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Americans Want Congress To Address Tax Cut Extensions Before End Of Year

November 29, 2010 by  

Americans Want Congress To Address Tax Cut Extensions Before They ExpireMore than 80 percent of Americans believe that extending the George W. Bush tax cuts before they expire is "somewhat important," according to a new Gallup poll.

About 50 percent of respondents said that it is "very important" that Congress extend the tax breaks before the new year. The poll reveals that taxes top the list of important issues that Americans want lawmakers to address during the lame-duck session. Legislators have failed to come to an agreement on the Bush cuts, as many Democrats want to extend them for everyone except for the wealthiest earners, while most Republicans want them to continue for all Americans.

In an effort to reach an agreement before the Dec. 31 deadline passes, some Democrats have joined Republicans in demanding that tax cuts be extended for all income brackets.

According to CNN, American workers can expect some money to come out of their paycheck, regardless of whether the Bush cuts are extended or not. The news provider reports that the Making Work Pay tax credit, which was enacted last year, is set to expire at the end of 2010 and it is unclear if Obama will propose an extension.

More than 90 percent of working Americans have been helped by Making Work Pay, which has boosted annual income by about $400 for single filers and $800 for joint filers.

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  • Michael J.

    Obama is hoping for a congressional log jamb on the subject of extending Bush tax cuts in the hopes that time will expire allowing him to blame Republicans for the inaction.

    If it was ever his intention to extend these cuts, he would have seen to it that it happened before the mid term elections when it would have done some good for his party and saved some democratically held seats. Now that this incentive has been removed, I don’t see it happening.

  • Graeme B

    The Bush tax cuts are costing the Feds $700bn in borrowing per year and has added a total of $4.2 trillion to the national debt since implemented. This is schere lunacy as the the top 5% wealth has grown from 1984 (Reagan’s tax cuts) at $8 tillion to now in 2010 they are worth $47 trillion. This is obscene, as they are not re-investing in the econpmy, but have exported vast number of middle American jobs offshore. The largest influence of this is Walmart, which currently represents 3.5% of GDP.
    You cannot keep having deficits without paying for it through tax increases, be they in the form of sales tax and/or income tax. Someone has to pay for infrastructure decay and if these problems are not addressed, eventually you will have the “world” informing the US what you can or cannot do. This has happened at the G20 ecently held in Korea and last week, where China and Russia have voiced opinions that they are looking at the use of USD for international trade and may revert to the Yen and the Ruble. These are not idle rumbles, but are voices of concern about where the US is going and how it is going to handle it’s debt crises. You cannot keep printing money or else we will have a situation where hyper-inflation takes hold.

    • home boy

      what more did you expect from a group of lawyers running the country. politicians don’t understand business and the economy. they only understand being corrupt. no businessman in his right mind would run for congress unless all the politicians were gone and that’s not happening.

    • TIME


      A game of logic perhaps, Graeme, lets say you have ZERO, and you get ZERO more, would you have more or less after you got ZERO more added to a ZERO base?

      How can one say that spending more will equate to making more unless you have something to sell to make more from.
      Selling ZERO and expecting a profit is beyond mindless its sheer and utter insanity.

      Now if one has had a break in TAX’S for a extended period of time then one has allowed said tax’s to not be figured into the “GROSS Income.” Thus its a ZERO factor – See thats whats called LOGIC.

      In plian words, if your GROSS is say $1 Billion per year and its been such just for for the sake of argument – ten years, then you build your Budget aka spending to be below that amount, not above said amount.

      And you learn to make cuts in spending to keep on tract with said spending.
      Thus to spend more than your ” Budget” is going to in the long run end with less than positive results.

      So again to bring into the picture tax’s and don’t kid yourself everyone will pay more in tax’s its not going to be only the “alledged WEALTHY.”
      Where is it that these said extra funds will go again?

      To pay down on mindless spending?

      Just a few things to toss over.

      Postal workers average pay per hour; $75.00
      Drivers for the NYT agverage pay per hour; $154.00
      Average pay for the guy who sucks out Septic tanks; $155.00
      Average pay for a TV anchor PrimeT NBC CBS PH; $7500.00
      Average pay for a Musician PH: $75.00
      Average pay for a Sports person Football PH; $45.000.00
      Average pay for an artist PH; $65.00
      Average pay for a Doctor PH: $125.00
      Average pay for a Laywer PH: $96.50
      Average pay for a Colledge Teacher PH: $159.00
      Average pay for a Colledge Sports Coach PH; $4500.00
      Average pay to someone on Welfair PH; $729.00 They don’t work, so I based that cost on ZERO hours.

      Ok lets see who’s wealthy again?

    • Dan az

      Graeme B
      (You cannot keep having deficits without paying for it through tax increases, be they in the form of sales tax and/or income tax.)If they would stop spending our money like it was water and to downsize the government to a more reasonable size. There wouldnt be a need to keep increasing the taxes!!!!!

      • Dan az

        I should have read down a little further to notice that you had explained it so much better.Thanks

        • Jana

          Dan az,
          I heard this morning that Nancy Pelosi is going to try and trick the Republicans into voting for the Tax increases by attaching it to a bill to extend Unemployment. She is a devious person and doesn’t care what the American people want, its all about her and her agenda!

          • Dan az

            that dosent surprise me but I thought that kinda crap was going by the way side.I just hope someone there can still read the bill and maybe notice that it was attached.I think we need a recount on pelousy something there smells fishy.Hope you and yours had a good turkey day.

          • http://?? Joe H.

            Saw an advertisement today that proves Nobama has made the big time!!! They now have an Obama CHIA PET!!!!! HAHAHA!!!! I damn near fell out of my chair when I saw it, I was laughing so hard!!!

          • Jana

            Oh brother! YUCK!!! Its bad enough to hear his name let alone see that face every day.

    • Robin from Arcadia, IN

      Graeme B

      We want to keep it fair, right? Those who make the most and spend the most should have the most taxes, right? FAIR TAX! Abolish the IRS. Why is this so hard to understand?

      • Bill from N.C.

        “Right on Robin” We don’t need tax cuts,we need tax reform. The FairTax would clear all the money problems this country has created.Maybe by 1213,we will have enought support to pass H-R 25,S 296.BTW Sen. Linsey Graham,I heard YOUR hatreaded responce on a national sales tax.I hope the people of S.C. kick your A** out.

        • Bill from N.C.

          Opps!I mean 2013. BTW,Sen. Graham have a talk with fellow Sen. Jim Demint.He is a co-sponser of S-296.

  • Doc Sarvis

    The tax cuts should stay in place for the mid to low income levels. The temporary tax cuts should be removed for the upper income levels.

    • Vigilant

      “The tax cuts should stay in place for the mid to low income levels. The temporary tax cuts should be removed for the upper income levels.”

      Almost every Conservative or Libertarian on this site has fallen for the semantics of the left, as has the media. They’ve bought into the term “extending the tax cuts,” and that’s just what the Dems want you to do.

      If we stop talking about tax cuts (which they are not), and start talking about the Dems planning to fob off the largest tax INCREASE in history, the discussion might take a different turn.

      When you talk “tax cuts” you are tacitly assuming that the money belongs to the government in the first place. You can as easily say that 100% of our income is owed to the government, and anything that the government collects from you under 100% is a tax cut.

      Not a particularly subtle difference in terms, but as long as we allow the Feds, the media, and everyone else to use this terminology of “tax cuts,” we will stay on the merry-go-round and play right into the hands of the socialists. Wake up, people!

      • Doc Sarvis

        And if you assume that our country can survive and be a respected/respectable nation without taxes you are kidding yourself. I for one am proud that some of my hard earned money goes to fund the greatest military in the world among some other admirable features of our country.

        • Vigilant

          “And if you assume that our country can survive and be a respected/respectable nation without taxes you are kidding yourself.”

          Doc, you’ve got some kind of mental block that assumes we want to do away with all taxes. Who has said that, where was it said on this site, and where do you get off ascribing an assumption to me which I obviously don’t make?

          BTW, patriotism is the last refuge of a scoundrel.

          • Jana

            You are so right. It is not a tax cut, it is a TAX INCREASE. Doc Sarvis thinks of himself as smart, yet he just doesn’t seem to understand these basic concepts.
            In fact, as far as the Government (Pelosi, Reid, Obama )is concerned everything we have belongs to them, we are being allowed to keep some of it. They need what we have to grow the Gov.’t.

          • Vigilant

            This just in:


            If you get an email entitled “Nude photo of Nancy Pelosi,”

            Don’t open it… It contains a nude photo of Nancy Pelosi.

          • Dan az

            Thanks vigilant I almost opened it thought it might be something else wow was that close.

          • Vigilant

            LOL! (:-)

        • eddie47d

          Vigilante; I have heard numerous conservatives (especially at election time) say they want to do away with taxes. They Never distinguish between which taxes;only that they want to do away with them. I can’t believe that so many mis-speak about that and as often as they do.

          • Vigilant

            No intelligent American believes we can do completely without taxes. We might have been able at one time to do without the income tax, but that time has long since passed.

          • Dan az

            special Ed
            If you go back and reread you would find that know one has made that claim here.A flat tax is not a no tax.Beside with vat tax there would be no need for the IRS because everything that you buy will be taxed at a hundred fold.And that bad breath of yours would also be taxed with cap and trade tax.And if they allow the bush taxes cuts to expire then your income (if you had one) would see a thirty five percent increase just to start with.I just wished I could find that list someone sent me that showed how many taxes we actually pay each year.So I could add to it with all these no new taxes that where about to receive.

          • eddie47d

            We’ve seen the list Dan and yes it is a long one.

  • Teri Gionfrido

    Where do u get your figures from? The majority of people want only the tax cuts extended for the low/middle class. Not the wealthiest top percent. If extending the tax cuts to the wealthiest created jobs, they have those cuts now! Where are all the jobs?

    • J.M.R.

      teri you need to look at what the dick-tater has done to this country and you will see why the wealthy have not been able to get the people back to work. stop blaming the wealthy as they help create the jobs if govenment gets the hell out of it. the dick-tater and his cronnies are the cause of this mess.

      • Jana

        The smart thinking ones don’t.

    • Dan az

      Teri if the wealthy kept paying all the taxes they would just leave and go to where they didn’t have to pay.The fact is that they don’t pay as much as you would think, they merely pass it on to the consumers and we the middle class just gets screwed again.A flat tax is what is needed to be equal and balanced.The 10% that the rich would have to pay would balance the differance and they would not have all the right offs for which they could pass it along.We on the other hand would be paying far less then we do now and the poor even less.This is why we need someone in there that has a clue like Ron Paul.We need to get rid of the fed and the irs and start reducing the size of this bloated gov.

    • Vigilant


      “Where do u get your figures from? The majority of people want only the tax cuts extended for the low/middle class.”

      And where do you get that assertion from? Can you provide legitimate survey results from a good source? Until you do, your comment is nonsense.

  • J.M.R.

    the tax cuts by bush need to stay in place for all

    • Doc Sarvis

      Why, the rich (as a whole) sure are NOT investing here to make jobs for the U.S. They just buy up companies and ship the jobs overseas to make even more money for themselves.

      • castaway

        Yes, and if the people only knew how much extra money, something positive would happen. Take your $1000 cell phone. It is made in China, and can be bought over seas for less than $100, but people are dumb so they say, Oh that is a cheap knockoff! Oh no it is not a cheap knockoff, and it even comes with a US warranty to prove it.

        However there is no benefit to the average citizen for taxing the rich as it just gives more power to the fed. We get diddly from it, so it makes no difference which way you go, we are still screwed.

      • J.M.R.

        i guess you work for poor people to make a living, don’t think so. who ran off the oil rigs in the gulf of mexico your favorite dick-tater.

      • Vigilant


        “Why, the rich (as a whole) sure are NOT investing here to make jobs for the U.S. They just buy up companies and ship the jobs overseas to make even more money for themselves.”

        I don’t believe you, and will not until you can source that sweepingly general comment with some meaningful stats.

        • Doc Sarvis
          • Vigilant

            Doesn’t keep me busy at all. I went to the URL and it’s just a list, described by CNN as “Here is a list of companies we’ve confirmed are “Exporting America.” These are U.S. companies either sending American jobs overseas, or choosing to employ cheap overseas labor, instead of American workers.”

            The list has a few hundred companies, most major ones and many smaller. But that’s all it is: a list. No, repeat no, numbers are provided as to number of jobs being outsourced. As such, the list (and your claim) has no significance. Is it a lot? A little?

            BTW, I noticed General Motors on the list. How do you feel extoling the virtues of the GM bailout, knowing that Obama was helping to send jobs out of the country? But then, without numbers, we’ll never know how many, will we?

    • eddie47d

      Then the wealthy should have created jobs under G. Bush if those tax breaks were so detrimental to your philosophy. Those tax breaks didn’t work, so you need a new song and dance.

      • Michael J.

        Jobs were created under GW Bush’s presidency to the tune of 144,000 per month and had a eight year unemployment average of 5%.
        Obama at 9.5% unemployment is the worst jobs president since the great depression.

    • alpha-lemming

      We’ll try this…. AGAIN. Jobs are NOT social programs. They exist to fill a demand/need/desire for a product/service. When demand exceeds capacity, you hire more people to INCREASE capacity. At the very least you MUST preserve the current profit margin… if you can grow profits, that’s an even a stronger argument to hire. The inverse is equally true… if your business is losing money, you’ve got to close the doors to keep from going bankrupt or reduce costs to remain afloat if you think things will improve in the future. I can tell you, business has been operating at 97+% capacity for MANY years thanks to regulation and taxes. When you’re maxed out and operating at capacity ALL THE TIME, where’s the room for growth?

      Step two: Tax cuts, besides keeping more money in the hands of the PRODUCERS, is designed to starve an “out of control, bloated” government. Guess what??… Government will never spend less, put itself on a diet, or eliminate useless and redundant bueaucracy. They will just deficit spend (?? over a third and approaching 50% of GDP??), grow ad infinitum via intrusion to justify their importance, and crush anyone/anything (citizens and the Constitution) to reach the “toatal control goal”.

      Want to stop exporting jobs?? You need a business-friendly climate and profitability equal to (don’t give me any BS about third-world wages to workers…. it’s the REGULATION) what they can get from Punjab and Wong. THAT’S the “song and dance” the Government won’t allow to happen!! Doc and “Special” ED(die)….. for a couple of black guys… I’m amazed your rhythm isn’t better.

      • Dan az

        thank you for a very easy to understand economic lesson.And for the new name for special Ed thats great!

  • Raggs

    obama will let the cuts expire that way he can pass a new tax cut with his name on it…

    And I think Michael is correct a blame the GOP strategy fits like a glove…

    • Vigilant

      Obama has not only broken every promise to cut taxes, but you can be sure you won’t see another permanent tax cut for the rest of your lives.

  • newspooner

    taxes = theft

    • Doc Sarvis

      No taxes = no military, no roads, no law enforcement, no parks, no unemployment compensation, no standards for safe water, air, food, industrial practices, etc.

      • castaway

        That is correct, but it has gone way past the required, and we now have a bloated, money grubbing, and world controlling monster on our dollar that won’t go away easily. We have created this monster by not remaining in control. Through taxes, we are now the Beasts “enablers”.

      • Michael J.

        Doc Sarvis,
        Income tax pays interest to the Federal Reserve on the worthless fiat currency they create out of thin air.
        Unemployment Compensation is paid by employers.

        P.S. If you want to be convincing, try using facts.

        • Doc Sarvis

          Okay, so what pays for military, roads, law enforcement, parks, enforcement of standards for safe water, air, food, industrial practices etc.

          • Michael J.

            The correct question is what other revenues does the government collect?
            Corporate taxes, social security taxes, constitutional revenues such as excise taxes on cigarettes, alcohol, tobacco, firearms, tires, etc., tariffs on trade, military hardware sales, and some minor categories. Let’s say that those revenues will total $900 billion dollars. The politicians want $1.7 trillion to spend on their favorite welfare programs, Obama’s foreign welfare, but have a short fall of $800 billion dollars. This is called the deficit and the deficit, created by the spending of Congress, creates the “national debt.”

            How? Because the politicians are $800 billion dollars short, they simply call up Ben Bernanke and borrow your children’s and grand babies’ futures. The “Federal” Reserve Banks don’t loan anything of value to Congress. They aren’t banks; they’re really an overpaid, powerful, private accounting service. When that $800 billion dollars worth of ink is transferred to the Treasury, it gets piled on top of the existing “national debt.”

            The Internal Revenue Service and The Federal Reserve were both created in 1913 yet this country had a military and some roads prior to their inception, how do you account for that?

          • Vigilant

            Michael J,

            Excellent posting, and unassailable at that. You won’t see any logical reply from the left on that one.

            When Doc Sarvis says, “Okay, so what pays for military, roads, law enforcement, parks, enforcement of standards for safe water, air, food, industrial practices etc.,” he’s being intellectually dishonest. He poses the disjunctive, “either no taxes or taxes,”
            a ridiculous hypotheical that he hopes you will buy into.

            Fot the umpteenth time, Doc, NO ONE is saying we can dispense altogether with taxes. What we need to do is dispense with the taxes and spending that are crippling this economy for decades to come unless we can rein it in. Is that simple enough for you?

            What’s so ironic is that the classic LIBERAL economist, John Maynard Keynes, stipulated reduction of taxes during recessions and increasing them during prosperity. The left is so full of hatred for the rich that they are now arguing AGAINST the reduction of taxes during a recession.

            Combine that with an out-of-control deficit spending, printing of fiat money, over regulation of and threat of increasing taxes on the entrepreneurs, and you have the statist formula for creating dependencies on government largesse. Only an ignorant liberal (redundant term) would fail to see that the goal is not economic health but welfare statism.

          • Doc Sarvis

            It sure sounds like most of you want no taxes. Nobody is saying “lets strike a balance” it is all “taxes are bad”.

          • http://?? Joe H.

            Doc Sarvis,
            I agree we can’t do without taxes, thats a given, a no-brainer. We can, however, by cutting spending, do with a whole lot LESS taxes! No more studies of studies. No more 30 million feasability studies on a 10 million dollar project! Lower the wages of government employees to that of their civillian counterparts! If social security and military disability do not get a cost of living then nobody in government gets a raise! Make sure all travel by government is NECESSARY!! Nobama is on track to spend more on travel than any other president before him, is it all necessary?? NO MORE EARMARKS!! Let all except the pres and VP travel commercial! Cut the number of Czars and personal assistants! Just a start, but I think there are some real money savings here!

  • eddie47d

    Everyone wants a tax break and everyone wants the goodies that come with them. Take a look at the abuse of the agriculture land tax break. They buy land in the country and claim they are farming or raising livestock. Which of course they are not doing yet they save thousands on their tax bill. That is Taxes=Thief! The whole tax system needs to overhauled and if those wealthy can’t produce jobs then they need to stop hiding behind all those scams. That includes outsourcing,land and commercial property loopholes and all the other gimmicks.

    • Jana

      Unfortunately, these are called PROGRAMS FROM THE GOV.’T. This is something that could and should be cut, along with a myriad of other stupid entitlements.

  • northbrook

    The government needs to act to set the Bush tax cuts permanently in place. Obama claims this will cost $700B but fails to mention this is over 10yrs. Its a lot of money but what is it costing the country by failing to give the small busness owners the confidence to begin hiring again. What is the cost in unemployment compensation to the 15 million unemployed? See where the imbalance falls.
    Once the tax issues are resolved then the Obamacare issue needs to be addressed.

    • castaway

      Northbrook as a conservative and anti Obama person, I would have agreed with you a short time ago, but now I disagree. Anyway the rich are not the small business owner, and the tax cuts to the rich will not help the small business owner at all. Why? It is because all the outsourcing is what is hurting everyone, except the large manufacturers. These people are making soooo very much money by going offshore, they simple are not worried about the tax cuts. If they get them great, but if they do not get them, oh well and life goes on.

    • Dan az

      the 15 million unemployed is more like 30 million and the employers and employees pay for that.

      • http://?? Joe H.

        Dan az,
        I don’t think all the unemployment is paid for what about the guy that works six months and collects for a year or longer??

  • castaway

    If you really want to put a bind on the rich, you need to put a stop to outsourcing. They will then need to learn to be competitive right here in America. That is what will make us strong again. Of course you will also need a government that is not scared of the unions, and of course the unions all need to go bye bye. The unions do nothing but creat higher prices, and inflation.

    • Doc Sarvis

      Actually the Democrats tried to put that in place this fall – i.e. not giving a tax break to corporations that export jobs overseas, but the Republicans blocked it.

      • Michael J.

        Really Doc? Since the Democrats currently control both the House and the Senate, how could the Republicans have blocked anything?

        • Vigilant

          You shouldn’t attempt to upset the apple cart by stating facts to the left wing. The word “fact” itself is a four-letter word to them.

        • Doc Sarvis

          You are correct that pressure from the GOP and the U.S. Chamber of Commerce (who gets their money from what countries? for what purposes?) pressued three Democrats plus Independent Lieberman to kill this effort. Still, why would ANYONE Democrat OR Republican allow this to occur?
          Since few of you have to submit any supporting facts but I seem to have to do so:

          • Vigilant

            HA HA HA HA! The Huffington Post? You are joking of course!

          • Vigilant

            You could at least have cited the Chamber of Commerce’s statement, “The bill, argued the Chamber, would “significantly curtail [tax] deferral [of earnings], reversing longstanding tax policy and subjecting American worldwide companies to immediate double taxation on the earnings of their foreign subsidiaries. Limiting deferral would hinder the global competitiveness of these American companies, impede U.S. economic growth, and ultimately result in the loss of jobs – both at the companies directly impacted and companies in their supply chains.”

            What part of “impede U.S. economic growth” do you not understand?

          • Jana

            Thank you Vigilant,
            It’s always “THE BAD REPUBLICANS”. Lets look at the gimmicks and trickery of the LEFT.

          • http://?? Joe H.

            Yeah doc,
            Good ‘ole huff n toke!!! Now THAT’S a good source!!!!

        • eddie47d

          Michael; They needed a 2/3 majority.

          • Vigilant


            Get your facts straight, for once. The bill failed, 53-45, to attract the 60 votes required to advance. Four Democrats and one Independent joined Republicans to block its progress.

            60 votes in the senate is not a 2/3 majority.

      • Dan az

        Whats up doc
        Until NAFTA is retracted the corps. are just going to stay where there at.When your buddy signed it to law was when the jobs left.Why is it then that we the tax payers have to bail them out if there not even here?Why is it that the influx of illegals that we also have to cover arent working for all those business?Does this mean that socialism works?

        • Doc Sarvis

          YOU would benefit from a course in Logic.

      • Vigilant


        “Actually the Democrats tried to put that in place this fall – i.e. not giving a tax break to corporations that export jobs overseas, but the Republicans blocked it.”

        Let’s rephrase that a bit: Actually the Republicans tried to put that in place for years – i.e. not over-taxing and over-regulating the corporations with OSHA, EPA and other environmentalist wacko schemes, causing them to export jobs overseas, but the Democrats have always blocked them.”

        There, I’ve corrected your knowledge on the matter. What’s that? You’re welcome.

        • Doc Sarvis

          Are you saying we should have NO safty regulations and NO environmental safeguards?

          • Dan az

            Now would that be logical?

          • Vigilant


            Why is everything “all or nothing” with you? The answer to your question is “no.”

  • Warrior

    Great, my property tax bill just increased by 14% yr to yr. How many people in private business received a pay increase this past year? And now our representatives (err RULERS) think we should be saddled with a fed tax increase. All the while, little effort is being made to rein in public debt with the biggest contributor being public pensions. Don’t be fooled by the excuse of taxing the rich. In Oblama’s initial proposal he wanted to lower the adjusted gross income levels so more people would fall into a higher bracket. Everyone over $250k my ass.

    There is a huge disconnect between the two useless political parties and mainstream Americans.

    • Dan az

      I wounder if there is a way that we could have a site like this except have it with the jug heads in congress.Then they wouldnt have to vote on issues that they think we want only the things that we truly want.They are supposed to be representing us not there pockets.

      • Warrior

        When one adds up all the progressive taxes we pay, we’re currently in the 50% range of our entire income (and I’m talking about the under $250k crowd). Imagine that! And it’s still not enough to feed the beasts. Just amazing. And one wonders why so many in the private sector are pissed off at all levels of guvment.

  • http://com i41

    One talking point the National Marxist Communist Democrat Union Party idoits spout that is BS, is the tax cuts cost the government. It doesn’t cost the government, it just leaves the money in taxpayers pocket and government doesn’t get to get their hands on your money. If we had more tax cuts, the b–l s–t prtograms spending would have to be stopped. Don’t let the beltway smucks get their hands on your money. castaway, your idea will not put the rich in a bind, they will move to some other country, and more outsorcing will happen. The getting rid of the socialist unions and the democrats idea of everyone only making so much, no matter what you do is crap. Get rid of the multi layer, redundant, agency make work waste. What socialist bastards put in the 1099 paper mess into the healthcare bill, the NMCDUP dinks, they own that mess lock stock and barrel totally. Go and try to start a dog cating business, first you will need to go to city ,then county, and state hearing before permits are discussed. Later federal approval of dog restraints and the mandatory housing of approved shelters, feed and approved potable watering stations. We use the site, shoot, and reload to cure the wild cats and dogs. Cheap and very effective. When I had to live in cities, trap and a country drive took care of needing permits and the agency jackasses. People need to get a set and tell these elitist pukes to knock off the meddling and that they are the problem creaters.

  • Teresa

    Want to know how the lame ducks in Congress plan to “cut” federal spending – which seemed to be a dominating theme of the 2010 elections? They’re proposing a plan to take upwards of $44 billion a year from taxpayers and hand it over to illegal aliens who are in the United States so they can go to college.

    So…..if they can consider spending this much money of our tax dollars on illegal aliens….don’t you think they should consider the Bush Tax Cuts first????????????

    • Raggs

      They don’t call it “LAME DUCK” for nothing…
      All of them are lame and they duck the things we the people want…

      • Teresa


      • http://?? Joe H.

        Or lame brained and duck responsibility!!!

  • Dan az

    If you don’t read it all, go to the ending then you may want to. Isn’t this amazing?

    Accounts Receivable Tax

    Building Permit Tax

    Capital Gains Tax

    CDL license Tax

    Cigarette Tax

    Corporate Income Tax

    Court Fines (indirect taxes)

    Dog License Tax

    Federal Income Tax

    Federal Unemployment Tax (FUTA)

    Fishing License Tax

    Food License Tax

    Fuel permit tax

    Gasoline Tax (42 cents per gallon)

    Hunting License Tax

    Inheritance Tax Interest expense (tax on the money)

    Inventory tax IRS Interest Charges (tax on top of tax)

    IRS Penalties (tax on top of tax)

    Liquor Tax

    Local Income Tax

    Luxury Taxes

    Marriage License Tax

    Medicare Tax

    Property Tax

    Real Estate Tax

    Septic Permit Tax

    Service Charge Taxes

    Social Security Tax

    Road Usage Taxes (Truckers)

    Sales Taxes

    Recreational Vehicle Tax

    Road Toll Booth Taxes

    School Tax

    State Income Tax

    State Unemployment Tax (SUTA)

    Telephone federal excise tax

    Telephone federal universal service fee tax

    Telephone federal, state and local surcharge taxes

    Telephone minimum usage surcharge tax

    Telephone recurring and non-recurring charges tax

    Telephone state and local tax

    Telephone usage charge tax

    Toll Bridge Taxes

    Toll Tunnel Taxes

    Traffic Fines (indirect taxation)

    Trailer registration tax

    Utility Taxes

    Vehicle License Registration Tax

    Vehicle Sales Tax

    Watercraft registration Tax

    Well Permit Tax

    Workers Compensation Tax

    COMMENTS: Not one of these taxes existed 100 years ago and our nation was the most prosperous in the world, had absolutely no national debt, had the largest middle class in the world and Mom stayed home to raise the kids. What the hell happened?

    • Bill from N.C.

      It called the 16th Amendment.This piece of s**t needs to be abolished.And then go to a national sales tax called the FairTax.Go to,read what this bill{H-R 25}would do to transform this country to be govern for the people not lobbist and crooks.

    • Michael J.

      Dan az,
      The most obscene tax of all is that which is created by quantitive easing. By the devaluation of the dollar, a stealth tax is applied to us all.

  • Dan az

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