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Ames Straw Poll Could Legitimize Bachmann, Upset Romney

August 9, 2011 by  

Ames Straw Poll Could Legitimize Bachmann, Upset Romney

Saturday’s straw poll in Ames, Iowa, and the Fox News-hosted debate on the Thursday preceding it are certain to shake up the field of candidates seeking the 2012 Republican Presidential nod. While the widely regarded GOP frontrunner, former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney, is not participating in the poll, whoever wins is certain to emerge as his main opponent. And many people believe that emerging victor will be Representative Michele Bachmann (R-Minn.).

“She is clearly the favorite right now, but she faces a real test in Thursday’s pre-Straw Poll debate hosted by Fox News,” read a post by Conservative Iowa talk radio host Steve Deace, predicting that Bachmann will win the straw poll with 21 percent of the vote. “Barring journalistic malfeasance, she’s going to be asked about signing the controversial FAMiLY LEADER marriage pledge, as well as her husband working to deliver those ensnared by homosexuality via Christian counseling… How she responds to that questioning could very well determine Saturday’s results.”

Bachmann “is expected to win the straw poll,” former Iowa State GOP Chairman Richard Schwarm told POLITICO. “She’s almost at a dangerous level where she could win, but still not win big enough,” he said.

While Romney is not participating in the straw poll directly, he has been campaigning in Iowa and will participate in Thursday’s debate. He won the last Ames straw poll by a landslide, but it ultimately didn’t pay off in 2008. This could be why his campaign is avoiding expensive straw polls altogether. Still, if the right candidate finished with a big enough lead at Ames, he or she could quickly close the gap with Romney.

Romney’s frontrunner status “could change after a few shots are fired, if there’s some mistake, some stumble,” Ken Khachigian, a longtime GOP activist and former adviser to Ronald Reagan told the Los Angeles Times. “While I think he’s built up some amount of inoculation against attacks, I don’t think you have a very forgiving electorate, so that if you have one or two miscues and the emergence of someone who seems strikingly articulate or shines in a debate… Romney could easily go down pretty quickly.”

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  • American Conservative

    Ron Paul is the man of real substance. Bachman is a far better choice than Romney, but no one is at the same level of experience or an advocate of real change like Dr. Paul is. Fellow Iowans please vote for Ron Paul.

    • eyeswideopen

      For anyone who can read english and understand it, Bachmann is an farce. Mis-informed??????????? If she can’t understand something that was written so a fourth grader could understand it, then she definately is a liability and not Presidential material. Of course since she hates government so much, why are both she and her husband taking money from us( the hated government)? Hyprocrisy abounds in the tea party.

      • NancyJ

        You Progressives just have to grow up and realize that your Keyesnian ideas are flawed and everything you have done is a failure.

        Until everything that you have done in the past two years is eliminated, the country is in serious danger.

        QUIT SPENDING!!!

        • Peter Carminati

          I agree. Those spendthrifts are nothing more than bank robbers who find it easier to be a politician-thief and get away with it.
          If push comes to shove, the spendthrift needs to be arrested and charged with treason (violating the Constitution) and money laundering (stealing the voter’s tax money).

      • American Conservative

        Hypocrisy abounds everywhere. Dr. Ron Paul has proved he’s not part of it, however. I consider myself to be ultra-conservative, and a fundamentalist Christian, but even I can agree with you that Bachmann would be a liability. What conservatives must realize is that it would take someone with a record like Dr. Paul’s to beat Obama. He may not be as popular now as when he was elected president, but getting the independents and fiscally conservative-leaning Democrats to vote for someone like Bachmann is unrealistic. Getting them to vote for Ron Paul is not only realistic, it’s possible, perhaps even enjoyable.

        • Ray Mason

          I think that you are as wrong about Ron Paul as the democrats were wrong about Obama. You need to take a hard look at the record of Ron Paul. Look at what he does, not what he says. He is typically a porker and wastes money as bad if not worse than democrats.

          • Jason

            I disagree. Ron Paul votes against anything unconstitutional. His voting record is flawless. I don’t know where you are getting your information, but Ron Paul always votes based on principal. He is the same today as he was 30 years ago.

          • TML

            You obviously haven’t looked very hard at Ron Paul’s record. His record is what speaks volumes to … back up what he says! You should do some more critical research.

            Bachmann, voted to extend the Patriot Act. What more does a constitutional conservative need to know about her, not to vote for her?

            Btw… It is very nice to hear so many of the other commenters on this site supporting Congressman Ron Paul… makes me feel very hopeful for America.

          • just little ole me

            Though Ron Paul seems like a good person I don’t think he is my candidate. I agree with him on most things but one thing has always bothered me about him. Paul criticized Ronald Reagan as a failure. Although I don’t think Reagan was perfect, Reagan did do great many things and I would not have called him a failure. Paul sometimes I thinks goes a little to far right for me and I consider myself pretty right. A little on the anarchy side for my comfort. There must be a small government but also good moral laws in place. We the people have the right to break them as we wish but must face consequences if we do. Problems is I can see Ron’s views as well. Good moral laws would work if we had a good sound wise mind of congress and senate really knowing what good moral laws are. Many of them certainly aren’t leaving it. There are those in the government who scream a moral issue when they want something passed. Oh the good old days when Reagan was president and would not be afraid to call evil, well evil.

            Ron seems to be a little to the anarchy side as to Obama is a tyrant.

          • TML

            @just little ole me – “Paul criticized Ronald Reagan as a failure.”

            That’s you’re reason for not accepting him as your candidate? Criticizing someone you think liked? Perhaps you should look into WHY Ron Paul critized him.

          • WonderWoman

            @Just Little Old Me: Ron Paul never criticizes people personally. He was a friend of Reagan and gave him a “B” as Prez. Why? Because Reagan raised taxes, grew the Federal deficit and used war powers to bomb Lebanon. Ron Paul read Reagan’s memoirs and cites a passage where Reagan said that he was sorry for that and if he hadn’t done it, 265 soldiers wouldn’t have died and 159 wouldn’t have been wounded. Ron Paul praised Reagan for owning up to that.

          • WonderWoman

            Want big government and over-reach, get the immoral government involved in “moral issues.” See where we are today. A small, Constitutional government, leaves Tenth Amendment issues to the STATES, where they belong. That is not anarchy, that is the way our Founders planned it.

      • Jeff in OH

        Another dysfunctional voter…

      • Jeff in OH

        As for Politico, That’s an Obummer news front. As for Ron Paul he would gut our armed forces. He thinks 9-11 was Americas fault. How can anyone vote for him as a president. He’s alright in congress but not as the leader of the next free world….

        • TML

          “As for Ron Paul he would gut our armed forces.”

          No… he wouldn’t “gut” our armed forces… he would bring them home, which would strengthen our national defense, instead of having are armed forces spread over 135 countries around the world.

          “He thinks 9-11 was Americas fault.”

          Correction… he thinks that our preemptive war policy is incites hatred, and increases the number of enemies we have.

          “How can anyone vote for him as a president.”

          Because he speaks the truth… he has the a solid and consistent voting record, definitive solutions, a brilliant economist, and has the most experience.

          “He’s alright in congress but not as the leader of the next free world….”

          The NEXT free world?

          • Christin


            Spot on man!

          • Jason

            Even the CIA thinks 911 was the fault of our foreign policy. It’s what the CIA calls blowback. You should google it.

        • Al Neuman

          Jeff in Ohio:

          Of course you’re “right on” about Ron Paul–the guy is basically a “flake”, has way out far right ideas and hasn’t a snowball’s chance in hell of getting elected if the Republicans make the horrible mistake of electing someone like him–that would just guarantee Obummer another 4 yrs.!

      • Judy

        The last thing we need is Romney. Michele stands for all that we, (the Tea Party) & conservatives are adamant about. NO ONE could do a worse job than Obama. Romney is another big government flip flopper. Michele has stood firm against her own party RINOs & the Dems & has not budged on what we sent her there to do. Eyeswideopen,what you are rambling about, I have no idea. Keep up the good work, Michele & don’t let your publicist or anyone tell you different. We are tired of flip flops because of public minorities. Herman Cain lost many when he didn’t stick with his stand on Islam.

        • Christin


          Your right on those points.

          Constitutional Conservative Michele Bachmann would be SO MUCH better that the Lier in Chief we have now and Billy and Hilly ‘[NO] Small Arms Treaty’,’Bilderberg’ Clinton, too.

          Constitutional Conservative Ron Paul is a top contender for the 2012 Presidential spot as well.

          But ABSOLUTELY NOT Liberal RINO Mitt Romney care.

      • http://comcast the fisherman

        You got that right,She is a nut case She did not fall to far from the tree

    • SJvet

      This Ron Paul BS is getting tiresome for how many elections now? If you people who think he’s so great would vote for a real candidate maybe we wouldn’t end up with the McCains of the world for candidates and we wouldn’t lose the election to an inexperienced moron.

      • Jason

        What you said doesn’t make much sense.

      • Carrie K.

        And how is it that John McCain got the nomination? Someone voted for him (not me). I held my nose and voted for him over Obama, but sheesh! That was the best the Republicans could do? Give me a break. If people would stop drinking the “he can’t win” Kool-Aid and vote with their guts we would get real hope and change with Ron Paul as president. His non-interventionist / strong national defense foreign policy will win votes from Dems and Independents alike. So maybe the naysayers should rethink exactly what they’re voting FOR instead of what they’re voting AGAINST.

        Paul, BTW, did not vote for the Patriot Act as did Bachmann. How can a “constitutional conservative” vote for renewal provisions of the Patriot Act? What they do tells a lot more t an what they say. Who do you believe – me or your lying eyes?

    • American Taxpayer

      Ron Paul is beginning to make sense. He said that if we keep
      our spending at its current level with no increase in spending,
      then in a about 5 years, we will have a balanced budget. Our family has not had a raise in salary in 5 years, however, everything is going up except our income. Somehow, we’ve learned to survive.

    • Al Neuman

      I’m an Iowan and Republican, and I strongly believe the biggest mistake we could make is to nominate some far right type like Ron Paul, or even Michelle Bachman. Every single national poll over the years has shown that the majority of Americans call themselves “moderate” and those candidates on either the far right or far left almost never win national elections.

      Also from speaking to many young people (including my 3 adult children), they are completely “turned off” by politicians of any stripe trying to dictate social norms to them. For some reason many on the far right can’t resist the urge to try forcing others to accept their religious and social beliefs on very controversial issues like abortion, gay marriage, etc. A candidate trying to push these issues is guaranteed suicide for the Republican party.
      We have an historic opportunity to take control of the White House, given the horrible performance of its current occupant. However there is absolutely no doubt in my mind that if we nominate a social conservative, that will guarantee another 4 yrs. for Obama.

      The best thing Republicans can do is nominate a middle of the road ELECTABLE candidate, and Romney seems by far the best choice at this point. Ron Paul is ridiculous as a candidate and has no chance whatsoever of winning a national Presidential election.Period.

  • Bob Awerkamp

    The Democrats used to be the “war party”. Lately it has been the Republicans.

    Ron Paul is the only Republican candidate that makes any sense. He will bring our troops home from all over the world. He will get rid of the Federal Reserve and give us sound money.

    Representative Paul has more Washington experience than the rest of them put together. Don’t you just love seeing him tear up the FED Chairman in every hearing?

    I sent money to his 1st campaign for the House back in the mid 70′s. He wins his Congressional races by huge majorities despite all the effort the neo-cons throw at him.

    Please vote for Ron Paul in the Ames Straw Poll. Thanks, Bob

    • http://Personalliberty Tony

      To Bob:
      Right on!! The problem is the GOP will never give Ron Paul a chance.
      Let’s pray they get wisdom to change their ways. Thanks!!

  • Charles bond

    Romney is just another 100% career politician. Bachmann picked up on Ron Paul when he first started the TEA PARTY and had to change the name to Campane For Liberty because too many jumped onto the tea party name with differing views. Ron Paul is for America and the constitution 100%.Many republicans and democrats want to change the constitution because it will keep them a bay to serve the American people and not their own selves.That is why they will demonise RON PAUL.That is why I will vote RON PAUL for President.

  • Landon St. Peter

    There’s only one legitimate candidate, Dr. Ron Paul. We must extricate ourselves from all the illegal, unconstitutional, and undeclared wars we are in, and bring all our children home. There’s bridges, roads, and infrastructure we could rebuild HERE! Ron Paul is the only candidate that will get that done. He also has the only coherent plan to get our economy back on track by reducing federal spending to it constitutionally mandated limits. Do you want a more-of-the-same candidate (all the others) or a real change in the climate of Wash DC? Ron’s got my vote!

    • Carlos

      Could you be serious for once? Ron Paul? Everyone knows he’s a nutcase libertarian. He is also a 9/11 truther which makes him even more unelectable. Assuming Rick Perry doesn’t enter the race the only smart choice is Michelle Bachman.

      • Jason

        “Everyone knows he’s a nutcase libertarian.”
        Ron Paul is a republican. Ron Paul has some libertarian views, but he has been a republican for a long time. He even campaigned for Ronald Reagan back when it was not the popular thing to do. He is the only candidate that was endorsed by Ronald Reagan. BTW: Nothing wrong with being a libertarian. What is wrong with individual liberties and following the constitution? The forefathers would have been libertarian.

        “He is also a 9/11 truther which makes him even more unelectable.

        False! Maybe you should get your facts strait before posting on public forums/pages. Ron Paul has said publicly that he does not believe these things, although Ron Paul does support a full investigation.

        “Assuming Rick Perry doesn’t enter the race the only smart choice is Michelle Bachman.”

        You make me laugh. You support more of the same. That is why we are in the situation we are now. What is the definition of insanity? Doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result… People like you are the reason we are in the situation we are in today.

      • Lost in Paradise

        Carlos, what in the heck is a “Truther”?

  • John Rowe

    You GO Madam President Bachman, we have your back

  • Robert A Hirschmann

    Michele Bachmann stands for everything I believe in. My vote goes to her. Obama has another 17 months to totally destroy this country so it may already be too late to fix it. He should be tarred and feathered and run out of the country. OK, maybe just impeached. But of course that will never happen because his cronies will fight it at every turn.

    I think it’s time we had a female president. For too long the females have been labeled as second class citizens. I, for one, think that most women have more common sense then men. Michele fits the bill for leadership. She stands for what is right in America and has the guts not to back down. If you love this country vote for her.

    • John Rowe

      Well said

    • Jason

      “Michele Bachmann stands for everything I believe in.”

      Are you talking about the so called “Patriot Act” that Michele Bachmann stands for?

    • Carrie K.

      The Patriot Act is a major dagger to the heart of our 4th Amendment rights. It gave birth to the TSA, the Department of Homeland Security and any number of infractions against law abiding U.S. citizens. No true “constitutional conservative” would have voted for it or for a renewal of any of the provisions contained therein. Just sayin’…

    • TML

      “I think it’s time we had a female president. For too long the females have been labeled as second class citizens. I, for one, think that most women have more common sense then men. Michele fits the bill for leadership.”

      Seems like your main reason is the fact that she is female. Sorry, but sex doesn’t make a person fit for leadership any more than race. You “fit leader” voted to extend the Patriot Act. Female or not, Bachmann is unfit to be the leader of a free people

      • just little ole me

        Okay to start with I am female. So far Michelle Bachmann (I am still looking into Herman Cane as well or anyone else who may come in) has my vote. I will vote for her because her ideals appeal to me not because she is a woman. This attitude of history making is what got us into trouble with Obama. What many forget is he is also half white. This man should not be siding with his feelings on one side or the other (when it comes to race) because he is a part of all of us but he despises the white side as he always excludes it. Do you hear much about him being interracial? No, because I believe he despises that part of him. The American people elected a black/white tyrant. Perhaps we need to look at ourselves and change the morals of a people both black and white. White guilt needs to be thrown out the window. We do everyone a disservice by conjuring up a past that is past. We’ve had enough time to mope. This goes for the Indians as well. We are giving them a disservice by continuing federal programs. Many do not work and it hurts them to be reliant. Let them be independent. I want us all to be on equal ground as it was meant to be.

        Please do not look to making history just look to what is best for the country and what this person can do for it. Go with your values and principles and pick the one who you are comfortable with. Don’t look at race or whether they are female or male. VALUES and PRINCIPLES.

        • Judy

          Just little ole me: Well said! I have Indian in my genes so more than many, I have the right to say this…If it’s ancient history, GET OVER IT!! That includes Indians, blacks or anyone else. There was wrong done on both sides & the government should not be spending money on law suits from 50 or 200 yrs. ago. We also need to get rid of the dash Americans, we are Americans period, not Native Americans, African Americans, etc. Some of blacks didn’t even come from Africa & many who did were sold by your own people so go sue them. As one of the above replies stated, Obama is part white. Most blacks are & many of “whites” have black in their genes as well, there is a question as to whether my family does.

        • TML

          I do go for my values and principles. That’s why I say Bachmann, who voted to extend the Patriot Act, is not fit to be the leader of a free people. You should judge by ones record, and not by what they promise are their values and principles… but by their actions. Bachmann voted for the Patriot Act even despite her supporters urging her not to.

          • Jason

            Herman Cain’t is an ex-federal reserve employee. He doesn’t support an audit of the fed. He said they have nothing to hide.

            Just recently we found out about all the secret bailouts to foreign banks. Nothing to hide? Yeah right. Herman Cain’t doesn’t know what he is talking about! He Cain’t be trusted to run our country.

    • bonnie kellum

      all of us women need to put a lady in the WHITE HOUSE

      • Christin


        All of us AMERICANS just need to put a ‘Constitutional Conservative’ that works for We the People and stands for Limited Government and Checks and Balances in the Three Branches of Government in the presidential office to build and prosper our REPUBLIC…. regardless of sex or race.

        • Christin

          If I remember correctly…

          The Demos thought… after they saw Hillary not so popular, let’s be the FIRST to put a [half] black guy in the presidential office… and look at the Marxist Muslim, Anti-Free Market, Anti-American we got.

          Then the Repubs thought… well, the only way we can beat the first Black guy running for Pres is to have the First Woman Vice Pres… thus RINO John McCain’s running mate was Sarah Palin… she was a good Constitutional Conservative Christian, but he was not.

          I’m just sayin’… let’s chose a statesman or woman of character and integrity who has the moral compass (values) and love of our Republic to lead and follow the Rule of Law… or forget it.

          I remember a Biblical story where the Jews wanted a king to rule them like the other countries, but God was trying to tell them that they didn’t need a RULER… sometimes I think we would be better without one too… all We need in the Lord.

  • Jason

    Bachmann voted for the Patriot Act. She worked for the IRS. Need I say more? Romney (Plastic Man) represents more of the same. In fact, they both represent more of the same. We can’t afford more of the same!

    People are fed up. They are realizing that our economy is dead and Ron Paul was right all these years. We need a leader who understands the economy and can see these things coming ahead of time. We need someone who will not waiver for the special interest groups, with a spine of steel. We want someone who tells us the truth, even if it’s unpopular and not what we really want to hear. Someone who tells it just like it is, no matter which group he is talking to. We need Ron Paul for president in 2012.

    The Bible says your can tell a man by his fruits. Ron Paul’s consistent voting record and honesty should tell you something. It’s easy to go around calling yourself a Christian to get votes. It’s another to actually act like a Christian when nobody is looking. Ron Paul acts the same way all the time. He is the same today as he was 30 years ago. No surprises. You know exactly what you are getting with him. He has also accepted Jesus Christ as his personal savior.

    Besides, I don’t know if we can take even a few more years with our country spending, borrowing, and printing money the way we do. Ron Paul will bring jobs and prosperity back to our country and it’s people. We can’t afford to make another mistake by voting in someone who will continue with a neo-conservative or socialist agenda as all our recent presidents have. Like I said, you know exactly what you are getting when you vote for Ron Paul. No surprises.

    Ron Paul was campaigning for Ronald Reagan before it was even the popular thing to do. He is the only candidate who has an endorsement from Ronald Reagan.

    Ron Paul 2012

    • American Conservative

      Right on. Can you imagine a president without surprises?

    • Carrie K.

      Let me get this straight – We can have a president who tells the truth? A president with no skeletons in his closet? A president who would never shame the Oval Office or embarrass America? A president who believes in the rule of law and the Constitution? A president who’s been married to the same woman for 50+ years? A president who believes in leading by example? A president who, as a Congressman, refused to see lobbyists, refused to participate in the lucrative congressional retirement plan, and returned part of his budget to the Treasury each year? A president who, as a veteran, understands the true value of the precious treasure lost in wars and therefore believes that you declare, fight, win and come home?

      Well, OK, I guess I’ll stick my neck out and vote for him…

      • bonnie kellum

        i sure can/t see one thing your president has done except put the american people in DEBT

        • Carrie K.

          Bonnie – I was referring to Paul, not Obama.

    • Dale on the left coast

      Ron Paul . . . while he has some good ideas . . . is well past his “Best Before Date” . . . he will be out early. Romney is just another RINO elite.
      Bachmann will shred the Bamster in a real debate . . . she is a bright lady and a Conservative!!!

      • Jason

        Bachmann thinks John Wayne is from Waterloo, Iowa. John Wayne Gacy is from Waterloo, Iowa.

        Bachmann doesn’t have a chance against Obama. Ron Paul understands economics. He doesn’t need a script. He predicted the events plaguing us today, even while he was laughed at for it. Ron Paul was right and we didn’t listen, now look at us.

        Ron Paul is the only one who can beat Obama on every issue. His perfect voting record and his accurate predictions of the events that are happening today up against Obama’s prewritten speeches and his teleprompter… need I say more? Bachmann is just more of the same.

        Most people voting for Ron Paul will not vote for Bachmann. We do not support the so called “Patriot Act” because you can’t say you support liberty and say you voted for the patriot act at the same time. They are complete opposites.

        If you want to beat Obama, you need to vote for Ron Paul.

    • just little ole me

      And he also called Ronald Reagan a failure don’t leave that part out. He wants to be leader and has for a long time. I don’t trust someone who backs someone to get in and then tares them down. NO thank you. “Dear Frank” Letter from the Libertarian Party News, March/April 1987

      Also he said:

      Paul called the American Civil War a mistake, criticized Ronald Reagan as a “failure,” and refused to rule out a third party run (then do it and don’t look at what you think is going to get you voted in).

      Paul repeated his claim that Abraham Lincoln should not have started the Civil War to get rid of slavery. “Six-hundred-thousand Americans died in the senseless (we got rid of slavery maybe it would have phased out eventually but how many more black people would have died. Maybe even more then 600,000 and they were Americans too.) Civil War,” he said. “No, he should not have gone to war. He did this just to enhance and get rid of the original tenet of the Republic (I don’t agree with everything Abraham did but it resulted in some liberation for the African American).”

      I agree with him in a way but not totally. What upsets me really is the double standard he is living. If he truly lived by his feeling he would not run as a Republican. Get some backbone. You live a lie when you say you are disappointed in the Republicans and then run as one. Run as a third party. Yes you may not get voted in but you at least would be living your values and your belief that Republicans are misguided (which so many are). We need someone in there that has guts and will live 100% the way they believe (problem is I haven’t seen that totally with anyone, except Sarah Palin and I don’t think she is running). This is like Romney who says he is anti-abortion and then runs in Massachusetts for pro choice and then says he did it so he could get voted in. Dishonesty and showing you would do anything to get voted in is wrong. Don’t buy it. This won’t settle this time for me any kind of dishonesty is just well dishonest. Who says once Ron is in there he won’t change something else to stay in office? A feeling of Power can corrupt anyone especially those who don’t stand on a 100% footing. Look at David in the bible he was upstanding and what happened to him, he became corrupt even to the point of committing murder. No, I will not see someone in who I don’t see as totally upstanding.

      • TML

        You have so much incorrect information, I don’t even know where to start.

        “And he also called Ronald Reagan a failure”

        Again… objectively look at WHY.

        “He wants to be leader and has for a long time.”

        This is false… he runs for president because his supporters urge him to.

        “I don’t trust someone who backs someone to get in and then tares them down. NO thank you.”

        So pointing out thing you don’t agree with, you see as tearing someone down?

        “Paul called the American Civil War a mistake”

        It was!

        “Paul repeated his claim that Abraham Lincoln should not have started the Civil War to get rid of slavery.”

        Wrong… he actually says agrees with real historians that show that the civil war was NOT about slavery. Abraham Lincoln invaded the confederacy after a peaceful secession, to subjugate and coerce the southern states, back under central governmental control. Slavery is bad, and I don’t defend that… but that wasn’t honest Abe’s reason for the invasion, as he said… If he could preserve the Union without freeing any slaves, he would do it. You should do a LOT more historical study, and more research on Ron Paul, before you spout nonsense.

        “You live a lie when you say you are disappointed in the Republicans and then run as one.”

        I don’t see that as living a lie… but rather… correcting what has gone asray, and standing as an example of what Republican should be.

        I find it strange how critical you are of Ron Paul, while utterly neglect that your Bachmann voted for the Patriot Act depite her supporters urging her otherwise. Your reasons for not accepting Ron Paul are subjectively based, while you ignore the critical fact that Bachmann is not a good choice.

        • just little ole me

          If I find I am wrong I am willing to apologize and correct myself so let me do more research but something to me does not feel right about Ron Paul. Let’s do it in a manner that isn’t belittling. You can’t figure what kind of person I am by just reading a post (I am a conservative female who loves her country and family, one who is willing to die for country and family).

          I watched two debates with Ron in it and he did not impress me one bit. I feel this way with many of the candidates, I will research Bachmann and The Patriot Act, it may change my mind there as well. Ron seems to be along the line to far right where he is willing to forgo some moral laws I don’t see the founding fathers not putting laws into place about prostitution and drugs. There must be law or there is no freedom it only begets tyranny from a neighbor or people, bringing utter chaos. We can’t change and make laws for everything that isn’t practical but have you seen how someone’s drug use effects those around them. I am referring to wise laws. Big government is not the answer though we need to have a healthy balance, leaving it with the states would be better I agree. Perhaps I misunderstand Ron’s reasoning but it still bothers me the same.

          My first impulse is to be offended by what you write but that would not be right of me. I have found many times in life to be wrong and having to correct course but I refuse to just pick one candidate right now and go with it. I was merely discussing how I felt (what I had learned thus far, you seem to assume that I was done researching) and not what I had totally decided. You have seemed to have totally picked your candidate and that is fine, great for you but I am not that kind of person. You should be encouraging people to research and learn about all candidates (not just yours) and not trying to force your view on someone else to pick your candidate, that is what many on the left and right want. I have seen how certain people on this site and I am appalled at how self righteous they seem to be on the right and left. Many are offended at every turn and strike in retaliation resorting to name calling and belittling. Wouldn’t it be best to just state facts or opinions and leave it at that. The frustration of it all. I can’t talk to anyone without them being offended. If I am wrong point me to the right sites or the right material and I will read it as well. I have been to Ron’s site and find most of it to my liking but there are still those things that bother me, give me that right as a citizen who is trying to be informed. If you don’t agree with me just point me in a direction that may change my mind but don’t do it in a demeaning manner. You will find you will change many more minds that way.

          Many on the left resort to name calling and so do many on the right (I never truly liked the so called statement of right and left, I prefer to use right or wrong, evil or good). This makes neither right. Where is your humanity and tolerance? We are a nation of debaters it was always meant to be that way. As long as there is integrity, tolerance, ideas, opinions and love for neighbor there can be a change but as long as everyone is fixed on their positions we are in real trouble. Even if you think you have come to the right conclusion you should always question everything then perhaps you will be in the right place. Doesn’t mean you leave your morals behind but questioning even God usually keeps them in check. I try to explain best in words what I mean but maybe not doing such a good job. The nations problems is both sided and the sooner both sides learn there is blame to be shared the sooner we can fix it. It’s like two bully’s trying to gain the same turf. Stop the self righteousness and truly look at oneself. I have found I find peace with myself with this philosophy. If you choose differently then great.

          • just little ole me

            Believe it or not I research all the links on here. I appreciate all the links I can get left and right so that I can form an opinion. Thanks you and please bring the links on. LOL..I am a learning machine.

  • Ken

    Ron Paul has much to contribute, but he is not presidential material. He is strong on econonic issues, and has done a great job exposing the FED, but is too isolationist to be elected. Michelle Bachmann is a true champion of liberty. While she might not win the presidential nod, she should at least be the V.P. pick.
    I would like to see a Parry-Bachmann ticket or a Guiliani-Bachmann ticket. The important thing, however, is to unite behind the GOP choice and get the incompetent Marxist out of the White House.

    • Jason

      Ron Paul is NOT an isolationist. If being friends with other countries and trading with them without trying to force them to think like you by dropping bombs on them is isolationist, then I guess you are correct.

      But since that is not what an isolationist is, that would make you very incorrect. Ron Paul is a non-internationalist. He doesn’t think we need to police the world. We can’t afford it and our people are dying. We are also creating hate and that is not good for our national security. Ron Paul believes war should be declared, fought, and won. We should not attack those who do not attack us for resources and/or currency. We should get along with our neighbors and lead by example.

      You don’t make people want to be like you by dropping bombs on them and invading their countries. You make them want to be like you by being a good example.

      What would Jesus do?

      • http://Personalliberty Tony

        To Jason:
        Brilliant reply. I wish these Tea partiers would take this to heart.

    • TML

      Non-interventionalist… not isolationist. Do more research.

    • Jason

      Bachmann is NOT a champion for liberty. You cannot value liberty and vote for the so called “Patriot Act” at the same time. The Patriot Act is against everything liberty stands for. Who are you trying to fool?

  • Bonnie

    I would never vote for someone based on their gender!
    Ron Paul is the only one that is qualified and trustworthy to lead this country. Do your research and learn about him, you will be very impressed. He has an untarnished record.
    Vote for Ron Paul!

    • Jason

      I would never vote for someone based on their gender or race. See I am not a racist or a sexist. ;- )

  • American Conservative

    The reason many people see Paul as not presidential material, no offense, is that they have settled for politicians instead of statesmen (and stateswomen). If you listen to Bachmann, Romney, Guiliani, or any other big-name Republican, you will hear a politician. If you listen to Ron Paul, you will hear exactly what he thinks. If you vote for him, you’ll get exactly what you’re voting for.

    Ron Paul may be for peace, but his isolationism is the very thing that *would* get him elected if he could get the nomination. There are scores of fiscally-conservative leaning democrats that would vote for Ron Paul once they realized he actually would bring soldiers home. It is true that having a Marxist in office is very dangerous, but putting another person who is not extremely and consistently fiscally conservative (read: not Ron Paul), will not end the Marxist policies quickly enough to rescue the nation from further disaster.

    • Carrie K.

      Well said, American Conservative.

    • Bob C.

      Not engaging in endless, needless wars around the globe does not make you an “isolationist”

      That’s like saying a bully is just very social.

  • Cliffystones

    While I like both Bachmann and Paul, and find Romney to be way to “Ken-doll”, here’s my beef. Why is it that the other 49 states let the good citizens of Iowa “thin the herd”? Do these Iowans possess some sense of enlightenment that allows them to better judge the candidates?

    It seems to me that midway through the primaries the other half of the states are left with a picked-over selection.

    • Judy

      Amen to that! We are not even having a primary because it’s already decided by the time ours comes around. That is one thing that should be changed…soon. Why should a few states decide who gets to run. We might get some better candidates if all of us got to vote. This primary should be done the same as all the rest.

  • Cashpockets

    Bachmann in no way is even close to being qualified to be President.
    She can’t even get her American History straight.
    Apparently she slept through her History Classes or was Day Dreaming through it all.
    It seems that Bachmann and Sarah Palin are both capable of having hallucinations.
    Mutt Romney is a kiss ass politician willing to say whatever he thinks the people want to hear.

    Ron Paul is the only candidate that can and would put this country back on the right track.

    • Dale on the left coast

      You are “nuts” . . . did she say “57 States”??? “My Muzzie Faith”??? and numerous other “Brain-dead” comments like the guy You Voted for last time does?
      She will not embaras the country in foreign lands by Bowing to their leaders or giving them DVD’s they cannot play . . .

      • eddie47d

        That 57 States comments has been brought up at least a hundred times on this site. That only means the opposition will have to keep bringing up Michelle’s gaffs endlessly. Correct?

    • knights templer

      ANYONE, anyone is better than OBAMA. Let’s get that clear right now! You’re comparing an American who cares about Americans who wants a better America Vs an American hater, socialist, Marxist, Muslim radical TRAITOR that bought his way OUR White House!
      So are we to think that Obama is the standard for excellence? Increase your meds you mutt! America survived the Great Depression and in 2 years has caused more damage, less growth, moved back race relations 50 yrs, polarized America against one another, made it a disgrace to fly our GREAT AMERICAN FLAG, your muslim POS. We can’t even be patriotic!! Well I am and so are millions of Americans and we are FED UP WITH LIES, back room deals, and corruption. “Just sign the Healthcare Bill, read it later” Pelosi and others said, to what end? To find a sales tax hidden of 3.8 % on selling homes? To hide gun legislation in the Healthcare bill? Obama is NOT stupid, he’s bankrupting America on purpose and means to destroy America. Healthcare bill, Jobs Bill, stimulus?? Nothing gained just a means to an end.
      I agree with Ms. Bonnie it’s time to put a woman in the White House. Bachmann or Palin has more BALLS then any man America has seen since Reagan!! At least they won’t party, travel on the backs of Americans out of a job!

  • Scott D

    The problem with Ron Paul is his stance on illegal immigration or lack there-of.

    • Jason

      Huh? Ron Paul has a stance on illegal immigration. Go to and see his stance for yourself. I don’t know where you are getting your information, but I recommend you go right to the source.

      • Scott D

        Jason-what he says and what he does do not match up. Ask him for his stance on E-verify and making it mandatory for businesses.

        • Bob C.

          I ask you where in the constitution does it give the power to the federal government to do this???
          Essentially asking the federal government for permission to work, whether you are from here of not.
          How about just enforcing currant law, instead of eventually microchip all of us?

          The answer to all big government types is always the same, hand over more power to them, so they can fix a problem you created in the first place
          No, no more.

          • Judy

            The founding Fathers made it clear that the main job of the Federal government is our security, that is one thing they should do right.
            And why is it everyone uses the constitution only when referencing aliens or illegals? The constitution is to protect American CITIZENS no one else. If they want the protection of the constitution, then they need to become citizens. A very good reason to disband the ACLU because they are the worst offenders. Illegals have NO rights.

  • BetTal

    I have to say that I believe that Bachmann would probably be the best choice. She has some great ideas. The only problem that I can see with her is that I don’t think this country is going to elect the first woman president at this point. Don’t get me wrong, I think she can do the job and am not against a woman being president. I’m a woman myself. I just think that people can see what has happened to this country as a result of electing our first African-American president. Don’t get me wrong, I think that a black can be president as much as anyone and be good at it. Just not the one that we have. I just personally believe that people will be leary of electing a woman president at this time. One thing is for sure, we need to make sure that we have someone running who can and will beat Obama. Otherwise, this country is in big trouble.

    • Jason

      Yea, that so called “Patriot Act” was a great idea! /Sarcasm

    • Jeff in OH

      I think the timing is perfect for a woman president. We’ve had our first woman speaker and first black president but both failed miserably. Bachmann will put an end to all this crap. She is strong and more conservative than any other person in the race. I hope she gets the nomination because whoever gets it will beat Obummer….

    • bonnie kellum

      i think we should put a woman in the white you relaize that a woman has more back bone than a man

      • Jason

        That is sexist.

      • knights templer

        And more Balls too! Bachmann OR Palin all the way!! Obama couldn’t lead from the beginning. Mr. Nobel Peace Prize “winner” who in less than a year is bombing Libya without Congressional approval at that. He takes credit for the work of others. What a CHUMP!! History will show this Muslim, communist Traitor for what he is.

  • Bob C.

    Screw ““Patriot Act” Bachmann

    No matter who wins the republican primary, even if I have to write it in, I won’t be voting for anyone but
    ***Ron Paul for president in 2012***

    A vote for anyone else is a vote for business as usual, as they are ALL BIG GOVERNMENT, WAR HAWKING, HACKS!!!

    Running around engaging in “preemptive wars” is the equivalent to shooting your gun blindly in the dark, the first thing it seems we’ve hit is our future generations with huge amounts of debt, the next thing we all hit, was our freedoms right in the foot… and then we hit a nerve with the rest of the world, most of the countries hate us now, insuring LOTS AND LOTS of terrorist acts against us in the future… (more trouble for our kids). Seems they don’t like their countries occupied any more then we would want ours.
    But with all that, we still keep shooting.

    When will people read War, Peace, and the State by Murray N. Rothbard

    When will people relive war is the heath of the state, handing all power to them, while threatening all of our security.
    When will people realize, the only person that is even running for president that gets any of this,is


    • Jeff in OH

      Here is the type who will get Obummer elected by throwing away a vote. No matter who gets the nomination (even a soda pop can) I will vote for before Obummer

    • http://Personalliberty Tony

      To Bob C.:
      Way to go, I agree 100%. I hope more people do the same. You know, recently, there was a picture of Michelle Bachmann on Newsweek magazine. She looked like a total Zombie. Granted, newsweek is left of center, yet they were absolutely right in portraying Michelle
      Bachmann in this matter. I mean this individual doesn’t know where
      the battles of Concord or Lexington was fought during the Revolutionary/war of Independence. Very strange for a “devout patriot”
      . Thanks!!

      • bonnie kellum

        it sounds like you might be a little wrong

  • Carrie K.

    Forget the haircut and the suit. Honesty, integrity and character get me every time – now more than ever. Ron Paul 2012!

  • Lawrence Lee Huber

    I like Ron Paul’s philosophy like many others. My fear is that today’s media focuses on appearance and age. Too many saop opera voters who decode on looks rather than policy then second what MSNBC says not what is the truth. Anyone that even sort of looks old will have an incredible up-hill battle. This is wrong but sadly in today’s pop idol culture it is what will happen.
    I do not want a RINO either. I am ready for out and out rebellion as Jefferson promulgated about the tree of liberty. All Washington is corrupt. Too many Americans are on welfare or the govt. dole including social security. Raise it to 80 years old and you have to pay into it for a minimum of 30 years to get any and none for kids etc.

  • Duif100

    “Ames Straw Poll Could Legitimize Bachmann”
    How do you writers and people in the press come up with these insane statements? She is a real candidate and is therefore legitimate.

    If you wrote a headline that stated: “Birth Certificate Could Legitimize The Obama Presidency”. That is a statement with some meat in it since the court ordered subpoena is not being complied with today by Hawaii.
    Why would the original birth certificate be kept secret and locked away in a vault while it supposedly has been released by the White house.
    There is a lot more here than meets the eye.

    • johnk

      Could it be that Gov. Abercrombie was right…… there is no birth certificate? That might be food for thought.

    • Carrie K.

      LOVE your headline and ain’t it the truth?!

  • Dewain C Clark

    Look at all the comments left here. Even a quick scan makes it apparent that most people support Ron Paul. I most certainly do, and everyone I know who even cares about politics, US history, the constitution, our economy, etc… they all support Ron Paul. He is the ONLY candidate that is both honest and predictable. That, alone, sets him head and shoulders above the rest.

    • R F A

      And don’t forget about Gov.Gary Johnson as Ron Paul’s running mate. Ron Paul 2012!!! Defeat The New World Order & Restore The Republic!!!!!

  • Jason

    I am from Waterloo, Iowa. I am voting for Ron Paul in the Iowa Straw Poll.

  • 2WarAbnVet

    Ron Paul supporters are “True Believers” in the same sense that Al Gore supporters are “True Believers”. It’s a waste of effort to argue with them.

    • Carrie K.

      The primary issue being discussed here is the Patriot Act. Are you for it or against it? Are you for the 4th Amendment or against it? Just take a stand and stand there. We don’t have to argue. I am for the 4th Amendment and against the Patriot Act. Your turn.

  • skyskiers

    RE: Duif100:



    A study of the Constitution, reveals the meanings of ‘natural born’, ‘native born’ and naturalized citizens. NATURAL BORN is for a child of TWO American citizens (BOTH) born on American soil, or an American possession ( see John McCain ) or legally outside the country at the time of the birth. The important thing is that BOTH parents are American citizens.

    A native born American is the child of parents who are here legally, with one or BOTH of them NOT an American citizen at the time (OF HIS/HER BIRTH). If both parents are citizens of another country at the time, then at the age of 18 the child can choose to retain his American citizenship or return to the country of his parents and claim their citizenship. A naturalized American is one who has entered the country legally and after meeting all of the necessary prerequisites, has asked for the right to become an American and passed all of the tests that are required.

    I admire and respect Marco Rubio and I think that he would make a great president; however Marco Rubio has the same problem that Obama has: both of them are not NATURAL BORN CITIZENS!

    Many Americans are confused or are mis-informed about what the presidential requirements are.

    The most critical requirement is this: Any candidate to hold the office of the president of these United States; MUST BE A NATURAL BORN CITIZEN!

    The definition and requirement of a NATURAL BORN CITIZEN is that BOTH of a presidential-applicants parents must have been NATURAL BORN CITIZENS, that means that BOTH of a presidential-applicants parents must have been born on American soil, or American controlled (Military) territory!

    Obama’s father was never a citizen, thus Obama is not eligible to be our president; nor is he legally our president (AT THIS TIME)!

    Marco Rubio’s parents are Naturalized Citizens, thus (to my disappointment) Marco Rubio is not eligible to be our president either.

    The Founding Fathers wanted to make sure that no future presidential-applicant would have DUAL-CITIZENSHIP or DUAL-LOYALTY! Their purpose was to protect all future American governments from being infiltrated by potential enemy-agents; who once they gained access to the presidents power, could then harm America (and the American people) by mis-using that power.


    Educate yourself by viewing the following links.

    Click on the link to view “Illegal Obama propped up by congress!”

    Click on the link to view “Guaranteed proof that Obama is a Usurper!”


    Click on the link to view “Obama 119 yrs old, The Soc Sec Number FRAUD!”

    Click on the link to view “The Mystery of Barack Obama continues.”


    Capitol Switchboard For All Representatives:

    • http://Personalliberty Tony

      To skyskiers:
      Sir will you knock it off with the conspiracy theories. For the last time, Obama was born in Hawaii on Aug. 4, 1961. HE’S A NATIVE BORN AMERICAN CITIZEN. ALRIGHT!! You know, you should follow Ron Paul’s
      example. For he acknowledges Obama is a native born citizen and concentrates on the issues at hand. Thanks!!

      • knights templer

        Tony are you that damaged or blind? EVERYONE knows Obama is a fraud. Everyone but you and the rest of the left which is typical. Deny, blame, cry racism. His birth certificate is and has been proven to be a FRAUD. His SSN is identity theft!!
        Let me explain: please check this out for yourself.
        Jean Paul Ludwig, Immigrated in 1924 from France to Connecticut. Unlike your Fraud in chief Obama Mr. Ludwig lived and actually worked for a living in Connecticut. Obama NEVER lived there, let alone worked. Later Ludwig moved to Hawaii and eventually died in Honolulu. He drew no ssn benefits. This becomes relavent in a moment. Communist commissar Obama had a grandmother Madelyn Payne Dunham who worked in the Probate office in the court house. She had access to deceased records including Mr.Jean Paul Ludwig’s SSN number Which IS 042-68-4425 and so happens to be Brotha B’s!! YES Obama and Ludwig has the same SSN!!!
        The reason: Because Obama was either born in KENYA or became a citizen of Indonesia up till his adoption by Lolo Soetoro. Madelyn Dunham scoured the probate records till she found someone NOT recieving Social Security benefits and STOLE Mr. Ludwigs who lived in CT. Did Obama ever live in CT? NO! Did Obama the FRAUD ever work in CT? NO!!!
        Point is there are so many inconsistencies on this SOB Fruad, lying POS why else would he spend 2 million bucks having sealed his records, Birth Certificate and school records? Anyone from any of his classmates ever come forward to extol Obama’s past? NO!
        Pull you head out of your Butt and wake the F up. Yes I’M TIRED OF THE LIES, DECEIT, AND CORRUPTION TOO! FED UP LIKE ALL AMERICANS.

    • bonnie kellum

      i thank you for your comment .i think we all should put a woman in the WHITE HOUSE.they are the back bones

      • Jason

        You are a sexist. Just as bad as being a racist in my book.

  • James Kirksey

    Michele Bachmann is a much better choice than Mit Romney, with his socialized medicine in Massachusetts and Ron Paul, with his extreme views on prostitution, etc. Iowa and the other early polls are not representing ALL of the USA. Governor Rick Perry will soon announce his bid and the best front runners must become more competive. If the election issues are about kicking out socialist, marxist, and communists, to fix our bruised economy, Bachmann and/or Perry should be near the lead. We must have a canidate, unlike the 2008 GOP selection, who will not hold his/her punches against the tyrant now holdiing office. We need a candidate, who is willing to stomp him like a roach. Truth will triumph.

    • Carrie K.

      Would you please define Paul’s “extreme views on prostitution, etc.”? If you need reference material, please go to His positions are clearly defined and haven’t changed in 30 years (exception – death penalty) so you can feel confident that today’s positions will be tomorrow’s position and ten years from now position, etc.

  • Brandon Magoon

    Al Gore has supporters? On what planet? All joking aside I haven’t seen any real evidence that any candidate except Ron Paul has supporters. Paul’s people do stuff. I haven’t seen any of the others showing any signs of support. That’s part of the reason why the Paul supporters sometimes come across as defencive. The entire establishment goes out of its way to ignore Paul and they puff the others to the point of covering up their downsides. No body talks about Bachmann’s background with the IRS and supporting the Patriot act or Romney being the Grandfather of Obama care and a flip flopper or Perry being Gores campaign manager or Cain being a former Federal Reserve Governor. When Paul’s people see a little respect they might chill but until then they are going to keep fighting. That’s not unreasonable. The GOP establishment needs to stop trying to shoot the only activist base they have. Remember who started the Tea party.

    • Carrie K.

      Your comments are very true. To be called names (Paultard, Paulbot, etc.) is unpleasant and does tend to put one on the defensive. It also makes me appreciate Paul’s class, patience and self restraint during all of these years of being one of the few, consistent voices of truth in spite of being scoffed at. The MSM has been complicit with the Republocrats and the Demicans who wish to maintain the status quo by marginalizing Paul but people are beginning to see through that since they do it so often and it’s become quite transparent. One example of this bias is the straw polls. When he wins it is because “his fervent supporters all showed up to vote for him”. Like that’s a bad thing? Where’s the passion of the other candidates’ supporters? If he doesn’t win, they say it’s because “he is a “fringe candidate with no chance of winning”. Is there a demagogue in the house?

      Paul promotes a revolution of ideas. For him, it is not just about the office. The fervent supporters are fervent because of the message which Dr. Paul clearly delineates in Liberty Defined, his most recent book (it’s about liberty and not a routine candidate’s autobiography). They also respect the man and his principles and his grace under pressure all of which are good attributes for a president (unless you’re more into “looking presidential”, whatever that means). So, at the end of the day, it is worth it to me to tolerate the scorn, the verbal arrows and ridicule and to try to remain calm so that I can share the message which is more important than my personal ego. Some days are better than others. I must say that many more people are coming around to a different way of thinking so the war of ideas and the revolution is still alive and well. Worth it. Defintely.

  • Jeff in OH

    The Ron Paul guys and gals feel they have to literally destroy Bachmann so they can win, umm sound familiar to anyone, Like Demacraps or Marxist tactics…

    • Carrie K.

      Calling her out on her Patriot Act vote of record is complete destruction?

  • Tom

    I agree Ron Paul is an ideal man for our highest office, but Bauchman is no liberal. She is a level headed and very smart woman. I do think that should he get into the race that a Perry and Bauchman would be an Ideal ticket.

    • Dale on the left coast

      Paul is too old and exudes weakness . . .
      Time for a youthful Conservative . . . not someone that will be nearly 80 when he finishes his forst term.
      Right after the Borders are SEALED . . . the Patriot Act should go.

    • 45caliber


      As a Texan I would not vote for Perry unless it came down to a choice between him and Oblama. He simply isn’t good enough to fill the position. Further, he is another RINO who faithfully follows the orders of the Kennedy’s, etc. who like to run the GOP and Washington.

  • Robert Button

    Any truly conservative Republican candidate could beat Obama hands down, and Bachmann has a far better chance the Romney.

  • Rosco1776

    ZZZzzzz….. Get the original! The man who has been warning us all along about the consequences of the spending, nation building and a huge nanny state. She can be vice president in case he doesn’t live long enough but there would only reason, he would be killed for killing the special interests and bringing sanity back to our country. My neighbor is 84 and can run circles around most on here so age is only a measurement of time, not ability.

    Ron Paul 2012!!

  • Gramma of 25

    Hi All,
    I am a 70 year old Great Gramma and have over the years learned some things. We need a man in the WH that can change this country back to the God fearing country it once was. We need a man with a clear head for business, not a politician who caves to the lobbyists. We need a man who is on fire for this country and has charisma that gets people to listen and do. A man with experience in dealing with many types of personalities. A man who truly loves America! An intelligent man. A God fearing man. A man who is faithful to family, friends and country. That man is HERMAN CAIN! Have you heard him speak? He is truly all of the above…and no I am not black, but he is and I and my husband and 5 kids and their mates are voting for him because we believe he will get the nomination. Ron Paul is a very fine man, but we beg you to listen to HERMAN CAIN before you make a final decision. Thank you!

    • http://Personalliberty Tony

      To Gramma of 25:
      No disrespect taken but Ron Paul is the man and I’m black although
      i’m , also, part German, yet, i identify myself as black. You see
      Herman Cain doesn’t have enough experience and he’ll only be a Black version of Rick Perry with a little more reason. Ron Paul would be the best man for he wants to end these crazy wars of imperial expansion. In addition, he would take J.C. Watts as his V.P. J.C. Watts is black , a former N.F.L. great, and former excellent congressman from Oklahoma. Just my two cents. Thanks and have a good day!!

  • skyskiers


    I think you are a patriot who is just so disgusted that you are temporarily venting your anger. Of course you realize that 3 times in the past, the democRATs succeeded in winning presidential elections by stealth and trickery.

    The trick the democRATs used was to run a 3rd party candidate, which splint the republICAN vote and allowed the democRATs to snatch victory from th jaws of defeat. the 3rd party candidate was a STEALTH democRAT!

    1.) In 1912 Thomas Woodrow Wilson (democRAT) defeated President William Howard Taft (republICAN)because Teddy Roosevelt was lured out of retirement (by the democRATS) and ran as a 3rd party (Bull Moose) candidate.

    2.) In 1976 Jimmy Carter (democRAT)defeated President Gerold Ford (republICAN) because Eugene McCarthy (democRAT) ran as a 3rd party candidate.

    3.) In 1992 Bill Clinton (democRAT) defeated President George H. Bush (republICAN) because Ross Perot (democRAT) ran as (INDEPENDENT) a 3rd party candidate.

    American history has shown that when ever there are three presidential candidates, the democRATs ALWAYS win!


    So be on your guard when 3 months before the 2012 presidential election; Donald Trump will announce that he doesn’t like the republICAN candidate, and then jumps into the race to split the CONSERVATIVE vote! Of course this would enable OBAMA to win a 2nd term.

    Donald Trump is a liberal business man, living in the most liberal city in America! Donld Trump was paid #60 million by NBC to re-new his show Celebrity Apprentice. GE (General Electric) owns NBC, made billions last year, paid no taxes, and is the biggest finacial backer of Obama next to George Soros!

    Donald Trump played his role,(as a conservative) of asking for Obama’s birth certificate, knowing full well that Obama would release one, which would (hopefully for Obama) end the controversary of Obama’s un-released long-form B.C.

    But the problem for Obama is just beginning, because every expert around the world has examined the electronic version (of Obama’s B.C.) and pronounced it a FAKE! So Obama officially claimed the FAKE birth certificate THUS PROVING THAT HE IS A FAKE!

    • http://Personalliberty Tony

      Dear Sir:
      Will you stop reading Tom Clancy novels or the Manchurian Candidate.
      Obama is a legitimate citizen. I tell you what, keep supporting such nonsense and Obama will win bigtime in 2012. Bye-bye!!

  • skyskiers

    RE: Tony:

    Dear Sir:
    Will you stop reading Tom Clancy novels or the Manchurian Candidate.
    Obama is a legitimate citizen. I tell you what, keep supporting such nonsense and Obama will win bigtime in 2012. Bye-bye!!

    skyskiers says:

    Sorry about that Tony, I forgot to include the link, where you can educate yourself concerning the TRUTH! Click on it if you dare.

    I think you are a patriot who is just so disgusted that you are temporarily venting your anger. Of course you realize that 3 times in the past, the democRATs succeeded in winning presidential elections by stealth and trickery.

    The trick the democRATs used was to run a 3rd party candidate, which split the republICAN vote and allowed the democRATs to snatch victory from the jaws of defeat. the 3rd party candidate was a STEALTH democRAT!

    1.) In 1912 Thomas Woodrow Wilson (democRAT) defeated President William Howard Taft (republICAN)because Teddy Roosevelt was lured out of retirement (by the democRATS) and ran as a 3rd party (Bull Moose) candidate.

    2.) In 1976 Jimmy Carter (democRAT)defeated President Gerold Ford (republICAN) because Eugene McCarthy (democRAT) ran as a 3rd party candidate.

    3.) In 1992 Bill Clinton (democRAT) defeated President George H. Bush (republICAN) because Ross Perot (democRAT) ran as (INDEPENDENT) a 3rd party candidate.

    American history has shown that when ever there are three presidential candidates, the democRATs ALWAYS win!


    So be on your guard when 3 months before the 2012 presidential election; Donald Trump will announce that he doesn’t like the republICAN candidate, and then jumps into the race to split the CONSERVATIVE vote! Of course this would enable OBAMA to win a 2nd term.

    Donald Trump is a liberal business man, living in the most liberal city in America! Donld Trump was paid #60 million by NBC to re-new his show Celebrity Apprentice. GE (General Electric) owns NBC, made billions last year, paid no taxes, and is the biggest finacial backer of Obama next to George Soros!

    Donald Trump played his role,(as a conservative) of asking for Obama’s birth certificate, knowing full well that Obama would release one, which would (hopefully for Obama) end the controversary of Obama’s un-released long-form B.C.

    But the problem for Obama is just beginning, because every expert around the world has examined the electronic version (of Obama’s B.C.) and pronounced it a FAKE! So Obama officially claimed the FAKE birth certificate THUS PROVING THAT HE IS A FAKE!



  • Jack

    Once again Ron Paul totally ignored. Bachman another fruit off the Republican tree.We don’t need more of the same. Elect a person who will not tow the party line.

  • 45caliber

    Romney is NOT my choice. He is barely a Democrat lite. I think he is registered as a Republican simply to get more votes while he continues to vote liberal. He certainly isn’t a conservative, which I’m hoping to see get in.

  • James

    Go Paul. Athiests for Paul. He doesn’t vote based on some wacko Christian belief. (i.e. Pray away the gay.)

  • chuckb

    skyskiers opened my eyes. lately donald trump impressed em with his talk, especially what is happening in the republican party. the thought of him running as a third party entered my mind, yet, i didn’t connect him to ross perot and bill clinton. ross perot was a set up for clinton.
    if trump enters the race on the republican ticket and wins the nomination, i will vote for him. if he goes to a third party then we know what he’s up too.
    the bolsheviks are praying for romney to win the repub. nomination, he’s a weak candidate and would lose to barry.
    ron paul has too much luggage from past speech and the bolsheviks would cut him to pieces, even though i appreciate what he says, i don’t think he stands a chance.
    the republican hierarchy doesn’t like palin, she won’t follow the party line so that makes her my choice.

  • skyskiers


    Ron Paul is an honest honorable man. But he is an isolationist and a supporter of legalizing all drugs.

    We live in a global society. We can’t pull our troops back, from all around the world, and expect that we won’t be attacked again. Obama won the last election because Americans were tired of fighting against terrorism. Any democRAT could have beat John McCain.

    I’ve heard Ron Paul express the sentiment that we are not the police of the world, and should just come home and mind our own business. Would the American people feel more secure if Russia, or China or Iran were the police of the world?

    When ever democRATs gain the presidency, they always cut our military, to fund their radical left/wing economic policies. The financial give aways the dems do is designed to buy votes so that the dems can remain in power.

    Jimmy Carter experienced the Iran hostage crisis, because he had gutted our military. Maybe your too young to remeber. The hostage rescue attempt was a disaster and an abysmal failure.

    At the present time the buzz letters are ABBO, meaning: Any Body But Obama…WILL WIN THE PRESIDENCY. But this is only valid in a two party presidential election. My preference is Herman Cain and Michelle Bachman.

    One other option our resident in the white house might try is to use the 30 palistinians he brought here (at the taxpaers expense) to wage riots so that Obama can declare MARTIAL LAW and suspend all elections until the crisis would end. Of course the crisis would never end.

    • Carrie K.

      Ron Paul is not an isolationist, nor does he want to legalize all drugs, contrary to what the boob tube and the MSM would have you believe. For more in-depth information on Paul’s positions on either of these topics please visit

      The Constitution provides no instruction or authority for the U.S. to be the policeman of the world nor for empire building. That’s aside from the obvious ethics issues in addition to a major conflict with the Christian just war theory.



      • Lost in Paradise

        Frenchie I also agree Paul would make a good choice, but these two jerk-offs, have broader appeal Romnie and Perry. Both a couple of jackasses, but have large and broader appeal to the masses. One of them will have a good chance of getting elected, and then we will have more of the same garbage. Same S&%t, different Day!

  • skyskiers


    Sorry about that Frenchie, I ment to say 30,000 palistinians.

  • Bob Awerkamp
    • Carrie K.

      Rick Perry’s Bilderberg connection is a deal breaker for me.

    • Lost in Paradise

      Bob I will make it simple, he is part of the problem already.

  • s c

    Face it, folks. Romney is a closet ultraliberal. A
    ‘Republican’ in a progressive state? He tried Obummer-style healthcare before Bummer got a chance to do it.
    He’s no different than Arlen Specter, John McCain or Nebraska’s Ben Nelson. Dump him while you can. Good riddance.

  • skyskiers

    RE: Carrie K.: I heard Ron Paul tell Bill O’reilly, in the No Spin Zone, that as a doctor, he believed all drugs should be legal. As the government could then collect more taxes and regulate the sale of hard drugs like heroin, etc. He also said we would save billions if you brought our troops home from S. Korea and Germany.

    I won’t have to vote for Ron Paul becaue he is a Space Cadet!

    Carrie K. says:
    August 9, 2011 at 1:16 pm
    Ron Paul is not an isolationist, nor does he want to legalize all drugs, contrary to what the boob tube and the MSM would have you believe. For more in-depth information on Paul’s positions on either of these topics please visit

    The Constitution provides no instruction or authority for the U.S. to be the policeman of the world nor for empire building. That’s aside from the obvious ethics issues in addition to a major conflict with the Christian just war theory.

  • Carol

    Anybody is better than what we have and that is a fact!!!

  • http://Personalliberty Tony

    To Everyone here:
    Ron Paul is absolutely correct. This country needs to end this insane war on drugs. This war on drugs are no different from the days of Prohibition, when alcoholic beverages were illegal. Back then, there were driveby shootings in large cities. Also, this policy brought about the Mafia, Al Capone, Lucky Lucciano, Bugsy Segal,
    Dutch Shultz, Hyman Roth, and Bumpy Elsworth Johnson. When prohibition
    ended, and alcoholic beverages were legalized again, crime disappeared
    overnight. Well, let’s look at the insane war on drugs. This has been a failed policy for more than 45 yrs. This policy have brought about gangs such as the Disciples, The Vicelords, the Bloods, The Crips,
    Hell’s Angels and Outlaw biker groups, the Mexican cartel, etc. You
    see crime as gone hog wild in Big, Smaller cities. Even in suburbs, smaller towns, you see this problem. If drugs are legalized, crime as
    was with Prohibition, would disappear overnight. Therefore, Ron Paul is right in ending this insane war on drugs by legalizing them plus regulating them. Alright, let’s hope for the best in 2012. With the other candidates, you might as well hand the keys to the white house for a second term to Obama. Thanks !!

    • Lost in Paradise

      Tony, which one do you use the most? Crack, Pot,or?

  • jopa

    Michelle Bachman is against big government.Then why does she take a federal wage , farm subsidies,Medicare income from her husbands Pray Away the Gay Clinic and all the federal dollars to raise foster children.If it were not for big government she would be in the poor farm.She tends to be a bit of a hypocrite.No other source of income for her other than big government dollars.Do you think she is crazy enough to slash all the money coming her way?I don’t think so.

  • Altaica

    I for one will not vote for anyone signing that very discriminatory marriage vow. If marriage is a religious institution then it needs to not be part of the political agenda and not receive any benefits from the government for participating in it.

    Separation of church and state.

    I should not be forced to live by the marriage beliefs of religions that are not my own. By this token if you are going to give government benefits to one type of marriage then you need to give it for all types of marriage. Either all forms of marriage need to be recognized for tax breaks, insurance benefits, and property, etc, or none should be recognized and should solely be conducted within each person’s religious communities. Anything short is a form of discrimination that needs to stop.

    Nature did not invent marriage certificates, societies did, and they vary from religion to religion. If it was indeed something written to the very core of our being then there would be no conflict on what is acceptable because we would just know. If two people love one another and their religion permits them a bonding ceremony then leave them in peace to have it. I’m tired of people trying to decide what is right for every person and couple with a blanket marriage rule when it is not a one size fits all item. Two consenting adults, regardless of gender should be capable of deciding who they want to love and live the rest of their lives with.

    Freedom of religion means every religion. This marriage vow clearly forces Christian and Jewish religion on other religions. I will not support anyone that essentially has signed a document acknowledging their discrimination against other religions in a political capacity. Religion has no place in government and should be kept out of it by our politicians.

    Freedom of religion and the separation of church and state are constitutional. Dragging religions views into politics encourages discrimination against other religions and violates the separation of church and state.

    • Lost in Paradise

      Whoa! Liberal I think you are in the wrong forum. Incidently you have also admitted to being a 3dollar bill!

      • Altaica

        Lost in Paradise:

        Wrong, I’m straight and I’m middle of the road Independent. I am just sick and tired of other religions trying to cram their ideals down my throat. I am not Christian, I am not Jewish and I am not Muslim. I do not care what they want to do with their lives, just stop forcing it on me. I have my own creator to worship and my own beliefs to follow. I don’t think it is wrong for two consenting adults to choose to live their lives together.

        I think it is wrong for the government to determine who can and can’t love each other and to give benefits to those who follow their rules. It is a sign of the ruling elite controlling us. If two homosexuals want to make a life together then let them. It is their right to Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness. They are not hurting anyone and should be left alone. So what if they aren’t adding to the population, we’re over populated as it is anyway. There aren’t enough jobs to go around. People in our country are living on the streets and the government cares whether two consenting ADULTS want to spend the life together. Get real. Their priorities should be the poor economy that the Spender-in-Chief has only caused to get worse. Stop wasting our money on religious agendas and leave it to each separate religion to deal with their ideas of marriage. The government should never have had it’s hand in a religious institution anyway. We are supposed to have separation of church and state and that’s what I want to see.

        I am sick and tired of religion and politics being in bed together. This country consists of many religions and has freedom of religion. I don’t want any politician cramming their religious ideals down my throat. In my eyes this is an attempt to take away my freedom of choice and religion and I won’t go for it and I will fight every step of the way. This includes any politician that puts their religion above the constitution; and that is how I see this marriage vow. It is a vow to put their religion above the constitution.

        If we want to keep with the Constitution of the United States then religion needs to stay out of politics and politics needs to stay out of religion. The way I see it, if you let the government get away with controlling one group they’ll move on to even larger groups until none of us have our freedoms. No way I’m going down without a fight.

        They mask it with religious agendas, but it’s all control either way. I want to practice my religion, not some state mandated institution.

        • just little ole me

          We are not telling people who can love who. We support people being together. The only thing we want kept the same is marriage between a man and woman. Those who want to be together and are homosexual so be it, but leave the institution of marriage alone. If you want some of the same rights as those who are married fight for those rights (like the tax breaks, concentrate on things like this) but leave the word marriage alone, forgo the ceremony. They don’t need a piece of paper to be in love. I would not even think of keeping people apart just cause I don’t agree with what they are doing. They can do that without being married. By the way I have had several gay friends and they respect my view. I don’t preach to them (many on the Christian side do to both sides are guilty) and it seems there are many who are gay that are trying to force their views on me by bullying and threatening the Christians, like trying to force their views on our children in schools.) Nobody ever changes any minds by bullying and threatening. There are many great wonderful gay people who do not do so. I have nothing personal against gays I just want them to understand that the core of my belief is that God created man and woman. A woman and woman can not create a baby/man and man and that is a fact. A woman always needs a man whether in person or donated sperm/egg in case of man. A child needs a mother (woman) and father (man)that is a fact. Yes there are circumstances in which gays can be good parents but the healthiest of families usually have a mother and father. Please get to the point you can understand that people have the right to believe as they wish as those who are gay have the right to BE together and believe as they wish/it doesn’t take marriage to do that. While trying to change our mind have respect for our beliefs as well, maybe down the road you can change our mind until then please stop attacking us. I still see them as a person with feelings. You can’t get rid of someone’s views just because you don’t agree. So respect me for wishing marriage to stay between a man and woman. Thank you.

          • Altaica

            just little ol me:

            I apologize if it came off as an attack. I mentioned the religions I did because the first two are mentioned in the Leader’s act, and the third a lot of people would assume I follow if I am not the first two.
            I respect freedom of religion greatly, but I also believe in separation of Church and state and that politics should not use their religion to make laws for the masses nor take a pledge that removes others abilities to their freedoms because they will work against them and do harm.

            I just feel that marriage, if it is a religious ceremony should not have any government involvement. There should be no such thing as a marriage license from a court, etc. When the government started regulating marriages and giving it benefits they took it out of the hands of religion and put into the hands of government. This is something I do not agree with. The “marriage” of government is a contract between a couple. A legal document. The marriage of religion is something much deeper and spiritual and should not be something the government should ever have had it’s hands in. In my mind a religious marriage and a state sanctioned marriage are two different things. The state is simply a contractual agreement that conveys certain benefits for taking certain pledges. A religious marriage goes far deeper than that and in no way should be determined by political law. To me, the involvement of government has cheapened the religious idea of marriage and could even be to blame for the poor success rate of marriages. If couples were looking at a spiritual commitment rather then a contract then perhaps it would be taken much more seriously and we would have far fewer instances of divorce and disaster. In my religious views a true marriage requires love that goes to the very core of your spiritual being. No piece of paper could ever convey that.

            The government has used this contract to control possessions as well. I have a friend who was with her man for over 37 years. They had two kids. To them they were married and deeply committed to one another. They never went through the legal process of getting married, but they very clearly loved and their souls were as one. He died from Cancer last year and she is a widow now, but everything that was theirs and should now go to her is being denied because they were not “married” for x amount of time before he died.

            The point I am trying to put forth is I think government needs to keep it’s paws out of religious ceremony and this includes the many forms of marriages there are. I feel if it was not under government control there would not be the issues we have between who can marry whom and whatnot. This would be dealt with in religious communities and it wouldn’t clog our world with battles on a political scale. Some religions allow things that others do not. People would join the religion they feel is right for them and follow their beliefs. With a true separation of church and state we would have a lot less of marginalizing and control of religious ceremony and belief. Basically, government has no place regulating religion. The only time it should step in is when a person violates the rights of another person and does them harm.

  • sean murrey ILLInio

    bachman would be a lot better than obummer.

    • Lost in Paradise

      Nearly anything would be better than the Obumer and his Democrats.

    • just little ole me

      Altaica, ditto. Sorry for the misunderstanding as well. I agree with ya. I never thought of it that way. I can say I have a new perspective today. Thank you. Dang government.

  • http://NA Clairemarie

    I have researched and studied all of the candidates thoroughly. I considered two other candidates before doing so; however, once I went to RON PAUL’s website and read his position in all areas of concern, I was totally sold on RP as my candidate of choice. He is a man of integrity, honor and what he espouses is how he lives. I see his age as a PLUS, not because of how long he has lived but because of his consistency in attitude, behavior and honorable decisions in politics all through his years in politics. Very few politicians have a record of honesty and consistency as he does. I think he made the right choice to run on the Republican ticket, and I believe his choice to do so was based on his wish not to “split” the Republican ticket and expose the nation to another four years of political and economic devastation. We, as a nation, desperately need an experienced, dedicated leader like Senator Ron Paul to return this country around. I will repeat what others have said; please check out before deciding.

  • Ben

    For some reason the mainstream media loves Mitt, Bachman, Cain, and even Palin. Lucky for me I do my own research on each and every candidate even the candidates that most people havnt heard of such as Gary Johnson and after all my research the choice was easy….RON PAUL 2012. Anyone who does a little bit of their own research will realize that Ron Paul is the best choice for 2012.

  • WonderWoman

    Ms. Patriot Act, Internet Censorship, and anti-Whistleblower strengthening laws, belongs nowhere on a page entitled, “Personal Liberty.” Review Bachmann’s own voting record! It’s horribly spendy, big government supporting, and anti-liberty!

    • Lost in Paradise

      You may be correct, but we need to start somewhere, and I would vote for nearly anyone who can defeat Obama. We can deal with their negatives later.

  • Lost in Paradise

    I think most of us agree that we need to get a conservative in office of president. The problem is to get a person with broad appeal to run for president. At the moment I do not believe we have that candidate. I think Bachman and Paul maybe really good choices, but they scare the hell out of liberals and others, especially the minorities.

    If the Republican candidate does not have broad appeal, it will guarentee Obama another term, which the country cannot afford.

  • Joe

    I say an IQ test can show that Bachmann’s an idiot. Same for Sarah and Bristol Palin.

  • Jay Hawkinson

    Bachmann has never, nor do I foresee sufficient strength to lead our country. We need a downsized Federal Government, term limits and total fiscal sanity for our national well-being. Sara Palin does exhibit the “grit” that it takes to slice where necessary. Romney has the business savvy to give direction. They would make a terrific team.


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