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Annual Federal Spending Increased By 16 Percent In 2009

October 11, 2010 by  

Annual Federal spending increased by 16 percent in 2009The U.S. Census Bureau recently announced that Federal domestic spending increased to $3.2 trillion in 2009, which equals approximately $10,500 per person living in the United States.

This level of spending marked a 16 percent increase from 2008 and it represents the largest spike since the Census Bureau began collecting data in 1983. The annual increase was due in part to the $787 billion stimulus package called the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act, which was signed by President Barack Obama in February 2009.

The Bureau revealed that the state with the highest per capita Federal spending was Alaska with $20,351. The lowest was Nevada with $7,148 per person.

Entitlement programs Medicare, Medicaid and Social Security accounted for about 46 percent, or $1.5 trillion, of the spending. The one-year increase for these programs was $136 billion.

The data shows that salaries and wages for Federal employees totaled nearly $300 billion, with 46 percent of that share going to the Department of Defense.

The government spent about $86 billion on unemployment compensation last year, which was a 115 percent increase from 2008.

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  • s c

    PLND, what you should have said is that we need to add that $10,500 to the other sum(s) already accumulated. We may never know exactly we “owe.” What is important is to make it impossible to have to suffer at the hands of those who don’t care about us (politicians). Just because we tend to be too forgiving doesn’t mean we will line up to kill ourselves. It would be much better and much more effective if we could get our politicians to line up to kill themselves. We are NOT expendable. Politicians ARE.

  • Jana

    And, if you think the spending will stop there, you are very misguided. Obama has stated that he thinks we need to have another bailout. He will never learn. He only has advisors that tell him what he wants to hear, which is anything to do with Socialism or Marxism. He actually has no one with any common sense or business experience around him.
    We are in debt to China who is cohorting with our enemies now. We are in trouble here, and we who are informed need to get the word out.

    • 45caliber

      Speaking of the Chinese, they are buying out an American Natural Gas company here in Texas. It was in today’s Houston Chronicle. The government is quite happy about it apparently. I’ve been saying for awhile now that the government is trading all our oil and ng supplies to China in return for their loans. Here it is in black and white.

      • Jana

        UH OH.

        • HFlashman

          LOL … I’ve no problem with it. The Chinese can’t play the American gamme of capitalism…see e.g. the Japanese. We took their money at high value, and bought the properties and companies back at the low values.

      • http://Aol Linda Maddox

        Doesn’t this just fit into Obama’s plan for us. Give up our utility companies to China. Put the rest of our natural resource land under Federal control. Stop us from using our resources to take care of our own country. Share our wealth, his social engineering. Tax the hell out of us, steal our wealth and our children’s future. American’s are going to the polls in Nov, he better not do his voter fraud, because we will know! He also is preventing my farmers in CA from getting 70% of their water to grow our crops. He wants us to be poor, starve and die. While his wife has a new pair of diamonds on in every picture! Time to go back to Chicago Obama!

        • spike

          I hope he goes back to Kenya. Chicago is too close to the united states.

    • ChuckL


      I believe that you are making the wrong assumption about the objectives of Mr. Soetoro. What he is doing makes perfect sense when you understand that he is trying to destroy this country.

  • Bob Wire

    Well, it wasn’t me.

  • Conservative at Birth

    We owe less than 8 % of our national debt to the Chinese. Over 60% is owed to the Social Security Trust Fund.

    • Robin from Arcadia, IN

      Conservative @ births says: Over 60% is owed to the Social Security Trust Fund.

      This is because it was money that should have never been touched! We can thank President Johnson for ‘dipping’ into it! It should have been invested, not used!

    • 45caliber

      True. But they insist SS is running empty because they have no intention of paying any of that money back.

      And since Clinton’s days, they don’t even bother to put in the papers for the amount they take out.

      And from what I’ve heard, SS would still be viable for about another twenty five years or so except that they are concerned about the lesser amount they can steal each year. They want the taxes increased so they can still have plenty to spend on someone other than SS recipients.

  • HFlashman

    Amazing. Th article, from all appearances fairly unbiased,broke down the federal spending into catagories, and which the first reply mentioned policicians, and Jana slurring Pres. Obama and terming the moderate policies which brought us back from the brink of Econmic meltdown “socialist” or Marxist” in nature.

    Those policies are not ‘socialist” nor ‘Marxist”…only extremists, liars, or those with no more than a 7th grade mentality would refer to them as such. And for a Right wing nutcase tyo term them such…it is admission that Marxist and Socialist economics work (which I for one would not proffer up as such).

    In 20 months…

    = Jobless claims went from INCREASING as a result of GOP rule to 800,000 jobs per month LOST to now the private sector has added jobs for the last four months running. The increase in overall jobless claims has come from GOV’T shedding jobs. Gov’t jobs decreasing, private sector jobs increasing…is that Marxist or socialist?

    = AMERICAN Auto industry was saved along with hundreds of thousands of jobs. It was the Chrysler bail out all over again. Is Lee Iaccoca a Marxist or Socialist? We are now going to realize not only a retooled auto industry in America, the saving of hundreds of thousands of jobs, manufacturing products to export … but we’re going to make money from the deal as the government pulls back from the ownership stake it mandated so the money wasn’t wasted.

    = Small business and middle class tax relief. Creation of jobs in the private sector and giving money back to those who will spend it in a consumer driven economy such as ours. Is that Marxist or socialist?

    = Pushing for legislation which would take away those GOP given tax bennies to ship American jobs overseas. The party of “No” has stalled this. Which is Marxist/Socialist? Paying to ship our jobs overseas or paying to keep them here? I’d say the taking of wealth and spreading it elsewhere…ala’ shipping our jobs away … is the Marxist/Socialist policy…which is the policy of the GOP and it’s adherents.

    = Making BP pay up $20 billion without allowing BP to use that amount capping liability from private lawsuits from citizens seeking redress. Is that right? Holding BP accountable? Or is the GOP Way of sitting in a Congressional hearing and apologizing to BP for holding them responsible for the economic and environmental ruination caused by the crassless ways of thier business model…a model which was to give the common man the back of their hands while grabbing our oil resources for their profit mongering… is that right?

    Or is passing regulations which restrict BIg Bianing from raping us and driving the economy to the brink of ruin bad? Or is the GOP Way of doing nothing but stripping away protections from that reoccurring while the wealthy get wealthy and the Middle Class decline continues the right way?

    = TARP I…the GOP Giveaway. Trillions given to the big monied interests, and having no ties to the loans…in fact, there weren’t even provisions on what to spend it on, or whether it was even required to be paid back ! TARP II? Almost every dime has been paid back…with interest. And now when TARP I has been changed to require payback or face stringent investment requirements…it too is being paid back with interest (as the recipeitns are now screaming whole hog about having to take their now bloated profis and actually have to pay us back)

    Down the line, item for item…every policy the GOP has put in place the past decade has worsen the lot of Americans…the only small segment of our society which bennefittd was the extreme wealthy and Big Corporate America. Not one other segment…from middle class to small business to environment to cities to states…not one other segment…has gone up in the past decade. And every policy the GOP has said “no’ to…were policies aimed at getting the Middle Class and small business back into the game and at least having a shot at getting their share of the pie.

    To me..the GOP Way is the true Marxist /Socialist path. Redistribution of wealth from the entire population to the hands of a few elite and powerful interests…draining the middle classes and eliminating family small businesses.

    Vote for Socialist/Marxist policies…vote the GOP back into power. It’s your right to be stupid, ignorant, or easily led by your Masters.

    But don’t sit there and rant about Pres. Obama making the hard decisions in bringing us back from the brink of economic ruin and attacking those who have almost destroyed the Middle Class, the family, the small businesses of this Nation.

    Disagree with the above? OK…state the facts Sparky. No hyperbole fed to you by Beck, Limbaugh, Fox etc. State the facts

    Thing is…facts are facts..and the fact is…the GOP Way is the true Marxist/Socialist party and policy.

    • s c

      How do you do it, HF? You’re asleep, and still you’re going through the motions of talking. You have a hell of a time sticking to a topic, and when you make a conclusion, it tends to be diametrically opposed to the truth.
      You’re consistent. I’ll give you that much. But, unless or until you pull your head out of your asterisk, you’re still an overpaid shill who adds little or nothing to a conversation on any topic. Before I forget, shove it, comrade. And stop seeing saul alinsky as your “God.”

      • a progressive nightmare

        SC….Well said. Flashpan is a progressive-marxist still trying to sway as much sheeple as he can before dooms day November. Like most liberals, his simple childish “Feeling” process (6th grade equilvalent) still can’t comprehend that the PARTY system is broken due to HEAVY progressive-marxist infiltration on the dems side and significant numbers of them on the GOP side.

        Hey flashboy, we clearly understand the problem now and are in the process of fixing this mess you anti-American progressive-pukes have created over the past century. Many GOP progressive-pukes have already been eliminated and replaced by conservative and/or libertarians in the primaries.

        Bottom line, best we can do is to identify who they are and get rid of them come November and beyond. Then and only then can we restore the republic. Otherwise, we will continue to play this childish-progressive un-american marxist game and end up like Europe or some other pathetic socialist-marxist puke Nation.

      • eddie47d

        Get over your self aggrandizement sc. You must be getting ready for halloween for you are truly spooky! It’s been said that most of the bailout money has been or will be paid back. All but $39 billion(yes that is a lot of money) but it shows that most of these funds have worked. I’m not for more bailouts if it increases the debt but we must regonize the good and the bad of such actions.

        • a progressive nightmare

          eddied 47d said… has been said????

          Well Eddie, who said it? When was it paid back? When did Government Motors pay it back? Did the Union THUGS pay it back?? I think not! You simple minded progressives have no clue where the 787 Billion went or how much has been paid back. Oh, your source of information must be the WH website? Did you ever stop to think there may be a conflict of interest there? JEEESH!!!!

          Flashboy says that the UNION bailouts are MONEY makers!!! LOL!!!!!
          Yep, sure was, for the THUGS on the receiving end of the deal. I wonder how all the x-shareholders made money in this deal???? OH, I get it, they weren’t marxist thugs so they don’t count! HOW DUMB OF ME!!

          • eddie47d

            Nightmare;More choice intelligent words from the guru of conservative wisdom.More thuggish bile from your lips and another poster boy for the right. You’re a blogging billboard for what is wrong with the Conservative movement. Keep up the good work!

          • a progressive nightmare

            and the answer to my questions are, socialist boy???????

          • HFlashman

            1. GM monies have been paid back to a large minority degre, and the SEC filings have been made taking out the fed gov’t shares AT A PROFIT TO US. That’s public information …

            The ex sharegolders made what they gambled for…no one is guaranteed a profit when buying shares of a corporation, unless they’re Wall Street or Big Oil and then the GOP will do anything they can…including building on the deficit, to make sure they aren’t hurt. Privatize profit and publicize debt…that’s the GOP formula.

            2. TARP fund paybacks are also public information….except if you watch FOX News which doesn’t announce anything but anti US diatribe trash.

            Now…if you disagree, what are your facts? Usually right wing rantings short on truth never state facts…pesky things get in the way…

          • a progressive nightmare

            Flashboy…..BS! Show where GM has paid back their debt to the American people! Fact is, that little PLOY with their CEO was nothing more than a marxist left hand paying the right hand. You people make me sick. Public information my axx! Who is running GM right now flashboy? Your boy in the WH or one of his marxist thugs who graduated with a degree in community organizing? He doesn’t have anyone in his inner circle that has a clue when it comes to busniness and neither do you.

            The simple fact is, this was a PAYOFF TO THE unions FOR SUPPORTING OBLAMA and it was done at the expense of our Grandchildren. If capitalism doesn’t work then why didn’t FORD need a bailout? Fact is, this entire thing is about nothing more than a POWER GRAB by you left-wing marxist-thugs who are too pathetic,stupid and LAZY to survive in a FREE America.

            What is a “Share” in a corporation Flashboy??? Is that a contract??? Do you find anything about this deal with the Unions that may be a little distrubing?

            You stated that the GOP…..” The ex sharegolders made what they gambled for…no one is guaranteed a profit when buying shares of a corporation, unless they’re Wall Street or Big Oil and then the GOP will do anything they can…including building on the deficit, to make sure they aren’t hurt. Privatize profit and publicize debt…that’s the GOP formula.

            Are you JUST stupid or what? You just stated EXACTLY what OBLAMA and the Dems just did and continue to do…you IDIOT!! You are WAY to easy to rebut my friend!

            Fox News??? Fox News my friend IS THE ONLY NEWS OUTLET that is not controlled by these progressive thugs in Washington. At least they care enough about OUR country to state the FACTS, not some childish-foolish nonsense you spew everytime you open your mouth.

      • HFlashman

        You disagree? State your facts, not your usual overall statement short of support and highly reliant upon fiction and lie. What exactly ws I wrong on in my ost? And what do you have showing it to be wrong?

        • a progressive nightmare

          See above socialist boy….. Now since you’ve made a complete fool of yourself, lets hear some more marxist propaganda. I actually enjoy it.

          • HFlashman

            Ummmm…and what did you dispute with facts? Saying GM hasn’t paid back the debt as yet? I didn’t say they did..i did state they made payments on it and have sent in the SEC filings required to buy back the shares held by the US gov’t.

            Sp Sparky…when you can … tell us some facts which support what you rant…either that or get out of the way and let men do the job instead of you whining and harping .

          • a progressive nightmare

            LOL!!! Flash the BIG MAN! Heck, you couldn’t manage a two kid kindergarten nor could any of your progressive friends in Washington. The proof is in the pudding Buddy! Just look around and tell me what you see? Even when the facts of our current situation look you right in the face, you’re not man enough to face it. Flashpan the Man???? LOL!!!!!!!

          • eddie47d

            Nightmare; You have become very good at angry name calling but you are not anymore intelligent than the rest of us. Some may say, a lot less. You’re earlier question should have been: If capitalism works so well why do so may companies fail (large and small). Why do corporations always spend so much time and money trying to leverage another company? Many of these companies are or were solid yet a bigger player comes along and destroys it. Fair?honest? Nothing but legalized pirates. Why were the Auto companies so beholden to the Republicans? You always like to blame it on the unions yet it was the Republicans who voted against making the auto industry enact higher mileages. That was decades ago and they are still doing it. This lead to Americans buying foreign made cars with good mileage. So our auto business hit the skids and jobs went overseas. Sure Toyota started building plants here but much of that money went back to Japan. The Republicans have never taken the auto industry seriously and let them plod along like a turtle crossing the highway. They were bound to take a hit. We Progressives have pointed out for a long time, how unsafe American vehicles were, how shoddy they were made,how cheap some of them looked and those low gas mileages. Republicans would rather sell our souls to the foreigners and allow our auto companies to fail. Is that the capitalist way? They disapproved of higher car mileage and kept us in wars for oil. Is that the capitalistic way? Yes,You are a nightmare for allowing the Republicans to continuously fail us. Their stubborness has cost us dearly.

          • Mike In MI

            eddie47 -
            I’ll do myself, and you, a favor by not calling you any names. Your own words, when closely examined in light of some personal experience, reveal how shallow you think and understand things. Don’t need any names. You and Flashman are your own worst accusers and enemies.
            I used to work in GM’s factories before the moves to foreign cars occurred. I wasn’t very old or mature but I had been taught how and why to work by my folks. So I had some personal expectations and a conscience.
            To shorten the story, I was appalled at what I saw the union doing and had an inkling that they would wreck the industry long before their efforts came to fruition. Some workers came in or got drunk, hid from work, slept on the job, sabotaged the cars production so they could sit idle for a while (which contributed to shoddy, unsafe vehicles and probably deaths), did anything they could to keep quotas low and generally caused headaches for management (“workers” mortal enemies). All of it caused production to drop and sale prices to be raised. They laughed at what they did, then. Now they are reaping the fruit of their own doings.
            They made such inferior products the American public would pay anything to get what they wanted – and keep their own money in their own pockets over the long term life of a vehicle. It’s still the same today – only, the unions will see to it we get junk. Just wait and see. They’ll chase (force) the Swedes, Germans and Japanese out or co-opt them to build “planned obsolescence” into products like they did in the sixties. (While they’re at it they’ll keep rulers like Oblama-lama-ding-dong in power.)
            As for gas and oil mileages. Who was the biggest petroleum name then (and now) and whose political efforts did they push? Standard Oil, ESSO, Who’s that? They’ve always been a good conservative family, don’t you think? Well, you might. But, I’ll guarantee you that crew are no capitalists. Everything they back returns to their pockets…oil, government controlled medical, self-serving foundations, entitlements, anything subsidized, socialist/totalitarian governments, whatever. If it’s corruptible they’re in it.
            For instance, right after John D. got “saved” and given a seat on their board of elders the Baptist conventions changed their doctrines on healing by God’s power. Why? Well, he had to have somewhere to use all those long-chain carbon atoms being pumped out of the ground. So, doctors became God’s new way to deliver healing. Well, they didn’t change God’s mind on the matter. I’m blessed to say God has come through for me several times…or I’d be dead. I’ll confidently assert Jesus Christ may have died (and the Bible says you can’t kill God), but Christ Jesus isn’t dead.
            BTW you should learn how to make it work for you, you’re going to need it.

        • a progressive nightmare

          Eddie47d…..LOL!!! and I guess that is the reason the Unions support the Dems and voted for Obama? Who’s the dummy now?

          • eddie47d

            I was a union member for 40 years and never did anything to embarrass my company and have no use for the few who did. This country better start figuring out what is worth saving and the Republicans should be jumping on board to get that job done. They are worse than unions in trying to do the right thing for company or nation.

          • a progressive nightmare

            Gotcha! I would have bet a dollar to a donut that your were UNION. Did you smoke dope and drink beer on your lunch breaks? Did you hold your company hostage over rediculous wage and benifits until it put them out of business or drove them overseas? You people made your bed now sleep in it and stop whining.

          • eddie47d

            Never did. You’re worse than pathetic!

    • Brad


      Man, again you are just so full of yourself today, you can take your love of communism to Cuba, China, Vietnam, N. Korea and rant all you want. I was going to write re-buttal to your post but decided I’m just waisting my time with you. You will never get it through your thick head you can’t take from one to give to the other, sooner or later you run out of some one elses money, look what has happened to Greece!!! In the past four year’s we have seen this congress (democ “Rat” controlled) spend more of our tax dollars in deficit spending to the tune of $4.876 trillion dollars. It’s congress who controlls the purse strings. We as a free nation will become a third world country if congress keeps up this type of spending, by the time the national debt clock hits 15 trillion, Moodys will start down grading the US, then watch real inflation take hold. It’s not just going to affect me its going to affect every single person in this country wake up before its too late, some say it’s already to late and flash you are one of the many I would thank for the mess your type put us into. Enough said

      • eddie47d

        For someone who isn’t going to make a rebuttal you outdid yourself. I believe many companies and individuals were responsible for the downturn in the USA and plenty of them were “strong” business people who lost their bearings.The capitalist system brought itself down so let;s put the blame where it belongs. We had few regulations to stop these Humpty Dumpties from falling off the wall and you want fewer regulations. You learned nothing and want to jump right back in or should I say you want to climb back on that wall. Attacking Flashman makes you looks foolish at best, instead of confronting what brought on the problem. It’s a given that too much government debt is killing the goose,but it is corporations that stole the golden eggs.

        • a progressive nightmare

          eddie47d said once again…..The capitalist system brought itself down so let’s put the blame where it belongs.

          Hey socialist boy, try about 100 years of progressive stupidity! Capitalism had nothing to do with it you BIG dummy. Matter of fact, if we had been operating in a capitalist system over the past century there would be no such thing as “Entitlements”. I think that is the KEY ingredient to our current state of affairs, don’t you or are you just that naive?

          • eddie47d

            Progressives brought in the middle class with a strong vision for change. Teddy Roosevelt lead the charge and helped get the ball rolling. 100 years ago Corporations could have cared less for any of it’s workers, They were used and abused like the weekly trash.The wealthy couldn’t be budged in changing their us vs. them mentality. They loved their status more than any sense of decency. Unfortunetly things changed slowly until after WWII and the the middle class took off. Thanks to the Democrats the wealthy were taxed to reflect their riches and the nation grew. Fast forward to the mid-80′s when the wealthy started to take more of the American pie again. This reversal once again was slow but within 20 years the middle class started slippng back and the corporations got bigger and bolder. The CEO’s picked Americas pockets and left us high and dry. Prices on everything went up to pay for their outrageous salaries and unwarrented bonuses. Greed won another victory for themselves and now these generous “capitalists” want to send us back to the good ol’ days. No thanks Nightmare.

          • a progressive nightmare

            Eddie47d….OK, you stick with your food stamps and I will keep my job.

          • eddie47d

            No food stamps here smartazz!

          • a progressive nightmare

            Well, who is the dummmy now? You actually think if you aren’t satified with your life because of YOUR short comings that someone in the Federal government will make it better for you? Even Eddie47d can be that DUMB.

          • eddie47d


          • a progressive nightmare

            Eddie….. Oh, I see, Now I am a fool because I am self-reliant and MIND MY OWN BUSINESS, believe in GOD and the American dream and don’t believe that ANY MAN on this planet has any control over my GOD given rights? Is that what you are saying Eddie? I mean the truth hurts doesn’t it?

            Did you see recently on FOX news where the Unions boys were caught red handed smoking dope and drinking beer on their lunch break??? This is after you and the progressive-dems had MY grandchildren BAIL THEM OUT??? Are you kidding me or what? You actually believe that a company with a Union workforce like this can compete??? With who??? When will be the next time we need to bail these drunks and pot heads out?

            Again, you seem to be a little bit confused? How about letting these companies go OUT OF BUSINESS? You think that will work? You think that will teach these 40-50 year old pot heads a lesson about life? Do you actually think the AMERICAN people will continue to have OUR MONEY thrown down into the mire and the muck of progressive-socialism? Think again! It ain’t gonna happen!

        • Brad


          LMAO, you sir are so full of it, flash in the pan had ten progressive talking points which ended in him favoring a socialist/marxist form of government. In laymens terms you and flash would re-write the constitution so it fit your beliefs and excluded the majority of freedom loving American citizens. Sir you are the one who has lost their way in life, true the banks got greedy, lets look at why for just a moment. CRA, Community Reivestment Act opened the doors to home ownership for all, good start but was perversed in the mid 90′s by Bill Clinton’s congress and administration. From basically the mid 90′s until the collapse in 2007/8 Fannie and Freddie started relaxing mortgage requirements and relaxed them to the point where any person with a heart beak could get a mortgage. Then of course the Banks started getting greedy and yes I do mean they got greedy to include all the mortgage brokerages. Then came bundling of mortgages and selling them as investment vehicles, that is pure greed, but it wouldn’t of happened if Fannie and Freddie had kept the pressure up to ensure proper lending practices remainded in place. The Bush administration tried 7 times to rein in Fannie and Freedie and each time being shot down stating there is nothing fundamentally wrong with Fannie and Freddie. John McCains bill tried to rein in Fannie and Freddie but what happened, in the end it was shot down by the “Rats” in congress. Why is it, today both Fannie and Freddie are soully owned by Uncle Sam to the sum of 120 billion dollars and counting??? Both company’s were private organizations, there stock was being traded on the NYSE, now the fed owns them and they weren’t included in the financial reform act, why was that??? Now good old Barny Frank wan’ts both organizations folded and turned over to the US treasurey. Looking back, it took Bill Clinton’s policies approximately 12 year’s to distroy the housing market in this country and contributed massively to the economic woes of today…

          November 2nd is a few short weeks away and you and all the other liberal/progressive slime are going to have dose of reality because you have woken the sleeping giant and we want our country back. Obama is out of touch with everyday Americans so is more than half of congress and that includes both party’s. Right now the only foolish person is you and flash, both of you need to step into the light and take off the blinders and see for yourselves what the DNC has done to this great nation. Today’s DNC has been taken over by socialists and marxists and they have wrestled control from the party of the average man to the party of it’s my way or the highway and dam the US constitution.

          • HFlashman

            [ From basically the mid 90′s until the collapse in 2007/8 Fannie and Freddie started relaxing mortgage requirements and relaxed them to the point where any person with a heart beak could get a mortgage. ] Actually, FNMA and Freddie Mac never did subprime mortgages. The SEC fell down on the job during the 2000′s by not requiring the banks and lenders to adhere to basic lending reporting requirements and by allowing the banks and lenders to show the subprime and Alt A loans on a “mark to model’ basis, not the actual and accepted model of “mark to market” FNMA and Freddie got into trouble beginning pretty much in 2005/2006 when they succumbed to WH pressures and relaxed their internal purchasing guidelines and went after the investment market buying subprime and Alt A paper.

            [Then came bundling of mortgages and selling them as investment vehicles, that is pure greed, but it wouldn’t of happened if Fannie and Freddie had kept the pressure up to ensure proper lending practices remainded in place. The Bush administration tried 7 times to rein in Fannie and Freedie and each time being shot down stating there is nothing fundamentally wrong with Fannie and Freddie.]

            “Bundling’ of mortgage backed securities began in the early 1990′s when Wall Street created that market. It really began booming when the GOP eliminated the safeguards of Glass Steagall. It got carried away when Bush came in and not only reduced the number of SEC regulators, but politicized the agency as well. BTW…the so-called ‘attempts’ by Bush to rein in FNMA and Freddie? Give me a break….only complete idiots, morons, or the naive really believe that. They did no such thing. yes, they said they tried…and even went to far as to have a dog and pony show at it…but c’mon…you really truly believe that?

            [Why is it, today both Fannie and Freddie are soully owned by Uncle Sam to the sum of 120 billion dollars and counting???] Because without FNMA and Freddie, there would be no mortgage lending today.

            [They weren’t included in the financial reform act, why was that???] Because thre is already a committee formed to figure out what to do with FMA and Freddie. Those reforms are coming down the pike. Ironically, the Basil III conference may have resolved the question whether FNMA or Freddie will disappear (I believe they should remain, but in a hybrid form]

            [Looking back, it took Bill Clinton’s policies approximately 12 year’s to distroy the housing market in this country and contributed massively to the economic woes of today…] Whoa….and how would you be able to support this statement? Since no one else would make such a statement and believe it to be taken responsibly?

            Other than the above…your entire post of statements is full of errors and downright lies.

          • eddie47d

            Brad: Shouldn’t those Capitalistic Mortgage brokers used self control? Shouldn’t they have been wise enough to do the right thing for the good of their own company? Did they just simply follow each other like lemmings that sent this nation and their own businesses off the cliff. How wise was that? Your saying the government should have” put the pressure” on these companies (including Fannie and Freddie) “to ensure proper lending practices”? ….So in your own words the government does have a say in how a company acts or does business. Does the Constitution says these companies and CEO’s have the right to destroy this country from within . Using unsavory business practices,loopholes and scams to attract clients? I believe that the word “slime” would belong to them.

      • HFlashman

        Nice to know the GOP was never in support of the budgets passed under Bush II. Oh wait…they were in full support. And they ignored every Democrat in building the budget and policy.

        Name one program the Dems put through during Bush II that the GOP was in opposition.

        • Brad

          Flash just go to the CBO website and search for GWB budgets, you will notice even with the war spending, his budgets were going down and were extremely close to having a balanced budget in 06. When the “Rats” took over in Jan 07 the next two budgets went through the roof, explain that.

          • a progressive nightmare

            That is correct.

          • HFlashman

            See below. Note also that the Bush deficits were financed by non revenue tax cuts and wars…not adding jobs, not adding to the overall economy, and was, in essence, the largest transferance of wealth from Americans to the upper wealthy and Big Corporate America in our history, second place now being Reagan’s years.

            Federal budgets, deficits during the Bush years

            Spending: $2.01 trillion
            Deficit: $157.8 billion

            Spending: $2.16T
            Deficit: $377.6B

            Spending: $2.29T
            Deficit: $412.7B

            Spending: $2.47T
            Deficit: $318.3B

            Spending: $2.66T
            Deficit: $248.2B

            Spending: $2.73T
            Deficit: $162B

            2008 (estimated)
            Spending: $2.93T
            Deficit: $410B

            2009 (estimated)
            Spending: $3.11T
            Deficit: $407.4B

    • Craig

      You did not supply one fact, just your usual socialist rhetoric. But you demand others to supply facts? LOL…please off yourself and do humanity a HUGE favor.

      • eddie47d

        The man in the empty suit again;where are your facts?

        • eddie47d

          Brad: Flashman brought facts and you “stand there” and say he didn’t . You still are wearing that empty suit.

      • Brad

        eddie47d still has no clue what he’s talking about, flash never brings facts he only brings his personal opinion to a political blog. Now the shoe is on the other foot ay eddie47d, no facts no press, please bring your facts not your opinion.

        • s c

          Brad, time after time, HF, Eduardo and all of the other yahoo progressives try to dazzle us with bs and lies. What can you say about people whose role models are saul alinsky, gore, soros and Neville ‘braindead’ Chamberlain?
          Their current White House “God” thinks we have 57 states. His sidekick, ‘My Turn to Be Stupid’ Biden, was born with both feet in his mouth. Queen Nancy is a prime candidate for her own rubber room at the nearest laughing academy. Holder, the AG, takes pride in having freed Puerto Rican terrorists for Bubba Clinton.
          When you get to Herr Obummer’s czars,it’s obvious in a hurry that these people don’t have enough sense to pour @#^^ out of a boot, and they DARE to think they can run this nation.
          Every single one of them is deserving of their own Darwin Award. Castro can have them. The new ‘leader’ in North Korea can have them. ET can have them. We do NOT deserve them.

          • http://none Mike

            One wonders if these guys argueing for Obamas policies ever look and see where the fed gets its monies? From us they used tax payer monies to Bail Out private compinies or should I say buy out private companies.They never look at Aig and the other insurance companies who took of the public trough and golden parachuted their bosses to the tune of millions while the gov put on a dog and pony show and made sure that went away quietly. No there is alot wrong with the system I agree but lets look to this one fact defict this comming year est between 8 and 10 Trillion projected for 2011 13 to 15 trillion. Sorry Just cant afford that folks. Mike

          • eddie47d

            Mike; I’m not arguing so much for Obamas’ programs as much as I am arguing against Brad’s and sc’s continual lies and distortions. Neither one of these folks bring facts to the table,only accusations and fables against others.

        • (WIA) Wild Indian in Action

          It’s amazing that all of you take the bait from Eddie47d (Eddie69), Flushcrapman, Eduardo and the like. Just ignore these Democrat / Progressive / Commies Fecal Matter. Stay with the Issues and Ignore “Stupid IS as Stupid Does,” these plants are just agitators and have no intention of changing their beliefs. Move on and exchange ideas with Patriotic Constitutional Conservatives.

          • a progressive nightmare

            WIA…We need them to stick around so the folks can see their foolishness.

          • eddie47d

            WIA; You said nothing as per usual. Where’s your opinion on the economy or why Alaska get’s far more revenue than any other state? They take bushels full of Federal money and the Governor hands it out like he’s the grand marshall in a parade. Why don’t you keep your NO opinion to your self until you can come up with something important?

      • HFlashman

        What is it that you say is not supported by facts? C’mon Sparky…be specific.

        • a progressive nightmare

          Anything that you state….period.

    • spike

      Spoken like a Democrat defender! Defend Mr. Obama at everyturn. The truth is, he had the opportunity to A: not run for president during the economic “meltdown”–B. He knew what was in TARP before it got passed, then lied and said he didn’t. Take it from someone whose family member is in charge of TARP money. Let’s talk about GOVERNMENT RUN HEALTHCARE…shall we, Hflash? Yeah, let’s talk about the GOVERNMENT forcing us to buy their garbage “healthcare” which is UNGLORIFIED medicaid, having real time access to our bank accounts, and having access to private information about me, my finances, and everything else that is none of their damn business. You may be thanking Mr. Soetoro, or Obama, or whoever the heck he is. I am not. I am not getting fined for not buying their government run crap. I am not thanking them for cap and trade, and I am not thanking them for talking out of all four corners of their mouths when they talk about ‘WALLSTREET’ AND ‘MAINSTREET’ Mr. Obama is a LIAR. Moreover, he and Mrs. Peolosi “rammed that healthcare” reform bill through without giving Congress a recess. WHY DIDN’T THEY DO THAT WITH THE BUDGET???WHY DON’T YOU BLAME THE REPUBLICANS FOR THAT, TOO? BECAUSE, TRUTH TO TELL, IF IT WERE DONE BEFORE THE ELECTIONS, IT WOULD GIVE PEOPLE A CHANCE TO SEE HOW THE Reps and Dems were voting and vote them out, and have a goood solid basis on which to do it!! You keep on defending the commie, Hflash, the rest of us need to do something about him, this congress, and the senate. and I hope we grow a pair of balls and do it.

  • http://PersonalLibertyDigest Randy 131

    The 2009 deficit was $1.3-.4 trillion. The 2010 deficit is projected to be $1.6-.7 trillion. The 2009 deficit was projected to be just $997 billion. If tradition holds true, then the 2010 deficit will be more than projected. This all means that the 2010 federal domestic increase in spending will be even higher than the 2009 was compared to 2008. How much more can the global dollar stand before it collapses? Do the people have any idea what will happen to them and our economy if it does collapse, and it is on the brink of collapse right now. This country will not survive Obama’s and the Democrats’ policies of change. I believe that the Republicans will get their majority in Congress, but not enough to over-ride Obama’s vetoes of their repeals of his policies. For this country to survive as we now know it, some of the Democrats will have to become patriotic and vote their country ahead of their party and help the Republicans repeal Obama’s destructive policies for chaotic change and bankruptcy. If not, you can expect ‘Marshal Law’ and the cancellation of the 2012 Presidential elections. The change that Obama and some of the socialistic communistic Democrats really want.

    • HFlashman

      The 2009 budget was the final Bush II/GOP budget.

      The estimated deficit for Obama budgets is higher than it will be in reality it (estimate) did not take into account repayment of TARP II nor the repayment of the GM bailout (by law they could not take those into account)

      • Brad

        wrong again flash, congress approves all administration budgit requests. Only the legislative branch has monetary oversite and the “Rats” controlled congress for the 08/09 budgit, not the Bush administration.

        • (WIA) Wild Indian in Action

          Brad, your taking the bait, Ignore the HugeFlushCrapMan, he’s not worthy of your time, wise up.

        • a progressive nightmare

          Brad…Ouch!!!! You’re killing flashpan with facts! I bet he runs to his administrator in the basment of the WH and says “What next boss?”

  • Howard Roark

    The supposed Entitlement spending began in 1936, with the Supreme Court decision US V. Butler. This decision was partially correct,(The constitution has never been understood to mean that Government can take money from one citizen and give it to another)And partially fraudulent.(The general welfare phrase found in Article one section eight means: that the government can expend money for the welfare of the people as long as the expendature provides for all or nearly all of the citizens. Example: Social security, which everybody gets at the appropriate age.

    The ruling on the general welfare phrase is a fraud. this phrase came up during the ratification of the Constitution. the anti federalist said that with this one paragraph the Constitution says that Congress can do whatever it wants. James Madison (the father of the Constitution) said that the paragraph does no such thing. He said that the paragraph is mearly a goal statement, and gives NO POWER to the Congress and that the powers of Congress are enumerated below the paragraph.

    This is a Quote from Madison:

    “If Congress can do whatever in their discretion can be done by money, and will promote the General Welfare, the Government is no longer a limited one, possessing enumerated powers, but an indefinite one…” James Madison, Father of the Constitution

    US v. Butler was delivered during Frankie the Marxist Rosevelts presidency, and happened during his court packing scheme. This scumbag scheme, in effect, was extorting the court to go along with Rosevelts Unconstitutional programs. the court up until the court packing scheme was implemented had been consistantly striking down Rosevelts programs.

    as a result of all the above, the liberals have for decades been buying votes with taxpayer money. (when you rob from Peter to pay Paul you can count on Paul to vote for you) Not only did the Dems give money directly to their friends, but the worst thing that they did was to promise future benefits.(unfunded liabilities.)

    Now we are in a situation where the total unfunded liabilitys for all programs total about 101 trillion dollars and the GNP is only about 14 trillion dollars a year. you do the math. this country is in big trouble. brought to you by the liberals of course.

    • a progressive nightmare

      Thanks for the factual post, however, eddie47d and flashpan are brain-dead progressives and both are in denial about the facts. In their childish minds, the people who work hard and PRODUCE are the problem…..i.e.; anti-capitalism, anti-self-reliance, anti-individual freedom,,,, etc etc etc. Just doesn’t fit their marxist programming.

      Most educated folks at this point clearly undertand what the progressives have done, how they did it and how they are attempting to claim that “Capitalism has failed”. Basically it boils down to being infiltrated over the decades with marxist-socialist-communist social programs and other C&P UNFUNDED anti-American crap. In fact, they are intentionally overloading the system with MORE socialist crap(OBAMACARE) so they can implement THEIR form of government when we CRASH.

      We are being defeated from within. Sad but true and you have an entire generation now that belives this marxist crap. Unfortunately this younger generation has NO CLUE as to what all this means in regards to their FREEDOMS. I guess we can look forward to them buring cars in the streets when they figure all this out. DUMB PEOPLE! Must be the THC factor?

      • eddie47d

        Sorry NIGHTMARE I think you have been having to many wet dreams. I worked for 42 years and put in 3 years in the US Army. Almost never called in sick and worked 10-12 hours a day for 22 straight years. You can call me a brain dead Progressive all you want if it makes you feel better. I’ll just call it your childish banter. I have no credit card debt,own my own home,donate to 37 charities,work at church once a week,take care of my grandson 5 days a week (for 10 hours a day) and live on $36,000 a year. I’ve been married to the same women for 38 years and have 3 other grandkids. She still works 12 hour days and makes $12 an hour. We’re doing okay but I see my “kids” slipping backwards because of the downward spiral of the Bush years. There is no stability in the job market and my daughter has 5 years of collage. This is a different America but it can’t all be pinned on Obama,or marxism or even Muslims. Yet some of you try your hardest to make it so. My spine is tough and I value Freedom and decency for my fellow man. If that is “touchy-feely” progressive crap to you then so be it.

        • a progressive nightmare

          Eddie47d…. Sorry for your struggles….The only advise I would have for a man of your age is try to get your priorities in order. Spend less time saving the world and more time with your family minding your own business. I doubt very seriously your claims as stated above. I’ve never met a socialist that contributed anything to anyone other that someone else’s time and money, which seems to be the best trait you self-proclaimed saviors do. In fact, you are best at spewing your hate and venom towards your fellow man because it is very difficult for your childish mind to grasp that someone may be a little better at something than YOU are.

          Church??? What church? Maybe the next time you go to Church you should spend less time trying to convince yourself just how great and charitable you are. I find it interesting that for a person who claims to do all these things, you seem to be absorbed with what other people have and what other people do. Maybe you should re-read the TEN commandments and see which one or MANY of those commandments you violate every time you BEAR FALSE WITNESS and COVET thy neighbor’s wife, house, car, money, etc etc etc

          YOU ARE A FAKE BUDDY and most people reading this BLOG CLEARLY understands that fact. I hate to tell you this but GOD did not place you on this earth to lecture us about what we should and should not do with the fruits of our labor. You assume much and understand VERY little. Again, it is the “Collective” mindset of your “Wordly god” that you people have mixed up with the TRUTH of how a man should conduct himself and tend HIS OWN BUSINESS.

        • spike

          Well, Eddie, that’s a good speech. Lots of good bible believing people are also Democrats. That’s your choice (for now, until the government makes your choices for you…probably when they make your healthcare decisions) The “healthcare reform bill” “obamacare” as it were: allows the government realtime access to your bank accounts…
          just curious, Eddie, how do you feel about that? As for me and my house, ‘we’re not likin it too much”…

          • a progressive nightmare

            Spike, well said….These self-righteous progressives spend the majority of their childish self-centered lives running around spewing their hatred for their fellow man, as if GOD made them our judge when it comes to the things that we do or don’t do. As in Eddie47d’s case, where he bears false witness against his fellow man and then asserts himself as the “GREAT GIVER” of his time and fortunes to those of us who are poor or less fortunate. Given that, he automatically assumes that none of us conservative folks give to the poor or sacrifice our time to those in need. You see, he is just so much smarter and better that we conservatives and/or libertarians HE should be placed in charge of our affairs in life.

            In other words, his childish-foolish statements are typical of the progressive mindset and he doesn’t even understand that his comments in effect is a human attempt to USURP GOD’s power. Sound familiar with all this “Collective Salvation” talk going around in the marxist arena?

            Bottom line, Eddie47d will be judged in the same way he places HIS JUDGEMENT on his fellow man. He has yet to figure out that WE THE PEOPLE do not need for him to be our ADVOCATE in life because we already have one, JESUS CHRIST, of which he is not. He also fails to understand that his comments are a direct reflection of his hatred for those that HE perceives as having more than they need. I think it goes something like “Thou shalt not covet?”. He states he goes to Church but he doesn’t even understand the BASICS of GOD’s word given to us in the 10 commandments and how are sins can only be forgiven through the blood of Christ Jesus at Calvary.

          • eddie47d

            You advocate all the time in the short time that you have been on site. That is okay for it is a debate forum but you shouldn’t condemn others for doing the same. We could call you Rev. Nightmare for your long winded sermons. I don’t believe I have ever coveted anything from anybody. I’ve seen with my own eyes that wealth is not always gained through honest means. Maybe you ought to open up you’re eyes to a little more reality out there. Wall Street is full of thieves and not all businesses pay their employees “good money” because they earned it.Enron is a prime example and there are many more. I doubt if your “version” of Jesus Christ would approve of their behavior.Too many people use Jesus as their backbone to swindle others. You either stand with the principles of His teachings all the time or you stand for nothing. Which side are you on? It’s how you practice your life and you rather proved to me that you can’t be trusted. You wanted to “know me” and who progressives are;then you turned it against me. Then you used Jesus as your “backbone” to do it. How pathetic!

          • a progressive nightmare

            Well Eddie my man, as usual, you seem to be a little bit confused. Noboby appointed you as THE JUDGE of other men’s choices in life. Nobody appointed you as our caretaker. Nobody appointed you or Al Gore as the “god’s of the planet”. The difference between your WORDLY CULT and my SPIRITUAL beliefs are self-evident. Your belief system is a wordly view based upon “Works” and mine is based upon FAITH. The problem with your idea of “Works” is that it MANDATES that others do what YOU deem necessary to solve the world’s ill’s, not what we think or what we are spiritually driven to do. I have a CHOICE in my belief system to do what GOD leads me to do, you do not. Your system is controlled by MEN and my system is controlled by an ALL-OMNIPOTENT GOD. Your belief system is FAKE(Wordly), mine is not(Spiritual).

            Trust me when I say this, I will not comply to YOUR WORDLY VIEWS nor will I comply to anyother man’s wordly views or government views. My choices in life belong to me, not you or your all-encompassing government. I will take my choices given to me by GOD to the end and if that requires the untimate sacrifice to insure that those same choices and FREEDOMS are preserved for future generations, then so be it. Do not make the same mistake that many have over the course of History that Christians will not STAND UP against evil men driven my their lust for power over other mens choices in life. You nor the government has ANY right to tell me what I will do with the fruits of MY labor or TIME. You nor OBLAMA is the “annointed one”. You may think you are but you are SADLY mistaken and both of you will recieve YOUR level of judgement you have placed on other men.

            The problem with your comments is that it is a reflection of who you are and the pent up anger you have towards your fellow man and the world in general. You seem to assert that if you were in charge of things that all these wordly issues would magically disappear. Again, I would suggest you spend more time concentrating on YOUR family and YOUR problems and mind your own business. Makes life much easier, trust me. Bottom line, we are not your little children to be coddled or taken care of….I think we can handle life just fine because GOD gives me the STRENGHT to do so, not you or OBLAMA or a marxist belief system.

            In closing, you think I’m hiding behind Jesus? Well, if you think that, come and get me. Let’s see how well your self-appointed god status “Works” in the light of the “GREAT I AM”…THE ALPHA AND THE OMEGA. Does darkness understand the light, Eddie?

          • eddie47d

            Rev. Nightmare. I can’t outdo your anger and bile. You are using God to stroke yourself and you’re extremist views and you seem to wear it on your sleeve. I went to a baptist Church for two years and they spewed out buckets full of hate (in the name of Jesus of course).You sound just like those angry lifeless souls and their angry sermons. So friendly on the outside but so full of it on the inside. I think you need to re-evaluate your Ten Commandments and the Sermon on the Mount.

          • a progressive nightmare

            Well ole Eddie, Again, seems you are a little bit confused? Seems to me that you progressives are best at “Using GOD”, when it is convenient to do so. Again, YOUR judgement of the baptist church will come into question when YOUR time has expired. YOU said that, I did not. In fact, your trend is always the same. You seem to hold yourself in a VERY HIGH ESTEEM beyond GOD’s wisdom. You don’t get it now and you probably never will.

            My TEN COMMANDMENTS??? Again, you are a very confused individual that doesn’t have the capacity to understand the VERY BASIC priniciples of GOD. I see it everytime you pass YOUR GREAT JUDGEMENT on you fellow man. You are the typical progressive that thinks that “Well, GOD didn’t really mean that, he must have meant something else because that doesn’t set to well within my self-proclaimed omnipotence. “I’m just so certain that if I impose MY LAWS on man and require them to “Follow ME” that my earthly works will get me a seat at the right hand of GOD. Kinda sounds like King Obama, now doesn’t it?

    • HFlashman

      I know…the surplus brought to you by the Dems in 2000 was wasted by 2002 by the GOP tax cuts to the walthy and two wars. Seems liberrals were the basis for that eh? Geesh …

      • Brad

        Flash when have you ever told the truth, you’re wrong again. It was the Republican controlled congress that gave clinton a balanced budgit and a proposed surplus which wasn’t a real surplus in the first place.

        • a progressive nightmare

          Brad…..It’s the THC factor. What else could it be??? I witnessed this mindset since the 60′s hippies dope smoking woodstock era. You know, the one that progressives like Hillary Clinton brag about.

        • HFlashman

          Brad… if you have a memory, you’ll recall Clinton called Grungrich’s bluff and shut down the gov’t instead of taking the GOP budget. Gingrich went back to the table and gave Clinton all he asked for and took away nothing.

        • (WIA) Wild Indian in Action

          Brad, I will repeat, the FlashCrapMan is baiting, Ignore or continue being his fool.

        • (WIA) Wild Indian in Action

          Brad FlashCrapMan is baiting you, Ignore fecal matter or be his fool.

  • Donald T.

    Flash you sound like a true liberal, go back under your rock

  • Howard Roark

    To comment further on my last post you must keep in mind that there are no ENTITLEMENT programs. The Supreme Court ruled in Fleming v. Nestor that no citizen has accrued property rights to any program, as to do so would prevent Congress from being able to change or ELIMINATE any program as needed. in short THE AMERICAN PEOPLE ARE ENTITLED TO NOTHING.

    When congress begins to slash or eliminate the various programs, ( they have no choice) the people will try to raise hell with law suites but in reality they do not have a legal leg to stand on.

    also looking at US v. Butler if we consider that the decision is correct(it is not) then only programs that benefit all or nearly all citizens are Constitutional. this would include things like Social Security and Medicare. it would not include things like Medicade,Food Stamps, Govt Housing, WICK etc. as these programs only benefit a small percentage of the population.

    • eddie47d

      I enjoyed your posts although you only went after liberls. The left and right are both responsible for big government.(entitlements from the left side and phony wars on the right side).The Constitution doesn’t say that corporations can be little governments on to themselves either. To do as they please and using the official government to avoid taxes. They seem to scam the Republic to their own advantage.

      • 45caliber


        I’m not sure but this appears to say that if the GOP does something, they are to be blamed for it. If the Dims do something they can’t insist is the GOP’s fault, then both parties should share the blame.

        • Jana

          But they insist everything is the Republicans fault. They are even trying to blame the Republicans for thier failure to vote on the taxes for next year. The Democrats are in the majority. They pushed through the health care fiasco WITHOUT the Republicans, so they can push through anything they want right now. This blame game is using the same ole same ole and its getting old.

        • (WIA) Wild Indian in Action

          The same advice to you 45caliber, as I said to Brad you folks are taking the bait, these Demo/Progressives fecal matter are just mind-f@#$ing you. Ignore them your wasting your time, or haven’t you folks caught on to their BS?

          • a progressive nightmare

            We have, we just like to toy with their childish minds.

          • eddie47d

            We’re getting plenty of BS from you WIA and Nightmare joins your parade.

  • Howard Roark

    Once again: there has never been any money in the Social Security trust fund. the first Social Security taxes were collected in 1937. Also in 1937 the Supreme Court ruled (Helvering v. Davis 1937) that the Soc. Sec. payments of both the employer and employee must be put into the general treasury and CANNOT BE EARMARKED (set aside) FOR SOCIAL SECURITY IN ANY WAY.

    What President Johnson did was a book keeping scam, in which some numbers were moved from one column to another, making it appear that there was more money than there really was.

    • s c

      Howard, there are still MANY Americans who are living in denial about Soc Sec. FDR set up a scam that let him take credit for something that was crap from day one. Our ‘leaders’ put no effort into guaranteeing that the broad base of the ‘pyramid’ would not shrink. As a result, Soc Sec is a fraud that has its own built-in time bomb.
      Our government is always infested with con artists, criminals and human filth, it will take more pain and devastation before people FINALLY see Soc Sec for the insanity that it truly is.
      Note that ‘Democrats’ and their camp-followers always use fear tactics when someone tries to
      make it clear that Soc Sec must eventually fail. They want to “protect” us via a flawed system that has NO assets, redistributes our wealth and makes slaves of the American people.

      • Warrior

        And you forgot to mention, pays benefits to dead people. Brilliant!

        • a progressive nightmare

          Yep and illegal aliens with fake SS#’s. BRILLIANT!!! SHAZAAM!

  • Howard Roark

    Soc. Sec also at one time paid orphan benefits to prisoners that had killed their parents.

  • eddie47d

    You folks are always attacking Sen. Reid when his state receives the lowest capital spending. You defend Joe Miller of Alaska who’s state get’s the largest dose of capital spending. So do you really stand on principle for I see none in that comparison. Tax dollars are spread too thin in some states and other states seem to get too much. You all say Sen. Reid is a blazing liberal stealing from America; yet the state of conservatives Palin,Stevens and Miller receive more than an abundance of our tax money. Isn’t Alaska spending other peoples money?

    • a progressive nightmare

      Eddie47d… BINGO! Gotcha socialist boy! Once again, you just don’t get it! Why the hexx is our MONEY being spread around to anyone? Why should any state be receiving money from another state? Buying votes maybe? Take California for instance, you think all other states should bail out these progressive criminals who have bankrupt the state of California? That IS THE PROBLEM MY FRIEND!

      How about getting back to pay as you go with no unfunded promises to future generations. How about stand on your own two feet and take care of YOUR business and leave MY business to me? You think that may work??? Or do you want to just keep your head in the sand and SPEND SPEND SPEND? Boy that should fix it! That’s all your socialists understand isn’t it? Just spend other folks hard earned money until it runs out so we can all live in a village and smoke a little “Collective” dope?

      • HFlashman

        OK Nightmare…what would you cut and by how much? Spell it out Sparky. It’s easy to say cut cut cut ! But reality is much different. You’re being called on your rant. What would you cut and by how much?

        BTw..saying ‘i’d cut out all benefits to “illegal aliens” ! Uh uh ..that’s a FOX News ploy…since the actual amount is far less than the lies being told as some generalized “billions” … specifically…what would you cut and by how much?

        (LOL … Bet Prog. Nightmare won’t do this challenge…it requires him to be truthful and admit he’s operating in Lala land…)

        • a progressive nightmare

          Flashboy…..I’ve spelled this out for you numerous times. It’s simple!!!!!!!

          1.) Cut the size and scope of the federal government(non-Military) by 50% immediately….further reductions will follow.
          2.) Dismatle the department of education and return it to the states and local governments.
          3.) Mandate that all government workers pay/benefits shall not exceed the MEDIAN income levels of WE THE PEOPLE doing the same job in the private sector.
          4.)Privatize both Freddie and Fannie. The federal government has NO business in the mortgage industry. I’m sure we can find a competent CEO that can run a business professionally and produce a profit for the SHAREHOLDERS.
          5.) Mandate that any form of bailouts is a misuse of public funds therefore it violates public trust…..UNION THUGS????….OUCH!!!!
          6.) Cut out ALL pork barrel spending. Pay as you go.
          7.) Repeal OBLAMACARE
          8.) Institute a national sales tax. All will participate…no execptions. You pay tax when you CONSUME!
          9.) Enforce current immigration laws. Those who are here illegally need to get in the back of the line. Mandate ENGLISH as the language. You either speak the language or go home.
          10.) TERM LIMITS!!!!
          11.) SS???? Dumb ponzi scheme. Cut it off at age 55 and those under that age get an option to save and invest in THEIR retirement…not yours.

          This doesn’t begin to touch on all the money wasted on your dumb “Entitlement” schemes that are nothing more than a PONZI ploy to build a bigger and “Better” dependency on YOUR system. Keep defending this progressive crap my friend. It never has worked, it doesn’t work now and it NEVER WILL WORK and the proof is in the pudding! We have about 125 TRILLION in UNFUNDED PONZI SCHEMES now!

          I could go on for an hour and produce a balanced budget within a year and payoff the debt in less than five. Simple stuff if you have 1/2 a brain!

          • JeffH

            progressive nightmare, and end the Federal Reserve!

          • a progressive nightmare

            JeffH….Man, sorry I missed that one. It should be at the top of the list! THANKS!

          • http://none Mike

            Amen and well said. HR 25 (fair tax ) has a much larger tax base to begin with. It also brings in monies from the underground economy that flourishes now. Mike

    • alpha-lemming

      Yes…. quite the enigma. How a capitalist mecca like Nevada (gambling, prostitution etc.) can elect a devout communist like Reid is confusing at best, self-destructive at worst. Lots of factors including low population density and low cost of living helps Nevadas’ numbers. Alaska has a very high cost of living (like Hawaii… EVERYTHING has to be shipped in) and I’m sure the petro industry and ANWaR gobbles up a lot of fed money (pronounced “funny”??).

    • eddie47d

      Not one word about Alaska Rev. Nightmare, you always avoid that fact and lay it on a state that is receiving less. If you want less government then you’d be taking on Conservatives who are abusing the system. Or is it “bear no false witness” against a fellow Republican/Libertarian? Politics as usual!

      • a progressive nightmare

        Who said these people you speak of are CONSERVATIVE??? That’s your perception, not mine. A true conservative and/or true libertarian minds their own business and doesn’t accept handouts from THUGS who stole it in the first place. Get your facts straight boy!

  • Howard Roark

    The reason that the Constitution was written was to give the Federal Govt. only those powers that the states should not be involved in. James Madison wrote in the Federalist that “The powers of the Fed. Govt. would be few and defined, (enumerated)and that the powers of the states would be many and varied.”

    The States never gave up their police powers. (look it up in any law dictionary)

    The Federal Govt was not then, and is not now, in any way responsible to support the States in any way. see below the SCOTUS dwcisions that support this.

    Mattox v. U.S., 156 US 237, 243.
    “We are bound to interpret the Constitution in the light of the law as it existed at the time it was adopted.”

    S. Carolina v. U.S., 199 U.S. 437, 448 (1905).
    “The Constitution is a written instrument. As such, its meaning does not alter. That which it meant when it was adopted, it means now.”

    So much for the lie that the Constitution is a living document and that it’s meaning changes from time to time without a single word changing.

    • HFlashman

      You would have an argument up until Appomattox Courthouse…after that, the issue has been settled

      • Vigilant

        What the hell does the Civil war have to do with this argument?????

  • Harry Buttle

    It is impossible -impossible! – for Social Security to add to the deficit. The Social Security Trust Fund is completely separate from the General Fund. No General Fund money has ever been put into the Social Security Trust Fund.

    Social Security is not in crisis. It is fully funded until the late 1930s, funded at 3/4 benefits until 2070. The Social Security tax is highly regressive as is our income tax now. Someone making $50,000 pays 6.2% SS tax;someone making $500,000 pays 1.3% because of the contribution cap. In addition, some kinds of income are exempt. SS needs only tweaking.

    Of course checks get sent out to dead people. Death notifications are not instantaneous. Prisoners are by law only denied federal benefits if they are sentenced to more than 30 days. This is just another fake controversy.

    • http://none Mike

      That arguement might work had it not allready been proven that the fed has used the monies for years in vote buying pork and left SSI with worthless I.O.U’s Take it from one who has seen the S.S.I program in action. I have seen people without legs be denied services while people who needed to back away from the table once in a while lived high on the hog exploiting said systems. Its not consistant with what the program was designed for my friend people who have never paid an dime in collect while thoes whos taxes paid for it for years are denied. Funny how that most of thoes paid tend to vote with who is going to keep paying them more and more.No That system is broke and needs a total revamp to ensure that thoes who have paid into it still recive their benifits from it while slowly phaseing out the system for the future. Mike

  • http://Verizon Bud G.

    Brad: Your October 11th post was right on. They can argue all they want but they can’t deny the Socialist Democrats such as Barney Frank, Chris Dodd, Harry Reid, Henry Waxman and Nancy Pelosi have aided the corporations in abusing the system.

    The bit about General Motors (GM) was about saving the unions as GM debt was in large part health and retirement benefits for their unionized employees. Look at the current Health Care Bill. Who received special treatment? Aren’t they supposed to be part of us? Nancy Pelosi said when the bill is passed, you will know what is in it. Well it has passed and you have been had again.

    November 2nd is the day of reckoning.

  • http://Verizon Bud G.

    Harry: Sorry to tell you this but they have been taking money from Social Security funds for quite some time now. Just like one Congressman said, there are no rules; we make them up as we go along. This clown said it to the news media and it went nationally. He was a Democrat but it could have easily been a Republican. It is time to clean house.

  • alpha-lemming

    In the progressive mind, “fairness” trumps all. One definition of fairness would be this articles’ headline that everyone pays the same “$10,500/year in taxes for every man, woman, and child in the country”. Sucks if you’re a family of 4 making 30K a year… but that’s not Uncle Scams problem.

    Another definition of fair would be “everyone pays the same percentage”. Assuming a GDP of 15T, to meet the 3.2T fed budget, everyone would be in the 20-25% tax bracket. But progs don’t like this either (because it’s not fair???)

    So….. what’s their definition of fair?? Earnings caps with 100% taxation over X amount? Everyone who receives bennies pays nothing and producers (and their dependents) get the scraps after treating the Democrat voting bloc (*note I didn’t say poor. To cater to the constituancy, first they have to subsidize the inept, the stupid, the lazy, the irresponsible, and the criminal… if there’s anything left over after that, they’ll GLADLY give to the poor)? Give everyone a house, a car, and 3 squares a day? Please tell me what’s fair because it certainly doesn’t meet the text book definitions I cited.

  • Howard Roark

    HFlashman… your posts are soooo informative. Lee surrendered at Appomatix Courthouse in 1865. The South Carolina V. US decision was 1905: fourty years later. Please site a SCOTUS decision later than South Carolina V. US that says that the Constitution can be legally changed without benefit of the amendment.

    • a progressive nightmare

      I can;t wait to hear the commie-flash repsonse to this one.

  • Patriot1776

    “Sweeping change” is absolutly neccessary. unfortunately Obama’s plan for “sweeping change” is being executed almost flawlessly. The new republican “plan” for America is sadly weak and a non-starter. there are few specifics and no real changes to the status quo. Where are the calls for deep cuts in government and their spending? (ie. abolishing the welfare state, or the Departments of Education, Energy, or agriculture) Where are the calls for true reforms of judicial activism? The congress HAS THE POWER, right now, to reign in the Federal judiciary!! Yet, they NEVER even talk about dismantling the courts power structure and returning it to the founders original restrictive intentions. I don’t hear the so-called “conservatives” talking about any of this. With the exeption of Joe Miller, candidate in Alaska, and Ron Paul.
    The republican “Pledge to America” is really nothing more than cementing the government rule over our lives, except it will be under republican rule so they think this will make us happy. They talk about repealing Obama-care and yet, they aim to replace it with their own version of government controlled health-care. That’s not a solution or a win for liberty. And stating where the constitution gives them authority to pass every bill is a weak ploy as well. All they have to do is site the commerce clause or the general welfare clause and under current U.S. case law they will be allowed to do everything the Dems do and more with approval from the courts. Where are the real patriots? We are going to be sadly dissapointed when this election is over and nothing really changes. Then we will discover that all of this energy was squandered on another election that doesn’t change anything. When we could have demanded real change. But, everyone tells me this is a good start. I’m not convinced.

    • Jana

      For 4 years now the Republicans have been brow beaten. Its time for them to get a backbone and stand up against all of the bullying that has been dished out.

      Then, they need to keep that backbone and od what is right for this country.

      • a progressive nightmare

        Yep! Well said! It’s time to man-up, bear down, grow a spine and get this touchy-feely progressive crap behind us. Our Grandchildren will appreciate it, I’m sure of it. Let’s take the hit and leave something worthwhile for our children and granchildren to build upon. It’s called FREEDOM and the spirit of self-reliance! There is NOTHING the American spirit cannot overcome and history will testify to that fact.

  • Robert

    well I see that you all miss all the points that need addressing. #1 all programs that are giving money to people who have not worked for it is unconstitutional. Tax monies are to be used for expenses that the federal government got service or product and wages of government workers. wars that have not been declared are not to be funded because that is not allowed either. I could go on but I think you get the picture.

    • a progressive nightmare

      No argument from me.


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