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And They’re Off!

January 5, 2012 by  

And They’re Off!

Conservatives have a tough road to plow. Unlike their liberal counterparts, the conservative movement allows independent thought and expression. Thus, conservatives engage in much more protracted disagreements over direction and outcome than the noisy-yet-ideologically-monotonous liberals. Of course, the Democrats may bicker, fight and even threaten each other over personality, but there is little ideological heterogeneity in the Democratic ranks. Those who stray are either marginalized or simply ejected. Ask Zell Miller, Joe Lieberman or about six dozen former associates of the Clintons. Actually, ask Miller or Liebermann; those Clinton associates seem to have… er… gone missing. (They said they were going to take a quick stroll through Fort Marcy Park. I’m sure they’re completely safe.)

Conservatism not only allows but encourages everyone to blaze — or in the case of liberals, refuse to blaze — their own trails to political enlightenment. Because of that, the race to the Republican Presidential nomination has been much deeper and more spirited than the 2008 Democratic race. Of course, the Democratic contenders four years ago offered all the philosophical diversity of the Women’s Studies Department at Berkeley — although one (Congressman Dennis Kucinich) set himself apart from the pack by boasting of his experience with space aliens.

“Close Encounters of the Liberal Kind” aside, it’s worth noting that Mitt Romney eked out an Iowa victory by eight votes — give or take a hanging chad or two — over former Senator Rick Santorum. Therein, however, lies the proverbial rub. Because conservatives are such a variegated lot, the possibility looms that some of the candidates (here’s looking at you, Newt Gingrich) will extend their campaigns or even step out to third-party status. Such long-term division would create a split movement, hike expenses into the stratosphere and allow the billionaire- and Wall Street-funded Barack Obama machine to further coordinate the game plan (and sweep more than a few scandals under the rug).

As of Wednesday morning, the caucus goers/voters of Iowa have pulled the curtain on the first marquee performance of the 2012 floor show. Romney is carrying the lead fan, with Santorum and Congressman Ron Paul close behind him. Romney’s homeboy status in New Hampshire (he governed neighboring Massachusetts and is a part-time resident of Wolfeboro, N.H.) indicates a Granite State smackdown by Romney, raising the very real possibility that he will run the table to the nomination.

While such an outcome is far from ideal for true conservatives and Constitutionalists, it remains not only possible, but likely. Of course, the big question is hardly settled. In 2008, Iowa was no bellwether, with Mike Huckabee taking top honors in front of none other than Romney. In fact, the eventual nominee — Senator John McCain — finished fourth, behind even Fred Thompson, who campaigned with all the vigor of an OWS protester on bath day. Romney may be the clear favorite, but Santorum and Paul show no signs of slowing down. In fact, the Democrats have deployed their corporate media in an all-out assault, including liberal sock puppet Alan Colmes’ shockingly Bill Maher-esque mockery of Santorum’s tragic loss of a child. Gingrich’s fortunes have waned of late, but he’s still the front-runner in South Carolina and Florida. Texas Governor Rick Perry remains in the mix. Lest I forget, Jon Huntsman is still pretending to be a Republican. Congresswoman Michele Bachmann suspended her campaign.

We must ask ourselves what we’re prepared to sacrifice in the coming weeks and months. We must face the fact that our preferred candidate (whoever that might be) may be jockeying for the U.S. Naval Observatory. If Romney grabs the brass ring, are conservatives willing to forgive his myriad flaws to oust Obama and his increasingly brazen accomplices? Even if we do, do we believe we can heal the party’s leftward limp? Or do we peel away from our flagging centrist brethren to build a new party structure, knowing that in doing so, we might be guaranteeing another four years of Obama’s profligate cronyism?

The hard questions race toward us. Conservatives must make hard choices in 2012. At least we still can.

–Ben Crystal

Ben Crystal

is a 1993 graduate of Davidson College and has burned the better part of the last two decades getting over the damage done by modern-day higher education. He now lives in Savannah, Ga., where he has hosted an award-winning radio talk show and been featured as a political analyst for television. Currently a principal at Saltymoss Productions—a media company specializing in concept television and campaign production, speechwriting and media strategy—Ben has written numerous articles on the subjects of municipal authoritarianism, the economic fallacy of sin taxes and analyses of congressional abuses of power.

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  • cawmun cents

    “Gee Wally,I didnt see that one comin’.”
    Signed,-Joe McCarthy

  • FreedomFighter

    Globalist power structure to population, you can pick to be president from the following:



    Obama, Hillary

    Laus Deo
    Semper Fi

    • eddie47d

      I guess we’ll have to go with Obama then or Paul because the rest of the pack is sadder than a wet puppy dog.

  • Bruce D.

    You can pick whoever you want to be President. The problem is not so much with the globalist as it is in getting enough people to agree with your pick.

  • Gregory A. Hession J.D.

    Mr. Crystal:

    No matter who is president during the next term, it is likely that a major economic crash will occur. It would be better if the blame were affixed on the real culprit, namely big-government liberal policies which were advocated by an identified liberal like Obama, rather than blamed on a pretend, misidentified “conservative” like Romney.

    I don’t want conservatism to get falsely blamed for the mess that liberals like Obama and Romney have wrought.

    I’m in Massachusetts and lived here during the Romney debacle, where he raised taxes, advocated gay marriage, instituted RomneyCare, etc. As the saying goes, there is not a dime’s worth of difference between soulmates Romney and Obama.

    • Alex

      That J.D. could not possibly mean ‘juris doctor’ or whatever it is a law degree appends to your name?

      If you ARE a lawyer, how can you not see that the Constitution allows for Gay marriage? Have you ever read the stupid thing?

      • fedup

        The Constitution says nothing, for or against homosexual relations- just like abortion-it’s not the federal governments job to police. It is for the state, county, town to decide. The feds have waaayyy overstepped their boundaries on so many issues its not funny. Same goes for religion, the feds should not get involved in any religious arguments, affairs,ect,ect. Prayer in school is a personal choice. Freedom of religion gives us that. Thats why we need to get the federal government back into its constitutional chains. It has been running rampant the last 80 years or so and is devouring rights and liberties at an amazing rate. Gotta get it back in its cage people!!!!

        • Art

          Constitution was devoured by most beloved president Abraham Lincoln and his statist/corporatist/financeurs whigs (sorry they changed the name to republicans) so its gona be 151 years this spring.

          • joe1cr

            May have started with Lincoln and the civil war, but F.D.R. and the democrats have controlled congress since 1932 till now except the years from 1996 to 2007.
            Democrats controlled for 80 years since 1932. Republicans controlled for 11 years.
            Now who’s policies and supreme court appointees are more to blame for destroying the constitution that our forefathers left us?
            The story goes that, as Franklin left the Constitutional Convention in 1787, he was approached by a
            Mrs. Powell, who asked him, “What have you given us, Dr. Franklin?”
            “A republic,” he replied, “if you can keep it.”


        the bible says it and our country was based on the bible from our finding farhters of this country like abraham lincoin please obama dont combare your self with lincoin its shows your igronace and proves your a liar. you dont have anything in common with lincoin. licoin was and is a very smart believes the bible and always done the right thing for amaerica. you do not not even close. you made us go into debt not bush you.your were supposed to end the war with iraq which you did i guess but what your hinding is that you have 2 million soilders around iran and fixing to go to war with them. i agree we should go to war with iran with all their threats and they are not empty threats ron paul they have nuclear weapons underground, but thew problem is mr obama your doing this for your sake so you wont go out of office. if no one know this its is very rare that a president switch can be done in a middle of a big war, which were we are headed to www 3. i know this because of the bible its all headed to the antichrist and one world goverment which wil;l bring the end of this world.


      first i disagree their is alot of difference than romney and obama, while they some simular. but with the simuilar romney is such a better president than obama, first romney wont abuse the power that obama using in office,romney will defend isreal unlike obama, romney is a us citzen, obama is not this been proven many times.obamaspent more than bush and clinton and every president combined. look this is not a repbilcan or democrat president election we have to get that evil out of our country obama and his belieifs. like marraige is between one woman and one man period, no more abortions allowed some exceptions like rape etc. like santorum says this people need to be put in jail for breaking the bible rules which was our country was founded now because of this were under a curse of the law. but by the way i am a santorum supporter donar and hoping he will be the gop candiate and our next president because of his family values and hard work. we need that back in america.but i have no problem with romney and voting him in for president and i will if its him between obama.lets get this country back like it is used to be vote for santorum and/or romney

      • John Lilleburns ghost

        Your posts seem to be a deliberate attempt to parody an illiterate conservative ” hoom skooler”. Make less mistakes, currently its too obvious and spoils the joke

    • karol

      Romney a conservative,thats a bit of a stretch!Dont ya think!

  • Doc Sarvis

    No matter if it is President Obama vs. Romney or any of the other Republicans the REAL important fight(s) is in congress. Congress, with an historically low approval rating, is where the real hope and change lies. Whichever of the relative centrists wins the presidency (President Obama or M. Romney) the congressional mix will be very important for the next four years.

    • Capitalist at Birth

      Obama a relative moderate? Surely you jest.

    • Free Mind

      You are always babbling inaccurate statements which never have anything to do with the article.
      You continually demonstrate that you are an Obama supporter and have no grasp on the issues. Shouldn’t you be reading Amy Goodman?

    • Michael

      How discouraging is that? The mighty US Congress, to include the vaunted “leadership” of Boehner, et al in the House has accomplished absolutely nothing in the past year. Do you expect things to change after the ’12 election? Unfortunately, I do not.

      • http://none Halbyf1

        I Consider Myself A True Conservative , But I Also Realize That I May Not Agree With Everything The Nominee Does , But I Am Also Smart Enough To Know If I Consider Voting For A Possible Third Party Candidate , I AM GUARANTEEING OBAMA ANOTHER FOUR YEARS OF HIS DESTROYING OUR COUNTRY !! Think About It Before You Vote !!

        • WickedPickle

          So it’s a “damned if you do”.. “Damned if you don’t” or a , “Damn it all anyway” voting Philosophy..?

    • Doc Sarvis

      If you think President Obama is a liberal it is you who is mistaken. A liberal president would never have continued the tax breaks for the rich, would never have continued the war in Afghanistan, and would never have ordered the “kill” operation on Osama bin Laden. A liberal president would not have compromised with conservatives to get the health care act weakened or let the financial sector off the hook after pulling our economy into a tailspin.

      • Alex

        You are correct, Doc.

        President Barack Hussein Obama is no more or less than another Capitalist.

        Socialist? God I wish he were. Socialism is the Light of our Human Future!

        Marxist? WOW! And the thing is, they are not even JOKING!!

        • Darryl

          Alex is a creten!

          • John Lilleburns ghost

            As opposed to a cretin?!

      • Brad


        He will if he has a larger, further agenda. He will do what it takes to get re elected. Once he gets reelected, what he does next is the question.

        • Doc Sarvis

          In other words; no different than practically any other first term president.

      • Brad


        So if what you say is true than why has Romney never gotten much over 25% of the GOP vote?

        Obviously 75% don’t like him. People we better decide on one and get him a good running mate becuase life is going to get tougher and tougher if Obummer gets another 4 years. He may just get his way and become the dictator he is and a life long dictatorship

        • Doc Sarvis

          Actually, we don’t know that 75% don’t like Romney. We do know that 75% PREFER one of the other Republican candidates over Romney.

    • Darryl

      Mitt Romney has the best shot at bringing candidates along with him to capture the Senate and the White House. Romney is no liberal. He got elected in Massachusetts but that doesn’t mean he’s liberal. And, when I examined his record as governor, he was very conservative, that’s why all of you who call him a RINO are wrong.The country is right of center. An extreme right wing candidate will lose to BO, and worse, will not help bring the Senate into the GOP column.

    • steve

      Right on Doc, Obama has got to go to though, the new presidents’ first move should be to reverse any executive order he has put in. The Senate and Congress need massive change this time. A good start would be to look up anyone who voted for Obama care and vote them out. I think we also need some true Tax reform in the form of the Fair Tax which would once and for all balance the scales out there. So I would suggest you get behind The Fair Tax and candidates who will back it. IF you don’t know what it is go get the book and read it. Buy the way what is it about Obama Care that should require 16,000 new IRS agents to enforce it? 70,000 pages of entrenched tax code and counting is just plain BS.

  • s c

    A third and more practical option involves using a handful of phone books from across America. Select people who have no known Washington ties, and ‘volunteer’ them to go to Washington to do what must be done. Let the professional whiz und moaners whiz und moan. It CAN’T be any worse than what we have now, people.

    • Alex

      That, s c, is actually one of the most impractical things I have ever seen in print!

      You are kidding, right?

      • Vigilant

        Alex says, “Socialism is the Light of our Human Future!” and then talks of impracticality! What a maroon!

        • 1911man

          Very true I beleive he is blind to history, just ask the chinese peon worker how their life has been made better, look thru history and see what socialism has done for the people it has been forced upon russia germany any eastern block nations of the recent past, see all the good it did for them and then ask why they couldn’t wait for it to go by the wayside and regain their personal freedoms,or at least more freedom than they have had for decades.

      • FreedomFighter

        Socialism requires a slave class to do the work, the slave class does the work and everyone gets an equal share…except those at the top who get more.

        Poor socialist slave class is the working class.

        Socialism is rampent in America The working class or producers now pay for goverment and the 49% getting freebies from the goverment.

        Alex you be the slave.

        Until we get robots to do all the work, socialism will not work because nobody wants to be a slave. If robots were the slave class then it may work, only if we dont make the roobts to smart.

        Laus Deo
        Semper Fi

        • Jeep

          FF, I saw Terminator, and that seems to be a bad option! :)

  • Capitalist at Birth

    If Romney is the nominee, I will probably vote third party. Unfortunately write in votes are not counted in Missouri, without the proper paper work being submitted well in advance.

    • Think about it

      As will i, they say its a win for Obama, LMFAO, Romney is Obama, so is Rick Santorum, Rick Perry and Newt for that matter. Besides that, they are just puppets, the real house cleaning needs to begin now.
      And remember this Tea Party Members when you start cleaning house, Your BOY Marco Rubio voted YES on the NDAA Act.

  • http://none BAP362

    Why don’t Americans want a real conservative to straighten things out? You know, like a Ron Paul. Don’t give me that he’s a wacko or his foreign policy is dangerous. We’ve got dangerous foreign policy now, and it’s costing us trillions on our national credit card. Well, Here we go again – Romney – down the same old beaten path of Big and Bigger government. I hope at least we will get gobs more Tea party candidates to take up residency in Congress.

  • Alex

    Wrong again, Mr Crystalnacht!

    The way of the Conservative is NOT to blaze new trails. What the heck do they teach at Davidson “college”?

    It is the way of the Conservative to stick, out of fear or mental inability, to what they have done over and over,to countenance change with trepidation. Why on Earth do you think so many of the Teagaggers use terms like “take the country BACK” or “when I was a kid…”

    It is the Progressives, the Liberals, who put change into play! Who gave women the right to vote? PROGRESSIVE LIBERALS! Who gave us the 8hr work day and the 40hr work week? SOCIALISTS! Who said it is not right for our rivers to CATCH ON FIRE? LIBERALS!! Who said we shouldn’t allow ten year-olds to work in coal mines? SOCIALISTS!

    You folks need to wake up, and then GROW up—face the changing world, not with fear and hostility, but with genuine concern and at least a modicum of hope.

    The old White Estates of Amerikkka is DEAD—don’t get buried with it. Stop being so scared of everything that is ‘different’.

    One last thing that you are completely wrong about is thinking that the Left, the people you call ‘Liberals’, all think in lock-step. You obviously have no idea what you are writing about. We express a very wide variety of opinions, have different ideas of how to make this world a better place, and, importantly, we get our information from a wide range of sources—INCLUDING the Faux Noose Channel.

    Consider: Fox is constantly showcasing their ratings, which indeed put them ahead of such outlets as CNN, MSNBC, LinkTV, Current, CBS, ABC, PBS, etc. The reason they get those ratings is due to their somewhat captive audience—-Conservatives almost exclusively tune into Fox and/or Flush Limpjaw, the drug-addicted pedophile, whiile eschewing other options. That is precisely why those on the Reich Wing parrot such terms as ‘Marxist’, ‘New Black Panthers’, ‘entitlements’, etc—you can watch Fox and the NEXT morning see the sheeple pound out the same Fright Wing squawking points they heard for the firsttime the night before!

    As for the ‘Liberal Bias’ in Academia, what can I say? You just have to be SMART to be a professor, which leaves out nearly every Conservative —they just aren’t sharp enough to understand complex ideas, and thus need everything spoon-fed in tidy little morsels that are easily digested.

    Intense laboratory testing shows, repeatedly, that while the Liberal mind is wired to tackle tough and complex issues, the Conservative mind is best suited for propagating fear.

    • FreedomFighter

      Wow you shure know how to rewrite history. Biggest load of bull I have seen from you yet.

      Laus Deo
      Semper Fi

      • Alex

        Step up, Freedom Fighter—point something out, instead of just a blanket dismissal of my post. WHERE is the ‘BS’ you speak of? You see, that’s the thing—Reich Wingers get all twisted up about things, but are totally incapable of specifics.

        By the way, your use of the name “Freedom Fighter” is only ironic, right?

        • FreedomFighter

          You are the 4th, in the line to use that in a post to me. The first 3 were Eddie47, Flashy, R. Smith. You morons have got to change your playbook retorts its getting really boring to see you guys post the same stuff every time.

          Laus Deo
          Semper Fi

          • s c

            Don’t sweat small stuff, FreedomFighter. The horse’s rumps who double as retarded parrots get paid to prove their collective stupidity. It’s part of their utopian ‘social contract,’ and is the main reason why they get paid the big bucks (minimum wage).

          • eddie47d

            Never posted that to you Freedom Fighter so wrong again but does the truth hurt? SC:When I retired I was making $23.50 an hour so you are also wrong and very ignorant.

          • FreedomFighter

            hmm.. pretty sure you used the Ironic metaphore for FreedomFighter, none the less you belching Lucy scum all sound the same,

            Socialism is Eugenics, Communism is Eugenics, Marxism is Eugenics, see a pattern> You cover yourself in false piety, but always end up killing millions with your utopian dream.

            Lucy scum and tares, it ends bady for them.

            Laus Deo
            Semper Fi

          • eddie47d

            If that is true then you are no different than i41 was. False claims and lies all the time.

        • Alex

          Eugenics, Freedumb Fighter?
          Please go back to school, or at least read some books!

      • Vigilant

        FreedomFighter, it’s not even worth your time to argue with a programmed mental midget. The only thing he got right was the at long last admission that labor unions are socialists.

        • FreedomFighter

          Did I mention that I have read the book, and it ends badly for Lucy scum and the tares?

          M. Sanger is your progressive hero, a woman that advocates controlled extermination of Blacks, Indians, basically brown skin races and sterilization of whites that dont measure up.

          That is the basis of socialism, marxism and communism, you call me names? You who advocate killing billions for your utopian paradise, you who would control all aspects of life… baaa

          You want population control start with yourself.

          Laus Deo
          Semper Fi

          • s c

            You got it, FreedomFighter. I want to know HOW we can have a black prez who REFUSES to explain HOW he can smile at the idea of focused abortions of black babies when he CLAIMS to be ‘down for the struggle.’
            Margaret Sanger had an absolute HATRED of blacks. Either Obummer has serious gaps in his “education,” OR doesn’t give a damn about black babies. Oh, for ONE media journalist who has a DIME’S worth of INTEGRITY and wants America to be INFORMED!

          • eddie47d

            Your such a jerk SC. Margaret Sanger died in 1966 so go take a hike off of a short pier.There are almost no forced abortions in America if any. Women who do are having them on their own free will not forced by any government official. Maybe you should move to China where you could be more comfortable in raising hell and for once you COULD even be right.

    • 1911man

      You left out who gave us the idea of euthinizing the undesireables, who gave us eugenics, and who gets to decide who they are the progressives.

    • MJ

      Sorry to disparage your illusions, Alex. But the fact is that academics at the Univ level are generally only a bit above average, they just are persistent. It’s the real genius types who escape academia, some sooner some later. Avg PhD IQ 130, no where near genius 150+

      As for the rest of your illusions, Conservatives have explored ideas more thoroughly than the ecstasy liberals, and are faithfully retaining good ideas like Constitutionalism and building around that careful idea. Sometimes liberals manage to come up with a good idea and then it’s adopted and defended by conservatives, while liberals are off looking for ways to rob Peter to pay Paul.

      TTYL, can’t stand Faux dirty ol men, nor Flush nor other phony conservatives too gutless and lacking in principle to faithfully stand by that Constitution gem of an idea. Few in DC have that faithful stand.

      30 years of DC exposure and the most the dirty ol men can find (to hide their own sins) is a few issues of a newsletter not even written by Dr Paul and not adequately edited, letting his staff supposedly do what they were told to do while Dr Paul is taking full care of his patients and making an honest living, unlike the DC lobbyist-out-of-office. 30 years and that’s all they can find, compared to the heaps of scandals and skeletons in the closets of the handsome, soul-ugly department store dummy model RINOS.

    • 101stRECON68

      Alex, when any of you pukes use the term teabagger, I always wish you would call one of them that to their face and see how long you stay standing. Man just move on, you are wasting valuable space here.

    • steve

      the only thing that scares me is that you beleve this BS. Just show me one place in the world that it is working.

      • steve

        Just to qualify I meant that comemt for Alex

    • s c

      A, I’m sorry I didn’t see your mind rot earlier. When it comes to profs being ‘smart,’ you prove that some people shouldn’t be allowed in some discussions. The last “smart” prof I had to endure was maybe 35, and had a doctorate in Sociology. He couldn’t give me a straight answer as to why the Fed is a private corporation and why it’s so important for Americans to see the Fed for what it is (a wealth destroyer with a license to steal).
      The topic was in the frickin’ textbook, and he treated it the same way most politicians and retarded utopians do. That is, ‘some’ topics just aren’t important.
      If you dare to imply in any way that you are ‘smart,’ see how far it will get you on this website. You and your parrot bunkies may be rump sniffers and queens in your la la land world. Here, you’re just more classic examples of slaves who have no use for common sense or freedom. Whiz off, comrade.

  • MEForest

    If it comes down between Obama & Romney,,, I just wont vote

    Both Romney & Obama share the sale anti-gun / pro government healthcare mandate

    I hope Santorum gets the nomiation

    • Think about it

      Santorum ???? He’s no better than Obama / Romney, get real.
      RON PAUL 2012.

    • John Lilleburns ghost

      Santorum? Yeah we need another god botherer telling people what they can or can’t do in their own homes to their own bodies. The Guys a Muppet, fortunately a Muppett with no chance of being elected.

  • Dave

    I am a LIFELONG conservative from a conservative family, and ever since the GOP handed us McCain, my wife and I both vowed that we would never again hold our noses just to vote for “the team” because each time, “the team” turns out to be exactly like the other team. Our team (the GOP) has turned into nothing more than the Republicrat team. (A bunch of big government loving busy bodies and industrial war machine lackeys who use the American people as collateral to pay for an ever larger authoritarian police state which exists only to enrich the elite and dictate to people how to live and what to buy) Each time we elect “the team”, to go to Washington and save us from crazed, big government socialists who are out to take our money and freedoms, they instead hang out with them, loose their spine, and despite many letters and calls to congress, we still end up with things like 0bamacare and bailouts at our expense. This trend is killing our business and destroying my kids future. Literally!
    I wouldn’t vote for R0bomney if you paid me. I would however crawl through mud and near death itself to vote for A man who will abide by the constitution and represent honesty, integrity, humility, courage, and honor. And we all know who that is without me even saying his name. Nobody likes Romney, GET REAL! Stop playing games fellow conservatives and support the majority of military personnel by supporting a man who will save our constitution and get us off this road to tyranny.

  • Dagny

    The real problem for all of this division is because of the GOP is trying to force their New World Order candidates, Romney, Newt, Perry, Huntsman, Santorum down the throats of Americans…one at a time. They want Romney, the rest is all a horse and pony show to fool Americans into believing that they really have a choice in the matter, when they really don’t. Romney will win even if he doesn’t. Get used to it, because the GOP will do as ACORN does and steal the election for Romney. They are just as corrupt and underhanded. We know who the neocons are and many want no part of them. The fact that these very same new world order elitists and corrupt politicos, including the media, are willing to shred our Constitution as long as they win, proves that they really do not care about our country at all, and are just as bad as Obama. Therefore, a third party candidate(s) is/are likely. But the GOP still has an Ace up their sleeves, they will throw in Mr. Comb-over himself, the Donald, to take away votes from Ron Paul if he should decide to run as a third party candidate which right now he has no plan of doing. A Donald Trump run as an Independent will surely re-elect Obama. But, they will try to blame Dr. Paul instead. They would prefer Obama to Dr. Paul because Dr. Paul is the only real serious threat to these corrupt establishment politicos. If Obama gets re-elected, blame the corrupt GOP, the Faux News, and no one else. Many patriotic Americans are now taking a stand, they can take their New World Order globalists candidates and shove them. Many of us will write in Dr. Paul name in the ballot if he does not get the nomination because a vote for anyone else is still really a vote for the continuance of Obama policies. So, who cares if Obama, Romney, Newt, Santorum wins … no difference … nothing will change. VOTE RON PAUL 2012 THE DEFENDER OF THE CONSITUTION AND LIBERTY!!!

  • GILLYSROOMS in Australia

    The politicians of yesteryear both Democrats and Republicans still think money grows on trees when they make promises they can’t pay for except by upsetting the very voters they are seeking to appease. They much prefer to be generous with their promises and let the back office beauracats work out how to magically find the money by whatever means except higher taxes.

    The ONLY exception is DR RON PAUL who does not offer more services and yet many of you have and many others are awaking from their slumber and will be voting for him if the REPUBLICANS are smart enough to put him up. Otherwise the game is up…and OBAMA or another Republican clone is going to be your Republican choice, but Obama WILL win.

    Fortunately a growing number others are seeing the logic of Dr Ron Paul and they will vote for Ron Paul. If the Republicans choose anyone of the other do dos, then the Republican game is lost in my opinion.

    In my opinion Dr Ron Paul has the type of wisdom a wise man would gather over a Millennium and I believe the more exposure Dr Paul can achieve in the public media forums the better his chances of winning the Presidency, but the way things are currently developing he will have more Democrates voting for him than the directionless Republicans who they too dont believe in small government by choosing the flip floppy range of Republican candidates including Romney instead of the treasure they have in Dr Paul. In which case Dr Paul should go on as an independence.

  • hoser

    Mitt “the draft dodger” Romney! I’ll be making my 4th donation to Dr Ron Paul. The only “true” constitutionalist candidate.

  • Alex

    “…the billionaire- and Wall Street-funded Barack Obama…”
    How do you reconcile THAT with his “Marxist” or “Socialist” agenda?

    Can you see, now, why we laugh so much at you neo-conartists? You just don’t know what you are talking about–you just throw around terms you picked up in your day-to-day by-and-by without having a mature or real understanding of their import.

    • 1911man

      Thats easy, hitler used the rich bankers to gain total control in germany when he took over, and yes he was a socialist, thats why he called his party the national socialist party.

      • Deerinwater

        Hitler only enjoyed 28% of the popular vote and was allowed in and given title and position only to smooze this noise 28%.

        Mislabeling and deferred guilt and blame was but many of Hitler’s “TOOLS” to control people and implement his will.

        So today, you still fall prey to his deceit with reminding us what he labeled himself in some feeble attempt to make your point.

        And today, this mislabeling goes on and you seem none the wiser.

        • 1911man

          Your point is irrelevent, he was still a socialist, look at his policies, most wrere taken from the progressive movement here in the US , and he still used the rich bankers to take over the reigns of power in germany.

          • Deerinwater

            Hitler was a fascist and used other people’s naive nature to his design and true intent as it suited him. He would accept whatever label you assigned him if it served his purpose.

            There are many labels for a merciless “killer” but that label alone does not change them but only your perception of them.

        • s c

          D, if you care about accurate labels, you should call Hitler a National Socialist. He was not a Fascist. Little Benito, Hitler’s chum in Italy, was WWII’s chief Fascist (yes, he was proud to be a Fascist).
          Lenin is the ^*#+ who demanded that everyone who was not a communist be seen as a Fascist. It is an error that is kept alive by those who aren’t good at accurate definitions. This practice is not that different than utopian retards who group conservatives together with ‘Republicans,’ RINOs and neocons.

          • eddie47d

            I see SC is dancing on cow patties thinking they are stepping stones. Southern Democrats were Conservatives and formed the KKK after the war so they could continue their traditions. Then they got mad at the Liberal Democrats and became Republicans. Yet the KKK followed the Conservatives and went about their hell raising business. In other words they didn’t care which party they were in but they remained defiantly Conservative. Are Conservatives pure as the driven snow? Hardly then and hardly now and many hide under the Republican “sheet”.

          • cawmun cents

            “Gee Wally,why is it that eddie47d confuses the yellow dog Democrats of yesteryear,with the gray dog Democrats of today?”

            “I dont know Beave,probably somethin’ to do with the indoctrination of revisionist history,or some junk like that.”


      • John Lilleburns ghost

        1 – He didn’t call the party anything he joined it. He actually joined under cover as a right agent to see what it was about. Then took it over
        2- It was called the National socialists to distinguish itself from the socialists and the communists.
        3. He put the socialists in concentration camps (actions do speak louder than words)
        He was a right wing anti-semite (like many on this board)a populist who skillfully used a disasterous economic climate to play on the fears of a scared proportion of the electorate. Offering a massive influx of government spending to jump start the economy whilst providing the same electorate with a convenient scapegoat for their problems. (Sounds familar huh!)
        If he was alive today he would probably be real popular on FOX news

    • Lastmanstanding

      If you would take a moment to to actually think about it and get OUT of the left-right paradigm…you would realize that they are both the same…if you do some research you will find that they are all fascist…johnson, nixon, carter, hw, slick billy, gw and now barry.

      i didn’t forget ronny, because I’m not convinced he was one of them…i think he was onto the game…just like jfk was…Eisenhower tipped jfk to what was happening…unfortunately jfk was murdered and reagan nearly so…

      Look back 100′s of year at presidents and influential people (henry ford for one and the Tennessee valley authority) who were assassinated or attacked violently because of who and what they discovered about a certain group of powerful profiteers.

      The real truth is coming out whether you like it, believe it or ignore it…you will only have yourself to blame if you are unprepared.

      • 1911man

        Henry ford was a hitler sympathizer and wrote the forward to the american translation to mein kamph.

        • Lastmanstanding

          he also attempted to have Americans finance the TVA with interest free American money/bonds…instead of borrow the money from the bankers…they didn’t like that and sabotaged his auto and nearly killed him…and that was significantly sooner in history.

          Read Rothschild Money Trust by Geo Armstrong it was written in 1940…it sheds alot of light on what has been going on today because the same was going on then…The book also sheds info regarding fdr and brazil…much like barry and his visit to brazil last year…the book also relates info regarding Jekyll Island as later written by G.E. Griffin.

          1911 i am just like the rest, i don’t have all the answers…I just want the truth and freedom for my kids and grandkids.

    • Alex

      eddie47d is correct.

      Somehow, dunder-headed Right Wingers used faulty logic in reversing the political trends of MODERN Amerikkkan History—-yes, the man who signed the Emancipation Proclamation into law was a Republican—yes, most of the rabid White racist politicians in the South were Democrats. As eddie47d shrewdly points out, the rise of Liberal Democratic ideals left the idiot White Southern Democrats out in the cold—they all jumped the track and now the Southern Conservatives and racists are in the GOP or the American Nazi Party.

      Your Conservative history is, indeed, embarrassing so it is easy to see why you people run from it—the truth hurts quite often. Bigger, wiser people grow with the truth. Fright Wingers attempt to “protect” themselves from it…… HAAAA!!! Losers!

  • Steven Thompson

    Conservatives? Don’t you mean “Social Conservatives”?

    The only true “Fiscal Conservative” has already been identified and branded as an “anti-Semite” loon who even Newt Gingrich said, “I wont vote for Ron Paul.”

    Yes, I’ll be voting for Dr. Ron (and Rand) Paul if I ever get the chance. Ron Paul’s party affiliation doesn’t really matter to me.

    Fixing our currency, reducing our debt, repealing prohibitions, stopping our cycle of endless wars in the middle east, prosecuting banksters and corrupt politicians like Phil (UBS) Gramm, all of this sounds so fresh and noble. That said, none of this will ever happen as long as modern day republicans continue to hang with Wall Streets white-collar crooks.

    Steven Thompson, Editor
    Freedom From The Press

  • Deerinwater

    Hmm? The GOP has entered the ‘entertainment business’!

    It’s show time!

    What a line up of stars!

  • Jim

    Yes, if I have to, I will support Romney. Another 4 years of Bumbling Barack, and this nation will no longer be recognizable. HOWEVER, we need to set the table for upcoming years with true conservatives. Get them in place now. In four, or eight years, I want a series of true conservatives to choose from (maybe Bachmann can come back!) Right now, I like Perry (who has to step it up!), and Santorum best. However, the key is to groom real conservatives NOW. 4 or 8 years will come quickly. The key is EDUCATION and INFORMATION dissemination. We must find ways to do this outside of the co-opted current systems. The internet is great (thus, the attempt to shut us up with SOPA – ***please*** call your congressman and tell them to stop SOPA!), but find whatever way you can to get info out. I create VERY short flyers and leave them on mailboxes, for example. We gotta get active!

    • mrcave

      You should vote as you please. As for me, I’ll not vote for ANY candidate that supports the Patriot Act, or who voted for the NDAA. I’ll vote, and campaign against them. Republican, Democrat; liberal, conservative. . . They are the same, in the end. They lie to us, and serve the same masters.

  • http://moniquer7 Merlin

    They need to stick to the issues and tell us what their views on them are and how they would try to solve the problems rather than waste time attacking each other. Then we can decide which one we like best. I am sure that any of them would have to be better than the current disaster.

  • http://liberyalearts john p.

    I like Ron Paul he tells it like it is. but he is to old
    not only that he is a little crazy in a nice way.the
    republicans don’t really have anyone to talk about.and
    health care should not even be brought in to anything
    keep it the way it is .

    • GILLYSROOMS in Australia

      John p….you are wrong to make such an issue of an older man…RON PAUL is a treasure your dismissing so easily.. he has the wisdom one could only gather during a millenium. You should be supporting Dr Ron Paul and ONLY RON PAUL. The rest are rabble dressed up to look good in the media to trick your supporters but without substance which if you read most of the contributors in this forum are proving. Cut the others loose VOTE for DR RON PAUL.

      • Thinking About

        Being older does not make one wiser. If Ron Paul paid attention to his medical studies he would know the pressures of presidency is more than he could handle. Most important to remember the earmarks requested by Paul when he says we are spending too much money. Something stinks in his actions.

  • brian

    I am a little confused here. I have studied American politics for a long time (forgive me if I am wrong as I am from Australia) but I thought you guys get the best President that Big Business can buy. I honestly thought that all it took in Amrica to change a President was a bullet.

    • Jeep

      Okay schoolboy, your immature barb has been noted. Now toddle on back to your creepy little continent and leave your big brother to his own business.

      • GILLYSROOMS in Australia

        Brian was being very silly and he could never be a diplomat, but Jeep I can assure you Australia is not creepy. Maybe you should do a bit of real travelling outside of the USA [ a google trip wont be enough] on a real education first by going through the European countries, then bit dangerous thru Afghanistan, india, China, Japan, Indonesia…skip PNG then to Northern Territory in Australia first, then Tropical Queensland hinterland country towns [similar to most US towns] then to our Gold Coast full of tourists, then to cosmopolitan Sydney then dart over to our Barossa Wine Valley in Sth Aust then to Kalgoolie in West Australia then look at a few of their open cut mining operations then PERTH an arab like rich state built on mining wealth then back thru Adelaide to Melbourne the most liveable city in the world, multicultural, clean water, and pretty safe- no guns in hands of most of population only farmers, police and the crims of course . ah but we have financial hub Stock Exchange here too, where $trillions are traded every day in bonds and other financial securities, commodities mined in Western Australia, NT, Sth Australia and Queensland …yes those mines are making our Victoria rich despite having no industry to speak of due to cheap imports flooding in every day. A port strike would be handy to stop the cheap tellys coming in..except we only made TV’s in the 1950-60′s, no I think we only made the timber cabinets . My point is that once you have travelled the world a little and been to all the main centres in the world assuming of course that you have travelled through other parts of your 50 States, then you might appreciate what you have in your state or compare it better AND then you might be in a possition to award your ‘creepy award’ to the correct town or country and it wont be AUSTRALIA.

      • WickedPickle

        So, what are you trying to tell us Eugene? That YOU’RE opinions are the only one’s that matters?

  • Earl, QUEENS, NY

    On the positive side, the RINO Mitt-Nitwit Romney won in Iowa last night by only 8 votes. This shows how critical it is for those on our side to get to the polls – including the primaries. Our votes CAN make a difference!! And sadly Michelle Bachmann may’ve conceded as did Herman Cain. At this point it appears Rick Santorum is the next best choice who I will support for the GOP nomination. Why do so many naive on our side support a RINO like Nitwit Romney, an idiot like Ron Paul, etc.?? Get real!! Why can’t republicans learn from past errors instead of repeating them over and over again?? The GOP nominated weak moderates – Ford, Dole and John McCain in 1976, 1996 and 2008, respectively. They all lost to democraps!! To the contrary, in 1980 we nominated a bold outspoken conservative – Ronald Reagan. Although not perfect, Reagan won in 2 landslides. So why not choose a Reagan like candidate this year?? Rick Santorum and Michelle Bachmann probably fit that niche, as does Herman Cain (if we can get him back into the 2012 race). We DO NOT need RINOs like Romney or Huntsman, senile choices like Newt Gingrich, nor do we need McGovern-like nincompoops such as Ron Paul. The 2012 election is too critical to repeat the errors of 1976, 1996 and 2008. HAPPY NEW YEAR!! LET’S VOTE WISELY THIS YEAR!!

    • Ken

      Ron Paul ia a nincompoop?? I guess following the constitution makes one a nincompoop.
      Santorum and Bachman are the same old big government war mongering politicians in the likes of the Bush men. Same old story.

      • Ann Wilson Kingsley

        I must not know the Ron Paul you are talking about. I do know a Ron Paul, but he is a brilliant principled Conservative who was the only candidate to come out of the gate with a comprehensive well-developed plan for turning our country around. Vote for the Ron Paul I know!

  • jopa

    Now that Michelle Bachman is out of the picture pretty much.Is that the end of the Teabagger Party?She was like the top dog now whimpering like a little pooch when she lost in her home state and the same county that her and John Wayne Gacy were born in.Rumor has it she may quit politics altogether and teach History at the University of Minnesota.Isn’t she the one that claimed Jimmy Carter said”Mr. Gorbachev tear down that wall”?She thought he was talking about the great wall of China.

  • Robert Morrow

    I want ask all those running for Office. Just what are going to do about the all powered ruling Shadow Governments, like the FDA (Murder for corp. Profits Inc.) Did you know that the FDA rulers approved Co. like Merck to murder 60,000 with poison drug (Viozz) before it was pulled form the market and only charged with one misdemeanor. The FDA allows thousand of toxin put in the food supply. Then there is the EPA,TSA,and many other who are a governments unto themselves. Face the corrupt Politician sold us out for 30 pieces of Blood Stain Silver.

  • Robert Morrow

    Mistype on the drug, not Viozz, but Vioxx. Still it amounts to the same, for we are ruled by Petty Bureacurats and the citizens have no voice. If you do voice opposition, look forward to being investgated, property take or send to an internment camp by Presidential Order. An, if you do not think that this is possible just ask those who Roosevelt rounded up, imprisoned and stole their property for his cronys. So, I just hope that you enjoy your staff of life, BREAD, with toxins like AZODICARBONAMIDE (TOXIN FOAM PLASTIC)& that is just one to make you sick and ready for the poison drugs that will be push on you by AMA/Pharmaceutical trained Doctor.

  • Americanfreedom70

    2012 Political Reform Petition

    All public servants i.e. senators, congress persons, judges, governors, and all appointees shall from this day forth be restricted to no more than 8 years in office.
    No members of the above mentioned group shall receive compensation to exceed $60,000.00 annually.
    No public servants shall receive any insurance paid out of public funds with a co-pay of less than 50% including but not limited to premiums.
    No public servants shall receive any retirement paid out of public funds.
    No public servants shall be eligible to trade in open markets during their time in office.
    No public servants shall receive any additional funds, or other means of compensation from private individuals or corporations during their time in office.
    Housing outside of the public servants home area will be provided by the people in the form of public housing not to exceed 1500 square feet per family. Any deviation will be paid “out of pocket” by the public servant seeking such accommodations.
    Meals will be provided at public expence to include no more than 2000 calories per day of the basic staples of good nutrition.
    All special interest groups, labor unions, and corporate officials shall be restricted from any public buildings in an official capacity.
    Violations of the above binding guidelines will result in immediate termination and loss of benefits.

    • GILLYSROOMS in Australia

      Are your puvblic servants really so corrupt? If they are I agree with all/most of your suggestions except Judges need to be long term appointments so they cant be worried about their job by needing to campaigning/appeasing to their employers to make sure they can keep their jobs. Short term appointments only are only a recipe for corruption of the weak.

      • WickedPickle

        Aye, but long time appointee judges tend to become self-important sleepers who believes no matter what they do, their phony baloney job is administratively secure.. The emphasis should therefore be a set term (like eight years) then replacement per legal process as it is now (appointed).. No campaigning, no brown nosing.. This would (should) give them the incentive to work to the best of their ability (without those pesky campaigning/appeasing rituals) especially if it was also a law that they could be ousted at any time they become lax in their duties.
        And by the way, it’s confirmed: “Our Public Servants really ARE corrupt”.

    • Betty Jo

      Congress should be limited to their time in session and the laws they pass should be directly tied to the constitution. They should have to live in their own district and have a regular job. They should telecomute not be in Washington DC all the time. Their salaries and perks should be cut and we should go back to having the senators selected by the state legistlatures. (sp)

  • Ann Wilson Kingsley

    Vote for a Republican House, and retake the Senate to curb Obama, then cast a principled Conservative vote for president. Voting for a RINO Globalist New World Order Progressive same as Socialist Republican does not stop the Socialist agenda. As in the past, a RINO president will allow Obama’s Socialist policies to become entrenched, and will move the Socialist agenda forward himself. Do not vote for a Republican Obama! Vote for the only candidate who came out of the gate with a well-developed comprehensive plan to turn our country around. Vote for Ron Paul!

  • Disturbed

    They ought to start calling the Republican candidates debate the millionaire’s boys club. They keep on talking not taxing the rich, guess why, THEY ARE RICH!!!!

  • Joe Joe

    I’ll say this, if the Morons of America put Romney, Santorum, or anybody but Ron Paul in as the Repub candidate, like the whore media TOLD them to, count on Obama being president again. Romney, and most of the others, will carry the same agenda forward that Obama’s puppet master’s had him push thru (mostly illegal). The only candidate that the puppet masters do not own is RON PAUL!! WAKE UP AMERICA!!!! Quit allowing the biased whore media to tell you who the right candidate is. Get a backbone and a mind of your own! It;s our futures, not theirs. They’ll be ok no matter what, with all of America’s wealth they have stolen thus far. None of us will have a future if we do not wake up immediately.

  • Mark Lowenstein


    It appears that the RNC/GOP, with the help of traitorous “rightwing media,” is AGAIN rigging the primaries to GUARANTEE a Republinazi puppet “wins” the nomination again. The ONLY difference between Obama and Romney (or Gingrich or Santorum or Huntsman) is the color of their skin!
    If the RNC/GOP put up a GUARANTED FALL-GUY LOSER like Romney or Gingrich or Santorum, Barack Obama will “miraculously” be handed a second term – THANKS TO THE RNC/GOP!

    Dr. Ron Paul is THE ONLY LEGITIMATE REPUBLICAN CONSERVATIVE IN THE PRESIDENTIAL RACE AND THE ONLY CANDIDATE THAT CAN AND WILL BEAT OBAMA HANDS DOWN. The enemies of our nation within the RNC/GOP are again rigging the primaries to make certain a NWO party puppet candidate like Gingrich, Romney, Santorum, Huntsman, Perry get the nomination.

    REAL REPUBLICAN CONSERVATIVES, BECAUSE THEY ARE PRINCIPLED, WILL NOT VOTE FOR ROMNEY OR THE OTHERS LISTED. If Dr. Paul is, AGAIN, cheated out of the nomination, and the party betrays the core of the Republican party, We will vote for Dr. Paul, if that means writing his name in, or if he WISELY runs as a third party candidate – THAT WOULD BE THE BEST THING FOR AMERICA AND DR. PAUL AND THE CAUSE OF RESTORING THE REPUBLIC.

    Romney, Gingrich, et al are no different than McCain, or Bob Dole, or any other political fall guys. REAL conservatives are done with the RNC/GOP. We’re voting for and supporting Dr. Paul, period. The RNC are guaranteeing another GOP loss with any other candidate – We KNOW the traitorous “chemeleon” character of the other party candidates. NEVER AGAIN!

    PS: John McCain did NOT win the GOP nomination in 2008 – He was installed by law breaking and election rigging. Apparently the GOP is headed to the ash heap of history. Time for a REAL LEGITIMATE CONSERVATIVE PRO-AMERICAN PARTY!

    • Betty Jo

      Amen! i will vote for a third party this is a free country. If we pray enough and give enough money maybe we can keep Obama off the ballot in enough states to stop him cold!

  • Betty Jo

    Ron Paul is the only true conservative who is100% for America. The others are war-hawks with ties to Israel. Let Israel fight her own battles. She has the weapons and our money!


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