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An Out-Of-Control FBI

September 24, 2010 by  

An Out-Of-Control FBI

An inspector general’s report released last week says the FBI overstepped its authority in investigating left-wing domestic groups after the Sept. 11, 2001 attacks and then misled Congress about its actions, Yahoo News reports.

The report said the FBI improperly used the cover of “terrorism” to investigate a number of domestic activist groups from 2001 to 2006. Those groups included Greenpeace, People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals and the pacifist Thomas Merton Center.

The Justice Department Inspector General’s report was requested by Congress four years ago and it said the FBI classified the cases as domestic terrorism cases but had little evidence to back up the claims. The FBI then made “false and misleading statements” to Congress about the investigations, including surveillance of an anti-war rally.

Couple this with the recent revelations that the FBI essentially entrapped a man in Chicago and prodded him into planting a “bomb” near Wrigley Field and you can see that we have an FBI that is out of control.

In the age of the USA PATRIOT Act — where almost any activity from drawing a picture to making an impolitic statement to sending inappropriate emails to attending a rally can get you branded a terrorist and thrown into prison and subjected to “enhanced” interrogation (see Jose Padilla) — it’s becoming increasingly dangerous to oppose the regime in power.

Under the George W. Bush administration, left-wing “terrorists” were the enemy. The only thing that has changed under the Barack Obama administration is that now the terrorists are Tea Partiers, Ron Paul supporters and former members of the military.

Anyone who doubts we live in a totalitarian police state simply isn’t paying attention.

Bob Livingston

is an ultra-conservative American and author of The Bob Livingston Letter™, founded in 1969. Bob has devoted much of his life to research and the quest for truth on a variety of subjects. Bob specializes in health issues such as nutritional supplements and alternatives to drugs, as well as issues of privacy (both personal and financial), asset protection and the preservation of freedom.

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  • dan az

    It seems to me that the terrorist are the ones that control the citizens of this once great nation! Those who control the money control the terrorist. Homeland security is just another word for SS of the obumer regime and the FBI is the brown shirts which soros is well acustom to in his earlier years.Protection of invasion on our borders seems to be just a joke among the elite. If there is an election in November then WE need to make an example of them for the next generations to come.Lets make history that can be put back into the history books and never to be politicaly corrected ever again. We are the government and they are our employees and will be held accounted for by the people and for the people so help us God!

    • Al Sieber

      dan and SC, I agree with you both, SS, Brown Shirts, we need to add , coming to a town near you the Gestapo also. dan,in my area they are going after all public officials that ever did a dirty deed, you know the next large town west of you. all the public servants are fair game, they’re even going after the cops. I love it,the people of Mohave Co. Ariz. aren’t taking any more crap. I’ll try and find the Patriot website over here for you guys. it started here, and it’ll end here, get a rope…

      • dan az

        Hey Al
        just east of me they are also going after the cops and city officials watch the papers probably the sun well cover it.

    • TIME


      It really started many years prior, but we the American people were controlled to think that we needed more safty from something that is not really there. The Telie is the best BRAIN WASHING tool ever invented, then comes DRUGS 1 out of ever 3 people in the USA is on Prescription DRUGS. Look into Depression drugs to really start to get the picture less fuzzy.

      Thats how total control over a population’s freedoms happens.
      Its starts small, and is alledged to be for your own good, then it just gets larger and larger and before you know it, well turn on your Telie, Its here right now!

      Watch Loose Change, thats just a sliver of the cake, then look at the Nazi’s, for yet one more sliver of that cake, then all the actions of the World Bankers, and before you know it, you will see a real Cake sitting there. Just go back and look at the patterns, yes 2+2 really = 4.

      • Al Sieber

        Time, I agree. I’ve made hundreds of copies of “Loose Change” and other DVD’s and handed them out. my friend is 76 years old and he was in assisted living for a month because of a heart attack, I took a bunch videos in for the other patients to watch, now there’s a bunch of wide awake senior citizens, and a lot of them fought against the Nazi’s, and can see what’s coming.

        • Dr. Mabuse

          Big Al, you go head ol’ son. But be wary you might be accused of being a “Liberal” for passing out copies of “Loose Change” LOL !!!
          Remember, the Nazis didn’t lose the war, they just relocated. ( I cite Operation Paper Clip as my example) Dan AZ and Time are on point, but they’ve still got a little ways to go before the wool is completely pulled off their eyes. I applaud them though, they’re making significant progress. Unfortunately, (to quote a friend of mine) Its too late, the bomb has already detonated, we’re just waiting on the shock wave.

          • TIME

            Interesting that you bring up the idea that the Nazi’s didn’t loose the war.
            For anyone {Look at the NATO Symbol} then take away the outer band, and whats left?

            Strange or what a “Sun Wheel Swastika,” just like what was used on a Luftwaffe 1st model dagger, also what was used by the pre Nazi movenemt called the “Thule Society,” and even more so strange how they went and found Adolf Hitler, yet even more so strange is; oddly the same group is hooked into the Rothschild’s.

            But then too really add the touch of STRANGE, so too was Hitler, who’s real father was a “Rothchild” whom Hitlers mother worked for. Note; Hitler looks nothing like Alois Hitler his alledged father, nor any of his siblings even his sister of whom he was bopping.

            Oh and the intel on this is in the SS File noted as; Adlof Hitlers backround done by the SS in 1936 as commissioned by Himmler, go look it up in the NA.
            I may still have the file # somewhere.

            Now just how strange is that?

            Oh and strange that George Bush’s dad was a backer of Hitler’s too, so to was Henery Ford, oh and did I note so to was Dupont, GE, amoung many other companys here in the USA.
            Also note the term “New World Order,” was spoken of by Hitler a lot! Oddly so to by every American President since Woody Wilson.

            But hey why let the TRUTH get in the way.

          • Dr. Mabuse

            Time, forgive me for being late with this response…
            You are more than correct by looking at the symbols instead of the words. “They” put their agenda directly in front of us (via symbols)
            knowing that most of us are to ignorant to perceive the true meaning.
            This is part of their hubris, they have so much disdain and contempt for us. Some more symbols for you to contemplate: The Mace and the Fascii. You already realize that you’ve been predestined as a hostile… look to the so called Native Americans, Continental Army, and Viet Cong as examples of response and resistance. Its an asymetrical thang my mellow man. Inside game: Stay Tuned…

          • Anthony

            TIME —

            I do believe we need to correct ourselves.

            ….Ronald Reagan was against the New World Order – he did not champion it.

            Otherwise, …you saved me much typing. I’ve recommended this website to many people. And, you can ALWAYS TELL when the other person is scared, when they hear people speak of “real history” versus what the standard mantra is… from the state.

            The subject came up the other nite and constantly it was a repetitive, …”oh, it’s not all THAT bad. THEY won’t do those things. Ya ya, I’ve read about this or that…seen that website or the other….so what. They’re just tryin to make a buck – that’s all”. NEVER…do they provide evidence to back up their stance that WE are wrong and they have “all the answers”. That’s how you can suddenly see their swastika begin to shine….with false bravado and weak hope.

            In the end ? … I hope I’m wrong. Especially for my children’s sake. I really do hope I’m wrong. Yet, my neck constantly itches, day & nite. It never stops. And, while it’s somewhat ESP-like …I have learned that hard way that I better pay attention when it happens. I think we all have this talent somewhat – mine always seems enhanced.

            I’ve read several different independent sources that say Hitler is actually the illegitimate child ..of.. a Rothschild (whose real name is BAUER). Apparently, they like to dally with the hired help (a Maid, obviously). It wouldn’t surprise me… that’s all I say.

            One wonders if Prescott BUSH …. comes from the same stock as George Soros…. His Son, GWH Bush … is a real piece o’ work. That’s for sure. As is everyone affiliated with the FEDERAL RESERVE.

      • dan az

        Thanks I’ll check it out!

    • marcel duranleau

      Warning America. Large UN convoys trucks around the USA. Ready to let
      UN Blue Helmet walk on our soil? Ready for welcoming them?
      Look: March on Washington DC. on 10/23/10 12:00 to
      4:00PM. Bring your own birth certificate.Look
      Never trust a marxist professor.Get ready for your survival.

      • Al Sieber

        marcel, thanks for the link.

        • dan az

          Hey Al
          check this out!

          • http://?? Joe H.

            dan az,
            If any of these bleeding hearts can still say they support the muslim faith then they have no morals what so ever. They say it is just the radical muslims that do this? There must be one hell of a lot of them, even in London!!! They are the filth of the earth!!!

      • TIME

        Al & Marcel,

        The only reason’s Barry Soetoro was placed in office are the folloing and once you can grasp this then all the smaller pieces of the puzzel will make more sense to you all. let me just say I can’t put all the details dowm as its a book with hundreds of thousands of pages and we don’t have the time to argue stupid poits with stupid people who are BRAIN DEAD.

        Barry Soetoro was “placed” in office as the Progressive, NWO or Marxist or what ever you may wish to call them as they are all a means to a single end, {a single goal that has been worked on for hundreds of years,} and I do mean hundreds of years.

        #1, Barry is 1/2 White 1/2 Black thus you have a twin bid shot on this if anyone dare say anything about him you are a Raciest.
        { So it distracts the eye from the real game plan.}

        #2, Barry being placed in office then the sealing of his records was to see how far the American public could be pushed before the breaking point. They have done what they set out to do, thus Barry now has no more value to them and soon you will see him fall from Grace. { Again to distract the eye from whats really going on.}

        #3, Setting the stage, this venue has a two fold box,
        #1, New laws were enacted and your not quite sure what they are just yet as you have had no effect from them. But as his brother in arms George W. Bush set the stage for Barry Soetoro, just as Bill Clinton set the stage for George W. Bush and so on and so on.
        #2, 6 6 2006 look up George W. Bush’s speach, whats he talking about, that is other than the new world order, “ID Chipping of all Americans,” ID Chip cards. {Controling your every move.}
        Barry has worked on the same platform,
        #3, September 2001 George W. Bush set in motion the Patriot Act, 2010 Barry Soetoro kept it alive.
        Why? Its the blue print of the NWO. We are there at the door and its open wide now and they have both feet through it.
        { You all have been looking at the distractions.}

        #4, After Barry Soetoro leaves office the next President of the United States will close that door and guess what, YOUR going to be in the TRAP of the NWO. Now do you see this a tad better.

        Barry has made the Congress and Senate Nul & Void, made you all beat each other up over being a Democrat or Rebublican. Left V Right, while the NWO works behind the curtain getting the stage ready for the next act.

        Wake up People – and do some looking into this rather than just going along for the ride.
        The ride is over, “”its now or never””” and we will NOT be getting a second chance.

        You figure out whats more inportant to you, being a good little party follower, or being FREE and being an American, what one will you choose?

        • BrotherPatriot

          ^^ True dat ^^

          Many of us have been saying these very things…

          • TIME

            You know there is a statue somewhere I can’t recall off the top of my head and I have a gig so I am some what in a rush at the moment. Anyway it states what the “New World Order” will have as a 500 million total.

            Anyone can do the math, we have 330 million here, that many in Europe, a Billion in China, Russia as I recall is somewhere in the 600 million range. Then toss in South America, and Africa, and man your looking at a lot of people that have to go.

          • BrotherPatriot

            Yep…it works out to be about 12 out of every 13 humans have to die to fullfill what those Evil Guidestones say in their first line.

            Horrible that they still stand…damnit, Georgia…screw whatever revenue comes in from them…do the right thing & destroy them!

          • Anthony

            TIME —

            You are describing the GEORGIA GUIDESTONES

        • Bob

          Well said Time Most people either can’t see what’s going on or don’t want to see it. They watch too much TV and believe everything they hear. All of those TV hosts are part of the NWO to confuse the people and keep them fighting among themselves while they steal our country.

          • BANDIT

            They can have my gun when they pry it from my cold dead fingers

      • eddie47d

        Looks like Al and Marcel are now goose stepping to Pravada. They trust Putin’s government before their own. Even with all the censorship that goes on in Russia. That country hasn’t changed that much for you to be falling all over their news media. This could just be Russia stirring up trouble for their own political purposes.They’ve done it before so have fun at your Tea Party rally.

        • Al Sieber

          Yeah! eddie, I can smell your bull$hit all the way over here in Az. you must of took lessons from Joseph Goebbels, minister of propaganda. we aren’t swallowing your crap. is that the best you can do “Boy”?

        • eddie47d

          Al, Go wave your Russian flag.

          • http://?? Joe H.

            go to the site that dan az posted above and read the story about the little girls in the picture and then tell me we are all wrong. If you can, you are one sick pup!!!

          • eddie47d

            Joe, I’m sure I am more sane than you are

    • eddie47d

      Dan; Your hatred for Obama is well known but at least be more credible with the facts. The Homeland Security was a G. Bush baby. The Patriot Act was a G. Bush baby. The new Brown Shirts was “born again” by D. Cheney. Now the FBI has been pulling their shenanigans for a very long time. Go back to the Johnson/Nixon years,far worse. So I agree that the FBI can get out of control and Obama is now the one in charge but they too often go after the wrong groups. That needs to change. So this next election won’t change a thing unless you see the big picture of what has been going on forever.


        For several years I have attempted to point out to the folks who wanted to get into everyone’s business, listen to phone calls without the proper approval was going to come back and bite us. I have never understood why 24 hours to get the proper approval was bad, it did allow illegal wiretapping of innocent people and those whose comments was not appreciated by those in charge. The Homeland Security was abused by Tom Delay in trying to manhandle Texas legislation into doing what Delay wanted. This is abuse in the most severe terms. The outing of CIA employee to control the findings of her husband is an abuse. Did anyone think in a few years they would not be in power and the rules they set in motion would not be used again.

      • http://?? Joe H.

        yeah but after Nobama took over and didn’t even try to change a thing in the patriot act, it became HIS BABY!!!

      • dan az

        you still dont get.Its been going on way before you were even a mistake by your parents on night,this isnt about bush or obumer its about the men behind the curtain and what they are doing to this world!Give it a rest about the left and the right we both loose and our futures are at stake here.We are all in the same boat and its sinking fast so either swim or sink its up to you.Time is right on and Ive seen the proof years ago its all a distraction from the powers to be if you cant see it I feel for you and your family.For my self all of my family is here and very well protected we will survive whats coming.Good luck!

        • eddie47d

          You say it’s not about left or right yet you bring up “Obumer” in a derogatory light. You made it a left right issue right out of the gate.

      • dan az

        here is a site that you might be intrested in check it out!

        • eddie47d

          The left warned about the “NWO” back in the 60′s and too much government control. They warned about false wars and the government having too much power over ones’ personal lives. Not much different from what is being said today by the right. There is a common ground if you care to reach out for it.

          • Bandit

            Read Matthew chapter 24 it tells about what is to come and I quote” and you shall here of wars and rumors of wars : see that your are not troubled: for all these things must come to pass, but the end is not yet.

            Every thing that is going today was written about many many years the NWO is even talked about in the bible it is all there. The end is coming and the UN. is going to be behind it all. I say take up arms to protect this country, after all if we don’t who will, who will be left standing. We can take this government down now if we wanted to it is written about int he constitution it is called an impeachment if we all push for one this government can be put down using the law on our side along with the constitution we can prevail.

    • Pathfinder

      dan az : This may interest you. The very word, “GESTAPO” comes from a german phrase, “GEheim STAts POlizei” (Capitalized letters do not occur this way in the original phrase but have been added by me to show which parts of the words go into the new word.) That phrase can be translated as “Home State Police” or, in other words, “Homeland Security”. Thus your comparison to the SS is spot on.

  • s c

    So, what’s next from an out-of-control administration that has the services of an out-of-control FBI? For now, it’s enough to conclude that Uncle Scam has all he needs to do what he wants whenever it suits him (Security at Any Price Syndrome).
    This is a great opportunity for Herr Obummer to prove he cares about America by terminating
    the Patriot Act. However, I suspect Herr Obummer secretly admires the Patriot Act, as it gives him the opportunity to “free” his arrogance and dismantle and destroy America and do it as a ‘public servant.’
    He has so much to do and so little time to do it.

    • Robin from Arcadia, IN

      SC… Barry and company are no doubt thrilled to use the Patriot Act to promote their agenda. It makes it even more of a kick since it was passed by the Bush administration. I think he is using it to his advantage and no doubt is overstepping with it….

  • B conservative

    Sorry, can’t get on board with this outlook. PETA SHOULD be monitored for anti American activities. Their members have often put themselves above the law in their zeal to equate humans and animals. Their approach is extremely narrow minded and borders on dangerous. They should be monitored.
    Greenpeace often oversteps it’s legal bounds and is also trying to force it’s narrow minded views on others. These are both political groups hiding behind a “save the earth and save the puppies” mentality, but push to take away individual freedoms, often in a violent or disruptive manner.
    These groups are thinly veiled left wing extremist groups that hide behind questionable values to push self righteous and often arrogant views on others.
    The man that attempted to kill people with a bomb as they came out of a Dave Matthews concert is a victim in your eyes? You need to check your moral compass on this also..Had the FBI not been the ones giving him a fake bomb, we’d have had a catastrophe in Chicago. The FBI knew of his intent and did a brilliant job saving American lives..
    Now, as far as the Patriot act and the Department of Homeland Insecurity…They were formed to protect us and have been turned into brown shirt organizations by Obama. They don’t protect our borders and they appear to be encouraging foreigners to ignore our borders at this point. This wasn’t Bush’s intent and they should be stopped.
    Usually you have solid points on this blog, but you’ve gone off the reservation with this days views..

    • M Conservative

      B Conservative: I totally agree. The author misapprehended this situation big time. I was surprised he would compare the legitimate pursuit of the listed leftist fronting organizations that are a serious threat to public safety with the thugocracy’s relentless persecution of conservatives in all areas of the public and private sphere.

      Bob, please go back and think about what you wrote. I can’t believe this is really your opinion.

    • third party


      • booker


    • Bob

      Lawman I think you are very wrong. Most of the groups you talk about are controlled by the FBI/CIA to foment trouble so they can take away our freedoms. These little terrorists you talk about are actually agent provocateurs sponsored by our law enforcement.

      • LAWMAN

        [offensive word removed],READ MY POST.

    • DaveH

      Give me a break, Conservatives (really right-wingers). True Conservatives love Freedom. Lefties are easy to conquer verbally for anybody that is willing to put in a little effort and learn the facts.
      But, instead, your kind has rooted on the RINO Republicans while they grew Government ever larger into its current Leviathan state. Without that Big Government machinery already in place, there would have been no way for Obama to pull off as much as he has.
      The Liberals have succeeded in brainwashing our Youth because the Right-Wingers (who wrongly consider themselves Conservative) present themselves as a bunch of controlling bullies instead of the voice of reason. You can’t preach Freedom to anybody with a modicum of intelligence, at the same time you are taking Freedom away, and then expect them to embrace your ideas.
      I wish you guys would quit calling yourselves Conservatives, because you really aren’t. Read the Ben Franklin quote below.

      • littlelucy

        IT’S called the two party paradigm.

    • eddie47d

      M and B conservatives; Nice spin along with Bobbers who says the LEFT is a terrorist group. Another one said it’s the Liberals/communists/Islamics. There are many Right Wing “terror” groups and individuals but I’m sure you knew that. How about the John Birch Society and John McMnanus who was anti-Jew and wanted Eisenhower tried as a communist? Maybe James vonBrunn who killed museum guard at Holocaust Museum in 2009. Maybe your hero Joe Stack who flew his plane into the IRS building in Austin and killed one. John Poplawski who shot and killed 3 police officers in Pennsylvania because he absolutely knew that he was going to be put into those Fema concentration camps. How about Jerry and Joseph Kane of the Sovereign Nation who killed 2 Memphis police officers at a traffic stop. (They were scamming people on home foreclosures) They said the governments were plotting against them. Then there is Norm Olson of the Michigan/Alaska Militia who said Japan was responsible for the Oklahoma City bombing.Pretty far fetched! There’s white supremacist Larry Pratt who is a well known righty. Helps promotes Militias in America and was involved with death squads in Guatemala. Says it’s a good thing to slaughter people to get your point of view across. Barton Buhtz and Sovereign Nation member who printed fraudulent U.S. Treasury checks to buy land and pay bills. He sold these phony bills to others and said it was their American duty to bring down the government. Sold many bills to the Montana Freeman group worth $3.8 million. So who’s destroying our economy? Sam Davis of The Guardians of the Free Republic hasn’t payed taxes in 12 years,$53,000 owed. So that might please you but on top of that he has 31 counts of bank fraud and money laundering hanging over him. Outstanding American,Right? John Hassey who is an ex officer of the Constitutional Militia broke into the Alabama National Guard Hdqts. and stole numerous weapons for the cause. Another conspiracy person Ted Gunderson says there are 3,000 guillotines store in an Atlanta warehouse to be used when they open up the FEMA death camps. Martin Beckman founder of the Patriot movement says Jews are satan worshipers and the Holocaust was justified . He is also anti-tax and owes $134,000. Joe Banister of the same movement had a client of his sent to jail because he said it was right not to pay taxes. Jon Roland of the Constitution Party and co-founder of the Texas Militia Party says it’s okay to use mind control techniques to influence and change persons to his beliefs. Great guy! Then there is the Aryan Nation of Richard Butler nortorious fame. Several other white supremacists are trying to revive this group in other states. (Mullet,Kreiss,O’Brien and Linstedt are new leaders). Linstedt is a neo-nazi and Klan member and belongs to the Church of Jesus Christ/Aryan Nations in Missouri. The Hutaree Militia from Michigan and their plot to kill police officers and believes they are Christian warriors. There is also talk show host Glenn Unger who was founder of Guardians of a Free Republic who’s members plotted against all 50 state Governors. He owes $116,000 in taxes and has clients who went to jail for evasion.

      • http://?? Joe H.

        too bad your buddies M&B are the same person!!!

  • Bobber

    Left wing organizations are terrorists and should be eliminated. I don’t see the problem here.

    • LAWMAN


      • TIME


        Anyone who post on a sight like this in on the list, don’t fool yourselfs. Anyone who has an IQ above 110 is on the list, anyone who dare speak out is on the list.
        All undeployed Army, Navy, Marine, and Air Force persons are on the LIST. All police who step out of line and don’t have to stupid responces down, such as; “You don’t know that.”

        Any one who has served in any branch of service is on the LIST along with their Familys and Friends.

        Anyone who is in Jail is on the list, anyone who is on welfair is on the list, anyone in a UNION is on the list.

        Anyone who has a small business.

        Let me be very clear no less than 80% of the population of the United States is on the list.
        Can you all get your minds around that, I know its not easy but sometimes the TRUTH is harder to fathom than Fiction.

        How about a Photo light over there; its good to stop evil speeders. How about a video cam on that street corner its good to avoid crime, oh really?
        How about a satalite being able to wacth every move you make as your GPS in your cell phone is tracking you as well. Or your passport, or your car, or your computer.

        But hey thats good right? It keeps you safe from the BAD GUYS, Right?

        Its stop crime Right?

        Ok sure it will, Now Welcome to the “New World Order” and you Voted for it time after time, why?

        You were told to on the telie on your radio station, by your news papers, by stupid sound bite Intel that makes it easy for you to understand.

        So all of you pat yourselfs on the back you have done a great job to make sure you would make yourselfs SLAVES.

        Don’t worrie Hillery can make it all better, and if you believe that then I have a bridge to sell you.

        • Dr. Mabuse

          Time, u are the man !!!

        • BrotherPatriot

          One among many Patriots who speaks the truth…

        • dan az

          Its like we all woke up on the other side of the mirror.It seems that the facts will not help untill they are behind those fences.Its like banging your head against a wall.

          • TIME

            Dan – Doc – BP,

            Its very hard for folks to really get thier heads around something thats been working like a pot of Gumbo for years.
            They just toss in a new law now and then, for everyones own good, to make you all feel safe.

            Then when the someone takes a chuck of the gumbo they toss in a pound of shrimp, cat fish, chicken and Anduie, then everyone gets fat again on the mix.
            Then a new law gets tossed in the pot, to make everyone feel safe again.

            Then someones says What, this Gumbo taste funny! Then they toss in some corn and rice to make it stick better by making the sauce thicker, then a few pounds of Okra to get it good and sticky, then its hard to tell really whats going on with that funny taste.

            Everyone lives in FEAR of some made up Buggie Man.
            Thats why the Telie only gives you the really BAD NEWS so you always have that fear in the back of your mind, did I look when I left the club was someone following me?

            They had better get that special tracking Cam’s out here so I don’t get mugged or worse, and we need one at the market too, and that Tex Mex place, and over at the Mall too. Then they demand to their Rep that it be done.

            Its all about emoting the more they show of such behavior the more it feels like this could happen to YOU.
            So we should make laws to stop it before its too late, we all need to feel safe.

            I have to say I give the Progressives a lot of credit for the work product its just fantasitc, “its like selling Snow and Ice” to folks who live on the North Pole. Now thats a good sale’s pitch.

            And by the way we pay for TV it – yet it was free whan I was a kid; so now YOUR paying to have you do all the work to remove your own FREEDOMS.

            And most folks are BEGGING for it – Demanding it NOW! And the politicians are all to happy to aid you, why they get $$$$$ KICK BACKS from the very people who are making us all SLAVES.
            While the public begs for more of their freedoms and rights to be taken away, the faster the better, so we can all be safe.

            Now really can anyone say they feel safer today that they did on September 10th 2001?

            I don’t know about you, but I sure don’t like the cost of making a few pant loads think they do.

            Now talk about some really great BS story, try that on for size.

          • libertytrain

            Time – thought-provoking post – also, as an aside – I recall as a kid hearing that there would be “pay” TV in the future. I didn’t much like it and envisioned it like a box, as you would see on a pay wash machine or pay dryer, – that I’d need to put money in whenever I wanted to watch TV -

        • Bob

          They ask you for your email address when you post a comment. Then it’s easy to locate you. Google has been tied in with the CIA from the very beginning. There is a new search engine called Start

          • BrotherPatriot

            ixquick…Is another search engine that doesn’t track you…supposedly…

          • dan az

            thats the one Im on!

  • third party


    • booker

      You are correct,you summed it up in one paragraph,good insight.

    • DaveH

      That’s right. Leaders of both parties are feathering their own nests at the expense of the citizens. They are doing what leaders do best – grabbing more power.
      “The natural progress of things is for liberty to yield and government to gain ground.”
      Thomas Jefferson

      • John Gardner

        I live in France and can attest to this very statement. I urge all of you to look beyond your own border and see what is happening elsewhere. The model being forced on you is what France has been for some time. Take a good look at this country and ask yourself if this is what you really want. A lazy, whining, sponging society of jealous backstabbers whose sole contribution to the greater society is the ability to lie continuously. Is that what you want to become? If not, then you need a government different to the one you have today. But that change will bring huge unrest and a halt, albeit temporary, to the activities of your biggest criminals i.e. the Bush clan and associates. Are you really ready for that?

        • BrotherPatriot

          Hellya, Mr. Gardner! Many of us are waking our brothers & sisters around us to the truth. Slow going at times…but slowly the light bulb is coming on here in America.

          GOD Bless ya…everyone.

        • DaveH

          Thank you, John. Your input is appreciated.

      • TIME

        Just to add to Dave’s post a tad of thinking cap moments.

        The reason that our government has had no interest in closing down the US Mexico sepration lines is very obvious once you really grasp this whole ball of wax about the “New World Order,” as in “One World Government.”
        There will be no need of such, that is once this all comes together as in the NWO takes control.

        So why build a fence, why allow this to be anything but a measure to gain more “Control & Power” At the same time keeping the American public fighting about who’s right and who’s wrong, we are being used to pave the way for these Progressive NWO types.

        All the media play and outlands insults from the Government about what you think is nothing less than to keep the FOG thick like the Gombo I spoke of, nice and thick and sticky so no one can see anything but sticky outer crust of the Gombo.

        With a light on it can you see where this is all going. It makes no differance if Geroge Bush was in or Barry Soetoro, Barry is just their way of saying { Up Yours. }

        • dan az

          If they where to build the fence then I would bet that the top of that fence was facing inwards as to not let us out!

  • Cuffie

    How many of us know enough about the FBI and CIA to judge? If they were transparent, they could not do their jobs. The problem is not law enforcement, it is LAWMAKERS who sit in our congress and in our whitehouse and oversee law enforcement.

    I don’t know if I can trust the FBI or CIA; I must have faith.

    I DO KNOW many in our current Legislative branch and all in our current Executive branch are not worthy of our trust. I lost my last vestige of faith when Louisiana and Nebraska sold the vote on Obamacare. I regained my faith in some of the American people when Nebraska rose up in protest and their Senator “returned” the bribe and voted against Obamacare. That is my stance at this time. CUFFIE

    • DaveH

      There is no place for secret organizations in a Free Society.

      • littlelucy


        • dan az

          and look at what it got him!He stood against the feds and his father warned him about it.Oh by the way it wasnt his only good speach!

          • Claire

            dan az –I was a JFK supporter and I agree with you 100%.

    • john

      The FBI and the CIA are the pitbulls of this administration..neither are for American values..they have been sold out for some time…they’re helping usher in all thats against what this country once stood for.Hate crimes…what the hell is a hate crime? As a human being are’nt you allowed to dislike or hate someone?Granted I don’t believe in acts of violence out of hate but they have taken such things way to far.

      • DaveH

        And I won’t give a damn if my killer loves me or hates me.

  • FreedomFighter

    Keep the goverment limited to constitutional powers and size-problem solved.

    Extreme measures may be needed to save America.

    It may not be politically correct of me, but America is under attack from within, our values, liberty and very way of life is being striped bit by bit.

    1. Progressive Liberal/Communist Socialist attempt to overthrow the goverment by dismantle of the constitution, intimidation, curruption propaganda and in time force of arms.
    a. infiltration of goverment
    b. infiltration of education
    c. infiltration of unions
    d. erasure or outright lies concerning American history
    e. undermine then throw out the constitution of the United States
    f. flood of illegals will be used as a political bludgen when given citizenship, to strip the last few vestiges of freedom from Americans.

    2. Islamic invasion of America, these people do not want to be American, they want America to be Islamic and seek to dismantle our constitution using a combination of politics and physical numbers.

    No such thing as moderate Islam.
    (see France for an example)

    Laus Deo
    Semper Fi

    • Bob

      Lawman Where have you been? Senator Joseph McCarthy warned the American people 60 years ago and no one listened. They let this man be destroyed by the Zionist Government. Now the chickens will come home to roost. Bye bye America.

      • LAWMAN


    • Mick

      FreedomFighter says:
      September 24, 2010 at 10:45 am
      Keep the goverment limited to constitutional powers and size-problem solved.

      Extreme measures may be needed to save America.

      It may not be politically correct of me, but America is under attack from within, our values, liberty and very way of life is being striped bit by bit.

      1. Progressive Liberal/Communist Socialist attempt to overthrow the goverment by dismantle of the constitution, intimidation, curruption propaganda and in time force of arms.
      a. infiltration of goverment
      b. infiltration of education
      c. infiltration of unions
      d. erasure or outright lies concerning American history
      e. undermine then throw out the constitution of the United States
      f. flood of illegals will be used as a political bludgen when given citizenship, to strip the last few vestiges of freedom from Americans.

      2. Islamic invasion of America, these people do not want to be American, they want America to be Islamic and seek to dismantle our constitution using a combination of politics and physical numbers.

      No such thing as moderate Islam.
      (see France for an example)

      Laus Deo
      Semper Fi
      And Semper Fi to you FreedomFighter…..
      Unfortunately many of our citizens are closing their eyes to all of the above which will come back to bite us in the azz,,,,,,,,
      France is so screwed its pitiful,,Went there a couple years ago and descented at porte clignancourt subway station walked for a 1/2 mile to my girlfriend house and didn’t see one white face,,,All Arabs and blacks and many others cities are becoming the same way in a hurry it’s starting even in the small villages….They have lost their country to foreigners….

      • John Gardner

        “I have tried to lift France out of the mud. But she will return to her errors and vomitings. I cannot prevent the French from being French.”
        Charles de Gaulle
        France has, for almost a century, been a lost country. They lost the courage to stand up and the inclination to change. France is in the throes of self-destruction and in so doing may destroy the EEC. This land is the Islamic toe-hold into Europe and the French are too frightened to do anything about it. Germany is not. History might very well repeat itself.

      • Anthony

        Try searching for any War that France has ever won….. LOL



  • DaveH

    They who can give up essential liberty to obtain a little temporary safety deserve neither liberty nor safety.
    Benjamin Franklin

  • Bob Wire

    Hmm? shortly after 9-11 , I gave my permission to all investigative agents of government to over-reach their normal boundaries and search out every crack and corner of this nation to secure the public peace.

    next issue?

    • DaveH

      And who keeps us safe from them?
      Read the Ben Franklin quote above, Bob.

      • DaveH

        And keep in mind, Bob, that the Patriot Act is simply Unconstitutional. If they are willing to break the main law of the land, do you really think you can trust them?

        • Bob Wire

          Yea I know Dave, desperate times calls for desperate measures.

          That time has past ~ and it’s past time to go back to being a “Free Nation” I hated the patriot act and still don’t like it.

          That’s one of the problem with power, once given ~ it very hard to take it away.

  • Russ

    Ed Steele is being framed by the FBI and their informant. Read the case and see for yourself, it’s a total sham from the beginning.
    We are trying to raise money right now so that he can have a defense
    and beat the bogus charges levied at him. Before he was accused of this crime, he had sent Eric Holder a copy of his book “Defensive Racism” since Holder had made comments that we need to talk openly and truthfully about race. Not too long afterwards Steele found himself facing the hit squad of the powers that be. Be sure to read the site and not the mainstream medias biased account.

    • eddie47d

      I think Ed Steele is framing us with his black hatred and Jew conspiracies. He comes right out of the Klan handbook and is the one out of control.

    • Bob

      Russ There are thousands of political prisoners in this country who have no voice. Any one of us could be next. Last month the State Bureau of Investigation in North Carolina was investigated and found to withhold evidence in hundreds of cases and many innocent people went to jail. They believe even 3 were wrongly executed. Read in American Free Press of September 13. Go to

  • john

    Is anyone aware of the detention camps that are already in existence in this nation? there are over 2000 of them.Pres.Bush was given the green light to build them after 9-11.The reason the Democrats did’nt put up opposition to this is because they knew they’d have them at their use when they’d retain power.You can google them and see for youself under Fema Concentration camps.A few yrs ago the military and homeland security teamed up in NJ to do a drill response to a mock terrorist attack…do you know who the mock terror organization was?A Christian terrorist organization.In order for the govt. to gain true control..they need to silence the religious..mainly the Christian voice in this country..look at all the attacks against Christianity taking place now,the bias and mocking while appeasing Islam.Look at how hard this evil administration is working to try to take away our right to bear arms.We must never give in to one world govt.Never give up our soverienty.

    • DaveH

      History is replete with examples of Socialist regimes suppressing religion.

    • littlelucy

      THE U.N must leave this country,obama will sign a declaration of small arms bill,THIS PUPPET will sign away AMERICA’S SOVEREIGNTY.

  • John Gardner

    You, all of you have one thing in common: a desire to see America become a land of freedom of choice, liberty and financial security by doing it for yourselves. That is admirable. You may disagree about the methods but you are all agreed on the principle.

    I live in France where the French expect everyone to do, whatever it is, their way and no other and at the same time they expect everyone else, except the French, to pay for it. America, you are not alone in this world and the events of your country may in fact become governed by events in Europe or China. If the E.E.C. folds, as it might well, how will that affect you Americans? Badly! you need to get your house in order as soon as possible because if not, you are going to be caught up in world events outside your control. There goes your liberty – forever!

    • Mick

      John Gardner says:
      September 24, 2010 at 11:37 am
      You, all of you have one thing in common: a desire to see America become a land of freedom of choice, liberty and financial security by doing it for yourselves. That is admirable. You may disagree about the methods but you are all agreed on the principle.

      I live in France where the French expect everyone to do, whatever it is, their way and no other and at the same time they expect everyone else, except the French, to pay for it. America, you are not alone in this world and the events of your country may in fact become governed by events in Europe or China. If the E.E.C. folds, as it might well, how will that affect you Americans? Badly! you need to get your house in order as soon as possible because if not, you are going to be caught up in world events outside your control. There goes your liberty – forever!
      Hey John…Where do you live in France ????

      • John Gardner

        Midi Pyrenees.You know the region?

        • Mick

          John Gardner says:
          September 24, 2010 at 11:53 am
          Midi Pyrenees.You know the region?

          Been there a couple of times,,,Very pretty down there..
          I am mostly familiar with the Parisien region, Loiret and Normandy and of course the Riviera..
          In my opinion Paris isn’t pretty anymore, they couldn’t pay me enough to live over there..

          • John Gardner

            Nor me! The Metro stinks, crime rates are climbing and the politicians are living, literally, like Kings. It is the Court of King Nicolas 1. And we know what happened the last time they had a monarchy!

    • DaveH

      Thank you, John.

  • Harry Snyder

    How many out there remember September 11, 2001?? Nineteen or 20 young men of Mideast origin carried out a plan hatched overseas and for months trained and meticulously put together the raid which cost the lives of almost 3000 men, women and children.
    Did you know that three (3) other buildings were TOTALLY destroyed; Four were partially destroyed, and major damage to seven others? That is the equivalent of a small city. Some believe that was a serious, vile act of war and acted accordingly.
    There are those, too, who blame that atrocity on US. There is usually some logic to every lie.
    That there were policies which went beyond the law. Is that unusual in fighting crime or a war? It comes down to: Do we want to win this war, or slowly surrender to a system which has been dedicated to the destruction of Christians and Jews for nearly 1400 years. What is your choice??

    • DaveH

      So we need to lose our Freedom to secure our Freedom? Sure.

      • John Gardner

        The majority were Saudis, that nation of people with whom George Dubya is great friends, as is his father. However, they were not great friends of Iraq or Iranian oil magnates. You don’t need to be Sherlock Holmes to work out this little puzzle.

    • Russ

      Snyder, the facts are that for 62 years American politicians have been covering up crimes acted out by the Jewish state and supplying the means of war to cause the deaths of 100′s of thousands of Arabs in the middle east. On 9/11 we got a small payback. I do not condone it, but I am smart enough to understand the true and real reason we were attacked. Bush lies and says they hate our freedom, then why didn’t they strike Iceland? It’s amazing how the media and the government can undereducate and raise up a body of fools who can be so easily duped to believe whatever the spin media tells them. American traitors working for the interests of Israel for so long, brought on 9/11 upon a stupid American public that keeps voting them into office. We are nothing more than Israels’ bully and slave at the same time. We die for them, we praise them like little worshipping cults and we send them our money. You do, but I oppose it and don’t.
      Until you educate yourself as to reasons and truths, you will never understand the whys. Those who call themselves jews and their cohorts have you brainwashed to die and defend all their evil acts and to pay for them. It’s that simple. Until America tells Israel to go to hell, America will never be free. We are their whipping post. They attacked and spied on us and were seen and arrested watching and filming the towers burning. Our crooked FBI sends them home and does nothing. Carl Cameron’s report on Mossad activities was suddenly pulled from Fox news too….our government covering up the Israel connection to 9/11.

  • John Gardner

    Harry, one of the buildings, later torn down with the records still inside it, was the building that housed all the details of the Enron affair. The building was only slightly damaged. Can you explain that?
    The war you have in America is not with Islam, it is with your own government that seems not to understand the Constitution of the United States. You are being blinded by very professional ‘story spinners’. See beyond the rhetoric, the slick marketing of lies and falsehoods. The truth is there. All you have to do is open your mind.

  • James Graham

    This is one of the best explanations of the Muslim terrorist situation I have read. His references to past history are accurate and clear. Not long, easy to understand, and well worth the read. The author of this email is Dr. Emanuel Tanay, a well-known and well respected psychiatrist.

    A Holocaust Survivor’s View on Islam

    A man, whose family was German aristocracy prior to World War II, owned a number of large industries and estates. When asked how many German people were true Nazis, the answer he gave can guide our attitude toward fanaticism. ‘Very few people were true Nazis,’ he said, ‘but many enjoyed the return of German pride, and many more were too busy to care. I was one of those who just thought the Nazis were a bunch of fools. So, the majority just sat back and let it all happen. Then, before we knew it, they owned us, and we had lost control, and the end of the world had come. My family lost everything. I ended up in a concentration camp and the Allies destroyed my factories.’

    We are told again and again by ‘experts’ and ‘talking heads’ that Islam is the religion of peace and that the vast majority of Muslims just want to live in peace. Although this unqualified assertion may be true, it is entirely irrelevant. It is meaningless fluff, meant to make us feel better, and meant to somehow diminish the specter of fanatics rampaging across the globe in the name of Islam.

    The fact is that the fanatics rule Islam at this moment in history. It is the fanatics who march… It is the fanatics who wage any one of 50 shooting wars worldwide. It is the fanatics who systematically slaughter Christian or tribal groups throughout Africa and are gradually taking over the entire continent in an Islamic wave. It is the fanatics who bomb, behead, murder, or honor-kill. It is the fanatics who take over mosque after mosque. It is the fanatics who zealously spread the stoning and hanging of rape victims and homosexuals. It is the fanatics who teach their young to kill and to become suicide bombers.

    The hard, quantifiable fact is that the peaceful majority, the ‘silent majority,’ is cowed and extraneous.

    Communist Russia was comprised of Russians who just wanted to live in peace, yet the Russian Communists were responsible for the murder of about 20 million people. The peaceful majority were irrelevant. China’s huge population was peaceful as well, but Chinese Communists managed to kill a staggering 70 million people.

    The average Japanese individual prior to World War II was not a warmongering sadist. Yet, Japan murdered and slaughtered its way across South East Asia in an orgy of killing that included the systematic murder of 12 million Chinese civilians; most killed by sword, shovel, and bayonet.

    And who can forget Rwanda , which collapsed into butchery. Could it not be said that the majority of Rwandans were ‘peace loving’?

    History lessons are often incredibly simple and blunt, yet for all our powers of reason, we often miss the most basic and uncomplicated of points:

    Peace-loving Muslims have been made irrelevant by their silence.

    Peace-loving Muslims will become our enemy if they don’t speak up, because like my friend from Germany , they will awaken one day and find that the fanatics own them, and the end of their world will have begun.

    Peace-loving Germans, Japanese, Chinese, Russians, Rwandans, Serbs, Afghans, Iraqis, Palestinians, Somalis, Nigerians, Algerians, and many others have died because the peaceful majority did not speak up until it was too late. As for us who watch it all unfold, we must pay attention to the only group that counts — the fanatics who threaten our way of life.

    Lastly, anyone who doubts that the issue is serious and just deletes this email without sending it on is contributing to the passiveness that allows the problems to expand. So, extend yourself a bit and send this on and on and on! Let us hope that thousands, world-wide, read this and think about it, and send it on – before it’s too late.

    Emanuel Tanay, M.D.
    *Dr. Emanuel Tanay MD is a well-known forensic psychiatrist who has been an expert witness in many famous cases. He has served as an officer or committee member on the Michigan Psychiatric Society, the American Academy of Psychiatry and the Law, the American Psychiatric Association (APA), and others. He is a diplomate of the American Board of Psychiatry and Neurology and of the American Board of Forensic Psychiatry and a distinguished fellow of the APA and the American Academy of Forensic Sciences (AAFC).

    • John Gardner

      That is the very nub of this debate. Very well put and all should be mindful of it. If you don’t then what you stand to lose is far greater than anything you can imagine. Now, impress that upon your government!

    • BrotherPatriot

      Everytime you post this…I enjoy the read. :D

  • John Gardner

    Civilization will not attain perfection until the last stone from the last church falls on the last priest. Émile Zola.
    John, maybe we should think about this.

    • littlelucy


    • Richard Pawley

      And as Chaos descends upon the world in the form of countless starlight objects from space hitting the planet, and the those who have survived WWIII and the great famine and the nuclear war, and the one world money system, and who hide in caves (like my wife’s co-worker who hid in a cave after the bomb was dropped on her city in Japen), will not be saved. We can live without priests and buildings built by men but the true church is US, and without God we will not survive, not our economy, not the dollar, not our country, not the planet. It will not be the first time.

      • lucylu


        • http://?? Joe H.

          I am a Christian and I would die before I denounce my beliefs! My wife is of that scientific world you speak of and has been for 27 years. she believes as strongly as I do!! Maybe what you term as lack of knowledge is the posession of a system of belief which you can’t seem to find! If your scientific knowledge is so infallable, then why can’t they prove their hypothesis of evolution by finding the “missing link”?? I will pray for your salvation tonight!

          • Pathfinder

            Joe H. : Actually, Joe, there is not just one “missing link”. The whole chain is missing. A close examination of the fossile record shows that THERE ARE NO INTERMEDIATE FORMS.

            In addition, the cambrian explosion goes exactly contrary to the Darwinian theory.

        • Richard Pawley

          Religion is man’s attempt to understand God. This is why there are common elements of morality in all religions. Some may indeed be fictitious. I can only speak with a “little” knowledge on Judeo-Christian understanding about the collection of books we call the Bible. While it is true that the man in the street didn’t know that the world was round a thousand years ago there are references in the old testament that indicate that it was. There is even one reference (regarding the heavens or stars in the sky) about the emptiness of the north or the northern sky. God haters and atheists often pointed to that as proof that it was false because when you stand on a hill and look north you see just as many stars as in any other direction, BUT when the Hubble Spacecraft looked north with it’s super powerful telescope which was built less than 40 miles from me, it saw a vast emptiness in space. One can wonder how the writer of that in the old testament knew that there was an emptiness in the north when the human eye could not see it. He did not have a Hubble Spacecraft to see that. There are in fact many other things like this in the Bible and nothing that has been discovered by science has disproved anything written in the Bible and may discoveries have proven things which were not provable until recently. Of course some things cannot be “proven” scientifically. You cannot see electricity but you can see the result of flowing electrons. Likewise you cannot see faith, but you can see the results of it, good or bad, depending on whether it is based in reality or not.

          Christians and some Jews believe that the Bible is the written word of God. One of the esteemed scientists who worked for decades at the National Security Agency and was a senior code breaker, when he first heard of the Bible Code, a mathematical sequence of letters in the Bible in which was encoded the history of the world, had a reaction probably similar to what your own would be. “Ridiculous” was the term he used if I remember correctly. However, he was a code-breaker extraordinaire AND he had access to some of the best computers on earth. He learned what he could and did his own research and his conclusion was that whoever put the Bible together was outside of time as we know it. The so-called Bible Code only works on the Hebrew Bible. It can be applied to large books and occasional words can be found, like Kennedy and Dallas, but only in the Bible will they be found in conjunction with each other along with terms in Hebrew like “assassin will assassinate” and “Oswald”. Many such things have been found as well as many meaningless ones. I wrote about this to some extent in both my autobiography and my book on what is really going on with the economy and how we are all going to be effected in the months and years ahead. I found The Bible Code quite interesting, but one doesn’t need a supercomputer to glean what truths may be found in the Bible. Many Christians and Jews don’t believe in the Bible Code but it isn’t necessary. I believe that God gave it to us, so we could discover it in our time (Sir Isaac Newton spent half his life 400 years ago trying to find the code but without an advanced computer he could do it. I believe the Bible Code exists just for people who have never seen a miracle or who simply, for one reason or another, believe in God’s existence. The Code is proof if you will that it was not written by just men and women although history says it was. However, God doesn’t want us just to know His written word He wants us to know Him. There are far to many people across the centuries who have come to have a personal experience with God, with the Bible as a road map and Jesus as the Guide, with lives changed far beyond what science can explain or even imagine, to be dismissed by any sincere seeker. The whole idea of science came out of the Christian idea that life had purpose and meaning and that it was governed by laws and that the Universe itself must be governed by laws as well and if we studied we could find them. There are a few scientists who have high I.Q.’s but who have not discovered what many with lesser I.Q.’s have discovered and they purport to be atheists. Well, like those who follow the god of Islam, they have my sympathy. There are also those who hate God or don’t want Him to exist so they can live their life of crime or ego or imagining that they are God. In fact, that is a quite common mental disease, thinking that we are God, but if a person truly wants to learn who it is that created him or her and maybe even why, it is not beyond finding out. Someone like you could be an asset to God because if you came to know and love Him you could explain things to others like yourself and do a much better job than I am because I have always been blessed with faith even when I was a very young child. Once when I was just 18 months old I fell into a swimming pool (actually that is what I was told but what I remember is reaching to get an orange that was floating in the water). I wasn’t even missed at first until my young mom screamed, “Where’s the baby?” I was nowhere to be found and then my sharp eyed uncle spied something white at the bottom of the pool. It was the diaper I had on. Everyone was amazed that I had no water in my lungs although I was blue and they tell me I was quite angry. Six months later a thousand miles away I was kidnapped and how I was recovered was nothing short of a miracle because my mom did not even know I was gone. There is so much I could you, it is why I wrote my autobiography, to share what I had learned. So I believed in God from a very early age but I did not know that I, a very ordinary person, could know God, have a personal experience with Him. My church didn’t teach it quite like that. Well, I could write all night but it would only be word’s but let me just say this, and it applies to all who are reading this, no matter what you have done in your life, GOD LOVES YOU. You cannot earn God’s love, you cannot join this church or that group to be accepted to him, all you can do is ask Him to come into your life and change you for the better, forgive your sins and adopt you into His family. Some are quite content just the way they are but I am glad I never was. The point is you can fool me, and you can fool your friends, and you can even fool yourself, but you cannot fool God, and He will go out of His way to reach you but He will not force you to come to Him. He will never forsake you, which is certainly more than can be said for some people. Are there terrible people who claim to know God. Of course! Jesus said that there would even be some who would have so much faith that they could actually work miracles but that if their heart wasn’t right, if they were doing such for ego or self gain, then it was useless, and would gain them nothing. So even great faith is not a criterion of goodness or worthiness, but if you truly want to know God He is there, and if you seek Him with all your heart you will find Him. If you make one small step towards Him He will make ten towards you (figuratively speaking). The point is He loves us. He only wants what is best for us in the long run. Once, about 75 years ago, a woman in England was in prayer and complaining to Jesus that there was so much to learn. “Why are you concerned?” Jesus replied to her, “You have forever to learn it all!” I always liked that response. This and over 365 other things Jesus taught this woman in England before I was born and I’m guessing before you were born can be found in the classic paperback, GOD CALLING edited by A. J. Russell. You can even find it on eBay. Another thing that Jesus told her was one I think you could appreciate if you had ever read the gospels and the things that Jesus Himself said when He lived on earth as a man nearly two millennia ago. I don’t remember it all but basically he told her that all his followers knew and loved the simple rules He taught but that many of them would be confused by all the rules of the churches. “In all things simplify!” He told her. I hope you are someone who cares enough to seek and not to give up until you discover that the God of the Universe, the one and only, knows you by name, and loves you. In no other “religion” but Christianity can you KNOW that you are accepted and forgiven for whatever you may have done and that you can have a relationship with a God who loves you. Must close. I wish you well in life. Our nation and our world is in for great change in the years ahead and we are all going to have to rely on God to lead us through the wilderness of our own making. One of my favorite sayings is thus: “There is much life in the Universe but it is very far away. Because of the age old problem of good versus evil most civilizations that have reached the atomic age have destroyed themselves.” That was part of something that the Lord told me more than seven years ago that I put in the Epilogue of my autobiography, which is currently being revised. I have had so many adventures and blessings in my life (and they aren’t over yet) that I can only hope that someday you know what I know, and you too will be blessed in ways you cannot now even imagine. Religion? Jesus didn’t think to much of it either. If you have never read the four gospels check them out, and then continue to read the next section call ACTS or ACTS of the Apostles. That is what the Christian life is supposed to be like, not sitting around singing songs, although there is a place for that. May God bless you.

          • dan az

            Richard Pawley
            Thanks for that!your a good soul!

        • DaveH

          Then I take it, Lucylu, that you don’t believe the Liberal Dogma, since the policies they aspire to have failed throughout history?

  • Russ

    In my earlier post I cited the FBI going after Ed Steele after he sent his book to Eric Holder. Read this essay of Ed’s and tell me if you think it would cause a black figurehead in government to conspire against Ed Steele. Ed told the truth about their hero in his article which is below at the link. I bet 99 percent of you don’t know this he wrote about?

  • Russ

    To the nutbag that said Ed Steele is conspiring against us, Steele just documents the facts to words so people can see the truth that’s been hidden from them all their lives. The so called chosen ones are the real evil behind so much confusion and death in the world, just like Christ said they were. God is not to blame for mans ignorance and inability to read and understand. Blame those who daily brainwash you with their evening dose of propaganda, their feel good you are an American and support Antichrist in Israel constant blabber. Americans, as they are now after having their mind sucked out, are some of the most ignorant people on the planet. That is sad and it only took your controllers 50 years to get the job done. America, an extension of Mexico according to the nut bag liberal communists suing Arizona for upholding the law. What a joke America has become…all because of the chosen ones and their control over you. Talk about a cult, now that’s a cult….they have you trained to jump at any negative mention of thy Israel and the chosen ones…instead of having an independent thought based on reason and fact or truth.
    I’ll bet half the mouths in support of the wrongs spoken are sitting in Israel typing on a computer or from a desk at ADL.

  • Ron

    Finally people are waking up. Glad to hear last nite on 640 RADIO the report of best structal engineers in USA came out and said the three buildings at the TOWERS that came down We’re blown up not plane crashed. The truth is coming out and we must hold those accoundable
    The people who think 19 guys with Box Cutter’s did what they did should move out. Get the facts….study the truth and wake up…look what’s happened…and is still happening? It’s time to take Back America and remove the patriot act….it’s make REAL AMERICANS a target…just what they want…WAKE UP AMERICA LEARN THE TRUTH AND VOTE FOR REAL AMERICANS THAT SUPPORT AMERICA…

    • http://?? Joe H.

      why should we believe that? Because some nutjob from Iran named Imadinnerjacket says so?? how long have you been radical muslim??? I had physical therapy that morning and I saw with my own baby blues those passenger jets hit that tower, then the other hit right after! That was NOT doctored film!!! I also have a relative that was working near there and he SAW it live!!!! Now I don’t know about you, but I’ll take his word over any egghead engineer you can name unless he was IN the top floor and we BOTH know he wasn’t if he is still alive!!! Oh, and I was in Aviation in the service, and I have seen what JP4 jet fuel will do and in College, I took metalurgy classes in welding and I know what shock combined with heat can do!! That steel didn’t have to MELT for those buildings to collaps all it had to do was get to a temperature that would weaken it! The combined heat with the weight would have collapsed them and then the added weight of the upper floors would bring down the rest of the floors!!

      • BrotherPatriot

        Why should you believe? Well Joe H and the rest of you…just look at the facts that have been studied & revealed by Qualified investigators & why they are asking for a true, independant investigation…

        Go there…spend about a week following all the articles & links. Watch the videos…listen to what they are saying. Maybe there you can understand why America is outraged and why things are about to truely Change.

        If you don’t understand after following the above provided information…GOD help you find the path back to the truth. It also is possible that you & others knowingly are part of the equation and already know this truth…if so…GOD still loves you but you have made your own choice and will reap the benefits of it.

        GOD Bless you all this fine Saturday morning.

      • Angel wanna-be

        JoeH, I saw the whole thing too on TV, my daughter and I watched in horror as the second plane hit as the first one burned__ people held hands and jump to their deaths, to escape the flames. If they’re were explosives planted in the twin towers, then I believe they were planted by the Jihadists that flew the planes into them in the first place. Besides_ correct me if I’m wrong,_ wasn’t there a moving company located in the twin towers, that was thought to have been involved in the attack of 9/11, that moved out of the towers two weeks prior to 9/11?_-if true, they could’ve set the explosives__who the hell really knows?

        • http://GOGGLE vaksal

          TO:Angel wanna-be,hello this is vaksal,i think what you post is right on the money always,i watched a dvd that i got the other day and looked really close at those planes and noticed they didnt have passenger windows on them and looking really closely at the planes that hit those towers,that they looked like military planes,check out the bottom of the airframes,very strange.some other things too dont add up.

          • http://?? Joe H.

            Wrong, I watched those news reports and they were definately passenger planes! Windows and all! If the DVD you had showed anything different, it was very doctored!!

  • http://gmail i41

    I don’t know where you idoits were on 9-11 in that morning, but I watched at live time TV these planes hit the buildings. I relize most numnutts have no concept of burning fuel. Anytime an “expert” jacks their jaws, they are full of s–t and just theorizing. I’ve watched just a few gallons of diesel heat heavy steel plates to bend. If any one had their hands in the 9-11, would have to be the democraps with communist Clintons. Clinton’s Ag and some other socialist democrat dike lawyers created the barriers to prevent federal agencies giving each other facts and information of security concerns. Must be a just a long range goal of the one world government and no soverienty for the USA, promoted by The Marxist Democrat Communist Party members. Every puke deocrats just loves the worthless UN.

    • BrotherPatriot

      You & the rest who say such things are ignorant of the factual evidence…follow the above links & actually take the time to read/listen to the information. You can’t argue with the factual evidence…to much shows the coverup and this leads us down the path of why & who. The connotations of following that thought pattern is about to change America as we know it…

      the Truth Hurtz…huh.

      They can’t stand the light of day due to the very nature of what they are. It all links together like a math equation once you start understanding the factors. The money trail leads us to the truth as well…

      GOD Bless the Patriots who are working diligently to bring us out of the darkness of ignorance & lies that we have been living under.

    • BrotherPatriot

      Oh…& yes they did fly the planes into the building…but that was just the coverup part of it…to give reason why they fell. This doesn’t explain Building 7 at all. They lie & say it was structurally damaged enough to fall. Eyewitness accounts say the truth.

      GOD Bless our Firemen & Policemen who survived the false flag attacks & now who are dying due to respiratory problems. They are giving their accounts officially as well…

      America is outraged about this…and were gonna kick some Ass this November because of it.

      • http://?? Joe H.

        Right, the American Government hired muslims to fly those planes into the twin towers!!! I really believe that as the radical muslims just JUMP to do the bidding of the US government!!!Nobody, myself included, is saying our government are a bunch of innocent angels, they are ALL crooks! but I know what I saw and I know what my relative saw!!! There were no explosives planted there by the US, muslims maybe, and I doubt that as well but it may have happened but not the US! With what we have being perpetrated on us by our government, we don’t need any made-up reasons to hate them leave it alone!!

  • Viktor Leben

    The FBI keeps us safe Bob ! We don’t even know how many times they have saved lives because it’s probably classified. They got to protect their undercover agents.

    Look at Bill Maxwell – He was a good FBI agent …..

    • BrotherPatriot

      I’m sure on one hand they do some good…but the other hand is off doing things of horrible nature to further the goals of the corrupt Elite guiding it.

    • Bob Wire

      Viktor ~ this is true, ~ Bush the FBI and CIA will never receive the credit for what “Didn’t happen”.

      That’s just life! sucks as it may.

      There many unsung hero’s we own credit to for what didn’t happen that goes back several hundred years.

      Col Fanning, and over a hundred men, gave their lives to stall Santa Anna advance, so Houston could muster the power to defeat him. ~ They do have a nice grave and historical marker on a grass hill on the plains outside Goliad Texas, complete with 6 flags standards and parking. It made the hair stand up on my neck and a cold chill race through my body.

  • watchout

    Now that the supposed combat end of the war missision is over, what will these troops do now. Well lets see. Not that I believe evertyhing fox news says but, it was stated that they are going TO TAKE A CLOSE LOOK AT HOME GROWN TERRORISM. Really. Like a few that mentioned the on coming civil war and the camps. I think with this it just went into another gear. What I dont want to believe is that our own military would shoot american citizens, well they wont it will be the UN soldiers that will be doing the shooting with our military defending. What a mess this will be.

  • Anthony

    Many good thoughts here. Many good (and dire) warnings, as well.

    Most folks I know locally who DO GET IT, are already growing larger gardens; getting ‘off the grid’.. changing their fast-food-habits, as it were.

    A website you can all refer to, is now back online: www-nwofordummies-com


    I am also reading the historical impressions from the generation before mine. And, it does cause me to ponder… if I may have missed something in my readings and research.

    The Article is off-topic mostly. But, it does speak to many of the postings everyonce can (or has) read here. In a certain manner, it does speak to the issue, as well.

    The FBI has been corrupt since the days of cross-dressing J Edgar Hoover. Does anyone really think it might have changed? If so, please provide your proof.

    Folks like Eddie speak in sneering generalities about all of this – especially when he chants his lapdog status for the current POTUS. Yet, not once, do osters like that ever present the evidence which causes them to believe what they put down in their postings. I highly doubt those posters ever will… unless it’s from of’s forum boards…..these two are examples of DEM PARTY funded Media. They use your tax dollars to invoke propaganda. And, the FBI likes what they do. Rarely will you ever see the FBI actually go after propaganda.

    Folks – this is really all about money – and who controls it, controls humanity. Hence the chiseled writings on the Georgia Guidestones.

    The first Mother of the Rothschilds was quoted (at 84) as having said:

    …”If my Sons did not want wars, there wouldn’t be any!”

    During the 1800′s, England was either at War or constantly preparing for War
    For the last 100 years, since the creation of the FEDERAL RESERVE …
    America has either been at War, or preparing for War.

    As far as this Article is concerned …. it almost goes without saying, how much in line that Organization is, with the CIA. The only difference is, THE FED will use the FBI as a sideshow when it comes to disciplining it’s employees who have stepped out of bounds… to fool our own citizenry. The CIA is never held accountable … it was created for that express purpose.

    Didn’t the FBI play along with the CIA – with Timothy McVeigh as a sacrificial token, after having been a CIA trainee? What about Oswald? Same thing. That script has been re-played numerous times.

    Stay home more often than you have before. Share what you know, and the evidence that goes with it…. with your descendants. Make sure their eyes are wide open…. not shut. Hunker down and be vigilant. Never stop looking for more evidence. The website I listed above is a good resource. Many of those Documentaries are usually for sale at $30 … why they aren’t $5.99, so they would sell millions of them… I have no idea.

    I do know this – ANYONE YOU SEE who has a national prominence, in any type of Media, or Government…. has the blessing of the people who control those Arenas. [ www-whoownsthenews-com ]

    Question for all: Do you ever see the NY Times Publisher, Shulzberger, behaving in a patriotic manner?

    We saw him sharing intel with the enemy during the BUSH years…. and now, he’s clammed up during the Soetoro regime. He is consistently present at every yearly meeting of the Bilbergergers. A Media Publisher, who won’t reveal what is discussed in these SECRET meetings… JFK did warn all of us. Didn’t he? Try watching the ’64 speech by Ronald Reagan, stomping for Barry Goldwater. He was dead on about his attitude for this Country. Many my ageg now wonder how different it may have been had Goldwater been who had won. Certainly, it wouldn’t have had to worry about the GREAT SOCIETY…. from that Socialist.. Lyndon Johnson. You think LBJ was a great guy? Search USS LIBERTY, then come back and prove to me… he was a great president. You think the USS COLE was part of the BUSH melodrama? It’s a replay of the LBJ nonsense.

    Are you not curious as to how things are supposed to get better, but… it never seems to happen? No matter who is in charge on Capitol Hill ??

    That’s because they aren’t really in charge, any more than Stalin or Lenin was actually in charge in their day.

    It’s that dam(n) Central Bank and how WE HAVE NO SAY in the manipulations it implements. YouTube has some Alan Greenspan comments about THE FED… you should believe him. He may have tried to be humorous … but, he was dead serious. Grynzpan, Kissinger, Soros, Volker, Geittner, The Bushes, Cheney, RUMSFELD… the list is endless with so-called Americans who sell out or already have sold out….. for a buck.

    This includes the FBI. And, remember this contengent point -

    1. Everything is always compartmentalized. Need to know.



  • http://gmail i41

    Compartmentlized, that was the word used over and over by the media and the rear sucking democraps about their wonder Whorehound Clinton, or as Gov. Cann’t Convict Raper and 1st Lady Dike Phony Money. For the smucks who try to blame the conservatives, the idoit who flew into the IRS building was a socialist democrat. If there was a conspiracy to take down the TWin Towers using pedophile muslims, it must have been the marxist democrat arty planners. Clinton first used the legal system to stymie gathered information going from CIA, to FBI, and local law enforcement, as well as from FAA info going to FBI and back and forth. Between bu;; dike Reno that had Willie by the nads to get apointed as AG, something was f–ked up. Next averyone knows the marxist muslim moron in the WH, was raised as a muslim, he suddenly appeared on the scene a few years ago. Whorehound bombed a aspirin factory, let another pedophile goat rangler bin Lauden, escape time after time when offered, Onumnutts did alot of traveling to muslim countries and constantly bows to Sheiks and all dictators. If there is complicity it is the marxist muslum communist party. The one foul was guessing GW could react fast and went hunting pervs. Who slowed our troops time and time again, The smuck democrats, keep changing rules of engagement to tie our troops hands and get more killed. What party keeps degrading our military every time they geyt control, the socialist democrats. Onumnutts has cut funding for troops and supplies, several National Guard groups were told to get packed and ready to head out. This week they all got letters that there is no money, look at any branch and see which ones have restrictions on practice, equipment and supplies. Everyone and to have USA military scavenging parts to keep some equipment operating. In any business or industry, if you are scavanging somebody is as dumb as Peanut Carter. If I every worked for a company and they didn’t have enough money for repairs and supplies, it was in a big mess of s-it,which the marxist democrats seem to have a love affair with a sh-t pile. Whern these idoits talk about USA being involved maybe these morons are fess up on the marxist democrat party.

    • Anthony

      I really hate to be a bother….

      If you go to and review the evidence related to THAT particular event. It brings tons of questions the FBI and the Homeland Security Teams DO NOT WANT TO ANSWER.

      1. There are loads of cellphone pics of the LOW-flying craft with NO pilot.
      – was this small cessna (whatever) being flown by remote control?

      2. The person in question was a bass player in a band known for playing the softer style music of the 70′s & 80′s … NOT BLACK SABBATH.
      – the questions mount on this side of the discussion, as to whether or not the so0-called history file the authorities have… was “planted”…

      IT IS HIGHLY CONSIDERED that this event was a FALSE FLAG OPERATION with the CIA and the FBI in conjunction with each other…..

      People just gotta quit running to the BoobTube, just so they can be told WHAT TO THINK and WHEN TO THINK IT.

      Off subject, but relagted to my last comment? Have you spent ANY time at all, looking over the submitted (by citizens) videos of the Oil Spill in the gulf? If so, is that what the BoobTube is telling everyone ?

      If you don’t believe me…. try searching for proof I have what I say wrong — I’ll go read it, too.

  • Anne Frankenstein

    Gestapos. Brown Shirts. Nazis. Get real! Our government is 100 per cent Zionist and what they do is out of control Zionism, not Hitlerism. Get in the correct century, please!

  • Anthony

    Anne – …. great name, btw….

    If one does not know History .. they may be doomed to repeat it.

    The Link I provided was meant in that vein of the overall discussion points presented by everyone else.

    Reading Thomas J. DiLorenzo’s HAMILTON’S CURSE – is a very informative way of finding out what they made sure not to tell you about American History, while in Public Schools. Or even Private Schools for that matter.

    Once you learn the original tactics – it is MUCH MUCH easier to tell if you are being hornswaggled NOW…. Would you not agree?

    In that Article at Lyndon LaRouche’s website – you see LaRouche speak highly of FDR — too highly for my taste.

    A: FDR was secretly sending CHINA and (Empirical) BRITAIN the ARMS they needed to go about harrassing Japan in the 1930′s.

    B: FDR “did” freeze all Japanese assets in this Country, in the Late 1930′s, so they would not have the ability to buy more arms in the protection of what was considered to be theirs.

    C: Item A, was done right under the noses of the American People while FDR was telling the Voters we were a NEUTRAL NATION ….. who’s kidding whom, here?

    D: If you are having YOUR hands tied like that when you are basically just trying to survive (?) … how would YOU respond?

    And, YES…. the FBI was assisting FDR in this nonsense.

    I will listen to intelligent talking points and no I don’t know all there is about Japan in those days… still, what I have read is sufficient to know FDR was seriously linked to the Rothschilds … OR, he could find no way to avoid the events already placevd into motion by Albert Pike’s 3 World War Plan for total takeover of the Planet by the Money Masters. The FBI manipulations in this Country are an integral part of keeping WE THE PEOPLE from having a way of fighting back….

    Symmetry, people…. symmetry!

  • jopa

    The last paragraph in the article says it all.Under the Bush administration the FBI was’nt keeping Ron Paul supporters and the tea party under surveilance for terroristic activities.Dah, I believe there was no tea party then or Paul supporters.Tea party members even on this site I am sure are being watched due to the threats to kill our president and overthrow the country.I know most of you are blowing smoke out of your ass but it all has to be taken seriously by the feds in these times.HMMMM who is that parked down the street from your house with those tinted windows????

    • http://?? Joe H.

      just the local mexican drug runners!!! Or the hamas leaders trying to gather info to set up an attack!!


    The use of Homeland Securities by Tom Delay to chase down Texas legislatives in order to force them to pass a bill to his liking is an abuse. The bypass of getting the court supported wiretapping orders is and has been an abuse. It only took 24 hours to present and obtain the wiretapping and the system abused our right to privacy. Think they are only doing this to their suspected terrorist, no it is also those who do not “like them”. Take the case of outing the CIA employee because her husband did not give the report they was looking for, this is abuse.

  • Pathfinder

    Regarding left versus right : All nazis belong on the Left and not the right.
    WHY? You may ask. Because the Nazis are NATIONAL SOCIALISTS !

    The original, German phrase is “national socialist Deutsch arbeitet party” which translates to “National socialist German workers party.”

  • Pathfinder

    What a relief to find some people posting comments who actually realize that the Nazis were new age occultists. Your comments about the Thule society are correct. I am sure that the name Mdm Blavatsky will not be totally unfamiliar here.

  • eddie47d

    China was the Peoples Republic of China. Does that mean all Republics are evil ? You play loose and fast with words.

  • Washington Family and General Practice

    dan az,
    If any of these bleeding hearts can still say they support the muslim faith then they have no morals what so ever. They say it is just the radical muslims that do this? There must be one hell of a lot of them, even in London!!! They are the filth of the earth!!!


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