An Alternative To The Dollar


Dear Bob,

I read an on article on the devaluation of the dollar (The Bob Livingston Letter, September 2011) in which you mention alternatives to the dollar. You mention the Swiss franc annuity. Can you elaborate as to how it works and how one would go about to obtain this type of annuity?



Dear J.H.C.,

Put simply, an annuity is similar to an insurance policy. You can use U.S. dollars to purchase it in U.S. dollars or any foreign currency. It is not required (yet) to be reported to the Internal Revenue Service. For information and a free packet, call 1-242-353-4261 or write to Swiss Annuity Information, P.O. Box F-42657, Freeport, Grand Bahama, Bahamas 99999.

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Bob Livingston

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