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America’s Drones

May 2, 2012 by  

America’s Drones
Drones will soon become commonplace in America.

The Administration of President Barack Obama said this week that its use of unmanned aerial drones to kill terror suspects around the world is done “in full accordance with the law.”

Obama’s top counterterrorism adviser Jack Brennan said drone strikes are used only in cases when capture is not feasible.

Brennan also stressed the importance of the Administration being able to target American citizens that it suspects are terrorists. He cited Attorney General Eric Holder’s view that “counterterrorism efforts are rooted in, and are strengthened by, adherence to the law, including the legal authorities that allow us to pursue members of al-Qaida—including U.S. citizens—and to do so using technologically advanced weapons.”

Brennan said at the Woodrow Wilson Center on Monday: “Targeted strikes are wise. Remotely piloted aircraft in particular can be a wise choice because of geography, with their ability to fly hundreds of miles over the most treacherous terrain, strike their targets with astonishing precision, and then return to base. They can be a wise choice because of time, when windows of opportunity can close quickly and there may be just minutes to act.”

The day before the terrorism adviser’s speech, a drone strike in Pakistan killed three suspected militants who were hiding out in an abandoned girls’ school. It was the first strike since the country’s parliament demanded two weeks ago that the United States end drone strikes, which have been responsible for numerous civilian deaths in the country.

“The government of Pakistan strongly condemns the US drone attack that occurred in North Waziristan,” a Foreign Ministry statement said. “Such attacks are in total contravention of international law and established norms of interstate relations.”

Discussions about the legality and morality of Obama’s drone strikes continue.

Drones are expected to become commonplace in the United States by 2020, albeit hopefully with less-sinister applications. In February, Obama signed into law the Federal Aviation Modernization and Reform Act, which requires the FAA to fully integrate government, commercial and recreational unmanned aircraft systems into U.S. airspace by October 2015.

With no privacy protections in place, the potential for 24/7 drone surveillance of Americans is great. Attorney John W. Whitehead writes in the Huffington Post: “While the threat these drones pose to privacy is unprecedented, they are being unleashed on the American populace before any real protocols to protect our privacy rights have been put in place and in such a way as to completely alter the landscape of our lives and our freedoms. We are truly entering a new era. Once the realm of science fiction and dystopian literature, the all-seeing surveillance state, powered by the latest and greatest in robot technology, is the reality with which we must now contend.”

Capable of being outfitted with anything from thermal imaging cameras capable of seeing through walls to crowd-control weapons as well as lethal weapons, drones are set to become a vital tool for the burgeoning police state. reports:

The Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office (MCSO) in Conroe, Texas, recently purchased the ShadowHawk Unmanned Aerial System (UAS), a small, unmanned helicopter configured with an avionics upgrade that includes stabilized flight appropriate for available weapons platforms. “We have been discussing the shotgun and launcher platforms. What we envision is a 12 gauge delivery system with lethal and less-lethal deliveries. That is the most robust platform,” says Chief Deputy Randy McDaniel of the MCSO.

Currently, there are 63 sites throughout the United States from which the FAA authorizes drone launches. Most of them are police departments, universities and military installments.

Sam Rolley

Staff writer Sam Rolley began a career in journalism working for a small town newspaper while seeking a B.A. in English. After learning about many of the biases present in most modern newsrooms, Rolley became determined to find a position in journalism that would allow him to combat the unsavory image that the news industry has gained. He is dedicated to seeking the truth and exposing the lies disseminated by the mainstream media at the behest of their corporate masters, special interest groups and information gatekeepers.

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  • Vicki

    That sounds just like the old west “Wanted: Dead or Alive” posters. Somehow I think the dead part was determined to be unconstitutional due to the lack of Due Process.

    Or maybe those posters are just a figment of the liberal mind.

  • Vicki

    Also watching the video I can see a future where these bad boys are in a fire fight with THESE bad boys.

    • Sirian

      That’s a good video Vicki – formation flight as good as the Blue Angels, well, almost. :) If they start using these things it would be easy to fly them at two or three hundred feet, wouldn’t hear them, wouldn’t notice them and Big Brother would have an eye on you all the time. Lovely!!

    • Doc Sarvis

      Introduce variable winds in the outdoor environment and we are far from the stage needed for that sort of control.

  • Jack Hotchkiss (@fedup_azjack)

    My fellow citizens;
    For years and years we have been able to depend on our vote to guide and direct our Nation.
    Slowly over the years, our say in how this Country is run has been taken from us. Not by an outside force but by each of us delegating our authority to people we hired to speak for us. Then we left them alone to do the job we instructed them to do and they turned away from us to greed
    You know the rest of that story.
    The fact I want to point out now is, even though it looks like we have painted our self’s into a corner we have several tools available for our use. The Socialist’s that we have allowed to over take our leadership rolls in our government know the name of those tools also, they are in order Our God, our Constitution, our Flag and you know the rest.
    We have a standing army at our service.
    All the people that ever took the OATH to protect and defend The United States of America from all enemies foreign and DOMESTIC are Oath Keepers; your Oath is in effect for life.
    We have the weapons for that Army because we are a free society and we have a God given right to posses and use those arms. See why Nobama wants your weapons? It is the people he wants to control, controlling the guns is only a path to controlling you.
    We have the standing Army,
    We have the weapons for that Army
    We see a need for that Army
    The oath Keepers are there to back up the wishes of the people and to fight only if we must.
    Roll call in 15 minutes!
    Jack Hotchkiss Oath Keeper

    • Scott in SC

      Jack, if only it were true. Sadly the police are the strongarm of the tyranical govt. and happily stomp on any citizen any chance they get.

    • THG

      Present and accounted for …Sir

  • kategray

    It makes you take pause and think why not capture to get intel? Is this administration afraid we will find something we do not like.

  • Zed

    I remember when drones were first deployed – what was it, fifteen years ago?
    The governments assured us they would be used for battlefield surveillance only – they would never be armed.
    Then they put weapons on them, but they’d only be used on the battlefield – they would never be used for assassination.
    Then they used them to assassinate enemy leaders – but they would never be used against American citizens.
    Now the government is going to fly them in US airspace for domestic surveillance – but they’ll never be armed.
    Do I sense a trend here?

    • Ladyhawke

      Excellent post Zed. Scary, but so true.
      GOD have mercy on us, though we do not deserve it.

    • Roger

      Does anybody remember the movie “Blue Thunder?”

  • firefight

    Interesting how these “model helicopters” have been around for a long time and I did wonder just when the government would find a use for them other than recreational. The age of the drone is upon us. They have proven themselves in Pakistan and you can bet you will see them deployed here at home.

    Here is the scarey part. You are a good Christian, God fearing person who has become fed up with the intrusion into your life. Everything from how to raise your kids to what you eat has now been mandated by some government agency. You begin to actively protest. You begin to organize other like minded people and now your name and your actions are making it into the 6 o’clock news. All of a sudden, there is intervention from that same government. Your home, with you and your entire family mysteriously blows up in the middle of the night. Now, you are dead. The evening news reports the story of a home in suburban America mysteriously blowing up. Experts theorize it was caused by a gas leak. The story goes on that evidence shows there was a meth lab in the basement and more stories emerge that your children were selling drugs out the back door. Soon, your image is one that portrays the most evil person imaginable and everyone is sure the accident was meant to happen to rid us of such a terrible person and their family. You have been painted as pure evil by the ones who are truly evil and the American public will believe them.

    This is how the government works. With complete control over the media, nobody will ever know the truth about how you were trying to fight back against a tyrannical government. Waco and Ruby Ridge were just the tip of the iceberg.

    • Steve E

      More people need to be more like me. I don’t believe the Media.

    • nc

      Firefight. as I read your post I couldn’t help but think about how many people who also feel as you do has any sympathy for the innocent God fearing(same God) Muslim women and chilren who
      died in the bombings of Iraq cities at the start of those wars!
      Ruby Ridge and Waco dealt with two people in conflict with the law who were given ample time to surrender to the law and receive the benefits of the Constitution that we all cherish. Even our founding fathers built jail houses for people to do what’s right!! Those cats chose to face the consequences of not surrendering upon knowing the law was there to ask you to surrrender under the Constitution!

  • Laker1

    Its just a matter of time before drones are used against American citizens in the USA. There are already 20,000 approved over the US.

  • Breeze

    WE THE PEOPLE really need a way to stop these things. If it be a free app. you can download to your phone to crash these things, or a model rocket with heat-seeking ability. The other alternative is to get rid of the Government we have, and get one that doesn’t do this kind of stuff to it’s own people.

    • Nancy in Nebraska

      On the tv show “Harry’s Law” she (Harry) shot down a police drone that was peeking in her windows. I loved it. I wish we could all do that.

    • castaway

      Its Amazing they have the audacity to criticize the Chinese government for human rights violations. Hell, it is happening in the U.S..

  • Patriot

    Let’s understand the logic of our Politicians, especially the progressives commonly known as the left. We cannot use enhanced interrogation methods like water boarding, but it is ok to blow away these same people with drones. Anyway to keep these weak knee’ed politicians hands clean! What a bunch of worthless, spineless pieces of crap! And we are to believe what an courageous president we have for giving the approval to Kill Bin Laden, I have never seen in my life a more disgraceful act trying to politicized a Great Act by our armed forces than we are seeing with this situation. Any folks that have done honorable things have been extremely gracious without the need of the spotlight, not this shameless administration. Since this administration has no real accomplishments, this is all they have to exploit, I cannot think of another word for it, can you?

    Since most of our soldiers in the Afgan/Iraq conflict have died from demoralization & suicides than from actual combat, we are not the world police! Get our forces out of these hell holes, now! Other Fact; this in now the longest conflict in our history 10 years plus and running! Why?

  • HDMania

    When does duck (drone) hunting season open?

  • C. Weir

    The Vietnam War was nothing but a political fiasco. We could have blasted the Viet Cong to hell, and freed the whole country from the iron grasp of communism. But, we chose to go only so far. Like Korea–we could have freed the whole country–there didn’t have to be a South Korea, North Korea. We fought communists and went only so far—we don’t learn if you’re not gonna deliver completely from the enemy, you may as well stay home, and save our troops from wasting their lives for nothing. You cannot compromise or appease the enemy. Even now, Obama has turned down every major recommendation the military generals have made to him about Iraq and Afghanistan. We are dealing with Islamic zealots who are out to destroy our country, the west, all democracies, for “Allah.” And Obama’s first concern, is to limit our troops’ ability to fire first to defend themselves–to spare the Afghans’ feelings. So, they are sitting ducks for some Afghan to come up and shoot them for defacing Korans, or whatever. We need to get the troops out of there. I can think of another place the troops could make themselves useful. They could be sent to guard our American borders from the Mexican drug cartels, and other criminal thugs who are not flocking over here to find work, but to exploit our welfare system, bring in human trafficking, and are succeeding in taking over portions of U.S. territory. In a sense, they are reclaiming it for Mexico–certain areas are deemed too dangerous for American citizens to approach. But I know, regardless of who is President, the army probably would never be allowed to protect our borders.

    • nc

      C. Weir, have you ever understood why Ike didn’t choose to stand and fight .after we had lost so may lives in Korea instead of cutting and running like Reagan would do later in Lebanon and Bush 1 did later at the gates of Baghdad ? It set a bad precedent for the Liberals ! Actually I was taking a trip down memory as to history in conflicts> I was all for Obama pulling out of Iraq. I was against bush invading! I think Obama second biggest mistale is staying in Afghanistan! His biggest mistake is pushing for health care reform before he had fixed the mess of an economy that we had on Jan. 20 2009! IMHO!!!

  • rhcrest

    If these drones appear on our private property we need to shoot them down.

  • bluejacket
    • Searcher4851

      Cute video. The prototype is kind of useless in it’s current form. Notice how close he has to get with it. You could take that thing out with a stick. I also thought it was cute how when he blew up the car, the little drone didn’t survive. It was interesting how the thing seemed to handle the recoil of the weapon though, even though he only used short bursts.

  • Robert Willis

    to bad a 12 gauge will take it out and if I see one over my property, that is exactly what will happen!

    • Searcher4851

      Get real. These things fly way out of shotgun range.

  • James

    Use of drones to kill is done “in full accordance with the law.” Oh, the law you just signed making everything you couldn’t do before okay. I see.

  • Jim

    When I worked for a large city as first a prison sergeant then as a police officer we would call the lazy good for nothing employees drones so it is obvious that the use of drones in our government has been going on for a very long time and it was the drones in the workforce that were protected by A.F.S.C.M.E. now drones are only the eye in the sky watching every good citizen while under the guise of protecting us from foreign invaders.
    It is so ironic how drones are now working for the government still, but now they are only working to keep We The People under the thumb of our federal government.

  • Doug Bain

    looks like a duck to me a loud low flying and poorly armored

  • Michael H Anderson

    Always good to feed paranoia toward your Government – maybe you can help spawn more Tim McVeighs.

    My philosophy regarding such “issues” has always been “if you have something to hide, then I hope you DO live in fear. If not, enjoy life and go about your business.” Perhaps you ought to join the ACLU or another one of those criminal- and terrorist-support organizations. Or you could emigrate to Pakistan or another of our wonderful “allies”.


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