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America’s Newest Vaccination

August 13, 2012 by  

America’s Newest Vaccination
In 2006, Louisiana National Guard troops took to the streets of New Orleans to stem rising crime in the area, which had begun to repopulate after Hurricane Katrina flooded more than 80 percent of the city in 2005.

In medicine under the germ theory of disease, vaccinations are supposed to provide immunity by introducing the disease to the body in small doses, allowing the body to build up its “germ-fighting” abilities. Of course, this is not so, as I pointed out last week.

But that theory is now being employed on Americans in another way that has nothing to do with medicine and everything to do with control. Americans are being “vaccinated” into acceptance of martial law and military rule.

Military vehicles from the U.S. Army Reserve patrolling the streets of Sheboygan County in Wisconsin that began Aug. 5 and will continue through Aug. 17 are part of a “training exercise,” according to Captain William Geddes of the 200th Military Police Command at Fort Mead, Md. But those soldiers have already “trained” in the use of the M117 Armored Security Vehicles in Afghanistan. So the training is more to train the American public.

Geddes said the U.S. Army Reserve wanted to alert to the public — but apparently not those in local government — ahead of the training so they wouldn’t be alarmed when a pack of heavily armored military vehicles is driving around.

Remember, there is nothing to see here. Just move along.

This is just the latest in a series of ongoing violations of the Posse Comitatus Act, which is supposed to prevent the military from engaging in domestic law enforcement activities. Recent “vaccinations” include:

Their frequency is increasing.

Similarly, local police departments are becoming increasingly militarized and the Department of Homeland Security is purchasing more and more military-grade weapons, ammunition and hardware.

On Jan. 1, President Barack Obama signed the National Defense Authorization Act, which legalized the indefinite detention of Americans and suspended habeas corpus. And although Federal Judge Katherine Forrest issued a preliminary injunction in May that prevented the Obama Administration from exercising the indefinite detention authority, that injunction has been appealed by the Obama Administration — a fact ignored by the mainstream media.

The USA PATRIOT Act, passed in the aftermath of the false flag 9/11 attacks, (see also Architects & Engineers for 9/11 Truth) essentially stripped Americans of their 4th and much of their 1nd Amendment rights. While it was proposed by George W. Bush and the Republican-controlled Congress, it was approved by both Republicans and Democrats. It has since been reauthorized three times — again by both Republicans and Democrats.

Americans can now be assassinated by the President on a whim. Unemployment has been above 8 percent for 42 months. Gas prices are rising again. Food prices worldwide are rising and food shortages are a real possibility, thanks to excessive heat and drought conditions across the United States.

Welfare is the only thing staving off mass riots and the complete breakdown of law and order. There are now more than 100 million Americans — or almost a third of the U.S. populationreceiving some sort of Federal welfare. More than 54 million Americans are on Medicaid, and more than 45 million Americans are on food stamps.

Social Security recipients who have defaulted on student loans are having their Social Security checks docked. Their retirement and pension funds are stagnant at best. The Federal Reserve has kept interest rates at near zero for more than four years. This is a war on and destruction of American savers and retirees. Once these retirees begin seeing cuts to their Social Security checks and trying to buy more expensive food, gas and medicine with less money, something will have to give.

Clearly, the stage is being set for the imposition of martial law. The government is using false flag mass shootings to grease the skids for gun confiscation, the threat of homegrown terror attacks to overturn  Posse Comitatus once and for all and false flag FBI-orchestrated terror threats to keep the fear factor high.

The Founding Fathers feared a standing army as much as they feared anything that could take away liberties. That’s the main purpose behind the 2nd Amendment.

The collapse — or what I call the Great Reset — is coming. The elites are preparing for it by stocking up on weapons and inoculating Americans into acceptance of military rule.

Bob Livingston

is an ultra-conservative American who has been writing a newsletter since 1969. Bob has devoted much of his life to research and the quest for truth on a variety of subjects. Bob specializes in health issues such as nutritional supplements and alternatives to drugs, as well as issues of privacy (both personal and financial), asset protection and the preservation of freedom.

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  • DaveH

    Once you realize that Government is just the Biggest Gang in the Land, everything else they do becomes clear.

    • TIME

      Dear Dave,

      It really should be:
      {Once you realize that we have the most vile “Criminals” running this nation, – then everything becomes clear.}

      People would you allow the Mob to run your nation?, Why not?
      Afterall they at least have some things they will not do.
      Saddly that can’t be said for what most of you call your Government.

      Soon even the most mindless sheep amoung you will have to admit these facts of trith.
      Let go of your ego’s people – let go of all the false Pride! Let go of your False Idols!
      Look at these Monsters for what they really are.

      Divide and Conquer! Thats what they have done to all of us!

      NEXT – they are coing for YOU!

      Peace and Love

      • Robert Smith

        Then again it just might be that with slashed budgets the local police can’t keep up. So, they ask for help.

        I just heard on the radio that one is more likley to be shot by a cop than a terrorist. Is anyone else aware of such and how might it be validated?


      • Whit

        @ Robert Smith
        “I just heard on the radio that one is more likley to be shot by a cop than a terrorist. Is anyone else aware of such and how might it be validated?”

        A quick search of revealed a number of sites referencing your question. The following is one of many:


      • Kate8

        It’s really a snow job when they tell us that, because of decreases in revenue (because people don’t have jobs or income) they have to cut things like law enforcement, schools, etc. The truth is that those things are just a drop in the bucket compared to what is spent on salaries, pensions etc. for guv; and biggest of all is the money that is funnelled directly to the elite for their stockpiling.

        I think that local law enforcement is really being cut because the are federalizing it all.
        This means a complete end to state sovereignty (or whatever is left of it). We have absolutely no defense against such control.

        This whole collapse has been engineered from the start. So what’s to stop us from simply kicking out the FED and taking back our own banking? Why do we actually need banks, anyway? Currency can be whatever we want it to be. I mean, after all, it’s been a worthless piece of paper for all this time.

        Why Congress MUST NOT appropriate funds for ANY unConsitutional cause, including entitlements:

      • TIME

        Dear Kate,

        You hit the bloody nail on the head yet again and in all respects!

        Great Post.

        Peace and Love

      • D. Smith

        @ Kate: Actually, the largest amount of money is being funneled out of america, to the foreign countries because “we need them as allies”. My ass we do. If we’d stay out of their business we wouldn’t NEED allies because no one would hate us, as they now do. Just research and see how much money america gives to egypt every year, and then pick a nation – any nation – and do the same type of search. It’s mind boggling. And then we have the elitists of america who are stockpiling their money in foreign countries’ banks. Yeah, support america but stuff you money under a foreign mattress. I guess it makes sense to someone, but it doesn’t make sense to me to let our very own senators hide money overseas. But – - – - who will stop them? They would have to make laws against their own “best interests”. Do you think that’ll happen? Not bloody likely.

      • Kate8

        D. Smith – You are absolutely right, and yes, I’m aware of it.

        But, the money first goes to the global elite, and from there it is used to buy the “cooperation” of foreign governments, which are now nearly all owned by the NWO.

      • macgyver1948

        @Kate8… I hate to agree with you on this but not because you are wrong but because I hope you are wrong, as I hope Bob Livingston is. I see so much from history leading to this. It is not what the founders wanted and we should help regain what we were given.

        Thank you for the link, it was real and interesting. I agree with Col. David Crockett when he says the money for the bereaved should not be a project for the government, well, with disaster exceptions such as Katrina, (As Crockett from your link said “We have the right, as individuals, to give away as much of our own money as we please in charity; but as members of Congress we have no right so to appropriate a dollar of the public money”). I feel if there are such projects they should come from private citizens’ willingness to give. Through Government in such ways is an unwillingness on the part of the citizens especially if they weren’t asked personally.

        I have to ask you though. You say “Why Congress MUST NOT appropriate funds for ANY unConsitutional cause, including entitlements”. Are you including entitlements such as Social Security in that? For those who depend on it they will, at best hurt some if the allotment is lowered, or could become homeless and starve if eliminated. For the most part it is money they had taken from their paychecks while they were working, their earned money, for when they retire. They deserve it when they fulfill the requirements.

        I can understand why corporations want to eliminate SS, and why the GOP is helping them in that. After all, it is an additional expense they derive no benefit. Payroll is totally an expense to them so why add to it?

        For the sake of argument. What do we do with those who “used to receive” SS but no longer do because The GOP did its job for the Corporations? The homeless rolls will increase and food will be so much harder for them to get, not to mention meds and, if they haven’t already lost their homes, their utilities will be harder to cope with. Just something to think about because that is a very realistic result.

      • Kate8

        mac – In the first place, social security is NOT an entitlement, even though Obama has decided that it is (he is no longer calling it social security). We have all paid into social security all of our working lives, and even though it isn’t Constitutional, we should not be deprived of what we were forced to pay for.

        The GOP was NEVER for eliminating social security for those who are at or nearing the age of retirement. What they wanted to do was create a different way of building retirement for younger workers, which would only work to their benefit.

        You really need to start examining both sides. The democrats forever are accusing republicans of pushing granny off a cliff, or condemning the sick to death with no care…it’s all nonsense. The truth is that they are both doing things that are destroying us and our nation, blaming the “other side” in order to keep us attacking each other. The only winners here are the politicians and uber elite.

        Just like Obamacare, which is the mechanism for the conrol grid, same as what Hitler did when he nationalized healthcare.

        Back in the days before welfare entitlements, there were many charities where the poor could get help, many of them the churches. And since businesses were not so regulated and taxed to death, they were very often willing to help motivated people get a start. But government has always been out to do away with churches, they had to take that function away from them and turn charity into entitlement. This hasn’t done anyone a favor, as entitlements have become a way of life.

        Think about it mac…everything that the Left has touted as being so “humanitarian” has put us right where we are, and the Right has hopped right on board with the pandering. Multiculturalism was never about a great society, it was a way to further divide us and work at pitting us all against one another. Worked, too. Let’s flood the country with third-worlders, illegals, and cultures which are contrary to ours, fan the flames of class envy, and watch them all take the whole thing down.

        The very idea that the Left is FOR the working class and under class is a ruse for votes and power. The socialists hijacked the Left back in the ’60s and have used it to accomplish their takeover, including taking over the Right.

        None of them represent US.

        BTW, I just got another call from the RNC. I told them, “Why would I want to donate money to someone who has already sold us out?”

        Nuff said.

        • macgyver1948

          Kate8…. You say “The GOP was NEVER for eliminating social security for those who are at or nearing the age of retirement”.

          Of course they do not want to appear apathetic by doing away with SS after people can no longer still pay into it, that would be cruel of them. But their goal is to cut Corporate expenses so they take the long way around.

          Of course it is “all nonsense” “What they wanted to do was create a different way of building retirement for younger workers, which would only work to their benefit. You really need to start examining both sides. The democrats forever are accusing republicans of pushing granny off a cliff, or condemning the sick to death with no care”. I cant figure how you believe this.

          For the many years I put into SS I remember people saying they hated the payroll deduction. WOW, I am getting repetitive. And I remember when many who hated it started receiving it they then said they were happy they did.

          I enjoy gambling rarely but I play the lotto and the slots some time. What I fear is the kind of gambling that is associated with the GOP’s alternative to SS because if their wrong choices are made you cannot say “oh well I will try again next pay day”.

          We are talking about if I can eat or if I can pay the rent based on my ability to pick, as in a horse at the track, the best stocks and to know when to buy and when to sell. Many stock brokers pick the wrong “horses” for their clients all to often when it is paid for with “extra” money. I just do not want to stake my remaining life or any possible quality of life on a stranger or even my own if I do not know how to play the stocks well enough. Vouchers are a joke. The DEMs are not as BS concerning the GOP as you believe. Not the the Dems don’t do the same but they do not nearly as much.

          I never thought SS was an entitlement but rather it is “a pay us back the money that you took for us now that we need it” life saving thing. Gambling on life is a sad thing.

          With all the people out of work and with all the current homeless are there enough churches to take care of them all? You brought it up so I am asking. And with all the people in Government who are religious and believers in “Freedom Of Religion” I doubt they are trying to get rid of churches.

          “mac…everything that the Left has touted as being so “humanitarian” has put us right where we are, and the Right has hopped right on board with the pandering. Multiculturalism was never about a great society, it was a way to further divide us and work at pitting us all against one another. Worked, too. Let’s flood the country with third-worlders, illegals, and cultures which are contrary to ours, fan the flames of class envy, and watch them all take the whole thing down” as you say”.

          You are sounding just like what you are accusing me of, being gullible but from your side. With all the hard work the GOP is doing for the upper crust, and at our expense, the class warfare is looking really good for the upper class. The left didn’t have to make it up. “The very idea that the Left is FOR the working class and under class is a ruse for votes and power”. It is all for the votes so all politicians can continue as politicians but the right has shown in their tax (Bush and now Romney) and Ryan plans they can not stand the “working class and under class”.

          “BTW, I just got another call from the RNC. I told them, “Why would I want to donate money to someone who has already sold us out?” Nuff said”. Good for you Kate, but now who if any and if you are voting, :-))).

      • Kate8

        TIME –

        Hmmmm. I wonder if it’s a celestial body….or nukes off the coast like in Japan.

      • Kate8

        mac – I do believe that you are completely delusional about the horses a….er, democrats. If you think they are doing any better than the GOP, I’d like to know where. We are in worse shape now than ever, and the things these idiots are doing is beyond reprehensible.

        It seems to me that your main concern is your own welfare. Sorry, mac, but I’m thinking about the nation, because if the nation goes down, we all go down, and I’m okay with living with less if it means we can get back to Constitutional government. Heck, I don’t buy anything anyway.

        I know how the dems drone on about how they care about the little guy…and if I have to hear Pelosi say ‘it’s for the children’ one more time I’ll barf. The fact is, mac, they are planning our demise…all of us. Obama is fully on board with Agenda 21. Have you checked that out yet? Guess what. They all are.

        There is nothing more I can say to you because you, like most libs, cling to your illusions about the Left. So, I’ll guess we’ll just have to wait and see, won’t we. But don’t say that no one warned you.

        BTW, if you read scriptures, it tells us exactly what is going on, and where it’s headed. I know that you think it’s all ancient history, but “what is now has been before, and what has been will be again”. “There is nothing new under the sun.”

        • macgyver1948

          Forget it Kate, you are so missing it and I never tried to change your mind, only discuss. You are right in that “we will just have to wait and see”.

          Yep, as you say, “what is now has been before” is so true. We are experiencing cycles in weather and climate even though man has added to climate warming. The Koch-like Klan would hate the truth about that to be known. Scriptures do touch on this but there are no real signs now pointing to the ‘end of times’ that haven’t been there before in history, often enough even. Besides I told you the END OF Times, as prophesied by Danial already happened in the year 70 AD. Maybe just the end of things as we know it if the economy isn’t turned around soon. And it seems we haven’t really learned from history. As Rome fell so may we for many of the same reasons. Will America have a church to create to take over for us as Rome did when it fell? As you said “There is nothing new under the sun.”. We will just have to wait and see. :-).

      • Robert Smith

        From Kate8: “This means a complete end to state sovereignty (or whatever is left of it). We have absolutely no defense against such control.”

        No control whatsoever. There are examples.

        Medical pot has been raided by federal control.

        Assisted suicide in Oregon was attacked by Ashcroft.

        The feds are donstantly trying to legislate in aborton issues when states VOTED on abortion before Roe v. Wade.


      • Robert Smith

        But oops, those are extreme right wing issues so that makes them OK in the eyes of the extreme right.

        Sheesh… The hypocracy of it all from the right.


      • Kate8

        Robert s – You are such an idiot. The current freaks in charge are blocking pot…excuse me. Isn’t Obama leftist? And it’s not a moral issue, either. It’s because if pot were legal the politicians wouldn’t be able to rake in the multi-billions from being involved in the illicit drug trade. Why don’t you do some real homework for a change instead of going off on one of your emotional outbursts.

        Your favorite rants are always demanding the right to excercise depravity of every kind, but don’t anyone dare mention God! Oh, the horror. Nope. It’s just those of us who want for everyone to be able to openly practice their faith and live in a clean and decent environment for our kids (without having to hear and view what we find offensive) who are the evil ones.

        For your information, I am far more libertarian on these issues, not that I give a fig what you think. I don’t care what people do…just don’t shove it in my face, and don’t try to force or prevent me from my human rights, and don’t indoctrinate my kids. And leave me out of your stupid deathcare system. I have the right not to want it.

        Like most libs, you are one big double standard. And, as I’ve said a zillion times, I think that all politicians are crooks. The R’s have sold us out as surely as the Donkeys.

        But then, like most progs, you just love to hurl false accusations. Well, have at it. You aren’t here for honest discussion, anyway.

      • wdharris2

        I’ve been saying for yrs that we need to take criminals out of top security prisons and put them in the WH. That way we will know that are up to no good. That is why, to me, Obama has to go. I’m not saying that Romney will be any better. But at least since he is Mormon, He is less likely to lie about what he is doing.

      • LindyMaeUSA

        TIME: While reading your post I was reminded of a “good word” from our esteemed first POTUS (legitimately born in the USA) who made a very profound statement which relates to the current tyranny and subjugation we’re encircled with more-and-more every day:

        “If the freedom of speech is taken away, then dumb and silent we may be led, like sheep to the slaughter.”
        ~President George Washington

      • David Perkins

        The last of the last days are upon us. It’s time to get serious about making Jesus Christ your Lord and savior. Soon, and VERY soon, martial law will be imposed on America. Don’t think that you are clever enough to outsmart or hide from them. They have ALL the technology and weapons needed to enslave our nation. There is freedom only IN Jesus. This life we live here and now is only a vapor of the eternity that awaits us all. There are ONLY 2 places people will spend ETERNITY: Heaven or Hell. Both of these places are MORE real than the world we live in now! If you don’t know Jesus, you’re going to hell. If you do know Jesus, you’re going to heaven. The choice is yours. Please choose life.

      • Steve

        “I just heard on the radio that one is more likley to be shot by a cop than a terrorist. Is anyone else aware of such and how might it be validated?”

        Does this statement really need explanation? Validated???? Getting awful hard to tell the difference between the two nowadays, except a state or city endoresment. Interaction with LE should be avoided in all but dire circumstances, and even then with hesitation. The situation almost alway goes downhill. The Praetorian brotherhood mindset hasn’t changed much since the times Rome.

        “The difference between Functional Reality and Personal Reality, is Functional reality doesn’t care what people think or deny. It will have its way satisfied regardless.”

    • icetrout

      If I remember right the troops were sent in to restore order .Blacks were running wild.Now if you want to talk about the GUN CONFISCATIONS that went on that’s a different matter.

      • Nancy in Nebraska

        If you bothered to read the article OR any of the links you would have understood that the author is talking about the presence of the military on the streets of America for no other reason than to “get us used to it”. This isn’t about riots or uprisings. They’re showing up everywhere. As Bob said, this is to “vaccinate” or inoculate us to their presence, so that we all behave when the federal government (military) takes over and calls for martial law. It is very dangerous to make excuses for the government and to REFUSE to see what is happening right right before our very eyes. If we see it happening and call them on it, we have a better chance of preventing it. They do NOT have OUR best interests at heart!!! They have THEIR best interests at heart!!! People need to WAKE UP and see it coming!!! It’s already started!!!

      • harryinaz

        True, icetrout, and it’s been going on for years. Remember Waco and the Branch Davidian massacre of 1993. And in 1965 the California National Guard quelled the Watts Riots with machine guns mounted on Jeeps. I personally knew one of the Guardsmen who later became a Fountain Valley policeman, who described how they dealt with looters. Question now is: Will our military obey orders from the Imposter-In-Chief or stand of the side of freedom when push comes to shove?

      • DaveH

        I think they’ll obey orders, Harry.

      • Kate8

        Yes, and Americans have long been conditioned to bow to government authority without question. When they tell us to load up on the busses and railcars, most people will.

      • Whit

        I believe the troops will follow orders as well. It would be nice to think our serving members of the military would side with the people but history proves otherwise.

        As I believe icetrout referred to, the military was called in after hurricane Katrina in New Orleans to quell the looting and rioting as well as confiscating weapons.

        Supposed “welfare checks” were conducted in all parts of the area, including areas unaffected by the hurricane. Rich and poor alike were disarmed.


      • Tom T

        Actually a majority of military believe in “Oath before orders” about 60 to 70% feel that way. Will they act on it? That’s the big question.

      • Linda n Texas

        I was a U.S. Army Officer for many years, My oath was to protect the Constitution of the United States. Sadly, I believe that the enlisted man’s oath is to follow the lawful orders of the President of the U.S.

      • Mike in MI

        K88 -
        Of corse they will. The government controlled demoninations have bee teaching that it is their patriotic duty to obey the government authorities. For crying out loud they’ve even written some of the new “bible” translations of Romans 13 to make it seem that the secular authorities are “God’s men” and they are His emissaries for good to those who are good, obedient little milquetoasts.
        R-r-r-i-i-ght… like Malcolm X’s mohamedan, communist son is telling America lies every time he turns around, stealing us all blind, persecuting Christians by funding awful governments who slaughter every believer they can track down, enabling the Muslim Brotherhood everywhere, sponsoring state authorized massacres and forcing people to take welfare after losing jobs because of government crackdowns and regulations. That’s a real “man of god” in the Biblical model, should I suppose? Yet, that’s what many of the demoninations teach. You should ask your priest or pastor where they stand on Romans 13, if you’re a Christian.
        That passage was originally written to define the jobs of the leaders in the church (apostles, prophets, evangelists, pastors and teachers, presbyters, deacons and overseers) and their authority UNDER GOD. If your pulpit-pounder says it’s talking about the secular authorities he will lead you to slaughter. I’d get out of there quick.

      • Kate8

        Mike in MI – Yep.

      • Gimmesumadat Whatyougot

        Mike in MI. Romans 13 “Is” speaking of the “Civil Government”. It was allowed to be in place to keep order, regulate individuals, conduct court proceedings etc. To control riots, catch and punish thieves and murderers. 13:4b states “But if you are doing what is bad, be in fear: for it is not without purpose that it bears the sword…”

        The religious leaders did not carry a sword nor collect taxes. (Romans 13:6) “For that is why YOU are also paying taxes; for they are God’s public servants constantly serving this very purpose.”

        Even then, leaders who were corrupt made life miserable for the innocent. But, without some type of ruler-ship in place, chaos would certainly be the norm. Even today!

        I feel like driving down a one way street, the wrong way. Who’s gonna stop me?

      • Larry K.

        i guess i’ll probably die but i am not giving up my weapon and i guess someone else will probably die trying to take it from me. as c. heston said “from my cold dead hand”.

    • Nadzieja Batki

      I have come to the conclusion that All who aspire to government positions believe that it is their vocation in life to do “good” for the populace, to sort out injustices, equalize all that life has to offer. But all their activities have bad and unintended consequnces and so they have to keep fixing things and fixing things. The more they fix things the worse they get.The point has been reached that they refuse to admit that they are the screw ups and now blame the populace.

      • uvuvuv

        unintended consequences, exactly. even the enlightened philosopher kings in history had to come up against human nature, and it all come undone.

      • The GLB

        Nadzieja, you wrote: … all their activities have bad and unintended consequnces and so they have to keep fixing things and fixing things.

        One could argue that the bad consequences are the objective and there is nothing unintentional about their activities at all.

      • Kate8

        I don’t think the intention was ever to do good at all. Multi-billions have been spent on they study of human behavior, right down to the abduction of humans for “experiments”, aside from the fact that we have ALL been human experiments.

        Anyway, every move they’ve made has been calculated for a desired outcome. Whatever happens, happens because it IS their intention that it happens. Culling and enslaving us has always been the plan, and they’ve learned that lulling a population into compliance is more effective than sudden violent overthrow.

        A couple of decades ago, troops in our streets would have evoked a huge outcry. Now we yawn impassively and go back to texting while we watch TV.

        Have we truly become completely disempowered? I mean, we look up and see toxic chemtrail every day for years, and we don’t react. We are dosed with toxic chemicals in our food and water, and we shrug as we shove in another bite. We march dutifully into the doctor’s office (or local drugstore) and get a vaccination filled with DNA altering materials and brain-damaging mercury and squaline. We send our kids off to schools (duly vaccinated) to learn the joys of sexual diversity. And liberals proclaim all the “progress” we’ve made.

        Yes, we are progressively marching to our own doom.

        What in God’s name has happened to us.

      • Winddrinker

        Nadzieja, it is also called “job security” for politicians. They must break things so they can fix them, to prove how much they are needed…

      • uvuvuv

        kate8, i wondered why suddenly there are so many gays lately, and the answer is messed up genetics from gmo, plus the others in your list.

      • Blogen Geezer

        Interesting little item about the Sikh temple shooter. His unremarkable past Mil service included a stint in Psych resources. Fact: the incident was labeled ‘Domestic Terrorism’… while Texas Ft Hood (yet to be ‘charged’ Islamic terrorist) shooter was rated as ‘Workplace Violence’? What’s up with that?

        Punk rocker ‘domestic terrorist’, was previously given a ‘General’ Discharge? What was That about? Janet Napolitano claims the ex-Mil is possibly to be ‘problematic’? She may know what is ‘coming down’ in the newly ‘programmed’ CHANGE?

        Does the ‘re-alignment’ of the ‘new’ US Military and it’s Now forced acceptance, of what in the past, was UN-acceptable, the Opportunity for using the ‘new’ military, in ways not even remotely possible in the past? “CHANGE You can believe in”. Over half of the Voters desire it…badly. Possibly we all Deserve it?

      • Mike in MI

        Nadzieja Batki -
        There may be a few of those who ARE simply trying to do good..
        . Or started out that way.
        But there are also obviously masters of deceit in our government who behind locked and secret doors worship the devil – god of this world. When they talk about their “god” – that’s the one they refer to…and they get away with it because many demoninations believe no such being exists.
        If that is their thinking then there is no reason for Jesus Christ and he was, purely, a deluded and stupid man. What he did was void of reason, purpose or consequence. We are all without God and without hope in a world that is the way it is supposed to be.

        AND, THAT minister is a charlatan who will get you into more trouble than he can get you out of. Ask him about it…point blank!

    • Nancy in Nebraska

      THIS JUST IN!!! The 450 million rounds of hollow point ammo weren’t enough! They ordered another 750 million rounds!!! Anybody who doesnt think they’re getting ready, needs to get their head examined!!!

    • Flashy

      This isn’t government, this is the military. It’s the last residue from ‘Nam, the “all volunteer’ army. Once we have an ingrained military elite, one that does not have a constant turn over and mixture with the People, you begin the mindset of ‘we” versus “them”. And then it is but a small leap to ‘we” know better than “them”.

      I have been lambasted before on this site and by the left as well, in calling for a return to national service…the choice between military of civilian corps with a low wage but guaranteed college/trade school.

      Right now, we send them off to dangerous places to fight for us, and since it has no chance of affecting us, we don’t care why, when, or what over. Fact is, the Iraq War protests involved the largest numbers of people protesting against it than any other anti war demonstration. The far Right shouted down the demonstrations and Bush II/Cheney were able to ignore the protests…

      Betchya it would have been discussed far more in depth and with wariness if everyone had a risk of a child (or themselves) having a risk of going to fight a war for conquest and oil,.

      Y’all wanted this…y’all got it. Happy now for being shortsighted and ignorant ?

      • MNIce

        “The Iraq war involved the largest anti-war protests …” Flashy, are you really too young to remember the Vietnam war, or is your memory failing? I saw the protests then, and the Iraq war protests. The Vietnam war protests were literally thousands of times larger.

        Oh, and who is the highest ranking person on the US military organizational chart? Presently, it”s none other than Barack Hussein Obama. Next is Secretary of State Leon Panetta, followed by his deputies. It isn’t “just the military,” they could not do these things without approval from Washington.

      • Flashy

        I well remember the 60s and 70s..and i was amazed when i read the stats as well. But it is true…one the massive day of demonstrations against Iraq, more people were in the streets demonstrating and voicing opposition to war than in any time in American history.

        As for the military and it’s role in our government…welcome to the world post Radical Right screwin’ it up. Y’all kept whining whenever a military member voiced opposition to the CIC during Clinton and now Pres. Obama and was dismissed from the service. I think y’all called military interference in civilian matters and voicing opposition to CIC policy “patriotism”.

        I suggest you read up on the Cuban missile Crisis and LeMay’s opinions and stances in circumventing JFK and the civilian decisions and just how close he brought us to nuclear Armageddon ….

        Finally..with the upcoming date for cutting the budget or resolving the spending/revenue issues, the current Defense budget is above 4% GDP. Outside of the basic social programs as Medicare, SSI, and Education, the remainder of spending 9including defense) is 3.5 % GDP or something like that.

        What’s the cry from the Right? Why…to protect the military from any cuts in their budget at the expense of the Middle Class…AND to decrease taxes for the wealthy

        OK Sparky….since such is mathematically impossible…

        Tell me how it’s going to work out. You think the wealthy and the military will be forced to share the burden equally with the Common People?

      • phideaux

        Flashy since you are a proven lier I suggest you post links and sources for your claims.

      • Kate8

        There are so many truly alarming (not to mention unConstitutional) acts being committed against us by the government that any but the most brain-impaired would perk up and take notice.

        Yet, whenever we mention them, the lib factions pipe in and ridicule our concern. No big deal. Nothing to see here, folks. We’re all just reactionary.

        I guess libs don’t know a thing about history, nor about the evils of government. And apparently they are also blind. But then, you don’t see any of this reported in the guv-own ed media they follow.

        Anyway, the truth is that the guv has been violating the Constitution from the start, incrementally getting more blatant. I guess as long as it personally benefits some of us, we were okay with it. And now that it’s turned completely against us, we’re complaining.

        Well, we really can’t have it both ways. Congress and the rest of them know that we have their implicit permission to overstep, and now there’s no stopping them. We did it to ourselves because we didn’t stop it in the beginning. We sold ourselves out.

      • KHM

        @Flashy, All the protests against the Iraq war were not grassroots, they were”ginned up” by Soros’s groups and the Dems and groups like Code Pink. The Dems had the same information as the Repubs and supported the war. Then they changed their mind and called it “Bush’s war”. Where were all the anti-war protesters (useful idiots) when Obama stepped up the war in Afghanistan, or went in to Libya, Uganda etc?
        I agree with Libertarian58 that the police state is being built one brick at a time and we are well on the way. Troops in our streets is just unconsionable.



      • Flashy

        KHM —> ” Where were all the anti-war protesters (useful idiots) when Obama stepped up the war in Afghanistan, or went in to Libya, Uganda etc?”

        Are you daft? you don’t remember the flak Obama went through by the progressive and Moderate base when he stepped up Afghanistan? The fact bush II ?Cheney had abandoned our troops and set them in a situation where they were being set up for a massacre didn’t occur to you either? LOOK AT THE SITUATION !

        As for “war” in Libya and Uganda…i know of no “war’ in either Libya or Uganda which this President involved us in. War, by most measures, means taking territory from another. We had no troops in Libya, and no Americans died in fighting Libyans. It was a NATO action which we went in as allies and supplied assistance in the air and in supplying the pro-NATO factions.

        Uganda? you’re calling sending 100 guys to help train troops and set up a rapid response command structure in Uganda a “war” ? Whoa…that’s stretching the rubber band a bit tight isn’t it?

      • Mike in MI

        Flush-face -
        Your post is wrong from the first sentence and that starts the tenor for the rest of your base lie(s).
        The Viet Nam war was waged by conscripts pulled in from a numbered lottery who were forced to sign up for selective service at our 18th birthday. The Volunteer Armed Forces was later.
        You are such pond scum from the city sewage center.

      • Opal the Gem

        Hey Flushy the proven lier where’s the proof?

      • TerriG

        KHM, I was one of the protestors of invading Iraq. Until the right started blaming Soro’s for most of the things they don’t like, I didn’t even know who he was. Saul Alinsky, either. When I did some research I had to laugh at the accusations. Soro’s doesn’nt hhave a “following”, except in humanitarian circles. And every succesful group, including Libertarians, follows those rules to some extent.

        • macgyver1948

          @Flashy…You said “ It’s the last residue from ‘Nam, the “all volunteer’ army”. What all volunteer’ army” are you referring to? There was a demanded draft for Vietnam. For all who think Vietnam was a volunteering action were greatly lied to. There were volunteers but so many were drafted.

          TerriG… I too protested the immoral Bush invasion of Iraq and we soon after knew GW Bush lied through his teeth, to us the UN the World and Congress, to get us in there. I’m not sure if Bush did it for oil or geographic and military positioning in the Middle East or to avenge Daddy but GW has no morals. I remember he said to us, in his second run for president during a debate “I have no regrets from my first term”.Thank you for being a fellow protester.

          Check out the enormous expanding-by-the-minute as we speak costs of the GW wars at How will we pay for it except maybe with the Romney and Ryan plans through their Robin Hood in Reverse ploys?

          I also feel George Soros has been given a bum rap but I believe it is how those who must make things up to defeat those who do not agree with them run their campaigns. I’m not thinking George Soros is an angel but he doesn’t deserve the hits he takes.

    • Dr. CJ

      Since America began, evil men/women have attempted a BIG TAKEOVER! Thankfully, we had framers of the Constitution giving us a sense of value and direction. However, the plan to control America and the World by wicked societies, are now being felt in the economy (He who owns the money rules), and haters of our God place themselves above the maker and feed their egos and strength with arrogance! So, according to these enemies of freedom, America must fall financially & morally, and its people become lethargized, numbed, weak in spirit, deceived. If good men and women can arise from this state, clear their minds, and strengthen their bodies, then they can indeed once again take over this country by whom it rightfully belongs! “We, the people…..” Whatever it takes before the take, takes us!

      • Kate8

        I hope you all see how the Tea Party and other conservative factions are being set up as the enemies of the state. I’m afraid it was US that the NDAA was passed, because the Left is now declaring that TeaPartys and conservatives are aiding Al Qaeda. This is the criteria for rounding people up…that they are, in any way, connected to Al Qaeda or are complicit.

        Of course, this is ridiculous, but this is the kind of tactics used by Hitler, too. Turn public opinion against the targeted factions, and then no one speaks out when they begin to disappear. As long as it’s not them.

        This has been carefully planned and scripted for a long time now. Whenever a false flag occurs, the newsfeeds are pre-scripted and ready to go. Nothing is as it seems, but it doesn’t matter. If it’s in the news, most will believe it. (Conversely, if it’s not in the news, hardly anyone believes it. That’s how easily we are controlled.)

        Now we have the media hurling accusations against Right-wing politicians that they are aiding Al Qaeda, like John McCain and Lindsey Graham sending funds to them. I’m sure this is quite true, but so are the Left-wing ones. That part is not reported, though, and as usual, the blame is pinned on the Right. THEY ARE ALL GUILTY.

        At any rate, it’s a logical next move to declare all Right-wingers complicit with terrorists and, by NDAA, we can all be rounded up.

        As nuts as this sounds, it’s happening. It sounded nuts to the Germans, too, but it worked for them, and Obama and Co. are sure it will work for them this time, too.

        Are we going to stand for this? I’m sure many on the Left will rejoice. But they won’t be celebrating for long.

    • http://none Charlie

      DaveH,,, I love it , ha ha ha ha ,I knew you would be first with a semi heathen remark on BIG gubmint , but , you offered no solution Bible wise or Constitutional wise… So, here’s a solution American Wise , form a “Posses” of at least 100 born in America people ,that can agree on all the basic “Laws” ever used in America, and out of that same Posses form a “Grand Jury” of at least 24 people … This Grand Jury would process indictments against crimes by big gubmint , such as Treason against the Constitution and / or The Bible…
      How about it ? think we could come up with a 100 people from this site???

  • Harold Olsen

    Martial law: the first step in “temporarily postponing” the November election. The trouble is, the temporary postponement will be permanent because whatever crisis that scumbag manufactures will never really end. Obama is in power and I believe he intends to keep that power for the rest of his life.

    • David

      The same thing was said about Richard Nixon and the ‘regal’ presidency of baby Bush. The newest wrinkle is that it’s Obama who wants to be king. I think there is something to this conspiracy theory, but the President isn’t in the loop. That’s just partisan politics speaking.

      • Winddrinker

        David, “the thing” in the oval office is the greatest National Security Threat this Nation has ever faced..

      • BigBadJohn

        David you are exactly correct, this whole article although very scary is nothing new. BOTH PARTIES have been progressively taking away your liberties and setting up the public for extended rule by the elite.
        The False flag operation of 9/11 simply set the stage for more invasive government control. The Bush administration opened up the national treasury to big oil and the military industrial complex and Obama has continued with the same policies. The sad thing is most people are blinded by the hype and actually see a difference between the two parties.

        Write in Ron Paul or vote Libertarian!

      • Stuart Shepherd

        You’re right, David, but the comments you’re referring to are understandable considering how much of a tyrant Obama has been and unconstitutional and with SO much partisan support- kind of like Abraham Lincoln even more so than the Presidents you cited!

      • DaveH

        You’ve seen the light, BidBad. Good for you.

      • Nancy in Nebraska

        Agreed, BigBadJohn! Except it started LONG before bush!!!

      • Hey you

        Yes, David, you’re probably correct. The president is not in the loop. He doesn’t seem to be fully aware of what’s transpiring. But he is useful to those who do the controlling.

      • DaveH

        The Politicians know exactly what they are doing, Hey You. The string-pullers would have no strings to pull without the help of the Politicians.

      • Old Sarge

        Nixon was stopped because he was a Republican and the media hates Republicans. The also had another ax to grind because of the way Agnew was attacking the media in his first term. In the media’s eyes Obama can do no wrong. That is the difference.

      • Winddrinker

        Heyyou, what country are you living in, the fraud is definately “in the loop!” He is the one sigining all the Executive Orders and making his regime a “dictatorship.”

      • Sharon

        Yes,it is the ILLUMINATI ! Ever heard of Adam Weiskauf of Germany? He was pasrt of this conspiracy since our natiion was formed. Look it up. I may have spelled the last name wrong. Hope you can find it. This man was MAD!

    • Larry K.

      hope it’s a very short one.

    • http://none Charlie

      What’s new ? Martial Law Rule has been in America since the days of U S Grant ,he only brought the Constitution back under heavy military camo’ , remember he was the “good” General that did not take R E Lee into captivity after Lee surrendered …
      Don’t believe Me ? OK , find the documents that brought The Constitution back after the war between the states …

  • sean murry

    this is the first step of martial law.

  • steve

    Locked and loaded. bring it.

    • Nancy in Nebraska

      The point of the article is that they’re already bringing it!

      • Kate8

        They’ve been bringing it for years. We still sit back and wait for them to “fire the first shot”. The truth is, they’ve been doing it by “death from a thousand cuts”.

        How much is enough before we fight back? At what point to we consider that they’ve crossed the line?

        At this rate, we’ll all be dead before we figure it out.

    • http://none Charlie

      Hey, you got that backward , it’s loaded and locked…

  • Betrayed

    Will this insanity ever stop??? How come it has gotten this far??? Isn’t any member of Congress awake???? Don’t they SEE what this man is doing?

    • Mike Horn

      Of course congress is awake. They are going along with the whole thing. The kings have always calmed the nobles with promises of more riches.

    • Ken

      The way it arrived is how it always happens. We let down our guard and got wrapped up in a comfy life. The game is going to change because of what gave us the opportunity,Money!
      The baby boom generation is coming to retirement and the economy is slowing and will stall until the next generation can pick up the slack, 2015 on.
      Our government knows this and made plans to sustain the non working and the dead beats. The problem is that the money will run out than all hell will breakout. Signs are already out there in places like Chicago where some say a race war has already started.
      Make a plan for your family today don’t wait any longer. The fist sign will be when Obama gets reelected!

      • Nancy in Nebraska

        Race war?!? To my knowledge, the majority of killing is black on black. Am I wrong? How is that a race war?

      • DaveH

        I think he’s referring to the Flash Mobs in Chicago, Nancy, like this one:

      • Kate8

        The race wars have also been planned all along. They’ve been fomenting hatred among blacks and other minorities toward whites for nearly a century. Now that they aren’t, collectively, in the minority anymore, they’re being unleashed as we are being disarmed.

      • Winddrinker

        Kate8, I agree, there has been “race baiting” by the biggest racist in the country. There are plans, and blacks can tell you just what they are. When the time is right, they will be “unleashed” on the White population. Right now they are being whipped up to a frenzy by the likes of obumscum and his ilk. There will be race wars.

      • Kate8

        Yes, there will be race wars, and they are beginning. Obama is stirring them up, and he backs them when they attack whites. They have little fear of reprisal anymore. Besides, when they are the only ones with guns…

        Unless…We really get to work talking, spreading information, waking people up. There is also a new consciousness that is growing, a new patriotic movement borne more out of the love of freedom, brotherhood and peace than out of fervor to fight fake enemies. THIS is where we should be concentrating our efforts.

        You can’t completely stamp out the spirit of freedom. Slaves will always, eventually, revolt. Isn’t it time we throw off our shackles?

        The guv cannot move forward without our compliance. What if we just stopped feeding the beast? What if we just came together and established our own rules, our own currency, and grew our own food. What if we refused to buy any products which benefit the big corporations? Sure, they’d try to come after us, and many of us would fall. But what’s the alternative?

        I don’t want to live under Agenda 21. Wait. I won’t. It’s population reduction.

    • Bear

      Many in the House are very aware…they are also aware that should they bring charges against obama and impeach him…the Dem controlled Senate will do NOTHING! The most important elections this year are for Republicans to control the Senate. With that done obama can’t function, and could indeed be impeached AND CONVICTED!

      • Bear

        previous post @ Betrayed.

  • Johnny

    you people get scared so easily it is actually funny……………I am not worried about Obama…..I am more worried about our own dictator here in Texas, Rick Perry, who has been our “Governor” for the last 14 years when his current term is up….he has managed to pass voter ID laws to keep him from getting kicked out, and when he ran on the national stage you can see what an utter nincompoop he is…..but he sure knows how to keep his bony hand on the keys to the governor’s palace that he had our taxpayers build him

    • http://Internetexplorer Ray

      Being without voter ID laws is exactly what could lead to a dictatorship dufus.. If they can control the vote by flooding the polls with illegals then we are in deep trouble….

      • Robert Smith

        Prey tell us Ray, just how does an “illegal” vote?

        In fact it’s a myth. Can you give us any proof that such is organized?

        An “illegal isn’t going to take a chance of being identified as such trying to vote. It’s that simple.


      • Bill

        An “illegal isn’t going to take a chance of being identified as such trying to vote. It’s that simple.
        They take a chance breaking the law by coming here, by working here, by driving here. All they need is an activist to tell them to fill out this card and mark an “X” in this spot and they’v illegally voted.

      • rb


        Illegals do go to the poles. Just ask anytone who works the polls. They usually show up barely able to speak any English with specific instructions from their employer (who has a big interest in keeping them here) that they were told they had to come and vote a certain way or be fired. I have talked to many poll workers who share the same story. Somehow their voter registration “checks out” and they vote.

      • DaveH

        Robert says — “Prey tell us Ray, just how does an “illegal” vote?
        In fact it’s a myth. Can you give us any proof that such is organized?”.
        You’re so easy, Robert:

        Perhaps you should start reading the PL articles and the links therein and become something other than a blindered Liberal, Robert.

      • Cameron

        Noxubee County MS is the ONLY place where the Civil Rights Voting Act has been used against DEMOCRATS. The poll workers look the other way when unqualified voters vote, when someone votes two or more times, AND when the DEAD vote by absentee ballot. We need more than Voter ID laws, like maybe dipping voters’ fingers in purple ink!

      • http://omniv8 pete0097

        Mr Smith, illegals vote by simply being given an ID of a dead person. Without having to produce a photo ID, they can go in and vote. Now, if the party that wants the voter can produce a photo ID, we are really screwed. The only problem with it all is if the fake voter doesn’t vote the way the party wants, anything can happen. The problem is that too many of the illegals will vote the way they are told. Have you been living under a rock? There have been vidios showing people going to vote in just that way. They also can just ask for absentee ballots quite easily.

      • uvuvuv

        i was a poll watcher for the 2010 election, and at that time all you needed was someone to vouch for your living at the given address. we were told to watch for a sudden surge of dirty, poorly dressed and trembling “voters” coming in, along with a “friend” who could say, oh yeah, he lives there, oh and so does he. if we saw this situation develop we were told to go out and look for a bus or van. well this never developed, we weren’t in that part of town and in fact we didn’t and don’t even have that part of town. this would be more applicable to the inner cities. the 2012 elections are probably already rigged, the only hope is that the r/r ticket generates too big of a landslide for the dnc to handle.

    • DaveH

      Ohh Johnny says — “he has managed to pass voter ID laws to keep him from getting kicked out”.
      Voter IDs keep him from getting kicked out? The IDs come with built-in votes for Perry? Really?
      I don’t much care for Perry, but you have put yourself squarely in the ridiculous camp with that comment, Johnny.

      • nc

        DaveH, you are in bed with the “false flag 9/11″, the suspended elections” the confiscation of all guns” and the false flag mass murders group and you accuse someone of being in the “ridiculous” group?? HELLO???? YOU PROOF OF ALL OF THAT IS…………????????

      • Nancy in Nebraska

        nc, there are none so blind as those that WILL NOT see!!! The evidence stacks up and is posted on this site regularly! You act as if you’ve never seen it. You get paid to disrupt things here but when will you see that they are out to get YOU too?!? You’re worse than the sheeple because you’ve seen the evidence and choose to ignore it. You may think you’re one of them and that for that, they will protect you. They won’t!!! You’re just one of their useful idiots!!!

      • DaveH

        For the non-regular readers — NC is just a shill for the administration who is here solely to disrupt the flow of information between Freedom Lovers. In other words a Troll.

      • DaveH

        As Hitler said, NC — “How Fortunate for Leaders that people do not think”.
        He loved your kind, NC.

      • Johnny

        Voter ID laws effect more minorities, students, the poor and the elderly ……what we should be doing is encouraging MORE people to vote and not trying to RESTRICT certain demographics from voting…….I read that article and it didnt say anything that makes me believe that voter fraud is happening… I said in one of my posts…you just want to believe that if Republicans lost a house seat or senate seat or even the presidency, it wasnt a fair election….it was because of voter fraud…..what about 180000 people not voting in ohio in 2000 because there were not enough machines….what about OHIO allowing republican leaning districts to have more early voting days than DEMOCRATIC leaning districts…here you go…stick THIS In your pipe and smoke it and tell me it is always DEMOCRATS perpetrating voter fraud……..

    • Old Sarge

      You have either been drinking the Obama Kool Aid or you are one of his loyal lap dogs. Positive voter ID will help prevent illegals from voting or make it that much harder to stuff the ballot boxes. If voter ID is a threat to anyone getting kicked out of office that would be the Obama Administration. Why else do you think Holder is trying to put a stop to it? But you are correct in one thing. The fear of the government using the Military is nothing new. In order to carry out the plan of Martial Law, the writer of the article claims is going to happen, the public must be disarmed first. With all the guns in this country, registered or unregistered, it would be very difficult to locate them. I am sure the President and his followers are well aware of this. They will have to go door to door and the ATF does not have the manpower to do it alone. They will need help and a lot of it. I don’t believe he can fully trust the Military. He needs their respect and loyalty and I don’t believe he has it. It is still fresh in the minds of most in the military how he threw General McChristal under the bus who was his biggest military supporter during the 2008 campaign. His absence at the Retirement Ceremony of General Petraeus was also noticed and interpreted by some as a direct slap in the face. While visiting Europe during the 2008 campaign, he would not visit wounded troops from the Iraq War because he couldn’t take his own photographers. Instead he played basketball. This is not the way to earn their respect and loyalty. I still don’t believe that our military would take up arms against fellow Americans. A large amount of our troops are all assigned overseas. Our real strength is still in our National Guard and Reserve components. Many of them, along with local police, are also very active members of their communities and I don’t think they would take up arms against their friends, family or neighbors. I also think that relocating them to other states would not work either. I strongly believe that they would go as far as to join their fellow Americans. The President will have no choice but to request help from the United Nations. They will, most likely, send troops from China, and other countries that hate us. Our “so called” allies will be powerless or unwilling to help us. Then for the first time since the War of 1812, we would again be fighting foreign troops on our soil. It would be a bloodbath. I live near a military installation and there are several National Guard and Reserve units in the area. Several members of the Reserve components and Active Military live in my neighborhood. I also have several family members serving. I meet many Active Military on a daily basis and I work with with several reservists in their civilian jobs. Our Military and our young veterans today are not stupid and many of them will not be fooled by political speeches and slogans. It is true that the younger ones have been indoctrinated by a liberal education system. The military also encourages them to seek further education, while on active duty, and also gives generous financial assistance and rewards it by faster promotions. This means that they will do a lot of reading and research on their own. Many of the ones I have talked with have said that they aren’t too inclined to take political rhetoric at face value. Perhaps that is why I have more faith in our young soldiers and veterans than the writer obviously does. I strongly believe the people who will be kicking down our doors looking for guns or carting us off to holding camps will not be American troops.

      • D. Smith

        @ Old Sarge: I certainly agree with the last sentence of your comment. I think we should be watching china VERY VERY carefully. They are a very disciplined bunch, and that’s what it’s gonna take.

      • star white

        “The President will have no choice but to request help from the United Nations. They will, most likely, send troops from China, and other countries that hate us”. I don’t think Obama would be that stupid. My biggest fear of rioting/civil war in the US is China taking advantage and invading us. There are no preparations I can make for being under Chinese rule. Don’t forget how much the US owes China in loan repayments. They could easily figure they have the right to take some collateral in event of default.

        • icetrout

          Like the Chinese want to come here & have to deal with giving the negros a free lunch.

      • phideaux

        “Like the Chinese want to come here & have to deal with giving the negros a free lunch.”

        icetrout they would round them up and use them as slave labor in prison camps or at least the ones they did not shoot out of hand.

    • Johnny

      yeah you all are so stupid…..we watched as a republican activist wanted to prove that it can be done…..he voted in rhode island under a name someone thought was dead, and video taped it, the guys brother said hey….they are reporting you are dead and someone is voting in your name and the guy got thrown in jail for voter fraud, so if this is so rampant why is it that none has been proven…..I for one, dont think jail time is worth voting a second time for obama……and anyone who does is just stupid

      • Flashy

        the AG of Pennsylvania could not come up with a single case of voter fraud in the court defense of the restrictive Voter ID law. Not one.

        Fact is..election fraud needs to be organized, and that is found at the level of election officials. Wonder why the GOP never discusses THAT fact or attempts to cure the main source of election vote counting hanky panky…but instead makes it easier to pack a gun around in public and makes it harder to vote.

        Think about that …

    • Winddrinker

      Johnny, my comment to you is no longer on here, so here it is again.

      There is only one reason why you would not want people to have photo IDs before they can vote. We all know what those reasons are.

      Last week I had to show my ID to be able to buy a cell phone battery..I don’t think that comes close to the importance of voting. In fact, I have to have an ID for most everything I do, especially in the last year or two.

      First, if someone can’t figure out how to get a photo ID, they don’t need to be voting.
      Second, if they are illegal they are not allowed to vote, anyway. And Third, those that are “living off of other people’s money” should lose their rights to vote, until they can learn to support themselves. No one should be able to vote themselves additional portions at the public trough.

      • Johnny

        so in other words, WD, if I happen to lose my job because MITT has bought my company and shipped my job to india or mexico, I should lose my right to vote because I am getting unemployment???? you know that our employers are the ones who pay unemployment taxes and not US, right???

      • icetrout

        They need an ID to get their welfare checks!!! Voter fraud is a DomocRAT thing…

  • wilson

    It’s already too late to do anything about the destruction of the American way of life as we once knew it. It doesn’tmatter if you vote Dem or Rep.; they all come from the same den of vipers. America has no choice for a leader who will protect the Constitution.
    Reisistence is futile; but one thing will not change….the Creator is there to gather the steadfast souls removed from this oppressed Earth for whatever reason; and THAT is the ultimate answer.

    • David Fields

      If you give up, Wilson, then you’re right, you don’t have any choice. Things can be changed very easily, but it takes the work and effort of every American, not just those who follow politicians like sheep.

      Every election season, work to vote OUT the career politicians and vote IN real Americans–the working people who really know what’s going on in your communities. Voting is not just a privilege, it’s the American right of the people. There are honest choices available. Write your newspaper editor. Drive for publicity for that out-spent individual who really cares rather than the one who buys his elections.

      You CAN make a difference.

      • icetrout

        Here in Maryland the Governor walks illegals by the hand to vote than takes them to lunch & a ball game…

    • Winddrinker

      Wilson, no one needs to hear about your lack of guts. You are spouting-off about your own lack of strength and your willingness to “give up” when things get a little rough.

      The only “self-fulfilling prophecy” you should be predicting is the prophecy of courage, patriotism, strength of the American people and their love of freedom.

      What bloodline produced such a wimp.

  • David Fields

    Next you’ll be telling us the US was behind the crash of that French airliner in the Atlantic or the sinking of that cruise liner in the Mediterranean. This is scare mongering at its worst. This is pure conspiracy theorizing without a shred of proof. Things are getting linked together in this article that have absolutely no relationship to each other.

    What really scares me? People are believing it!

    • Bob

      “without a shred of proof”
      David, I see you did not read the article., Or you are brain dead.

    • DaveH

      What scares me, David, is not that there are heavily Propagandized individuals in this country, but that they will actually fight to promote their Propaganda.
      Put down your high school history texts and learn some real history:,%20Jr/Pearl%20Harbor%20The%20Seeds%20and%20Fruits%20of%20Infamy.pdf
      That’s just the tip of the iceberg. Virtually every war the US has been involved in during the last 150 years has been a result of a False Flag event engineered to raise the support of ignorant citizens.

      • DaveH

        The Civil War was started over a False Flag event (Fort Sumter).
        The Spanish American War was started over a False Flag event (The Maine).
        World War I was entered by the US over a False Flag event (The Lucitania).
        The list goes on:

      • Hey you

        Your correct, again, Dave H. The people in positions of power in the USA just had to get into European wars. Not sure why because I can’t understand such hubris, but there are always people who direct national actions. As the book,”Easily Led”, documents, it’s always been that way!

      • DaveH

        It’s really pretty elementary, Hey You. Who do the Leaders hang with? Other Leaders of course. So the other (Gang) Leaders are their friends. Like any of us, they want to help out their friends in times of stress. The only difference is that we can’t help out our friends with other peoples’ money and lives. The Leaders can.

      • WILDFIRE

        War guarantees 3 things:

        1) Guarantees Money – (look into how many politicians own stock in companies that have military or government contracts, including the Executive Branches) They guarantee their self a huge return because they know they are going to drive that stock up with war or a threat there of.

        2) Guarantees Power of the people – (giving government the legal right to control people by claiming it is for public safety) When they are the ones that are the threat to the public.

        3) Guarantees Population Control – War has always been a wonderful way to control population

    • nc

      Mr. Fields, what scares me is that the people who fall for this fear mongering are breeding!! Making babies and home schooling them on unproved conspiracies and false flag interpretations of actual events to fit their paranoid agenda! They are not in power and do not have the votes to get in power(thank goodness) so they resort to scare tactics!

      Back scratchers heaven!! You say I’m brilliant and I’ll say you are brilliant!! Pitiful!!

      Any one who disagrees with them and says so is a “paid shill”!! I have never received a penny from ANYONE but acccording to their brillIant minds(?) I am PAID TO BE HERE!

      • Cameron

        As bad as “W” was, at least he wasn’t Kerry or Gore!

      • phideaux


        If you wish to stop the flow of ignorance quit making your ignorant posts. Bush has been gone for almost 4 years and things are worse not better so obama owns the mess we are in now whether you like it or not.

      • DaveH

        Thankfully, NC, you are past the breeding age.

      • http://none Charlie

        nc,,,when are you going to stop your flow of ignorance of The Bible???
        Praise King Jesus for Salvation and Healing … Acts 2:38…

      • Jay

        Not sure what nc is trying to say, DaveH, but with the obama administration we have the same basic trajectory on war, on spending, on civil liberties, on foreign policy; the Defense Department is as bloated as ever. People forget that both parties are the same on pretty much everything, and foreign policy maybe more than anything else. Nothing has changed for the better since obama took office. In fact, things got much much worse.

      • David Fields

        Letting loose the dogs of war, Phideaux–or should I say, FIDO? I follow no master but myself. I think for myself and I vote for whomever I think will do the right things in office. Yes, I do know my vote is easily overridden if enough people vote the other way, but my vote does count when people truly think about the real issues and the real people behind those political masks.

        Conspiracy theories? We’ll always have them. On the other hand true, logical thinking can glean truth out of any rumor and know fact from fiction.

  • Johnny

    you are really stupid people if you think that our military, of which I served in, is going to follow some dicator, whoever he might be……the only thing I would be scared of, is republicans trying to control everything by quelling the votes of minorities and the poor with these stupid voter ID laws, if there is voter fraud run rampant, it should be very EASY for YOU PEOPLE to prove, until that happens, you should cut your crap with these stupid laws

    • macawma

      “Stupid Voter ID laws”??? What’s wrong with having to show your photo ID to vote? You have to show it, if asked, to drive. You have to show it to cash a check. You have to show it to register a vehicle, get insurance, and any number of other security reasons. what the hell are you griping about???

      • Johnny

        I dont drive, I dont cash checks, I dont buy weapons, I am 80 years old and have my SS check direct deposited into my accouint of which I have an ATM /debit card to buy things at the store……I have my veteran’s ID card………I have an old military ID which doesnt have an expiration on it….if I have established my IDENTITY ONE TIME, I shouldn’t have to re establish it several times more in order to vote, …..what happens if someone steals my wallet a few days before the election….should I not be allowed to vote because I was a victim of crime?????

      • nc

        Macawma, a lady of eighty years who sent sons and grandsons to defend this country, has voted legally in every presidential election she was eligible to vote,in lives in a state that has never had a single case of voter fraud but has a Republican controlled legislature that spent hundreds of thousands of dollars to demand she must have ID to vote “legally” again! All because they know the aged and poor have voted overwhelmingly for the other party in the past and may not be able to make those arrangements or be physically able to do so! If you think the Republican reason for PUSHING FOR VOTER ID was for some other reason you are one sick puppy! YOU DON’T SEE ANYTHING WRONG WITH VOTED IDs???? REALLY??

        • Daniel from TN

          Was she denied the right to vote? NO. Voter ID is just a new necessiity for voting brought on due to the rampant amount of voter fraud occuring in the country. Rampant voter fraud?
          Look at the recent Wisconsin recall election. Voter turnout was 115%. This means there were 30,000 more votes cast than the number of registered voters. That’s at least 30,000 cases of voter fraud, in just one state. I can’t imagine how many cases of fraud will occur nationwide in November.
          Back to the eighty year old lady. All she will have to do to vote is show an ID she probably ALREADY HAS. If she doesn’t have an ID then the state will provide her with one free. Showing the ID to vote is just another assurance that her vote will not be a waste of time.
          BTW. This idea of Republicans wanting to have voter ID to stop people from voting Democratic is just another bold face lie from Holder and the Obama Dept. of Justice (We no longer have a US Dept. of Justice).

          America or obama! You can’t have both!

      • Daniel from TN

        There was a list posted on one website stating the everyday things or services we have to show an ID to obtain. The list was over 300 items long. Showing an ID, that you probably already have, to vote is just one more item on that list. The only reason, repeat, ONLY reason to oppose voter ID is to insure voter fraud continues. After all, it was voter fraud that got obama elected in 2008 and only voter fraud will get him re-elected.

    • Stuart Shepherd

      That’s pretty funny, Johnny- “the Republicans trying to control everything” when it is the Democrats who have primarily been in Control since 1960 and have already basically destroyed our country. More like “SOME republicans have been trying to stop the Democrats from destroying the country.” Obama had all 3 branches of government, remember, and YES, A TYRANT IS POSSIBLE WHEN THE SOCIALISTS AMASS ENOUGH OF A COALITION. That is exactly what happened in Germany prior to Hitler (read “They thought they were free” by Friedman) and it is exactly what has been happening here over the last 50 years in too many ways to point out in this column.

      • Johnny

        I didnt realize that wanting everyone to get medical insurance was such a tyrannical idea……you are so right.,..this monster (Obama) needs to be stopped, better that poor sick people die than some of us have to spend a little more money…..or things change a little so that sick people can get medical care too, since not EVERYONE qualifies for medicaid…if you are an adult without kids… are screwed… people are so paranoid and the thought of republicans actually losing an election and being voted out as so FOREIGN to you that it MUST be voter fraud, there can be no other reason for us losing the last election. Maybe the fact that Old Man McCain picked a TWIT for VP had something to do with it….NO that cant be…..she is a Rhodes Scholar right…..cant even name ONE magazine that she reads…..she was given a TRICK question by the liberal media, right????

    • JDN

      I was also in the military and would not follow any unlawfull order . BUT and this is a big one , every country throughout history that has used its military against its own people has done so with complete success . Sure there are those who desert or challenge the authority but they are dealt with and the soldiers comply with killing their own family and friends . Its human nature for the masses to bow to authority and has thousands of years of proven history to back this up . Even during the civil war in this country family members killed each other over ideolgy and orders . If the military did not comply and take orders from their superiors it would become one of the greatest documented anomylies in world history .

      • DaveH

        Sadly, JDN, I think you’re probably right. But then again, the beginnings of this country were like no other in previous history, so maybe we have a chance if we can educate enough people to reality.

      • Hey you

        Yes, JDN, I was in the military many years ago. As a kid of 18 years old, I would have followed “unlawful” orders because I wouldn’t have known what was unlawful or unconstitutional or what. That’s why young soldiers are the best soldiers – - their brains haven’t fully developed until about age 25.

        Seems that may relate to “If you’re not a ‘Liberal” when you’re young, you’re hard hearted and if you’re still a ‘Liberal’ when you’re older, you’re soft headed”!

    • DaveH

      We have proved it repeatedly, but we don’t expect any amount of proof to change the minds of zealots who are feeding at the trough:

    • Jibbs

      another glass of kool-aid, sir?

    • Winddrinker

      Johnny, last week I had to show my photo ID to purchase “a battery for my cell phone.”

      I have to show my ID for just about everything I do. This has been especially true in the last year or so.

      First, there is only one reason why you would not want people to have a photo ID.

      Second, if a person is too stupid to figure out how to get an ID, they shouldn’t be voting.

      Third, slugs that live off of “other people’s money” shouldn’t have the right to vote, anyway, until they can figure out how to support themselves. No one should be able to vote themselves more benefits from the taxpayers.

      Fourth, no one has the right to vote in our elections except Americans and that desperately needs to be enforced.

      • Jay

        How hard can it be to get a freaking ID card??? Is it possible that there are people in this country that are too STUPID to figure out how to acquire an ID card? It appears so…

    • Kel

      the minorities and poor have every bit as much access to a photo id as the majority and the rich. The only time it’s an issue is when they aren’t a legal citizen. Which means they arent allowed to vote. How in the world can any THINKING human being in this country think it’s inappropriate to require an ID to vote?!?!?!

      • Steve E

        Anyone who is not smart enough get an ID should not be voting anyway.

      • Flashy

        Anyone not smart enough to pass a written exam after a gun use and safety course shouldn’t be allowed to own or use a gun.

        You’d agree with that …..right?

  • roger gunderson

    Martial law . For who? Who will be the benefactor? There is no one person or group who it will benefit. This sounds like Germany in 1938, but is it? Hitler would be the benefactor then, but who here and now. I think we need to know who is going to be the head of this takeover and go from there.

  • Rick Gabara

    Everyone I know is ready so lock and load. Its going to be a hell of a blood bath. Just remember to take out the UN troops first. There will be people ready to take out the fema camps when it starts….

    • Sheryn

      OMG, and you wonder why the military is in the street??????

      • Bill Willis

        I think you might have your cause and effect reversed. The military is not in the streets because the patriots of this country are preparing to fight. The patriots are preparing to fight because the military has taken to the streets. The deployment of the military on American soil is not only illegal, but is a threat to our freedom. The founders gave us the second amendment, not to defend against a foreign enemy – that’s what the military is for, but to defend against an oppressive tyrannical government. While armed conflict is not always the answer, we are quickly reaching the point that it will become necessary. It is a good thing for Americans to prepare for what seems will surely come.

    • http://yahoo bob peters

      right on brother!

  • Anthony Deangelo

    WOW your so right! Why does the populace continue to live with their head in the sand?

  • Tom Cook

    Guess who else is stocking up on weapons, and we outnumber them by a massive amount. Most military personnel will not attack civilians. We’ll just erase those who do.

    • DaveH

      No, Tom, the Katrina events have proved that you are wrong on that. I wish you weren’t.
      The best we can do is educate as many friends, relatives, and co-workers as possible, so that we greatly outnumber the usurpers of our Freedom.



  • martin FREE

    i just hope.when the.first shot is fired people stand up and not cower like the sissys the.left has tried to turn us into since they began their campaign to pussify the American male in the 60′s

  • Marcel

    We need voter ID laws…….Why not, we all have to show IDs one time or other……I don’t care where you are from……it makes no clear sense to me why people are against it………unless they have something dirty up their sleeve or they’re not ion the up and up……….

  • realsustainability

    This is a pretty scary topic. Can anyone comment on what can be done about it? To effectively use the second ammendmant, a militia network has to be established which will draw the attention of the feds, be shutdown before it can gain a foothold and all it’s members indefinately detained by the the perpetrators of this madness. I’ll defend me and mine to the end but that end would come pretty fast facing an armored Humvee, 50 caliber machine guns, a squad of shock troops and drones.

    The NWO is coming, the NWOis coming!

    • Jibbs

      Human “runners” to send messages a short distance, and pigeons for long distance.
      Maybe Indian “code talkers”.

    • Winddrinker

      real, it all falls on the shoulders of the Governors and each of our States. I have said that the Governors have the ability to deal with our problems of an increasingly tyrannical Fed.

      The States need to take back the powers usurped by the Feds and acknowledge only those powers given to the Feds by the Constitution. Even if it is only for a period of time until we get back to a smaller, constitutional form of government with part-time politicans.

      States need to take the money out of Washington and deny the thugs the ability to “tax and spend.” The taxpayers are the ones that should benefit from the taxes they pay and they should decide how the money should be spent in their own States. (This is a discussion in itself.) But, as far as the Feds, sending our army against us and declaring Martial Law, it is not “if” but “when.” Our military leaders are being replaced by those that are not opposed to calling out our army to fight Americans in their homes. I would anticipate there will be a lot of deserters that refuse those orders. But, there will be those that may willingly do as told without a problem. Soldiers in our army from other countries will have less concern about rounding up Americans and detaining them. Some others will follow along. Then, we have the foreign troops that are “training” on our homeland. They will probably take the “lead” at first.

      The first time I went to Italy, it was shocking to see military vehicles with mounted machine guns sitting on every street corner. Americans may get to see that in this country, very soon. States can organize and lead their own Guard Units along with the citizen militias.
      There will have to be a way to organize, no family can stand alone..State Borders could become very important…The local and State Police would have to be dealt with and either become allies or be detained. Lots of organization will be necessary and will come after a great loss of manpower and equipment. I have no doubt that real Americans will stand against the evil that has raised its ugly head in our country. We have lots of enemies and many of them do not wear a uniform or belong to an army.

    • Bill Willis

      When, in this country’s history, it became necessary to fight, nearly all citizens were armed. Whether it was at a state, local or neighborhood level, it took very little time to mobilize a militia. As long as we are all armed and ready, when the need does present itself, we will be ready to act.

  • Carlucci

    What amazes me is most people can’t see the forest for the trees. They have no idea that this nation is under siege by that malignancy known as the District of Criminals even though it is staring them right in the face. Yep, they don’t call it the “Federal Mafia” for nothing.

  • Greg

    Lets see, I work, pay taxes , and live a clean life.. i have no problem showing my I. D. when I vote.. If you dont want to show your I.D. ,,, you must be hiding something.. So in my opionion, it just is a simple safegaurd against voter fraud.
    On a second note, I feel you loose your right to vote after one year of not paying taxes or are on full govt assistance. Think about that ,,,, You are no longer a producer, so why do you get the priveledges of of the ones that are producing.. Now you have a reason to get off your butt, put the joint down and get to work like the rest of us.

    • http://Internetexplorer Ray

      Greg, could not be said any better, I feel the same way….

      • Cameron

        Originally, one had to be a land owner (tax payer) in order to vote. Weren’t no guvmint welfare THEN! Maybe we should return to allowing only those who produce & pay real taxes to vote. One thing for real, though, we’ve simply GOT to stop ineligible people from voting: illegal aliens, felons, the deceased, non-residents of that district, etc. Until then, crooks will vote for crooks.

      • DaveH

        We could solve that problem, Cameron, by simply getting taxes back to what our Founders advocated in Article I, Section 2 of the Constitution — “direct Taxes shall be apportioned among the several States which may be included within this Union, according to their respective Numbers”.
        In other words — Abolish the 16th Amendment which changed that and allowed Big Government to achieve its current Leviathan size.

      • David Fields

        @Cameron: Be careful what you wish for; you might just get it. And when you do, you may not like it.

    • realsustainability

      Good idea, Greg but the feds are counting on just those types to vote. The ones that have the most to lose will sure vote for the crooks that allow them to “feed” off of the rest of us.

    • AZ-Ike

      Your tax-paying restrictions would disenfranchise the many retired individuals who live on social security and non-taxable retirement retirement income. They are the the strong conservative individuals who built this country based on constitutional guarantees of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. You would skew the voting population to a greater majority of liberally educated (indoctrinated) individuals who subscribe to big government, minority rights and environmental activism, supported by today’s vocal lame stream media–in short, NWO.

  • Chester

    Well, lets think about this. Who was our GREAT Leader in chief when all this started, way back in 2007, 2008? It couldn’t possibly have been that great REPUBLICAN president, GW Bush, now could it? Seeing that Obama didn’t even take office until January of 2009, not a lot of chance he had anything to do with all those orders. Granted, some of that training may still be going on, but the military involvement with civilian authorities has been going on for a long time now. It seems that the military can act in cooperation with civilian agencies, but is not supposed to act on its own in civilian areas. If troops ARE training in our cities, will guarantee you people at the top know it is going to happen.

    • http://acc2hoyle Meta

      Worldwide there are globalists…the Bush family are globalists..”the New World Order” that phrase had been a favorite of Bush, the elder. No matter the party, no matter the country, globalization is the goal and these people will do anything to achieve that. “The end justifies the means…”. What truly gauls me is the assertion by these same people that they are Christian. Being Christian is to be tolerant (not agreeing) and to believe as the Declaration of Independence shows that our rights are from God and therefore cannot be taken away by man.

      Unfortunately, what with sports, demoralization of the people worldwide, a cushy life, that ideal has been buried and the fruition of that neglect is ripe.

      • Hey you

        Sure, the Bush family are “globalists”, but the Bushes are just a milestone on the path to total collectivism. This is nothing new. Corruption has been rampant throughout USA (and other countries’) history.

    • Cameron

      Bush, both of them, is the result of when you have to choose between the lesser of two evils. Our political process needs tweaking, big time.

      • David Fields

        Ok, Cameron, I’ll agree. The single best fix on the election system today would be the total elimination of the Electoral College. Modern communications and calculating technologies mean that the true popular vote can be counted and the winner chosen without having to trust on the whim (and sometimes corruption) of a so-called “representative few”.

    • DaveH

      It started, Chester, 150 years ago with the tyrant Abe Lincoln, and greatly accelerated under the Progressives starting with Teddy Roosevelt.

      • DaveH

        Read this, Chester:

      • Jeff

        Really? Lincoln wanted your MONEY, too?

        I don’t suppose a little thing like the Civil War had anything to do with martial law, did it? And I don’t know why you’re bringing Teddy Roosevelt into this unless you equate all Government involvement in the economy with martial law. Considering who I’m communicating with, I guess you do.

        • macgyver1948

          Jeff,,, don’t worry about it… Wow, Lincoln a tyrant, WOW. .. Lincoln wanted to keep the country together even if it meant maintaining one of the biggest sins in human history, slavery (along with war), continuing for a while longer. Just let those irrational statements flow and don’t get angry…

          • Bob Livingston

            Dear macgyver1948,

            You write: “Wow, Lincoln a tyrant, WOW. .. Lincoln wanted to keep the country together even if it meant maintaining one of the biggest sins in human history, slavery (along with war), continuing for a while longer. Just let those irrational statements flow and don’t get angry…” You are product of public school disinformation. Begin your education:

            Best wishes,

          • macgyver1948

            Hi Bob. Nice to hear from you… When “…assassination of two American citizens on Sept. 30 — Anwar al-Awlaki and Samir Khan”. Well, without the trial I would in no way be in favor of out right murder no matter who does it. And that is even if they are assumed to be Al Qaeda propagandists before any trial… If we do it then how would we know the difference between “them” and us?

            But we are at war again, and they are “allegedly” connected to those who attacked the World Trade Center, the Pentagon and, maybe if enough time existed, the White House. President GW Bush said we were going after them anywhere in the world they might be and he defined the terrorists not only as the murderers but also their protectors, planners, financiers and those working their “under ground railroads”. Sorry for all who might consider I am equating it as righteous as the one we had here during our Civil War with our under ground railroad, no way will I equate terrorists activity with the righteousness that flowed from our Civil War. Let’s not leave out Al Qaeda propagandists. I still feel there should have been a trial…

            Thank you so much for offering as poof one of your own articles. Included in your article is “Lincoln advocated “total warfare.” His officers repeatedly killed civilians, burned down entire towns and laid waste farmland and slaughtered livestock in retaliation for attacks by Confederate armies”. The definition of war – HELL.

            Lincoln didn’t want war but after the first shots were fired at Ft Sumter by the Confederacy Lincoln saw there was no turning back. He would have maintained slavery of it meant keeping the country together, Yes, I know, I said that before.

            I am a product of my product of public school system, as you pointed out, but to a point, who wasn’t until and unless they wanted to think for themselves after growing up. If I wanted to pass I needed to give them the answer they wanted. I was some time overly rebellious with responses in class and my history teacher had to tell me a couple of times to tone it down, conform, or I would be playing time with the principal. So I played along so I could graduate and then I was who I am now, the product of my thoughts I hope.

            The Civil War was “bloody hell” as the Brits might say. Atrocities were committed on both sides. Rapes were committed on both sides. Then after the war there were the Carpet baggers who couldn’t be trusted – yes, I know where they came from. But all in all during and after the rebuilding period, there was big time, the reviving of lots of that being what the Founders wanted us to avoid because they feared them, Corporate influence in Government.

            Corporate influence is one of the biggest corruption and conflict of interest practices we have had to endure and it is killing us more and more today. That is another story but it is too important to not mention since it’s revival. Corporations taking advantage of the rebuilding of the country after war by purchasing politicians for their deeds and loyalty. And those taking advantage of the after-war situations we were in it to gain control of government all. That never has changed. Now the TP/GOP is doing it just great but not for the vast majority of us. New names, old attempts. The founders would hate the Corporations because they did for the same reasons in their time -GREED and control.

            Lincoln made some horrid decision but it was during war, no real humanitarian kind of excuse but there it is and both sides did it. You make it sound like it was just on the side of the Liberals, oops, sorry, I meant the North, I slipped. Sorry Sigmund, LOL.

            Thanks for your article, it is interesting. I always like adding to my history knowledge since I can’t trust what the schools taught me alone. My education has begun. :-).

    • Jay

      We are all aware, Chester, who started this. Why waste your time stating the obvious. The question you should be asking yourself, bright boy, is why Bush3 aka-obama is allowing it to continue? I think i just gave you the answer, genius!

  • Sirian

    We have reached that preplanned point that you can no longer trust a politician as blindly as you could trust an Anaconda to give you an enjoyable massage.

  • http://none dean

    I am a vet from the 60′s. When I joined the service I took an oath to protect the constitution of the U.S. And at 66 years old I will still protect it if need be one way or the other.

    • DaveH

      It’s been broken for a long time, Dean, and still the soldiers obey their superiors.

    • Sirian

      You may have already seen this but if not, take a look.

      • DaveH

        Have you seen this one, Sirian?

      • Sirian

        Oh yes, fully auto 12 gauge. I sure wouldn’t want to be on the receiving end especially if they were using 00 or even bird shot! Nasty, but very effective for sure!



  • http://Internetexplorer Ray

    Mr Smith, With the ease of getting voter registration cards thrugh the mail, which is a best unreliable, what’s to keep them from voting? I am never asked for an ID when I vote and it really upsets me that anyone could get my registration from my mail box, if it even comes to mine, and go vote easy enough. Does that make it simple enough for you to understand. If not there is no hope for you//////



  • Mike Pilliod

    Look at the history of all oppressive dictatorships. They have all sprung up from communistc ideals. If you think it can’t happen here, remove your blinders and discard your “party line” philosophy. You probably don’t realize it but it is , in fact, happening before your very eyes! The criminals are in control. Wake up before it’s too late!

  • http://yahoo Tommy

    @wilson, You are so right, the Republicans and the Democrats are almost exactly the same on every issue. This two party system has turned into a one party system. It has been years since i have felt that i had a decent choice for POTUS and today the choice is close your eyes and point. All Americans need to drop both parties and start The POTAP (The Party of the American People) then we could retake control of our Government. Sadly there are millions of people who are either blind to what is going on or they just do not care.

  • gladdy8er

    For a few years now, the state of Indiana has been inviting local municipality and county police for a two week paramilitary boot camp for urban assault maneuvers euphemistically labeled, riot control. In reality, when rioting begins in 2013 by the nothing-to-lose shock troops, our serve and protect goons will be the first to turn-tail and leave us all to fend for ourselves. Good luck everybody.

  • Watchman

    Both parties are controlled by the Banksters who in the west are satanic

  • M.Morgan

    “This country, with its institutions, belongs to the people who inhabit it. Whenever they shall grow weary of the existing government, they can exercise their Constitutional right of amending it or their revolutionary right to dismember it or overthrow it.” – Abraham Lincoln

    • Bob Livingston

      Dear M.Morgan,

      It’s curious that you quote a man who murdered 750,000 people in order to prevent one section of the country from separating itself from an “existing government” they had grown “weary”of. They did not even seek to “dismember it” nor “overthrow it.”

      Best wishes,

      • Cameron

        You are one of the relative few that “gets it”. A “civil war” is an armed uprising that occurs when one segment of the population rises up against the federal government & tries to either overthrow it & replace it w/a new form of government, OR kick the existing powers that be out & put new ones in. In 1861 The South tried to secede from a Union they willfully joined, & therefore tried to willfully leave. Lincoln didn’t care if slavery endured as long as the Union remained intact. Ad far as I can think he started the use of illegal Presidential executive orders to accomplish his wishes by bypassing Congress.

      • Bill Willis

        I understand what you are saying and you are right, But, you have to admit, notwithstanding the source of the quote, the words are true.

      • Jay

        Good point, Bill.

      • icetrout

        God Bless the Great Maryland Thespian John Wilkes Booth!

        • Jeff


          Do you think you are convincing anyone of anything other than your own lunacy?

          • macgyver1948

            Jeff… You are so right. Can’t be convinced what that mentality… :-)))

  • Cameron

    America’s “Greatest” President, Lincoln, imposed martial law & suspended habeas corpus in 1861, along with other measures to control the population. Now THIS tall, skinny lawyer from IL who was born elsewhere thinks HE is our “greatest” President. Look at the similarities!

    • Winddrinker

      Yep, Cameron, it is no wonder that the tall skinny “defrocked lawyer,” greatly admires Lincoln. He, too, has made congress irrelevant and has assumed the powers of dictatorship. He plans on killing at least 750,000 Americans or more if he can..just like our “other greatest president.”

      • icetrout

        Greatest President,you mean”Northern Scum”… Remember the Pratt Street Riots”!!! Antietam II is right around the corner, scares the sh*t out of liberal commie-puke’s when I say that to em. MARYLAND,MY MARYLAND…

    • icetrout

      Maryland has been occupied by Federal troops for 150 years.Maryland,MY MARYLAND has been totally ruined by NORTHERN SCUM …

  • G. Smith

    If you want to start fixing this .. NEVER RE-ELECT ANYONE UNTIL WE GET TERM LIMITS .. and while this does not fix every thing it will sure [expletive deleted] up the works for a while. We need an article V constitutional convention which has been denied like forever. We need to re-read the Declaration Of Independence especially paragraph II.

    ” We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.–That to secure these rights, Governments are instituted among Men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed, –That whenever any Form of Government becomes destructive of these ends, it is the Right of the People to alter or to abolish it, and to institute new Government, laying its foundation on such principles and organizing its powers in such form, as to them shall seem most likely to effect their Safety and Happiness. ”

    I think dividing us with wedgies and what not has proved very effective in keeping us ripping each others faces off when in reality we need to regroup and take down the real oppressors … the federal reserve would be a good start. It would also be in our best interest to broaden our horizons. It’s not the President .. he is not a king and as is evidenced can’t do much damage without help from congress. The blame rests on much larger entities among us then just one dude in a big white house.

    • DaveH

      Term Limits would just be a band-aid over our real problem — Voter Ignorance of the Principles of Freedom. Until we wake up and realize that Government is the last entity that should be involved in the education of our Children, things will not change:

    • Bill Willis

      While I don’t disagree with you’re comment, the unfortunate result would be to produce a growing number of politicians with 100% lifetime pensions.

      • Winddrinker

        Bill, politicians need to be part-time and short-termed. They don’t need to depend on the taxpayers to support them for their entire lives. They need to support themselves and “serve” their country for a short time. Servants of the people don’t need “lifetime retirements.”

  • Richard Vandervort

    Nearly Everybody I’ve been in contact with for over two years now thought I was crazy when I told them Obama was setting the stage for Marshall Law.
    This Administration has progressivly worked to the justification of calling normal everyday citizens some form of Domestic Terrorist if you simply didn’t agree with government policy.
    Today I’m giving the same Warning to the danger and betting we don’t have until the election before it becomes our reality.
    The far left realizing the fact they could loose control just will not role over that easy and give up on their agenda and will spure some type of disturbance so Marshall Law can be used and cancelling the election so be ready for the fighting to begin soon on your streets too.



      • Richard Vandervort

        It’s sad to think just how many don’t pay attention to what go’s on around them that they can see the hand writtings on the wall.
        We allowed by neglect government to Dumb Down America by not teaching about the past history in our nation and the world around us that todays citizens can’t see the dangers of the future.
        Governmental Dependency has been a very important part of the socialist agenda and now that they have about one third of the population on some type of assistance they are ready to make their move.
        Who supports these people on the left other then the ones getting something for nothing. Ask the one’s on welfare and food stamps if they’ll give them up and go get a job and see what kind of reaction you get.
        When Freedom is a thing of the past people don’t seem to understand that the only thing they’ll have is just what government wants them to have.
        Never before have we had a greater needed men and woman like that of our founding fathers and mothers to make a stand as they did to insure Freedom lives on forever.
        May God Still Bless America and All That Will Stand To Protect It.

  • http://aol malcoolmX

    thank you independents/moderates for giving America the communist dick-tater ALSO KNOWN;; bARRY sOETORO;; ARE YOU GOING TO do it this time and allow him to wreck YOUR NATION????????

  • Daniel from TN

    Mr. Livingston, your article has one flaw; something you missed. The Posse Comitatus Act was quickly and quietly repealed in May of 2010. The repeal was an earmark on an appropriations bill for the Dept. of Agriculture. With its repeal all these “joint” exercises with the military and reserves are legal and, in my personal opinion, a preparation for civil war.
    Liberals have been pushing the people for years and the people are ready to push back, possibly in the form of civil war. Liberals are now scared to death of that possibility, which is why I believe we are seeing all these crazy military exercises around the country.

    • phideaux

      What is the title of the bill and/or its number?

      • Daniel from TN

        Earmarks typically do not have names. Only the main bill or important amendments have names. I will have to find the bill number: It’s somewhere in five years of personal notes.

      • Daniel from TN

        It took a while to find the information and it appears I had the dates confused. In November of 2011 the Levin-McCain bill was passed in the Senate. This later became Section 1031 of the NDAA. Section 1031 grants powers to the military in emergency situations that were formally forbidden under Posse Comitatus. All that is needed is a “formal” declaration of an emergency. This effectively nullifies Posse Comitatus.

      • phideaux


    • http://none Charlie

      YEP,.BUT “they” did NOT repeal Luke 22:36…
      Praise King Jesus for Salvation and Healing …Acts 2:38…

  • John R. Howell

    Obama has a savage determination to destroy this country, and is not about to let himself get voted out of office. He will impose martial law, suspend the constitution prior to the General Election, and order our military to fire on rioters. Blood will run in the streets, and civilians will quickly fill up Guantanamo and be tortured there.
    John R. Howell

    • Winddrinker

      John R, you are correct in believing that the fraud will never let himself be removed from power by an election. Many Americans are hoping that all they have to do is to “vote” and it solves all the problems…those are the naive with heads in sand.

    • Daniel from TN

      This is from rumor control. Martial law will be declared before the 2012 elections, “temporarily suspending” elections until it is safe to hold them again. This will be accomplished through a staged assasination attempt on obama.

      America or obama! You can’t have both!

  • Linn Philo

    County sherriffs(or equivalent), nationwide need to step up and exercise their rights and duties to protect our people with REAL exercises of their own,by telling these people that we recognize their scheme, and will not tolerate it. Then the citizens need to step up and back the sherriffs 100% and tell these people to leave, after they explain their presence and from whos orders they come.

    • Nancy in Nebraska

      THAT is the BEST idea I’ve heard yet!!! I wonder how my county sheriff feels.

    • nc

      Linn, just maybe all of the Sheriffs who work closely with the Naional Guard and the military on occassion are not paranoid like the group who assemble here to scratch each others backs!
      The National Guards duty is to guard the nation and I sure hope that they practice to get good at their “trade”. Same with the military! Practice, practice , practice is how you get good!!!
      When I see military trucks on the roads I think of the young men who have TRAINED SO WELL TO WIN TWO WORLD WARS! I don’t see some sinister “conspiracy” hatched in 1913 or a plan to take me to fema prison. What do you see when you see the military?
      Do you really see a group out to harm you?

      • Kel

        No one said the military, in and of itself, was an evil sinister group out to harm us. However, the ones they take their orders from have long since known a life of full corruption & power. If you base your opinions on actual research and facts, you’d have no choice but to see what is really going on with our “leaders”. Or, I suppose there is always just basing it on the fact that it hasn’t happened here yet, so surely that means it never will. Or on the “fact” that our government really cares about us and only want what is best for us and certainly haven’t been corrupted by money & too much power. Cuz that’s never happened.

      • The GLB

        NC, it would be well worth your time to read the Executive Orders that empower FEMA. This site, has compiled the EO’s and a brief description of each. Once you have read those EO’s and done research into the veracity of the article, then maybe you will NOT feel the same way you do now about seeing the military illegally patrolling the streets of America.

      • DaveH

        When I see troops on the road I see mostly soldiers who don’t know any better. They have drunk the Kool-Aid and think, like NC, that they are taking citizens’ rights and lives away overseas to protect our Freedom. If the sheeple like NC were not so Paranoid and easily deluded, they would never even dream of believing that our military is somehow protecting our Freedom by taking Freedom away from others overseas.,%20A%20John%20V%20Denson.pdf

      • DaveH

        For those who, unlike NC, are not so far gone that they can’t learn something. Read the Section “World War I” starting at page 344:

      • Jay

        nc says: The National Guards duty is to guard the nation and I sure hope that they practice to get good at their “trade”.

        Protect the Nation from what, nc?

    • http://none Charlie

      Most county Sheriffs are part of the problem ,,,Ruby Ridge is a case in point…

      • Buster the Anatolian

        And just how is that Charlie? As I recall Ruby Ridge was a FEDERAL operation the County Sheriff had nothing to do with it.

      • http://none Charlie

        Buster, ,, the county Sheriff is THE HIGHEST LAW of the county , only Law higher is King Jesus ,,,so,,,the Sheriff can tell the feds to get out and stay out AND enforce that with his Posse and deputies ,,,IF,,, he’s got the Brains and balls… Remember the so called “Civil” war,,,it was about state rights,,,that’s how and why the KKK almost restarted the so called
        Civil war,,,any “True” Christian county Sheriff knows “the line in the sand” is drawn at the county line …The Weaver young boy and his Mother the next day WERE MURDERED BY THE FEDS!!! It’s history , look it up and read it… And weep…

  • madgorilla

    The first time the government orders National Guard troops under the aegis of martial law to take over some town for anything other than to control looting after some natural disaster, there will be major pushback by citizens. It could, and probably would, quickly escalate into armed confrontation.

    That bodes ill for the government. Their response would likely be to try to confiscate arms from civilians. Big mistake. The British Redcoats tried that once in the run-up to the Revolution. All it did was fire up the whole populace, and it would do the same thing today. The difference is, today there are 200 million plus gun owners, and well over 300 million guns in their hands. Confiscation simply won’t work. It takes only 10% of the population to prosecute a successful revolution.

    That doesn’t even take into account that the majority of National Guard (or regular Army for that matter) will refuse to fire on their own countryman, their family, or their friends over political issues.

    • DaveH

      Controlling Looting is just an excuse to disarm good citizens:

      • DaveH

        Sick bastards.

      • nc

        DaveH, how many times has the National Guard been called out to controll looting? How many times have they confiscated all or enough weapons to take over a town or state and subject the people PERMANENTLY to martial law?? I am still trying to come up with the first one. How many can you think of? We are talking real history so “conspiracies” and false flags are not allowed. UNTIL PROVED THEY ARE FIGMENTS OF ONE’S IMAGINATION!

      • DaveH

        How many times, NC, have you been hit by a car crossing the street?
        Do you think that would be a valid reason not to look both ways?
        Do you think shouting makes your illogical argument any more logical?

    • Kel

      while there are many who will refuse orders to fire on their fellow countrymen, you are putting yourself in a dangerous situation to think the military in general won’t follow orders. History has proven they will. I hope our military will somehow be the trend-breaker…but I won’t bet my life on it. DC has an obviously strong history of brainwashing the masses, or we wouldn’t be in this situation to begin with. Half or more of this country not only has no idea what’s going on, they refuse to believe our leaders are after anything but the good of our country. Those who are “awake” are in the minority.

      • Pathfinder

        Any one remember Kent State????

    • http://none Charlie

      Talk is cheap , to know “Truth” and stand in defense of “Truth with offence if needed , cost time ,sweat , blood and maybe your physical life , but fear not , to die in physical “Truth” means you will live on in “Spiritual” Truth…
      Praise King Jesus for Salvation and Healing … Acts 2:38…

      • Winddrinker

        Charlie, The “truth” is dangerous when it disagrees with the regime.

      • http://none Charlie

        The King of America said at John 8:32 , “truth will make you free”, so , take your pick , go with The Truth or go with the liars , the liars are the anti Christ ,which are already here see that at 1 John 2:18—29 …
        Praise King Jesus for Salvation and Healing … Acts 2:38…

  • uvuvuv

    i don’t know what the problem is with military patrols in the street. when i was on the beach in acapulco there were soldiers with machine pistols every few hundred feet and it was no big deal. so what? if you’re a good law abiding and tax paying citizen you have nothing to worry about. i happen to like tanks and hope to see them more often. and look, when they announce a gun sweep, they will pay you for them. i have a model 94 30/30 and if the govt wants it, i sure could use that $300! now where is my remote?

    • Pathfinder

      You apparently are being cynical or know little of the Constitution and the Bill of Rights. I trust that it is the former and that others (especially the liberal “progressives”) will understand implication of “Acapulco and the Remote” within your message.

    • phideaux

      You WILL NOT get anywhere close to $300 you will be lucky to get $100 and more likely you will get nothing but a busted head for not being quicker to turn it over to the government.


      uvuvuv, I laughed out loud when I read your post. This thread is so scary in its potential that I don’t think most people will see your humor….. but I liked it. Send me a picture of your 94, I might give ya $250 for it.

  • Pathfinder

    “Never Let a crisis go to waste”……………..
    (Rohm Emanuel, current mayor of Chicago and former COS to Obama) is always an opportunity to create a new law. Every new law, no matter how well intended has consequences that will infringe on personal freedom.

    As an example: States no longer have the same rights they used to have.
    The erosion of “states rights”( as granted by the Constitution) came into its own under the Kennedy administration under the school segregation issue (crisis). Half a century later, The power of the Federal Government is now supreme as evidenced by the Justice Departments suit of Arizona over immigration law enforcement.

    How much federal Government do we need remembering that the Constitution and Bill of Rights LIMITED the federal Government.

    In case you haven’t noticed (or were born after many of these laws were enacted) you may think “this is the way it is supposed to be”. Young children today will grow up 15/20 years form today never knowing what their grandparents and great grandparents knew as FREEDOM. And ultimately, as the founding fathers understood, will have slowly lost all personal freedoms granted by the Constitution and the Bill Of Rights.

    “The natural progress of things is for liberty to yield and government to gain ground.”
    ………………Thomas Jefferson ( Founding Father and visionary)

  • Thinking About

    For all who lives in the conspiracy bubble, just who would you desire to be in office in which would be successful in changing your minds? Terror in the streets of the USA, check out the efforts of the republicans to shorten voting hours and times in order to give their party an upper hand. Check out the efforts to have voter ID when voting is one of the priviledges we have in this nation in order to get someone they like elected. Don’t like our troops in our streets, I also don’t like rapid fire weapons in hands of those who are not able to control their emotions and run out and kill at will.

    • Kel

      If u pay attention at all, it’s been mentioned here many times that the corruption is on both sides. People here don’t like dems or reps, as they currently stand. Voting is a right to CITIZENS of this country, not just any resident here. If you can’t get an ID then it means you shouldn’t have one, therefore aren’t legally given the right to vote. The problem with rapid fire in the hands of those who mean harm? The gun laws don’t stop them from getting those guns, only stops me from protecting myself against one. Just research Chicago, the city with a gun ban AND the highest crime rate…and it gets higher every year.
      Seriously. Wake up.

      • James

        Look at who is running Chicago and his ties to the corrupt Capone stile Obama Administration and politicians on both sides left and right. they don’t even have to abide by the laws that everyone else in this country have to abide by.

    • Pathfinder

      Thinking About: Yes people elect but some politicians lie and party affiliation matters not. Conspiracy Bubble; to simplistic! What is for sure is that there are 192 countries and none of them have our Constitution and Bill Of Rights. AMERICA is unique and started the Independence revolution that was emulated by other nations. Most were not as successful as America and adopted socialist and even totalitarian forms of government Think of it this way; The US is different and others are trying to make us like the rest. And, there are those that are “FUNDAMENTALLY CHANGING AMERICA” (OBAMA campaign promise) to make us ” likable” and like the rest.

      The Founding Fathers, were a diverse group of people and forged a unique democratic republic form of government that has a system of check and balances that sometimes does not always work perfectly. Ultimately, as you say, it is up to “WE THE PEOPLE” to set things straight should we not wish to join the governmental forms of the other 192 countries. Unfortunately, politicians have dumbed down the populace (starting with Roosevelt) and have traded “rights and personal freedom” for governmental hand outs over the last 75 years. Our dependent class is now 47 % of the population.
      How much more governmental dependency do we need to be officially socialist????

      Progressive Ideology (aka as liberalism) slowly and surely leads to socialism under the guise of FAIRNESS ( social justice). What you are witnessing is a slow transition of the USA to a socialist form of government, all thanks to power hungry politicians that make laws like OBAMA CARE that snare and entrap its citizens in what will ultimately become economic slavery thru confiscatory tax rates. There is a great difference between being a “Citizen” or “Subject”

      Heed the words of Thomas Jefferson;
      “The democracy will cease to exist when you take away from those who are willing to work and give to those who would not”…..

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  • Chuck

    I think the use of military soldiers to assist the police in itself is very scary.the term (military state) may soon be a everyday word we’ll all be using….

    • nc

      Chuck, our military trained National Guard has just left to go to California! They said it is to aid the people there DURING a natural calamity BUT EVERYONE HERE KNOWS it is really just another FALSE FLAG to scout that area for the coming GOVERNMENT TAKE OVER! TUNE IN RIGHT HERE TOMORROW AT “CONSPIRACY CENTRAL” FOR THE “DETAILS”
      Is there some compelling reason that police and the military working together during an emergency HAS to be seen as the basis of some evil conspiracy???

      • Jay

        nc says: Chuck, our military trained National Guard has just left to go to California! They said it is to aid the people there DURING a natural calamity.

        Aid people during a calamity? How does one administer aid to a person in distress with battle tanks, grenades, and heavy-duty assault-rifles? Did the government come up with a new first-aid treatment i’m not aware of, nc?

  • Priscilla King

    Not sure whether “like” is the word when a good article contains bad news, but I’m linking to it.

  • http://Facwbook Eugene Sergio

    Now it must be revealed!!!! NO FLAG!!!******* “NO COUNTRY”****** IT BEGAN in the ’30′s
    the introduction of the “Gold fringe” this is not an official ”USC title 4– RED WHITE AND BLUE FLAG, OF THE “United States of America” The lefties succeeded in replacing the R W B with an admiralty flag!. Under this flag they can violate the Constitution at wll. “Judicial Activism”etc: the oath we all swore to on enlisting in the military IS–to uphold and defend the USA. Are you getting it???We MUST Demand that “every last” Fringe flag be replaced
    WITH THE official RW&B who will be the first to openly demand it .????

    • http://none Charlie

      Eugene,,, some what right ,,,BUT,,,the gold fringe USA Inc. flag is a Military flag , the President is commander and chief of the Military , therefore it’s The Executive branch flag.
      BUT, why is it flown in the Judicial branch court rooms ??? where is the separation of powers ??? ,,,bingo!,,,there ain’t none ,,,Martial Law rule is on the books right now,,,BUT,,, the small k .,king can’t make an Executive Order to do away with The BIG K , King…
      Praise King Jesus for Salvation and Healing … Acts 2:38…

    • libertarian58
  • waltinseattle

    think we the citizens are brainwashed/innoculated! consider the USArmy property/soldier who ststed that he had taken an iath to the president. not the constitution. And spare me the army swear in…commaner in chief. ..excuses. please?
    personally,i consider the regime “agnostic. thus the leftist presentation as mere pandering, not faith. “noble lies” as a very influential U of Chicago prof has called it (influencing left and right radicals both). NWO is my concern, not the cover story.
    A lawyer friend did a documentary 10 years ago titled “The Militarization of Police” documenting loss of constitutional protection, mil gear use,SWAT proliferation, and programs of INFO SHARING between mil and local/state “police.”
    My point is that the problem is not new, however much it is accelerating. For that ramp up…be very concerned.

    • Pathfinder

      Taking an oath to the president …. is that not like in the 1930′s that the Whrmarct

      • Pathfinder

        Spelling correction to the above post … Whrmarct should be Wehmacht (Hitler’s Army)

  • Old504Troop

    I must be saying something too radical for the censors

    • cawmun cents


  • James

    Sad part is it is only going to get worse as long as the Capone stile Obama Administration is in office and the UnHonorable Attorney General Eric (thugmaster) Holder is still in charge protecting Government crimes. Our Fore Fathers are turning over in thier graves and hoping this Great Nations Citizens wake up before it is to late. Our present Government is like the Nazis of WW2 and is trying to start a Civil war. Obama has broken his Oath of Office as has many other politicians by not Obeying, protecting and defending the Constitution and should be thrown in Prison for Treason.

  • waltinseattle

    @Eugenio re gold fringed flag. i was told it was admiralty flag and it meant contractual/equuty law in place of Const and of COMMON LAW. I was told nothing of lefties. told bankers CITY OF LONDON INC…etc aka NWO. Other than nominal description difference…we agree the damages? I think we do!

  • Old504Troop

    Tried to post on researching Global Policy Forum; Millenium Developement Goals; Habitat Agenda, and Bill Clinton’s Sustainable America. They have been duping the public, our children, and those that join “causes” for over 30 years.

  • Old504Troop

    Finally it posted. They are all interwoven – From Hillary’s “it takes a village and Bill’s NAFTA, to Obama’s share the wealth and push for green energy and dismanteling our coal and gas industries.

  • http://yahoo bob peters

    Sorry folks,there is nothing you can do about the destruction of the 2nd amendment and martial law…Just simply comply and you will not get hurt! The world gun control laws are already in place thanks to Hillary clinton and barack obama.. U.n. troops will confiscate your guns soon…Relax like you have been doing for years and enjoy your new world order!”If you survive”

    • http://none Charlie

      Bob,,. some what true,,,BUT,,, King Jesus does not save chicken sh*ts…
      Praise King Jesus for Salvation and Healing … Acts 2:38…

    • Winddrinker

      Bob, I hope that is just “sarcasm.”

  • http://yahoo bob peters

    The military has been ridding itself of white soldiers from generals to privates and slowly letting illegals in the armed services with the promise of citizenship after 4 years..The blacks,hispanics etc loyal to obama will follow his orders…Thank you my liberal Pendejos for your contribution to the downfall of america!

    • Sharon

      you are soooooo right!

  • FreedomFighter

    Best we all become politically active – vote – join operations that promote American Values, infiltrate local government – obtain jobs that influence, and put a spotlight on the mechanations of the globalist movement and its illegal actions.

    Get active in local, state, regional, and national politics and government, then CHANGE IT FOR THE GOOD and expose the EVIL, then remove it.

    Laus Deo
    Semper Fi

  • RD

    Anyone who votes for bigger government is contributing to the problem. The only solution is to vote out Progressives who view people as needing to be controlled.

  • http://Yahooi Mary joe

    I always pray for his defeat

    • http://none Charlie

      Mary joe,,, what God/god are you praying to??? You got real Power IF, you are praying
      in The Name and Blood of King Jesus…

      • David Fields

        “Take not the name of the Lord thy God in vain”

        Personally, I think you’re going to find your prayers unanswered because you’re asking for the wrong things.

        “Judge not, lest thee be Judged”.

        Many, many people will not like their final Judgement.

      • http://none Charlie

        David Fields,,,Who’s violating the third commandment ? are you judging someone ?
        The “Judgment” of King Jesus is coming down on America right now , because most so called “Churches” are not calling in The Law Words of King Jesus Christ…
        Have you accomplished Acts 2:38 per The Book ?…

      • David Fields

        Leviticus, Charlie. Read that book and tell me if you would still be a free man right now. Based on that one book alone, NOT ONE SINGLE PERSON is going to heaven.

        What makes you think Acts is any more potent than Leviticus?

        • macgyver1948

          David Fields and Charlie…. Leviticus begins with God saying 1:1 “And the LORD spoke unto Moses, saying: ” continues on with Leviticus 1:2 and ends with 27:34 “These are the commandments, which the LORD commanded Moses for the children of Israel in mount Sinai”.

          Then Torah continues with Numbers and then Deuteronomy.

          Forget Acts 2:38 for the moment, assuming you believe in baptisms to begin with.

          Why would God go all through it, Torah for those who believe and that includes believing Torah was written in heaven long before Moses’ time, if, as you suggest David Fields, “NOT ONE SINGLE PERSON is going to heaven”? By the way, we believe while Moses and the Israelites were wandering aimlessly for 40 years God told him to write down exactly what He tells him and not change or miss a thing. There were very important reasons for that.

          David, your we are all doomed thing would presume God did all this only for His amusement similar to why the Romans did it with their Coliseum and their to-the-death tournaments. I see it differently. God gave us Torah, His laws, for all time or until He fulfills them and that hasn’t happened yet. To paraphrase Jesus (In Matthew 5:17, Jesus said, “Think not that I am come to destroy the law, or the prophets: I am not come to destroy the law, but to fulfill. For verily I say unto you, Til heaven and earth pass, one dot or one tittle shall in no way pass from the law, till all be fulfilled.”)

          Do Haven and Earth still exist? If they do then how can Torah be edited, changed or deleted, in part or fully? One of Gods requirements for choosing a people to accept Torah was that they accept all of it and not in part. By the way, The 10 Commandants comes from Torah and is a part of it. So, again why would Leviticus indicate “NOT ONE SINGLE PERSON is going to heaven” if they obey Torah since Torah continues after Leviticus and so do we?

          David Fields, also to assume what you say is to nullify “Free Will”. What would be the point? We have been given the chance to do what is acceptable to God or to choose what isn’t. Our Choices determine whether we go to Heaven or not per God.

          I suppose you who believe in baptism can now go back to doing so, not that you stopped just because I asked you to. I choose not to but I never did. Sorry Charlie but I can’t per God through Torah.

      • http://none Charlie

        David Fields ,,, I , might,,, but,,, King Jesus was not on Earth during Leviticus ,,,Acts 2:38 came after the death , burial , and rising from the tomb,,if Acts 2:38 does not do what it says it will then what Scripture in The Bible will???
        Praise King Jesus for Salvation and Healing …

        • macgyver1948

          Charlie… you are right, King Jesus (who was never a Hebrew king so I always get confused with that) was not around until oh maybe 1000 or so years after Moses. Which scripture is that you refer to that will do it if Acts 2:38 doesn’t, as you say?

      • http://none Charlie

        Macgyver1948,,, Does the Torah replace The New Testament ? I will try to obey King Jesus and His Man Peter,,, Acts 2:38 IS Salvation ,,,BECAUSE OF,,,what Matthew 16:19 says and because of what 1Peter 3:21 says…
        Praise King Jesus for Salvation and Healing …

  • CMC

    As the power of government expands, as the dependency of the people upon government grows, as Leftists continue to be elected to office, continue to teach in our schools, and continue to control our media, the easier it is for people like Obambi and his socialist cohorts in the democrat party to strip away our constitutional protections in order to ultimately change us all from citizens to subjects.


    Habeaus corpus has been circumvented by the Patriot Act, freedom of speech being intruded upon, military toys being incorported by civilian police and the new threat of martial law for any reason now in effect since being signed by the Fraud in the WH…a card carrying communist……keep your knife sharp and your powder dry.

    I AM VOTING FOR THE AMERICAN….Real credentials, integrity and ethic.

    • http://none Charlie

      AND,,,stay in good mental and physical condition so you can use that sharp knife and burn that powder safely against the foes of America…

  • ireAmerica

    Our military personnel have allowed themselves to be used in illegal (undeclared) wars for the past half-century, and have thereby lost their souls.

    Now hear this boys and girls; Redemption, can ONLY be found through your Oath. You are to follow ONLY Constitutional AND lawful orders. Right now, We the People require you to act as bailiffs and remove the traitors from office pending trials for treason.

    There is no excuse for violation of either your Oath or the Constitution.

  • Gary L

    Of course they need to train on America’s streets. They need to get us used to seeing them there because soon enough the feces will hit the rotary oscillator. When all the moochers are unable to get thier free stuff, all hell will break loose.

    • Pathfinder

      As in Greece….. or if you prefer, Wisconsin( State capitol occupation) ,
      and/ or OWS (the “occupy” movement as supported by H Reid, N Pelosi and BOB ).
      The die is cast prepare for the worst.

  • libertarian58

    The police state is being built one statutory law at a time. The goal is to eventually make every human activity illegal on some level, giving the “authorities” the ability to arrest and “fine” (rob) you for virtually any reason. All possession and confiscation laws are patently unjust, but notice that our ENTIRE just-us system enforces them regularly. The Magna Carta and Common law were all about eliminating the arbitrary nature of statutory laws and ensuring that “crime” required an actual victim, and proven injury and/or damages. Our corrupt “legal” system and all of it’s lawyers are doing everything they can to circumvent the common law and re-establish the rule of kings under statutory (martial) law.

  • Antonio

    For those of you who support the troops, you deserve all that is fixing to happen to you because this power, this rule and this dictatorship is what you have unwittingly, unknowingly, but willing supported. World dominance, world globalization, world dictatorship is exactly what you all have supported; so now here it is. Sit down, shut up and enjoy your future life in the fema camps….



    • Antonio

      You see this people ^ ^ ^ This is exactly why we are losing our liberties on a daily basis, because stupid people just like craxhead up above just don’t get it…

  • Tom K.

    200 Million Americans have guns, so when they come down the street, we may be out gunned, but we are not Sheep, and will not Surrender to a Marxist Govt. Every time a govt. does a Dictator like takeover, they kill Millions of their own Citizens. Can we expect that here? Probably…Sad, but true…No problem, as I know I will be going to a better place, and will see Jesus kick butt when he returns.

    • http://none Charlie

      Tom ,,, that’s King Jesus , he’s waiting on you to follow His “Orders”,,,what does Luke 19:27 say ??? but first you need to accomplish Acts 2:38 and then Luke 22:36… Get busy you got some discipline to take care of … The King of America said “if you love Me obey Me”…
      Praise King Jesus for Salvation and Healing …

      • nc

        Charlie, if you citing the KJV of the Bible, are you not troubled that it is a version reportedly compiled by a bunch of senile 14th century preachers appointed by a gay king?? The “word of God” to the very letter???? How would you know??

      • http://none Charlie

        nc,,ha ha hanhaanuanhhaa ,how many times do you think I’ve heard that silly nonsense from other heathens ??? I use the 1611 KJV along with the NASB … The only way to prove The Holy Bible of The Almighty God is with Obedience to The Almighty God and His Son , King Jesus Christ ,,,give it a try , it might expand your mind…
        Praise King Jesus for Salvation and Healing … Acts 2:38…

  • Jeff Renner

    I’ve been watching this whole thing play out for quite some time now, but there is one thing that perplexes me about this whole big government takeover thing: Which party takes over? The one who happens to occupy the White House at the time? The joint chiefs? Do they move the capital to Ft. Meade?

    • Daniel from TN

      Liberals, aka Progressives, aka Communists.

  • antonio

    ‘Militarism is the road to serfdom” — Antonio Jefferson :)

    quit supporting the troops and start supporting your local militias….
    The military didn’t win the revolution, the militias did. Go figure!!

  • nc

    Jeff, they will have a contest here at Personal Liberty to decide who heads the fantasy government! It’s an essay of not more that 500 words and must contain at least two new conspiracies and 3 false flag events.! I predict the winner will be one of the two other Mr’ Livingstons! Dave H or Nancy from Nowhere! Not to worry! They play with only a half a deck and use toy soldiers they can move at will for false flag purposes!!”

    PS: all entries that arrive after the elections are cancelled will not be accepted but will be returned to be read in homeschool or at the church picnic!

    • http://none Charlie

      nc,,,you are making things way too complex,,,make it simple with the Bible ,,,all major wars have been between the Lineage of Esau / Edom and the Lineage of Jacob Israel , what’s your lineage ? , that’s what I figured you don’t know nor do most people , so , how are you going to ID who is a friend or foe ?

      • macgyver1948

        Charlie… Why are you both asking and answering your own question? With your presuming and ASSuming for others how can you ever get a real answers? LOL

        Gen 25:25 :-)))

      • http://none Charlie

        Macgyver1948,,, I’m throwing info at most that they don’t have enough experience to answer to ,,,assuming nothing ,,,but,, pointing at Bible Historical Facts that NO ONE can prove wrong ,,,but,,,many THINK they are smarter than King Jesus … You got Genesis 25:25 ,,,but ,,,what is his lineage today???
        Praise King Jesus for Salvation and Healing… Acts 2:38…

  • TheLar

    UNBELIEVEABLE!!!! We are all so worried about the short sighted view of everything. All of this has been prophesied to happen. The worst thing about it is that we are here watching these prophesies come to fruitiion in our lifetime. It’s extremely difficult to be 60 years old, Vietnam vet, living on the edge of destruction and having to watch this ONCE GREAT nation fall to the level it is now. Man has never , EVER been able to rule man simply because we are all SINFUL. EVERYTHING we are witnessing has been because of this….

    • http://none Charlie

      TheLar,,, the semi heathen ,DaveH can tell us as much as you did ,,,but,,,both of you have NOT told us how to correct this defect called “sin”… To fix a problem one MUST first ID the problem AND understand the problem, then apply the fix , so below I will give a few clues on what the fix is …
      Praise King Jesus for Salvation and Healing … Acts 2:38…

      • macgyver1948

        To fix a problem you not only need to ID the problem, as you said, but you have to replace all the minds who created the problems. We need to replace all our reps.

      • antonio

        @Mac The problem having been ID’d is money. To fix the problem you must abolish the federal reserve bank and get rid of paper money. Replacing the “reps” will do absolutely nothing as long as there is paper money to pay them with.

        • macgyver1948

          Antonio…. I feel we have to start some place. First we replace the “Representatives” and then we can see, with “Representatives” who work for us and not the corporations, how to replace the money. Flat money is BS money but for now we need it until we have a system to replace what we do not need or what is wasted. We have to know how before we just “do”.

      • macgyver1948

        Charlie…. Sorry it took so long but I just now say your post. You asked me if Torah replaces the New Testament. I am not sure how you mean that considering Torah came first by a lot of years and for Jews the New Testament is not our bible so it is not for us to believe in. Your Paul, in your New Testament, tried to eliminate Torah but it wont work for Jews. It cannot work for Jews because that is asking us to say no to God as well as to destroy Judaism as the Romans and others since wanted to do. If you want the New Testament to replace Torah that is your choice but it wasn’t the choice of the Rabbi Jesus’ either.

      • http://none Charlie

        Mcgyver ,,, what kind of Jew are you ? Bloodline jew? geographical jew ? or Religious jew??… The term Jew is a multi use term today… Do you ….
        Praise King Jesus for Salvation and Healing ?……………

        • macgyver1948

          Charlie… as far as I know it is blood line and religious. Family bibles go back a ways.

          As a Jew, and a strong believer in Torah, I cannot believe or pray to a man. It would be a mortal sin for me, a Jew, to do so. It is all in the Hebrew bible so I always wonder why those who ask questions like “Do you ….Praise King Jesus for Salvation and Healing ?” must not have read or understood the Hebrew Bible as it was taught and passed on to Moses by God to this day. I am guessing you do not understand how Rabbi Jesus taught Torah either. Thanks for asking though…

          To each his/her own faith or there is no need for “Freedom Of Religion”, something we very much need along with “Separation Of Church And State”.

          By the way, Jesus was never a Hebrew King either. If you want him to be a Christian King or Christian Messiah or even a Christian prophet, we would not care or mind, by all means do but he was never those for us.

  • bob

    I have lived in the syracuse NY area for 23yrs I know fort Drum is in water town ny. For the first time I have seen a convoy driving up I81 troops in personal carriers with sand bags around and there weapons mounted.not just one or two it was about eight.

    • Antonio

      “I have my own army in the NYPD, which is the seventh biggest army in the world.”—Michael Bloomberg

      good luck in NY…

      • http://none Charlie

        Antonio, it appears they are not too bright they did not arrest the criminals of 911…

  • newspooner

    Slavery imposed by the federal government will be continued at a measured pace so that most people won’t even realize that they have lost their liberty. Communism by any other name is still communism.

  • newspooner

    Get the US out of the UN, and get the UN out of the US. Otherwise, all liberty will be lost.

  • http://na Mike in NE

    flushy, nc, jopa, eddie, thanks for posting your drivel,makes your type much easier to be seen and avoided quickly with no doubts. Bob Livingston, thank you for this site. DaveH, thank you for your devotion to teach. Kate8, your links were just what I was looking for, thanks to you also. I think the majority of the national guard/military are order followers as well. SWAT teams were brought in last summer to protect the dykes/levees that were built for the flood, they were here two weeks before the city planners “realized” they were more expensive that the locals overtime. Would not turn my back on any of them. They like to scare and intimidate and would kill for the rush even without being ordered to. I received hard eyeballs and was followed just for looking at them for a little too long I guess. I don’t think the citizens seem to think like me so there might be less gunowners on “my” side. Thanks to all who helped me to get where I need to go and try and awaken some friends on the way, feels like time is running short. SWAT and locals were no doubt a vaccination and I do not require any. I fear for my life, not theirs. Practice and planning are going on triple time. Hope to not have to cash in that insurance policy but it’s damn nice to have.

    • nc

      Mike, I sure hope the military personell are good at following orders! Military following and carrying out orders are what have made us the best military in the history of the world> Check their records!! Swat teams carrying weapons are there for a reason! To guard something! I sure hope they give everyone who gets close enoug to see their eyes a good hard look instead of standing around shooting the S**T>

      Your problems with that scenerio are two fold! You are Pi$$ed because you and your leaders are not the ones giving the orders and TWO, you seem to be paranoid at the sight of authority! Did those swat teams with the guns kill anyyone while there? Did they take locals into cutody as political prisioners?? None of that?? Then guess what? They did their job and left!! How scary is that! Paranoia is a curable disease>

      • http://na Mike in NE

        dear nc, Glad you have myself and my observations all figured out for me. That is exactly what the SWAT boys were doing when I drove by, standing around shooting the breeze. Appeared like they would have preferred shooting me for looking at them? Nothing to see here, just move along. Oh, and don’t be looking at us on your way by. They were able to take some kids down who were on foot, knocked them around after they almost got away, for leaving footprints. Local LEO could have done that, probably without the rough stuff. I’m neither pissed or paranoid, just aware of my situation, a lifelong habit of mine, always will be. Take care of yourself nc, I’ll be doing the same.

    • http://none Charlie

      Mike in NE,,,you have been duped, deceived and deluded by the Satanic powers that be…
      Martial Law Rule cancels most “corporation” contracts ,,,hint!!! Insurance Companies are “Corporations”,,,read the fine print , use a 10xglass,,,ha ha ha …
      Praise King Jesus for Salvation and Healing … Acts 2;38…

      • http://na Mike in NE

        Charlie, that is my own life insurance policy, not some corporation. I’ve not been duped, deceived, or deluded by the Satanic powers that be, just staying alive man. Got it?

  • TerriG

    All of these drills have neen done across the country for decades. Why are you complaining about it now?

    • Bob Livingston

      Dear TerriG,

      Sorry I woke you.

      Best wishes,

  • Liberty

    Wow! This is your best article with links that Personal Liberty has wrote. The links substantiate that the Government plans on inforcing the NDAA soon.

    • http://none Charlie

      Liberty, et al ,,,read the one page book of Obadiah in The Old Testament it’s between Amos and Jonah,,,that’s what is going to happen next ,,,when?,,, very soon… Obadiah says , the lineage of Esau Edom will be teetotally wiped out ,,,so,,, who is the lineage of Esau Edom today??? We have it figured out do you???

      • http://none Charlie

        Praise King Jesus for Salvation and Healing … Acts 2:38…

      • J.R.

        Do you really think so and do you fully understand all the implications? And Can you speak of the oppressor with such confidences as well? Can one tell me from whence he originated or even the battle bow in likeness? Only one of Gods chosen people can save one today and you know what? I’ll leave you to answer this one even as, I in particular, may have such knowledge!

      • http://none Charlie

        J.R.,,, The present day wars started way back between Esau and Jacob ,,,the chosen people of God / King Jesus are the Lineage Jacob Israel … The book of Obadiah is going to happen as written… Do you ? ,,,, Praise King Jesus for Salvation and Healing .

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  • Ranchman

    Many of you say we need to do something. Some talk about the global economic system and all the money that America is hemorrhaging from all the foreign aid we’re paying. Others talk about the tyranny and oppression raining down on us from our own politicians while those same so-called leaders live the life of Riley. Everybody here is right, and y’all sound well educated on the issues of the day. Everybody here also knows, deep down, whether they can admit it out loud or not, that the only way we’re ever going to solve our “problems” and restore this Republic back to its founding principles and the Constitution is by force. Our Founding Fathers, God rest their souls, did not come to that decision lightly either. As a matter-of-fact, it took them several years to even write the Declaration of Independence. Such was the weight on their hearts, knowing full well what they were getting into and exhausting all their other options first. But the painful truth is, what’s happening to We the People at the hands of our own government today is much worse than what the British were doing to us leading up to 1776. For those who know, it’s painfully obvious. For those who can’t or won’t yet see it, you need to get your head around it. We are systematically, little by little, seeing the gates of the prison close behind us. Personally, I despise what is being done to us. Each of us. But I also know that only about 5% of the Colonists fought in the war for our independence from Great Britain-5%. If only 5% of Americans today were on the same page that would be roughly 17,500,000 of us. That’s out of a population of about 311,000,000 people today. That’s a rather large presence, wouldn’t ya say? The point is, this is why the government is doing all the divide and conquer it can, they have to. They have to ensure that we won’t see eye to eye on anything, so they divide us on every social issue there is. We have the strength in numbers, folks, and they are very afraid of us They’re afraid of what me know and what we might find out. We just need to get it together.

    Remember 1776 and Keep Your Powder Dry!

    • Daniel from TN

      You are correct about force possibly being needed. The Liberals do indeed know this and are already preparing for the possibility of civil war, which is why they are stocking up on ammunition, trying to prepare US troops to fire on US citizens, and other matters. I believe only one thing will prevent another civil war in the US; a Constitutional Convention.
      Many things need to be changed in how the federal government operates. Congress, whether Democrat or Republican controlled, has repeatedly demonstrated it has no desire to produce those changes: Members of Congress enjoy the status quo too much. Only the states can produce the needed change; through a convention. A convention will bypass Congress and leave it out of the decision making/changing process. With obama as president Congress is definately used to that by now.

      America or obama! You can’t have both!

      • BR549

        A Constitutional Convention? Hardly, That is the one thing the globalists WANT to have happen is a chance to remove our rights. By the time any such convention is held, don’t think for a minute that the globalists won’t have already been planning for such an event and had already positioned their bought and paid for legislator chess pieces to dissolve it altogether.

        A Constitutional Convention would be the perfect tool to stir up the pot so much that we wind up with no constitution at all; again, that is exactly what the globalists have been shooting for all along, was some seemingly legal way to remove that major obstacle standing in their way. So, keep pushing for that and watch what happens. There would be two roads to hell and THAT would be the short one.

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  • Dennis

    It is so sad. When I was a kid, I looked up to the policemen and respected them. I know there are still good police officers out there. On the other hand, at 65 years old, I no longer trust any police officer. He might be just as crazy as a lot of the criminals. I make sure I drive at the speed limits and I do not do anything else that might attract the attention of the police. By the way, I did a military career, 8 years in the Navy and 13 years in the Coast Guard, having retired in 1985. I sure am glad I am not in now. I could not deal with all that is going on, no way.



    • Jeff

      And what is it that is going on? No one can read your mind. Express yourself in words that actually express a thought.

  • leslie

    I was a government major who wanted to be in the Senate or the supreme court since I was ten. I studied for lsat, did bad and had my eyes open to the truth of gov/court system. And I will not be trying for law school again. I’m back in school taking sciences to become an eye doctor.

    But my point is this. A teacher said something in a political philosophy class I will never forget.

    Those who want power, aka senators, or presidents should NEVER be in power. The true leaders need to be ones who don’t want it. Tues is a quandary. People who want power are wrong for it, but how to get the correct people, people with no desire to be anywhere near politics, to actually take positions of power.

    Check out it’ll blow your mind. I bought the packet. Anyone wants any information, I can freely make copies and give it to anyone and everyone. I’m a baby in this matrix called government, but with my background in law and government, I’m understanding it well.

    The only solution I see is we need to renounce US citizenship, bc, it was set up, God created maAs a sovereign. Man created state. State created usa, which created a 14th amendment citizen. And we take it. We went from sovereign, creditors, to a corporation, a debtor, just like ibm, or Exxon. And fyi, the government declared bankruptcy in 1933, so they’re a corp to and used all of us as collateral. Everyone’s birth certificate is traded in the stock market, and what if someone cannot pay their bills,? The bank or owner of debt takes that property. In this case, if the FED DOESN’T RENEW TREATY IN DEC all fed notes worthless and they might come after their property, US, PEAOPLE.

    Best way to usher in the nwo, than economic collapse, we’re seeing it in Europe, it would be crushing should it happen her

    So check out
    And you tube 20 lies every American should know. I personally researched every single thing on there and can’t prove anything inaccurate. It’s scary.

    I think politicians are picked. Just for fun, here in tx in the runoff I asked for a printout of my vote, for my recordI knew the answer, wanted to hear it myself. Surprise. There is no way to give you a hard copy of your vote. Her exact words were “you can see the sample ballot”. I know for a fact there’s no way to know whether your vote really counts bc you can not even get a receipt so to speak. I have no faith in the gov anymore, feel retarded as a government major, I had so much faith in the system. But it was all lies. Check those out and if anyone wants copies of the dvds, or the information I bought. Email me,
    This was long, but I believe lawyers get paid by the word, so I was trained to write a lot.

    Also until you read the stuff, DO NOT DRINK TAP WATER AND REFUSE FLUORIDE RINSES AT THE DENTIS. FLUORIDE IS TOXIC AND A MAIN ING IN PROZAC. drinking tap water takes away our freedom of choice to be medicated. I have lots of research on this too. Email me, I can scan it to you.
    But the bible says it will happen. And it’s starting. We can be prepared, but we can not stop it. Jesus said, it’s done. That means. It’s. Started and we can not change it but we can be aware and not be slaves

    • BR549

      As Daniel Estulin stated in his book, “The Bilderberg Group”, no president since the early ’70s has made it into office without David Rockefeller’s official blessing. Rockefeller, in his book, “Memoirs”, stated, “………. Some even believe we are part of a secret cabal working against the best interests of the United States, characterizing my family and me as internationalists and of conspiring with others around the world to build a more integrated global political and economic structure — one world, if you will. If that’s the charge, I stand guilty, and I am proud of it.” By “working against the best interests of the United States”, he means sabotaging our country by dissolving the Constitution and gutting our financial system through corrupt banking practices.

      By all of this, of course, he means globalism, and the main obstacle to that goal is still our US Constituition. So, if the only people who are invited to Bilderberg Meetings are those leaders, monarchs, and politicians who are known to be willing to “play ball”, and that BOTH Obama AND Romney had voluntary attended the Bilderberg meetings. It goes without saying that one is no better than the other; BOTH choices SUCK.

  • wayno

    Am a vet of 30+ years. When on maneuvers and under martial law, there will be no cell phones and radios – other than military – with the troops. Not allowed. They will only know what they are told. They will have devices that block cell phone use over a wide area or just shut down the cell phone system. They will be told what is going on – the view from the top- and they will be told what to do and they’ll do it, be it raid your house, put you on a truck or bus, or just shoot you.
    The only way around it is to prevent it and push hard NOW with whomever you elected to stop these intermingling with civilian police forces and violations of posse commitatus .
    You’ll be very sorry later if you don’t do it now.



  • kategray

    This is in preparation for the PRETENDER’S alleged National Emergency, but little does he realize that those who are Citizens of America will not pick up arms against it’s citizens. He will only have THUGS and ILLEGALS on his forced with the Black Panthers. That is why OUR EMPLOYEES HAVE NO RIGHT TO GO AGAINST THEIR EMPLOYERS The PRETENDER has forgotten that WE THE PEOPLE will not stand by for this so called NATIONAL EMERGENCY. He has not closed the borders to both RADICALS AND ILLEGALS.



  • Kevin

    How long will the potted plants in Congress permit this maglomanic Obama to unlawfully govern this country? Almost a billion rounds of ammunition for a” do nothing useful ” Homeland Security (welfare for law enforcement); bullets for Social Security; and even the weather service? What for? They have enough bullets to shoot every man, women and child in the United States, twice. When war finally comes again, our troops will be too busy writing traffic tickets and arresting people exercising their 1st Amendment rights. Welcome to the United Socialist States of America and its dictator, the Kenyan Comrade Barack Hussain Obama, a/k/a “Uncle Barack” Stalin, Hugo ” the butcher” Obama, Mao Obama. Anyone who voted for this jerk, should do the right thing and kill themselves for being terminally stupid.

  • http://msn Albert

    This is just another sign,that our furious leader,are going to start running over us. Showing their true selves,by controlling us with military force,no more freedom,no more free speech,and no more voting for our civil rights.An they will be taking all fire arms. Surrender them freely and no on gets hurt,but fight them,( get a bullet)

    • http://none Charlie

      Albert ,,,the Servants of King Jesus have silver bullets and are faster on the draw and some have a Guardian Angel that loves to show off his power,,,but,,,could it be you are a chicken sh*t???
      Praise King Jesus for Salvation and Healing … Acts 2:38…

  • Doubting Thomas

    So, do you still think owning a gun is your right? Are you going to fight a military trained SWAT Team with your dear rifle and a 9mm pistol? Dick Chaney’s Patriot Act took away most of your rights and your ability to fight back. Regardless of the political affiliation, the president today can legally do what Richard Nixon had to resign over! And now they have opened up air space to drone fly overs. Kiss your ass goodbye. For you are to blame for buying into those conservative scar tactics of the last administration. Now it is clear why Obama refused to prosecute members of the Bush administration for war crimes. A new president will never give up powers that are handed to him.

    • truesoy


      You are absolutely right, but conservatives will exonorate themselves from any guilt.


  • Mark O’Brien

    If they insist on doing this then they might as well send them to the borders of the USA and Mexico where the bad guys have miitary trained troops and military grade weapons to shoot some future vacationeers that forget when to go home.

  • truesoy

    Bob Livingston;

    Tthere are several asesrtions you make in regards to the military.
    1) The States National Guards do not fall under the Posse Comitatus Act, and have law enforcement authority to be use at the discretion of the Governors of the State. Although the National Guard can be federalized, but only in certain circumstances.
    I also want to remind you all, that right after 9-11 anything Bush wanted, Bush got, hence risk being call ‘unamerican and unpatriotic by conservatives that were much too quick to apply the label if you dare dissent. Thus it is your conservative brethren you have to thank for that.
    It was a republican/conservative hatched “Patriot Act” the precursor to everything else, and it won’t go away, and no president will make it go away either, if anything it will develope a life of its own, no matter who is president.
    By the way the Patriot Act also do away with the 5th and the 2d, for without the 4th there is no protection for the 2d.
    ….and don’t forget that it was not the liberals, but that it was the republican/conservatives, the self-appointed defenders of the Constitution that made it possible.


    • macgyver1948

      truesoy… Is it my imagination or has this site gotten more paranoid and illusional lately? What you say about GW Bush and The Patriot Act and HLS is all true, they are far right conservative GOP attempts to gain more control of us by weakening the Constitution and creating fear through their projected paranoia. And they are doing a good job with their rank and file by their forcing all the blame on the left. Detraction from ones’ self is a great way to reflect your own guilt onto those who will not see it your way.

      As you say no president alone can make it go away so we have to do it with him. Of course if a GOP president comes in there will be no stopping the paranoia from spreading further.

      I do not see Obama losing the election, barring a major stock market crash a week or so before the election, and with the stack market improving I don’t see that. So hopefully there are enough who will think for themselves, not listen to the ramblings of the TP/GOP, and vote for someone other that Ryan?Romney. The Left has to maintain the Senate and regain the House or more of what Obama has tried for us will be blocked in his 2nd term as well.

      We also need to continue to remind people of the many things the GOP has done to hurt and weaken the Constitution and how much more they will hurt us with things like the Ryan plans and Romney’s tax benefits for the wealthy – more Bushisms. Thanks for your post.

      • truesoy


        You’re welcome.




          • macgyver1948

            CRAXXYFREDDIE.. are you an out of work because you haven’t got the talent comedian? LOL.. Your comment was funny though…

    • Steve

      The real test of whether the National Guard falls under Federal control is one of reality and not law. Even though the state uses its money to purchase a lions share of its equipment, there is still a considerable portion paid by the Feds. Almost all training is Fed. Almost all command structure remains Fed (for all intensive purposes). So the question is: If a state, say like Texas had a referendum and decided to seceded from the Union(as is their LAWFUL right), and stand as its own individual country(as is it lawful right) without participation in the the Union, and if the US Feds somehow called this an “unlawful” act of insurrection(or possibly “political terrorism” by extensive Al Qaeda networks within the Texas government), and decided to mobilize our military to restore freedom to the people of Texas from tyranny, … When the order came from the Pentagon to the Texas Guard…
      how many would do exactly as they have been trained and follow orders from their most familiar chain of commanders? The reality is that the govenor’s ultimate command is nothing more than procedural request and not an order, as the law intends. Has been intentionally setup that way from the inception of the National Guard.

      • truesoy


        You are half right. It is true that the the National Guard can be federalized and integrated into the reuglar Army command. However, while the national guard is under State command the Posse Comitatus does not apply and it can be used, by order of the Governor, in restoring law and order as any other law enforcement agency would during times of civil unrest.


  • Mary Ann Hammer

    Thanx for this information, which every American SHOULD become alerted to!! This was a brief topic ofdiscussion on late last nite. And now today I read of it again…hmmm. ALL THE MORE URGENCY TO DEFEAT OBAMA!!! BUT…can he et al somehow fully implement suchactions between Novem & January 2013 when he HAS TO GET OUT??? Can you answer this? Thanx again. Mary Ann Hammer

    • http://none Charlie

      Mary Ann Hammer,,, The History Book of King Jesus says “”We”"” win.. can you say?
      Praise King Jesus for Salvation and Healing … Acts 2:38,,, DO IT!!!

  • larry satava

    i wouldnt put anything past this illegal alien muslim that the left wing idiots put in my whitehouse, he is out to destroy the united states and break the bank, he needs to be removed in november if it isnt too late already??? the liberals are going to screw us all if we let them get away with their [expletive deleted] ! ! ! !

    • Jeff

      Why bother with a post like that? At least half the morons on this blog agree with that sentiment and you’ve added NOTHING to anyone’s knowledge. No facts, no evidence, no interesting insights. Just pure hatred and particularly inarticulate at that.

  • JoMama

    I will not conform.


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