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America’s Educators Are Wetting Their Pants Over Toy Guns, Legos, Paper Scraps

February 7, 2013 by  

America’s Educators Are Wetting Their Pants Over Toy Guns, Legos, Paper Scraps

As the American gun control debate trudges on, it seems America’s educators have been co-opted into a campaign to socially engineer students into believing that even the mention of the word “gun” is cause for pants-wetting terror.

School officials throughout the country are entrusted to pump knowledge into the still-soft heads of America’s youth. But many Americans are likely questioning whether it is an effort to indoctrinate or simply a complete lack of common sense that has led to the following reports of children getting into trouble at school for doing nothing beyond being children.

School officials in Montgomery County, Md., suspended 6-year-old Rodney Lynch from school last month for making a gun gesture with his fingers and saying the word “pow.” The seriousness of his transgression was amplified because he dared do it twice.

From CBS Baltimore: 

“Just pointing your fingers like this and then she did the pow sound and I just went like that and then I got sent to the office again,” Lynch said.

The school reversed its decision after Rodney’s parents appealed.

“They’re saying he threatened a student, threatened to shoot a student. He was playing,” said Rodney’s father, Rodney Lynch Sr.

Two other 6-year-old boys were later suspended from Talbot County school in the same State while playing cops and robbers during recess and using their fingers to make an imaginary gun.

In Massachusetts, 5-year-old Joseph Cardosa got in hot water for building a not-so-deadly Lego gun.

From My Fox Boston:

Joseph’s parents, Shelia Cruz and Octavio Cardosa, say the school is taking things too far.

“It’s not like he’s designing a machine gun,” said Cardosa.

“I can understand with all the things that are going on right now in schools, but on the other hand, kids are taught you know ‘here’s a squirt gun, this is fun,’ so this is fun to him, you know what I mean, he’s running around playing – a little bit of re-direction would have been enough,” said Cruz, Joseph’s mother.

Philadelphia fifth grader Melody Valentin was yelled at and searched by school officials for having a piece of paper on her that sort of looked like a gun.



In South Carolina, 6-year-old Naomi McKinney’s parents were told last month that if she’s caught on school grounds, she’ll be “subject to the criminal charge of trespassing.” She was expelled for bringing a plastic toy gun to her kindergarten class.



A 5-year-old kindergartner has been allowed to go back to class at her central Pennsylvania school after being suspended for telling another girl about a pink toy gun that blows soapy bubbles.

In December, State police in Pennsylvania investigated a report of a 13-year-old Tamaqua Middle School seventh grade student who made a gun gesture with his fingers while pointing at fellow students. The police charged the boy with disorderly conduct and he was suspended.

Arizona high school freshman Daniel McClaine Jr. simply had a picture of an AK-47 and a flag as the background for his school-issued laptop. His teacher freaked out and he was suspended. After his parents confronted school officials, he was allowed to return to classes.

Police arrested 10-year-old boy in Alexandria, Va., Tuesday and charged him with brandishing a weapon for bringing a replica silver handgun with a black handle and orange tip. He was taken to a juvenile detention center and will likely be expelled from school.

Sam Rolley

Staff writer Sam Rolley began a career in journalism working for a small town newspaper while seeking a B.A. in English. After learning about many of the biases present in most modern newsrooms, Rolley became determined to find a position in journalism that would allow him to combat the unsavory image that the news industry has gained. He is dedicated to seeking the truth and exposing the lies disseminated by the mainstream media at the behest of their corporate masters, special interest groups and information gatekeepers.

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  • Dennis48e

    This is nothing but an attempt by the school officials to demonize the firearm in the minds of kids.

    • Vicki

      Yes. It is a blatant attempt to program the kids into associating severe punishment with possession of the best tool for defense.

      This is in spite of the clear evidence that

      ~300 MILLION Americans (which include those kids) DIDN’T SHOOT ANYONE

      STOP Punishing the innocent especially the adults for the acts of a few.

      STOP IT
      STOP IT NOW.

      • Warrior

        I can understand punishing the “little boys”, but for heaven’s sake, how in the world are the “little girls” going to grow up and be expected to perform on the “front lines”?

      • Nadzieja Batki

        Warrior, they can point their finger and say bang, bang.

      • joe1cr

        It’s time to put adults with some common sense back in charge of our schools. If they are that afraid of 4,5,6,7,8,9, year old kids
        imaginary weapons, they should go elsewhere for employment.

    • eddie47d

      Maybe they are “demonizing” the gun Dennis because so many are killed at the hands of a gun. Are they overreacting? Probably! Do gun owners overreact when it comes to having sensible gun laws? Absolutely! They always have done so and their arrogance is equally disheartening and shallow minded!

      • Gordon in Texas


        First of all, guns don’t have hands. Second, the way the public school system has overreacted to the shooting in CT is way out of control. Suspending a child for telling another that they have a pink toy gun at home? Suspending a child for pointing a finger at another and saying, “Pow?” Suspending a child for having a piece of paper that looks like a gun? I’m not sure how you grew up but this was how little boys grew up before a bunch of freaks decided that it was politically incorrect to play “cops ‘n robbers.”

        It’s idiots like you who take a little bit of rope and try to hang the rest of us with it. These incidents of overreaction are common among people who insist on pushing their beliefs on others. How many people are killed by drunken drivers each year? I don’t recall a bill being introduced re-establishing prohibition on alcohol or removing certain vehicles from the road.

        Face it. People like you are afraid of guns; probably because you never were taught how to properly handle one, yet alone shoot one. Just because you feel uncomfortable with guns does not give you, or anyone else, the right to take them away from those of us who responsibly use and store them. It’s my right to protect myself and my family and I’ll be damned if losers like you will curtail that right.

      • Vicki

        eddie47d says:
        “Maybe they are “demonizing” the gun Dennis because so many are killed at the hands of a gun.”

        Guns don’t have hands and can NOT kill. We have the proof.

        Let’s look at “so many’

        ~30,000 according to a poster here on PLD. Or about 0.01% of the population. lets assume that each one was killed by JUST one person (we have already demonstrated that guns CAN’T do it.) I.E. 1 killer per victim. In reality the number is less.

        That means that

        ~300 MILLION Americans DIDN’T.

        STOP PUNISHING THE INNOCENT for the acts of a few (~0.01%)

        STOP IT
        STOP IT NOW

      • eddie47d

        You know nothing in your long rambling diatribe Gordon or in your many false accusations. Didn’t I say that they were overreacting. “probably”! That make you the “idiot’. I have never once said you don’t have a right to protect yourself so that make you a liar again. I have fired weapons in my life and choose not to these days so that make you a liar again. So go back to spoon feeding your own self righteous ego and don’t assume what I think.

      • Vicki

        eddie47d says:
        “You know nothing in your long rambling diatribe Gordon or in your many false accusations. Didn’t I say that they were overreacting. “probably”! That make you the “idiot’.”

        Ad hominem.

        - eddie47d: “I have never once said you don’t have a right to protect yourself”

        Eddie has often said that he supports your right to protect yourself. Just not with the best tools for the job and certainly he does not support the 2nd Amendment.

  • JimH

    Wow, if I didn’t study for my math test all I have to do is point my finger and say bang.
    Got out of that math test, cool.

    • Mike in MI

      JimH – Yah, WOW!
      These “teachers and administrators”……
      (some of them elected?)
      University “trained” graduates?… educated ?
      – - – or trained seals…responding to the hand wave and whistle
      of the trainer/programmer/guy who opens the cage.
      and permits them to get out to perform. “Good seals.”

      So … far … removed (retreated?) from reality.
      (pinch, pinch) Yes, I’m awake.

      Such people could be capable of ANYTHING the trainer …
      commands, signals, opens the door for.

      Good…!!… GRIEF!!!

      • Rodney Roberts

        Educated, but smart, intelligent? Too many educators have been educated through an extremely liberal system. Educators tend to be liberal, educational professors in higher education institutions tend to be even more so. I was/am a teacher, 31 years in classrooms and administration, and the last three years as a substitute. I’ll agree most modern administrators and many classroom teachers, especially in the cities, are so afraid of guns. You’re also probably right that they’ve never hunted or been to a range or had any gun safety training, or been in the military where you need to be able to handle a weapon. And they will regurgitate the statistics they have been taught even though they may not be true.

  • RJ

    The little girl in the first video needs to trade her piece of paper with the corner torn off for stacks and stacks of green paper from the school district and hopefully bankrupt them. Clearly these are not the kind of people worthy of teaching anything to children.

    • Hans

      I’m in my 70′s and an American by choice not birth.. First they demonize the guns.
      Then: Registration->Confiscation->Midnight Roundups->Cattle Cars->Ovens

  • Bev

    When I was growing up we always had guns in the house. A shotgun even sat behind a bedroom door. We knew better than to ever touch them or we could expect some pretty harsh discipline. My own children were very aware to never touch the guns we had. But this business of expelling kids for finger pointing, bubble blowing, and paper guns is way past ludicrous. In fact, it is leaving ‘ludicrous’ in the rear view mirror. What about these kids 1st Amendment rights? Did those suddenly get thrown out the window because some knuckleheaded jackass believes a lego gun will take you down. It will stop you in your tracks. It’s way better than a 45 cal. Yes there are people clambering for those lego guns. I understand that Wal-Mart is even completely sold out.

    Wake up people.

  • Gene

    In Tennessee, an 18 year old was allowed to return to the high school where he RAPED a 15 year old girl while she was still enrolled as a student.

    We have our priorties backwards when the above is going on, but a 5 year old gets thrown out of school for playing “cops and Robbers”.

    • Mike in MI

      Well, Gene –
      Gotta consider…to university trained and indoctrinated contemporary educators these kids are teenagers and they’re learning about how they want to socialize. To these educators those kids are teenagers and they’re gonna engage……
      Fine with them I guess……after all school IS the place to L-L-l-le-e-ear-ar-arn-rn-n-n.

      Does this tell us the sorts of things kids are being taught?

      Didn’t the principal find out about it? Try to stop the boy? Is that too dangerous? You just let him go ahead and shoot?
      Maybe we should campaign for somebody in every school to have a loaded dildo on hand in case this kind of assault happens elsewhere?

      God help us….

  • BillT

    And then there is the one of I believe a 2nd grader that was suspended for throwing an imaginary hand gernade into an imaginary box to save the world. How do we let these totally stupid teachers teach our children.

  • jim wilson

    This is getting really crazy. Maybe home schooling is the answer. Better than this kind of garbage in public schools.

  • Allen Boyles

    RE-READ and RE-READ the comment from Hans above. And then re-read it again. bho/hitler and his gangsters are coming as surely as I am writing this. IF we do not stop him/them.
    When they came for the _______s, I did not object because I was not one, but when they came for me….therewas no one left to save me. America is the last free spot on this earth. When bho/hitler gets his way, we are all “gone”.

    • Mike in MI

      Allen –
      Jesus Christ was not reported to have said, “Evil men are going to wax nicer and better.”
      Nor is it recorded anywhere in anything I ever heard of…
      ‘Cept Obama’s speeches.

  • BA

    My boys are now 27 & 30. Although my parents had guns & taught us not to touch & later how to use safely, I decided for my boys to not have guns. I wouldn’t even let them have toy guns, so they made guns out of their toast and legos & anything that could remotely look like a gun. I finally decided that it was in the genetic make-up of boys to go around shooting things in play & lightened up & let them be boys. Did they turn into crazed gunmen? Not hardly. As adults neither one owns a gun or has any desire to hunt (people or animals) even though their Dad does own guns. One did go through a phase of wanting to shoot skeet as a teenager. Once he did it a couple of times he decided it wasn’t as fun as it looked. Letting children, boys or girls, play with guns does not turn them into crazed killers. Not seeing to their mental health, on the other hand, does. Seems like the actions of our schools & teachers are more likely to cause those mental health issues than letting little children pretend they are shooting someone will. Most mass shootings are done by a person or persons with mental health issues. Our legislators need to focus on the mental health crisis in this country and forget about controlling the populous by outlawing firearms. After all, it has been proven time after time that they can only control the law abiding citizens, leaving them defenseless when the bad guys show up. Look at the problems in Chicago and New York (both states with gun bans in place) for proof.

  • Hedgehog

    “Those that can, WORK!” “Those that can’t, TEACH!” Those that can’t teach, go into politics, get elected and pass laws supporting those that teach at the expense of those who WORK!

    • Chester

      Sir, I want you to TRY teaching, just for a week. If, after that week, you still have your same attitude toward teachers, then, sir, you are hopeless. A teacher works a longer day for less pay than most people with the same MANDATORY level of education. They do it, not because they couldn’t get other, better paying jobs, but because they love teaching. I am not a formally trained teacher, yet I have taught everything from basic reading and writing skills up to and through advanced algebra. Many times the first thing you have to teach someone is how to learn. It seems like everyone would know how to learn something new, but it is surprising the number of people who have no idea how to go about getting new information and processing it so it makes sense to them The steps there are as varied as the people you work with, yet they keep wanting to put more and more kids in a classroom with one teacher, and expect that teacher to handle each of them as individuals. About the biggest group I could work with and accomplish anything with all of them was six, and that seemed to be about the average for the other tutors I worked with.

      • independant thinker

        I have heard far too many people say I am studying ____________ and if I can’t make it doing __________ then I will teach. That is hardly conducive to producing dedicated teachers.

      • Brandon G

        A teacher works a longer day for less pay then most people with the same Mandatory level of education. Once the longer day part becomes true, and the four plus months of school vacation is gone I would agree. You talk like teachers are like most young modern farmers, college diploma, years invested, and 14 hour days, no holidays, and make less then 20,000$ a year. With no health care, retirement, no nothing, but keep the ignorant that do not know better from starving. That first sentence is very insulting to many for personal reasons. When you can compare teaching with running a 1500 head dairy farm, with multiple employees, then I will agree with that statement. Until then watch what you say, those seem like pity me statements without anywhere near a understanding of others situation. If you do not think this type of education is required to farm on this scale you have a wake up call coming. A very large amount of people have equal education to a teacher, and make much less. Where I am from teaching is one of the most cushion jobs there is, it also makes alot more then most jobs around. Sounds to me your comparing a teacher to a lawyer , not a common person with a degree. I see so many teachers running a cash register after they resign or get the boot, all I say is welcome to our world. Yours wasn’t as bad as you thought huh.


    Sam Rolley,



    Mr. Rolley, YOU SAY IN THE FIRST PARAGRAPH, ” … educators have been co-opted … to socially engineer students into believing that even the mention of the word “gun” is cause for pants-wetting terror.” WITHOUT THIS STATEMENT, Personal Libertarians WOULD HAVE TYPED, “Oh, this is just kids being kids.” BUT, BY CREATING A STATEMENT WHICH MAKES A PSYCHOLOGICAL CONNECTION TO GUN LOVERS’ DESIRE FOR ARMED GUARDS IN SCHOOLS WAS SINISTER.

    AS A FORMER SUBSTITUTE TEACHER, I ASK YOU, Mr. Rolley, “Who would be the individual to say ‘gun’ – thereby causing school-children to wet their pants?” WHEN POLICE EPISODES HAPPENED AT, Memphis City Schools, SCHOOL ADMINISTRATORS DID THEIR BEST TO KEEP AS MANY CHILDREN “IN-THE-DARK” AS, POSSIBLE.



    • Vicki

      The problems with armed guards at schools.

      1. Their presence brainwashes the children into accepting a police state as normal.

      2. They do not know the school nor walk the halls nor teach in the classrooms. Thus they do not know the area.

      3. They become first victim(s)

      The solution. Allow school staff to choose to carry CONCEALED. This will both eliminate the Gun Free Zone and make a significant physiological barrier for the shooter(s).

      Of course with (supposed) adults so afraid of IMAGINARY objects I am not sure were you would find the people to teach and carry responsibly.




      • vicki

        During those critical seconds, while waiting for police who are only minutes away their marksmanship IS their most important purpose. It is notoriously hard to teach the dead. Though they seem to be able to vote ok.

      • Wellarmed

        Very well put Vicki,

        I particularly agree with your first comment. And I also agree with your second comment, but I believe that it may be more than just not knowing the area. If I remember correctly Columbine had security personal on campus, but they may be clear on the other side of it.

        The school where my wife teaches is over 40 acres in total, and I would prefer all staff on campus from the Administrators, Teachers, Counselors, Janitors etc… to have the ability to respond as necessary (armed) rather then attempt to summon campus security and wait.

        I also agree with you that campus security are not necessarily soft targets (when armed), but they will be exposed more readily as they generally carry their weapon openly and wear a uniform. The security guard at my wife’s school is unarmed, and i can feel the new found tension they have being so. I feel it is a criminal act to ask someone to perform a security position without a firearm on their person.

        As far as children being punished for these behaviors makes me wonder who is the child? and who is the adult?


        “Vicki” AND “Wellarmed,”


      • vicki


        1. 1 is smaller than 20.

        2. I specifically said that armed guards are NOT the solution.

        3. I find it interesting that you would prefer that the entire school be filled with prey.

      • Jared From Texas

        I laughed so hard when I read your comment about being difficult to teach the dead, but it being easy for them to VOTE! BAHAHAHA, it’s funny because it’s TRUE.
        So, if the government is ballsy enough to lie to us about who is voting, then I do not see how anyone could believe that they have our best interests at heart?
        The Constitution DID LIMIT the power that the government is able to hold over the PEOPLE for a reason – to prevent another Revolution. But, if that’s what they want, I can promise you that this guy (pointing thumbs up at self) is ready for it, and so are millions of other INTELLIGENT and FREE AMERICANS. Unfortunately, a great deal of people are so ignorant, and are brainwashed into believing that the government would never do anything bad, and that no one wants to harm them – except gun owners, of course.
        It’s OK, I will gladly be part of the PEOPLE who FIGHT for their freedom, as I already have been once before (ex Navy). I do not have patience for ignorance, and I refuse to let the government try and pull the wool over my eyes – they are open, and they do not like what they see.
        To all whom are aware, change is coming, and unless something is done fast, we can only hunker down and wait for the STHTF. To everyone else, (I’m not religious or I’d pray for your sorry butts) I hope that one day you will see the error of your ways, and remember that this country was founded on freedom. Yes, we need some guidance to make sure the badd eggs stay out of the basket.
        Let’s be honest, the bad eggs are increasing. Maybe the way they were brought up had something to do with it. Maybe they are afraid to fight someone (with fists) because they might be taken to jail, so instead they let their rage out on innocent people by executing them, and then taking their own life so that they don’t have to deal with the consequences.
        That’s all beside the point, I suppose. Let’s get back on topic. America is armed. Who? it’s none of your business! But if concerned citizens feel that their life, their way of living that is, is being threatened, then they should defend it and themselves to the death – because otherwise, we are just like North Korea, or China, or any other communist, dictatorship of a country, leading their population to believe that the government knows what’s best for them.
        Well I for one, will not be part of the herd of sheep.
        One last thing… does ANYONE remember how the Civil War started? Ah, yes, the country was divided. What is Obama doing now? Surely others of you have made this connection…

  • Bruce

    time to close these federal anti-gun indoctrination schools, and replace them with schools who are controlled by the local people, or just home school. Time to have a gun class in school. Teach them how to use and how to handle safely, at a very young age. Require students to carry dart guns to school, so they will be used to carrying guns before they are allowed. Time for the feds to get OUT OF EDUCATION. They have proved they can not even run the post office. The feds have no legal standing to have federal rules for education. The fed is in violation of our constitution. And this is what happens when the power hungry in Washington, want more power. They were limited in their power by the constitution FOR a reason. We are seeing what happens when the Feds ALL become law breakers, and go beyond where the constitution allows them to go. In their drive for more and more and more power, we the people get run over and discarded like road kill. And our INNOCENT CHILDREN get expelled from school for having a piece of paper or a piece of plastic or fingers that suggest a similarity to a piece of steel, a gun.
    This must end, NOW!. Time for the monster to go back into its constitutional “cage”. Now who left the door open for them to gain so much power? the “new deal” Democrats that’s who. Communism working to destroy this once great country from within, thru the Democrat party of perverts, gays, and other forms of rebellion against God. First lets raise a generation of children afraid of guns, and easily manipulated by not teaching them to think for themselves. Then we can turn this country into a playground for the rich only. Do we need a way to get rid of the poor who refuse to work? They got a plan for that too, right after they get all the votes from those useless fools. Did we just vote ourselves into slavery? If we did we will really need those large capacity magazines then.

  • Tommy

    I DEFINITELY would have been expelled from school as a 5 year old, given todays anti-gun HYSTERIA. They used to call me “Tommy Gun” because I was always running around going, “et et et et et et et” (machine gun noise). It’s all part of the illegal gunrunning AG Holder’s plan to “BRAINWASH” children about guns. Cops and robbers, cowboys and indians, playing army were all games children played in years past with no ill effects. Heck, even I turned out okay, turned out okay, turned out okay, turned out okay……..

  • Bernie Newcomer

    We forget that children watch t.v and play games that show guns etc. No mention of this when the imitate what they see and find to be fun.Children have great imaginations and play out what they see-think super heroes. Is it the job of our schools to kill all things kids find to be fun if it does not conform to the P.C. of a select few?
    Parents, time for you to remind schools who pay their salaries and determine what is right for your children. The question is do you have the courage and will you take the time to protect your child from the P.C. bullies. I hope so.

  • ranger09

    Well its OK to teach SEX and safe Sex in schools, If you agree to this then you would not mind teaching Guns, And safe Gun classes. This Govt is doing nothing but screwing up our lives, I guess next we should remove all the TV and Movies and the Media News from showing Guns. Where is all this crap going to take us. Oh i forgot take away all the books showing guns and the history of them Also out of schools.

  • Charlie

    What is your problem CHRISTOPHER ALLEN HORTON ! Surly you know that the use of capital letters in post/texts or other writen forms indecates yelling. Yelling generally is a form of fear, are you afraid that your spue of yelling is nothing but a liberal lie? Dissecting words / paragraphs that are grammatically correct just further shows you are a small minded person trying to nullify something you do not like. “Gun-fanatics” you are missing the point read the constitution and some quotes from Jefferson,Washington,Adams and the federalist writings. The right to be armed is a well thought out thought by those who penned the constitution. Second amendment is in our constitution to stop tyranny, you know , the absolute abuse of absolute governmental power. Our first president, Washington, stated that the people should be able to keep up with the government’s weapons so that the people could squelch abusive government, (tyranny).
    Would sincerely like to ask you to stop yelling like some spoiled brat and read some history, for you seem to be a ignorant person with a hate complex. Glad you are not a teacher anymore way to ignorant.

    • Hedgehog

      TAKE IT EASY CHARLIE! The man may be just a little bit DEAF, like me! I can hear him much better than I can hear you. Shouting is often a sign of deafness, not fear.Besides when you’re 71 like me, you may figure you have to yell to be heard over your boom box, ghetto blaster or headset. GIVE US A BREAK!

  • Charlie

    All of these dolts in our federally(our money) funded public schools are certainly a bunch of wussies. Bang did that scare you wuss or how about bubbles from a toy gun or any other game that children have played long before your parents were thought of let alone you. Freaking ignorant dolts just looking for their next paycheck and not conserned with our country’s history or values. First thing needed to stop violence is to teach childred respect at all levels respect needs to be instilled into the learning process of a child.

  • bandit

    So far, the only tactic that has worked against these Zero Tolerance idiots (and not just for pretend guns) is storming the school boards and DEMANDING why these school administrators are being paid 50% more than teachers. These “school officials” are paid extra because they supposedly exercise “judgement”. But – ZT *removes* judgement, so why should they get paid more? However, if they are using POOR judgement, then they should be fired because they are incompetent. Check out these just for a start

  • Dad

    This liberal re-engineered society is just not working… the real problem is in 2012 alone, 355,000 children were killed in Democrat abortion clinic businesses…
    How are those commie gubmint unions working for you now?

  • ibcamn

    Geeze,WTF?!when i was a little squirt we would always play army or cowboys and indians,can’t say that(indian)anymore,and army is too violent!!this is one person getting his/her way to push that beleife off on us,it’s all BS!were raising a bunch of [expletive deleted]!whimps are heros and tough guys the villine,david and golliath is mainstream,etc…etc…,it’s all about one side pissing and moaning louder than the other side to get his/her way!!just crap!
    did you know the gov’t spent millions(tax payer money)to rewrite the laws so as not to affend anyone-gender neutral,[policeman to patrol officer]crap like that,just leave it alone and from now on just be gender neutral,but to let someone rewrite the past laws,couldn’t something get wrote differently to be bias or veage??this could be catastrofic if the intensions of these people is evil,,ha ha ha–never mind,this is just garbage to me and i guess the parents should explain this to their kids and tell them not to do this sort of thing in school,kinda like a fight,make the judgment call and follow through!the school did take it a bit far,but they did get their agenda(i mean)point across!..

    it’s almost like that sucky dress code at the nightclub where hot chicks hang out,you just gotta get the right bouncer to get in,or at least a grant will do!

  • Gordon in Texas

    We have lost our way.

  • Daniel

    My twelve year old son was suspended from school for a day for making a hand-sign of a pistol pointed at his own head in trying to express exasperation at some other kid knocking his books off his desk. Our copy of the disciplinary paperwork indicated that the school viewed him as possessing a weapon. We challenged that and got it removed from the paperwork, but he was still suspended.

  • Jannice Tekma

    This hysteria over guns in America is all a result of the mommy-ization of America; i.e.: allowing women to bring their penchant for irrational maternal fear into the classrooms, boardrooms, and political arenas of American life. Women are, by nature, socialist animals. Their primary concerns in life are providing for, and protecting the young. In the past, this concern has been kept in check by the opposing influence of men with their masculine “quit pampering the kid!” view of life. Nowadays, women have migrated into positions of power which have allowed them to force their desire, to control all perceived dangers, onto the general public, through the passing of more and more laws, regulations, and rules designed to take all risk out of society. As these “mommies” have become more assertive, males have become more wimpyfied, do to this increase of the increase of coddling and babying. This is what accounts for the phenomenon of later and later maturing children. The extended female interference in a child’s life, especially a male child, is guaranteed to produce a more spineless, ineffectual male. It would not surprise me if this situation also accounted for the increased incidence of homosexuality.

    • Bruce

      that has got to be one of the most accurate statements I have read on here lately. Deliciously non-politically correct and very accurate, and very unfortunate.
      Women are made differently, its a fact, they think differently, in a way that is good for raising children of character, but also lacking a larger more world view of things. Men and women have different jobs. That’s the it was designed by the maker. Evil has overtaken that plan in the form of feminism, and the bad that that change has caused is becoming obvious in the total destruction of the family, soon to be followed by the state.

    • Mike in MI

      Good God!!! That’s so right, Jannice –
      Thank You, Thank You! You just gave the best explanation I’ve seen in weeks of searching and wrestling with the problem of why so many men are staying locked on the right-brain-thinking, childish, selfish, liberal-minded disfunctionalism which has transformed our country to carry Obama and his idiotology to that pedestal from which he looks down at us all.

  • http://google rose

    I remember back in 1967 during show-n-tell, a kid in my class brought his cap guns in holsters and wearing his cowboy hat. He even shot the cap guns to show how they worked. During recess all the kids played cowboys and indians while he shot off his cap guns. It wasn’t uncommon for us kids to carry rolls of caps in our pockets and to hit them with rocks during recess too, making popping noises, even the teachers would do it with us. I grew up in a fairly poor town in Illinois and most kids won’t have had cap guns. But if we could have, we would have we all would have been chasing each other shooting our cap guns.
    My dad kept his rifles hanging on the wall. We kids in my ( 4 of us) knew better than to ever touch them. He told us about them and would clean them in front of us, But we never touched his guns. We watched him shoot them. He told us how they could kill and that they were not toys. As little kids and clear up till we left home we never touched his guns.
    I remember a time when we use to be free in this country. And when there waas less stupidity.

    • Thomas

      I was one of those kids, back in the early 60′s…who brought toy cap guns to school for show-n-tell. A couple of them actually shot plastic bullets! The horrors! But also, back then, other kids brought their BB guns to school on a regular basis. Again, no one freaked out. I learned to shoot my first honest rifle at around 10. This was considered “normal” in the mid-60′s. This country has become completely deranged. The only way to stop the lunacy in schools today, is to simply pull your kids out and homeschool them. But how many parents will actually do that?

      • Bruce

        Well here is another “old geezer tale”. When I was 12 years old (think early 60′s) I joined a group that shot 22 rifles at the police, inside range downtown. I carried my target 22 rifle alone (without any bullets) in a case to the range in downtown, walking there I would stop at the store for a coke, and I took that gun in the store with me, couldn’t leave it outside. It raised a few eyebrows but it was no big deal, no one said anything. Boy have things changed! and not for the better. In this day just seeing a 12 year old with a gun (and no parent around) would cause people to drive into the ditch trying to escape.
        Boo you scared yet?


    I remember playing Cowboys and Indians, playing war, and cops and robbers. Both my sister and I had Red Ryder BB guns. I even have one now. Our dad took us out into the Bezerkeley Hill and taught us the PROPER way to use them. We were also members of the Junior NRA, taught the proper way to handle a weapon and learned the shooters bible. We went to the shooting range twice a week I think it was. When I was in the Boy Scouts we had a shooting range at Scout camp where we were able to get practice, and a merit badge. My mother was a teacher while we were growing up and I learned very early that she, at one time was as good a shot as I am now. There isn’t a thing wrong with guns, it’s just that at times they are used in the wrong way, and the biggest percentage of the time those weapons are stolen, not used to shoot someone by the person who originally purchased them. I just cannot get over the liberal idea that We The People shouldn’t have any type of weapon to defend ourselves. I’m 70, a widower, and I live alone in a small community. We don’t have a police force here, just the county sheriff patrol. When seconds count, they are at least 20 minutes away. Please excuse an old mans rambings, but I’m so tired of some ignorant liberal telling me what is best for me. I’m a big boy and I can take care of myself……….

  • http://google David

    I have little compassion for families that concede to public education that permit this type of behaviour. The education system is the primary channel to adolesent disfunction.

  • Rainey Grimes

    This country is in a sad state of affairs and is continually getting worse. We need to set America back on the right path. The liberals can take ” politically correct” and shove it up their @&$*#!

  • Pingback: Buy Your Child A Toy Gun, And You Can Guarantee He’s Going To Kill Someone : Personal Liberty Digest™


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