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“America’s Choice: Liberty or Death (Ron Paul 2012 Rap Song)” by Smiley Chris MUST SEE HD!!!!

January 20, 2012 by  

Bob Livingston

is an ultra-conservative American and author of The Bob Livingston Letter™, founded in 1969. Bob has devoted much of his life to research and the quest for truth on a variety of subjects. Bob specializes in health issues such as nutritional supplements and alternatives to drugs, as well as issues of privacy (both personal and financial), asset protection and the preservation of freedom.

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  • simian pete

    Hey, that was a pretty good music video !

    What I’ve been hearing is that Romney is more electable than Ron Paul. Ron Paul also still believes in “COnstitutional Government” or some weird political stuff like them “libertarians” or something.

    I remember going to some “college Republican” meeting back in the 1980′s when I was a professional student. The party teachers were trying to brainwash us into believing alot of weird stuff, one point they made was “libertarians are crazy”. So I figure that’s how the Republicans leaders believe today “libertarians (like ROn Paul) are crazy” ..

    I was a bad College Republican .. went for the training, but didn’t do any work. Some ROTC guy got the ball moving …

    Looking back – them Repubs sure were cheap !!! We all got stuck with like 3 days of fieldman training, but they never gave us any food to eat !! Not even McDonalds ! Bunch of cheapasses ! Then they kept us awake for like 3 days to work on some stupid make believe campaign project.

    One of the Republican brainwashers wanted us to listen to the music from “Superman” to get us motivated… I always thought Superman was a FDR democrat !!

    Well, I guess Romney is going to win, the Repubs don’t like libertarians……. they think they are crazy ..

    • FreedomFighter

      Put that on Nationwide TV, Cable, WIN WIN

      Ron Paul 2012

      Laus Deo
      Semper Fi

      • John

        Ron Paul for President 2012, I second the motion. I’m a veteran of the Vietnam war 1967to 1968.

    • winter

      Ron Paul in 2012 the media has shut him out until he racked up so much support they could’nt keep him hidden!…If your gay or smoke pot or have some other thing the “normal” people don’t like then your ONLY choice is RON PAUL. My major concern is when he wins how long will he survive in office. The perfect ticket would be RP + Gary Johnson, but don’t just sit on your ass in front of your puter, if you can send money if not volenter. There is time but it’s gonna take some serious work.

    • christopher

      We needz a heerz it on da radioz!

  • AJ

    Great Add!
    RON PAUL 2012



  • Handle247

    It amazes me so much is being made of Romney s tax returns, but nothing about how he or any of the other hopefuls are funding there campaigns .
    The reason this question is not being raised is because they are all using ” dirty money” (when I say dirty, I mean they are All beholing to some corprate/Gov./.ORG…Etc. And the people will NOT like the answers. And it won’t make the mass media look to good either, for they are dirty too)

    All EXCEPT RON PAUL are using thier ILL gotten fortunes, lobbyist “donations” or Republican party fundings.

    Ron Paul however is being funded by the average, enlightened American.
    Real Grass Roots.

    AND that, my friends, if exposed on national TV would make the normally
    spoon feed viewer THINK ….and join with the rest of us real people and cast their votes for the Real Defender of our Consitution and our REPUPLIC, RON PAUL.

    P.s. When Rommney said in this latest farce called a debate,
    ” and this is why we don’t want a candidate” who is already part of the Burocriousy, after Santorum and Gingrich were exposing each others hypocrisy, and ended his comment with ” we need someone who is familiar with the people on the street” I almost PUKED!
    That frigging silver spooned clown has maybe ridin down a street in his LIMO, but that’s the closest he has ever come to the average man on the street.

    RON PAUL in 2012. Take back the Power!
    What do ya think of that, Bob Livingston?

  • Lloyd

    Good ad! Great message.

    I am Canadian but have been watching American politics for several years now. Good luck to Ron Paul who offers a chance for real hope and change for American liberty, greatness and exceptionalism and not Obama’s promise of hope and change – which amounts to hope for a government handout, and change that means upping the imposition of the nanny state and big brother.

  • Donna Hammond

    I am for Ron Paul, because he is for the common ordinary people, We the People. That is what our Constitution is for, us the people, not big government. Big government just wants to tell us, the people, what to do, what not to do and where and when to do it. They get into our personal life and try to take our liberties away. I am for Ron Paul because I think he will be able to give us back our liberties. He is for what I stand for. Donna

  • Vicki

    What a good music video. Good job and spread this to all your friends.

  • James

    I hear alot of people on here that say they support the constitution. However, they only want to support their own version of it. The constitution says liberty and justic for all, that all men are created equal, and we have the right to persuit of happiness, and equal protection under the law, and a guarantee of separation of church and state. So why all of the fuss over gay rights / marriage.
    By the way, Marriage is not a religious entity, it is in fact a legal entity and as such inferes certain legal rights and responsibilities.
    The governmant has no right to tell anyone who they can love, and as far as marriage goes, If two consenting, loving adults want to marry, how does that hurt anyone else? Those who quote the bible should know that only God has the right to judge, and He will take care of that when the time comes. It should not matter to anyone if another person is gay or not. As long as that person is doing you no personal harm. Jesus said to love your niegbor as you love yourself.

    I am all for supporting the constitution, to the purest meaning as it was written. And for all American FREEDOM. We as a nation can not deny any of our citizens their rights under our constitution. Those who disagree with gay people have the right to disagre, but you DO NOT have the right to take away their liberty. You may wish them harm or even death, but you do not have the right to harm or kill them. They are after all human beings, just the same as you are. They pay taxes, work hard and wish no one any harm, Just want to be left alone to live their life in peace.
    I wonder if Ron Paul is truely for following the Constitution…..COMPLETELY…….or is he going to misread it to the exclusion of “certain” Americans.

  • http://mozillafirefox Susan Noegel

    I don’t believe in alot of the things Ron Paul has in his agenda. For one the Iran stuff. They do not like us and if they have the nuclear power they will kill us and devastate Israel (one of the best ally the U.S.A. ever had) he will not help us in this front. I agree with him on has stance on The Federal Government and it’s complete stomp on our U.S constitution. I really. do not think he will be elected for President. He has too much going against him.

    • metalflyer11

      Ron Paul is 100% right on foreign policy. After WWII the US became a military super power and it has since been used by Big Money to bully 3rd world nations around the world for their gain. Back then they sold us the fear of communism propaganda, now is the war on terror. Allways question who benefits from these wars and who loses. These were the same fear tactics used by the Nazis in WWII.
      Iran is one of the few coutries that is not in the control of the IMF/World Bank. This is why they are demonizing them now with the drums of war like other nations before. The elite is not yet in full control of Iran.
      The propaganda of fear is nothing more for the excuse of creating a legal Police State & spy grid for the sake of Security.

  • Cat

    It’s time to give another minority a chance, a Libertarian. They
    may try to diminish him as “only an obstetrician,” but he could help
    deliver America through a re-birth of real freedom again!
    The other guys “sound” good, & they would certainly be somewhat of an improvement over Obama, but they still would not root out our REAL problem, which is global subversive rule, through fiat currancies; which will eventually take down the whole world, through impoverishment, never ending wars, & total slavery for all. The left
    loves to cry racism, racism, but we have never really ended slavery in this country, we’ve expanded it to encompass ALL SS numbered, taxpaying, federal citizens. We used to be sovereign state citizens,
    but we’ve been tricked into a hidden voluntary seritude, for a few
    benefits that are quickly diminishing. Opting out of this sytem is
    increasingly difficult, if you want to have a bank account, shop online with a credit card, vote, etc.. Ron Paul is the only one who
    sees the men behind the curtain, & will help us regain our true sovereignty. It won’t be easy though, their will be tough medicine,
    regardless. We have been tricked into a real mess. Americans
    are going to have to buck up into taking real responsibility again. Many people are not morally up to that task, & it won’t be smooth sailing, but it’s the ONLY path to a real life again! Those of us with eyes to see, are passionately ready for that task, lets hope we can convince the majority, or God help us.

    • cawmun cents

      As an Obstetrician,Dr.Paul watches new birth all the time.And just as he watches those new births,so he gives birth to new ways of thinking, and critical ideas that could possibly reshape the outcome of Americas future.
      the worlders call that an abortion,and say it will never come to fruition.
      the worlders dont want things to change.
      the worlder idea of stability dictates that to make us safer,we must be on an even playing field,in other words,communism.
      To that sentiment I say……no!
      RON PAUL 2012

  • Joyce

    Ron Paul is a good man. I agree with him on many issues. He does not believe that we should support Israel financially, and there is where we part paths. I’m not a fanatic, but I do believe that a nation that doesn’t support Israel forfeits it’s blessings! Enough said.

    • Realist

      Joyce, You are not viewing his interviews as of late. He never said that he would not support Israel. Check it out before you parrot some
      opinion with no substance to it. The link, you can find it on this blog if you are really interested in the truth.

    • s c

      Joyce, the root of the problem in American politics is the ability of political parties to give us nothing but the lesser of two evils. NO ONE is perfect, but some like to think that ‘perfection’ before a candidate gets into the W H is the preferred method.
      Speaking of “perfection,” look at what we’ve had in the W H for over 3 years. Could anyone in his or her right mind call that perfection? Please remember that what a candidate promises is basically irrelevant. What a candidate wants is basically irrelevant. Whoever gets into the W H has to deal with what can be done and that which NEEDS to be done. In the case of Obummer, it’s a matter of whatever his EGO wants.
      With Obummer, it netted us a gutted economy, a
      non-leader whose arrogance will sink the nation and an adoring horde of voters who think we have a god in the W H (and reliable dead voters who appear and disappear when needed). Some in the ‘Republican’ party dare to think 4 more years of Obummer is acceptable.
      So, please don’t equate what a candidate seems to think with what will happen. If that was the case, America would be another Russia, and Obummer would be dictator for life.

  • Fuzzy Barnes

    Dr No, AKA Ron Paul, votes his conviction. People are fearful that he will up set their shopping cart. |I strongly recommend you support him. He may be your last chance to secure your liberty.

    I only have 9 more years in this life and I’ve hanging in on borrowed-time. You all have a lot more toloose if Dr Ron Paul looses.

  • syndii

    You people are as crazy as he is… what do you really want? Legalized Pot. No taxes No wars Guns and Roses. Liberty?

    All politics are local. Take your votes seriously. Stop voting for stupid local congress people. Or most likely you did not vote at all because there was no “Ron Paul”. Look what you have created. Don’t forget when Ron is not on the ballot the world still goes on …

    • Realist

      The world will certainly go on, in it’s new world order fully realized.
      I will vote for Ron Paul even if I have to write him in. You are worried about legal pot? Meanwhile our economy is being wasted on feeding millions of illegal immigrants, funding endless wars and your liberties are being taken away daily while you rest comfortably with public assistance. Kids are already doing drugs because of a complacent DOJ! IF Dr. Paul gets cheated out of this opportunity to make a real and solid change, I’m going to give my vote to Obama! That’s right, Romney , Gingrich, and Santorum are all an extension of the Democrat party. Might as well keep the current puppet in because he isn’t hiding his anti-constitutional colors. These NEOCONs are! They do more damage than Democrats. Go ahead, keep fantasizing your utopian dream of a NEOCON run government.

      • syndii

        I could care less about “pot”. If it were legalized it would solve more problems than it could make. I will always fantasize about my perfect world. Were people actually care about one another and not their own bottom line. You want to change the world. Make sure you vote your crappy congress people out. There will never be term limits. Look who has to pass the law. Get rid of the lifers – Senators that have made a life and boats of money off of selling us out. Fyi not a Neocon… a proud die hard Libral

  • Les Cottrell

    As with any commercial, movie, or film being produced in America during the past several decades, the music is always so much louder than the voices of the persons who are talking that a lot of the words cannot be discerned. Although the rap-music and song were good and the message in the song was good also, what would have really made this commercial much much better would have been to have the volume of the song only mildly playing softly in the background until President Ron Paul was finished with all the words he wanted to say and then bring up the volume of the Rap Song and play it again in it’s entirety so that all the people could also hear distinctly the words of the message in the song. I believe millions of people around the country who view this commercial would also agree that if those very important changes were made to the film that ALL OF “WE THE PEOPLE” who viewed it would get 100% of the message and would enjoy it to it’s fullest. Ron Pauls election team should re-do this film as suggested here THEN HAVE IT PLAYED NATIONWIDE IN EVERY STATE ON EVERY POSSIBLE TELEVISION SYSTEMS. After all the most important thing to know after viewing this political film commercial was “THE MESSAGE” and I myself love to hear this man talk because you can certainly tell from his voice and his demeanor THAT HE IS THE ONLY NON-LAWYER POLITICIAN RUNNING IN MANY YEARS WHO IS SINCERE AND IS TELLING THE TRUTH, THE WHOLE TRUTH, AND NOTHING BUT THE TRUTH, SO HELP HIM GOD!!! Les lescot VOTE: DOCTOR RON PAUL 2012

  • Robert Horton

    DEATH or LIFE, FREEDOM or PRISON (( or one of the newly built tent cities that are located in our national forrest and grounds around the country of AMERICA, we are told by the President who was just GIVEN ABSOLUTE power to have the MIlitary come and detain take into custody any family, or person which he feels is a threat to Amerca’s homeland security as of January 1st, 2012)) now if you ask many of hundreds of thousands of soldirs and veterans around the country, we allready know what this means and it IS NOT of a FREE NATION or where you would find a FREE People with constituional rights, it is the begining of a country getting READY to TAKE EVERY SINGLE FREE RIGHT AWAY from the peoples of a Nation and our country, look back to Nazi GERMANY and the death camps where they sent the Jews to be slaughtered, do you really see any other means for their too be several such prison camps in a nation that is ran by a Constituion of rights for its people? This administration is not giving you what the AMERICAN SOLDIER already paid for you on the battlefields many with their own lives. WE DO NEED A CHANGE ALRIGHT. dont get fooled again dont listen to them for the sake of so many lives dont do it..

  • Earl, QUEENS, NY

    I’ve long enjoyed viewing your website and agree with many of your articles. But I’ve been disappointed lately as I get the impression that many of you really want Ron Paul for POTUS. WHY?? He’s a nincompoop and a George McGovern – type crackpot on foreign policy. In fact, this fool Paul may be even worse than Obama on foreign policy. Anybody who’s worse than BHO on an important issue must be defeated, and should abandon the race for POTUS!! Can you imagine this fool debating BHO on foreign policy?? I bet BHO could beat him without a teleprompter!! As for being pro-Constitution, there are many conservatives who ARE pro-Constitution. We certainly don’t need a crack-pot (who BTW wants to legalize both of these brain damaging substances!!) to protect the Constitution. Some of you people need to get your heads out of the sand!! Being anti-Paul is NOT being against our Constitution. Where in the Constitution does it say we should legalize crack or pot?? That makes as much sense as the liberal democraps who cite the welfare cause to justify Obamacare, redistribution of wealth, etc.

    Although their party tends to be IMHO too laisse-faire, I do agree with Libertarians on some issues. E.g., I did vote for Harry Browne in 1996 – not only because I saw Bob Dole as an unelectable weak moderate, but seeing his wife Elizabeth by his side turned me off – all the ridiculus regulations (safety belt laws, air bags, etc.) enacted during her tenure in the Reagan Administration. However, as for Ron ‘Wrong’ Paul, he isn’t even worthy to be re-elected to Congress, much less the White House. Texas voters really should try to defeat ‘Wrong’ Paul and dispatch him to retirement in the next congressional primary. If you really are pro-Constitution, then you should focus on the political party which we know constantly thumbs its nose at our Constitution – that is – DEFEAT THE LEFTWING DEMOCRAP PARTY!!


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