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America’s Hundred Years War and What it Means for Your Bottom Dollar

January 13, 2010 by  

A new decade arrived and the world woke up to another round of Islamic extremism.*

Last week President Barack Obama held a White House inquest into the intelligence failures that saw a man try to bring a jet down over Detroit on Christmas day.

Meanwhile the headline being pumped out by the world’s news sources reads: Yemen Jihad!

If Iraq and Afghanistan weren’t bad enough, now we have to worry about Yemen. These are getting to be trying times—especially if you are like me and have to use Google to find exactly where Yemen is.

If there is one thing aplenty these days it is information, and the above map, courtesy of the Internet, shows Yemen at the heel of the Saudi boot. That puts it pretty much at the epicenter of the Muslim world (shaded in green).

Of course, if you yearn for the return of cheap gasoline you will notice that Yemen is also dangerously close to the House of Saud and its elephant oilfields.

So what, you say? Yemen is just one more speed-bump in America’s 21st Century Autobahn.

Perhaps, but take note that the speed-bumps are starting to pile up, and if the idea of another Hundred Years War seems ridiculous, consider that the United States has already been fighting Muslim extremists since Oct. 23, 1983. On that day an organization calling itself the Islamic Jihad blew-up a Marine Corps barracks in Lebanon killing 299 U.S. servicemen. We have had to live with Islam and the radicals in it ever since.

More than a trillion dollars waged so far
All these years the U.S. has been involved in costly warfare in places like Kuwait, Somalia, Bosnia, Kosovo, Iraq and Afghanistan. And before we engage another enemy that happens to border on our most important strategic ally, Saudi Arabia, we might want to take stock of how successful these operations have been.

According to George Friedman in his new book, The Next 100 Years, A Forecast for the 21st Century: “The (Islamic) world is more fragmented then ever. U.S. defeat or stalemate in Iraq and Afghanistan is the likely outcome, and both wars will appear to have ended badly for the United States.”

One thing is for certain, these wars will have ended expensively.

According to The National Priorities Project, $950 billion dollars has been allocated to the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. “In addition to this approved amount, the FY2010 budget shows a $130 billion request for more war spending. This would bring total war spending in Iraq and Afghanistan to more than $1 trillion,” The Project states.

In fact, you can check out the accumulating Cost of War Clock at:

It is starting to appear that there is no end in sight for the bleeding of both men and money in this fight. That is at the crux of Washington’s bankrupt foreign policy. Already the war in Iraq alone has exceeded the inflation-adjusted cost of fighting in Vietnam. And that may be a gross underestimation.

The Washington Post says, “By the time you add in the costs hidden in the defense budget, the money we’ll have to spend to help future veterans, and money to refurbish a military whose equipment and materiel have been greatly depleted, the total tab to the federal government will almost surely exceed $1.5 trillion.”

If so, then the U.S. has spent more than $2 trillion in an attempt to re-shape the Muslim world. That is about half of what the U.S. spent in constant dollars to wage and win World War II.

Keep in mind that World War II paid huge dividends to America. It cemented it as the world’s largest superpower and allowed it to shape Western Europe and much of Asia into trade-friendly democracies.

Reconstruction loans and meeting soaring consumer demand from across the Pacific and the Atlantic created an unparrelled boon for U.S. businesses.

Fighting the extremists comes down to oil
Today American conflicts are creating more uncertainty than certainty, greater resentment than goodwill.

So the question resounds: why doesn’t America pick-up and leave the Muslims to themselves? The answer is simple: the U.S. must have future access to Arab oil.

All you have to do is consider the facts:

  • The total remaining conventional oil on the planet is less than 1 trillion barrels. That is about half of the earth’s original endowment.
  • The world is currently burning 80 million barrels per day. At the current rate there will be only enough oil to sustain the planet another 3 decades.
  • America makes up less than 5 percent of the world’s population but consumes more than 25 percent of the world’s oil. This is an especially bleak equation when you consider that the last conventional elephant oilfield in North America was discovered more than four decades ago.
  • The plum but so far undiscovered oilfields in the world lay beneath the shifting sands of the Middle East.

Unfortunately war expenditures, as well as a bevy of social spending (a.k.a. bailouts) by Washington, are putting a noose around the dollar’s neck. Our federal government has put us in harm’s way of not only Muslim extremists, but also a mounting debt crisis—a combination that could cripple the greenback and send oil prices soaring.

Terrible decade for the dollar
As the U.S. Dollar Index graph below shows, the greenback has been falling at a steady rate since 9/11.

In 2001 the U.S. dollar was trading at 120 against a basket of other currencies. Since then it has been spiraling down, the only interruption was during the economic crisis in late 2008 which spawned deflationary fears and created only temporary reprieve for the buck.

But having failed at that rally the dollar is testing historic lows. Technically a break under 72—not all that far below current levels—could be catastrophic for the dollar.

To date the Pentagon seems to have not learned a single lesson from Vietnam. More than a generation later, war planners and politicians are still unwilling to do whatever it takes—yes even the nuclear option—to kill and capture Osama bin Laden and his henchmen. Each failure by the U.S. to end terror against its own people only emboldens the jihadist radicals which include members of Iran and Pakistan’s leadership.

That is bad news for the country and for the greenback.

Action to take: continue to accumulate blue chip petroleum stocks, including holdings in Suncor Energy Corp (NYSE: SU), which is heavily invested in Canada’s oils sands project.

Yours for real wealth and good health,

John Myers
Myers’ Energy and Gold Report

*Since there was no year zero, the second decade of the 21st Century actually begins next January.

John Myers

is editor of Myers’ Energy and Gold Report. The son of C.V. Myers, the original publisher of Oilweek Magazine, John has worked with two of the world’s largest investment publishers, Phillips and Agora. He was the original editor for Outstanding Investments and has more than 20 years experience as an investment writer. John is a graduate of the University of Calgary. He has worked for Prudential Securities in Spokane, Wash., as a registered investment advisor. His office location in Calgary, Alberta, is just minutes away from the headquarters of some of the biggest players in today’s energy markets. This gives him personal access to everyone from oil CEOs to roughnecks, where he learns secrets from oil insiders he passes on to his subscribers. Plus, during his years in Spokane he cultivated a network of relationships with mining insiders in Idaho, Oregon and Washington.

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  • Ardvark

    Mr. Myers, even the mention of using nuclear weapons is ludicrous. Another knne-jerk reaction by a right-winger. Barry Goldwater would approve, no doubt. People with some sanity understandt that President Obama’s patient interdiction will win this conflict if we just give him time. Please lets bring some sanity to the debate.

    • J C

      I thought Obama’s patient interdiction was directed at American Liberty. Being a muslim halfrican himself, I’m sure his relationship with Yemen is plenty solid.

      • George Filchak

        I think your statement is completly NUTS!

        • J C

          Oh well….
          As far as I’m concerned Obama’s war is against America, like the good Muslim he is.

          • Dennis

            You got that $hit right, Obama is Kenyan Born and a Muslim , and somewhere i was reading something saying he went to School in Yemen, also in his book ( Dreams of my father ) he stated that if it came to a war he would stand with the Muslim.

    • http://donthaveone Beberoni

      Yeah right. Come on man. You really think you can sit down and talk sense into these guys? You have to be a crazy man. You could write them a ten million dollar check, and theyd still be trying to kill you tomorrow. All they know is to exterminate everyone and anything that dares to think differently than them, and they will die trying to do it. Are you understanding this yet? All they know and respect, is ka-boom. Thats it. You seem to think its ok to stay there year after year, and have a couple thousand die every year. But if I say drop a big one one them, kill a few thousand now and save lives later, you call me nuts? Come on man. Are you yet aware of just how many lives were saved when we dropped the Atomic bombs in Japan? Thousands man, thousands. Sure its ugly, its nasty, and it shouldnt have to be done. But if ever there were a call for it, it is now against these extremists that do not value life, theirs or ours. I fully believe that if we just turn one of these terrorists countries into a sheet of glass, we would be able to look at the others and ask them if they now have any questions, and we might get a different response from them. Until they fear, they wont stop. What we are doing right now, with the dems wanting to sit down over a glass of wine and talk, has them laughing until they wet their pants. They see the weakness, and they are again formulating a way to hit us, now that our liberal leaders are asleep.

  • MJ Montana

    Finally something Myers and I agree upon. If we could get into a time machine and go back to the day after 9/11 and stick a tactical nuke down

  • MJ Montana

    Finally something Myers and I agree upon. If only we could get wise after Vietnam. The day after 9/11 we should has shoved a tactical nuke into the mountains of those bloodthirsty Mullahs. It would have been game over for them, and everyone in the world would think more than twice before killing innocent Americans. We would have saved thousands of our best and brightest not to mention the hundreds of thousands of dead Arabs in the region. And oh yeah, maybe a trillion dollars. And we wouldn’t be dealing with these nuts still intent on killing us on Christmas over Detroit more than nine years later. Is America ever going to fight a war again and really try to win it instead of just contain it?

    • Robert Beaty

      There are two heartless countries that are more than willing to drop atomic bombs on the U.S. had we dropped one on the Arabs. Would you like to find out?

      • Michael J.

        Robert, If you mean China and Russia, you should pause and think about it for a minute. Such actions by either or both would result in their complete anialation. They don’t love the Arabs that much.

        • Peter

          Michael J, unfortunately it’s not the Afghanis or bin Laden the Russians and Chinese care about. It’s the oil fields in the north (Russian states bordering on Afghanistan), and supply chains that run through Afghanistan that matter. That’s why Russia invaded Afghanistan years ago. Both Russia & China would have retaliated if the US had nuked the Afghan mountains, because they both want either control or a decent share of that oil supply. Same reason the shrub and his buddies went into Iraq. Oil security matters big time.

          • George Filchak

            What are you trying to talk about?

      • http://donthaveone Beberoni

        I wouldnt worry about them. I would take care of our sovereignty first, and level them, then worry about what someone else thinks. See, that is the whole problem with America right now, is before we ever do anything, the politicians and people in power are always worried about what every stinking little special interest group thinks, instead of doing what is right for the majority of the people, and tell them that if they dont like it, move somewhere else. You tell me why the majority of what people wants doesnt count, but what a few want does? I got a big problem with that. And then when it comes to the left wing liberals giving lawyers to enemy terrorists trying to kill us, and then trying our own marines for them fighting the war, man thats just wrong in every sense of the word wrong. Where did we get off track? When will someone with some cahoonas step up, and do what is right? They are all probably afraid now, since Bush showed a pair and all the pacifists in this country turned on him. Unbelievable. You feel like this, move to France, where pacifism rules, and you can crawl into the fetal position and call for the Americans to save you time and time again.

    • George Filchak

      For once I found someone else I can agree with.We are too worried over what the rest of the world thinks about us that we are afraid to use nukes.I believe that we may be forced to use the big weapons sooner than later.I would enjoy further remarks from you.

      • http://donthaveone Beberoni

        I say boom boom, any questions.

        • Rod James

          You all sound like homicidal maniacs! Kiss your own ass goodbye if Boom,Boom happens.

    • J C

      Bear in mind that the Bin Laden’s and the Bush clan are not only family friends, but business partners. Osama spent so much time with the Bush’s as a child that he was known as “the other Bush boy”.
      There’s no way they are seriously even trying to bring him to justice, let alone nuke them.

      • cr747

        J C you are wrong there. It was Bill and Hillary who was such good friends. Remember all the gifts Hillary got from them Muslim Killers!!!!!!!!

  • ASGreen

    Honestly, does anyone still believe that we got into the Middle East to bring democracy to the region? The idea that you could turn a bunch of Arab tribes into a peaceful collection of parliments was nuts.

    But isn’t it amazing to see that Obama is following George Dubah’s script? America’s still fighting. Our young men and women still dying. Costs still piling up and oh yes… the specter of inflation looming ever larger.

    I protested Vietnam but I am too old and grey to protest this. I hope today’s kids, if they can tear themselves away from their Blackberries, will take up the cause.

    • http://donthaveone Beberoni

      I believe it can be done, but not when youve got people running things now, with no motive to win, with all the motive to lose, so they can continue to point the finger. All they will do now, is do what they can to make their business cronies millions of dollars, just like the left wing maching did during Vietnam. They had no intention of winning Vietnam. We went into this thing with full intention of winning, but with those in power now running things, they have no interest in that at all, and come on man, everyone that is a real person, that thinks at all, fully knows that. They want it to fail and fall, and for us to look bad, so they continually can point their little fingers and say look what Bush did. We were in pretty good shape over there, but not now. This comrade regime in power now, has no clue what to do, other than to still point fingers. Thats all they brought to the table at election time, thats all they produced to win the election, and that is still their mainstay today. Listen when Obama talks, or reads his telestrator. The first thing he continually says, is “We inherited the biggest mess ever”, and things like that. No he did. The mess we have now, is 10 times as bad, and has cost 10 times as much. You Mr. President, and your left wing liberals with no plans have done this. They have no clue.

      • cr747

        All because he is a Muslim, He don’t want to hurt their feelings!!!!!!

  • Tinwarble

    Although I could get on with Mr. Myers on the nuclear option, I don’t give much credence to his assertion that the world is running out of oil. His figures do not seem to take in account the vast untapped oil reserves here in America, both on and off shore. From what I have learned, there is more untapped oil here in America than probably any found in Saudi Arabia and could support us almost 3 centuries and make us energy independent. If you want to read something that rebukes Myers assertion, I urge you to read this:
    It also does not take into account the nearly 2,000 trillion cubic feet estimated be here in America and that it could offset the need for oil. The problem isn’t, as to the oil, that we are running out of oil, but that we have to many people standing in the way of our energy independence, which would make the whole “war for oil” argument null & void. By tapping into our own reserves and not being dependent on other countries oil, this will also help rebound our dollar.
    So, I say “Drill Baby, Drill!!!!”.
    Also, I don’t know why Mr. Myers would bring up going to war with Yemen, since I have heard no one putting that on the table as an option.

    • Tinwarble

      Sorry, the 2,000 trillion cubic feet is Natural Gas.

    • John Myers

      Dear Tinwarble,

      I deal with your proposition about how much oil America does have and at what great depths we have to go to find it in next week’s issue. Hint — we are drilling hundreds of miles out in the Gulf of Mexico and spending billions of dollars out there with no certainty of striking pay-dirt.

      Meanwhile keep this in mind — the United States is currently producing less than 5 million barrels of oil per day, less than half of what it produced in 1970s when we had to deal with gasoline lines caused by OPEC embargos.

      America’s last elephant oil field (more than a billion barrels) was Prudhoe Bay. That was discovered more than 42 years ago and it is in severe production decline. America is rich in natural gas and coal, but there is a great shortage of cheap and abundant oil.

      Consider what Dick Cheney to Senate Armed Services Committee, 1990:
      “We obviously also have a significant interest because of the energy that is at stake in the gulf. … Once [Saddam Hussein] acquired Kuwait and deployed an army … that gave him a stranglehold on our economy and on that of most of the other nations of the world.”

      Those words were spoken 20 years ago and America’s oil dependence has grown far worse. If you get a chance please look for my column next week.

      I thank you for your thoughtful comments.


      John Myers

      • jimster

        Don’t worry about all that oil 100 miles off shore. The Chinese are drilling for it.

        • http://donthaveone Beberoni

          And the way our politicians keep butt kissing the environmentalists, it will probably take China coming over here and buying Montana, Idaho, Wyoming and those states chocked full of oil, to start drilling to get the oil, because our politicians have taken too much money and owe these wretches.

      • Michael J.

        John Meyers,
        No one knows how much oil there is left. We know more about the surface of the Moon than we do about the depths of our planets oceans.
        While extraction and production may at the moment be economically infeasible, time will change that and the way fossil fuels are utilized as well. Who says you have to burn it to release it’s energy?
        If the entrepenuerial spirit is allowed to flourish, a way forward will be found. But in the Obama world of punishing prosperity and innovation, I’m afraid this will never happen.
        The lacking abundance of natural resources and the alledged man made warming of the planet is a facade erected by the global elitist in an effort to control the people. And to control is to enslave.
        I grew up in a world that abhorred the spread of communism, but somehow or other today’s youth seem drawn to the likes of Mau, Stallin, Chavez and Obama.
        In spite of the fact that communism has never worked, our present leadership seems hell bent on accheiving that end.
        I have an employee from a European country which used to be behind the “Iron Curtain” who says he has heard this song and dance before, reffering to Obama’s day to day dribble. He says they chip away slowly at freedoms till there is nothing left and was the reason for him coming to this country. He is now astonished that people do not see through the charade.
        Oh, Woe is us if something does not happen soon. America is the last best hope for freedom and democracy, a fact not lost on the one worlders who realize that if a one world government is to ever come into being, America must fall first.

        • http://donthaveone Beberoni

          You are correct, that Obama and the democrats punish those that succeed. On the other side of the coin, they reward failure with great hand outs. Fail to get up and go to work, no problem. Here is some extended unemployment benefits, with some higher rations of food stamps, and some expanded welfare benefits. Fail to make a profit in your business, and become bankrupt because of writing million dollars bonuses right and left, and from making terrible union contracts, hey, dont worry. Heres a couple of billion dollars for you. Have fun with it. We’ll print some more. But those of you working, hey, your going to have to pay a little more, to take care of these poor folks. Yea buddy, I got a big problem with that left wing thinking.

          • cr747

            Let Obama get upset, when he gets upset he gets crazy, and starts all his racial remarks, and all his Muslim Buddies are having a beer party. At our expense no doubt!!!!!!!!!!!

    • http://Don'thaveone Sally

      You are so correct Tinwarble – yes I knew you were referring to Natural Gas however, I forget the oilfield’s name (it is actually after a farmer who owns a major portion of the land) but anyway there is a huge find of cheap sweet crude that runs from mid Montanna Thru North Dakota into Canada that will supply the US with oil for 45 years – this came out when Nazi Pelosi would not release additional oil leases in the US. That is what has made our country great, God has put everything that is needed at our disposal to use but the tree huggers won’t let us, nor the government. My opinion on that is ok fine, all those people that want to protect the carabou in Alaska, then you have to have a horse and buggy to get around and your house cannot have electricity period.

    • Rod James

      Drill,drill,drill will not work as your article says most of these reserves are not reachable by existings technology. It’s like saying there are trillions of barrels of oil on the moon but if you can’t get to it because of the lack of technology, it means nothing.

  • Tinwarble


    Thanks for your response, but there appears, according to what I can find out, about 1.5 trillion barrels of oil in the Rockies, not to mention the millions of barrels supposedly just 10 to 100 miles off the coast. I understand that you are dealing with the coastal oil in your next issue, and I do not pretend to be an expert. But as I said, I have checked, in multiple place to get my information, and according to others there are vast untapped reserves here in America, not to mention the reserves in Canada.
    My point wasn’t that some of our reasoning for, say the first Gulf War, wasn’t to protect our strategic interest, although, I don’t believe that it is our only reason. My point was to say that we do have the resources to become independent from those dependencies.

    • John Myers

      Dear Tinwarble,
      Here was what I wrote in PLD on November 25th about oil in the Dakotas.


      John Myers

      Why the Bakken Formation is Baloney
      One final note about domestic oil production—every time I write about it, I get comments about the Bakken formation.

      The Bakken formation is in North Dakota and Montana. A lot of people wanting to sell newsletters and/or penny oil stocks have claimed incredible numbers for the region; some say it holds billions of barrels of oil, others say hundreds of billions of barrels of oil. One promoter even wrote that it had 2 trillion barrels of oil! If true that would mean there is more than twice as much oil below North Dakota rock than what remains in the rest of the world.

      The best undertaking of the region was done by the Pittman/Price/LeFever study which estimated the volume of oil at 200 billion to 400 billion barrels. But here is the rub: because of the lower permeability and lower porosity of the formations, only 1 percent of this total is likely to be recovered at an effective cost. In other words we are talking at best 4 billion barrels—about enough oil to keep the U.S. going for five months.

      The geology in North Dakota means that the oil is not pooled in elephant fields like Prudhoe Bay in Alaska, Ghawar in Saudi Arabia or Cantarell in Mexico.

      Furthermore, meaningful production from the Bakken formation won’t take place for more than a decade. (That’s a similar timeline to bringing new Alaskan oil to market).

      According to The Oil Drum, at some point we might have production of 225,000 barrels per day from the Bakken formation, “Which will have only a minor effect on U.S. production or imports.”

      To read a detailed geologic analysis of the Bakken formation, go to:

  • Ron

    perhaps it would be more effective to send a nuke instead of troops.

    a depressed trajectory launch could be there in as little as 3 minuts

    A good place to start is # 10 Downing Street Lundon England when the royal family s there. Second target The UN building in New York when the general assembly is in session. Thrd target Bohemian Grove Californa when the bildaberg group are there.

    Then close all US military bases in the world and bring the troops back home.Close the borders and send all the illegal aleans home.Use US troops to guard the border.

    Next fire all politicians in Washington DC and send them to jail along with all the bankers who run the federal reserve system.

    Then rebuild the manufacturing base in the USA after recovering the 28+ trillion dollars that were stolen by the FED.

    I guess what I am sayng BOYS and GIRLS is we need to clean house and may be have a second American Revolutionary War.

    LOVE YA,


    • Mary Bradley

      Go Ron! I like what’s in your head. Don’t know about the merit of incenerating the royal family, but certainly all the politicians put behind bars, etc. is an excellent idea. Drill here & now, yes. Dissolve the FED, great. Give our country back to the people now!

    • J C

      Yep, its going to take a broom about that big to clean house this time. Not so sure about the use of nukes…but the sentiment is there.
      Our real problems are “In house” problems.

    • Dennis

      You got it right on target brother we need to clean house, close our borders and take care of our own, build this country power back up as the world leader and dare anybody to try an take it away from us again, as for the fed and our Corrupt Politicians :-) in the old west they didn’t go to jail for stealing, lieing and cheating, it had something to do with a big tall tree and a short peace of rope if ya get my drift prison would be to good.

  • TheSwabbie

    Obama will do nothing in this situation. He is too busy going overseas apologizing for this Country when WE were the ones attacked…and have consistenty been the ones attacked. Not until a STAUNCH CONSERVATIVE is in the White House will the War resume as it should be. Liberals have ALWAYS been lousy on defense.. look at your last 100 years. Every single time it took a Republican to be elected because the Libs/Dems screwed around worrying about what everyone THOUGHT of us. It even took a Republican to GET US OUT OF VIETNAM after the Democrats sank us so deep we almost drown! The Iranians took our Embassy hostage – the DAY Reagan was sworn in they let them go! Clinton pussy footed around and allowed us to be majorly attacked 3 times .. then President Bush inherited the mess … In HIS Tenure – NO ATTACKS. Now we’ve had 2! Get with it.. Liberals SUCK at National Defense.

    • http://donthaveone Beberoni

      Thank you sir for telling the truth. While Clinton played with cigars, the terrorists set up shop here, blew up things at will, and the pacifist appeasing dems did nothing at all. Now we are safe, but Obama and his boys are sleeping again like Clinton did, because they dont understand that these guys want us dead. They think they can B.S. them like they did the American public that voted for them, and get away with it. But you cant B.S. these guys. Nothing can be said to change their minds. They want us dead, and they are willing to die to make us dead. And the dems think so high of themselves, they think they can talk them out of it. Unbelievable. And what is scarier, is the dems followers think so to. I dont see how people can be so gullible. I mean, come on man. They protect and empower these terrorists, and have even gone so far as to give them lawyers. I dont get it.

      • cr747

        Obama and his Muslim buddies!!!!!!!!!

  • John Blair

    Tinbwarble is correct, we have the oil reserves in the Bakken sands right here in the USA onshore and we have offshore oil on the east, west and southern coastal areas, alogn with huge reserves of natural gas in the shales in many of the lower 48 states. We need incentives to get the public amnd private exploration and production companies to risk venture captial to find and produce these reserves, as it is a capital intensive business. Obama has done nothing to help American energy companies, he or his czars are instead punishing them by making it harder to obtain and drill federal leases, proposing tax changes that would severely and negatively effect these companies. We need tax incentives for our American companies to drill, and then drill some more for oil and natural gas, this is the only way in the long run we can reduce our dependence on foreign oil, a lot of which comes from countries who are actual enemies of or are opposed to Americans. The new administration needs to wake up, smell the coffee and realize that American Oil and gas companies, the small, private ones, especially, produce about 70% of our domestic oil. It is time to quit demonizing the oil and gas business and give them the incentives they need to find these oil and gas reserves that will limit or eventually, with natural gas as the bridge fuel for cars, fleet vehicles, etc. reduce greatly that dependence on foeriegn oil, not increase our demand for it! It is simple economics to figure out that this will also create new jobs, so zI see no downside whatsoever to supporting our energy companies, to get us off the Middle East oil addiction we have suufered from and paid dearly for, for seventy years. Drill, drill, drill! Wake up, America, energy is not evil!

    • John Myers

      Dear John Blair,

      Please see the response I wrote to Tinbwarble above.

      John Myers

  • Linda Brady Traynham

    Dear Mr. Myers:

    Every male relative in my family and the one I married into was career military, so I see the wars a little differently. We don’t take the oil, we don’t let the kids win the war (they have to have specific permission even to shoot back), and nobody wants what we’re selling, so why are we THERE? A young friend is outside fixing up a motor home for one of his buddies to stay in for a while. I’ve known Clay since he was five and what he saw in two almost back to back tours as a Marine in Iraq…you’re happier not knowing. It’s a good thing I’m a Counselor AND have spent my life around military men, and know what John went through in Viet Nam because the kids are comfortable talking to me; it helps them. Maybe there ought not be a world where sweet little old ladies can hug an agonized boy looking at a digital image of gray matter leaking out on sand and tell him truthfully that not only did he save his squad by shooting, but that I’d rather see a thousand dead terrorists than one dead Marine. Are you SURE we don’t have enough oil in American territories if we can get the Greenies under control? Is anyone really sure why we’re there? Again, we don’t take the oil, we burn up vast amounts of POL, and they don’t want “democracy” any more than we want Sharia law. There must be something in this for someone, but who and what?

    Any thoughts on reclaiming wells that were shut down in the Eighties because they weren’t profitable at gas prices then? The holes are in the ground and the pipe is there…

    Great article, as always, John.

    Linda Brady Traynham

    • John Myers

      Dear Linda,

      Thank you for your heartfelt message. I can’t even begin to comprehend the stresses you must, and continue to, live with.

      You are correct; there is recoverable oil still in the United States. Just not enough to keep us going at our current pace.

      And even though my job for 25 years has been to write about petroleum, I would like nothing better than see a break-through technology appear that would put and end to the Petroluem Age.


      John Myers

  • TeresaE

    While the gist is a good article, you make a few statements that are nothing more than government/banksters propaganda.

    The first was, “…consider that the United States has already been fighting Muslim extremists since Oct. 23, 1983….” Really? So now we don’t count the Americans held in captivity for a year in Iran?

    And we have fought, or aided, in the fight via Israel for much longer than that. Yet one more of our failed “wars.” We may have the world’s most expensive defensive toybox (and China is gaining fast), but we never seem to “win” modern wars, either domestic and foreign.

    The next thing I take exception to is, “…our most important strategic ally, Saudi Arabia,…” Since the MAJORITY of the 9-11 terrorists were SAUDI ARABIAN, how much longer do we pretend they are our friends? They prove, time and time again, that they are willing to fund those that try to destroy us.

    Point #3, “…America makes up less than 5 percent of the world’s population but consumes more than 25 percent of the world’s oil…” Not for long. China has took over as the biggest polluter on the planet (now throw in India and SE Asia), The Chinese are buying more cars annually than the US, they have our jobs and now the bank has taken away our cheap credit. CHINA is the biggest user of oil, and nothing we do is going to change that.

    After WWII, a fight we didn’t want, but stepped in to finish, we were THE producer nation. We not only helped world wide with restoration money, WE BUILT the machines, bolts, steal, etc that put together the buildings.

    This fight is stupid. We have the resources to fix our problems but are allowing special interests to determine the outcome.

    Good luck with that.

    • John Myers

      Dear TeresaE,

      You make excellent points. And yes, I did consider that the war with Islam did begin with the taking of hostages.

      As for Saudi Arabia, you are correct about Saudi citizens being at the hub of 9/11. However that is not same thing as the House of Saud, which continues to buy U.S. Teasury debt and keeps as much of a lid on oil prices as they can. If Mullahs in Iran were ruling Saudi Arabia, oil would probably be priced over $150 per barrel.


      John Myers

  • Pat R

    Congress needs to rescind the NAFTA bill, which Clinton pushed through.
    With Clinton being a member of Illuminata; (as was George Bush SR. and several of our elite Presidents) we can honestly blame all of our problems on that one Fact__”Illuminata” The creator of “ONE WORLD ORDER”

    • eyeswideopen

      Pat, just so you know, Nafta was started by the first Bush and not Clinton.

      I know you want to blame the Dems, for all the bad policies that we have, however, this brain child was a Republican idea, which the Sr. Bush ran out of time in getting approved. Clinton, under pressure from the Majority Party (Republican) signed measure into law.

      • http://donthaveone Beberoni


        • cr747

          Definitely WRONG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • MrHeid

    This entire issue is THE quintessential issue of our lifetime. It is the ultimate “damned if we do and damned if we don’t”. And let’s be honest in that this is about far more than oil, such as the profits derived from weapons, World Banker’s lust, and the Muslim aspect which is extremely complicated. I also feel some of the discussion has to do with some domestic oil companies’ stock splitting.
    If the war in Iraq is about oil, then is the war in Afghanistan about poppies? But let’s step back and consider that there really is no declaration of war thus we are not “at war”. If we are to commit American blood and treasury, we should declare war and fight to win or come home and drill the Middle East out of our problems. But I do not pretend it’s that simple, just attempting to make a point. However, winning the hearts and minds of the “enemy” was the strategy in the later half of Vietnam, and look at how well that worked out for us. We did not defeat Russia or North Vietnam, although we did make great strides in the weapons industry.
    We buy oil from the Saudis and they invest in America. For examples: a Saudi Prince owns 5.7% of FOX News and the largest land owners in parts of Los Angeles are Arabs. Remember the 1976 film Network? Much of the plot was based on the sale of the network to Arabs. That was just a movie yes, but so was Charlie Wilson’s War. The argument of isolationism verses growth through trade is as old as the “Hundred Year War”.
    Some claim the decline of the Dollar is deliberate. The Global Bankers want a single governing body and currency to finally achieve ultimate wealth and power, thus the Dollar and the Free World (US) sovereignty are in the way. There are claims that these same bankers finance both sides of every conflict to deepen their stranglehold (debt) on the people of the earth.
    Prior to both world wars there was financial crisis, and strong “progressive” influence in our government. Following the WW’s we saw The League of Nations and then the United Nations. Both are/were attempts to establish a World Governing Body. All I can say is history, unfortunately, repeats itself. As I see it, the problem continues for one simple reason. Any institution born of greed and lies is doomed to fail, even if it manages to gain establishment. Further, I predict Christianity and Islam will be pitted against each other as the basis for the next global conflict, after which the NWO will try once again to offer dominance, er um, a utopian alternative to the world’s conflicts. Every developed nation needs oil, so it’s probably not necessary to send out invitations if the US decides to seriously declare war on any of the oil rich countries which radical Islam calls home.
    Until the people of the world realize the “money changers” are behind most of the world’s problems and that this is a common enemy, we will continue to be tossed about on a sea of crisis. We will continue to be pitted against each other, and the bad guys just keep getting wealthy. But I have read “The Book”, and know how the story ends. Thus I am not afraid, just avidly fighting for my children’s right to grow up in the free nation we once were promised by our founders. Let’s focus on putting Godly people back in control of His country first, and then by His Grace, we will solve the oil and Islam problems as well as eliminate the money changers’ system of usury which perpetuates our misery of servitude to “men”.

    God Bless us all.

    • J C

      Very well written and thought out.

    • c lee

      Iam with you Brother. If your running for office just tell me when and where Iam voteing for you.

    • Rod James

      All good points and I agree. But how do you put Godly people back in control.Bush was supposed to be in Direct contact with God (thats what he said)in his decission making.With the present political system you have to vote one in and how do you know he (or she) is not a “wolf in sheeps clothing”. The US is in a similar state now that it was in before the Revolution as being run by powers (the English)that were not in the interest of the people. As a matter of fact some of todays financial powers are direct decendents of the original banking cartels of Europe. My point is maybe it is time to physically take back America from these powers. Let the boys blood be spilled here for an even better reason than making these rich bastards even richer.

  • Robert

    My understanding that there are enough coal reserves in the US to sustain our energy needs for hundreds of years. Technology advances in the past 25 years have reduced pollution issues substantially but more research and development is needed. I cannot understand why Obama is intent on shutting down this natural resource that could one day make us energy independent. Then again, as a proud and patriotic American, I bow to no Arab. Stick it up their whahoos yes, but bow, never.

  • cerebus23

    Honestly the day of 9/11 i would have been more than happy to nuke all of the middle east oil be dammed. Turn all that desert into glass and be done with it.

    Granted a bit extreme but how did you feel those days?

    • c lee

      The same as I feel these days,just like you.

    • http://donthaveone Beberoni

      Im rethinking things now, and Im coming to the conclusion instead of nuking them and turning them into a sheet of glass, we just bomb the living hell out of one of them, go over there, and take the oil that the left wing liberals kept saying this war was for, and tell these other terrorist anti american countries that if they dont knock it off, were going to come in and level them and take their oil too. May be a hateful thing to do, but by golly, it would save an awful lot of American lives in the days to come.

  • chuck b

    we have more oil at our disposal than saudi arabia, we have enough natural gas to last us forever. (u.s. geologigal survey report)unfortunately we have very greedy people manipulating the oil prices and using energy as a way to control our politics. take the crude off the commodities market and break up the monopoly of the oil companies and you will have more energy than possible to use.

  • http://ordy@fedtel./net Eric g

    Why dont we just bomb Iran and try to take out their government and nuclear capabilities . not as bad as Iraq ,but like Iraq , send in no troops , but lots of political information advocating peace and democracy . Kind like what we done in Yugoslavia . Bill Clinton says he won a great victory without the loss of one american soldier. In Yugoslavia we bombed the christians so the muslims could have control . Why not bomb the radical muslims so the moderate muslims can have control in Iran . If muslim countries like Suadia Arabia dont control their terrorists , bomb them a little untill they learn how to stop terrorists from travaling . Kinda like what the Jews did to Iraq , to stop bomb building .

    • Void1972

      People need to wake up before the entire world in destroyed.

      Please ask yourself, how did the world come to such a terrible mess?

      Why would all nations let the entire world go to war over a little piece of land in the middle east?
      Is this mans destiny to destroy itself over such an incredible hoax?
      Are you all so ignorant?
      Wake up now…..Research the facts….organize….take action against those powers that are….God Bless America!!!!!

      • eyeswideopen

        Void, with good Christian people like John promoting the “nuclear option”, what makes you think that radicals will ever allow peace in the world? Christian radicals are just as dangerous as the Muslim ones. Radicals throughout history have been from both religions. Remember the Crusades where the Christians killed, Christians, Jews and Muslims in Jerusalem? I am disheartened by John’s apparent ease of using the most devasting weapon mankind has, to punish the small number of radical Muslims. The word overkill comes to mind.

        • DDC

          They wouldn’t wait a minute to NUKE us if they thought they could do it. What is the big deal?

          I don’t see Christians flying planes into our enemies buildings, nor hijacking one to another country.

    • http://donthaveone Beberoni

      You know, in reality, we dont need to bomb Iran. All we have to do is free Israels hand. They are more than ready, willing , and able to do it, but we keep restraining them, and I dont know why. Iran is first and formost, a threat to them first. We should back off, tell them to go ahead and do it, and we wouldnt have to lift a finger. They are just waiting to protect themselves and do this, and we are keeping them from it.

  • Luis T

    The Soviets had their famous 5 year plans. The Chinese are well noted for(currently) planning along the lines of 20 to 35 years. The collective Muslim psyche has waged this war for the last thousand years, not only against the Jews, but against the occidental west. Their eschatology calls for the killing of Jews, Christians, and gentiles in general whom do not convert to Islam. Their objective? For you to be under their thumb in a modern day Islamic caliphate. There is no such thing as “radical” Islam versus Islam. There is only Islam and those whom have acted and those whom have yet to. Forget the niceties and political correctness; they went by the boards in the last decade. Convert or die in the Islamic vernacular is no option at all. Not for the west, not for me.

  • Lena

    Did it ever occur to anyone that perhaps the US is blowing up it’s own people then scapegoating the good Muslim people, invading and raping their land for oil and power? No? Well maybe it should be considered. Did anyone know that the president of the WTC buildings (Silverstein) took out a huge insurance policy against “terrorism” not even a year before 9/11? No? Maybe you should look it up. I know not all Muslims are the perfect do-gooders that the Kuran says they should be, but all the Christians of American aren’t exactly devout themselves. If you ever learned anythign about the Muslim faith it teaches to not harm anything or anyone. Perhaps after America started invading, raping and destroying their homes they fought back but what about before that? Who was the first one to destroy the peace? The money grubbing, oil/power seeking US? I find that highly likely. Think it over.

    • T.Paine

      Lena…you’re just too dumb to be here. Go peddle your tripe at Daily Kos or Huffpo.

  • Lena

    WHY DOES EVERYONE WANT TO BOMB EVERYTHING? JEEZ! What do they teach you kids in school? I suppose you all agree Hiroshima was a Godsend? Just because CNN tells you the war was started by Iraq, Iran, Yemen, Big Bird, doesn’t make it so. I certainly hope none of you nuclear bomb happy loonies ever run the country. Talk about ruthless. So if you went in the ocean and got bit by a shark would you take a whole army in there with you and kill all the sharks in the ocean? I suppose sharks don’t have lots of access to oil so no surprise there they are safe for now… from America anyways. The point is, you can’t invade a place you have no business being and then expect not to get bit for it. US has no business in the Middle East but oil business. So when the people there fight back, it should be expected. It is too late to expect US to just back out after all these years of trying to take control. I think we are lost if everyone thinks bombing is the best way out of this situation. Karma can be a nasty thing. Would you want someone bombing you because it will solve their problems? Believe me, bombing America would solve a lot of countries problems.

    • T.Paine

      Lena…your ”Karma” is to remain insane for the rest of your life.

  • Paul

    You are Right Lena . ALL Deceived By their Deceivers Started with the world Bankers in 1913 through Woodrow Wilson And Murder Abraham Lincon in the Civil war 1860s it is More then Money and Oil it is to destroy all Freedom that was set up in America May be a race of people to
    Contined by H.Hoover Franklin Delano Roosevelt
    Truman,Eisenhower,Johnson Carter,G.H.Bush B&H. Clinton G.W.Bush, (Userper)Barrack Hueisan Sortoros Oboma,David Axel rod Rhamm Emanuel

  • Loren

    Get ready for this to all intensify, as Europe is rapidly Islamicized. We, if we still have any courage or ability left, will soon be fighting Europe as well, most of which will likely to be under an Islamic caliphate (Sharia government) in the next thirty years. Trying times? We ain’t seen nothing’ yet!!

    • bruce milne

      too bad american health care is not universal, because there are sure a lot of people on this site who could greatly benefit from some serious psychiatric support. Loren, you might consider talking to a mental health professional?

      • c lee

        So is this the world according to bruce. Well bruce we dont like what were saying any more than you do . Trouble is its true, Britian is currently being targeted by Islam. As we watch this unfold just pay attention how easily they accomplish this due to the fact the brits are unarmed hence forth unable to protect themselves. So all of you anti gun idiots out there watch carefully and you will see our fate in an unarmed future.

      • J C

        Too bad American health care is not universal…then you could wonder where you’ll find a family doctor, wait 6 months for an MRI, stand in line for basic care, find out that beyond the taxpaying years you are expendable…won’t it be wonderful?

        • bruce milne

          it is always a double edged sword to have my observations validated by the replies of others. it feels good to be occasionally correct, but it is often times quite frightening as well. oh the joys of living in a fundamentalist society; the good old USA!

  • Tinwarble


    I also take issue of you equating, as I have taken your article, the fall of the dollar with our dependence on oil & our war on terrorism. The time line you have showing of the fall of the dollar could be, by someone less knowledgeable, taken as a direct correlation with our wars abroad. However, there is nothing stated in your remarks about the effect of the burst of the housing bubble, the attack of 9/11 or the beginning of the fall of the stock market, which all began around the same time as your graph begins. You also state nothing about what effect it has had on our dollar that the Fed has been printing money, well, like it was paper nor that we have been exporting manufacturing overseas to places like China & Mexico. You also fail to mention that one of the biggest reason’s for the fall of the dollar is not the wars, but because of the out of control spending of Washington on pork barrel projects and unnecessary programs. That I do not know you, I can not speak to your character or your ideals, but from what gleam from how you have written your article, it is in the prism of being anti-war and does not put into perspective the other factors that have put us in the position we find ourselves.

    I would also challenge your notion that we have been at war with the Muslim world since 1983. I would remind you that during WWII Muslims conspired with the Nazi’s and that the western world has had bad relations with the Muslim world even longer going back at least, if not longer, to the Crusades in the Middle Ages.

    Also, I would address those here with there 9/11 conspiracies, using statements like there was an insurance policy taken out on the WTC. Your argument would be of more consequence if there had not been a prior attack on the WTC in 1998. Your assertion has no bite, because usually when someone has a fire in their house and they do not have fire insurance, they get it. I would urge you to stay off the conspiracy websites, and learn things for yourself and once you have learned something use it with a little common sense.

    • Renate

      Tinwarble, I do agree with your statement and want to add, that due to the Muslim law stating that all should be Muslims or be done away with, we have this international mess. yes during WWll the nazies colaborated with the muslims, and therefore they gained even more power. In this day and age it is clear that our ruler favors them, due to his affiliation with them. I know this is harsh, but he personaly calls them his brothers, and as far as I am concerned he can have everyone of them, but PLEASE do not shove them down our throats and try to convince us that they are OK. Yes there is many that are not the terrorist calibur, and are good upholding US and other nations citizens. I know a few such good muslims, and they do not agree with what is going on. the same goes for the former people in Germany during WWll. I have personal knowledge of some situations from that time, and know many of their own people were unjustly put to death, just because they either spoke against the regime, or did not fit Hitlers criterior to be German. And lets not forget that Hitler was not a GERMAN CITIZEN, and had Jewish blood in his vains, through his mothers line. I could go on and on but do not want to bother anyone with true and lengthy details.

    • Peon, 2nd Class

      You make some good points. However, in regards to the WTC, I would highly recommend you watch the video ‘Loose Change’. Regarding the Muslims, I recently heard someone on the radio make a great point: In the West, we have it backwards as to how we view ‘Muslim radicals’. As the Quran instructs them to convert others, or kill them if they don’t convert, a muslim would be ‘radical’ to them if he did NOT go along with that line of thinking! I’ll leave you to figure out what a non-radical muslim should do.

    • flip4truth

      Lots of talk and everyone wants to think that they have the answer and that they are the only truth, 9/11 is a good example, Why is truth ignored? The fact is, truth is all around, but it is denied.

      When a lie starts a war, the truth becomes clear, if you are willing to see. Believe the first lie and many more must follow. “Jet fuel destroyed the two towers and building 7″ ??? Logic must be considered.

      The first lie demands that you prove it first, before you can consider anything. Talk is cheap!


      Yo, Tinwarble, . . You might benefit from a few classes on English Grammar and Spelling ! . . . Your resopnse indicates that you’re doing a lot of THIMKING without THINKING. . . . THERE are many words in the English Language which are pronounced exactly the same as another word with a totally different meaning ! . . For example, . . There’s a difference between “THERE” and “THEIR” and “THEY’RE”, . . “THEY’RE” NOT EVEN PRONOUNCED THE SAME YET YOU CONSISTANTLY SPELL THEM BOTH ” T H E R E “. . . I also see many people out of today’s public school system who use the word ” T H E N ” in place of the word ” T H A N “. . . I don’t blame them, . . I BLAME “THEIR” TEACHERS AND THE SYSTEM !!! . . . They try so hard to express “their” true feelings but the inept grammar and mis-spelling ruins “THEIR” credibility. . . .
      Here’s a helpful site, . . I use it every day. . . . .
      No one is too old or too smart to LEARN something new every day. . .
      I’m 65 yrs. old. . . I figure by the time I die I’ll make a brilliant corpse. . . LOL . . .
      Good Luck to you. . . . SMRTNUP

      • Tinwarble

        Well, I’m glad that at your age you are still able to learn things. But that I typed it very fast and made a few mistakes does not mean anything. How about this go to Merriam-Webster and look up obtuse intelligence then come back to me and tell me how you learned something new. If you have nothing intelligent to say other than criticize someones spelling mistakes, perhaps you should learn go somewhere else to educated yourself on how to make an argument on the facts not on criticism. If you were so smart, you wouldn’t use “…” (called a Ellipsis) since it is only used as an omission in a sentence (meaning that there is something left out). When you stop a thought you only use one period (.). Apparently you do not know how to use punctuations. See you did learn something new today didn’t you.

      • Tinwarble

        Also, if you are going to criticize someone you should proof read your own work since “RESPONSE” is not spelled “RESOPNSE” and “THINKING” is not “THIMKING”. Perhaps you would do better to check yourself before you go posting about someone else mistakes.

    • Jack Lovett

      Have you not heard of false flag op’s? 9-11 was an inside job and anyone who doubts that has their head deeply in the sand.

    • http://PTLA Paul Lynch

      Right on the money!! John’s article is twisted, biased, and very misleading. It is not what it appears to be, but rather an antiwar pece while ignoring all kinds of foundational, background facts that in fact would lead one to conclude other than he did. I tried to respond last week but could not get on, so this is being sent as a reply to yours, Tinwarble, based on recollection.

    • warner mobley

      The truth is we are hated by the Muslim world. It is not only political correctness, but also political madness to hear the words of hatred aimed at the West and not accept them as reality. Even the threats of Osama bin Laden were taken from the eighth and ninth chapters of the Koran.

      “When you meet the unbelievers strike them in the neck…. If you do not go out and fight, God will punish you severely…Whenever you find the polytheists, kill them, seize them, besiege them, ambush them…You who believe do not take Jews and Christians as friends…The Hour of Judgement will not come until Muslims fight the Jews and kill them”.

      A good muslim is a jihadist. A bad muslim wants peace.

    • http://none RockBone57

      To Tinwarble,

  • Steven

    I would beg to differ; the U.S. has been at war with radical Islam long before the destruction of the Marine barracks in 1983. Has everyone forgotten the hostages held in Tehran, Iran for 400 plus days starting in 1979? Before that, the western world has been at war with them long before that with the onetime common occurrence of high jacking of airliners.

  • Annie Ladysmith

    There is no such thing as a “war on ‘terror’”. These “FAKE” undeclared conflicts are created situations to bleed dry the armed forces of the United States. That means that another generation of American youth are being used as cannon fodder in a concerted effort to undermine US security and civilian liberty. Have you not heard that troops that don’t come home in body-bags come home with DU sickness which is passed on to all in their families? Do you not realize that this situation is beyond treason? Our own government is at war with us, wake up, these fake conflicts that will go on until the US army is destroyed, if you support this self-destruction you are a fool.

    • JC

      To bleed dry not only the American Military, but America itself. For them this is a war of attrition and on an economic level they are seriously beating the hell out of us. For them…mission accomplished very soon unless we wise up and take back our country.

      • SMRTNUP

        BINGO !!! . . . When our own government begins to prosecute our own military people for doing what they were sent to do and hindering the accomplishment of missions by restrictions and ignorant rules of engagement which WILL NOT WORK in any combat situation. . . It only gets our own people KILLED without reason !!! . . . And then we have our own Office of Homeland Security calling our own VETERANS Right Wing Extremeist Terrorists. . .
        HOW STUPID CAN WE BE ??? . . . IF WE ALLOW SUCH STUPIDITY TO CONTINUE WE WILL SOON BE UN-ARMED AND DEFENSELESS WITHIN OUR OWN UN-GUARDED BORDERS, AIRPORTS AND SEA PORTS. . . . We’re as good as there already and every day brings another REASON to commit U.S. Forces to solve FORIEGN PROBLEMS where the people there could give a damn less about what happens to America !!! . . . We liberate, rebuild, re-arm and re-enable them to become our STRONGEST ENEMIES !!! . . . Arabs and Muslims will never care about America until THEY OWN IT, . . LOCK, STOCK AND BARREL. . . . That’s when they’ll care !!! . . .

      • 4 Comon Sense


    • Tinwarble


      Apparently you do not know your history, if you did you would know that before WWII we had the same mentality that you would have now. That we were not effected by what was happening across the sea. How did that whole Hitler thing fair? How did ignoring Japan fair?
      You would call the war on terror “fake” and withdraw from the world, letting us fall the way of Rome as the barbarian hordes gather at our gates. You have never experienced personally, someone who wants to kill you just because you don’t believe as they do. People who care not to argue or debate with you, but only wish to convert you to their thinking and if not convert you, to lay waste to you and all you love.
      Also, your assertion of DU sickness, which I suppose you mean the exposure to Depleted Uranium Ammo, is also without merit because:
      (1) Studies conducted in 1999, 2001, 2002 & 2005 by different entities have found no resulting health risks from radiation exposure, neither has a study by the WHO.
      (2) The same DU is used in medical radiation shielding, in commercial aircraft & other commercial applications.
      (3) The same DU is use in hardening tanks, the same tanks that are used in war & by soldier here at home on nearly a daily basis for training.
      (4) The so called “DU Syndrome” or “Gulf War Syndrome” was during the 1st Gulf War and is not prevalent in the current war because DU Ammo is mainly used in attacking hardened targets, like tanks, which the terrorist do not have.
      (5) As a Vet, I have been exposed to DU Ammo and I have not one side affect, or have I ever had any symptoms of radiation exposure.

      • J C

        Tinwarble, in regard to part of your post:
        “You would call the war on terror “fake” and withdraw from the world, letting us fall the way of Rome as the barbarian hordes gather at our gates. You have never experienced personally”

        Part of the reason the Roman Empire fell was that it had spread its armies too thinly and too far afield. Combine that with the fact that they deliberately devalued their own currency until it was deemed more or less worthless. Any part of that look familiar?

        When people today make the comparison the America is the new Roman Empire and that it is now falling…their observation has some merit.

        • Tinwarble

          Actually, if you read your history, the fall of Rome isn’t because it spread it’s armies too thinly. It was because Rome was split into 2 parts, Eastern & Western Rome, and it’s armies were weaker at the time because of the split and other reasons. This is were we get, “a house divided, can not stand”.

          • J C

            Ok I’ll take that into account, but I guess it depends on what version you’re reading. They did in fact devalue their currency to the point where people would not honor it. The beginning of the end of any Empire is the loss of credibility in the minds of its subjects.
            If “The One” keeps printing, we are well and truly F***ed!

        • Tinwarble

          The definitive work on Rome is “The History of the Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire” by Edward Gibbon, which is in 6 Vol.. Although many historians disagree with his conclusions on the effect Christianity had, because of his lack luster research of the Byzantine Empire, most still look at his work as the most complete.

  • Ray Smith

    You forgot to mention the known vast oil fields in midwest America and offshore America which the various States and the Federal Government
    will not allow the oil companies to exploit.

    • J C

      Like the north coast of Alaska….

  • Ramon Reyes

    If we go around and just making remarks what is going on with shares market, oil, struggling dollar, Muslims, terrorism, Obama’s economic issues, etc. Who has mentioned all those unscrupulous influential ‘Lords of global families’ financers?’ I invite you to read the following websites: or With the coming of the great industries and the bank of values, the empire of the Rothschild stayed in background, financing to emergent families in the world of the finances like the Morgan, the Warburg and the Rockefeller in the United States. Through its influence on these powerful families they had an enormous control on the policy and the development of the United States. Also the accomplishment of the original project of the “Act of the Federal Reserve” and its later approval in the Congress of the United States were involved in. (Ramon Reyes – Nicaragua/Australia)

  • James

    What started our alienation with the Muslim world in the Middle East, was U.S. participation in the creation of the nation of Israel, in 1948. The Jews drove over a million palestinians out of their homes and businesses into the desert to starve and die. Our Air Force tried to drop life-saving water and food to them, but President Eisenhower ordered them to cease and desist. Muslims and Arabs have never forgotten that. The United States has been an ally of Israel ever since, which is the reason for our endless wars there, it has always been about oil and Israel.

  • 39 indians

    It is not about Muslins but about wealth and who controls it. This goes all the way back to the Silk and Spice trade routes between Asia and Europe. Even the Holy Wars (Crusades) was about this. So the Middle East was about control of Trade Routes at first it today is Oil. The US in 1776 won Independence but the kept secret was Great Britian was then taxing their people to supply protection and goods to a foreign land. Their people was protesting this and demanding something be done like Americans did in Korea and Vietnam. Martha Washington was supposed to have been related to the crown. So America won a war, George became president and we taxed ourselves. Every war since hasn’t US defended England and even Hitler (air war-yes) didn’t invade? Then after Oil found in Middle East 1930’s J. Paul Getty lobbied the US Congress from 1947 until 1953 under Ike to recognise the OPEC nations and oil prices were supposely controlled by them. Use some common sense and also check out the Gulf of Tonkin and Liberity Ship attack under LBJ. Be it inflation or depression, bailouts, war or what ever it’s always under the same controls and over wealth and making masses slaves. Smelty Butler wrote a book War is a Racket check it out. Politics has one dirty secret “divide and Conqure” and if they let all common people be as one unit as in the dark ages the wealth could not control. That is why we have over 100 underground instellations in the US today.

    • Tinwarble

      Apparently you just don’t know your history, or do you forget about the War of 1812 between American & Britian. You can find someone that has as conspiracy theory about everything, but that doesn’t mean that it is true. The things you site are just straight out of the revisionist version of history and are based on half truths and partial facts.

  • Joe Bieliunas

    Everyone blames the Democrats for the budget deficits, but all one has to do is look at the Bush administration’s decision to go to Iraq. Are we getting anything back from Iraq for losing our friends and family to this war in Iraq?


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