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Americans Unhappy With Obama's Handling Of The Economy

July 19, 2010 by  

Americans Unhappy With Obama's Handling Of The EconomySeveral recent polls have shown that the majority of the American people are disappointed with President Obama’s handling of the Afghanistan war and his overall job performance. Adding to this bleak picture, a new survey has found that most people don’t trust the president on the economy, either.

He may have assumed office in the middle of a global recession and a near-financial meltdown at home, but U.S. voters still give Obama poor marks on the economy, with 68 percent saying they disapprove of the job he’s doing on that front, according to a Harris Interactive Poll.

By contrast, only 32 percent give him positive marks.

Moreover, the survey found that the negative views are growing, as last month 64 percent were disappointed, while 35 percent supported the president’s strategy. In addition, while almost all Republicans surveyed (95 percent) opposed the government’s economic performance, nearly 2 in 5 Democrats held the same view (38 percent).ADNFCR-1961-ID-19890846-ADNFCR

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  • Al Sieber

    As far as the war in Afghanistan goes we’ve been there ever since 9-11, and Obama voted for the bailout in 2008. they can’t keep blaming the economy on Bush. people need to start voting with their brains instead of their emotions.

  • J.M.R.

    they still prove they are voting with brains that they sit on, over all his rating is still 30 points to high.

  • http://hotmail JoAnn Foss

    well, obummer is good at one thing ~ hes a professional SCAM ARTIST !!! somehow he thinks he has the right to misuse our hard earned money ~ & if thats not enough, hes telling people what they will & wont use their money for ~ BY LAW he demands that they buy into his BS HIS way of destroying the country ~ HIS way of taking care of private choices & decisions (ie: our own health, who has a right to live here, & MUCH more) he is misusing our legal system!!
    just where does this absolute jerk (this chicago ILLEGAL, gang lord/mafia ‘person’) get off telling us what to do ~ HE IS OUR EMPLOEE!! WE tell him what to do & not the other way around ~ some how he better get the message ~ he was HIRED to do a job ~ (a job that he does extremely BADLY) & once he lied cheated decieved to get there, he misused & abused our respect for the position he had to buy, misused/abused our trust, our funds, our lives & Sooo much more ~ just FIRE HIM !!!! get this parasitic Ahole our of OUR white house & into OUR federal penal system where he belongs !!!!!!!! he has NO respect for American people or the US ~ why should we respect him? obviously 2/3rd of the people have NO respect for him, do not trust him & are tired of putting up with his greed, averious, ego trips, but mostly his #@$%@#% ~ again I URGE BEG,PLEAD to those in the house & senate ~ FIRE HIM!!! GET HIM OUT OF OUR LIVES! GET HIM OUT OF THIS COUNTRY HE SO DETESTS ~ GET RID OF HIM !!! JUST SAY GOOD RIDDANCE & BE DONE WITH IT ~ LETS GET ON WITH LIVING & GET OUT FROM UNDER this socialist, communist, or what ever the heQQ it is that describes this discusting excuse for a human being !!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Dee

      Way to go JoAnn!!!

    • Juanita

      AMEN JoAnn!!! Oh how I wish there were more who think and feel as you do and stand up!!!

    • AdamSmith1949

      Why don’t you tell us what you really think JoAnn. Just teasing. Your comments are very well spoken. Obummer is showing how the lack of experience is so detrimental in his position. His lack of leadership on the gulf oil spill is pathetic. And his lackey Joe Biden is still proclaiming that their failure to turn the economy around is still Bush’s fault. BHO would rather go play golf than show some leadership re the gulf oil spill and he went weeks without discussing the issue with the CEO of BP. Can you imagine how the MSM would have howled if this had happened under G. Bush and yet they say nary a word about BHO’s incompetence. And they say nothing about the thousands of jobs lost due to the off shore drilling moratorium. I thought they were supposed to be trying to get more people back to work; not the other way around.

    • http://thisone jayjay

      JoAnn, you are so right. He’s a socialist, and wants to impose socialism on the U.S.? Everyone that I know is sick of him, and can’t stand him. He’s also a muslim – which many of them would like nothing better than to see America destroyed. Why do you think they want to build a mosque at Ground Zero, in New York? How dare they, insult us by having the audacity to build a mosque at ground zero. This just shows that these muslims will stop at nothing, they hate Americans, christians, and jews, and they would like to see this country ruined. NOT all muslims are bent on destruction, there are some peace-loving ones out there somewhere. But, as a general rule, muslims are bent on the destruction of America and are “haters” why else would they participate in suicide bombings? they have no regard or value for human life.

      Back to obama- How much longer will it be before the people DEMAND IMPEACHMENT? If the people stand together on this, and put pressure on the radical administration in the White House, and apply the much needed pressure, we can get him IMPEACHED, along with ridding the White House of his radicals, cronies, the whole lot of them, need to be OUSTED!!!! Granted, he controls the house with his demon-crats, and radicals, but there are many more of us, than them. It’s time to march on Washington, and demand his resignation! IMPEACH, IMPEACH, IMPEACH!

      • Erik

        Don’t worry jayjay,come nov.we can vote all of the democrats out of office! Hopefully we the people can put the brakes on all this madness!

  • Colo43

    I think if the majority kept abreast of the real news that’s not being told by the media, they would lower his approval ratings even more so.
    The people have no idea whats really going on, its not being reported other than on Fox news.

  • Jesse atwell

    Obama supports union and racist thuggery, inflating national debt beyond ability to pay for it, taxation without reading the bill, midnight appointments of Czar’s without any power or control by congress, usurping the right to make our own decisions about what to buy, gov’t intrusion into our private medical information, rule by fiat, progressive socialism without discussion, suing our own states for agreeing to support Federal Immigration Laws, amnesty for illegals, not enforcing our borders, shutting down energy production, terrorism, insulting our allies and apologizing to every dictator in the world. All this with Demo rat party support. November elections will have a lot of righting to do to save this country from collapse.

    • coal miner

      Jesse nutwell’

      You are full of it.

      Robert Reich’s Blog
      Robert Reich was the nation’s 22nd Secretary of Labor and is a professor at the University of California at Berkeley. His latest book is “Supercapitalism.” This is his personal journal.

      About Me
      Name: Robert Reich
      Latest book, “Supercapitalism,” is now out in paperback. For copies of articles, books, and public radio commentaries, go to This blog is available as an RSS feed. Public radio commentaries are now available as a podcast.

      View my complete profile

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      What Should Be Done With The Next $350 Billion of …
      The Stimulus: How to Create Jobs Without Them All …

      Tuesday, January 27, 2009
      Why We Need Stronger Unions, and How to Get Them

      Why is this recession so deep, and what can be done to reverse it?

      Hint: Go back about 50 years, when America’s middle class was expanding and the economy was soaring. Paychecks were big enough to allow us to buy all the goods and services we produced. It was a virtuous circle. Good pay meant more purchases, and more purchases meant more jobs.

      At the center of this virtuous circle were unions. In 1955, more than a third of working Americans belonged to one. Unions gave them the bargaining leverage they needed to get the paychecks that kept the economy going. So many Americans were unionized that wage agreements spilled over to nonunionized workplaces as well. Employers knew they had to match union wages to compete for workers and to recruit the best ones.

      Fast forward to a new century. Now, fewer than 8% of private-sector workers are unionized. Corporate opponents argue that Americans no longer want unions. But public opinion surveys, such as a comprehensive poll that Peter D. Hart Research Associates conducted in 2006, suggest that a majority of workers would like to have a union to bargain for better wages, benefits and working conditions. So there must be some other reason for this dramatic decline. But put that question aside for a moment. One point is clear: Smaller numbers of unionized workers mean less bargaining power, and less bargaining power results in lower wages.

      It’s no wonder middle-class incomes were dropping even before the recession. As our economy grew between 2001 and the start of 2007, most Americans didn’t share in the prosperity. By the time the recession began last year, according to an Economic Policy Institute study, the median income of households headed by those under age 65 was below what it was in 2000.Typical families kept buying only by going into debt. This was possible as long as the housing bubble expanded. Home-equity loans and refinancing made up for declining paychecks.

      But that’s over. American families no longer have the purchasing power to keep the economy going. Lower paychecks, or no paychecks at all, mean fewer purchases, and fewer purchases mean fewer jobs.

      The way to get the economy back on track is to boost the purchasing power of the middle class. One major way to do this is to expand the percentage of working Americans in unions. Tax rebates won’t work because they don’t permanently raise wages. Most families used the rebate last year to pay off debt — not a bad thing, but it doesn’t keep the virtuous circle running. Bank bailouts won’t work either. Businesses won’t borrow to expand without consumers to buy their goods and services. And Americans themselves can’t borrow when they’re losing their jobs and their incomes are dropping.

      Tax cuts for working families, as President Obama intends, can do more to help because they extend over time. But only higher wages and benefits for the middle class will have a lasting effect.

      Unions matter in this equation. According to the Department of Labor, workers in unions earn 30% higher wages — taking home $863 a week, compared with $663 for the typical nonunion worker — and are 59% more likely to have employer-provided health insurance than their nonunion counterparts.

      Examples abound. In 2007, nearly 12,000 janitors in Providence, R.I., New Hampshire and Boston, represented by the Service Employees International Union, won a contract that raised their wages to $16 an hour, guaranteed more work hours and provided family health insurance. In an industry typically staffed by part-time workers with a high turnover rate, a union contract provided janitors with full-time, sustainable jobs that they could count on to raise their families’ — and their communities’ — standard of living.

      In August, 65,000 Verizon workers, represented by the Communications Workers of America, won wage increases totaling nearly 11% and converted temporary jobs to full-time status. Not only did the settlement preserve fully paid healthcare premiums for all active and retired unionized employees, but Verizon also agreed to provide $2 million a year to fund a collaborative campaign with its unions to achieve meaningful national healthcare reform.

      Although America and its economy need unions, it’s become nearly impossible for employees to form one. The Hart poll I cited tells us that 57 million workers would want to be in a union if they could have one. But those who try to form a union, according to researchers at MIT, have only about a 1 in 5 chance of successfully doing so.

      The reason? Most of the time, employees who want to form a union are threatened and intimidated by their employers. And all too often, if they don’t heed the warnings, they’re fired, even though that’s illegal. I saw this when I was secretary of Labor over a decade ago. We tried to penalize employers that broke the law, but the fines are minuscule. Too many employers consider them a cost of doing business.

      This isn’t right. The most important feature of the Employee Free Choice Act, which will be considered by the just-seated 111th Congress, toughens penalties against companies that violate their workers’ rights. The sooner it’s enacted, the better — for U.S. workers and for the U.S. economy.

      The American middle class isn’t looking for a bailout or a handout. Most people just want a chance to share in the success of the companies they help to prosper. Making it easier for all Americans to form unions would give the middle class the bargaining power it needs for better wages and benefits. And a strong and prosperous middle class is necessary if our economy is to succeed.

      posted by Robert Reich | 10:56 AM

      << Home

      • Juanita

        WHO IS FULL OF IT???? Your head must be so buried in the sand like an ostrich or are you “one of them”???

        • coal miner


          Full of it?

          An Ultra-Conservative Wish List


          Would you like a sampling of the laundry lists that the Far Right has in store for the rest of America should they gain anymore power? Want to know just what they find important and what they despise and want to completely corrupt.
          The National Farm Bureau held its convention in January in New Mexico. Here are just a few of the areas that this powerful lobbying group is demanding more Republican style “Reforms” in: (and, nope, I see no need to comment on these “Reforms” since anyone with an IQ above five or so will easily see the stupidity without any effort on my part. Maybe at the end.)

          Child Labor Laws “The child labor provisions of the Fair Labor Standards Act are outmoded and should be modernized. Young people, 10 – 12 years of age should be able, with parental consent, to do certain kinds of safe work on farms during non-school days and those aged 12 to 13 should be allowed more latitude in working on farms with parental consent.”

          Animal Welfare “We oppose legislation that would give animal rights organizations or any public agency (my italics) the right to establish standards for the raising, handling, housing, or transportation of livestock, poultry, aquaculture, and fur-bearing animals … We oppose the legislation which would prohibit or unduly restrict the use of animals in research.”

          Privatize Public Land Grazing Permits “… we defend the right of the lessee to sell, borrow against, or pass on to the heirs these leases.”

          Endangered Species Act”… Many predators such as the grizzly bear and some wolf species are contributing very little tangible benefit to the American people, and the extinction of the dinosaur, brontosaurus, pterodactyl, sabertooth tiger and countless other species is not hindering the occupation of Earth by the human race, and Therefore we strongly urge that the Endangered Species Act be reworded.”

          Indian Claims “The New Mexico Farm and Livestock Bureau is strongly opposed to the practice of the United States government using public lands of the U.S. and water to satisfy Indian tribal claims.”

          Right To Know Laws “Be it resolved that all agricultural activities, including cultivation of land for the production of agricultural crops, poultry, production of eggs, production of milk, production of fruit, or for other horticultural crops, grazing or the production of livestock and spraying and harvesting, be exempt from Right To Know Laws.”

          Homosexuality “We strongly support the rights of those who speak out against homosexuality. We believe … the hiring of homosexual teachers … would create an emotional and mental health hazard for children. We also oppose legislation providing for the Gay Bill of Rights.”

          The Poor Oppose public welfare programs for the poor, and specifically opposes “public aid programs so lucrative that there is an economic advantage in becoming a recipient.”

          Media Interviews “Be it resolved that New Mexico Farm and Livestock Bureau urge all people being interviewed on controversial subjects demand to see or hear the final version of said interview before it is aired or printed, and to reserve the right to refuse to have said interviewed aired or published.”

          Farm Labor The Farm Bureau wants more migrant workers from Mexico but opposes paying minimum wage to workers traveling on a portal to portal basis. They also oppose paying minimum wage for any waiting time at the field, before or after completion of their work assignment.

          Worker’s Protection “Chemicals are a necessary tool used today in all phases of agriculture. Field Re-entry Regulations for re-entry into agricultural fields after chemical spraying are imposed beyond what is reasonable. We oppose these regulations.”

          Farm Labor Union Organizing “law enforcement agencies (should) give full protection under the law to NM farmers and ranchers wherein labor unions may come in an effort to disrupt and to cause a strike.”

          Right To Work Whereas threats of labor unions can be detrimental in attracting new businesses to NM and the surrounding states have Right To Work legislation … be it resolved NM Farm and Livestock Bureau supports legislation to enact the Right To Work Act in NM.”

          Worker’s Compensation “continue working to keep agriculture exempt from worker’s compensation regulations.”

          Collective Bargaining “We urge repeal of the enacted Collective Bargaining Law.”

          Migrant Farm Workers “oppose grants of federal money to migrant and seasonal farm workers associations.”

          Genetically Engineered Animals recommendation to favor the patenting of genetically engineered animals and to encourage more research.

          EPA Regulations “oppose the unnecessary regulatory burdens proposed by the Environmental Protection Agency” with specific opposition to regulations for Concentrated Animal Feeding Operations.(1)

          This isn’t anywhere near of a complete listing of all of this groups Christmas wish list. I just wanted to highlight the important ones so that we could take a long look at the direction these fine and noble souls want to drag America towards.

          The most painful points to ponder is that the National Farm Bureau obviously takes Nike’s owner Phil Knight as their God since he, too, loves the little children, as long as they work for next to nothing for as long as he tells them. The entire purpose of the Fair Labors Standards Act was to abolish just this sort of abuse and assault on the most defenseless segment of our society. Add this nasty little appetite for the cheap labor of children to their equally strident hatred of unions and union organizers and even the basic decency of a minimum wage and you can see that the Right is just chock full of truly hideous and evil and appalling individuals and organizations.

          Their outright hatred of the poor stands out mainly because, when put together with their desire to rid themselves of minimum wage and labor unions and the like, the obvious conclusion is that they, “have a dream!” That dream consist of absolutely no safety nets for the poor and no representation for the poor or the migrant workers which would create just one wonderful and heavenly labor market that could be exploited and maimed and even killed without it costing the fine folks in NM a penny in compensation or regulatory costs.

          Folks, this little list will take the American worker far back into the nineteenth century when the wealthy had the legal right and filthy desire to use and abuse and kill their employees in anyway they saw fit since the worker had no voice and the government had no power to step in. It was only at the turn of this century that the working men and women in America began achieving the right to legally protect themselves and to protect their children from these ungodly and greedy types. It was only after a huge number of union organizers and workers had been murdered by their own government and the lackeys in the military before they could claim even small victories.

          The Republican Party and their shameful supporters in the National Farm and Livestock Bureau only want these five simple little old things:

          1) To allow the farmers and ranchers to have the right to hire and abuse children and
          2) The right to pay their employees whatever they want with no restrictions and
          3) The right to ignore all regulations concerning the amount and type of filth that they slough off into our air and water and food and
          4) Absolute freedom from any forms of protections for their employees that could come from any organized movement of labor and, finally
          5) The right to hate and discriminate against homosexuals in all areas of life.

          Other than this, gentle readers, the ultra-conservatives of the National Farm and Livestock Bureau appear to be real humans just like you and me.
          Copyright 5/11/99

          • Robert Moon

            Coal Miner you have it exactly backwards. At one time in our history Unions were beneficial to society, no longer. In fact one major reason for the Auto Industry’s collapse was Union Pensions which are draining the companies dry. GM pays out more money to retirees than it does to active personnel. No company can survive that. Now we are starting to see many Cities and States going broke because they can’t keep up with the ridiculous pensions being paid to retired people. We need to get rid of all unions and let the Marketplace decide on Workers pay. Why should we be paying a bunch of people $100,000yr with third grade educations working on an assembly line in Detroit?

      • AJB OKIE

        look at your union retirement if there is any left when they spend over two million on a campain and lose where is your retirement.good luck trying to retire.

        • coal miner


          My retirement is still strong.

          • s c

            CM, do yourself a favor, and demand some straight answers from your union reps concerning your allegedly “guaranteed” healthcare benefits. At least one union has re-defined its definition of “brotherhood,” and it is telling its members who are older or (in their words) ‘not expected to live much longer’ that their health benefits have been CANCELLED.
            This should NOT be possible, according to ANY union mantra. I have a relative in this situation, and while I haven’t talked to him about it yet, I suspect he now has an entirely new slant on a union’s ‘honor,’ ‘integrity,’ guaranteed health benefits and (no doubt compliments of Herr Obummer) “brotherhood.” CYA,cm. The rules are being changed, and it’s a new world in America – even for union members who have been dues-paying members for generations.

          • http://naver samurai

            I’ll bet you that mine is stronger. I don’t foresee the military going broke anytime soon!

    • JC

      Jesse without a doubt he is the most notorious racist in American history. EVERYTHING is a RACE ISSUE and he’s busy pitting everyone against everyone else so that he can play the role of peacemaker…
      Chicago Politics as usual.

  • Jesse atwell

    BTW…I too agree with JoAnn Foss…..Fire him NOW!

    • http://?? Joe H.

      Jesse atwell,
      would you be from painesville Ohio?? If you are, I think I know you and now that I know your views, I’m gonna start giving you more business at the store!!

  • Therese

    Obama is destroying US Capitalism. This man is definitely a Tyrant and Terrorist of the worse kind. Why the hell is he not thrown out of US Govt…IMPEACHED…….he has done severe damage and any fool who is dumb enough to think he is for US Citizens are plain nuts. The B——had the Churchill Brass Sculpture removed from the House. Get rid of Pelosi, Reid & Hussein (BO)…..he has an uproar going all over the world.
    You dirty US Congressmen who are for the almighty dollar will sacrifice our nation for another 50cents!
    I saw the wierdos on campuse back in the 1960s e.g. the “Jesus Freaks”, Hippies, The LOVE INNS, everything against Our Christian-Judeo Philosophy (there is none better).They wanted easy classes, throw out foreign language, have “love Classes” Until the damn women dress appropriately and quit being an exhibitionit…sick of seeing their ugly belly buttons and torn, ripped jeans….Empty Heads.
    I love my Country and no Bastard is going to get away with this come November but then Obama will twist arms and our “money hungry Congressman (The traders in the Temple)will switch Husseins way. We do not know anyuthing about Hussein the Tyrant! How the HELL did he get voted in……..he advocated change but NEVER told the AMericans specificlly what the change would be. But the dumbies never asked.
    Further more, No one but one person I heard on radio knows him from Columbia.BO’s Classmates were all for Communism. Now none come forward to acknowledge of BO as President.
    I want to see that that damn MOSQUE is NOT built on Ground ZERO…this is US……..not the far East. But the ignorant pupils (not students) fell for the shit of the Viet Nam war and there was the beginning of the protest that snow-balled and these idiots are Our Govt Today.
    IMPEACH OBAMA and Put him on TRIAL. It is a shame there are so many ignorant Americans but those are the ones that want something for nothing and do not contribute to Society anything worth while. I want my car companies back where they were. Hussein is a DESTROYER!He is also the Biggest RACIST …his aim is to punish the Causcasian Race because the NEGROIDs were slaves at one time. Many remained with their Masters and now we generations later must pay for the society as it evolved….those slaves were damn happy to come to America, they were treated well few abused. Any Negroid (lets use proper terminology). So I say any Negroid or Causcasian shoule be ORDERED and Shipped out of the US if they do NOT assimilate and acculturate into our Society……do not come here to change our Country. You do not belong here. What the hell is an Afro-American (Negroid).I am damn sick and tired of getting directions in packages in six or seven
    languages..IF You Are Legal Immigrant, welcome but LEARN OUR LANGUAGE,
    Work, IF any damn illegal aliens votes I hope the hand of God will strike this administration as well as the ignorant grey haired hippies with ponytail(what a site)they are and lets get the hell out of Afhganastan….our service men are only there to be killed, to reduce the Caucasian male population in US.
    AND voting privileges belong to US CITIZENS AND Must vote in ENGLISH!
    Thanks for the privilege of letting people know how I feel . I remember WW2 very well…A child but stood in the middle of the main roads sellings Poppies to raise money for our Veterans.
    Now the US Govt is stirring up problems with England our beloved allies,e.g keeping Michael Savage banned from England.The man has more knowledge of history and foresight than any other talk host on radio. He was falsely accused, therefore, barred but we believe out Govt created the circumstances for the English Govt to bar him.

    • Angel-Wanna-Be

      Therese__GOOD POST & RIGHT ON!!!!

    • eddie47d

      Therese and Angel-wanna-be; So much deceit I don’t know where to start. The Vietnam War was mostly a waste of humanity and pretty much none of our business.Another war that we were lied into. A better idea would be to impeach those who get us involved in these bottomless wars. The car companies destroyed themselves when they refused to improve against the competition. Negros treated well? Slaves were given the good life? Oh Please! Your off your rockers get help. Different languages on packages? Because they are shipped all over the world and it makes good business sense. Pony tails? Many Patriots (1776) wore pony tails and that was a beautiful sight. Maybe your both conservatives who want to control other peoples lives.

      • http://naver samurai

        Don’t forget edduh that it was the DEM’S that got us into Vietnam and a REP that got us out of that place. I don’t care what you say, we actually won that war and I have the sources to prove it. Also, many of the pony tails that you see on our founding fathers were nothing more than powdered wigs. A fashion of the time. FOR GOD AND COUNTRY!

        • eddie47d

          Samura-s; The colonists who actually did the fighting and dying wore long hair and did tie their natural hair in ponytails. George Washington was one of the few who actually went to battle who was of the elite. Most were small shop keepers and dirt farmers. All signers of our Declaration were good men with a positive goal in mind. As far as the Vietnam War goes both Johnson and Nixon were naive and dangerous in that war. Johnson believed China was a threat at that time and his defense team lied to him about that. Nixon wanted out of the war but wrapped himself in the American flag and came up with all kinds of patriotic nonsense to continue the killing. He became a master of deceit and brought us no peace with honor. Except for the POW issue. To make it clear very few soldiers who served in our recent wars have anything to be ashamed of. They were only doing the bidding ( fighting) for manipulative incompetent Presidents.

          • http://?? Joe H.

            actually you better go back two more preses to assert blame for RVN. Kennedy and Ike had more to do with getting us started there than Johnson or Nixon!!!

      • Angel-Wanna-Be

        eddie47d__Quite frankly, We don’t want to control ANYTHING BUT OUR OWN LIVES!___and we don’t want to fund, what some one else wants either!__Such as someone else’s college education (if you want it, work for it, like all the rest of us)!__You want an abortion, PAY FOR IT yourself!___Just because the Liberals like you, want to play GOD and think we should reduce the population, doesn’t mean all of us have to pay for it___If You believe in it, THEN YOU PAY FOR IT!__We all are born naked, it’s up to us, to either shoot for the stars and be somebody, or sit around and wallow in self pity, because your neighbors better off than you___I suggest you read up on Starr Parker, one hell of a courageous woman!___You Liberals ACT like your fighting for the working man, but the reality is you want to keep him down. Keep them stupid, and dependent on Government, so they’ll vote for you in the next elections. YOu Liberals are so damn transparent, it’s sickening. And The very reason why ya twist what Conservatives think, is because we already figured you out and you don’t like it__Your methods have been exposed for a long time, thankfully more and more are seeing through your rhetoric!!

    • Robert Moon

      Absolutely correct. I don’t believe Obama was ever legally elected to begin with. He is a Manchurian President, placed in Office by George Soros with the instructions to destroy the United States and make it a Communist Country. It’s working thanks to the stupid power hungry Democrats.

      • Palin12

        I would love nothing better than to see Obummer led away in handcuffs.

        • Aghast

          I agree wholeheartedly. And take Polose, Reid, and all of his czars out the same way. Put them all in the same cell and maybe they will be like “The Ginham Dog and the Calico Cat” who sat beside each other on the table and began fighting when the clock struck. They fought so hard that at the end of the poem, not a trace of either of them was left.

          • http://?? Joe H.

            Let’s not forget Ms Bawney Fwanks!!!

        • JC

          His whole cabinet in handcuffs and heading for GITMO would send the right message.

          • http://naver samurai

            Why not? He’s nothing more than a terrorist isn’t he? He’ll feel right at home with some of his muslim brothers.

          • JC

            My thoughts exactly.

      • Erik

        And also the non-thinking american public that are preouccupied with sports,hollywood and every other idiotic pursuit that you can think of except paying attention to the real issues! The american public,the most spoiled children in the world! Thank God we have politicians with strong moral fiber, and the integrity to protect this great nation of ours from the enemies of freedom! Ha!Ha!

    • http://thisone jayjay

      Well said, Therese, I agree with you. He’s an abomination to this country. He’s a liar, and worse than any terrorist, as he is destroyed our beautiful country, from within. The guy isn’t even a natural-born citizen, he needs to be IMPEACHED!!! Until the American people DEMAND his IMPEACHMENT, we will be stuck with this imposter!!!! We don’t want a mosque at ground zero, for the muslims to even have the audacity to bring that here, is an insult to every American. By the way – while obama was campaigning he said he was a christian, and now he openly admits he’s a muslim. hmmmmmm…. people need to get educated about muslims – muslims for the most part are “haters” they hate the U.S. they hate our freedom, they hate our ways, they hate us, christians, and jews. This obama-nation (abomination) must be STOPPED. IMPEACH, IMPEACH, IMPEACH!!!!

  • Angel-Wanna-Be

    People unhappy with Obama’s handling of the economy and everything else. He & his Chicago thugs, are walking tall for now, and carrying a big stick! They originally thought they had a free ticket, after winning the election, to do what ever they damn well please with out opposition, we’re here to tell’em they’ve got it all wrong!!__Majorities on anything breeds corruption, Washington is living proof and right before our very eyes. The rest of the kool aid drinkers, had better sip the last drop of the poisonous elixir, before this majority falls. Because unless Soros BUYS someone else a ticket to the White House, they’re going down in flames, beginning in November!___

  • Uncle Buck

    Maybe he should take another vacation and think about what is going on? I am sure the answers will be found on a golf course, or while out endorsing another candidate for office…

    • JC

      Maybe he could help OJ find the real Killers? ;)

      • http://?? Joe H.

        I sometimes wonder if he could find his own behind with both hands!!

        • JC

          I think finding the Kenyans butt is Rahm Emmanuals job, isn’t it? :)

  • eddie47d

    More and more Americans don’t want us involved in these foreign wars. They are sucking the life out of us,spreading ill will and little seems to be gained. Thus you have more Democrates disliking the sinkhole of Afghanistan and have always been against the war in Iraq. No President is popular when unemployment is high.Then again you all hated Clinton when unemployment was low. Republicans who hate Democrates will always despise them no matter what. The same could be said about Democrates. No one likes changes even if they are for our own good. Some new changes are making allot of people uneasy and truly scared for our future. These uncertainties will keep us nervous and Obamas ratings down.

    • coal miner
      • eddie47d

        Will anyone listen to how corporations control our lives yet few will stand up to them. They create havoc yet their defenders and lawyers make us weak kneed.

        • JC

          “Their Defenders”…you mean like, Congressmen?

          • eddie47d

            Yes and even weak knead citizens who allow themselves to be taken advantage of by any business.

      • coal miner

        Attention Everyone: · Cached page

  • BigIron

    Everything is going along as Obama wants it to but it’s just not going as fast as he wants it to and he is feeling frustrated by his lack of success in destroying our Country as quickly as he’d hoped he could. And maybe he’s getting flack from his NWO minders who may wish they had chosen Hillary instead.

  • BigIron

    We need to bring our troops home; we NEED them here! We need to FORCE (whatever it takes) an audit of the Federal Reserve to find out who has been stealing our wealth and prosperity for all these years since 1913 and send our troops to retrieve our wealth and to destroy the criminals and entities who have stolen it. These people and other entities should be pursued and destroyed once and for all for they have stolen the wealth and prosperity not only of the people of America but of all the peoples of the World; they must not be allowed to prevail.

    Restore our Republic and Constitutional governance and prosperity and liberty will follow.

    • eddie47d

      There are several corporations who build our prosperity and then they get too big for their britches and end up ruining our nation. Enron was only one of many.We complain about Mexican drug kingpins yet for years did little to the banks that supported them. Wachovia had been one of the worst offenders. In 2008 they were busted for money laundering and in court this year they had to pay a $100 million dollar fine. They knowingly allowed Mexican drug cartels to deposit their money in their banks in the USA. The drug cartels made $378 billion off their trade and Wachovia made a 12.3 billion profit on these deposits. They also payed a $60 million fine on top of the other one. Wells fargo bank bought out Wachovia but the illecit trading continued for awhile. Whistle blowers had sounded the alarm for years but the profits were just too enticing. Bank of America was involved but mostly with Casa de Cambbio,Peubla,S.A. (Mexico). American Express and Western Union also got fined for these dealings. With 25,000 dead in Mexico I wonder how they sleep at night. I hope they enjoyed their bonuses! We need to keep an eye on the “good guys” too.

  • Steve

    Hillary is one of the LAST things we need. She may be a bit lesser of the two evils but, she is still BAD for America.

    • animal

      Bad? she just promised 500 mill to the paki’s

  • coal miner · Cached page

  • coal miner ·

  • mavis

    You have to earn trust, all Obama has earned is distrust.
    Lies, deception, intimidation,& passing laws that the majority of Americans did not want just don’t quite add up to trust. The only way I would trust him is to trust that he was no longer in power. America does not need change it just needs to be cleaned up, starting with Obama and Obiden.mehpensacola,fl

  • Rod N

    I just don’t understand why people are so upset with Obama. Why don’t we direct our anger to the Senate, specially to the folks advocating “tax breaks for wealthy individuals” that only add to the deficits we have now. Alan Greenspan spoke last week saying that Tax cuts are not the thing to do since we’re not doing anything about our mounting deficits.

    Also, many Americans forget that Bushes policies got us where we are now. This predicament that we are in now, will take many years to fix. People forget that the IRAQ / Afghanistan wars, tax cuts for the wealthy, and Medicare prescription care coverage bill increased our deficit.

    Iraq / Afghan War: 1 Trillion +
    Bush Tax Cuts 1.7 Trillion
    Bush Prescription 500 Billion +

    So just here, we can show about 3 Trillion of Taxpayers Dollars that
    have been wasted by the policies of Mr. Bush. If you want to add the TARP and Bailouts, then just go ahead another and tack another Trillion.

    We just should go ahead and write a thank you card to Mr. Bush and his republican friends that got us here! We as Americans should recognize that both parties have failed us miserably, but If I’m to pick a major contributor to where we are now, it’s very easy to point the finger to ourselves and the republican party.

    Lastly, we are all Americans and we should act as such. Just because others don’t think like us, that does not make them less of a patriot. We should respect each other and have a civil discourse to reach a consensus. Calling people names will not help our cause, either. If we continue insulting others that digress with us, we begin to look more and more like a bunch of angry bigots.


    A disillusioned Republican at Heart.

    • http://PersonalLibertyDigest Jill

      So you are ok with a commander in chief who will not salute the American flag? Makes Nasa help muslims feel good about their science and mathematic contributions to the world? Stops all Nasa Space programs and is now “housing baby turtles”. Really this is ok with you? How about him telling American companies that they have made too much money and are all done. What about their blatant attack on Mc donalds? Why not Jack in the box or Carls Jr? All hamburger places offer happy meals with a toy, yet they select to attack Mc Donalds. How about being the FIRST PRESIDENT EVER TO BROADCAST FROM THE OVAL OFFICE WITHOUT THE U S FLAG APPEARING? How about telling you that under Obamacare, taxpayers would not be paying for abortions and now two states are doing just that. He lies and makes promises he does not keep. He has been on vacation 3 times since the gulf spill that started Apr. 20th. He is pushing forth programs and bills that cost millions of dollars even when we are at a recession (he lied, we are ) And he continues to spend our money (because in a constitutional government the government works for the people) even when his poll numbers drop, we tell him in the streets to stop spending, and republicans are winning many seats again, voting out the democrats who are pushing through these ENORMOUS spending bills. (Alot of money is being spent on entitlements that Americans with backbone do not believe in.) Every man gets up in the morning and goes to work to support his/her own family. (If times require a helping hand then that is what charitable organizations are for and your local churches.) There is a church on every block in america that would never turn away a person in need, without helping them. IF YOU GIVE GOVERNMENT THE POWER TO GIVE………..WITH THAT SAME POWER THEY WILL TAKE IT AWAY.
      America stands for freedom, not big government bailouts.
      Obama does not know how to run a constitutional government that supports a republic. Do you realize the governments only jobs according to the Constitution is to handle the post office, foreign trade, make money (with capital behind it) and to defend the nation. The nation of America, not Mexico or Palestine.

      • http://naver samurai

        Hoooaaah! FOR GOD AND COUNTRY!

      • thinking about

        Guess a little more research will bring you to the conclusion there have been other presidents to speak without the flag, maybe if you checked further you will find the flag was there but not in the picture you want to believe. You will also find Johnson, Reagan, Clinton and George W without the flag. Now lets the the facts straight.

      • Angel-Wanna-Be

        Jill, Spot on!!!

    • http://?? Joe H.

      Rod N,
      Those tax cuts were only for the rich, right? Then when they expire, don’t complain when your taxes raise!!

  • s c

    The vast majority of people who find reasons to smile when America’s economy and Herr Obummer’s utter stupidity in Afghanistan are political shills who are programmed to praise anything and everything this non-leader concocts.
    ANY prez who plays the ‘restraint’ game in combat issues is NO president or any leader. This prez has given America a SECOND Vietnam (thanks for NOTHING, prez). Your shortcomings and your space cadet schemes never end. Resign, Ofailure.

  • mavis

    I’m tired of hearing the tax cut for the rich, wait until the tax cuts expire then you will see just who the tax cuts helped, that is if you have a job and pay taxes.
    If you are the ones who get taxpayer mandated hand outs you might not feel anything. Those who don’t work don’t eat, I think I heard that someplace.mehpensacola,fl
    Rod do you work?

  • Larry Grafanakis

    First and foremost, he refuses to accede to the continued requests from the real American people to prove that he is even an American citizen and has gone to great lengths to hide his past. This man is not honest. We don’t need to impeach him, we just need to fire him. Mr Obama, from where I stand, YOU’RE FIRED!

  • hundabuxt

    Listen people, there’s no defense of either Bush or Obama. Bush was a disaster and so is Obama. Bush provided a very nice tax cut for the wealthy, which contributed greatly to the debt we’re in. Bush got us in a war under false pretenses, outright lies actually, and that folly contributed to the problems we have in Afganistan by turning our backs on the country to carry out the Bush vendeta. Bush is stupid and devious. Obama is smart and devious. The Bush tax cut permits Warren Buffet a tax rate of 17.5%. He’s a billionare! You think he needs the money? I’m a small business man and pay close to twice as much as Buffet. Does anyone see something wrong with this? They sell this crap under the auspisis of the “trickel down theory”. Give the rich more money and they’ll let some of the crumbs trickel down to we common folk. What BS! Obama is on the fast track to destroying this country, certainly the middle class. “The way to crush the middle class is to grind them between the millstone of taxation and inflation” Vladimir Lenin. Does anyone recall some known as the “Queen of Mean”? She was the heir to a hotel fortune who told a servant once that “only the little people pay taxes dear”. We are indentured servants to the power elete. They use the tax system to intimidate us and to keep us as their cash cow while all the while taking copious amounts of money from powerful special interests to include the military industrial complex, which taps monstrous amounts of our money. The middle class in America fell asleep for decades and let these people take our country from us while making us virtual slaves to their demands and at the same time telling us how great their efforts were on our behalf. They spend money like its free and to them it is. It doesn’t matter if they’re Republican or Democrat. You can dress a pig up anyway you want, it still smells like a pig not a donkey or elephant. I want equity in taxation damn it! A flat tax where everybody, and I mean everybody pays something. Billion dollar corporations play their nasty accounting tricks and pay nothing too often, or at least far too little. All protected by a tax code so thick and complex thanks to manipulation as to not be clearly understood by anybody.

    • Jeep

      I agree that a graduated tax system is socialist in nature. It is unfair to all. But, it does seem as though you are bit jealous over the “rich”. I think this is a case of “don’t hate the player, hate the game”. Just saying it out loud.

  • don l.

    you can bicker back and forth, argue, blame, etc,all you want but i’m old enough (70) to tell you this man we have for a president is dangerous. and he’s just getting started.he needs to be stopped.

    • Angel-Wanna-Be

      donl., you said it Bud!!!

  • Jeep

    A lot of you uninformed or just plain angry people keep railing against the Bush tax cuts…hmmmm. No facts will probably change your minds, but it is hard to cut taxes on someone not paying into the fed treasury. Just sayin’. BTW do you really think that it’s fair to take half your estate when you die? I would like to think my estate would go to my child, but apparently you guys think you need it more. Thanks for nothin’.

    Afghanistan…another sticking point being brought out. Seriously? Well, ya’all probably have a point in that we should turn tail and let the Taliban come back and exact retribution on those idiot Afghans that trusted us to finish the job. And, who cares that these Taliban guys killed some 3000 Americans. And, let’s just forget about those silly sailors killed on the USS Cole. And, really does it matter that those crazy terrorists are becoming active in South America? Let’s just turn and run, ’cause this is hard on all of you. BTW did you know China would love for us to leave Kabul behind. And, if you don’t know why, then we will not be able to continue this with any meaningful discussion, because you are not fully aware of the entire mission.

  • chuck b

    we have had three of these police actions, korea, “still unsettled” vietnam, a loss “not militarily” and the continueing war in afghan and iraq. we have lost thousands of our young men for what? what have we gained. the latest war in iraq will amount to nothing gained, these people will continue their tribal fighting forever and what do we gain in afghanistan? they will continue to import their poppies. the only way to fight a war is to be brutal, “that’s why war is feared” instead of this selected police action we should bomb these people back to the stone age or save our men and leave, it is not worth the cost as is. when its all over we will have gained nothing
    except some more names on a black granite wall. when you hit these people where they live and their families start disappearing and allah doesn’t show up, you can rest assured they will have had their fill of battle. barry has no interest in killimg his relatives, however, he has no concern of placing our troops into compromising positions. so lets get out and use our troops to save our country.
    we have more to fear from barry and his cohorts than we do anyone else. if in the future any of these ragheads wish to bomb our property
    we should retaliate with force in the country of origin by leveling a city, i’ll bet the bombings end in a hurry.

    • Jeep

      Chuck, I think we are on the same page. Having served seven of these last ten years in one theater, or the other gives me a little different perspective than many. I do not want to run for cover, but the vast majority of Americans have no idea what it takes to fight and WIN in an insurgency (Iraq) or limited war (Afghanistan). Iraq is a victory (so far) for the US, and Afghanistan is still up in the air. But, I would (as a knee jerk reaction) like to bomb ‘em all to heck and call it a day, too.

  • hundabuxt


    Its not possible for america to be the savior of the world. We can do just so much before it impacts our lifestyle adversly. That said, those who we save don’t really give a crap about us. Short term they love our support (money) but long term they love our money only, at least as long as its well accepted in the world economy. History proves that. Look at the criticics of the ww2 sacrifices. Its human nature. Sure we should help the weak and opressed when we can, but frankly if it means the difference between my family and theirs its an easy decision.

    • Jeep

      “…savior of the world.” That is a liberal byline used to deflect the true nature of any conflict that America finds itself in since the Spanish-American war. People make money in any war, but this does not make the cause any less just. Our govt has consistently mishandled conflicts since Korea, but again this does not diminish the sacrifice of our brave men and women, nor thier accomplishments. It is absolutely false to say that those who have been freed by our men and women in uniform from around the world are “…don’t really give a crap about us.” Have you met any lately? I have. They are very greatful. And, I understand your objections, but sometimes it just sucks being the most powerful nation in history. Some bad people like to poke at us (a euphamism for killing Americans) and other times our neighbors just need help. Either way we have the ability to stand up for the oppressed, and well, shouldn’t we?

    • http://?? Joe H.

      where do you think your family is gonna stand if we leave the middle east and Iran gets a good delivery system for their nukes?? Russia was civillized when compared to them. China is as well. Those people believe they will get a heavenly reward if they die or make you die for their cause, which is the advancement of their crazy cult!!!

  • Jeff in OH

    I’m surprised that he even still have the Drons on his side. Poll around here is 99% against Obama and 1% undecided….

    • http://?? Joe H.

      Jeff in Ohio,
      not quite, close but not quite! I’m from just east of Cleveland, by the way.

  • Robert

    Unhappy? More like totally disgusted. Unless, that is, your on the Federal Governments payroll.

  • Meshuga Mikey

    were this puke simply dumb and useless it would be one thing but he is so very far beyond the pale that to attempt to describe my loathing for his REGIME here would be “spatially imprudent”

    B.O. is utterly repugnant as a “leader” and a man.

  • Earl, QUEENS, NY

    It’s just unfortunate that the American voters didn’t realize this back on 11/4/2008, in which case they could’ve avoided the error they made. While the GOP should not bring itself down to BHO’s and his Democraps’ level of just whining and blaming predecessors and the GOP, it should remind people of modern history. I.e., Jimmy Carter and BHO are both Democraps. And they’ve both given us the worst recessions since the Great Depression. So ask voters: Why vote for another Democrap?? Why repeat past mistakes??

  • hundabuxt


    First of all I’m far from a liberal so the “savior of the world” comment was a general term to mean we have a tendancy to intervene in reqional conflicts on humanitarian grounds such as we did in Bosnia. The Europeans stood around wringing their hands while genocide was occurring on their doorstep. America finally stepped up to the plate. We have no business being there not to mention its debatable if we should get involved with self determintation. Conflicts that are hundrends of years old will reemerge once we leave. We Americans have limited resources and those resources are becoming more limited now thanks to the bleeding done by our troops in a region that mostly resents we’re in their country and antics of an incompetent administration. No matter how altruistic our intent we’re nevertheless a forign presence, an invader. WW2 was the last noble war, one where we largely did it right for the most part. Mostly we had no choice but without America’s industrial might the world would likely be a differrent place today. There exist many people who went through WW2 in Europe who indeed are still grateful for the sacrifices America made in both treasure and human lives. The subsequent generations don’t have the same feelings about us. Europe and to an extent East Asia are very different places vis-a-vis the Middle East. The Middle East is tribal and will never be a successful democracy.
    My point to all this rant is we should be comitted to keeping America strong militarly and economically. We’re the beacon of freedom and if you can imagine the world without America, you get the idea of the balance we offer the world. We cannot save the world from their own folly and we cannot make the entire world a democracy and imperilism makes for second world status. England learned that trying to rule the world as “Great Britian” reduces you to just Britian. The real strength in the world is economic strength. Look at China and India now. I’m mostly an isolationist with emphesis on a strong, state of the art military. I want to close all but a few bases throughout the world, which numbers around 160. That includes Europe with the possible exception of NATO commitments. Europe can take care of itself and if they can’t tough. Korea is probably an exception because of the nut case running that country in the North and we need to continue our support of Israel. We get as much from their power in the region as they do. The US needs to strengthen our borders, making them virtually impenetrable, spend our money on new technologies the world will want and not just weapons, make ourselves energy independent so our money doesn’t go to our enemies to buy oil we can’t produce to satisfy our consumption, which is a tragedy in itself because we have the resources to do just that. Energy independence should be an immediate priority and done on the scale of the quest to make a landing on the Moon. Its a matter of national security. To not do these thing’s will mean we will continue to wither on the vine while China and India take the lead more and more.

    • Jeep

      I got it, and I can understand where you are coming from. In many cases I would agree that our presence, or involvement was needed or even necessary. (Although I do take exception that “WW2 was the last noble war…” Maybe I should give back my five combat ribbons? :) I would wish that the world were black and white with no gray area; it rarley is. I think what I am trying to say is that there are sometimes reasons for involvement that are not well known to the population at large. To abandon our current involvement in Afgh would have repercussions that would not be felt for a while, in areas that are not readily apparent.

      • jim

        Jeep, I Don’t know about WW2 being the last noble war, but it was the last war we pulled out all the stops to WIN. The Axis powers surrendered UNCONDITIONALLY. It seems after that any conflict we were in, the polititions haven’t wanted to totally commit to it. If we are going to put our troops in harms way we should be in it to WIN it.

        • JC

          Good Point!
          Is it a “war”, an “occupation” or a “business enterprise”?

  • hundabuxt

    The world has become more populated and complicated since WW2. The war we’re fighting right now is a religious war and it both has borders and no borders. Our opponents insist we convert to Islam or be killed. Its really that simple. They also are energized by our being in Saudi Arabia or the middle East anywhere. We’re a profane presence, particularly given the fact that Mecca is the center of the universe for them, which is in Saudi. The Saudi’s have a love hate relationship with us. They want us to be a balancing act for the region providing protection from the radicals who would change the political climate in Saudi from a Kingdom to at Theocracy much like happened in Iran. The catalist for all this is Israel and the Palistinians and our continued support of the Israelies. In WW2 we were in a contest for geography. Religion had little to do with it. It was noble in the sense that the effort was relatively simple; take and hold real estate. Jeep, I’m not saying whatever war you participated in or any military service in or out of war was not noble because the sacrifices made by men and women in defense of their country is noble in itself regardless of the politics. The willingness of citizens to put on the uniform and put themselves in harms way or even serve in a less hazardious capacity in support of those who are in harms way directly is selfless and the fundamental strength of a country. Politicians get us into wars for any number of reasons, boots on the ground win them. Love of country and the selfless love of your fellow soldier whom most would die for trying to protect or save compells those willing to step up.
    Something else has changed in the world: the rules of engagement. Governments, ours in particular, have become sensitive to world opinion regarding the inevitable mistakes and consequences of war, also known as colateral damage. Civilians often suffer from the consequences of conflict. In WW2 we bombed cities killing tens of thousands of civilians in an attempt to wear down the citizens and compel them to pressure their leaders to capitulate. We fire bombed Dresden in Germany and Tokyo in Japan killing and incredible number af men, women and children. There was little or no outcry then. We’re the only country to use nucular weapons on humans. Starting with Korea the complexion of war changed where it became far more political. In Viet Nam the last effort in the so called “containment” policy, we wasted in excess of 58,000 Americans killed and something like 300,000 wounded for what amounts to nothing given the nature of the contry today, in an effort to inspire the So. Vietnamese to defend themselves. They were too corrupt and incompetent to do it even when we left after 10+ years providing them with enough military hardwear to qualify for the status of the 4th largest military in the world. You cannot purchase the will to fight an enemy who’s willing to sacrifice anything to win. This is why I’m a fan of self determination. The more protracted the war the more time for bureaucrats, leaches, AKA contractors, and corruption to take hold. We’re sensitive to world opinion when a warrior shoots an enemy who is wounded because of a bad experience and an imbeded reporter see’s it. All this criticism of us while the opposition cuts heads off on the internet while screaming “Allah Ackbar” and who blow themselves up to kill hundreds of civilians. This is when time is our enemy and a protracted effort like in Afganistan bleeds us of treasure and political will.


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