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America’s Economy Is Stuck

December 5, 2012 by  

America’s Economy Is Stuck

Upon his re-election, President Barack Obama pledged to get America’s economy moving again. It is troubling that the President made this same promise four years ago, yet America’s economy is still stuck.

The Federal government and the Federal Reserve have injected trillions of dollars into the economy and reduced interest rates to their lowest levels in history, yet America’s economy is still stuck. And reckless attempts by Obama and the Fed to drag it forward will eventually destroy it.

I grew up in the country, and I saw a lot of things get stuck in snow and mud: trucks, tractors, even a snowmobile. What I remember most clearly is that when I was 10, my dad’s 1966 Lincoln became immobile. It was a white, four-door Continental with the signature rear suicide doors (they opened backward, making it an easy car to jump from if you were in the back).

In the mid-1960s, my father built a log cabin beside Lake McGregor in Southern Alberta. The lake runs along a thin valley he lived above as a boy in the early 1900s, when his parents were homesteaders.

The equipment that built the cabin had come and gone, as had the permafrost. When he took our family to see the finished cabin, the spring thaw was in full force. We drove beside the lake on a cow trail — not a road.

It didn’t take long for the big Ford to sink right up to its fenders. Loaded down with building materials and people, not even the Lincoln’s massive 460 cubic inch engine could pull us free, despite my dad’s heavy-footed attempts to get it rolling.  It turned out to be a car that could pass anything except a gas station or a mud trail.

Eventually, two big tractors towed the car onto dry land. Unfortunately, the car’s transmission remained in the mud and muck. That beautiful car was a write-off.

That car was built during the high-level mark for Detroit. In 1966, U.S. auto companies were building one out of every two cars sold in the world.

A decade after that Lincoln slipped deep into the mud, Detroit was also slipping toward failure. In the 1970s came the Chrysler bailout. In the late 1980s, President George H.W. Bush instituted protectionism for all U.S. automakers. And just four years ago this month, President George W. Bush kept America’s auto industry afloat by giving a $17.4 billion bailout to General Motors Co. and Chrysler.

Just like my dad did that day on the cow trail, the Federal government and the Fed keep flooring the gas pedal. Rather than pumping gasoline into an immovable vehicle they are pumping money into an immovable economy.

Policymakers simply will not accept that the U.S. economy is permanently stuck.

It hasn’t always been that way. Starting with Lincoln (the President, not the car), U.S. gross domestic product grew by more than 3 percent per year. The growth continued until I was a kid. That was 100 years of consistent growth, a record untouched by any nation in history.

But America’s economic growth rates have fallen significantly in the past two decades. America is getting weaker, not stronger.

Reported GMO Quarterly Letter last month: “Going forward, GDP growth (conventionally measured) for the U.S. is likely to be about only 1.4% a year, and adjusted growth about 0.9%.”

Today, American manufacturing contributes 9 percent of GDP. In 1966, manufacturing made up more than 20 percent of GDP. GMO Quarterly Letter predicts that by 2040 manufacturing will make up only 5 percent of GDP.

Another High Level Mark In 1966

The first year the Dow Jones industrial average reached 1,000 was 1966. Today, it trades around 13,000. You might think that if your parents had left you a share in the DJIA, you would be 13 times richer. That isn’t so. What a dollar would buy you in 1966 now costs more than $7. In today’s money, the 1966 DJIA was priced at 7,000. Those numbers are given to us by the Federal government and do not reflect the true decline of the dollar’s purchasing power.

If you bought a share of the Dow 46 years ago and held it (not accounting for dividends), you haven’t even doubled your money.

The Federal government has a lot of people fooled into thinking we can pull out of the economic morass simply by printing more money. Money in itself isn’t more wealth; it is just more money.

It is no different than owning 100 shares of a stock at $100 per share. The board of that company decides to do a two-for-one stock split. One morning, you have twice as many shares. But now they are priced at $50 per share — not $100.

The commentary by Ben Inker in November’s GMO Quarterly Letter sums up how priming the monetary pump isn’t going to be helpful and may, in fact, be harmful:

According to the Fed, an important goal of current monetary policy is to drive asset prices higher, generating a wealth effect that will lead to more spending and economic growth. There is a significant problem with this policy from a theoretical standpoint, though. The problem boils down to this: while Fed policy actually can cause rational investors to bid up the prices of assets, it probably can’t cause a wealth effect if investors truly are rational. Because the truth is that for the majority of investors, current Fed policy is taking them backwards, despite higher asset prices. The slightly odd corollary to this fact is that the less effective current Fed policy is at boosting the economy, the longer it is likely to persist, leaving rational investors in the position of hoping the damn thing works so that it will end, but unwilling to participate in the actions that would lead to success.

Real wealth comes down to real jobs, and the United States simply is not creating them at the pace it once did. The wealth you read about in the stock market is all smoke, and it can dissipate just as quickly.

Action to take: The trading wheels on Wall Street may be spinning just as fast as the double-ply tires on that Lincoln did. But I must tell you: That car didn’t move an inch forward and neither will the U.S. economy. This truth is going to surface early in the New Year when even investors finally see it. When that happens, there will be a rush to the doors. Make sure you beat that calamity and sell any stocks you own as soon as you can. Keep some gold as insurance and put cash into three-month T-bills or physical cash in a secure place like a good home safe or a bank safety deposit box.

Yours in good times and bad,

–John Myers
Editor, Myers’ Energy & Gold Report

John Myers

is editor of Myers’ Energy and Gold Report. The son of C.V. Myers, the original publisher of Oilweek Magazine, John has worked with two of the world’s largest investment publishers, Phillips and Agora. He was the original editor for Outstanding Investments and has more than 20 years experience as an investment writer. John is a graduate of the University of Calgary. He has worked for Prudential Securities in Spokane, Wash., as a registered investment advisor. His office location in Calgary, Alberta, is just minutes away from the headquarters of some of the biggest players in today’s energy markets. This gives him personal access to everyone from oil CEOs to roughnecks, where he learns secrets from oil insiders he passes on to his subscribers. Plus, during his years in Spokane he cultivated a network of relationships with mining insiders in Idaho, Oregon and Washington.

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    PEOPLE ARE SO “HUNG-UP” ON HAVING THE “ON PAPER” QUALIFICATIONS THAT THEY DO NOT REALIZE EMPLOYERS WANT TO SEE T-A-L-E-N-T. [Think about all of the money places like, "Kinko's" are making by printing useless (and, sometimes fake) resumes].


    • FreedomFighter

      Socialism/communism has been and always will be a failure for the people.

      Thank you Mr Obama and your socialist-communist progressive movement, in just 4 short years your ilk have managed to mortally wound the economy of the most prosperous country in the history of the world.

      You have spent trillions, with nothing to show.

      You want to spend trillions more the same socialist way.

      Failure like this is UN_AMERICAN and so are you, sir. Just another commi-wannabe dictator.

      Laus Deo
      Semper Fi

      • Warrior

        The chinese are beginning to find out now, we can’t even afford the crap they sell. Bleak, Very Bleak!

      • Flashy’s not’s the failure to pay attention to our educational system as well as our infrastructure. We have allowed the upper 1% to steal from the Middle Class, set up a welfare for the rich system, and ignored the massive redistribution of wealth taken from the Middle Class.

        BTW Warrior…China is facing issues from it’s own creations. Has nothing to do with us except this administration has refused to bail them out of their inefficiencies and their deliberate ignoring the 21st century economic requirements. .

      • DaveH

        No Flashman. It IS Socialism that is causing our problem. With Socialism the Leaders and their Pals prosper at the peoples’ expense. Socialism impoverishes countries to the degree in which it has been implemented. Those who doubt that should read this report:

      • eddie47d

        FF continues to be a mindless robot and regurgitates the same spiel every time. I guess we’ll have to tell him its been going on for a few decades and he doesn’t understand the pattern that created our economic problems. Blaming communism is a cheap why to avoid the hard facts about our system and they (he) will continue to keep their heads in the sand.

      • DaveH

        Public School Education was recognized as a source of Propaganda 300 years ago. If you want a real education, don’t expect it to come from a Government controlled school:

      • Tim L.

        FF, I guess you must have been on another planet between 2000 to 2008. Thats when the economy was driven off the road, thanks to Bush/Cheney and company. Your blind hatred of President Obama is childish and misdirected. Yes, the economy is still in very bad shape, but that has nothing to do with communism or socialism: It has everything to do with greedy corporations profiting by sending jobs out of the country. President Obama has managed to strengthen the economy despite the opposition of the GOP/teabaggerz, who spent the last four years doing everything they could think of to undermine his efforts. It is sad that your hatred for the president is greater than your love of this country.

      • http://none john

        Obama a communist? Why did he give us the stock Repubican, “severely conservative” Romney health care plan with PRIVATE insurance companies doing all the deals and making all the profits? Obama is what would be a liberal republican thirty years ago or a moderate (at best) democrat now. Fact-check a few things and not just parrot the stock, paranoid right-wing, rabble-rousing babble.

        • Tony Newbill

          John Russia Calls Obama a communist

      • Old Henry

        Warrior, you are corect and Black Friday this year had a record day for Black Friday gun sales.

      • Old Henry

        Tim, remember back in ’92 when the Little General was talking about that “giant sucking sound” that would be created by NAFTA?

        And… Slick Willy signed it into law. As with John’s dad in his Lincoln, that put the pedal to the metal on job exportation.

        I know it gives you people apoplexy, but Little Barry Soetoro is a dyed-in-the-wool communist.

        • Tony Newbill

          We are witnessing the era of Global Communism develop right before our eyes and with the G-8 Alliance between all nations leaders that agree with this Policy there is Nothing we can do about this !!!!!!

      • alpha-lemming

        Sorry guys… (Tim “I think I know what the “L” stands for” and Flush) it IS Socialism, Communism, Marxism….. Liberal-left-progressivism, redistribution or any other mis-direction title you want to give it doesn’t change the desired ends. Give them ALL the money and they’ll decide who’s most “deserving”.

        Be honest (look it up in the dictionary if you must)… what is THE one and only part of America that’s growing??? Not manufacturing or electronics or durables… it’s GOVERNMENT (steaming towards 50% of GDP)!!! which ONLY functions and exists by REMOVING money from us… and then of course doles it back at ~25 cents on the $1. Look at gasoline as an example…. a major lefty boogieman…. their 10 cents profit/$1 sold is called greedy, gouging, redistributing from the middle-calss to the wealthy yaddayadda.. and the 60-80 cents, depending on the state, profit (not the right word because to EARN profit you’ve got to invest 1st… which Government does not do…. just takes) by Government isn’t mentioned even though the above math proves people pay 8Xs the money to Government than to the “greedy oil companies”. No wonder jobs are out-sourced lest business lose money by staying here. If that’s not Communism… the word has lost all meaning.

      • Nadzieja Batki

        But, john, you are parroting the Leftist talking points.

      • DaveH

        John says — “Obama is what would be a liberal republican thirty years ago or a moderate (at best) democrat now”.
        Sure John. Nice way to lose any credibility you may have had. Obama is as Leftist as they come. Don’t confuse expediency with his orientation.

      • Combat seabee

        “Socialism is the philosophy of failure, the creed of ignorance, and the gospel of envy. It’s inherent virtue is the equal sharing of misery.” Winston Churchill

      • eddie47d

        Then Old Henry that would make you a dyed in the wool angry Fascist. You may be getting older but hardly any smarter.

      • Old Henry

        Nothing angry about it at all eddie. Simply looking at the facts and not watching / listening to the MSM. Soetoro was spawned by communists, raised by communists, educated by communists, mentored by communists and started his political career in the home of two communist domestic terrorists who blew up buildings in the U.S.

        You seem to be the one who needs to get smarter. Time for some critical thinking eddie.

        I cannot imagine the uproar that would have taken place if Bush or Romney had that sort of anti-America past.

        This foreign national has committed so many acts of treason it’s hard to keep track. With Bengazi being one of the most recent.

    • Harold Olsen

      You are absolutely right. In nearly all the jobs I’ve had over the past 37 years, I’ve been a supervisor. I have had subordinates that are so dumb that when they come back from their weekends, they have to practically be retrained. It’s as though it were their first day on the job.


        “Harold Olsen,”






      • WTS/JAY

        Dear Mr. Horton, if you wish to understand the reason why the new generation is, as you put it; BEING “DUMB AS HELL”, you need to do some research into the history of education; who controls it, its influential players, and their agenda.

        Start here:
        Chronology of World Education

      • Carlucci

        On the flip side, I was laid off from a job at the end of August at a nationally known insurance company agency. They had very high turnover in employees and managers. My employment at this agency began last July 2011. I had been there for 13 months before the layoff. I started out there in a “test pilot” position that was newly created by the agent. The job was to up sell/cross sell additional insurance products to existing customers by contacting them via telephone. Unfortunately the agent did not do his homework before I was hired, as the materials (customer call lists) that I was given to work with were not updated (no phone #, wrong phone #, no email address). Because many people no longer have land lines, I asked if I could send out postcards to customers. The answer was “No – too expensive”. This agency didn’t even have scripts or word tracks for me to use on this newly created position, and I had to create my own.
        After I had been there for six weeks, they fired the sales manager. This came as no surprise to me as she was totally incompetent. After that, our department had no sales manager for six months.

        In May of this year, I was taken off the “test pilot” position and put on the sales team.
        I hit the ground running. In just a few short weeks, from May 7th to my yearly review in July, I had sold $75,000 worth of premium and this was documented on the review paperwork (“55% production increase”, which is huge). By the time I left, I had sold $132,000 in premium. In a very competitive industry like insurance, these figures are impressive, especially for a “sub-agent”. Yet, a kid who was hired after me, and was 25 years old with consistently low sales figures at the bottom of the totem pole got to stay while I had to go. I’m sure he got to stay because he was: (1). Male and (2) a graduate of the agent/owners college alma mater. I am a 57 year old woman with years of experience in real estate & insurance. I attended a college in the Texas hill country, (which the agent, a former football jock, snickered at).

        The point I am making is that many places of employment do not provide great training, because they don’t know how to train people properly. In my case, I had to get creative and do the very best I could with the tools and training I had been given, which were really lousy for the most part. Fortunately I could rely on my maturity, experience, and many years of sales training.

      • Old Henry


        So sorry to hear about you loosing your yob. However, on the bright side you will not have more time to “converse” here at The Livingston Institue”.

        I wonder if that 25 year-old little boy got the book of business you had built up, along with the commisions.

      • Carlucci

        Hello Old Henry – ! Nice to see your post. The only person who got the benefit and commissions on my sales production was the agent. He did not pay his sub-agents any commissions on their production unless they sold a life insurance policy. We were all on straight salary for the most part. The 25 year old was in the same boat as I was, only he did not have a Life & Health license and could not sell life insurance.

        In hindsight, I’m glad I was laid off. I loved some of my fellow employees and made a lot of friends while I was there, but I do not miss working there at all. I hardly ever felt valued or appreciated during the 13 months I worked there. The owners and management had no manners or courtesy, and rarely ever said “please”, “thank you” “great job”, etc. It was always “Well, you are doing great, but work harder and do more”. These morons also made ridiculous comments like “Pretend this is your agency. This means coming in early, working on your lunch hour (illegal), and staying late.” Of course they weren’t going to pay me any overtime to do that. I told them that I was pretty good at pretending, but not that good, and maybe they needed to “pretend” to pay me more money. Bottom line, they didn’t like me very much because I wasn’t a man, didn’t attend the “right” university, and most of all, didn’t suck up or brown-nose the agent and his incompetent minions known as “managers” (where the Peter Principle ruled supreme). Right before I was hired, their recruiter mentioned weekend company parties and picnics to me. I told him that if those were mandatory, I was not interested in the job at all and would pass on their offer. He assured me that attendance at these functions was not mandatory, only “optional and voluntary” as nobody really wanted to attend them anyway. He said he couldn’t understand why they kept having these functions as the turn-out was always so poor. He said that employees would RSVP “Yes” and then not bother showing up, (which in my opinion is the height of bad manners). You would think that after a few times of major non-attendance, a normal person would take that as a hint, but the agent was so insecure, he took non-attendance at these unpopular functions as a personal insult. A few months before I left, he sent out a survey to employees asking them if they preferred the full day off on Christmas Eve, or having a Christmas party. Well……duh……..naturally the overwhelming response (97%) was having the full day off and nixing the Christmas party. The Christmas “party” (if you can call it that), I attended last year was so lame, dull, and boring, some co-workers and I dubbed it the “night of the living dead”. Anyway, when the agent read the survey results regarding the Christmas party, he was furious, flew into a frenzied hissy fit like a two year old, and screamed for all to hear: “F*** these people -!! I’m having the Christmas party anyway, and just might make “these ungrateful a**holes” work a full day on Christmas Eve!!” (Boo hoo – !! Boo hoo!! Nobawdy wants to attend my tewwible Chwistmas paw-tee -!! Boo hoo!! Boo hoo-!! Blubber, blubber- !!) It was all I could do not to laugh at his ridiculous and childish outburst.

        Wow – what a guy……….and what a classy agency…………NOT – !!!! These weirdos were “nouveau riche” and they sure fit that definition to a T. I’ve worked for “old money”
        and “new money” and there definitely is a difference……These people were so despicable, it got to the point where I hated making money for them. One day during a sales meeting they announced that sales were down and they might have to start letting people on the sales team go. Right then I started praying that I would be one of them, and my prayers were answered.

        Okay – I’m done ranting and I feel so much better -!!!

        Onward and upward – !!! :-)

      • Combat seabee

        I had to explain to a young man one time how his tardiness affected his job evaluations, and he couldn’t see how it was relevant, no matter how much, or how easy, I tried to explain it!
        This is the pathetic America we now live in thanks to a dumbed down populace, brought to you by our public schools.
        Take away the subtraction in a cash register and just revel in amusement or horror at the quizical look on the cashiers face as they have to do math! Throw in the odd penny for a real belly laugh, or a good cry, which ever suits you best!

      • Karolyn

        seabee – You are so right. I was talking to a friend with twin 8 year old boys today. She told me her one son is very bad in school, but they keep promoting him. The kids aren’t even being taught how to spell! She said that if they promote him again, she is going to raise hell. As a senior in college, I am constantly amazed at the ignorance of my recent high school graduate classmates.

      • Old Henry


        I think maybe I should change from Old Henry to Dr. Henry. LOL!

        Yer boss sounds like a true narcissist. It might be fun to get him and Little Barry in the same cell, er ah, room.

        The yob sounds like you might have been able to set up some networking connections. How ’bout trying communittee organizing?

    • NativeBlood

      That should explain the “real” reason the southern border remains open and relatively unchecked. The construction, agricultural, and manufacturing sector knows that American dreams require a good education and work ethic to support a liveable wage.
      To those that are hiring new help find that those who seek a liveable wage are not desirable for hire so the immigrant is present to replace those citizens. A good support system to dumb down those kids takes a concerted effort of the education and media outlets to make this dumbing down a reality and it is working. The country gets replacement workers and a reenforced voting block. Immigrants are always happy with making 10 times more than they were used to and the inexperienced citizen worker will be a permanent recipient of state/federal funded assistance until he/she goes to prison or dies an early death from living an otherwise unhealthy lifestyle. BTW, 20 immigrants can live together in one domicile and sharing rent while sending money home and saving up for a trailer or apartment to get the rest of his/her family here.
      The economy is stalled/stuck? Who’s economy are we really referring to?
      Oh yeah, I forgot to mention that the work ethic and motivation begins at home so parents have just as much to play in development as the community does.
      Heaven help those poor parents of disable and autistic children. If your kids are healthy,
      don’t contribute to their laziness.


      • Eugene Sevene-THE PATRIOT

        If one wants to blame someone just look in the mirror to see who is to blame for our down fall. Just as in Rome the people allowed the senators to do as they pleased until all was destroyed and Rome fell. It was the corruption within the government that the people allowed that caused the fall of Rome and it is the corruption in Washington that the people allow that is the cause of the fall of America. It is in our nature to blame others for our own short comings and we will not take responsibility for our failure to control government nor will we take action to restore our government of the people, by the people, and for the people. If you want to blame someone blame US.Obama needs to go.

      • DaveH

        For Individual Liberty, Personal Responsibility, Free Markets, Limited Government, and the PEACE that comes with those agendas — Vote Libertarian.

      • DaveH

        To understand why Liberty works and Socialism doesn’t, start here:

      • eddie47d

        How about blaming past policies and the continual emergence of crony capitalism which is eating up American capital. Blame the banking system which encouraged rouge practices.Blame the Speculators who gambled our wealth. Blame Reagan Blame Clinton Blame the Bush’s and yes blame Obama but stop being obsessed with Obama being the culprit. You continually overlook the bad policies of the past and are clueless in where the damage came from.

    • rendarsmith

      100% true! Our public education system is crap!

  • peter

    Time to realize that the entire world economic system is simpy a ‘Ponzi’ scheme and surely by now we all know what happens to ‘Ponzi’ schemes. Whilst these hoodlums who run the economies are just left to run rampant, as politicians do, we have nowhere to go but down the tube. God only knows where we will all end up, apart from dead that is. Any one who believes that Obama is about to save the world, sure as anything also believes in father christmas as well.

    • eddie47d

      Its a myth that any President can save the world. Roosevelt and Reagan may have come close (at least in the history books) yet neither accomplished that mission. I do agree our system has become one big ponzi scheme.

  • http://mozilla robert e. lee

    the revitalization of America’s economy will not happen under the ;”crook in charge”;; for three [3] reasons;;1.] he hates colonialism [American capitalism]; 2.] he thinks slackers should get someone elses hard earned money, [a black inferiority complex]; 3.] he is too stupuid to figure out he is on the way out of our lives;; he surrounds himself with Rachael Madcow and other like minded communists; giving him a false sense of security……

  • Steven Louton

    Obama is starting to look like the antichrist every day, he managed to con 47 percent of this nation and has left the other 53 percent to pay the bill.
    i am not even a practicing christian, But i’m going on the apocalyptic prophecies as seen on TV.

    • eddie47d

      You’ll have to start telling the truth first. No wonder you are gullible about all the new age prophecies.

    • KG

      When I was a kid (1980) i heard Jack Van Impe preach about the “white throne judgement”. It scare the s#!7 out of me. Dad spent another $100 “love gift” and got some more books and tapes all explaining in detail how the European Union was going to take over the world and we were all going to be forced to receive the “mark”. Hal Linsey, another charlitan, predicted that America was going to run out of oil by 1989.

      I’m tired of waiting for the world to end. Anybody can SURVIVE, but, how many people you know can LIVE?

      • Tony Newbill

        And how magical was it that Obama was able to take that Romney 47 % comment and make that the Percentage of vote that Romney ended up with ?????

    • dutch56

      I agree with you completely….. From what I remember the antichrist is someone we really don’t know that much about and everyone likes him and believes in what he says….WOW sounds like Obama…… I watched “2016″—it was an eye opener…. He is living his father’s dream… He hates America,white people and wants everyone to depend on government…..The ads he had on TV for the election were so hateful….Did anyone see the one with the sweet little old ladies in the nursing home that hated Romney and were going to kick his butt….. He is the antichrist or Hilter—just a very evil man that doesn’t care about human life or our beautiful country…… I wonder what he would do and say to one of his daughters if she got pregnant—would he tell her to get rid of his grandchild??? I am all for prolife… How can anyone get rid of a child like it’s trash…I just hope God forgives us…….

      • Motov

        Satan is the father of lies, OhBozo tells lies so smoothly, i bet he can sell ice cubes to eskimos. But we also seen him when he”s caught, he very quickly changes the tune.
        and he relies on others to cover up his messes. Had this been anyone else, they would be hounded right out of office, like Nixon was. Must be nice to have very rich people in high places watching your back, and making sure you look perfect in the propaganda machine.

  • Flashy

    Hmmm….”But America’s economic growth rates have fallen significantly in the past two decades.”

    Would there be a connection with this falling growth rate and the attack begun in 1981 against the Middle Class, redistributing the wealth of this nation from the Middle Class to the wealthy and creating an aristocracy? That prior to Reagan, a two income family was an option, post Reagan it became a necessity? That “trickle down” supply side economics created massive debt, privatized profit and socialized risk, and did nothing for the Nation except create this massive inequity in wealth?

    Ya think ???

    Since Reagan, with the exception of six of Clinton’s eight years, the Middle Class has lost ground. they’ve been kicked, pushed, shoved, hit, slapped and basically beaten up. All the while the aristocracy grabbed all the wealth they could grab…saying “it was good”.

    The result? An impoverished Nation, a Middle Class barely making ends meet, and the Great Recession.

    This administration came into office as the Great recession was a major and probable threat to go over the abyss into a Depression. Yes folks…for those who have short memories or deny reality…we were headed straight over that cliff. The stock market lost 50% in value, housing values plummeted, jobs were being lost at the rate of 1 million a month, and the debt was out of control. In 18 months, we were back in the black creating jobs, housing is recovering, and the market is back at pre-Recession levels.

    Since then, the basics of creating a sound, strong comeback was slowly put into place …with the extremists and conservatives screaming every step of the way. The rate of federal spending has been flat lined (yes..flat. Interest on the Conservative debt has caused most of any increase). This Administration inherited the massive deficit spending it is blamed for by the extremists. Productivity is up, efficiency is up, credit lines re-opened, new industries created, new areas in technological industry encouraged, oil dependency is shrinking. We are at the springboard of job growth and consumer confidence is up. And…most important, the real job creators, the real makers…the Middle Class…has begun to fight the war the aristocracy and extremists have waged against it for 30 years.

    Now? We have a fight where the aristocracy and extremists are wailing about taxes on the wealthy going up 3%. Yes…3%. Where the GOP candidate had to forego deductions to keep his rate at 14% on an income in excess of $20 million.

    It’s time for the extremists to go sit in the corner and be ignored, it’s time for the conservatives backing the entrenched aristocracy to be shown for who they are and be shelved. It’s time to allow the Moderates and Progressives room to rebuild what was destroyed by 30 years of Conservative and extremist policies.

    Those are the facts…and the reality.

    • Glen

      Flashy appears to have missed the point. The point is that increasing government robs the rest of the economy. If you take the 3% that you cite from those who have it, you are removing it from capital that businesses need to grow and add jobs. Government is the least efficient means of getting things done and the higher the level of government, the less efficient it is. Its not so much that we worry about the wealthy but rather about what their wealth is being used for. Will it go down the drain (government) or will it be used to fuel the engines of capitalism to provide more jobs and more real wealth for the country.

      • Flashy

        ” If you take the 3% that you cite from those who have it, you are removing it from capital that businesses need to grow and add jobs” <— Glen

        glen, with all due respect…horsepucky. you bought the line that caused us to be in this mess. If such was true..explain the Clinton years.

      • eddie47d

        Crony capitalism is wickedly inefficient to the health of our country also so stick that in your Christmas stocking Glen.

        • Tony Newbill

          EDDIE47d there are MORE Liberal Crony Capitalists than their are Conservatives and the Independents that live in their Fake Independently claimed skin blow whichever way the Promises of Cash cuts and benefits , these are the Lobbyists who keep us with Unbalanced trade and the Liberals are fine with that because Oh Well if the Capital System goes broke , Obama said it was a failed system anyways Right EDDIE !!??

      • eddie47d

        I don’t think you can make that claim that there are more but yes there are a few of them too!

      • Kinetic1

        Have you missed the headlines? “3rd Quarter Corporate Profits Reach Record High-Worker Pay Hits Record Low” Forbes, “Corporate Profits Reach Historic High (Again)” Policy Shop, and most telling of all, “U.S. Corporate Profits Reach New High, But Unemployment Rate Refuses to Budge” ABC News.

        The rich are getting richer while the economy continues to struggle along. It doesn’t take a genius to understand that the people who own and run the companies are doing well, even though sales are not what they used to be. But how?! Well, you just cut costs, and the fastest way to do that is to either decrease the number of employees, replace the well paid workers with new, cheep hires, require more output from the same number of workers, or any combination of the three. It all comes down to the same, obvious reality: employers don’t hire employees when they’re not needed. It doesn’t matter how much money they have to spend (or hidden away in off shore accounts) they aren’t going to spend it on additional workers until business demands more workers.

        The national debt is huge, we all know that. Our infrastructure is aging and tired, and we all know that is true as well. Rebuilding this nation, physically is going to require investment in roads, bridges, schools, etc. and that requires money. We all agree that one way to get that money is to cut waste where we can, but we also need to increase revenues.

        Democrats want to increase taxes on the wealthy. As noted, corporate America is raking it in at record levels, all the while paying lower and lower wages. The lower and middle class are taking a beating at a time when we need their purchasing power to get manufacturing back in gear. Those tax dollars, as well as paying down the debt could be used for all those infrastructure projects. If Congress would enforce laws requiring U.S. companies be favored for materials and work contracts, the increase in construction and manufacturing jobs would do wonders.

        The Republican answer, on the other hand is to cut some deductions and loopholes (though they won’t specify which they will cut, leaving cuts to the middle class as a possibility) and cut taxes as well. Huh? Why in the world would you cut taxes at a time like this? Why would you cut taxes for the wealthiest taxpayers when they are already raking in money hand over fist? “They’re the job creators” you say. “With more capital they can build new businesses and hire more people.” But they aren’t, they don’t and they won’t. They wouldn’t be wealthy if they acted that way.

        The only way any of this makes sense is when you consider the fact that Conservatives generally believe that everything is better when privatized. Their only problem is proof, so they create it. They place pension funding demands on the Post Office that would crush most privately held companies, then say “look, they’re suffering from huge debt!” They demand that schools follow a new program that requires billions in testing materials (much of it provided by Bush family companies) but decline to fund these programs, then scream about waste and over paid teachers. The wealthy are playing the system, and the rest of us are paying the bill.

    • The truth

      Facts are not well received on this site, but definitely well done. You didn’t miss the point as Glen suggests. You simply rebutted the point with historical relevance.

      • Tony Newbill

        The attack on the Middle Class started with Clinton WTO Free Trade agreement that started the trend of Out Sourcing … Do You Know what the very One thing this Clinton Trade Agreement did to cause this ?????

      • JC

        That’s a fact Tony, the Free Trade Agreement is anything but “Free”. And wasn’t it Clinton who removed the shackles and let Fannie and Freddie run amok with loans to people who could never, ever pay them back so that “everyone” could own a home? That ended up being the collapsing mortgage fiasco that went bust during the Bush administration. That great “meltdown” was just another liberal policy coming home to roost and we’re probably never going to recover…not without an entirely new banking system anyway.

        • Tony Newbill

          JC its what the Liberals who Hate Capitalism wanted and they are quoted as saying so here , Letting the Free Market without the Regulations needed to keep it in balance we got a Greshams Law of the 14th Century result !!!!!

      • Flashy

        ” Fannie and Freddie run amok with loans to people who could never, ever pay them back so that “everyone” could own a home?” <— JC

        Errrr….FNMA and Freddie Mac did not make high risk subprime loans. They bought the paper as investment. That buying began..i believe, in 2006. they pressured Congress (yes, Barney frank was in support…as was much of Congress as it relieved the government subsidies for the FNMA/Freddie mac guarantees) and was fully supported by the Bush administration.

        Why don't you guys do your research and find out the reality instead of believing rumor and lies from the extremist elements?

      • Smilee

        Tony Newbill says:
        December 5, 2012 at 8:20 am

        The attacks on the middle class began in the early 1980′s a good decade before Clinton

        • Tony Newbill

          Reagan Stopped the Depression carter had US wearing Sweaters for you FOOL !!!!! Clinton started the Dollar Devaluation Depression wake up FOOL !!!!

      • Kinetic1

        Tony and JC,
        I’m not denying that Clinton signed NAFTA, but you can’t run off at the mouth about it being a Liberal Progressive scheme and ignore the fact that “President George H.W. Bush was NAFTA’s original sponsor, signing the deal on December 17, 1992.” and
        “…the agreement’s supporters included 132 Republicans and only 102 Democrats.”

        As for Clinton being responsible for “… the collapsing mortgage fiasco that went bust during the Bush administration.” perhaps you’re forgetting about this;
        “On October, 15, 2002, Bush announced a new national goal: “We have a problem here in America because fewer than half of the Hispanics and half the African Americans own their own home. That’s a home ownership gap we’ve got to work together to close for the good of our country, for the sake of a more hopeful future. We’ve got to work to knock down the barriers that have created a home ownership gap. I set an ambitious goal: that by the end of this decade we’ll increase the number of minority homeowners by at least 5.5 million families. And it’s going to require a strong commitment from those of you involved in the housing industry.”

        Yep, on Dec. 16, 2003, President George W. Bush signed into law the American Dream Downpayment Assistance Act, giving away up to $10,000 to any qualifying minority home buyer who did not have the money to purchase a home.
        “Lawrence Lindsay, Bush’s first chief economic adviser, said there was little impetus to raise alarms about the proliferation of easy credit that was helping Bush meet housing goals.” “No one wanted to stop that bubble,” Lindsay said. “It would have conflicted with the president’s own policies.”

        Again, I’m not suggesting that Clinton is blameless, but to ignore the complete and utter failure of the Bush administration in these matters is disingenuous at best.

        • Tony Newbill

          Bush 41 is a Progressive in the sense that he believes that the world is Overpopulated and restrictions need to be implemented !!!!!

        • Tony Newbill

          Its reasonable to think that since the WTO Clinton formation of NAFTA which he did not enforce the Free Floating currency rule in the 1990s ever and neither did the Progressive right in the 2000s what we can see playing out was a fight between the Communists and the Plutocrats that BOTH believe that the Earth is Peaking and they are fighting over how and who will control what and We the People are Stuck in the Middle hence John Myers phrase the Economy is Stuck !!!!

      • JC

        Well that certainly set off a flurry of debate and corrections going both ways…
        So am I the only one who’s noticed that IT DOESN’T MATTER who you vote for?
        The results are the same with one administration passing the blame along to the next and We The People get shafted everytime.

        End The Federal Reserve !

      • JeffH

        JC, exactly. Too many people, no matter how they try, can’t get past the two party pardigm. They look at each party as the arch rival of the other when, in fact, there’s very little difference between them…let them argue with themselves I say.

      • Flashy

        “Flashy FANNY and FREDDY Guaranteed the bank loans you fool !!!!! ” <— tony

        Tony…try understanding before you write foolishness. FNMA and freddie guarantee Prime loans. They did not ever guarantee less than Prime, meaning Alt -A and Subprime. The losses they incurred were from their investments in buying paper backed by Alt A and subprime "bundles'…which were the cause of the crash in housing. FNMA and Freddie both took huge hits, losing upwards to 30% of their investment portfolio. When the prime market crashed and people began walking away from their mortgages…THAT is when FNMA and Freddie took the fall.

        Wanna try again? I am very familiar with the causes and the crash of the real estate market. One day, if you want, I'll explain derivatives, MBS's and how the whole schebang came down. Let me give you a hint…the Bush years of dereg, the Bush years of stripping regulators overseeing shrinking regulations, and the politicizing of the SEC to where the bank were in charge of the sheriff's office.

        I do have an issue with this administration that not one high level bank exec has gone to jail…much less been indicted. Many should have…many.

    • Vigilant

      “Now? We have a fight where the aristocracy and extremists are wailing about taxes on the wealthy going up 3%. Yes…3%”

      Flashy, Obama campaigned on tax increases to the wealthy that would have gained enough money to operate only 9 days of the government ($80+ billion in taxes at $9+ billion daily operating cost).

      Now he has suddenly doubled that tax bite to $160 billion. That will operate the government for about 18 days in a year.

      Now, you’ve got to go a stretch to try and prove how 18 days of revenue will help the economy. The math just doesn’t wash.

      The only real accomplishment, in the absence of serious spending reductions (which Geithner/Obama want to now postpone) is to assuage the “hate the rich” crowd and the wealth redistributionists.

      • Tony Newbill

        Obamacare also Increases the Cap gains rate from 15 to 20 % too regardless of this fiscal Cliff deal

      • Flashy

        Vig…let’s do a quick hashing of the math.

        Raising revenues by increasing the upper rate on income over $250,000 (up to $250 g’s…it is taxed the same as everyone else…only that income above 250 is hit with a 3% increase). That does increase revenues. Means less borrowing. Yes…a small amount, but it is a beginning. Spending cuts need to be included. Further cuts will be needed and that furball of a fight is for this summer. The last thing the Middle Class can afford right now is less money. They spend, and spending drives our economy. Given that Romney gave us a peek at the tax games of the wealthy, and he had to forego deductions to keep his rate at 14%. that is on income of $20 million. (had he taken all the writeoffs and deductions he could have, his rate would have been 9%).

        Everyone in economics agrees…you hit the economy with spending cuts of any massive scale…boom…we’re back into a recession. exacerbated by a loss of confidence as to the average person it will never end and we’re on a downward slide. Anyone who played sports know..if the team thinks it will lose, it will.

        Bringing the upper tax rate to Clinton era levels will not break the wealthy, and will not stop investment by the wealthy. i don’t believe that for a second. And neither does anyone with half a brain. Without a staunch in the deficit…we will lose far more than gained by allowing the wealthy to maintain a welfare for the rich society. Fact is…if you think about it…the winners will be thinking “I have to increase sales and production to regain that loss”. Losers will increase prices and lose market share.

        the proposed cuts are needed, and can be done with minimal impact. Almost painless for the majority of the Middle Class (it’s all about the Middle Class…bear that in mind).

        We are at the cusp of job growth. Romney’s claim of adding 12 million jobs was true. because the numbers and data show it to be true. He was counting on reaping what was laid out for the groundwork to create those jobs.

        Bernanke stated the Fed was going to keep the Discount low at least through 2014. Don’t believe for a second that decision was made without coordinating economic policy with the WH. Obama is taking a page from the Clinton playbook..close coordination with the Fed (no other administrations have done this. Strange as it seems…the fed and the Treasury were viewed acting on their own and reactive to each other).

        Now….we all know, and you aptly pointed out, the 3% increase in upper incomes will not solve the problem of the deficits. nor will the spending cuts. What are the options?

        Cut spending quickly and deeply…sending us into a spiral which we won’t escape and we will begin to mirror Europe? Highly unlikely…and not exactly a preferred route. Raise taxes to pre-Clinton rates? back to Reagan era rates? Might be a quick fix…but doesn’t solve the problem of deficit spending.

        So ahead…we can see the writing on the wall. We have to pay for the welfare for the wealthy program debt, we have to pay for the extremist and conservative fiscal policies we incurred, and we have to dig ourselves out of the hole to maintain a growing vibrant economy suited for the 21st century.

        Once the job growth comes back … which it will. All data points to that occurring … then comes the “face the elephant in the room” fight. We will have to raise taxes back to Clinton era rates…for everyone. Sooner or later, we will have to do that. I see it coming post 2014 elections.

        2014…see the link with fed policy? by then, job growth should be steadily positive, inflation flirting with 5%. Then comes the tough cuts or tax increases back to Clinton era rates.

        your thoughts?

      • DaveH

        Flashman in his usual equivocation says — “Everyone in economics agrees…you hit the economy with spending cuts of any massive scale…boom…we’re back into a recession”.
        That would be the day when “everyone in economics” agreed on anything.
        Every dollar that Big Government spends comes from somebody else, either immediately or in the future. And unlike the original owner of that money, Government almost always spends that money wastefully. Much of the spent money is used by Government Politicians to buy votes so as to keep their Power and Perks. Much of it is spent to favor Crony Capitalists who in turn favor the Politicians with campaign donations or other less obvious bribes. Even that which is spent on ostensibly noble endeavors is spent inefficiently compared to what the Private Sector would have done with that same money.
        Here are some thoughts from a Real Economist, not a Court Economist seeking to keep his job by pleasing his Government benefactors:
        Canada’s recent experience:

      • Right Brain Thinker

        Flash is on a roll today and doesn’t need any help from me to deal with Glen and Tony and JC et al. eddie and kinetic are pitching in with truth also—as I read down the thread, I find everyone has already given the answers that I’m thinking of.

        And DaveH is beginning to clog the thread with inanities and will go ballistic if I appear, making it worse for all.

        So—-I’ll just sit back and listen for now. I will say to Vigilant, since he pays attention to what people say and actually thinks about it, extend your math out to the point that the rich are paying taxes at the much higher rates of the past and tell us how many days of the budget they could cover then. Maybe someone else has already done that? (If not, go to it, “Junior”).

      • Right Brain Thinker

        Tony Newbill says:
        Obamacare also Increases the Cap gains rate from 15 to 20 % too regardless of this fiscal Cliff deal

        That reminds me. Many good arguments have been made for increasing the Cap gains rate even higher—-perhaps to the ordinary income rate. I advocate that for the top 1%, since they are not the mythical job creators but only the “takers” that use their money to make more money rather than invest it.. While we’re looking for loopholes, also eliminate carried interest and institute a financial transactions tax. We can come up with lots of revenue in no time at all that will not hurt the economy of the 99% one single bit.

        • Tony Newbill

          Right Brain Stinker you are wrong to think that the 99 % will have their same amount of income when you get done taxing their job creators to death fool !!!!!!! And Obama Can’t just print everyone a Wealthy pay check and the foreign Suppliers go along with continuing to take that Obama dollar FOOL when the For profit Private sector says Screw it !!!!!!

      • DaveH

        And then there’s the misnamed Right Brain Thinker who can’t seem to put together a cohesive comment without the adolescent Personal attacks.
        I think a more apt name for you, RBT, would be Lizard Brain, because that’s what you really think with:

      • Right Brain Thinker

        DaveH speaks of “adolescent” comments and again displays that he is capable of little more than that himself. He calls me “Lizard Brain” and actually CITES a reference. LOL “Lizard Brain” is a term that goes back to my adolescence some 60 years ago (along with the ever-juvenile “Lizard Breath”) and its use speaks to the paucity of DaveH’s research skills.

        If he had any research skills at all (beyond Mises), he would not be looking up “brain” terms on a “definitions” site but rather on a site that examines nueroscience, and more specifically POLITICAL neuroscience. If he did so (or found someone intelligent enough to do so who could then explain it to him in terms he can understand), he would find that Right Brain Thinker is actually an oversimplification based on somewhat outmoded science about political thinking and regions of the brain.

        I chose RBT as a handle because it tends to make those who think they’re the “right” thinkers go crazy, as we have all seen on the site, as well as reflects the fact that the POLITICAL thinking of RBT’s is so much more “correct” than the “left brain” wrong thinking of the average person on the conservative right. Can you keep all that left-right-correct-wrong stuff straight, Dave? I will again suggest that anyone who is really interested in the topic read The Republican Brain by Mooney. (Yes, Dave, an actual BOOK, with pages—-ever see one?)

        The latest research shows that people like me are heavy users of their ACC’s, or Anterior Cingulated Cortex, while people like DaveH are more into using their right Amygdala region. And guess what, folks? The joke’s on DaveH, because the Amygdala IS one of the more primitive and most “lizard brain” regions of the brain. LOL again.

        And to Tony N, the way I read it, the 99% will have MORE income rather than the same.if we reverse the upward drain on their incomes that have led to such extreme wealth and income disparity in the country. It’s too bad that you have swallowed the myth of the “job creators” and how taxing them will “hurt” the economy. Many of us have tried to educate you on how wrong that thinking is, but you are apparently too much into your Amygdala to pay attention.

        So, in closing let me say that I will continue to go by RBT on this site, both because it makes Daveh crazy and “Anterior Cingulated Cortex Thinker” is too hard to type. Tony, if you want to show us that you can read, feel free to refer to me as ACC Stinker.

    • DaveH

      As usual the administration shill Flashman posts equivocation — “That prior to Reagan, a two income family was an option, post Reagan it became a necessity?”.
      The 1970s was a decade of rampant inflation. The inflation rates hit their peak with Jimmy Carter. Then they started coming down with Reagan’s Presidency:

      Inflation is the Government’s hidden way to tax people. Those who have savings in cash instruments (deposits, bonds, etc.) find that those dollars lose their buying power significantly during heavily inflationary periods. Also those with fixed incomes become victims of the Price Inflation. The Federal Reserve (with the complicity of Big Government) creates that condition with its profligate money creation. More dollars chasing the same amount of goods results in higher prices for those goods. Imagine, for instance you attend an auction with $5000 in your pocket, then the auction promoter doubles that money for everybody with another $5000 in auction money which can only be spent dollar for dollar with your real money at that auction. Of course the bidders will just double their original bids, prices will go up double. That’s how inflation works, except that in the real world somebody gets that New Money first, and those somebodies would be the Banks, or other Businesses that the Federal Reserve Banks favor with that New Money. By the time the little people get the money, the prices of goods and services have already been bid up by the first recipients of that Federal Reserve newly created money.
      To be continued.

      • DaveH

        Then there was the steady growth in Federal Government Spending:

        As you can see from the Spending data, the Federal Government spent 18.5% of our GDP in 1960, then 18.8% in 1970, and finally 21% of GDP in 1980 (Jimmy Carter’s last year).
        Combining that with the buying-power destruction of inflation, one can see the real reason that we then needed two workers in the family to make ends meet.

        Contrary to what Flashman would like you to believe, it is Not a Party thing. It is a Big Government thing. Both major parties and their politically-connected Crony Capitalists are living high while riding on our backs.

        • Tony Newbill

          The cronies are the ones that lobbied for FREE trade without Rules in Floating Currency Values to reflect GDP between Nations and this gave them the currency swap advantage that has consolidated the free market wealth through M&A the basis for what Gave us the Clinton tech Bubble that Busted in 2001 .
          Greshams Law of the 14th Century was the basis for the Term tariff Trade to keep Different Valued currencies between trade nations from eroding the values of a Higher valued currency if Balance in Trade was not followed . This is what the Liberals behind the scenes of the last 15 years along with relaxed credit regulations have gave us today …a Dependency of our Supply on foreign countries !!! This is called economic Treason and the 2 parties are at fault for this dependency we have become and its term is called SERFDOM !!!!
          THEY DID IT ON PURPOSE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • DaveH

        What Crony Capitalists lobby for, Tony, is anything but Free Trade in anything. Don’t confuse the readers. Free Trade does not exist when Government is involved. NAFTA, for instance, is Free Trade in name only. NAFTA is the antithesis of Free Trade.
        Read this to better understand what Free Trade is and what Free Trade isn’t:

        • Tony Newbill

          I cannot agree with you Dave ,

          The Crony Capitalists are the ones that Have Lobbied for Congress to NOT Enforce the Free Floating Currency Rule that goes with the WTO Charter that reads when a Trade partners the Benefit of a Rise in GDP their currency freely floats up in value , and these cronies Bribed Congress over the years to not enforce this rule while they sat in the Middle Of this Currency Swap and Out sourced our Industry all in the name of Filling their Pockets with the Consolidation of wealthy and resources this manipulation and the Liberal left went along with it because it gave them what they wanted to collapse the Free Market Didn’t you read this Link, , or is it that only your Links are relevant ???? Think about this its exactly what has happened over the past 18 years !!!! And its Got us all at each others throats and that is another goal of the Create the Crisis crowd in The Elite Ideological La la land that wants to then come fix our tattered wreak of society that they caused in the background by Corrupting our Economic system !!!!

  • Tony Newbill

    If we fall off the Fiscal Cliff so does the Charitable Deduction which makes charity Dependent on the Obama Government , so would this be the time to debate a Flat Tax as the Real Fair Share Tax rate in the USA ???

    Will charity fall off the ‘cliff’?

    Gohmert: The True Meaning of ‘Fair Share’
    ht tp://

    ht tp://

    • eddie47d

      Its the Republicans who are pushing for reductions in the deductions game including charitable and housing interest rates. I believe everything needs to be on the table so I’m not knocking their efforts but please be a little more honest.

  • JAS

    Obama lies? Is this really a surprise? His entire life is a lie.

    The liberal indoctrination of 3 generations has been a colossal success. People no longer strive for greatness, success, achievement. They have been taught mediocrity is the only thing to look forward to in life and it’s not their fault. It’s the fault of mega corporations who have stolen their futures.
    We live in a “victim” culture. Nothing is anyones fault. There is always an excuse for why things happen. No accountability.
    Is it any wonder why Obama would thrive in a culture like this?

    And guess what, it’s only going to get worse. The sheep have been fully conditioned to walk off the cliff while the elitists gleefully watch it happen and laugh themselves to sleep.

    • Motov

      Sure you can now get a trophy for being in last place, cannot damage your precious self esteem now can we?

    • eddie47d

      I do agree that mediocrity is awarded and way too accepted as normal . Yet financial scams have also been rewarded and accepted as normal. (Banksters,Wall Street,Medicare fraud,Mortgage scams) They have been out there picking our pockets for decades and long before Obama entered politics. Insider Trading has been going on for a long time within Wall Street and in Washington. Yet I’m thrilled that it has been reveled even if it was done on Obama’s watch and it needs to come to a stop. Why were all these shenanigans accepted as normal under Clinton and Bush and then Obama. If they are stopped and corrected by Obama I will give him credit if not then he will be no different than past presidents.

      • Motov

        Take a good look at the people OhBozo has hired, most of them are Wall Street, And you wonder why He rewarded Wall Street?

  • http://yahoo mytwocentswrth

    The economy was never ‘stuck.’ It is being dragged down intentionally through a lack of concern about spending vast sums of money we do not have. “Live it up today and let your children pay for it” seems to be the battle cry of Obama and the lazy entitled masses. They are the anchor attached to the economy.

  • http://mozilla robert e. lee

    yesterday I witnessed an epiphany of The decay of America’s social structure;;;I was fueling up my diesel when a disheveled black person approached me;; aggressively asking; ” hey man do you think you could give me and my sister some gas to get back to East Point;GA?”,, I said ;”yes back your car up to a pump and I will give you [$10.00] worth”. I went inside to pay and looked around ; there was no black person in the store, as I was leaving a black woman in an old car faintly waved at me, I stood out by my truck for a few minutes, no black man got gas;; the moral of the story is the black was a PANHANDLER, he wanted MONEY NOT GAS;;;;;;;;sorry a66ed people.


      “robert e. lee,”




    • nc

      Robert, I would bet you that in the Holy City before the days of Jesus that panhandlers, even the blind ones, were seeking alms to “buy food” only to use it to buy alcohol or drugs! It didn’t start “yesterday” in America and it happens every day in every country! Do we ignore these people, put them away at public expense or try to educate them to the level of self – support? The last two cost money and the first one leads to death in the streets! Pick a winner!!

  • http://google David

    For the cure is throwing money down a rat hole. All we get is more rats.

  • http://mozilla robert e. lee

    why do not blacks hit on blacks for money;; it always is a white man…………yet they hate us; go figure….

    • Doc Sarvis

      Why are the Red States always hitting on the Blue States for Federal money?

      • NativeBlood

        Doc, You’re serious, right??? Texas asking California for help???***LOL**

      • Doc Sarvis

        The truth hurts:

        CA is on the top 10 list of giving to the Red States, granted TX is not in the top 10 of the takers.

        • Tony Newbill

          Doc that shows us the resources in Red States are subsided for development by the fed more than the Blue states whose Populations benefit more from these resource developments rather than direct federal subsides, BUT the Amount of public assistance subsidies to blue states far out way red states just because of population concentrations being higher in the blue states so it balances out on Federal Subsides . Obama is smart to make the Population Concentrated areas in the blue state more and more DEPENDENT on Federal Subsides because it makes his Liberal base grow securing voting favor .

      • eddie47d

        With that logic Tony then we can say the Republicans keep pouring money into subsidising red states to get votes. LOL!

        • Tony Newbill

          Hey EDDIE at least they are producing something other than a VOTE that You can’t eat FOOL !!!! LOL you really are a FOOL !!!!

      • DaveH

        As usual, a Liberal Progressive tries to make a complex matter into a simple indictment of the Republicans (who I have no love for).
        Here are some thoughts from somebody who understands the complexity:

        • Tony Newbill

          The Mentality of the NEO American society has been defined by its 140 character limit and the complexity of US economics cannot be solved in that limited view so the trend towards a Government just take care of it I don’t want to be bothered is why we are watching the collapse of the Old American Principles . The think tanks within the progressive establishment are constantly analyzing ways to use innovation in a consolidator way to bring about control over the masses that they see as a threat to their Ideological view of the Earth and its ECO system . Taxing your EVERY BREATH is getting closer with each passing day !!!

      • eddie47d

        Yes Tony Republican vote buying is soooo much nicer than Democrat vote buying. That make you a naive FOOL!

      • Nadzieja Batki

        California is not giving anything monetary to any states as it is in debt up to its “wazoo”, it is waiting for more money from the feds which take from other states.


      “robert e. lee”



  • i&etechie

    i am going to spend my cash on more ammo and supplies. after a collapse if i need to barter more supplies, i think the average(intelligent) survivor can use ammo more than coin. unless you melt the gold down to make more bullets for reloading.

    • Doc Sarvis

      Good, survivalists have contributed to the economy through many non-meltdowns.

      • DaveH

        Why should the Liberal Progressive Grasshopper care about preparing? He will just steal what he needs later from those who did.

        • Tony Newbill

          ahh but before they get the guns away from us these nasty little thieves will get a nasty awakening

      • eddie47d

        Perfect timing Tony Baloney. How did you know I was talking about you in having your vision checked?

    • eddie47d

      MELTDOWN! After losing the election the right wing has had a total MELTDOWN! They need to buy more windows and hire some window washers so they can get back to clear seeing and thinking!

      • michiganminuteman

        Eddie, you continually amaze me with your non-sensical B.S. but this last one makes no sense what so ever. WTF? You libs are so brain-washed you can’t even see rational thought from where you are parked.

      • dutch56

        Look at what Obama has done to our beautiful country WTF—–16TRILLION and everything else—get real…….and now he wants a credit card with no limit WTF…. no spending cuts–who in the hell does he think he is???…. oh yeah that’s right he is HILTER or the antichrist…. Why are Demo’s so stupid–can’t they read or what???? Look at his past 4 years–doesn’t that say enough or do you need him to start WW3—WTF….. I’m sorry for using WTF but come on it’s not “rocket science” he has done so much damage it’s scary real scary….. He is cutting our military way back…..We have so many countries that “HATE” us that would love to blow us up…. Remember he has a nice hiding place to go to if it happens….DO YOU???????

    • i&etechie

      @ Doc: here is a overused, but very true quip ” it is better to have something and not need it, than to need something, and not posses it.”

  • ToughGuy1

    Obama is drama. Impeach Obama!

    • Doc Sarvis

      You must REALLY like Biden.

      • S.C.Murf

        He’s your man doc, perfect fit for obama.

        up the hill

  • Motov

    Spread the wealth has never worked, because those who worked for it will say “screw this” those who are lazy say “cool, didn’t even bust a pimple”, nothing gets done and attitudes will stink, and you have a mess.

    OhBozo doesn’t see this because he had everything handed to him.

    • nc

      Motov, do you really think that Obama has had more handed to him than the Reagan,Bushes and Romney with the inherited wealth they had when they entered politics? What did those Republicans see from what they had “handed to them’ that created a better America for the middle class?
      Why are you so blind to the faults of those other than Obama?
      How much of what Obama has spent went to stop the economic bleeding and unfunded wars he did not start?? None? They were all freebies with no costs attached?? Really????Remember that adult independents are watching your answer!!

      • JC

        Truly Obama has come into a corrupt situation…which he has used to great advantage in the furtherance of the Globalists Agenda to destroy America. So if the question is: Is Barack Obama aka Barry Soetoro, responsible for all of this? The answer is No.
        Is he going to save the day? The answer is : HELL NO!
        Just because he didn’t create this mess from scratch doesn’t mean he isn’t going to end up being the final destroyer. And it may npot save his administration from what will surely be an angry nation…when the chickens come home to roost.

      • Motov

        First off Democrats controlled the house and senate the final 2 years of the Shrub, back in those days they actually put forth budgets, and OhBozo did quite a few no votes,, so he inherited some of his own mess I believe Bush warned the Dems about Fanny&Freddie several times. Mind you I’m not impressed by the Shrub either, because he is/was owned by the same people that own OhBozo, OhBozo just picked up where the Shrub left off.
        OhBozo is a gifted Liar, the type that can sell ice to eskimos, And backed by the press that made him appear to walk on water I Believe FOX was told to go overboard, to appear as “against” OhBozo to appease the neo-cons,… This way the attention is off of the Bilderbergs, so they can complete their evil task of ripping off everybody of their rights , property, and freedom to pursue their happiness.
        I personally desire to see our Over-Bloated Government shrink, Everything Government touches becomes corrupt. That’s where all the evil comes from. Think about it.
        The Government serves only one purpose these days, that is to be the puppets of their evil masters so the rest of the population doesn’t know who is really running the show,..
        and pocketing everyone’s wealth.

    • Flashy

      Motov…concentration of wealth to the 15 got us into this mess….how’s that workin’ for ya?

  • Pappy

    How can anyone in their right mind expect the charlatans running the government to accomplish anything meaningful other than bureaucracy and waste. Add to the equation that Obama is nothing but a communist in disguise. A deceptive, lying, plant with ulterior motives driving this country into the ground unless it takes action against this scourge. Don’t count on Washington to save the day, all that they’re capable of is covering their own backsides! They attempt to dictate policy but are in fact impotent to enforce the rules for fear of losing their stature. Election day has come and passed and no real changes have been evoked.The same scum is still littering the pond and same wasteful and deficient mindsets are continuing to wreak havoc with our Constitutional rights and economy. Our country needs an anti-parasitic medication to remove the tapeworm that is slowly sucking the life out of it. Maybe accountability can be that cure if we can force Washington to be responsible. Removing the sycophants would be an excellent start!

  • dan

    Sure,blame Johnny for being mind a mind numbed robot after at least 18 years of mind conditioning that he is the light of the world…at least he can play sports or video-games.
    Sure he has the attention span of a cocker spaniel after being raised by a telivision and
    breainwashed by Madison Avenue commercials and manipulted by talking heads and politicians. He’s a babe experiencing the culture shock of reality
    It’s a poor workman/supervisor that blames his tools and wonders why someone can’t do
    the menial/mindless BS that it’s taken him 20 years to master. Most employers want
    someone to do the work he doesn’t/can’t do for as little as possible….and he usually gets
    the amount of talent and work ethic he pays for….ie: minimum talent for minimum wage.
    Now you know why slave labor isn’t very productive and was on it’s way out before Lincoln trampled the Constitution.

  • Michael

    The ‘rules for radicals’ is in full swing. This president (intentional small ‘p’) is hellbent on punishing this country for what he sees as past misdeeds, not caring who he hurts along the way. Now he’s been re-elected by the brainwashed ‘entertainment tonight’ crowd he caters to, he thinks it’s his go ahead to finish what he started…punishing the colonialists by collapsing the once Greatest Nation in the world. Unfortunately, all those who voted for him will suffer the same devastating blow as those of us who knew what he was doing. No more great country, starvation on a grand scale, possibly martial law, lots of people needlessly suffering. But at least Michelle and the girls will have grand vacations, as will all the willing elitists who helped him reach his goal. My biggest regret is I didn’t prepare well enough to weather what’s coming. I’d love to be soooo wrong about this but it all points to how I described. We can only hope enough people wake up in the right places to stop him in his tracks, along with Soros, who’s been the puppetmaster.

    • R. Fine

      President Obama was re-elected in a very impressive victory. Just about all the swing states went his way. It’s time Republicans began to face up to the fact and began helping the President continue to improve the nation. Things are way better now than 4 years ago. The future is bright. Starvation on a grand scale? Martial law? Where do these nonsensical notions come from? Another thing proven by the last election is that money cannot buy votes. Billions were spent by the right wing 1% and still poor old confused Mitt went down big time.

      • Tony Newbill

        R.Fine Obama bought the election of the depressed oppressed voter in the swing states that are scared where their next dinner will come from and have been on Obamas Meal Ticket for 4 years as Obama did NOTHING BUT BLAME BUSH … Talk about Indoctrinations by Oppressing self reliance !!!!

      • Nadzieja Batki

        You are wearing the blinders that firstly you made for yourself and then deliberately put on yourself and you complain that you can’t see anything. Should everyone else make blinders for themselves and do as you do?

      • eddie47d

        Why should you have to makes blinders Nadzieja when you never took yours off. LOL!

      • Motov

        There was no choice Either you had OhBozo or OhBozo lite,… didn’t matter

      • Pappy

        Face the facts, Obama supporters are not only oblivious and ignorant, but delusional as well. Their discontent with Romney as a capitalist has caused them to embrace communism. Maybe they would find life better in another country. On second thought, they would probably need to work for a living and not get “free stuff”.

      • eddie47d

        Pappy; Its those on the right that are requesting a leave of absence. Might as well since the Washington Republicans aren’t doing anything anyways. ,

    • nc

      Michael, you may still have time to prepare for the devastation you KNOW is coming because of Obama and Soros! Since that first “Easter Monday” over 2000 years ago Christians somewhere have been as SURE as you that the end is near.(?) Hasn’t happened yet so you could be “off” by a century or more also! You can always move to a “better” country or buy a new rope and find a strong tree!
      You are certainly among the” like minded” here at “Doomsday Central.”

      • DaveH

        When Socialism is fully embraced:

        You gotta love their absence of a “carbon footprint”.

      • michiganminuteman

        nc, then tell us, why are you here? To begin with, the “end of days” certen Christians refer to is not the same meltdown of society the preppers are concerned about. And, you seem to have a problem with people of faith. The last time I checked, it is still one of our Constitutional rights to believe or not, so [expletive deleted] off! Better yet, lets go have a beer and talk about our differences buddy.

  • susie

    if comgress takes a pay cut and the rich and people on wall street we may live we may make it im poor cnt pay bills wish i had a car furnature who will help me u rich people

    • Tony Newbill

      Susie if we were to have a return of the Industrial Capability we had before the 1994-5 WTO Clinton Trade agreement that started the out sourcing of these Important Self reliant Manufacturing Jobs you would have a stable and consistent Income and cost of living to afford the kind of life you want !!!!!!!!!

    • michiganminuteman

      Susie, I’m not rich but I would be willing to tutor you in grammer and sentence structure.

  • caroline

    I cannot stand to see America go down what was once the leader and the most prosperous! I pray the good Lord gets our attention, and it may not be pleasant how he has to do it, and gets us back on keel as to what this country is founded on! I don’t care whether it’s the president or who that says we are not a CHRISTIAN country because that’s what our foundation is all about!! It’s time all the politicians quit their fighting and acting like little children and get something done for the citizens of this country!! We need jobs, not more taxing, we need to produce our own oil and etc. We do not need China or anyone!!!! Please step up to the plate! Mr. Obama–somehow you were reelected so quit all the funny stuff and do something for your country or step down!!!

    • Em

      Caroline, I believe the Lord is trying to get everyone’s attention….

    • The Christian American

      We are responsible for what our government does to us or though us. You’ll never find God where He is not invited. After we’ve played the game with our own devices, he’ll, or other people, create conditions to get our attention. If we’ve gotten his attention by repenting of our actions, He’ll talk. Someone might get terminal cancer and then come to the Lord. He’ll save him for eternity but he’ll have to pay for his actions by dying with cancer. America is going to pay for it’s own actions. It is spitting in God’s face with the actions internally and externally it’s committing. I’m not speaking for God. You can use your own bible and find out for yourself.

    • dutch56

      Very well said…..Obama has to stop acting like a child before he gets our beautiful country in another big war (WW3)… I am so scared for my children and their future.. I hope God forgives us…….

  • Sgt. York

    This is symptom of a dictator,they all lie. Think not,well look at Egypt the new Pharaoh is now under fire for his parties lies. Are we next? Not if our senior citizens will stand up. we are old but not prone to loose our America we have fought for and died for. Americas youth has been fooled BUT NOT we the people.


    I dont really know why you think your government can solve all your economic problems when governments dont create wealth, they tend to collect and spend, but since your all complaining about being STUCK…let me just say that being STUCK is better than going through what Greece or the rest of Europe is experiencing at the moment i.e. GOING BACKWARD IN TOP GEAR. Suggest you stop whinging and get on with operating your businesses as best you can or retire and let someone else do it.

    • NativeBlood

      C’mon down Gilly! America needs new blood and don’ farget yer crocodile dundee noife m8!

    • JC

      Governments don’t create wealth…that is a fact!

      “We contend that for a nation to try to tax itself into
      prosperity is like a man standing in a bucket and trying
      to lift himself up by the handle.”

      Winston Churchill

  • TIME

    Dear People,

    Saddly within the next few months many of you who do work full time will be dropped to part time with under 30 hours per week. Many will just be let go.

    There are now {144,000.000} on Government aid of some type, we only have 300 million people.
    We have nearly hit the tipping point. BUT ~ After ~ 1 / 2013 ~ I would think that the 144 million number will grow to well over 150 million ~ and by 2014 that number will be well into the 175 PLUS ~million ~~ then by 2015 that number will be at 200 million if not more in line with 220 million plus.

    The Middle class will not exist by 2016, { there will be the RULING CLASS} and the POOR. I have told you all this many times now ~ if you don’t have $200 Million plus your going to be POOR.

    So, its up to YOU the Middle class to make a stand or fall. You can still stop this beast if you all get your acts together, but you don’t have long.

    Your call, as the cards have been played and the deck stacked. If you don’t take back the “Original Constitution” We are all TOAST in the end.

    Again you don’t have a congress you have “LAW MARKERS” and you are their slaves.
    Either wake up or don’t – { Its not a sluggish or stalled anything.}

    Its broken and it’s all by design.

    Peace and Love Merry Christmas.

  • The Christian American

    As a fisherman I’ve caught the same fish with the same lure three times in a row. I might expect that from a fish, but the American People? Is Obama laughing? He must be considering his credential for the job he’s got. He and his legions are like Piranha. Move slowly and don’t make waves and they’ll let you be but make waves and you’ll be dinner.

    Question? How can any economist or accountant balance America’s books with the Fed constantly adding more counterfeit paper into the mix? We discounted our bill to the Chinese 20% by paying with diluted dollars. Look at your own paycheck. What was the dollar worth at the beginning of the year and what’s the dollar worth now? Inflation (counterfeiting) makes it impossible to balance the books, even do the books. How can we have an intelligent converation as if the hole in the dam is closed when it’s wide open?

    • Old Henry

      Yes Christian American, Soetoro is laughing….. at us, not with us.

      The American electorate, like a fish, has an attention span of about three seconds. However, they can recount the last 3 seasons of American Idol… The vast majority should not be allowed within 5 miles of a voting booth.

      You know, since we are busily destroying the Constitution I think we should ignore the 13th, 14, and most importantly, the 19th Amendments…

    • nc

      Christian American, when was the Fed first at work causing inflation? During Reagan and the tripling of the debt or under Daddy’s boy bush while he was doubling the debt? Revenues at that time didn’t cover those debts either and the debt increased ten fold during that time! ALL OF THIS BEFORE OBAMA ARRIVED TO A SERIOUSLY DECLINING ECONOMY AND TWO VERY COSTLY UNFUNDED WARS !I


      • The Christian American

        Woodrow Wilson brought the Federal Reserve to America to cover up the inflation
        (counterfeiting) banks were doing. The gold and silver certificates the banks were issuing did not have 100% gold and silver you could redeem them with. THEY were / ARE COUNTERFEIT. If you had twenty $20.00 dollar gold coins, you could buy a $36,000 dollar car with them. Woodrow Wilson lied about the 16th Amendment, which was NEVER ratified, and that gave us the Fed. Franklin Delano Roosevelt, FDR, he was rejected at the gates to hell, took the people’s money from them and handed them FRN’s, the money that was the people’s possession was stolen and replaced the multi color toilet paper we’re using as our “Medium of exchange” today. Governments only function regarding money was to be sure money wasn’t counterfeited. In 1864 the government started the Secret Service to find and prosecute counterfeiters. Today the Secret services mission is to “protect” the counterfeiters.

      • The Christian American

        Did you ever hear of Chapter 7 bankruptcy? It would be impossible to balance America’s book because the people wouldn’t pay the sacrificial price to do it. The, not our, government has come up with a scheme to put value into the dollar. Their making it so that all transactions with oil WILL be done with dollars. There are three exchanges that set the price of oil in dollars. This requires the Mid East countries go along with their scheme. Most are but Iraq, Iran, Syria, Libya balked. Two down and two to go. Russia isn’t playing their game as well. Currently the propaganda machines are bad mouthing Russia but there will be a day of reckoning, if we last the long. Paper has to have a commodity backing it. Gold, Silver and the wealth of America in the form of FRN’s have been used up.

      • JC

        Gee nc we’ll never know how long it would take because it’s never going to happen.
        The Kenyan has taken the country into debt in one term farther than all previous Presidents combined. And now he thinks taxing the rich will save the day…it won’t.
        His “plan” will cover about 1% of the debt. We’re going to crash and burn long before his brand of socialism supposedly will cure our economy.

  • Kim Galloway

    Who the hell ever thought that Obama would live up to his campaign promises. It’s all words and nobody but bleeding heart liberals believe him and I don’t believe most of them believe him, they just have an agenda.

  • Old Henry

    JOhn Myers:

    As an aside, I think your dad’s Lincoln had a 430 cid engine, not a 460. The 460 is an off-shoot of the 429 which came along in 1970. The 430 is of the “FE” family – 332, 352, 360, 390, 406, 427, 428.

    As a kid in the mid-late 60s I worked i a gas station whith a lot of “up-scale” customers, many of whom drove Lincolns like your dad’s. And they were, ah, frequent customers.

    Wasn’t that clam shell hood neat?

    A kid I knew used to drive his mom’s ’66 Continental on occassion. It would lay down a strip of rubber for a hundred yards…

  • Em

    Leave this country or suffer Dictatorial rule. What began four years ago with this group, unfolds more every day. They are, if nothing else, methodical. It is a piecemeal process to avoid mass conflict and demonstrations. However, this country fell to an Oligarchy fours years ago. Only a miracle can save us all now.

    The Farmer and the Snake

    One winter day, a farmer found a snake by the roadside, stiff and motionless with cold.

    “If you put me inside your shirt,” the snake said, “your body will make me warm and I won’t freeze to death.”

    “Oh, I know your kind,” replied the farmer. “If I pick you up, you will bite me.”

    “Oh no,” the snake objected. “Why would I do such a thing, if you are good enough to help me?”

    So the farmer had compassion on the snake, and taking it up, he put it inside his shirt. The warmth quickly revived the snake, and resuming its natural instincts, it bit its benefactor, inflicting on him a mortal wound. “Oh,” cried the farmer with his last breath, “why did you bite me? You promised you wouldn’t.”

    “Ah,” said the snake. “So I did. But you knew I was a snake when you picked me up.”

    • Tony Newbill

      EM where the hell do we go ? Every nation thats favorable is protected by the military fleets of the Nation you say is going dictatorial !!!!

      • Em

        That I say is going Dictatorial? Dag Tony, look around you my friend, it is very much a Dictatorship now. The Constitution is all but a mere piece of paper from the courts to education. It is an observation, it is a reality, it is what it is happening now – it is the truth. Where do you go? That is an individual decision, and clearly requires research and planning.

        • Tony Newbill

          Me and God are going to make a stand right here right now and defend our rights WHO will Join Me and God ????

      • JC

        Just a guess Tony…88 million gun owners who believe in the Constitution of the United States of America. (Why do you think they want the guns so badly?)

    • Old Henry


      You can run from a fight, but eventually it will catch up with you and you will be fighting on unfamiliar turff.

      We can clean this mess up / out, but it may get, ah, messy before we are finished. Let’s pray it gets done within the bounds of normalcy.

      All our problems can be traced to morality and spirituality. God is all-powerful, and so is prayer. He is bringing this nation to its knees and that is a good position for prayer. Our nation has become Ancient Israel, complete with bad / corrupt / immoral leaders.

      • Em

        I concur Old Henry, however I believe that it is not only the “leaders”, but the majority of society that is bad, corrupt, and immoral; society as a whole is lost. “Normalcy” is no longer the reality. The insane are calling the shots now.

      • Old Henry

        Yes Em, the inmates are running the asylum.

        Government reflects the society it “governs”.

        Here is a link to a very interesting, for lack of a better term, interview with a former NSA agent. Hang on.

  • DaveH

    Throughout our country’s history there has been an immense struggle between State and Free People, with the State usually winning. Read this very interesting book that takes us from the discovery of the New World to the American Revolution:

    • nc

      DaveH, you said recently that I was a zealot because liberals are zealots! Just how zealous do you consider yourself toward this Mises CRAP that you cite on an hourly basis? What’s it’s track record in major nations of the world?

      • Tony Newbill

        Dave does Mises talk about this happening in any fashion ????

        This is a Real Life debate playing out today …..
        What states are likely to secede Because of a Obamas EPA outlawing Fracking ?
        Quote from the Article above talks about Obamas EPA outlawing Fracking , ht tp:// , and that bring on the domino effect of states seceding from the union :
        “ If secession ever becomes a reality, the states likely to secede are those that will be hurt the most by the coming restrictions on the energy sector: coal, natural gas and petroleum production. Under this scenario the state most likely to vote for secession first would be North Dakota—it’s almost a given if the Obama administration’s EPA moves to outlaw fracking. The EPA has been making noises about doing that and garnering studies slanted to “prove” oil fracking is polluting groundwater, harming the environment overall, and may even be triggering earthquakes”.

        And here is the Argument NOW taking place between the Different Groups regarding the Energy Production from Fracking :

        ht tp://

      • DaveH

        A zealot, nc, as I claim you are, is somebody who will stick up for anything their group does, right or wrong, just because that group is the one they identify with.
        That in no way describes me. It does describe you, nc.

      • JeffH

        Oh how they despise Mises. Referencing is worse than calling these progressive hacks a communist or a Marxist…go figure!

      • Old Henry

        Tony, the states have a much better option than seceding. It is called the Tenth Amendment – Mullification. It is perfectly legal and Constitutional.

        However, as with seceding I do not see any of the legislatures in the several states having the spine to use it.

      • Old Henry


        If my fuzzy memory serves me correctly you live in Mexafornia. How did that Prop 37(?) requiring GMO foods to be labeled as such get defeated?

        In the Land of Fruits and Nuts, no less!

  • mary

    I can’t believe what Obama has done to our beautiful country…..It is so scary now that he is going to be our leader for four more years…. It was so wrong of him to hide all the problems that were going on while he was campaigning out there–to make himself look perfect so he could win….. He lied about the whole story about the 4 men that died….Who changed the words for Rice???? If he did not care about them—-WAKE UP PEOPLE…..he doesn’t care about us…. Just look at what is going on in the world…. He has no leadership qualities–he just wants to spend spend spend–let’s party…… and then you have the black card being thrown out there everytime someone questions him or someone that is black in his party….. He has divided us so much…… He was more upset that they were asking Rice questions than he was for the 4 men that died–so sad–and we still don’t know anything….. When are people going to grow up and take responsibilies for their actions—black, white, yellow or any other color you want to throw in there…. How would you feel if you were one of those 4 men thinking, hoping, and then knowing(hopefully) that America was going to back you up and save you???? He is so dishonest it’s scary to think of what he’s going to do next….. I think that he should be impeached…but then look who would take his place(Joe Biden)–just as bad… They should do the election over now since the true facts are coming out of what he wants to do to the American people…… Why doesn’t he want to cut spending–and he wants a free credit card–@#@#….. Something has to be done for his actions…. He reminds me of “HILTER” or the Anti-Christ… He is just bad news….. IMPEACH HIM and BIDEN is the only way…… and PLEASE PEOPLE–EDUCATE yourself before the next election……..Look at the person’s record of what they have done to help America grow…… Really, scary [expletive deleted] going on in the White House :(

    • Tony Newbill
    • nc

      Mary. how much did Reagan care for the 241 Marines killed by a terrorist attack in a foreign land on his watch? Or the 20+ Americans killed by terrorist in 3 Embassy ttacks while he was president!
      If it was so bad for Obama to not know the exact cause of the attack in 2 0r 3 days afterwards how bad was it for bush to be telling the American people that Iraq was connected to 9/11 18 months after the attack??? His own committee said that was wrong!!

      Are you being just a little biased in your judgment???

      • JC

        Was Reagan able to watch those events unfold in real time like the Kenyan did at Benghazi? And if so do you think he would have called off the help available and literally watch Americans die … like the Kenyan did at Benghazi?

      • Mary

        No I don’t think I am biased…. Obama has not done anything good for our country…. He lied about the men that died.. I’m a mother and if my son was one of those brave men I would have been heartbroken to know my country did not try to save my son and the others when they could have… they told them in the summer they were going to need help–why didn’t they get them out then…. If America would have known that info before the election I think more were have voted for Romney…..Who wants a leader that doesn’t care about the well being of America??? Right there shows that they didn’t care….There is no way Obama did not know what was going on at the beginning of the attack….. He knew right at the beginning what happened and we needed to save those men…. So why no help??? He has done so much damage to our country as a whole and it is so divided now because of him… I rented the movie “2016″–it was an eye opener…Obama’s childhood and upbringing has a lot to say about him as an adult…. The black card is used whenever someone is questioned on their actions— it’s crazy… Unemployment is so high… I think it’s 10.1 or so….. Still look at the one picture of Obama–it does look like Hilter… He is playing hard-ball and he thinks he’s king……cause too many uneducated people voted for him…….Another thing if the press did their job right and told what Obama was/wasn’t doing I think more people would have voted for Romney…. If you just looked at both—-Obama/Biden and Romney/Ryan— I think it is clear to see who really cares about what has happened to our country….Obama and Biden for sure just laughs at issues that need to be dealt with–sick…..I’m scared for my children….. Look at what Jamie Foxx said about Obama….that he is our Lord and Savior… Obama has done a good job of brain washing people just like Hilter….That is sick…. I would not want to be in Jamie’s shoes…I loved Jamie Foxx as an actor, but now I see a whole different side of him…. Our country is so unprotected now any crazy country can get us and it is only going to get worse because he wants to cutback on military…..He wants a credit card with no limit–how crazy is that when we are so in debt and no spending cuts….He sure doesn’t care about American people….. I’m 56 and have never seen a Demo act the way Obama does—scary!!!!!!

  • George

    The truth can be found at

    George Carlin will explain it to you in easy to understand language.

    • Old Henry


      There was no audio. And yes, I checked the Mute button.


        WHEN I PLAYED THE George Carlin Video, IT HAD AUDIO.

      • Old Henry


        I just tried it again. Still no audio. Can black helicpters block audio like that? LOL!

    • DaveH

      He’s so close. But the Leaders do count. They are where the buck stops. We have allowed them to assume the power of Force, and without that Power, the Crony Capitalists would be helpless.
      And unfortunately, I think most people listen to a speech like that and think Bigger Government will solve the Problem. But it won’t, because Big Government IS the Problem. If we shrunk them back to their Constitutionally mandated size, and got them out of the Marketplace like Jefferson and other Freedom Lovers intended, they would be helpless to aid their Crony Capitalists. So, the businessmen who succeeded (yes, envious Liberals, some of them would be or get rich) would be those who provided the best products for the money. There would be no guarantees. They couldn’t go to their favorite Politicians to provide them cover with regulations or quotas or price controls or tariffs or any of the other protective mechanisms. They would fail if they didn’t please the consumers, Period. As it should be.
      Government’s only role in the Marketplace would be to protect us from Force or Fraud which is really a form of Force since, by lying about their products, they are interfering with our Free Choice. Government would be less than 1/3 the size it is now, and we would have much more money to spend wisely instead of Government taking it from us and wasting it. The result of that would be a much more robust and dynamic economy.

  • Norm

    The following are 16 signs that the rich are rapidly getting richer and the poor are rapidly getting poorer….

    #1) In 1950, the ratio of the average executive’s paycheck to the average worker’s paycheck was about 30 to 1. Since the year 2000, that ratio has exploded to between 300 to 500 to one.

    #2) A USA Today analysis of government data has found that paychecks from private business shrank to their smallest share of personal income in U.S. history during the first quarter of 2010. During the same time period, government benefits (Social Security, Medicare, unemployment insurance, food stamps, etc.) rose to a record high.

    #3) According to the United Nations, the United States now has the highest level of income inequality of all of the highly industrialized nations.

    #4) Four of the biggest banks in the United States (Goldman Sachs, JPMorgan Chase, Bank of America and Citigroup) had a “perfect quarter” with zero days of trading losses during the first quarter of 2010.

    #5) According to economists Thomas Piketty and Emmanuel Saez, two-thirds of income increases in the United States between 2002 and 2007 went to the wealthiest 1% of all Americans.

    #6) 39.68 million Americans are now on food stamps, which represents a new all-time record. But things look like they are going to get even worse. The U.S. Department of Agriculture is forecasting that enrollment in the food stamp program will exceed 43 million Americans in 2011.

    #7) For the first time in U.S. history, banks own a greater share of residential housing net worth in the United States than all individual Americans put together.

    #8) Over just one three day period, approximately 10,000 people showed up to apply for just 90 jobs making washing machines in Kentucky for $27,000 a year.

    #9) Executives at many of the big banks that received massive amounts of government bailout money during the financial crisis are being lavished with record bonuses as millions of other Americans continue to suffer.

    #10) Younger generations of Americans are particularly struggling. For example, according to a National Foundation for Credit Counseling survey, only 58% of those in “Generation Y” pay their monthly bills on time.

    #11) Despite the financial crisis, the number of millionaires in the United States rose a whopping 16 percent to 7.8 million in 2009.

    #12) Over 1.4 million Americans filed for personal bankruptcy in 2009, which represented a 32 percent increase over 2008. Not only that, more Americans filed for bankruptcy in March 2010 than during any month since U.S. bankruptcy law was tightened in October 2005.

    #13) An analysis of income tax data by the Congressional Budget Office a couple years ago found that the top 1% wealthiest households in the United States now own nearly twice as much of the corporate wealth as they did just 15 years ago.

    #14) A staggering 43 percent of Americans have less than $10,000 saved up for retirement.

    #15) Once great blue collar manufacturing cities such as Detroit have turned into rusted-out war zones while corporate executives rake in record bonuses by moving factories to third world nations.

    #16) The bottom 40 percent of income earners in the United States now collectively own less than 1 percent of the nation’s wealth. So what does that say about America when nearly half the people are dividing up just one percent of the pie?

    • Charlie R

      It says the US is poised for a socialist revolution; which is happening now.

      Here is a secret ….. The Obama socialist revolution can not be successful unless he taxes the wealthy AND THE MIDDLE CLASS and cuts “BENEFITS” to those who paid into the system and do not need it …. for example: Senior Citizens; They consume billions in medicare so the Obama Death Panels will save huge amounts of revenue by denying seniors services. Shifting Medicare money to the Medicade fund keep taxpaying workers in the system and eliminates the tax revenue consumers.

      Obama is on the right track to accomplish his “Fundamentally Changing America” agenda and “the people” are with him as evidenced by his re-election.

    • DaveH

      Ahh, the Politics of Envy. The problem, Norm, is that the results of envy do not make things better, rather they make them worse. Check out our near neighbor Cuba whose citizens succumbed to that Socialist Siren Song. Their average paycheck is dwarfed by the average American paycheck.
      We have problems, Norm, but they are more a Caste problem than a Class problem.
      Government in the year 1900 spent less than 6% of our GDP. Now Government spends 40% of our GDP. How can we possibly expect to prosper when Government is taking and wasting a Lion’s share of our economy?

      • Tony Newbill

        DaveH this Link describes to a Tee what the Progressive Block has been and are doing to manipulate the minds of the Sheeple , Read the First Paragraph , note who they are talking about its one of Obamas CZARs ,

        This reads like a Blue Print of whats happening today in the USA and the world !!!!

      • Norm

        It’s nothing like 1900. We don’t have gardens and animals in our back yards. We don’t die off at 60 – it’s now closer to 100.
        People want social security, healthcare, unimployment comp. and all the other perks that they now get. Wait until Obamacare kicks in, people will buy into that as well.
        We are also are not Cuba. This country has a lot of money, albeit in the hands of a narrow few. I don’t think that it’s class warfare, or even envy, to ask people to pay their fair share of taxes.
        When everybody prospers, the better it is for rich, poor, and in-betweens.

        • Tony Newbill

          Norm you talk as if living longer is a BAD THING ????

        • Tony Newbill

          Norm the So Called Profits that Obama says the Hedge Funds are banking from his Fake Money printing has NO Expansion in supply to back these Printed fake dollars up with so its unsustainable , booked profits that if Obama doesn’t let the supply production expand in some manner then he will have NO profits to collect revenue from LOOK at the GDP and it ain’t getting better its getting worse , if it were not the case the Banks would see record profits compared to the stock values they had before the 2008 crash !!!!!

      • Norm

        Forgive the typos – no spellcheck on present temp. computer.

      • DaveH

        Norm says — “It’s nothing like 1900. We don’t have gardens and animals in our back yards. We don’t die off at 60 – it’s now closer to 100″.
        It’s about 75 (for men), Norm, and in 1900 it was about 48:

        But you are mixing apples and oranges, Norm. Our increased life-expectancy has nothing to do with Big Government and everything to do with better technology and access to healthier foods in spite of the negative impediments thrown up by Big Government.
        We would be much healthier and much more prosperous if we didn’t have that Big Government.

        Unless you can come up with a parallel universe, Norm, in which everything else started out the same in 1900 except that Government was constrained to its then small size, you have no way of disproving what I say.

        • Tony Newbill

          DaveH I can Agree with you on the Response to Norm !!!!!

      • eddie47d

        Ahh! But maybe we’d live longer if some of the old corporations didn’t dump so much pollution and chemical waste into the environment . By the way goofy CHARLIE there are no Death Panels. You right wingers are double loony!

      • Norm

        You’re right about “at birth” life expectancies. But many people live into their 90′s and more. These people live longer because of technology, to be sure. The problem is that medical procedures, drugs, and elder care are expensive.
        Ever increasing numbers of people are earning slave wages, have no savings, and are living in poverty. I’m fortunate enough not be among the poor, and to be from a hardy family stock. I don’t need government help, and never have.
        But I find Medicare and my employer supplement to be very convenient and reassuring.
        For the less fortunate, I recommend decent wages and benefits, as was the case in the past.

  • tlgeer

    “Upon his re-election, President Barack Obama pledged to get America’s economy moving again. It is troubling that the President made this same promise four years ago, yet America’s economy is still stuck.”

    Since Congress is the entity that authorizes funds to be spent, this will only work if Congress cooperates. So far the GOP in the House have done everything BUT cooperate. As far as I see now, they haven’t stopped. They are trying to blackmail this country into allowing cuts in our budgets. If this is not done they will allow this country to not meet it’s financial obligations. Congress is the entity that approved those obligations. They are legal and valid and this country does not have the legal or Constitutional right to not pay them.

    Perry v United States. Look it up. I’ve supplied the link so many times I’m not doing it anymore.

    • Tony Newbill

      Tigeer you act as if the Congress is responsible for paying everyone’s paycheck in the Private sector economy and that is not the way it works !
      They are suppose to work with the President to draft economic polices that favor Free markets to flourish with the Individual innovating and producing the socieities needed vital supplies !
      Obama has his EPA working Overtime to stop this while making everyone Dependent on His Federal Handouts as a subsidy while he is collapsing the Free markets with Economic Policy Oppression all in the name of Appeasing the LEFT Marxist Environmentalist Groups who want less people on Earth and are forcing policy decisions in this direction with Lawsuits and everything else that usurps the Free Market Economy WAKE Up !!!

    • DaveH

      TLGeer says — “They are trying to blackmail this country into allowing cuts in our budgets”.
      Blackmail? Our Budgets?
      It is Government’s Budget, and it is taking from “our” budgets. How can anybody be so arrogant as to think they know better how to spend my money than I do?
      The Republicans are doing the right thing in pursuing Government Budget cuts, but they aren’t anywhere close to enough. I realize that Government Employees and other feeders at the trough would dispute that. But of course they would.
      Ron Paul had the right idea — Close down whole UnConstitutional agencies. Get our military out of Foreign countries. And quit giving money that ISN’T Government’s to give.
      Let the Government workers find productive jobs manufacturing things we desire or providing services we desire. The outstanding number of goods and services in the country would increase and the prices would decrease. Price deflation — that’s a good thing, NOT a bad thing as self-interested Leaders would like people to believe.

  • JimH

    Good article..Best one I’ve read on our economy. Everyone appears to be afraid to tell the truth. Thanks John Meyers

  • Barb Patton

    I taught and told my children that they must NEVER LIE AND NEVER STEAL — because I hate loathe and detest a liar and a thief. The ayatolla barack is a liar and a thief….

    • Norm

      Barb Patton
      No Barb – Mitt Romney was the liar and he would have been the biggest thief ever elected.
      Thank God he the majority of thinking Americans didn’t buy his elitist BS.
      Now if the teabaggers will admit they and their idiot idol, Grover Norquist, are the MINORITY, maybe we will get this economy off of life support.

      • DaveH

        Romney is indeed a liar. But only a Liberal Progressive Zealot could ignore the fact that Obama is one also, Big Time. Leaders are liars. They have to be to get elected nowadays. They can’t accomplish what people think they can, no matter how knowledgeable or intelligent they are, so they have to lie to get elected. No man or small group of men can manage a diverse economy. Anybody who believes they can is sorely deluded.

      • JC

        Interesting term Norm..”teabaggers”. I understand that to be a homosexual reference.
        And I’ll take you at your word that you know more about it than I do. ;-)

      • Right Brain Thinker

        Barb Patton
        No Barb – Mitt Romney was the liar and he would have been the biggest thief ever elected.
        Thank God he the majority of thinking Americans didn’t buy his elitist BS.
        Now if the teabaggers will admit they and their idiot idol, Grover Norquist, are the MINORITY, maybe we will get this economy off of life support.

        JC says: “Interesting term Norm..”teabaggers”. I understand that to be a homosexual reference. And I’ll take you at your word that you know more about it than I do”.

        Uh, JC, I’m confused—-nothing Norm said would indicate that he was using the term “teabaggers” as a “homosexual reference” or that he knew that it was any such thing. Is there some connection between Grover Norquist and homosexuality? Since you seem to “know more about it” than Norm does, rather than the other way around as you stated, how about filling the rest of us in? Is it something heterosexuals might enjoy also?

      • Mary

        WTF Romney a liar–I don’t think so… Obama has lied to us from day 1– 4 years ago… I’m sure glad you didn’t have a son/daughter over in Bengazi—what would you say then?????……. Obama thinks he’s king….. He is letting all these countries develop warheads and stopping us to continue developing ours….and they know it. How in the hell can you say that Romney is a liar??????? Obama still has NOT told us about why he did not save those men when he could have gotten them out way before the attack—he just doesn’t care about human life….. He is sending us right into WW3 and he has a nice little place to go to if it happens–we sure don’t….. We need a leader in the “White House” Not someone that likes to party with our money which our children are going to have to pay back……He doesn’t want to cut spending–that is the only way we can get the 16 TRILLION dollars down…… you can tax all you like, BUT you have to cut spending too–why can’t he do that??? and he wants a credit card with no limit–WTF……So many people on welfare–we are such a weak country now since he has been in the White House….Watch “2016″—he wants to live his father’s dream….He hates white people, our country, and what it was founded on…. The man is “EVIL” and needs to be impeach so we can get beautiful country back on track to be the strong country it use to be….I know God is so disapointed with all of us right not and what we have done to this beautiful world that he gave us…..Who knows what he’ll do about all of this sickness—scary….

  • Bimbam

    It finally occurred to me that obamA wants this, or is mandating that and I was thinking it’s not him that wants that it is THEM!

    They are using the negro as a singular funnel to enact what THEY always wanted, COMPLETE CONTROL OF AND THE REIGNING IN OF AMERICANS who they see need to be punished!

    Whether they succeed or not, I don’t know but these are scary times indeed. We have a negro in control!

  • Norm

    “If the American people ever allow private banks to control the issue of their money, first by inflation and then by deflation, the banks and corporations that will grow up around them (around the banks), will deprive the people of their property until their children will wake up homeless on the continent their fathers conquered.” -
    Thomas Jefferson

  • Terry Bateman

    John Meyers says U.S. is not creating jobs and inflation of the money supply is not
    the answer. What is the way to create jobs in the U.S. then, Mr. Mourning in America?
    Raise interest rates, cut the money supply, support a strong dollar? Been there.
    Done that. It is called Hooverism and it brought on the great depression. How about
    cutting personal income taxes across the board. It is called Reaganism, and it started
    us on the road to unsustainable federal deficits.

    We only get around $100 billion a year from corporations from our 35% corporate tax
    rate. Why not cut it to 25% and see if corporate america’s hot little hands will fork more
    of it over at the lower rate? Why not go over the fiscal cliff together and pay down the
    deficit $600 billion a year starting January? Automatic tax increases and federal
    spending cuts reducing the federal deficit could be the best tonic for a worried

    • DaveH

      Sorry Terry, but you have no idea what you’re talking about. Read this book to see what caused and exacerbated our Great Depression (those who don’t want to slog through some heavy economic theory should just skip to Part 2):

      • nc

        DaveH, you cite that mises crap at least once an hour here yet you say you are not a zealot of that position! Then you have to be a robot! Give us the track record of the mises way!

  • Motov

    Too bad it is no longer a joke when people are asked “How can you tell when the president is lying? (Answer When his lips are moving)

  • Neil Swan

    We need to go back and get the millionares and billionares to give
    the fair share of taxes.


    • WTS/JAY

      Agreed! Let’s start with; George Soros, Bill Gates, Warren Buffet, Al Gore, Michael Bloomberg, Rupert Murdock, Larry Page, Wall-street…that should be a good start!

      • Gillysrooms in Australia

        Yeag how dare all these rich people waste all their money to employ all those thousands of people who pay taxes and pay all those state taxes and insurance premiums and payroll taxes so they cant afford to pay taxes to your uncle Sam. Yeah they should move all those peoples jobs to asia so they can pay less state taxes and more to Uncle Sam. Yeah that would be a good idea and save all that expensive properyy rents and taxes in silicon valley…thats a great idea whoever you are… i think your a communist…Russia will want you with all your bright ideas.

      • Right Brain Thinker

        That’s a start. Did you have Donald Trump on there? Don’t forget the Koch brothers and Sheldon Adelson, who between them spent some $300t o $400 million on the campaign BACKING LOSERS. The Walton family can certainly afford to kick in since they’re not giving much to their employees at Wal-Mart.

        PS Hasn’t Buffett already stood up (more than once) and said “Make me pay more taxes than my secretary”?

      • WTS/JAY

        Sorry, i forgot Trump. I also failed to include; Banks and Insurance companies. But that wouldn’t make any difference since they are all corporations and corporations are not people, so they don’t pay taxes, as you know; and can merely transfer the increase in taxes to the work-force, the employees. So for all the silly people who clamour for raising taxes on Corporations; “Corporations don’t pay taxes, only people do, and since Corporations are not “people”, then people(employees)pay taxes; by decrease in wages, higher tax bracket, and less benefits!

    • dutch56

      What about getting people off welfare and make them start paying taxes instead of taking my money that I work hard for….Obama won cause he was giving out freebies….which the middle class people are paying for…..I know there are some people that really do need the welfare money, but a lot of them are just lazy people that don’t want to go look for work cause Obama will give them freebies…. Food Stamps are another issue… a lot of people don’t need them, but somehow got them….


    America’s economy is not stuck, there is a agenda to step on the neck of our economy and crush the life out of it…the Fraud in the WH has moved to communism and islam and will finnish the job if we let him….those two entities cannot compete with freewill and a free market.

  • Motov

    What we really need to do is set up limits of media exposure of candidates for president.
    And give true equal exposure of “third parties” so we can have true choices.
    The money spent on campaigns could have gone to help reduce our debt, instead of promoting the 2 characters who will continue to bury us in debt/

  • Gillysrooms in Australia

    How many people would buy your products if you told every potential customer that the financial end is near, that they going to lose their jobs and they going to lose all their pension fund money or stocks and share values are hoing to be wiped out? They would not only not buy your products but they would spending on all none essentials.

    So you would prefer President Obama tell every one the same bad news, surely not so you can have time and opportunity to follow the opinions of the article Mr. John Myers. If Obama had caused panic and civil unrest you would also complain and then you would not have the time to sell out of your risky assets. Think on the positive side of of the Obama confidence
    Which is his jib ti lie if he knows about all the problems in yiur nation, but it is NOT his job to promote fear and despare in the country. His jib is to lift confidence and it is a confidence trick to help your economic revival which is not bad thing. The Republicans lost because you were promting fear and dispare which most people dont want to face and your not helping by continuing this stste of fear by obstructing Obama elected by the majority to do what the Democrats thinks is best.

    Just imagine how many more people would spend in your stores and businesses if the Republicans had a more positive personality instead of complaining about tax matters. Tax payers cant escape the tax burden until the republucans can convince more people to vote for a Republican president and you wont achieve thst while being egotistically destructive and causing your stock markets to collapse by witdrawing an incresse in debt and taxes because taxpayers are still going to be responsible to pay the deficit…its a contingent liabilty whuch cannot be paid for by the poor or those without assets sometime into the future or by your next generations. I say let the next generations and illgal and immigrant pay, why you now? Perhaps consider moving to Melbourne in Australia and start businesses in our sicialist country which is nit as badly developed as in your country.

    • John Myers

      Yes, I admit it. It was me and Dr. Evil that made things so bad for the U.S. economy.

  • Gillysrooms in Australia

    Sorry for bad spelling mistakes caused by small icons on my mobile phone or my poor eyesight.

    • Right Brain Thinker

      G’Day, Mate

      Please don’t tell us that you were texting on your “mobile phone” whilst driving down the road (on the left of course). Doesn’t one have to watch out for the roo’s? Or have you got a roo bar? I’ll bet those boomers do as much damage to a vehicle as our whitetail bucks do when you hit one.

  • Right Brain Thinker

    Quick count this AM shows DaveH making 25 out of the 214 comments on this thread. That’s nearly 12% (nearly 1/8) of all the comments made so far. And perhaps 1/10 of 1% of the intelligent ones. Does anyone else see that “imbalance”?

    • S.C.Murf

      Only your imbalance rbt only your’s

      up the hill


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