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Androgen Blockade and Prostate Cancer

August 3, 2009 by  

Androgen Blockade and Prostate Cancer

Androgen blockade is a term used when there is a diagnosis of prostate cancer. It is generally accepted and widely done by "orthodox" medicine.

This procedure is the killing of all male testosterone production relying on the foolish notion that testosterone promotes or causes prostate cancer.

Now, as you would expect, the word is coming out that this procedure causes heart attacks.

Anybody who knows anything about male testosterone would be adamantly opposed to androgen blockade.

Even in Germany they are using androgen blockade on male prostate patients.

I went to Germany a few years ago for a radio wave procedure for benign prostate hypotrophy (BPH) and I almost forfeited my trip because the "alternative" Germans were insisting on androgen blockade. It seemed they thought that if one had BPH, there was prostate cancer.

I did, at the 11th hour, get them to call off androgen blockade before I left the United States for Germany. By the way, their radio wave procedure was very successful, giving me relief to this day. You can contact them at: Phone 011-49-8061-435, via the internet at or by email at They are part of The Cancer Cure Foundation. A U.S. number for The Cancer Cure Foundation is 800-282-2873. They can be accessed via the internet at or by email at

In the U.S., prostate cancer means that a male is limited to three options. They are, of course, surgery, radioactive implants or androgen blockade along with anti-hormone (testosterone removal) or doing nothing. Unless a prostate cancer is fast growing, you will probably die of old age, not cancer.

Proton Beam Therapy is now being used with the technology to focus and pinpoint the beam to deliver maximum radiation. "Orthodox" procedures here listed are, for the most part, far worse than the prostate cancer. There is potentially a long list of debilitating side effects as thousands of men have found.

You can almost count on impotence, incontinence and death, in many cases.

Like every other health problem, prostate cancer originates because of a deficit of omega-3 fatty acids. I am convinced that every male should, at an early age, start on omega-3 fatty acids for prostate health and cancer prevention. Omega-3 fatty acids are necessary for healthy cell membranes and to transport calcium (lactate) into white blood cells, where it is used to support cell motility and phagocytosis.

Essential fatty acids are very, very important for the proper functioning of the immune system. There are many combinations of omega-3 fatty acids that include EPA, DHA and omega-3 fatty acids. Cod liver oil is a basic supply of these nutrients.

Incidentally, cervical cancer, or the prevention of cervical cancer, requires the same omega-3 fatty acids plus calcium lactate plus vitamin C complex (Cataplex C).

An excellent prostate formula for cancer prevention: Di-indole methane (DIM) splits off estrogen into weaker forms stopping the growth of cancer cells.

I also take a fantastic supplement for the prostate as well as Cataplex F.

What about testosterone, that elixir of life that most all of "orthodox conventional" medicine wants to kill?

You know, this murder of testosterone reminds me of the Civil War when doctors would bleed wounded soldiers. They would set up shock and the poor soldier would of course promptly die. If there is anything worse than witchcraft, it would have to be "modern medicine."

Men, and ladies, too (ladies use 1/10th as much), you should protect your testosterone in youth as much as you can, even as I do, supplementing with natural testosterone from your compounding pharmacy. Get the topical cream. Doctors invariably confuse natural testosterone with synthetic testosterone drugs (anabolic steroids) often used by athletes. They just can’t get over it.

Why, my friends, does God load young men with testosterone?

I quote from the book, Maximize Your Vitality and Potency by Jonathan V. Wright, M.D., page 119:

 "Testosterone is a primary factor in the health of the heart and blood vessels.

“Since testosterone levels decline with age, restoring testosterone (and DHEA) to youthful levels can yield significant health benefits, including protection against the various manifestations of atherosclerotic disease.

“Applying the natural testosterone hormone does many things for the vascular system.

  • It reduces the tendency of blood to clot. (Sludging and clotting increases with age.)
  • It reduces cholesterol and triglycerides.
  • It reduces blood glucose levels.
  • It decreases visceral fat mass."

I can’t recommend Dr. Jonathan Wright’s book enough. All should read it—it takes off the blinders of conventional medicine. This book can be bought from or 1-800-851-7100.

Bob Livingston

is an ultra-conservative American and author of The Bob Livingston Letter™, founded in 1969. Bob has devoted much of his life to research and the quest for truth on a variety of subjects. Bob specializes in health issues such as nutritional supplements and alternatives to drugs, as well as issues of privacy (both personal and financial), asset protection and the preservation of freedom.

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  • Felix

    Most doctors, I talked to about Testosterone treatments scared me with cancer, but more and more people and doctors are talking about Testosterone deficiency in older men. I am trying to get as much truthful information as possible. What would be a good source of this kind of information?

    • George Moore

      Why not follow Bob Livingston’s advice and get Dr Jonathon Wright’s book. When we use our own common sense, we know instinctively that men “in their prime” are those between 18 and 30. All of the degenerative diseases whether it’s heart disease, obesity, insulin resistance and others all begin as hormone levels decline. Older men that are healthy and in good physical condition have hormone levels more like younger men.

  • gary l. saunders

    I appreciate the info on prostate cancer and can back up info on the radiation as a close friend of mine had 44 straight “R” treatments which killed the prostate cancer but left him incontinent and he later died of bone cancer. I have been on Saw Palmetto for 20 years and never have to get up in the middle of the night or morning for the bathroom. I am 69. I am also on Ester Omega 3.

    • s c

      Good for you, Gary! I am very sorry about your friend. Americans are realizing that the AMA is the drug cartel’s #1 hooker. MDs need to choose between real science and AMA/FDA/drug cartel ‘$cience,’ and abandon the AMA/FDA/drug cartel. Then MDs can do the right thing [honor and follow the Hippocratic Oath], and not concentrate on making easy money and decimating the wealth of their patients. As you probably know, typical prostate care amounts to an American version of a Nazi concentration camp. That cut, burn and poison approach will not work. Those who crow about America having the ‘best medical care’ in the world live in a dream world. Like it or not, it will take more than good intentions to get and keep quality health care (and our ‘friends’ in Washington are not listening).

  • Eric g

    I even suspect the mainstream medical establishment is behind all the opposition to socialized medicine . The republican party seems to have joined in telling us how poor service we are going to get , and how the government is going to deny us medical care . How evreybody from Canada and mexico wont be able to come here anymore . . Last year seems to me ,we were going to canada and getting our prescription filled becuase the same drugs were priced much cheaper in Canada and Mexico . Full retail price was much lower in both countries than drug companies charged drug stores wholesale here . Drug companies have agreed to charge low prices here to for people that qualify . The medical establishment likes the way they have it . And they want to keep running the show like they have been .
    I’am perfect;y willing to try some changes

    • Mike


    • BURNS


      • charlie

        I fully agreed with the person who wrote the reply 1.7 million Canadians that do not even have a doctor, and they have lotteries to see if they can even get in to see a doctor that why they come here for their medical treatment if you want to look at a government run health care look at any VA hospital that what you will get if you can get in to see a doctor.

  • Eric g

    I’am wondering if anybody ever tried back flushing the prostate with hydron peroxide . Caution only 2 or 3 % H2O2

  • Herman King

    I don’t trust the FDA but there should be some oversight of “alternative medicine.’ It is always promising to cure you but you must buy a book or subscribe to an expensive “newsletter” to find out what the “cure” is. Then there is the disclaimer which in essence tells you everything the alternative doctor just told you may be a lie.

    • Karen Owen

      I have to agree! I could NOT in all good concience “charge” people to obtain my information “if” I found a “cure” for cancer. Shame on anyone who would(personal greed over compassion…how sad). I’ve spent mths at Moffitt Cancer Center w/my dad and after seeing what ppl go through (young and old) I would GLADLY GIVE any help info freely. My “reward” or “paycheck” would be helping others and that’s good enough for me.

  • Stan

    (1) Thanks for this article, Bob. Very helpful.

    (2) The more I read in the matter of western medicine, the more I see, and shake my head at, how far off base these allopathic practitioners have gotten, in their over-reliance on the goodies of the drug industry. They need to have been tagged ‘out’ long ago. And a lot of them have come to know that for themselves. Jonathan V. Wright, for one. And Dr. James P. Carter for another ; author of ‘Racketeering in Medicine: the Suppression of Alternatives’. As for those alternatives, another good source of complementary-based information is the Health Science Institute.

    These people are giving ‘medicine’ its good name back. And not before time.



  • R.D.Cessna

    I was diagnosed with prostate cancer 4 yrs.ago.I had my prostate removed along with 20 lymph glands.Cancer was found in one of the lymph glands.My urologist put a female hormone implant in my arm.This was supposed to kill off any remaing cells.The implant was good for a year.5 mos.ago my psa was a 2.0 I’m seeing an Oncologist now, hoping he will be able to locate the cancer.Bone scans,C.T., with contrast has not made it visible to see where the cancer is.I’m really confused with all the negatives on treatments for both conventional medicine and the Holistic approach.Who’s word can you trust and is there reliable,truthful information that can be documated ? Please advise and thank you for listening..

  • Jacobite

    I believe another preventative is selenium, heavy doses of which are found in brazil nuts.

  • Annie

    I think you are right on with this kind of thinking. When i worked as a nurse i would tell people, if they asked, if the therapy was worst than the disease…and it is very usually the case. Paper money, greed, and the pursuit of wealth is often behind these torturous ‘therapies’, but not always, the road to hell is paved with good intentions.
    ‘Doctors’ have been removing mammary glands with knives since the 1700′s, no anesthesia back then. They thought this was the only way to save the woman’s life…
    i’d have stuck with prayer, and i still think it beats most of the therapies modern ‘medicine’ has to offer.

    • http://ToAnnie,theRN R.D.Cessna

      God bless you for your honesty.My x wife who was a good nurse,always said,” If you have a question about what doctor to see or a treatment.ask a nurse”.I believe that 100 %.

  • Eric g

    What we eat has a lot to do with our health , believe it or not . Yes Seleinum , vitamin A ,d, ,zinc . I would try Johnathan Wright , or any good Alternative doctor treatments , such as cottege cheese and flax oil , plumgranite juce . I would not reject mainstrem medicine , But I would prefer to go into remission with alternative treatments . I would use the AMSA test as well as psa to check on witch direction we are progressing . I would not get too upset , becuase we are all for heading for very bad times , maybe quickly now . My neihbors mainstream doctor prescribed many alternative treatments , that could have helped . My mainstream doctors dont have any faith in vitamins ,or the amsa test . Sad to say I dont have any faith in them . But we are friends and I seek their advice . I had a psa of 20 , but I laughed when my doctor said he was more worried about himself than me . he had a psa of 3 somthing . O.K I said good all I have to is watch you . And sure enough had cancer and I did not . or so I know of . I think we all have cancers and declining situations after certian age .

    • R.D.Cessna

      Thank you Ernie..I will definitely read Dr.Wright’s book.

  • The Insurgent


    It’s one of the world’s most powerful cancer cures, according to research by Jim Sheridan, a scientist at the Detroit Institute of Cancer Research. Its cancer-killing ability was first discovered by Dr.Otto Warburg a dedicated follower of Adolf Hitler and Nazi Germany. Recently discovered documents and confidental files revealed that Hitler’s Germany was ready to treat patients with cancer-killing dopes as the test results were 100% positive!
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    By now you probably know that when chemotherapy kills cancer cells it also destroys healthy cells. It’s why cancer patients get violently ill after treatment. But this liquid kills cancer cells without harming healthy cells. Patients feel just fine during treatment. How it works is truly remarkable…

    Cancer-killing breakthrough wins Nobel Prize
    The cells in your body need energy in order to survive. Healthy cells gobble up oxygen to make energy, but cancer cells gobble up sugar. Scientist Dr.Otto Warburg discovered this and won the Nobel Prize in 1936, in the same year of the Berlin Olympiade.
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    • everett

      this is obviously a promo add to sell that book and sell protocel….

      … sounds too conviently self serving for the protocel people

      … wonder what the Real true is

  • stan

    Where can get information on this German liquid cancer treament

  • Tino Venturi

    I would love to riceive this valuble information or how to get it


  • Tino Venturi

    great information i would love to know how to get the formular

  • John H.

    I found this article to be EARTH-SHAKING, important, relevant, timely and EYE-OPENING. I found answers to the inquiries about: Where to get the PROTOCEL, where to find MORE INFORMATION… etc.

    I Googled “protocel” & found tons of links, but the one I found most informative, “user-friendly” and helpful is:

    Persevere in your search, and you’ll find help.

    By the way, I’m a 68 yr old man, and had a biopsy nearly 10 years ago, and was diagnosed with: Adenocarcinoma, Gleason’s 6 to 7. A friend recommended to me, then, Dr. George Malkmus. He’s a Baptist minister who was diagnosed with baseball-sized Colon Cancer, and was given the doctor’s typical urging of “Cut, Burn & Poison.” He refused, consulted an older friend who was known as a “Health Nut” and this man, Lester Roloff, told him to quit eating any meat or animal products and sugar, and take Carrot Juice & Barley Green 4 to 5 times a day, each. In a short time he was well.

    I decided to follow Dr. Malkmus’ routine, and I did it for a whole year. I beat the Cancer (with the help of The Good Lord), and that was 10 years ago.

    Dr. Malkmus now has a Health Retreat, called Hallelujah Acres, near Shelby, North Carolina. I’ve never been there, but I’ve been to his seminars… He is in his late 70′s now, and when he’s introduced to speak… he sprints down the aisle & JUMPS up on the platform with one leap… maybe 3 to 3½ feet high! He is spectacular… and he saved my life! Check him out at:

    Good luck to y’all… Semper Fi!

    • Karen Owen

      Tanya does not “profit?” Then the e-book is “FREE?” Not according to the email I was sent ($26.95). Makes ya wonder doesn’t it?

  • John

    Be cautious. Wait until Bob Livingston makes a review of this first.

  • Steve

    I am 68, dx’d with pca 3 years ago. I had a psa 6.6, gleason 6/7. I just completed 39 treatments of proton (hydrogen nucleus) therapy in June of this year and am not impotent or incontinent (so far). I had only few side effects during treatment and would recommend this treatment over surgery or regular (photon x-ray) radiation. I would, if living in another country and/or my insurance would pay, investigate HIFU (high frequency ultrasound) which is repeatable since ultrasound damage is not accumulative. I took lots of selenium before being diagnosed. I recently read that men react differently to selenium. Twenty-five percent are benefited by selenium but for 75% of those who already have pca – selenium actually worsens pca and makes cancer more active. It all depends on a certain gene. Before taking therapeutic doses of selenium, it would be wise to test if you have that gene. In most cases, pca should not be treated at all. Over 65, psa less than 10, and gleason 6 or less – the chance of dying of pca is 7% – about the same as the population in general. By 100, every male probably has some pca. That doesn’t mean you will die from it. I probably should have tried some “alternative” treatments instead. But proton therapy is probably the most accurate of “orthodox” treatments with the least side-effects. A 45 year old man with aggressive pca should be aggressively treated. An 85 year old man with indolent pca probably should do “watchful waiting.” I was in the middle with moderate risk, so I had to make a tough decision. So far, so good.

    • stephen

      wondered how you are currently doing regarding any impotance or incontinent, also could you share with me where you received your treatment

  • Chuck

    This sounds like something that millions of peoople need. Experts say that more people with cancer die from chemotherapy than from cancer. It is not effective in most of the cancer.

  • Dave

    Just leaving this reply to see if this is legit? Many scams are obvious because they seem to offer feedback but when you go to add feedback it is usually closed or non-existent with false non active web page buttons. So here goes!

  • libertytrain

    dave – looks like you now can see that this is a really legitimate site.

  • rogerscottq

    I suspect every new AD that promotes something but withholds the name or scientific provenance giving only hints like “non-toxic liquid” and a slew of first-name ‘testimonies’ but not a single scientific paper. This ‘miracle’ depends on ponying up 30 bucks for a book. So, they’re not ‘sharing’ anything here. That is advertising. The resolution of all cancers depends foremost on the digestive system.

    Roger Cathey
    Robert Cathey Research Source
    Science Writer for Cancer Cure Foundation

  • Bennie Cremer

    I’ve had some excellent results from a thing called Natural Energy Max, It did take some time but I think this is always going to be the case with legal products. Since utilizing it though, the results have been steady and I’ve really gained from it. They’re offering a free trial currently so it’d be a good time to check it out.

  • rogerscottq

    Okay, again, it is a matter of ‘product’ and ‘purchase’ versus simple faith in one’s own body.

    Well, if anyone wants to continue living in a form of contrived outer control of something that
    would take place without anything but apetite: you go do that.

    Don’t complain your ass off anywhere when your dear body doesn’t properly respond to the promises
    your ‘gods’, those dumb-ass doctors throw up their hands, and profer to you or your heirs: hospice.

    Then ‘idiot’ will become most meaningful, as you name yourself so. Having divested body of all
    power in favor in the sugar-pill called ‘medicine’ and ‘health-knowledge’.

    Great! We know how many ‘immortal’ ‘doctors’ there are out there.

    Yippee! Now: let’s all die with dignity after depriving our heirs of their smittance ’cause, most
    of what he had is in the hands of other fools who lived the good life at our expense!


  • http://N/A Changez Nizamani

    Dear Sir;
    I am working on Cancer Research
    My research says that Cancer is making dryness in our body.
    But Cancer is infect our blood and making dryness net in our body.
    So We Control dryness in our blood.
    I have procedure to control dryness in our blood but i need some information if anyone help me in this issue then contact with me
    I ask one question that is why Blood Group are differ from each other
    why we can not give blood to other blood group?


    Best Hope
    Changez Nizamani

  • Mike

    Howdy very cool site!! Man .. Beautiful .. Amazing .. I’ll bookmark your web site and take the feeds additionally?I’m satisfied to search out a lot of helpful information right here in the publish, we need develop extra strategies in this regard, thank you for sharing. . . . . .


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