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An Open Letter to Sarah Palin

June 7, 2011 by  

An Open Letter to Sarah Palin

Dear Governor Palin:

I really do like you. I like the fact that your entrance onto the political stage has forced liberals to reveal that not only do they tend to be effete, pseudo-intellectual snobs, but also hypocrites of the highest order. I like that even when you do things which otherwise might be fairly mundane — going hunting, taking the children out for a meal, or even  heading out for a run — the Democratic Party reacts as if you are committing one of the crimes for which they readily forgive their own. I like the rather shrewd manner in which you play the left’s hatred against it. As I told a liberal friend of mine the other day, you remind me of that Carly Simon song “You’re So Vain.” You may well be “that vain,” but the song is about you.

Your presence in the political arena has raised liberal hysteria to monumental heights. Let’s be honest, ma’am, liberals hate you. And I don’t mean “hate” in the way they hate it when the barista puts too much soy milk in their lattes. I mean “hate” in the way George Soros hates it when President Barack Obama forgets his lines. Actually, I mean “hate” in the way liberals hate black people who don’t vote Democratic.

Unfortunately, Governor Palin, that means that every time you stumble, mumble or otherwise let your mouth get into gear before your brain catches up, they are going to savage you the way Ed Schultz evidently wishes he could savage Laura Ingraham. The excuse you offered Sunday morning for your recent revision of Paul Revere’s fateful ride was case and point: “… Part of his ride was to warn British that were already there. That, ‘Hey, you are not going to succeed. You are not going to take American arms. You are not going to beat our own well-armed persons, individual, private militia that we have.’ He did warn the British. And in a shout-out, gotcha question that was asked of me, I answered candidly. And I know my American history.”

I won’t accept it when Representative Anthony Weiner (D-N.Y.) changes the tale of the tricky Twitter feed as often as the girls he follows change their BFFs. I won’t accept it when the comedian/Democratic Party mouthpiece Bill Maher tells his sheep/viewers: “… the Bush tax cuts when he was in office and now the extension it’s something like $2.8 trillion to the richest 1 percent…”

I won’t accept it when President Barack Obama says — well — almost anything. So even though your actual statement has been drastically misconstrued — in fact, even the liberal Los Angeles Times now admits your comments were historically accurate — I cannot accept your explanation. You should have known better.

You should have just let it drop. Heck, Obama claimed his parents hopped aboard the love train as a result of a march in Selma, Ala., which took place three years after he was born. Every time Vice President Joe Biden opens his mouth, he turns into a Charlie Sheen-webcam freak show. Democratic National Committee Chairwoman Debbie Wasserman-Schultz managed to decry foreign cars from the leather-trimmed seats of her foreign car, and then she voiced her concerns that illegal immigration might become an actual crime.

The Democratic leadership has the intellectual depth of a wading pool. But no one in the corporate media is likely to note that, because the media are too busy despising you. Look, ma’am, they are never going to like you. They are never even going to not hate you. In the interest of full disclosure, you are not my choice for President of the United States, but compared to the current President of the “57” United States, you’re a mama grizzly next to a Portuguese water dog.

I’m not asking you not to run. I’m not even asking you to stop traveling the country, giving Democrats seizures. I’m just asking you to tone it down, just a little. All this Democratic shrieking about you is making it hard for the voters to focus on sending Obama back to school in 2012.


–Ben Crystal

Ben Crystal

is a 1993 graduate of Davidson College and has burned the better part of the last two decades getting over the damage done by modern-day higher education. He now lives in Savannah, Ga., where he has hosted an award-winning radio talk show and been featured as a political analyst for television. Currently a principal at Saltymoss Productions—a media company specializing in concept television and campaign production, speechwriting and media strategy—Ben has written numerous articles on the subjects of municipal authoritarianism, the economic fallacy of sin taxes and analyses of congressional abuses of power.

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  • Danny


    • Gary

      Sarah Palin would be acceptable by me if she were just a reality show contestant. You don’t have to be a genius to participate on those shows. She’s cutsie, down home and in that respect she is quite likeable. However, when it comes to national policy I expect a little more from an individual. When it comes to the Presidency, I expect a lot more then she offers. I really don’t care if the President is Republican or Democrate as long as they demonstrate a grasp of world affairs and domestic policies. I expect the President to be well read and informed on American History. In my lifetime I have voted Republican and have voted Democrat. I voted for George Bush senior even though I did’t agree with much of his policies. The bottom line for me was that he had a firm grasp on all the issues and had a vast amount of experience in his lifetime. I voted for Bush twice. I voted for Clinton his second time around because he demonstrated intelligence and his policies were working.I voted for Gore and Kerry because they had far more intellegence then Bush Jr. It is impossible to agree 100% with any elected President, however, agree or disagree with whomever is in office, I like to think the President is up to the task. Sorry boys and girls, I don’t believe Sarah Palin is up to the task. In these difficult times, we need the best men/women either party can offer. This is not the time to put an amateur in the Presidency.

      • coal miner


      • Larry

        Your grammar is wrong; stupid. It is than, NOT then. Learn to express yourself accurately and grammatically correctly and then people may in fact take you seriously! Moron!

        • Gary

          “grammatically correctly”? Here’s a case of the pot calling the kettle black. Instead of focusing on the content of my remarks and submitting an intellegent rebuttle you prefer to commit the same kind of gramatical error I did and then resort to calling names for your response. Your attitude is the cause of my going over to the Democrats. I simply cannot identify with name callers and people unable to express themselves without resorting to calling names or issuing threats.

          • Julyette

            You “simply cannot identify with name callers and people unable to express themselves without resorting to calling names or issuing threats” and you are going over to the Democrats?? Son, you really need a reality check!

          • CherokeeDan

            What Gary is really saying is he has no priciples—simply votes for whomever makes him feel good. He’s the kind of person who “feels” it is his duty to vote but is too lazy to educate himself beyond his feelings. Gore and Kerry were smarter than Bush Jr? Though Kerry did a good job of hiding his college records during his run, it has since been discovered that his grades were, in fact, inferior to “Jr’s”. And Gore? Are you kidding me? His performance, in the years since that race, with his hysterical ranting about “global warming” have given us all a clear insight on his “intellect”. I know, I know, he won a Pulitzer—so did Obama. Wait, Gary didn’t say who he voted for last time!!

          • Hayden

            Once again on the mark, Im 21 years old and im not name-calling because people simple don’t share the same belief as I. It’s incredible how low of a level some of the members of this party can go to in response to someone just not sharing their thoughts! It would be reasonable if someone could come up with a fair argument to this man gary’s…. STATEMENT…. but all i see for the most part is hateful and in some cases racist remarks.

        • Bud Tugly

          Larry, how pedantic.

      • voted against carter

        we have one NOW.


        The gift that KEEPS on giving.

an an argument (usually a political debate), a concern troll is someone who is on one side of the discussion, but pretends to be a supporter of the other side with “concerns”. The idea behind this is that your opponents will take your arguments more seriously if they think you’re an ally.
        – Urban Dictionary

        See you around the web

        • JeffH

          …could that also be the definition for being “two faced”?

      • Omnius

        Oh but the Democrats had no problem running an amateur in the last election, did they? How’s the hope-y, change-y thing working out for ya? For me, the only change I feel is what’s left in my pocket.

        • Vagabond

          dont let the damned democrats know you still have some change. they’l be coming after it.

          • TIME


      • independant thinker

        “This is not the time to put an amateur in the Presidency.”

        But our current prez has been there what 2 1/2 years and he is STILL an amateur.

        • Vagabond

          yep. an still dumber than a rock. just like his supporters,

        • Bud Tugly

          True, but we don’t need another one. Palin is hardly an intellectual giant and the country needs better. There are conservatives with great cerebral capacities. Let the diva stick to her self aggrandizing media circus and find and nominate a real thinker… someone who can actually win.

          • Texayn

            The exact same insults were hurled at Reagan when he ran for office.I challenge you to name one president half as effective as he was.The psudo-intellectual elite always tries to wave their delusional superior intellect like a flag; all the while supporting the Barney Franks and Nancy Pelosi’s in their own party. What you think of Palin’s intellectual prowess matters to no one. The quality that renders an individual Presidential material eludes yet another Democrat.

          • TIME


            Lets be real for a moment, other than being able to read a telie Prompt, Barry’s Intellect is at best marginal, so to are 90% of all Intellectuals who use such large words as; and Hum hum ah, ah ah, So and ah hum.
            It leaves me with out words when I see someone who can’t hang twenty five words together with out the use of Ah, Hum, and or so,ooo.
            And then be told how brilliant such person’s are, but yet how stupid everyone else is that fails to agree with them.

            Well, its really quite obvious that aggressive stupidity is a trait found in at least 60% of the world population.
            So its really no wonder that so many stupid people like other stupid people as they have a very strong common bond, its called ~ The low IQ SYNDRONE.

            Look Palin may not be my cup of tea as a leader, but let’s be real I would rather see her as POTUS than Barry any day of the bloody week.

            She has a far greater grasp of the Human condition than Barry will ever acquire even if he lived ten life times.
            As well Palin dose something Barry can’t, she speaks the “TRUTH!”
            That to me is a quality I really admire.

          • Danna

            We need someone with character in the White House. Sarah Palin has more character in her little finger than any democrat in Washington, including Obama!

          • Allan Halbert

            Bud, the leadership problem in Washington today is not a shortage of perceived intellect. It is a shortage of character. A bumper sticker seen today said: Democrats wanted – Character not required. There is no cause and effect relationship betweem intellect and doing the right thing. We’ve had a lot of intellectuals in the White House of late and seen ineffectiveness. All the intellect in Congress has achieved 9% approval. Intellect directed only at personal and party agendas doesn’t serve the people properly. Turns out character matters, the voters want it, and they will express it in 2012.

          • http://none BruMan

            I’ll take an intellectual midget that loves this country over a so called intellectual giant that hates and despises this country any day. The libs will attack the hardest at whom they fear the most, which seems to be your average american

          • Bud Tugly

            who said Obama was an intellectual giant? Well meaning less than brilliant leaders can get us into a lot of trouble. We desperately need strong conservative leadership, but Palin, though she can deliver a crowd, leaves me in doubt that she is the one.

      • paul w brock

        Gore and Kerry were smarter than Bush? You just showed that your opinions are shaped by the Media not reality. Bush had the better grades in college. Gore is an idiot. His science gaffes are legendary. Kerry is a big blowhard with very little depth or substance. Sarah Palin has more intellect than Obama despite her gaffes. Obama is a media creation no substance as well as Gore and Kerry. At least she didn’t have a ghost writer do her book. Bill Ayers wrote Obama’s “best sellers”. Obama is nothing away from his teleprompter and Gore and Kerry intellect is more slogan than deep thought. Gary if you are an example of deep thinking and reflection and you vote than I can understand the reason we are in the shape we are in.

        • Vagabond

          Paul you are 110% correct thats the problem. we have far too many gareys voting,

          • Mary

            And they are growing by the day. They aren’t going to vote against their food stamps, housing etc. etc. I like Allen West from Florida. The rest are charlatans.

        • http://comcast the fisherman

          That all Palin needs now is blond hair and we would understand

        • WriterDude

          Are all of the Sarah Palin haters getting their information through the filter of the national media? I notice how they tend to use slight variations of the same phrasing, as if mimicking the official party line. I realize that the so-called progressive (read Socialist) ideology can’t allow for individual thought and that in the world of the Left, any thought that does not conform to the Left’s view of the world, must be shouted down. Never mind that they’ve been wrong on so many issues. Never mind, that Socialism is a failed political system, never mind that George Bush had better grades than Al Gore, never mind that you can’t spend your way into prosperity. None of that matters. All that matters is that if the Left keeps telling the Big Lie often enough, it will become reality. After all, perception is reality. So ridicule the Right and Conservatives, keep repeating that Sarah Palin is an idiot and eventually it will be true. That’s too bad. If the Palin Haters stopped to read about her accomplishments in Alaska, they might feel different. Then again, maybe they do know what she accomplished and are afraid that the Big Lie will come tumbling down around their ankles if she’s elected

          • Alex

            Before taking on a governorship she was clearly unqualified for and later abandoned, Palin was mayor of a city with the highest methamphetamine abuse levels in the state.

            Rethuglican family values, what a hoot!

          • Danna

            Sarah Palin cares about this country. Obama wants to see us fail. I think we have lots of good candidates, however, who have already announced they are running. I would love to see Sarah run, but I think Herman Cain would be a fine president. I’d like the left to put him down. Then we can call them racists, as well as misogynists.

          • Hayden

            National Media? You mean like anything except fox news! Are you serious!?!

          • Hayden

            and palins a hater just like you to sir. It is awfully hypocritical to be saying that the left shouts down the rights ideas. This is coming from a younger persons newer point of view, and most of what i’ve seen from the majority of the right is hate, racism, and lies! Your talking about the “big lie” please explain what the “big lie” is exactly it’s just like that “adult conversation” made-up bull crap I hear. It makes me sick how much hate and how so very few of you put out actual, respectable knowledge. It may not be knowledge that i agree which or is even true for that matter, but please im so young and I at least think about what I say before I say it.

        • Raymond Harbin


      • Dallas H.

        We have a sitting president that has absolutely no knowledge of foereign policy, economics, energy issues and ignores the Constituition as though we don’t have one and you want to belittle Sarah. Sarah knows more about all of these issues than BHA and is at least an honest person who loves this nation. Bha hates it and will destroy it if not stopped.
        What an idiot!!!

        • Vagabond

          AMEN Dallas,

      • Vagabond

        Gary. the reason slick willies second term was so good is the fact the Republicans were in controll. so far as al gore is concerned he is just another CON ARTIST and crook as was his pappy.

      • April

        I am looking forward to Sarah Palin’s documentary. She has proven that she has way more to offer already than Carter, Clinton, Bush Sr, Bush Jr, and O put together. She does know American History, she understands the issues and what policies that represent the American People and how to impliment them, putting the control back in the capable hands of the People, and getting the government back in it’s little corner working for us where it belongs. The media keeps trying to push her off her horse, and they keep failing. They got her off once, and like a true Warrior she got right back on. You can’t keep a good man/woman down!! THANK THE LORD FOR THAT!!
        Right now I am a Watcher. Just observing and learning and passing forward what I feel is the most helpful to getting our Nation back to GOD and the Constitution.

      • Texayn

        As opposed to the current office holder? No one in history has ever been more poorly suited to the office. We are living with the results of the Amateur Hour in the White House now; and we’re not through paying for the folly of putting this neo-phyte in an office for which he is completely incompetent.

        • Raymond Harbin


      • Wayne937

        Gary, I would certainly vote for Palin over the idiot we have in office now. At least she is a good honest, decent American. Granted she has some things to learn, but we all have to go through a learning curve when ever we go to a new job. I don’t know why you hate Palin so much. Let’s give her a chance. I read her book and I can understand why she left the governors office in Alaska. She was in debt over 500 thousands dollar of being sued by the idiots up there in that state while she was in office. I would have quit too.

      • Bob Hamilton

        Gary your logic,if there is any,is fuzzy.You wander around all over the pace. You said you do not care which party wins,does that mean you do not care which individual wins. Obama is by his own admission a Socialist. Translate a person who believes in taking the money from the people that earn it and giving it to the people that do not earn it.Several E-mails I have read today have said that thirty percent of the insurance companys have stopped offering health care because of the trhreat of Obama care. Insurance companys have the right to make a prophet just like other companys. There already are social programs for all the needy. We cannot force people to buy insurance,or force them to take it if they do not have it.There are many types of insurance,some cove3rs the basics on up to insurance that covers all the bells and whistles,at varying prices.People need to make choices.
        Bob Hamilton

      • Joe_K


        “I really don’t care if the President is Republican or Democrate as long as they demonstrate a grasp of world affairs and domestic policies.”

        Just our of curiosity, would it make any difference to you if a critter crawling through your window were a lap dog or a mountain lion? It seems to me that there are to may lap dogs in the Republican party and to may folks in the Democrat party that are eating American freedom alive, as if it were nothing more than some kind of snack to just chow down on.

        Second point: “I expect the President to be well read and informed on American History.”

        Evidently what has completely escaped your attention is that in order for a Democrat to rise to the top in their party, they must first demonstrate a willingness to ignore American history and to secure a high powered nomination, an ability to completely re-write American history.

        I’ll grant that the Republican party as a whole leaves a lot to be desired. But the democrat party, as a whole, has only one thing I would give them credit for: They are most definitely a team. In fact, they hate anything and any one that is not on their team with incredible intensity. Sarah Palin is a perfect example of how they hate as a team. The weakness of the Republicans (speaking of politicians, not individual Americans) is that they are to diverse in their ways. It seems like if you want to get the Republicans together on any one thing, that thing would have to be a barbecue on a nice day.

        But to even think that it really doesn’t matter which party our leadership (the president, supposedly) is in is kind of like saying it really doesn’t matter if you meet a desk cop or a mugger in a dark alley. You have GOT to be kidding!

        • Raymond Harbin


      • Bjohnson

        I shall take an amateur like Sarah anytime. She has more intelligence and integrity than Gore and Kerry both of whom you like.

      • Steve

        So you don’t care who is president? I guess you don’t have a problem with the Harvard educated obama, then.
        FYI, just because you have never encountered anyone from the NW does not mean that she is uneducated. The woman has more administrative experience than 95% of all the presidents to ever serve.
        Maybe you just dislike the fact that she speaks from the heart, without guile or cunning. Perhaps you dislike a politician who is willing to expose corruption, no matter what party it is in?
        Perhaps you just can’t handle the whining of the left?
        Were you one of those that said that Ronald Reagan was just an actor?

      • Old Henry


        Since you use experience and intelligence as a guide I am assuming you did not vote for Little Barry the Kenyan.

      • Raymond Harbin


      • Hayden

        Thats damn right my friend. I find it hillarious that people cannot even bare to stand what you are saying their is just so much hate dwelling around the tea-bagging party. Im 21 years old and my brother graduated top of his class at yale law and currently works for George Sorros. It is insulting for anyone to think that this man is as bad as you think he is simply because he doesnt stand for the same thing you do. Please learn to respect other peoples beliefs and not just your own my friends!

        • Hayden

          Never before have the american people shown more disrespect to their leader in the history of this country! I just had to add how incredibly childish it is all the hate that goes around for our president who every day tries to make the left and right sides somewhat more happy with his agenda. For those of you throwing grammatical hate around I meant “There” in my first comment, not “Their,” My sincerest apologies.

      • CJM

        We need to put the men/women in office who have the best to offer, yet you castigate a woman who may run for office. As for being an amateur, face it: odummberbummber is the amateur; he hasn’t a clue as to what it means to be a President, Senator, State Legislator…he hasn’t a clue for anything where intellect is a necessary component in the decision-making process. What he has a clue for/of is how to throw a great party for his friends and checking out new vacation spots. Oh, did I call the so-called president a name? You bet I did; he is ignorant, bigotted, racist, and extremely stupid–he doesn’t command respect in any way, shape, or form. He still thinks we have 57 States…go figure!

  • nax777

    If you have nowhere else to go than the two parties then why are you voting?
    Both parties allow Islamists to inter by the half million and growing a year.
    Both parties allow Latinos to inter by the millions a year.
    Both parties allow a million more from other nations.

    That’s at least three million new comers a year folks. US citizens have had a zero population growth for decades yet we swelled from 274 million to 312 million in eight short years!

    Both parties allow the very real overpopulation threat.
    Both parties allow the death of the American culture and view it as the death of racism.
    Both parties allow the global warning myth to live on.
    Both parties allow Judeo-Christian values to be stripped from governing bodies.
    Both parties allow the creeping police state.

    I can go on for days, especially on details. The Pubs and Dems will deny or support these facts based on hair splitting lip service or false sense of security including racism.

    Replace the parties with citizens that can be immediately removed by citizens and never serve for a life time. We must take control ourselves. Please join with us at you might be able to click on my name. This will take you to my link page that links to, and

    P.S. Have you heard of “you cut” @

    • wampage

      But only conservatives and libertarians foster and promote a democratic, market-based capitalist economy, with an emphasis on individual liberty and unfettered freedoms. Liberals focus on equality, rather than fairness, as a functional responsibility of government, at any cost to the principles that made our successful society what it is today. IMHO

      • Gary

        Your point is well made if private enterprise had performed with honor and honesty. However, that has not been the case in recent years. One of the most difficult realities Americans have trouble grasping is that “CAPITALISM HAS FAILED” in recent years. Capitalism is the worst economic system known to man, except for all the others. Capitalism is a beautiful system but requires constant monitoring and sometimes regulation of Capitalist behavior is required. Letting Capitalism run wild and allowed to do anything they please creates monopolies, corporations too big to fail and interference into public policy. The natural outcome of capitalism gone wild is a Fascist form of government. Control of government by the private businesws sector is Fascism.

        • voted against carter

          YOU ARE SOOOOOO smoking crack

          HEY STUPID LIBRATARD,.. yes you go back to HUFF PO.

          You are an idiot. STOP proving it with every statement you make.

          • Gary

            Your attitude is the cause of my going over to the Democrats. I simply cannot identify with name callers and people unable to express themselves without resorting to calling names or issuing threats.

        • JeffH

          Gary, I think you confusing capitalism with crony capitalism.

          By your comment, I am led to believe that you prefer Big Government corruption, regulations and crony capitalism over a capitalist free market system?

          crony capitalism – enrichment of well-connected: the flow of wealth to a small group of people who are already wealthy and well connected.

        • JeffH

          Gary, do you support the collective ownership of the means of production, the elimination of the exploitation of labor, and the eventual abolition of the state, with an intermediate stage, of indeterminate length, in which the state will be used to eliminate the vestiges of capitalism?

          …or do you advocate for communal ownership over the means of production and economic decision-making of a society, with the abolishment of private property and government?

          …or would you support the cooperative/community or state control of the economy, or the “commanding heights” of the economy,with democratic control by the people over the state?

          I’d be interested to find out which “ism” you prefer over another.

          • Wayne937

            I am beginning to worry about Gary, JeffH. I don’t think he is thinking too clearly.

          • JeffH

            Gary, don’t worry about Gary. He is one of the following, Marxist/communist/socialist-progressive.

        • Carlucci

          Uh oh…..Ladies and Gentlemen – I think we’ve got yet another psycho rubber room incumbent “plant” on our board. Wonder where this “Gary” came from?

        • Dallas H.

          The Costitution allows any person to own a business and operate that business the way they see fit. If you or anyone else doesn’t like the way they operate their business, the Constitution also gives you the right to go somewhere slse to seek employment or start your own business, but it does not give you or anyone else the right use the government to force business owners to operate the way you want them to. If the citizenry don’t think a business is operating fairly, they can boycott the business and run them out of business. If that does not work, then you and anyone else can start your own business and run it as you see fit. That is the right the Constitution gives to individuals. If the Constitution is not good enough for you, then there are a lot of other countries you can move to until you find one that suites you.

          • usmadgirl

            Dallas H.

            Did you ever hit the nail on the head!!! Thank you!

          • Hayden

            Dallas H.

            Did the constitution give the right to the banks to rob the taxpayers of…. billions of dollars?

        • Raymond Harbin









          • Dave

            Dude, turn off your caps lock.
            Capitalism is a economic system, not a political one.

          • Raymond Harbin


          • libertytrain

            Raymond – I think you took his comment wrong – caps are very difficult to read – that’s why we/most don’t use them and generally most of us do not read posts in all caps – and just skip by them.

          • Hayden

            Im young enough to be your student and you seem to easily be the wisest of the people that call our president a communist/socialist/marxist. Since you’re the only one I can believe can you please explain how this is true? Im serious too your obviously a wise person I just find it far-fetched to call our president a communist, at least from what my understanding of it is.
            Thank you,

          • Hayden

            and if you could put it as simply as possible it would be wonderful. Im not the brightest by any means and I dont understand some of the terms you used in your argument. Like a breakdown of sorts. If anyone on this board can make sense to me of the argument coming from the right it would be you sir,
            Thanks again,

        • CJM

          Gary: If you want to live under facism, please go to Europe and stay there. Capitalism is not the failure…a government that has over-reached its authority is the problem. Thank you very much, but I will fight to keep America a FREE REPUBLICE….all those other forms of government can stay where they are. If you are looking for a theocracy, there are plenty of countries in the Middle Eastern region that will accommodate you–but, remember, all FREEDOMS must be put aside for the good of the male population because the female gender does not count; according to their brand of governance, females are for the pleasure of males only and are lower than pigs in a sty. What you fail to understand is that Americans live under the concept of rugged individualism, we do not adhere to group membership like they do in other countries. In Japan, no one makes a decision on their own because it is a family decision; in America, the individual is encouraged to go for their ideal and families support that decision. A fascist will tell you whether or not your child can go to school and you have no say in the matter–is that how you want it?

          • CJM

            Sorry about the ‘E’ at the end of REPUBLIC–it would be nice if we had an edit button.

        • Hayden

          Gary is right. I was in Indie as well and your clear demonstration of hate (as with many, many other right wingers) is a wonderful reason to be forced to swing to the left. Once again i must mention my young age I have only just graduated high school 2 years ago and yet it’s such a simple thing to see. Keep being angry that you have not come up with one good conservative/republican/ tea-bag to represent the rest of you. All you need is ONE and thank god that I live in New York. I still feel the wrath of these psycho’s in congress and am very thankful that the racist madman we almost had in office hadn’t taken control of my state. If Palin is elected i recommend for all you people filled with hate to remain in this country for the nuclear holocaust I feel she may very well cause. You think that she is filled with knowledge of our countries history and yet she spends all her supporters money going around TO LEARN about our countries history! Think about it (if you can conceive it in the unbreakable walls in your mind) this is clearly demonstrating how little she knows. Thank god for my generation who is able to see through all the horrible things people say about the left as if it’s some kind of evil empire. If only they realized how important their vote is they’d blow you out of the water. Your anger and hate is the only fuel for my anger and hate sir. Im glad I was educated and know what i do, perhaps even more than you adults! It’s a shame so much of you have an influence on your children. Im proud of my mother to have broken free from my grand-mothers thick minded conservative beliefs. Thank you for letting me express mine!

    • Bob Marshall

      In short both parties make complete fools of all of us year in and year out.

      • Hayden

        Another good point made by one of the few wise people on this board.

    • Joe_K

      Nax777 …. I sure wish I could disagree with you. But I can’t :o(

  • DanB

    Actually, I like it if her presence has the liberals shrieking. While they are busy focusing on her, people like me enjoy the silence so we can think. Silence because they are proving themselves for who they really are so we can cut through all the baloney and I can try looking for a real candidate to put support behind.

    • Flynn

      Actually, I’d much rather focus on her than the new “Weiner Dog” from New York.

    • Hayden

      It is an actual fact that over the past 20 years there have been more than 3x (perhaps 4) as many sex scandals in the republican party than the democratic. I feel like it was just yesterday that that republican congressman was talking to an underage boy about whether or not he “had a stiffy.” This is no joke, it’s just amusing to me how one side gets so much more attention than the other when the overall situation is just plain disgusting.

    • Hayden

      The actual amount in comparison since 1991 up until 2011 is 8 (+1) democrats and 28 republicans.

  • Danny

    Tone it down my a**. It is time to grab the flags (before they take them away) and storm the Capitol. I believe I understand what Ben is trying to say but disagree. I believe Governor Palin can serve to expose the progressives as the hateful constitution-destroying communists that they are. This is war and in a war, you do not retreat or tone it down for that matter. Palin can win but the liberal media must be exposed. The Obama administration is poised for destruction and when destruction is imminent, the rats will jump ship and expose the administration’s true mission which is to economically destroy America to effect a complete socialists takeover which will serv to empower the Muslims and their effort to impose Sharia law on America. The radical Muslims are our enemy however; their leader is our president!!!! Go Sarah!!

    • Susan

      Danny, I agree with you 100%! Time for compromise with Dems and Rinos is OVER!!! (Well, actually, we never should have compromised to begin with, but I digress!) It IS time to grab the flags and start reclaiming America! We MUST stand with her in her efforts here, not tell her to tone it down! I, too, believe this is a war and I am fairly convinced some sort of revolution is on its way! GO SARAH! We the people are right there with you!!

    • Rosy Laar

      Amen Danny-well said. Go Palin, maybe you should ask Trump to be your Vice President!

      • Bus

        That would be great, and at the inauguration Trump could get a good closeup shot and say: “Obama and Bidden, YOUR FIRED!”

    • Bob G

      Ooorraahhhh Danny.

    • Blueshoes


      I totally agree with what you say and wish to add a point with regard to Sharia Law.

      I’m sure that many people remember the movie series “Planet of the Apes”. Where 3 astronauts are sent to space and crash land on an unidentified planet, where apes “run the show” and humans are imbeciles and herded like cattle. Not until the very last scene do we find out that Taylor (Charlton Heston) has landed on planet Earth, years in the future. We look back and wonder… How could this have happened?

      In future films of the series, we see how it all happened. Where the Apes were accepted into society and they began taking over and turning it all topsy-turvy.

      Well, we are in that process now in regard to Islamic Sharia Law. Slowly and methodically, they are trying to impose it on America and very few people are paying attention. Trying to change the law of America, such as: To allow women to have their driver’s license photos taken, wearing a burqa, which covers there face like a mask. Slowly we are being “Fundamentally Transformed”, as our illustrious president Barack HUSEIN Obama puts it.

      One day we will look back and say… “How the HELL did this happen!”

      • Robin from Arcadia, IN

        Blueshoes… That was quite a comparison! I never watched all the planet of the apes movies, but it sounds like deju vu!

    • Gary

      Hmmmm! Paranoia is condition in which an individual demontrates a severe persecution complex and suffers from dilusions of grandeur. Your comments provide evidence of both symptems. Just hating someone because they are liberal is very similar to Germans hating Jews simply because they were Jews. Apparently, you really do suffer from a persecution complex. The tone of the rest of your comments have a very superior attitude about them. Our Founding Fathers and Jesus, if alive today, would experiece your wrath. They were Liberals by todays standards. You would undoubtedly feel superior to them as well. I bet your personal life is in a shambles.

      • voted against carter

        ,.. yes you go back to HUFF PO.

        You are an idiot. STOP proving it with every statement you make.

      • JeffH

        Gary, I have to tell you you’re fooling no one here. You guys and gals come and go, trolling the conservative websites the same way.
        We’ve seen dozens of you here and the only difference in you “spiel” is the attached name and the style of your delivery but the message you send is always crystal clear.

        Alinsky would be proud, until now!

        • independant thinker

          Do you reckon jovi has found a new name to post under?

          • Carlucci

            i.t. – funny, I was just thinking the same thing…

      • April

        Jesus and our Founding Fathers constantly promoted Conservative standards. Our tone is not that of hating people because they are liberals. Our tone is WE DO NOT TOLERATE LIBERAL POLICIES. Liberal policies infringe on the Rights of We the People which the Constitutional Republic is set up to protect. Liberal policies lead to big bully government and progressivism another word for socialism, leading deeper into Communism which is a proven failure thoughout all history. You seem to want someone in office who is a progressive, instead of someone who is qualified. It is you who promotes hate, by your control tactics of deliberately calling our passion “hate” in an effort to shut us up. It will not work; So just go find a cold place in some river and sit in it.

      • Hayden

        (like button gary) you got—- man telling these people how it is. All the following comments after yours just further display their ignorance. Its like telling someone they’re stupid and they say “NO, i’m stupid”

    • Hayden

      Another clear demonstration of HATE and RACISM danny, cmon. The terrorists ARE radical muslims you shouldn’t want to be a terrorist too.

  • Gramma

    I do not believe that Sarah Palin has any intention of being a presidential candidate, but isn’t it great to see the mainstream media in ssuch a “twitter” about her, yet seem to be defending the “twit” Anthony Weiner!

  • Anita

    At least it’s probably got some liberal flunk-outs actually checking out some American History websites. Maybe they will learn something about their country in the process. God knows, they didn’t learn anything in their public school experience.

    • Bob Marshall

      You may be correct. going to school in the south in the fifties and early sixtys all i was taught about black history could be placed on one page.

  • Thor

    Hyperbolic vitriol seems to have found its place in nascent Modest Proposal-escque satire: good job, Crystal, if that be your intention. Frankly, I think liberals are baiting us with attacks on Palin. She is neither more nor less ‘nutty’ than the top 100 liberal who’s who’s of progressive Americans. It falls to the more reticent, however, to determine if they are attacking her because she is a threat or trying to make us think she is a threat and vote for her because of the fact she’s a treat; only to find that they have goaded us into running her so they can easily defeat her in 2012 because they have already marginalized her in the state-run press and have already planted the seeds of Republican defeat. What she represents to them, what she displays in the very anecdotal evidence that you so richly have called to mind, is the one thing neither Democrats nor Republicans seem to possess anymore—the naiveté of genuine innocence. She still has faith in the country, with the very kind of short-comings and contrived ‘ignorance’s’ that will attract the right people to her. In case you hadn’t noticed, Presidents don’t actually run the country: they accumulate the kind of people around them, capable of fulfilling the vision they take to DC with them and those people run the country. Palin may or may not be the one to do that. Certainly, Conservatives—what few are left in the Republican party—do not benefit from consuming their own. There was a cadence ‘back when’ that they used to sing at jump school about the meanest bastards alive eating snakes and such…but the meanest of all ate their own young! We’ve evolved, of course, become a more polite folk. At least now, I know what those lyrics meant.

  • Wendy

    Palin is the only one out there with a voice who has the guts enough to speak the truth. She has it right. All of you who have been brainwashed by the liberals and fear her running for president because “she just can’t win” have already thrown in the towel, which means we’ve already lost to the liberal mantra. We all need to be just as courageous and not give up on our country. The liberals “hate” her because she represents all that is good and righteous. That means I, for one, will stand with her. America’s greatness is nothing to be afraid of (liberals and moderates) and the only way we can retain it is through the basic principles of America’s founders; God, family, and country.

    • Tom

      Wendy is so right. I completely support Governor Palin for President in 2012.
      As for her history lesson on Paul Revere, it should show you how skewed our history books are. For too many years our public school system has been distorting our founding principles. The Constitution does not require a separation of state and religion. The Constitution prevents the government from establishing a religion and allows the free exercise of your chosen religion.
      Our legislatures and courts have ignored the true meaning of our founding fathers written documents.
      We need a loud voice. Thank you, Governor Palin.
      Pro-GOD, Pro-LIFE, Pro-FAMILY, Pro-COUNTRY, Pro-GUN, Pro-PALIN 2012.

      • Hayden

        Your so right tom…. we should totally teach church in school and force pro-life beliefs to those who’ve been raped even in an incest situation. Need I continue? Your ideals are terrifying.

    • Wayne937

      I am with you Windy, 100 percent. I like Sarah Palin. She would make a good president. I think a lot of folks who don’t like her is because they hear all the Liberals talking her down. Now even some of the RINO’s are running her down also. I like her because she speaks her mind telling it like it should be. I think people are scared to death of her.

  • peter

    I think that nax777 says it quite well – sort of as it does not matter when both are the same with the same agenda. Maybe we need something different and not different in the way “twit” Anthony advertises himself. Someone who sees things for what they are and says what is needed to be said, never mind the consequences, because if we just keep doing the same thing we are sure going to get the same results and the reps and the dems just keep on doing the same thing. Now Sarah may not just be a pretty face at all – maybe what is needed is someone who can ruffle a few feathers. Maybe someone like her, and I ask anyone in the USA – can anyone screw up bigger than Barry? He should be arrested for impersonating a President.

    We are running out of time and we are wasting our time on wimps like Barry and Anthony and their ilk. Tough people with guts is what we need – no more wimps thank you.

  • Rosy Laar

    Hey Ben the time is now to Tone it UP not down, what the hell are you talking about! The American people need a loud voice that speaks the truth as loud as it needs to be said. I say “lead on” Sarah Palin and don’t let the complainers get in your way. (that would be u Ben)
    The louder you are the better. God, family and country!!

    • Mrdave98765

      I agree Rosy! If that’s who they’re complaining the loudest about her, then that’s a clue to who we need as president. I haven’t studied about all the candidates, but I read most of her book. Considering the way she cleaned up Alaska and turned things around, she is who we need as President!

  • Pat Dickerson

    Well, just damn!!

    People call her dumb when she doesn’t know the answer and they call her dumb when she does….

    If you were an advocate of of the second amendment right to bear arms and were constantly taken to task for it, wouldn’t you try to know all that you could about signifcant history that supports that?!…

    Wouldn’t you take every opportunity to talk about it?!…

    Wouldn’t you use any “Gee, Whiz” trivia that you know to get out that word regarding freedoms that you hold dear?!

    Give the lady a break, won’t you?!….Are you a part of the snooty republicans who think they know better than I do what is good for me?

    JUST DAMN!!!

  • Cawmun Cents

    The first time a woman shows up with bigger balls than any of you,and you want to run her into the dustbin of history.It is not a mystery why they hate Mrs.Palin.She has brass tacks.I bet she can out spit, out fight,and out piss Ben Crystal too.That kind of thing offends a mans dignity.Yes she is a political liability now.Enough people have attacked her to inspire hatred for no apparent reasoning.So now she will be seen as a pariah.Bully for all you who lined up to take a shot at Mrs.Palin.She may not be the answer to our countries ills.But if someone like her doesnt get elected,there probably wont be a country left,except a left country.And then all those who shot down folks with her kind of zeal,will be culpable in the nations demise.What a sad statement that will be about the legacy we leave for the youth of the nation.To despise the wholesomeness of Mrs.Palin,is to ignore the need for a good thing.That is like a dying man ignoring the pastor who comes to tell him the good news.-CC.

  • http://no carl

    you go girl im with you Sarah Palin all the way to the white house.

  • iowaheretic

    What kind of a retard would go out and warn thier enemies so they could better prepare for an attack? I don’t think Paul Revere was a retard, but it sounds like at least half the American people nowdays are! This is all a game! There are people that could really fix this country with Constitutional principals, but it WON’T be the Republicans or the Democrats. As long as they are in charge, nothing will ever change (has it ever?).

    • Hayden

      Not in any of our lifetimes. and our grandchildrens….and their grandchildrens…. and their grandchildrens…. will still be paying off the debt BUSHY jr caused as well

  • Alex

    Again with the whole hate thing, huh, Mr Crystal?

    While I am far to the Left of what I presume to be the ‘liberals’ of which you speak, most of my friends fall into that category—peaceable, tolerant, and inquisitive. There are a number of individuals in my family or social circle on the Other Side, naturally, and I do not close my mind or door to those who hold opinions divergent to my own. But the people close to me whose ideas and lifestyles I admire are intelligent, caring, and on the Left.

    None of them hate Blacks who do not vote Democratic. None of them, to my knowledge, hate anyone who does not vote Democratic and, more importantly to you and the Fright Wing sheep that make up the bulk of your readership, none of them hate people who go out and vote Reich Wing. We may laugh or shake our heads at their folly, but we do not hate each other.

    As for myself, I work hard at not hating. I pray that God (or the Gods—still not certain about that, and neither are you) grace me with Tolerance and Love and acceptance of all persons and peoples as vital and valued and deserving of same.

    While watching the Sean insHannity Comedy Hour last night on the Faux Noose gaspipe I found myself hating Ann Coldturd (quick aside here: it is MUCH more likely that Left Wing zealots like me watch FNC than Fright Wingers watching LinkTV or even MSNBC—really weird how you folks brick yourselves in mentally!) Anyway, after uttering epithets at Mr. Coulter, and expressing, finally, my hatred, I did pray for more tolerance and at least a modicum of understanding of the seriously twisted frothing over “her” latest book, ‘Demonic’.

    The deranged author has a very seriously pathological hatred of non-White non-Christian people, which s/he makes clear each time it opens its mouth. ‘Demonic’ is the latest rehashing of the tired, overworked horse Coulter never dismounts—all Liberals and Leftists are menatlly ill, evil, and blah blah blah…

    The intelligent, creative, and, again, TOLERANT folks on the Left rarely, to my knowledge, resort to labeling neo-conartist Reich Wing people as “demonic”, except of course for people like Dick Cheney and Donald Rumsfeld, who killed a bunch of your kids in a stupid War for Oil and contractor BILLIONS.

    Anyhoo—after my prayers I was indeed blessed with enough tolerance to see that you people are so conditioned to the gross consumerism of this country and its attendant violence, the militarism, the lack of values, that constitute the White Estates of Amerika, that you are incapable of seeing beyond the Gated Community that is your collective Mind.

    And you should apologize for your delusional jab at Liberals hating “Blacks who don’t vote Democratic”.

    • Conservative at Birth

      Go back to sleep, why don’t ya.

    • Boris

      Alex, your little rant is filled with hate and intolerance. Hypocrite!

      • Alex

        After the one instance in which I state “hate” I own up to my transgression and ask for forgiveness.

    • Jerry

      I can not believe you cannot see your hatred spewing out. You need to take a better look at yourself as most people can see that you are indeed a hateful person.
      “I do not close my mind or door to those who hold opinions divergent to my own.”
      1. Sean insHannity Comedy Hour
      2. Ann Coldturd
      3. Labeling neo-conartist Reich Wing people
      4. You should apologize for your delusional jab
      This is so predictable of close minded people, name call and blame someone else while letting everyone know how tolerant you really are.
      And God will always forgive you.
      Get real people, we are loosing our freedoms through a divide and conquer stategy and it’s people like you who has fallen prey to the rantings of MSM and our current leadership and continue to spew hate towards your fellow USA citizens. We are in this mess together and if we don’t come together and REALLY TRY TO UNDERSTAND one another……
      Anyway, you shouldn’t expect an apology from anyone and you really need to look up tolerant and maybe even intelligent and realize you were resorting to labeling people:
      “The intelligent, creative, and, again, TOLERANT folks on the Left rarely, to my knowledge, resort to labeling.”

      • Raymond Harbin




        • Hayden

          More required wisdom from a truly developed mind. Thank you my elder friend.

      • Raymond Harbin


      • Alex

        Dear Jerry,
        If you choose to quote me, please be fair and not put a period where YOU think my statement ends. Clearly I write about the labeling of any group as “demonic”—not that I, or ‘we’, do not label–we all do, silly.
        Also, referring to FNC’s ‘Sean Hannity Show’ as the Sean insHannity Comedy Hour is clearly in jest–a parody. As for Ann Coldturd–hey, ya got me! My proclamations of tolerance only go so far, I guess. Go ahead, you can call me a hypocrite on that one. Perfect name for her, though, don’t ya think?

        ONE MORE THING: How come so very few of you—none, really— disagree with my numerous statements about the unwillingness of those on the Right to listen to the other side? Always tuned into Flush Limpjaw, the drug-addict pedophile, or sucking “news” from the Faux Noose gaspipe. That is what I meant by ‘bricked-in mentality’

        • Carlucci

          Alex – What the french, toast? Are you yet another plant from and/or ACORN?

          I guess it has escaped your tiny pea brain that many people on this board are not your typical run of the mill “right wingers”. I’ve been a part of this discussion group for awhile and it sounds like many Libertarians are the norm here. A lot of us are equal opportunity bashers of RINOs like Sean “insHannity”, Ann “Coldturd” or “Flush Limpjaw”. BTW – you left out Alan “Cadaver” Colmes.

          P.S. Your stupid rants are nothing but a snore fest…zzzz….

          • JeffH

            Carlucci, either that or he works for the guvment!

    • D


    • Jeep

      Alex, killing me with kindness, nice sounding words and “tolerance” is still killing me. The thief that steals from you, but then says, “Sorry about that” is still a thief. “Liberal” doctrine requires a blood letting from someone. Welfare policies cannot be funded without force. You may sound nice, and use kind words, but in the end the people you follow and support are violent usurpers of Constitutional principles. After all, the IRS sends such nice letters, but see what happens when you ignore one. I know you understand my point, but will you continue to ignore the truth of it? Or, like a good “liberal” will you throw more “kind words” and continue to reach into my back pocket to support “the agenda”? The truly politically tolerant people are those founded in the Constitution, and support the cause of real liberty for all.

    • Hayden

      extremely well put alex. I wish there were more people like you to express your thoughts on this website but is clearly a one sided argument all the way through. My ideas and beliefs are still developing as of just breaking out of my teens. But it is your wise talk that causes minds to explode. I must repeat this wisdom and thank you again for spending time on a site like this as I.

      “The deranged author has a very seriously pathological hatred of non-White non-Christian people, which he makes clear each time it opens its mouth. ‘Demonic’ is the latest rehashing of the tired, overworked horse Coulter never dismounts—all Liberals and Leftists are menatlly ill, evil, and blah blah blah…

      The intelligent, creative, and, again, TOLERANT folks on the Left rarely, to my knowledge, resort to labeling neo-conartist Reich Wing people as “demonic”, except of course for people like Dick Cheney and Donald Rumsfeld, who killed a bunch of your kids in a stupid War for Oil and contractor BILLIONS.

      Anyhoo—after my prayers I was indeed blessed with enough tolerance to see that you people are so conditioned to the gross consumerism of this country and its attendant violence, the militarism, the lack of values, that constitute the White Estates of Amerika, that you are incapable of seeing beyond the Gated Community that is your collective Mind.”

  • David

    Sarah Palin should use a teleprompter like President Reagan and Obama did most of the time. Every time they didn’t have a a teleprompter, they made fools of themselves…Of course, both presidents had their excuses. Reagan was suffering from a severe case of senility (just ask his son) and Obama from a Marxist/Islamic upbringing (he couldn’t think like an American)…With a teleprompter, Sarah will make more better speeches.

    • Hayden

      (insult removed)

  • Klaus

    I have to disagree with Ben Crystal. Sarah Palin should not tone it down one bit. Anything that gives the media and liberals heartburn is just plain wonderful. Keep doing what you’re doing Sarah, the hell with the media.

    • Raymond Harbin


      • Carlucci

        Exactly. If Sarah Palin wants to travel all over America in a luxury bus, that is her business – just as long as taxpayers aren’t getting hung for it.

  • Omawazzi

    Hey, I love Sarah Palin.

    She is so funny and entertaining and makes me laugh so hard my sides hurt.
    I think her cross country tour is just great!
    She’s such a clown.

    • Doug

      I bet 10 to 1 Palin would kick your little clown ass! Talk about a clown did the same Kenyian name you Omawazzi as the the turd Obama?

    • Jeep

      Well, at least Sarah can laugh at herself. Have you seen the tantrums the current prez throws when things don’t go his way? Now that would be funny, if it wasn’t so painful for the country.

    • Hayden

      Yes you all talk about how Obamas taking your money and yet your savior Palin is spending your support money on a painted tour bus driving across country. Hillarious.

  • carl speed

    here’s the thing folks.we are so caught up in our side picking instead of really taking issue with what both parties have done to us and allowed to happen to us.look.i can understand and even appreciate you having a feel for one party or the other,but the truth is, we are all being we are,talking about lady,whom i don’t really know any better than most of you,and whom may or may not even run for president of our great country,yet we are not marching on washington dc and demanding to know where the trillions of our dollars are that these two parties,both democrat and republicans just stood by and allowed the banks,wall street and the federal reserve to absolutely steal from not just us,but from our kids and grand kids.are you all just stupid or are you just without courage.i’m talking about your kids for crying out loud.the entire washington clud,both sides owe so much to the thieves that put them there they are tied up tight and ugly.ever notice how they keep us at each others throat,but never really address the trillions,TRILLIONS,i tell you,that they all just participated in stealing from every american citizen.hey stupid,that’s you!why are we not talking about that?why are we not demanding out damn money back?why!because we’re to damn interested in what sarah palin is doing or not doing,or how big the ding dong is on anthony weiner,etc.etc.ect.good god america.will you ever wake up and realize you are nothing more that a golden goose mark to these people.when will your children become important to you again?i hope real soon.god bless you and god bless america.thank you

  • James Pike

    Go Sara! I love your philosophy and your grit. I would love to have a woman of your stature even in Nam w/ me 40 years ago. It would be better than a bunch of namby pamby libs. God Bless You and all you do.

  • Robert

    at least she is out there trying to do something. the media needs to be shut down anyway by american’s tuning out of the fabricated and propaganda news completely and actually doing something akin to research for the news they need/want. now that would be a great first step for the people that would actually help and that the people can actually “do” something to help.

  • Bob Marshall

    Why are Sarah Palin and Mechelle Bachmann even being considered for the position of President? One is an arrowhead and the other said God told her to run. Even if we had a woman president she would never have the respect of the world leaders. No military experience!Give me a break! Listen to Sarah on youtube. We have had only one decent president and he died because he wanted to get rid of the Federal Reserve. That did not set well with the banking cartals and those who wanted to control the taxpayers money. It doesn’t matter who we vote for because congress will always be filled with Jewish lobbyist and Jews who have dual citizenship.Most presidents, including Obama and Hillary Clinton are members of the Council on Foreign Relation. If you mention Jews you are so hated today. It is unfortunate that most Americans don’t know the difference between Jews and Zionist. All Jews are not Zionist and all Zionist are not Jews. How many know of the Trilateral Commision and the Bilderberg Group and their plans for America? America was warned by Eisenhower about the Industrial Military Complex and not to let it get out of hand. America has been so brainwashed by the media that they welcome war. The only winner in war is corporations that deal in war.This mind control started as early as The Spanish- American War and continues to this day. Deying it won’t change the facts. No major event happens without a movite behind it.Wheather it is for control, oil or power. keep your thoughts on people like Sarah Palin while she gets richer and richer. In that way she is intelligent.We are pawns being controlled by our government. most whites wre so busing hating Martin Luther King his day that they never got the truth of his speeches. In his Vietnam speech replace Iraq with Vietnam and it is a chilling reminder of truths today. A person isn’t born with hate, it has to be instilled. Children are so innocent. Too bad that can’t continue into adulthood in many cases. Bush said if you aren’t with us you are with the terorist. The same man who supported the terrorist through the CIA in Afghanistan. I say to congress and the president and his administration you are either for America or against it. If you don’t believe in the constitution we don’t need you!

    • Hayden

      #1 post right here. I know of the bilderberg group but not enough. It’s unbelievable how little the american people know and yes this tour bus is a perfect example of her scamming out of the wallets of the people who actually support her. I regret to inform you though that i was born a jew but my agenda is not to take over the world if thats what your saying lol. I’m 21 years old and know more than some have learned in their entire lives! People need to learn about this bilderberg group it is bananas people! Start using your heads.

  • Polski

    Why would anyone object to Sara Palin after they voted in Dubya/Cheney and Obama? You can see why the country is dead and not even 300 years old. A real failure as a country.

  • eddie47d

    Intellectual department? Sure Sarah is a fine lady but not much more than a publicity hound. Ben brings up vanity and that fits here to a T. She says she is not running yet is farther out in front in her advertising blitz than any other candidate. Can you say slick? She has overcome Willie for that title! Now she has painted her bus for a family tour and you say she doesn’t want the public or press to notice. Are you all that blind? It’s all planned,plotted and predictable. So you are all buying into her innocent family time when her mobile home screams “look at me”. You say children shouldn’t be used for political purposes yet she does it constantly. You say the press is unfair to her even though she uses them every chance she gets and I might say does an excellent job of it or haven’t you noticed?

    • coal miner


      I couldn’t said it any better.

      • JeffH

        …now that’s a serious vote of confidence you can count on…

        • eddie47d

          You’re just proving Jeff that you will also fall for slick packaging….and you think the left is full of fluff and self importance.What a hoot you are!

          • JeffH

            There are many who talk on from ignorance rather than from knowledge, and who find the former an inexhaustible fund of conversation.
            -William Hazlitt

  • Tridntru

    All of the negative comments regarding Ms Palin’s comments regarding Paul Revere are using “The Midnight Ride of Paul Revere” by Henry Wadsworth Longfellow as historical fact. The fact is the poem was written some 85 years later. I honor Paul Revere as a patriot and admire Longfellow for his lyrical writings but the events that transpired on April 18, 1775 are according to factual data closer to what Ms. Palin stated than what Longfellow wrote in 1860.

  • H. Kirk Rainer

    In the politic of our day, media attention to political personalities (and not issues) leads to specticle and entertainment–rather than credible cares.

    Those personalities mentioned in the artcile are to entertain…and produce ratings. And while we are entertained, the issues of the economy, energy, and the environment remain….

  • Conservative at Birth

    I for one have not been duped by the so called main stream media (I vary rarely pay attention to.) I will support Sarah in what ever she does. I will support Michelle as well. I will also support Herman. They are the only candidates in my mind, unless Rick decides to throw his hat in the ring.

    • Carlucci

      Rick as in Rick Perry? You can’t be serious. He is a total RINO. If you keep voting for career politicians like that, you can expect more of the same status quo politics as usual – nothing will change except our nation will keep going down the toilet. I’m from Texas. Most people with a working brain see Rick Perry for what he truly is.

      • http://deleted Claire

        Carlucci– I agree with you.

  • Bd

    The hate and deceit is so vehement and is precisely what is dividing this Nation. The Libs will watch every move, listen to every word to foil Palin or anyone like her. That is why it is so important to choose words and battles carefully which is a quality of a good leader.

    • Alex

      How unfair it is, right? I mean using HER OWN words against her! HAA—you Reich Wingers are a hoot!

      • Jeep

        Where is that “tolerance” now Alex? You just can’t help yourself can you? Which may also explain your dependance on govt handouts…

      • Wayne937

        Alex, go and stick up for you buddy, Anthony Weiner. He could use your help right now. All you Liberals come from the same mold.

        • Alex

          Actually, I feel that Rep Weiner should resign. As much as I liked his work in Congress, his lying and unfaithfulness to his wife leave him, in my opinion, unfit for office. That is an illustration of the mental and moral strength of the Left.

          Are you willing to say the same about David Vitter. And HE ran on “family values”—HA!! Rethuglican Party values, like sex with underage interns (Foley) and paying off people (Ensign) to keep their affairs on the downlow and airport restroom trysts (Craig).

  • Dick

    The Libs have it all wrong about Sarah Palin. The Libs are always wrong about politics,foreign relations,the economy,Anthony Weiner, American history and life in general. They are as wrong about Sarah Palin as they were when they voted Obama into office. A viable theory was presented earlier that the Libs hope to push the conservatives into nominating Sarah to run against Obama with the strategy that She would certainly lose and Obama would win another term. The Libs are dead wrong about that strategy just like they are dead wrong about most of what they think about all day long! Sarah Palin would take B. Obama to the woodshed in 2012 with the support of the American voters. Not even Barack and George can come up with enough dirty tricks this time to win. Obama has made too many mistakes for which the American voters cannot forgive at the polls. Go Sarah, you got the libs on the run and scared to death!!!!!!

    • Rick

      Yeah… Anthony Weiner gets busted sending dirty texts to young girls he’s never met. Which is soooo different than Republicans, when they do it, they send them to young boys or get crazy in the men’s room at the Minneapolis airport.

    • http://google lubie63

      Yeah Dick, the Libs are always wrong? Look where George W. put us. Nobody could fix this country quickly after Bush set us back 20 years.

      • Doug

        Came you come up with any of your own thought? Bush did suck but no president sucks as much as ODUMBO or the idoits we keep putting in Congress and other positions.

      • Jeep

        Yadda, yadda…the “blame Bush” play was in last weeks playbook. Please, try to keep up with the liberal mantra.

    • Wayne937

      Dick, I agree. I would certainly vote for Saran Palin. I think your right. I do believe the Democrat Communist Liberals are using reverse psychology on the Republicans when it comes to Sarah Palin. The Democrat Communist Liberals are scared to death of Sarah Palin as they know in their hearts that if she was running against a Muslim Communism Liberal, Barack Hussein Obama, she would win with hands down. They do not want to embarrass Obama this way.

  • JDubya

    All of you including this Ben Whatshisface have not read that Revere was stopped by the British and he told them that they were about to run into a buzz saw of armed patriots – just as she said. There is no conflict with Longfellow’s poem by Palin’s claim – there are those who say that it is true and much historical justification for that claim – that Revere “warned” the British by telling them that the locals were well armed probably saved a much better outcome of the fight and helped the local’s cause by allowing them to get prepared. It does sound like Palin might have been off the cuff, but she also might have done it intentionally like Rush Limbaugh does on occasion knowing that eventually somebody would clear it all up and people would stop being stupid about it – it’s a lot like Barack the Magic Negro! Many people still think that he initiated that “racist commentary” while in fact it was written by a black fellow who claimed Barack is not black enough – if anyone would take the time to pay attention, Limbaugh explained it many times, before and after – that he merely reported on it. Sarah Palin is a much smarter person than many people give her credit – I think she would make an extraordinary President – better than Ronald Reagan even – and a million upon million times better than this joke in office now. I could be a better President than he with half my brain tied behind my back!

    • Alex

      JW–You are correct about only one thing: Sarah Palin would make a better president than Ronald Raygun,

      While I wish death upon no one, it must be acknowledged that the world is a much better place without that creep around. The only problem is that while his soul is being raked over the coals of Hell, his stinking corpse lies rotting in Ventura County and it stinks the whole place to high Heavens!

      Imagine—a governor sworn to protect the people of California WISHES AN OUTBREAK OF BOTULISM strike them down! Damn pig!

      Everyone yakking that Raygun “defeated Communism”–HAAAA!! He merely broke their bank by outspending them–WITH YOUR MONEY!! HAA! Suckers. Raygun, biggest deficit spender ever.

      • libertytrain

        Your hate drips from your posts. Hardly an example people would choose to follow -

        • JeffH

          libertytrain, Alex is hardly worth the time it takes to type a response. He/she should just cut and paste because his comments are always filled with the same hatefull rhetoric. Notice the leaches that are attached all have common traits.

      • coal miner


        That I do agree.Reagan was the third worst president we ever had. 1)George Bush Jr,(2)George Sr,they really deserve the crown.All three of them got one thing in common, they are scabs.

        • Palin12

          “I did not leave the democrat party. They left me.”….Ronald Reagan.

      • Wayne937

        Alex, you are a sick puppy and full of hatred. I should not respond to you, but I will this one final time. My advice, get lost!!!!

      • April

        You are soo full of prunes. GO TAKE A POTTY BREAK!!

    • Carlucci

      “Barack the Magic Negro”? Is he any relation to Puff the Magic Dragon?

      • April

        LOL, That just hit my funny bone.

    • April

      Some good points ya make JDubya. Thankyou for your imput.

  • http://google lubie63

    Liberals actually love her because she is hot and stupid. There is no hatred.

    • Doug

      Hey Lube Job the ugly species on earth are the liberal woman specially in government. Most look like men becasue the liberal man really are the woman in that species!

      • Alex

        Doug— Ummm…..huh?

      • Karolyn

        How very adult of you both!

  • http://Pending Will Heitzman

    Sarah Palin is hated for one reason which surpasses all others. She
    took Obama to the wood shed in the last election. She backed up her
    criticism of Him with facts. Time has since beared them out. That is what they hate. They fear the truth Sarah Palin speaks will ex-
    pose the liberals for the liars and conspirators their candidates are. Hopefully, hate won’t out number those speaking the truth.

  • http://yahoo Ruth

    God Bless You and your beautiful family, Sarah. Keep stirring the bastards up! You already have my vote – you got my vote in 2008, also.
    You don’t need any help – just keep doing what you are doing, girl!
    God bless you!
    Maybe we can undo the most fraudulent election in our nation’s history from 2008.
    I’d love to see you and Bachman win!

  • R.J.

    Go sarah, we need you to run. youhave kahunas to do the right thing for america. go go go Mrs. Palin

  • Mr. 67

    We will have to see if Palin plays well in the debates. We are overdue in having an American woman as our President instead of a foreign agent Muslim who has no legal birth certificate who wants to hand Arabs–Israel is a death blanket. Beyond this need for an investigation think about: the Social Security number, the ACORN agents, the Selective Service number, the alleged death threats, Larry Sinclair, the mega trillions of dollars placed in people’s pockets destined for Swiss Banks and offshore banks. What about going to war in Libya without Congressional approval which in itself is departing from our American Constitution along with other violations of the Constitution.

    What about all the military personell like L. Col. Larkin who is in prison because Obama has not proven his viability as an American President.

    Will the Governor of New Jersey save America from financial disaster? if he runs to eject this foreign national.

    • Wayne937

      There is not any comparison between Muslin Communist Obama, and Sarah Palin. In fact I even hate to put their names in the same sentence. Sarah will get my vote over a Muslim any time.

  • Dove

    This is one of the best written articles that I have read in a long time. It says it all.

  • Mr. 67

    Dr. Attorney Orly Taitz is the real deal and that is why the Communist news media hates her.

    She lived in Russia and knows what socialistic Communism offers in counterdistinction to American freedoms and liberty. This is why she has taken on cases across the United States.

    She is running to become the Attorney General of the state of California. I hope she wins.

    If you are even a marginal Patriot, follow her cases against Barry Sotoreo.

    Her FAX number is: 1-949-766-7603.

    Our country is about to ‘blow up to Hell’ because of the Democratic wild spending. At the helm of our ship we have the likes of ‘Pop Eye’ the sailor man.

    Before or after becoming the Senator of Illinois Obama said he was not prepared to lead. How do you like his CHANGE? Has your salary grown? Has your taxes decreased? Can you sell your house at a profit? If you are Afro-American has your choice for President inproved your financial situation? Has Obama taken care of your needs?

  • voted against carter

    Reagan was an actor for 20 years BEFORE he became a politician. 

    This is one reason he was able to LOOK so in control (which he ALSO was) 

    He understood the theatrics of politics better than ANYone else at the time. 

    Keep the message simple and easy to understand. 


    Reagan WAS a MASTER politician, there is NO denying that. 

    To day we MIGHT be witnessing the birth of the NEXT MASTER politician in the Reagan school. 

    Altho it remains to be seen in that she might not run,.. and America will be poorer for it if she does not. 

    All I can say is Carter / Reagan 1979. 

    And we ALL know just how THAT worked out thank God. 

    The Leftwing nut LIBRATARDS know in their bones that Sarah Palin,… 

    IS Ronald Reagan ALL OVER AGAIN. IT TERRIFIES them to no end. 

    ESPECIALLY the ones who are OLD enough to remember Reagan. 

    So they are trying with EVERY thing they have to,… 

    destroy her in a pre-emptive strike. 

    If you have heard ANY of her recent speech’s, you understand. 

    Sarah Palin REALLY IS the real deal. 

    Not some pre-packaged made up configuration like their hero Barry. 

    The Left senses this and has reacted like expected. 

    IF she runs against barry in 2012,… 

    She WILL CRUSH him with indisputable numbers. 

    Compared to barry she is Exactly what America will NEED to repair 

    ALL of the damage wrought by the Dumb-O-cRATs and barry and his UNION masters. 

    This is ONE MORE REASON America NEED’s Sarah Palin NOW more than EVER. 

    And I can NOT stress this enough,… 

    Sarah Palin IS ONE of the ONLY women IN the REPUBLICAN PARTY,… 

    With the “B A L L S” to tell Barry and his UNION masters,… 

    AND the Dumb-O-cRATs to SHOVE their agenda were the sun does NOT SHINE!!. 

    PALIN / BOLTON 2012 


    Barack Obama 2012? 

    then “YOU may want to think about a TRADE-IN.” 

    PALIN / (Fill in the blank) 2012

    • http://deleted Claire

      The media will go insane alright. They will go crazy bashing Palin and pointing out her shortcomings.

      • JeffH

        Claire, no matter what her shortcomings might be, they pale in comparison to what we’re faced with now. At least Palin roots for America and the people and she backs it up. She’s human unlike the rest of the field with the exceptions of Michelle Bachmann and Ron Paul. I’m sure there are a couple of others I’d trust also. Not sure about Herman Cain yet either. His previous attachment to the KC Fed Reserve raises a little red flag.

  • voted against carter

    “May you live in interesting times” or
    Is she or isn’t she??? THAT is the Question.

    Sarah Palin IS running for president. PERIOD.

    ANY one with a brain can see this.

    This apparently is why most of the Washington beltway pundit conservatives (and I use the label LOOSLY) are having trouble
    getting their heads around it.

    This is one of the best fake-outs in politics today.
    A “stealth Campaign”. Can we say hiding in plan sight?

    Yes, I think we can.

    The fact that Palin has NOT declared defangs the press and renders them impotent. If they go after her they look foolish AND vindictive all at the same time. “Whats the problem?? she’s not even running”,…

    For the press it is a no win situation. For Palin it its the exact opposite.
    WIN-WIN big time.
    She can control the narrative.
    AND make the press look foolish all at the SAME time.

    What more could you ask for???

    Watch how the lame-stream media spins it.
    They will twist this to the point of ridiculousness.

    “reality show star” “not a serious candidate” “can’t win”

    “over shadowing actual candidates”,…LOL!!

    If the lame -stream media decides to NOT cover Palin now,.. when she does announce, they will look really foolish and they know it.

    Or they just MIGHT miss that “for sure to happen GAFF” that they ALL KNOW is coming and won’t be able to exploit it.

    So they MUST pay attention.

    Sarah Plain will wait until the LAST possible moment she can before she declares.
    This does two thing. It renders the media impotent,… AND…

    Palin KNOWS the media’s heads will explode at that moment in time.

    The media WILL go insane.

    There will be no possibility of pretending that the lame-stream media is in any way objective.

    They WILL ALL pile on. They will NOT BE ABLE TO HELP themselves.

    It WILL be come clear to EVERYONE. Even to the “independent” liberals

    The inescapable conclusion will be the lame-stream media IS nothing more than a PARTISAN WING of the DemocRAT Party.

    END of the Lame-stream media as we see it now.

    Let the revolution begin!!!

  • voted against carter

    Sarah Palin is the MOST FEARED conservative out there as far as the left is concerned.

    JUST LOOK at how much the LIBRATARDS are going out of there way to trash her.

    IF she was NOT a THREAT would They be saying anything??????

    They KNOW Sarah Palin IS electable,…

    AND IF she runs against barry in 2012,…

    She WILL CRUSH him with indisputable numbers.

    Rush is RIGHT about the establishment Republicans ALSO FEARING SARAH

    All the “serious” (sarc) pundits feel this way too. WHY else  would they go OUT of their way to trash her.


     they are all peeing in their pants at the thought of her running.

    Remember,.. the MORE they say how easy she will be to beat or how stupid she is etc,.. 

     one word.


    • Karolyn

      Palin doesn’t terrify me in the way you think. She terrifies me in that if she were to be elected, she would make more of a mess of things than they already are! Her “realness” is just too phony and overblown.

  • patriotpartisan

    Well said, well said… how enjoyable it is to see liberals hemorrhage when foaming at the mouth over anything the Palins do. All while asking for civility so that Congress can enjoy not being gunned down at malls at the hands of ‘Right-wing nuts’… er, wait, hold the phone… turns out that nut was a leftist loon. And no one clarified that mess, did they? Seems the liberal lame-stream media found something else to beat their drums about and distract the sheeple yet again. If anyone can support George Soros’ dumb n dumber team of doofuses and still find the audacity to belittle Palin and her family, then they clearly are not cut from the cloth that flies over our nation’s capital. Socialism and fascism are available, to those who want it, but you must surrender your liberty as you leave. Good riddance!!

  • http://personallibertydigest marilyn

    I think Sarah P. is doing a great job of keeping the media busy frothing and running in circles. Maybe that will give some viable candidates the chance to keep out of their (the media) sites long enough to make an end run for the white house. It is sad that someone who believes in upholding the constitution should be disqualified because the left fears her so much that they have unleashed their most vicious media dogs on her.

  • Jeremy Leochner

    In regards to Mrs. Palin my personal feelings about her do not derive specifically from my political views. Though I disagree with her I try to be reasonable and mature in my criticism. In regards to the issue of Paul Revere my views are based on what she said in terms of him firing warning shots and ringing a bell. I do know that he was captured and did tell the British what they would face. The problem is Mrs. Palin did not specify such things in her statement which made it sound like Paul Revere rode around telling the british what they would find, something Paul Revere simply would not have done.
    All pedantic viewing of her comments aside I disagree with the argument of liberal hatred of Sarah Palin. While I dont deny that there have been people who have used degrogatory language towards her and made personal attacks on her they do not represent only the left nor do they represent those who disagree with her. I personally base my views on interpretations of her statements and actions so far as I have seen from her.
    For instance there has been a tendency for Mrs. Palin in recent months to act as if any form of criticism of her is either “gotcha journalism” or “blood libels” or basically equating criticism to persecution. For example when tweeting about fact checking research being done on her book she sarcastically made the joke that this fact checking research was actually opposition reasearch. While I understand that there has been unfair criticism I would point out her response to such criticism has not been in a manner I would prefer from a possible presidential candidate. For one thing she has often used liberal in quantifying those who disagree with her suggesting that she believes political disagreements with her are nothing more than personal attacks. There are Conservatives who disagree with her as well, its not a strictly liberal thing.
    I apologize if I am harsh but its simply my views. I believe Sarah Palin does not concern herself with others opinions of her. I believe its important for anyone but especially a politician to have such strength. However with Mrs. Palin I worry she has gone to the extreme and leaves no room for concern for the views of others and in effect simply says whatever she may feel without regard for the consequences such as using terms like blood libel without considering the historic and religous context of that term. I believe such criticism as this is not based on a liberal view of things. I think anyone could feel offended by the term blood libel or be concerned with her seeming lack of regard for others views(as I see it). I admit that others may see differently but I still believe my views of Mrs. Palin are not based on my political beliefs.

  • JeffH

    Ben, there you’ve gone and done it again. It’s like you intentionaly left bread crumbs on the counter for the cockroaches.

    Ben Crystal, excellant commentary once again. Palin’s greatest strength has been to get the Marxist/progressive/coomunist/socialist MSM exposed along with their like minded supporters. Like tossing crumbs for the cockroaches, they can’t resist.

    I don’t believe Palin will run for POTUS and I believe she is doing a greater service to this country and the conservative movement by continuing on as the “main target” for the Marxist/progressive/coomunist/socialists hate. They made her and they will pay the price for their ill wills. Yes, whether the Marxist/progressive/coomunist/socialists would admit it or not, they’ve been had by a pretty smart woman.

    • April

      A Great Big TEXAS AMEN TO THAT JeffH!!

      • JeffH

        April, remember the Alamo… :)

  • chuckb

    sarah palin will run for president and will get elected. other than donald trump of perry from texas, there’s no other candidate that can get the publics attention. romney/huchabee, are you kidding, we would lose in a landslide. tim pawlenty couldn’t get elected, what’s he got to offer more global warming and cap and trade. santorum hasn’t got it and who else is out there/ none of these guys can gather a crowd unless they hand out money. michele bachman is a nice lady and says most of the right things, however, she doesn’t have the fire or charisma.
    the democrats are smarter than most of you guys, they know who to fear and that’s why they hate her, so keep siding with the devil it won’t do you any good, palin wins by a landslide and i doubt if barry will run next election, he may be in jail for fraud.

    • April

      Interesting prediction; We shall see in time!! But I do have to say that Michelle Bachmann does have quite a bit of fire and charisma from what I have seen. She really does have a lot of good to offer too.

      • JeffH

        April, by far and away my favorite candidate also. A tried and true conservate who is in touch with reality, grounded,, intelligent, well schooled, a former IRS attorney and the foster parent to 23 foster children. Did I metion that she isn’t bound by the standard GOP principles? She was also responsible for creating the Comgressional Tea Party Caucus.

  • Rick

    From the British newspaper “The Guardian”;

    Sarah Palin wants to show to the Republican right that she is the true keeper of the Ronald Reagan flame by meeting the late president’s closest ally on the world stage.
    A meeting with Margaret Thatcher in the centenary year of Reagan’s birth would be the perfect way of launching her bid for the Republican nomination for the 2012 US presidential election.
    This is what Palin told Christina Lamb in the Sunday Times:
    ‘I am going to Sudan in July and hope to stop in England on the way. I am just hoping Mrs Thatcher is well enough to see me as I so admire her.’
    It appears that the former prime minister has no intention of meeting the darling of the Tea Party Movement. Andy McSmith reported in the Independent this morning that Palin is likely to be “thwarted” on the grounds that Thatcher, 86, rarely makes public appearances.
    It would appear that the reasons go deeper than Thatcher’s frail health. Her allies believe that Palin is a frivolous figure who is unworthy of an audience with the Iron Lady. This is what one ally tells me:
    Lady Thatcher will not be seeing Sarah Palin. That would be belittling for Margaret. Sarah Palin is nuts.

    For the cynical, here’s the link:

    Can we put the Sarah Palin sideshow to bed and talk about serious contenders to replace Obama?

    • http://deleted Claire

      Margaret Thatcher is head and shoulders above any of the female candidates that are thinking about running for POTUS here in the U.S. Sure wish we could find a lady like Thatcher. There has to be one somewhere–there probably is but they have common sense and do not want to be POTUS. Fools rush in where angels fear to tread.

      • Jana

        In todays liberal society Thatcher would be bashed just as badly as Palin and Bachman have been.

        • Jana

          It isn’t the women themselves, its their ideology of getting the United States back to its roots. We have too many out there that want to “transform” America, and the transformation is NOT good for America.

  • Marlene

    The Liberrals have been terrified of Sarah since the first time McCain spoke her name. At that point in time, they bent over backwards, trying to dig up dirt on her, her family and anyone associated with them. When they couldn’t find anything, they simply made up dirty lies, knowing that their brainless followers would believe anything told them. The Liberals are P-poor lot of morons and sheeple to the bitter end. Their hatred, because they’re told to hate, knows no bounds and they nauseate me to the point that I had to disassociate myself from two very radical Liberal brothers. Their hateful mouths spew the meanest vitriol and it’s shocking that they don’t care who they call their most vile names. For that reason, I don’t want Sarah to run for President. As a shirtail cousin of hers, I’m afraid one of the loony-lefters will try to assasinate her and/or her immediate family, who they also hate because they’re a part of her world. I don’t want her to be another Congresswoman Giffords. I hate that her parents have to sleep with guns nearby in case some murderous intruder breaks into their home. Of all the candidates, Sarah and her family are in the most danger of some nutcase wanting to know what it feels like to take a life. I do feel she’d make a good leader. My God, look how she put Alaska on its financial feet while governor! The citizens of Alaska get dividends from the oil companies because of her. I’d love to see this country become solvent once again after Obama’s (and Michelle’s) push to break our bank, may they rest in Hell where they belong and may the good Lord look over the Palins.

    • Biff

      If Sarah Palin shoots a gun like she shoots from the lip, I’d be more worried that she would shoot herself before a liberal did.

      • Marlene

        Well, Biff, I’d say she shoots from the lip the same as she shoots her gun – with dead-on accuracy. Too bad your Messiah isn’t a straight shooter.

        • Biff

          My messiah? If you’re referring to the politician I believe in, he is without a doubt the straightest shooter of them all. He speaks calmly and intelligently and actually understands every word that comes out of his mouth. Sarah Palin couldn’t carry Ron Paul’s lunch

          • Blueshoes

            Hey Biff,

            WE don’t believe he is OUR Messiah, it’s YOU Left Wing Kool-Aid Drinking Liberals who believe he “stepped down” to become president of the United States, (notice I did NOT capitalize president). As for him speaking calmly and intelligently, as long as it is displayed on his Tele-Prompters, he sure SEEMS to “actually understand every word that comes from his mouth”… in your eyes. Take away the TPs and he has NO IDEA what the HELL he is talking about. As for you believing he is a politician, you’re right, he KNOWS how to lie with ease.

          • Biff

            Blueshoes? Can you read? I said Ron Paul. I didn’t realize the lefties liked Ron Paul too? Do you always attack people before you fully comprehend what they’ve said?

          • April

            Then Biff you do not represent Ron Paul in a nice way. Ron Paul is at least a gentleman and a straight shooter and would not twist words to be stumbled on like you just did. I bet Ron Paul and Sarah Palin see and respect eachother as fellow Patriots.

        • http://deleted Claire

          Sarah is cute, but POTUS? No. Michelle Bachmann appears to be more sensible and stable. Stability and rationality is more to my liking, plus common sense. Sure, Michelle has made some gaffes, but who hasn’t. The three-ring circus antics do not appeal to me. I will put my bets on Michelle Bachmann. Michelle’s adviser is already working at his job-he put down Palin today.

        • Biff

          What? Marlene makes an ASSUMPTION and when I counter her ridiculous assumption… Blueshoes chimes in with his or her ridiculous AND insulting post. I’m a Ron Paul fan. Always have been. I get attacked by two people who make wild accusations based on bad guesses and I’m the bad guy? You can’t be serious.

          • Biff

            Sorry… the previous post is for April.

          • April

            *Marlene gave her opinion and concerns.
            **Then you shotoff a smartellec remark and
            *** she responded with a smarty comment feeling the need to defend herself using the term Messiah. It is common knowlege that the term “Messiah” is sarcastically referring to Obama.
            ****you make a snottier remark than hers, as if you are looking for an argument
            *****Blueshoes responds to:
            Biff says:
            My messiah? If you’re referring to the politician I believe in, he is without a doubt the straightest shooter of them all. He speaks calmly and intelligently and actually understands every word that comes out of his mouth. Sarah Palin couldn’t carry Ron Paul’s lunch

            To the reader you made a jump from messiah (thinking you meant obama) to Ron Paul.
            For you to lower the name of a good man such as Ron Paul on the same thought level as O dishonors Ron Paul and is almost a smoting offense. If you take a look objectively you might see what I mean. There was nothing in your first remark that mentions you as a Ron Paul fan, and actually you shot off as a typical progressive. And I would not expect a Ron Paul fan to come across as you did.

          • April

            And for all it’s worth, I do NOT think you are the bad guy. I think there was a miscommunication between some really good people.

  • http://yahoo david coloma

    who the hell are you to tell Sarah Palin , or anyone what they should say or do. This is a free country. So long as she does not physically hurt someone she can , talk , speak , shout, scream , laugh (at). You want her to tone it down , when this country is being run by a bunch of commies in power and in the media.
    Tone it down , hell no we won’t go. burn baby burn…..where were you then. You are another one of obamamas cover agents, try and groom your opponents so they can be easily defeated. make them change THERE ways and you have them beaten.
    you make clever cover statements , but you want her to be
    a puppet on your strings. At least she has a BIRTH CERFIFICATE
    after obamama , soros and all his stooges…for they are out
    to enslave all the people of this country , except those who
    are employed in McDonalds……first it was Dick Muth telling
    her what , now you have come forward…..its bad enough she
    gets hammered evey day in the media , but some want her
    to change….bull. They did the same thing to Ronald Reagan
    “BEFORE” he even ran for president. He did not change his ways
    he changed the country “BACK” on its feet. He paid for his
    microphone , just like Sarah bought her own shotgun. By the
    the way there is nothing wrong for being mudane when you are
    defending your family from a home invasion (especially if they are governments guestpo). As for the repubs., throwing
    Mitt Romney at us for there candidate , god forbid……he will
    “NEVER” sign ANY repeal of obamamacare. He is the real author
    of government health care long before B.O. I “WANT” a/the
    Sarah Palin and Ron Paul for the ticket. Mitt never. Running
    McCain last time was a mistake. We should not make the same
    one again. Obamamacare is THE most dangerous law , that
    threatens the lives of working Americans. It “IS” the issue with
    most senior citizens who have read it. It is nothing but a
    commie manifesto….pure and simple.
    Besides she (Sarah) turned down an offer of 3 millon $$$$$ to
    pose for playboy. (offensive words removed)

    • Marlene

      (offensive words removed) Thanks for a good chuckle.

      • Biff

        If this isn’t blatant racism I don’t know what is. You two are an embarrassment to conservatives every where.
        Where are the rest of you? You all get upset when Muslims don’t denounce radical Muslims… why do you sit idle and by your inaction, condone these racist posts?

        • Blueshoes

          Hey Biff,

          You do NOT have ANY clue as to what the word Racism mean. If someone disagrees with you or have a difference of opinion, you call them Racists. Try doing some research into the word… in your case “homework” so you won’t sound so ignorant.

          • Biff

            Hey Blueshoes… have you noticed that the posts I was mentioning now contain “(offensive words removed)”? It would appear that at least the moderator would agree the posts were racist. I’m ignorant? Seems to me that someone with authority agrees with me that David and Marlene crossed the line and removed the offensive remarks which it appears actually were BLATANTLY RACIST. It would appear that you’re wrong again Blueshoes.

  • FlameCCT

    Have you read Paul Revere’s account of the ride. When he was stopped by the British soldiers and threatened with death, he warned them that the colonists were armed and would not allow them to take their stores of weapons. IOW, he not only warned the British colonists, he warned British soldiers on the march. Just a bit later those British soldiers, who kept Revere with them at gun point, came under attack by the colonists.

    As a side note, the towns through which Revere passed on his ride used their church bells to gather and inform the colonists that the British soldiers were coming. The lantern signal was used to start Revere on his ride.

    • Curtis

      It doesn’t matter how hard you try or how bad you want it… what Sarah Palin said is historically inaccurate. It’s a mash-up of facts blended in to one amazingly bad quote delivered in her grammatically tortured pattern of speech. Once again, after another trademark verbal blunder, she petulantly and cowardly blames it on “gotcha journalism”.
      “What have you seen today? What are you going to take away from your visit?”
      Huh? THAT’s gotcha journalism? She spoke… she was wrong… she blamed the the person for asking a “gotcha question”. This is not a leader, this is a diva, and not a very smart one. I liked Sarah Palin, I wanted her to succeed but she just doesn’t have the goods. It’s time we move on in our search for a true leader. It’s time for her to step aside and stop. Trump got out of the way, now it’s Palin’s turn to bow out gracefully. She should use her appeal to support a real candidate like Rand Paul.

      • JeffH

        Curtis, I get out of this that you have a very deep seeded repulsion for Palin and probably always have. Not to worry though, she’s not gonna run.

        Michelle Bachmann and Ron Paul.

        • Curtis

          No Jeff, she doesn’t repulse me, she’s utterly and completely disappointed me. I was enamored by Mrs. Palin at first, but she proved how unprepared she was in ’08. Had she she dropped off the radar for a few years and done some serious preparation she could have won in 2012… by a landslide. Instead, she continues to make mistakes that could be easily avoided, which only keeps reminding us of the Couric and Gibson interviews. Instead of doing her homework, learning basic civics and geography which were her weaknesses before, she has decided to add basic American history to her list of ignorance. She had great potential and she’s squandered it all. If she had just studied basic marketing and PR she could have learned how to handle the press and make them work for her… but her ego wouldn’t let her do it. I hope you’re right… I hope she stops campaigning. Ron Paul is the only option… but NOT with Michelle Bachmann. She’s another Sarah Palin but with a different accent. I’d like to see a Paul / Pawlenty ticket in 2012.

          • Carlucci

            Ron Paul, definitely yes. Tim Pawlenty, definitely no.

          • JeffH

            Pawlenty? LOL!

          • Curtis

            Ok ok… I just through Pawlenty in there because, like Bachmann, he’s from Minnesota. I thought I should swap one Minnesotan for another to keep the Bachmann fans happy. Seriously, Ron Paul and a bag of hammers could win.

          • Curtis

            oops… that should be “threw” instead of “through”.

        • Curtis

          Wow… I can’t believe the irony! I’m quoting Michelle Bachmann’s new consultant, Ed Rollins. His first public quote:
          “(Rollins) began his tenure with scathing criticism of potential Bachmann rival Sarah Palin.
          ‘Sarah has not been serious over the last couple of years,” Rollins told Brian Kilmeade on his radio show, Kilmeade and friends. “She got the Vice Presidential thing handed to her, she didn’t go to work in the sense of trying to gain more substance, she gave up her governorship.”

          Like I said, instead of trying to better herself and become a serious POTUS candidate, she decided to become a Fox News celebrity and hosted a reality TV show. You still think she’s a viable candidate? Really?

        • JeffH

          Curtis, you’re entitled to your opinion as I am to mine and I’ll stick to what I believe as I know you will too. Whatever the outcome, as long as it’s not Obama, a Democrat or a RINO I’ll be happy. Palin, Bachmann and Paul aren’t RINO’s in my book but I’ll put the big money on Bachmann with Paul a close runnerup…Palin won’t run at all.

          • Curtis

            You’re right Jeff, we’re entitled to our opinions and I’ll stick to mine… until someone can educate me or convince me to look at things from a different point of view. I hope you’re right about Mrs. Palin. Personally I rank Ron Paul ahead of Michelle Bachmann… and it was nice to have this back and forth with you. A fun little debate without name calling or sarcasm, looking forward to maybe actually completely agreeing with you one day… maybe. lol

          • JeffH

            Curtis, likewise. Just because we don’t agree on everything doesn’t necessarily mean we don’t want the same thing.

  • Penny Fuentes

    SARAH PALIN 2012

  • Gene Davis

    Sarah Palin is an ordinary citizen trying to make an impact for the better for the USA. Nothing more or nothing less. Since when do we require anything more then what our founding fathers were to be elected to public office. The founders were farmers, tradesmen/craftsmen, business men, and yes some lawyers. The thing is our leadership needs to be a cross section of our populace; not some politically connected elitists!



    The first time I ever saw her, I was captivated and charmed, and then she spoke, and suddenly, I became wary and alarmed. But I was not honest with myself, intolerance sealed my fate, and weakness fed my folly and ignorance my hate.
    She was cherry, folksy, and spirited, qualities you rarely find, and I just couldn’t forget or shake her, and get her out of mind. I became obsessed and filled with anger; she upset my plans and schemes,
    and finally to my horror and shame, she now even haunts my dreams.

    • JeffH

      MRAMERICA, kudos to you.

  • Karolyn

    If you watch some of the YouTube videos interviewing Palin followers, you will see that most of them don’t have a clue what her policies are and don’t have a clue what ANY of the policies are! Actually, many don’t even know what policies means. They are just her little flock following wherever she leads.

    • Alex

      Her followers are the typical Reich Wing sheeple who possess precious little intelligence. Ever notice how the conservative horde never really contribute anything of substance or original thought? That is because their simple minds will allow them to only parrot the same old memes they hear over and over—-”Socialism’, ‘Marxism’, ‘Death Panels’, ‘New Black Panther Party’—yet when asked to define ‘complex’ terminology they freeze up.

      Neo-conartists and Fright Wingers, by and large, see President Barack Hussein Obama as a SOCIALIST or even a MARXIST—-what a laugh—-those on the Left see Obama for what he is—a middle-of-the-road Capitalist—little different than any other mainstream Amerikan politician.

      Still, due to the dearth of viable candidates on the horizon for the party of greed, he will very likely be re-elected.


    Here in the public light by choice is a woman with character and desire to make Americans everywhere recall their history, traditions, restore the honor of holding office and not the privilege of the elite. She is scorned by the left and the RINO’s and yet she still persist,the very words from her mouth, life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness, trust in God and law based on Judeo Christian ethic and belief, send the left and the RINO’s of her own party into frenzy. As men go she shows more class, dignity and honor than many who rail against her words, she is prolife, Christan, she stands for something and willing to perservere to show millions that the American way of life means more than they can imagine and that this country is exceptional…How many are capable of doing what she is now doing?

    • Alex

      Ontime— “How many are capable of doing what she is now doing?”

      What, riding around in a big bus on your dime?

      • SamEyeAm

        Wrong-o there, Alex. It’s the dems like Pelosi and Obama that are riding around on your dime, to the extent that the big O has increased limo expenses 73% since taking office. And them ain’t no electric cars, either. Just you, me and the other little guys are supposed to cut back, but not Obutthead and his buddies…….

      • Blueshoes

        Hey Alex,

        It appears you have NO IDEA what you’re talking about. Palin’s revenue comes from speaking engagements so how do you figure she’s riding around in a big bus on other’s dime? WE tax payers are NOT paying her way as we ARE paying he great Hussein BO for all his “VACATIONS”… FROM WHAT?!?!?!?!?!?!? To be eligible for a vacation, you should have worked for it, not continue to have a free-for-all at the Tax Payers expense.

  • SamEyeAm

    I like Sarah for many reasons, to include her style, her attitude that nothing the democrats or RINOs (establishment repubs) can say or do affect her speaking out and speaking the truth. We should elect her if for no other reason than to get payback for putting up with the buffoon the dems gave us for the last three years. They think they hated Bush–imagine the apoplexy they’d have with SARAH!!

  • chuckb

    alex, you have it wrong, she’s riding on her own dime, people pay to hear her speak, you bolsheviks have to pay for your audience. then barry gets his money back thru taxation or union donations.

    • Carlucci

      “bolsheviks” – that’s a great way to describe Alex and those of his ilk.

  • i41

    Onumnutt Osmaa can not speak truthfully or even know what he is talking about. Because he has did not a damn thing in life, but travel and have his favorite muslim sheik provide the money ride and hide for his pleasure trips and pass time. He decided to be a faggot for a few years while being a drug dealer and a user while finding himself, just another beltway democrat weiner that citizens all know. Wonder if his marriage was a cover, so as to get promoted by the party and not bother the pedophile goat abusers of the though of riding another adult malee, ctheir daughter and and child under ten or any female is OK under Shira law. We know a few San Fran pols that have crawled out from under rocks because they were queer and steers. The whole marxist/communist party makes their puke perverts behavior rise in the Dem party ranks. The more abhorant and perverted they are, the closer to the top the are pushed. The dems had the Whorehounds’ blue dress gate even though, Whore hound Clinton was a confirmed liar/rapist, now with Weiner gate and using a taxpayer paid internet to send emails from a taxpayer paid offices. The AG, another cross bred phony freak muslim black who will not, prosecute law breakers of any niggarly peice of crap, no matter what or how many democrat smucks are breaking law. Sarah and Michelle Backman are 2 of the best to gather up citizens and lead this country. Their savy skills even wig out the rinos, elitist compromising Rep, and definitely all dumbocraps of any stripe. The 30 Soros party media networks are getting millions to promote the blubber lipped niggardly marxist muslim and his formerly name ACORN smucks are going out and doing the normal MO of the Dumbocrap Party battle plans, since the party’s inception, (Tammaniny Hall). It never had a problem of using union thugs to murder the competion, decades old dead people voting many time in the same precint. The new Acorn Group is already under new names and in several states getting community agitators set up and gathering dead voters signed up in 23 states.

  • i41

    SamEyeAm, the marxist/communist are always driving or flying on some taxpayers dime. Who in the would pay to listen to the marxist/communist party smuck talk. It was drafted by a Nazi Terroist Soros idiot any way, why do you think the speeches are over loaded with ums,ahs and duhs, piss poor mental fuctions from a faggot drug user and dealer. See another government motors smuck wants to raise gas a dollar a gallon in taxes. Any one know if he was a cap and trade democrap bastard or just the run of the mill book trained theorizing moron with a degree. Onumnutts and the marxist/communist party gets all their money from Soros and many phony socialist 527′s.?

  • BimBam

    There must be something to Sarah Palin that everybody on the left hates her. I believe it is her sexuality and it is giving a new meaning to the term “driving them nuts”.

  • raygun

    Damn!! Ben Crystal, you need to lighten up. Sounds like you got a corn cob wedged somewhere and can’t get it out. Take a month vacation to the tropics and loosen up. It will change your attitude. raygun

  • Tinman

    I am still waiting for the WAR; Real Americans against Un-Americans.
    Let us settle it on the battlefield. By the way how is your hope and change? (hope you do not ask if the muslim is American and change the subject fast)

    • http://gunner689 gunner689

      That would be like beating up your baby sister.

  • Marc

    Ben, you are on “CRACK.” She quit as governor of Alaska and left her people in the dust! She left to make money! She moved to Arizona. That’s how much she loved her home state! I am not a fan of this administration, but if they had any brains whatsoever, they would donate to her campaign! She would get crushed like a cockroach if she ran against this idiot! I don’t know what the answer is, but she id definitely not it!

    • Cawmun Cents

      Yeah possibly that…and the frivolous lawsuits brought against her by idiots in the Democratic party which was going to take up time she could have used being governor of Alaska.But the money…yeah I can see that.

  • i41

    karolyn,did all of you mental midget morons who voted for the nigggardly marxist muslim puke, apparently you did not read anything the crossbred muslim wrote about. Or you all were in total agreement with his marxist/communist views. Of what he believed in and who he was close friends with. Who were domestic terrorists, and what he would change in the USA and all the regressive regulations, what he wanted to do American businesses and it citizens with economic redistrubtion plans from the working people, going to lazy worthless bastards. BimBam, any Republican elected women are alway better looking and smarter,Pelousy has had so much plastic surgery and if any more is done to keep the eyes from bagging, she will be able to do Electra Shave commericals, of course the Kalifornia bow wows are on a bidding war for that spot with razor companies. Several of the House and Senate female members have actually been or are inbusiness, so they know what is happening out in the real world not the belt dream land bs.

  • Cheryl Lynn

    I don’t care what any one says about her. The press is what made her out to be stupid and people were gullible enough to believe them. I agree with her conservative platform and when she says something I believe she would stand by her decision. Not lie or say what people want to hear. That is what we have in office now. I believe she was a much better candidate than Obama ever was and she can speak without using a teleprompter. Her decision making process would be moral and ethical, that alone is very important for the future of this country. The reason she left office in Alaska was because of all the frivolous law suits that were costing her state a lot of money. Just who would you prefer to answer that 2:00 AM phone call, Sarah Palin or Barack Hussein Obama?

  • Debra

    There are so many of you that wrote great ideas and opinions. I too think Sarah Palin is smarter than what some think, and I wouldn’t be afraid to put her in as President because of her knowledge and firm stand on critical issues. I know she would make sure she had the very best people working around her, who would have honor and respect for truth and for what is best for our nation. I know she wouldn’t be bribbed or paid off like what so many of our politicians and congressmen have given in to, nor would she be more interested in filling her pockets, or to turn her head and look the other way while evil is permitted to endure like what most of those jackasses on the Hill are doing. She is a very strong woman, and I can’t help but feel most of you men out there are nothing more than just a bunch of hypocrites, because queens have ruled kingdoms more than once, and did quite well thank you very much. I know how men feel about women because I was a truck driver for twenty years, and I have experienced the mindset of some of the men in this country, and so I know how they feel about women in the workforce, let alone in a powerful position. Don’t misunderstand me, there are alot of women out there that do not belong in the workforce, and who should never be in a high position, but there are just as many men that shouldn’t either. I just wanted to open your minds and try to help you see what kind of a person Sarah really is. She is in no way another Hilary Clinton or Nancy Pelosi, and so you can rest assured she would not be a back stabber or a liar. And so, even if she never gets to be President, at least she got people thinking that maybe it’s time to start standing up for a few things before its too late. We needed someone to get us up off our rear ends and start believing in the realities and truths we should have never let our guard down on in the first place. Hilary or Nancy never fought for what Sarah is fighting for, and so she has set herself apart from them, and shows she has more concern for the well being and return of the values this nation once enjoyed. We can see that the only interest Hilary and Nancy have are lies, money, and following along with something that isn’t right or honorable. They are content to be followers of corruption for money and power. They are more content with covering up corruption on a continual basis than they are with standing up against it. Sarah is a leader. We should have never allowed our nation to waver or diminish its standards to ignorant, Godless people. I know Sarah really does have strong convictions and integrity when it comes to standing up for what is right, and she certainly has a lot more balls than most men do. There is no honor among most men (women too) no more, at least it certainly does seem that way. It would sure be nice to have some honorable people on Capital Hill. We the people, need to have the same strong convictions that Sarah has. I believe she is very honest and would work very hard to restore our nation. I also have a very mighty respect for Jan Brewer too, and I have felt so badly for her while she has had to fight pretty much all alone, a battle with a shameful president who has no respect for our borders and the people who live along those borders. The scum that is being permitted into our country, and are being permitted to rape and kill and run guns and drugs freely, while we are told we cannot defend ourselves is truly shameful, may God curse them for their wickedness. We have watched Mexican drug cartels, Mexican gangs, and Mexican mafia’s over run what were once good, clean, and safe neighborhoods in several states. Once they moved in, the homes were broken in to and the residents were vandalized and traumatized. The Mexican rebels feel they can take whatever they want, and that they don’t have to obey any laws. One thing I have had to sit by and watch, is these damn Mexican’s kidnapping young girls from their high schools, and I have friends that were attacked by Mexican gangs, raped, beaten, and left for dead. Some of the women were mothers who were beaten in their faces so badly that their younger children will never be able to know what their mother’s face really looked like. These women were taken from their jobs, from their cars, and from their homes. And so for our governor’s and congressmen and our president to think that this behavior should be permitted is pretty darn evil, disturbing, and disgusting. Our children used to be able to walk our streets freely without harm or molestation, but now thanks to corruption in high places, it is no longer a safe place to live or raise children. What a horrible experience it is to watch someone you love get hurt or worse. For some unknown reason, people aren’t bothered about something so terrible until it happens to them. People who live back east or up north and are far away from the situation don’t know how bad it is so they pass everything off like nothing is happening at all and forget about it. And when they hear something about people wanting something done about it, the one’s crying for help get blamed by those who aren’t close enough to it for being racial. It’s not about race you stupid fools! It’s about a group of people that are being permitted to have the freedom to do wrong. I have alot of good Mexican friends, and they are very good people. Most of them were born and raised here in the U.S., and they are definitely American and fight for the same things we do. But as for the bad ones who come to hate and cause problems, they need to be dealt with, and it isn’t racial. Even the Mexican’s that have lived here their whole lives want something done about it. It cannot be considered to be a racial issue, and it is not wrong to correct it, as a matter of fact, it is more wrong for this nation to not correct it. Down right evil to not correct it. I wish Jan Brewer was in Nanci Pelosi’s position because she understands the border issue way better than any of those fools on capital hill. As for all the slander and media bashing that Sarah has been hit with, it’s apparent all of her competition has gone to great lengths to keep her away from the jobs they want for themselves. She is definitely competition for them and they will try to stoop to any foul measure they can come up with to keep her at a distance. It’s too bad the clueless can’t see the difference between good and evil because if they could discern the difference, they would be able to see that Sarah has two hundred times more honor and substance than what Hilary and Nancy have combined. The media is owned by the Democrat-Socialist regime, and so they make sure they do everything in their power to sway opinions of her. They will try to form their sinister shield, block the enlightening side of Sarah, and try to make it sound like she’s not popular or acceptable. Lies are what they know how to do best, as we can see they do it well with all the other issues surrounding the White House. They’ve all made fools out of themselves, and when Judgement Day is finally here, they will have the whole world looking upon them, knowing what words came out of their mouths, and what foolish sinister deeds they have done. It will cause so much shame to them who fought so hard against righteousness and honor, when they will finally be exposed for what they are, and their deeds are layed out before them, they will know without a doubt that they are not deserving to have salvation. They will know without a doubt they do not belong in the Kingdom of Heaven. Remember, what’s done on Earth is done in Heaven, and their deeds and intents of their hearts are recorded in the Great Book. Also, remember that it is the Lord who will be the judge, not mortal men and women. It’s evident where Sarah’s enemies are, as well as our enemies, and what is very sad, is that the people who have stooped so low to such degrading, miserable, deplorable means without a conscience, think they will get away with it. They are soooo wrong, and I know I won’t be one to forgive them because there is a difference
    between wrong being done in ignorance and wrong being done knowingly, and these souls do it knowingly so there is no forgiveness. As for who should be the next President, I hope we are all going to be on the same page because if our votes are too divided and not enough going to one candidate, we won’t get this President out of the White House, and we need to not only get him out, but we also need to get all Democrats out. That would be a first step, and clean house. We all need to make sure we all have clean houses.

    • BimBam

      Wow! You spoke my mind. I feel a carthasis.

      I like Sarah a lot, mainly because she ticks off the left. I really want her to be President for that reason.

      But, I’m afraid of having a women leader. But I like ticking off the left so much that I hope she becomes President.

      • Alex

        Why on Earth are you “afraid of having a women {sic} leader”?

      • Cheryl Lynn

        The conservative women are coming out of the closet. The values we hold dear are being compromised and we must now do the job that men are afraid to do. I applaud Sarah P., Michelle B. and all the conservative women from the tea party who jumped into the political cesspool and want to save our country from this terrible mess. Go get em conservative women.

  • Jay
  • Joe_K

    Gary: Your attitude is the cause of my going over to the Democrats. I simply cannot identify with name callers and people unable to express themselves without resorting to calling names or issuing threats.”

    Boy, talk about breaking your arm because your broken finger hurts to much… talk about throwing the baby out with the bath water… If you really detest name callers and people issuing threats (not to mention insults, character assassinations, back stabbings, throat cuttings, lies, more lies and damn lies, then why in the world would you want to be a democrat? ROFLMHO (the “H” means “head”

  • Jay

    The leprous and wretched left despise and hate Sarah Palin because she possesses qualities of character and intelligence they secretly wish they possessed, and never will! Their hatred and poisonous slander, which are the only tools in their meagre tool box, confirms the fact that they are devoid of anything that is good and decent. Their end is self-destruction!!

  • http://gunner689 gunner689

    Sarah Palin has more intergrity, honesty, and patriotism in her little finger that the whole Dem. Party combined. She is the greatest breath of fresh air this country has seen sinse Ronald Reagan. She is vastly more palatable to the common sensed American voter than anyone, especially BO, that the Dems. will run. To Hell with the press. They have long abandoned any handle they had on being neutral in political matters.

  • http://gunner689 gunner689

    Correction to Sic: word is spelled “since.”

  • Dave

    Sara Palin is a dope, and if you think she’s intelligent, you must be a bigger dope.

    • SamEyeAm

      Very mature, Dave. That the best you can come up with? I hope you didn’t spend to many hours on that one. I wonder how many people will vote against her because you called her “a dope.”

  • coal miner

    New poll numbers out.

    President Obama keeps lead on Republicans in poll
    President leads GOP challengers by double-digits, tops Romney by 13 points
    Source Msnbc

  • Wayne Johnson

    I love you, Mama Grizzly!

  • chuckb

    coal miner, do you really watch msnbc, if there is such a poll they probably took it with their employees. lol

  • Rev Bob E.

    I usually just read but don”t comment. The one thing that Gov Palin did when in office was to also have to coordinate with the national military because of the natioal defense installations located in Alaska. As for getting some things wrong when it comes out of the mouth, all those that are perfect and never made a verbal or historical mistake, please raise your hands.

  • Rev Bob E.

    sorry, I misspelled “national” once in my previous statement. I also never claimed to be an expert typist.

  • Mimi C

    I consider all these arguments to stem from the horrendous two-party dominated system in the US. No wonder there is mud-slinging on both sides, and hardly surprising that no one can agree. The fact that you have to choose one side and this in turn labels you as either ‘conservative’ or ‘liberal’ and is an indication of what you believe about issues that have taken on exaggerated significance in the political forums (i.e. abortion, firearms-I mean, seriously??!) is highly problematical. It creates a situation in which civilized discussion of politics is impossible-hardly what the founding fathers had in mind, I’ll wager!


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