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America’s Anti-Christian Middle East Policy

August 8, 2012 by  

America’s Anti-Christian Middle East Policy
The Muslim Brotherhood and Hamas are part of the Syrian opposition.

In a not-so-secret “secret policy,” President Barack Obama is financing the “rebels” in Syria trying to overthrow the government of Bashar al-Assad. Those rebels include al-Qaida terrorists who have fought against U.S. troops in Afghanistan and Iraq. Secretary of Defense Leon Panetta—and therefore Obama—knows this.

The Muslim Brotherhood and Hamas are also part of the Syrian opposition. At a February 2011 House Intelligence Committee hearing, FBI Director Robert Mueller said, “Obviously, elements of the Muslim Brotherhood here and overseas have supported terrorism.”

Hamas is designated by the U.S. as a terrorist group. It runs the elected government in the Gaza Strip and is an offshoot of the Muslim Brotherhood.

Syrian “rebels” are attacking Christian churches and ordering Christians out of their homes. Christians have been pressured to join the opposition and fight against al-Assad. Those who refuse are used as human shields in attacks on the Syrian Army and security forces. Christians, who comprise around 3 percent of Syria’s 22 million people, are also being targeted by Sunni rebels in Damascus. Rebel militias, including one called the Brigade of Islam, have been killing Christian civil servants.

Syria’s Christians are now taking up arms against the rebels, and being armed by the al-Assad regime.

“We saw what happened to the Christians in Iraq,” Abu George, a Christian resident of Aleppo’s Aziza district told GlobalPost. “What is going on in Aleppo is not a popular revolution for democracy and freedom. The fighters of the so-called Free Syrian Army are radical Sunnis who want to establish an Islamic state.”

What happened in Iraq? Since the 2003 U.S. invasion, about half of Iraq’s 1.4 million Christians have fled the country, forced out by nearly a decade of church bombings, kidnappings and sectarian murder.

In both Libya and Egypt, before the U.S. facilitated (Libya) or orchestrated (Egypt) coups, Christian minorities felt protected from Islamic persecution and were allowed to practice their faith unmolested. Now they are facing extinction.

As the U.S. regime strives for hegemony in the Middle East, Christians have become collateral damage. And no one in government seems to care.

What’s more, a provision in the National Defense Authorization Act, signed by Obama into law on Jan. 1, gives the military the authority to detain anyone “who was part of or substantially supported al-Qaeda, the Taliban, or associated forces that are engaged in hostilities against the United States or its coalition partners,” and anyone who commits a “belligerent act” against the U.S. or its coalition allies, under the law of war, “without trial, until the end of the hostilities authorized by the [AUMF].”

Obama, by funding al-Qaida, has violated his own law, and Congress, by providing the funding, is complicit. The lot of them should be detained indefinitely.

Bob Livingston

is an ultra-conservative American and author of The Bob Livingston Letter™, founded in 1969. Bob has devoted much of his life to research and the quest for truth on a variety of subjects. Bob specializes in health issues such as nutritional supplements and alternatives to drugs, as well as issues of privacy (both personal and financial), asset protection and the preservation of freedom.

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  • cawmun cents

    I predict that some will come on this blog and tell you how wrong you are about the Christians in the middle east.How they are not persecuted and used as place mats for weapons that get return fire nearly immediately.
    Yes…to the idealistic indoctrinates of modern American educational standards,the fact that a Christian neighborhood would be used as a launching platform for weapons intended to have return fire given toward,is a ludicrous assumption.
    The fact that the dead Christian children are then picked up and used as though they were Muslim children,and paraded through the streets,as a prop for exteremists,is totally out of the question.
    The proud folks of Islam would never do that for the cameras,right?
    No…these people are full of decency and propriety,right?
    The fact that dead Christians are used as camera fodder for those who wish to hide what they do is just a myth.
    These are simple people just fighting for their freedom from persecution,right?
    The ignorance of the uber educated college crowd in this nation is jaw-dropping.
    One day they may taste this type of misfortune for themsleves.
    Especially if they continue down the path they have chosen to follow.
    But what do I know?
    Apparently very little……

  • Paul Wells

    What our lamestream media fails to report, is that nearly every day Christian Churches in Muslim countries are bombed, burned, church-goers shot, etc. etc. In fact, there was one just a day or two ago. Go here for a complete run down:

    Not that our oh so cuddly American Idol reporting news idiots stateside would ever tell the truth!

    • eddie47d

      The Assad family have always been brutal and arrogant towards its people and there is no tears being shed for their demise. The Assad’s have been an enemy of Israel since its inception so I doubt if they will miss them either. It is also easy to label Syrian rebels as being driven by al Qaeda for that has been said about all the conflicts in the Middle East. Before our war in Iraq al Qaeda had almost no presence there. The Egyptians have the Muslim Brotherhood and have little use for the rabble rousing al Qaeda members. Members of al Qaeda are scattered all over the Middle East and Africa and the Muslim governments fear them as much as we do. They are no more than mercenaries or Soldiers of Fortune for Allah. They like mercenaries in the past go where the action is cause trouble and then move on to the next adventure. They are a dangerous bunch needless to say but that in its self shouldn’t diminish the struggles of Syrian Rebels.Over the years we have quietly put up with the dictators in the Middle East and had no concern for the anger that was building up below. Saddam was actually a modern leader who welcomed the Western world. Yet the evil elements of his government couldn’t be ignored and now it is the same with Assad. I believe we never should have gotten involved with Saddam with Reagan selling him weapons. So should we arm the rebels in Syria and get rid of Assad or ignore them and allow another dictator to flourish or stay out of there civil war or eventually put up with an even more radicalized government lead by the rebels?

    • http://None Jerry

      I might add that the State Dept. has spent over a billion dollars over the last three years for the restoration of damaged mosques. Not one penny, however, has been spent repairing damaged or destroyed Christian churches.

      • eddie47d

        Hopefully we only repaired the ones damaged by us and since we probably wouldn’t have damaged any Christian church’s that rebuilding would fall on the Iraq govt. (not likely but I do expect Americans to be more accountable than them anyways).

  • chiefcabioch

    Our Lame stream Media are only significant because Americans, Patriots, and others refuse to notify their advertiser’s of boycotts, as if boycotts are morally wrong, that’s BS, boycotts are very effective, and it’s a great way to show those selling products, you can choose the 20% liberals to keep you afloat, or the 40% conservatives to , but if you support them, you shouldn’t expect US to support you, the liberals are on the verge of turning America, into just another 3rd world nation, and thats not acceptable

    • Mike in MI

      chiefcabioch -
      In case you haven’t put two and two together yet, we are already a third world nation. It just hasn’t, yet, appeared manifestly.
      Lots of the “stuff” we have is pretty solid and up until a few years ago most of it had been at least minimally maintained. That can’t last forever – - – then what?
      This country is BROKE – in the wallet pocket, flat, busted……worse…in debt. Our whole nation is almost under-W-A-T-E-R, almost unable to cover paying for the interest on the national debt. You know how it was when Mom and Dad had the mortgage on our home. They faithfully made the payment every month. Then Dad got laid off and we couldn’t pay that.
      The bank said, “OK, at least pay the interest. Then the principle doesn’t get bigger, again. If that happened you’d never get out of debt.” So they did that and then things got back normal again. They were honest, good folks and paid back what they borrowed.

      Well, we aren’t “honest, good folks” any more. We just want stuff; borrow to get it; use it up or wear it out; toss it aside; forget it. We don’t want to honestly pay off the debt or…. hell, even… the interest on the debt. We just want free money. We just want to have fun!! We just want!

      Well, want turns to want -

      Bunjee jumpers who don’t think to attach the cable!!! WHEE-EE-EE-Ee-ee-HUCK!

      • Kate8

        Mike in MI – The thing is, the banksters are the ones who are really raking in the free money. Them, and Congress and the WH, too. They are pilfering all of our taxpayer funds in order to secure themselves for after the crash… when we are all starving and homeless, and cash is worthless. They’ll still have their homes and yachts and stores of food, while what little we may have managed to put away will be taken from us, by brownshirts, if not by thieves.

        The whole thing is a mess, and it’s exactly the way they planned it. And we are all definitely complicit, since we were all too busy living beyond our means to question the devil behind the mask of benevolence.

  • Randy131

    If you think this is “America’s Anti-Christian Middle East Policy”, then you don’t get it either and are far from the truth. What this truly is, is “Obama’s Pro Islamic Take-Over of the World”, and is why Obama continuously backs and supports the Muslim Brotherhood. The problem is that we have traitors like Panetta and Hillary Clinton who are aiding and abetting Obama in his goals. If Obama is not defeated in his bid for re-election as our President, then by 2016 there will be no USA world power, and maybe not even a USA. Ifyou are a Chridtian, you should believe in Biblical Prophecy, and it predicts that a ‘One World Religion’ will install the Anti-Christ as leader of the ‘One World Government’, and what is the ‘ONLY’ religion in the world that seeks world domination, especially by force and the killing of those who will not accept it? Obama is promoting the take-over of all Middle East nations by the Muslim Brotherhood, whose goal to install Islam as the ‘ONLY’ religion allowed and a formation of a ‘One World Governmnet’ of all Islamic nations, under one leader, the 13th Caliphate, the Mahdi, whose prophecy in the Quran is consistent and congruent to the Bible’s prophecy about the Anti-Christ, both being one and the same.

    • eddie47d

      Considering that America represents a Christian nation and we as a Christian nation is waring with many Muslim countries. Then why would any of you expect the Muslim countries that are being bombed or their dictators supported and who were armed by us have a love affair with the Christians in their country. The more we try and control the lives of those in the Middle East the more backlash there is against Christians in that region. We should have stopped our newest Crusade 40 years ago so our nation has helped set the stage for what is coming down the pike now.

    • Phil

      It’s as if the world has decided a M.E. Caliphate is inevitable and the world’s leaders are scrambling to be supportive of it in the blind hope of being considered an equal at the table in order to maintain influence. That is how it appears, but I pray it is not the way it really is.

      • Phil

        BTW, I also believe the royal families and other leaders that would resist such a takeover are also in the crosshairs, but not until their potential allies are removed.

  • Brad

    People this administrationm is never going to do anything to help the world or the American people. They create turmoil everywhere they go and if many are to stupid to tralize this quite possibly YOU are too stupid to vote come November. Obama is a radical who is out to distroy as many Christians as he can because he is the President of the Muslim Brotherhood. WakeUp!!!

    • eddie47d

      Obama is not the president of the Muslim Brotherhood. So your lack of knowledge offers nothing.

      • Christopher Romero

        I don’t think that Obama is the President of the Muslin Brotherhood, I think that he is person with lock of education who hates the United States of America with all his heart, and the only way he can destroy this Country is destroying our two more powerful forces our economy and our Christian Religions. If we don’t stop him right now, right now, it is going to be too late. The economy is already destroyed. Our Christian faith is fighting against corruption, morality, abortion, drugs, sex, and the four top bananas in the White House and the Federal Government. I think the time is ripe for the American People to wake up and do whatever has to be done, otherwise start looking for another Country to relocate.

      • Maynard Runkle

        Since when is morality considered a bad thing?
        For your better understanding, you should become aware that true Muslims believe in the Old Testament, including the Ten Commandments. They claim klnship with Jews and Christians through Abraham who was encouraged to father an heir by his wife Sarah, who was barren. He had an heir with an Egyptian slave woman. The son’s name was Ismael and he grew up to be the progenitor of the Muslim people including Mohammed. Then, Sarah, unexpectedly, found herself expecting. This son was named Isaac and naturally she wanted her son, little Isaac, to inherit his father’s considerable estate. So, she nagged Abraham until he forced his slave concubine and Ismael out into the desert wih a loaf of bread and a jug of wine. According to the Bible, God took pity on them and produced a spring of water to spare them from dying of thirst.
        The Al Qaeda was formed by our CIA to fight the Soviets in Afghanistan. Then they became a handy scapegoat to justify the military-industrial complex’s war machine when the commies faded as a true threat. Yes, I know many of you think anybody who wants to help people with their problems such as health, housing, jobs, education (Just about anything but military, roads and police) is a “commie.”
        Evidence that the Arabs or Muslims did not create Al Qaeda is the fact that it means “toilet” in Arabic. No self-respecting group anywhere in the world would name themselves “toilet.” The CIA must get quite a chuckle out of that.
        Al Qaeda, like Osama bin Laden causing 9/11, (NOT!) is just more propaganda to trick you into hating, which is not hard for a lot of you.
        Bin Laden, by the way, immediately condemned 9/11 and denied involvement. It was the fake video “found” in Afghanistan, with an imposter playing the part, who convinced all you unsuspecting “patriots” to believe the preplanned lie. You can see the difference if you look up Osama images on the internet.
        Obama had Osama killed in a clever ruse to gain some brownie points. But it didn’t trick those of you who insist he (Obama not Osama) is the anti-Christ, Stalin and Lenin, and/or the Ayatollah’s right hand man, all rolled up into one.
        Rumsfeld was right, “9/11 is a blessing in disguise.” It was for him and war profiteers like Bush I (the Carlyle Group), Cheney (Halliburton) and others who got lucrative no-bid contracts for our wars while having others risk their lives and pay the bills.

    • Deborah

      Brad~ you are correct, if all of the stupid people come out to vote in November, Obama is almost certain to continue his reign. He has NO interest in the welfare of Americans or the USA. If he is allowed another 4 years, Christianity in this country will become a 4-letter word.

      • Mamamia

        Lets not blame the downfall of christianity on Obama. You mention the economy, morality, corruption, drugs and sex???? Hello Deborah….. I believe these things were here long, long, long before Obama. Stop using him as a scapegoat for the whole demonic evolution of the government.

      • Mike in MI

        Right on, RIGHT ON, Mamamia -
        Obama hasn’t been the downfall of Christianity.
        The downfall of Christianity is the demoninations of “christianity”. I call it christ-inanity. Good grief, they can’t even read. So they say, “Well, it’s all according to your interpretation.”
        “Knowing this FIRST, no prophecy of the scripture is of ANY private (Greek: idios -”one’s own”) interpretation.” II Peter 1:20 Let it speak for Itself or leave it alone and go be a politician. (No, don’t screw that up, too.)

  • box-bb-car

    Unfortunately. the Christians in Syria are screwed either way. They are going from bad to worse. I went to college with a Syrian Christian, and he related enough to know that the Assad’s were no friends to Christians by any means. And that is and will ever be the fate of a non-muslim in a muslim ruled nation

  • Jamie Cameron

    sounds like were getting the Ozo reach-o-round bill for it ,all while he brakes his on Laws. and to think Bill got a BJ and got booted for not telling

  • Steve Brown

    Under Obama…. we don’t use the word terrorist, or war on terrorism… Obama is so OBVIOUSLY OBummer for any real American Patriot… America has lost its soul under this administration… only you can vote and change it.

    • eddie47d

      Amin of Uganda was a Muslim and killed thousands of Christians. When the Christians took over Christians killed Muslims. Revenge has solved nothing and in Uganda it unleashed the terrible acts by Christian Kony. It come down more so to who has the power rather than what religion you belong to. In the Middle East if the Sunni’s have the power then the Shiites suffer and if the Shiites are in power the Sunni’s suffer. The people in power have to have enemies in order to control people and that only continues the divisions and the killings.

      • Mike in MI

        eddie -
        THAT’S why it isn’t a good idea to involve oneself over much in other countries’
        affairs. Build a strong economy with your own resources, be frugal, be wise, buy what you need, keep our own government honest.
        BUT,… too late for that. (In a “representative” republic system like ours the people would have to be honest and wise, first. Too bad we have almost completely abandoned the only Book that conveys W-I-S-D-O-M from generation to generation.)
        Oh well, God knew that men, refusing to do things His Way with His help would inevitably come eventually to such a point as this.

      • Kate8

        Mike in MI – This is so important that I posted it in a couple of places. I can’t stress its urgency enough.

        I feel that I have to post this, and I trust that everyone who really wants to know what this government is doing…has already done…will check it out.

        This man is an ex-marine who actually worked on the FEMA documents for martial law back in the Reagan days. Since then there have been many laws and EOs put in place for implementation, and it’s all now coming to fruition. As soon as the dollar crashes, or some other type of event occurs, it’s over for us. Martial law is already in place. The UN has already been handed our sovereignty. Has anyone noticed that we no longer have a voice, and that the Constitution is not given any relevance? Because these “laws” clearly state that when the UN is in control, the peopl HAVE NO VOICE AT ALL about what transpires in America.

        He was scheduled to go on Alex Jones yesterday in order to give the American people information that we need to know SO WE CAN ACT POSTHASTE. At the last minute, Alex Jones cancelled his appearance without so much as mentioning it on air, as thousands were tuned in to hear it. I am coming to believe that Alex Jones’ job is to keep us panicked and lead us to surrender to the NWO, and he was not willing to let us hear this info. No one else is telling us this stuff.

        It seems that our government has had plans, for decades, to kill tens of thousands of Americans at any given time, with not so much as a second thought. Our higher military leaders have sold out to Obama and the UN.

        It’s really up to us now to act. Remember, there were those who gave warning to the Jews that Hitler was setting them up… and they refused to believe it. Now it’s Christians, conservatives, Tea Party and militia who are being set up as homeland terrorists (the recent shootings are to reinforce and justify this notion, and more are sceduled to occur).

        I don’t care if most of you won’t believe me. Don’t. But for the love of God, look into it. Look into Pete’s information…he has provided official documentation and personal insider knowledge. He doesn’t care that he could be Breitbarted…he wants to save us. He’s a United States Marine. One who has awakened.

        BTW, to his horror, he voted for Obama because he was so dismayed by Bush.

        God save America.

      • mark

        Kate8, the Marine you are referring to has already been debunked on numerous websites as a paranoid fraud making money off feeding into frightened people like yourself’s delusions about the End of America. America will be around hundreds of years after all these loony-tunes have perished.

      • Mike in MI

        K88 – Love you,dear. Thanks for the heads up.
        There isn’t a person who loves this nation who hasn’t got a bull’s eye on their chest or a price on their head. I figured it had to come soon…just wonder what the precipitating incident will be?
        It doesn’t matter to me anymore. I know what they’re doing will only bring the return of Jesus Christ that much closer. The only thing they fear and hate the worst is God’s Word – the Book of Christianity – because It is the only thing that they can’t fight…can’t beat. I know beyond a shadow of a doubt that I have eternal life and all God’s promises for now and for the future.
        I know this system of kings and kingdoms, flesh and blood, gold and all the guns is nothing compared to what God has in store for His kids. Then God will set up something new as He sees fit. Then everything that man likes to fight and war over will no longer be part of the system or bear the same importance.
        Even if it were all a lie – I’ve had more fun doing it His way than I ever did doing things all my own way…and Forever ahead to boot.
        Thanks, Daddy.

        Thanx K88.

      • Kate8

        mark – Yes, I’ve seen the left-wing government sites which try to debunk him. Duh. They go after anyone who speaks the truth. Like Breitbart. In fact, Obama has a pile of bodies in his back yard that is stacking up higher every day.

      • Kate8

        Mike in MI – Yes, of course, I agree with you on that. We must first trust in the Lord, and know that He is in Control. Of course He is…there is no power but His Power.

        However, He also works through us, and there is a reason He sends the Voice of Elijah through a few who are courageous enough to stand up. Pete is telling us what no one else will, what no one else dares… because he also is trying to tell us how we can take back our own sovereinty. Alex Jones keeps telling us to stand down, that there is nothing we can do, and that he’ll “take a bullet” for his family. Swell. I say that he is either a coward, or an operative. I have suspected him for some time, since people who have tried to enlist his help to get out secret info have turned up dead. Like Breitbart.

        I sometimes feel like I don’t care anymore, too. But then, something tells me that God works through His people, and He commands us to warn others of what we know, else we have their blood on our own hands through our silence. We have the very short opportunity to stand up and refuse, to speak to our local law enforcement and military brethren, and to sound the alarm. Should we simply lay down because of what is printed in a book? How do we really know that isn’t part of the NWO plan? Perhaps we should spend more time listening to His Voice within us, and see if giving up is right thing to do.

      • Kate8
  • Joni Walker-Seier

    It is shameful that the MSM in our country fails to present this truth. I find it terribly disturbing. In addition, my heart goes out to these Christians who are suffering such persecution. But for the grace of God, there go I. And, if we don’t change the course of our country, we may very likely experience the same type of persecution.

    • mark

      What the article fails to tell you is that these very same Syrian Christians, along with the Alowite and Druze minorities, backed this murderous Assad regime for decades while it committed horrendous atrocities against the Sunni majority. Mr. Livingston conveniently leaves this fact out of his analysis. A cruel and dictatorial minority gov’t is about to fall in Syria, just as the apartheid, white minority gov’t collapsed in South Africa in the early 1990s.

      • Mike in MI

        Mark -
        There isn’t any chance those Sunni’s who were the “majority” PARTY (but not the total “majority”) would have attempted to MORE brutally controlled everything – as they are now, is there? Unless the Assads’ “brutal control” of the brutal Sunni’s had been brutally effective everything would have been Islamically brutal as only the muslims can be on everyone.
        Hell, before you know it, such people, left to their own devices, will have a hejab on every thing female – including the family dog and subject to a fatwa for sneezing at an hour of prayer.
        Saddam Hussien kept them, same nuts/different shell, under control in Iraq, until he was toppled. That was a mistake to let that genie out of that bottle,
        What do you think will happen here in this instance? Something different? LIBERALS – - – can’t even see past the end of your collective nose. Western Sunnis, that’s what you are…western Sunnis.

      • mark

        No Mike, actually the Sunnis are the overwhelming majority in Syria. They make up 77% of the population vs. 12% for the Alowites (Assad’s group); 8% Christians; and 3% Druze. As for their brutality, sure they have shown quite a propensity for brutality – they’re almost as brutal as Americans when you factor in our murder rates and the hundreds of thousands we have killed in Iraq, Afghanistan, VIetnam, Korea, etc. All human beings, religious groups, and militaries have an enormous propensity and proven track record for brutality. The United States had around 21,000 gun murders last year. Mass shooting in our nation are about as all-American as apple pie, barbeque, and country music. And the Middle East’s record for political and religious murder is very high as well. You’re right there.

      • Kate8

        The truth is that Christians are being targeted everywhere, including here in the US.

        I remember a time when being a Christian was a thing of respect and trust. And, in fact, you could trust most people, as most people were Christians in America. Who would have ever thought that the day would come when being a Christian would subject you to derision and contempt?

        Yet, over the years, we have been steered away from all things decent and honorable, and what is bad is now called good, and what has always been good is now called bad…

        And now we have Christians, conservatives and the like being set up just like the Jews were under Hitler. And the Christians, too, BTW, since there were actually more Christians killed by the NAZIs than Jews… We are being villified and demonized everywhere. Just look at the sentiments expressed here from the liberal paid troll faction… and, BTW, they are paid to do just that: stir up angst and confusion among conservative bloggers. If we say anything even close to the truth, they set off on a rant of ridicule.

        In the past the “lone-wolf shooters” have always been branded “conservative”, “militia” or some similar thing, even though it was a huge lie. Now is no different, and it’s being amped up because the actual persecution of us is imminent. They need to get us out of the way if they are to complete their plans. So we are being branded as “homeland terrorists” using these CIA false flag shootings by mind-controlled MKultra victims…just like we were told would happen by patriots like William Cooper decades ago. And the next step is to disarm us.

        I guess if we are okay with being yanked out of our beds at 3AM by brownshirts, then we should just ignore the signs. That’s what history attests always happens. But what about our children? Are we really willing to sacrifice them in order to maintain our normalcy bias for a short time?

        I’m here to tell you that it is time for action. NOW. The last shoe is about to drop (and I mean any day), and when it does, it’s over.

        All patriots should contact their local militia. We ARE the militia. And we ARE our only hope, by the strength of God.

        BTW, how many of you know that Obama is the president of the UN Security Council? The UN is a Muslim majority. Is that not a conflict of interest, since it is incumbent on him to put our nation’s sovereignty first? Of course, we all know he does not. In fact, it is his job to put us under UN control, which he HAS DONE.

      • Gray

        So, it is your claim that out of the 12,000 total murders in the US last year, 21,000 were committed with a firearm? So, how does that work, having 9,000 more people murdered with a gun than were murdered in total?

    • Mike in MI

      Joni -
      They’re LIBERALS. They’re 2x smarter than God Almighty and 5x as compassionate.

  • kategray

    Traitor! His OATH OF OFFICE means nothing to the PRETENDER. By cutting defense spending and using our tax-dollars to fund syira he has Threatened the fabric of AMERICA.

    • mark

      No, he’s not funding Syria, he’s funding the rebels (with a pittance by the way) who are trying to overthrow the Syrian gov’t. Try to stick with some semblance of reality here.

  • Gear4War

    There is no question that Obama doesn’t care what happens to the Christian communities either here or the middle east. I believe that the only reason he has even spoken of his Christian conversion or faith is because of political expediancy. I think neither one is genuine. His real “faith” is in his socialist ideology and his belief in his ability to convince others with his lies. The man is only interested in continuing the assault on the American ideal using the methods he learned from Saul Alinsky and his real father Frank Marshall Davis.

    • eddie47d

      Since the G Bush wars set the tone for animosity against Christians in the Middle East I would say you already “geared up for war”. So how is that working out? So please tell us who were Bush’s mentors and how did those methods benefit us.

    • Paul Wells

      Ding, ding, ding, ding!! We have a winner. Obama, narcissistic socialist Obama is only concerned about Obama. The rest of you can all eat cake, apologies to Marie Antoinette!

  • junkmail

    Christians are vermin and need to be destroyed, so says the koran and barry

  • Chester

    Al Qaida isn’t in there, yet, but failure on our part to support the rebels will guarantee them a place at the table when it comes time to divvy up the goodies afterward. Do a bit more study than just what Faux puts out and you might actually learn something. Too bad Fox News is as warped as its owner, or they could actually do a decent job.

    • Bob Livingston

      Dear Chester,

      You write: “Al Qaida isn’t in there, yet,” You are wrong.

      Best wishes,

  • Liberterian

    Are we not our own worst enemies. Revolution doesn’t alays mean good things are about to happen, you must evaluate the players first, don’t do wishful thinking. You may live to regret your impulsive action.

    • DaveH

      Our Government should butt out of other countries’ business. If their citizens don’t like the direction their countries are going in, then they should do something about it, without the interference of self-serving US Leaders and their Crony Capitalists.

      • Doubting Thomas

        Simple, direct, accurate and to the point. But so, so, anti-American. Don’t you want to spread democracy everywhere? Don’t you what to stop socialism?

      • Nadzieja Batki

        Doubting Thomas, which variety of Americanism are you pushing.
        We are stuck with the leftover idiocy of Liberal churches of the 1800 who ran around the world pushing the busybody social gospel to people who just wanted the goodies of western civilization.
        Feed the kitty, you are stuck with kitty.

  • Doubting Thomas

    The united Stated has been meddling in the middle east without any care for the repercussions since the end of WWII. It was our backing of the Shah of Iran that caused their Muslim revolution. So why be surprised now or make a big deal of a few churches being attacked. Anything that is done to bring down the fall of the Syrian regime is good for Israel. The christian religion isn’t any better than any other bogus religious cult anyhoo. Religion is all about control and they are all against your personal liberty. Just ask any right-to-lifer who wants to step all over every woman’s right to self-determination. Are you libertarians or conservative republicans? America’s job has always been WAR. We don’t care who, what or where. Bring on the war, it’s good for American merchants of death. And they are the best! The best at what they do. Give stinger missiles to the Afghans, to bring down Soviet Helicopters. Surprised when they are used to bring down NATO force helicopters now??? Wake up you hypocrites. We love WAR. Quit picking on the black guy just cause he isn’t white enough on the outside. He is George W. Bush white on the inside!

  • linda

    obamas color has nothing to do with who he is and that he lies wake up you stupied ones and vote him out !

  • mark

    Dear Mr. Livingston

    What your slanted, and misinformed article conveniently fails to tell the readers is that the current, murderous Assad goverment is already a firm ally of Islamist Iran, Hamas, Russia, and China (the latter 2 countries have blocked any tough sanctions against Assad in the UN). Also, Mr. Livingston, the U.S. did not orchestrate the overthrow of the Mubarek dictatorship. Eighty million Egyptians did that and nothing the U.S. could have done short of a massive invasion with hundreds of thousands of U.S. troops could have kept Mubarek on his throne. Christians are a tiny minority in Syria. The wishes of the massive Sunni majority naturally override those of Christians particularly since the Christians, along with the Alowite minority, have for so long supported this murderous regime and turned a blind eye to the slaugher of Sunnis by the Assads. Not a single Syrian Christian protested the massacre of 20,000 Sunnis in Hama in 1982 by Assad’s father. Why? Because they supported Assad as they do his son’s dictatorship over the majority Sunni population. Syrian Christians were and are complicit in numerous atrocities against the Sunni majority. What can the U.S do to prevent atrocities against Chriistians – short of U.S. armed intervention? Continue to support this monstrous regime that is killing far more Sunnis than the opposition is killing Christians? Rather than give some measured support to the rebels? I think not.

    So the U.S. is confronted, as most nations are in foreign policy, with not one good choice and one bad choice – but rather with two awful choices. Support the current Iran-backed, Hamas and Russian-allied, Assad gov’t or take one’s chance with a possibly even more Islamist new gov’t with Al Qaeda connections, etc. Either choice hurts U.S. interests. The reality is that there are no easy solutions or pro-U.S. goverments in the region due to our one-sided and interventionist alliance with Israel. Saudi Arabia is duplicitous and double-dealing, so was Mubarek. Mubarek has already fallen and Saudi Arabia’s monarchy will no doubt collapse soon as well. There is nothing the United States can do to determine the destiny of 300 million Muslims in the Middle East. It is up to them and they are putting their lives on the line to overthrow dictatorial gov’ts right and left. This does not mean of course that the successor gov’ts will be much better.

    As for an anti-Christian policy, we should not have neither a pro or an anti-Christian policy there. We should have an American policy which in my opinion should be as non-interventionist as possible and include cutting off much of our current aid to Israel. Thankfully, President Obama is not following the horrific lead of the last adminstration by putting hundreds of thousands of U.S. boots on the ground in Syria and making a horrible situation even worse, as you note that Bush did in Iraq. In neither the recent Libyan nor the current Syrian civil war has President Obama intervened with U.S ground troops. The results are already very well known to the American people – zero U.S. dead, zero U.S. wounded, zero U.S. captured in the Libyan Civil War. The exact same zero U.S. casualties count will hold true in Syrian – thanks to President Obama’s policy. We cannot determine the outcome of other people’s struggles except at the margins – and even then you can never foretell the outcomes. And we should not intervene directly in those struggles. President Obama is rejecting Senators McCain and Graham’s call for U.S. aerial intervention in this civil war and the president is absolutely right in this case.

    • Bob Livingston

      Dear mark,

      You write: “What your slanted, and misinformed article conveniently fails to tell the readers is that the current, murderous Assad goverment is already a firm ally of Islamist Iran, Hamas, Russia, and China (the latter 2 countries have blocked any tough sanctions against Assad in the UN).” You know much less than you think. Iran, Russia and China, yes. Hamas no. But isn’t China our friend? They own our debt and produce most of our products?

      You write: “Also, Mr. Livingston, the U.S. did not orchestrate the overthrow of the Mubarek dictatorship. Eighty million Egyptians did that and nothing the U.S. could have done short of a massive invasion with hundreds of thousands of U.S. troops could have kept Mubarek on his throne.” Oh, but the US did orchestrate the coup, as I outlined here. (hint: follow the links). I also suggest for your reading pleasure a book by John Perkins, “Confessions of an Economic Hit Man.”

      You write: “So the U.S. is confronted, as most nations are in foreign policy, with not one good choice and one bad choice – but rather with two awful choices.” There is a third choice. Non-intervention.

      You write: “As for an anti-Christian policy, we should not have neither a pro or an anti-Christian policy there. We should have an American policy which in my opinion should be as non-interventionist as possible and include cutting off much of our current aid to Israel.” Should be completely non-interventionist and should cut out all foreign aid to Israel and other countries.

      You write: ” In neither the recent Libyan nor the current Syrian civil war has President Obama intervened with U.S ground troops.” You are correct. He was content to slaughter thousands of Libyans from the air and arm and finance al-Qaida and the Muslim Brotherhood there. In Syria, he’s content to aid al-Qaida with money and weapons.

      You write: “We cannot determine the outcome of other people’s struggles except at the margins – and even then you can never foretell the outcomes.” Obama did not determine Libya’s outcome “at the margins.” Without NATO (read US) intervention there the rebellion would have been crushed. The US CIA determined the outcome in Egypt. The US determined the outcome in Bahrain, when US troops fired on Bahrain “rebels” and quashed that Arab Spring uprising. There are very few countries now in which the US has not determined the outcome.

      In short, mark, you know not of what you speak… or you’re being intentionally deceptive.

      Best wishes,

      • mark

        Dear Bob,

        Without tens of thousands of Libyans willing to die fighting to overthrow the tyrant Gaddafi, no amount of U.S air power would have had any effect in Libya. The argument you are making is an old canard that you can find, for instance in the 18th-century British colonial archives, that there was no “American” Revolution. The whole operation was a French plot. While it is true that the French supplied the Americans with 75% of the arms and money to fight their war of independence and French troops under Rochambeau and naval forces under DeGrasse were decisive in winning the key battle of Yorktown, no one today would deny the genuine character of the American Revolution for sovereignty and a new form of government.

        The same is true for the recent Egytian and Libyan revolutions – and indeed, the whole Arab Spring, a world historical event that according to you, Bob, is simply a CIA plot. This is a bizarre assertion coming from a Libertarian who apparently cannot fathom that people prefer to live free – and not under tyrranny. The CIA didn’t overthrow Mubarek, the Egyptian people, starting with massive demonstrations following the populist revolution in Tunisia, and eventually the Egyptian Army, unseated him. The Obama gov’t hesitated for weeks unable to make a decision on a collapsing Mubarek until it was clear from the mounting Egyptian – not CIA opposition (The CIA loved Mubarek. All the help with renditions, intelligence, and his pro-Israel stand) – that he was finished. The United States is not that all-powerful. This is a New World Order fantasy that has been disproven over and over again – in Vietnam, in Iraq, and currently in Afghanistan.

        To your deep concerns for the slaughtered Libyan people, Bob, you expressed little of this while Gaddafi killed them over his 40 year dictatorship or for the Syrian people when the Assads slaughtered them – aided by the Syrian Christians – over the last 40 years and are still massacring them today. Your concern for Arab civilian casualties appears highly selective. Also, Bahrainian – and not U.S. troops – fired on protesters there although both the U.S and U.K. definitely support the dictatorial gov’t of Bahrain. And the Assad regime does support Hamas as well as Hezbollah. No Al Qaeda gov’t rules in Libya and none will rule in Egypt or Syria either. They are small-scale players. Gov’ts of a more Islamist character will definitely emerge in all three nations but this is the majority will. The U.S. cannot determine foreign outcomes despite the fantasies of the neocons that all went up in flames in Iraq, or the delusion of an all powerful CIA that you subscribe to. It only makes sense to seek good terms with what will eventually be the new gov’t in Syria and is already the new gov’t in Egypt.

        Best, mark

        • Bob Livingston

          Dear mark,

          You write: “Without tens of thousands of Libyans willing to die fighting to overthrow the tyrant Gaddafi, no amount of U.S air power would have had any effect in Libya.” There were not “tens of thousands of Libyans willing to die fighting to overthrow” Gadhafi. Fighters were shipped in from all over Africa and the Middle East. I have provided links to document this.

          You write: “The same is true for the recent Egytian and Libyan revolutions – and indeed, the whole Arab Spring, a world historical event that according to you, Bob, is simply a CIA plot.” I have provided links that document the CIA’s involvement in the “so-called” Arab Spring and the Occupy Wall Street movement. There is a common thread.

          You write: “The CIA didn’t overthrow Mubarek, the Egyptian people, starting with massive demonstrations following the populist revolution in Tunisia, and eventually the Egyptian Army, unseated him.” You are either ignorant of world events or a Bilderberg/new world order disinformation operative.

          You write: “To your deep concerns for the slaughtered Libyan people, Bob, you expressed little of this while Gaddafi killed them over his 40 year dictatorship or for the Syrian people when the Assads slaughtered them – aided by the Syrian Christians – over the last 40 years and are still massacring them today. Your concern for Arab civilian casualties appears highly selective.” Neither the Libyans nor the Syrians were as oppressed as you’ve been led to believe.

          You write: “Also, Bahrainian – and not U.S. troops – fired on protesters there although both the U.S and U.K. definitely support the dictatorial gov’t of Bahrain.” I have provided links documenting the participation of U.S. troops in quelling the Bahrainian uprising which was one of the few “organic” uprisings of Arab Spring.

          You write: ” The U.S. cannot determine foreign outcomes despite the fantasies of the neocons that all went up in flames in Iraq, or the delusion of an all powerful CIA that you subscribe to.” The U.S. has been installing puppet governments around the world for more than half a century.

          I have provided evidence to document all of my assertions. It is all on my site, and you have been here long enough to have availed yourself of it if you chose. All you provide is conjecture and unbacked assertions.

          I have written about you.

          Best wishes,

    • NearEasternChristian

      What you don’t seem to understand that Syria was once nearly 100% Aramaic Christian. It was the invasion of the barbaric Gulf state Arabs – the same ones who are financing Al Qaeda today – who committed massacre after massacre against those Christians in the early centuries of Islamic conquest. The ancestors of today’s Sunnis were once nearly all Christians. The Sunni barbarisms against the Christians of Syria continued throughout the centuries – hence the reason why there is only a tiny minority of Christians today in what was once a bastion of Christianity.

      Throughout the centuries of the Ottoman (Sunni) era, Christian children were kidnapped from their families – the boys to be trained as janissaries and then set upon their own communities while the girls – usually kidnapped at the age of 9 – were repeatedly raped in the Sultan’s and Sheik’s harems.. It was only the rising of the Alevis that finally gave the Christians of Syria some respite. If the Christians didn’t protest the killing of 20,000 Sunnis, it’s because they actually remember the centuries of massacre, kidnapping, rape and theft that were inflicted upon them by the Sunnis – who are themselves the self-hating, forcibly-converted descendants of Christians.

      The Sunnis – with whom our colossally stupid government has allied itself in Saudi Arabia, Egypt, and now Syria – are – and always have been – the most intolerant, backward-looking, murderous cult on the planet.

      History didn’t begin in the 20th century.

      • Kate8

        NearEasternChristian – Extremely well said.

        The truth gets in the way of today’s globalist agenda, and history has been completely revised to promote the liberal ideologies. Just ask any liberal about history and you won’t think you lived on the same planet.

        Christianity has NEVER worshiped death. Islamic factions and liberals are death cults.

        Amazing how things get twisted and “adjusted” to serve those in power, or who want to gain power.

  • SJJolly

    Because Obama is providing (very limited) aid to the anti-Assad rebels, and with White House officials seeking to limit the aid to non-terrorist-linked groups, he is funding al-Qaeda? That’s stretching the anti-Obama creed to the shreading point, Mr Livingston.

    “Those rebels include al-Qaida terrorists who have fought against U.S. troops in Afghanistan and Iraq.” Probably true, considering that the anti-Assad forces are composed of a wide range of groups, with no overall authority to ban groups from participating. By reliable reports, there never were more than 100 al-Qaeda involved in fighting in Afghanistan, with not a lot more in Iraq. After over a decade of special attention from US and allied forces, there are not likely to be enough left to be significant force in Syria.

    • Bob Livingston

      Dear SJJolly,

      You write: ” By reliable reports, there never were more than 100 al-Qaeda involved in fighting in Afghanistan, with not a lot more in Iraq.” Please show me these “reliable reports.”

      Best wishes,

      • bwhyler

        Calling all Liberals in the USA, please pack up your things and move to Canada where only total idiots are allowed to live. Leave anyday now. Just call any local AMERICAN and they will assist with the packing.

        • http://incerely, truesoy


          The worldin which you live and take all the benefits and comfort from is a liberal onend all that you have but take from granted is the byproduct of liberal thought, for if it had been up to the conservative mind we would still be living on a flat earth around which all planets and the sun revolves, and certainly no woman would have the right to vote because conservatives they were too ‘stuoid’ to know better, and of course civil rights would be just a fantasy dream because, again, the conservatives, whether democrats or republicans were always opposed to it. And that’s not ll, but I think you should get the picture.
          So, as you can see you fight for conservative causes while enjoying the fruits of liberalism.
          I don’t know how smar that is, but I think it is not much.


      • eddie47d

        Bwyler maybe we should take you up on that since you all say they have all the oil. Also you say Liberals are slackers then I reckon you’ll have to pitch in bus fare too. LOL!

  • http://incerely, truesoy

    Why are christians always crying ‘persecution’?


    • Nadzieja Batki

      Why is it that you don’t like Christians?

      • http://incerely, truesoy

        Nadzieja B;

        I like christians, the real ones. But I don’t like the fake ones, the ones that pretend christianity for their self-serving purpose, for those are fake christians, and these are the ones to cry ‘persecution at every opportunity when they don’t get heir way. And they do this because they know there is no better way to get sympathy than to be the ‘victim’.
        Most self-proclaimed ‘christians’ on this site I find them to be a confused, and othrs to be a self-serving lot for whom christianity is nothing more than a tool of their trade.
        They are by the most part oblivious to the purpose and role of their government and want to tear down along with the country, as if this was their call to duty, yet, they call thenselves patriots and christians. And they even end every call to violence and/or using their 2d amendment right to reach their objective, as if this was a patriotic endeavour of divine design.
        Yes, these are mostly misguided people, but others are some real doozies.


      • Smilee

        WHAT??? Nothing he said indicates he does not like Christians, So quit the spin!!!

      • http://naver samurai

        You should just ignore them as they are enemies of God and Jesus. FOR GOD AND COUNTRY! 하나님하고 나라를 위해서!

        You need both love of country and faith in God to be a patriot. This leaves truesoy and smilee out.

        “A true Christian is a true citizen.”

        Theodore Roosevelt

        • truesoy


          The secret is in the ‘true’ part of the statement. Maybe you overlooked that.
          Read it again.


      • http://naver samurai

        The same could be said about indifferent ramblings by the atheists and their lying cries of separation of church and state. They are the ones actually crying persecution just for seeing the Ten Commandments or maybe someone praying in public. Now this is not the way our government was set up. I shall continue to tell the truth about our country being based on Chrisitna principles, so why don’t you stop lying about us being secular? No such thing when 99.98% of American was Christian during the time of the drafting of the Constitution. FOR GOD AND COUNTRY! 하나님하고 나라를 위해서!

        You need both love of country and faith in God to be a patriot. This leaves you out.

        “Duty is ours, results are God’s.”

        John Quincy Adams

        • pissed of & liberal

          Oliver Goldsmith unce wrote that ” every absurdity has a champion to defend it “. you are living proof that he was right. because the idea that a modern goverment could be run according to particular religious interpretation is one of the biggest absurdities i’ve ever heard of. in the modern world countries are incresingly becoming ” melting pots ” attracting people of different races and faiths. the type of goverment you descibe became obsolete centuries ago and would not last long if implamented today. and another thing it’s people like you that is making the chuch suffer on the global scale the world advances all around you growing,evolving, and changing as is natural in life but you and others like you slow the chuch’s progress by insisting on putting god in a very tiny box and saying ” this is the way to worship him agree with me or go to hell” which is why islam is gaining ground because it tries to move forward away from fundalmentilism while christianity insists on draging it’s collective feet. food for thought.

        • Smilee

          Sammie it is not possible to tell the truth if you do not know the truth and you certainly do not know the truth. That is not deliberately lying but lying never the less on your part. Also the SC on many occasions has said there is separation of church and state in the first amendment something else you seem not to be able to understand but still claim you know better than the courts, such arrogance!! It ruins your credibility.

  • Jeremy Leochner

    I do not know if Al Queda has connections to the Syrian uprising. I believe there is legitimate suffering in Syria and that there is popular opposition to the regime. Whether the President is fully aware of the full situation in Syria I do not know. I know that he would never willing and knowingly fund Al Queda.

    In regard to the accusation of anti christian policy. I would say countless Muslim and Jewish civilians have also died. I am not saying its okay for anyone to die. In fact my point is its not okay to have collateral damage, not just christian collateral damage. I think the administration is regarding civilian casualties as collateral damage, not just christian casualties.

  • Berislav Momcilovic

    Here we have another exercise of Moslem “generosity”. They do not kill Christian, they do not ruin the Chrisatian churches. It’s only that bad guuy of Al Asad. Do you realy beleive this hog wash of Moslem propaganda? If you do still beleive, why don’t visit a Christian church in Saudi Arabia and our other dear mighty oil Arab Moslem friends. Or get you “burka” ready for your wife, your sisters, and your daughters..

    • Jeremy Leochner

      You see the problem is the lies and atrocities of nations like Saudi Arabia do not represent Muslims or Islam. If a Muslim in power says something that does not make it the opinion and belief of all Muslims. There are Muslims who are kind and law abiding citizens both in America and around the world. When they say that Islam inspires them to be good citizens its not propaganda. Its what they truly believe. Since they attribute their goodness to Islam I can only take their side. Its hard for me to believe that Muslim generosity is propaganda when there are Muslims who are generous and who do not ruin churches or kill Christians. Muslims are not the enemy. Extremism is the enemy. And its the enemy of Muslims and Non Muslims alike.

  • MasterBlaster

    Bohoo, bohooo. All you bleeding hearts out there stoop fretting about what’s going on halfway around the world, and concern yourselves with what’s going on your own back yard. We have a decaying economy, a corrupt government, morons running Congress, people out of work, money being thrown around on welfare and illegal immigrants, and you’re moaning and groaning about the ragheads in the Middle East. This “disruption” has been going on since the days of King Herod, and will keep going on as long as the elite remains in power and countries are being run by the clergy. It’s time for some isolation, and time to start fixing the problems at home. And for Pete’s sake, insist that our government stop wasting billions of our dollars on financial aid to countries that don’t even like us, but laugh in our faces on their way to the bank…a Chinese bank, by the way. So it goes…

    • moonbeam

      Absolutely right, MB. But the idiot(s) ruling America think they can change what is biblical in proportion. They’ve been fighting in the ME for thousands of years and that ain’t gonna change until the people effect change. That’s how we did it here, and dog-gone it, looks like we’re going to have to do it again.

      WE THE PEOPLE against Tyranny.

      Tyranny will never learn, so looks like we’re going to have to put tyranny over our collective knees and give it a really good, hard, stinging, bruising spanking with the rod of indignation, whose business end is Our Beloved Constitution USA! USA! USA!


  • moonbeam

    Here’s a message from one of our own in the armed forces. Take heed people!

    • http://incerely, truesoy


      Really, moonbeam? a soldier? I doubt it.
      Either way it sounds more like a ‘nutjob’ with a bible. And boy, are they coming out of the woodswork, lately!!!.


      • http://naver samurai

        I guess an atheist nut job, like you, would know these things? She is a Christian and patriot, but, of course, this leaves you out. At least she served, so why didn’t you? No nads? No beliefe in service, honor, and duty to country? Enough said to you coward and traitor. FOR GOD AND COUNTRY! 하나님하고 나라를 위해서!

        You need both love of country and faith in God to be a patriot. This leaves you out.

        “A patriot must be a religious man.”

        Thomas Jefferson

        • pissed of & liberal

          Hey samurai remember me? have’nt heard from you in while and was getting worried. now that we’re caught up just wanted to ask a quick queston. where in the bible does it say you can.t belive in ” honor,service,or duty ” without beibg a religious nut?

          • http://naver samurai

            First, what is this of stuff? Don’t you mean off? Second, I know this is you Kang. You and your megalomania would be the only ones that would come to a thread 7 – 8 months old. I guess that you went under the name truesoy, smilee, or both. I’ll make a deal with you, show me where is says you can be a patriot without belief in God, Jesus, and the Bible, from any book, chapter, or verse in the Bible, then I’ll answer your question. If Jesus could make the similar stance against the lawyers and scribes from the temple, it is good enough to be done now. Of course, you won’t find anything. There are many passages where you can read about soldiers calling on the name of God and He helping them to win against many enemies. There are many in 1 & 2 Samuel, 1 & 2 Kings, and 1 & 2 Chronicles, so just read and learn. Just because someone believes in Christianity, God, Jesus, etc., does not make them a nut, but being an atheist is being a nut case. Here is something from Wild Bill about a liberals (5th column) worst fear.


            Take the hint. FOR GOD AND COUNTRY! 하나님하고 나라를 위해서!

            You need both love of country and faith in God to be a patriot. This leaves you out as there are no atheists in fox holes.

            “And moreover to them who believed their faith was to be counted as righteousness. Not that faith without works was to save them; St. James c. 2 says expressly to the contrary; and all make the fundamental pillars of Christianity to be faith and repentance. So that a reformation of life (included under repentance) was essential, and the defects of this would be made up by their faith; i.e. their faith should be counted for righteousness…The Epistles were written to persons already Christians. A person might be a Christian then before they were written…the fundamentals of Christianity were to be found in the preaching of our Savior (Jesus), which is related in the gospels.”

            Thomas Jefferson
            Notes on Religion 1776

            *He believed Jesus was our Savior. Ergo, he was no deist.

        • truesoy


          I don’t know if you know that Jefferson was a ‘ deist’. He reference to ‘a Natures God’, but also he did not think to highly of christianity either, and made some very horrific accusations against it. Jefferson also made som ‘adjustments’ to the Gospel. Have you heard of the Jefferson Bible? it is no myth, it sits in the Library of Congress.
          And while I’m not arguing, either against, or in favor of the quote, I must also remind you of the many quotations attibuted to Jefferson that are nothing but a myth normally created for the benefit of establihing christianity’s place in our government.


  • ROGER, Irish-Canadian LIBERTARIAN

    Its not American “Anti-Christian”, it is ZIONIST and America is the proxy:

  • maurice billet

    Religions have poisoned humanity’s mind.We forgot that before we call ourselves christians,moslems,jews or something else,we are brothers and sisters and we should love and assist eachother for what we are…brothers and sisters.Maurice

    • Karolyn


  • actual socialist

    First of all Mr Livingston they were not coups they were uprisings secondly the west supported mubarek at first then turned on him. aside from those points good article. p.s im Eric Jones we have talked before just so you know.

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