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America’s Radioactive Risks From Japanese Nuclear Disaster

April 19, 2011 by  

America’s Radioactive Risks From Japanese Nuclear Disaster

What a month it’s been. On March 11, 2011, Japan was hit with a series of severe life-changing natural disasters. An earthquake at Fukushima created a tsunami that caused vast destruction of lives, land, homes and businesses. And if that weren’t enough, it caused a nuclear plant disaster so severe it’s difficult for one to wrap his head around its scope.

As a former resident of Japan myself, with dozens of friends and some family members still living in the country, this disaster is especially close to me. Every day I receive multiple emails and Facebook messages from my friends there telling me what’s going on and offering insight into how what they see and hear on the news in Japan regarding the long-term health effects of the radiation differs from what they get from non-Japanese media sources.

According to Kyodo News, Chief Cabinet Secretary Yukio Edano stated, "The possibility that the situation at the nuclear plant will deteriorate and lead to new leakage of massive radioactive materials is becoming significantly smaller."[1] Yet Japan just raised its nuclear crisis from a Level 5 to a Level 7. This is the highest severity on the international scale overseen by the International Atomic Energy Agency. And this raise in number would be an indicator to many that the Fukushima Dai-ichi disaster is at the same level as Russia’s 1986 Chernobyl disaster.

One can easily see how confusing these statements can be. Yet The Associated Press reported that the Japanese plant was not worsening; the number increase “rather reflected concern about long-term health risks as it continues to spew into the air, soil and seawater. Most radiation exposures around the region haven’t been high enough yet to raise significant health concerns.”[2] In fact, Fukushima has “only” emitted about 10 percent of the amount of radiation as did Chernobyl—yet that 10 percent is a staggering 10-times the level needed to reach the 7 scale.

Generations of lives already killed during the disaster are but a shadow of the extended deaths that will directly be caused by its aftermath. And those deaths may not be limited to Japan alone. Leading radiation health expert Dr. Chris Busby estimates that close to half-a-million people in Japan alone may die from cancer caused by these events.[3]

It’s been more than a month since the nuclear power plant disaster and residents of the United States are fearful that their health and even their lives may also be at risk. They fear radiation will travel across the Pacific by wind and into the Atlantic by water. Updated information on the possible negative health affects in the United States is available on the Union of Concerned Scientists (UCS) website.[4] Here are four key points offered by UCS relating to the negative effects of radiation.

  1. Radioactive materials decay, releasing particles that can damage living tissue and lead to cancer. Some elements have different forms, called isotopes, which differ in the number of neutrons in the nucleus.
  2. The radioactive isotopes of greatest concern in a nuclear power accident are iodine-131 and cesium-137. Iodine-131 has a half-life of 8 days, meaning half of it will have decayed after 8 days, and half of that in another 8 days, etc. Therefore, it is of greatest concern in the days and weeks following an accident. It is also volatile so it will spread easily.
  3. To guard against the absorption of iodione-131, people can proactively take potassium iodine pills so the thyroid becomes saturated with non-radioactive iodine and is not able to absorb any iodine-131.
  4. Cesium-137 has a half-life of about 30 years, so will take more than a century to decay by a significant amount. Living organisms treat cesium-137 as if it were potassium, and it becomes part of the fluid electrolytes and is eventually excreted. It can cause many different types of cancer.

But is there a real threat to Americans? Well, Russell Blaylock, M.D., seems to think there is. According to Blaylock, if a radiation plume from Japan hit the U.S. west coast it could pose a threat to the nation’s crops and the people that eat them. As we know, levels of radiation in milk in three states have been recorded at much higher levels than normal, causing some to believe that the radiation has indeed hit the U.S. food supply.[2]

That sounds reasonable, and frightening. Yet, controversy looms. According to the UCS scientific community, wind patterns are likely to carry the plume eastward from Japan and the radioactive material will diffuse before reaching Hawaii, Alaska or the West Coast. Therefore, UCS thinks the threat is unlikely. In any case, UCS is quick to point out that even minute exposure to radiation poses life-threatening risks over time. The ‘good news’ is that the negative effects of radiation directly inhaled via such a radiation plume can be prevented or greatly reduced by taking potassium iodide (KI) pills.

Conversely, radioactive iodine could affect Americans through our food. According to Erin N. Marcus, M.D., associate professor of Clinical Medicine, University of Miami Miller School of Medicine: “Radioactive iodine could be ingested by dairy cows, for example, and then would be concentrated in milk. Potassium iodide, however, would not be effective in that situation.”[5] Since Federal and State authorities are testing for contamination, such affected products should be pulled from shelves in time to prevent harm.

News has surfaced that radioactive iodine has been found in East Coast water supplies. While this certainly gives reason for worry, Dr. Lyman of the UCS asserts that at this time there is no need for concern. However, he is quick to interject, “no level of radiation is safe, because the scientific consensus is that there’s no threshold to the carcinogenic effect of radiation, but the risk is proportional to dose, and the dilution that’s experienced as a plume travels many thousands of miles is highly significant.”[5]

Like I said in the opening of this article, the scope of this event and it continuing destruction is difficult for me to wrap my head around. The best advice I can give is to keep your eyes and ears open to all news sources that are verifiable.

Some quarters looking to push an agenda will either play up safety or present doom and gloom. Like anything else, things do not happen in a vacuum and everything can change in a second. The lessons from Fukushima show this clearly. While we don’t have control of much of this, here are a few things you do have control over:

  1. Do your best to check the food you eat if you suspect it may be contaminated
  2. Take KI pills to protect yourself if you live in an at-risk area of the country
  3. Boost your immunity by reducing stress, sleeping well, eating whole fruits and vegetables, and supplementing with antioxidants.
  4. Keep abreast of the situation through news sources from all parts of the globe.

And if you know something as an insider, please post it here in our discussion forum to keep the conversation going.

–Dr. Mark Wiley






Dr. Mark Wiley

is an internationally renowned mind-body health practitioner, author, motivational speaker and teacher. He holds doctorates in both Oriental and alternative medicine, has done research in eight countries and has developed a model of health and wellness grounded in a self-directed, self-cure approach. The Wiley Method provides a revolutionary way of providing recovery and prevention of chronic pain, illness and disease. Grab your FREE COPY of Dr. Mark Wiley's "The 3 Secrets to Optimal Health" HERE.

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  • Raggs

    If the obama administration can come up with a way to scare the hell out of Americans using this a a “CRISIS” in order for the communist slugs to pass more government control on us than I will not be surprized… Get ready California….

    • hvaness

      More government control on business operations is truly a good thing so long as it demands common sense safety measures that protect people from harm and the environment from the onslaught of toxic destruction. If it were done for silly reasons, pointlessly impairing a business’s freedom to operate, that would be ridiculous and wrong. But then WHO promotes that? Of course Repubs alway see health risks and the environment as negligible if not “pointless” issues. Well they have to live with themselves and the earth they leave their children. If they can sleep at night, so be it. I however will support leaders and governments (and there are many admirable ones all over the globe) who make policy reflective of responsibility towards the earth and those who populate it. “Progress”, capitalism, and expansionism without a legitimate concern and regard for the ecosystem and ultimately human life is on a part with evilness. No matter what measures we take today it is almost certain we will ultimately destroy this planet, cultivating every square inch of land, decimating all animal life along with their habitat, and consuming the earth’s resources, but we should certainly take measures to slow that end, and who knows with enough ingenuity, prudence, and human decency we might even manage to avert that end, so long as the slugs don’t muddle the path too badly, but trust me they will, they are relentless. I invent them to ponder the definition of evil.

      • S.L.Johnson

        I agree to a point with what you are saying, Hvan. Some government regulation is a necessary evil. I wouldn’t be so quick to blame Republicans, Capitalism, or evil, however. 1) There are more decent Rs floating around every day. 2) Capitalism can be used as a cure. If companies compete to be “greener” with each other (and they do to a point), we can still have the freedom to pursue happiness (unlike a Socialistic system) and have a cleaner world as well. and 3) Evil does not exist. It is merely a word which we use to describe the lack of Good, aka understanding, that does exist.

        • S.L.Johnson

          Yes I realize the irony that I, in fact, used the phrase ‘necessary EVIL’ and then counter-pointed later by saying Evil does not exist…

    • hvaness

      More government control on business operations is truly a good thing so long as it demands common sense safety measures that protect people from harm and the environment from the onslaught of toxic destruction. If it were done for silly reasons, pointlessly impairing a business’s freedom to operate, that would be ridiculous and wrong. But then WHO promotes that? Of course Repubs alway see health risks and the environment as negligible if not “pointless” issues. Well they have to live with themselves and the earth they leave their children. If they can sleep at night, so be it. I however will support leaders and governments (and there are many admirable ones all over the globe) who make policy reflective of responsibility towards the earth and those who populate it. “Progress”, capitalism, and expansionism without a legitimate concern and regard for the ecosystem and ultimately human life is on a part with evilness. No matter what measures we take today it is almost certain we will ultimately destroy this planet, cultivating every square inch of land, decimating all animal life along with their habitat, and consuming the earth’s resources, but we should certainly take measures to slow that end, and who knows with enough ingenuity, prudence, and human decency we might even manage to avert that end, so long as the slugs don’t muddle the path too badly, but trust me they will, they are relentless. I invite them to ponder the definition of evil.

      • Buddy

        Control by government? Those people who have placed debts of several hundred thousands of dollars onto the backs of every USA resident and who have depreciated the US dollar by a factor of two to three in just a few years?

        Those people?

      • http://Illinois'17th Old Henry

        “More government control on business operations is truly a good thing so long as it demands common sense”.

        Now that is the absolute ONXYMORON.

        • Robin from Arcadia, IN

          Old Henry… You got that right! Our government will chip away at our rights ‘for our own good’ until they own us lock, stock, and barrel.

        • hvaness

          Your flippant comments warrant a response. Guess you missed the point entirely Old Henry…as I said, government control is a good thing when it demands common sense safety measures, which you and right wingers obviously have a considerably bent perspective on. If it wasn’t for people like me in the past, people like you in the past would be running your businesses gleefully dumping your toxic sludge wherever you darn well pleased…and there wouldn’t be a single lake or river your grandkids could go a 100 yards of. Are you the type to say so what? If so, there’s really no point in conversation. It’s much like telling a KKK member that hate is a bad thing. You just get it, or you don’t. Thankfully there are plenty of world leaders that are a beacon for the world, and are acting on the wishes of vast numbers of people. And the happy-go-lucky polluters will always be our enemies. Don’t ever get your hopes up, we aren’t going away.

          • American Patriot

            When has Government ever used common sense? Better yet! Who put them in office in the first place? We all better start paying closer attention to how our great elected crooks vote. And what they are drawing up as far as laws to take away our rights and liberty’s. Now Obama-lama-ding-dong is going to start using a new jingle for his getting reelected. It’s “COMPASSION” WHAT A FARSE! I saw no compassion when it came to those cowards hiding behind closed doors scheming on how they would spring this health care bill on the backs of the American people. They new full well that the American people would Sh!t a gold brick. Yet, they did it anyway. Along with the bank bail outs, Fanny, and Freddy, And, To top it all off. that many of these elected to tell those that elected them into office. To “shut up” and sit down! That just take’s the cake. So, my fellow American’s. Where is the outrage from the “WE THE PEOPE” on these abuses by our elected. Every American in those town hall meetings should have stood up and yelled. HOW DARE YOU SIR! Are we to think that these same people that are in Washington treat each other with that much disrespect? as they have shown towards “”WE THE PEOPLE. An ATTACK on any one of us. “Is” in my opinion, an attack on all American’s. It seems that they are a little too comfortable in their ivory castles these days. We had all better put them in check. And, fast. This all has to do with a one world government “NEW WORLD ORDER” they want to establish. Remember the Bush’s pushing that phrase? They want open border’s all around the world. Not just here. And, that my friends is why there is a big push to destroy our Bill Of Rights. And, U.S. Constitution. I sure hope people are making that connection. GOD BLESS AMERICA! And, God Bless each and every one of you in these most troubling times that we are all now facing.

          • http://Illinois'17th Old Henry

            Common sense and government are mutally exclusive.

            The EPA and OSHA are two prime examples. Now the EPA is trying to regulate CO2 – that is wht we exhale. It is benefitial to the planet as it feeds TREES so they can give off oxygen.

            I worked for several years in Safety and dealt with OSHA regulations on a daily basis. I have seen them issue fines for not having a lid on facility trash barrels.

            That is the problem with “guvment” agencies. As with unions, they must continually try and justify their existance by evermore over-reaching and violating liberties and rights.

          • http://Illinois'17th Old Henry

            American Patriot:

            And where was Der Fuhrer’s compassion when he was going to let our troops go unpaid because he would not curtail spending?

          • http://google blee

            What an overly arrogant comment! But, what else would one expect these days.

          • S.L.Johnson

            Hvan, you sound like one of those “good intentions” guys, so I’m going to ask you to finish this sentence… “Hell is paved…”

            You really should wake up. Some regulation is fine, but there is a line. Dumping toxic waste in rivers is bad, for sure, but very few businesses did that, even when there were no regulations on it.
            Also, I am advert to you constantly giving all the credit to government for that. For the most part, it was a grass-roots movement. It was the people that stopped the dumping. Neither party can be credited. And now the people are saying, ‘enough is enough!’. You need to stand with the people, and not with monstrous, big government types that claim they are the people. They are MONSTERS. They don’t want you to have ANY control over your own life, because allowing you to have that would risk you possibly killing a poor, defenseless butterfly. Do you want someone being a perpetual nanny for you your whole life? If you do, then by all means, keep thinking you’re right that government should have as much control as they have.
            The bottom line is this: They should be given far less control than they have.
            Have a nice day. :)

      • hvaness

        I “invite” them…………to leave the dark side. And if this might lure them….there is plenty of opportunity, monetary profits, in doing the right thing, if we make it so. Just step back and get out of the way so we can make the world right. You may not like the transition, who does? Think of it like setting a broken bone. But it has to be done. Big commercial businesses are now joining forces with environmental activists because acidification of the oceans as a direct cause of CO2 buildup is destroying (dissolving) oceanic organisms essential to the oceanic food chain wreaking havoc on fishing industries (they are the first to feel the affects as the ocean absorbs more and more CO2). Commercial fisherman configured their vessels in an S.O.S. and ACID RAIN pattern. If the almighty dollar is all that motivates you, there’s hope to convert you, because profits also exist in industries and practices that are considerate to the earth. The economy is in the tank for SO MANY reason. Do NOT believe the wise and their steps to direct us on a path for a sustainable future are the root cause of any of our woes. Greed and ignorance have always led to collapse and will surely be the end of us but who knows how long it will take. But I am not a fatalist and will join forces with the brilliant and wise pioneers for a better world.

        • Thamera

          who in the world are you talking to hvaness?

        • S.L.Johnson

          I already mentioned to you that there is profit in “going green”. However, I have to say it again.
          There is a fine line between “doing what is sustainable” and “losing all of our liberties in the process”.
          Today is the last day you will think of Capitalism as “the dark side”. Today you will wake up.

        • Lewis Munn

          If you look at the evidence, when CO2 was very high, plants grew tremendously, and there was food to support even the massive dinosaurs! Good times for the earth.

          And you folks who are CO2 freaks need to look at the DIRECT correlation between global warming and the removal of the earth’s dust screen in the air. nature has showed us, but who pays attention to Nature? Demagogs are more exciting!

          All it takes is comparing the graphs and reading intelligently about the effects of volcanic dust, from the two massive volcano explosions in the 1800′s.

          And you also need to note that the sun is not a steady heater…remember when the sunspots quit back in the 1700′s and we had the Little Ice Age? I know it is not politically correct to point out such facts!!

          And historically, the most art and science and good things, come during times when it is warm on the earth, and the living is easy. As the temperature is forced down, and the COL rises, there is a lot less time and money for the arts and sciences; we all, save the super rich, have to scrabble for food and clothing and have no time to enrich civilization with arts and sciences!

          It is all there, in History, should you choose to read facts, and not listen to greenie politicians who make money off their followers! And UN scientists who have a vested interest in the UN controlling the world!!

          I guess enough indoctrination, or enough money, overrides science and social facts! It is too bad! And so discouraging that demagogs who have been repeatedly proven wrong in facts and effects, and don’t follow their own instructions on how to live, are still followed by a supposedly educated nations and supposedly intelligent people.

          The lure of power and money to some smooth-tongued charismatic leaders, and a herd instinct in poorly educated followers, who are deprived of both science and the ability to distinguish between truth and falsity, is bringing us down, even lower than Rome fell, which is a history our school children are mostly deprived of!

          I guess since too few can sound an effective alarm, and too few want to learn from history as to what not to do over gain with bad leaders, we can look forward to starving in another dark age when we could have had plenty, and conquered new horizons!

          Such a shame, and so many are cheering us on over the edge. Like lemmings!

      • Dave Davison

        Some years ago governments around the world agreed to ban DDT on the theory it was harmful to some birds. Best estimates are that the ban has saved 30 – 40 eagles, & fewer than that number of other carnivorous birds, and one million more people have died of malaria than would have if DDT had been used for mosquito control. Are these the governments you want to control business?

        • Lewis Munn

          DDT was shown to cause brittle eggshells. And fewer chicks. And the predator birds eat rodents that can carry disease.

          Millions died after DDT, also. Nowhere have I seen real provable data that millions died as a direct result of DDT bans.

          But it is reminiscent of “Global Warming” propaganda and jumping on a bandwagon while vilifying those who say we need better proof! And consideration of side effects!

    • Lewis Munn

      It is scaring a lot of people already. Most folks, especially those whose education is not scientific, are running wild with fear. I am glad this article puts things in a more scientific light.

      One problem is the scare mongers talk units that the common populace has no idea what are, and sound dangerous! And scientists have gone to some strange-sounding units! I have not seen any readily-available discussions of the units and how many are dangerous to humans! I suspect it depends on the isotope.

      Be nice if someone could show many milliseiberts is a dangerous dose, or raises the chance of cancer by x% over our normal background radiation. A lot of my concerned friends only get information that it is safe, or you should not eat Avocados from China; stuff that could be correct, but does not speak to a scientific measurement, or how the potentials for adverse effect vary with the exposure.

      Be nice also if someone could speak with authority on the hazards of solar flares, and the radiation that can hit the earth generally during a large flare.

      And why if KI protects the iodine-sensitive parts of the body, why would not the extra potassium protect against the Cesium?

      • Dan az

        There is a better alternative!and It would all help with the problems in the middle east that want nukes.There is enough thorium to power the entire planet for five billion years; lets switch to thorium reactors.
        look at what is available on this site.

        • Dan az

          The Telegraph says this $1.8 billion (£1.2 billion) project could lead to a network of tiny underground nuclear reactors, producing about 600 MW each. Their wee size would negate the enormous security apparatus required of full-size nuclear power plants.

          After a three-decade lull, nuclear power is enjoying a slow renaissance in the U.S. The 2005 energy bill included $2 billion for six new nuclear power plants, and this past February, Obama announced $8.3 billion in loan guarantees for new nuclear plants.

          But nuclear plants need fuel, which means building controversial uranium mines. Thorium, on the other hand, is so abundant that it’s almost an annoyance. It’s considered a waste product when mining for rare-earth metals.

          Thorium also solves the non-proliferation problem. Nuclear non-proliferation treaties (NPT) prohibit processes that can yield atomic bomb ingredients, making it difficult to refine highly radioactive isotopes. But thorium-based accelerator-driven plants only produce a small amount of plutonium, which could allow the U.S. and other nations to skirt NPT.

          The Telegraph says Obama needs a Roosevelt moment, recalling the famous breakfast meeting when Albert Einstein convinced the president to start the Manhattan Project. A thorium stimulus could be just what the lagging economy needs.

          • 45caliber

            Sounds interesting.

          • 45caliber

            I saw an article recently that stated that there was a design out for a plant that could produce 1 MW of power from spent nuclear rods. It was supposedly small and could be buried. Further, it was self operating and didn’t need human control. It would run for about 100 years. Gates Foundation and several other groups were studying it with the idea of building these for smaller towns. I don’t know more info on them. It would be this unit they were looking at. In any event, there are possibilities out there that are far more likely to work that solar or wind.

          • Dan az

            I saw that article to,and I tried finding it again but these should give a start in the right direction.If I remember right they had one on the east coast some where and it had been running for some years now.They also have them in the ships and subs now.They where small and put under ground and the only thing was a radiator above ground.there was know need for human contact because if it were to fail being a liquid it would shut its self down.I’m going to try an find that article again it made sense.

          • Lewis Munn

            But if we did that, the government could not panic us so easily about Nuclear energy and keep polluting and screaming about pollutions! Too good a solution, I suspect!

    • Valerie

      where ignorance is bliss it is folly to resist.
      The name calling just depicst the mentality

      • S.L.Johnson

        Bless you.

  • Daniel

    In this piece they mention the tablets that I have read people should not be taking. So who do we believe? As for the contamination of food and milk, I must ask myself: Are they paying closer attention now because of the accident? Are these numbers higher than normal and how abnormal is that? What were the numbers they read a year ago, or two years ago? Or were they not even checking of radiation amounts? If not, how can they compare it. If they were, then why wasn’t it dangerous previously and where does that radiation come from?

    • Lewis Munn


      The earth has lots of radioactives in the soil and rocks. Scientists have found natural nuclear reactors here and there that melted and depleted rock formations. We have natural radioactivity from the natural rocks. We have cosmic ray radiations from the stars, and the sun is a massive reactor, and emits lots of radiation naturally.

      So we have a normal background radiation all the time, that is virtually impossible to escape. It is possible that the natural background radiation causes so many varieties of animals

      Some damage from natural radiation the body takes care of, some accumulates.

      Many people do not realize this, and the amounts also vary from place to place. And when people do not know, demagogs can scare them easily!

  • Jeff

    The Huffington Post? There is a reliable nuclear reference source.

    The solution to polution is dillution. The only body of fluid larger than the ocean is the atmosphere. If its a problem , why are we suppose to eat more fruits and veggies which contain the isotopes(supposedly)?
    Just stop getting x-rays and you will be doing more to reduce your uptake.

  • MorninJoe

    Daniel poses a great question; ‘What are normal numbers which indicate a current abnormal reading’? How and where is it measured and who monitors those readings enabling these ‘claims’ to be legitamized?

    I was raised just as I raise my own children to never trust the government or much of anything that they say, they lie and extort money from every corner of the World which they can. The goofy UN bunch over at the IAEA lied about the ill effects of the Chernobyl fallout and they have consistantly lied about the Fukishima disaster as it has progressed. Self sustaining practice in your thinking and living is a must in this day and age which we live in and most people don’t have a clue on where to even begin. Support and know your local growers and farm as much of your own food for consumption as possible, at least you know where it was grown and what was put on it.

    Ask yourself, who is monitoring all the food sold in the US for illegal pesticides, herbacides or radioactive exposure? The FDA … the same group of idiots that allow known carcinogens to be put on the market and into everyday consumables.

    Wake up America!

    • Betty Sexton

      Amen to everything you said. The governments of this world do not know how to tell the truth. All they know is how to weasel more and more money from the people. Obama has about 1 BILLION DOLLARS now in his war chest for his re-election. Most of it from BIG BUSINESS and abroad. He needs to be charged for TREASON. Radiation will kill you one way or another. mema

  • Catherine J Frompovich

    Not mentioned in the article is that Potassium Iodide (KI) pills do have adverse side effects and pregnant women, or females who think they may be pregnant, should not take them without checking with a medical doctor first. Unfortunately, the USA finds itself in a most disturbing position geographically and healthwise because of another country’s nuclear problems. That should indicate just how important it is that we realize the consequences of our technological ‘advances’ and the ramifications of a global society.

    • Lewis Munn

      where should we move the USA to that would be an undisturbing location? Maybe one of the L5 points?

  • http://facebook vsop4u

    the sky is falling, the sky is falling. this demogogery, lies and distortions are so tiring.

    • Lastmanstanding

      In the mean time, start/keep buying food, guns and lots of ammo.

      vsop4u you are exactly right.

      To anyone who works for or is “paid off by the govt.”…how does it feel to be trapped in the communist belly…more misdirection.

      But hey, I was glad to see that you all got the 15th off with pay.
      Let’s just move things around alittle, disguise it to give the taxpayer a few extra days of relief from the inevitable and cost us millions of dollars for your vote.

      A day of reckoning is coming for you. I’m glad that I have made my choice. What will you do?

      • Al Sieber

        Lastman, I’m with you, been ready for years.

        • Lastmanstanding

          Right on Al…me also. Everyday I gather something, warn somebody, and exchange any fiat that I have received…That is my 401k plan.

          The road less traveled is starting to get more traffic!!!

          • Lastmanstanding

            Time is running short for many.

        • http://Illinois'17th Old Henry


          “been ready for years”.

          I wish I could say the same, but I guess better late than never. I spent about 35 years getting ready financially. Now the paradijm has completely changed.

          My wife, and my family think I’m nuts. He who laughs last, laughs best.

          As LASTMAN I try to do something each day, and also spread the word – regardless of the strange looks…

          • Lastmanstanding

            O H…oh there will be alot more than strange looks soon.

            Better safe than sorry.

      • http://Illinois'17th Old Henry


        Thank yo for the link you posted last Friday for the Sons of Liberty. It’s very intriguing. Have not taken the leap as of yet, but am mulling it around.

        You are correct. Buy food, guns, ammo. It will be needed – most likely within 24 months. (That’s two years for you Little Barry supporters)

        • Lastmanstanding

          O H. I just finished SOLA on Sunday. if you have kids or grandkids you must check it out. I am old school, a traditionalist and a silver nut. i came across the site as a link on one of my silver sites, listed as, “The best article written about silver in 10 years, not written by me!” The article is titled, “The Silver Bullet and the Silver Shield.”

          Go to and read the article. After reading the article I ended up on SOLA. Suddenly, because of reading and research that I had been doing, things began to make sense. Let me know if I can be of any further help.

          I had nothing to lose. “To retain our liberty, we must take the road less traveled.” someone more important than me probably said this.

          Everyone on this site provides links similar to material. Chris does an amazing job…please everyone check it out whether you are right, left,center, lib, prog, tea party, etc.

          I was one of the first “subjects”…on April 29 we will run an ad on the Drudge Report.

          Can you sleep at night knowing that your kids and grandkids may not be free…what about when you die.

        • Lastmanstanding

          It’s free.

          • Thamera

            Yes, Lastman, thanks for the info and the links. Gadz, I just got off the post about the tea party…talk about some delusional nitwits on that board…Jovianus, just to name one!

    • RW

      Really, vsop4u…..a nuclear disaster is akin to the over-reaction analogy of “the sky is falling.” Geez, what then does it take to raise concern for you?

      • Lewis Munn

        It is not the leakage problem, it is those who capitalize on it to predict all kinds of disasters that are simply not justified.

        It is like unto shouting “FIRE!!” in a crowded theater.

        • RW

          i would have to argue it is nothing like yelling “FIRE” in a crowded theatre. If some are concerned that radiation leakage from a bonafide disaster could affect their health, that is absolutely a justified concern. Yes, there are those who overreact to percieved danger and then there are those who minimize every trauma.

          • 45caliber

            But those in the theater won’t know if it is a fake fire or a real one. The panic will be the same … just as those who are warning of radiation from all nuclear reactors are creating a possible scenario that is similar. They WANT people to panic so they can get more grant money.

          • RW

            Wow, so just because dangers are no longer the main story on the nightly news means there is nothing to be concerned about? Only if you’re bombarded with the info from outside sources will you even consider something a valid danger?

          • S.L.Johnson

            RW, go easy on the guy. In fact, you should be proud of him. It’s healthy to have a natural skepticism about these things, especially in this day and age. And so what if it is a legitimate crisis? People will die because of their ignorance. Live and LET LIVE, man.

        • RW

          I would say it’s safe to say if you smell smoke and your eyes are stinging, then there is a fire. If added nuclear radiation is emitted into the atmosphere and through the cycle of nature ends up in the food and water supply, then clearly that is not a good thing for human health. So, if this tragedy bolsters the opinions of those who do not feel safe with nuclear power and would like to see efforts made to find better solutions for our power consumption, I see nothing wrong with that.

          • Thamera

            like so many, many scientific predictions in the past, I am quite comfortable that nothing is going to happen, no one is going to die of radiation sickness and a year from now, no, maybe 6 months from now no one is going to be talking about this. Case in point: SARS, the Swine Flu, infants don’t feel pain, global warming, er, I mean cooling, er, I mean climate change…

          • RW

            Wow, so just because dangers are no longer the main story on the nightly news means there is nothing to be concerned about? Only if you’re bombarded with the info from outside sources will you even consider something a valid danger?

          • Thamera

            No RW, interpret my comment as you wish. I simply choose not to live in fear. I’m not a reactionary.

          • RW

            I agree fear is no good. Neither is denial. Warranted concern can be of service.

  • RAY

    BOX 16272
    BOISE, ID.

    • Lastmanstanding

      Ray out of curiousity. Will you be using your own money or taxpayers to file this worthless suit?

      • http://Illinois'17th Old Henry


        Ray the lawyer is from I DA HO

        Bout says it all…

    • meteorlady

      While you are at it file a suite to make the federal government deport all illegals and secure our borders. We are under invasion by foreign nationals and our government, who is Constitutionally required to act, does nothing.

    • CJM

      Got anymore foolish ideas, Ray? Some of the things these scientists say aren’t worth the effort to speak the words because they mislead remember the junk science, global warming?). I doubt that the US is going to have long-term, long-suffering after effects from what has occurred in Japan. Find something real to be hysterical over and you’ll feel much better.

      • CJM

        OOPS! Sorry, the sentence “Some of the things these scientists say aren’t worth the effort to speak the words because they mislead remember the junk science, global warming?).” should read: Some of the things these scientists say aren’t worth the effort to speak the words (remember the junk science, global warming?).

        • http://Illinois'17th Old Henry


          No need to apologise. It was you keebord…

    • Lastmanstanding

      Still waiting…

    • Lewis Munn

      Be very sure of your facts. And remember that a number of folks say we did it to ourselves by firing off the HAARP arrays all day the day before!

      If it was our government’s fault for firing off all the HAARP arrays the previous day, should you not sue our government instead?

      • Hobbit Baggins

        I have recently read that it may have been China that used the HAARP technology on Japan. That makes more sense.

    • herman richardson

      keep feeding the fear!! Get a book, a real one, not an online version, read for yourself. Stop running and playing ostrich

    • Thamera

      Ray, kindly leave me out of your lawsuit. Thank you.

    • Lewis Munn


      Who is bankrolling this suit?

      And it seems to me that if the reactors were built to the required safety standards, which seems to be the case, a lawsuit should be at those who set incorrect standards, not the plant people who complied with the governmental standards.

  • Thom Peschke

    Dr. Chris Busby, an authority? Are you kidding? We have practical proof of the long term effects of radiation, both high and low level. Remember Hiroshima and Nagasaki? The credability of the newsletter is being dragged though the mud with sensationalist BS like this… Please THINK before you write stuff like this.
    I’ve been working in the Nuclear foeld for over 40 years and am tired of reading stupidity like this…

    • CJM

      You are correct Thom. Anne Coulter wrote a great article showing that the predicted long-term effects of Hiroshima and Nagasaki never occurred. I do not trust some of these scientists because they thrive on sensationalism like yellow journalista do.

      • 45caliber

        But it is GREAT for raising more money they can spend for “research”.

      • Hobbit Baggins

        I have no use for Ann Coulter. But let’s not forget the Chernobyl survivors. Some of them are pretty sick. That disaster at least proved that potassium iodide does prevent thyroid cancer, the children who did not take it got cancer, those who did take it did not. Question is, how do we know when to give it to the kids?

    • Lewis Munn

      I have suggested folks need to look at the effects here in America from the WWII nuclear bombing of Japan, but nobody will consider that!
      Probably because we cannot sue for what we did in war back then!

    • Bill Gillen

      It is regretful that we in the nuclear industry don’t get our voices heard nearly as much as the fear mongers and some of the other so-called experts. That said, there are some improvements that could be made to enhance the multiple redundant safety features that are in place today. These include gravity fed passive emergency cooling systems with tacitly inexhaustible water volumes in reserve.
      The fear mongers will always prey on the vulnerable public’s perception and inherent fears notwithstanding the truth. Radioactive materials can be consistently managed safely to man’s benefit as long as safety not profit is the primary issue. Consider the Nuclear Navy’s safety record.
      Bill Gillen
      USNavy Retired

    • Lewis Munn


      How many people over here died from the two nuclear bombs we dropped on Japan? How many died from the hydrogen bomb tests on pacific islands? How many died from our above-ground testing in Nevada and other places?

      Surely there is data on how much radiation from these things hit the USA, and the power plant leakage can be compared, along with the effects of our war and our atmospheric ground level testing over the years.

      Where is all this data input we need to see if Japan has released “too much” radiation or conversely, how many US citizens died from our own testing and bombing of Japan?

      I do remember the story of one college professor who was showing the achievement of criticality with two uranium hemispheres, and the fool-proof mechanism slipped, and he tore the glowing hemispheres apart and snuffed the reaction with his own body, protecting the students. Should his death be counted against nuclear reactors?

      I’d like to see figures.

  • Eric Bischoff

    The important point is that there are no safe levels of radiation. Then how do we know that the levels found in the East Coast drinking water are coming form Japan as opposed to the fracking which is also causing releases.

    I attended a Riverkeepers function and listened to Robert F Kennedy give a most powerful speech on how we could in 4 years time completely replace coal and nuclear energy in the US without increasing energy costs at all. The technology is here now, the only thing missing is the political will to go for it and fight the energy dinosaurs who are more worried about their short term profits than doing what we all know is what we need to do and ultimately will be forced to do. We need a sustainable clean energy policy now before it’s too late. It is directly linked to a healthy economy and let’s face it a healthier population.

    And let’s not fool ourselves the Japan Nuclear Disaster is far from over.

    • meteorlady

      I live about 20 miles from two nuclear power plants. They have been up and running for around 20 years without incident. They bring them off lines and do maintenance and upgrade every few years and they are safe, effective and a cheap means of power for us.

      We also live around gas wells. They were created using fracking. Our ground water has been tested repeatedly and there has been nothing of any consequence found except salt and fine rocks. We have also had our waste water disposal wells repeatedly tested and nothing except salt. I will admit that fracking uses a lot of water and it may come to water to drink or them to use so it’s not the best solution in the world right now.

      We can also buy power on the open market. Solar is the most expensive, wind is second and there are not enough power lines to support it for big cities, nuclear third and natural gas forth – we have coal, but not much at all.

      • JIBBS

        Check out for wind power. As far as coal goe’s, we have a ample supply’s for many, many years, I have a lot of friends that work in the coal industry, and they say there is plenty to keep us going.

        • http://WeThePeople Jean

          Coal: Are you kidding. Yes we do have enough – but our head mucky muck has decided to shut down all of our fossil fuel power plants in the very near future. There goes a cheap power source. He wants all of TRUE BLUE AMERICANS to go back to the dark ages along with his rag headed family. The new power source will be plant waste and other wood products (there goes our green earth). He is immoral – he has no conscience.

          • Lewis Munn

            Right now our power costs here are doubling every year, due to the environmentalists, who themselves always seem to have plenty from somewhere. And supposed to keep doubling for 5 more years that way.

            Pretty soon Al Gore will not be able to afford to the landing lights burning on his jet runway!

          • http://Illinois'17th Old Henry

            And we never hear about HOW MANY people the Communist Kenyan has put out of work with his destroy America “energy” policies.

        • Lewis Munn

          Yup. and Obama is taking our clean coal away, and shipping it who knows where, and sending up huge amounts of very very dirty coal, so dirty it will raise the cost of electric power 1600% in the next 4 years.

          This is how the government takes care of our needs. Pretty soon I will not be able to eat because all my SS pittance will go for enough electricity to run my home, and I do not use a lot. Nothing left for food, etc.

          Already my electric bills have doubled, due to governmental interference in local affairs. And my Senators will not talk, just babble on about wind farms, which contribute little but visual pollution. Cant see the mountains for the windmills!

      • 45caliber

        The Saudis have spent many millions trying to extract water from sea water or acquire other sources, such as ice bergs. But so far it isn’t economically feasible – in other words it costs far too much.

        Most energy sources are the same. But the “greens” continue to point to many of the disasters that are over thirty years old as justification for abandoning certain energy sources. Yet there has been a lot of technology increases over those years that could be used to make the use of those energies far more viable. For instance, there is the tech needed to insure coal exhaust stacks are clean but they ignore that.

        Let’s take a fresh look at what can be done to use these things instead of scaring ourselves over its use. Dynamite – for instance – was once the most feared weapon of the world but now is commonly accepted for demolition. We can do the same with other things too.

        • Lewis Munn

          I agree.

          Can we give Obama a couple sticks of dynamite to improve the Washington Environment?

          • 45caliber

            I don’t think he’d know which end to light.

          • http://google blee

            45caliber would it really matter which end he’d light?

          • 45caliber


            Yeah, it would. If he lit the wrong end all he’d have is an expensive piece of stove wood. After all, dynamite is only sawdust with a little nitroglycern in it. Both burn readily but won’t go boom unless there is a fuse involved.

      • Eric Bischoff

        Meteorlady you may want to look at this report before you make your conclusions and spead half baked information. Everytime an industry is spending a lot of money on TV ads claiming to have a very clean carbon product, you can bet your ass they are lying through their teeth and covering something.

        You may also want to watch 2 documentaries. “The Split Estate” which shows how how 85% of Americans don’t own the mineral rights on their properties and are waking up one day with a company fracking on their property. The other one is called “Gasland”.

        There is no clean carbon or nuclear energy. It’s an oxymoron and if you believe it then you are a moron.

        • Thamera

          Eric, stop hyperventilating. One day everyone is going to die, some sooner than later and newsflash: While I love our planet, mother earth was not designed to live forever!

          • S.L.Johnson


    • herman richardson

      Great thought or should I say memory, no one that has the power wants to do anything for the good of man kind. None ever have nor will there ever be one. Money is their issue, kinda funny to me, they cannot take it with them, and as they destroy it is not just the poor folks it will affect. As long as they instill FEAR in the peoples of the world they will win. You cannot control without fear. Look at our children that have no fear of anything, due to our great government taking over the raising of our and I said OUR children. Will it continue?? I am sure it will. Band aids do not work anymore. Clean house and start over.

    • Vigilant

      “Robert F Kennedy [gave] a most powerful speech on how we could in 4 years time completely replace coal and nuclear energy in the US without increasing energy costs at all.”

      Couldn’t have been a very powerful speech if you or he can’t clue us in as to WHAT that technology is. Anyone who believes that sweeping lie, told by an ambulance-chasing environmental opportunist, is not competent enough to even drive a car.

      • Lastmanstanding

        Vigilant. Perhaps it was a very powerful speech…Look at what happened to him and his brother. While your at it, look into the truth of who killed Lincoln and other presidents.

        Did you know that Henry Ford was nearly killed by the elite bankers
        because he didn’t want to borrow money from them for the Tennessee Valley Authority? It is all documented. It has been hidden. (In plain site) It takes way to much research for “sheep” if you have a job/business, wife, kids, friends, etc. A little ‘smoke and mirrors’ goes a long way over 150 years or so.

        Think about that for a minute and it is not so hard to believe…especially when it’s the truth.

        • Vigilant

          Sorry, it’s not the same RFK. Please do your research.

          • Lastmanstanding

            Sorry back. Do you have a quick reference to help me?

            My response was not to belittle you. I have been doing lots of research, running 2 business, hanging with fam and friends, etc.
            Sometimes it all runs together.

            I am a recovering sheeple…sheeple free for 2 years and curing others daily!

          • Dan az

            If you go back up and read the sites that I have left you would find the answer your looking for.Although LFTRs may sound like a new technology, they were developed in the 1960s by Nobel laureate Carlo Rubbia.

            Thoruim reactors lost favor due to the cold war need for plutonium to build nuclear weapons, plutonium that thorium reactors do not produce.The point being during the time of RFK he knew of what was possible.

          • Vigilant


            The link is

            It’s RFK Jr.

            No offense was taken. I had to smile at your statement, “I am a recovering sheeple…sheeple free for 2 years and curing others daily!”

            Glad to have you with us. Keep up the good fight!

          • Vigilant

            Dan az:

            It looks like a very encouraging technology. I have to wonder why it’s not being used. Could it be that the powers that be WANT a plutonium-based nuclear industry that can be used to produce nuclear weapons? Just a thought.

          • Dan az

            Most likely,If there where no need for plutonium then half of the worlds problems would come to an end.But with the powers in charge of the NWO I can see why they cant let that be.

    • Dale on the left coast

      “Robert F Kennedy give a most powerful speech on how we could in 4 years time completely replace coal and nuclear energy in the US without increasing energy costs at all.”
      Kennedy . . . . is an enviro-nazi loon . . . without increasing energy costs – blatent lie!!! What would he replace them with? Wind? Solar? . . . these are “Part-Time” solutions . . . Real-world experiences with wind and solar, costs 6 to 12 times more than conventional sources, and they are UNRELIABLE!!!

      • Dan az

        With that kind of thinking you need to stay on the left coast.Who was it that put us on the moon?They said it couldn’t be done,Who challenged the feds and tried to return our monetary system back to the people?Read the sites that I left here above and pay particular attention to the date that it was awarded the Nobel prize.Just because you lack the knowledge dosen’t mean that it’s not true.Seems the foot in mouth disease is spreading on this site could be a virus!

      • Eric Bischoff

        Dale on the Left coast I am sure you are an expert and we should believe you,

        • Thamera

          Actually Dale is quite right regarding the inefficiency and expense of solar and wind power at this time. While I welcome innovative technology to address our energy needs, at least in the little part of the word I live in, the wind farms just implemented have been a severe disappointment, wildly expensive and will cost consumers much, much more.

    • http://Illinois'17th Old Henry


      What exactly is this wonder technology that Kennedy referrenced that will save us all from ourselves?

      • S.L.Johnson

        I think it’s Thorium generators. See the links they posted above.

  • Burt

    The statement “there is no safe level of radiation” shows just how incompetent this article is. We continuously receive very significant levels of radiation from the sun, from the earth, and from radioactive materials all around us. Has this so-called Doctor ever heard of the human immune system?

    • CJM

      How true. We are exposed to massive doses of radiation that can be harmful when one is x-rayed in a clinic, doctor’s office, etc (which is why physicians try to limit our exposure) and even more so with the TSA’s use of the scanner machine (and our government doesn’t care!).

      • Lewis Munn

        Has anyone worn a standard film badge through the TSA equipment, and then developed it to see just how much they do use?

        I heard it was backscatter, so if so, the forward beam must be powerful!

    • 45caliber

      Burt, I agree. I’ve never seen a doctor or dentist hesitate to make an X-ray – yet it is supposed to be dangerous. At least the “experts” and the government says so. I really think that they don’t know what is hazardous and what isn’t so they are taking a very conservative guess with the idea of being able to tell you later that they were right – even if they weren’t.

      The human body has some amazing ways to handle bad stuff – and sometimes needs it even if it is bad. Salt (sodium chloride), for example, is poisonous but is necessary as well.

    • S.L.Johnson

      “We constantly receive… high levels of radiation from the sun” <- paraphrasing, of course.
      I'd like to point out that we all die over time. Perhaps this is due in part because of the aforementioned radiation?

  • meteorlady

    I’m finding this article a bit disconcerting. We are all getting exposed to radiation daily. We are not supposed to the iodine pills unless it is really a disaster – they are not good for you. Our food is checked by the FDA, the same incompetents that let all sorts of things into our food supplies, including crap from foreign countries.

    So, I will continue to grow my own vegetables and meat. But, according to this article, I have to have a Geiger counter to see if my own food is safe.

    • Vigilant


      Risk of nuclear contamination in the USA is much ado about nothing. As opposed to radiation hazards, the average American exposes him/herself to thousands of times more dangerous substances every day of the week through synthetic drugs (legal or illegal), food additives, or just driving to work every day. On busy rush hour highways, you’re breathing in toxics from exhaust that are ten times worse for you than second hand tobacco smoke. I always shake my head when I see joggers along these highways, doing more damage to their bodies than whatever beneficial effects they are seeking.

      Frequent air travellers are exposed to more radiation than they would ever receive from Fukushima.

      A week from today will mark the 25th anniversary of Cherobyl. I was living in Germany at the time, and we were told to discontinue drinking milk, the cows were taken off the pastures, and it was recommended that we not ingest our homegrown food. I ate my own garden produce and went on with life as usual. No untoward effects, and I’m here to tell about it.

      Just as the BP spill was a crisis the environmentalists didn’t waste, so it is with the once-in-a-thousand-years tsunami disaster in Japan. Nuclear power remains close to the safest of all energy sources on this planet.

      • 45caliber

        You are correct about how safe nuclear energy is. I am a firm believer that if the plant follows established inspection and safety rules, that we have less danger from that than we do driving to work every day. Or going to the doctor to get an X-ray made.

        • Thamera

          Absolutely! How the media and government loves to play on our fears, anyone remember SARS? How about the Swine Flu?

          • Lewis Munn

            Anyone keep tabs on the number of people who died from the huge mercury content of the flue vaccine the governments of the world made people take? In the USA anyhow, figures I saw were more died from the vaccine than died of the suspected ‘flu.

            But the vaccine manufacturer’s made out like bandits; took the money and ran!

            3 or 4 500 mg. Vitamin C pills would have been just as good, and much cheaper, and probably no fatalities!

      • Hobbit Baggins

        This is 10 times worse than Chernobyl.

        • Lewis Munn


          You mean that it didn’t leak as much radioactivity, so is much worse?

          Or just that the Japanese are not concealing the problems, so we know more from day to day how bad it is? And so the news hypes things!

          I do not think “out of sight, out of mind” as with Chernoble, is a good thing with danger! I suppose if people do not know their exposure, then they will not develop symptoms?

  • Dingle

    If you want to keep track of emergencies around the world, here is an excellent site that I use:

    There is no editorializing, just information.

  • CJM

    Another scare tactic from a scientist who needs to make a name for himself. Yes, massive doses of radiation can harm a person (and if the dosage is high enough, can kill you). However, we are exposed to radiation on a daily basis; it is unlikely that what drifts over from Japan will have an adverse effect on US citizens.

    • 45caliber

      If you can scare enough people, you can get a government grant to “research” the problem. And government grants can pay you over $100,000 a year salary for many many years…

    • Hobbit Baggins

      So, more is better? Something wrong with that reasoning.

      • 45caliber

        No, you don’t spend it at all. Why should we finance every scare that comes along?

  • coal miner

    8)Mar 16, 2011 … The Japanese government was warned in 2008 that a strong … to earthquakes had only been updated three times in 35 years, … The government did respond, by building an emergency response center at the Fukushima plant, ……

    • Vigilant

      Nothing like a dead end link. This is becoming a habit with you, coal.

      • Thamera

        Add “get right” to deadlinkville.

  • coal miner

    Japan was warned two years ago that its nuclear power plants were …
    Mar 18, 2011 … What truth? Morpheus: That you are a slave, Neo. … March 15 (Telegraph) Japan was warned more than two years ago by the … but will now face inevitable questions over whether it did enough. While it responded to the warnings by building an emergency response centre at the Fukushima plant, … – Cached

    • Vigilant

      So there you have it. Obviously, it’s not the fault of nuclear power, as the environmentalists would have you believe; it’s the fault of the Japanese utility and government for not taking steps that could have prevented the disaster.

      • S.L.Johnson

        Actually, it’s GE’s fault, because they made the power plant without fact checking first to see what kind of environmental factors were unique to the area they were placing the plant. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to know that Japan gets Tsunamis… TSUNAMI IS A JAPANESE WORD. derpa derp. GE should be taken to court for its gross negligence.

  • 45caliber

    One thing that has always been confusing for me is the government’s position on radiation.

    According to the above article, several people believe that we are in danger from the radiation from Japan that reaches the US. Yet that radiation is considered a lessor hazard than the radiation you receive from the airport scans done by the TSA. In fact, if you are on a flight to any long-distant destination you will be exposed to natural radiation that is above the safe limit as specified by the government and the experts.

    If the radiation is so dangerous as coming from Japan, why aren’t X-rays banned? Why aren’t high altitude flights banned? Why aren’t pilots and stewardesses tested frequently to see if they have received too much radiation?

    • Lewis Munn

      Money, and profits. Some payoffs. And a public educated to have fun and not to know anything, or how to think well and clearly about anything.

      I do think it is interesting France has had lots of nuclear power for many years, and no blowups, no mass kills, no radiation-laden zombies; what are they doing right that other countries refuse to do?

  • Joseph

    I pray every day that the situation in Japan will improve greatly. I think all nations have some interest in what is happening there.We need to work together and get some of our brightest people in the nuclear community to solve the leakage problem. All us layman can do is hope and pray they come up with an answer.

  • http://WeThePeople Jean

    Leakage – darling – ever since the first nuclear sub hit the water we have been in danger. Do you not remember the biggest one from Russia with no love attached in the North Sea. And by the way – our most worthless ex-president CARTER was stationed on a US one. And now we have China to worry about. No wonder the sharks are attacking more offen – they want us humans gone.

  • Buddy

    Perhaps rather than KI pills, a person could ingest organically bound minerals. Such is seaweed based and hence contain a lot of iodine.

    • Hobbit Baggins

      The seaweed in Budd Inlet, Washington State, is contaminated with radiation. Now what?

  • http://Illinois'17th Old Henry

    If my fuzzy old guy memory serves me correctly just over 65 years ago there were two massive “nucler” reactions over Japan. I went to school in the 50s and 60s when actual history was taught and I do not remember any talk of all the radiation hitting HI or the West Caost.

    It seems that, so far, this recent incident is a small pitance of August 1945.

    It’s just the MSM and Little Barry not letting a good crisis go to wate and allow the greenie goons to try and scare / stir up the American people so they can advance their communist anti-America agenda.

    • 45caliber

      I’m very much afraid you are right.

    • S.L.Johnson

      I whole-heartedly concur, good sir!

    • Hobbit Baggins

      You are right, there was no talk of danger to us. The cancers that occured 30 years down the road were never attributed to those bombs and couldn’t be, but wadduya think? All we ever heard was how many lives dropping those bombs saved. The guesstimate was probably way overrated and nobody mentioned how many Japanese civilians died then or later from cancer.

  • stuinmt

    When scientific “concensus” is cited, one is not citing science. Science is proof, not concensus.

    • 45caliber

      Exactly. Well said.

    • S.L.Johnson

      BAM! Try and counter that, libtards!

  • chuckb

    old henry, our people today have been subjected for years of the danger of nuclear power, this for environmental issues and the enviros wish for everyone to cater to the solar and wind crowd. please tell me how many people on the west coast or hawaii died from radiation after we exploded atom bombs on hiroshima and nagasaki in 1945, and the bikini atoll in the marshal;l islands where we exploded a hydrogen along with atom bombs in the 1950′s.
    these environmental hacks use tragedies as the one in japan to push their stupid agenda.

    • http://Illinois'17th Old Henry


      Follow the money….

      Think Albore..

      • S.L.Johnson

        Think George Sorros…

    • Dan az

      Just because you didnt hear about it dosent make it so.That fact that it took our government to even acknowledge that nevada’s testing site was killing our own people should make the point clear.Have you ever heard of (down winders)That is what happens down wind of a nuclear blast wither underground or on top.We have lost thousands of arizonan’s because of it generations are still being affected long after they stopped.My daughter inlaw is third generation that is suffering from thyroid problems and allot of the local kids of fourth generations have died because of thyroid problems.So please research it and see how long it took in courts to even get the guv to admit that they were lying to the public.As far as the bombs that we let off in Japan they where small and if it did reach us then do you think for a moment they would tell you?I was on an island that they used for testing called anaweiktauk spelling?They put a loran station on that Island and we serviced it in the early seventies there was a small crew on the station at the time and we where not told that the soil was radioactive.Five years later they closed the station down and bulldozed it and put a seal over it,which is leaking as we speak and no one is fixing it.I’m not sure if those guys are still alive but what I know is they were test subjects and we had know Idea.

  • jopa

    What I was wondering is there any water testing being done around the Fukushima plant offshore and where is all this contaminated water going?What are the risks involved in the eating of fish from Japan and is this water going out to sea or along Japan’s shoreline.They had two of Americas largest concrete pumping trucks to pump water on the fuel rods when the container was cracked and that contaminated water in the millions of tons went somewhere.There may be some reports and graphs on this subject but I have never seen any.

    • Mr. DJ Fisher, esq.

      There are flow charts online showing the path of the radioactive water in the ocean…..

      • http://Illinois'17th Old Henry

        I wonder if this incident will lead to some more of those B “horror” movies like we had in the 50s?

        Maybe we’ll all get to “JOurney to the Center of the Earth” again…

        Godzilla’s great-great-great grandson swallows Obama Kool Aid and vomits up Atlantis….

        • S.L.Johnson

          I have to say, your comment here made me laugh quite heartily.

  • jopa

    Old Henry: It wasn’t just Japan we also bombed New Mexico and Nevada.We weren’t even allowed to eat the white snow in those days.

    • http://Illinois'17th Old Henry


      I’m beginning to think that little dingy harry ate some of that snow…

      I was always taught not to eat yellow snow…

      • 45caliber

        I agree. The yellow snow was the bad stuff. We ate the white snow all the time. Ever hear of snow ice cream? I loved the stuff!

        • http://Illinois'17th Old Henry

          Yep, ate lots of it. And drank from the garden hose!

          Watch out wher the huskies go, don’t you eat that yellow snow…

          • Thamera

            haha yep! snow ice cream was good and a lot of fun! I still drink out of the garden hose. Speaking of days gone by, just heard that schools in New York will be monitoring games like “Red Rover” and “Freeze Tag” because of the danger they might pose…hahahahahhahahahahahahhahahaha. So sad.

          • libertytrain

            Thamera – it is getting incredibly difficult to understand the absurdity of whomever is coming up with these bizarro ideas and how they are getting implemented and taken as gospel by the masses? God save us from ourselves.

          • 45caliber


            I saw an article today that was saying that schools are looking carefully at things like nerf balls as being dangerous. Pitiful.

  • http://GOGGLE vaksal

    interesting artical,if my memory serves me,in 1972 china detonated nuclear bombs,within a week the jet stream carried contaminated dust over the united states in every state except florida and northern washington state at that time the united states government issued a statement that it was nothing to worry about,but yet in the years that followed,the occurances of cancer jumped in childern all across this nation,now i ask this one question,due to the fact that this radiation leakage in japan will reach the american shores in 3 to 4 years via the ocean currants,i feel that eating any products that migrate like salmon and many other ocean speices could be affected by the radiation leaks at that plant,i am not saying the sky is falling,but on the other hand,i feel this government best look out for the food coming from the pacfic ocean and the food products from areas near that damaged nuclear plant(ASIA).better safe than sorry.

    • Lewis Munn

      Don’t count on or believe the government. They will not believe if Godzilla popped out of the reflecting pool and ate Congress!

      Everybody needs to buy and learn to use their own scintillation counters.

  • Rennie

    The best I can suggest is Dr. Arnie Gunderson’s videos which can be found on youtube or at My opinion is that the situation is far from “stable”, and it could get much worse before radioactive airborne emissions cease. Take sensible precautions if you live on the Pacific coastline. And I wouldn’t consume dairy, fish or leafy vegetables from the Pacific Coast if I had a choice.

  • kilrntex

    Where are all the pinochiobama zombies today? They haven’t been instructed on how to talk their BS on this subject. They must be waiting on orders from the machine. Our nation is about gone and the only thing we can do is prepare for the upcoming battle with his army. I’ve been buying ammo, food, water and trying to save enough gold to buy what is left on the market once things go Hollywood. About 10% of us are preparing for the end and the other 90% is what we are buying ammo for. The scum that follows the Obama Regime will be hungry and looking for the rest of us to mooch off of and in many cases looking to cut our throats to get what we have. It’s not going to happen. The leak at Fukushima will get much worse and possibly contaminate the whole Pacific Ocean. The wind will carry the RA material to the US just as it did the balloon bombs in WWII. Right now that’s the least of our problems. Dealing with the unprepared left will be our biggest concern. Keep spreading the word to Christians and conservatives.

    • S.L.Johnson

      What about the % of us who haven’t been preparing, but are on the same side as those who are preparing?
      Don’t shoot me, man. I’m on your side.

      Also, all I’ve done to prepare is buy copious amounts of rice… rice can be kept for a long time and is very filling. One can live on nothing but rice for a long, good time.

      • Lewis Munn

        But it needs the hulls to be nutritious. I think you’d do better with dry beans.

        I wish I could do all the good things, but I am on whatever is left for us old folks, and cannot afford to prepare. Does no good to prepare if I starve to death trying!

  • Searcher

    Did anyone happen to check water supplies or food contamination levels before and after Chernobyl? Without those numbers, your data is flawed. Without a solid base for comparison, any other data is just a bunch of numbers with absolutely no meaning. Current contamination could be from Atomic Testing in New Mexico during the 40′s, Nagasaki, Hiroshima, Chernobyl, and now Japan again all rolled into one. And what are “normal radiation levels”? Measured when? Cesium 137/Potassium, What is a manageable level? And then you have the atmosphere, a gaseous blanket surrounding the earth, constantly changing in thickness and composition. As Paul Harvey was famous for saying “That’s the rest of the story”. The problem with numbers is “figures don’t lie but figurers do.”

  • Eric Bischoff

    I am sure that you are all right and I am wrong, there is absolutely no correlation between the increase of cancers and our development of nuclear energy and weapons. I am sure that cancer is normal and that it’s continuous increase is normal as well.

    And for those of you who asked and those of you who can’t somehow believe it or figure it out, Solar in the Southwest and Wind in the prairie alone can easily replace coal & nuclear in 4 years I know it’s inconceivable. Let’s instead believe the super polluters who have the most to lose and are always spending heavily in propaganda and lobbying.

    The study was done and the numbers crunched on price per megawatt without even taking into consideration the hidden subsidized costs of coal & nuclear clean-up, decommissioning, environmental long term costs.

    But hey it’s a choice isn’t it.

    And to those of you who had the nerve to name call Robert F Kennedy, a man who has dedicated his life to help clean up America’s rivers for all of us and bring back fishing and healthy water, shame on you morons!

    • 45caliber

      We can’t put up enough solar and wind. After all, the solar will block the sun from the ground and there are endangered plants that are growing there – or they will be endangered if we build the solar panels. And if they go, you can bet the animals and insects there will also go. In the prairies, there are similar creatures. In fact, there are already people worried about all the bird migrations being slaughtered by the rotating fan blades. And those living there would have to put up with them too…

    • Jay

      Just more environmentalist’s bullsh*t propaganda, Eric! Solar power and wind power to replace our energy needs? sounds to me like lot of flatulence coming from the far left!

      • Lewis Munn

        Change “Ameria rthe Beautiful” go.. “..above the windmilled plains…”

    • Vigilant

      Eric the Red says, “Solar in the Southwest and Wind in the prairie alone can easily replace coal & nuclear in 4 years…”

      Eric, I used to think you were crazy. Now I know it.

    • S.L.Johnson

      Eric could be right. But we must be very careful about who we allow to control these energy sources. We need the government to SHRINK considerably before we fully implement those energy options. The PEOPLE must control the power… the masses, and not an elite group of rulers.

      • Jay

        The present government will never shrink and will continue oppressing the population for its own selfish pleasure. However, it will soon be destroyed and replaced with a government that cannot be bribed or corrupted and will last forever!

    • Lewis Munn

      Yes, Eric,

      We can get a $100 trillion loan, and cover all our deserts with layers of photocells, and hand-wind the huge superconductive transformers in the inverters to put the power on the grid, and nothing will ever go wrong…go wrong…go wrong… We can cut down all our forests, and our cropland, and put in wall-to-wall wind turbines all over the rest of the country, replacing those that storms knock down until we can get a law passed banning storms…we might break even. But then we’d have to buy all our food from places like Japan, or synthesize it in vats. No room for food animals, or plants, and grass gets boring after a little while.

      We might close Yellowstone and drill down all over the volcano, so we could feed water down and get steam back up to make power too, but be sure to stop before you weaken the plug and it erupts!

  • Ellie May

    WOW!!!! I just had a bible study on the book of revelation!!! Everything that you folks have been writing about was in it!!! Read it to see how it all ends!

    • Jay

      Ellie May, isn’t that exciting? I’ve been aquatinted with the book of Revelation for a number of years now and I’m still amazed at the astounding accuracy of its predictions! Is it any wonder then, that the new world order czars wish to ban the Bible from the face of the earth! Silly impotent fools!

  • Jay

    Dave Anderton. “Sun, wind replace coal?”. Deseret News (Salt Lake City). 23 Nov 2006 – LOS ANGELES — Southern California is gambling its future power needs on its constant sunshine, wind and the ability of engineers to effectively harness those and other alternative energy sources.

    Officials in Anaheim, Burbank, Glendale, Pasadena and Riverside notified the South Jordan-based Intermountain Power Agency this week that they would not be renewing their contracts for cheap, coal- fired power.

    Those contracts expire in 2027. That leaves the cities two decades to secure the alternative energy sources they’ll need — from wind farms to desert solar power.

    “It’s a huge change,” said Mayor Todd Campbell of Burbank. The Los Angeles Department of Water and Power had already given notice to the Utah-based power agency.

    The five California cities collectively purchase 75 percent of the electricity currently generated by IPA.

    Reed Searle, general manager of Intermountain Power Agency Inc., said the decision by the California cities to not renew their contracts does not cause any significant concern.

    “There certainly is enough sunshine and wind,” Searle said. “The problem is land mass. To replace our coal facilities, for example, with solar it would take up more acres than the state of Utah has available. It can make a substantial impact, but you can’t replace coal.”

    Searle went on to say that the decision puts more pressure on IPA to find new ways to reduce carbon emissions.

    “We believe that technology will come along,” Searle said. “The technology is probably there. It’s a matter of cost.”

    Simon Grose. “False dawn of solar power”. Cosmos Online. 25 Oct. 2006 – Wind and solar power are enormously appealing as planet-friendly sources of energy – but those who think we can completely rely on them in the future are dreaming.

    …[Hypothetically] Australia is playing England in a cricket final at the Sydney Olympic Stadium. It is a night match, beginning at 6 pm and finishing around 2 am, a timing shift from earlier years in response to high daytime temperatures that have become commonplace since 2013, the hottest year on record. With players struggling in 40°C-plus afternoons and spectators opting to watch from their air-conditioned homes, the shift to night matches has revived the annual tournament.

    But as the solar generators sleep and the wind farms lie fallow, where will the power come from to flood the arena with light? What will power the trains to take spectators to and from the ground?

    What will power the trains in all our eastern cities, the trams in Melbourne and the trolley-buses in Brisbane, to take our workers home through the sweltering dusk? What will power the system of lights and switches that keep those public transport systems functioning? What will power all the traffic lights and street lights that make our roads safe? Where will the energy come from to keep essential data systems alive – like the databases of banks and financial institutions, welfare agencies like Centrelink, and our defence and police systems? Where will the power come from to keep our airports functioning, to pump our water and sewage around, to sustain our hospitals and power our mobile phone networks? What will drive the lifts that so many people need to get to their high-rise apartments?

    So many essential things rely on electricity. So do many other things we take for granted. Keeping food and drink cold in refrigerators in our homes and shops. Air-conditioning our homes and offices. Running the television studios and their broadcasting networks to transmit their signals across the continent. Running the printing presses that hum through the night to produce our newspapers, the aluminium smelters that require huge power inputs to keep their processes running non-stop, and the dairy processing factories and bakeries that work through the night to provide fresh food for the morning.

    The list goes on. What is clear is that we need electricity at night. Solar generators cannot provide that while wind farms may run overnight and during the day but cannot be relied upon. And there is no technology in sight that would enable power from these renewable sources to be stored during the day and efficiently transmitted overnight to meet baseload demand. The mundane reality is that the power required to run eastern Australia on a hot night in 2017 will come from fossil-fuelled power stations. That will still be the case even if we spend A$10 billion on renewable generation – or even A$20 billion – over the next decade.

    And even though we could get some reliable power levels from renewable sources during the day, we will have to build new fossil-fuelled power stations at the same time to keep up with Australia’s growing demand for electricity. Those power stations will need to keep their fires burning 24/7 because they cannot be turned on and off quickly. So our fossil-fuel emissions will actually increase, despite the massive investment in renewable energy that the prime minister could initiate in 2007.

    Howard C. Hayden. “The Solar Fraud: Why Solar Energy Won’t Run the World.” (Books). 2005

  • http://com i41

    Ed, Robert F–king Kennedy is just another flaming jackass that talks a b–l s–t story. Why the hell did those bastards not go with a windmill farm system in the water way. As all dumbocraps spew bildge of earth concern, it is for everyone else but not them. Both him ad Goofy Gore are just scamming the people to make money, were spoil rich brats who has done s–t in life apparently like soros socialist pukes. Rules and plans for everyone else but them. Solar takes maga amounts of land which you envior idoits want kept it in pristine condition. Windpower and solar is both inconstant and it will take 50 years to get a power grid approveand may be start building, again thanks to all the envior idoits over the last 4 decades. Even ethanol can not operate with out massive subsiditizes and sure aren’t cost effective. Every time any fecal face dumborats and envior idoit whines about oil,and the profits, most have mutal funds and invest in the stock market, so don’t they want the business want their earnings. Every damn union is invested pretty heavily in oil and coal, but their elcted jackasses are against coal and oil. The studies are bs because there isn’t a cost per mega watt that can beat nuclear, coal is cheaper when figuring in all the crap envior mangling we have to put up with. Media doesn’t report all the failures of the stands and gensets in the last year. So RFK still is a jackwagon idoit as you are Ed, both need some time on the rock pile with a sledge after a good azz kicking to shut your pie holes.

  • Robert

    I think the radiation is affecting the minds of some people already. Reading some of these posts make me think I’m not so nuts after all.

  • Peter Scott

    Radiation types: Particulate and electromagnetic
    Protections: Time, Distance, Shielding
    Alpha particles are stopped with a simple paper mask
    Use Potassium Iodide tablets in the proper dosage
    Demand accountability from the USDA (Monitor US grazing population, monitor fallout on crops)
    Follow the independent research from worldwide sources. Here, UC Berkeley.
    Demand the inactivation of obsolete nuclear plants (old and flawed designs). Done in Germany.
    Demand strict adherence to safety rules.

  • jopa

    Robert: My sentiments exactly.

  • chuckb

    just think we have more natural gas than we can use, it burns clean does not pollute and we are spending billions on wind and solar, there’s something wrong here. i think you could call it idiocy.

    • Lewis Munn

      You forget, the EPA considers CO2 a pollutant. So does the UN an Sir Gore.

      And won’t be long until they consider warm water vapor a pollutant too.

  • George

    I am shocked at the level of journalism indicated by the quality of this article. It is an example of the low grade one sees all too often today. Absolutely no objectivity demonstrated. It is clearly anti nuclear.

    All nuclear radiation is not bad. How many readers have had a stress test using a radioactive isotope Technicium 99m? How many lives have been saved by this technique? How oftewn has such a procedure reduced the need for open chest procedures? The list goes on and on.

    All living things contain radioactive material. This includes humans! The radioactive material is Potassium 40. It is also in bananas. Brazil nuts have radium in them. Some of us eat such things.

    As far as I am concerned, Dr. Wiley has lost credibility and publication of such a one sided view raises questions about this publication in general.

    In the interest of good journalism, I urge Personal Liberty Digest to look at the website and Perhaps an interview with individuals in these professional organizations and a followup article would provide a well balanced view of the subject matter. It would certainly restore my confidence in this publication and perhaps do the same for a number of other readers.

  • jopa

    Old Henry,Thamera,and 45cal.You should not have to have beeen taught not to eat the yellow snow, some things are common sense.It was the white snow and yellow back then that had all the radiation on it from the nuclear testing being done above ground.Some bad stuff for those snow cones you were eating.


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