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Angle, Palin Support GOProud’s Participation At CPAC

February 15, 2011 by  

Angle, Palin support GOProud's participation at CPACAlthough several groups boycotted the annual Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) because of the participation of gay conservative group GOProud, two prominent Tea Party-backed politicians publicly supported the organization's presence.

Sharron Angle, a Republican from Nevada, told The Huffington Post that she supports freedom of speech and GOProud has the right to participate in an open forum of discussion. Former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin, who did not attend CPAC because of scheduling conflicts, told FOX News that she has no problem with "diverse groups that are involved with political discourse."

"People are losing their jobs. They're losing homes. We're still engaged in a war," Palin told the media outlet. "There are so many life-changing, life-and-death issues out there in front of us. You know, we'd better be concentrating on what is really important here and not going kind of tit-for-tat as people are positioning themselves for 2012."

Conservative groups such as the Family Research Council (FRC) and the Heritage Foundation have boycotted the three-day event because CPAC organizers allowed GOProud to participate. Tony Perkins, head of FRC, told CNN that the presence of the gay-rights group represents a shift to libertarian causes, which he said is "very dangerous to the conservative movement." 

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  • s c

    It seems that some ‘Republican’/RNC types plan to bless “conservativism” with something that approximates a big tent. So, is GoProud really conservative, or is it a group of opportunists who are at the right place at the right time?
    I know there are gays who are conservative, but WHY did it take so long for GoProud to materialize? Is GoProud a Soros tool? Are we being stroked?
    Whatever is going on, I’m sure it will be interesting. In the interim, I’ll just sit back and wait for the cast of characters to reveal themselves. Politics can be so confusing.

    • JeffH

      s c, in this tempermental political climate, I agree to be wary and keep a keen eye on the happenings. What might appear to be obvious may not be so.

    • eddie47d

      SC; They have been around for years but were called the Log Cabin Republicans.

    • EddieW

      Goproud is anything but conservative…they are totally progressive, and what they want is no morals, and no freedoms!! Destroy them both, for a Fascist Tyrannical Police State!! They are as republican as the other RINO’s in the game!!! They want only to pervert the morals of this country!!

  • Bill

    Ad Charges CPAC Betrays Conservative Principles and Threatens Conservative Unity

  • DaveH

    So “Tony Perkins, head of FRC, told CNN that the presence of the gay-rights group represents a shift to libertarian causes, which he said is “very dangerous to the conservative movement.”

    “Dangerous to the Conservative Movement”? More like dangerous to the Right-Wing Entrenchment. Anybody who would deny a man (or woman) the freedom to control their own body or property is NOT a Conservative.

    I grow very weary of the Right-Wingers claiming the “Conservative” label. They aren’t.

    • Ellen

      WELL SAID !!

    • Dogma-Free “The Trinity”

      meh…most Republicans are just closet gays anyways, so you knew this was bound to happen.

      For most of them, it starts in their churches with their predatory pedophile priests. It’s sad, really.

      Still, I kinda don’t see the big deal with it all. I mean, if you’re honestly straight, then you shouldn’t feel threatened by people who are gay…it won’t stop you from being straight, unless you are easily led, or if, deep down, you actually aren’t straight, but are just pretending to be, so your church/CPAC buddies/fellow Klan members won’t shun you.

      Same with Muslims. If you’re truly a ‘christian’ (and so few are these days), then you won’t be any *less* ‘christian’, just because your neighbor or co-worker is a Muslim.

      • JeffH

        Is this Dogma talking or fast eddie47D? The more Dog comments the more he sounds like fast eddie…?

        • Dogma-Free “The Trinity”

          haha…oh, JeffH, don’t let your over-evident paranoia get the best of you, yet again.

          • JeffH

            …not a chance…

      • Papa

        Difficult… Where to start?

        …”most Republicans are just closet gays anyways, so you knew this was bound to happen. For most of them, it starts in their churches with their predatory pedophile priests. It’s sad, really.”

        With an estimated “10%” or less of the total US population being Gay, your claim that “most Republicans” are closet gays doesn’t pass the giggle test, but it does expose your personal bias. Add in your remark about “pedophile priests” and we can include Catholics as another group you’re prejudiced against, so whatever else you say becomes immaterial. You’re obviously far to narrow-minded to demonstrate good judgment on this or any other topic. Why don’t you take your remarks elsewhere and insult some different group of people. I’m sure there’s some Nazi or Clan forum out there which would welcome your form of bigotry…

        • kate8

          Papa – I started to respond to DogmaF’s comment, too, but I realize that he only says such things to provoke us. Why give posters like him the satisfaction? They know they are being outrageous. Our outrage is what they’re after.

          • eddie47d

            You mean like with Jeff bringing my name up to invoke some sinister plot. I think Jeff likes playing loose and fast by belittling others. Next time Jeff at least wait until I have commented on the subject.LOL

          • JeffH

            eddie, I was just drawing a parallel over Dog’s first sentence which sounded like something you might have said. (“most Republicans are just closet gays anyways, so you knew this was bound to happen.”)

            My sincerest apologies if I offended you in any way by jumping the gun.

        • libertytrain

          well said – he’s not even from this country but keeps trying to “fit in” with the left.

        • Dogma-Free “The Trinity”

          @Papa – quoting you:
          “I’m sure there’s some Nazi or Clan forum out there which would welcome your form of bigotry…”

          ..actually…I thought I had found just that, right here on this site.

          I guess I just find the hypocrisy of so many of the people here, somewhat comical, is all.

          I mean, they *claim* to be good, ‘christian’ folk, and yet turn around and spread fear of, and hatred against Muslims, and Mexicans, and anyone else who doesn’t line up with their own narrow-minded belief structure.

          And then when someone (like me) comes along and calls you out on it, you cry and moan about how mean I am…and then, somewhat ironically, some of these *quick to judge, quick to anger* folks, start calling names of the elementary school-yard variety…haha…or accusing (read: desperately grasping at straws) people of being someone else, who likely disagreed with the status quo here before.

          • Kate8

            Dogma- Once again, you demonstrate my point exactly.

          • http://?? Joe H.

            Hate to burst your bubble but I don’t hate any race. I don’t hate Mexicans either. I do hate the illegal crap that come here and live off the American taxpayers! Look at California, are you blind as a bat??? 36 billion dollars paid out to illegal aliens, mostly from Mexico in a state that’s already one foot in bankruptcy and the other on ice!! I hate ANYONE that tries to do in this country, if that offends you then pound sand you A$$!!!

          • JeffH

            kate8, you know, as well as JoeH does, exactly who and what the Dog is.
            Nuff said!

        • James

          Papa, Priests who sexual assault young boys, are still criminals. The Lawrence v. Texas High Court decision of 2003, didn’t change that. They should be ostracized, even imprisoned when found guilty.

    • WhatWillAYouDoWithoutFreedom

      I grow very weary of so called conservatives that think being conservative is about money. Money problems are only a symptom of a deeper problem. As an example this gay lifestyle costs the American people money that the hetero sexual relationships don’t incur. Get your social house in order and the financial will follow.

      • Papa

        …”Money problems are only a symptom of a deeper problem.”

        Money problems, like any other problem is a direct result of the lack of personal responsibility; personal integrity; knowledge of your own shortcomings. Anyone who cannot understand their own limitations will never be able to cope with them, so a myriad of problems will follow them around, always.

        Stop. Take stock of yourself. Discover your own weaknesses and understand that what each of us dislikes MOST about our self is what we’re most likely to project on those around us. Learn to deal with that and we’re more likely to be successful in the other facets of life, and our interaction with society…

    • JeffH

      DaveH, I agree and well said.

  • newspooner

    The issue should be judged on the basis of tolerance and advocacy. It is generally fine for someone to be tolerant of diverse and opposing views, but nobody should be coerced into approving or advocating something that is wrong, just to be considered openminded.

    • kate8

      I’m with s c on this one, because the enemy’s greatest tactic is infiltration. The GOP is crumbling from within, scrambling to accept more and more left-wing idiology, thinking that will insure survival. It won’t work, because when they relinquish the values they have always upheld, they become no different from the Left.

      DaveH – No one wants to deny gays rights. However, they are a very small minority and they have utterly hijacked our whole system. They control the debate. They tyrannize every institution we have.

      We are being nudged into being a one-party system. It’s all part of the plan.

      • bob wire

        I believe a wide view , beyond partisan politics will be required to solve this issue. ~ Fat chance!

        • kate8

          b w – I know you don’t believe in prophecy, but our nations are in the state of “perplexity” spoken of in Revelation.

          Prophecy is correct because people forever go down the same paths and make the same mistakes. I guess each time a very few manage to break free from the cycle. Maybe that is all that it’s about.

          • bob wire

            well, I admit only that I stay as far away as possible from the book of Revelation and encourage only the strongest of minds to ever go there.

            and it’s true, all roads leads to Rome.

      • DaveH

        You do realize that Libertarians don’t condone special laws protecting Gays (or attacking them)? We think that Government should be kept out of the equation.

        • kate8

          DaveH – I was responding to your statement that some people want to deny others the rights to their own bodies, and I don’t think that is what is at issue.

          I wholly agree with the view that government has NO PLACE is such matters, and I have stated that many times. People can be free to live as they wish, do as they choose (as long as they harm no one), without enlisting the force of government.

          People should, likewise, be free not to participate, if they so choose.

          The problem is, again, the issue of FORCE. When those seeking control use government to beat down those who choose differently, it becomes tyranny. We have a system that is set up to protect the minority from the tyranny of the majority, but we’ve become a system that allows for the tyranny of the minority.

          The Left’s tactic is, in order to elevate one faction, they crush another. This only creates a never-ended struggle for dominance by myriad factions set at odds.

          Create chaos. Divide and conquer.

          • Papa

            I agree. The intent of our constitution was to let individuals choose, each for him or herself. Control over individuals was never the intent when forming our central government, and in fact, just the opposite is true. The 10th Amendment makes that perfectly clear for all who can read and comprehend.

            Those who would make something of these United States that it was never intended to be are ruining everything they believe in, by trying to bend our government to their advantage. They’re obviously not smart enough to figure out that those who oppose them will simply observe their tactics, then use them to create just the opposite effect. The end result of such obnoxious behavior by BOTH sides of any issue is to destroy the benefits of freedom for everyone.

            The time to end this foolishness is now. No entity, either in or out of government is authorized by the constitution to “interpret” that constitution. Anyone (including the US Supreme Court) who doesn’t like what it “SAYS” has the freedom to attempt to “AMEND” it. That’s the only option authorized and the only choice which we should allow…

          • eddie47d

            Good comments Dave H.and Papa and I don’t fully agree with Kate 8 yet yours was compelling also.

          • DaveH

            Holy crap! Eddie is agreeing with me. Hang on a minute while I check my temperature. I must be hallucinating.

        • coal miner

          Bob Wire says:

          “well, I admit only that I stay as far away as possible from the book of Revelation and encourage only the strongest of minds to ever go there”. Or the weakest minds.

          • Kate8

            One things for sure, coal, it would be far too complex for your mind.

          • JeffH

            Kate8, daaammmnnn girl, my thoughts too.

      • Adair

        There are now over 100 gays in the House and Senate. Remember when the feminists were all a-twit because there were fewer than 50% women in Congress? Well, here we are with nearly 20% gays, and that is not a proportional representation either.

        There’s not necessarily a connection, but I certainly do agree that we have nearly a one-party system. If the new Republicans really don’t care whether they’re re-elected, perhaps they can successfully press their entrenched brethren into fulfilling the Pledge and making the two parties different again.

        Kate, I thought I was responding to your l0:09 a.m. post, but there are a bunch more between then and now.

  • Les

    Boy, tough one. We live in very dangerous times and must draw some fine lines. If we are to endure as a free people we must become a principled people. I am a fundamental christian. I strongly disapprove of homosexuality and the accompanying agenda. I do not, however, disapprove of homosexual people. It is something more than just separating the sin from the sinner. As an American I am dedicated to the principles of freedom, which were birthed by the knowledge and principles from our Judeo Christian roots. Many are caught up in the Spirit of liberty but fail in the principles. There are many things that DO NOT belong in the public arena (agendas), not just homosexuality. I very much appreciate Focus, but do not always agree with their practice, and this is a fundamental element of Christianity. During last year’s elections I was campaign manager for a very conservative candidate. He was strongly supported by an organization of Lesbians that I met with. They just want to be left alone and are tired of being a leftist pingpong ball. When the mayor found out (openly gay), he saw to it that they were punished.
    Believing in freedom isn’t as important as your practice of freedom.

    • kate8

      Les, The gay agenda is just another Left-wing battering ram.

      Gays have had acceptance in society for a long time. At least as much as any other minority group. It’s not acceptace they want, it’s dominance.

      • Papa

        Close. You’re correct that it’s not just “acceptance” they’re interested in, but rather than dominance (which I doubt most Gay people care about) it appears to be APPROVAL of their actions they seek, by some form of government dictate, simply because they’re a minority.

        I’m sorry, but minorities in this country are only protected from “GOVERNMENTAL” oppression and discrimination by the majority, not from the disdain and/or disapproval of the individuals who make up that majority. They certainly have no “RIGHT” to demand that same government which is required to ignore their “difference” when dealing with them, protect them from societal revulsion at their practices, or that any special laws with respect to the actions of other individuals be enacted just for their benefit…

        • Kate8

          Papa – here in CA the gays control many things, the worst of which is public education. They’ve managed to FORCE our schools into indoctrinating our young children into the joys of sexual diversity, and encouraging them to explore it themselves. Our babies are being sexualized, and parents have no right to opt out.

          MANY in our ruling class are gay. They get even more numerous the higher you go up the elite chain (gay and/or pedophiles).

          If this isn’t dominance, I don’t know what is.

          • Kate8

            BTW, Papa. I’m not saying that this is the motive of ALL gays. Of course, there are many who just want to live their lives, like everyone else. However, their are sinister forces behind the militant Gay Agenda, whether the rank-and-file realize it or not.

  • bob wire

    “It is something more than just separating the sin from the sinner. ”

    I believe that many wish to view it in that light ~

    Does it bother you that you will forever be incorrect with such a view?

    While I might be sympathetic with many of your opinions and viewpoints, I cannot support your understanding of homosexuals, for it’s not something that they can be separated from, leave any separation to take place in your mind and not theirs.

    • bob wire

      and you are right, ~ it’s much more. ~ but it’s not a sin but an anomaly of nature. These people are cursed twice, by nature and then by society.

      • kate8

        bob wire – The gay agenda is kind of like Islam, in that no one wants to deny them the right to live as they please. It’s when they want to ram their ways down our throats, and FORCE us all to embrace them, that is the problem. They FORCE us to teach our children to embace their lifestyle. But in order to do that, the majority are forced to sacrifice their own deeply-held beliefs in order to accomodate them.
        It’s another case of some being more equal than others.

        All throughout history, when a nation is dominated by all manner of immoral perversion, it is a sign that it is very close to complete collapse.

        • bob wire

          I understand Katey, many take that view and find justification for it.

          It stands to reason anything done to “advance” their position should be discouraged.

          You might call it immoral ~ where I see it as only disgusting! What ever the motives , the end results being the same.

          In any case, gay rights is finding us both a poor audience to air their “valid” legal grievances.

          It’s not within our power to change them and it not within their power to change.

          Accepting this “understanding” narrows our possibilities and options, leaving both side to realizes we are left with “how we react” being what’s left in our control to change.

          Are you or I willing to consider changes in the way we react?

          • kate8

            bob wire – I don’t want to change anyone. In fact, when I was younger and more socially involved, I had friends who were gay. I didn’t think much about it, as they didn’t shove it in my face or attempt to indoctrinate my kids.

            It was only when they became militant and belligerant that I gave notice to their agenda at all. Just as I have no right to FORCE them to give up who they are, they have no right to FORCE me to change.

            Everything was just going quietly along until they decided to use the force of government to impose themselves to FORCEFULLY change the rest of us. How is it that you feel that they have the right to FORCE the rest of us to change? It is this very act of militance on their part that caused the polarization of this issue. They’ve created resistance where it didn’t exist before.

            Of course, they won’t stop until they’ve crushed the rest of us, because it isn’t about acceptace, but about their agenda.

            The are, as I said, another tool of the Left, used to create upheaval and destruction of the fabric of society.

          • eddie47d

            Come on Kate the resistance has Always been there.Gays couldn’t be gay and those opposed could always tell them how sinful they were. That is why they finally came out of the closet.The left may have been more in tune in allowing them to live equally but that is what everyone wants (to live with that equal opportunity) I agree there shouldn’t be laws governing how we treat others but who advocates gay bashing? I will give Palin and Angle credit on this one and hopefully it won’t be a “leftist” issue anymore.

          • Kate8

            eddie – There is ALWAYS resistance somewhere to something. That’s just how life is. But gays have had general acceptance for a very long time. Of course you could dig to find a few who would bash them, but not society in general.

            WE can’t FORCE people to accept everything just because WE happen to like it. Nor should we. That’s where you go wrong, by promoting the rights of some over those of others.

            Nowhere is the bashing of certain groups more apparent than the attitude being promoted (by the Left – you know, the tolerant ones) toward Christians. Somehow you guys find that acceptable.

            Except that there is freedom for all, especially those with whom you disagree, there is freedom for none.

    • WhatWillAYouDoWithoutFreedom

      A person is no more bound to the gay lifestyle than an alcoholic is to booze. Its a choice, to call it anything else is a lie. To blame it on nature is a cheap way of not dealing with a mental problem. The American Psychiatric Association held that view for over 70 years, right up until the gays do what they do. Threaten the establishment to change its view or suffer their wrath.
      To many ex-gays around to give your views any credit. But of course the gay community would prefer not to talk about that. As a matter of fact what do the gays and Muslim’s have in common? Its a death sentence for those that try and leave, and if you choose to talk about it afterwards then your family could also be in danger.

      Natures cruel joke. What a laugh go have your pity party somewhere else.

  • bob wire

    The GOP is finding much to tear itself apart today. ~ It’s a good thing really, ~ these issues beg to be addresses if they take on this sense of importance.

    This inability to compromise with ideology could well be a major stumbling block for the GOP.

    The world is not now or ever been “perfect” or “fair” yet we continue to look for it.

  • kate8

    bob wire, Before you get too excited about the unraveling of the GOP, I can assure you that the Left won’t survive, either. They have been in process of decay for some time, being eaten from with by their own depravity.

    Once the opposition to evil is eliminated, evil turns on itself.

    I have to laugh when I think of the elites all gathering to the safety of their underground bunkers when all h*ll breaks loose on the surface. They will be left with only each other, and it is in their very natures to wield power and seek dominance.

    I wonder if that is where the idea of Hell being “down there” came from. LOL. I’d rather take my chances “up here”.

    • JeffH

      kate8, it’s all about the “rebuilding” process. The Dems are dropping like flies and the left is unravelling at the seams because every day people are getting wiser to the “Alinsky” type tactics.

      The conservative movement, including the Tea Party as well as the Libertarians, is have a positive influence, at least publicly, to American politics. We’re making some progress if the mid-terms and all of the Dems and Repubs that are announcing their retirements are any indication. Keep the pressure on and don’t back down.
      The best defense is a strong offense.

      • kate8

        Right on, JeffH. We’ve got them on the run.

        • JeffH

          kate8, absolutely, but it’s definitely a marathon. Let us pray and work hard so that the best “man” wins, for freedom, liberty and justice for all.

          • http://?? Joe H.


    • Papa

      The “left v right” paradigm no longer works because there’s so little difference between them. No matter which “wing” of our political party has been in charge for the last 100 years or so, government has continued to follow the same course. If that doesn’t prove they’re simply flip sides of the same coin I can’t imagine what would.

      Our constitution was devised to provide equal “opportunity” for all, not equal results, which can never be achieved. If you’re smarter than me, you’ll probably be more successful than me where “brainpower” is required. If I’m bigger and stronger than you, make it a point not to challenge me to a wrestling match. No matter how smart you are, you’ll lose.

      There always has been and always will be poor people (like myself) and rich people. There have always been sick people and healthy people, big people and little people, strong people and weak people. None of these things will ever change no matter how much we wish them to change.

      Politicians are (like the rest of us) more interested in promoting their personal success than our success. Why would anyone expect them to be different? They’re no better than anyone else, a product of their own environment, just like the rest of us. That’s why we see “generations” of politicians, just like Farmers and Merchants and Doctors and “laborers.” It’s not lack of “opportunity” that keeps them where they are, just lack of any real desire to be or do something different. They’re comfortable where they are, doing what they’re doing, and so they continue.

      Until we learn that “success” in whatever we choose to do is our own responsibility, and quit expecting “government” to smooth the path before us, we’ll always be disappointed and never be successful. The same is true whether we walk in the “left” or the “right” rut of some road laid out by others.

      Forget the road designed by those who would control us, and strike out on your own. The sooner we all learn to do that, the sooner our problems will be solved…

      • Kate8

        Papa – Our children are being discouraged from excelling, lest it might make others feel bad. We are all being relegated to the lowest common denominator.

        You are right. We all have our strengths and our weaknesses, because we are all individuals. That’s how things were meant to be.

        When people no longer strive for excellence, they become sub-standard. This makes them more easily controlled.

        • http://?? Joe H.

          nothing could prove your words more than to look at our educational standing in the world!! We are dropping faster than we can correct!!

  • DaveH

    The Republicans are proposing $61 Billion in Budget Cuts for 2011. That’s out of a $3.6 Trillion Budget. Whoopee. Cutting to the bone they are. That’s a joke.
    When are you Republican lovers going to face up to the fact that they love spending our money almost as much as do the Democrats? We can’t count on Republicans to shrink our Government.
    Vote Libertarian for Individual Liberty, Personal Responsibility, Free Markets, and Limited Government (at all levels):

  • Earl, QUEENS, NY

    I also read about this on (Conservatives Protest Homosexual GOProud’s Presence at CPAC Monday, February 14, 2011). Among other things, I read: “….Jimmy LaSalvia, executive director of GOProud, said God created him as a gay man.”

    The best we can do is pray for LaSalvia, that he will contact a group like Exodus International and realize that he’s been duped by Satan (if he believes God created him that way). On the other hand, it’s admirable that he speaks in favor of limited government and personal freedom. We know that BHO and his politically correct democraps are the opposite, besides being more pro-LGBT than the GOP. As always, I must say this is no reason to abandon the GOP or CPAC. I have to agree with Sarah Palin – that there are more important issues to think about as we approach the 2012 election. Think about it – Satan lies and corrupts all good gifts from God. Do you have any doubts that Satan’s favorite party is today’s morally bankrupt Democrap Party??!!

  • JeffH

    After doing a bit of research, I’m sure that GOProud was created because of the hypocrisies taking place within the Log Cabin Republicans. I haven’t found any leftist funding for GOProud yet.
    In case anyone is interested, here’s the link.

    • Kate8

      JeffH – I just watched a movie called “The International”, with Clive Owen, about how the banksters control the world. Have you see it?

      Chilling, and all too true.

      • JeffH

        Kate8, I haven’t seen it yet…I’ll have to look for it and watch it.
        The new one coming out soon with Matt Damon called The Adjustment Bureau looks interesting too, although Damon is one of the hard core Hollywood libs.

        “It’s a movie about fate versus free will and what happens if you thumb your nose at fate.” “the agents of Fate itself” are against the pairing of Damon as the ambitious politician and his ballet dancing fiancé and will do everything to keep them apart. It’s the message that others can and will control your fate that seems so familiar and intriguing.

        • Kate8

          JeffH – I’ll have to watch for that one. Thanks.

          I’ve noticed that there are some libs, especially the ones who actually investigate, who are getting what’s going on with the NWO and global politics. Of course, they have their own take on it, and may not always make the Obama/Clinton link, but all things in good time.

          You wouldn’t think people could stay clueless forever. But then, what do I know.

  • James

    The reason Gays are shunned isn’t because of their political persuasion it’s because most Americans still view their homosexual acts as crimes, and biblically, even as capital offenses. For most American Christians, that belief will never change.


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