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Americans Want Immigration Reform, But Also Skilled Foreign Workers, Poll Finds

May 14, 2010 by  

Americans want immigration reform, but also skilled foreign workers, poll finds The controversial new Arizona immigration law and the proposal that was presented in the United States Congress in response may have stirred a lot of emotions on both sides of the issue, but Americans seem to agree on at least some aspects of immigration.

A poll conducted by Zogby International for TechNet, the bipartisan policy and political network of CEOs that promotes the growth of the innovation economy, has shown that two in three Americans are in favor of improving the nation’s high-skilled immigration system.

Specifically, 66 percent of respondents believe that it’s acceptable to hire highly-skilled individuals from other countries through the nation’s legal immigration process if an American is not available to fill jobs that require high-level engineering or science skills.

Only 20 percent believe that the job should be left open indefinitely.

"These survey results show strong support for a high-skilled immigration system that can help drive economic growth and job creation," said Rey Ramsey, president and CEO of TechNet. He added that companies like Google, Intel, eBay and Yahoo! were founded by immigrants.

Ramsey also said that "high-skilled immigrants play a vital role in American competitiveness abroad and job creation–we need public policies that reflect this fact."

The immigration reform proposal recently unveiled by Senators Harry Reid (D-Nev.), Charles Schumer (D-N.Y.) and Robert Menendez (D-N.J.), includes provisions to offer permanent-resident status to every foreigner with an advanced degree in science or technology from an American university. ADNFCR-1961-ID-19771267-ADNFCR

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  • http://gmail i41

    Reid and Schumer must be thinking or their socialist Democrat party is contact with Osama Babba Laudin, to see if it would be an interest to his gang of terrorists. He has a engineer degree, as several muslim terrorists do. USA needs more overeducated, socialist, forgiegn born, loons in this country. What do we expect from a muslim, phony, africian rigged, elected President? How do you like the hope and change, going as you dreamed?

  • CJ

    What I can’t understand is how we have 30 million unemployed in the US and we need to provide incentives to bring people into the country to get educated in our schools to fill positions. Why can’t the unemployed do it? Are they incapable of understanding the technical nature of the jobs? Once again, government only makes the problem worse.

    • BigBadJohn

      I agree that IF a company is unable to fill a skilled labor job, they should be able to hire an immigrant.

      BUT companies should have to PROVE that there are no Americans willing or able to fill the job. There are already laws that state this, but under Bush, enforcement was ignored or eliminated.

      My story again – I worked for Nortel and they understood that there was no enforcement of immigration laws and that foreign new-grads work cheaper than Americans. Out of 13 people on my team, there were 10 nationalities.

      There are immigration laws on the books – THEY JUST NEED TO BE ENFORCED!

      • Cherimae

        John: our government is making it impossible for the children of this country to go to college between raising tuition, requiring the purchase of new books each year by academia within, so tell me if our schools would cut their costs and reduce their administration so kids in this country could finish their higher learning in 4 years so they could take those jobs in the math/science field we would not need so many new immigrants coming in. Too many other changes are needed with our system before we make changes in our immigration laws. I am afraid that we need accredited doctors to come into the USA because of this ridiculous health care reform that was not thought out.

        • http://?? Joe H.

          hope I don’t make you blow a fuse but you should see the breaks the foreign students on deferments get thanks to your tax money!!! that is one of the reasons that they can afford to work for less money, no student loans to repay!!!

          • Disgusted

            Exactly. If you are a legal citizen of the United States you are pretty much left on your own – however if you are an illegal or a foreign student you get breaks in the cost. This is backwards – it should cost more for them and legitimate citizens should be getting the breaks. Crazy – upside down world. Same goes for getting loans for small businesses.

    • Mark Roth


      The fact is I know many engineers who are not working in the trade because the jobs are gone. I know many more, who like myself, are working for a fraction of what they would have made if the economy had kept on chugging when we made our own goods. Engineers have been hurt just the same. But what is worse is our engineering expertise is dying as other countries now engineer what we consume.

      When the value-added portion of producing a product is done, wealth has been generated. When that labor is done outside our borders the wealth that is generated does not pass through our economy. Instead if flow around to the owners of the corporation doing the manufacturing (and in the case of China, is siphoned by the Communist government). The great majority of America sees no benefit outside of a slightly lower price at Wal-Mart (which doesn’t mean much if you do not have a job). “Service Economy” only works when fed by value-added manufacturing.

      We must secure the border, arrest employers who knowingly use illegal immigrants, deport (as we did in major moves three times in the 1900s) and redo our trade policy with all nations to begin the reindustrialization of America with new clean, green, production facilities.

      • BigBadJohn


        What made America great was our engineering expertise! By outsourcing engineering jobs overseas, we are handing our competitive edge and therefore our future over to the Chinese and Indians. All because they work for less…. At the same time we are losing the tax base from those well paid engineering jobs.

        Engineering is a tough college curriculum, a lot of young folks don’t want work that hard in college if when they get out they have to compete with someone from India willing to work for $25K a year.

        • HeadOutOfSandintoHell

          It’s hard to fill some of these openings with qualified Americans because they lack the skills and education. We import grad students under educational visas, let them go home and share their knowledge. And most of it is paid for by us. Has anyone recently looked at what it cost to get some of these degrees. I can’t afford it, the people I know can’t afford it. But the Good Ole US of A will gladly pay students overseas to learn it. It’s under cultural exchange and learning programs. I read an article recently off yahoo(p) that the US lacks the right skill sets because our kids can’t or won’t learn them.. For all you parents out there it’s time to take away that gaming system and cable. Make your kid read a book or build something with their own hands. For all you people that say “oh they might hurt themselves” ummm yeah it’s a possibility. Use common sense and provide the tools and protection required. Better yet be there with them instead of that tupperware party, or fishing trip with the guys.It takes more than just paying the bills and we as a country have forgotten that.

          • American Citizen

            It’s not that there are not students that want to go into engineering, science, medicine, etc. The cost of the education needed is getting prohibitive for most of them. Coming out of college with a debt of $100,000 or more is unconsionable. We have a grandson who is very smart, a high school senior next year. He is a straight A student and has been all through his school years so far. He want to be an aeronautics engineer. We also have a grandson, also smart, graduating high school this year who wants to go into engineering. I only hope they both can afford to stay in school.

  • Budswisr1


    • Robin from Arcadia, IN

      Budswisr1: Your post summed it up very clearly! Why don’t they get it? It’s not that hard to understand.

      • s c

        Robin, they don’t want to ‘get it.’ They have learned from experience that most Americans have a short memory. Career criminal politicians who have been in Washington long enough to qualify for what amounts to a hefty retirement know that they can leave Washington and thumb their noses at us.
        We owe it to ourselves to hound these pathetic traitors long AFTER they’ve left Washington. Their names should be put on a master list, and wherever they go, they should be humiliated and held in contempt by ALL Americans [quid pro quo - always!].

    • Linda

      I totally agree these illegals cost us millions of dollars each year and because of all their freebees, we Americans have to work nights and weekends for the same benefits that we have to pay for that they get for free…………(we pay twice for them and then us)and they get weekends off. Even if we make more money they still come out ahead! I am tired of people taking advantage of Americas good will! I think that California needs to take all Arizonias illegals and house them all and put them into their systems!They are coming against their own people to side with an ILLEGAL! Illegal Illegal! They are breaking the law! I can’t get a job because I don’t speak spanish! That is discrimination! They should learn our language or get the hell out!Our familys including the elerly are suffering for them! Charity begins at home! So what is they are seperated from family if they are deported POOR BABIES! They broke the law and knew the consequenses when they came here! Let the people who wnat them here pay for their free rdies! If they receive amnesty then all Americans should have amnesty for their past of breaking the law! Equal rights!
      Since when does another state like LA have the right to Boycott Arizonia! They don’t have the crime, dirty boardlines, and exhausted welfare and hospitol reserves that keep our own from getting help! ENOUUGH IS ENOUGH! It is time for Americans to wake up and take or country BAck! Illegals don’t have rights and we don’t owe them anything except for a one-way ticket out! DON’T RE-Elect OFFICIALS WHO WANT TO TREAD ON OUR FREEDOMS ITIS TIME TO FIGHT FOR WHAT IS OURS!

      • john

        We live in Arizona & know many illegals they are telling us they are going to go to California…..They have over stayed their Visas–why is nothing done on illegals here on over stayed visas?? No AMNESTY…

    • http://?? Joe H.

      Don’t close down the business and board it up. You are, in effect, cutting off your nose to spite your face. What about the legal American workers there? Put the business in the hands of a good manager and keep it open. Confiscate it from the owner if you want, but don’t punish the good Americans along with the guilty!!!

  • s c

    Illegal aliens are proof of how easy it is to replace the LOSERS who want them in America. You don’t need any skills to be a career politician.
    You don’t have to speak English. You don’t have to be able to read or write.
    All it takes to be a politician is a warm body and dedication to please your masters. It doesn’t take any talent to smile (Obummer proves that daily), and you can always get someone to do your thinking for you (via a teleprompter, of course).

  • Nic

    If there are skill jobs some one in America will learn to do it we do not need another ommam invading this country. and taken are jobs.

  • J.M.R.

    people people don’t you understand the libs are smarter than us hard working american, who just want to be left alone so we can on with our lives and make a living for ourselves and families but not someone elses family. if the other people are that lazy let them starve. i’m sick and tired of feeding the world at my expense wonder how much of the five million that the dick-tater made will be donated to poor lazy slops. that won’t be hard to figure.

  • http://gmail i41

    CJ, Well the Chinese got 45 billion, to build the light rail in Cal., they will bring their own engineers and some of the building crews, also the green windmills are being manufactored in China, really put Americans to work, right. The money comes from the Stimulas bills, feel stimulated yet? Now, Omoron and his gang of liberal, socailist, democrats are getting their fingers prints all over this problem, they wrote,passed, and are supposed to watch over.If you can, call your federal representives and ask a few questions, see how they spin the crap.. Still like the change, most all of the steel will come from some where else, our steel mills were put out of business, by the envior regulations and union wages. Not heresay, imfo comes from former steel worker, untill his olant closed. Yet the former steel workers wait for a bone from the national socialist democrat party.

    • http://?? Joe H.

      We should all raise hell with our politicos and tell them American tax money must go to employ AMERICANS!!!! Give Em’ Hell, Guys!!!!

  • Jim H.

    Hire born here Americans first, if the position still isn’t filled, I have no problem with a LEGAL immigrant filling it. Nothing is that complicated.

    • BigBadJohn

      But companies should have to supply PROOF that they actually tried to hire Americans first.

      See my post above.

      • Jim H.

        BBJ, I did.

  • Noel Rutherford

    Immigration Reform in the United States of America

    It is here by ordered, The State Department of the United States of America shall notify every Country, on this planet, They have 30 (thirty) days to retrieve all citizens of their Country who are in our Country illegally.

    On the 31st (thirty-first) day, ALL illegal people in this Country will be considered hostile to the United States of America, hostile to the laws of the United States of America, and hostile to the citizens of the United States of America.

    Illegal people in the United States of America will not be tolerated by the Government of the United States of America, or the citizens of the United States of America. Any citizen of the United States of America who gives any aid or comfort, of any kind, to illegal people shall be considered hostile to the United States of America, hostile to the laws of the United States of America, and hostile to the citizens of the United States of America, and shall be subject to the same penalties as a person in this Country illegally.

    It shall be the responsibility of any person, who is suspected of being in this Country illegally, to provide undisputed proof of their citizenship, or proof of their privilege of being a guest in this Country.

    No law, or person, or Government body shall interfere with Law Enforcement personnel to enforce Proof of Citizenship for the United States of America.

    Those people who are in this Country illegally shall have no rights or benefits on the 31st (thirty-first) day after notification is given to their Country of citizenship. The only right or benefit an illegal person has prior to that date is; the right to board the ship or aircraft provided by the Home Country of the illegal person. The ship or aircraft shall be coordinated by the Home Country and the State Department of the United States of America. No person shall be allowed to exit the ship or aircraft from the Home Country.

    No person will be stopped by the United States of America from boarding said ship or aircraft from a Home Country unless they are suspected in murder, rape, or espionage. If such person is found innocent of said crimes they will be granted deportation.

    Those illegal people who do not take advantage of the opportunity to leave this Country within the stated time frame shall be incarcerated for no less than 25 (twenty-five) years. Persons incarcerated, as an illegal, shall do work that will cover the cost of their incarceration. Work shall include, but not limited to, mowing or trash collection, or sewer maintenance.

    At no time will a person in this Country illegally be granted full or temporary citizenship in this Country.

    No child, born in this Country, will be considered a citizen of this Country who is the child of a person in this Country illegally. If both parents are not legal citizens of this Country the child will not be considered a legal citizen of this Country.

    No person who marries a legal citizen of this Country will automatically be considered a legal citizen of this Country and will be considered as a person in this Country illegally.

    Any person who displays, in any form, loyalty to another Country, while in this Country shall be consider as a enemy of the United States of America, hostile to the United States of America, hostile to the laws of the United States of America, and hostile to the citizens of the United States of America.

    English is the official, and only, language of the United States of America.

    The United Nation building shall be closed and moved to any island, not within 300 miles of the United States of America.

    Any person in this Country illegally can not attend any school, primary, secondary, or Vocational in the United States of America. A school may locate outside of this Country, if the State Department has approved it.

    Tourist shall enter this Country at a known and established point of entry, and remain within 10 miles of the stated tourist attraction, for the duration of their visit. No visit shall exceed 21 (twenty one) days.

    Diplomatic immunity does not exist in this Country.

    No person shall be allowed in any law enforcement or military employment that is not a legal citizen of this Country.

    No person in this Country illegally, or is not a legal citizen of this Country, shall be permitted or allowed to demonstrate or protest in any public place in this Country.

    No person in this Country illegally, or is not a legal citizen of this Country, shall be permitted or allowed to own, have or possess a weapon, explosives material or firearm any place in this Country.

    No person in this Country illegally shall be allowed to leave this Country with anything exceeding the value of $100.00 (one hundred) American Dollars, including cash or clothing.

    Any person who has at anytime been in this Country illegally shall never be allowed to enter this Country under any circumstance.

    Any foreign national who has caused harm, contributed to the harm, or advocates harm to citizens of this Country, or any American interest of this Country shall never be allowed to enter this Country under any circumstance.

    The freedom and/or protection of American Citizens, and their rights, in this Country shall not ever be questioned based upon the price tag.

    The interest and well being of American citizens shall always come ahead of any foreign national or foreign nation.

    It shall be a crime, to call a natural born citizen of the United States of America an “immigrant”. Punishment shall be a $1,000.00 (one thousand) Dollars fine and 6 (six) months in jail. We are not immigrants. We are Americans.

  • Don Tremaine

    I am never amazed anymore at the ignorance of the citizens in this country. The United States is NOT A DEMOCRACY; it is a REPUBLIC. This means that popular opinion does not mean squat. We are not ruled by mobs; we are ruled by laws. The constitution is the top authority. We MUST abide by this document. Much to our demise, the United States is becoming a socialist state. The excuses I hear most about needing more laws is to cut government spending. We must make you wear a crash helmet because someone will have to pay to put you back together. Why is it always assumed that “someone” is always the tax payers? This Obamacare will bring in more “Attitude”. We can’t allow child obesity because it will cost taxpayers more money for their medical expenses. There is a real root cause for all of these problems; it’s called socialism. I do not believe that we, the tax payers are responsible for the lifestyle of others, leave them alone, and leave me alone. Capitalism seems cruel, but only to the weak and lazy. Capitalism is exactly what has made the United States a great nation. Socialism will make us a third world country. Karl Marx had a utopian vision that was and still is unobtainable in real life. They say money is the root of all evil. Socialism is the answer to that evil. They will just take all of the money and provide everyone what they think is necessary. This is how cattle live; we are not cattle. Capitalism breeds hardworking entrepreneurs that make jobs and a strong economy. Socialism breeds lazy uninteresting people that steal from the hard working moral people, to provide for the unemployable. The taking side continues to grow in size; they are becoming the majority. At this point things get critical. Once they are able to vote into office like minded socialists. These people trash the constitution by passing high progressive taxes and handouts to all of their followers. Soon we run out of tax payers. The rich decide they have enough money and are angered by the punitive tax code. They take their marbles and go home. Some think this would be a good thing, try it sometime. Can’t you see the coming destruction as less and less people are working and paying taxes? While more and more are collecting subsidies paid for by the taxpayers. These fat cats will simply stop investing in this country. Isn’t that already happening? What will the government do then? Levy a yearly property tax on savings accounts? Once this befalls our country the only way out is revolution. Look throughout history and study all the revolutions!
    We are already paying yearly taxes on property. Houses, cars, boats … Where will this end? Wake up America, we do not want illegal immigration, We do not want Mexico as part of the United States. Statehood is granted when a territory can add value to the union, not create hemorrhaging. Just think about how many new welfare collectors that will create. How many more people who will receive Obamacare? This administration is extremely dangerous. We need people in government who understand the founding fathers and will make good decisions. I hear people talk about the times being different. In what way are they different? Freedom concepts are the same for the same reasons they were thousands of years ago. What is different is that people have lived with the same level of education throughout this countries history. This has put many people in job positions that do not pay enough to support the way of life they see on television. The commercials on television convince people that they simply can not survive without that new widget. Maybe they resort to stealing or other forms of crime. All the while they are getting “free money” from the taxpayers. Public education is the key to solve this problem. If some do not take advantage, let them starve. It’s cold but it will instill motivation to achieve a better life. I know this first hand; it is the story of my life. I was a bum with no prospects. I am now an engineer designing computer hardware doing just fine. It took me ten years to finish school at night while working a full time job and a part time job. So don’t tell me it’s too hard. You don’t like your life change it. Your life is limited only by your imagination. Unless you want socialism then someone else will decide your life; that is NOT the American dream.

    • chuck b

      don tremaine

      very good, people should take heed to what you say.

  • charlie

    this is not true. Companies may want h1b workers. The population DOES NOT. With the high rate of unemployment the H1b Program should be terminated.

  • Airangel

    for one, up our education to require the curriculum reflect the jobs in demand with green technology, nuclear power, solar, grids, infrastructure,etc…we need our kids not fantasizng about being an actor or actress or lawyer…educate them and train them for their futures.

    Research key points…
    •Improve education and research. Education, “is one of the most valuable investments to make (not bigger Government). We need to increase K-12 participation in math and science, invest more in research, and demand more from existing investments. The key is to align the priorities and objectives of industry and academia. Better industry-university alliances will also provide incentives for corporations to keep their research in the U.S..
    •Understand what gives us a long term competitive advantage. Identify the distinction between “dynamic engineers” (capable of abstract thinking and high-level problem-solving) and “transactional engineers” (responsible for rote and repetitive tasks). Broaden the exposure that U.S. students have to many different fields of study
    •Understand what businesses need. Some jobs will be outsourced, so we need to determine which will not be and focus on those. “If a certain type of engineering job can be done more cost effectively in India or China, why should we invest in graduating more of those types of engineers?” Create Supply and Demand from AMERICA

    PLUS–Secure our borders to disrepectful, law-breaking, illegals, change law about squatters right to legal birth, e-verify for jobs, and deport existing illegal “families” not contributing to the system in order to create a bigger budget surplus for American Education and job creation…with 48% of tax payers supporting the vast Welfare, Education, housing, medical, food stamp programs in the billions…education cuts have had to be made sacrificing our future.

  • eddie47d

    With our thousands of colleges and universities why would there be any need to import foreigners of intellect? To answer myself. Many graduating students head straight to Wall St. and other places where the easy money is. That should answer another question on why our financial institutions are in such dire straights (closings,bailouts). Over the last many years these places have been run by too many people wanting the big bucks instead of working hard for the good of America. So our students don’t head for jobs in the building trades (architects,engineers,ect)But we will hire foreigners to do those same jobs at less pay. Rather discouraging for future applicants to our schools. We have dumbed down what is really relevant to a strong society and all anyone wants is the big money. Even some medical doctors find Wall St. inticing. That’s not good for what lies ahead for America.

    • chuck b


      surprisingly good comments from a liberal.

    • http://?? Joe H.

      When the Dr.s are facing Obummer care, I wouldn;t blame them for wanting to get into wall street!!! Obummer care will only cut their wage till a brain surgeon could make more as a carpenter!!!

  • Steven Terrell, Sr.

    We don’t want immigration reform! We ant ENFORCEMENT of the current immigration laws! We want reduced legal immigration during the recession!

  • http://gmail i41

    I had to work with young people from large cities and several states. They can play with computers and spend face time on any electric gizmo, but ask them to pull up their pants and quit walking like they have A MESSY DIAPER. Over the past 3 decadeds, we have created a bunch of feely maaly girly boys. They don’t want to get their fingers dirty, unless it is picking their body orfices. I’ll take any girl over most guys, that show up to operate equipment or learn a job, evem drive a truck. The idea girls and biys are alike, is anpther BS liberal idea. Go on any university campus, the more wimpy prissy the guy, the less they have done in life but pretend how smart they are. They may have several degrees in econics and business theories, but have a hell of a time finding the real cost of something if it isn’t in a circular or a book. They love to read with relish and love the mightly minds, like Alinski, Gore,Hilter, the Kennedys,and now odd ball Onumnut.In the late 70 and all of the 80′s, women and higher education wanted men to be so sentive and understanding of any odd ball shit. Starting with, if you go to enough schools, your finger don’t need to get dirty or you just tell somebody else to bust their humps, when they don’t know shit. What they are spouting about. That is why several agency wonks go for a fast sit down and usually learn to like the taste of dirt, we have the same problem watching these trained fricking morons in Congress, open their pie holes and a fishing flopping to look brainy. I have worked with several illegals over the years and must say they will hussle when there is a job to be done and a told to drop the cigerettes, the second and following generations generations get mor lazy and, the more schoool they get, they start whining like a mama’s baby wimp. Fine the hell out of emploters that hire illegals and also confiscate their property. The big companies I worked for durning Whorehound Clinton’s regime knew no one would touch them, I asked the upper layers of company heads, when I was sent illegals as workers. I was told there would be no problems, there never were. Universities teaching green energy, what a waste, that is where solarpower and bioenergy, ethanol and electric battery crap comes from. May hay a possiblity in a few decadaces, but on drive around in lovely sunny weather and pack a lunch. Most over educated num skukks have plenty pipedreams but no practical use of way to enefficent to work.

  • payforward

    “These survey results show strong support for a high-skilled immigration system that can help drive economic growth and job creation,” said Rey Ramsey; WRONG.
    We do NOT want any more illegal aliens in our country, and we want those here deported; true. But we do NOT want ANY more foreign workers either. American jobs for Americans, period. ALL legal immigration must be drastically reduced.

  • Leona

    Less than 3 mos. into this year, the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Svcs. agency announced that the quota for H-1B guest workers had been filled. 65,000 visa-sponsorship opportunities were snapped up by companies and labor contractors. These POTENTIAL PERMANENT IMMIGRANTS ARE IN ADDITION TO 20,000 IMMIGRANT VISAS SET ASIDE FOR FOREIGN NATIONALS WITH ADVANCED DEGREES.

    Most of these 85,000 guest workers are unnecessary. A report issued by the AFL-CIO entitled, “Gaming the System” refutes the claim that there is a shortage of workers with technology and scientific credentials. Gaming the System accuses companies of using the H-1B program to suppress wages by giving guest workers job titles and wages that are below the level of work they are actually performing, and by misclassifying workers with significant experience as entry-level employees. The report further notes that unemployment rates in the high tech sector have risen to their highest levels since 1972. They are supposed to provide proof that there are no American workers available, but that seems to have been overlooked as have many other requirements.

    Gaming the system also disputes the assertion that the U.S. is failing to graduate a sufficient number of new workers with degrees in technology and the sciences. Rather, the report finds that outsourcing of jobs and the availability of foreign labor is convincing trained U. S. workers to seek opportunities in other fields. (This info is from the FAIRUS Immigration Report issued Feb., 2010.)

    Within the past couple of years, Bill Gates travelled to WA. D.C. to lobby for an increase in H-1B visas. He then built in Canada, as they have no restrictions. What a guy!! He made all of that money in the U. S., but chooses to use foreign workers instead of bolstering our economy by hiring more Americans! And taking a significant tax base to Canada. Due to the sleazy practices of our Gov’t. and American companies, when I see Middle Eastern families in the Seattle area, I cannot help but wonder what American workers they replaced. In another time, I could be friendly, and be joyful at perhaps interacting with those from another culture.

  • http://PersonalLibertyDigest Randy

    Funny that you should pick out the only thing that sounds half way right in the socialist’s Reid, Schumer, and Menendez pro-illegal alien
    sponsorship bill. Why not tell what else is in there to let people really know what you’re trying to get them to accept. It’s more of that open government Obama promised us, like the passing of the health care bill, open and televised to the public by CNN. Both parties chastized that poor congressman that called Obama a liar during his speech to both chambers of congress, I guess the truth is no longer accepted in the USA Congress. It amazes me that people are more out-raged by someone calling Obama a liar than they are by all his lies. What about the 160 extra border guards that he promised while campaigning and all the new updated state of the art equipment also promised, and that he would secure our borders. More lies but the out-rage goes to the poor citizens of Arizona trying to proptect themselves instead of to Obama who has done nothing to fulfill his promises, which makes him again what that poor congressman was chastized for expressing. Being 63 in another month, I have never heard the acceptance of so many lies by a sitting president as this one, let alone the poor response to his socialistic take-over of the major parts of our capitalistic economy. Then people wonder why the very few jobs created by the trillions of dollars pumped into our economy through all the bail-out give-aways are 95% government jobs.
    In all socialist countries the biggest employer is always the government, that then leaves the rest of its citizens to not only suport themselves, but also those working for the government, which explains whats wrong in Greece right now. What has America come to, its death knell?

  • Jim B

    What Americans? Why do people ignore the polls and spin these stories?
    67% – 72% of Americans would like laws like Arizona’s. Americans do not want immigration reform with so many Americans out of work. The Democrats keep ignoring the real issues like the economy and joblessness. Last week they even spun the fact that unemployment has gone up to 9.9% into something we should be happy about. WTF?

    Millions of us Dem’s are bailing on the party while they figure out WHO they are working for. It sure isn’t America!

  • Jim B

    Wow!! Just noticed by reading these posts, no Americans seem to be in favor of immigration reform. Whi is wring these BS stories about what WE WANT?

  • Ron

    It’s a pity that Bob can’t see these polling results for what they are.

    Never trust a poll sponsored by America’s Corporate heads. Obviously, these results are skewed by not offering the respondents enough choices. Obviously, America’s corporate heads don’t want to pay Americans higher wages and prefer to import cheap, highly-skilled labor from overseas. Don’t let polls like this fool you too.

  • rjg

    It seems that the US has a lot of job opprotunities for educated people (ie computer programmers, scientists, engineers, etc). At the same time you have a high unemployment rate. Why wouldn’t you invest in education for your people? Wouldn’t this be a win win situation. Less unemployed people and businesses would have a supply of people with the skills to take advantage of the economy of the future. I will never understand the calls by people slamming teachers and calling for less funding. All this while China and India are graduating more honours students than the US graduates students.

  • Wack

    I see many people arguing about protecting US jobs. There is nothing wrong with that. But the reality is almost all top US companies get 50% or more revenue from overseas. If you try and enforce protectionism, there would be repurcussions from those countries. And dont forget that foreigners constitute 50% of STEM masters and phds in US schools. We can definitely try and change that in future but there is no short term solution.

    Infact, USA is gaining from outsourcing. Problem is that benefits end up with top 2% where as middle class loses jobs. And in name of free markets, industry gets anything in this country.

    If there is no outsourcing, none of us will be able to load trunks every weekend in walmart the way we do now.

    • http://?? Joe H.

      there aren’t that many truck loading jobs in the world!!! Besides, WHO THE HELL WANTS TO LOAD TRUCKS???

  • marvin

    this is a little of topic i post a a month back when ed whitacre the ceo of general motors was on tv braging that g m had paid all the tarp money back 5 billion in just over a year it was all a lie they got 60 billion payed back 5 billion that was more tarp money to pay on the tarp they owed they had not payed any money back they got the add was pulled for some reason [flat out lie] wonder who was the master mind behind this add if i was a betting man i would say it came from the white house to make the one,s that were agins the bailout of gm look bad and i would say it came from obama

  • http://gmail i41

    We don’t need more educated smuffs likeOmoron and Kagan. Our schools turn out computor players and don’t get your fingers dirty brainless twits. We have plenty of bright ideas but somebody has to build it and have the skills to assemble items. The schools do not teach life skills, how to balance a check book, change a tire, check the air on tires, or any thing but theories and pie in the sky crap.

    • rjg

      I’m pretty sure that if anyone figures out how to get to mars they will probably need more skills than balancing a checque book, and changing a tire.

  • http://gmail i41

    Typical liberal b–l s–t,feel good crap. Waste trillions floating around in dream land, while on terra ferma,we are having more eleit smucks,that cann’t do a damn thing practical. While china and India take the jobs, because we teach humanities and basket weaving. You can educate all you want, but if it is impractical and cann’t be utilized, it is as worthless as expelled urine. The reason companies go to hell and fail, is the massive layers of degreed smucks,who go from one college to another college for years, and are still as dumb as ever.
    Each overeducated s==t brains don’t produce enough to even pay for their salaries. When Caterpillar and John Deere took the nimble nutts engineering and design, and had them actully take some of their projects apart by themselves, with mechanics looking on, damn if designs didn’t inprove and things got simpler. Same would happen in Congress if the pukes thast make rules had to abide by them, more over educated do nothing keep thinking they are so damn brillant when they cann’t find their way out of awet paper sack.

    • Gus Rumpf

      Sounds great to me!

  • http://gmail i41

    Omoron sure shows how educated degrees work in the real world, socialist ideas cost jobs and cost lots of money. Theories don’t create jobs and more taxes don’t help the economies. This country went to hell when we started to elect the college eleit do nothings, and even increased in speeding to our downfall, as more college eleits were elected to Congress.

  • Gus Rumpf

    With unemployment levels we have now WHO SAID WE NEED SKILLED ALIENS?
    I believe AMERICANS already have the necessary skills! If not, TRAIN ‘EM! We need to take care of our own!

  • rbfs

    What John Deere is doing is not acceptable to Americans that have a brain.
    John Deere CEO Says U.S. Needs Lots More H-1Bs


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