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Angle: Reid And Obama Pushing To ‘Make Government Our God’

August 11, 2010 by  

Angle: Reid and Obama pushing to 'make government our god'Sharron Angle, Nevada’s Republican nominee for the United States Senate, said in an interview earlier this year that the recent expansion of Federal entitlement programs is an attempt by President Obama and other Democratic leaders to "make government our god."

Angle, who said that her decision to run against Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-Nev.) was a "calling" from God, suggested in an interview with TruNews Christian Radio that big government has essentially become a false idol for some people.

"What’s happening in this country is a violation of the First Commandment," she told the Christian radio network.

"We have become a country entrenched in idolatry, and that idolatry is the dependency upon our government," she added. "We’re supposed to depend upon God for our protection and our provision and for our daily bread, not on our government."

Reid, who is currently running advertisements that paint Angle as an "extreme" candidate, called her recently published statements "frightening." While the interview with the Christian radio station was conducted in April, it was just recently picked up by major news stations.

If elected, Angle said she would fight to privatize social security and Medicare, according to The Associated Press (AP).

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  • Palin12

    We need Obummer to keep coming out here to campaign for Reid. Everyone he campaigns for loses! On the other hand, it would be nice for Sarah to come out and campaign for Angle, she’s having much better luck than Hussein Obummer.

    • Norm

      Angle and Palin – now there’s a pair of Queens, no Aces, no Asses.

      • Palin12

        I’ll take them over the Hildebeast and Pelousy anyday :-)

    • Palin12

      Angle’s new ad. This is great. Probably the best I’ve seen yet:

  • s c

    Angle is close to being profound in her estimation of the situation. It won’t take long before a North American caesar (America’s coming fascist government) proves that any supposed separation of church and state is utter crap.
    Queen Nancy herself dared to say that American churches should tell their members how to behave and act. As the mentality that let Madeleine Murray do her ‘thing’ still is rampant in America, it won’t take much for Uncle Scam to put the arm on church leaders to ‘get on board’ with a patriotic verson of fascism – or else. It’s coming, folks.
    Keep your eyes open, and be prepared to live without being a church member.

    • Dan Burke

      They already changed it from freedom of religion to freedom of worship…. It is happening.

      While I question the “call” from God to run against Reid, I do agree that government is “god” to many and that thinking is doomed to failure. For government as “god” is fickle and tyrannical. It won’t be long before “god” doesn’t want any other God before it….

      Also, it is said that God will force no man to heaven. But this “god” is saying that their salvation is dependent on saving everyone….

    • Warrior

      And how can one ever forget Nancy’s description of “The Word”. It was just beautiful. Is Harry, Barry and Nancy the new holy trinity?

    • JC

      Thomas Jefferson: “the several States composing the United States of America, are not united on the principle of unlimited submission to their General Government”

      The states should start nullifying everything that comes out of DC that is even remotely unconstitutional.
      We are not a socialist dictatorship.

      • Justin

        They might tell the Feds to kiss of the Feds did not have them all coming the feed trough for so much federal Feeding. Once on the gravy train you cannot get off. Private or State. I don’t think we have a governor with enough cahonas to tell the Feds where to get off.

    • blv54

      I’m already not a church member it’s shocking how the church has fallen everything for the almighty dollar and the fancy million dollar churches, I went to a church several months ago the 1st line in there brochure said welcome to our church it’s a 3 million dollar property that sits on 3 acres of land, during the announcments the pastor said people had been calling the church asking for help he said I don’t have any money, of course not he’s paying for the 3 million dollar church, give me a rundown storefront church any day thats not 5013c and helps people, these big churchs have become sellouts to the government for there tax free status and are not grounded in Gods word no wonder God is letting our country be destroyed.

  • lbw6303

    There’s a book out that compares the conditions that allowed the rise of Hitler to that which is happening in America under the Socialist BHO regime. One of the more profound statements in the book is “show me your laws and I will show you your God”. The point is that when the underlying frame of reference for our laws shifts from the biblical reference to that of whomever is in charge, evil can be made to be good through legislation. One of the defenses at the Nuremburg trials was that killing Jews was lawful in Germany and therefore not a criminal act. You know, it’s kinda like passing a law that declares abortion to be legal, therefore not murder.

    • MidnightDStroyer

      “There’s a book out that compares the conditions that allowed the rise of Hitler to that which is happening in America under the Socialist BHO regime.”

      If you want to confirm this for yourself, you can get a good start on your own research by looking up what “Project Paperclip” was all about. In short, the Nazis lost WW2 but Facism merely transplanted to the USA.

    • s c

      When you hear someone talk about the “humane benefits” of abortion, ask them what would happen if you or I did to an adult what is done to a baby via an abortion. Murder is murder. Hitlerian, pc politics can never justify it, disguise it or absolve those who promote it.

    • Justin

      You may not know it. It is nothing new to make it legal to kill a class of people. We may frown on it all we want. We had our very own extermination order issued my Missouri back the 1830′s when then govenor Boggs issued an order to kill all the Mormons in that state causing them to be killed and driven from the state. That order was still effect until just a very few years ago. Yes, it was legal to kill Mormons in the the great state of Missouri up until about 1980.

      What do you think of those apples?

  • Jerry A. Holloway Sr.

    My opinion is that the entire Democratic party needs to go the way of the federalist party for they are doing the same tactics and it should be in the election process that Progressives / Socialist / Marxism / Communist connections will not be tolerated in the governing body of this nation. thus if they show tendencies or have ties as the democratic people in office have now they can be stopped quickly thus safe guarding our Country.

    • kate8

      There was a time when communists were thrown out of government positions as traitors.

      Now they are calling the shots.

      • http://PersonalLibertyDigest Jill

        We also went to war many times just to fight off another’s country’s demise. Communism

      • Norm

        And China is our good buddy. The power of money is amazing.

  • slickporsche

    What are you all going to do about it?? Do you have a plan? Will you just sit and rant, and say I told you this would happen. OH I know, You are going to show them your muscle and VOTE THEM OUT. tee heee heee hahahahaha. How do you think it got this far? Privatising Social Security is a death sentence for it. The government will not keep their hands out of it either. Does anyone get it yet???? Never mind, I know the answer.

    • mickey

      People really didn’t want the SSA funds to go private because the stock market would leave it broke and trusted the government to keep it secure. lol The government stole it.

    • Justin

      There is no such thing as SS. There never has been. IF there was trust fund it would and could not be used as it is now. If SS existed they would not have to fund it every year.

      Whatever you pay into SS is simply gift to the government to do with as they please and that gift can be terminated at anytime.

  • slickporsche

    I here all the people complaining that the government does not follow the Bill of Rights, or the Constitution. I have news for you! Neither do most US citizens, especially now!

    • kate8

      slick, most US citizens don’t even know or care what the Constitution and Bill of Rights say.

      I doubt whether those in goverment do, either. It’s way past time for some civics education, for EVERYONE.

    • Norm

      Did you take a smart pill? Good one.

    • MidnightDStroyer

      The reason most Citizens don’t obey the Cosntitution is because there’s no law that requires it. This is because most US Citizens are NOT under an Oath of Office under the Constitution…ALL government office holders ARE. This Oath of Office is what binds them to the LEGAL OBLIGATION to obey the Constitution.

      Think of the Cosntitution as a contract of employment…Because that’s what it really is. We the People ordained & established the Constitution, thus we are the employers: If you have a Social Security Card, look in the bottom corner on the back of the card–This is your EMPLOYER IDENTIFICATION NUMBER.

      The Constitution is our contract of employment to select & hire employees to perform certain specific tasks & also to designates which tasks they are FORBIDDEN to perform. Also consider this, as if you were the owner of a company & you had selected employees to perform work for the company…Then you turn around & find that 99.9% of your employees had constantly/consistantly violated their employee contracts.

      What would you do? FIRE THEM of course, hopefully BEFORE they bankrupted your company. this is the exact same problem facing the American people today…We need to clean out our company & start fresh, but THIS TIME keep a much closer watch on how our company operates, nipping corruption in the bud before it can spread.

      • s c

        MidnightDStroyer, Americans, if they care about their kids, need to change their ways and think more than twice about Uncle Scam’s perverse habit of handing out Social Insecurity card numbers when kids are born. In effect, what Uncle Scam has done is to set up a system where identity thieves have MANY years to use and abuse Social Insecurity card numbers to work their evil ways. Isn’t it “funny” how Congress and the White House manage to IGNORE this topic?
        It’s also a way for evil, elected types to “number” people. This is an old trick from Bible days, when Caesar/government ‘leaders’ gathered people together once a year to tax them. It implies TOTAL CONTROL, and our ‘public education’ system has done NOTHING to enlighten Americans about it.
        “Public education” really does work, but NOT in any positive sense. That is, it works to keep us enslaved, dumbed-down and at the mercy of a corrupt government, and very few people see the situation for what it is.

  • Jim H.

    Reid calls her statements “frightening”. For who? For the people, or for his re-election prospects. Reid should be frightened.

    • JC

      Note the age old liberal tactic of appealing to an emotion…”fear”.
      Reid needs to go the way of the dinosaurs.

  • J.M.R.


    • Al Sieber

      J.M.R., I second that, he thinks he’s god.

      • mickey

        Hey, I’ll add a third to that and to the rest of congress that is practicing human trafficking on the border.

        • http://?? Joe H.

          MOTION CARRIED!!!

      • Richard Pawley

        According to one eminent South American psychiatrist that I quote in one of my books, the notion that we can be God is the most common mental disease on the planet. Sadly this is a common belief and not just among Socialists, Progressives or Democrats. The “we know what is best for you” attitude is part of the whole idea of “God is the State, and the State is God.” Don’t be dissuaded. Pass these articles and responses around to your associates, and do your best to convince them to VOTE THEM ALL OUT in November (remembering there are a FEW good people on both sides of the aisle but also many who are sold out to the 36,000 highly paid lobbyists in Washington.

    • Palin12

      I get the privledge to vote Dirty Harry out! November to Remember!!

  • newplato

    Sharron Angle is being painted by the Establishment media as a buffoon. And the “moderate” talk show hosts are picking up on that and furthering the lie. Her insight here clearly refutes this image. She seems like a great candidate.

    What she is pointing out is the horrible trend in America to default into the cult of cividolatry, the worship of the body civic as the most valid icon and trusted mentor in society. It is not surprising that many people would fall for this trap. After all, look at the millions of Brits and people from other countries who think that “their” king or queen is a “special” person. Idiots!!!!!!!!!!

    • Matt V

      Anyone who makes sense will be picked up by the Establishment media will be bashed thats how the demo-CRAPS want it so the decent people dont get a fair shake

      • viktor leben

        Hears a thought “virus” for you …

        The Mainstream Media does not Matter anymore …..

        • Norm

          viktor leben
          To whom?

          • viktor leben

            Those who choose life.

            The MSM is just a spectre of death ….

    • blv54

      LOL let the main stream media make her out a buffoon nobody trust them anymore anyway she may get more votes if the media says she’s bad that means she’s good.

      • Justin

        Just remember the same caliber of folks in congress are the same as the one who put them there. You the spiritual state of the nation by the ones we elect time and time again.

        Unless the Citizenry wakes up and changes their ways, nothing will change in Washington or the State for that matter. We get what we are.

        When the majority of the population votes evil in, the more righteous will mourn.

  • Bob L

    Reid, again? It would be better if people voted for Charle Brown, he’s clueless too.It says something about a country when the mere mention of God sends people into convulsions of secular shock. Seems a case of gimmegimmeitsmineitis, or possibly keepuptotheJones’s flu. Oh well, as you were class, your next assignment will be, which one or ones of the founding fathers was an atavistic,egalitarian despot. Extra points will be awarded for drawing moustaches on the despicable offenders.

    • Merl

      The way I read the Bible is more like a script rather than a prophecy.

      The Bible tells us to watch for signs.

      Saten was always getting us in trouble and he’s still here and causing us all types of grief…….for He and His henshmen own our world while we fight for unlawful wars and we die from them….but seldom does one of them give their lives for this country. They Hate God.

      Lucifer was pissed off in the beginning when mankind was made in the immage of God…..which is Life eternal in the spirit, while Luciver was made as a physical immortal. He will not die of any disease but can be killed and that’s all she wrote.

      Almost any “human” can apparently die from anything…..but he returns in incarnations. I can recall six previous lives, knowing there were probably more.

    • viktor leben

      Vote for Linus instead ! At least he knows his Bible !

  • Bob L

    Whomp him Mrs.Angle before he and his henchmen bankrupt the country.

    • Richard Pawley

      I’m afraid that since the system works quite unnoticeably until the tsunami hits the shore the eventual bankruptcy will be unnoticed by the masses who only follow what they are spoon fed by the former Big Three on TV, until it happens. The TRILLIONS already wasted by the 111th Congress (and the monies squandered before that) will eventually result in food and fuel tripling, no matter who gets elected (Wal-Mart has just raised their prices 6% across the board). However, if we don’t replace this “spend till we crash the system” Congress in 12 weeks, then it could get a lot worse. A normal person would cry that those in Washington are so blind to what they are doing but I am convinced some are fully cognizant of the destruction of the dollar and the economy that their insane squandering of money will have on the Republic and all of us. VOTE THEM OUT IN NOVEMBER!

    • viktor leben

      To late Bob L ! We are already bankrupt ….

  • Dancingcop

    Isn’t perjury an impeachable offense? Didn’t they swear to support and defend the Constitution of the United States? Nuff said!

  • Dancingcop

    Oh yeah I forgot. Under Islam it is permissable to lie to your enemies (infadels) in order to conquer them!

    • s c

      Dancingcop, Islam is not the world’s only faith that lets its members ‘lie’ when they’be been pre-absolved to do things in the name of “God.” By design, we’re supposed to be overly concerned with Muslims and their peculiar religion. It keeps us distracted from thinking and realizing that America’s major religions surrendered to the dark side and have been apostate for many years.
      Americans should have been suspicious when Madeleine Murray got away with kicking God out of the classroom(s). No-fault (sinless) abortions added insult to injury. If you will recall, America’s religious ‘icons’ didn’t put up much of a fight in either battle. For at least three generations, America’s major faiths have been worldly, rich, dumbed-down and utterly apostate.

  • Ricky Roo

    Here we have the kettle calling the pot black. Read who is currently running advertisements that paint Angle as an “extreme” candidate, called her recently published statements “frightening.” I wonder if he has taken any time to look in the mirror lately. One of the most frightening people in Washington is Harry Wrong. He should indicted for treason for the way he has pushed some of these ridiculous bills down our throats that do nothing but rob people of their hard earned dollars when he is living the high life. Just who does he think he is… God… A chosen one… or does he realize that he is on his way out and this is his last hurrah?
    I wonder what kind of drugs these types of people are taking that they think they know better than what we the people want? Whatever happened to common sense? Or maybe that Rocky Mountain high has gotten to him.

    • Richard Pawley

      As I said above, it is a most common mental (and spiritual disease), that we are or can be God. We can become like God (and that was the whole reason why Jesus came) but as has been said by others, “The Truth that sets men free, is for the most part, the truth they prefer not to hear.”

    • blv54

      that’s what happens when people follow satan they become totally irrational that’s what evil does it destroys your brain and your soul.

  • Kris

    Angle is correct in her assessment. Nobama and the govt. keep restricting anything Christian or Godly. The prohibit a teacher from wearing a cross, prohibit a high school senior from mentioning God at her graduation ceremony, prohibit the manger scene in the public park and the list goes on. Nobama wants the govt. to be the peoples God, and unfortunately there are alot of stupid people in this country who are happy to go along as long as they keep getting free chit form the govt. Nobama is their God, their messiah, the almighty one! As long as we have the enabling congress to help nobama with his agenda, we will not win. Nobama promotes Islam and does anyone ever wonder why? Becuae Nobama is a muslim and he promised one of the kings in Arabia that once he handled a few domestic problems in the states he would then really get started making this country on of Islam. As much as alot of the people have awakened to what nobama and the democrats are doing and hate it, they still vote the same azzholes back into office! Why is that? Are the people so against these policies not voting? Why aren’t they going to the polls in droves and voting in people who will repeal all these country ruining policies? I guess they just want to bitch about it and do nothing. In Missouri we told the regime what he can do with his deathcare bill, where are the rest of the states. No one can stand alone, we fired the first shot, now the rest of you need to stand up!

    • mickey

      I’m thinking my state did too, although I heard more medicaid funds were transferred. Our state told the Fed that it couldn’t afford the obamacare because it impacted medicaid so drastically. Ours, BTW, is one of the few black states.

      The other states are just not getting the light like some states. (I think there are 21 states now) AZ being one when I know other cities and counties are implementing illegal alien laws. I think AZ is in the light because (I think it is AZ) that requires proof of citizenship to before they go on the ballot. Other states need to do that too.

  • mickey

    I recently heard on a talk show that Nevada’s housing market is down 75%??? This really speaks well of Reid’s leadership. I hope all the money he spends is noted by the voters. I also hope that they will see what has happened to all those other “hope and change” promises made in 2008 and realize anything he says is a lie. I don’t know much about Angle (still SSA privatizing has been around a while) but even if I didn’t like her, I think I would hold my nose and vote for her any way.

    BTW how can anything be more extreme than Pelosi, Reid, and obama? Even Pelosi is thinking about her 11% approval.

    • Richard Pawley

      The only thing more extreme than Pelosi-Reid (ever notice it rhymes with loco-weed) is the majority in Congress who “went along” with them in passing all these Marxist laws to crush the middle class. Wish no evil on any of them but believers need to pray that God works His will in all their lives. We blame Clinton or Bush or Obama but presidents come and go, it is CONGRESS THAT WE ARE STUCK WITH UNTIL WE WAKE UP AND VOTE THEM ALL OUT (Even half will do the trick). The Supreme Court Justices are for life but where in the Constitution does it say that the Congress is too? We control that. Congress is the body that just saddled us with the extreme left “god is the state, the state is god” mentality of Kagin on the Supreme Court. They are the ones who just approved Kagin and as Obama’s twin we must live with it, but we can send Congress packing. VOTE THEM OUT IN NOVEMBER!

      • viktor leben


        I think you can impeach the supreme court justices ?

        • Richard Pawley

          It’s theoretically possible but I don’t think it’s actually ever been done. Does anyone know? I do know that the 70 members of the House of Representatives that are members of the Democratic Socialists of America would never vote for removing Elena Kagin because they consider her one of their own, even is she isn’t a card carring member. WE HOWEVER CAN VOTE THE PROGRESSIVE MARXISTS IN CONGRESS OUT OF OFFICE and must do so in 12 weeks if we want to save our country.

    • blv54

      what they think is that were so lobotomized by all the chemicals and vaccines they’ve been bombing us with the last 10yrs that we no longer have the will to resist, I sincerly hope that’s not the case, my husband was talking to a guy at work yesterday whos in his 30s about are taxes going up to pay for health care, the guy said what health care are we getting free healthcare, he had no clue about the new obamacare now thats scary.

  • libra


    • mickey

      It isn’t just the new 10 million, it is all the relatives of the current ones. Holder wants to profile Somalis who are flying back and forth to get Al Quaida training and stating they just haven’t been here long enough to become US. However, obama wants the hispanic culture to live well and we should learn Spanish. Both have threatened the US with take overs. So much for the swearing in==did obama really take the oath?==to defend the US against foreign and domestic threats.

      • MidnightDStroyer

        “So much for the swearing in==did obama really take the oath?==to defend the US against foreign and domestic threats.”

        Well, it would be counter-productive (the most polite way to say it) if he were to actually honor his Oath to defend us from himself, wouldn’t it? ;)

    • Richard Pawley

      Actually according to the Think Tanks who have studied this there are more like 40,000,000 more waiting to cross. We have over a million illegal aliens here from just Ecuador (that’s in South America, not Central America) and it’s why Mexico had to build a fence along their southern border and sentence those who try to get in or cross Mexico to two years in jail (ten years on the second attempt). Congress passes laws and then ignores them (illegal immigration, the building of the fence, etc.) or they pass laws written by the lobbyists without even reading them. We would do better with no Congress at all then the present one (notwithstanding a handful of decent caring people on both sides) but we have ONE LAST CHANCE to change things and that is in November. To quote one famous politician “Never, never, NEVER, never, give up!”

      • viktor leben

        So Calderon is a big hypocrite ? and the Mexican governent ? Look how many mexican consulates their are in the USA.

        • s c

          VL, I can’t be the only one wondering about your recent comments. You go back and forth and up and down faster than Specter and McCain combined. I get the impression that you have a bad case of a divided mind.
          Whatever it is, you need to pick a side, and stick with it. At the moment, not having any consistent standards is your only ‘standard.’

  • Raggs

    I’m sure obama will identify himself as god as soon as the mosque in NY is built…. Rauf must be the false prophet….

  • Earl, QUEENS, NY

    I saw this last week on CNSnews. It reads that Dingy Harry Reid is a Mormon. Well, take out the middle ‘m’, and that’s what Dingy Harry really is!! I agree with Sharron Angle that we must depend on God, not government, to provide for us and protect us. It’s obvious the government’s not doing either very well!! I.e., social security. If that Ponzi schemer FDR had created IRAs instead of his failed New Deal, many retirees today would be richer, and even have money to leave to their next of kin. But not with social security, which will be squandered by Uncle SCAM!! Also, Dingy Harry, were it not for the disastrous policies of you, Nasty Pelosi and Barack Odumbo, the unemployment rate would be far lower now, thus there’d be no need for unemployment benefit extensions. Like social security, it’s only chicken feed compared to what people could earn in REAL private sector jobs!! And as for Government run health/hell care, that will be a disaster!! Jesus was definitely a better healer and provider than any of today’s democraps!!

    • http://?? Joe H.

      That second “m” was a typo!!!!

    • s c

      If Reid is a Mormon, he needs a baseball bat between his eyes so he will remember that no one can serve God and evil at the same time. Obviously, Reid has sold part of himself, and he’s done nothing to make his church look good. If anything, Reid is an anti-Mormon poster schmuck.
      Maybe he’d be better off and happier in Herr Obummer’s First Church of the Omniscient, Me-First, Arrogant, Illuminated Horse’s Ass.

  • Richard Pawley

    Actually government jobs pay a good bit more then those who must account for and earn their money and not just take it away from the public in the form of ever higher taxes. I have heard that many government/union jobs average between 33 and 40% more the free market jobs (of course we haven’t had a free market in generations). As for the social security fund it hasn’t been for generations either! The government just spends it and then borrows the money later on. We aren’t the only country doing this but since we once had so much and were once the richest country on earth we can keep the ball going longer than Greece or Portugal or Spain (where Cap and Trade has failed miserably) and where their unemployment is twice ours. Our whole system should already have crashed but we can tweak the system, do Enron-style accounting style accounting and now just print money (which never ends well). Who is doing all this? CONGRESS! The total debt now owed by the banks and countries of the world and the debt that the banks and nations of the world are responsible for now exceeds the worth of the entire planet! Not even the Banker/Emperor-God of the Book of Revelation is going to fix that without a great loss of freedom to all. That new system apparently based on gold and computers will not even allow a king to buy or sell without it. I wrote about it in both my recent books. If you have any chance to get out of where you live, and you believe in God, pray about it. I would not live there or in any large city for ten times my income. I don’t know when “it” is coming, but I know what is coming. It might be years or it might be next summer. All I know is that we must relace those in Congress who hate freedom, family, God, the Constitution, and the idea “that all men are created equal and endowed by their creator (not by a godless Marxist government) to certain inalienable rights….” Well, you get the idea. It’s America’s choice and it will be made in the first week of November of 2010. Who knows if God will still bless the United States if we return to the time proven principles that He gave us long ago?

    • Richard Pawley

      PS. Earl, being a Mormon or a member of any church doesn’t protect one from being…well, I don’t want to say. It is any church or religion that changes lives for the better but the living God. He generally works through churches, which sadly all seem to think that they have it all and their brand is the best. God judges a person on what they do with what they know but there are fundamental laws of the universe, like gravity and the law of sowing and reaping. Pity the poor misguided sheep who blow themselves up thinking their god is going to reward them for doing so. The likelihood of that is the same as jumping off a very high cliff and not getting hurt. As you sow, so shall you reap applies to nations as well as to people, so don’t hate Harry Reid for his ignorance or his arrogance. If you understand the power of prayer and a little of how God works, pray for him, and for Nancy Pelosi too. Pray that God will work His will on them and their lives. I pray that for those I love and for those I think are destroying the country. God can change them, heal them, replace them, or call them home to the world of spirit. Look how many congressmen have been called home in past few years. Never pray evil. Just pray for God’s will. For those who truly love Him and try to follow His ways of equal justice (not social justice), well good WILL come from those prayers. If the object of your prayers puts his head to the wind as rejects God as did the Pharaoh then the blessings that would have been theirs will return to you. Want to read a tough guy book that has changed the lives of millions? It’s only 106 pages long and is available in 50 languages. It’s a real adventure called PRISON TO PRAISE by Merlin Carothers. Its a true story of a conniving US soldier and his transformation and explains much of what God is all about and how he works. It’s funny and amazing and 35 years ago I once corresponded with one of the people mentioned in this classic paperback book that is available on eBay and elsewhere. Any who are not opposed to God will find it fascinating and if they don’t know God at all, perhaps unbelievable.

      • blv54

        your so right about praying for those destroying the country but it’s so hard in the flesh I want to pray God send them to hell right now! but in the spirit we must pray your will be done, I just hope it’s not to late as I’m sure God is now judging the USA.

  • gracentruth

    God bless you, Sharron Angle. Harry Reid, mouthpiece of socialist/marxist/communist illegal alien in our white house, YOU ARE FIRED. We are not now, nor ever want to be slaves to an elite governing body.
    …that this nation, UNDER GOD, shall have a new birth of freedom and government of the people, by the people, and for the people shall not perish from the earth. author – A. Lincoln

    • Richard Pawley

      But only if we pray and vote. It’s this November or never!

    • viktor leben

      You’re so right ! Wall Street is firing the Democratic Party (they hired them back in 2006). Maybe “firing” is to strong a word. The Congress is being laid-off. Wall Street will be rehiring the Republicrooks for this time around …

      • Norm

        Money is completely apolitical.

  • Rick

    Dingy Harry Reid has all the charisma of a dead armadillo, and I do
    not understand how people can keep electing him to the Senate, or how
    he got to be Majority. Neal Boortz says, “IGNORANCE NEEDS TO BE PAINFUL”, and Reid, Pelosi and Obama are certainly painful to America.
    I believe that I could pick a name out of the LasVegas phone book that
    would do a better job than this phony.

  • Robert

    Politicians. Definition: A good for nothing waste of human life that operates as a leach, sucking life’s blood out of every decent American in this country. May they all rot in hell along with their entire family.

  • viktor leben

    So when is the Revolution going to start ? I think the Republican who replace their Democrats opposition in the coming election, will turn on you Tea Party People.

    So when is the revolution going to start ?

  • Norm

    Keep up the good work Sharron, Harry needs another term.
    Extremists just don’t get it. Harry could have been an easy target.


    07/29/10 Reuters/Ipsos Reid 48% – Angle 44%
    07/28/10 Mason-Dixon Reid 43% – Angle 42%
    07/27/10 Rasmussen Reports Reid 45% – Angle 43%
    07/18/10 Public Policy Polling (D) Reid 48% – Angle 46%
    07/16/10 RATING CHANGE: Weak Angle to Weak Reid
    07/13/10 Mason-Dixon Reid 44% – Angle 37%
    07/12/10 Rasmussen Reports Angle 46% – Reid 43%

  • http://gmail i41

    Norm, drag out your new figures in August, after Angle got a small amount of help in campaign funds. Reid probably chashed in some of his whore house tokens to raise more cash. Reid and Daschle both took fagot speach lessons are account lessons on being a tax cheat. Of course you admire all socialist democrat criminals and corrupt whorehounds become exalted members of the your communist democrat party leadership.

  • s c

    I have a question for you, people. If Herr Obummer is going to spend tons of OUR money for ‘border surveillance,’ does that mean that our borders are going to be PROTECTED? Or does it mean that it’s important for government employees to sit on their arses and LOOK?
    It’s a fair question, and I can’t help being suspicious about a prez who doesn’t know the difference between a transparent administration and a clogged toilet.


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