You went way above my head.>>>>THANKS ANYWAY>>>>>

    • http://! Angel Wannabe

      Charles it was above mine too, I read it in the dictionary__lol


    Jeb Bush has been preceeded by two amnesty loving relatives and the American public is just about had it with they way they are being manipulated by the two parties. niether party has lived up to their billing and one won’t raise hell with the other because the jobs are just to good to lose. So far it’s been to hell with the voters let’s give’em what we want and live off the fat….

  • Cliff

    There is a Republican State Senator in Wyoming that argued her state legislature to keep government out of the doctor’s office. Let’s elect her instead for President. Or Jesse Ventura. Hell, I’ll even run as a write on to show the world you don’t need to come from money or be rich or have political connections, chosen by the American People that are tired of the 2 party system that has failed us.

  • http://com i41

    trut is a twin of flushman, who is the miracle birth baby of Norm and Karolyn, of the soros socialist progressive leader Onumnutts. All who follow George Soros beck and call. I doubt they will vote for Jeb, even though his is a green envior nut and a Mexican supporter since his wife is one. and speaks Spanish. I would definitely vote for him over the crossbred congential liar we have in office now!

  • American Patriot

    Like a stupid moron. I voted for two Bush’s. NEVER AGAIN! I repeat, NEVER AGAIN! After learning all about 9-11 and what went on soon after by George W. Bush. I will never vote another Bush or Cheney in office again. watch “9-11 loose change” on youtube. Then do your homework. The thing is. Most Americans, too lazy to do the homework. YEP! it’s true. Seek and ye shall find. Just remember, George H.W. Bush was the head of CIA when John F.Kennedy was killed. But, that’s another story. 9-11 was an inside job to further the NWO agenda. They needed a false flag attack to rally the American people behind going to IRAQ. No Buildings will fall in their own foot print. Unless the buildings were set to professionally. But, American’s still believe that horse sh!T. Go figure? I guess it’s easier to believe in the tooth fiery that scientific evidence. Or, the lack of plane parts where the planes supposedly crashed. Or, the Janitor’s that were in the basement of the one twin tower that heard the explosions 20 minutes before the planes crashed into the tower. Also heard by one of the responders with the NYFD. Just to name a few. then there was the underwear bomber that was escorted by two well dressed white men on to the plane. Witnesses by an attorney and his wife. Another staged attack to further the NWO agenda. Wake up America. Question everything! EVERYTHING! The declassified information on 9-11 is everywhere to read on the net. Now today Janet Napolatano stating that there is a number of possible threats. OH! REALLY, This is just another diversion trick as usual by this administration as well as the past “Bush administration” to strip American’s of their liberties and freedom’s. Obama “AKA” Barry Soetoro is nothing more than an extension of the Bush’s. America deserves much better than what we have been getting in Washington DC. Don’t you think?

  • American Patriot

    Here is a TRUT. Apparently, not all TRUT’S are the same. LOOK!

    • http://! Angel Wannabe

      AP, Trut apparently is also a name that someone goes by on another thread, I recently found._looks like a mistake

  • Joseph K

    OH MAY GOD, another one.I was able to stomach Sr.Although I didn’t vote for him, W? i didn’t vote for him either. He couldn’t read a coherent sentence from the teleprompter. Chaney when he wasn’t out shooting people called all the shots. You couldn’t convince me other wise.No. Sorry. No more Bushes in the White house.They have done quite enough for this country’s state were in.

  • Bert Cundle

    I want to vote for DONALD TRUMP… But, Not as a Rep.; As A First Winning Independant!

    • Don in Ohio

      I agree. I don’t think too much of Trump as a person but he sure as hell would be better than the whimpy RINO’s. He understands money and business and jobs. I would LOVE to see him look Obumma in the eye and say YOU’RE FIRED!!!!

  • DaveH

    Super models agree. No more Bush.

  • Billy Cooper


    • Bear

      That’s what I was trying to make Charles and Angle wannabe understand. Seems they haven’t come into the light as yet. They still think this is all about Republican presidents and Democrat presidents. They don’t seem to see the bigger picture that all of the candidates, Republican or Democrat have the same agendas to control us and create a new world order.

  • Bandar the Great

    Globalist on the left and Globalist on the right.

    It’s either Brier Rabbit or the Tar Bay.

    There is no choice.

    • Bandar the Great

      Don’t you mean Tar Baby?

    • DaveH

      Sure there is. Quit throwing away your votes on people who have no intentions of shrinking Government. Vote Libertarian. Get our Freedom back.

  • John

    I think that decision needs to be reconsidered. He can not win…not that he can’t do the job but the fact is that there has been too much damage done to his name. I thought Donald Trump said he was considering running,that would be interesting..

  • Lana

    I agree with every word in this article. NO MORE BUSH!!!!!!
    Or may be it is a trick? Repubs do not want to win, so they push for guaranteed looser. And we hear that from the looser of 2008. How nice. I wish Tea Party will have a candidate, I will vote for him. But please, NOT from Mass.

  • Raechel

    I do not like to put down our leaders; but I am speaking of my own personal experiences with all 3 of the Bushes, Bush #1 in office I lost my job by a legislative cutback. Bush #2 2003 I was laid off of a 50,000.00 a year job and since then, the only jobs I could find was part time 8.00 an hour. Do you think I am undeserving of having an assumable mortgage? Not now, but when I started out I did but that is too late. I lost the stability in my job. I am an historian and have a memory like an elephant. I have done some research, and I will tell you something, something stinks. In a time of economic uncertainty, do your research. I can name 5 recent government city, and state where the local and state leaders built million dollar government buildings. One was the state of Floridas Capitol building which we did not need. Now, our new Governor Rick Scott by the way Bush #2′s buddy and CEO of the Dallas Cowboys with Bush wants to cut State spending. Well yeah, in these hard economic times the government went into dept while their people are being kicked out of their homes, jobs, and starving while the big B’s I mean boys play big boy games with the lives of it’s citizens. They want to cut cut cut cut cut into pension plans. Well guess what, for me if this happens there is nothing left. You can’t get a job if you are in debt in certain areas. It is like the movie escape from New York. I am to the point where I just have no respect for the integrity level of bosses, government, Ceo’s ect…I do have respect for Obamah I would if he were a Republican too. At least someone stood up to the plate trying to fix things, which is more than some people do. He is a well educated man and a diplomat.

    • Bert Cundle

      He is a well educated man and a diplomat.)))))))))(((((((((((
      He would get much more respect from me, if he would have had his Med. Plan Better Designed before he pushed it so hard! AFFORDABLE?????
      To Who? The ones that NEED it the Most… CAN’T afford it unless it s FREE! No Co Pay, Any And All Doctor & Dentest Bills Covered! The Counties have that! Staying in Afgan, is only to Permote DEMOCRACY… Why is he going there to run for office? By Blending Dem’s & Rep’s is to take away CHOICE! He is Slimey, Beacuse He is Well Greased! by the Black Comunity! & Dumb Whites!

  • fastfwd

    Bad bad idea ! The American people are fed up with this kind of so called conservative ! This will do nothing but split the vote and we can kiss America goodbye.

  • American Citizen

    My immediate thought was, now is not the time for another Bush to run for president. It’s too soon since GW was President. The left would have a field day.

  • Palin12

    Jeb Bush for President?? Give me a break! I’ll make anyone a deal…no more Bush’s and no more Clintons.

    • Sam


  • Cowfeces Detector

    First it was Jumbo Shrimp.
    Then it was the Patriot Act.
    And now, the “Republican Brain Trust.”
    I thought Larry, Curly and Moe were dead.

    Anyway, Ron Paul is the only decent one that really has a clue, so of course he has absolutely no chance of getting elected.
    I’m working on my gardening skills and studying Chinese, so maybe they will hire me.
    Member of Long Island Iced Tea Party

  • Robert Paiva

    We’ve Been Through Two Thorny Bushes! What’s The GOP Thinking? Have They Got Their Heads Stuck Up Where The Sun Don’t Shine? I’m Not VOTING FOR ANOTHER STINKING bush that the DEMS’s dogs like to PEE ON! IT’s Time To PLOW UP Dem O’l Bushes. We need a CHANGE IN THE REPUBLICAN WHITE HOUSE
    If They Vote For Another Bush, They’ll Get Another Four Years OF: The Foreigner Illegal Alien Barack Hussein Obama. I Hope the GOP Headquarters have an another alternative as Well. IN OTHER WORDS IF THIS IS THE WAY THE GOP THINKS; me thinks, THERE IS NO HELP FOR STUPIDITY. BECAUSE YOU LOST MY VOTE: AND THAT’s ABSOLUTELY FINAL!
    i VOTED FOR mccain AND THAT WAS A MISTAKE. GUESS WHAT? gop you lost my vote if you think you’d gain a-nother-stinkin-bush!

  • Pathfinder

    Is this the republican party or the reformed druid church ?? As you may know the old druids worshipped oak trees. The reformed druids worship BUSHES. LOL !!

  • Sam

    After reading all the inflamatory rhetoric above, I now understand how BHO got elected! You people are absolutely crazy. You are saying that you would vote for Obama and his radical Islamic government rather than Jeb Bush!! Not voting for any republican is a vote for Obama. The president many of you have castigated is now your choice for 2012?

    • meteorlady

      Mostly we are saying that Bush in general can’t win and probably most Americans will not vote for him. That’s a point that needs to be made. The press has so maligned the Bush name that it’s going to be hard if he even shows up for his first speech.

      • meteorlady

        I might also add that another Bush with the New World Order bent is not something I would EVER vote for.

  • Aix Sponsa

    BOB, I can hardly believe you wrote this. Of course it is about the US in the middle east/war/oil/Bush’s oil cronies. If the USA had not interviened and the radical muslim factions took over and maybe united the muslims through oil…… they would control 70
    % of the known oil reserves of the world. Can you say $10 per gallon and rationing? Well, practice saying it anyway.

  • Aix Sponsa

    Did you see the Eddie Murphy movie “Distinguished Gentleman” where he gets elected to congress by name recognition only? A dead congressman whose name happened to be the same as the Murphy character. Obama will win by massive landslide if the name BUSH appears on the 2012 election ballot.

  • Earl, QUEENS, NY

    I can appreciate the fact that we really need someone better than a Bush to run for POTUS next year. But shouldn’t the #1 priority be to defeat BHO?? Face it – if BHO gets a second term, that’s the end of America as we knew it!! GHWB, GWB and now even Jeb Bush have all made mistakes and wandered off the conservative field in some detrimental ways. But let’s not forget that Jeb Bush did a good job in Tallahassee; better than the goofy RINO Charlie Crist, who succeeded him. I have no doubt that we really need a Ronald Reagan, Sarah Palin or Senator DeMint type to not only defeat BHO, but to change course and reverse the damage of BHO and his democraps over the past several years. Remember – there are many drones and diehard liberal morons who don’t think BHO or Pelosi are leftwing enough. But they will still vote for any democrap. They won’t vote for a conservative/republican merely because the democrap is not liberal enough. Thus we should do likewise. Even if the GOP candidates are not as conservative as we’d like, virtually all of them are better than the leftwing democraps. McCain is a more liberal leaning wimp and clod, but he’s good sometimes, and he would’ve been better for America had he won in 2008. Again I say: Set aside the Bush-bashing (which we already hear enough of from the democraps and their allies in the lame stream media!!) and admit that elections have consequences. We cannot afford to repeat the mistakes made in 2006 and 2008!!!!

  • Monroe Riddle


  • Aix Sponsa

    I often tell this story:
    I take one white pen, and one colored. I say, these are both pens. Each is different. Both write with ink. Each has differnt words on them. I hold them out and ask someone to “pick one”. When they pick one, I ask them, “Who picked that?” They always answer, “me”. I say, NO, I DID. They look at me strangely. I say, “NO, I gave you the choice. I chose the ultimate outcome. Republican or Democrat, what’s the difference.”
    Sometimes you can see the lights come on in their heads.

  • http://twitter Eileen

    I would never vote for another Bush…..I think they are a bunch of Phonies.

  • meteorlady

    OMG – another Bush? Are they crazy? The news media has so soiled the Bush name that it’s not going to be easy for another Bush to even show up for a national campaign.

    I would think that they would want someone who could actually win and election?


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