Amnesty For Illegals Sliding Through Congressional Muck


Hope that a bill granting amnesty to millions of illegal aliens would die in the House is fading fast. Gang of Eight member Senator Chuck Schumer told CNN on Wednesday that the House GOP fascists’ plan to approach immigration reform through piecemeal legislation is acceptable because whatever they come up with will be reconciled with the Senate’s bill through conference.

Weeper of the House John Boehner and his minions like Eric Cantor, Bob Goodlatte and Paul Ryan have signaled they support amnesty and want to push a bill through Congress. This, despite the fact that an overwhelming number of Americans (60 percent to 69 percent, depending on the poll) want border security handled before amnesty, and more than half of U.S. citizens want illegals deported.

Make no mistake. The illegal immigration debate in Washington has nothing to do with compassion for illegals or an attempt to gain favor from Hispanic voters for the GOP. It’s about finding millions of workers content with slave wages for the large corporations, millions of potential union members and millions more government dependents. It’s about increasing the fascism that is the American political system. It’s about bowing to corporate interests, not American interests.

If you think finding a job is tough now (and real unemployment is about 24 percent and there are still 2 million fewer jobs than there were pre-recession, according, just wait until some 13 million more workers come out of the shadows looking for aboveboard work.

It’s telling that the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, large corporations, unions and people like Mark Zuckerberg and Bill Gates are pushing so hard for amnesty. And the psychopathic elected class? They march right along, ignoring the fact that their voters oppose it because voters realize granting amnesty to millions of lawbreakers and failing to secure the border will destroy the country.

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Bob Livingston

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  • txbadonetoo

    I hope all Rinos – McCain, Graham, Rubio, McConnell and others have primary challengers and I hope they are defeated.
    I don’t know any conservative friends who want blanket amnesty / citizenship for these 12 – 15 million people. It’s shamefull how McCain, Rubio and others changed their opinions within 1 year or so w/o explaining why.
    No more Rinos.

    • podunk1

      On about 7-25-13 our president publically stated the senate immigration bill would improve the economy by a trillion dollars and it must be passed! If OMB calculated those results, where is the documentation? Where are the checks and balances that guarantee truth and financial integrity? Millions of citizens trust and believe that
      message, because they hear no rebuttal or comeuppance! It’s colossal fraud!

      Illegal aliens and their employers CONTINUOUSLY evade income tax, FICA, Unemployment comp, workmen’s comp, and wage & hour laws,
      plus ID theft and just about any other “regulatory edict”! On the run felony CRIMINALS have no rights, thus work for pennies on the dollar and enable their criminal employers to make windfall tax free profits while driving lawful competition out of business! A $23.78/hr BLS 2012 citizen wage costs legitimate employers about $30.91/hr. after 30% employer tax & regs. A criminal alien employer who pays $6/hr cash with no employee or employer tax, takes home $24.91/hr for
      every alien employed ($51.813/yr @40 hr/wk each!)! $8 minimum wage is $6.00/hr after 25% FICA & income taxes. Based on
      government’s $402 billion alien cost, they’re subsidized by citizens taxpayers @ $36,545/yr each @ 11 million! That $36,545 + $12,480 wages = $49,025 TAX FREE! Average 34.5 hour 2012 citizen tax payers only take home $31,902 after taxes. THINK, it’s $17,123/yr less than the criminal alien gets and $4,643 less than government pays criminals to steal their job!

      Government loses $27,204 each in (25%) employee taxes and (30%) employer tax-regs. Lost $27,204 tax, lost $37097 net pay, $36,545 jobless subsidies, plus $36,545 alien subsidies add up to $137,391 economic loses for EACH citizen job lost to a criminal alien! That’s
      $1.5 trillion @ 11 million & $2.7/yr trillion @ 20 million. Arguably criminal employers’ $570 billion to $1.036 trillion heist is wealth reallocation! Individual subsidies and wages vary from near nothing to absurdity, from professional and skilled, to unskilled labor! Government data averages used to deceive and partially inform reveal deception and corruption when analyzed.

      Heritage Foundation “studies” fail to account for 42 million “lost jobs”
      (BLS June 19 million…(12mm unemployed +7mm want jobs) PLUS 23 million jobs lost within their 34.5/hr “part time workers”). The unemployed and jobless are on endless webs government assistance. Meaningful US productive infrastructure jobs have been sacked over the past 20+ years by US “global” monopolies such as GE. GE pays little or no US taxes, built their Chinese empire with US wealth, and uses communist slave labor at considerably less cost than the US criminal alien racket… to produce our consumption goods!

      Heritage’s assumption that government officials who profit by criminally mocking Constitution and statute, will suddenly stop and serve citizens instead of themselves, is preposterous! Heritage notes aliens are already here (illegally) on government welfare, etc, but fails to account for the cost and effects of that current existing criminal enterprise! Nothing in the amnesty bill or anything else on the horizon addresses the 11 to 20 million citizens who are cast into poverty by criminal alien invaders! I don’t quarrel with their assumptions or conclusions, other than, they are immaterial when compared to glaring issues missed. There are ethical mandates with severe legal consequences, to disclose material financial issues. The aliens and the extreme costs of harboring them are here and imbedded BY CRIMINAL ACTS, because our top executive-legislative-judicial officers literally mock their oath of office, the Constitution, and law! They’re enticing alien invaders to enter illegally with jobs, huge subsidies, and official protection from US laws, by the president, attorney general, and countless other oath bound officials. Protecting traitors compounds treason!

      Freely pass it on, however & wherever, in piece or total STOP THIS AMNESTY MADNESS

  • Gary Von Neida

    Two Parties with the same groups paying the “tab”…….gets You to where We are Today. Jimmy Stewart (dreamers) Democrats/ Out-right Socialists/ Conservatives/ Conservati ve Republicans/ Republicans and Republicans in Name Only.
    People count when They get together on an IDEA.

  • hardh8

    I don’t blame any ‘elected’ republican for supporting amnesty. I blame the IDIOT republican voters who will march out and vote for these country club, gated community, limousine liberal rockerfeller republicans. Remember what 0bama advised his voters. “If you want too get what you want, you must punish your enemies.”

    • Debbie Hogan Tate

      Obama considers the American people his enemies!

  • JThaddeustoad

    2014 will be the show down …. Let us pray that God has mercy on this nation..

    • mark

      I thought 2012 was the show down? And you guys lost.

      • Goofy1954

        No the American people lost all of them

  • TexRancher

    AMNESTY CONSPIRATORS are TRAITORS! RINOs going against the will of the people are worse! They knew they would go against their own constituents once elected which puts them lower than whale SxxT!
    Congress created this mess by refusing the enforce the law and then made it worse by pandering to ILLEGAL INVADERS. They should register as foreign agents since they represent the interests of foreign nationals over the interest of AMERICANS! By failing to do so makes them a lower form of espionage agents working to destroy this country.

  • Doc Sarvis

    Former President Ronald Reagan would be proud.

    • Bill

      We can always expect something idiotic from you. Keep it up, it is very entertaining

  • 1 4 liberty

    They have been trying to fix the immigration issue since Reagan. It did not work then and it will not work now. The government continues to think that we are stupid and will continue to throw our taxpayer dollars (that it doesn’t have via the deficit) but never enforces what they put in place. Why not leave the whole thing alone until the current laws that are in place are enforced to the point that they are working, then go back to the issue of immigration and amend any positive changes to the current law to make it better. But first ENFORCE THE CURRENT LAW.

    • Vis Fac

      As A LEGAL immigrant my face is beet red from all the slapping I been getting. Liberals need illegal votes to retain power and perpetuate their agenda. I am one mad LEGAL immigrant who took pride in being a naturalized U.S. Citizen. My country has let me (and others like me) DOWN

  • mark

    This entire immigration mess is bound to tear the Republican Party in two and guarantee Hillary Clinton’s election in 2016. Oh, I forgot what website I was on for a minute. Hillary will not win because in 2016 Obama will declare himself dictator for life, cancel all future elections, and by then will already have 100 million Americans in FEMA camps and UN one-world-government military forces deployed all across the country guarding the 10 million new mosques that he has built. Oh yeah, now I’ve got it correct, right guys? I just needed to adjust my tinfoil hat a little better.

  • John H. Holliday D.D.S.

    2012 was the last time I will have voted as a Republican for any Republican candidates who are seeking to be elected to any public office anywhere and I first signed up as a Republican and only a Republican way back in 1975. Now that I am an Ex-Republican, and very relieved to scrape the Republican RINO and CINO dogsh%$!t off the bottom of my shoes, I have absolutely no intention of ever being talked into voting as a Republican for any Republican ever again. It’s like if the food is rotten, then do not eat that food or you will get extremely ill. Well, we all know that the Republican Party is now rotten to the core and that will be proved without any doubts when the Republican Congressional House Of Representatives votes to pass an AMNESTY for illegal alien foreign nationals because Republicans have no value for the Rule Of Law which is why the current rational and reasonable U.S. Federal Immigration Laws are not enforced and are routinely violated and broken by illegal alien foreign nationals with the help of U.S. Congressmen and U.S. Senators who gladly and willfully aid and abet all illegal aliens for purely immoral egotistical political gain for themselves which proves that U.S. Congressmen and U.S. Senators have absolutely no loyalty to the Constitution or to the Rule Of Law or to Law Abiding Legal Immigrants(REAL IMMIGRANTS) and U.S. Citizens. Well that can work in the opposite way just as effectively when enough and probably more than enough Registered Republican voters Unregister themselves as Republicans and register themselves as members and voters of true traditional conservative third parties such as the Constitution Party. So, it is inevitable that there will be millions and hopefully tens of millions of Ex-Republicans who will turn their backs to the Republican Party and tell the Republican Party that they are not true traditional conservatives and the Republican Party is only an illusion and fraud composed of political smoke and mirrors and nothing more than that. Before the 2014 elections, I’m sure that I will be just one of hopefully at least a few tens of millions of Ex-Republicans, like myself, who are fed up with being taken for granted and stabbed in the back by charlatan hypocrite RINO Traitors and CINO Traitors. There are some good traditional conservative political parties including the Constitution Party and the so called Tea Party that will be a reasonable alternative instead of voting as a Republican for RINOs or Republican Imposters or Republican Impersonators or Republican Frauds or Republican Cowards or Republican Turncoat Traitors. Of course the Liberal Socialist Progressive Democrats will be celebrating the extinction of the Republican Party and also true traditional conservatives will also be celebrating the extinction of the Republican Party more accurately known as the RINO Party or the UnRepublican Party that practices Unconservatism or Pseudo-conservatism. The Republican Party is not shooting itself in it’s own foot. The Republican Party is shooting itself in it’s own head. The Republican Party is a professional expert authority at very successfully committing lethal political suicide. The Republican Party should change their name to the Kamikaze Party and the Republican Party should change their political symbol from the Elephant to the Dodo Bird. I already consider the Republican Party to be as dead and extinct as the dinosaurs are dead and extinct and that is really as dead and extinct as anything can be dead and extinct.

    • Warrior

      Well John, what the heck, count me in.

  • Chris

    1. Kick them ALL out and make them come back the LEGAL way, like our ancestors did.
    2. Do background checks BEFORE allowing them to stay in the U.S.
    3. Strenghten our borders. If THEY can come into this countrty so easily, then WHAT is to stop terrorists from coming in the same way?