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Another Botched FBI Raid Nearly Kills Unarmed Family

November 20, 2012 by  

Another Botched FBI Raid Nearly Kills Unarmed Family

Last week, an FBI raid of a suburban Maryland home left an 18-year-old woman wounded when agents burst through her door to execute a warrant before opening fire on the unarmed inhabitants of the home.

Members of the Hughley family said that agents swarmed their George’s County home at 6 a.m. last Thursday. The FBI’s Washington field office has yet to specify what the warrant was for.

When the agents entered the home forcibly in full riot gear, homeowner Emory Hughley said that one agent allegedly felt threatened by his 18-year-old daughter who was clad only in a sleep shirt. According to the resident, the agent then opened fire at least seven times putting multiple holes in the brick wall behind his daughter and barely missing her head.

“I’m shouting ‘Nobody is armed, nobody has a gun!’ and then all of a sudden I heard ‘She’s got a gun!’ and they just opened fire,” he told ABC 7.

His daughter was treated for a minor wound and released from a local hospital.

“I’ve got eight holes in my wall. One bullet went past my head, almost hit me, ricocheted off my brick wall and some of the shrap metal hit my little daughter in the back of her neck, all for nothing.” said Hughley.

Hughley’s neighbors told reporters that they could not imagine any reason for the family to be raided by the FBI.

Sam Rolley

Staff writer Sam Rolley began a career in journalism working for a small town newspaper while seeking a B.A. in English. After learning about many of the biases present in most modern newsrooms, Rolley became determined to find a position in journalism that would allow him to combat the unsavory image that the news industry has gained. He is dedicated to seeking the truth and exposing the lies disseminated by the mainstream media at the behest of their corporate masters, special interest groups and information gatekeepers.

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  • phideaux

    Just another example of an out of control government agency who will most likely deny any responsibility for their un-lawful actions.

    • Harold Olsen

      The odds are, had any of those innocent people been killed, a weapon would have been planted so the idiots in the FBI who participated could claim self-defense. The so-called law enforcement agencies in this country are more dangerous to us than criminals. For years now, the people of Seattle have come to believe that the only difference between the cops and the criminals is the cops carry badges.

      • Elda

        No, the criminals are still worse than the law inforcement but you are right about it is getting worse. Society has become a bunch of sheep and let the wolves take over.

      • Howard C

        No criminals are prosecuted when caught. Cops are put administrative leave. Therefore cops are infact more dangerous.

    • Steve E

      The FBI is just another example of being a statist thug.

      • Michael

        You ain’t seen nothing until the Brown Shirts; a.k.a., TSO folks get their marching orders.

      • michiganminuteman

        Eda says the criminals are worse that the FBI. I dissagree, you can live through defending yourself by popping a couple street criminals when they bust into your house. I don’t think the same is true if you instinctivly return fire on an FBI break in!!!

    • charlie

      welcome to hitler hussain land. dont forget to thank the idiots that voted for the [expletive deleted]

      • Stan

        You really don’t understand. This is NOT a party issue. It is the same for BOTH parties. The cops will do what they want. It was true under Bush also. Blame our sick political status that cannot understand that we have RIGHTS that NO ONE should stomp on!

      • MattN

        The problem is that O is going to expect more of this since he won the election (in his mind it was a fair and square election with his people voting early and often). He is GOD in his own mind, so let the break-ins continue. He will NOT enforce any law that says to stop them (look how he selectively enforces the laws now).

    • michiganminuteman

      Well, if you were up on your current events you would know that it’s George Bush’s fault!

    • Howard C

      These are the ‘STATIST THUGS’ spoken of in the article yesterday.

  • Harold Olsen

    As a small child in the 50′s my friends and I joked that “F-B-I” stood for Feather Brained Idiots.” As an adult, I’m beginning to believe we were right. They have turned into just about the most incompetent “law enforcement” agencies in the world. They shoot first and ask questions later and don’t give a damn who they kill. It reminds me of what Will Rogers said back when the FBI were trying to capture John Dillinger. After a botched raid where some innocent bystanders were killed by the FBI, Rogers stated that Dillinger had better be careful. One of these days he’ll be standing beside some innocent bystander and get himself killed. (by the FBI).

    • Stan

      This is no different than any police in the USA today. The gestapo is alive and well in the US. Arrogant officers that lie and feel like they can do anything. The law does not apply to them.

      • Elda

        The wild west is looking better and better to me…..good thing Obama is driving us back to it then isn’t it.

  • David Ozanne

    I recently talked to a former LEO who had been trained to shoot by the FBI. He said that if he got into an armed conflict with one of them now they would lose. The good thing about this story is that the FBI and other loaw enforcement personnel are such lousy shots. This tells me that they are totally irresponsible for not learning to use their weapons properly. I bellieve that if they had been properly trained, they wouyld not even have shot in this instance.

  • Kevin Wickham

    Is too much to ask them to at least verify the inhabitants before the raids?

    • Ben W. Gardner

      I had a good friend killed by LEOs 30 years ago under the same circumstances. He and his wife were sound asleep at 2 a.m. when they broke in his front door. When he jumped out of bed, he was shot dead where he stood. It seems they had the right house number, but the wrong street. Police investigation absolved all officers of any crime because they “thought” they were jeopardy. Life insurance wouldn’t pay his wife because he was killed “in the commission of a crime” according to the police report. The courts wouldn’t hear the case because it involved law enforcement and they were already declared “innocent” by the police board.

      I have the proud distinction of never bringing any of our CIA “advisers” back alive when in Vietnam. The CIA is only the International arm of the FBI (this was back in the days when the FBI could only act inside the U.S. and CIA only outside). We had a bad habit of losing them in the jungle in Charlie territory…oh well. It was only a couple of dozen, but I wish it had been more.

      FBI, CIA, NSA and most SWAT need to be killed on sight. This is why I keep an FN-P90 with me at night with SS-190 (amour piercing) ammo loaded. This will go through over 40 layers of Kevlar like it was polyester.

      • james street

        Great job in Nam. Its a shame to lose a friend in such a needless way. He was killed in the commision of a crime? Sleeping in you bed and being startled when somebody smashes into your house is a crime?? Good God. As sick as it sounds whenever I see a memorial to a dead cop on a sign I think “One less thief on the road” Check out the 2 brothers in Tennessee that killed 2 cops on their property and got away with it!!!! Then they put pics of the 2 cops on a billboard to “warn” other cops what would happen if they try to mess with them))))LOL I love it.

      • michiganminuteman

        Ben, I sleep with a ACP 45 under my pillow. If they are wearing kevlar the first shot will knock them down, the second is always a head shot. I shoot every week to stay sharp!

  • j edwards

    Well, our FBI agent fired 8 rounds at an unarmed teenage girl. He was obviously wired up and the adrenalin was flowing, hence missing her (thank God) 7 out of 8 shots fired.
    He was either untrained or a newbie, maybe both.

    I know some of these guys. Mostly they mean well, but they’re just people trying to make their bosses happy and get a promotion.

    • JDL

      They don’t mean well if they are willing to injure someone either physically or legally with their methodology. We used to call these people ‘brown nosers’. They were the ones willing to do ‘anything’ to climb the career latter and impress their boss regardless of how low and slithery. They lack integrity on any and all levels.

    • http://yahoo bob peters

      the only promotion he needs is a hole in the head…enough is enough..

    • RJ

      Before you thank him why didn’t “god” stop the FBI before they stormed the wrong house?

      • Denny

        God gives us the choice to be idiots or not.

      • mike

        god was there…he blocked all the bullets that were heading her way

      • texastwin827

        Mike, best explanation I’ve seen in a long time!

      • Gary L

        Oohh. Poor RJ got his feelings hurt…somebody said “God”.

    • Joseph Rospapa

      I don’t give a rats ass if they mean well….their JOB is to risk their lives…if you don’t want to risk your life…don’t take the job…it was not the daughters JOB to risk her life, but her life was in jeopardy because an idiot FBI agent thought his life was more important than the life of those he is supposed to be protecting

      • http://yahoo James Smith

        How much risk is involved when you knock on the door during normal hours and say this is the FBI and we have a warrant?

      • Vicki

        James. That’s so (19)50s. Nobody knocks anymore :):)

      • larry ryan

        Exactly. If a citizen is in danger it is a law enforcement officer’s JOB to jump on the grenade, take the bullet for the citizen. Too many seem to have it backward. The only good thing about this incident is that the FBI idiots doing the firing were too incompetent to hit what they were aiming at. BTW, since I don’t live in a gun restricted state like Maryland I AM armed. Cops or FBIs or bad guys break down my door unannounced they’ll likely get me, but two or three will be going with me. I understand about kevlar. Kevlar won’t stop a hollow point through the eye.

  • William Benton

    This seems to be the new normal. the agent was an idiot and should never be able to have access to a fire arm. However nothing will ever come of this as it will be swept under the rug by an investigation.

  • shermangerherd

    Welcome to Mexico! this is exactly what YOUR president wants. The USA will soon be just like our ‘neighbors’ to the south.

  • GALT

    The solution to this is obvious…..and always has been………although it would be
    interesting to see how it is received………in our “democracy”?

    At the moment their are two identifiable groups that have achieved practical
    exemption from being held “accountable” for their actions………

    Those in “government” and those shielded by “corporate status” but are in fact
    responsible for the actions of these entities……….

    The solution: any crime committed by anyone occupying these positions who
    commits criminal or civil acts which would be punishable if committed by anyone else,
    would be automatically subjected to a penalty, twice that or greater than that proscribed
    by law for the general public if they are found guilty under due process of law……
    with the application of such due process being the same as that as which any
    ordinary citizen might be expected to be subjected to.

    The use of the term “democracy” simply points out the obvious nature of the
    proposition that……..there are more of US than there are of THEM…….so how
    they have managed to “secure” this “exemption” or maintain it for this long
    is somewhat “incredible”………..but then most of what is taking place NOW and
    the perceptions of it…….is equally so……..

    Maybe the responses to this “solution” ( if any ) will provide some insight as
    to why this continues to be the case?

    • http://yahoo bob peters

      the solution is to take to the streets…thats why we have a 2nd amendment that Hillary and obama are trying to take from us…If my door,gets kicked in the first to enter is history..

      • George Washington

        I second that sentiment!
        The FBI or ANY LEO MUST obey the LAW first, and ENSURE the people they are after are the ACTUAL people, and not simply anybody.
        The penalties for wrongfu murder MUST be DEATH, that is the ONLY way this insanity will stop! If those that choose to shoot first and think later are going to be put to death for their actions, MAYBE somone WILL use their pea brains and actually do the research first, and PROPERLY identify their (dare I type this) ‘targets’. If these morons were charged with domestic terrorism (which they should be) then they might think BEFORE they fire!
        These bastards must PAY dearly for these CRIMINAL acts, and WE must go after them with the full force of the people! I do not care if they are cops of ANY stripe, acts such as this MUST PROVE they WILL pay dearly for being a criminal WE pay for!
        Bust into My home before I KNOW who you are, and I WILL open fire! MY RIGHT to DEFEND my family and property COMES FIRST…YOU are NOT on MY list of priorities!
        I also DO NOT have to OBEY ANY criminal act or action!
        I have the RIGHT to self defense, and the constitution did NOT indicate I am subservient to ANY government amployee! There is not even a single word in either the Declaration OR the Constitution that ALLOWS cops of ANY sort to rule over us…this is a CREATION ONLY and NOT a right or title held by ANY person within the borders of THIS nation!

        I have had enough of this homicide mentality the ‘Law Enfarcement’ agencies have held on to for so long.
        The biggest problem in this country is the fact that NOBODY will join forces and work together to put a STOP to these very actions AGAINST OUR PEOPLE! Until this occurs, the killings will NEVER CEASE! Do you want YOUR family gunned down by TRIGGER HAPPY COPS?
        I know I surely will NEVER stand for this and WILL fight back! I can shoot as well as ANY cop, and I hope for their sake, they do NOT make me prove it. I have body armor, but I also do not fire center mass…double taps to the cranum ends ALL problems!
        Again, I have the RIGHT to DEFEND my family against ANY criminal, and these trigger happy assassins are NO DIFFERENT!

        The second amendment is in place to STOP government TYRANNY and FIGHT a government bent on oppression, and these ‘cops’ are nothing short of TERRORISTS with BADGES!

      • eddie47d

        Maybe so Bob Peters yet when anyone does “take to the streets” they are labeled as troublemakers without a “real” cause. Conservatives are seldom kind to anyone who “takes to the streets” and the protesters rights are violated even more.

      • GALT

        That is your choice………and it carries with it the obvious range of consequences…….

        This solution……does not restrict that choice……..Kunstler successfully defended
        a drug dealer……….with the right of self defense…… such an instance as the one
        related here today……..and the case was made stronger, because as a “known drug dealer” he actually had more of an expectation of not surviving such an incident.

        But this SOLUTION…… designed at “deterring” such actions in the first place…..

        in the case of the above drug dealer, who was acquitted of the deaths that resulted,
        no action was taken against those who were responsible for the “procedures” and
        what ultimately caused those deaths……..

        After the fact……the remaining ( surviving ) officers would also be prosecuted for
        their participation…….according to their level of culpability………in such incidents…..

    • John

      Boy are you living in a dream world. This will never happen because the Foxes are guarding the Henhouse.

      • GALT

        Not the point………but it is an indication of the “problem”…….like anything else,
        it simply requires a ballot initiative…..and there is no reason that such an attempt
        can not be made provided there is sufficient interest………

        that it can be done is evidenced by successful property tax initiatives, medical marijuana, gay marriage or civil unions, etc… name a few…….

      • Bruce

        The “farmer” needs to remove the “foxes” from HIS hen house, because the fox’s are not leaving any chicken for the farmer who does all the work, and takes all the risks. Time to make some fox fur coats…. French revolution style. Time to reduce the number of foxes so the chicken population can rise.

    • 45caliber


      They “secured” this freedom when the FBI was given the right of “Untouchables” during the 1920′s. Unfortunately, the government has taken this to extremes. The idea of the Untouchables was that they could join a gang as a spy and their actions during that time, even if they committed a crime, would be discounted. Today, the government assumes that EVERY government employee, regardless of position, is Untouchable – and that any crime is okay regardless of the reason it was committed as long as it was done to keep the civilians in line. The only reason more of them haven’t been killed is that most civilians will hesitate before using lethal force – the government won’t.

      • GALT

        Matters are far worse in that the idiots on the supreme court have essentially
        ruled that law enforcement has no obligation to actually protect anyone……so
        that between the two extremes…..your average citizen is totally screwed…..

    • Gary L

      That is a democracy always leads to an oligarchy. They think they are part of the elite.
      The rules do not apply to them.

  • Bob

    What have these government agencies and their people done to the people of the USA or elsewhere that they are so scared of the individual people of the USA? Why is their investigation so poor that they do not know what is there before they go into peoples houses? Always they expecting to meet an opposing army and by way of their terrorist entry scaring the hell out of people so they think they are being attacked? (They are being attacked.) They bug and hack all communications so to not know before they go in is just plain stupid and irresponsible.

    • http://yahoo bob peters

      then fight back and quit whining,.

      • John

        At some point that will happen Bob. Men who have known violence and are not insane do their utmost to avoid it. Hence the conversation. Enjoy your slavery!

      • michiganminuteman

        Fight back! Hell yeah! Where do I sign-up. I am almost 61 years old. I have had a pretty good life and I am tired of being treated as a subject by MY govenment!I have two children and 5 Grandchildren. I don’t want them to have to live under the thumb of ANY oppressive government and will gladly do my part to stop this tyrany and oppression! Hell YEAH!

      • Jimmy the Greek

        I think i herd some wear somthing about getting 72 cherries

    • Gordon

      So BOB, you are advocating even stronger electronic survelance of our homes? Maybe IR detectors looking through the walls before they enter?

      • michiganminuteman

        Gordon, they already do that. Where have you been living?

  • http://PersonalLibertyDigest Roland

    I heard a number of years back, that the most unstable people, mentally, who carry a weapon, is law enforcement. From the local rent-a-cop, to the top in law enforcement. Then you factor in the people we have in law enforcement today, they for the most part are the ones who were picked on in school, & the badge gives them the right, to do wrong. Nothing will become of it, because, “they are human” too, & make mistakes.

    • Wayne De Cicco

      The law-enforcement officers in my town practice at least once a month and they are reasonably good shoots..They are city, county, border control, fish and game, state, .S. parks and federal land management , Also the local gun clubs shoot 3 or 4 times monthly and law-enforcement does not like to shoot with the gun clubs , its beneath them..GO FIGURE….

      • Gordon

        Practice is way the heck different than shooting in an adrelilin situation, either during a forced entry or a suprise attack. That is why “trained LEOs” miss 90% of the time and armed civilians are even worse (facts). Compare the principle to the panic stop when you jump on the brakes of your car. Doesn’t matter how trained you are, when a crash is imminent your foot is mashed as hard as possible on that pedal. period. Check junk yards and see the brake pedals stuck flat to the floor of the vehicles.

      • mike

        I personalty think it not beneath them ,I think it tells them how bad of a shot theywere,I was in the navy and shot a lot of types of guns,when I got home I met a cop friend and we went to a gun range and I shot his gun way better then he did,we never met for gun range again (I cooked for the captain on my ship and I missed my sharp shooting ribbon by one shot)

      • Vicki

        Gordon says:
        “Practice is way the heck different than shooting in an adrelilin situation, either during a forced entry or a suprise attack. That is why “trained LEOs” miss 90% of the time and armed civilians are even worse (facts). ”

        Though I agree in principle that practice shooting is not as “controlled” as a surprise attack, your claim of (facts) is in error. Armed civilians are MUCH SAFER to be around.

        “Armed Citizens Make Fewer Mistakes Than Police…
        …only 2% of civilian shootings involve an innocent person being shot (not killed). The error rate for police is 11%. What this means is that you are more than 5 times more likely to be accidentally shot by a policeman than by an armed citizen.”

        The quoted newsweek article in the above link is from
        NEWSWEEK, Nov. 15, 1993, at 94, 93

  • JDL

    People need to insist on suing both the agencies and the individuals.

  • hanbo

    Obviously NOT the same F.B.I. the great G.Gordon Liddy proudly served in.I ask yall,does anyone remember Waco?

    • Vicki

      Waco was a BATFE attack on innocent civilians.

      The FBI, when they got there did knock. With tanks instead of knuckles :)

  • momo

    Good thing the feds are lousy shots.

    • Gordon

      EVERYBODY are lousey shots. The only people who don’t believe they aren’t, are those who have never had to shoot.

    • michiganminuteman

      You don’t have to be a good shot when you are using tanks! ;)

  • T. Jefferson

    NDAA at it’s finest. Watch for more of these actions. A lot more innocent people will be killed before it’s over.

  • greg

    First it was the war on poverty. Then came the war on drugs. Then came the war on terrorism. These three have melded into the war on citizens of the US by their Government.
    Unfortunately, when these things happen and no one in the Federal Bureau of Incompetence is held accountable (not just job lost, but criminal prosecution) that is a signal
    to keep up the SOS. Maybe if a group of citizens broke into the FBI office at 6 am with guns blazing…….. Never mind. Nobody would be in the office that early. They’re out terrorizing the citizenry.

  • hwc

    What I have observed in our local law officers, and some of the hwy. patrol officers, is a definite tendancy to get off on the violence. I have a young grandson who has had several run ins with both, and if they can’t beat the crap out of them in public, they wait until they get them locked up. I bowl with a hwy. patrol officer, who is without a doubt the worst example of what a lawful person should act like. He is in altercations nearly every week in the bowling alley. I suppose there has always been an element like them in law enforcement. I remember when I was a young man, I visited a st. Louis cop’s home. The conversation somehow got around to peeping toms. He showed me a pistol with the numbers filed off, that he said he kept with him at all times, because if he ever had a peeping tom at his house, he would kill the person and plant the weapon on him. Perhaps they are really just a slice of our society that has gone downhill with the rest of it.

    • George Washington

      If that ‘cop’ nas a gun with the serial numbers filed off, turn the bastard in!
      it is a FELONY to be in posession of a firearm with altered or obliterated serial numbers, and KNOWING he has this, makes YOU an accessory!
      I would watch out for people like this, they WILL lie and plant that gun on you, or a family member…WATCH OUT!
      Call the ATF and give them an accurate description of the gun, and the name and address of the person…He DESERVES to be in PRISON…That ‘cop’ IS a CRIMINAL!

      • Gordon

        You really believe that, don’t ya? Very few, very few would ever prosecute another LEO for any reason. It’s called “The Blue Wall”. Time for everyone to grow up and realize that the moral and ethical depravity is widespread and NO honest person can continue employment in a governmental agency. period. Sooner of later they will ether be fired on some trumped up charge or quit due to harrassment.

      • Gordon

        Make that ANY governmental agency. period

      • Gordon

        I don’t want to get carried away here, but everyone needs to realize that it is all about “payoff money” and “the good old boy network.” Whether you are a checker at WalMart or an agent of the federal government, if you are honest and ethical, you are on your way OUT.

      • larry ryan

        Really? Sorry, you’re in a dream world. You rat out a cop, no matter how dirty, you better have the money to leave town and disappear completely. Two things are certain, nothing will happen to the dirty cop of any significance or importance. And you will have a target on you and your family’s back. Jail or accidental death.

    • ranger09

      Paranoid Is the correct word, Lack of confidence and skill with the weapons they use, And yes they protect ea other more than they do the Citizens, When i was in the game i was taught never touch that weapon unless you plan to kill someone or something, Now police do not serve warrants, They just invade your Homes and take a chance on killing innocent people just to keep them from flushing a bag down the drain, We need to get back to serving warrants that protect the People from this kind of thing from happening, As Police Officers we are expected to take risks with our Lives to Protect the People we serve. But these days they serve the Powers to Be.

      • http://yahoo James Smith

        Very well stated and I have great respect for officers with your respect for liberty. It’s sad that I would rather meet a mugger than a cop in todays enviroment, the mugger will just take the money in your pocket but the cop may/can take everything you own.

      • vicki

        Well said and reminds us of how the royal guard used to act and probably still does in socialist countries. No need to knock. The subjects all know that they are property of the king.

  • Average Joe

    Local story:
    70 yr.old man does not answer his phone for two days, family asks for police to make a wellness check on him. Police show up, knock on the door, the man yells at them (through the door) to go away, he’s fine. Police then decide to enter the man’s house through a back bedroom window. Man opens his bedroom door when he hears the noise and is immediately shot by officers and killed….reason? “There was a shotgun in the bedroom, 3 ft. from the door”.

    Investigation findings…Justifiable shooting.

    “Mrs. Jones, your grandfather was just fine when we arrived…but we fixed that…we shot him”.

    Another local story: A man is spotted driving on wrong side of road in Citrus Co. Fl. Police follow until he crosses Co. line into Hernando Co; radios descrip and Tag #. 20 mins. later, the Car is spotted in Hernando Co. on a rural rd. Deputy decides to chase. The man is traveling towards the Pasco Co. line at 50 mph ( the speed limit) when the Deputy taps him from behind at a higher rate of speed. The Deputy loses control, crashes and dies at the scene.T man goes home (two more counties away) where police are waiting to arrest him…for MURDER of a FDLE officer.
    One man is dead, another man charged with murder….and all over a simple traffic infraction. BTW, they did a sobriety test and the guy was not drinking. He just thought that the deputy had stopped chasing him when he crossed the Co. line into Pasco Co. (300 feet from where the Deputy crashed) and had no idea that the Deputy had crashed.
    The officer has since had a section of road named after him ( at a cost to taxpayers) and is (somehow) considered a hometown hero now. The man that was charged with murder, didn’t know that the officer had crashed…only that he went off the road after hitting him from behind. The man continued home without further incident.
    All that these LEO’s needed to do was pick him up at his home, but they chose to endanger themselves as well as the general public with thier testoterone fueled “tough guy” antics.

    “I’m gonna catch this bad driver … even if it kills someone!”

    Welcome to my neighborhood….and I live in the country….a farming community….


    • greg

      Gainesville GA in the late 80′s…. 80+ year old Mr. Free (actual name) was sleeping when Sheriff’s thugs broke down his door. (wrong door, wrong address) Mr Free heard the ruckus, grabbed his Shotgun in case he had to defend himself. The Thugs then killed him with several well placed shots. No One was ever prosecuted for this one. A man died.

    • Gordon

      2 weeks ago we had 3 police cars demolished (8,000 pop) in chases. One car wrecked at 110 mph in another county AFTER the chase had been called off….. LEO went on anyway. Nobody killed, but LEOs had fun driving fast.

    • Average Joe

      The Super Trooper “man down” page…

      I had forgotten than another Deputy, while on his way to the “Spotting” of the suspect car…oversteered through a curve and wrecked his cruiser as well….these guys around here think they are Jimmy Johnson while in thier cruisers….this is NASCAR country…. and every cop is a (Wannabe) race car driver….

      From the story about the elderly gentleman:

      “On Monday, Hernando County Sheriff’s deputies were involved in a shooting that left one man dead and a deputy with non-life threatening injuries. Officers attempted to make a welfare check on Robert J. Capkovic, who then reportedly shot at them. They returned fire, killing Capkovic.”

      As it turned out…the shotgun was 3 feet from the door, but he was reaching for it ( or so the story goes) So, the two officers opened fire on the guy…. and the “deputy with non-life threatening injuries”, cut his hand on broken glass…from the window….. that he broke….to illegally… enter the house….

      You just can’t make this stuff up…..

  • netandyawho

    Another example of extreme mob violence hiding in skirts of law enforcement!

  • Dale Patterson

    Another drug bust performed by police in accordance to SOP and the “BRAVE” boys in blue (body armor) responding like the professionals that they are. These folks are lucky that the cops didn’t seize their home, in spite of the fact that nothing was found. Of course the policeman responsible won’t face any kind of disciplinary action . . . he was only defending himself.

  • blackberry

    The corrupt government finds it in its economic interest to Police/murder us to discharge all the debt bonds that have been taken out on the slaves/citizens. That is why we have chemicals in the air and water & food, chem trails, GMO foods, chemical medicine,etc. Support local organic!

  • Tom Cook

    The FBI has degenerated to the abysmal level of the rest of the thugcops in this nation–they are like the SS who shot innocent Jews in Nazi Germany–crude brutal vicious thugs. They got away with murdering innocent civilians at Ruby Ridge and Waco and they haven’t stopped. Their excuse: as Steve Martin jokes, “we forgot.” They are murderous swinish scum just like the pigs in Las Vegas who shot down an innocent man, a West Point graduate in front of a Costco.

  • Gordon in Texas

    What’s really scary is that someone who does have a weapon and is protecting their family and property will probably be killed. Thank God that dumb-ass agent was a poor shot or the entire family might have been killed…by ricocheting bullets. This no-knock crap is BS; especially when the warrant was probably approved under questionable circumstances. Not sure about anyone else here but I will protect my family and home against a home invasion. And this was a home invasion. I highly doubt anyone yelled “FBI” as they rushed the home. How the hell are we supposed to know if the thugs busting down our door are police or gang members looking to rob, rape, murder…whatever.

    Unfortunately, events like this are not uncommon these days. I understand that law enforcement has a very difficult job to do but the aggressiveness of their actions is increasing at an alarming rate. And with the sophisticated gear they have today (compliments of the DHS) their actions are becoming more lethal.

    • 45caliber


      The real problem is that even the very small police departments have SWAT teams. They can’t afford to pay those members to sit so they use them on any invasion, even with search warrants. Unfortunately, most have been over-trained to believe they MUST immediately act if anyone doesn’t instantly obey their orders, whether a gun is present or not.

      But when you get down to it, how many SWAT teams are needed? I doubt if even one per county is needed. But every police department MUST have one or they aren’t police.

      Let’s get rid of the SWAT teams – which generally shoot too fast in most situations – and go back to the way things were.

  • MikeW

    You never get these incidents with a Republican in the White House.

    With Clinton appointees as Attorney General, BATF Director, and FBI Director, we had Ruby Ridge and Waco.

    With Obama appointees as Attorney General, BATF Director, and FBI Director, we’ve had “Fast and Furious”, and now things like this. Luckily, Liberals’ disdain for firearms contributes to poor proficiency training for federal agents. Otherwise, this would be a much sadder story.

    Democrat presidents love to appoint unqualified morons to top law enforcement positions. The agent-in-charge at the Ruby Ridge incident even got a promotion afterwards.

    • http://yahoo James Smith

      The thing that bothers me most is the so called conservitive judges vote to give the police more power every time they ask for it.

    • Gordon in Texas

      What makes you think that a Republican in the WH would change things? Sorry MikeW, but the Republicans and Democrats play musical chairs in Congress and, although they go by different names, they all play the same game. I do agree that since obama took office the state of affairs in this country regarding LE has degraded but that has been coming for a long time.

      George W Bush brought on the big government and big LE when he OK’d the DHS. obama just took that to another level. The militarization of LE began decades ago but after 9/11 it took off like a rocket with almost unlimited funds offered to local LE to “upgrade” their forces; whether they wanted the funds or not. The real problem in this country is the people; they won’t make anyone in government accountable for their actions. Of course, they are either intimidated by LE or other government agencies, or they are totally ignored by the MSM, who is in Big Government’s back pocket. Kinda difficult to fight those odds.

      • http://yahoo James Smith

        I agree that this is not a Republican or Democratic thing, it’s a federal government thing, Roe vs Wade dominates all supreme court nominations and the subject of personal liberty is never brought up at the hearings.

  • jopa

    The story above may or may not be true, who knows what went down in that house.The only reason it gets mentioned here is some people just thrive on this type of news and think these types of mishaps are the norm, if that’s all they are being fed.All the good things that the differant agencies do doesn’t get any print or any airtime and the thousand of law enforcement professionals that do good get called all kinds of names and are slandered repeatedly by these uninformed readers that we have here on this site.There sure are a lot of sickos in America today and you can verify that by reading the posts that are on this page that want harm to come to their fellow Americans in uniform or working undercover.

    • momo

      jopa says: “There sure are a lot of sickos in America today and you can verify that by reading the posts that are on this page that want harm to come to their fellow Americans in uniform or working undercover.”

      I don’t want harm to come to anybody, I just want law enforcement to get things right before they come barging thru a door and shoot up a house.

      • vicki

        if the law were to “get things right” they would have a search warrant. They would knock and give the occupants time to come peaceably to the door. They would then have found out that they were at the wrong house and could have apologized like civilized people.

        Proponents of the war on (some) drugs have claimed that the “evidence” could be easily flushed down the toilet. The solution is trivial. Search the sewer line from the house to the street. Single line. Direct connection.

        Of course the permanent answer is to end the war on (some) drugs and punish people for violent actions and not possession of things that you don’t approve of.

        Keep in mind that since you have ceded power to the government to tell you that you can not buy a product, you should not be surprised when the government assumes it has the power to tell you that you can not buy products (light bulbs, 20oz soft drinks etc)

        Since you have not challenged that power you should not be surprised when the government thinks it has the power to FORCE you to buy a product (health insurance)

        Besides it is well known that slave masters control what slaves can and can not eat.

      • vicki

        Oh and slave masters would certainly what to insure their property’s health.

    • Stan

      Obviously you have never been “victimized” by our great law enforcement personnel. Take a good look around you and you will see the illegal things the police do everyday. i.e. Did you ever see a cop doing the speed limit??

    • vicki

      jopa says:
      “The story above may or may not be true, who knows what went down in that house.The only reason it gets mentioned here is some people just thrive on this type of news and think these types of mishaps are the norm,”

      Watch an episode or 2 of “COPS”. Especially ones focusing on the war on (some) drugs. Lots of no-knock home invasions. What makes this one newsworthy (if it bleeds it leads) is that someone got shot.

      • Vicki

        Here is a fun map showing some no-knock areas.

      • larry ryan

        It is a demonstable fact that those that enforce the law consider themselves to be above it. My cousin was a cop for over 30 years. Drove like a maniac. Got stopped constantly. Received one ticket in all that time. And not just his own town. Everywhere, even out of state. The badge is it’s own law.

    • Dan Mancuso

      Far be it from me to ever support a liberal or liberal ideology. I think I see the point Jopa is trying to make. I think, in reality the number of scum bag, egocentric bullies and other criminals in any law enforcement organization is probably a minority, in regard to – I think – the majority of law enforcement personel who are still the good guys and do a hard job well.
      The problem , that Jopa doesn’t seem to realize, is that the percentage of bad guys in law enforcement and their criminal acts, is rising, substantially. If you take this frightening trend, together with the destruction of Constitutional protections from the scum bag in the White House now and his evil minions and many before him/it, and the atrocities commited and covered up by some in law enforcement, it is a totally unexceptable situatiion.
      We ALL have an inherent right to protect ourselves, families, homes and properties from criminals – law enforcement or otherwise – and this includes the use of deadly force! BUT, until the criminals in power – on both sides of the two party system – are run out of town on a rail, tarred and feathered, put in stocks, locked up and/or executed, this frightening trend will only get worse.
      Unfortunatly, if you do defend yourself from a criminal invasion of your castle by law enforcement YOU will be prosecuted or executed on the spot!
      I would also add Jopa, if you don’t like reading people’s honest emotions, however correct they are or not, then don’t read them and most certaily keep your 2 cents to yourself. You are showing your true colours when you apply demonizing labels to them because they don’t toe the line of your particular ideology!

      • larry ryan

        For all the fact that he drove crazy, my cousin was a good cop and a good guy. He once boiled it down to three types of cop. First is becoming all too rare. That’s the cop who actually IS a cop. Cares about his/her community and the citizens without being contemptous of them. Would risk his life for those he serves without hesitation. Second is most common. It’s a job. A tough job and he/she is still a cut above the average, but risk of life isn’t necessarily going to be automatic. Not for just a paycheck. Third is becoming too common and promises to get worse when The Federal Police Force is fully in place. The Nazi cop. This type lives for the power. He/she is extemely impressed with himself and the badge and gun he carries. And you’d better be, too. Or else.

    • roger

      you can get all you can stomach in these sites………….

  • ranger09

    Well People get off your butts and write the FBI office where this took place and demand a full investigation, BUT keep in mind its their fellow agents that will be doing the Investigation. But you can demand that your County Sheriff investigate, IF hes a sheriff for the People and not the Govt. BUT most work for the Govt and not the People. Now lets see a mistake by Police Officers is considered ok in the case of attempted murder. Lets see Unlawful forced entry,Lets see 7-8 rounds fired should show INTENT to commit murder, Oh well it will get put aside as a mistake, and the Agent will have to take firearms safety an defense and deadly force classes over again. Well whats the use.getting up set, Until it happens to you are your Family

  • ranger09

    Well in my day Police Officers were not allowed to break the law, Only when involved in an emergency or Crime call. Also in my day Citizens would complain to The Sheriff when they observed Police breaking the Laws, And the Sheriff would look into these complaints. But today things are not in the public interest but in the Power of the Police.

  • ranger09

    In my day two things was the most Important for a Peace Officer. RIGHT or WRONG and a Brain that could separate the two, You had two major items that was your job and that was to Protect Citizens and their Property, Every thing else came afterwards, In my day A Peace Officer answered ALL calls.Today 90% of your Police are Paper writers 10% do Police work. Now the 90% are called Revenue Agents.

  • ranger09

    Confidence in ones self and the confidence in ones tools, and knows how to apply them. I was never taught to use the Badge or Star as Power, The Gun was never touched unless you knew deadly force was needed. Today most warrants police serve are treated as deadly force.

  • vicki

    We don’t know from the story, what the no-knock warrant was for. But the sordid history of no-knock is a war on (some) drugs phenomenon. That got me thinking that Nixon is usually closely associated with the concept.

    But the president does not make laws. Congress does. So that got me thinking who was in power (republicans or democrats) when the war got going (circa 1968). It would seem that the democrats are not the friend of a free people. But then again we knew that :)

    Democrats had control of the senate from 1959-1979
    Democrats had control of the house from 1949-1993

    Yep. The democrats are the ones the brought us the war on (some) drugs.

    • http://yahoo James Smith

      No knock warrants are not a result of a law passed by congress and signed by the pres. they are based on supreme court decisions made by both liberal and conservitave justice’s.

      • Vicki

        Let me direct your attention to Pub. L. No. 91-358, 84 Stat. 473 (July 29, 1970).

        Note that this law only applied to Washington DC but is the model for court cases and decisions since.

        Note also that no Democrat Controlled Congress (then or in 2009-10) bothered to fix the serious problem. Even when they had super majority.

      • michiganminuteman

        Blah…Blah, blah blah blah!

      • vicki

        And here is more on the Senate and house (both democrat controlled) involvement in expanding no-knock nationwide. All the courts have done is fail to find the laws unconstitutional.

        “The Senate unanimously passed, on January 28, 1970, the Controlled Dangerous Substances Act, as reported by the Judiciary Committee. The bill, originally sponsored by Senator Dodd, consolidates all existing legislation on narcotics, marijuana, and dangerous drugs; abandons reliance for drug control on Congress’s taxing power and instead relies on the broader treaty power and the interstate commerce power; places all functions under the control of the Attorney General; modifies the penalty structure, and permits the government to use “no-knock” procedures for searches and seizures not merely in the District of Columbia but nation-wide. ”

        So James, A DEMOCRAT Congress DID create and support No-Knock on the American people

        • Stan

          Did you see who the president was then??? Nixon. He signed it so don’t blame just the the democrats. They are all in the same boat in taking our rights away.

  • Antonio

    nop, never happened, never will, its just a conspiracy….go back to sleep

  • Incredulous1

    Why is a mistake called “an accident” and forgiven when perpetrated by law enforcement yet a mistake by you or me will always be considered “a crime?”
    “When the People fear the government, there is Tyranny. When the government fears the People, there is Liberty.” –Thomas Jefferson (alternately attributed to Thomas Paine, Benjamin Franklin, et al.)
    “Tyranny is defined as that which is legal for the government but illegal for the citizenry.”
    – Thomas Jefferson
    “The strongest reason for the people to retain the right to keep and bear arms is, as a last resort, to protect themselves against tyranny in government.” -Thomas Jefferson

  • 45caliber

    By definition, if anyone breaks into a house waving a gun, he is using “deadly force” against you. By legal ruling, waving a gun is considered use of deadly force since you are threatening to use it. And, by definition, if you are threatened with deadly force you have the right to self defense. But against the police, you don’t have that right. If you do shoot, you are a criminal – even if they must make you one – and they will insure you are dead if at all possible, regardless of whether you want to surrender or not. In some cases, if you don’t shoot you are dead – and the police walk away with nothing more than a supervisor telling them they messed up.

  • greg

    Why is it that they use Emory Hugely’s name, but not the FBI agent’s that [expletive deleted] up. He should at least have the decency to resign and never carry a gun again. He’s proven he
    isn’t qualified. You only get 1 screw up with a gun. 1.

  • ROGER, Irish-Canadian LIBERTARIAN

    For a better understanding I refer all to Brandon Smith’s article, above. As bad as things are here in Canada, I must say despicable actions, by police, as in this article by Sam Rolly, are not happening SO FAR. In fact , in most cases Police here , in Canada, are very reasonable, polite and respectful. I hope it is not just an anomaly

  • 45caliber

    Not long ago, a police group broke into an apartment with a single mother and an 8-year old daughter. (Can’t remember where at the moment.) They slammed both the woman and the girl to the floor and stood over them with guns pointed at their heads for two hours while they searched the apartment, while ignoring the woman who kept asking why they were there and telling them they were in the wrong apartment. They were in the wrong place – the one they wanted was across the hall.

    My questions – Why didn’t they attempt to identify the people in the apartment as soon as they entered? Why did they slam the child to the floor and stand with a gun aimed at her head? Why didn’t they listen to the mother and learn that they had the wrong place? I suspect that one reason they didn’t listen was that they were hoping to find something – anything that they could use as a reason to arrest the mother and claim they were in the right place after all.

    • gunner689AI

      the Why is lousy training and give a [expletive deleted] attitude coupled with a superiority attitude.

  • bores

    The occupants of the house are clearly at fault, they were occupying the wrong house. This will be the official finding of the investigation

  • Jimmy the Greek

    I read all the posts and all i got to say is your chances are slim to nothing on winning the fight with the zog police when they kick in your door at 4am . the smart thing to do would be to go along to get along and fight when you have the jump on them !

  • Dad

    So how is Obama’s ‘change’ working for your now? The only purpose of a government union is to protect agents such as these…
    As the Democrats say “Seig Heil.”

    • Stan

      Again, this is NOT a party issue. This is prevalent across the Federal and state governments and did NOT start with Obama. Look at the “Patriot Act” enacted under GW Bush. Look at the loss of rights under Regan and Clinton. Wake up, This is real and NOT a party issue. If you are so stupid to think this all originated under Obama you are living is a “dream”. Wake up!!!!

  • gunner689AI

    The day is coming when the FBI, ATF, and all the other alfabet soup gvt. agencies won’t need an excuse or be held accountable for their mistakes. All under the guize of HomeLand Security. Read the “Enemies” series by Bracken to see what’s coming.
    Invest in gold, silver, food, and lead.


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