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America’s Boom Gone Bust

August 24, 2011 by  

America’s Boom Gone Bust

If you ask me, the Debt Crisis of 2011 is more a dog and pony show than real substance. The Democrats rightfully blame George W. Bush. The GOP points out that President Barack Obama’s spending makes Bush seem like a piker. I have news for both sides. Obama is the worst of a very long list of spenders that began with President Lyndon B. Johnson, whose spending habits President Richard Nixon was able to afford only by suspending the gold standard.

What is truly unique to the 21st century is that we are running out of affordable crude oil, the fuel that propelled staggering economic growth during the previous 100 years. And while the wheeler-dealers in Congress can lift the debt ceiling with the stroke of a pen, all the king’s horses and all the king’s men can’t put oil back in the ground again.

It was the Petroleum Age that ushered in the last and most potent round of the Industrial Revolution. It was the very fuel that powered world growth. And it was ubiquitous.

The tremendous economic growth in the 20th century, which saw the standard of living leap by a bound greater than it had jumped during the previous 1,000 years, can be attributed to a single factor: cheap and plentiful oil.

Some economic models show that labor and capital account for less than 25 percent of the actual growth of the U.S. economy. Three-quarters of the increase is the result of energy and technology, with energy producing the lion’s share of the latter.

Up until the late 20th century, energy was becoming more and more efficient. Each kilowatt produced more work. That is, until 1996. Since then, the 100-year trend has peaked, and we are no longer getting a bigger bang for our barrel.

The graph below shows how significantly oil has contributed to world gross domestic product. It underscores that the good life has come not only from great men or great ideas, but from our economic lifeblood harvested from the ground.


Easy oil meant easy times. One of the periods of great growth was between 1980 and 2000. During that time, daily oil consumption rose from 15 million barrels per day to nearly 20 million barrels per day.

During this orgy, oil prices dropped from $36 per barrel to $20. In real terms the price of oil fell by 60 percent. (See the chart below.) It’s no coincidence that during this same span America’s GDP rose from $2.7 trillion to $9.6 trillion. It was one of the most impressive 20-year growth rates in the history of the United States, and it helped Washington get spending under control.


Right along with the growing economy was a booming stock market. In 1980, the Dow Jones industrial average lingered below 1,000. By 2000, it stood above 10,000.

Over the past decade, the U.S. economic engine slowed and finally stalled with the economic crisis of 2008. Even after a recovery of sorts, the Dow sits just 2,000 points higher than where it stood at the onset of the 21st century. If you factor in an inflation-adjusted Dow, stock prices have actually declined 10 percent from when Bill Clinton was President.

Today, we face the prospect of not only higher oil prices, but a possible oil shock. With record demand and global production stagnant, the interruption of just 5 percent of the world’s oil supplies would likely create a 50 percent price spike. That would put crude oil prices at almost $150 per barrel in scant days and would push gasoline prices above $6 per gallon.

Make no mistake; petroleum is used to produce everything. Building the average car consumes approximately 27 to 42 barrels of oil. Constructing the typical desktop computer requires more than 10 times its weight in fossil fuels.

Cheap oil is essential not only for making things but in growing things as well. From making fertilizer, to powering the tractor and fueling trucks and trains to bring crops to markets, agriculture needs oil. More expensive oil makes everything more expensive.

As our dependence on oil grows, the availability of it is shrinking. The United States is currently producing less oil today than it was in the early 1950s. And you can’t find a single oil man who thinks global oil production will grow.

“Over 1.5 trillion barrels of oil equivalent have been produced since Edwin Drake drilled the world’s first oil well in 1859, reported Angel Research. “The world will need that same amount to meet demand in the next 25 years alone.”
And there is nothing on the horizon to replace petroleum. In fact, every four years, the United States consumes a cubic mile of oil. This has the energy equivalent of:

  • Four dams equivalent to the Three Gorges dam, cranking out power for 50 years.
  • More than 30,000 wind turbines, cranking for 50 years (at 100 percent capacity).
  • 104 coal-fired electric plants, going full capacity for 50 years.
  • 52 nuclear electric plants, running full-bore for 50 years.

The Crude Truth About America’s Future

The disaster building in energy means the arrest of the amazing economic growth enjoyed by the United States and the world over the past century. As oil prices go up, the cost of everything goes up — from the shoes you buy to the food you eat. That leaves less disposable income for luxuries and that means big-time profit slumps for companies of every ilk. It will be especially bad for the airline and automobile sectors, which will be hit not only by rising costs but also tumbling sales.

Of course, Obama doesn’t want America or the world to believe this inevitable truth. He hints that there is some Green Genie tucked away that will solve all of America’s energy needs. This is nonsense.

The last President that was honest about the nation’s energy predicament was Jimmy Carter. That was more than 30 years ago, and it played a role in his failure to be re-elected. Obama is determined not to make that same mistake — at least not until after the election. I expect over the next two years we will hear more baloney about the prospects for electric cars, high-speed rail systems and whatever else appeals to the President’s imagination and that he can still sell to the American people.

Yours in good times and bad,

–John Myers
Editor, Myers Energy & Gold Report

John Myers

is editor of Myers’ Energy and Gold Report. The son of C.V. Myers, the original publisher of Oilweek Magazine, John has worked with two of the world’s largest investment publishers, Phillips and Agora. He was the original editor for Outstanding Investments and has more than 20 years experience as an investment writer. John is a graduate of the University of Calgary. He has worked for Prudential Securities in Spokane, Wash., as a registered investment advisor. His office location in Calgary, Alberta, is just minutes away from the headquarters of some of the biggest players in today’s energy markets. This gives him personal access to everyone from oil CEOs to roughnecks, where he learns secrets from oil insiders he passes on to his subscribers. Plus, during his years in Spokane he cultivated a network of relationships with mining insiders in Idaho, Oregon and Washington.

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  • Greg

    Russia holds a renewable energy conference every year which the US refuses to acknowledge or attend. One thing Russia discovered over 50 years ago is that oil is produced naturally by mother nature. Take ordinary sand and subject it to intense heat and pressure and you will create hydrocarbons. The same heat and pressure is below the earths surface. Meanwhile, the U.S. continues to believe in the Fossil Fuel theory hypothesized in the 1700′s with no scientific backing. What do you believe. Lab tests conducted or a 300+ year old theory?

    We were running out of oil in the 1970′s when I was a kid. 40 years later we aren’t even close to running out of oil…we are running out of the ability to think clearly though.

    • James

      Great point Greg. The problem is that we are running out of cheap oil is correct, but not because there isn’t any oil, it is because the wacko environmentalist do not want us to drill what we have available. Technology has advanced to the point where we can drill safer and much cleaner than we could 50 years ago. Another point that I would make here is that even where oil was spilled on the ground around oil wells in the past has been eaten away by good old mother nature. It does not matter what we build or do, eventually mother nature trys to reclaim it. Case in point, have you ever tried to keep grass from growing in the cracks in the driveway or sidewalk???

      • wandamurline

        American oil companies have discovered the Balkens in the mid-western states that has more oil in it than the entire Arab nations combined…not to mention the area in Alaska that contains huge supplies….the problem is that due to EPA in Alaska and this ineligible president refusing to allow drilling permits even though a federal judge has told Obama to start the permits, he still is refusing to allow oil companies to drill. They also cannot drill off the California coast nor in the Gulf….but Obama will loan Brazil 8 billion to drill….not off their coast…off America’s coast, so we can purchase our own oil from Brazil. Is this not the craziest thing you have ever heard? My prayer each night is that America can make it to November 2012 so we can remove this @ss from the White House and the rest of the Dems from the Senate. Pleeeeeze, vote like your life depends on it, because it does.

        • guest

          Well said! And why the american ppl. accept this is beyond me.And didn’t i just hear we shipped jobs over to China?Obama is purposely destroying us.

          • Jyrine

            BINGO guest.

        • OldNYFirefighter

          It is called the Bakken Oil Shale in the Williston Basin & has more Oil than all of the Middle East Countries combined. The technology is there to extract it & it is also Lite Sweet Crude in some areas. The Environmentalists are holding us hostage because of “Fears” much like Anti-Gun proponents fears. Obama is pandering to the Enviro Crowd as he needs all of the votes he can get to win in 2012. The Middle East Oil Cartel can charge us whatever they want, as they are pretty much the major supplier of our Oil at the present time. Don’t forget that these Countries (Muslim)in belief, hate us & want to punish us as much as they can. They know if they physically attack us, they will get their a$$ kicked big time, so they punish our pocketbook instead. We need to open up drilling in the Bakken & Williston Bason. Ethanol is not a good alternative & neither is Electric Cars. Ethanol is extremely corrosive to engine parts & extremely flammable & is almost invisible when burning. It also takes a large quantity of grain to produce it, taking away from the food supply. Oil can also be produced from Coal, although it is a more expensive process. If you want the US to be prosperous again, remove this oppressive Administration as well as the Rhinos & Democraps in the House & Senate. We need to change the elective process for these Representatives, as it is now, they will cheat, lie, & whatever is necessary to stay in office with their unbelievable perc’s & retirement System. Term Limits, same Health Care as us, no retirement – go back to your original Profession. Absolute proof of Natural Born Status of proposed POTUS & VP Candidates. First & foremost the SCOTUS will have to make a determination of Natural Born Citizen. As of now it means different things to different people. SCOTUS will have to determine what the Writers of the Constitution meant, as Natural Born Citizen is not defined in our Constitution. They need to make a final ruling as to who is & is not a Natural Born Citizen. This Government of ours, no longer represents “We the People” it represents Lobbyists, Unions & Special interest group’s & is a cash cow for Representatives to profit from their public office. Good Government, with reasonable objectives will make the USA productive again.

          • JOE1CR

            Well said!!!!!!!!

          • California70

            Hey OldNYFirefighter,

            We need more people with your common sense. Well Said!!

          • ron

            Are you an idiot or just that much mis-imformed ? I work in the oil field in north dakota , according to the U.S. geological done in 2000 , there is 500 billion barrels of oil just in the bakken formation in north dakota . Thats enough oil to fully fuel the U.S. for 2000 years . There is a second formatio9n in wyoming that contains more than 2 trillion barrels of oil . This oil is almost diesel grade & low-sulfur type . The trouble is not that we dont have oil but we have built an oil refinery in over 30 years. Get educated instead of just repeating talking points.

          • Clint

            Very well said, I dont understand how the american People can alow the Gov. ( that are supposed to work for the people) to make more then the average middle class,They need to be under the same SS insuranse and similar retirment plans as we are and no better.We need to take the power to vote in there own raises back and then they will have to prove they earned it to get it.

          • Robert FG

            I agree wholeheartedly that there is a conspiracy to destroy the USA a we knew it. The environmentalists are out to destroy us as is the POTUS. They destroy any thing which helps us to maintain our life style. The whacko environmentalists must be stopped from destroying our great country. Take the coal industry as an example. We have used coal to power our electric plants for a very long time. Technological advancements have made the fossil fuel exhausts cleaner. There is no need to eliminate them ubnless wewant to live as they do in Kenya where our POTUS is from.

            Also to improve our great country, we must make lobbiests illegal. Then the politicos will answer to the taxpayers rather than to the lobby money as they do now. Lobbiests buy favors from our elected personal representatives, thereby circumventing the purpose for which they were elected. Did you ever see a poor politician? They go into office with average net worth and come out millionaires. They did not get all that money from their salaries as they were elected to serve the taxpayers. If they were tha fugal with their own money we would not be so far in debt now if they applied the same principals in spending our tax money.

        • USAF VET

          No wandamurline, it’s off their coast that the drilling is going to be. Then we can IMPORT more oil from some other country. Ignorant Barbra Boxer intorduced another anti-drill bill into the Senate a couple of months ago trying to keep drilling from happening off the California coast where it has been proven there is an abundant supply of oil. These wacko ecoliberalists are one of our biggest problems in our fight to free ourselves from having to import oil from OPEC and other countries.

        • eyeswideopen

          wandamurline, I just want to make sure I understand what you want. Allow drilling by non-Us companies, off our shores, and on our lands, which will deplete our resources, while at the same time make foreign companies rich off of selling the oil back to us? We still don’t have a replacement for oil, but you want us to basically give away our oil, to benefit foreign interests now?

      • DaveH

        I heard recently that there has been discovered enough natural gas to meet our energy needs for the next 100 years. Will look into that.

        • FreedomFighter

          In addition to more oil than Saudi Arabia America has 300 years of coal, 100 years of gas, and 1,000 years of methane offshore just waiting to be used. These fossil fuels combined with Solar, Wave, and Thermal energy generation sources will easily get America to the Hydrogen economy and Fusion power generation of the future.

          Laus Deo
          Semper Fi

          • http://?? Joe H.

            Every good sized cattle farmer has a continuous supply of methane for free! Every bit of “waste” from the cattle can be put under black plastic liners and a methane supply is readily available! It can run tractors, cars, trucks, almost anything that runs on gasoline. Some cities are pulling methane off of their landfills and using it in their city trucks and cars.

        • George E.


          These “new” gas reserves have been known about for years, but the companies didn’t have economical methods of extracting it from their tight shale formations. Now they’ve developed horizontal drilling and fracturing techniques that free up the gas so it can be extracted economically. Economic activity from this recent development has really helped many rural areas around the country. The good news is that natural gas reserves exist in many areas, not just in a few like our oil.

        • JeffH

          DaveH, once again, it is the environmental extremists that oppose the natural gas pipelines running from Alaska, Canada on down to Texas.

          There is no source of practical energy that is endorsed and approved by environmentalists. Oil and gasoline are their biggest enemies, even though these are the most convenient and potent sources of energy for cars, trucks and locomotives. Environmentalists don’t like nuclear energy — the cleanest source of electricity — becaue they say they are worried about proper disposal of spent fuel. They don’t like coal, even though we have lots of it here in the U.S., because they fear air pollution, and more recently, carbon dioxide emissions. Windmills are out, because the environmentalists say they are unsightly and they kill birds. Hydroelectric dams are out, because eco-extremists are willing to weaken the power grid to save a few fish.

          Not only are the energy sources opposed, environmentalists also oppose transmission lines, which carry electric power to the cities; and again, the opposition is for the sake of the birds and the aesthetics. Environmentalists opposed the construction of the Alaska Pipeline in the mid-1970′s.

          Why do left-wing environmentalists oppose energy? That’s easy. Leftists can’t stand it when capitalism, industry and “big business” succeed. When that happens, it takes power away from big government. When liberal activists speak about solar and wind power, they claim they want the U.S. to achieve energy independence, but these are the same people who oppose oil drilling in Alaska. The stated concern for plant and animal life is primarily a cover story, although there are people who genuinely believe that animals have rights equal to those of humans.(Cass Sunstein – Obama’s regulatory chief czar)

          New EPA rules to devastate coal industry. The coal industry is crying foul over new Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) regulations which they say will be among the most be costly rules ever imposed by the agency on coal-fueled power plants. The result, industry insiders say: substantially higher electricity rates and massive job loss.

          How Environmentalists Cause War and Repression: No other group has done as much to keep America dependent on foreign oil as the environmentalists have. After leading successful campaigns against nuclear power and domestic drilling, the green movement may lecture on “oil wars,” but it is responsible for most of them.

          Arrests continue at White House oil pipeline protest. U.S. Park Police arrested another 45 environmentalists near the White House Sunday [8/21/2011], the second day of a two-week demonstration urging President Obama to block a proposed pipeline that would greatly expand imports from Canada’s oil sands projects. Police say 110 people over two days have been peacefully arrested after engaging in civil disobedience in front of the fence north of the White House.

          • RAYMOND HARBIN





          • DaveH

            Abolish the EPA, and the DOE, and the ED, and the FCC, and the UN, ….

    • Al Sieber

      Greg, thanks for mentioning that, it’s called abiotic oil and it didn’t come from dinosaurs.

      • Kate8

        Al – Many scientists have been refuting the theory that oil came from the dinosaurs, anyway. They claim that oil is, in fact, an ever-renewing resource.

        Could there have been a reason why the claim was made that it came from dinosaurs, and is finite? As in, another part of the plan to usher in the NWO?

        Get the world, and especially America, hooked on oil products, then claim it’s running out. That way you have an excuse to topple the economy and bleed people dry, forcing them to look to government for answers.

        The adamantly refuse to allow the US to produce our own oil, whether from drilling or shale. They have thwarted all attempts to market cheap-energy inventions and oil alternatives. If the real issue was oil shortage, why would they do this?

        Think about it. Everything has been geared toward this end: world domination by a few uber-elite.

    • Lost in Paradise

      You are totally correct about what we were told in the 70′s, and later about running out of oil in 20 years. Well, 20 Years has definitly passed, and we not even close to running out. It is all a scare tactic to control us,and get us to pay more at the pump.

      • Centurion

        Actually, the first US government prediction for the exhaustion of our domestic oil supply was 1879. Prior to that, the government predicted an emergency as we would completely run out of oil.

        One major problem with discussion of oil reserves is terminology. Often the term “proven reserves” is used. The term defines a proven reserve as one in which at least half of the projected oil production has been extracted. Oil fields that have produced less than half of the projected volume don’t count. Fields that are not in production don’t count.

        Additionally, as we have learned over and over since 1879, we have likely found only a fraction of the available oil, currently in the ground. This is partly because government and environmental policy make it expensive and difficult to look for it. In 1970, we had no idea that several of the largest oil fields in the US and Canada even existed.

        Abiotic oil may indeed be real. As I understand it, the theory holds that organic materials leach through the soil and into rocks where, under pressure and heat, they are turned to crude oil.

        • Jyrine

          Abiotic means non-biological. No comlex biocarcons. Thus far it’s only been made in the laboratory. The sand it is thought to be produced in has only a simple form of carbon. The replenishing of these wells is from the same oil the well was drilled for in the first place. Unless it’s being artificially stimulated, usually by pumping co2 into one end of the oil field to raise the pressure and force some more of the remaining oil towards the well-bore. It’s still a matter of diminishing returns because of the increased cost and dwindling oil left in that field.

    • 45caliber


      Unless there is carbon in the sand, it won’t produce a thing except sandstone. Sand is silica.

      • Jyrine

        Right 45caliber, abiotic oil isn’t that desireable given it’s a methane with only one carbon atom and is found at depths of 60-120 miles. We can only drill to 7 miles deep now.

    • Randy G

      Actually, nothing is created or destroyed. Water returns to the earth & filters thru the dirt to the aquifier. What is done to the old oil? Couldn’t it do the same?

      • Jyrine

        Oil is almost always found much deeper than ground-water and doesn’t flow like H2O aquifer.

    • http://Moreexpensive,moreunknowproblems. Lewis Munn

      The transmutation of Lead into Gold, The Philosopher’s Stone discovered! I think the Packing Fraction curve is against you. And where do you plan to get the pressure you claim breaks the nucleii apart and recombines them into oil, steadily, in an are big enough to help on volume.

      Might just be cheaper to build a pipeline into the sun and throw asteroids in and get oil out the other end?

    • Libertarian58

      The Earth produces oil much like our bones create red blood cells. The “dinosaur” story is a big fat lie concocted to use as an excuse for “shortages” and high prices. The oil “companies” are nothing more than a huge monopoly cartel (NO FREE MARKET INVOLVED) that engineer shortages and rake in profits at their whim. They are one of the biggest funders of the “environmental movement” which they use to their advantage to “justify” engineered shortages. Also, energy means freedom and the curtailing of energy means a reduction of liberty for everyone. “Alternative energy” is an unworkable hoax designed to waste our time in false pursuit, making us even weaker. The world is awash with oil, yet the oil companies refuse to drill more wells or build more refineries, and why should they when all they have to do to get more profits is just create more “shortages”? One of the biggest scams in history.

    • Chuck S

      How can you get hydrocarbons from sand, which contains neither hydrogen or carbon?


    There is still plenty of oil to be had. Our main problem is the Obama administration, and the usless EPA who are continuously blocking the produdtion of said oil. Plus they have slowly been shutting down existing oil operations all over the country. Also your theory about sand is a little off. Sand is Silicon. Have you ever seen what happens when lighning strikes sand? You get glass. Now there are areas where there is oil in the sand, and different companies have been trying to get permits to produce it, but again the ignorant environmentalists, and Obamas EPA refuse to let any of this happen.

    • http://Moreexpensive,moreunknowproblems. Lewis Munn

      Lots of oil, in the NW states, and up into Canada, and close to Alaska.

      Jut we are not permitted to get it.

      I have an Engineer friend in oil exploration, and he says there is oil for 200+ years, in sands and shales in our NW states and Canada, all on the E side of the Rockies.

      But the government and the EPA are blocking it fiercely. So a Government-made crisis.

      Just another case of politics and agencies blocking securing energy.

      Also, the days of flaming towers is over. Current techniques allow drilling of wells sideways underground, at many levels. Hardly a disturbance, and if the gas is allowed to be trapped, negligable pollution. Comparable to what nature produces in the same areas.

      When will the government and the environmentalists go after nature, and put little flares on all the wild animals, and collection bags for stinky droppings; I might listen to their wails!

      Politicians really need to be educated! And then read up on latest techniques. I think most of their education stopped at the 1930′s level, and they have learned nothing about modern techniques since then. Except how to lie better to the public, and spend bigger amounts sneakily to benefit themselves.

      And for the younger set, ask them why they still put oil in their fancy machines? Tell them to take all the oils out, and stop all the pollution they are causing. Make the point that these vehicles cause pollution all over, and Congress needs to take the stand, and lead the way. Cars, trucks, and even Government Buses. Polluters all, even the electrics use oils!!

      And when an oilman and his family go on welfare from no more jobs, you rich environmentalists will have to support them. Make it the law…only fair.

  • Patriot1776

    Oil is here to stay, and we are NOT running out…….the only question is will we continue to over-regulateit, restrict it, limit access to it, and demonize it until we have to buy ALL of our oil from other countries who will take advantage of our stupidity?

    • http://Moreexpensive,moreunknowproblems. Lewis Munn

      Point well taken.

    • Bob

      If things continue the way they are we may not have the funds to buy. Also why are we letting them tell us what to do! Things have gone horribly back@sswards don’t you think?

  • Greg

    Dang it…. I forgot to mention the regulations. Good point all! That is why we haven’t see a grass roots refinery built in the US since Valero Corpus Christi in the early 1980′s.

  • Pat S1220

    The earth does not re-make oil. There is not plenty of oil down there. Anyone ever read “Profit from the Peak?” What happens to the spaces that have had all the oil sucked out. It fills with something. We are changing the makeup of our planet. If you think oil is here to stay – you will be sadly disappointed.

    • Dan az

      I think you need to do a little research and stop listening to the tree huggers.Yes the earth does replace the oil.FACT!!
      If you look into it you will see that all of the used up oil fields are replenishing.Check it out.And no I’m not going to find all the info for you its all out there at the tip of your fingers.

      • Jyrine

        PatS1220 is right. For all practical purposes there is a finite amount of petrolium in the ground. The process to make either biotic or abiotic oil takes humdreds-of-thousands to millions of years.

        • DaveH

          Whether you are right or Dan is right doesn’t really matter. What matters is that Free Markets satisfy consumers much more cheaply than Government-Manipulated Markets do. The Cheapest and most Peaceful way to supply our energy needs, now and when or if oil runs out, is to get Government out of the way of the Energy Markets:

          • Bob


          • Kate8

            Here we go again, arguing about whether oil is renewable or finite. And, of course, we all have “articles” to “prove” our position.

            The truth is, NONE OF US KNOWS THE ANSWER TO THIS.

            As usual, we are arguing other people’s opinions and proclamations, and I would guess that these opinions are based on a targeted outcome. I don’t care what kind of expert one is, I don’t see how anyone can speak with absolute authority on this.

            Just think global warming.

            Personally, I have a hard time believing that anything on Earth is finite. Our system was intended to be self-perpetuating.

            Reminds me of the claim that we are running out of water. WHAT?!!!
            How can that be possible, when our planet is composed primarily of WATER, and has the perfect recycling system?

            Now, if you say clean water, maybe. But that is resolvable if that is the real issue. The truth is, water is being intentionally polluted and contaminated. Just like with oil, I’d guess the real issue is dominance by the few.

            Nothing like scaring people into believing in shortages if you want to change their behavior and squeeze them tighter.

        • Dan az

          like I said do a little reseach!

    • http://Moreexpensive,moreunknowproblems. Lewis Munn

      Then stop all mining, as that removes material from the land.

      And consider the rivers carrying dirt out to sea. We need to stop the rivers too, as well as mines.

      And maybe you need to look at the minerals crops remove from the soil, slowly but steadily. And even solar power requires mining of ailica, and upsetting the cycles of nature.

      Perhaps if all the Environmentalists moved to the moon and built their cities there, the earth would be better off.

    • Libertarian58

      Totally wrong! What tree hugger have you been talking to? The Russians ALREADY HAVE deep oil wells pumping unlimited oil from wells in Siberia and Vietnam. Existing wells routinely ‘refill’ themselves after being capped for awhile and can be re-tapped. Unlimited oil at a depth of 30,000 feet didn’t get there from “dead dinosaurs” as the lie tells us. This is all a smokescreen to keep the PROFITS flowing.

      • Dan az

        If everyone would at least look into it they would find what your saying is correct.It always amazes me that they just open their mouth and insert the foot with out even taking the time to research.Good job by the way!

  • johnk

    We have oil….It’s just that Obama won’t let us drill for it.

  • Doc Sarvis

    Key word; Mr. Meyers first sentence in his second paragraph – “affordable”.

    I pretty much agree with all that is presented in this piece. On alarming factor that Mr. Meyers does not include is the enormous amount of money and human lives that have been spent in the attempt to support our oil dependence in the Middle East and elsewhere.
    We need to move to other forms of energy production and the new infrastructure that would require. We also need to build in much higher efficiencies in how we use the energy we can harness.

    • bob wire

      exactly Doc. ~ “affordable” I caught that too. Good write up Mr. Myer.

      But the cost must be high enough to spur investments into the research of the next generation of future fuels.

      So notions of “cheap” we can forget.

      Controlled combustion is primitive. fun! but still primitive.

      The civilized world has advanced beyond simple hacking our enemies to death one at a time. But these new, better and quicker ways cost big bucks.

      These big bucks go to big business and their owners and they now have the world on a string. If you are not “in this loop” suck a fish, what good are you? ~ You are just a consumer and to be exploited until you can no longer consume. Then is when you become part of the problem and no longer needed. The system will work to some end to decrease these numbers using many different methods. Ignoring your existence is the most common.

    • DaveH

      What we need to do is to get Government out of the way of the energy producers, so they can do what they do best — produce energy.
      That includes any and all military actions in other countries. We have no business messing with other countries choices militarily. If they nationalize private companies or other unscrupulous actions, let the World Markets decide their punishment, not the US military. And they WILL be punished by the Marketplace. Governments, like individuals, suffer greatly for their financial indiscretions in the long run.

      • Bob

        Sadly your last phrase aptly describes this Nation right now!

      • eyeswideopen

        DaveH, how many “energy producers” are American companies? Please explain to the people why Americans get cheaper rates than the rest of the world. Could you please explain why you would want to give up what little control we have over our energy to foreign nationals?

        • Dan az

          That’s a fare question why don’t you explain it for all of us!

        • Chuck S

          Eyes, European countries tax gas much more than we do. So as bad as US restriction of energy is, other places may be worse.

          Gas was $1/gal at one point in W Bush administration and went to $4 after the democrats took control of congress in Jan, 2007. After Bush ended the executive department ban on offshore drilling, oil prices dropped from $147/barrel to about $30.

          Any talk of peak oil or US running out of oil is nonsense if they don’t account for the perhaps 100s of billions of barrels of oil the US has that are off-limits by gov regulations. I think Obama and a lot of other politicians should get a “Friend of OPEC” award for restricting US oil. And how can anyone talk about reducing dependence on foreign oil and then talk about every fix except the obvious – drill more US oil?

    • http://Moreexpensive,moreunknowproblems. Lewis Munn

      We know how to build “affordable” simple housing under the ocean. Why do we keep building houses above dry ground? That require expensive heating and cooling?

      If we expand underwater, food is just outside the door, fish, shellfish, and seafood gardens full of nutrients.

      Bills lower due to little need for heating or cooling.

      Why are not the environmentalists pushing this expansion of space and jobs for all!!

    • http://?? Joe H.

      Gee Doc, Just what type of energy would that be?? the tree huggers are against all alternative types AND oil!! Nuke? nope it’s dirty and there’s that storage problem. Wind? Not in THEIR back yard!! They are unsightly andkill birds! Solar? Nope takes energy to produce the panels and the only thing out there at this time is, Gasp! OIL!! Natural Gas? Nope, pollutes!! Right now, bar none, OIL is the best AND cheapest AND most efficient out there!
      So let’s hear it Doc! What is YOUR choice???

  • pinkgin

    Providing I always have enough oil for my bicycle chain, I’m in good fettle ,,,thank you very much

    • http://Moreexpensive,moreunknowproblems. Lewis Munn

      And petroleum for your tires, and pedals, and handlebars, and spokes, and brakes…all metal items need petroleum in their manufacture.

      And when repairs have to be made, petroleum products help in disassembly and re-assembly. You need to cover all bases!

    • http://?? Joe H.

      unless you plan to take staycations, I hope you have a very generous vacation package at work! Two years ago My vacation was a family reunion for three days in Missouri for four days, FROM OHIO!! don’t think I’d have made it peddling!!

      • http://?? Joe H.

        please disregard the three days part!!! I’ve had a real tough day!!

  • http://NA Joe Hooker

    Thing is, I already know how to easily convert a gasoline motor to run on alcohol, as well as how to produce large quanties of alcohol. I also know how to easily fashion a really good diesal fuel alternative from the oil pressed from sunflower seeds. BUT I have no idea how to produce any substitute for motor oil!!!
    Do any of you?

    • FreedomFighter

      Synthetic’s are available, that outperform the natural product.

      Laus Deo
      Semper Fi

      • Jyrine

        It’s one thing if you just want to burn it, but to make plastics and pharmaseuticals you need petrolium.

        • Bud Tugly

          Good point Jyrine. The other issue about burning fossil fuels is that we are also burning up one of the most versatile and useful building materials, plastic. One way or another, whether it is in 100 years or 500 years, there is a finite amount of natural oil and we should begin to think about treasuring it. That is why it is so important to develop serious alternatives for supplying energy.

          It was also good to see John Myers give some credit to the much maligned Jimmy Carter for something.

          • Jyrine

            I fully agree with you on the conservation of complex hydrocarbons. It’s precious stuff and there are alternatives.

      • Old Henry

        However Freedomfighter, as I understand it you must use the synthetics from new. If an engine has been running on regular motor oil you cannot switch to synthetic.

        • JeffH

          OH, that’s just a myth much like the mechanic that doesn’t like Pennzoil…something to do about Pennsylvania crude oil being inferior and creating sludge.

          I’ve been doing it for years now, no oil leaks and no significant oil burning between changes…99 GMC 5.7L Yukon with 126,000 miles…mechanically well maintained. There were periods where I used a specific brand ,but I believe that most “top name” oils and synthetics are high quality. I’ts more often than not about brand loyalty.

          • Jyrine

            A myth? I spent 24 real productive years as an engineer in the oil patch and it’s no GD myth!

          • JeffH

            Jyrine, which myth are you talking about? The synthetic/conventional oil myth or the Pennzoil myth?

            Switching the oil in a car from conventional oil to synthetic oil is a safe practice. While there used to be some concerns with making this change, the problems have been corrected.

            Many believe that engines must be flushed before changing, but car and oil manufacturers do not recommend any special procedure for switching between synthetic and conventional oils. In fact, blends of synthetic oil and conventional oil are offered by all major oil companies.

            As for the Pennzoil myth, It is an old wives’ tale that will not die. Pennzoil actually makes some of the best oils that are widely available. How would they have ever stayed in business if they made junk? Wouldn’t engine manufacturers warn against using it if there was an issue?

            Motor Oil Myths & Facts – Everything you need to know about the oil for your car, or truck

          • JeffH

            Jyrine…just so you know, I’m not questioning you proffessional opinion, I’m just stating my opinion based on what I’ve learned, researched and read…I posted the two answers because I wasn’t sure which myth you were questioning.

          • http://?? Joe H.

            that myth about pennzoil is due to the FACT that they use a parafin based additive in their oil. It works very well warm to hot but at cold cranking temps it has a proclivity to turn “sluggy”. Once it warms, it is fine. If you use it, just be sure to let your engine warm at idle for a few.

          • JeffH

            JoeH, actually that’s not true at all. Read the info below, it explains why that’s not true…

            Paraffinic oils cause engine sludge.
            Oils from paraffin-based crude are loaded with wax and create engine sludge.
            Paraffin base stocks cause sludge.
            “x” Brand of motor oil causes sludge, varnish and/or engine deposits.
            “Paraffinic” motor oils cause wax-like deposits on the underside of the oil fill cap.

            There are two basic types of crude oil, naphthenic and paraffinic. Most conventional engine lubricating oils today are made from paraffinic crude oil. Paraffinic crude oil is recognized for its ability to resist thinning and thickening with temperature, as well as its lubricating properties and resistance to oxidation (sludge forming tendencies). In the refining process, the paraffinic crude oil is broken down into many different products. One of the products is wax, and others are gasoline, kerosene, lubricating oils, asphalt, etc. Virtually every oil marketer uses paraffinic base stocks in blending its engine oil products.

            Many people believe the term paraffinic to be synonymous with wax. Some have the misconception that paraffinic oils will coat the engine with a wax film that can result in engine deposits. This is not true. The confusion exists because paraffinic molecules can form wax crystals at low temperatures. In lubricating oils, this wax is removed in a refining process called dewaxing. Wax is a premium product obtained from crude oil, and in order to ensure that we produce the highest quality base stocks available, Quaker State® removes the maximum amount of wax possible during the refining process. The end result is a motor oil product formulated with premium lubricating base oil.

          • JeffH

            The fact that when refining was rudimentary and no additives were used in the finished product, ALL oil caused sludge. The idea that Pennsylvania Grade Crude oil was bad for your engine was a marketing ploy of the oil companies using Texas Crude and this fact was used as a selling point. By the time motor oils were more or less equal in their performance capabilities (1940s-1950s) the marketing slogans and anecdotal stories about Pennzoil passed between mechanics over the past quarter century were so ingrained that the oils made from Penn Grade crude continued to get a bad reputation. The myth is still alive and well almost 100 years from its inception.

          • http://?? Joe H.

            Believe me, I have a friend that has worked in the additive package business for 25 years. Yes, it is a parafinic based oil, but there is also parafin in the additive package!! he tests engines on all types of pil for a living and he says they have been able to produce evidence! I will not use them!

          • 45caliber

            I was in charge of lubrication on all equipment in a plant for some time. I found that ORIGINALLY, there was a problem mixing paraffin based oil (Pensylvania area) with asphalt based oil (Texas). However, it has been refined to the point that is no longer true.

            Further, in vehicles in particular, the oil isn’t the problem. It is the dust that gets into the oil by the failure of your air filter. We tested some synthetic – and every time the sales rep sent off a sample to show us how good it was, his own lab told him it was bad. Finally he asked why – and found out there was too much dirt in the oil after 500 miles due to the failure of the air filter.

            I change my air filter EVERY time I change oil – and the car lasts far longer. So does the oil although I still change it.

            The oil bath air filter (as used on semis) is FAR better – but it is illegal to use on cars now. The government used to allow it but the car manufacturers were upset because the cars lasted too long. I once had a pickup with that filter – the oil stayed so clean you couldn’t see it on the dip stick. The EPA – at government orders – ruled that the oil bath air filter used 1/2 quart per year and therefore was bad.

            If you really want to get less wear on your engine, use molybdium disulfide additives. This plates out on your engine and prevents wear in the first few minutes/seconds before your oil is pumped up to lubricate the engine. I use that too.

      • Bob

        @Freedom/ Yes I use it in my car and change my filter every 6k and my Syn. Oil well hardly ever because it never breaks down….

    • always right

      As it stands right now, it takes more oil to produce a gallon of alcohol than the gallon you get. There’s alos the issues of reduced power output and higher pollution, plus the loss of the grain as a food. Alcohol is a loser.

      Oil is NOT a “fossil fuel”. Hydrocarbons of abiotic natural creation abound in the universe. For example, methane is a hydrocarbon and we have planets and moons whose atmosphere is methane. There sure weren’t any dinos living in “rain forests” on Titan.

      • Jyrine

        OIl isn’t made from diansaurs. It comes from build-up of plant matter in forest that were, over time covered by geologic processes and turned into petrolium by pressure and the heat that goes with pressure.

        • Dan az

          Ya and money grows on trees!Get real how does plant matter show up at levels around30,000 ft?or even 50,000 I’ll bet you still belive in the tooth fairy!

          • http://gunner689 gunner689

            I suggest that you take a good college level Earth Science cource. The Earth is approx. 4 billion years old. Most formations that contain oil and gas are at depths ranging from 1,000 to 12,000 deep and are approximately 250 to 600 million years old. At that time the earth, where oil and gas is found, contained shallow sea basins and areas of deposition such as estuaries, reefs, beaches, and bays. The shallow sea was full of phytoplactin and other single celled organizms. When these organizms died they became part of the sea bed and were covered in sand and sediment. with millions of years of time the heat and pressure broke this down into hydrocarbons that we now know as oil and gas. Coal was formed from decaying vegatation from later epocs in the Earth’s transition.

          • jyrine

            you are about as stupid as stupid gets.

    • http://Moreexpensive,moreunknowproblems. Lewis Munn

      Take a good set of courses in chemistry, emphasis on organic. Use water and CO2 and appropriate reagents to assemble the molecules you want.

      Then do it. Will take a heat source, and a bit of glassware and a good large investment.

      I think there are chemistry books also that do talk of what to get and modify, and what the specialty chemicals are that make the oils work well. I suggest you go to a school that teaches Petroleum engineering.

      Should be able to get all the data to set up your lab in 8-10 years.

  • adam mickiewich

    Bob as long as you just crying you do not do to much good, and the oil is still the mamon, Gaddafi could shot down the plain over Scotland, but as he tried to sell his oil to the Chinese he had to go.

    • babybikerbabe

      Who is Bob? John Myers wrote this article.

      • Old Henry

        Yeah Baby, I was scratching my head abut that one too.

        Me thinks he is a recent graduate of our public screwl system..

        • DaveH

          No doubt, Henry.

        • http://?? Joe H.

          O. H.,
          Nah just a graduate of the Evelyn Reid Sped reddin corse!!!

        • eyeswideopen

          Old Henry, four posts above was someone named Bob. Maybe he was responding to him.

        • Dan az


          • jyrine

            Is that how you look after you give a bj?

    • jibbs

      adam m,
      Are you speaking in some kind of code?

  • Pal

    Back in the 1980′s- 1990′s, I worked for sub-contractor for the govment. I remember one inspector coming in durning a oil chrisis, saying that we (USA) has enough oil to last some hundreds of years (esp off the east coast & mid-west), however we wouldn’t allow it to be used, just capped. When I quested him further..he replyed, that we want to exhaust the other countrys oil supplies first…then when we open up our supplies..we can sock it to them!

    I don’t know…but there might be some truth to this.
    Also, in early 2000, I was taking up a phyics class at a local college and in the text book was a warning that there is only 10 to 20 more years left of the oil supply…however it didn’t specify..for USA or global…or was this including reserves..or not..
    When recently (2005) interved by a oil related company…and asked that question..they just smiled and said not to worry..theres more to this then meets the eye.

    In closing, yes the leaders are runing us into the ground..for their personal agenda..not for our agenda…after all if you became out of work or hours where cut…would you still take your family out on several vacations? Like the Boys Scouts say, Be Prepared!

  • John

    There is an estimated 1 TRILLION to 1.5 TRILLION Barrels of oil on the US-Canadian Boarder by North Dakota and combined with the amount found under the Rockies around Colorado.

    If We use 25 Million Barrels a day, that would mean that there is enough Oil in North America for 40,000 Days (if you only use the 1 Trillion Number). That is 109 Years By the way…

    So even if it is half of a Trillion Barrels, that is more than 50 years of Oil in North America.

    Oh yeah, I forgot, we were supposed to run out of oil in 1956 too…

    There is also more Oil in Northern Michigan than all of Saudi Arabia, It is in shale, but it is accessible with new technology…

    • Old Henry


      25 million barrels a day. I wonder how much we could reduce that if we rounded up the 20 million ILLEGALS and shipped their a$$es back where they belong.

      • DaveH

        It would be much cheaper, Henry, to ship the Big Government Loving Politicians to where they belong (Cuba, maybe?)

        • http://?? Joe H.

          how about BOTH?? That would also solve a bit of the climate problems in the US by getting rid of all that hot air in the District of Criminals!!

      • http://Moreexpensive,moreunknowproblems. Lewis Munn

        Quite a lot. They drive all over in inefficent jalopies, etc.

    • Isaac Davis

      Before the Deepwater Horizon was sunk by the Coast Guard attempting to put out a fire that actually disabled the rig, the news from BP and others was that there is a huge oil reserve found under the Gulf of Mexico off the TX and LA coast line. Of course, most of this info has been scrubbed from the web the last time I went looking for it…September 2009! Found it!

  • Mike

    The nanny state has handcuffed us. It’s like going into the wild and finding a lion, pulling his teeth out, then complaining when the lion can no control the pride.

  • Mikey

    I thought for a while there I clicked on a wrong link and ended up on a liberal website. We have plenty of oil. All we need is a “drill here, drill now” President. Those 4 simple words from a sitting President would immediately drop the price of oil. And following through on those words would keep the prices down and probably drop them even further. Oil is in fact a renewable resource. It is constantly being created just as it has in the past millions of years. Where do you think the products of burning it goes? It goes into the atmosphere where the wildlife and plants use it in their normal life cycle, returning the components back to the earth where the cycle starts all over again. Just ask the oil producers that go back to formerly dry oil wells. They can start producing from them again after they sit for several years, allowing the natural cycle to replenish the oil.

    And get yourself a real website instead of some rinky dink Windows site. I’ve gotten “error establishing a database connection” 4 times already trying to post here.

    • 45caliber


      I have heard and I fully believe that our dear President has promised all of our oil to China in return for them allowing us to continue borrowing from them and them not demanding payment on the loan we already have with them. That is the main reason the libs do not want any drilling – the Chinese might want to call in their loan. Hillary’s first trip as Sec. of State was to China when he first took over.

      • DaveH

        The Chinese hold $1.2 Trillion of our National Debt. We could pay them off by eliminating just one year of deficit spending by Obama.

        • Cawmun Cents

          I vote we wait.Why?
          Because the developing Chinese and Indian economies will need to be diven by something.
          In the future,we can sell them oil,and control the prices.
          The powers that now exist in this nation are aware of these circumstances.
          They are in effect….biding their time.

          The emerging powers will need the resources to build thei empires.Without oil,it will not be able to be instituted.
          We have reserves built solely for that purpose.
          So……if we wait it will be to our advantage.
          Yes,it may be that America controls the oil market in the future.
          And everyone who is anyone may have to rely on us to run their busy economies.Just think of it.We are panicking about our own greediness now.But when the two point something billion in those aforementioned nations cry out for energy,who will be there to feed them?

          Hello…McFly.Are you getting it now?
          But what do I know?
          Apparently very little…….

          • DaveH

            That might work, Cawmun, if Politicians worked for the citizens. But they don’t, so after hoarding the oil, while the rest of us suffer, they will retrieve it later to use for their own pet projects (empire building, fueling the leaders’ jets, or whatever other self-interested pursuit they can come up with).

          • http://Moreexpensive,moreunknowproblems. Lewis Munn

            We re NOT the only place with lots of oil.

            Middle east isa not dry.

            Norwegians have a huge oil field.

            Looks like Brazil has lots.

            Only thing that will make an oil shortage is countries holding back for higher prices, or wars devastating whole oil fields, draining them into the atmosphere. Mexico has leaks into the gulf of Mexico that last I knew were uncapped! Wasting oil. If the US has three leaks that size, the world would be jumping down our throat!

            If coal and oil are such terrible pollutants, lets build French style local nuclear plants, and go with very clean power in sizes we can handle!!!

        • 45caliber


          The administration isn’t worried about the money we presently owe China – they are worried about them continuing to lend us money. Hence, the promose of the oil. It is the collateral for the loans. And if they let us drill for the oil, the Chinese might wish to stop loaning us money.

    • Jyrine

      If anyone goes re-enters a capped well or abandoned field it’s because they have new, often experimental completion techniques that might make a depleted system productive again, but it’s rarely close to original production and not often profitable.

    • libertytrain

      Mikey – Extreme and quick growth along with cyber attacks cause problems sometimes. You apparently missed those articles.

    • jibbs

      I’ve had that same problem for several days myself, my next system won’t be Windows!

    • JeffH

      Funny! I’ve been running Window Vista for almost 3 years now and it works just fine for the most part…no discernable problems with it other than the common problems of dealing with cyberspace which every one experiences.

    • Big Mike

      Dead on !!! If we started producing more you can bet we could dictate to the prices on imports.

  • Mike N

    I agree with John. We are not running out of oil. We may be getting low on cheap oil aka ‘sweet crude’ but there is plenty of the sour stuff–usually containing sulfur–out there. There are more deposits of oil being discovered recently and even large deposits of natural gas.

  • djb

    Oil moves around and it is rare that a discovered supply is ever 100% captured. Yes there is plenty for us, but everybody involved is out to get it and the whole question is money. Everybody wants their cut and they will move and countermove until the U.S. is destroyed economically. As a former independent producer and operator, I think I understand a little about the dynamics of the industry.

  • Old Henry

    An eye-opening article John.

    A major part of our current energy problem is / has been the government and it has only gotten exponentially worse under Little Barry.

    How many wells has he shut down in the Gulf? How many new drilling permits has he blocked by Obfuscating, throwing up roadblocks, etc.

    He is in the process of shutting down coal production and coal fired electric plants. The U.S. is the Saudi Arabia of coal and Little Barry has stated he intends to bankrupt the industry.

    Thirty years ago Reagan said we would begin a massive investment in alternative enerhy. It never happened. If it had we as a nation could most likely be energy independent by now.

    The U.S. and Canada have massive reserves of oil and natural gas, but the exploitation of these resources is and has been hobbled by government. And it’s only getting worse in order to SAVE THE PLANET.

    Man cannot destroy the planet. In our mind-set of being full of ourselves we only think we are that powerful. As the late George Carlin said: “The Earth will shake us off like a bad case of fleas”.

    Until we can develop serious alternative energies we need to as The Sarah stated: “Drill here, drill now”.

  • Jyrine

    The oil that replenished the wells left un-touched for years doesn’t come from some renewable process in the atmosphere. It comes from a slow leach of formation oil and water. Pump it down again and you get a bore-hole full of oil and water (1 or 200 barrels) and maybe a little in the immediate formation and it gone. You can wait several years for the same process, however the second filling will most probably take longer, with more water and less oil and so on and on. Diminishing returns.

    • http://gunner689 gunner689

      You are correct. A new well without secondary recovery methods being used, recovers about 10% of the available oil and 45% of the gas available in our tight sands formations. This leaves a considerable ammount left behind for future generations to develope.

  • coal miner

    Good news came from Cella Energy, alternative energy development company, based in England. They had found””synthetic gasoline that can replace conventional …

    • Jyrine

      The synthetic gas comes down to an off-hand way of producing hydrogen. If we’re going to burn hydrogen, skip the interm process and fill up with hydrogen. More and more stations offer it.

    • Isaac Davis

      Algae. Completely renewable. Fastest growing plant on the planet. Many companies pursuing viable options. Originoil is one. It is possible to grow specific octane algae by controlling the growing environment. Huge possibilities. Then, we can get back to actually eating corn.

  • SteveL

    This article is crazy. There is enough shale oil in Colorado 500bn barrels of energy and North Dakota 500bn barrels of energy to power our needs for the next 100 years!! That discovery is hardly ever repeated by the main stream media.

  • SteveL

    Open small sections of Alaska problem solved!!

  • Polski

    I spent my 3 years in the US Air Force in an oil state. It was just beautiful. It had oil pumps in the middle of cemeteries, in the middle of churches, in the middle of McDonalds fast food restaurants, in the middle of golf courses….heck it had oil pumps in the middle of out-houses, in the middle of lakes, in the middle of rivers, in the middle of everywhere. You didn’t have to look at terrible flowers, or terrible trees or terrible bushes or terrible grass when you could look at beautiful oil pumps. Yes siree Bob!!!

    • jibbs

      I wish I had one in my hay field, everytime it goe’s up and down, I would count the $$$$$.
      You must be very well off, why don’t you go solar!

    • http://Moreexpensive,moreunknowproblems. Lewis Munn

      Now a days you do not need huge derricks to drill, nor I think to pump. Looks are much better,

      The huge disfiguring towers are the wind turbines, Much bigger than the old derricks; but looking worse!

      • http://?? Joe H.

        Lewis Munn,
        Look up the Lincoln Electric site and look at the BIGGEST WIND GENERATOR IN NORTH AMERICA!! I pass it about 2 or 3 times a week and it is HUGE!! UGLY, TOO!!!

        • eyeswideopen

          Joe H, you wouldn’t like the scenes in Texas with all those oil rigs and drilling “Ugly” is a kind word for those energy machines!

  • chuckb

    a future cure for our energy needs, vote palin in 2012. she’s the only one out there that understands what to do. romney and the rest will follow in barrys path, to appease the environmentalist.
    everytime i hear the word fossil fuel it disgust me, jyrine, had it right, crude oil is renewable and so is natural gas. the environmentalist use the term to convince people we are using up our energy, remember al gore. if we had an abundance of cheap energy how could the powers to be control our lives. how would soros and other big traders survive on the commodities market.





    i wonder if the puppeteers in washington know this?

  • Papa

    There is enough oil on this planet to keep us going for millinia. It appears that “Peak Oil” has finally been found beneath the Gulf of Mexico and there’s no telling where else it can be tapped. All we have to do is approach it carefully and not let it sneak up on us as happened with the BP disaster. Exxon has also discovered it at another point in the Gulf. The biggest problem is getting the federal government out of the way so we can actually produce it.

    At the same time, we have no idea what the end of “coal” may be, just in North America. The reserves are vast for sure, but no-one knows just how large “vast” may be.

    Another discovery has recently been made. It seems previously “depleted” oil fields have started to replenish themselves. That leads me to believe that the theory of “fossil fuel” is nothing but a myth…

  • coal miner

    Synthetic fuel:
    The Role of Synthetic Fuel
    In World War II Germany

    The United States is faced with an acute energy problem. Our dependence on imported petroleum, which accounts for half of the country’s consumption, has caused rising balance of payments deficits that weaken the dollar and contribute to inflation. More worrisome in the long run for …
    Cached pageInasmuch as natural oil deposits in Germany were so few, long before the war efforts had been made to discover synthetic methods of producing gasoline and oil.

  • John Robb

    Estimates of Crude off shore and in Alaska is Approx 100B bbls; Oil Shale estimates are 50B bbls +; Coal reserves are 486 B Tons, US uses 1B Tons per year, 1 Ton makes 4.72 bbls Crude Oil with present technology some plants operating, 100 years of Coal would yield 472B bbls of Crude Oil; Oil Shale Rock estimates by DOE hold 1.2T bbls of Crude Oil, IDT Corp (stock symbol IDT)has demonstrated they can extract partially refined (heated underground)Crude Oil for $30 per bbl operational costs and estimate 800B bbls are recoverable using the underground heating method (check out IDT CEO Jonas youtube interviews); Shale Gas estimates are in range of 2587T cu ft, US uses 25T cu ft per year for a reserve at present usage of 103 years.

    IDT Corp is waiting for Federal Permits to begin large scale production of Crude from Oil Shale Rock, unfortunately the Oil Shale Rock is on Federal Government Lands in CO, WY & UT. CO2 Fraud is blocking development.

    US Reserves of Crude Oil, detailed above, is 1,422B bbls. Canada has 1T-2T bbls of Crude Oil in the Oil Sands and Conventional Crude Oil. North America has Reserves of 3T-4T bbls of Crude Oil. US usage at peak has been 7.6B bbls per year and Canada can’t be more than 1B bbls per year. Say 9B bbls per year usage in North America or 460 years of Crude Oil at present rate of Usage and 103 years of NG for Home Heating and Industry.

    OPEC Reserves are estimated to be 777B bbls, which is probably over estimated.

    The problem is Environitwits and the Fraud of CO2 Insulates the Earth and restricts release of heat from the Atmosphere, which will melt the Ice Caps and destroy 1/2 the World. Save the Scientists and deport the Nitwits.

    Infrastructure dollars, Military Dollars and US Soldier Lives being spent in the MidEast defending Oil Supply should be spent on developing Oil assets, Pipelines to refineries, Pipelines of NG to N/E, Coal to Liquids and Coal and Nuclear Power Plants. Burning NG through Power Plants is Insanity. Use the NG to heat our Homes. T.Boone and friends effort to force increased usage of NG for Power Plants and Transportation and Triple the costs of heating our homes should be nipped in the Bud.

    Bring Fraud charges against Al Gore and Friends. Sending $400B per year to the Mid East that is supplying dollars to kill our Soldiers is Criminal and Insane.

    John Robb
    Peoria, IL

    • http://?? Joe H.

      John Robb,
      That last sentence was very well said, indeed!!! God Bless!!! Bring em’ home!!!

  • Suzanne

    The basis of the whole crash… NAFTA and GATT. We outsourced all our manufacturing and the jobs that went with it. We can’t make a recovery without a manufacturing base!

    Yeah, we’ve long since hit peak production in the Arab states, and all these little putsches are stopping production across the board. We have the wells tapped and ready to go in ANWR, the Bakken, Gull Island and Central Texas… more than the whole of the middle east. But TPTB won’t produce them until they’ve managed to make oil go to the $150-$200 range. They will only produce the American sites if they can control the price at the inflated levels.

  • Bonnie Parmenter

    North Dakota has nearly zero unemployment because they have oil. There is oil in Brazil and oil in North Dakota, more than in the Middle East and more than in Texas. The cover-up is because Obama and his friends have invested in the Brazil oil and they want to close the oil fields in North Dakota that would make the US independent from the rest of the world for at least another 100 years. They have already sent the EPA to North Dakota to interfere with the oil production. North Dakota is ignoring the EPA and saying they don’t recognize their authority. The Liberal Media is completely ignoring the stories of oil in North Dakota. We can become energy independent now. We need to bring our troops home and tell the Middle East to resolve their own problems. American people need to invest in the oil in the US. This could completely rejuvenate our economy now.

  • http://gunner689 gunner689

    I own and operate a small oil and gas company in Northwestern Pa. Our specialty is shallow oil and gas well drilling and development from tight sands formation at depths down to about 3000 ft. From start to finish it takes us about (2) weeks to bring a well on line to where it is producing oil and gas. It takes approx. (60) days to get the permit process approved by the gvt. authorities in our state.
    The State DEP seems to be run of, by, and for enviromentalists. We’ve had to hire two people just to process permit applications and all the follow up paperwork required. Who says the gvt. doesn’t create jobs? We have an vibrant gas industry here in the state that is drilling Marcellas gas wells. There has been a constant full court press on by the enviros. to scare people and local gvts. to dissallow this enterprise to continue. Much of the dissent is based on pure ignorance and class envy. Oil and gas development is a boon to this depressed state in jobs and tax revenues, directly and indirectly.

    • JeffH

      gunner689, environmental “extremists” is a better desription…

    • Doc Sarvis

      Fraking for oil and natural gas has two huge issues:
      1. what gets into people’s ground water.
      2. it uses a huge amount of freshwater, a dwindling resource.

      • Jyrine

        Fracking has been done for decades. It’s highly regulated and rarelly do the profetionals slam a formation hard enough to get anything into water aquifers. Without fracking it wouldn’t be viable to produce alot of volumous formations. Gas and oil would cost 3 or 4 times what it does now. In fact, natural gas which is an excellent low polution source of heating for millions of Americans wouldn’t be affordable.

      • http://gunner689 gunner689

        Doc; all the states I’ve ever operated in require that steel casing be set and cemented in the well to a depth well below the local fresh water horizon. Wells then are drilled to a total depth and have additional steel casing set and cemented. Since the zones being fraced are anywhere from 1500 ft to 15,000 ft. how can the frac get up into a fresh water zone that is rarely deeper than 200 ft. ? I have personally fraced over 2500 wells, most less than 4000 ft. and have yet to contaminate a fresh water source. what can create a problem with water wells is that in many areas there are shallow coal seams that carry methane gas that can get into a water well. water wells are normally not cased or cemented so they are exposed to these coal seams. As to the second concern fracs do require a large use of water. This water is normally collected and used on future frac jobs. A valid concern is the final disposal of this water. the two common methods are brine disposal wells which inject it back into the deep formations or brine treatment. This is similar to how sewage water is treated and returned as clean water into rivers.

    • http://Moreexpensive,moreunknowproblems. Lewis Munn

      Sounds right.

      Long ago I learned that when someone says, I’m from the government, and I am here to help you, slam the door and run!

  • Ronald Helliksen

    WRONG Statement here….. We are NOT running out of Crude Oil, as we do have plenty and more than enough to last for Centuries….. Our problem is strictly with who we have as our President…. He doe’s NOT care what happens to the U.S.A. and would like to see it’s downfall…. This is what this Fraudulent Impostor, Traitor, Liar and Hypocrit is all about…. Whoever that voted for him to elect him as our President, blame them for being Dumb, Stupid, Ignorant & Duped
    ( Brainwashed ), however you want to put it, as if it weren’t for them, we wouldn’t be in this situation we are now in…. As for the inflated pricing of Fuels made from Crude Oil, there is Absolutely NOTHING to warrant this kind of Prices….especially with Diesel Fuel, as I know for a Fact what it takes to refine Crude Oil into Diesel Fuel and it it takes less to do than Gasoline, yet it is costing more for it….. NO WAY should this be…. So don’t try to tell me I am Wrong on this, cause I know this to be a TRUE FACT, so anything you might want to come-up with to distort the TRUTH is all HOG-WASH…….Get rid of Obama and then we can restore OUR COUNTRY back to it’s GREATNESS it still has, but it dormant while Obama is in Office…. He doesn’t belong there in the first place, so get him out, NOW…..!!!!

  • rafael


  • Robert Pa.

    Who needs Oil when there’s “Free Energy” pulled off of the Atomic Structure of the whole Universe. We live in a sea of energy, we only need to tap into it.

  • Robert Pa.

    Poor people, brainwashed into believing that there is only “OIL”!!!

  • r.p.

    Well, it seems that Jyrine has a pretty good idea of what’s going on. Most of the other stuff I see in these threads is bogus hogwash. First you must understand that there are 2 types of oil fields/wells discussed here. The first is “readily available”, which means the well is self producing by it’s own pressure once the field is penetrated. The 2nd is “recoverable” or “technically recoverable”. Which means that new processes need to be applied to extract the oil from either spent wells, shale or tar sands. By Post WWII virtually all the readily available oil was gone in the U.S. By 1950 all the readily available oil in the Bakkans was gone and we started using new technology to extract oil there. The first being high pressure steam and water. Since then other processes were developed, such as “fracking” and “horizontal drilling”. All the M.E. countries are now in the “recoverable” phase. The Arabs finally saw this in the “70′s” and is one reason for the creation of OPEC. Yes, it has been estimated that there are about 1.2 trillion bbls of oil held in shale in the U.S., but as of today there is not a technology available that would provide enough heat to extract it economically. They have already started fracking procedures on the west slope of Colorado, but they are doing it for the natural gas, not the oil. It’s still bound up in the shale. I could go on, but I think that’s enough for now. By the way, the environmentalists are not the problem. Below are the sources you can go to and learn more about the problems they are having. Hope it helps.


    • Jyrine

      For 2 1/2 decades I worked the DJ Basin in Colorado, Nebraska, Kansas and Wyoming. There are areas where you can drill into a zone and the pressure from the surrounding formation can go from actually losing drilling fluid to 3,000 psi pressure in seconds. Alot of wells start out producing on their own but that ready source of pressuized gas in the oil bearing formation usually depletes in a few weeks, so most wells end up with a pump jack at the well head to be productive.

    • eyeswideopen

      r.p. Thanks so much for into.

  • Marianne

    Is it tru e that ALL Brazilian cars can run on vegetable oil OR?
    I can’t BELIEVE that people would vote for a man who represses drilling!

    Where is the MSM about this?


    There is still a lot of extremely large oil deposits here in this nation in and around this continent and more all around the world, we are a long way from running out of oil. I would bet the politics and the sentiment against oil and it’s producers has caught up with the industry politically and there is a major effort to put them out of business. There seems to be wealthy parties that are joined in a effort to remake and control the wealth on this earth at any cost including introducing as much misery and economic hard times on the population as they possibly can to meet their agenda…to wit: look at the political climate in this country by the use of enviromental agenda, the cutting off water to steal farmland, making energy far more expensive than ever and undermining the socio economics of nations everwhere…any disagreement, because I am not a conspiratist.

  • chuckb

    daveh, the bp spill in the gulf was quite obvious a tool for barry and the environmentalist. it would be hard to convince me that barry and company were innocent in this matter. since shortly after he shut down the rigs in the gulf and the price of gas soared. are we supposed to think solar, wind, batteries and electric sardine cans.
    it’s amazing that he can fool so many people.

    • DaveH

      Their gaze is just too firmly fixated on the trough to see reality.

  • Jeff M

    Finally, a headline on here that got something right -we are running out of oil. But predictably, the teabagging wackos think oil is still the answer. I was in Germany last month, and saw a country that will virtually energy independent in a few decades, despite having virtually no reserves of oil or gas. What are they doing? Windmills, big solar programs, conservation efforts…even China has moved to alternatives faster than us…why? knuckle-dragging conservatives…

    • JeffH

      Jeff M, your comment about “teabagging wackos” clearly defines who and what you are as much as that little bell that’s strapped around your neck.

      One-third of oil utilized in America is for industries, residences and businesses. Oil is a major commodity in international trade. Two-third of world GNP is made by oil and oil is considered as an economic catalyst.

    • 45caliber

      Jeff M:

      I don’t say that oil is the answer to our problems – but it is foolish to ignore what we have until we can depend upon something else. Since we have it, let’s continue to use it UNTIL we can get alternate energy infrastructure in place. It will take at least twenty years to get it up and running if we knew what it was today – and we don’t. Both solar power and wind power are very expensive and take up massive amounts of land. You libs and many conservatives don’t want to use nuclear power. What is left? But in the meantime we need to continue using what we have as we develope and build the new stuff. Refusing to use it – and letting everyone else use it – only places us so far down the technology ladder that we would never be able to develop an alternative. And I don’t want that for my children.

      • http://?? Joe H.

        nah, let’s just close everything down!! We’ll just freeze and starve till they come up with a new source!!! I’m sure JeffM would be real PLEASED with THAT!!!! Oh, but wait! The government trough would shut down as well, so maybe he wouldn’t be so pleased afterall!!!!!!

  • Brad

    This is a great article to read, we could become energy independent only if the enviromentalists would quit bitch’n

  • Grandpa Harold Mawyer

    With all the ranting and raving about the governmental causes of Americas’ crises. oil supplies, energy supplies, economic woes(us poor folks won’t knowthe difference), I would like to call all you good folks attention to the fact that no one has dared to mention God in all of this. A study of Holy Scripture, Jewish and Protestant Bible call to us in a variety of places, that God is still on His throne, Jesus is Lord( at least for those who are “Born Again”! Scripture teaches us that God raises up Kings and tears them down at His good pleasure. In all of history, no nation has ever gone bankrupt financially, but it become morally bankrupt.

    As for so called “mother-nature” being able to supply our needs, Scripture teaches us that there is nothing new under Heaven new, nothing new is being created, He did a complete job when He rested after 6 days! We in our finite, pes-sized brains havenot begun to scratch the surface of what God has placed here(planet earth) for our disposal.

    We need to adopt Alfred E Newman’s(anyone remember him?) “What me worry”!!

    To end todays comments, I leave ya’ll with, If God can make Rose Garden, Israel, to blossom in the Desert, and He has done so, in fullfilment of His Prophecies, can He not sustain His children in the Goof Ole USofA and elsewhwere?

    Problem for most folk today, yhey are tuned in to a different wavelength from Gods Station!!

    Shalom to one and all,

    • http://Moreexpensive,moreunknowproblems. Lewis Munn

      I remember Alfred.

      Guess he went the way of all who poke fun at the bureaucrats and pompous people.

      He went politically correct, and died. Lesson to us all! He that hath an ear to hear, or an eye to see…


    Nonsense , get the green radicals out of the way and we would be awash in oil for the foreseeable future . We have huge deposits that set untouched off both coasts , in the gulf of Mexico , Alaska , and to e lesser scale all across flyover America .

  • Mad Max

    We like to deny our problems in this country until they blow up in our face. We can’t afford this mentality anymore.

    Read “Common Sense 3.1” at ( )

  • Ron JL

    Not about oil, about energy (and control). Lots of energy, think small nucs (been running the navy’s ships for over 50 years. Nuc waste.. think breeder reactors (oh darn, the gov’t shut that down in 79). BIG has to control the masses (afraid of us??).

  • John Hillman

    It is time to stop the endless government grant money stream into the Posy Sniffing Environmentalists Organizations. Our tax dollars are going to organizations so that their representatives can lobby congress against fossil fuels and cost thousands of taxpayers their jobs. At our present usage, within the U.S.A.’s 50 states, there is enough known oil to last 2,041 years. Stop peeing in my leg and telling me it’s raining. Who do you think you are, Congress and the Occupier of the White House? That’s their job! We have a president who brags about giving out leases and then stops awarding the drilling permits. All of the leases in the world are useless without the permits to drill. I believe that you know that. Recycle time has come and it’s now time for the Citizens of the U.S.A. to reclaim our country.

  • bancheck

    There is crude oil in garbage and sewage. Oil is a renewable resource. Once the glass and metals are removed from the trash all carbon based waste can be converted to light sweet crude oil. Put it in a pressure cooker with 50% water. Heat it to 200 degrees Fahrenheit for 7 days… voila oil. remove natural gas, pour oil off the top, remove remaining water, and dry the coke found in the bottom for fuel for the next load. Pour the oil into a refiner. Heat it to 600 degrees Celsius and refine it. Oops, I didn’t take into account the extra crap added to the octane that (inhibits fuel efficiency, damaged carbureted units, and carries a high price tag)in other words makes it crap (ah) gasoline.

    Also, oil is not a limited resource and is not made from dinosaurs or fossils… Stalin proved this in Russia 50 years ago.

  • bancheck

    People, science, we have no energy crisis! We have a bunch of power hungry socialist dictators dumbing us down. Gasoline is designed and engineered to burn at 14.7 to 1. Raw octane or white gasoline can run at 700 to 1 but not in an engine designed to run low octane fuel. Octane burns at 200 to 1 if you just dump it on the sidewalk and light it. find the book (Black Gold Strangle Hold).

  • RD

    2/3 of the oil in depleted oil fields is still there because of a loss of pressure or the oil is too thick. New technology can increase the percentage we take our.

    Don’t confuse proven oil reserves (low) with estimated recoverable oil (very high). Our progressive officials have blocked us from proving the reserves even when we know they’re there.

    When trying to convince people we should drill for oil – DON’T talk about barrels. INSTEAD talk about teachers.

    For example, ANWR holds enough revenue to fund 5 million teacher years (figure half ultimately goes into taxes as fed, state, county, and each teacher costs $100,000 per year).

    So, why do progressives hate teachers?

    • Jyrine

      After reading these entries the problems plageuing the country are more understandable. I’m no genius, but I know why the lights come on when I flip the switch.

      • Jyrine

        SEMPER FI

      • http://?? Joe H.

        That’s easy, when you flip the switch, the little guy gets on his bike and peddles!!! The demo version!!

  • John Hillman

    It Is Now Time To Ask Our, Nothing But Blowing Hot Green Air, Leaders – - -
    How Much Wind Power And Sun Does It Take To Produce The Products Below ? ? ?
    PLEASE SHOW US HOW ! ! ! ! !
    The $40,000 Volt Automobile Battery Power Pack Replacement Cost Is $10,000! Is This Our Governments “Green Out Of Your Pocket” Solution!
    Below Are Some Products Produced From Oil:

    Ammonia, Anesthetics, Antennas, Antihistamines, Aerospace Components, Aircraft Engine Components, Aircraft Fuselages, Aircraft Interiors, Aircraft Windows, Aircraft Wings, Artificial Limbs, Artificial Flowers, Artificial Turf, Antiseptics, Asphalt Driveways & Parking Lots, Asphalt Highways & Roadways, Aspirin, Auto Bodies, Auto Parts, Awnings, Balloons, Ballpoint Pens, Bandages, Beach Umbrellas, Cameras, Candles, Car Battery, Cases, Carpets, Caulking, Christmas Ornaments, Christmas Trees, Clothing, Clothes Hangers, Combs, Computer Enclosures, Computer Components, Cooking Utensils, Cookware Coatings, Coolers, Cortisones, Cosmetics, Crayons, Credit Cards, Curtains, Cushioning Material, Deodorants, Detergents, Dice, Diesel Fuel, Dishes, Disposable Diapers, Dolls, Dyes, Engine Enclosures, Eye Glasses, Electrical Wiring Insulation, Faucet Washers, Fertilizers, Fishing Reels, Fishing Rods, Fishing Line, Fishing Line Guides, Fishing Lures, Fishing Nets, Containers, Food Preservatives, Food Packaging, Fresh Water Pipes, Furniture, Furniture Upholstery, Furniture Coatings & Finishes, Garden Hose, Gasoline, Gears, Glue, Hair Coloring, Hair Curlers, Hand Lotion, Hearing Aids, Heart Valves, Heat Shields, Heating Oil, Herbicides, Home Furnishings, Hydraulic Fluids, Ink, Insect Repellant, Insecticides, Insect Repellants, Insulation, Jet Fuel, Linoleum, Lip Stick, Liquid Containers, Liquefied Petroleum Gas, Lubricants, Kerosene, Machine Parts, Milk Jugs, Motor Boats, Motor Boat Accessories, Motor Cycle Components, Motor Homes, Motor Oil, Nail Polish, Oil Filters, Outdoor Furnishings, Painting Products & Paints, Panty Hose, Paraffin, Perfume, Petroleum Coke For The Production Of Steel And Aluminum, Petroleum Jelly, Plastics, Playground Apparatus Product Containers, Rain Ware, Reflective Shields, Rifle Cases, Rifle Stocks, Roofing Materials, Rubber Cement, Rubbing Alcohol, Sailboat Sails & Accessories, Sailboats Sealants, Shampoo, Shaving Cream, Signs, Solar Panels, Solvents, Snow Mobiles, Styrofoam, Suit Cases, Sulfur, Sulfuric Acid, Tackle Boxes, Tar, Television Sets, Tents, Tennis Racquets, Tennis Shoes, Thread, Tile, Tires, Tool Boxes, Tooth Brushes, Toothpaste, Trash Cans, Trash Bags, Umbrellas, Vinyl Siding & Other Building Materials, Vitamin Capsules, Wall Paper, Waste Water Pipes, Waxes, Wind Generators, Windows, Yarn,
    AND THE LIST GOES ON & ON & ON – Etc., Etc., Etc.
    In addition to everything that we get from our agricultural industry, above is only a partial list of products that will increase in cost if we do not increase U.S.A. oil production. Hey Americans, it is time to tell the leaders of our country how easy it would be to live without oil. All we have to do is take one super giant step backwards into the STONE AGE. It is time to pull up our boot straps, exercise our responsibility to vote, and become self sufficient again. Increasing oil production will create employment, bring the United States cost of living down, improve our standard of living, and improve our national security. We must build new oil refineries and tap into known U.S.A. oil supplies that will last 2,041 years, at our present usage. It is past the time for allowing fewer than 15% of our population to dictate the financial destruction of our great country, of more than 300,000,000. Stop the destruction of the U.S.A. now!

    Thank you for your time

    • http://?? Joe H.

      John H,
      Now look into the feild of medicine!!! Syringes anyone? Meters of all types coating on wires, packaging to insure stirility, ear covers on thermometers, all sorts of others as well!

    • jyrine

      Excellent post John. It was alot of work, but worth it.

  • bancheck

    Oil is a joke from the name “fossil fuel” to the precept of drying up, From what is called gasoline to fuel efficiency, From fuel mix ratios to emission standards. We are not stupid. We can do the math too. We are angry about getting cheated and deceived in every conversation. AND being taxed and regulated out of business is getting old too. The Tea Party rules.

    • jyrine

      I agree bancheck.

  • chuckb

    one of our biggest problems are the marxist professors teaching in our college and universities. this is where our little greenies come from, these are the ones impressed by blow hards like al gore.
    these type of professors and teachers started infiltrating the education system back in the fifties, some directly from russia.

  • http://yahoo skyraider 6

    what we have really run out of is common sense

  • James Branch


  • Kennon Sterling

    Most people do not know that the U.S. has more oil and natural gas than all countries in the World combinded. All we need is for Obama and the tree lovers to allow us to drill for it. We already know where it is and it is so hugh that it could save this country from the unbelievable debt we have. It would also not only what the U.S. needs but we could sell it and that would make this country safer.

  • http://Moreexpensive,moreunknowproblems. Lewis Munn

    How much oil could we get if we rendered all the fatheaded Government people?

    • http://?? Joe H.


    • jyrine

      LOL Lewis;o)

  • Bob

    You can convert your car to run on compressed natural gas for 3 to 5 thousand dollars, a lot cheaper than buying a green car for 40 grand. Utility companies have been using CNG in their vehicles for years. CNG burns very clean and your engine will last much longer with fewer tune ups and oil changes. If you have natural gas service at your home you can fuel your vehicle at home. All necessary parts are available for any vehicle, including diesels. The information is available on the web, just look up CNG.

  • Paul427

    Mr. Myers, your report may contain piece-meal truth, however it is very misleading in many parts. There are no rigorous references to what experts in the oil field say about proven reserves and suspected reserves and your time jumps are too general (and too great) to have much meaning. Your statement: “The last President that was honest about the nation’s energy predicament was Jimmy Carter. That was more than 30 years ago, and it played a role in his failure to be re-elected” seems to be the farthest “political” revisionist reach I’ve seen in weeks! Jimmy Carter was incompetent and he nearly killed off the economy with his sloppy policies and the out of control inflation, not to mention the just plain naive foreign policy carried on toward the Shah in Iran in which he destabilized the Middle East! The gas lines we experienced had probably much more to do with the oil companies failure to find oil reserves in the Baltimore Canyon off of the East Coast than to actual depletion, allowing the oil companies to re-coup the billions spent on that investment which produced nothing but a small amount of natural gas. In fact, I recall the more than embarrassing announcements from the Arab nations that they hadn’t decreased any oil shipments and the rather peculiar inability of the tankers to off-load their oil because the oil tanks in New Jersey were full!(Oil shortage my ass)

    The one thing Carter did which was mildly praiseworthy was to delineate a portion of the Alaskan oil slope for petroleum research. Unfortunately the jackass environmental tree-huggers (even though there are no trees on the slope) and an appeasing Congress have successfully hamstrung any such R & D to do anyone much good over the past 35 or so years!

    The next administration needs to establish a firm energy policy for the present, near future, and future generations. Primarily this needs to consist of enhanced oil drilling in ANWR, the oil slope, and tapping oil shale deposits. Coal also needs to be in FULL production despite Secretary Chu’s “radioactive” fantasy with regard to fly ash. We also need to firm up plans with Canada for their heavy oil for the near future. Next we need to quadruple the number of nuclear fission plants in this country with simultaneous pruning of the licensing process by the NRC and related agencies. Finally, we need a visionary President who will re-establish NASA’s Constellation program and begin developing fusion energy development for the future via tritium immediately, with support along the lines of President Reagan’s “Star Wars” missile defense program. The funny thing is that this combo would have a near, middle, and long term benefit for the nation and reduce the massive transfer of wealth going on today to the wack jobs in the Middle East, Venezuela, and Russia. Obama and his staffers (Stephen Chu among them) seem hell-bent on stripping us of any truly viable energy resources, seemingly wanting to hold hands and sing “Koom by ya” while the country transforms into a nanny/welfare/Greece-style state, with no economic prospects, no options for a robust future, and an insufficient energy supply. For that I blame the Socialists in D.C. and look forward for them not only to be removed from office next election, but to be disgraced as a part of that process. They cannot win the debate as the facts are against them. People seem to have lost their minds and forgotten all about the foolhardiness of Communisim, Socialism, and National Socialism (Nazism). Shame on those who turn a blind eye now! And stop bemoaning the death of oil before we’ve truly made an effort to extract more from the likely areas!!!

  • Robert

    I’m sorry that’s just rediculous. When you have the extreme environmentalism we’ve had for the last 20 years, of course your going to have an oil shortage. Extreme environmentalism has blocked any type of oil procurment for decades. Here’s the perfect example, there hasn’t been a new refinery built in the state of California in the last twenty years. The oil shortage is self imposed.

  • Bob

    Many abandoned oil wells in the U.S. can still produce oil. When an oil well can not produce profitably it is abandoned. Many of these oil reserviors are replenished over time by nature and can be put back in service. Most of our oil is produced in Canada and Mexico, not the middle east. There are vast reservoirs of oil and gas off both U.S. coasts and the gulf. The south east coast has hugh amounts of natural gas bubbling to the surface in an area known as the Bermuda Triangle. The oil producing nations are not our enemy, our own government is, gasoline shouldn’t be priced over $1.00 per gallon and the oil companies would still make a nice profit.

    • http://?? Joe H.

      I said, right after I started posting on this site almost two years ago that in a few years the people that were griping about 2.00 gasoline would be wishing to see it again! guess I was right. If you notice, the price doesn’t go up at a real big jump at any given increase as a lot of people would just stay home and walk to the store and such. They don’t want that. they raise it .20 or .30 at a time and people just keep on using it, when if they raised it a dollar all at once like they tried after 9/11 people would start to riot!! So it’s just a dime or twenty cents here and there! I put a full tank every two weeks and if it gets down before time I just don’t drive unless it’s important and unavoidable!!

  • http://non vern

    Oil is oil weather you kill Sadam or Kadaffi or dig it out of the tars sands it all burns and the Bushes still make money,and will only run out when Mother earth stops creating it.

  • Alex

    Very simply, we need to stop using so much fossil fuel.
    You do not need a power mower; get a human powered mower and you will look and feel better and your neighbors will thank you.
    Stop driving everywhere that you go—rather than use your infernal compulsion engine to go shopping, walk to the store several times a week–agin, you will look and feel better right away.
    Turn off the lights once in awhile.
    You do not need an electrical evrything—teethbrushes, garage door, can opener, etc—refrain from old, lazy ways.

    Again, and very simply, we must all learn to use less power.

  • English Pete

    Has it ever occurred to you lot that successive governments in the USA have deliberately not exploited your reserves?

    So that, when the rest of the world runs out, you’ll still have some?

  • SMSgt Z retired Nam 68

    John the Myth of Oil Dependency is perpetuated by oil insiders like yourself.
    You and those like you are nothing but greedy and you could care less about America or any other country becoming energy independent without the use of oil
    John we the American people are starting to wake up to that fact and are looking at different energy sources and the one that is starting to take hold is the Anaerobic Digester.This energy source has been used for years on the farm and now it’s move off the farm.NYC built it’s first sewage treatment plan that incorporated this system.GE is building the worlds largest system in China.All over the world systems are being installed
    The great thing about Anaerobic Digester’s the energy source is renewable
    Even you John contribute to this renewable resource with pieces like this

  • Big Woody

    My God, John. Who wrote this for you? Al Gore, The Seirra Club The commitee to re-elect Obama? You, of all people shold know that the Oil shortage is a lie and was created by the enviromentalist and corrupt governments of the world. The EPA has not allowed a new oil refinery in the USA since 1976. So even if we allowed new drilling at home we can’t turn it into anything useable. We have made deals with the Arabs to buy their oil with US dollars if we don’t develope our own resorces. We are allowing the EPA to restrict our use of coal to the point that energy costs are skyrocketing. We don’t allow natural gas drilling in the Great Lakes but we buy natural gas from Canada that came from wells in the Great Lakes. Our problems are due to policy, not resorces. YOU are now officially in the same class as Al Gore. Please note “The Sky is Not Falling”

    • SMSgt Z retired Nam 68

      Cuyahoga River Ohio one of the numerous reasons the EPA was formed.You are a heavy contributor on the natural resource an Anaerobic Digester needs.

      • Big Woody

        I detect the same lack of individual thought process that we all observered from msgts in Nam. The issue here is how much we are paying for foreign energy instead of using what we have. The EPA started by improving standards to clean up the environment. Now they are stopping any and all progress for America.

      • Big Woody

        P.S. I do make my own bio-diesel

  • Bruman

    It’s pretty easy to figure out. Prosperity = energy use and consumtion. Does obummer really want prosperity for all?

    • Bruman

      opps, consumption, not consumtion

  • Mike

    There’s plenty of oil in Alaska, offshore and Canada, don’t believe the hype. They want to scare people to get them back in line, don’t fall for it. That’s why they refuse to drill right here in America.

    Fight the banks, fight the global carbon tax gestapo.

    Ron Paul 2012, he’s an idealist not a slick lying politician. Strike a blow to the status quo, “business as usual” is killing our country.

  • SMSgt Z retired Nam 68

    DRILL DRILL is not the answer

    Biofuel in Action Around the World

    The United States produces almost 5,000,000,000 kilograms of fat from chickens, cows and pigs each year, so it is not surprising that enterprising scientists would look for ways to use this ‘waste’ product.

    Gas Technology Institute (GTI) DES PLAINES, Ill., has successfully demonstrated that chicken litter can be gasified to produce hydrogen and generate electricity using a solid oxide fuel cell (SOFC).

    Over 100,000 automobiles have made the switch to Methane recently in Italy, including about one third of the taxis in Milan. Gasoline stations there are now selling “Metano” (Methane gas). Converted vehicles carry heavy tanks in which commercially produced Methane is stored under pressure.

    In 2003, the other side of the world, New Zealand was gearing up to use thousands of tons of animal fats (tallow), which is the by-product of the country’s meat industry. It has an output of 150,000 tons of tallow currently exported for use in animal foods or chemicals manufacture. The New Zealand contingent stated that to process this waste is doubly energy-efficient when compared to producing biodiesel from specially grown crops. It was envisaged that use of the biodiesel would be to drive diggers and other machinery on a hydro-electric scheme, giving them the distinction to be the first country in the world with sheep-fat powered bulldozers.

    Two poultry companies Allen Family Foods and British-owned Fibrowatt are planning to build power plants fueled by chicken litter in Maryland’s Dorchester County. The approach was conceived in part because of new state and federal regulations that tighten restrictions on the use of chicken litter as fertilizer. Poultry waste has been blamed for polluting Chesapeake Bay tributaries and causing fish kills. Chicken giant Perdue Inc. has found another way to use the waste so it doesn’t end up on Eastern Shore farm fields.

    The company is building a $12 million plant on the outskirts of Blades, DE to turn chicken litter into fertilizer pellets for Midwestern farms. The multibillion-dollar poultry business is one of the largest on the Delmarva Peninsula, which has more than 6,000 chicken houses, each one holding about 25,000 birds. The chickens create as much as 800,000 tons of litter a year, much of which is spread on farm fields as fertilizer.

    The Dorchester County Chamber of Commerce has endorsed plans for a 40 megawatt power plant that would burn 300,000 tons of poultry litter purchased from local farmers and 100,000 tons of forest waste a year producing enough electricity to power all of the county’s homes. The plant would be operated by Fibroshore, the U.S. subsidiary of Fibrowatt, which runs three chicken waste power plants in the United Kingdom.

  • Ramon

    What bothers me the most about their “plan” is the fact, you cut oil production to the point that once this economy does manage to move forward, the US would be starved of any real oil production for at least the first 3-5 years afterwards. Anytime you stop drilling, it takes time to regain what you could have gotten if you left it along. They knew this, in fact, it was their argument for being against drilling in Anwr (that it would take about 4 years to get any kind of production from it), and they still ceased drilling everywhere else to push their Eco-agenda. We’re not running out of oil, we’re running out of time, resources and patience.

    Something else that bugs me about their “plan” is the fact they continue to try to capitalize off of ignorance. Oil is produced by formerly living organisms decomposition, and here they are continuing to push another age old theory of Abiotic Oil, that came along right about the same time as Progressivism, that it’s actually “the life blood” of the earth and the reason why we have earthquakes. That hypothesis was long dead, politically corrupt, and founded to be subjective at best. As long as we have living organisms that die on this planet, Oil can be produced under the right conditions. They don’t call it “Dino Juice” for nothing.

  • SittingMooseShaman

    …ok. Take one cubic mile. Put this(graphed-out) cube on a map. Arrange this map at the exact center of the lower 48. Set this map in Google Earth. Now go incrementally from 1,000′ to 5,000mi. out- stopping every 50 miles to adjust the graphic relativity’s. Sure, that cubic mile is voluminous…However, since the earth(bacteria) make this ‘oil’ continually from everything and anything existing where free oxygen does not… I’m sure ‘arrangements’ in invention can be made… Given these post WW2- American left wing politicos’- NAZIs are gotten outta here- FOR GOOD this time!

  • Ridge Runner

    Our gov is all about smoke, mirrows,lies and thieft. It is driven by greed for money(your money)power and control(over the people). Most of the big money men are owners in big pharmacy and they want you sick to get your money and then they want you dead to take over your assets.Why do you think they brought all these scientists over here from germany after the 2nd world war it wasn,t to make twinkies,Things are realy starting to shape up.Where did this lime disease come from,what or how many labs are involved in this genetic modifing of diseases such as splicing a flesh eating bacteria to a virus.How and why do so many drugs get approval for use and have to be taken off the market.some of the drug makers have payed out millions to people that have been harmed but what is millions compared to the billions that these drugs have made for the mfgs.Why can.t the people that wan’t to take alternative medicine and alternative treatments for them and their dependents have the right to do so.Why is the gov. trying to stop alternative medicicne,vitamines and give big pharmacy control over what you can and can’t buy.I belive that if you want to do the eskiamo hop aroung a flag pole for boils on your pecker as long as it isn’t hanging out you should be allowed to do so with out interference from this out of control gov. These people need to be reeled in and put on a short leash. Wake up you damn zombies and smell the roses when this out laws bank rupt the united states all these entitlements you idiots are receiving won’t exsist and when you start stealing it will be like the little dog that turned around and grabed his tail.

  • Ridge Runner

    The scientists ahve known for a lon time that oil is being produced continusly it just isn’t being pooduced as fast as it is being used.

  • Poorgrandchildren

    Mr. Myers, you said that Jimmy carter was honest about our energy predicament. Then, he tried to solve it with more government. Mr. Carter does not pass the laugh test.


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